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Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own anything – in fact I owe so much that someone probably owns me.

Summary: This was written in response to a challenge given to me by Maria (Lexus21):
1) MUST BE CC (M/M, M/L, A/I, K/T).
2) Maria, Liz, Isabel, and Tess are the aliens and are quadruplets. They are all like Isabel, ice queens, popular with ALL the boys and are all cheerleaders.
3) Michael, Max, Alex, and Kyle are all on the football team and are all very popular, they are humans and have been in love with the girls since 3rd grade.
4) Must include an on the run road trip and a capture by the FBI.
6) Maria and Isabel are closest as are Tess and Liz. Same with Max/Kyle and Alex/Michael. You decide how the guys found out, how they meet, and how long they are kept by the FBI.

Author's Notes: This is an old fic I wrote a while ago but only posted on If it weren't for Maria's encouragement I probably wouldn't have ever starting writing my fics down so… thanks. It's technically a CC but I'm candy to the core so don't expect much couple development outside of M/M. It was only my second fic so it may be a bit different from the shelbecat you're used to!

Part 1

The Parker sisters walked onto the football sidelines - fashionably late as usual. Cheerleading practice was to have started 15 minutes ago but the other girls on the squad were just sitting on the grass. Isabel shook her head and muttered under her breath, "Figures."

Maria tugged her big sister on the arm, "Don't complain Izzy. You'd be pissed anyway if they started without you."

"Not much chance of that. They worship you Iz." Tess, the youngest sister, spoke up.

Liz corrected her, "Us."

The girls laughed and continued over to the group. From the football field four guys stopped their scrimmage and watched the sisters.

"God damn, she's beautiful." Kyle Valenti, jock extraordinaire. Tess Parker had been the object of his affection since 3rd grade. The only problem was that she didn't know he existed. In fact, the other three girls also had secret admirers; the other three guys standing with Kyle.

Michael Guerin, star quarterback, in love with Maria Parker.

Max Evans, Kyle's best friend, his love was for one girl only, Liz Parker.

And Alex Whitman, Michael's best friend since grade school, his heart pined for Isabel Parker.

The four friends had wanted to approach the girls since grade 3 but had never worked up the courage. They were untouchable, perfection. This was the first year they had been on the cheerleading team, and already appeared to be in complete control. The guys were betting on their status as football players to finally bring them closer to the quads. They wouldn't have to wait long.


Michael's apartment was the site of almost every post-football game party. Living alone definitely had perks, he thought. No parents to worry about if the party went late; no parents to clean up the mess after all of his guests had left either. Michael grimaced as another ditsy cheerleader tipped her drink over on his carpet.

He was standing in the corner of the room, surveying the crowd. Michael closed his eyes and imagined Maria walking into the room. He could sense an energy radiating from her; she was a firecracker, that one. He sighed, she would never grace his party with her presence; none of her sisters would.

"Hi Michael."

Michael opened his eyes to look into the largest green eyes he had ever seen. His heart quickened a beat. The Parker's were famous for their piercing green eyes. Then he realized that it was the wrong Parker.

"Isabel Parker," Michael acknowledged the girl standing in front of him.

"Nice party you're having."

Isabel didn't take her eyes off Michael's for a second.

Michael looked past her to scan the room. No evidence of another sister. Damn, why would she come alone?

"It's a party." Michael shrugged his shoulders and took a sip of his drink.

"So, when are you going to ask me out?"

Michael choked a little on his drink. "Ask you out?" He looked at Isabel incredulously.

"Well it only makes sense right? Head cheerleader," Isabel pointed to herself. "Star quarterback," she reached her hand out and ran it down Michael's chest.

Michael raised his eyebrows and settled his eyes on her gaze. "Yeah, I guess it does."

"So, tomorrow night then?"

"Why don't we take it slow, double date?"

Isabel crossed her arms on her chest. "I don't exactly do double dates."

"Well, I'd love to take you out tomorrow night but I've got plans with a buddy of mine. If you could bring along one of your sisters…" Michael's voice trailed off as he glanced over Isabel's shoulder to see Maria enter the room. He pointed, "Her. See if she'll date my friend and I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8:00."

Isabel smiled at Michael, "It's a date." She walked over to Maria and whispered in her ear.

Michael turned away and went to find Alex. His heart was pounding but he couldn't bear to look at the girls. What if she said no!

Michael sat down next to Alex on the couch. "Got any plans for tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, I was going to…"



"We have a date with the Parker girls."

Alex's mouth dropped. "Which Parker girls?"

Michael smiled. "Isabel and Maria."

Alex collapsed back onto the couch. "How?"

"Relax, it was Isabel's idea. There's just one problem."

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Thanks to Kari and TD DreamerBehr for your feedback! Especially Kari who has already read EVERYTHING by me but still finds time to read them again - thanks!

Part 2

Michael and Alex rang the Parker's doorbell at exactly 7:55. Liz answered the door. "Come in they'll be down in a minute."

Michael and Alex stepped inside. Alex whispered, "Are you sure this is going to work?"

"Relax. Just act like you're supposed to be Isabel's date and it'll go fine. I'm sure of it."

"Well, if you're sure." Alex did not sound confident.

Just then the girls appeared at the top of the stairs and the sudden knot in Michael's stomach told him he was far from sure. He muttered, "I'm going to be sick."

"Just be sure to catch me if I faint," Alex replied

The girls descended the stairs. Alex spoke first. "Isabel, you look beautiful tonight."

Isabel had her eyes fixated on Michael and was startled when Alex addressed her.

"Oh, um, thanks."

Maria was reaching for her coat when Michael stepped forward. "Here, let me help you with that."

Maria shot a questioning glance at Isabel who looked far from impressed.

"Well, I guess we should get going," Michael said, holding up the car keys.

The foursome walked to the car where Alex held open the front passenger door for Isabel. As he closed the door he turned to catch the keys Michael threw at him and got in the driver's seat.

"I thought Michael was driving," Isabel objected.

"Oh, no, this is my car," Alex responded.

Isabel gritted her teeth. "But he had the keys."

Alex smiled weakly at her, wondering if Michael's idea was such a good one after all. He did not cherish the thought of getting on the ice queen's bad side.

Michael and Maria climbed in the back seat and they rode to the restaurant in silence. The girls continued to be confused by the guy's behaviour throughout the meal. They finally got a moment alone when Michael and Alex went to pay the bill.

"What the hell is going on?" Isabel hissed under her breath.

Maria looked at her. "I don't know, you said I was supposed to date Michael's friend."

"You were."

"Well, Alex seems to really like you."

Maria thought that Alex was nice enough but it was obvious that he was infatuated with Isabel. And Michael, well to Maria there was just no decision.

"That's not the point Ria. I am not going to be made a fool of."

"Iz, you are not being made a fool of. You asked Michael out, right?"

Isabel nodded.

"Well Alex is obviously a good friend. Maybe he knew how much Alex liked you and was trying to do him a favour. Why don't you give him a chance?"

"You really think Alex likes me?"

"I really think I like Michael."

Isabel looked shocked. "Oh, I…"

Maria laughed. "Go be with Alex, Iz."

Isabel shook her head. Michael Guerin needn't think he could play her like this. But if Ria liked him, well…

When the guys rejoined them Isabel spoke up. "I don't really feel like going to the movies. Why don't we go somewhere for coffee Alex?"

Alex practically drooled over her statement and Michael had to nudge him forcefully. He finally managed, "Coffee. Alex likes coffee."

Isabel looked at him strangely and Maria let out a small laugh. Alex blushed and started to stammer but Isabel took him by the hand and led him out of the restaurant leaving Michael and Maria standing alone.

Michael spoke up. "So that's a surprise, Isabel and Alex."

Maria looked at him, "Yeah, big surprise," she drawled, sarcasm dripping from her words.

Michael looked ill and she couldn't stop the grin that spread across her face. He let out a relieved laugh. "God, I thought you'd be mad."

She shrugged, "No, but you could have just told Isabel that Alex wanted to date her. You didn't need to get all dressed up and come out tonight."

"But then I wouldn't have got to spend the evening with you."

She smiled and moved closer to his body, her voice dropped to a whisper, "And was that part of the plan too?"

"That was the plan," he answered.

Maria looked up into Michael's chocolate brown eyes. "Well I kind of like that plan," she murmured. A smiled played across her lips as she stood up on her tiptoes. Michael leaned down and kissed her full on the lips - gently at first, then more forcefully. He lifted her up with his arms, pressing her tight to his body. They continued kissing passionately until Maria pulled away.

"Michael," she gasped.

Michael kept trying to kiss her, searching for her lips with his.

"Michael, the restaurant."

Michael lifted his head to look around the room. Patrons at every table were staring at them, food falling off their forks onto their plates. The maître d was headed straight for them from across the restaurant.

"Monsieur! Madame! You cannot act like zis in my restaurant! Vat kind of behaviour is zis? Out, out!!!"

Michael grabbed Maria by the hand and pulled her outside of the restaurant. The maître d kept coming, waving his arms above his head. Michael pulled on her arm, "Come on, before he really blows up."

They ran along the street to the next alleyway where they ducked out sight of the screaming maître d. Maria leaned against the wall panting, "Oh God, what a rush!"

"You run from restaurants often?" Michael queried.

She looked up sharply to slap him on the chest, "Hey, that was all your fault buddy."

"Me?" he replied innocently.

Maria burst out laughing, "Yes you," she taunted. "If it wasn't for your hormones kicking into overdrive we never would have…" She was silenced as Michael's lips suddenly pushed down upon hers, preventing any further sound from escaping her mouth.

When he leaned back she rubbed her swollen lips together gently, "Mmm," she murmured.

"I take it you approve," he teased.

She opened her eyes, embarrassed at her actions until she saw his eyes dancing. She smiled shyly at him and leaned in to accept his kiss again. This was turning out to be a great blind date, she thought.
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Well Kari you'll be happy to know (I think) that I am rewriting this fic. It is so not like the stuff I write now and I'm kind of embarrassed by it a little. The main idea will be the same but I'll flesh out some of the scenes, maybe add a few more ;) So keep reading!

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Hey there,

Well it took me a while but I am finally back with more of this. I've probably lost the few readers I had - except for Kari *happy*. Hope you still like!

Part 3

The next week at school dragged by – slowly, but not slowly enough for Maria. She treasured the moments alone that she was able to steal with Michael in the eraser room and wondered how she could have let nine years pass without noticing him.

That weekend there was a school dance scheduled for Saturday night. On Wednesday Michael asked Maria to go with him, and of course she said yes. She excitedly shared her plans with Isabel, who was cherishing her new romance with Alex.

The foursome arrived at the dance just as things were getting started. Liz and Tess were joining them later and Michael had slyly mentioned this fact to Max and Kyle earlier that day. They had been more than jealous all week that their friends had finally gotten the attention of the Parker girls and hoped it would open the door for them too.

Maria and Michael were dancing to Hero by Enrique Eglesias when it happened. She was completely lost in his embrace, her face buried in his shoulder, when her world inexplicably changed forever.


Liz and Tess had taken their time getting ready that evening, allowing Maria and Isabel the use of the bathroom first. They weren't even going to go but Isabel had said that they were expected to make an appearance and appearances were EVERYTHING to Isabel.

As they left their house through the back door they heard male voices coming from the front. A quick look around the corner revealed a large black van parked across the street and a man with what looked like an automatic rifle standing on the sidewalk. Just as the girls turned to run, a second man stepped in front of them and slammed Tess in the head with the butt of his gun. She screamed as she fell backwards and Liz reacted instinctively, waving her arm at the man to send him flying across the lawn. As he crashed into the fence, she grabbed Tess and started running. She could hear more voices coming from the side of the house as the troop she was sure was there closed in on the backyard scene. She pulled Tess into the trees bordering the park and urged her to hurry as they ran quickly toward the school.


Isabel and Alex were sitting near the gymnasium door talking when Liz and Tess rushed in. Isabel heard the slam of the door as they barged into the room and glanced up to see what was happening.

Liz was panting, out of breath, and looking around frantically. Isabel jumped up, knocking her chair to the floor and ran to her sisters.

"What happened?" she gasped as she took Tess's limp body from Liz. She was still conscious but the blood running down her face told Isabel that it wouldn't be for long.

Liz struggled to catch her breath. "They're coming. We've got to go," she said as she grabbed Isabel's hand. "Where's Ria? We have got to go NOW."

Isabel grasped Liz's arm tightly to calm her. By now Alex had reached the girls and took Tess from Isabel's arms.

"Slow down," Isabel instructed. "What happened?"

Liz looked at her big sister and couldn't stop the tears. "We were leaving, and… and…" She struggled to get the words out between sobs. "There were two of them. No, more I think. I don't know."

Isabel's eyes widened with every word.

"They attacked us. Hit Tess. We ran but they must be right behind us. We have got to get out of here. Leave. Whatever."

"Do you think it's…?" Isabel let her voice trail off as she caught her sister's eye.

Liz nodded silently.

"Oh God. Ok, Maria's dancing, with Michael." Isabel turned to Alex. "Can you find her and tell her to meet us outside?" Isabel once again took Tess into her arms. Alex nodded, in slight shock at what was happening.

"Alex," Isabel grabbed his arm as he turned away. "Just tell her… I mean, don't tell her…"

"Okay, I won't worry her."


Liz supported Tess from the opposite side and the two sisters half led, carried her outside. She was trying to say something but her mumblings were still incoherent. They managed to get her away from the crowd outside the door and sit on a nearby bench.

"Iz, she's in no condition to run."

Isabel nodded and placed her hand on Tess's forehead. As a glow spread out from beneath her fingers, Liz grabbed her arm away.

"Wait, the blood. Alex already saw it."

"Shit. Okay I'll leave the blood."

Isabel made the connection again, healing the gash but leaving the evidence. Then she reached into her purse and used tissues to wipe it away.

Alex had found Maria and Michael and told her only that her sisters wanted her outside. From the undertones of his voice she knew that something was wrong and ran to the girls as soon as she exited the building, Michael and Alex right behind her.

"On my God," she gasped when she saw the remains of the blood. "What happened?"

"It's okay, she's fine." Isabel stood up and noted the worried looks Michael and Alex were giving them. She laughed a little. "Just a small cut in her hairline. It looks at lot worse than it is, really."

Maria wasn't buying it but Isabel wasn't really saying it for her benefit. She took Isabel's seat and Liz quietly filled her in on what had happened. Hearing Liz's story, she quickly stood up again, "Okay we are out of here. Now."

Alex stepped forward. "I'll drive you."

"No Alex. Really we'll be fine," Isabel said.

"Fine?" Alex said, looking at Isabel in amazement. "Isabel, I heard Liz. Someone attacked Tess. You are not fine."

Isabel bit her tongue. Liz should have been more careful talking about what happened. "I know, but we'll take care of it. We just need to get Tess home."

Now Maria interjected. "We are not taking her home. We are leaving. Right now." She turned to Alex. "Look, just drive us for a few miles and we'll get another ride from there."

Michael stepped in, shaking his head at Maria's plan. "No way, something's going on here and if you're not going to tell us then we're not going to let you go alone."

Maria sighed. "Michael."

"Maria," he tossed back at her. "Look, there's too many of us to fit anyway. I'll get another car and we'll all go, okay? Whatever's going on we can help."

She opened her mouth to protest but Michael had already turned away and was running back toward the school. "God damn," she swore under her breath.

Tess looked up at her, frightened. "Ria, maybe they can help. What if it gets bad?"

"Sweetie, if it gets bad then we're just going to have more people to worry about."

"No, more is better. It will be harder to deal with six of us than four," Tess replied. Then, looking over Maria's shoulder, she continued, "Or eight."

Michael was back with Max and Kyle right behind him. "Max Evans, Kyle Valenti – the Parker's."

Isabel shook her head knowing that it was a mistake to involve anyone else in their problems but right now they needed a ride and stealing a car in front of the whole school wasn't exactly a better plan.

"Okay, if we're going it has to be now. We haven't got much time."

Max and Alex had parked together a few feet away from the teens. Alex directed Maria and Isabel toward his car while Kyle and Max helped Tess to her feet.

"If we split up, 2 and 2, it will be better, right?" Alex asked no one in particular.

Tess reached for Liz, "No, we have to stick together."

"No, I think Alex is right. We should split up. I'll stay with you sweetie."

"Are you sure?" Isabel asked, wanting to stay with Tess and Liz in case someone tried to hurt them again.

"No, but if they catch one car…" Liz let her voice trail off.

Isabel shook her head. "That's not going to happen," she commanded. Still, she climbed into the front of Alex's car as directed and watched as Kyle helped Tess into the back of Max's jeep and Liz climbed in the front alongside Max.

Alex was just yelling to Max to head east when two black vans screeched across the parking lot toward the crowd at the door. Liz screamed to Isabel that it was the same men and she in turn yelled, "Alex, just get in and go."

She turned to Max in the jeep alongside. "Just follow us and try to change direction once we lose them. We have cell phones to keep in contact."

The two cars full of frightened teens pulled out of their parking spaces and raced toward the lot exit. Unfortunately Max and Alex didn't think to keep a low profile and it took about 30 seconds for the vans to realize that their targets were escaping and take chase.

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And another part *happy*

Part 4

The two vehicles full of teens sped out of the school parking lot just seconds ahead of the menacing black vans. Tess was near hysterics with a confused Kyle trying to keep her calm in the back seat. A cool and collected Liz directed Max on which turns to take but ignored his questions about what exactly was going on. She knew that there would be time to explain everything later… or else there would be no need to anyway.

The second car carrying Isabel, Alex, Maria, and Michael followed closely behind Max's jeep. Alex again suggested taking a different direction but Isabel wanted him to remain on their tail at least until they got out of the city.

As they rounded the hill just on the outskirts of town, Maria leaned forward in her seat and said, "I think we should call them, get them to head north." Isabel nodded curtly as Maria pulled out her cell phone and dialled Liz.

She listened to the first ring go through as Isabel suddenly screamed. Maria looked up just as Alex hit the breaks and swerved to avoid Max's bumper. The two vehicles came to a stop side by side on the dark highway. Just ahead, two more black vans were blocking the road. Max slammed the jeep into reverse and was about to hit the gas when the headlights from the two chase vans crested the hill and stopped him.

Kyle spoke up, "Alright, someone has to tell me what's going on here."

His statement fell on deaf ears as Liz and Tess watched the same man who had attacked them earlier walk between the cars. He stopped and opened Liz's door, "Out."

When she hesitated he cocked his gun and pointed it directly at Alex on his left. "Now," he growled.

Liz climbed out of the jeep with Max, Tess, and Kyle following. Another black-clothed man herded the teens from the other car and directed everyone towards the waiting vans in front.

Maria and Michael were bringing up the rear when she stumbled and fell to the ground. As Michael stooped to help her up the man shouted at him to cease. He snapped his head in the man's direction and proceeded to reach down for Maria. The man stepped up and with a powerful swing of his rifle, caught Michael beneath the chin, snapping his head back. He stumbled backwards but before he could fall the man flew at him through the air. The force of the tackle was so great that Michael spun around and hit the ground face first. He slid along the pavement before coming to a stop. He didn't move.

Maria jumped up and ran to his side, pushing aside the man who had knocked him down. "Michael," she yelled, turning him over gingerly. Alex and Isabel had moved to help but were quickly pushed onward into the vans were the other four already sat.

As Maria turned Michael over she let out a little cry. The right side of his face was covered in blood and she could see that it had been burned from scraping against the pavement. She also noticed blood staining his right shirtsleeve and wondered how badly he was hurt. She shook him gently and called out his name softly, "Michael."

He groaned and opened his left eye to look up at her.

Before Maria could thank God that he was okay the men were on top of them again, two of them grabbing Maria and half carrying, half pushing her to the van while another three roughly picked Michael up and threw him into the back of the van.

The doors to the van were in the rear with the seats situated in a 'U'. Michael was laying in the middle of the floor, Maria kneeling beside him while her sisters tried to check that she wasn't hurt as well.

"Are you okay?" Maria asked him.

He grunted, "Stupid question."

She allowed herself a small smile for a brief second before concern clouded her face again. "No, seriously, how bad is it?"

"I'll live," he replied as he sat up, his face contorting in pain. She held his arm in support as he climbed onto a seat and then sat next to him. He was sitting near the back door with Maria on his left. Max was seated directly across from him with Liz and Tess next to him. Kyle, Isabel, and Alex were on the seat behind the driver.

"So," Michael said. "What the f⊕%k was that all about?"

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You want more??? Here it is!

Part 5

The girls tried to explain away the strange occurrences by first saying that they had no idea what could be happening. Of course Alex remembered the familiarity with which Isabel had questioned Liz in the gym earlier and their story was revealed as a lie.

Isabel finally said, "You remember that we didn't start school until Grade 1?"

The guys nodded.

"Well, we were orphans, are orphans I guess. Some tourists found us in the desert one day when we were 6 years old."

Max spoke up, "Yeah we knew about that. Everyone did. The Parker's adopted you, so what?"

"Well, those men are FBI and as far as we know they want to question us about how we came to be in the desert that day. We don't know anything, but they are persistent." Isabel shrugged her shoulders. "I'm sure everything will be fine once we answer their questions."

It was the truth, sort of.

Alex bought the story with an innocence that was partly due to his being innately naïve and partly due to his infatuation with that particular Parker sister.

Max and Kyle looked to Michael for his reaction since they were in the dark about almost everything anyway, but he remained quiet. Max figured he was probably in a lot of pain and let it lie. He was right about the pain, but it wasn't purely physical. Michael knew that Isabel wasn't telling the truth and it didn't matter so much except that Maria wouldn't even look him in the eye. He leaned back in his seat and grimaced as his arm, which was almost surely broken, sent a sharp wave of pain coursing through his body. He felt Maria's body stiffen beside him and wondered what was going through her mind.

She answered his unspoken question by speaking softly, her eyes focused straight ahead. "Look, I should have never let you get involved in this but it's too late to get out now. I need you to just trust me when I say that I can't tell you what's going on and leave it at that. Can you do that? For me?"

His answer was quick and simple, "Yes."

She sighed. A lone tear fell down her cheek and Michael tried to reach up to brush it away before another wave of pain wracked his body.

Now she turned to him. "Don't," she whispered, unable to take one additional kind gesture from someone whose life she was outing in peril. "You'll be okay, I promise. I'll take care of everything once were safe. We just have to wait and see what's in store for us but I won't let them hurt you again."

Michael made no move to speak. He could see by the look in Maria's eyes that she meant every word she said but he couldn't make sense of it. He should be protecting her, not the other way around. He had a strange feeling that he was going to find out more about this situation than he cared to know.

She sat back next to him and the teens grew silent as the van drove along steadily. Tess had fallen asleep with her head in Liz's lap. Liz had slowly leaned over onto Max's shoulder and fallen asleep as well. Max was leaning back with his eyes closed, a content smile on his face. Michael had to grin inwardly at that. Even in the face of whatever was happening to them, Max had taken some small comfort in finally being close to his dream girl. Kyle sat with his head in his hands, occasionally making small remarks to Alex who was supporting Isabel's sleeping form against him. Michael wondered if Maria was asleep beside him but didn't dare move a muscle. His face felt as if someone had caught it on fire and his arm throbbed with an intense, hot pain. He held it close to his body for support but every tiny bump of the van jarred the separated bones.

A particularly rough bumped bounced the jeep and Michael swore under his breath.

Maria turned to look at him, "You're awake?"

"Yup," he said, grimacing as he open his mouth to speak.

"It hurts." It was a statement, rather than a question and he tried to respond as another bump caused him to squeeze his eyes shut against the blinding pain.

Her heart tore at the sight of him. She held no doubts that this was entirely her fault. She knew that technically she wasn't the one that injured him but the only reason he was here was her. She slipped out of her sweater and fashioned it into a sling. She touched him lightly on his good arm and when he opened his eyes she just stared into them.

Michael wondered how this girl he barely knew could have such an effect on him. He watched as she moved his arm gently and positioned the sweater beneath it. Working quickly she raised his arm diagonally across his chest and tied the sweater sleeves around his neck.

He looked down at his arm and wondered stupidly why her actions hadn't hurt when he had been unable to stem the flow of pain all night.

Maria sat back beside him. "Better."

Again, a statement.

He actually felt well enough to move his body a little and repositioned himself so he could look more closely at her face. He paused and fumbled in his brain for the right words to say to her. She didn't turn her head to meet his eyes but mumbled, "That's okay. I know."

He leaned back in his seat and moved his left arm up to place around her shoulders. He felt her body stiffen as he gently pulled her into him; then felt her relax as she leaned against his chest.

It was going to be a long journey to understanding everything about this girl, but he was determined to do so. He wanted to start with what was happening now but he was content to trust Maria when she said it would be all right. Until someone tried to harm her, or any of them, he would trust her.
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Hey sorry, I've been slowing down with the updates! Here's some more!

Part 6

The van slowed as it made a sharp turn and continued over a bumpy road for about 30 minutes. Michael was nearly asleep with Maria stilled curled beside him but his mind briefly noted that his arm didn't hurt as much now, even with the continuous bumping.

There was a sudden sharp incline downwards as the van went down what felt like a hill but then flattened out and came to a stop. The back doors opened and they could see that they were inside a building. An upward ramp was visible through the building doors that were just closing. A guard dressed in a typical security uniform ordered them out of the van and through a wide set of doors to their left.

They entered a large bare room with four smaller rooms along the left side. The rooms had glass walls in front with solid partitions between them. As they walked further inside they could see a hospital bed in each room with various, identical machines near each. Other than that the room was empty except for a woman in the white lab coat standing in front of them.

"What is this?" she asked.

One of the black-dressed guards who had captured them stepped forward and saluted.

"Ma'am. They were accompanying the targets, ma'am." He spoke sharply.

She glared at the 8 teens huddled together in front of her. "Well why didn't you leave them, you imbecile? They are useless to me."

"Ma'am. We could not safely detach the targets from the civilians, ma'am. They could report the situation if we left them, ma'am."

"Well the obvious solution would have been to dispose of them now wouldn't it? And stop calling me ma'am." She turned her icy glare away from the teens and settled on the guard for the first time.

"Never get a man to do a woman's work," she mumbled under her breath. "Put them in the living quarters. I have no use for them."

Four security guards stepped from behind the group and grabbed Michael, Max, Alex, and Kyle by the arms. Michael jerked away from the guard when he grabbed his arm and the woman focused on the action.

"What happened to him?"

"Ma'am. Um, excuse me ma'am. Uh sorry… Um, he had to be subdued."

She shook her head and sighed at the poor quality of work she had been able to hire for her most delicate assignment. "Very well, give them a first aid kit. We don't want him bleeding over everything."

The guard now pushed Michael by his back as all four were led towards the rear of the room. The two groups stared at each other helplessly as they were separated, the imposing rifles carried by the guards preventing any of them from protesting. Maria and her sisters watched in dismay as they were led into the room and a first aid kit tossed onto the floor. The door was closed and locked and the guys were alone. An armed security guard took stand on either side of the door.

The woman hadn't taken her eyes off of the girls the entire time. Now she smiled. "Well, the infamous Parker sisters. Finally."

She walked towards the girls and circled around them. "Now let's see. Who's who?"

She stopped in front of them. "No wait. Don't tell me. It's fun to guess."

Maria could feel her face getting hot as her anger towards the woman amplified. Just as she felt like she couldn't keep quiet any longer she felt Isabel gently squeeze her hand. Izzy always knew exactly the right moment to intervene. Maria was sure Isabel had saved her from more than one confrontation by a simple glance or touch.

The woman pointed at them. "You must be Tess. That's an easy one. You have pathetic written all over you." The woman had correctly identified Tess from the group and driven the other's anger up a few notches in the process.

"Now Liz is a little harder. You would be the quiet, introspective one but neither of you is saying much of anything." She smiled at the girls again and then reached out and tapped Liz on the shoulder. "But I'm going to guess you anyway."

"Isabel and Maria. That's the question of the day. Both strong, defenders." She walked closer to Isabel and Maria who still had their hands clasped. "But I saw that exchange between you." She pointed at Maria, "You're the firecracker, Maria." Turning to Isabel she said, "And you're the ultimate protector, Isabel. Keeping this one calm must be a full-time job."

She turned to walk away; satisfied that she had gotten them correct even though they hadn't acknowledged her guesses.

"Put them in the rooms and start the procedures," she snapped to the guards.

The guards swooped in on the girls who immediately started to struggle. Each of them was easily picked up by a guard and carried to a room. There was a medical attendant dressed in scrubs inside each room who stripped the girls while the guard held them in place. They were fitted with a gown and laid on the beds where their arms, legs, and bodies were strapped down. Electrodes from the machine were attached to their chest and head.

Just as Maria thought the violation was over she saw the attendant turn towards her with a needle. She heard a scream from another room and knew that all four of them were going through the same procedure. She saw the edges of her vision grow fuzzy as a warm liquid was inserted into her vein and coursed through her body. Her head lolled to the side but she did not pass out. She was jerked to attention as an electric shock ripped through her body.

She glanced up and tried to focus at the attendant standing over her. "You've been given a serum to relax you. It should make it easier for you to tell the truth. You will be asked a series of questions and if you fail to reply, or lie, you will be shocked. Do you need to see another example?"

Maria's only coherent thought was that the attendant sounded like a robot. She wondered if there were wires sticking out of her stomach for a quick tune-up. She laughed to herself, she thought, but realized it was out loud as the attendant's face turned into a frown.

"I see you do."

Maria's body jerked off of the bed as far as the restraints would allow before falling back. This time there was no smile, no laughter. Tears coursed down her cheeks as she felt her skin beneath the electrode pads sizzle.

The attendant pulled up a chair, "I think we're ready to begin."
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Sorry, sorry, sorry - I've been so slow with these updates! Here's some more!

Part 7

The guys had been unceremoniously herded into the tiny "living quarters" room and left alone. Michael surveyed their surroundings; the room was small, with two single beds against the left well and two more against the right. They were positioned perpendicular to the walls and there was a narrow space to walk between them. Against the back wall there was a small table with four chairs. In the back right corner there was a door to what looked to be a bathroom.

Kyle sat down on one of the beds and sighed. "Man, I wish someone would tell me what the hell is going on here?"

Alex spoke up, "Isabel said…"

"Isabel said…" Kyle mocked him. "Do you really believe that bullshit she fed us?"

Alex looked at him with a shocked expression on his face.

"Calm down." Max said as he laid a hand on Kyle's shoulder. He turned to look at Alex. "I don't think Isabel lied to us; I just don't think she told the entire truth."

Alex sat down on the bed across from Kyle. "Well if she didn't tell us the truth, then what's going on?"

Max mumbled, "That what I'd like to know."

Michael had been standing near the doorway in silence but now moved towards the guys on his way to the bathroom. Max looked directly at him and realized that it was the first time he could see his injuries clearly.

"Man, that doesn't look good."

Michael muttered, "It doesn't feel the greatest."

Max picked up the first aid kit off the floor. "Here, let me see if I can clean it up or something."

"No I'll do it," he refused, walking into the bathroom and closing the door. Once inside he hesitated for a second before looking at his reflection in the mirror. What he saw there shocked him.

There was a long gash above his right eyebrow that had bled profusely and left trails of blood running all the way down his face. At his cheekbone the blood met with another gash and continued all the way down to his shirt collar which was soaked with blood.

There goes $40, he thought.

The entire right side of his face was red and bloody. He couldn't tell where all the little cuts were but he could see bits of gravel imbedded in various places and knew that everywhere that wasn't cut was going to be burned from the pavement anyway.

He bent over to splash some water on his face but then stood up abruptly, reeling in pain. Bending over had caused a quick rush of blood to his arm and he had to hold onto the sink to keep from falling.

"Okay, maybe not," he mumbled.

He wet a facecloth with some warm water and tried to wipe away some of the blood. He quickly found that touching any part of his face was out of the question and he could only clumsily wipe away at the blood on his neck with his left-hand.

He threw the facecloth in the sink, cursing under his breath, "Damn it."

Giving up on the hopeless task, he opened the door and walked back out to join the guys. Max was standing by the table, having already opened the first aid kit and set up the supplies. Michael met his gaze silently and took a seat in front of him.

Max worked quickly and carefully to clean the wounds, removing most of the gravel pieces. He pretended to ignore the periodic curses escaping from Michael's lips and worked on in silence. When he was done, he taped two gauze bandages to the larger cuts on his eyebrow and cheek, careful to not touch any of the burned skin with the tape.

He sat down across from Michael. "Well, it's bad but I think you'll live," he smiled.

"I think that's still up for debate."

"Let me see your arm now."




"Is it broken?"

"I don't know."

"Well, if it is we should try to set it."

Michael looked at Max with wide eyes. Well actually with one wide eye since the right one was swollen shut.

"I t hurts to breath, you think I'm going to let you set it?" Michael asked incredulously.

Max responded to his protest with perfect logic. "If we're here for any length of time your arm is going to heal in whatever way the bones are now. The best thing you can do is try and re-align them."

Michael still looked hesitant.

"It's not going to hurt any more than it does now," Max assured him.

"Yeah, and you would know that how?"

"Remember when I broke my arm a few years ago? Well, it was at summer camp, which is on this isolated island, and there was no way to get to a hospital until the boat arrived in another week, so the councillors set it themselves. When I finally went to the hospital the doctor said it was the best thing they could have done. Otherwise they would have had to break it again and probably do surgery to align the bones with pins."

Max continued, "Kyle and I have been taking first aid classes for years. We can do this."

"Fine, whatever." Michael relented. "But it better not hurt any worse," he threatened.

Max removed the sling that Maria had made and cut Michael's shirtsleeve off at the elbow. The boys could clearly see a bulge in the skin where the broken bones were attempting to push through. There were also abrasions and blood trails running down his arm, with more gravel imbedded in the cuts.

Michael paled visibly when he saw the obvious injury his fall had caused and swore that the responsible guard would see the painful end of his fist if they ever met again.

Max told him to lie on one of the beds and then talked to Kyle about what they were going to do. He looked more than a little unsure at the thoughts of inflicting further pain on Michael. If there was one person Kyle had reason to fear in a fight, it was Michael Guerin.

Max prodded him gently towards the bed where Michael was easing himself down onto the mattress. Alex stood by helplessly, a scared look on his face like he was about to be innocently convicted of some horrendous crime. Max instructed him to hold Michael's shoulders down while he grasped his elbow and Kyle put one hand on his wrist, another near the actual break.

Alex looked almost as scared as Michael did but he leaned across the larger boy and pushed firmly on his shoulders.

"Alex, if he tries to move, stop him. Lie on him if you've got to."

"I'm not going to move." Michael spoke up.

Max tossed a knowing glance at Kyle. They both knew that this was going to hurt far worse than Michael could have ever imagined, but they also knew that it was for the best. And he would definitely try to move.

"Okay, ready? On three, one... two… Michael, move your left leg just a bit."

The distraction was exactly what Max and Kyle were waiting for and as soon as Michael started to move his leg, they went to work. Max pulled back on Michael's elbow while Kyle jerked the wrist toward him and twisted his hand on the forearm. The diversion of moving his leg had taken away some of the tenseness in his body and he wasn't able to push Alex entirely off of him when he tried.

Michael screamed out in pain as the bones in his arm ground against each other before snapping back into place. The scream stopped abruptly and Alex fell back from Michael's push, directly on top of him. Kyle and Max waited for a second and then told Alex to get up. Michael was out cold, exactly what Max had expected, and wanted. He hadn't really been lying when he said it wouldn't hurt - if he were unconscious then his arm wouldn't hurt at all.