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topic: what if everything was different?
topic description: how life could have been (through isabel)
summary: what life could have been like if alex was still around ( according to izzy ).
that should pretty much sum it up

part 1*

it was cold in ohio this time of year and izzy jesse and max and liz where vacationing.
all they needed was some donw time befor they went back to la.

"jesse did you pick up the email my dad sent you last night? he is on the phone right now and would like to know." I said to my husband of almost 3 years now.

"ya Iz I did tell him he should get the reply right around now."

"ok. yes dad he got it and he has written you back." 'man dose he ever let up on work dosent he know we are on vacation?'

"isabel is max there? I would like to speak with him."

"ya dad hang on a sec let me see."

"MAXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!! dad is on the phone are you here? he wants to talk to you!"

enter liz "hey iz he went out to pick up dinner he will be back in about 10-15 minutes ok?"

"ya um dad he isnt here right now he will be back in a bit I will have him call you ok?

"ok iz mo says hi and we will talk to you later. ok we love you all bye."


"wow that sky looks bad do you like we are going to get a bad storm tonight?" liz asked me

"damn that is bad I have no idea lets just hope max gets back soon."

"ya I will feel better if he is here." liz replied as she walked over to the couch and sat down next to jesse

"so it says tornado warnings for the next hour." jesse said aloud as he watched the news "where is max anyways im starving?"

enter max "o thank you so much and I thought you were only gonna be worried about ur food." max said to jesse joking "ya wow its getting bad out there."

"so I say we all eat and then find somthing to do to ocupy our time. oh and max dad wants you to call him." I said as I set the table to eat

"ok. I will call him after dinner, oh ya and liz maria called ur cell while I was gone." max said to liz

"how would you know you where gone?" she replied

"I grabed ur cell instead of mine. sorry babe."

"thats ok I will call her back later."


{ ok so this vacation for the most part is going good liz called maria bac and we all found out micheal purposed! can you believe it our little stubborn headed micheal purposed well I cant believe it has been almost 3 years scince we left roswell so much has happened I still cant believe that liz maria kyle and jesse are in our lives it is so wonderful and god do I miss alex! omg where did that come from? I havent thought of him in so long. well I guess I should go to bed now we are leaving tomorrow for home }

"good night iz. I love you." jesse said as he got into bed

"good night jess."

~~~~~~~ isabels dream~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"huh what where am I?"

“don’t worry izz your ok ur safe.”

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part 2*

"what who I cant see where am I?" ouch whats hurts so bad I cant feel my arm? o wait there it is and ow! ow! ow! ow! "where am I what happened and ow why dose my arm hurt so bad!!! someone help me make it stop!"

"iz its ok im here with you. you and alex got in a car accident but your ok dont worry."

"who the hell are you I cant see! and omg alex is he ok where is he!! oh god! oh god! oh god!"

"izzy he is gonna be fine and so are you just rest. ok he is in the next room."

"o god max is that you what happened! how!"

"ya iz it is me you where coming back from the Beth Orton concert and alex lost control of the car and you were hit by a truck."

"o god o god o god o god"

"iz dont worry just rest now"

"ok but is alex really gonna be ok?"


"ok. max dont let anything happen to him!"

"I wont"


while max is with isabel

"alex? alex wake up. alex please wake up. im so sorry that this happened I never should have messed with you this way im so sorry alex please be ok. you probably cant hear me but this is tess and I am so sorry that I let this happen to you! god alex please be ok so that everything can go back to normal! please I will never mess with you like that ever again I swear please dont die I would never be able to live with myself!!"

enter micheal "tess why would you never be able to live with yourself! what did you do to alex and isabel!" micheal tried to control his anger he had just gotten maria settled and he didnt want her worried again "tess dammit what did you do?!?! I swear if you dont tell me now I will kill you right here and now myself!"

"micheal! what are you doing why were you listening to me!"

"why worried about something slipping out? its not like alex cant hear you! he isnt in a damn coma."

"then I will make him forget!" tess said as she turned around to work her mojo when micheal grabed her arm so hard she was sure there would be a bruse "let me go right now micheal! you have no right to hurt me like that!"

"o but you have the right to almost kill two of my family members!!! I dont think so now tell me what you did to alex and isabel!"

"dammit micheal you are over the line I did nothing to isabel she wasnt supposed to be in the fucking car it was not my intention! so dont blame me for anything that happens to isabel! tess shouted as she tried to free herself from micheal

"o I think I will!" micheal shouted at her "you did somthing to hurt alex and that affected isabel so you WILL take the blame for that! now what the fuck did you do to alex! tell me now tess or I will go to max and we will make you beg you never found us!' micheal threatened

"max would never do tha....

"hey cant the wounded get some rest around here?" alex said painfully as he woke up from his sleep "o god micheal get her out of here now! tess get the hell out of here!!!" alex screamed at her

"alex please im so sorry I didnt I..I..I swear im so sorry I didnt.."

"shut up you hurt isabel and you used me for your self and to get what you wanted! now get the fuck out of here!!! NOW!!" alex screamed
just before kyle and maria ran into the room to find tess crying on the floor and micheal standing staring wide eyed at what he had just heard.

' o god that bitch almost killed to of my friends to get what she wanted!' "so what was it tess?" micheal screamed as he got more and more angry by the minute. "huh tess what did you want so bad you had to do this! you had to of had a good reason! because you know if you do then hey all is forgiven!" micheal screamed sarcasticly

"I just wanted to fucking go home you asshole and dont play those stupid little mind games with me micheal! I dont want to hear it!" she screamed at him

"ok so from the bits I have heard you played mind games with alex, deadly mind games that almost got him and izzy killed so you have no room for that shit! maria screamed as she rushed tess and kicked her so hard tess collapsed on the floor in a bleeding and crying heap "I am so sick of your stuck up bitch act you with it always having it your way or the highway well not anymore I swear to got I will kill you myself!" maria flung herself at tess again but micheal was already holding her back

as tess picked herself up off the floor and stopped herself from crying anymore she looked maria dead in the eyes and said "you are gonna wish you never did that!"


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part 3*

“ o really and what are you gonna do kill me!!’ maris screamed as max walked onto the room.

“What the hell is going on in here!!” he shouted “isabell is trying to sleep. And tess why are you here?” he asked

“she was just about to tell us what she did to alex and izzy. Weren’t you tess?” micheal revealed

“ I did nothing to them!” tess replied with a shaky voice.

“o yes you were I would like to know what the hell you did to me and my Isabel!” alex shouted


“tess what did you do to them? Please tell us so we can fix it.” Max said soothingly trying to get tess to tell him what she did.

“I will tell you but know one else.” She replied

“no you will tell me also it was done to me and I want to know what it was!”alex shouted

“fine then everyone out except max and alex! Maria and micheal go.” Tess replied.

After maria and micheal left tess explained everything to alex and max, alex was of course more furious than anyone had ever seen him ever. And max was hurt, crushed, disappointed and of course furious.

“how could you do that to us tess what the fuck is wrong with you is your head not on the right way!!!! Where you trying to kill my sister and alex!” max was furious

“ get out now tess! Leave roswell and never come back here, because I can garentee once everyone hears about this they will all want to kill you!” alex said trying to register everything she had just said

“they wont know any of what I just told you. Would you like to know why?.” Tess questioned

“and why would that be?” alex asked

“ because im gonna make it so you never knew you heard it.” And with that tess let the mind warp set in.

“ hey wow alex ur awake! How are you felling man?” max asked

“not so good my brain fells like a bowl of…..” and with that alex slipped into a coma

“o my god alex! ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!! “ max screamed

“tess call a doctor sonthing happened! Hurry”

“ok im going!” and as tess walked out of the room she whispered ‘sorry’

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Part 4a

Isabel heard yelling in the next it sounded like someone was hurt the she heard micheal yell “where the hell is tess!”

“no no no this cant be happening!” iz groaned then she saw tess half walking half running past her room and down the hall

“ this has gone on long enough” tess announced to herself “ it is time to finish the job I started!” but brfore she could make her next move someone grabbed her arm “ oh what now max you gonna scold me?” tess whined as she turned around

“ no I just plan on killing you!” Isabel threatened “ I should have let you die when you where with whiticore but no I always have to do the right thing….”

“ but iz..” tess stared

“” im not finished yet!” Isabel glared as max and micheal where walking out of alexs room “ now where was I? Oh ya always having to do the right thing I just had to save you I couldn’t let you die! But now look where we are you are the one trying to kill us! Did you actually think you could hurt any of my family?! What the hell is wrong with you? O ya all you wanted was the stupid translation! But I wont let you hurt us not anymore!” and with that Isabel put her hand to tesses chest and tess flew across the lobby to the opposite wall

“ Isabel stop! You cant do this!” max rushed to Isabel just before she hit the floor “ your going to kill yourself before you even hurt her you are not strong enough for this!”

“ but I have to shell ruin everything!” Isabel cryed “ I cant let her kill anyone I cant let hre ruin you and liz!”

“ what how will she do that?! Why?” max questioned

“ she will…. You will ……. “ she started

what Isabel what will we do please tell me!” max was in panic mode now

“ You will make a son.”

Part 4b

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ok so im new here ive been reading most of the micheal maria ones but im writing a izzy and alex one cause I would so screw the whole relationship up with micheal and maria plus I think this one is cute so feedback would be lovely but please be nice also if you like this story I gotta give up some of the credit to mgros she helped alot just thought you would like to know that so ill be bac hopefully with chap 4 part c soon and also with 5 so hope you enjoyed what I have so far love me

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so I dont think anyone likes this stroy but if im wrong then please let me know and ill continue on the new board othere than that hope to see all of you there bye

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