posted on 18-Jan-2003 9:26:33 AM
I knew I was different right from the off... I never told Maria, my best friend or Alex or Kyle my boyfriend. it all changed when I might the aliens; I kept thinking whether I should tell them or not... I chose not because I couldnt handle being like them... they been here their whole lives not knowing if there were others out there like them and I could be one of them...
I heard Michael talking about the fourth and I thought I could easily be him or her, but then Max said this fourth had killed people alot of people and thats when I knew it wasnt me...
I always wondered if I was a Czechoslovakian like them after Max told me in the band room and stole me away from Normal forever. I couldnt handle the fact that I could be like them... that would have meant that my parents adopted me and they would have lied to me for my entire life...
I wasnt human because Maria,Kyle or Alex couldnt do the things that I could do and if I wasnt alien becasue I wasnt the fourth then what was I.
Eleven monthes after my eighteenth I got a letter off my Parents... they had been trying to track us down for since my birthday five months ago;
"Dear Liz missing you loads!, the reason I wrote this letter to you despite the fact that it might put you in danger is that your mother was taken in by the FBI and she was found dead the next day... now we always promised to tell you when you were old enough to understand but I never got the chance... we were given you... a woman gave you to us to look after and she said if she lived she would come back for you when you were twenty and if she didnt she wanted us to look after you... Her name was Ayae, I know it was strange but she came from a different place and she risked everything to save you..."
I read the letter and felt terrible that my dad had landed double the bad news on me... Max comforted me through my moms death. I couldnt even go to the funeral becasue it wasnt safe. that broke my heart... I finally told Max and the others about my differentness and about my Mom Ayae, Isabel recognised the name and my heart sunk even further... which meant I had to be related to them in some way and it sickened me...

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posted on 21-Jan-2003 10:00:13 AM
well it wasnt like I was eugh-throw-up kind of sickened just freaked out that my life had been a lie. I wasnt liz parker super duper science queen seeing alien-in-the closet boyfriend Max...I was just anon. now with now clue to who I really was except the name Ayae, the person who could be my mom!
We were on our way back to roswell and back to the danger that could most definitely kill us iwht even thinking if it would ruin the people-we-care-abouts lives!
we arrived just before my twentieth, yeah I know the letter was for my eighteenth but I didnt get for a while! hey we were on the run cut us some slack! funnily enough we arrived on my birthday and it was the best present I got seeing my parents again, but I knew she was there; Ayae was sat in the corner with a hodd over her face I knew it was her. I just knew it becasue the second I walked in the crashdown she was alive to my movements.