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Title: Popularity Isn't Everything
Disclaimer: I no own Roswell or the song "Breathe" by Nickelback
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Summary:Read to find out: AU
Author's Note:This is just a try out: If you want me to continue Please FB: It will be Everyone eventually

All of my Life I wanted to be popular. It was my one goal in highschool;was to become one of the beautiful people. Not that I wasn't beautiful. I just never tried to be popular until I went into highschool. My brother Michael, who is one year older then me and our best friend Liz said it was absurd; Siad that all they do is corrupt you and use you for the sex and intelligence you have. I told them that it wasn't true. I didn't believe them,but I should have. Have you ever had a song that describes your conquest of a goal. Well I do and it isn'ta happy one. It's a song of truth.

All I ever really wanted was to be the same
Equal treatment never ever comes
and there they go again
All I ever really wanted was to be like you
So perfect
So worthless
If I could take it all back think again
I would

My brother tried to stop me from being superficial and pretending, but he couldn't get rid of the blindfold that was over my eyes.

If I could drag my life in a moment
Wanna know do you want me to go
Gonna keep it all from ending
Never stop myself from pretending
That you always knew that I never could

I wish I could take it all back and start over, but I can't and I must live with the mistake.

And now I found it
Found I got it
I didn't want this
Somebody help me see
And now I feel it
Feel that I've been there
I didn't need this
Would Somebody help me stand
And now I've told them
Already warned them
I didn't want this
Somebody help me breathe

My name is Isabel Guerin. I am 22 years old. I am a waitress at a local cafe. My best friends are my 23 year old brother Michael, Liz Parker who is the same age as me, and my cousin Max who is the same age as Michael. I also have a 5 year old daughter named Hannah and I also never graduated highschool. This is my story...
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Wow! I didn't think I'd get this much FB! Well I just wanted to tell all you fans of this story that I will be continuing this story. I don't know for sure when I will be updating. It will be either later this week or next week.
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*Part 1a-Parents*

It all started when I had just turned 16 years old. I had been observing the populars a lot lately or as some people call them “The Elites”. They are so graceful. It must be great to be popular. being able to walk around the school and having everyone saying hi and looking at you.

I was at home at the time when I was thinking about this.
“What is it Michael?!”
“It’s your turn to do the dishes!”, Michael yells from the kitchen. I get up and go to the kitchen.
“No it’s not, it’s your turn.”, I say.
“No. I did them last night.”
“Not uh. You only dried them.”
“Fine I’ll wash them. If you dry them.”
“Fine.” I wash the dishes and head back to my room leaving Michael to dry them.

I didn’t have the best home life, not even close. Our mom left when I was nine. Ever since then our dad had gotten worse. Lets just say, Michael and I try our best not to be home when he’s drunk, has had a bad day, or if we’ve screwed up. The reason our mom had left was because, dad use to hit her all the time, even if she had even made the tiniest mistake. That night when she had left, she packed her suit cases and threw them in the trunk of her car. My dad had just pulled in. He started yelling, saying that she can’t leave. Her last words were, “Don’t touch me you fucking bastard! I am sick of the way you treat me! You don’t deserve me!”. She then took her wedding ring off her finger and threw it in dad’s face. As she drove off I heard her yell, “ I love you Michael and Isabel!”
A/N: I don't know for sure if I'm going to put aliens in his or not, but here's some of Part 1. Hope you Enjoy!*happy*
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*Part 1b-Abuse*

I think the main reason why I’m not popular is because of my clothes. I buy my clothes from Goodwill and Salvation Army. It’s the only thing my dad says he can afford(he’d be able to afford better if he didn’t go out and drink so much). Anyway, I look at myself in the mirror. I need to wear clothes that are more revealing. I have to wear clothes like, mini-skirts that accentuate my long legs and tops that show more clevage(not that guys don’t already look at my breasts, they’re huge),but there is a reason why I don’t wear those kind of clothes.....

I hear a car pull in. I look out my window and see... “Uh oh. Shit! Dad’s home!” I then run to the living room and yell to Micheal that dad is home. “Shit! This place is a fucking pig sty!” As we start to clean the living room, he comes in! He looks red-eyed and angry. He looks straight to me. “Didn’t I tell you to have this fucking place clean before I get home?”, He says coldly. I start to stutter my answer, but it won’t come out. “Didn’t I?!!!” “Ye-yye-yye-yes, Sssir.” Dad then comes over to me and slaps me across the face. “Don’t hurt her! Stop it! Stop it!!” Micheal screams as dad starts beating the hell out of me. “This is my damn house and if you don’t shut your fucking mouth boy, you are next!!!”, Our father screams at him. Micheal can’t do anything and I don’t want him to get beaten like I am right now.

~A few hours later~

I’m laying in my bed, sore and tired. After my dad had beat me he made Michael and I clean the living room. Michael had said something, I don’t know what,but it got him a black eye for saying it. Knock. Knock. “Who is it?” “It’s Michael. Can I come in?” He opens the door slowly and sees me laying on my bed. “Are you okay?” “ I should ask you the same thing. What did you say to provoke him like that?” “ I told him that he shouldn’t beat his own daughter and that he should stop drinking. He then told me to shut the fuck up and then he punched me.” “Thank you, Michael.” “What are brothers for? I try to protect you the best way I can, but sometimes there are consequences that come with it.” “Michael?” “What?” “Could you stay here until I fall asleep?” “Sure, anything for you.”

This is why I can’t wear these kinds of clothes and be a normal teenager. If I try to wear something that I need to become popular or to be in the “in-crowd”, I can’t. Because I have bruises that I need to hide so people don’t get supicious about my home life.
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*Part 2a-School* (A week later)

Well it’s lunch time at West Roswell High right now. Everyone is hustling and bustling to get their food and to go to their tables. I sit next to Liz and across from Max and Michael. “Hey.”
“Hey Liz.”
“How was the Trigonometry test?”
“It was okay.”
“That’s good.”
“How come you weren’t in school for 3 days last week Iz?”, Max asks.
“I had the flu.”, I lie.
“Okay. Well you could’ve called and had my mom make you some soup or something.”
“No, I had the stomach flu.”
“Oh, I get it.”
I look over at the popular table where everyone is laughing. Probably something either Kyle Valenti or Maria DeLuca said.
***********Popular People POV****************
“That Isabel girl is looking over here again. Maybe I should say something.”
“No, leave her alone Tess.”
“Why can’t I say something. All she does is stare and fantasize about being one of us. Maybe if she got better clothes and didn’t hang out with losers she’d be one of us.”
“Tess, Alex is right just leave it alone.”
“Fine, but only because you told me to Kyle.”
“Maybe we should invite her to be one of us. I think she has what it takes.”
“Are you kidding me?! No, way!”
“I think Maria’s right Pam, but instead of just inviting her, we should give her an initiation test.”
“That’s just evil, but I like it.”
“That’s becuase you are evil Tess.”
“Fuck you!”
“Alex, that was mean, but so true!”
“Screw you both! If you don’t like it then why are you even here?”
“This is getting a little out of hand. If they don’t want to be apart of it, they don’t have to. I know I don’t.”
“You’re a pussy, Valenti.”
“I’m not a pussy, I’m just not a mean, self-centered, bastard like you, Aaron.”
“So what’s the plan?”
“I’m not being apart of this. See ya later.”
“Wait up Maria!”
A/N: I know it was short, but the next sub part will be longer. *happy*

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*Part 2b-Being Called* (The next day at school[Lunch Time])

Another boring day at lunch. I look around and notice Kyle, Maria, and Alex sitting at a different table. Hmm I wonder what’s going on with them? I then see Michael, Liz, and Max. “Hey Iz.”, Max says.
“What’s the matter?”, Liz asks me as she sits next to Max and kisses him on the cheek.
“Please don’t say you still want to be popular.”, Michael says a little angrily. I just give him this look and he sighs disgustedly at me and sits down.
“Well I don’t want to be a loser all my life.”
“Oh don’t give us that crap.”
“Besides Iz, your pretty, smart and you and Liz will end of fighting for Valedictorian when you become seniors.”,Max says comfortingly.
“Thanks, but...”
“You want more.” Liz says with boredom in her eyes.
“Yeah.” We then sit in silence for a little while. I then hear someone calling my name. I look around and see Tess Harding waving me over. ( Me? Oh my God! She’s wants me to go over there.)
“Don’t.”, Michael says as he grabs my arm. I take my arm out of his grasp and go over.
“Yes?”, I say.(Great line Iz)
“Sit.” She says. Aaron scoots over and I sit down.
“So why did you call me over here?”, I ask.
“Well, we’ve been observing you lately and we want you to be in our group.
“Me? You want me to be in your group?”( I wonder why she emphasized the word observing?)
“Yes, something wrong with that?”
“Oh no! No.”
“We think you’ve got what it takes to be one of us. Come over to my house after school and we can discuss everything you need to know. Here’s my address.” She hands me a piece of paper and asked me to sit with them the rest of lunch. ( I can’t believe I’m on my way to being one of them) I look around again and see Michael giving me a warning look and then I look over to Maria’s table. (Is she staring at my brother?) I see Alex and Kyle looking over here. I wonder why they’re giving Aaron, Paulie, and Pam these evil looks? I see Alex smile at me so I smile back. He turns around and starts talking to Maria and Kyle again.

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*Part 2c-Tess’s House*

I’m actually over at Tess’s house. It actually makes me a little bit jealous. She has such a nice a home while I live in a piece of tin that shouldn’t even be called a home with a bastard of a father who doesn’t give a shit about his kids. Okay Iz, stop thinking about your crappy life. “Would you like something to drink?”, Tess asks. “Uh, sure.”, I say. After getting our drinks we go to the living room and sit. Damn, her living is enormous. It’s like as big as our stupid trailer. “So Isabel, tell me a little about yourself.”, her mother asks me. “Um, well....” “Mom, we really need to get to studying.”, Tess says. Thank God. I didn’t know what I would even tell her mom. “Oh, okay honey. Go on.” We then go upstairs to her room. Okay now, Her room makes my room look like a piece of shit. “You have a big room.”
“Well don’t you?”
“Not quite as big.”
“Oh, well thank you.” We sit on her bed and I put my backpack down on the floor. I look around her room. It’s a huge room, with a lot of color and Nsync and BSB posters. “Do you like Nsync?” “A little.”, I say. Technically I hate them. With having a brother like Michael, the only music I listen to is rock, punk, and alternative.
“So what kind of music do you like?”
“Mostly rock.”
“Do you like Incubus?”
“Oh yeah.” Definitely do I like them? Hell yeah. She then puts the Incubus cd in and puts on the song drive.
“That’s better”, she says. “So did you hear about Paulie’s party this Saturday night?”
“Yeah.” Who doesn’t.
“Are you going?”
“I wasn’t thinking about going.”
“You should. It’ll be fun.”
“I have nothing to wear though.” That’s a true statement right there.
“You can borrow something from Pam. Since she’s about your height.”
“You think she’ll let me?”
“Oh sure.” I start to scratch at my arm. “Where did you get that nasty bruise?!”, she exclaims. “Oh, uh, I fell off my bike. I wasn’t watching where I was going.”
Whew. Sometimes I think it’s a good thing to be able to lie through your teeth like that. Technically my dad was drunk and threw an empty beer bottle at me because I wouldn’t get him another beer.
“So who are you going to the party with?”, she asks me.
“No one probably.”
“I heard Aaron wanted to ask you.”
“Yeah, he has a huge crush on you.”
“Oh my God, I had no Idea.” From there we talk for hours about pointless things. Well things I thought were pointless. “What time is it?”,I ask.
“It’s 5:30.”
“I have to get home!”
“Why so early?”
“I have to cook dinner tonight.”
“Oh. You cook dinner?”
“Yeah. I also have to do my homework and study for that test in Mr. Seligman’s class.”
“Oh.”, she says with boredom.
“I’m sorry that I have to leave so early. Thank you for having me over.”
“Here I’ll let you out.”
“Okay, thank you again. Bye.”, I say as I start walking out the door.”
“Are you sure you don’t want a ride?!”, she asks.
“I’m sure!” I stop and watch her close the door. I then start running it home. I have to get home before dad does.
I know I haven't updated in a while, but I just got off spring break and back in school. The next part may not be up for a while because I'm trying to get ahead in school since I only have 9 and 1/2 weeks of school left I have to do my best. Enjoy!!! Feedback Please!!!!
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*Part 2d-Pain and Evil All Around*

(Guerin Residence)

I’ve been sprinting it home ever since I left Tess’s house. I’m so tired and my muscles are burning, but I’ve got to get home before dad does. I hope Michael covered for me and made dinner. I owe him big if he does. I’m almost there.

As I’m running I trip and fall on the curb. “Shit!!”, I say as I grab my now bloody knee, but I have to get back up. I get back up and continue running as blood runs down my leg and pain is surging through my muscles. I go through my window and put my back pack down. I then run to the kitchen even though my knee is all fucked up and I’m now limping. Dammit! Michael isn’t here! Oh yeah, he had to work today. “Fuck!!” Before I start dinner I have to see what the hell we have here in these barren cupboards of ours. As I’m searching through the cupboards I hear footsteps.
“Where the hell have you been?!”
I feel myself tense up and feel his hot, smelly breath on my neck. I start shaking and I turn around to face him. Out of nowhere his hand comes up and slaps me across the face. I fall to the ground.
“You little Bitch!! I told you to have dinner made by the time I get home and here you are not even close to having it done!!!!”
“I...I.....I...I’m Ssssorry.”, I quiver out as I’m starting to cry. My dad then slaps me across the face again and reprimands me with his drunk slurs.
“What the fuck happened to your knee?! Did someone beat the shit out of you?!”
He then kicks me as hard as he can in my knee and I scream bloody murder. I think he broke it. He covers my mouth and I bite his hand. I shouldn’t have done that.
“You little Bitch!!! You shouldn’t have done that!!!!”
“NOOO! Please Don’t hurt me! Stop it!! STOP!!!!!”

(Tess’s House)

“So is the plan under way?”, Pam asks Tess through the phone receiver.
“Definitely. Don’t worry. We’ve got her wrapped around our little finger.”
“So what’s her initiation test going to be?”
“We’ll let Aaron and Paul decide that.”
“Knowing them it’s probably going to be something sexual.”
“Well whatever it is, if she wants to be one of us she has to do it, remember what happened to Amber?”
“Yeah, who could forget, after the way Paul humiliated her and told like the whole football team how bad of a lay she was, and a week later she moved away. So do you think Isabel will cooperate with us?”
“She will if she knows what’s good for her because we all know the consequences are worse then the initiation itself.”
“Hey did you know tomorrow is Alex’s last day at school?”
“I know, but I don’t really care. So he’s moving, who gives a shit.”
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*Part 3-Communication*


“Hey Maria, order up!”
“Okay, Okay, hold your horses.”
“Well hurry up then.”
“Michael Guerin, just shut up!”
[Picks up order and leaves]
“Damn she has a nice ass.”
“What did you say Guerin?!”
[Crashdown phone rings]
“Hello. Is a Michael Guerin there?”
“Uh, yes. Hold on a sec.” Puts hand on receiver. “Michael! Someone’s on the phone asking for you. What did you do now?”
“I haven’t done anything.” Takes phone. “Hello.”
“Hello. This is Nurse Payne of Roswell Memorial. I called to inform you that your sister in the Intensive Care Unit. She’s in critical condition and your dad is being held custody by the police.” Click.
“That SONUVABITCH!” (Everyone in restaurant looks towards Michael)
“I’m Sorry Liz, but I have to go.” (Takes off apron and starts to leave)
“Michael what happened, what’s wrong?”, Liz yells to him.
“Michael what the hell?! Watch where are you going you still have 3 hours.”, Maria yells, pretty pissed off.
“Isabel’s in the hospital. I got to go.”
“Wait, for me Michael.”, Liz yells. Liz then grabs phone and calls Max.
“Max. Come pick me up at the Crashdown. Something bad has happened.”
“What’s happened, Liz?”
“I don’t know for sure. All I know is that Isabel is in the hospital.”
“What?! My parents have to know about this. We’ll be there to pick you up.” Click.
“Max, honey, what’s the matter?”
“Isabel’s in the hospital.”
“What?!”, the parents say together.
“Let’s go.”

(At Hospital)

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
[Isabel in a dreary room, hooked up to a respirator. Her porcelain skin black, blue, red, and purple. Knee fractured. Barely hanging on to consciousness. Michael sitting in a chair next to her bed. Silent tears running down his cheeks.]

“What has he done to you? God. I wish I could switch places with you Iz.”
(In barely a whisper) “Don’t......say.......that........Michael.”
“He almost killed you Iz.”
“I know,....but...I through.”
“I think Max, Aunt Diane, Uncle Phillip, and Liz are here too. I’m going to let them come in, okay?”
[Waiting Room; Michael comes through doors]
“Michael! Oh God! How is she?”, Aunt Diane asks.
“She’s badly beaten and can barely talk.”
“How come you never told us about your father?”, Uncle Phillip asks me.
“I don’t know. I guess because I was ashamed and embarassed.”
“Michael you can tell us anything, you know that. Please, next time tell us what’s going on.”
“I’m sorry.” [Starts to cry]
“It’s okay, Michael. Can we see her?”, Liz asks me.
“Uh, yeah. Only two at a time though.”
“Michael, I’m going to be your lawyer in this. Also I think the police want to talk to you.”

(Alex’s House)

“Well, Maria and Kyle, I won’t say goodbye because you never know when we’ll see each other again. This is just a see ya later.”
“We’re gonna miss ya Alex. Make sure you write and call us.”
“I will.”
“Come on Alex, we go to get going.”
[Maria, Kyle, and Alex hug]
“See you guys later.”
[Alex gets in car and him and his dad drive off]
Author's Note: There is an importance to Alex leaving and he will be back later in the fic. I have something planned for him. ;)

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*Part 4a- Lectures and Therapy*
[3 months later; Isabel’s knee is healed and she’s getting physical therapy. Her and Michael live with their cousin Max and everything has basically gone back to normal. Isabel is now popular and lied to “the elites” about how she broke her knee, but what she doesn’t know is that they have something in store for her. She still has to do her initiation test. Michael and Maria have become really good friends and Max and Liz are still going out.]
(Lunch Time)

“I so can’t wait for that party tomorrow!” Tess says.
“I know.” Pam says.
“So, who are you going with Isabel?”
“I don’t know. Depends if I’m feeling up to going, especially since I have therapy.”
“You’re going. I have the perfect outfit for you.”
“You do? What does it look like?”
“You’ll have to see when you come over and get ready at my place.”
“What time should I be there?”
“At least by 4 or 5.”
“I’ll see what I can do. I have therapy from 2 to 4. So I get out of school early on tomorrow.”
“Not really, but luckily I only have 4 sessions of therapy left.”

(Evans Household; Max, Isabel, Liz, and Michael in the living room after dinner)

“So how’s therapy Isabel?”
“It’s okay, Liz. Thank God I only have 4 sessions left of it.”
“That’s good.”
“Isabel, there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.”
“What is it, bro?”
“Are you going to that party at Aaron’s tomorrow?”
“Yes. Of course. Why?”
“I don’t want you to go.”
“Why not?!”
“I have a weird feeling that something’s going to happen. Particularly, I don’t trust Aaron.”
“Typical. When I finally become popular and I’ve been invited to parties and stuff, you’re totally against me. Just because you had that little brawl with Aaron last year doesn’t mean that something’s going to happen or that you should forbid me from doing something at Aaron’s!”
“Trust me on this Iz. Both Max and Liz agree with me.” (Max and Liz look uncomfortable)
“You’re all against me! Fine! I don’t care if you’re against me, but I’m going to that damn party!” (Walks fast to her room and slams the door shut [SLAM!])
“Dammit.” Michael says defeatedly.

(Isabel has to leave to physical therapy and is walking down the hallway to the office)

“Maria, Kyle. Hey.”
“What are you guys doing out of class?”
“We’ve been trying to talk to you all day.”
“What is it?”
“Don’t go to Aaron’s party tonight.”
“Now you! Has Michael been brainwashing you guys too?”
“We’re serious Isabel. They have you right where they want you. They don’t really like you. They think you’re trailer trash. They’re just doing this to humiliate you.”
“No! I’m not believing you! It’s just some shit Michael told you, to tell me so I wouldn’t go. I thought you two were my friends and I thought you were also going to the party. Well I guess not. So fuck off!” (Leaves in a huff)
“She’s just as hard headed as Michael, but with PMS rage.”
“Kyle, you’re not helping.”
*Part 4b- Rape*
(Tess’s house before the party)

“Here’s your dress. Go and try it on.”
“Okay.”, I come out of her bathroom after trying on the dress, “Um...”
“How do you like it?”
“It’s...great!” Truthfully. It’s tight, a little too short, and It feels like my boobs are going to pop out. I feel more than half-naked.

(Later on at Aaron’s Party; Secluded Area)

“So why are we at such a secluded part of the house? Shouldn’t we be partying with everyone else?” I ask.
“Well since you broke your knee awhile back, we couldn’t give you your initiation test.” Pam says.
“What initiation test?” I ask a little panically.
“You don’t think you can get into our group without doing something in return did you?”
“So, what does she have to do Aaron?” Tess says evilly.
“Well she either has to strip for me and Paulie and let us touch her anywhere we want to or she has to have sex with me.”
“NO WAY!!!!!! I’m not doing that! My brother and friends were right, you guys aren’t my friends! I’m outta here!”
“Nuh uh uh...” Aaron and Paulie then run to the door, slam it shut, and pad lock it. Paulie has the key and he put it down his boxers. I tried to run to the door as best as I could before they closed it, but Aaron grabbed me from behind and hasn’t let go of me.
“Let go of me. You mother fucker!!”
“Feisty aren’t we.”
“Well have fun Aaron and Paulie.” Pam and Tess say as Paulie unlocks the door for them and lets them out and relocks it.
“Now the fun begins.”
“Would you like a drink?” Paulie says to me as he’s holding up a glass to my face.
“No! Let go of me! What are you doing?!”
“Too bad! You have to drink it!” They both grab me and push me down on the bed. They put whatever was in that glass down my throat.
“What the hell was that?! Why” Next thing I know, everything is black.
*Part 4c-What Should I Do*

(Next morning; Around 4 am)

I wake up to find myself in a bed in an unknown room somewhere. I am in very much pain in places where I don’t usually have pain. I look down to see bruises and dried up blood on my arms and the dress that I am wearing is torn in many different places. I then notice my breasts and private area are totally exposed. I cover myself up as much as I can and try my best to get out of the mysterious bed, but I am in too much pain.

After laying there for another 5 minutes being haunted by my waking thoughts I finally get up even if it does hurt. I look around, but I can’t remember a thing. I look back at the bed and the covers are all ruffled. I then put the pieces together. Why I have bruises, why my dress is torn, why I’m on a mysterious bed.... There’s now only thing that’s registering through my mind right now “rape”. It just keeps repeating over and over again. The next thing I know, I am running out the door and down the stairs of the mysterious house and there are people sprawled everywhere with beer cans, drugs, and cigarettes in their hands passed out on the floor.

I run past the unconscious bodies and through the front door. Right now, I am having a lot of pain in my right knee and throughout my body, but I keep on running. Anaerobic respiration is taking place throughout my joints and muscles as I feel them burning, but I keep on moving and start to run faster then I ever did before, tears streaming like rivers down my cheeks. It’s very cold out here, but I don’t care. I just want to get home. Wait! What I am going to say to Uncle Phillip and Aunt Diane? I can’t tell them what happened. I just can’t. What about my brother? I don’t know what to do. I’m not thinking straight right now.

I keep running until I find myslef in a beautiful field, filled with wild flowers and a big oak tree in the middle. I stop under the tree and sit. I recognize this place, it’s the secret place mom use to take Michael and I when we were little and we’d sit here for hours and she would tell us stories.

Sometimes I wonder where mom is. Is she in a beautiful house with a white picket fence as happy as she can be or maybe she lives in a studio apartment near the ocean where she paints to her heart’s content. That’s what Michael got from her, her artistic ability. I got her beauty and intelligence. As I sit here, I contemplate about many things and resurface old memories of the fun days Michael, mom, and I use to have. After a while I finally decide to get home. They’re all probably worried as hell and wonder where I’ve gone. The only thing I’m scared of is...if I should tell them or not. Also, since it was someone at the party that raped me, how am I suppose to show my face at school again?
*Part 5-Finding Out* (Evan’s Household)

I’m home. I took a shower and layed down on my bed. Max and Michael are wondering what the hell happened at the party and why I came home so late, but I wouldn’t tell them. Luckily Aunt Diane and Uncle Philip aren’t home. I forgot they left for their business trip before the party.
Knock. Knock.
‘Come in.’ I say.
‘Hey. How are you feeling?’ Max asks me.
‘Okay I guess.’
‘Isabel, what happened at the party? Please tell us.’ Michael says to me.
‘Will you promise not to get angry and not to tell Aunt Diane and Uncle Phillip?’
‘I promise to the 2nd thing, but depending on what you’re about to tell us, I can’t promise you that I won’t get angry.’
‘Please Michael.’ I beg him.
‘Okay I’ll try.’
‘Well I can’t fully remember what happened, but...I woke up very disoriented and in a strange place with my clothes torn and....certain body parts that shouldn’t be showing.’
‘Iz, are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ Max asks.
‘Somebody raped me.’ I choke out as I start to cry. Max embraces me as he starts to rock me back and forth. Michael looks pissed. I can’t blame him though. ‘Michael you promised.’
‘Who did it?’ Michael asks me as Max lets go of me.
‘I-I-I don’t know. Everything is fuzzy. I can only remember minor things. I didn’t realized I had been raped until I looked at myself and put the pieces together.’
‘Whoever did it must’ve put something in your drink.’ Max says logically.
‘I’ll be back I need to go somewhere.’ My brother says as he puts his jacket on and starts to head out the door.
‘Where are you going Michael?’ I ask hoping he’s not doing something stupid.
‘I need to go consult a good friend of mine.’ He says and then he leaves.
‘Do you need anything, Iz?’ Max asks me.
‘Could you get me some apsirin for my knee and this huge migrain I have right now.’
‘Okay. Be right back.’

(Maria’s House)

Ding. Dong.
Maria opens the door and sees Michael.
‘Hey Michael what brings you in the neighborhood? Maria asks.
‘Well I need to talk to you.’
‘Hey Guerin.’
‘Hey Kyle.’
‘You look like you’re pissed. What’s bothering you?’ Maria’s curiousity getting the best of her.
‘Well you know how there was that party last night?’
‘Yeah.’ Kyle and Maria say together.
‘Well Isabel was raped.’ Michael says as a tear slides down his cheek.
‘Oh my god!’ Maria gasps.
‘Is she okay?’ Kyle asks.
‘Yeah. She looks fine physically except for some cuts and bruises and she might have sprained her knee that she broke 3 months ago. She’s going to have a lot of trouble with that knee. I don’t know about her emotionally. She can barely remember anything.’
‘That’s horrible.’ Maria says sympathetically.
‘I need to ask you guys something.’
‘What is it Michael?’ Kyle and Maria ask.
‘Do you guys have any idea on who did this to Isabel?’
‘I don’t know.’ Maria says and puts her head down.
‘Well uh..’ Kyle stutters.
‘Don’t lie to me Maria. You know who it might be don’t you? And Kyle, if you don’t fucking tell me who it is, I will kick your ass.’
‘Well Michael, I’m not going to lie to you. There’s no maybes about it. We do know who did it.’
‘We just didn’t think that they’d do something this brutal.’
‘Who?’ Michael asks determined to get these fuckers.
‘Pualie Denton and Aaron Wilke.’
That’s when Michael’s rage just goes through the roof.
‘Those motherfuckers! I am going to kill them for what they’ve done to my sister! She already has enough bad memories from when our father use to beat the hell out of her and mom, but now this! Those bastards are paying!’
‘Michael! You can’t just go over there and beat the shit out of them. You have to approach it rationally. Give it a little time and then attack.’
‘Plus. I don’t think Isabel would appreciate it, even though she can’t remember who did it. Maria’s right. Wait awhile then attack.’
‘I guess you guys are right, but it just makes me so angry and full of rage that someone would do this to Isabel. What has she ever done to them? All she wanted to do was fit in. When I get my hands on them though...I am having no mercy.’
*Part 6a- Memories and Vengeance*
(Michael POV) (A little over a month later)

Today is the day I confront those sonuvabitches. I’ve waited way too long to get them. It’s been a month since Isabel was raped and now they’re paying for it. Isabel has been on the edge since that faithful day and the only males she’ll let touch her are Max, Uncle Phillip, Kyle, and me. You can’t come up behind her or she’ll start screaming. When we’re out, she has to be with one of us at all times. Kyle changed his schedule for her so that he can be in her classes so she doesn’t freak out. She’s basically scared of her own shadow.

Both me and her have been through so much in our life and she definitely didn’t deserve this. I remember when mom left and how I sat up with her every night as she cried. That went on for 6 months. Dad had started drinking heavier and didn’t pay attention to us the way he use to. I know him and mom use to not always get along, how he would beat her sometimes, but sometimes he could be the nicest guy you’d ever have met. When we all use to go on picnics
together as a family. Those are some of my happiest memories.

One of my most cherished memories is when mom taught me and Isabel how to paint. Isabel never really got the hang of it, but she always loved watching me or mom. She still likes to watch me paint. That’s the way I express my feelings. I remember about 4 months back when her knee was broken and how she had to lay in bed, I’d pick her up and bring her into my room, so she could watch me. She loved every minute of it. That’s also when she figured out I had a thing for Maria. She saw my painting of her. I told her not to say a thing and she hasn’t.

I don’t keep secrets from her. She would figure them out anyway if I did, she knows me like a book. She was also the one that found out that Maria had a thing for me and boy did I thank her for that. She gave me the courage to ask Maria out and she’s always there for me as I am for her. Maria and I have been going out for a few months now and she makes me happy. Maria is also there for Isabel and has kept me tamed from just killing Paulie and Aaron, but now I can’t hold my rage back any longer. They’re paying for what they did and today is the day that they do.
*Part 6b-No Remorse*
~Michael P.O.V.~

I’m walking down the hall determined to get Aaron and Paulie. Luckily, Maria and Kyle aren’t around. Isabel is no where to be seen because I know that she would love the justice that I’m bringing to her, but she wouldn’t like the violence.

I finally see them. I can feel the heat rising in the room as my anger boils. I see them laughing with their stupid jock friends. I walk up to them.
‘What the hell do you want Guerin?’ Paulie says to me.
That’s when I grab him by the collar of his letterman jacket and slam him against the lockers.
‘What the fuck?!’
‘You motherfucker! I am going to kick your fucking ass!’ I then jab him in the jaw.
‘Guerin! What the fuck?!’
I then feel Aaron jump on my back and I throw him off of me. ‘You raped my sister you bastards! And now you’re going to pay!’
‘What the hell are you talking about?!’ I hear Aaron say. That’s when Max comes up after getting through the crowd of teens gathering.
‘What the hell are you doing Michael?!’
That’s when Aaron swings at me, I duck, he misses and hits Max square in the face. “Oh shit! He should’ve of stop himself because Max is going to kick his fucking ass!” At first Max looks confused and surprised, but then his face turns to anger. That’s when all hell breaks loose. I’m beating the hell out of Paulie and Max is whomping on Aaron. Everyone is shocked to see Max acting like this. “Don’t fuck with Max.” I think to myself.

*Max P.O.V.*

He dared to hit me and now he’s paying. His blood for my blood. Now I’m just whomping on Aaron with full force and blind rage.
As we’re beating them the bell rings and the teachers start coming out to try and break us apart. That’s when I decide to just back off and I start walking down the corridor, leaving Aaron laying there in pain. A teacher catches up with me and now is escorting me to the Principal’s office. I look back to see about 5 teachers trying to break Michael and Paulie apart, but it’s not working to well. I see a teacher then pull out a walkie-talkie. “They’re probably calling security.”

*Michael P.O.V.*

We’re beating the hell out of each other when all of the sudden I hear sirens. Now I see the cops coming down the hall. “Shit!” Now they’ve got me with my arms behind my back and they’re escorting me and Paulie to the office. My lip is bleeding like hell.

(In the office)

‘What the hell is all of this about?!!’ The principal yells at us.
‘Guerin started it!’ Aaron yells.
‘Mr. Guerin, explain please.’
‘They fucking raped my sister!’
Now the principal is looking at Paulie and Aaron and then looks to me and Max. ‘Mrs. Reed., Call Isabel Evans down here now.’

*Isabel P.O.V.*

I’m in class and I’m wondering why everyone came in late. They keep giving me these looks.
‘Will Isabel Evans come to the office, ASAP.’ I hear the intercome say. “What in the hell?” I get up and the teacher says for me to go.
I’m walking down the hall and I see blood on the lockers and the janitors cleaning it up. I finally get to the office.
‘Right in there.’ Mrs. Reed says.
I go in and see Michael, Max, Paulie, Aaron.
‘Sit Ms. Evans.’ The principal says and points to the seat next to where Max is sitting.
I look at Max and Michael real closely and they have all these cuts and bruises, but Paulie and Aaron look worse. “Good.” I think to myself.
‘Ms. Evans, Now. I asked your brother about why he was beating up Paulie and how all this got started. He said that Paulie and Aaron had raped you. Is this true?’
Oh god. I can barely breathe, let alone hold still.
‘Go ahead start from the beginning.’
‘Well uh, about a month ago (breath)...well I went to this party and they....Paulie, Aaron, Tess, Pam, and a few others took me upstairs, “breathe Isabel,” ‘Anyway, they said I needed to take some sort of initiation to be in their group or something like that...(breath)’s still sort of unclear, but I remeber the main parts of it. After that I remember only Paulie and Aaron being in the room and they started touching me..(breath)..., “Oh god I’m starting to cry, this is too painful to think about,” ‘ in places that were off limits. I told them to stop and I tried to get out of the room, but I couldn’t...(breath)...what I remember the best is....Aaron grabing me from behind and Paulie forcing me to drink some kind of clear liquid....(breath)....everything from there went black. Th-th-the next morn-morning I woke up with my dress torn...(breath)....and my private areas showing.’

*Michael P.O.V.* (one week later- Evan’s Household)

So I’m at home right now with Max and we’re watching tv. I’m glad everything turned out okay in the end.
‘Give me the remote Max. We are not watching Oprah today.’
‘It’s not like there’s anything else on Michael.’
‘See if Jerry Springer is on.’
‘That doesn’t come on until 3.’
‘Fine we’ll watch Oprah as long as we watch Montel after.’
Max and I got suspended from school. I got suspended for 3 weeks he got suspended for 2. Now we’re sitting here arguing over what talk show to watch. Aunt Diane and Uncle Phillip found out about Isabel being raped and we didn’t get in to much trouble about fighting even though we got grounded for a month and we got extra chores, but that’s it. Paulie and Aaron are at juvie facing they’re time. Yes! The fighting, suspension, and grouding was worth it in the end. Of course Maria and Liz visit us after school before they go to work to see how they’re heros are even though we used violence to get our way. Maria didn’t care about that as long as Paulie and Aaron were put in they’re place. Liz was actually pretty okay with it. I wouldn’t have thought Liz for the violent type until I insulted her and she punched me in my arm. Damn that hurt!

Isabel has been pretty okay for the past week. She’s now going to counseling, but she had to go back to therapy for her knee because she almost rebroke it last month when she had ran home from Aaron’s. I remember her face when the doctor told her she needed to wear a brace on her knee and needed to go back to therapy. She was so angry, but she’s a lot happier now that Aaron and Paulie are gone, even though she’s still nervous at school she’s actually smiling more, but lately she’s been sick or something because she’s been throwing up for the past few days, but she says it’s probably something she ate or the flu or something.