Title: Nightmares
Author: StormyBear30
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Michael and Maria
Summary: Months after graduation Michael and Maria are still traveling with the rest of the Roswell runaways. Still very much in love with Maria, Michael refuses to admit his love for her out of fear of the unknown. That is until something horrible happens to Maria that makes Michael realize just how wrong he has been all along.
Authors Note: This is a challenge that was sent to me by some one and for the life of me I cannot remember how. So…whom ever you are here is your challenge…hope that I did it justice.

Chapter One

The still gives me nightmares. Nightmares so severe that I feel I may die from the utter reality of them as I jerk myself awake fearful and scared that I may have to relive that awful time yet again. However it is always short-lived as the comforting arms of my love surround me. Its been almost a year since that nearly devastating night where I almost lost the only woman that I will truly ever love, and yet I can still picture it is clearly as if it was yesterday. She almost died that night due to my cowardice ways and yet despite that here she lays besides me, holding, consoling, and loving me.


"I hate you"

"Well I hate you even more"

"You can't hate me as much as I hate you"

"Oh...you can best bet that I hate you more then you can ever hate me"

That was us back then. Back and forth we would argue as we huddled in the back of the old and smelly van. Back and forth each and every day until the remaining passengers could take no more, pulling the van over to the side of the empty highway. "I have had enough of you two of you to last a lifetime" Max screamed in pissed off tones on a daily basis. "Now...either the two of you shut the hell up or I will leave you bickering asses right here" You could always tell when Max was highly pissed off for that was the only time that you would ever hear curse words fly from his always proper mouth. So for small moments of time we would sit in somber silence, until neither one of us could take the silence any longer and the bickering would start all over again.

Yes we fought like cats and dogs, but that particular day was different. That particular day we were meaner and more vicious then we have ever been towards each other before and after an hour and a half of constant putdowns and ferocious remarks, Kyle who was driving van at that time jerked it off to the far side of the road. "That's it. I have had it I can't take this constant bull shit between the two of you any longer" I watched as he threw open the driver side of door jumping out…ranting and raving like a crazed lunatic. I watched as Max did as Kyle had, jumping out of the passenger’s side of the van as he ran after the still rating man. "Michael this constant bickering between you and Maria has got to stop" Liz said seriously as she looked between Maria and myself. "I know this is hard on you two but you are not making it any easier for the rest of us. You guys have got to make a decision as to where you want to be in your relationship, because this indecision is not only driving the two of you apart, but it is driving the rest of us apart as well"

I knew she was right, I knew that I loved Maria with all my heart and with all my soul. Yes, I knew that Maria was my soul mate and the one that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with but I was petrified of what could or might happen to her if I allowed my true feelings for her to overtake me. So I did as I always did, I pushed her away. I said words that were so hateful, words that I knew we're going to hurt her, words that she was never going to forget for as long as she lived.

"This, you and me" I spoke nastily, pointing between the two of us. "Was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my lifetime" I could feel my heart literally shatter into one million pieces as a look of unadulterated sadness overcame her beautiful face, and yet I continue with my madness. I knew I was hurting her, I knew that each and every word that I spoke was piercing her very soul, but in my demented bout of stupidity, I thought I was doing the right thing by her. My heart was shattered, my soul ripped in two as I looked upon my devastated love sitting beside me until I could take no more than I did as I always did, I ran. Pushing my way past her as she sat crying in the seat, I threw open the sliding door and ran as if my life depended on it. I forced my way between the arguing forms of Max and Kyle as I continued to run away.

I could hear them calling out to me, could hear her calling out to me and yet I did not stop. I had to get away, had to stop hurting the ones that I loved and the only way for me to do that was to leave. Tears clouded my eyes, hindering useful sight and yet I continued on my wayward journey. I didn't know where I was going; I didn't care for all that mattered was getting as far away as possible. So into my plans of escape, I didn't see the semi truck barreling towards me, barely felt the tugging winds as it blew past me at hurrying speeds knocking me to the pebbled ground. All I heard was the mind-numbing scream of the woman that I loved with all that I was echo painfully behind me.

"Maria..." I whispered fearful and stunned beyond belief for I knew with out even turning around what it was that had just happened. As it in slow motion, I turned to find that my nightmare had indeed come true as I found Maria lying off to the side of the road covered in her own blood. "MARIA" I cried out tearfully as I ran towards the crumbled heap of my love, however Kyle and Max were quicker as they huddled around her. "MARIA" I screamed yet again as I shoved them out of my way, falling to the ground besides her pulling her into my arms without regard for her injuries. "Oh my God Maria, I am so sorry baby. Please you have to wake up" my tears fell in torrents down my face as I continued to hold her limp body within my strong arms. My world was coming to end just as hers was right before my very eyes. "You have to do something,” I shouted out angrily towards Max. "You have to save her. Please...you have to use your powers. You have to save her, she can’t die this way. This isn't her fault, it's all my fault" My sobs continued and from then on I really don't know what happened next. All I really remember was that she was dead and it was my entirely my fault.

I could hear voices all around me, voices of tears and pain and yet I saw nothing, felt nothing. "Please Max, you have to save her" I begged one more time as I pulled my eyes away from her battered and bruised body, looking into the tearful eyes of my leader. He didn't speak a word, and he didn’t have to for I knew that he would do everything in his power to save the one that I loved more than my own breathing. I felt hands encompass me, felt them as they pulled me away from her and try as I might to release their hold, these hands were stronger. I watched through fearful eyes as Max kneeled beside her, watched as he laid his healing hands upon her and I prayed. Yes, for the first time in my lifetime I, Michael Guerin prayed. I prayed as if my life depended on it and in a sense it did, for if I was to lose Maria I would be better off dead than without her in my life. "She's going to be okay man" I heard the sympathetic voice of my friend Kyle Valenti say to me as he continued to hold me in his comforting arms. I couldn't respond, only nod half heartily as I could not take my eyes off the healing process playing out before me.

Max fell exhausted over the still unconscious body of Maria, but I didn’t pay him any mind as I wretched my way out of the clutches of Kyle, falling before my love as I pulled her gently into my arms. “Maria…” I sobbed. “Maria…speak to me”

“She’s ok now Michael” I heard Max gasp between heavy breathes as he tried to recoup his failed energies. “She sustained severe injuries and she needs to rest now, we all do”

“Thank you Maxwell” I gushed through my tears, giving him a quick smile as I focused my attentions back towards Maria. With tender hands, I lifted her off the hard ground as I followed Kyle and Liz as they assisted Max towards the van. “It’s all going to be ok now” I promised as we continued on our way. “I am so sorry that this happened to you baby, but you can best bet that I am going to do everything in my power to make up for this, for everything that I have done to you in the past three years” I waited impatiently as they loaded a still spent Max into the back of the van, handing my still unconscious angel to Kyle for the briefest of seconds as I climbed in and settled myself in. With her head in my lap I continued to speak to her, hoping and praying that the soothing sounds of my loving voice would bring her back from her slumber, but I became defeated as an hour later there was still not a response from her.

Hours later we stopped off at a roadside inn as one by one we wearily made our way into our cramped and dirty rooms. Max and Liz had insisted that Maria and I stay with them in a double bedded room, but I refused for after almost losing her I wanted nothing more then to be alone with her as I held her in my arms awaiting her awakening. Upset with my decision, but knowing that there was no use in arguing with me, they relented and went into the seclusion of their own room. Kyle and Isabel shared a room, claiming that it would help us save our quickly dwindling funds, and for a while we bought that excuse until Isabel became pregnant a few months later, but that is for another story.

I was exhausted and yet I knew that sleep would continue to allude me as I laid down beside her, holding her as close to my body as was possible without crushing her. Minutes turned to hours and hours felt like an eternity as I gazed upon her bruised face. Max may have healed the internal injuries, but due to the severity of them his powers were not able to sustain the healing of the outside ones. With tender and gentle motions I placed a loving kiss upon each one of them in hopes that it would take away some of the hurt and maybe urge her to come back out of her darkness, to come back to me. “I love you so much Maria” I whispered against her ear as I placed another tiny kiss upon her forehead. “I love you so very much”

“So I have to be hit by a truck to make you realize that you love me” I heard her soft spoken pain filled words as they wafted around me.

“Maria…I…” I sobbed as I pulled her tighter against my shivering body. “I am so sorry…so sorry for everything. I love you so much and I will do everything in my power to prove to you just how much I do love you. I…I…”

“No more drama” she spoke in pleading tones, tears glistening in her beautiful eyes. “I don’t want the drama anymore. I love you Michael, but I just can’t do this anymore”

“No baby…no more drama” I promised whole heartily. “I make this promise to you Maria. No more drama and I will never fight with you again” I vowed persistently as I ran my hand tenderly over the outlines of her face.

“Lets not go overboard” she giggled, a gorgeous smile gracing her face. “We have to have some fun in our lives. We just need to know the difference between fighting for fun and fighting for real” she continued with a wink as she snuggled deeper against my body. “Now don’t just sit there gaping at me like a large mouthed bass, kiss me space boy”

I could not believe the words that I was hearing and yet I didn’t care for she loved me, she wanted me and I was dying to kiss her so bad that I just knew that I was going to explode from the want of it all. With slow and fearfully advancement I leaned forward and placed my lips timidly upon hers. I was so afraid to go any further or faster for fear of hurting her even more that she already had, but she had other ideas as she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and jerked my surprised form atop her still recovering body.

“Maria…please not yet” I spoke in concerned tones as I tried to remove myself from on top of her, and still she was having none of it. “You need to get some rest and recover from your injuries”

“I love you Space Boy for trying to protect me, but I need you to make love to me now” I heard her speak with truth filled words as I placed all doubts behind me for there was nothing more important then making love to the women that held my very soul. “Make love to me Michael…please”

With slow and careful use of my powers I gently removed the barrier of clothing that separated our heating bodies…until we were laying skin to skin as I placed tender and love charged kisses upon her face and neckline. Mentally I bawled myself out for allowing so much time…so much hurt and pain to pass when I could have been holding her in my arms every night as I made love to her glorious body. However it was short lived as she reached between our loved starved bodies…cupping my manhood within her tiny hands as she began to set a slow and sensuous rhythm that soon had me on the brink of tears rather then nearer to an oncoming explosion. “Michael…it’s ok” I heard her whispers softly against my ear as I laid my head upon her heaving chest as the sobs of nearly losing her finally washed over me. I couldn’t speak a word as she continued to hold me tightly between the valley of her breasts as my tears trickled lazily down her purple and blue twinged skin. “I love you Michael and no matter what has happened in the past or in the future I will always love you. You are my soul mate…you are the one that I am destined to be with for always. So please baby stop crying and make love to your Maria”

I could I not agree to that logic. How could I not give the women that from the moment that I met her invaded my heart with so much love that it frightened me to my very soul the one thing that she wanted and the one thing that only I could give her. “I love you baby” I spoke truthfully as I kissed her gently upon her ample lips before I began a tender rediscovery of the body that I had ingrained into my minds eye from the moment I first laid my hands upon it almost a year ago. With gently and yet firm actions she weaved her hand through my hair urging me towards succulent breasts that I had longed to taste again since the last night we had made love.

Her taste is divine as take a tender nipple into the depths of my greedy mouth…suckling…tasting of its flavor as I knead her other within the warmth of my large hands. With butterfly kisses I trace a pattern between the cannon of those beautiful breasts as I capture the reddened nub from where my hand had been caressing it unto my mouth. I could hear her sighs of wanting around me and it caused my own groans of yearning to mix in the atmosphere around us as I increased the intensity of my exploration until she was writhing need fully underneath my fully overheated body. “Michael…Now” I heard her cry out as she arched her body up so close against me that she felt like a second skin as she once again took my raging dick into the palm of her hands…urging it lustfully towards her beautiful women hood.

Regretfully I did as she had asked of me as I slide slowly into her heated depths…but it is for no other reason then this…I had wanted to continue to pleasure her…but I did not want to rush through our new bought of love making. Instead…I longed to visit each and every crevice of her body as I rediscovered just how wondrous her body really was…and still is I might add. But I quickly brushed those ideas aside as I began to pump into her body with slow…yet fitful thrusts. There was nothing more important then giving her everything and anything that she wanted for I knew that we had the rest of our lives to make love slowly and unhurriedly.

Her core was slick with the wetness of her juices as I continued to make love to her and with each drive her screams would get a bit louder…a bit more reckless until she was screaming like a crazed lunatic as I took the indication and increased the pace of our fucking. Within moments we had four fearful friends banging at our door as we ignored there cries of worry…relishing the way that we had come together in the most intimate of ways…until we were both on the brink of utter explosion. “I love you Space Boy” she yelled out lustfully as I continued to plunge my full length into the constricting walls of her pussy…brining us even closer to release as they continued to pound madly upon the door of our room

“I love you Maria” I replied breathily as I gripped onto the suppleness of her thighs…pulling her body closer to mine as I pulled myself completely out of her mound…only to plunge deep within her once again…sending us both soaring out into the atmosphere of sheer bliss as the juices of our union merged into one joyful reunion. Exhausted I fell heavily besides her…pulling her tightly against my quickly cooling body as I pulled the faded…ugly bedspread over us as the foursome outside finally beat down the door…falling with a thud to the floor before our love nest.

“Omg…Maria are you ok” I heard Max question frantically as he pulled himself off the floor standing before our bed with a look of pure shock upon his face once he figured out that Maria’s screams were that of extreme reunion with me.

“I am just fine” she answered truthfully…but she wasn’t talking to Max…nor the other. No…those words were directed to only me as she leaned in and placed a soft and loving kiss upon my lips. “Just fine”

It was actually a couple of days before we left the dank and dinghy room of that motel…but again not for the reasons that you are thinking. We used the excuse that Maria was not up to snuff and therefore should not be traveling in a cramped and smelly van…but in truth it was so we could spend some quality alone time with each other. In those three days not once did we leave our room…nor the bed that we shared and we made love to each other over and over and over again. I wanted nothing more then to spend the rest of my days with the women that I loved…and I even tried to convince her that we should leave and start a new life just the two of us…but in her grand wisdom she lovingly declined the offer. I was more then a little shocked at her response…but as I look back on it now it was the correct thing to do. I don’t know if it was hindsight or fear of the unknown…but we stayed with our little band of runaway for another five years until eventually the time came for us to go our separate ways.

Kyle and Isabel had become parents that first year after Maria and I became a couple again…much to the dislike of our fearless leader…but they were happy and it was so obvious that they were in love with each other that he eventually grew accustomed to their relationship. I have to admit that I was not very happy with the idea of having an alien hybrid and a converging alien hybrid breed…even if it was out of love…but when the little type proved to have no remnants of alien powers I as well grew accustomed to our newest member.

Liz and Max remained the tried and true leaders of our group. It was their patience and love that kept us together all those years and when Liz became pregnant with twins four years later…despite the fact that they did not want to…we forced them to leave our group first. The beginning of the pregnancy was rough for Liz. She had so much on her plate…between taking care of us as well as the man that she loved with every fiber of her being that it eventually forced her towards bed rest. It was really touch and go for her and the little wonder twins…but one cold and dreary morning she gave birth to the most beautiful set of dark haired beauties to ever grace this planet. It was then…once she had fully recovered that we gave them the news that we were leaving and they were staying to start life anew as a family.

As for Maria and myself…well it was still another two years before we had a child of our own. Kyle and Isabel had left us and moved to another town where they could get on with their lives…leaving Maria and I to fend for ourselves. It was tough at first…but the love that we held for each other pulled us through. We settled into a small…tight knit community that accepted us two strangers with open arms. We both got jobs…became part of the growing community and when the time was right we took the necessary measures to start our own family. Kyle Maxwell Guerin was welcomed into our home eighteen months after we signed all the necessary paperwork. We were ecstatic and excited when we brought our little bundle of joy from the airport and it didn’t matter that he was not made up of our true genetic makeup…for all that mattered was that we had a son and we were now a complete family.

We adopted another child a year later…adding Isabel Elizabeth to our ever growing family. It was the happiest time of our lives as we watched them grow up before our very eyes and in truth I didn’t think that I could be any happier then I was until this very morning when Maria made an announcement that has me weeping and grinning like a complete idiot as I hold my children whom I love so very much in my embrace. “Michael…I’m pregnant. Were going to have a another baby to bring into to our happy home” Life is grand and despite the fact that it took the love of my life to be ran down by a semi truck all those years ago…I thank god that it brought me to my senses for it frightens me to my very core to think about what my life would have been like if she and the ones that I love more then my own life had not been in it. Yes…life it wonderful and as we await the birth of our next little bundle of joy I know that it will over get better and better.

The End…