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By: Brian Grassie/AlexEvans
Disclaimer: Not only do I not own Roswell, I'm actually allergic to cat fur.
Setting: This fic takes place post-VLV.
It isn't a particularly serious fic. Be warned. *happy*

Part 1/11

Alex got out of his car and took a careful look around. As he was in the middle of the desert, this was pretty much as he'd expected. He entered the Pod Caves. He looked at the remnants of the pods. He reached out and touched one. It just felt like it belonged to her. He looked around. He wasn't sure what he was looking for. Something that would help him understand Isabel, but that was a pretty tall order. She was starting to let him in once more and he wanted to keep things that way.

What he had found here wasn't answers. It was rocks. He angrily kicked a rock towards the pods. He was greeted by a softly glowing yellow light. He ducked down and crawled through Izzy's pod - he thought of it as hers, though he still had no proof save that hunch. Emerging on the other side, he was greeted by a strange object. "The Granolith. It has to be. I have to say, it isn't quite as well hidden as I'd expected." He felt a brief chill. This was knowledge he had been protected from. The Skins would do anything to get it. Then he brushed that thought aside. It was nice to finally see what all the fuss was about. He continued to talk aloud, since he was alone and the sound of his voice made him feel better. "I wonder just how powerful you are? Maybe you could change me. Like Liz, except instead of just astral projection I'd like the full range of abilities. They'd be really cool to have. I could help. Maybe Izzy wouldn't think about pushing me away anymore." He reached out and ran his fingers along the Granolith. "Can you change me?" he mused.

Alex felt a chill run from the Granolith and into him. "Uh oh." He tried to pull away, but found he couldn't move. The world vanished. When Alex opened his eyes again he was staring up at the Granolith, which had suddenly gotten bigger. "They aren't going to be happy about this." He turned and headed for the entrance. It wasn't until he was scurrying through the pod, no longer having to duck, that he realized he was walking on all fours. That's strange. Alex looked down. His clothes and shoes had vanished, but those were the least of his problems. Alex was now a white-and brown feline.


Part 2/11

Alex turned and charged back into the Granolith Chamber, touching the Granolith, ordering it to change him back. Nothing happened, although Alex noticed his clothes lying on the ground in front of the Granolith. Finally Alex fished his keys out of pockets and went back outside to his car, holding the key in his mouth despite the nasty taste of the metal. Then the difficulties involved in a cat opening a car door, let alone driving, came crashing home. He spit the key out.

Alex waited for hours, until finally at dusk a jeep came up. Max and Isabel got out of the jeep and walked over. "It's his car," commented Isabel. She put her hand on the hood. "It's cold. He's been here a while."

"I'll check inside," said Max. "You look around out here."

Alex ran up to Isabel. "I'm here. It's me, Alex."

"What are you doing out here, kitty?" Isabel bent over and picked him up under the arms and held Alex to her chest. Alex bit back a startled miaow, now aware that although he could understand her, to Isabel he sounded no different than any other cat. Despite other temptations offered by his position Alex looked into her eyes, certain that Isabel would recognize him. Somehow.

"Such a pretty kitty," she cooed. She put him down. "I'm sure someone's looking for you, and I have to find my friend. Go on home." Isabel walked away.

Alex sighed deeply, and contemplating going into the cave after Max. He decided against it. Isabel was still his best chance. Hopping onto a rock outcropping, Alex made a running jump into the jeep and curled up on the back seat.

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Part 3

Alex was awoken by the sound of approaching voices. "I don't like this, Max. Anything could have happened to him. If Nicholas came back and found him, or Lonnie, or..."

"If any Alien menace had found the Granolith they wouldn't have abducted Alex and then just left. They'd have been here waiting for us." Max shook his head. "Same for the government. I'm sure Alex is all right. The Sheriff will keep looking for him. We'll look again tomorrow."

"Why were his clothes left behind?" Isabel sounded really worried.

Max could only shrug and take one last look around. He walked over to the jeep to toss Alex's clothes into the back. "Out, kitty." He waved his hand at it. Alex jumped off the seat to the floor of the jeep and huddled in the corner opposite Max. He did not intend to be left behind in the desert in cat form.

"The cat's still here?" Isabel leaned over. "Come here kitty."

Alex cast a wary glance at her brother then walked slowly forward and jumped into her arms.

Max raised an eyebrow. "How did you do that?"

Isabel smiled. "It's a special power, like dreamwalking."

Max gave her a look of disgust. "We can't take it home. We're still officially grounded, mom and dad only let us out so we could check a couple places for Alex. They certainly won't let us adopt a pet right now."

"We certainly can't leave him in the middle of the desert, Max. He'll freeze."

Alex found himself purring. Purring! It was humiliating. A couple hours as a cat and he was already purring at the girl he loved.
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Part 4

Isabel, with Max's reluctant support, faced her parents. "Please!" she begged.

Dianne and Philip looked and each other and simultaneously shook their heads. "No pets, Isabel," her mother said regretfully. "You haven't shown yourself responsible enough to take care of one."

Philip opened the door and tried to shoo Alex out. Alex dodged around him and darted between Isabel's legs.

Max laughed. "Isabel's already made a friend, and she hasn't even fed him yet. You can't part them now." Inwardly he wondered whether his sister had really been joking about the Alien power thing.

Isabel mustered her strongest argument. "He's just like Max and I. Abandoned in the desert and dependent on the kindness of strangers. We have to take him in."

Her father smiled, remembering that long ago night. "When you put it like that, I don't suppose we really have a choice."

Dianne shook her head. "Fine, but you're responsible for taking care of it, Isabel. Don't smirk Max, anytime she's out of town or has any legitimate excuse he's your responsibility. Food, litterbox, whatever." She smiled at her daughter. "What's his name?"

Litterbox? Alex had never been more insulted. If a stupid mongoose can learn to use a toilet, I can to, no matter what I'm shaped like!

Isabel mused. "Hmm... maybe I should name him in memory of Grant. What do you think, kitty?"

Alex hissed.

"That's a definite no," said Max.

"I agree," added Diane. "Besides, that isn't really a cat name."

"I know!" Isabel brightened. "I'll wait until we find Alex. He'll help me come up with a name. He's good at stuff like that."
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Part 5

Alex woke and stretched. Last night had been too late for anyone to feel like running out to get cat food, and he'd been pleasantly surprised at how good that can of tuna had tasted. He hadn't felt Isabel in his dreams last night (although he had dreamed about her), shattering his best hope. He finally realized he might be in big trouble. Of course, not everything was bad... at least he was close to Isabel.

Alex strolled up the stairs and looked at the row of closed doors, wondering how to figure out which was Isabel's. Finally a thought came to him. Alex sniffed delicately. Aha! I knew there had to be some advantages to being a cat. With his vastly heightened sense of smell, Alex could easily identify where each of the four Evans was. Isabel's door was shut. Alex rose on his hindlegs and twisted the doorknob, grasping it with his forepaws. It opened. Human intelligence counted for a lot, even if everything was much more difficult when lacking opposable thumbs.

Isabel looked up as the door opened, clutching the shirt she was considering in front of her. Then she relaxed, throwing the green shirt back into the closet. "Oh, hi kitty. You're a smart cat. You know what door knobs are for, yes you do."

Alex jumped onto her bed, thankful that his fur hid his blush. It wasn't for the compliment. Alex was not so far gone as to be grateful at being complimented for being smart enough to open doors. He wondered how Isabel would react when she finally figured out that the cat had been Alex all along. He hoped to find out soon.

Isabel turned her back on him and took out a blue shirt. "Hmm."

"Miowr," said Alex doubtfully.

Isabel glanced at him and nodded. "Right. How about the red?"

Alex looked away from her and at the shirt she was holding. It was much better than the first two. "Meow."

Then Isabel pulled out the purple. "Or this one?" She held the red in her left hand and the purple in her right hand. "As if you can really understand me anyways."

Alex considered carefully, then pointed to the purple with his left forepaw.

Part 6

Alex paced back and forth. The Evans were all out, at school or work. Alex sprang onto the couch in order to get a look around. He was bored. He could work the remote, but there was nothing on daytime television and inserting a videotape was impossible. So was turning pages in a book. Finally he settled on exploring his neighborhood. There was of course no cat door, and while he could manage doorknobs, locks were out of the question. The entire situation was ridiculous. Finally he found a window that could be nudged open. As Alex landed on the lawn, a squirrel started and ran away, charging up the nearest tree. Alex ignored it, and began walking.

Alex wandered aimlessly for an hour. He finally gave up and began walking home. He was jolted from his thoughts by a purring voice beside him.

"No tags, huh? You'd better be careful."

Alex looked to his side. A white calico cat. He decided not to waste time wondering how they were communicating. "I'm not planning to be a cat that long." The cat looked rather confused so Alex explained. "I'm a human. I got transformed. Satisfied?"

The cat looked at him dubiously. "I wouldn't believe it, except I once saw a cat I know shapeshift into a human being. So I guess maybe you're telling the truth." She didn't bother to conceal how likely she considered that.

Hope surged. "Do you know where this cat is now?"

"I haven't seen him in months. He told me most people call him Nasedo."

Alex hissed in disappointment.

"I'm Bluebell, by the way. Look, if you're a stray why don't you follow me home? My humans wouldn't object, and I'd like some company." She purred. "In fact, I'd love some company."

She's hitting on me, isn't she? She is! A stupid cat is hitting on me! Alex began to run.

"What's your name?" Bluebell wasn't about to run after him. She had some dignity.

"Alex!" he miaowed over his shoulder.

Bluebell watched him run out of sight. "A human name. Poor cat, he's probably quite insane."


The Lost Scene - Part 6.5/11

Alex slipped into the Crashdown to listen to hide and listen to the group discuss things. Michael suggested that Alex, after the failure of the Vegas trip, had probably needed to get away in order to deal with things. Nobody besides Max was completely convinced - even if Alex had changed clothes in the pod chamber for some reason, leaving his old ones behind, why had he left his car, and how had he gone on? But surely the Granolith wasn't that dangerous.

Alex wondered why Liz's smell of anxiety increased every time the Granolith was mentioned. It was almost as if she was hiding some big secret. She finally concurred that Alex, most likely, had simply taken a trip.

Finally everyone left, Max heading out first to his shift at the UFO Center.

Isabel lingered behind, sipping her cherry cola.

"Hey Brandy. Funny meeting you here."

She looked up, trying to conceal her frown. "Hi Dave."

He sat down next to her, uninvited. "Doing a tour of the tourist traps of the United States? I prefer Vegas, but Roswell has it's charms. Even before I ran into you here."

Isabel sighed. "Look, about running out..."

"It's ok. I understand. I pushed to much. Let me buy you lunch or something to make it up to you."

"No thanks. I'm not hungry. One of my friends just vanished off the face of the planet, so I was just going to sit here and brood by myself it that's all right."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Dave hesitated, then leaned forward to give her a commiserating hug.

Alex had had enough. Besides, he'd always had this inner desire to claw the sleazy older guys who hit on Isabel, and he'd probably never get another chance to safely indulge it. He darted out from cover and sank his claws into Dave's ankle. Dave yelped and tried to stand, banging his knee into the table and jostling the drink he'd set there. Alex saw Isabel's finger twitch just before the glass fell over, splashing it's contents into Dave's lap.

"You'd better go clean that up," Isabel said sympathetically. "Men's room is over there." As soon as he was out of sight she collected Alex and left. "Kitty's aren't allowed in restaurants. But it was nice to have you there today. Was he bothering you? You a jealous kitty?"
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Part 7

Alex looked at his dish with disdain. There was absolutely no way he was going to eat catfood. Which left open only the question of what he was going to eat. Alex heard a shriek from the living room, where Isabel was insisting to her mother that a mouse was no problem to them anymore, as her brother snuck out of the room before he could be asked to deal with it.

No problem. Right. Alex looked at Mrs. Evans and sighed. Something had to be done. He strolled towards the mouse, baring his teeth. It bolted.

"My hero." Isabel picked Alex up. He purred contentedly and rubbed his head under her chin until Isabel's mother told her to wash up and go eat.

Alex took a detour through the dining room, jumping to a chair, to the table, and escaping with a piece of chicken. He couldn't very well sneak off with a plate of vegetables, but he didn't really feel like them anyway. After all, cats are carnivores. It was time for Alex to figure out how to reclaim his own form. He couldn't do it on his own, even if he got back to the Granolith Chamber, he'd tried. That meant he needed help. Maybe Isabel would succeed in dreamwalking him tonight. Maybe being close to her would help. Alex trotted up the steps to her bedroom.

Isabel followed him upstairs. She seemed pleased to find him there, stroking his fur and slipping something around his neck before changing for bed and taking a picture of Alex from her dresser. Alex hurriedly closed his eyes and tried to relax. As Isabel continued her attempt she rubbed Alex gently behind the ears. He purred and, finally, slept. He woke when Isabel moved again. She shook her head. "That was weird..."

Alex couldn't remember what, or if he'd dreamed. Evidently it had been something strange, but not enough for Isabel to figure it out, to connect her dream to the cat beside her. Alex lowered his head and nudged her hand. Isabel reached out to stroke his fur again. "I miss Alex, kitty. Does that sound silly? When he was here I pushed him away. Now he's missing and I can't find him no matter how hard I look. There are so many things I never told him. I just hope I get the chance. The chance to tell him I love him."

"The chance to tell him I love him," Isabel concluded.

Alex felt as if his heart would explode. There had been times he'd been sure he would never hear those words from her. Now he finally had, and he couldn't respond. At least not in words. Alex purred deeply and rose, licking her hand, then settling into her lap. He had to say it, even though she couldn't understand him. "I love you," he miaowed.

"Do you think he loves me? I think he does. He dreams about me. It isn't just a crush."

Alex miaowed enthusiastic agreement.

"You love me too, don't you kitty?"

How could she understand so much and still not put things together?


Part 8/11

Alex awoke, disoriented. Everything looked strange. Then he remembered he was now a cat. He was curled up against Isabel, her arm holding him close. He purred softly and snuggled closer. This was like living his fondest fantasy. Well, almost.

Awaking again in the early morning, Alex slipped from under Isabel's arm. He was beginning to find he preferred catnapping during the day to sleeping all night. That makes sense. Alex nudged Isabel's window open a tiny bit more and went out onto the roof, jumping to a slightly lower branch, and made his way down. He sniffed. "Bluebell?"

"Yup. I was wondering what you were up to."

"Just trying to figure this whole thing out." Alex was glad for anyone he could talk to. "I don't want to spend my whole life as a cat. No offense," he added nervously. He didn't want to offend Bluebell when he needed help.

"I suppose I might help you, just on the off chance that what you're telling me is true. I think you're crazy. Certainly you don't act like a cat. You're a disgrace to our species. Comforting a human is fine, but cats are independent creatures. We don't fall all over ourselves just to stay close to a human. We make them come to us."

"I'm in love with her."

Bluebell wrinkled her nose. "That's impossible. You're a cat and she's human. It's simply..." words failed her.

"Cat got your tongue?"

Bluebell glared at him.

"First of all, I'm not a cat, and secondly, she's not human. Look, you're right. I don't make a good cat. We both agree on that. So help me change."

"I'm a cat. I can't even get you therapy, much less turn you into a human."

"Good point." Alex finally had an idea. He knew he had just experienced a crucial epiphany. He'd caught the glimmerings of it when Bluebell had pointed out she was a cat.

Now what was his idea, and how did he bring it all into his conscious mind?

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Part 9/11

Alex thought it through. He needed help. Obviously a cat wasn't going to help. Where had he always gone when things were hopeless? Not to Isabel, though she'd need to put the clues together.

Alex headed home.

His parents were there. They numbly accepted the comfort he offered them. Alex was touched to see that he was so missed. He wished he could tell them he was all right. Still, he did as much as he could with the limitations of his current form. Fortunately his parents were not allergic to cat fur. When I get changed back I'm getting a real cat. I bet Isabel would like one too.

His mother reached for what was around his neck. For the first time Alex got a good luck at it. It was Izzy's necklace. The one from Atherton's geodesic dome house, with the swirl. "You're Isabel's cat, aren't you?"

Pretty much, yeah. But although there were worse fates Alex did not intend it to be his. When his mother went to get milk Alex bolted for his room. He needed something that represented him. Something that said, clearly and distinctly, Alex. Something a cat could carry back to Isabel.

As it happened, he had just the thing. It had been sitting in his sock drawer for nearly a year.


Part 10/11

Alex returned to the Evans, his prize firmly held between his jaws. That dog had given him a run for his money but had not possessed Alex's boldness in darting among humans, or his climbing skills, or his determination. Where was Isabel? She should be up for school. She wasn't downstairs, or in her room. Alex heard water running. A shower? At a time like this? He'd gone and gotten the final clue for her, all she had to do was figure it out, and she was hiding!

Alex sat back and wrestled with his conscience.

His conscience lost. If this worked he would very soon lack the advantages that went with being a cat.

Mind made up Alex went down the hallway looking for Isabel just as the bathroom door opened, narrowly missing Alex. A second later a preoccupied Isabel tripped over Alex.

Isabel stood up, clutching her towel. "Sorry kitty."

Alex laid the bracelet at her feet. She bent and picked it up, looking at the inside. Only three simple words were engraved. Alex and Isabel. He'd bought it just before the revelation of the Alien's destinies and all that with that had torn them asunder.

Isabel stared at her cat. "This stuff isn't all coincidence. And you're a very peculiar, not to mention smart, cat. You're trying to tell me something. You can't talk but you can communicate. One miaow for yes, two for no. Do you understand?"


"Did Alex send you?"

"Miaow miaow miaow."

Isabel sighed, frustrated. "What was I thinking?" Alex swatted her foot. She looked down at him. "Ok, I'll give it one more try. Three is maybe or neither, right?"


"Where would Alex find a kitty brainiac? Did he use the Granolith to do something to you?"


"Was he abducted?"

"Miaow miaow."

"Where would a cat come from out there, anyway? Why were his clothes still there? The dream where he was all furry..." Isabel thought for a minute. "You are Alex?"


Isabel knelt and hugged him. "Don't worry, I'll fix this. One final check." She put her fingers on his head and concentrated.

Alex's cat-mind had made the connection difficult, but now that she knew what had blocked her before, they were finally able to communicate. Alex explained to her what had happened.

Isabel stood up, slipping the bracelet around her left wrist. "I'm getting changed and then we're collecting my brother and heading to the Granolith." Out of habit Alex began to follow her down the hallway. She turned. "You wait outside! Bad kitty!"


Part 11/11

Isabel lifted Alex into her arms, giving him a warning scowl, then headed down. Max was already starting the jeep.

"We're going to be late, Izzy." He noticed Alex. "You can't take the kitty to school."

"We're not going to school. We need to take him to the Granolith. Turn him back."

"What are you talking about? Are you awake yet?"

"The kitty is Alex."

Max repeated her words. "The kitty is.... hey!" He turned in his seat. "That would explain why he acts as if he was glued to you. I knew you didn't have a special talent with animals." Max shook his head. "I can't believe I couldn't tell. The cat acts exactly like Alex would if he was turned into a cat."

"Okay. Good, lets get going. Alex was able to do the original transformation by himself, so the two of us should be able to reverse it."

"Now seriously Izzy, what's going on and why the preoccupation with the cat? We all miss Alex but he'll show up any day now. He probably just had to get some time by himself, we've all had a ton to deal with lately and the trip to Vegas wasn't a great deal of help."

Isabel sighed. "Max. Max. DRIVE!" Alex lifted one paw from Isabel's lap and carefully extended his claws, glaring pointedly at Max, who finally realized Isabel hadn't been joking.


Alex walked up to the Granolith and put his paws on it. Isabel explained the plan again. "We all think of the same thing. Turning Alex back into a human. Nothing else. If we mess this up we might all spend the rest of our lives catching mice."

Max nodded grimly, touching the Granolith gingerly.

As before, Alex felt a pulse of energy run through him, holding him to the Granolith. Then suddenly everything was the right size again. He looked down. He was human.

"Alex! You're back!" Isabel threw her arms around him. Max clapped him on the back.

"Nice to have you back."

It took Alex a couple tries to get his mouth to properly shape the words again. "It's wonderful to actually be able to speak again. Although without the fur it's a bit chilly." He caught the shirt Max tossed him and wrapped it around his waist.

Isabel advanced on him again, a glint in her eye. "Now I think we need to discuss the issue of privacy."

"I'm going to go get Alex some clothes." Max beat a hasty retreat out of there.

"Privacy?" Alex squeaked. "I just wanted to be near you in case I got the opportunity to show it was me."

"I cannot believe this! You lived in my house, in my bedroom, for days, let me tell you my most private thoughts... give me one good reason I shouldn't turn you back into a cat. Or maybe a mouse this time."

Alex decided it would be a bad idea to mention dreamwalking in connection to privacy, not with Isabel in this mood. "It's all right. The rules don't apply when we're members of different species. Plus shouldn't you just be glad to have me back?"

Isabel pretended to consider it, then relented and hugged him again. "I am so glad to have you back Alex."

"I was thinking..."

"Uh huh?"

"Technically we're still different species. Ouch!" Isabel had pinched him. He tried to glare. "You're lucky I don't have my claws anymore."

"Ahh, poor Alex-kitty is declawed. But can you still purr?" She kissed him to find out.

"How come everyone thinks Liz and I are bad?" Max complained as he returned. "This scene is one, as Isabel's brother, I could really stand to miss. By the way, I gave your parents your clothes, so I brought some of my own to lend you... Alex-kitty."

Max left them in privacy to finish their reunion. Alex hurriedly dressed.

"When I was a cat you said something. When you thought I was missing." Alex couldn't get the rest out. Did you mean it?

Isabel cupped his head between her hands and positioned his head so they were eye to eye. "Alex, I love you."

Alex marvelled at the power of those few words, now that he again had the power of speech. This time he could say it back, say what he'd been longing to say and hadn't dared to for so long. "I love you."



Alex did buy Isabel a cat. At her insistence, he helped her name it. He bought his parents a cat too.

The group continued Alex's experiments with the Granolith, much more carefully.

Alex was never able to live down the 'Alex-kitty' nickname, or lose his newly acquired taste for tuna. Nor did Isabel ever completely trust her cat.