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Disclamer: I don't own anything here. I am just borrowing the Characters.

This takes place after departure.

This is my first Fic. I was inspired to start it after watching Roswell again on scifi. I missed it found this board thought it might be fun to continuse the story like I would want it. Tell me what you think.

A cave somewhere in the New Mexico desert. A young woman lies with her face in the ground. A green force field surrounds her.

“Save him. I need to save him. They will kill him.” She moans.
She musters enough energy to run toward the force field. She is thrown back on the floor unconscious. Her curly blonde hair covering her face.

The Evans house. Max and Isabel are asleep. Suddenly they both jump out of bed.

Max!!!!!!! Isabel yells.
I know there is something in the Desert.
Oh my God Max what could it be? Isabel said

Isabel’s phone begins to ring.

“It must be Michael. He probably had the same dream. Answer it before mom and dad hear it. They will freak.” Max said.

“Michael we kn….” Isabel answered the phone.

“Isabel it’s not Michael. It’s Kyle.” The voice on the other end said.

“Kyle?” Isabel said puzzled.

Yeah I know it is late but. I don’t know how I know this but there is something or someone in the desert and we have to get there. Fast.” Kyle said.

“Max and I had a dream. We feel the same thing”

There was a knock at the window.

“Michael must have had the same dream because he is at our window.” Call Liz and Maria and we will meet you at your house in 15 minutes. Kyle it is going to be ok. She knew he needed to hear that. They had become very close since Alex’s death and Tess’s “departure.” They both had lost someone and they used each other for support.

“I hope so.” Kyle mumbled and hung up the phone.

Michael was in the room now. Maxwell!!! He yelled.

“Shhh. Keep your voice down my parents are asleep.” Isabel whispered.

“There is something in the desert. I had….”
“I know.” Isabel cut him off. Max and I had the same dream and Kyle.”

Kyle? Michael said surprised and stunned.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I told him to call Maria and Liz and meet at his house in 15 minutes.”

“Maria’s in the car.” Michael said.

“You picked her up before you came?” Isabel asked confused.
“ She was there when I had the dream.” Michael mumbled.
“I thought that the two of you were taking a break.” Isabel smiled.

Max walks in the room.

“Hey Michael. Lets go.”

“I told Kyle we would meet at his house.”

“Ok. Was he going to call Maria and Liz.”

“Yeah but Maria’s downstairs in the car.”

“She had a dream too?” Max asked surprise.

“No she was there when Michael had his.” Isabel said teasingly

Really Max said. But I thought that the 2 of you were…”

Yeah, yeah. Broken up. Michael said. It’s a long story which I don’t have time for now. So could we stop talking about my love life and get to Kyle’s.”

“Yeah lets go.” Max said.

Kyle’s house. Liz has just arrived.

Kyle what is going on? Liz asked.

I don’t know Liz? I just had this dream that we need to go to the desert.
Nothing like this has happened to me before. Do you think that I am turning into one of them? Getting powers. Like you?”

“I don’t know Kyle. I don’t know anything anymore.”

Kyle hears something and goes to the window. He sees Maria Michael Isabel and Max.

“Their here.”
“Good Maria. I tried to get a hold of you. Where were you?”

“I was with Michael.” Maria said with a little smile. Liz smiled back.

“But I thought you guys were br..”

Yeah, yeah Broken up. Said Michael. Why is everyone so concerned with our love life. We have a situation here.”

“Michael is right.” Max said walking over to Liz and putting his arms around her.

Isabel Michael and I had a dream that there is something in the desert.”

Don’t forget about me. Kyle said.

And for some reason Kyle. Max said.

Why Kyle? Maria asked.

“I don’t know.” Kyle said it was really weird. It felt like someone was calling me from out there. Whoever it was needs help.”

Who or what do you think it is? Asked Maria.

“I think it could be my son.” Max said.

They all looked at Liz. Her face had glazed over and she moved from Max’s embrace. A million things were running through her head.
She thought this was over. She really was starting to believe it. Her and Max were back together. Yeah they had spent the whole summer trying to search for his son, but in the last few months it had just been about them. She really though that they were going to have a normal life together and now it was starting all over again. She had to try and hide her pain. She knew that Max would always search for his son. If only he had never slept with that witch but life is full of what if’s.

“I guess we go to the desert and see what it is.” Liz said trying to hide her feelings.

Liz and Kyle you go with Max. I’ll go with Maria and Michael. Isabel Said.

Maria’s Car.

I can’t believe this is happening. Just when everything seemed like it was getting back to normal. Well Normal in Roswell anyway. This happens. Maria said.

Do you really think that it could be Max’s son. How could it be? Isabel said.
I’m just worried about Liz. I don’t know how much more of this she can take.

If it is him. I don’t know why we would feel him. And Kyle. What does Kyle have to do with the baby? Unless she came back with him.” Isabel said.

“Well looks like we are about to find out.” Michael said.

The Cars pull up to a cave. They can see a green glow coming from it. Kyle starts running towards it.

“Kyle wait.” Max yelled as he tackled him on the ground.

We don’t know what’s in there. Maybe you Maria and Liz should stay here. While we go check it out.

Oh not this alien human crap again. Something in there is calling me and not you or any of the rest of you are going to stop me from going in there.” Kyle said.

Kyle’s right. Haven’t we been through this enough times that you realize we are apart of this. Liz said.

I was only trying to protect you. I couldn’t bare it if anything were to happen to you Liz. Max said as he held her hand.

Well I’ve survived Tess I think I could handle a little baby. Liz laughed.

And I am not about to let Michael go anywhere with out me. Maria said. Your stuck with me spaceboy. She reached up and kissed him on the lips.

Well there’s no time like the present. Lets go. Max said as he led the group toward the cave.

They walk toward the entrance to the cave. As they approach the light gets brighter. They can’t see into the cave.

“It’s a force field. I am going to try and disable it.” Max waved his hand toward the forcefield and it disappeared. Suddenly it was very dark.

“Give me the flashlight Isabel.” Michael said.

Isabel lites some lanterns and they walk in the cave. They see the girl lying on the floor.

“Oh my God it’s her. It’s Tess. Liz said in horror. Her knees began to Buckle. She held on to Maria to stedy herself. For a few seconds they all stood there in silence not knowing what to say or do. The women who had caused them all such great pain was back.
Suddenly Liz ran towards her. All the anger that had been building up inside her was surfacing and she had to do something. No one tried to stop her.
That Bitch I am going to kill her for killing Alex.”
Liz grabbed Tess’s arm. Suddenlly she began to have flashes.


Tess Coming out of the Pod alone.


Nacedo finding Tess.


Nacedo Telling Tess. You have a Destiny. His Name is Zan.

Tess meeting Max Michael and Isabel.


Max rejecting her. “I love Liz. There is no Destiny.”


Kyle and Tess rolling around on the Floor for the remote.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Valenti’s.

Michael Tellling Tess he was glad to have her on the trip to Vegas.

**************** Flash*******************

Tess telling someone that she couldn’t hurt them. Their my family.

*************** Flash*************
The same man Yells. They left you. They don’t want you. You must help me destroy them.

Tess with Kyle at the Prom. They are Kissing.

“I love Kyle!” Max isn’t my Destiny. I won’t hurt them. Tess wearing her prom dress, being thrown in a car screaming in pain.”

Tess in the Cave with Alex.

Suddenly Liz fell to the Floor.

Liz!!!! Max ran over to her. Are you ok?

I’m ok. I saw flashes. They didn’t make any sense. I don’t understand. Liz was disoriented. She didn’t understand what she just saw. Max I think you need to heal her so we can find out what is going on here.

You want us to heal the person who killed Alex? Isabel spat.

Listen, I am the last one who would want to do this but something is wrong here. I need to know what it is. We all do. Liz said.

Kyle tie her hands behind her back. Michael threw him some rope.

Kyle couldn’t believe she was here. He had so many mixed emotions. Part of him wanted to hold her. The part of him that remembered all the fun times they had together. But that was all a mind warp. She made him carry Alex’s dead body. She used him. The girl he thought he knew. The girl he was falling in love with didn’t exist. It was all a façade. This was the person who killed Alex. With that memory he tied the rope a little tighter.

Are you sure we want to do this Max asked as he held his hands on Tess’s head.

Yes the all replied.

With that his hands began to glow.

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Ok I will post another part. If you like it let me know I will write more.

“Be careful Max she is waking up.” Liz said Cautiously.

“Oh Thank God your finally here.” Tess said.

Tess went to go reach for Kyle but realized her hands were tied. She was confused. She struggled with her binds. She looked at Kyle. He wouldn’t look at her. What was going on.

Where is he? Max demanded. Where is my son?

Your son? Tess said. Did you and Liz have a baby? Has it been that long she thought.

“Not Funny Tess.” Liz said.

Oh Maxwell let me take care of her. Please. Michael yelled.

“I need to find my son. If you kill her I won’t be able to find him.”

What is going on here. Why am I tied up. What is all this talk about your son. I didn’t think it had been that long. Kyle…”

Don’t appeal to me you Bitch. Not after what you have done to me. Not after what you have done to all of us. he spat.

She couldn’t believe what she had just heard the hate in his eyes, the hurt. The hate in all their eyes.

“But But…’ Tess started to say.

We don’t want to hear it Tess. Maria spat.

“Just tell us where Max’s son is. No Games.”

I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t have your child Liz.

You just have to rub it in don’t you. You can’t just tell us where he is. You have to torture me. You know it’s not mine and Max’s child. It’s yours and Max’s child. Now have you had enough fun? Tell me where the baby is.”

I don’t have a baby. Tess said. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What had been going on.

She is not going to tell Us Maxwell let me just get rid of her. We will find the baby on our own. We are all connected. To it.” Michael said.

“Michael’s right.” Isabel said. “She doesn’t deserve to live. She killed Alex.”

Kill Alex? I didn’t kill Alex. Tess said.

“Now I’m going to kill her” Isabel said in a rage. She put up her hand.

Wait. Max said. I want to see if she’ll tell me about him.

Isabel. I didn’t kill Alex. Tess said. Pleading.

Oh I have had enouh from this to bit bitch. You Took Alex from us. Don’t lie we know. We figured it out. All about the book and the Mindwarpping.

Yeah and you had me carry his body. Kyle yelled. How could you. He was my friend. I trusted you.

Tess couldn’t believe this. What was going on. She had to tell them. She was weak and felt like she could pass out at any moment.

I didn’t kill Alex. I have been here since Prom. I was kidnapped. I was here by myself and then a couple of weeks later they brought Alex here.

Stop Lying. Isabel shouted. Isn’t it enough that you took him away from me, from Us.

I’m Telling you the truth. I swear. Alex is alive. Tess cried.

Well we don’t believe you. Maria yelled.

Kyle!! Tess pleaded.

Don’t look at me I’ve had enough of your mindwarpping crap. Kyle said.

Alright Maxwell I’ve had enough. I’m going to get rid of her. Michael said as he raised his hand.

No Liz yelled. I think that she maybe telling the truth.

What are you saying Liz. How can you believe her after everything that she has done. After everything that she’s put you through. Maria said

The Flashes. They were like she said. I saw it. I saw the prom I saw Alex. Liz said.

It’s just another mindwarp Liz Michael said. She is no good. We need to get rid of her. Before she turns on us again.

If there is a chance that Alex could be alive we have to keep her alive. Isabel said.

I agree. said Max If Alex is alive she is the only one who can find him.

Fine but when we find out she is lying then I am going to kill her. Michael said

We have to save him. Tess said. They came and took him a few days ago. He was weak. I don’t know how much more he can take. I can prove to you he is alive.

Prove it then. Isabel yelled.

Tess couldn’t take anymore her body was too weak. She looked at Isabel and tried to motion toward the back of the Cave but she had no energy and collapsed.

Great now what do we do. Maria said

We wait for her to wake up replied Liz.

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Here is the next part. I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks. *happy*

Everyone is still at the Cave. Liz is leaning up against Max. Michael is holding Maria. Kyle is sitting with Isabel. Tess is laying on the floor near a small fire the group has created.

Kyle and Isabel are talking.

Kyle do you think it could be true? Could Alex be alive.

I don’t know Isabel. I want to believe her. I want everything she did to be a mistake but we were there. It happened. How can we just explain it away? I always thought I knew the real Tess. Everyone was weary of her, but me I trusted her. I fell in Love with her. Then I learned she used me. She killed Alex. I have so many mixed emotions about the whole thing. Looking at her lying there. She looks like my Tess, But the memories are so painful. After the Junior Prom I thought that we were going to head somewhere with our relationship. Then she told me that I was like her brother and started treating me different. I just don’t know. I really want to believe her Isabel.

I know Kyle. I do too. These last few months without Alex have been the worst of my life. I never really showed him how I felt about him. He died without me ever telling him I loved him. I want to be with him. I want to feel his arms around me. Feel his heart beating. Feel the touch of his lips. Listen to him play the guitar. I want him. Isabel sighed.
Alex and I have a special connection. I always thought that I would know if something happened to him. When they found him. I didn’t know. I felt like he was still here. That we were still connected. At night I would see him. Hear him calling for me. The therapist told me it was my denial. Kyle what if the therapist was wrong. What if he’s alive and was reaching out to me. What if I ignored his cries for help.

Isabel we don’t know what’s going on here. Don’t blame yourself for anything. We Just have to wait for her to wake up. I hope she does soon because if what she says is true Alex might not have much time left.

Liz and Max are sitting together. Neither of them has said a word. Liz keeps seeing the flashes. She keeps going over them in her head. She always comes back to Alex. Alex’s face.

Oh God. Could this be true. Liz thought. Could Alex be alive? IT can’t be true. We saw his body. We went to his funeral. She was there. She couldn’t have been here But the Flashes. They were so reall. I felt her emotions. It had to be a mindwarp. But how could it be/ She was unconscious.

Liz are you ok. You haven’t said anything since Tess passed out. I know that you want this to just be over. I do too, but I have to find out what she did with my son.

I don’t know how I feel Max. I thought we had moved away from this but seeing her just brings back all the hurt. And now she says it wasn’t her. She doesn’t know what we are talking about. Alex is alive.
Part of me believes her. I saw those Flashes. They were so real.

It was probably all a mindwarp Liz. That’s her thing. That’s how she gets her way. She wants us to believe her so we will trust her again.

Max you healed her was that for real?

Yeah she was hurt.

Then the flashes couldn’t have been a mindwarp. As far as I know Tess could only mindwarp when she was awake.

So you think Alex is alive then.

He just might be.

Then who did we bury. Who did I try to heal, and if Tess has been here since Prom, who was in Roswell. And who has my son.

I don’t know but she has all the answers.

Max!!! She’s waking up. Maria yelled.

What happened? Tess asked.

You passed out. Kyle said

Tess was disoriented. where was she. Then she remembered they had found her, but they didn’t trust her. They hated her. They thought she killed Alex. Oh God, Alex. They had to save him.

You said that you could prove Alex was alive. Well Prove it Isabel said.

Go to the back of the cave. You’ll see three crystals buried in the dirt. On the wall there are 3 slots. Put them in the cave wall. If you help me up I’ll show you. Tess said.

Kyle looked at Max. Max motioned for him to help her up. The group slowly walked to the back of the cave. Just as Tess had said there were the crystals. Max picked them up and put them in the cave wall. Suddenly the wall in front of them was gone. They saw before them a room. Computer equipment lined the walls. Papers were on the floor. They all walked in.

What is this? Maria asked.

This is where they kept Alex. Tess said.

Kyle take her outside. I don’t want her Mindwarpping us into seeing what she wants us to see. Max said

Kyle walked over to Tess and grabbed her arm.

Lets go. He said.

Everyone else moved around the room. Looking for anything that proved Alex was still alive.

There isn’t anything her that proves anything. I told you she was lying. This is some sort of trap. Maxwell. Michael said.

We at least have to check it out. Isabel said.

Look at this. Maria said.

Maria was holding a book. It looked very similar to the Destiny Book.

What do you think it is Max? Maria asked.

I don’t know. I's in code. The only one who knows the code is...
Alex. Liz finished his sentence.
Will take it with us and see if we can figure anything out from it. Max said.

I don’t see anything here that proves Alex is alive, or proves anything else Tess says.

Isabel walked over to the computer and lifted the keyboard. She pulled something off the bottom. It was a Disk.

Oh my God. She gasped.

Isabel what is it? Michael asked.

When Alex used to have computers before me. He would sometimes make Cd’s for me with my favorite songs. He always taped the CD to the bottom of my Keyboard. One time he took pictures of us and put them to music. A song he had written. I had to hold back from crying so Mrs. Bronze wouldn’t know I wasn’t paying attention. Isabel smiled at the memory. I still have that. No one knew he did this for me. It was our little secret.

Liz went over to her and hugged her.

Well Let’s see what this one has on it. Liz said.

Isabel inserted the cd in the computer.

Suddenly Alex’s Face appeared on the screen. He looked very tired and scared.

They’ve left me for a few minutes. I am making this in hopes that you will some day find me or if not me this disk. I’ve been helping Tess decode the book. It tells all about how you were created and how to use the Granolith. When they learned I could decipher the code in the books they kidnapped me. There is another book. They want me to decode it for them. I have been stalling them but I don’t know how much longer I can do that. The book is very important. It tells why you are really here and what your real Destiny is. It's not what they have been telling you. Oh no their coming back. I’ve got to go. I love you Isabel. The Cd stops.

Isabel Maria and Liz are crying.

I knew it he’s alive. Everyone said I was Crazy. I was in Denial. My Alex is alive and we are going to save him. Isabel said

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Well here is the next Part. I hope that you like it. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for the Feed Back. This is mainly a T/K part.

Kyle and Tess are sitting outside the Cave.

He couldn’t believe she was back. She was thinner then he remembered. Her hair was longer and she was Pale, but she was still beautiful. He remembered when he caught her in his Football Jersey. How he acted like he was mad when all he really wanted to do was kiss her. He smiled. It was a happy memory. One of the few times he thought he had seen the real Tess.

He shook his head.

No, I’m not going to do this to myself he thought. This is the same woman that mindwarped you for months.
The same woman who slept with Max.
Broke your heart.
Killed Alex.

Tess began to shiver. She was still weak from having been kept in the cave for so long.

Kyle threw her his Jacket.

Here. This will help keep you Warm.

Thanks. She smiled.

He looked exactly as she remembered him. She wanted him to hold her. Tell her everything was going to be ok. She knew that wasn’t going to happen. He wouldn’t even look at her. When she did catch a glimpse of his eyes, all she saw was pain and anger.

What had happened to them while her and Alex were locked away in this God forsaken Cave? Why did they hate her so much? She had to get Kyle to talk to her. If she could convince anyone she was telling the truth it would be him.

Isn’t amazing how hot the Desert is in the day and how cold it is at night. Tess said.

Yeah. Kyle mumbled.

Kyle. Look at me.

He looked up at her but didn’t let his eyes meet hers.

What happened while I was in this cave?

Kyle’s body stiffened.

Don’t play me for the dumb Human, Tess. You know exactly what happened. Kyle said.

Kyle please, listen to me. I am telling the truth. I have had a lot of time to think while I’ve been here. I swore if I ever saw you again I would tell you the truth.
I realized that I don’t love Max.
When I came to Roswell, I wanted Max.
Nacedo had been telling me my whole life that I was destined to be with him. I grasped on to that.
Nacedo wasn’t much of a father. I was in every sense of the word alone.
So I held on to the idea that there was someone out there for me.
Someone who would love me, and then I wouldn’t be alone anymore. My destiny.

Come on Tess please I’ve heard….

No let me finish. Tears were forming in her eyes. Kyle didn’t stop her from continuing.

When I got to Roswell and found Max in love with Liz, I was devastated.
Everything that had gotten me through my childhood was gone.
I thought I was going to be alone.
That’s why I pushed the whole destiny issue in the beginning.
I didn’t want to be alone.
Then I met you. Your Father let me come in to your home.
He made me part of your family.
It was so wonderful.
I finally had a family.
On top of everything else you were there.
I tried not to have feelings for you Kyle. I really did.
But the more time I spent with you the less I thought about Max.
I realized I had fallen in love with you.
I don’t know what my destiny was in my last life, but you’re my destiny in this one.

Her emotions began to hit her. She fell to the ground. Sobs racked her Body. She was trembling.

Kyle stared at her. He didn’t say anything. He blinked the tears from his eyes. He had thousands of thoughts running through his head.

He wanted to believe her.
Run to her.
Hold her.
Make all the pain from her Childhood go away but how could he.

The events from the past year were still so fresh in his mind.

That Tess and this Tess they were so different.
How could they be the same person.

“What I would have given for you to say this to me a year ago before this all happened.” Kyle said

“Kyle, what ever happened to you in this last year. Who ever was with you it wasn’t me.”

Kyle turned around. He heard footsteps. Isabel Michael Maria and Max emerged from the Cave.

Let’s go. Alex is alive. If she is telling the truth then we don’t have much time to save him. Isabel said.

Kyle looked at Tess. Maybe she was telling the truth. Maybe they could be together. A smile spread across his face.

Well what are we waiting for. Lets go Kyle said.

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Here is the next part. I think you will like it. Let me know what you think. Feedback is much appreciated. *happy*

Tess looked at the Valenti house in awe. The sun was coming up and the light shown on the front lawn. It was an older home. The siding had faded to a dull gray. The roof needed some shingles replaced and one of the shutters hung from the rafters. It wasn’t Palace or a place for a queen, but that was another life. In this life this was the place she was welcomed. The place she felt love, the place where she found Kyle. The Place she longed for her whole earthly life. This was home.
They all walked into the living room. Michael, Max and Liz sat on the couch. Maria Tess and Kyle sat on the floor. Isabel paced back and forth behind the Couch.

“I still don’t trust her.” Michael said as he glared at Tess.

This all could be a trick. A trap. She couldn’t get us to go back to Antar with her the first time, so she’s back to finish the job.

Tess sighed in frustration. I told you. I never went back to Antar. I was in that Cave till you found me a few hours ago.

“All you have done is lied to us since day one.” Michael said. “Why should we believe you now.”

Isabel stopped pacing and turned toward Michael.

“Michael, I don’t trust her anymore then you do but I know that Alex is alive and that she is the only one who can help us find him.”

I’ll go along with this to a point but I’m telling you that the minute, I sense that she’s up to something. I’m going to do what I’ve got to do. This road is all too familiar to me.

Take it easy Michael. Kyle jumped up. He felt the need to defend Tess. We are all after the same thing. We want to get Alex back.

Kyle looked at Tess . “I think she is telling the truth.”

Thank God Tess thought. I knew that he would believe me.

“Oh and you’re a real good judge of character. You carried Alex’s body for her. You’re easily manipulated.”

“I was being mindwarped and it wasn’t even him.”

Your letting your feelings for her cloud your judgment. Maybe you should stick to consulting Buddha. She is nothing but a deceitful witch.

Kyle jumped up and ran for Michael. “Stop talking about her like that.”

Max jumped in front of him and Maria held Michael back.

“This isn’t helping anyone. Least of all Alex” Liz yelled.

Max turns to Tess. “Tell us everything. From the beginning.”

Tess took a deep breath.

“Michael is right. I did deceive you.”

After I came out of my Pod, Nacedo found me. He wasn’t much of a Father but he was all I had. My whole childhood he told me that I was a queen of Antar and that my King was out there waiting for me. We were going to find him and go back home to save our Planet. It was our destiny.”

Liz winced at the word Destiny. That word had changed their lives. Caused so much pain. If she never heard that word again it would be a blessing.

“ Michael, you had Max and Isabel growing up. I was alone. I had no home. No family. No Friends. So I grasped on to what Nacedo told me about Zan and Antar. That is how I got through my childhood.”

Kyle inched closer to Tess and put his hand in hers. She stopped for a moment and smiled at him.

“I was so excited when I came to Roswell. I was going to have a family. People like me who knew what it was to feel how I felt. Not totally Human like the people around me. Not totally alien like Nacedo. I was devastated when I found you all leading your lives. You had human friends and Human loves.” She looked at Liz.

“The one thing that got me through all of my years with Nacedo was gone. That’s why I pushed the destiny on you. I was scared. Scared of being alone.”

Tess turns toward Max. “I didn’t love you. I loved the idea of you. The idea of belonging”

“The more I got to know all of you the more I realized this. I mentioned it to Nacedo and he snapped at me. He told me I was ungrateful. He said you had left me and he had saved me. He said I had to follow my destiny.”

“After he was killed I found out why.”

“ It was a couple of nights after I moved in here. I went out back and was looking at the stars. Trying to decide what I was going to do. Where did I fit in now? That’s when he came to me?”

“Who?” Isabel asked.

“Kivar’s general lorlham.”

“He said that Nacedo had turned on our people and was going to deliver us to kivar. Once Nacedo was gone they needed a new tactic. Someone to finish what he had started. So they decided that they would use me.”

“They convinced me that you would all abandon me now. That you didn’t care for me. That you could have took me with you that day you emerged from the pods but you didn’t. I was scared I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could have come to me. Told me what was going on.” Max said.

“Would you have believed me? You couldn’t even look at me. All you wanted was Liz and I stood in your way of that.”

“They played on all my fears and insecurities. They said that they would kill me. They told me that they didn’t know why we were sent here but the longer we stayed the more dangerous it was for Kivar and their side of the war.”

”I was supposed to convince you to go back to Antar. So that we would never know why we were sent here.”

“You chose the easy way out Tess. If you didn’t feel you could go to Max. You could have come to me or Michael.” Isabel said.

“ I was scared. I know that is not a good reason to have chosen to betray you. You weren’t beating down my door to be my best friend and Michael doesn’t exactly trust me either. The only one that seemed to understand me was Kyle. ”

She squeezed his hand and smiled.

“The more time I spent with him the more I realized what I was doing was wrong. You see I didn’t need destiny anymore. I had Kyle.”

“After the Prom I decided that I wasn’t going to do it. I was on my way to tell you guys what was going on when he found me.”

“ I told him that I was going to tell you everything. He said he couldn’t allow that. He thrust his hand against my chest and hit me with an energy force. I could feel him inside my head. He was going through my mind. Extracting my memories.”

Tess closed her eyes and winced as the memory came back to her.

“ I thought that he was going to kill me. He said that he might still need me for something. ”

“What about Alex?” Isabel asked.

“Lorlham brought me to the Cave. He put up this force field. I couldn’t get through. No matter what powers I threw at it. Lorlham would come and go. Sometimes I would go days with out seeing him or one of his men. ”

“That must have been terrible for you “ Kyle said as he put his arms around her.

Michael rolled his eyes. “Get on with it please.”

Kyle shot Michael a look.

“This one time. I saw nobody for weeks maybe even months. I was running low on food and water. That’s when he came back with Alex.”

“I was lying on the floor. He must have thought that I was passed out or asleep because he didn’t pay any attention to me. He brought Alex in. He said that Alex had been useful in decoding the first book and now they needed him to decode the second and fast. I watched as they placed the crystals in the wall and put Alex in a secret room. They ordered him to get to work”

“The one we found in the Cave.” Maria said.

“It’s tells the real reason we are here.” Tess said.

“Did you ever speak to Alex?” Isabel asked.

“Once when they left. I found the crystals and was able to get into the room. Alex was out of it. Like he was drugged. He thought I was you. He said that destiny wasn’t right. That he was your destiny.”

Tears rolled down Isabel’s face.

“I tried to bring him around but by the time he was coming out of it they were back. They caught me with him.”

“After that they never left me alone again. That is until Today. They took Alex this morning. Said he had to show them where it was. I don’t know where they were going or what they were talking about but if they don’t need him anymore they will kill him.”

They all just sat there. Isabel and Maria were crying.

“If you were in that Cave. Who was the Tess here with us?” Max asked.

“I don’t know. Kyle filled me in on what happened since I’ve been gone. All I know is that I have been in that Cave since Prom.”

“So what about my son?”

“If you have a son, it’s not with me.”

“ I’m sorry Max but we will have to figure that out later.” Isabel said

“Right now we have to focus on Alex. Finding Alex.”

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Here's the new Part. Hope you all like it. I appreciate the feedback.

So where do we start? Max asked.
He was tired. It had been a long day with so many revelations.
In the last few hours they had found Tess again.
Found out Alex was alive and that the Tess who had his son may not have been the real Tess.
His son.
What did this mean for his son.
If Tess was telling the truth and he still couldn’t fully trust her. What about his son? Where was he? Who was his mother?

He couldn’t think about that right now. Now he had to focus on finding Alex.

“Tess what was the last thing they said before they took Alex?” Kyle asked.

“They said he had to show them where it was.”

“What’s it?” Maria asked.

“Maybe another book, a communication Device? Something they think Alex would be helpful with.” Liz said

“It could be anything. Trying to figure out what it is won’t help us. It'll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.” Michael said.

“ I can’t believe I actually agree with something you’ve said, but I agree with Michael. We need a different plan of action.” Kyle responded

Isabel moved toward them. She hadn’t said anything since Tess told them about what Alex had been through.

“I could try and dreamwalk him.”

“Do you think you will be able to?” Michael asked.

“I tried it once. After he “died”. I didn’t believe that he was dead. I thought that if I could enter his dream…”

Tears began to stream down her face. She quickly recovered and put up her ice princess wall again.

“ All I saw was Darkness and pain."
"I felt pain. Like he was still on the dreamplane but I couldn’t reach him."
She dropped her head.
"I thought this meant that he really was dead. His spirit had moved on.” She paused

“ If only I had tried a little harder.”
Her Ice princess wall began to fall again. Maria put her arms around her.

“There was nothing you could do Iz. We all thought he was dead.”

“But I didn’t. I still felt him. Still felt that connection. Everyone told me I was in denial. My therapist said it was part of the grieving process. After I tried to dream walk him. I just accepted the fact that he was gone.”

“I should have done more. I should have kept trying.”

She began to sob. Maria squeezed her tighter.

“It’s not your fault. At least you tried. None of us did.”

Isabel stopped crying. She took a deep breath. She pulled out of Maria’s embrace and gave her a smile.

“I am going to try and dream walk him.”

“I don’t know if it will work, but I have got to try. I won’t fail Alex again.”

“I’ll need a quiet place.”

Kyle loosened his embrace on Tess. He couldn’t bear to see Isabel in so much pain. They had been through so much together this last year.

“You can use my room.” Kyle said.

“Thanks Kyle” She smiled at him.

He put his arm around her as they walked towards his room.

Tess was suprised by the emrbrace.
There was something between them. Something that had never been there before.
Isabel could barely tolerate Kyle before she left.
Now he was giving her support, embracing her.
Obviously a lot had happened since she had been gone.
She felt a twinge of Jealousy. She quickly shook it off.
This was no time for that. Kyle loved her. She knew that.
If Isabel needed Kyle to help her connect with Alex, then so be it.

They went in the room and closed the door.

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Authors Note:

HI, I have been pretty busy lately. I haven't had a chance to write. Hopefully I will get something up soon.
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Hi guys. I finally finished the next part. It deals with Alex and what he has been going through. Thanks for all the feed back. Let me know what you think about it.

Alex struggled with the ropes on his hands. His wrists were roar and bleeding. This was going to be his best chance for escape. He had tricked them into taking him from the cave and needed to escape or they would probably kill him, or torture him like the last time.

When they first had captured him he resisted. He fought and he fought hard. They said they hadn’t expected so much resistance from such a weak looking human.
They had underestimated Alex.
It was this underestimation that had allowed him his one chance for escape.

He had been walking home from the crashdown when someone grabbed him from behind. He struggled to break free but couldn’t. Then he felt hands wrap around his head.
The next thing he knew he was in a moving vehicle and was bound and gagged.
All he heard was some mumbling from the front of the vehicle.

At first he thought it was the FBI.
He knew that no matter what they did to him he wouldn’t talk.
He loved Isabel too much. No matter how many times she rejected him his feelings for her had never changed.
They would have to kill him. He wouldn’t betray her.
He knew he had to escape.

His captors paid him little attention. They stayed in the front of the Van. This allowed him to struggle with the ropes on his hands. After a few hours of struggling his hands were free. He untied the ropes on his feet and slightly lifted the blindfolds, so he could see.
He saw he was in a van and began to inch slowly toward the back. He slowly reached for the handle on the van’s door. It opened. “Stupid FBI” he whispered.

Alex jumped out and ran. Ran as fast as he had ever run. He saw that he was on a deserted road. He looked around for a place to hide. He saw a wooded area and headed for it.
He heard the van screech to a stop.

He ran harder. His legs began to cramp but he kept going. He had to get back to Isabel and warn her, Max and Michael that the FBI was back.

He was almost to the trees when he felt a bolt of electricity go through his body. He fell to his knees as the pain ran through every part of his body. He turned to see his captors running toward him. He struggled to his feet and tried to run again. He saw one of the men raise his hand and he went flying backward.

He tried to recover. He realized that this wasn’t the FBI. He finally got to his feet when the “man” reached him. He grabbed him.

“We underestimated you. That won’t happen again” The man said.

He wrapped his hands around Alex’s head and began sending electric impulses through his head. It was excruciatingly painful. Through the pain he still tried to struggle but the pain was too much to bear. He heard someone yell something but couldn’t understand what it was. The last thing he remembered was seeing Isabel standing in front of him. Calling for him.

He woke up in a room full of computer equipment. He couldn’t move. His arms and legs were free but he couldn’t move them. He lay their awake for what felt like an eternity. He thought that they had just left him their to die. Then the wall opened.

A tall man with dirty blond hair and dark brown eyes stood over him. He ran his hands over Alex’s legs and sent what felt like electric shocks through his legs.
This was no Man.

“We underestimated your will power.”

He sent more shocks though Alex’s body.

“This is what you will get if you try to escape again.”

The pain became more intense.

“You helped us decode that first book. Know you will help us decode this one.”

He held up a book. Alex could tell it was not of this earth.

“It is written in some code that is not from our planet.”

“You will decode it or you will die.” He raised his hands this time over Alex’s chest and sent electric shocks through him.

He must have passed out. When he awoke he could move again.
He searched for a way out but the walls were seamless.

Then a wall opened. The man walked over to him and raised his hand.

Their eyes met.

Alex braced for the pain but it didn’t come.

“Your awake. Good. Get to work on that book or I’ll take great pleasure in inflicting more pain on you.”

With those words he turned and left the room.

“What am I going to do?” Alex mumbled to himself.

I’ll Try and get some information from this book. The gang must have realized I am gone by now. They’ll find me and the information in this book could help them. He thought to himself.

The men were right. This book was not written in the same language as that awful Destiny book. This one was a mixture of that language and Native American glyps.
He didn’t think that this would be too difficult to figure out.

He knew the antarian deciphering he just needed to decipher the glyphs.

Everyday the blond “man” or one of his men would come in and see Alex for information.

In the beginning he knew very little. This angered them. When he told them that he was not having difficulty they would torture him again. He always eventually blacked out. This was the best part of the torture. During the periods he blacked out he had the most vivid drams. In most of these dreams Isabel was in the cave taking care of him. Telling him that it would be ok. And once he thought that Tess was there to save him. These dreams gave him hope and the ability to go on.

As time passed he began to discover what the book said. As he discovered the real meaning of something he would make up information for his captors. If they ever found out the meaning of the book it would put everyone in danger. Aliens and Humans.

As the day’s and weeks passed he began to realize that his friends may not find him alive. He was getting to the end of the book and he knew that his captors expected him to finish soon. Then they would kill him.

If he was dead they would never know their true destinies. That is when he decided to make the CD. He knew that if they caught him they would kill him for sure but he had to take that chance.
He rigged up a make shift video unit to the computer and began recording. He taped it to the bottom of the keyboard because he knew she would know where to find it.

The days passed and his captors became more and more impatient with him. They wanted the important info and thus far he had only given them scraps.

They longer he held out the worse the torture.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore. He made up an elaborate story about another chamber with another ship. This was the true ship. He told them. He also told them he knew where it was located.

That was how he had gotten where he is now.

He knew that he had to escape. If he didn’t once they realized there was no chamber they would kill him.

If that happened at least it would be in the place where he had first connected with Isabel. If he had to die he hoped it was at night under those stars.

He would try to escape when he stopped. For know he needed to rest. It might be the last time he would be able to dream of Isabel.

He smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

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Isabel paced the floor in Kyle’s room.
She was so nervous.
Sure she had dream walked before. Lot’s of times. Even in important situations.
Like when Max was trapped in the white room.
This was different.
She had a connection with Max, an alien connection. Alex was human. If he was drugged or awake she didn’t know if she would be able to reach him.

She ran her fingers through her long blond hair.
Alex and I may not have an alien connection but we are connected.
If anyone can reach him it will be me. He’s always been there for me now I have to be there for him.

“I’ve got to calm down.” She whispered to herself.

“Hey are you alright?” Kyle asked as he cam through his bedroom door.

“I’m so scared Kyle. What if I can’t reach him. Then what?”

“Isabel, you need to calm down. If anyone can reach him it’s you. You’ve done this before. You can do it now. I have faith in you.” Kyle gave her a big Kyle smile.

“Kyle anytime I’ve had to do this. When it was important…. Alex was there. He grounded me calmed me down. I can’t seem to get calm now.”

“Well you’ve come to the right place. Buddha says calmness comes from with in.” He smiled.

Isabel began to laugh. “Alright Buddha boy, what do I do.”

“Take a deep breath. Release. Again. Clear your mind. Focus on nothing but Alex.”

Isabel could feel the tension leaving her body. Her arms and legs, which had been so tense a few minutes ago began to relax.

“Kyle, will you stay with me while I do this.” Isabel whispered.

“I’m not going anywhere.” He smiled back at her.

“Keep breathing. She told herself. Think of Alex.

Images began to flood her brain.

**Alex smiling at her.**

** Alex’s dream of her dancing with him in a red dress.**

*** Her and Alex at the Rave.***

** Alex offering himself for kissing experimentation..**

*** Their first Kiss.***

*** Alex holding her as she dream walked Max when he was in the white room.***

*** Stargazing at Frasier woods….***

Isabel placed her finger on Alex’s picture and was trust in to his dream.

She looked around.

She was standing in the woods. It was nighttime and the stars were shining bright.

“Frasier woods.” She whispered. A smile formed across her face.
“Alex!” She yelled.

“Alex, where are you? It’s me Isabel. Tell me where you are.”

A flickering light caught her attention. She began to move toward it.

The closer she got the brighter it became.

It was a campfire.

She began to run.

“Alex! Alex!”

Isabel reached the camp and stopped dead in her tracks.

There was Alex sitting on their rock. He had a little girl sitting on his knee. She was beautiful. She had beautiful dark brown eyes and long blond hair, which was held back in a ponytail. She couldn’t have been older then 3.

“That over there is your mom’s constellation. So you see your important to 2 universes. The stars sent you to Mommy and Daddy.”

The little girl giggled as Alex tickled her.

Isabel began to cry. It was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. Alex was with his daughter. Their Daughter.

”If only it could be true.” She mumbled.

“Alex!” Isabel yelled as she regained her composure.

“There you are. What took you so long? We’ve been waiting for you.” Alex gave her a big smile as he put the little girl on the ground.

“Alex it’s me Isabel. Tell me where you are.”

“Of course it’s you. I’d know my gorgeous wife anywhere.”
He grabbed her and pulled her body up against him.

It felt so good. Being there with him. She could get lost in this moment.

She shook her head. No, I have to focus. She thought. I have to get him to realize it is really me.

“Alex you have to listen to me. This is a dream. You’re dreaming, but I’m real. You need to tell me where you are in reality.”
He held her tighter and looked into her eyes.

“ This is the way that it is supposed to be. This is our true destiny.”
He smiled as he looked down at his little girl.

“Alex, please tell me where you are.” Isabel pleaded.

A sudden realization crossed his face.


“I’m here. Where I fell in love with you. Our place.”

Suddenly the dream began to change. The campfire and the little girl were gone.
2 men came running out from the darkness. They grabbed Alex and Alex’s face contorted in Pain.

“Help me Isabel!! Help Me!! Frasier Woods, Frasier woods…”

They began dragging him into the darkness.

“Hurry!!!” Alex yelled.

Isabel was jolted back into reality.

“Alex!!!!!!!!” She screamed.

Kyle jumped up and put his arms around her.

Michael, Maria, Liz Max and Tess rushed into the room.

“Iz are you ok?” Max asked.

“Frasier woods. Max. Alex is at frasier woods.”

“He needs us. We have to hurry.”

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Here's the next part. I hope that you like it.
Thanks for the feedback.
Isabel ran her hands through her hair.
It had been almost an hour since she dream walked Alex and she still couldn’t get the images out of her head.

There was so much she didn’t want to forget.

Like the way their little girl looked in Alex’s arms.

The smile on her face when he was talking to her.

The way Alex’s arms felt around her. The love she saw in his eyes when he spoke to her.

It was perfect. It was what she had always wanted, a family. It was normal.

Then there was the other part of the dream.

She had felt how scared he was when the men grabbed him.

She could feel his pain. Like electric shocks over and over again.

It really brought home for her what he had been going through.

What she had put him through.

If he had never met her he would be safe.

He wouldn’t have lost almost a whole year of his life.

As if she knew what Isabel was thinking Liz turned around from the front seat and looked at Isabel.

“Isabel, he wouldn’t have given up a moment of the time that he spent with you.”

“He loves you.”

“If it weren’t for me, he would be at college right now playing his guitar or working on some computer project. He’d be happy. Not in pain.”

“No, your wrong Isabel. He would be in pain. He would have an emptiness. He wouldn’t have you.”

Isabel began to cry.

Liz reached back and held Isabel’s hand.

“After you kissed Alex for the first time he told me that he could die a happy man because he had kissed his one true love. It wasn’t just words. He meant it.”

“You don’t think he puts on a trip tease for just anyone do you.” Liz said laughing at the memory.

“We are going to find him and you are going to get a chance to make things right. I believe that you’re meant for each other. Just like Max and I.”

“I think so too.”

“ I always pushed Alex away because I was afraid. I was afraid to let someone in. I didn’t want to lose them. I knew deep down in side that Alex was the one. He was the one person who could always see through my ice princess defense. He saw the real me, and that scared me. So I pushed him away, over and over again. But he always came back. No matter how much I hurt him. When we find him I’m never going to show him how I really feel.”

“Don’t show him too much.” Max said with a half smile.

Liz and Isabel both laughed.

“There’s the sign for the Frasier woods forest camp ground.” Isabel yelled.

Max pulled into the campground parking lot. He parked as close to the camp trail exit as possible. Just in case they needed to make a quick get away.

Michael pulled the Jetta up right next to him.

Michael Maria Tess and Kyle all got out of the Jeep.

“So what’s the plan Maxwell?”

“We go in there and get Alex.”

“I think that 2 people should stay here with the cars just incase we need to make a quick get away.” Michael said.

“Tess and I can stay here and wait with the cars running.”

“No, we might need to use Tess’s powers.” Max said.

“Yeah and I want to keep my eyes on her.” Michael snapped.

Kyle glared at him.

“ As usual that leaves Kyle and me.”

“Where the only ones that don’t have any powers.” Maria said looking down.

Michael hugged her.

“Never underestimate the importance of good get away people.” Max said with a smile.

He knew that Maria often felt left out because she didn’t have any abilities.

“Just call me Bonnie.” Maria said with a smirk.

“Be careful spaceboy Clyde.” Maria said as she gave Michael a kiss.

They all laughed.

Kyle walked over to Tess and gave her a kiss.

“Be safe. I just found you again and I don’t want to lose you now.”

“I will. Nothing can keep me from my Buddha boy.”

Liz handed out the flashlights.

“It could get dark before we get back. You might need these.”

“We all stay together. No one goes off on their own Understood.” Max said as he looked at both Michael and Tess.

“Yeah, yeah will stick to you like white on Rice.” Michael said sarcasticly.

They turned one last time toward Maria and Kyle waved and set out on the trail.

“I hope they’ll be ok”

"Me too" Kyle said as he put his arm around Maria.

"Me too"

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