Title: Hail Jing-Bang – 42
Author: Red the Mighty
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Secret bases, conspiracies, evil aliens, truth, lies, betrayal, and things not being as they seem. All that good stuff.
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Interlude V
Thursday, February 8th
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tobin tittered quietly to himself. "Yes, my dear lady, I am indeed a prophet from the noble house of a far off globe."

"Wh-why are you here?"

"I traveled through the far off oceans of space, drifting down from gentle night, for a grand purpose. It is here, on our sister sphere, that I will help to guide the realization of our most ancient and obscure prophecy." He grinned in contentment at the awestruck ohs drifting to his ears from every seat on the Extraterrestrials of New Mexico tour bus. How much fun, he thought, was an absurd truth dressed in the gaudy clothes of lunacy?

The tour itself existed on the fringe of what normal society would term lunacy. A week long guided tour to several of New Mexico’s UFO hot spots, culminating in Roswell with an intensive study of the ‘facts’ surrounding the ‘47 incident. Tobin spotted the group sky watching in Dulce and quickly ingratiated himself into their tour, gladly accepting their offer of passage to Roswell. He presented himself to them as he was, not bothering to conceal his true nature. He fed them bits and pieces, told them stories and in general held them in thrall while they made their way south.

Tour guide, Lucy Crabbe, stared at the small prophet, her eyes wide with wonder. She stood up suddenly to face the rest of the bus. "Do you have any idea what this means?" She cried. Excitement crept into her voice, raising its pitch several octaves. "We have proof. Oh let those doubting Thomas’ doubt the truth, let the government hide the truth, we know the truth. We have been visited," she cried in exultation then shrieked when the bus stopped suddenly and Lucy pitched forward, almost flying out the window. She straightened herself up, took a deep breath to regain her dignity and addressed the tour group. "We’re here." A small cheer went up from the back of the bus; whether from the verbose guide’s near miss as a projectile or from the arrival at their destination was unclear.

The tour members hurriedly gathered their things and clamored out of the bus. Tobin danced around the bus, looking curiously at their surroundings. They’d come to a ranch east of Santa Fe, where, according to the tour literature, there was a small cave with rock art depicting prehistoric visitation by UFOs and aliens, and was to this day one of the hottest spots in New Mexico to view UFOs. It was just after dusk, and the air was brisk with the winter’s chill. The tourists wrapped themselves in blankets as they stomped merrily across the grounds towards the cave. Some darted excited but apprehensive looks at the sky, while others gathered almost reverently around Tobin as he poked at every rock and bush.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm," Tobin hummed to himself happily as he kicked over a rock. He glanced up at the handful of people watching him, seemingly waiting with baited breath for him to do something ‘alien’. He gave them a cheeky grin and dashed off to the cave.

Lucy Crabbe’s droning voice was already drifting through the frigid night while the tour members were still making their way to her. "These cave paintings date back almost eight hundred years. If you look here," Lucy trained her flashlight on an unidentifiable glob of red on the rock wall. "You’ll see what is clearly a representation of an extraterrestrial space craft. And if you look down here, you will notice that these humanoid figures are wearing what can only be space suits. Note the exaggerated triangular heads and the inhumanly long limbs."

Tobin pushed through the crowd and pressed his nose up against the rock, trying to get a good view and interrupting Lucy’s zealous monologue. "Perhaps it is a view of things to come," he muttered and pulled away with a small sniff. "Or a record of forgotten days." He scuttled along the wall, studying the drawings and continuing his conversation with himself. "Allies in time, of time." Tobin smiled in satisfaction when he came across another odd glyph, a eye twisting combination of swirling lines resolving into two half circles. "Existing together, an instant in forever." He tapped his finger on the symbol thoughtfully. "Ages swell and like the tide roll in and out. And now a new gray morn."

The tour members looked uncertainly about them. The others nudged forward a young woman who had apparently been chosen to be their spokesperson. She shot them a glare and, turning to face Tobin, swallowed heavily. "What does that mean? Nobody’s gonna, like invade, are they?"

Tobin looked over his shoulder at her. "Vipers without and within. The vigil must be constant, but you need not always fear the stranger at your door." He turned and settled himself with his back against the wall. "Your ancestors brought forth more progeny then you, and out beyond the inky veil you’ll find others, distant scions of the ancestral clan."

"We-we’re star children?"

Tobin chuckled and traced his finger idly across the dirt. "No and yes. You are of this Earth, have no doubt. In eons past the seas of space were mastered by another race. They rode the uncharted waves of a limitless void, they watched over the stars as a mother over her young, and when their time drew near they gifted their children with a legacy."

"What legacy?"

Tobin gazed at her steadily. "You."


"Can the stars be radiant if they are never seen?"

As the humans tried to digest that new bit of information, Tobin took advantage of their bewilderment to peer more closely at the cave paintings. He shook his head slightly when they failed to offer any new information, only reinforcing what he already knew. He ran his fingers reverently over the drawings, touching the human figures, enjoying the story that unfolded before his eyes, he watched the race of man rise in understanding of their universe. He brushed over galaxies and eddies of time, and placed his hand within the outline of another hand, and smiled when he felt the gentle tingle of age connect within. He withdrew his hand from the wall and without a word left the cave.

Once outside, he let a smile touch his face again when he noticed he’d not been followed by anybody. They’d had a revelation today, and undoubtedly had any number of notions to rearrange. He scrounged around for a clear patch of ground and when he’d found it stretched himself out on it and gazed up at the heavens. He tried to focus his mind on the tasks ahead of him, but an anxious roiling in his stomach told him the time was coming round. He grinned at his own impatience, things would happen as they happened and if he was needed somewhere, fate would get him there.

A snuffling sound in the trees off to his right pulled Tobin’s attention from the stars. He got slowly to his feet and cocked his head to one side, his ears twitching as he listened intently. When the sound came again, his curiosity got the better of him and he crept slowly towards its source.

"Sound, sound, so loud," a voice panted desperately. "My ears, my eyes."

Tobin straightened and walked confidently to the voice. "Hello?" He stuck his head around a small tree and regarded the man cowering there. "Greetings."

The man, dressed only in filthy pair of loose white trousers and a white t-shirt, whimpered and pressed back against the trunk. "They come. A whisper in the silence. My mind," he howled.

Tobin smiled at the man and moved up to him. He took his arm and held him fast when the man tried to pull away. "You’ve come so far, why flee from me now? Patience my friend." Tobin brushed the man’s hair back from his face, soothing his whimpering cries. "Our path is set. They may come but we will stand."


"Indeed, if you wish."

"Peace. No pain?"

"I don’t know," Tobin shrugged. "New things are born, more then even I can see."

"Who-you . . ." the man gasped through his tears.

"You know me."

"Prophet," he whispered.

"Child," Tobin patted his head kindly. "You brought a friend," he said suddenly, grinning hugely. "Come out friend."

A tall woman, her long blond hair whipping wildly around her head, stepped out of the bushes. She turned a flashlight on and trained its beam on Tobin. "Hello? Who are you?" She asked hesitantly.

"My name is Tobin. I am a prophet. Greetings." Tobin remained seated next to the man but waved cheerily at the woman.

The woman blinked rapidly. "My, my name is Jordan."

"You are a doctor. You know Liz." Tobin nodded sagely.

"Liz?" Jordan Trailor asked in stunned surprise. "Liz Parker? Yes, yes I’ve met her."

Tobin sighed almost dreamily. "I have not. But I will. That favored creature of a most noble blood. She will clasp worlds in her arms and hold them gently to her."

"I, uh, I see," Jordan responded weakly. There was so much more going on then she had ever expected. An alien abductee? Okay, sure, that’s one thing, but now a prophet? And she didn’t doubt for one second that Tobin was who he said he was. There was no deceit in his demeanor and despite his odd way of speaking he didn’t seem delusional either.

She watched as he seemed to comfort and calm her patient in a way that not even the most powerful sedatives had been able to. Tobin simply sat next to the man, patting his shoulder and holding one of his hands. Occasionally he would whisper in the man’s ear and the whimpers that had been building would subside.

"Good doctor, do you walk the path with us?" Tobin asked curiously.

"Um, what path is that?"

"We stand at the rebirth of an ancient time. War and strife, renaissance and prosperity, and things not seen for millennia will walk this earth again and those few of us who walk this path will chart the course of ages."

"I-I just want to look after my patient," she said quietly, tiredly.

Tobin glanced down at the man curled up next to him, then back at the doctor. "He will never again be what he was, he will be more. Our thanks, good doctor, for your fine care. He will find peace, I swear."

"He was, was out of control at the hospital," she started explaining, more to herself then to Tobin. "He kept trying to get out, not like an escape, but there was someplace he needed to be. I felt . . . I felt like he shouldn’t be there anymore. And then I woke up, and, and I felt like I shouldn’t be there anymore," she mumbled on, trying to work out in her head why she’d acted the way she had. "I just let him go. But he’s still my patient, I guess maybe I was hoping he’d lead me to some answers."

"And answers you have," Tobin chortled.

"No! No I don’t have any answers," Jordan cried. "You’re a prophet? Ancient times? War? Those aren’t answers, those are insane statements."

"The truth is the truth, however dressed. And now you are here, you are needed."

"For what? You’ve got better control over him then I’ve ever had."

Tobin patted the man’s head fondly. "He just needed a breath of peace."

"That you can give him?"


Jordan shook her head. "I shouldn’t even be out here. I could lose my license. No, I will lose my license. I need to get him back."

"He is not going anywhere but where his path takes him. And for now our ways are parallel. You’ve come this far, good doctor. We will soon find journey’s end and there may yet be another part for you to play."

Jordan slumped back tiredly. There was a pull in all of this it seemed she couldn’t resist. "Where are we going?"

Tobin snickered quietly. "Roswell, friend."