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Title: Dangerously Exposed
Category: CC
Rating: Not decided but PG-14 for now
Disclaimer: Nope unfortunately I don’t own them
would like to though.
AN: It’s basically in flow with the eppys except for
Behind the Music, which happens differently. Maria
leaves for New York, but doesn’t brake up with
Michael. She’s been gone for three months, so
Samuel Rising and Tale of Two Parties hasn’t
happened but Max and Liz are back together with Mr.Parkers permission. This starts off around So I Married an Alien.

AN: Thanks to Ripley for beta reading this for me.

Part 1:

Isabel Ramirez is on her way too the kitchen when
she hears the door ring. She casually walks the
floor of her new living room and answers the door
to find her brother Max and her other brother by
heart not blood Michael Guiern. Michael was holding
a latter and a couple of cans of paint. Max was
holding more paint along with brushes and pans.

“Honey, the painters are here.” Isabel yelled with a
smirk on her face.

“Funny, this crap is heavy. If you want your damn
house painted why don’t you let us in before I
break my arm.” Michael told her sarcastically. This
wasn’t how he was planed on spending his
Saturday afternoon. He’d rather be back at his
apartment waiting for Maria to call and watching TV.

“Moody are we Michael?” Isabel asked and
wondered why she even bothered to ask for his

Before Michael could retaliate that answer Jesse
walked in, “ Hey Guys, Are you sure you don’t
won’t me to help?”

“Well you could,” Michael started but was
interrupted by Isabel.

“No, honey they’re doing this as part of our
wedding gift, right guys?” She said looking towards
Max for some help. If they did it without Jesse they
would be done a lot quicker ala alien style.

“She’s right it’s our gift and we wouldn’t feel right if
you helped. The only reason Isabel’s here is so she
can do what she does best and boss us around.”
Max grinned at his sister as she gave him a nasty
look in return.

“Yeah, it’s our combined wedding and house
warming gift." Michael added.

“No, they’ll be separate,” Isabel told him firmly with
an added laugh.

“Of course,” Michael retorted sarcastically.

“Well it's generous that you took your Saturday to
do this.” Jesse told them in an admirable voice.

“Yeah, well, we're fast,” Max was beginning to get
a little uncomfortable Jesse was still an outsider to
him and he was uncomfortable around outsiders.

Isabel seemed to notice and began to escort Jesse
to the door. He grabbed his coat and golf
bags. “Come on Honey, you're going to be late. My
dad hates late.”

“You're right honey. Bye guys.” Jesse waved to
Max and Michael and leaned in to kiss his wife.

“Bye” Michael and Max said at the same time.

After Jesse left and Isabel shut the door Michael
said, “You know you could of done this by yourself.”

“Sure, like Jesse would let me paint all by myself.”
She retorted.

Max sighed, “So do you know what color you want?

Isabel smiled holding up two sample colors of
paper, “Either Tusan Ocher or New England Brick

Michael blew raspberries, “Here we go.”

“Well I think I’m going to need to compare this
better on the wall, so Max you take the Ocher on
the left wall and Michael you take the Brick Red on
the right and we’ll see which one looks the best.”

Both Max and Michael walked over to their
designated areas with the samples in hand. Each
one concentrated on the color and put a hand to
the previously painted, white surface. Using their
powers, they changed the dull white into the
vibrant colors on their sample paper.

“So which one?” Max asked as he backed away.

“Hmm, I don’t know.” Isabel looked at both of them
still unsure of which color to pick. Both looked nice
but she was leaning towards the red.

“I like the Ocher.” Max stated looking at his color

“Hmmm,” Isabel murmured she really needed to
study this some more.

“Okay, I’m beat it’s break time.” Michael was bored
just standing there. He had better things to do
then compare colors.

He flipped on the tube and found the channel he
was looking for, “ Alright, Nickelodeon is having a
Bewitched Marathon. My weekend is set!”

Isabel turned to Michael confused, “Who are you
and what have you done with the real Michael

Max sighed in exasperation, “It’s this whole Maria
thing. Ever since she left for New York. Michael’s
been very pathetic. It’s like he doesn’t have a life
other than Maria.”

Michael turned to them, “My life doesn’t revolve
around Maria. Besides she’ll be home soon.”

He then turned his attention to the tube, “Cool this
is the one where Samantha turns Darien into a
goose. It’s an awesome episode.”

Max and Isabel smiled at each other and mouthed
pathetic to one another.

“You need a hobby.” Max commented.

“Sure, like golf. I’m not going to waste my time
chasing a ball and riding in a stupid cart.” Michael
stated with a snort.

Just as Michael went back to watching TV they
heard the sounds of keys jingling on the other side
of the door.

Isabel ran immediately to the door and prevented
Jesse from entering. “ Just a minute honey there’s
a latter in front of the door.”

Isabel gave a look towards Michael and Max and
they immediate went to their walls and removed
the color back to it’s original one. Max looked over
to Michael’s side of the wall and saw that it didn’t
exactly match his. “No, that’s wrong it’s supposed
to be more of a Navajo White, that’s more of an
egg color.

Michael looked over to him like he was nuts, “And
I’m the one who needs a hobby.”

“Isabel is everything okay? I need in, you're making
me even later.” Jesse said as he still struggled with
the door handled and wondered what the hell was
going on.

“It’s fine, honey. Come on in. I’m sorry about the
door.” Isabel unlocked the door and let her husband

“Sorry, I forgot my balls. “ He said and went over
to dinning room table to grab his golf balls.

Max and Michael laughed at his comment.

Jesse looked at his wife and then over to his
brother-in-law and his friend, “Were you guys
talking about me?"

“Don’t be ridicules. The world doesn’t revolve
around you.” Isabel tried to assure her husband.

“It revolves around Michael.” Max joked.

Michael raises his hand and said, “Yeah, that’s a

He then goes back to watching Bewitched. Isabel
walks over too him and turns off the TV. “Hey, I
was watching this.”

“Yeah, well the sooner you get finished painting my
apartment the sooner you can go back to yours
and watch it.” Isabel told him.

“This sucks,” Michael replied.

“I think I want the Brick Red.” Isabel ripped the
sample paper in half and gave one half to Michael
and the other to Max.

“Okay, hop to it.” She ordered. It just took them a
few minutes to get the entire room done. Then
they moved on to the rest of the apartment. They
were done with in two hours.

“Well, that’s it. I’m gone. Maria is supposed to call
later on, so I’m going back to my place and finish
watching Bewitched.” Michael told them as he
quickly left.

“Well, I hope you like it.” Max kissed his sister on
the cheek.

“Thanks, Max. I do. Now go on. I know you’re dying
to see Liz.” Isabel was scooting him towards the
door she had things to do and it was hard to
decorate with her brother around, she couldn’t

“Well, I can see Liz anytime now. Her Dad finally
gave in to my charms.” He said with a smirk.

“Yeah, yeah. Now go so I can decorate. Good-bye"
she said. Isabel pushed him out the door and
closed it. She then decided to turn on the TV and
watch it for a while, decorating could wait. The
tube showed another episode of Bewitched and
Isabel couldn’t help, but wonder what her life would
be like if she was Samantha. It made her think
more on asking Max to tell Jesse about them. It
wasn’t like he wasn’t involved because he was and
Khivar knows about him. Maybe she could protect
him more if he knew the truth. Isabel stared at the
show as she was thinking about her screwed up
life, “You had it so easy. If only I could tell my
husband the truth.”


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Hey, thanks everybody for the feedback. This part is mostly Isabel and Jesse. The first three parts are very similar to the episode minus some scenes. Max and Liz are in part 3 more and so is Michael. I'm bringing Maria back hopefully around part 4 no latter than five depending on how long it takes me to get to one of the plot lines. There's something that's going to happen that makes her rush back, but don't worry no one's getting hurt. And no one's pregnant so that's not it either.

Part 2

The thoughts of telling her husband plagued Isabel
all night. He was her husband and he was
involved in this no matter what Max thought. She
was lost in her thoughts on Jesse that she forgot
about the toast that was now burning in the

“Good morning. What's that smell?” Jesse asked, his
nose scrunched up with disgust. He walked over to
the kitchen table and sat down to finished tying his

“Oh, my God the toast.” Isabel rushed to the
toaster. She couldn't believe what a bad cook she
was she, burnt the toast! She added the burnt
toast to the burnt bacon.

“Sorry honey. Good morning. I am so sorry about
breakfast.” She placed the plate in front of him.

“Well, the orange juice is perfect.” Jesse said he
knew Isabel was trying, and he didn't expect that
much from her since he knew her Mom did most of
the cooking, but at least she tried which was all he
could ask for.

Jesse looked at his watch. “Oh, man it’s 8:45. I
have to be in court at 9:00." He quickly gets up
and kisses her passionately. He reluctantly broke
the kiss and pecks her forehead. Then he rushed
to grab his brief case.

“I got to go. Have a good day.” He said in a rush
as he ran for the door.

“You too.” Isabel yelled after him as she watched
him run out the door.

Isabel starts cleaning up the dishes when all of the
sudden she hears a knock on the back door. As she
gets to the door she sees Kyle standing on the
other side in his garage uniform. He waves at her
with a big grin on his face.

“Kyle, what are you doing here so early?” Isabel
asked curiously.

“Hey, I need your help.” He walked over to the
table and sat the carburetor down that he was

“Kyle, I’m not always going to be around to solve
your problems. You have to figure these things out
for yourself.” Isabel knew Kyle was going to ask her
to fix it.

“I know, it’s just I can’t figure out what’s wrong.
I’ve checked everything and I can’t get it to work.
Toby’s been on my ass all week about it. It just
has to work I don’t even care if it works well as
long as it should." Kyle pleaded. Normally he didn’t
like the alien powers, but he trusted Isabel.
They’ve had fun with her powers and she’s also
helped him before with things.

“Okay, here.” You could see the red glow of her
powers as she fixed the carburetor.

Before Kyle could say thank you the front door bell
rang. Isabel went to answer it. “ Yes.”

There was a guy she never saw before on the
other end. “Hey are you Isabel?”

“Yes, why?” Isabel questioned cautiously.

The stranger stuck out his hand in a friendly
gesture, “I’m Eric Hughes. Jesse’s friend.”

Isabel then realized who he was, “Oh, yes. Come
on in. Jesse mentioned you. He was disappointed
that you couldn’t come to the wedding.”

“So what brings you here.” Isabel asked out
of suspicion.

“I had a gig in Texas and since New Mexico was
next door. I thought I would stop by." He looked
over and saw Kyle sitting in the kitchen and

Kyle waved back at him.

“A gig. Are you a musician?” She asked trying to
remember if Jesse mentioned any friends of his
being a musician.

“No I’m a reporter.” Eric stated correcting her

“A reporter? Wow.” Isabel was becoming nervous.
She didn’t like the idea of a reporter in her house.
Friend or no friend.

At the mention of the word reporter Kyle got up
and started to leave, “Well I got to get back to
work. See you later Isabel.”

“Bye, Kyle” Isabel said as the word "coward" came
into mind.

“You know I couldn’t believe that Jesse got married
all of the sudden. You must be something out of
the ordinary.”

‘Who me?" Isabel asked modestly. “No, I’m just
your regular small town girl.”

Isabel quickly changed the subject, “ You know
Jesse is going to be so glad to see you. He always
talks about you and the guys from the fraternity.
You should stay here. I know Jesse would love it.”

Eric grinned at the knowledge that Jesse had been
talking about him, “All good I hope. And I thank
you for the offer.”

“No problem and the way Jesse talks it sounds like
all you guys did was study.” Isabel knew that
wasn’t true because, hey, it was a fraternity and
what fraternity guy spends all his time studying?

Eric laughed at the comment. He guessed Jesse
didn’t want his wife to know about the wild times
they had.

Later on that day, Jesse had come home and was
surprised to see his old college buddy talking to his

“Eric, what are you doing here?” Jesse asked
surprised and greeted his friend with a hug.

“I was in the neighborhood. I’m sorry I missed the
wedding man. I was in Atlanta and then Chicago. I
just couldn’t make it down here in time.” Eric
explained. He really did feel bad about missing the

“It’s okay. You’re here now. We got some catching
up to do.” Jesse brought two beers in from the
kitchen and threw one to Eric. “In coming.”

Eric grabs the air borne beer bottle just as Isabel
walks in with sheets and blankets, “You can take
the boy out of college but not the college out of
the boy.”

“Sorry,” Jesse apologizes.

Eric was looking through the CD’s and found a C&C
Music Factory CD that they used to play a lot at
parties. “ I can’t believe you have this.”

Eric put in the CD and you could hear “ Everybody
Dance now” start to play.

“That’s my cue to leave.” Isabel wasn’t into the
early 90’s music.

“No it’s early. You don’t have to go yet.” Jesse
pleaded. He was hoping she would hang with them.

“Early 90’s no thank you. Goodnight.” Isabel gave
him a quick kiss before heading off to bed.

“Goodnight.” Jesse told his wife.

After an hour or so there were empty beer bottles,
a ravished pizza container, and trash all over the
living room.

“This is just like the good old days. Where's the
bong?” Eric asked.

Jesse couldn't believe he just asked that, “Shh, I
don’t want Isabel to know that I used to get high.”

“Keeping secrets from the wife?” Eric didn’t see
what the problem was.

“We are just getting to know each other.” Jesse

Eric laughed, “Dude your supposed to do that
before the wedding. So, exactly how many secrets
are you keeping from her?”

“Not as many as she has.” Jesse whispered.
There was a lot more that he would like to know
about Isabel like what big secret she was keeping
from him.

“What? Tell me.” Eric thought this was interesting.

“I don’t know. It’s like she has this big secret that
she’s keeping from me. Weird stuff keeps happening
and then her brother Max. The guy breaks my nose
the night before my wedding.”

“Wait a minute your brother-in-law broke your
nose. Why?” Eric thought this was interesting
obviously her family wasn’t too happy about the

“It’s a long story I’ll explain latter, but any way the
guy breaks my nose the night before the wedding
and then he comes in a few minutes before I’m
supposed to get married with a steak and he heals
my nose in like 30 minutes with the steak. It’s just
really weird.” Jesse still couldn’t figure out how he
did it.

Eric thought so too and said in a semi-serious
manner. “Well, maybe your wife’s an alien. You
could be married to one of the Roswell aliens.
Maybe I could write a story on that.”

Jesse looked at him like he lost his mind and they
both laughed at each other. And then Jesse
responded “Yeah, fictional maybe.”

About an hour later, Jesse entered the bedroom
and started to undress. He tried to make as little
noise as possible.

“It’s a little late isn’t it?” Isabel asked from under
the covers. She wasn’t really a sleep she still had a
lot of things on her mind.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” Jesse
apologized to his beautiful wife.

“It’s okay. Did you have fun?” Isabel asked

Jesse laughs as he climbs into bed, “Oh yeah.”

“What’s so funny?” Isabel said with a grin on his

Jesse snickers, “It's just Eric went off about writing
a story.” Jesse gave out another laugh. “A story
about you being a Roswell alien. That guy cracks
me up.”

Isabel’s smile faded. She had to talk to Max about
telling Jesse before this reporter friend of his stirs
up a whole lot of trouble.


I should have part 3 up tomorrow.

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Here's part 3 thanks for the feedback it's really apreciated.

Part 3

The next morning Isabel woke up and entered her
living room to see a big mess.

“Yuck,” She said as she grabbed a garbage bag
from the kitchen and started cleaning up the trash.

Jesse walked into the house with the morning paper
in hand. “I know it’s a mess. We’ll clean it up when
we get back.”

“Eric come on, we are going to be late.” Jesse
yelled to his friend, who was in the bathroom
getting ready.

Eric comes out of the bathroom, “Yeah, yeah,
yeah, I have an idea.”

“There’s a first time for everything.” Jesse teased.
Eric doesn’t look too amused by his attempt of

“I’m serious. I was thinking that I could write a
story on you and Isabel. A story about a
couple who marry quick and half to do the get to
know you stuff later.

“It sounds boring.” Jesse said not to impressed by
the idea.

“Well I’m going to pitch it to my editor. Hot lawyer
meets small time girl in a whirlwind romance. My
editor loves that kind of crap.” Eric was sure of

“Are you saying the story of my wedding is crap?”
Jesse asked a little offended.

“Yeah, it’s good solid horrible crap. Come on you
guys I need a story.” Eric pleaded.

They hear a knock on the door and as Isabel goes
to answers she tells him, “I just don’t feel like being
in a magazine right now.”

Isabel answers the door to find Max on the other
side. “Hey” Max walks in and Isabel says hey back
to him. He looks over to Jesse who also says hey
and introduces Max to Eric, “Max this is my friend
from college, Eric Hughes. Eric this is my brother-in-
law, Max."

“Hey, nice to meet you. ” Max goes over to shake
Eric’s hand.

“Likewise.” Eric says remembering the story that
Jesse said about his brother-in-law.

“So you’re the brother-in-law with the special
healing powers.” Eric exaggerated.

Max looked at him a little confused and then to
Isabel had a panicked look on her face.

“Well we got to go. I’ll see you later.” Jesse leaned
over and kissed his wife.

“Bye. Have fun.” Isabel watched as Eric and Jesse
left the house. Then she turned around and faced

“Yeah, Jesse told him about the nose incident and
since then they’ve been yakking it up about how I
come from a family of aliens."

Max smiles trying not to laugh. “You think this is
funny? ”

“I just think your making to big of a deal of it. They
were just joking around.” Max told his sister trying
to calm her down.

“So what are you doing here?” Isabel asked

“Inviting my sister for a nice hot breakfast at the
Crashdown, my treat."

At the Country Club golf course, Eric and Jesse are
playing golf with Mr. Evans. Eric asks Jesse about
his relationship with Isabel and taking notes for his

“So when did you meet Isabel?” Eric asked.

“July 5th” Jesse told him as he practiced his swing.

“Really isn’t that your birthday.” He thought that
was a little unusual. It’s the kind of stuff romance
readers like.

“Great Birthday present, huh.” Jesse said
remembering the day he first met Isabel and how
beautiful he thought she looked.

“Man, they are going to eat this thing up.” Eric
takes out a flask of alcohol and unscrews the top.
Jesse notices the flask and grabs it from him.

“Hey, did you bring enough for everyone?” He takes
a swallow of the scotch and makes a face at the
bitterness. He handed it back to Eric who took a
large gulp.

“Yeah, where were my manners? So was she
jailbait when you met her?” Eric asked crudely and
Mr. Evans turned around, but didn’t say anything.

Jesse looked at his friend with a surprised
expression on his face. What was he doing? Trying
to get him into trouble. “She was eighteen. Moron!”

Eric apologizes to Jesse and hands him the flask
back and just as Jesse takes another swig of the
alcohol a golf ball come flying at him and hits the
golf cart by him before it slowly rolls into the hole.

“Yeah,” Michael gives a victory yell as he walks up
towards them. Max told him earlier that he needed
a hobby and since Max made him blow up his tube
he decided to take up golfing.

As he sees the way that the ball nearly hit Jesse
he realized that he forgot to warn them. “Oh,
sorry, um four, four everybody!”

He walked up to Mr. Evans, Jesse and some
strange guy he had not seen before, “ Hey, and Mr.
Evans, Jesse.

Surprised by the near hit Jesse figured he should
introduce his friend to the new player, “ Hey,
Michael this is my friend from Cornell Eric.”

Michael looks over to Eric suspiciously and then
reaches out to shakes his hand, “ Hey.”

Mr. Evan’s was surprised to see Michael on the
course, “I didn’t know you played golf.”

“I just started. I’ve been looking to get out of the
house. Did you see that shot of the golf cart and
into the whole? You don’t see that everyday.”
Michael asked proud of himself. He was beginning
to like the game.

Mr. Evans wondered how Michael got on to the
course because it’s for members only, “Michael, I’m
going to take a shot in the dark and guess that you
don’t belong to Glen Hills Country Club.

Michael looked at him guilitly, “Not exactly.”

That’s what Mr. Evans thought; “Well you better
stick with us then.”

Meanwhile Max and Isabel walk into the
Crashdown, “Max you know I don’t have to be
your chaperon. Mr. Parker gave you the green light
for you guys to be together.”

Max sighed, “I just don’t want him to think I’m
some loser who has nothing to do all day but to
wait for her to get off of work.”
Isabel patted him on the shoulder and with a smile
stated, “but you are.”

Liz walks up to them and gives Max a quick
kiss, “Hey you two. Are you going to eat here or is
this take out.”

“We’re going to eat here can you get us a both?”
He asked holding her hand in his.

“Sure. Come on.” Liz grabbed two menus and
directed them to an empty both in her section.

She heard the cook holler orders up, “I’ll be back
to get your orders.”

Liz went to help the table whose order was ready
and then she came back to take their orders. She
didn’t have time to talk since Breakfast was such a
busy time. In a few minutes she brought their
orders to them.

When Liz left Isabel looked at Max she was going to
ask him about telling Jesse now while he was in a
good mood, “I’ve been doing some thinking about
Bewitched the show that Michael’s been watching
it gave me an idea about the current issue we have.

“What issue?” Max asked after taking a sip of his
juice that Liz brought him.

“Well, I think maybe it’s time we let my Darren in on
the big secret because clearly it would be in
everyone’s best interest.” Isabel explained.

“Mmm-hmm” Max knew what his sister was getting
at and he was still against it but he was willing to

Isabel could tell her brother wasn’t too impressed
so she decided to further explain, “Look right now
Jesse is a wild card. For example, if he knew then
he would know what to say and what not to say to
his reporter friend who happens to be looking for a
major story.”

“I’ll think about it.” He still didn’t trust Jesse
enough with the secret plus he would have to talk
to Michael. He knew his sister wanted to tell her
husband but deep down Max thought he was better
off not knowing. He thought about all the pain that
knowing them had caused the humans.

Liz walks up to them ready to take their order and
noticed that they both looked like they had a lot on
their mind. “Is everything okay?”

Max looked up at her with a smile, “Yeah we were
just discussing what life would be like as a sitcom.”

“Oh you mean like Will and Grace?” Liz asked

“More like My Life as a Martian.” Max commented
as he gazed into her doe brown eyes he couldn’t
get enough of her.

“I was thinking more like Bewitched.” Isabel
commented to deaf ears. She knew they weren’t
paying attention to her because they were in Max
and Liz land.

Mr. Parker looked over from the other side of the
Restaurant. He was fixing a new display and caught
site of his daughter and Max staring at each other.
He didn’t care if they saw each other but he didn’t
want her to fall behind on the orders, “Liz, we
have other customers.”

At the sound of her dad’s voice Liz’s face became
red from embarrassment, “I have to get back.”

Back at the golf course Eric decided to interview
Michael and get to know more about his friends
wife, “So how long have you known Max and

Michael was swinging his club it was his turn
next, “Since forever. We gravitated towards each
other in elementary school. They had nice parents
and I was still in the foster system.”

He swings and picks up his head before he hits the
ball, “Ahh, slice.”

Mr Evans explained to him what happened, “You
picked up your head too soon.”

Jesse looked and saw where the ball went, “Yeah
it’s in the trees. Do you want a Mulligan (a retry
without penalty)?

Michael looked at him not knowing what a Mulligan
was, “No, I don’t do drugs. Look you guys go
ahead. I got to find my ball.”

They take the golf cart to the next hole. Jesse and
Eric are still in the car while Mr. Evans goes his turn.

“So that kid’s an emancipated minor?” Eric asked
making sure he got the right information.

“Yeah, our firm handled the case.” Jesse explained.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I…” Eric made the smoking

“What get high on the fairway? This is my father-in-
laws private club. Go do it behind the bushes like
everyone else."

Eric went to a near by wooded area and started to
fix his marijuana joint behind a tree. When he came
from behind the tree he spotted Michael. He
guessed Michael found his ball. He watched as
Michael turned around but he didn’t see him. Eric
saw one of the most amazing things in his life. He
saw Michael use his hand some way too bend the
trees out of the way in order for him to hit his ball
with a clear path. Eric looked at his joint and
wondered ‘what the hell was put in it.’ Then he
thought to himself, ‘Maybe there was something to
this idea of Isabel being an alien.’

Later at Jesse’s he told his friend the whole story
of what he saw and how he was going to make a
story out of it.

Jesse laughed at him like it was the funniest thing
he ever heard, “There is no one and I mean no one
who is going to buy that story.”

“Alright maybe not the Times but the post will.”
Eric told him. This could be the proof of aliens
existing that everyone was looking for.

“Come on Eric. Give me a break.” Jesse couldn’t
believe that Eric was pushing this.

Eric felt he had to convince Jesse that there was
something going on, “I no it sounds crazy but I
know what I saw, okay.”

Jesse just laughed at him. Isabel walked into the
room at the sound of her husbands hysterical

Jesse looked over at her and he couldn’t hold in the
laughter, “Oh your going to love this. Go ahead
and tell her.”

Eric looked at Isabel and told her the story of what
he saw, “You know your friend Michael, and well
he did something. He waved his hands and did

“Yeah he has SUPER POWERS,” Jesse clutched his
side from laughing so hard.

“Alright all jokes aside. I’m telling you there is
something strange about that kid. I don’t know if
he’s psychic or alien. One thing is for sure and that
is Michael is not of this world.” When Eric
mentioned alien he watched Jesse as he laughed
and picked up two beer bottles and put them on
top of his head making antennas. Eric shook his
head. There was no getting through to him. This
was something he would have to prove on his own.


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Here's part 4. Thanks so much for the feedback and guess what? Maria returns.

Part 4

“How about this, I interview Michael and get the
truth from him?” Eric said looking to Isabel for
some help.

“That actually may be a good idea. Why don’t I call
him? Then we can get this whole powers thing
straightened out. Believe me, I think your
imagination may have been playing tricks on you.
I’ve known Michael forever and he’s not psychic or
alien. He’s just stubborn and hot headed.”

Isabel couldn’t believe how stupid Michael was she
was going to have to talk to him about this
situation and they needed to get a fix on it
immediately. She went to the bedroom to call
Michael. As soon as he picked up the phone she
started her rant, “You idiot!”

Michael thought at first that it was Maria calling
him, but was confused when Isabel’s voice
chastised him, “What did I do?”

“Eric saw you use your powers at the golf course,
Michael. How could you be so stupid?” Isabel
she was more than a little furious with him at the

“How was I supposed to know he would be
watching?” He knew he made a mistake but it
like miss perfect never used her powers in public.

“Here’s a thought, maybe you shouldn’t be using
your powers to improve you golf game.” Isabel
could feel a headache coming on.

“I didn’t think anyone was around, okay.” He was
in the woods, how was he supposed to know that
someone else was too. He had checked behind him
didn’t see anyone.

“That’s the problem, Michael, you didn’t think.”
They were going to have to come up with

“Eric wants to interview you for his article. You’re
going to need to come up with something.”

“Don’t worry I’ll think of something.” Michael
assured her.

“Why doesn’t that fill me with confidence?”
Isabel wasn’t so convinced. Michael had a knack of
making a problem worse.

“Would you chill? I’m on it, okay.” Michael couldn’t
believe how uptight Isabel was. They’ve been in
tougher situations before.

“So what are going to tell Eric?” Isabel asked

“Don’t worry I’ll think of something.” Michael
already had something in mind. He remembered
when he was on the course earlier that day that
Jesse and Eric were drinking something in a flask.

Isabel sighed, “I don’t know what worries me most,
when you don’t think or when you do."

“Really funny, Isabel.” Michael was not amused by
her dry humor.

“Look why don’t we meet at the Crashdown in an
hour. I’ll bring Eric and then you can fix your mess.
Okay?” Isabel told him. She just wanted this over

An hour later Michael, Eric, Jesse and Isabel were
at the Crashdown sitting in a both. Eric had his
laptop with him. Eric had just explained to Michael
what he saw. Michael looked at like he made it
up, “I know what I saw, Michael.”

“Yeah you saw me wave a magic wand and bend a
tree.” Michael said making light of the situation.
Isabel just laughed at his statement.

“No wand, it was your hand.” Eric corrected.

Michael looked at Eric seriously, “Let me ask you
something. What was really in that flask?”

“Scotch,” Eric knew where he was going but even
with the alcohol he knew he wasn’t imagining it.

“So what were you doing in the bushes?” Michael
continued his questioning. He wanted Eric to doubt

“I was looking for a place to, you know, relieve
myself.” he lied.

“You mean you weren’t...” Michael trailed off and
made a smoking

“Yeah, but it was just a little one.” Eric wasn’t
going to let Michael make him doubt himself.

“Yeah, right.” Jesse laughed knowing his friend.

“Okay it was a big fat one. Like we used to roll
back in the old days, alright?” Eric didn’t care how
big it was. He knew what he saw. He never
hallucinated even back then when he got high a

Jesse kicked his friend under the table. He couldn’t
believe he said that. Now Isabel knew he used to
get high.

“Owww, “ Eric yelped in pain.

Isabel looked over to Jesse. Maybe he could talk
his friend out this investigation. “ Jesse can I see
you outside?”

Michael gets up and touches Eric’s computer. He
acts like he wants to take a look at but instead he
uses his powers to mess it up, “G4?”

“What? No, this thing is a dinosaur." He looks up at
the screen just in time to see it crash.

"Oh, no, come on don’t do this to me.” He said, as
he frantically tried to fix it.

“Bummer, technology sucks.” Michael said with

Jesse and Isabel are outside the Crashdown and
Jesse immediately tries to explain about the
statement that Eric made, “Hey, look I stopped
smoking a long time ago.”

Isabel sighed, “ I don’t care about that. I want
you to get Eric to drop the story. All of it, no more
questions, no more research, no more digging into
my past."

Jesse could see how upset his wife was but didn’t
understand exactly why, “Whoa, what’s going on.
It’s just some stupid thing he made up to get a

Isabel became more upset, “No, it…it’s more than
that alright. First he’s asking me questions, then
my friends, next it will be my parents. I want it to
stop now.”

Isabel was on the verge of tears. Jesse knew she
was upset over it but he wanted to know why. He
wanted to know what she was keeping from
him. “Why?”

Isabel was now crying, “Because the past was
something that I want to leave behind. I have
a lot of issues that I’ve dealt with but I don’t want
them brought up again. Max and I were dumped in
the desert when we were little. I don’t want to
know what kind of parents does that to their
children. I’m happy with my life now. I don’t want
to be questioned about who I am any more.”

Jesse wasn’t completely satisfied with the answer
but he wasn’t going to upset her any more
tonight, “Okay, I’ll talk to him.”

“Thank you.” She said as he pulled her into a hug.

The next day Jesse and Eric were in Jesse’s office.
Jesse was getting files for his next case and Eric
was still trying to fix his computer.

Jesse turned to his friend and remembering his
promise to Isabel, “Can you do me a favor and
drop the story on Isabel and me?

“Yeah sure, no problem.” Eric was messing with
his computer and Jesse didn’t think he was paying

Jesse told his friend straightforward, “I’m serious.”

“I am too. I’ll drop the story. Let me ask you
something, am I insane or did Michael touch my
computer before it crashed.” He said pointing to his

Jesse looked at him seriously, “Yeah you’re right.
You are insane.”

They both grinned at each other. “Do you care if
I use your computer? I have to check my e-mail.”

Jesse started to put on his suit jacket, “Go
ahead. I have court until 4:00. Just try and not
break it okay. Look are you up for a late dinner?”

Eric looked at the Jesse’s caseload, “Do I have
any other choice?”

After Jesse left Eric went up to the file cabinet. He
watched Jesse unlock it earlier and he knew how to
unlock it because he observed Jesse do it earlier.
He looks through the files until he gets to the G’s
and finds Michael Guiern’s folder and started
reading it.

While he was reading the folder her received a
phone call from one of his sources called him and
told him that they found the lady who handled
Michael’s case.

They were sitting on a park bench outside the
adoption agency. “You know all adoptions and
foster records are supposed to be confidential."

Eric looked at her and could tell of the uncertainty
in her face. “Don’t worry. I won’t use your name or
quote you directly. I’m just trying to find out more
information about Michael Guiern for an article. Had
anything out of the ordinary happen in any of his
foster situations?”

Sarah was trying to recall after dealing with many
kids sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the
information, “No, well there was this one incident
in 1989. It was after he was placed in his first
home. He’d been there for less than two days
when an event happened.”

Eric stopped writing and looked up curiously, “What

Sarah looked at him straight in the eye, “They said
that Michael levitated the kitchen table off the
floor, about 3 feet off the floor."

“Wow, that’s a little odd for a six year old.” Eric

“A little odd?” Sarah question. It was very odd to

Eric knew he would need more proof. “Are there
any count records?”

Sarah let out a laugh, “Do you think we’d put
something like that in a government file? Quite
frankly Michael’s foster father wasn’t exactly
reliable. He tended to, umm, drink a lot.”

Eric was so glad he talked to her. This was just
confirming his suspicion Michael Guiern was
different. “Anything else?”

The social worker shook her head no, “Just the
way he came to us. He was found wandering in the

Eric couldn’t believe it. So that was his connection
to Max and Isabel. “Wait a minute. I thought that
Max and Isabel were found wondering in the

“Could you tell me any information on them?” Eric

“Well, those two were found by the Evans’. They
didn’t talk neither did Michael when he was brought
to us. They didn’t seem to know how to do the
basic motor skills but they learned quickly. I
remember Mrs. Evans mentioned one incident to me
about this Max and a bird."

“Max and a bird?” Eric questioned.

“Yeah, Max was, well, about seven or eight and
baby bird was hurt and dying on the ground. He
and Isabel were hovering over it and Diane told
them to get away from it. At the time she said that
the bird suddenly took flight and Max and Isabel
watched it with pride as it flew away.”

“She thought Max might of healed the bird?” So,
Jesse’s brother-in-law was a healer in some way.

“Well, she always said that Max and Isabel were
special.” Sarah smiled at how much Diane loved
her children Max and Isabel was lucky to get two
loving parents.

Eric knew he had enough information for his story.
He had proof to back it up too. As he was about
to leave Sarah told him, “You know those two
were found about week before Michael.”

Eric couldn’t help but grin. He had come a cross
the story of the century, “Now that’s a story.”

Isabel walked into her and Jesse’s apartment to the
sound of sizzling, “Hey, what’s cooking?”

“Quesidillas, you hungry.”

Isabel noticed how clean the apartment looked and
how Eric’s stuff was no longer there, “ Where’s

“He, left sometime this afternoon. I got home and
found a note on the door saying something about a
lead on a big story and how he was sorry he had to
leave so soon.” Jesse explained as he brought the
food to the dinning room table.

Isabel was getting glasses from the cabinets, “And
you don’t think that’s odd.”

"Yeah, but so is he.” Jesse laughed.

“Well at least you had a fun time.” Isabel was glad
that he was gone. That meant no more questions.

“Yeah, we did. But now we can have fun extending
our honeymoon.” He had a big grin on his face as
he swooped up his wife in his arms and headed
towards the bedroom.

“But what about the food.” Isabel asked with
mock concern.

“Microwave.” He responded with a passionate kiss.

Two days latter Maria Deluca was walking done
Manhattan Ave too the studio. The record
company set her up in a hotel with in walking
distance, as she was walking something that
caught her eye. It was one of the national tabloids.
It caught her eye because the headline was, ‘The
Real Aliens of Roswell’. Out of curiosity she decided
to buy it and read it. From the first glance at the
page long article she started to panic, “Oh my
god. Oh, my god.”

She couldn’t stop herself from hyperventilating.
This article was about her boyfriend, Michael Guiern
and his best friends Max Evans and Isabel
Ramierez. She knew it! She knew something was
wrong. She could tell by the sound in Michael voice
when he talked to her last plus she just had this
feeling, but does he say anything, no. She quickly
grabbed her cell phone from her bag. She had to
get home admittedly. “Hello, I was wondering
when is the next fight to Roswell, New Mexico.”