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In the Realm of Dreams.

Author: StargazerUK.

Email: david.meade⊕

Category: A/I, with M/L & M/M.

Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these Roswell characters, I have borrowed them.( If I did Alex & Isabel would be living happily ever after. )

Author's Note: This is purely a bit of Stargazer fluff set around the middle of the first season at the time of “Out of the Woods” & “The Convention”

Chapter 1

The sun came blazing down out of the brilliant blue sky with a ferocity that baked the golden sand that lay upon the shore. Despite the intense heat being given off by the midday sun the early afternoon sea breeze kept the temperature to a bearable level.

Not a sound could be heard other than the waves breaking just off shore and the breeze rushing through the nearby trees.

Isabel lifted her prone body up onto her elbows to allow herself to look along the beach in both directions. As she looked far off to the left and then off to the right she could see she was alone. This was without doubt perfection. Her bikini left little to the imagination but the fact that she was alone meant she never gave it a second thought. As she looked at her golden tan the ray’s of sunlight glinted off of the ample amounts of tanning oil she had lavished upon herself.

As she surveyed the vista Isabel began to get the feeling she wasn’t alone. This didn’t give her cause for concern, in itself, but it was as much a feeling of familiarity as it was that someone was about to appear.

Suddenly Isabel became aware that someone or something was emerging from the ocean. As she pushed herself up into a sitting position she could recognise that a man was emerging from the sea having just returned from what appeared to have been an invigorating swim.

As the mystery man made his way out of the surf more and more of his physic was becoming exposed from the water and Isabel liked what she was seeing. He was tall with dark hair but his face was looking to his feet so she couldn’t quite make out who it was.

Suddenly Isabel’s temperature started to rise when she began to see the whole form that appeared to be heading directly towards her. The man was also very well tanned but more to Isabel’s liking was how toned his body was. Along with his tall frame he was well muscled and very well defined. With all the bits in all of the right places and with a wash board stomach Isabel’s heart began to flutter at the anticipation of coming face to face with this Adonis.

As the mystery man final reached where Isabel had been laying on the isolated beach he dropped to his knees at Isabel’s feet. It was then that she was able to look directly into the man face and what she saw took her breath away.


“You were expecting someone else?”

“No, no not at all I just….” Isabel trailed off

“Would you like me to rub some more oil in for you? I wouldn’t want you to get sun burned” Alex said with a smile

“Sure” Isabel said as she turned over onto her front.

Alex picked up the bottle of oil and poured a healthy handful out before rubbing it in between his hands before massaging the oil into Isabel’s back.

As Isabel lay on the sun trenched beach with Alex rubbing oil into her back she found she couldn’t quite picture how she had gotten to where she currently was. More worryingly she was realising that with each forward and backward motion of Alex’ hands she was beginning to feel like she couldn’t careless.

“It’s been a great two weeks Iz. I’m just sorry we have to go home tomorrow”

Isabel pulled her eyebrows into a frown across her forehead. She was having such conflicting feelings that she was at a loss as to what to do or say.

Finally Alex stopped rubbing her back and she was able to form some semblance of a coherent thought. Despite ruining all of Alex’ hard and most enjoyable work Isabel turned over again onto her back so she could look at Alex. He seemed so relaxed and self-assured that Isabel thought that she must have been suffering from sunstroke or worse as Alex obviously perceived this situation to be the norm.

Suddenly and without warning Alex leaned into Isabel and kissed her gently on the lips. This caught Isabel somewhat off guard and she pulled back slightly. Alex pulled back having felt Isabel’s nervousness.

“Are you OK Iz? You seem a little lost” Alex had concern etched on his face

“I’m fine Alex. I must have fallen a sleep while you were swimming and it is taking me a minute or two to get my bearings” Isabel reassured Alex

“It’s all this sun, sea and sand that is getting the better of you Iz. Once we get home to the kids you’ll slip right back into your old routine”

Isabel lurched forward in her bed into a sitting position. She found that not only was she breathless she was also covered in a thin layer of sweat as if she had been jogging.

The room was spinning around her but with each passing moment she was able to get a grip on herself and gather her thoughts.

“Not again” Isabel said to herself out loud.

Suddenly there was a gentle tapping on her bedroom door.

“Come in” She called softly

The door quietly opened and Max stepped into the room. He closed the door behind him and waited until the door was fully shut before speaking in a hushed voice.

“Are you OK Iz? I heard you call out and I was worried something was wrong”

“I’m fine Max. I just had this weird dream, which caught me off guard” Isabel suddenly felt embarrassed in the fact that she had actually called out.

“You’ve had a couple of them this week. Are they nightmares?” Max was trying to go easy on his sister but he was concerned for her well being.

“No. It’s nothing scary. Well nothing horror movie scary anyway” She said with a weak smile

“Well as long as you are all right” Max went to leave but looked back as his sister

“If you need anyone to talk too or if you need me just call and I’ll come running” Max said with a smile

Isabel just nodded and with that Max opened the door and moved silently into the hall, closing the bedroom door behind him.

Isabel allowed herself to fall back onto her pillows while she tried to make sense of what was going on. For the previous four nights she had been having the most vivid dreams she had ever experienced. Each was different but with one under lying theme, her and Alex as a couple.

Isabel felt that her one area of expertise was dreams. She had experienced countless dreams over the years with her ability to dream walk and they had taken various forms but none had effected her the way these dreams were.

After the first occurrence Isabel put it down to the guilt she was feeling for having rebuffed Alex’ advances over the last couple of weeks. They had planned to see a movie but that had been cancelled due to the need to visit the woods on the camping weekend. She was having a great time Stargazing with Alex but then he had mentioned rescheduling their “Date” and Isabel had to put Alex straight.

“It wasn’t a date. It could never be a date”

Isabel had to get up from where she was sitting with Alex as his crest fallen face broke her heart.

Then, just a few days later, Alex had brought the Astronomy book round to Isabel’s house. It was such a wonderful, thoughtful gift but Isabel could see the hope in his eyes and however difficult and hurtful it was to do Isabel had to stop him in his tracks.

Alex should have noticed in her voice, seen in her face how sad it made her to push him away but what else could she do? Her feelings for Alex were growing stronger and stronger and there was so much to sort out about who they were and where they came from. Add a boyfriend into the mix and it just got too complicated to handle.

It may have broken Alex’ heart to be rejected in such away but it was Isabel who finally fell a sleep in the early hours with tears in her eyes while still clutching the book he brought her. She would treasure it forever.

When she had such a crystal clear dream about her and Alex that same night it wasn’t difficult to put two and two together. Alex was at the forefront of her mind and she was truly sorry for how she had had to treat him so it was understandable that she would dream about him.

This was now five nights later and not only were things not getting better they were getting worse.

Isabel really wanted to speak to someone about this but her choices were extremely limited. Max and Michael were non-starters as they would have as much insight into her dreams as she would in how grown men could sit for hours at a time watching even bigger grown men throw a pig skin around a playing field.

She couldn’t speak to her Mom as she wouldn’t understand what was going on and she would most likely tell Isabel it was normal to dream about boys.

The more Isabel thought about it the more she realised she was going to have to speak to Liz. Liz was intelligent, level headed and very thoughtful when it came to problem solving. Even prior to the incident at the Crashdown Max was always saying how bright and sharp Liz was, when he wasn’t mooning over her that is.

There was nothing for it. When Isabel went to school in the morning she would approach Liz about asking for her help, how difficult could that be? She would also make a point of avoiding Alex. The way her feelings were being put through the mixer it would be best if she kept temptation at arms length.

Now if only she could get some sleep.

To be continued……….

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Chapter 2

“Alex, you’ll be late for school if you don’t hurry”

“OK Mom. I heard you the first time”

Alex was normally very good at getting up for school. It fitted in with his personality to be up-beat and perky in the morning but this last week he had found it increasingly difficult to muster any sort of enthusiasm. It wasn’t the thought of his Chemistry exam that worried him nor was it the thought of a game of Dodge ball that filled him with fear. It was, however, the thought of running into a certain alien goddess that preoccupied his every waking thought.

Alex trudged into the bathroom and jumped straight into a cold shower. There was nothing more refreshing and nothing more effective at clearing his mind of Isabel. The fact that it only lasted as long as the shower did was no conciliation to Alex but if it gave him a few minutes break from his torment it was worth it.

Washed and dressed Alex made his way down to the kitchen for some breakfast. As he moved along the hall his Mom passed by in a flash.

“Bye Honey. Have a good day at school”

“Bye Mom” Alex leaned down to meet his mothers kiss

And with that Mrs.Whitman was gone.

Alex’ parents were always early risers. His Dad liked to be in the office by 8am and his Mom liked to be up and out almost as early. Alex, on the other hand, preferred life at a more leisurely, relaxed pace. He was normally bright and alert when it came to school days and his Mom never usually had to call him more than once. Alex was aware he was settling into a fit of depression, which was going to rob him of any inclination to be interested in anything at the moment.

After a quick bowl of cereal Alex grabbed his book bag and climbed wearily into his car and set off for school. If he could just find it in himself to drive a little slower he would definitely be late and get a detention for tardiness. Alex couldn’t even manage the effort to be late so he found, as he pulled into a parking space, that he still had a couple of minutes before the bell would ring.

As Alex moved slowly along the school corridor he was conscious that he was nearing Isabel’s locker. The effort to turn and go the long way round was too much for him so he decided to just carry on and hope she had already headed to class.

Alex’ luck with Isabel being what it was it came as no surprise to the young man that as he rounded the corner there was Isabel leaning against her locker talking to Liz and Maria.

Isabel had hardly slept since waking from her unnerving dream. It had taken all of her effort to wait for Max before heading off to school. Even though the dreams that Isabel had been having had only been happening for the previous five nights it was now all she could think of and they were becoming a weight around her neck.

As soon as Isabel and Max had made it to school Isabel had headed to her locker before intending to go on a hunt for Liz. The fact that Liz was hanging around nearby with Maria while they both waited for Max and Michael to turn up meant she didn’t have far to look.

Isabel’s need being greater she had ushered the two boys away from their waiting girls so she could speak to her friends in private. There was no doubt that as helpful as Maria would try to be it would be Liz that Isabel thought might be able to help her. She had no problem in letting both Liz and Maria in on her problems but it would be Liz that she would most rely on for a solution.

Just as Isabel was about to explain her problem to the two girls she saw the tall, listless form of Alex come round the corner and head their way.

Initially Isabel was in a panic but thankfully she soon got herself together. Alex had no idea what was going on so why should she worry? Of course she had broken his heart twice in the space of a week so he may not look favourably on her anyway so there was even less of a need to be restless.

All three girls turned towards Alex as he neared their location. All three gave hearty smiles towards their young friend as he passed but each smile came and went as they realised that he didn’t even look at them.

Maria looked to Liz and then Isabel for an explanation but as none were coming she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Alex…..Alex” Maria called

When Alex had seen the three most important women in his life standing a few strides away he came to an instant decision. He couldn’t stop to speak to Liz or Maria as it would mean being in Isabel’s eye line so he decided to try and walk passed as though he hadn’t seen them. It had almost worked when he heard Maria call.

Alex turned to look at his friend and he couldn’t help but take in the whole view. Maria had stepped towards him when she had called so she was the first person he saw. Then he saw Liz with a confused and concerned look upon her face and finally he saw Isabel.

As ever Alex’s first reaction was to comfort Isabel. The look on her face made his heart sink but then he soon realised that she had made it perfectly clear that she didn’t want anything to do with him.

Initially it had been simply that she didn’t want to date him, she couldn’t date anyone however after he tried to give her the book he bought at the convention she made it very clear that he was suffocating her and she wanted to be left alone.

Alex had had plenty of time to go over both encounters and the more he though about it the more he was hurt by Isabel’s words. He could almost understand about not dating. In fact he couldn’t but he had been trying to convince himself that he did understand how she felt. The thing that he couldn’t take and that hurt him the most was she said he was suffocating her, SUFFOCATING! Is there a more hurtful thing to say to someone who obviously has feelings for you than you are suffocating me? Alex had thought about it and he had concluded that the answer was No. There wasn’t anything more hurtful.

Alex moved his gaze to the floor before he turned and walked away from the three women.

Maria turned back to her friends and as she did she was about to question what had just happened when she noticed Isabel was crying.

Liz turned to see tears streaming down Isabel’s face as the tall blond tried and failed to compose herself.

“Iz are you OK?” Liz put an arm around Isabel

“What’s up honey? Have you and Alex had a fight?” Maria asked

As Isabel wiped her eyes with a tissue she went to reply to the two girls when the bell for class sounded.

“Maria, Isabel and I have History first period so I will make sure she gets to class. If you see Alex try to find out what’s up with him and we will all meet up for lunch in the quad OK?”

“Sure Liz. Bye Isabel. Whatever it is I am sure we can sort it out” Maria gave Isabel a quick hug and headed off to lessons

Isabel had stopped her tears and with one quick wave of her hand, in the now empty hallway, and her make up was as immaculate as always.

“Feeling better?” Liz enquired

“Feeling silly” Isabel replied with a smile

Liz led Isabel off in the direction of their first class.

“If there is one thing I have learned in the past months it is that there is no better way to recover from a set back than with a quick cry. There’s no point in letting it all build up. You are better off making your feelings known and then we can sort them out”

“Liz I wanted to speak to you about something. Can we still speak at lunch?”

“Of course we can. I take it it has something to do with Alex”

“Sort of” Was all Isabel replied and they made their way into their History lesson.

Maria hadn’t had a chance to tell Liz and Isabel that her first lesson was music, which meant she was going to be seeing Alex sooner than he would have liked.

As Maria entered the classroom she saw Alex trying in vain to hide at the back. Maria made a beeline straight for her friend and she could she he was trying to physically shrink into the corner so she couldn’t see him.

“You have some explaining to do mister”

“What have I done?”

“That’s what I am asking” Maria continued

“I haven’t done anything. I am sorry for not saying hello but Isabel and I aren’t on the best of terms at the moment so I thought it best not to linger when I saw you”

“Well for someone who doesn’t think he has done something wrong you soon reduced Isabel to tears”

“WHAT!” Alex hadn’t meant to be so loud

“Problem Mr.Whitman?” The music teacher called

“No Mr.Dawson. Sorry” Today of all days Alex didn’t want to call attention to himself

“Lunchtime. You and I are going to have a little chat” Maria said poking Alex in the chest


To be continued………

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Chapter 3

As Alex walked out into the early afternoon sun he knew he was in for a grilling from Maria. He had spent most of his chemistry lesson trying to formulate an escape plan when he should have been concentrating on his exam. Not only was he in for an interrogation from his friend he would also get a cross-examination from his Mom if he had failed chemistry.

Alex knew that Maria wouldn’t want to speak to him at their normal lunchtime haunt so he waited in the centre of the school quad until she appeared. Soon enough his petit best friend emerged from the main building and headed straight for him with a determined look on her face. This wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“Hi Maria” Alex started

“Over here” Maria pointed to an empty table, her face like thunder.

Both Alex and Maria sat at the picnic table in silence for a few moments. Alex was unsure what he was supposed to be telling Maria while Maria was trying to weigh up her friend.

“What have you done to Isabel?”

That was Maria, straight to the point.

“I haven’t done anything and I resent the implication….”

Maria held up her hand to stop Alex from speaking.

“OK. If you haven’t done anything to upset Isabel just telling me what is going on with you. For the last week you just haven’t been yourself and Liz and I are getting worried about you. Why are you so sad?” Maria covered Alex’ hand with her own

Alex hung his head while he thought what to say to his close friend. He didn’t have a problem being honest with Maria but he did have a problem letting her know what a loser he had been when it came to the tall blond.

“You know I have always liked Isabel, had a really strong attraction too her”

Maria just nodded.

“Well I knew that Alex Whitman, school wimp and dodge ball king didn’t stand a snowball in hell’s chance of ever getting close to a girl like Isabel so I satisfied myself with worshipping from afar. When the whole Max/Liz situation came about my first thought was of you and Liz but after a while I realised it wasn’t such a bad thing that I may get closer to Isabel while watching out for you”

“I’m with you so far” Maria continued to nod

“It started the night of the party, before I knew the truth about Isabel, Max & Michael. Isabel had invited me to the rave and I thought she was starting to show some interest in me so I was overjoyed. When I got to the party it turned out she was only interested in finding out what I would tell the sheriff”

“Alex I don’t think that was what she was after”

“It may not have been what she was after but that was how it seemed to me!”

Alex took a moment to collect himself. He couldn’t believe he was pouring out all of his feelings even if it was to one of his best friends.

“Then Isabel and I were set to go to the movies but she blew me off for that camping trip in the woods.

“Wait a minute” Maria interjected “You went on that trip and I saw you sneak off with Isabel for some alone time”

“Did you also see me sneak back with my heart broken?”

This time Maria was shaking her head rather than nodding.

“We were stargazing and I mentioned about rescheduling our date and she told me in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t a date and it never would be”

“Alex I’m sorry”

“Wait, it gets better. I bought her an astronomy book at the convention last week and dropped by her house to give it to her”

“How is that a problem?” Maria asked

“It seems I have been crowding her and she wants me to give her some space”

“Maybe you misunderstood. Are you sure you heard her right”

“I heard her correctly alright. The one thing that is guaranteed to let you know you are over stepping the mark is to be told, point blank, that you are suffocating someone”

Alex was now looking at his hands. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Maria any more.

“Alex I’m sorry. Despite what Isabel said I am sure she didn’t mean it to be so harsh. This whole alien secret thing must really put them all under a strain and I think Isabel more than the two guys feels isolated as Max & Michael have each other, as men, to speak to where as Isabel is a girl on her own. You and I speak about lots of things and I love you so much but there are things that I talk to Liz about that I don’t talk to you about”

Alex looked hurt at Maria’s comment.

“Would you like me to talk to you about cramps and mood swings?” Maria asked with a sickly sweet smile

“No thank you. I love you to Maria but I am happy that you keep the girlie things between you and Liz”

“So that’s everything, you have missed nothing out?”

“No” Alex said shaking his head “Nothing”

Maria started smiling

“I’m glad you find my abject misery amusing Maria”

“No Alex, you don’t understand”

“Apparently not. What don’t I understand?”

“If a girl really doesn’t like you and tells you to go away and leave her alone why would she start to cry when she sees how heart broken you are?”

Maria’s line of thinking was beginning to sink into Alex muddled brain.

“All I am saying is it didn’t look like the girl I saw crying before class this morning was terribly happy with the arrangement even if it was her own doing”

“What should I do Maria?”


“Are you deliberately trying to confuse me Deluca?”

“Look Alex. Maybe Isabel didn’t word her feelings correctly. Maybe she doesn’t want a boyfriend right now but I think she also doesn’t want you out of her life”

“I already have two female best friends Maria. I don’t want to be callous but I am happy with how things are between you, me and Liz. If Isabel Evans can’t see what a hunk of prime beef I am then it is her loss”

Maria couldn’t help but smile

“Prime beef?” Maria enquired

“Hunk of prime beef” Alex reaffirmed, also smiling

“Are you feeling better?” Maria asked

“I am but when have I ever been able to resists the old Deluca charm?”

“Old?” Maria gave Alex the look

“Don’t give me that look” Alex said nervously

“What look?” Maria continued to scowl

“That look you are giving me now. The one that says if I fall asleep I will wake up with me head shaved or my pants on my head”

Maria’ scowl turned into an even more chilling smile.

“As long as we know who’s the boss Alex”

“Maria, I have four older brothers but none of them scare me the way that you and Liz do when you give me that look. I can only imagine it’s a look they teach all girls when they are young so they know they have power over all men”

“Just as long as we are clear”

“We are” Alex said nodding

With Alex’ spirits lifted and all pertinent information gathered Maria’s work here was done. Maria and Alex stood up from the table at the same time. Alex walked forward and wrapped Maria in a warm embrace. Due to the height difference between the two friends Maria lay her face on his chest and Alex rested his chin on the top of Maria head.

“I’m here for you Alex, you know that right?” Maria spoke into Alex’ chest

“Yes Maria. I know that both you and Liz are here if I need you. I am sorry if I had you worried and I promise to do my best to cheer up”


The two friends released their grip on one another. Alex picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. Maria gathered her things and looked over to where they usually sat for lunch. Alex followed Maria's gaze and he saw Liz and Isabel sitting at a table on the other side of the open area. Both girls were looking over at Maria and Alex.

“I Should go” Alex said

“Are you not coming over?”

“I had better not. I’ll speak to you later. Bye” Alex made his way towards the school


To be continued………..

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Chapter 4

Liz and Isabel watched their friend approach. When the two girls had stepped out into the quad they had immediately seen Alex and Maria sitting at a table at the opposite end of the group of tables to where they would normally sit. They had decided it was best not to interrupt them as they appeared deep in conversation so they made their way over to their usual table.

When both girls had taken a seat it seemed neither was keen to start a discussion as their minds were obviously elsewhere. After a few silent moments both girls found their eyes gravitating towards where their friends sat. After a couple of minutes Alex and Maria stood up and they both stepped forward into a hug. Isabel couldn’t hide her feelings as she watched the scene unfold. She knew that if she had handled things better she could be the one in Alex’ arms right now and not Maria.

“Hi” Maria said as she sat down

“Hi” both girls replied

“So you spoke to Alex” Liz enquired

“Yes. We talked about a few different things and I think I managed to get a grip on what is going on in his life”

“What is going on in his life?” Liz pressed

Maria turned to Isabel and gave her new friend a comforting smile. Isabel knew from this that Alex had told her what had gone on between the two of them in the last week or so. Isabel realised she would have to help Liz catch up with what Alex told Maria and then she could finally tell them about the dreams.

“I think it is the world’s worst kept secret that Alex has feelings for me” Isabel started

Both girls nodded.

“I am having a little trouble coming to terms with our secret being known and having new people, new friends in our lives”

“That’s understandable” Liz said with a smile

“That’s what I told Max. It’s not that I don’t want him to see you Liz or for Michael not to show any interest in you Maria, just for us to take things one step at a time”

“Trust me Isabel. With Michael’s approach to romance the way it is he is unlikely to be sweeping me off my feet anytime soon”

Maria’s comment made all three girls smile.

“I have very few female friends and absolutely no male friends, other than Max and Michael, and they don’t count. As I get to know Alex a bit more I have such mixed feelings that I get confused with what I am meant to do”

“I’m sorry Isabel you have lost me” Liz wasn’t following Isabel’s train of thought.

“I have spent the last few years perfecting what Max and Michael call my Ice Princess routine. I do all I can to be Miss.Popular at school but the instant anyone tries to get too close I turn on the attitude and cast them aside”

Isabel looked at the two girls and could see they weren’t impressed.

“It’s not something I am proud of or something I want to do it is something I do out of necessity. Our whole lives depend on keeping what we are a secret. We have millions of questions about ourselves and no way of finding any answers. For all I know if I sleep with a guy I could kill him”

Both Liz and Maria tried to stop themselves from laughing but that last comment from Isabel was too much in a tense situation. Once the two smaller girls started Isabel couldn’t help but see the funny side of what she said. If anyone had been watching the three girls they would have wondered what was going on, all three girls were now laughing almost uncontrollably. After a few moments the girls regained their composure and Isabel continued.

“The more time I spend with Alex the more I like him and the more I am having trouble keeping him at arms length.”

Isabel turned to Maria.

“I take it he told you about Frazier woods and the convention”

Maria nodded. Isabel turned to Liz.

“I am really sorry but I wasn’t sure if you and Max getting together was such a good idea. I wasn’t sure it would be good for any of us. As I didn’t want to appear hypocritical I couldn’t give out an opinion on keeping away from humans only to go running into the arms of Alex. I decided, however difficult it was going to be, to reject any hint of affection from Alex and make sure he understood we were only friends”

“You could have let him down a little more gently” Maria looked at Isabel with a disapproving look

“Yes. You are right Maria I could have. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do and I wasn’t very well prepared for it”

“What did you say to him” Liz was concern about what Isabel had said to Alex

“Initially, on the camping trip I told him we couldn’t date, not ever”


“And then during the convention he came round my house to give me a book he had bought for me and I told him he was suffocating me and to give me some space”

“Oh Isabel” Liz felt sorry for Isabel but even more sorry for her best friend

“I know I handled it wrong Liz, the look on his face when I saw how hurt he was tore me apart. It took everything I had not to run after him and tell him I had made a terrible mistake, that I wanted him to stay with me”

“But you didn’t”

Isabel turned to Maria.

“No I didn’t and I have regretted it every moment since”

Isabel reached into her bag and pulled out a tissue to wipe her eyes. She couldn’t believe it, Isabel queen of West Roswell high just sitting at lunch crying in front of all the popular people but she didn’t care, these weren’t her friends. Isabel had more in common and a closer bond to Liz and Maria than she did with anyone else sitting out in the afternoon sun that day.

“So this it what is causing you all the problems, why you were crying this morning?” Liz asked

“Not entirely”

“What! there’s more?” Maria sounded shocked

“Just the small case of vivid dreams causing me sleepless nights and worry over the last five nights. I go to bed as normal but right away I am experiencing an incredible dream in far of exotic locations with some surreal things happening. Once I wake from the dream I find it almost impossible to get back to sleep”

“What is freaking you out about these dreams so much? What you have said so far doesn’t seem too scary or unnerving” Liz was in full investigation mode


Both girls looked confused.

“The one bit of information I have successfully managed to keep from you is that I am having these dreams about Alex. In which ever far of location or what ever situation I am with Alex, we are a couple”

“So how intense, exactly, are these dreams” Maria’s curiosity was getting the better of her.

“Well they’re not sexual if that’s what your asking” Isabel shot back

Maria’s face went red.

“I didn’t want details I just wondered how vivid these dreams are”

“Very” was all Isabel said.

Liz clasped Isabel’s hands

“So let me get this straight. You like Alex but don’t want to go too far too fast. You regret how you handled the situation between both you and Alex and want to say you are sorry. Finally you want to sort out these passionate dreams you have been having so you can get some sleep”

“In a nutshell, Yes”

“Then it’s easy” Liz said smiling

“Easy? How?” Isabel was lost

“As far as I can see all three problems are connected. If we can get you and Alex together we can sort out the misunderstanding over your suffocating comment. Then we can get you both back on speaking terms and then we sort out the dreams”

“How exactly do we sort out the dreams” Isabel was still none the wiser.

“Actually I am not one hundred percent sure but I was hoping if we can get you to stop worrying about Alex he wouldn’t be on your mind all the time so it may give your subconscious a bit of a rest and you can get some sleep”

“Well it sounds simple enough” Maria said

“I’m not so sure” Isabel said “I hurt Alex pretty bad with my comments. I’ll be lucky if he ever wants to speak to me again let alone be friends”

“That my dear Isabel is where his two best friends come in” Liz said with a wide grin

“We’ll straighten out Alex Isabel, leave him to us” Maria said, matching Liz’ smile

To be continued……..

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Chapter 5

As the bell over the door at the Crashdown rang to signify the arrival of another customer both Liz and Maria looked over in anticipation only to discover the new arrival wasn’t who they were both hoping for.

Both girls had been looking for Alex towards the end of school and as they left for the Crashdown but he was nowhere to be seen. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that Alex was avoiding Isabel and as his two best friends had taken to spend some time with the tall blond he was avoiding them by default.

“We should call him” Maria said to Liz

“Not yet. It hasn’t been that long since school and Alex always pays us a visit when we are working so he can hang out”

“Yeah Liz but that was when he thought there was a chance he could bump into Isabel but with the way he is feeling towards her at the moment he isn’t likely to be seen in her known haunts”

Both girls continued their waitressing but neither had their minds wholly on what they were doing. After lunch with Isabel the two girls had tried to formulate a plan to get Alex and Isabel in a room together so they could sort out their differences. Maria was all for the blunt approach, which took the form of literally putting both parties in a locked room until they saw sense. Liz on the other hand was more keen on the less literal sense of the saying and simply trying to get the two to talk. It wouldn’t be easy because as far as Alex was aware Isabel didn’t want to be anywhere near him and Isabel would find it very difficult to lay herself bare to anyone, even if it was Alex.

Suddenly the doorbell went again and Liz & Maria were pleased to see their best friend come in and make his way to the counter. As he sat down both girls hurried over to Alex to see how he was.

Before either girl could say anything Alex launched into what was obviously a prepared speech.

“It goes against my common sense to come in here but I promised Maria I would try to cheer up and not to continue avoiding the pair of you so here I am. Having said all of that I am painfully aware that you two are up to something and can I just say I appreciate whatever you are trying to do but I would rather you leave things alone. Isabel has made it painfully clear how she wants things and I am now happy with that so please just leave things be”

Alex’ speech had knocked the wind out of the two girls sails.

“What’s it to be? Cola float or orange soda?” Liz said with a smile

“Orange soda please” Alex said returning his friends smile

Despite his comments he knew he hadn’t seen the end of his friends meddling but he also knew he had to make the token effort to try and keep them out of his business. It was doomed to fail before he started but he had to try.

“Have you seen Isabel?”

“Maria! I thought I asked you not to pry”

“Who’s prying? I just wondered if you had seen Isabel, nothing more”

“No I haven’t seen Isabel, not since I saw you guys having a little chat at lunchtime”

Liz brought over Alex’ drink. As she put the soda in front of Alex she continued Maria full frontal assault.

“It’s just that Isabel was asking after you”

“She was?” Alex berated himself for his knee jerk reaction.

Both girls smiled.

“Yes she was. I think she wants to speak to you about how she has handled things between the two of you over the last few weeks”

“Liz, I don’t need you to explain Isabel’s actions to me. She has made her bed and now she can lie in it, alone”

“It doesn’t become you” Liz said

“What doesn’t become me?” Alex enquired

“Playing the bitter, wounded soldier. It’s not just Isabel that you are concerned and worried about. It’s in your nature to be protective and caring. If Maria or I ever need anything you are there for us just as it is in your nature to be there for Isabel. I know she has hurt you by what she has said but she has told us she has made a mistake with how poorly things have gone between you”

Liz leaned in to be directly in front of Alex’ face.

“I can’t say I agree with how Isabel has handled things but how will you ever be able to get past this if you won’t give her a chance to explain? All we are saying is give Isabel a chance to explain herself. If you don’t like what you hear you can walk away and have nothing more to do with her but I think you owe it to yourself to find out”

“Owe it to myself? How exactly do I owe it to myself?” Alex still didn’t see.

Maria stepped forward.

“Alex were you just after Isabel for how she looked, as a trophy girlfriend?”

“No Maria you know me better than that. Why would you say such a thing?”

“Because that is how you are acting. We know you better than anyone else and we would never dream that you were after Isabel just for her looks, we both know you have genuine feelings for her. All that being said how are we supposed to react when you just give up all those feelings when Isabel makes a mistake. I don’t believe for one second that you can just walk away from how you feel about Isabel, not without a fight. So I am asking you Alex, are you going to just give up or are you going to fight?”

Just as Alex was about to answer the bell rung and all three friends looked towards the front door to see Max, Michael and Isabel entering the Crashodown. As soon as Isabel saw Alex she hung her head and followed her two brothers to a booth across from where Alex was sitting at the counter.

Liz mover round the counter to serve the three new arrivals while Maria stayed with Alex who, similar to Isabel, was hanging his head.

“Hi, What can I get you” Liz said smiling

“I’ll have a Men in Black burger, fries and a coke. Michael? Iz?”

“I’ll have the same” Said Michael

Max looked at Isabel

“Iz. What would you like?”

“I’m not hungry, I’m OK thanks” Isabel smiled at Liz

“How about I bring you a plate of fries just in case you get hungry?” Liz knew Isabel’s mind was elsewhere.

“Yeah OK, thanks Liz” Isabel was grateful for Liz’ concern.

“Alex why don’t you join us” Max called

“Max! What are you doing?” The look of shock on Isabel’s face made Max realised he had stepped over some imaginary line between Isabel and Alex.

Alex turned round to face the three aliens.

“Thanks Max but I am only having a quick drink, I wouldn’t want to impose”

As Alex looked on he was saddened by the look on Isabel’s face when he said no.

Out of sight from the rest of the group Maria reached across the counter and punched Alex in the arm.

“Ow! What was that for?” Alex said rubbing his arm.

Maria didn’t say anything, just nodded towards the group.

Alex understood the less than subtle hint.

“Actually Max I think I will join you if you all don’t mind”

“Not a problem with me” Michael said as he turned to Isabel

“Not at all” Isabel said with a nervous smile.

Alex picked up his drink and moved to join the friends sitting in the booth. Alex wasn’t sure which would have been his preferred sitting position. Sitting beside Isabel so they were only a matter of inches apart or how he was now, sitting across from Isabel so he couldn’t help but look at her.

“So how are things?“ Max said trying to make creative conversation “We haven’t seen much of you in the last few days”

That comment caused Isabel to drop her gaze again.

“I’ve been around. Just busy I guess”

“How was that book I sold you at the convention?”

Both Alex and Isabel froze, neither taking a breathe. Finally Alex snapped out of his panic.

“It was great thanks Max”

“I was wondering” Max continued “Why did you buy two copies”

Isabel’s head snapped up to stare directly at Alex. It was now Alex’ turn to hang his head.

“One was for me to keep and one was for a present” Alex looked up and met Isabel’s gaze “So we could have a copy each, something to have in common”

Isabel felt her heart soar. She thought it was a wonderful gift when he had bought a copy just for her. To find out that he had bought himself a copy so they had something they could share just between them made it the sweetest gift she could ever imagine.

“Alex I need to talk to you” Isabel grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the booth. With Isabel leading the way and their friends looking on in disbelief the two of them made a dramatic exit from the Crashodown.

To be continued………

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Chapter 6

Isabel continued to hold onto Alex as they made their way down the street. Alex wasn’t quite sure what to make of what was happening but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world to be holding the hand of the woman of your dreams as she drags you off to who knows where.

“Alex do you have your car with you?” Isabel didn’t look at Alex

“Yes. It’s over there” Alex pointed to his car on the other side of the street

Isabel continued on her mission, deviating to head towards the car in question.

Alex unlocked the car and held open the door for Isabel to get in. His act of chivalry didn’t go unnoticed but Isabel couldn’t bring herself to look or speak to him at the moment.

Alex walked round the car and got into the driver’s seat and started the car. He turned to speak to Isabel but she continued to refuse eye contact with him so despite his growing anger and confusion Alex pulled away from the Crashdown.

“Where are we going?” Isabel noticed the anger in his voice

“My house”

Alex turned abruptly to look at Isabel and almost caused the car to swerve into the oncoming traffic.

“Your house?” Isabel continued to look forward, not looking at Alex.

Alex realised he had lost control of the situation and was losing control of his temper. He pulled the car over to the sidewalk with a screech of tyres and Isabel was shocked at his actions.

“Alex. What are you doing?” Isabel was confused

“What am I doing? Don’t you mean what are you doing! Not only have I had to put up with your actions over the last couple of weeks but dragging me out of the Crashdown where all are friends are sitting and then refusing to look at me. Can you not bring yourself to even look at me now!” Alex was almost shouting

“You don’t understand” Isabel finally look at Alex

“That’s an understatement. What don’t I understand?” Alex tried to calm himself.

“I want us to go somewhere quiet so we can clear the air, sort out our problems and where I can apologise for what I have done”

Isabel’s words were deflating Alex’ anger by the second. In fact he was starting to feel bad for over reacting.

“OK. I understand that now but why can’t you look at me, what’s wrong with me?” Alex’ voice was now calm.

Isabel hung her head for a moment as though she was searching for the right words.

“You couldn’t have it more wrong” Isabel was obviously tearing up and her words were little more than a whisper

“Then you tell me Iz. What have I got wrong” Alex tried to draw Isabel out of herself.

“If I look at you now I may have to kiss you” Isabel’s voice was barely audible

“What?” Alex was in shock.

Isabel looked up at Alex from where she had been gazing at her hands

“I said if I look at you I think I am going to kiss you” Her gaze dropped to her hands again

“I know I am repeating myself and I am sorry but I don’t understand” Alex was shaking

“Back at the Crashdown when Max asked you about the book you bought, or should I say books you bought. You said one was for you and one was a present for me so we could share them, just between us”

“That’s right” Alex was still at a loss

“God Alex, do I have to spell it out for you?” Isabel was obviously having trouble with Alex lack of understanding

“I’m sorry, I’m not doing it deliberately” Alex gave an awkward smile

Isabel started shaking her head and even without looking directly at him Alex could tell she was starting to smile.

Isabel looked at Alex again.

“You don’t even know when you are doing it, being cute”

“What?” Alex was scratching his head.

As difficult as it would be for her to say, Isabel was going to have to put Alex out of his misery.

“Alex you bought me a present, not just any present but a wonderful, thoughtful present that I will treasure forever. Then I find out that you secretly bought a second copy so we would have something in common, something to share and you still don’t get it. What you did was wonderfully romantic and is far and away the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I couldn’t bring myself to look at you as I thought I would have to kiss you”

Alex went to speak but Isabel held up her hand to stop him.

“It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you, in fact I really, really want to kiss you but I think it is best that we clear the air over what has gone on between us before I make a very confusing situation even worse by kissing you”

As well as blushing and being hugely embarrassed Alex was also at a loss for words, all he could think of was Isabel wanted to kiss him.

It was now Alex’ turn to look away from Isabel. Try as he might he was unable to hide the thousand watt smile that he was giving off as he pulled back into traffic. Isabel was also blushing but she felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. At least she would be able to explain herself to Alex. He might not like or agree with what she was going to say but at least this was a start.

The rest of the short journey to Isabel’s house was driven in a comfortable silence. Both Isabel and Alex were grateful for the chance to catch their breath and to clear their muddled minds.

When they reached the Evans family home they got out of the car and made their way to the front door. Isabel unlocked and opened the door and they went inside.

“Would you like a drink?” Isabel offered

“No thanks. I just had an orange soda at the Crashdown before you arrived”

As neither of them wanted a drink Isabel took Alex’ hand again and head towards the stairs.

“Where are we going?” Alex asked nervously

“To my bedroom” Isabel said glancing back

Alex’ heart pounded in his chest. He could feel his pulse racing and all he could hear in his ears was the coursing of his blood.

As Isabel opened her bedroom door it was like an Aladdin’s cave to Alex as he stepped through into unknown territory. As Alex glanced at her room he didn’t know if he was happy or sad to see what appeared to be a normal teenage girls bedroom.

Alex chastised himself quietly at such a stupid though. What had he been expecting?
It wasn’t going to be all flashing lights and bleeping noises.

“Alex are you Ok? You look a little lost” Isabel couldn’t help but worry.

“I’m fine thank you, just a lot to take in” Alex said with a smile

“Take a seat” Isabel pointed towards her bed, which caused Alex to take a gulp as he sat down.

Isabel started pacing, her nerves getting the better of her.


Isabel stopped pacing and looked at Alex.

“Unless you are going to tell me we can’t date or that I am suffocating you anything you have to say is going to be better than what you have said in the last ten days”

Alex was trying to help but he could see from Isabel’s face he hadn’t.

“Sorry Iz. All I mean is we are over the rough stuff and onto calmer waters” Alex offered Isabel a smile and he was glad to have it returned.

Isabel calmed her nerves, continued pacing and began.

“From almost the word go you and I have been slightly off track with what has been going on between us. From the first time I asked you to the rave when you thought I was asking if you would want to know how it went to you thinking I only asked you so I could seduce you into not telling the sheriff about us”

Alex let his head hang as he tried to hide his embarrassment.

“Then we had the whole date fiasco with you being so sweet and me being all defensive, trying to keep you at arms length. Finally we had the convention when you kept popping into my line of sight and looking for me”

Isabel stopped pacing and sat on a chair opposite Alex.

“For the record I did want to go to the rave with you. Yes I wanted to know more about you but that was because you are Liz & Maria’s best friend and we were deciding whether we could tell you our most precious secret”

Alex just nodded.

“Then we had the Stargazing, which was so wonderful. The things you say are just so sweet and they are made all the more wonderful by the fact that you don’t even know they are so nice”

Isabel just smiled at Alex.

“When you mentioned the word date I panicked. I couldn’t think of anything else to say other than it wasn’t a date. I didn’t mean to be so harsh but I was at a loss as to what to say. Finally we have the book. You will never know how much receiving that book meant to me, means to me. I have been fortunate to have Max and Michael in my life but they are my brothers. I am also very lucky to have my mom and dad who give me a loving home and stable environment. But you gave me that book”

Tears started to well up in Isabel’s eyes.

“I’m not sure you know what you did by giving me that book. When we were stargazing you said it made it all the more special to look at the stars with me, that was truly a lovely thing to say. All the other compliments in my life came from family or boys trying to get inside my sweater”

Both Isabel and Alex got embarrassed at her last comment.

“Buying me a book on the constellations was very thoughtful and it is something I will treasure forever. Knowing that you bought a copy for yourself has only made it even more important to me”

Isabel slid off of her chair and kneeled in front of Alex, taking his hands in hers.

“Alex I am truly sorry for what I have said and done. I am sorry if I have upset you and given you the impression that I am not attracted to you because nothing is further from the truth. I do care about you and I am attracted to you but….”

“I knew there had to be a but, it was all going so well” Alex joked.

Isabel didn’t laugh.

“But” Isabel continued “if we are to move forward I am going to have to take things slowly Alex. I like you very much and I want to move forward but I’m not Max and I am not Michael. I don’t doubt what Max has with Liz or what Michael appears to be getting with Maria but I am not sure I will survive if I get my heart broken. The easiest way to deal with that problem is to break your heart first. When I saw you in the hallway this morning, even if I had broken your heart first it didn’t stop you breaking mine when I saw the look on your face. I would never want to hurt someone that much let alone you”

Isabel stood up and brought Alex to his feet.

“I promise I will never intentionally hurt you again Alex. If you give me time I hope to be the person you seem to think I am”

Alex pulled Isabel into a hug.

“Isabel. You are already the woman I think you are and so much more. I would do anything for you Isabel, anything to make you happy”

“Then can we stand here, like this, for a while?”

“Iz. I would happily spend the rest of my life here in your arms”

To be continued………

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Chapter 7

“You and Alex seem to have sorted out your problems” Max smiled at Isabel over the dinner table.

Isabel couldn’t help but smile.

“We had a little chat and I think we have cleared the air. It turns out we were just suffering from a couple of misunderstandings which, now that we have them corrected, shouldn’t cause us any more problems”

As Max looked at his sister he was very pleased to see the change in her demeanour in the last couple of hours. Since before the incident at the Crashdown when Max saved Liz Isabel had taken it upon herself to be the worrier of the group. Michael had always been the paranoid one and Max had tried to be the level-headed member of the siblings but it was Isabel who suffered nightmares about being taken away and confined. It wasn’t that Max and Michael didn’t also worry about being found out just that Isabel allowed it to be all consuming with her and had been the reason behind the invention of the Ice Princess which everyone had grown to know and fear at West Roswell.

“Max…..Max! Are you day dreaming again?” Isabel said with a frown

“Sorry Iz. Not day dreaming, just thinking. So what exactly did you and Alex talk about? In fact what has been going on with you two?” Max was intrigued

“What? I’m not sure what you mean” Isabel was either unsure or playing dumb.

“First of all we have the dreams that have been causing you problems for almost a week. Then we have you, Liz & Maria acting as thick as thieves all day at school which meant Michael and I were excluded from seeing the girls both this morning and at lunch. Finally we have the dramatic exit from the Crashdown late this afternoon when you all but dragged Alex out of the booth and disappeared”

“My you have been keeping an eye on me dear brother” Isabel wasn’t sure if she should be pleased or upset with how her brother had been keeping a close eye on her over the last few days. As she looked at his face she could see only concern so it wasn’t difficult to be thankful for his vigilance.

“OK Max. As you are kind enough to show concern for me I shall be kind enough to tell you what has been going on. I warn you however that it may be a little too much for my innocent brother to hear” Isabel’s smile turned to a mischievous grin

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take” Max said returning Isabel’s look

As the two siblings chatted amiably at the table Diane Evans looked on from the kitchen as she loaded the dishwasher. She knew something had changed in recent weeks and her two children had closed themselves off from their parents and, at times, the outside world. Clandestine meetings with Michael had taken place in all rooms of the house but whenever she or her husband came within earshot there was always a swift change of subject or an end to the discussion. As she looked on it warmed her heart to see the two most important people in her life actually looking happy and relaxed. It had been weeks since she had seen them so at ease with one another and Isabel was looking positively radiant at the moment.

“Would you two like anything more from the kitchen before it closes?” Diane joked

“No thanks mom, I couldn’t eat another thing” Isabel said smiling

“Mom you tidied up. If I had known I would have given you a hand” Max said with his most innocent look

“Oh thank you Max. As you are such a thoughtful son you can do the dishes tomorrow” Diane said with a wink towards Isabel

“Serves you right for trying to ingratiate yourself with mom” Isabel fired at a deflated looking Max “I can’t believe you’re eating two evening meals a day just to get near Liz”

“Don’t change the subject. What’s been happening with you” Max’ concerned look had reappeared.

“The dreams I have been having are more confusing than scary. I was a little shocked to hear you say I called out last night but they really aren’t a big problem, more of a puzzle than anything else”

“And your private meetings with the girls?”

“Without going beyond the brother/sister boundary’s I have had a little problem with Alex. More to do with how badly I have been treating Alex and I needed the opinion and help of my friends to put things right” Isabel explained.

“Your friends” Max emphasised “I’m glad you have not only cleared the air with Alex but you seem to be getting on so well with Liz and Maria”

“I must admit that aside from how I feel about Alex it is also nice to have a couple of female friends to be able to talk to and rely on. It’s all well and good talking to you and Michael or talking to my so called friends at school about superficial things but to finally have a couple of girlfriends who also know our secret is just such a weight off my mind I can’t tell you”

“There’s no need to tell me Iz. I know exactly what you mean. You’ve known how I have felt about Liz for many years and to finally have her in my life and to be able to speak to her about what’s going on is just such a relief”

Isabel just sat and nodded in agreement with her brother.

“Who would have thought that what happened in the Crashdown that day would have had such a positive on effect” Max had lowered his tone to be sure his parents couldn’t hear the conversation

“Well I have to admit that when I first discovered what you had done I thought it was the end of us but who knew that Alex, Liz and Maria would turn out to be such great friends?”

“So how have you left things with Alex? If that’s not too personal a question to ask” Max continued

“Well once we had sorted out our misunderstandings we had a chat and I explained to Alex that I have the same feelings for him that he has for me but I need to take things a little slower than you and Michael. I don’t doubt how I feel about Alex just that I don’t want to get hurt. When I saw the look on Alex’ face this morning and how I have hurt him over the last couple of weeks it would kill me to hurt him again so I want to make sure we are always on the same wavelength, no more misunderstandings. He’s become too important to me”

Max couldn’t help but smile again.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Isabel questioned

“Sorry. I was unaware I was looking at you in any particular way. The fact that I haven’t seen you this relaxed in ages might have something to do with it. Also the fact that I haven’t seen you this happy, ever, might be the other reason”

“So you attribute my happy state of mind to Alex do you?”

“Well if it isn’t Alex I hope, whatever it is, that it continues and if it is Alex I hope he carries on doing whatever he’s been doing”

“He hasn’t been DOING anything, thank you very much” Isabel gave her brother a playful slap on the arm to denote the end of any more innuendo.

“So are you not off to see Alex this evening? I’m off to see Liz”

“We thought about it but decided that as we are taking things slowly we could manage to wait until tomorrow at school before seeing one another. I am beginning to understand the old saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’. I will be honest and say I can’t get Alex out of my head, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing” Isabel said grinning

“Well you are a better person than I as I can’t stand being away from Liz for any length of time. I’m off to annoy Liz at the Crashdown, Michael and Maria are also working. Do you want to join us? We could give Alex a call”

“No thanks. I have a date with some candles and a hot bath. I need to make sure I look my best for Alex tomorrow at school”
“Iz, you do know you could turn up for school in muddy clothes, no makeup and your hair under a cap and Alex will still think you the most beautiful girl in school”

“It’s precisely because he would think like that that I am going to make an extra special effort tonight”

Max wasn’t convinced of Isabel’s logic but if she was happy, which she was, it was all that mattered.

Max headed off to the Crashdown to meet his friends and Isabel went off to make herself even more beautiful, if that were possible.

As Isabel climbed into bed she was aware it was still only 9:30pm but she had so few hours sleep over the previous five nights that a good nights rest was what she desperately needed.

Initially Isabel couldn’t get to sleep due to the thoughts that were running through her mind. On previous nights it was the constant worry about the dreams that kept her from falling asleep but tonight it was thoughts of Alex that kept her awake.

If anything was going to keep her awake Isabel would be happy for it to be thoughts of Alex. She wondered why he had such feelings for her, she didn’t deserve such adoration. Why had she never realised what a great guy Alex was before? That was simple enough to answer, She had never taken the time to speak to him. Two minutes in Alex’ company was enough to tell you everything you needed to know about him. He was bright, honest and funny. He was loyal, perceptive and committed. It really was possible to know all of that about him within minutes simply because Alex wore his heart on his sleeve. Isabel had learned quickly that what you saw with Alex was what you got, there wasn’t any ulterior motives with him and as an alien hiding in plain sight it was the most welcome of traits.

As Isabel lay in bed, looking up at the ceiling she had a sudden urge to speak to Alex. She thought about getting dressed but she knew she desperately needed some sleep. She thought about phoning him but as she was the one who insisted on taking things slow it wouldn’t look very good hassling him a few hours after they last saw each other. Finally she reached for the yearbook beside her bed. Isabel always kept the book close to the bed as she spent so much of her time dream walking. Opening the book to the page she now had imprinted on her mind forever her eyes fell upon the picture of Alex Charles Whitman. Isabel’s first thought was to speak to Liz and Maria tomorrow to get some better pictures of Alex. Of course she could ask Alex out right and he would happily supplier her with anything she asked for but it was too soon in their relationship to be though of as so girlie, or so Isabel believed.

Isabel allowed her finger to rest on the picture of Alex, tracing the outline. It would take minimum effort on her part to dream walk Alex but that would be intrusive. As she lay looking at the picture of Alex’ smiling face she cleared her mind and just allowed herself to drift off. Her last thought was how even a picture of Alex was now capable of making her relax. She would have to repay his unknown affect on her.

With Alex on her mind Isabel fell into sleep. Shortly afterwards the dream began.

To be continued……….

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Chapter 8

“Alex look out!” Isabel screamed and lunged for the steering wheel

“Isabel what’s wrong? Everything’s OK” Alex tried to calm an obviously fraught Isabel

“Alex everything isn’t OK, you’re driving on the wrong side of the road” Isabel was still in a panic

“Iz calm down. I think that after 90 years or more it’s become quite well known that the British drive on the left-hand side of the road. We’re fine” Alex was smiling at a blatantly confused Isabel

“British? Where exactly are we?” Isabel’s confusion knew no bounds

“Did you fall a sleep and wake up a little dazed? We’re in London. Where do you think we are?” Alex was getting concerned

Slowly Isabel became aware of what was going on. She was dreaming again and this time they were in London. Initially Isabel was a little sad that she was continuing to suffer from these nightly forays into the confusing dream world but with the realisation that this was a dream and she was away in London with Alex it suddenly wasn’t so daunting.

“Are you alright?” Alex’ face was a picture of concern

“Yes I’m fine Alex. Thank you for asking” Isabel gave Alex a reassuring smile

Isabel stroked the back to Alex’ neck as he drove through the darkened streets of London. Isabel had never been to England before and decided as her recent dreams had been so vivid she was going to make the most of her unexpected tour.

As the journey continued Isabel started to pick out familiar London sites that she had read about and seen on TV. The red double decker buses, black taxis and the occasional famous landmark.

After a while Isabel became intrigued as to where they were going. Alex was driving like a man on a mission so he knew where they were going but he appeared to be keeping it a secret from Isabel.

“Where are we going?” Isabel enquired

“I told you Iz, it’s a surprise” Alex gave Isabel a secretive look

“Alex you know I hate surprises. Can’t you just give me a hint” Isabel leaned into Alex as he drove and started whispering sweet nothings into his ear, trying to tempt the information out of him

“Isabel if you don’t stop I might crash the car and we won’t get to where we are going” Isabel sat back in her chair with a fake pout. As she looked across to Alex she knew he wasn’t buying any of this and was still smiling

“We’re nearly there Iz, I promise. I think you are going to like it and it will be worth the wait. You have no idea how fortunate I have been to arrange this”

Now the suspense was nearly killing Isabel. As she was becoming more aware of her situation it dawned on her that, as this was a dream, Alex could have absolutely anything arranged for the two of them. The world, as they say, was their oyster.

With the anticipation building the car suddenly pulled over to a halt.

“Here we are” Alex said getting out of the car and rushing round to open Isabel’s door

“Alex this is a dark, back alley. It’s not exactly what I was hoping for” Isabel couldn’t help but feel disappointed

“This isn’t the surprise Isabel. What’s behind those doors is” Alex pointed to a large set of double doors which looked like fire escape doors at the back of a large building.

Isabel felt guilty for doubting Alex but as he was being so cryptic she couldn’t help but let her imagination run wild.

“Do you trust me?” Alex asked tentatively

“Yes” Was Isabel’s instant reply

“Then forgive me while I do this”

Alex reached into his pocket and pulled out a long silk scarf. As he walked behind the back of Isabel and reached around to wrap the scarf over Isabel’s eyes he couldn’t help but notice the sharp intake of breath Isabel took in before the blackout. His subterfuge was having the desired affect.

“Alex if you remove this blindfold and I lot of people shout surprise I won’t be happy”

Alex couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he led Isabel to the large doors. When he gave the door a loud bang Isabel stepped back in fright.

“Sorry Iz I wasn’t thinking” Alex wrapped his arms around her shaking body to comfort the tall blond.

“Not a problem Alex but a little warning would be much appreciated” Isabel said with a nervous smile

Suddenly Isabel heard the sound of one of the large doors opening and she heard a strange voice in an English accent speak to Alex.

“Good evening Mr.Whitman. Right on time I see”

“Hello Mr.Church. Is everything set?” Alex questioned as he gentle moved Isabel forward into the building.

“Everything is in place Mr.Whitman just as you instructed” Said the large Englishman

“Thank you again Mr.Church for doing this for me”

“Our pleasure Mr.Whitman, glad we could help. You have the place to yourself, just let the security guard know when you are ready to leave"

Isabel listened as the unseen mans footsteps moved off into the distance and finally faded out completely.

“Are you still OK Iz? we’re nearly there” Alex took Isabel’s hand

“I’m fine Alex but the suspense is killing me” Isabel smiled nervously

Alex slowly moved Isabel down a long straight corridor. Finally they reached another large set of double doors. Alex opened one door and eased Isabel into the next room and closed the door behind them. Alex placed his hands gently but firmly on Isabel’s hips and stirred her forward several steps and then brought her to a halt.

“Are you ready?” Alex asked, hardly able to contain his excitement

“I think so” Isabel said breathlessly

Alex reached up and untied the scarf from around Isabel’s eyes. He allowed the scarf to drop and waited for Isabel’s reaction.

Nothing happened.


“Yes Alex”

“Have you opened your eyes?”

“Not yet”

Alex couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Nothing I am just a little nervous”


“Yes Alex”

“Please open your eyes”

Finally Isabel dared to open her eyes. If she had been worried about over hyping what Alex had planned for her she had no need to worry.

As Isabel looked up she saw the most beautifully sight she could imagine, a sky full of the most wondrous stars.

“You brought me to a planetarium” Isabel’s voice was choked with tears

“Well we are a long way from home so we can’t do our normal Stargazing and in a big city like London it’s difficult to get the full effect of the stars due to the street lights. I thought about taking a trip to the country and it was then that I hit upon the idea of coming here”

Isabel turned and threw herself into Alex’s arms. It was truly the most wonderful surprise possible and to share it with Alex was a dream come true. Isabel laughed to herself for the irony of that last thought. She was having a dream about a situation that was a dream come true.

As was becoming the standard feeling whenever she was in Alex’ arms Isabel could have stayed there forever but she didn’t want to lose one second of this magical night, the dream could end at any moment.

“Would madam care to take a seat?” Alex pointed to the centre of the room where a picnic was laid out on a large rug.

“Alex this is wonderful. How did you manage to get this organised?” Isabel moved towards the picnic and sat down on the floor.

“If I’m honest it wasn’t too difficult and I had a lot of luck. Once I decided on the planetarium I called and spoke to the manager Mr.Church. I was lucky in the fact that like me Mr.Church is a romantic so when I explained we were from America on a visit and I wanted to do something romantic for someone special he was only too glad to help”

Alex had kneeled in front of Isabel and he was overjoyed at her happy, smiling face as she looked around the room.

“Come join me” Isabel patted the floor beside her

Alex moved over to join Isabel and as he sat down she pulled him back so they both ended up side by side looking up to the ceiling with all the stars shining down.

Isabel and Alex lay in each others arms looking up at the stars for what seemed like hours before Isabel finally woke from her dream. Suddenly her nightly dreams didn’t seem so much of a problem as she lay back to replay the events of the dream while they were still fresh in her mind.

To be continued……….

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Chapter 9

As Alex approached the school he felt like he was walking on air. Driving on air would have been nearer the mark as he was still in his car but he had had all night to review the events of yesterday and whatever way he looked at it things were good.

Of course he had several moments of anxiety when he gave any thought to the future and where the relationship might be going. He soon quashed those thoughts when he realised he should be concentrating on what was happening now and not worrying about the future.

As Alex pulled into the parking area he was pleased to see all of his friends standing near Maria’s car. Most importantly for Alex Isabel was there and she appeared to be on the lookout for someone. As Alex parked his car alongside Maria’s the look on Isabel’s face filled his heart with joy. She was positively beaming with happiness and all Alex could think of was that she was looking directly at him.

“About time” Maria cried as Alex got out of his car.

Isabel didn’t stand on ceremony. As soon as Alex was up and out of the car she threw herself at him.

“Oh brother” Was all Michael could say as Maria gave him a punch in the ribs

Max had been entwined with Liz when Alex arrived but his attention was drawn to his sister who was busy cuddling with their tall friend. He wasn’t sure if he should be happy at his sister’s good fortune to have found someone who obviously adored her and would be a good influence on her or to step in and pull them apart as some boy was mauling his sister. Common sense prevailed, as in truth, Alex wasn’t so much mauling Isabel as holding onto her and it was definitely his sister who was the aggressor in this instance.

“How are you this morning” Alex whispered into Isabel’s ear

“All the better for seeing you” Isabel replied

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Alex questioned

“Do what?” Isabel wasn’t sure what Alex was asking

“This! I don’t mind if you want to take things easy around school. I don’t exactly do much for your credibility with your friends”

Alex pulled away from Isabel slightly.

“Is that what you think? What you want?” Isabel had gone from smiling to frowning

“NO! It’s not what I think and certainly not what I want. All I am saying is I understand if you don’t want to be tactile when we are at school or near your friends. It’s not what you think of me I am concerned about but what your friends will think of you”

Isabel stepped forward again into Alex’s arms.

“Alex if there is one thing I have learned since Max saved Liz in the Crashdown is that the people I have been hanging round with at school aren’t my friends, not my true friends”

While holding onto Alex Isabel turned to the rest of the group who had been standing by quietly as the scene had unfolded between the new couple.

“These are our friends Alex and they are all I want, all I will ever need” Isabel said smiling

“Damn straight” Maria cried

“You tell’em Iz” Liz agreed

“Well now that we have that sorted” Max interjected “Maybe we should get into school and learn something”

“Liz you do know you got the short straw with Max. The fact that he is such a study fiend” Isabel joked

“You’re kidding Isabel. If we are talking study fiend Liz and Max are a match made in heaven” Maria replied

The three couples made their way to class. Alex tried to ignore the stares that were coming his way as he made his way inside while holding onto Isabel’s hand. Being part of the popular crowd and looking like a catwalk model meant Isabel was used to being leered at but it was a whole new experience for Alex. He knew it wasn’t him specifically they were looking at rather how Isabel was allowing herself to be seen holding onto a well known school geeks hand.

Isabel was aware of the looks that were coming her way but she really couldn’t careless. She was holding onto the hand of someone who knew her. Not the facade that she put up every day that she came to school or the ice princess who was every boy at West Roswell high’s fantasy but the real Isabel. How had she managed to last so long only allowing people to see the veneer of the real Isabel? They could see how see looked but they didn’t know what she truly thought about things or what her real feelings were. Isabel knew early on that her job at high school was to look pretty and to keep people at arms length. Not a very feminist way of looking at things but she had more concerns to worry about than your average student and being politically correct wasn’t high on her list of priorities.

Why couldn’t people just accept that she had found someone who she really cared about and who really cared about her? All they would see is the schools most desirable woman with one of the schools least popular males. It wasn’t that Alex was unattractive he just wasn’t remarkable, in their eyes, but they didn’t know the real Alex just as they didn’t know the real Isabel. As far as Isabel was concerned Alex was the most remarkable person she had ever met. If that fact was going to remain their own little secret then so be it. Isabel intended keeping Alex for herself anyway so it wasn’t a loss as far as she was concerned.

As they approached Isabel’s first class the rest of the group carried on while Alex and Isabel slowed to a halt in front of the door.

“So I’ll see you at lunch” Alex asked shyly

“That’s the plan. I’m not sure I can last that long but I’ll give it a try” Isabel smiled

“See you later” Alex went to pull away from Isabel but was pulled back

“What no kiss?” Isabel knew the whole class was watching and that Alex was trying to help her save face. Kissing Alex in public wouldn’t go down well with the in crowd.

“I just thought…..” Alex didn’t finish that thought.

Isabel’s lips came crashing down on Alex’s as though her life depended on it, the connection was instant and the flashes came fast and furious. As they pulled apart both Alex and Isabel had to catch their breath.

“Wow” Was all Isabel could think to say

“Wow indeed” Alex said with a wide grin

“Will you be joining us today Miss.Evans?” The teacher enquired

“Sorry” Isabel felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t mind kissing Alex in front of her classmates but she drew the line at kissing him in front of a teacher.

“Bye” Alex said trying to pull away

“Bye” Isabel leaned in for a final quick kiss she couldn’t help herself

Alex headed off to class as Isabel made her way to her seat. She made sure she held her head up high and met any looks she was received from her classmates head on. She knew what they were thinking. All the girls were thinking ‘What on earth was she doing with Whitman?’ she could do so much better than a guy like him. The boys were all think ‘What has Whitman got that I haven’t? I should have a girl like Isabel not a geek like Whitman. If only they knew the truth.

The morning seemed to drag for Isabel but finally the bell went to signify lunchtime and after dropping her books off at her locker she made her way out into the quad to meet her friends for lunch.

As she approached their normal meeting point Isabel was a little disappointed to find everyone had arrived except Alex.

“Hi. Where’s Alex” Isabel questioned

“Hi. We thought he was with you” Liz replied

Isabel sat down next to Maria and took out her lunch.

“I haven’t seen him since he walked me to my first lesson. He must be delayed in class or something”

“Speaking of your first class…..” Maria trailed off

“What?” Isabel asked with a knowing smile

“We heard you and Alex put on quite a show for Mr.Harkin and the rest of the class” Liz was trying to hide her smile from an obviously unhappy Max

“It wasn’t exactly a show, I just gave him a quick kiss goodbye”

“Which let both of you and the rest of the class breathless by all accounts” Michael interrupted, also smiling

“Can we hold off on the discussion about my sister being seen by half the school making out with Alex until after I have eaten?” Max was trying to appear annoyed at Isabel but it wasn’t working

“And I suppose you and Liz haven’t been spending a lot of time together, exchanging flashes” Maria offered

“Thanks for backing me up Maria. It’s not like our fearless leader has been keeping his hands to himself in the last week or two” Isabel loved seeing her brother squirm

The banter continued for a while as the friends eat their lunches. Isabel was getting more and more concerned about the absence of Alex but she was reassured by her friends that he was most likely caught up with something in computer lab and had lost track of time.

Isabel wasn’t overly convinced by her friend’s suggested explanation but as she and Alex had only recently started going out she didn’t want to appear as a possessive or needy girlfriend.

Lunch continued but was finally interrupted by the sound of a siren coming closer and closer to the school. Soon it became apparent that whatever the siren signified it had come to a halt outside. People started to head towards the double doors which led to the schools front entrance to see what was going on.

Isabel had had a strange feeling all through lunch and not only was it not getting any better but it was starting to get worse. Possessive or not she was going to find Alex. Isabel got up from the table and started heading towards the doors where so many other students were going.

“Iz! Where are you going” Max called after his sister as he got up from the table

“Something’s wrong! I’m need to find Alex” Isabel called over her shoulder.

That was all they needed to hear. The group left their lunches and belongs and set off after Isabel. Michael and Max lengthened their stride so they caught up with Isabel just as she reach the doors.

“Don’t worry Iz we’ll find him” Michael tried to calm Isabel’s nerves

Max placed a hand on Isabel’s shoulder as they made their way to the schools front doors.

“We’ll find him Iz. I’m sure this has nothing to do with Alex” Max was trying to comfort Isabel as she was becoming more and more agitated

As they made it outside the girls managed to catch up with them and each took hold of one of Isabel’s hands.

Outside it became clear that an ambulance was the source of the siren and it had backed up to be near the school entrance with both rear doors currently sitting open. There wasn’t any sign of the paramedics so they must have still been inside.

Suddenly there was a commotion as the crowd parted to make way for the returning paramedics who were coming out of the school pushing a trolley. There was someone on the trolley but with all that was going on and dozens upon dozens of kids milling about it was impossible to see clearly what was happening.

“What’s happening? What’s going on?” Maria called

A classmate who was nearer the front heard Maria’s call and turned to face her.

“It’s Alex Whitman, I think he’s dead”

To be continued………..

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Chapter 10

“Promise me Max” Isabel repeated

“Iz I already told you I will” Max replied

The jeep was still following the ambulance to the local hospital and aside from contenting with everyone’s natural concerns for Alex Max had to try and reassure Isabel that he would do all he could to save Alex, if he needed saving. When they had tried to find out the condition of Alex while still at the school no one would answer their questions. It was only the fact that the sheet that covered Alex was only pulled up to his chin and not up over his head that they knew that he was still alive when the ambulance left the school for the short journey to the hospital.

It all seemed so surreal but they still had to try and cope with the events that were unfolding in front of them. What could have happened to Alex? Who could have done such a thing, whatever it was, to Alex? Max was keen for everyone to remain calm and for them not to go overboard with speculation.

Maria was clinging onto Michael as though her life depended on it. Liz was taking every chance to hold onto Max’s hand but when driving prevented this she would make do with a simple physical connection by caressing his neck on hold onto his arm. Isabel was a different story. The impact of what had happened had hit everyone very hard but Isabel seemed to have calmed herself quicker than the others and she seemed to have kicked into organiser mode.

From the instant they had realised it was Alex being loaded into the back of the ambulance Isabel had been barking out orders as if Alex’ life had depended on it, which it may well have. Liz and Maria were to deal with Alex’s family who would no doubt be called to the hospital and to run interference if they need to sneak into Alex’s room. Michael was to stand guard while Isabel and Max would tend to any of Alex’ needs. They were all to put aside their feelings until they could confirm that Alex was OK or at least was going to be OK.

During the short journey Isabel had impressed upon Max the need for him to be clear in his mind what he would do to help Alex. Max understood that when Isabel asked that of him she meant she wanted her brother to use his powers, if necessary, to save Alex. Without any prompting from Isabel Max had already given some thought about what lengths he would go to save their friend. He had even passed a look to Michael and when his tall friend just nodded in reply he knew what he would do to save Alex.

The car pulled to a halt outside the hospital and the friends all piled out of the car and made their way into the emergency room. They had been following the ambulance but the fact that it had flashing lights and I siren meant it had arrived a couple of minutes before the jeep pulled up.

When they made their way inside they all headed towards the reception desk just inside the entrance to find out where they had taken Alex.

“Excuse me. We are looking for Alex Whitman. He has just been brought in by ambulance from West Roswell high” Liz explained to the waiting nurse

“The young man is in the ER being evaluated by the medical staff. Please take a seat in the waiting area and I will call you when I know any more” The nurse gave the obviously worried teens a comforting smile as she pointed to the waiting area.

As they headed towards the seats the nurse called to them.

“Can I ask one of you to fill out this admittance form. We need to gather some details on the young man who was brought in”

Liz and Isabel exchanged a look

“I’ll do it Iz, you take a seat” Liz smiled at Isabel and headed back over to the nurses station.

Liz busied herself filling out the questionnaire while the others tried to comfort one other in the waiting area. After a couple of moments Isabel started to pace the room as the tension was getting too much.

“We have to go Max. We could be losing valuable time” Isabel was losing her calm exterior.

“Iz I know you are worried. We all are. I’m sure they will be out in a minute with an update on Alex’ condition but in the meantime why don’t you take a seat with me” Max was trying to be his most reassuring

Liz came back from filling out the form and sat with Max, holding his hand tightly.

“Isabel’s right”

Everyone turned to look at Maria.

“If we leave it too long it could be too late. Alex could be in there after simply fainting in school but equally he could be in there dying or dead”

“Maria!” Liz couldn’t believe her best friend had just said what she said

“Liz I’m sorry but if we have someone who can heal our best friend who might be dying in the next room I am not going to stand around here waiting for god knows what” Maria was starting to cry uncontrollably. Michael moved to envelop his new female friend in a bear hug.

Max looked at Liz “Was there any sign of an update while you were out there?”

Liz just shook her head.

Max looked at Michael and for the second time in the space of the last twenty minutes a nod of the head was all that was needed between the friends to have an understanding. Both young men stood up and headed towards the door.

“Where are you going” Liz enquired

“We’re off to check on Alex” Max replied

“Not without me your not” Isabel said standing

“What about us?” Maria asked

“We can’t all go” Michael said looking at Maria

“Let’s just stick with plan we set in the car” Max said trying to calm everyone down

Everyone nodded as they all made their way out into the reception area. Max, Michael and Isabel were going to try and find Alex while Liz and Maria were preparing themselves for the impending arrival of the Whitman’s, As they approached the nurses station Alex’ mom was already talking to a nurse.

“Hi Mrs Whitman” Liz called coming up behind the fraught woman

Mrs Whitman turned and made a grab for both Liz and Maria. Alex’ mom was only small, Alex and his brothers getting their height from their fathers side of the family, but she still managed to get an arm around each girl.

“Oh thank God you are OK”

“We’re fine Mrs Whitman. Do you know how Alex is or what happened” Liz asked

“I still don’t know what happened to him but they tell me he had some sort of blow to the head” Mrs Whitman started crying “It seems he has a blood clot on the brain and they are not sure they will be able to operate. They have induced a coma to try and lessen the pressure on his brain and they hope that might help”

Mrs Whitman was holding up surprisingly well under the circumstances. She turned to look at the others who had walked over with Liz and Maria.

“Oh I’m sorry. Mrs Whitman this is Isabel, Max and Michael. They are all friends of Alex from school” Liz explained

“Thank you for coming” Mrs Whitman said as she shook each of the boys hands. She turned to Isabel.

“So you’re Isabel,” She said with a smile

Isabel smiled and nodded but was immediately wrapped in a big hug from the much smaller woman. After a few moments of silence she release her grip and stepped back.

“You’re the Isabel that my son can’t stop talking about”

Isabel gave an embarrassed smile and nodded

“He’s often spoken about you over the years but quite frankly I was beginning to think he had made you up as he was always telling me how beautiful you were and how you were always lighting up a room”

Now Isabel was really blushing. Mrs Whitman held onto Isabel’s hand and turned to Liz and Maria.

“And I always thought my son was lucky having these two beauties in his life and now I discover a third one” Mrs Whitman gave Isabel’s hand a squeeze

“I’ll say one thing for my Alex. He always manages to make great friends. I always knew that because of Liz and Maria but seeing you three standing here with the two girls has filled my heart with joy” Mrs Whitman gave them all a smile

“Thank you Mrs Whitman. It’s very kind of you. We can tell where Alex’s gets his caring personality” Isabel said repaying the compliment

“Right! I’m off to phone Mr Whitman to let him know what’s happening with Alex. Why don’t you kids get yourself something to eat or drink? Do you need any money?”

“No thanks Mrs Whitman we’re fine” Maria replied

As Mrs Whitman made her way to the phone booth Liz called after her.

“Mrs Whitman where are they keeping Alex?”

“He’s just down the hall in intensive care but they won’t let you see him yet” Mrs Whitman turned back and continued her walk to the phone booth

The friends gathered in a tight circle.

“What we need is a few minutes alone with Alex so I can clear the blood clot and check what else is wrong with him” Max started

“What about the coma?” Maria asked

“As we don’t know how much time I will have Alex I need to take care of the life threatening stuff first. Trust me Maria I will do all I can to save him” Max offered Maria a reassuring smile

Liz and Maria waited for Mrs Whitman to return from using the phone while the others headed off towards intensive care.

As they followed the signs along the corridor they could see they had to go down to the end and turn left. When they got to the bottom they were surprised to see that the ward consisted of several smaller wards off of a main corridor. As they walked down towards the end they were relieved to see there weren’t too many people moving about the main walkway. That might have had something to do with the fact that they shouldn’t have been there in the first place but with fewer people about they were less likely to be disturbed.

Suddenly Isabel could see the prone body of Alex in the corner of a small room, which contained four beds. The sight of Alex with all the monitors connected up to him brought her to tears, something she had been desperately trying to avoid.

As they started to make their way into the room they were halted by the appearance of a nurse.

“Hello. Can I help you?”

“Yes we are here to see a friend, Alex Whitman” Michael tried to turn on the charm, he gave the nurse his best rebel without a cause smile

“I’m sorry but you are not allowed back here. Reception should have told you to wait at the front for news”

“We’re sorry it’s just he is our sisters boyfriend and she is very upset” Max offered

Isabel took her cue and started wailing at the top of her voice.

“My Alex! I can’t live without my Alex” With that Isabel pretended to faint

As Michael and the nurse helped Isabel to her feet and then to a chair Max slipped into the room unnoticed. Without waiting he stepped behind the partially drawn curtain and placed a hand on Alex’s exposed chest. Max was conscious of leaving a hand print as he had with Liz but he needed to examine Alex as quick as possible, time was running out.

Max could still hear Isabel giving the performance of her life in the corridor as he made the connection. It wasn’t an instant connection as he had with Liz but it was still only a moment or two before he was in.

As he scanned Alex’ body he was relieved to find that what major damage had been done to Alex was confined to his head. Max removed his hand from Alex’s chest and placed it on his head, over his hair. Max was unsure what, if any, difference it would make to his connection to Alex but he was willing to try anything to cover up his healing of Alex. The thought passed through his mind that he might turn Alex’s hair silver but he decided it would be a small price to pay if it meant saving his friend.

Max made the connection again and concentrated on healing Alex. As serious an injury as it was it was actually quite simple for Max to rectify. He pushed apart the blood clot to easy the pressure and to aid the flow of blood. He also made sure there wasn’t any permanent damage to Alex ‘ brain. All the while Max was getting flashes from Alex that he was doing all that he could to ignore at this time as he had to focus on Alex.

Just as Max heard the approaching nurse he gave Alex the slightest inclination to wake up. He wasn’t sure what effect it would have on him but with the damage repaired he hoped that Alex would wake up of his own accord after a sound sleep.

“What on earth are you doing?” The nurse was blatantly angry and who could blame her

“I’m sorry I just wanted to see my friend” Max apologised

“I told you all you had to wait at the front. Don’t make me call security” The nurse was almost shouting

“We’re going, we’re going” Michael said as the nurse shepherded them all up the corridor

As they were ushered towards reception to meet their waiting friends Isabel leaned into Max.

“Is he OK?” She asked with a hopeful look on her face

“He’s going to be fine” Max smiled “And Iz”


“I know what happened to Alex and who did this to him”

To be continued………..

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Chapter 11

The three returning aliens made there way over to where Liz and Maria were sitting with Mrs.Whitman. As they took their seats Max looked to both girls and gave them a nod and a smile to indicate the success of their clandestine mission.

Liz tried to contain her happiness but Maria was simply bouncing up and down in her chair.

“Are you all right dear?” Mrs.Whitman asked Maria

“Yes I’m fine thank you Mrs.Whitman. I am just positive that Alex is going to come through this OK and he will soon be sitting up in bed cracking jokes as he always is”

“I do hope so dear, I do hope so” Was all Mrs.Whitman said patting Maria’s hand.

Max was trying to avoid eye contact with Isabel. He knew she was dying to know what he had found out from Alex. As Alex was still unconscious it didn’t take much for Isabel to work out that Max must have received flashes when he carried out the healing.

Suddenly a doctor approached.

“Mrs.Whitman can you come with me please?” The young doctor held out a hand

“Is it my son? Has something happened? Please tell me” She said rising from her seat

“It’s looks like good news. The pressure on his brain appears to have decreased and we are just about to take another scan of your sons head to see what is happening with the blood clot”

Mrs.Whitman headed off down the corridor with the doctor while the friends pulled themselves into a tight circle again.

“Everything OK?” Liz questioned

“Yes. Isabel and Michael distracted the nurse while I slipped in to see Alex. I managed to make a connection and clear the blood clot as well as repairing some other damage to his brain but I am sure he will be fine”

“Tell us the rest Max” Isabel insisted

“What rest?” Maria could see the look on Isabel’s face

“Max must have had some flashes from Alex when he healed him but he’s suddenly gone quiet on what he saw” Isabel looked directly at Max “Why won’t you tell us what happened to him Max?”

“Now’s not the time Iz. I think we should stay here and concentrate on making sure Alex is all right without running off somewhere and drawing attention to ourselves”

“Who was it Max” Liz’ voice was cold and unfeeling

“Who was what?” Max was feigning ignorance

“Isabel knows you had flashes from Alex. The fact that you simply won’t tell us what happened to Alex or who did it means that it wasn’t an accident. Also that we know the person who did this otherwise you wouldn’t be worried about Isabel running off to confront those responsible” Liz had obviously though things through very quickly

“What if I do tell you what happened and who was responsible? Are we going to beat them up or kill them? We can’t bring attention to ourselves, we should be worried about Alex and that’s all” Max was doing his best to calm the situation

Isabel started to head towards the exit doors.

“Iz, where are you going?” Max called

“You’ve told me all I need to know” Was all she said over her shoulder as she made her way outside.

“Shouldn’t we go after her?” Liz was worried

“I think she needs a little time to calm down. I know she is very worried about Alex, as we all are, and I think she just needs some time to herself” Max placed an arm around Liz

“What did happen?” Maria asked

Isabel made her way out of the parking lot at the hospital and managed to catch a bus heading back towards school. A short while later she was making her way back into the school via the front entrance that they had rushed out of nearly two hours previous.

It wouldn’t be long before the bell rang for the end of the school day so she had to move fast. Max was unwilling to tell Isabel what had happened to Alex and more importantly who had injured him. That told her that she knew the person that did it and her prime suspects were the morons from the football team.

Isabel had had the misfortune to date one or two of the Neanderthals from the school team as she had to show willing to stay in with the in crowd and keep up her popularity. Ever since Liz had come into their life when Max saved her at the Crashdown she had been spending more and more of her time with Max and Michael while they decided what do. This meant she had been neglecting things on the popularity front, which hadn’t gone down well with her so-called friends at school.

The final straw had come today when she had been seen all over Alex and her friends had taken this action as the final insult.

Isabel had expected some reaction from her former friends but never in her wildest dreams did she expect someone to hurt Alex. She had waited so long to let someone in she wasn’t going to let them getaway with hurting her new boyfriend.

As Isabel made her way through school the bell sounded and the masses made their way out into the halls. She knew that their was always football practice after school and even though she didn’t have any proof as to who did what to Alex she felt it was a good place to start.

Isabel located herself outside the boy’s locker room and waited for them to exit towards the playing field. There was one boy in particular she was looking for as he had taken it badly when Isabel hadn’t allowed him to maul her while they were on a date a few months back. He didn’t take well to her refusal and it was only a deft use of her powers that had prevented the situation from becoming something that sent shivers down her spine when she thought about it. The boy simply didn’t understand that no means no.

Finally the boy she had been waiting for appeared out of the locker room followed by his usual cronies.

“Well hello Isabel. Waiting for me I hope” Billy Laidlaw made his way over to Isabel’s side.

His sheer presence made her blood run cold. How had she ever thought about spending an evening with such an animal? Isabel had heard comments in the girl’s locker room after the incident on their date to confirm that this evil young man was a predator of the most despicable kind.

“Hi Billy, I haven’t seen you lately” Isabel had to stop herself from throwing up when she pretended to be impressed by Billy in his football uniform

“Maybe you should have taken your eyes off of that geek Whitman and you might have noticed a real man”

Billy ran his hand down Isabel’s arm and she had to stop herself from recoiling from his touch.

“Well someone sure showed Alex who’s a real man today at lunchtime, did you hear about the commotion?” Isabel faked her most sweet smile

“I heard a couple of guys had to teach the little freak that he shouldn’t be messing with women that are out of his league, isn’t that right boys” Billy looked over at his motley crew as they simple stood and leered at Isabel

“Well I’m glad someone was man enough to put him in his place” Isabel placed her hand on Billy’s shoulder

Billy moved closer to Isabel and snaked an arm around her waist. Isabel tilted her head forward to give herself the most innocent of appearances. She leaned forward and whispered in Billy’s ear.

“I could do without the audience if we are to get any closer”

That was all that was needed, a simple massage of Billy’s ego and he would do anything for her.

“Guys, If you don’t mind Isabel and I have some unfinished business in the boys locker room. I will join you at practice after I have introduced Isabel to the teams secret weapon”

The cohorts laughed and cheered at their leaders apparent success with the schools most beautiful and desired girl. Isabel couldn’t believe she was having to put up with such terrible sexism to get Billy right where she wanted but she was sure it would all be worth it in the end.

As the followers made their way out onto the playing field Isabel allowed Billy to take her by the hand and lead her in to the locker room. In the last few minutes Isabel had had to put up with being leered at, groped and demeaned to get Billy where she wanted. More than any of that she had fought to control the urge to blast Billy to kingdom come the instant she laid eyes on him. She hadn’t arrived at school with any particular plan other than confronting the man she felt had been responsible for Alex almost dying.

When they were alone in the locker room Billy placed his arms around Isabel’s back and lowered his head to kiss her on the neck. It took every fibre of her being to not push him away but she just had to make sure he was the one she was after. With fake heavy breathing and the gyrating of her body Isabel asked the $64,000 question.

“Tell me how you put Alex in his place” She moaned

“I don’t want to talk about that geek now, I have more important things on my mind”

“It really turns me on, tell me what you did”

Billy was no longer being ruled by his head or his heart but by a part of his body further down. The thought that his confession might get him closer to his desired goal was all the incentive he needed.

“We saw Alex as he was making his way out to the quad at lunchtime. We were giving him some abuse about daring to touch a woman so out of his league but he ignored us”

“Then what did you do” Isabel was still allowing herself to be mauled as she drew out the confession

“We told him that we had all had a piece of you and that you were a good time had by all. That seemed to touch a nerve because he made a dive for me but he’s no match for me and my friends so we gave him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry after we had dragged him in here”

Isabel’s eyes started to fill with tears. He had tried to ignore them but they had said they had all slept with her, Alex couldn’t allow that. Of course he would protect her honour, it was so typically Alex

“When we were hitting him he fell back and hit his head on the tiled step that goes into the shower”

“When WE were hitting him?” Isabel was struggling to stay in control

“I could have taken him myself but as he threw himself at all of us we all gave him a little lesson in knowing your position in life”

“He nearly died” Isabel said, barely above a whisper

“What?” Billy questioned

Isabel stepped back

“I said he nearly died”

“Well if he’s going to mess with the big boys he needs to learn to look after himself”

Isabel turned and slowly walked away. Billy’s smiling face dropped as he was unsure what was going on. When Isabel reached the locker room door and reached up to lock the door from the inside Billy allowed himself to smile again, surely his luck was in as Isabel was locking them in together.

Isabel turned to face Billy. Tears were streaming down her face and her heart thundered in her chest.

“I don’t understand, what’s going on” Billy said in a confused state

“So basically you saw me kissing a boy that I desperately care about and took it upon yourself to tell him to stay away from me. You goaded a boy, who was minding his own business into starting a fight with you and several of your friends and finally you nearly killed that boy simple because I kissed him”

Isabel started to advance on Billy. Despite being physically bigger than Isabel the look on her face caused him to step back every time Isabel took a step forward.

Isabel had never felt anything like it. She was having trouble with her breathing and found the only way to cope was to take deep, even breaths. Her blood was coursing through her veins at a million miles an hour but more than any of that was the feeling of power flowing through her body. The energy was crackling off of her as though she was electrified. Isabel’s main power was dream walking so she had never experienced anything like this.

Billy made a run for the side exit and Isabel threw up her hand and without any thought released a bolt of energy which hit Billy square in the chest. This sent him flying over the benches in between the lockers and crashing into the desk at the back of the room.

Isabel continued to advance. Billy felt the wind being knocked out of him as he landed on the desk and he didn’t know what had hit him.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I don’t know what you want from me” Billy cried

“What I want from you?” Isabel repeated

“What I want from you is to never go near Alex Whitman again. I want you to stay away from the girls in this school until you learn to treat them with respect and I want you to know that no means no” Isabel yelled at him

“ I will, I promise”

“I’m not sure you have learned you lesson” Isabel reached out her hand and focused on the set of lockers nearest to the grovelling boy. With another wave of her hand the lockers toppled over and came crashing down on the desk that the boy was not cowering under”

Isabel brought herself to a halt in front of the terrified boy. She leaned forward to look at him as he hid under the desk.

“Don’t you ever come near me, Alex or my friends again or I swear to God you will be the one needing hospital treatment. Do you understand me?”

“Yes” Was all she heard from the shaking boy.

Suddenly Isabel realised that Billy was no longer looking at her but rather something behind her. Isabel heard footsteps coming up behind her that stopped when they reached her. Looking to her left and right she was relieved to see Max and Michael standing either side of her.

“What do you want?” Billy stammered while still under the desk

Max leaned forward to see the boy’s eyes.

“We are here to make sure she doesn’t kill you”

Michael leaned forward.

“And if she does kill you we are here to dispose of the body”

As the three siblings turned to leave the devastated locker room both Max and Michael placed an arm over Isabel’s shoulders.

“There’s a young man at the hospital sitting up in bed” Michael smiled

“And he wants to know where his girlfriend is” Max finished

To be continued………..

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Chapter 12

“So where are they again?” Alex asked for what seemed like the tenth time

“Isabel went for a walk and Max and Michael have gone to get her” Liz explained “We never thought you would recover so quickly so we told Isabel to take a break as she was desperately worried about you”

“I’m going to have to have a word with Liz” Maria thought to herself “She’s able to lie at will now, which was never the case before she met Max Evans”

Liz could see the look Maria was giving her and she had to turn away before she started to blush. It was only a tiny white lie she was telling Alex. And it was for his own good. He had just had a near death experience and to find out his new girlfriend had gone off to hunt down those responsible would give him a heart attack, he was a born worrier.

Once the nurse who had been fussing over Alex had left the girls came over and sat either side of Alex on his bed.

“It amazes me what you will do to draw attention to yourself” Maria joked

“Or what you will do to get out of dodge ball for a few weeks” Liz continued

“What can I say. I felt you two were getting all of the attention so I decided to give you something to remember me by” Alex grinned

“Well you have our undivided attention so don’t do anything like that again” Liz said leaning into Alex

“Or we will be the ones putting you in hospital” Maria emulated Liz and leaned into their tall best friend

Alex snaked a long arm around each girl and allowed himself to relax into the feeling of closeness with his two best friends. Alex was currently living every teenage boys fantasy with his arms around two beautiful young women and on a bed no less but that wasn’t the relationship he had with these two girls. Alex often wondered what his life would be like without his two best girls but that thought never lasted longer than a second as it was just too unbearable to think about so he would cast the thought completely out of his mind.

From what he had seen of Isabel, Max and Michael things were only going to get better on the friendship front. He could only imagine the problems the future might hold thanks to the incredible secret the three aliens kept but aside from his blossoming feelings for Isabel he was beginning to understand how the girls felt about Max and Michael.

Suddenly the door to his room swung open and in walked Max and Michael but no Isabel, Alex’ heart sank.

“Glad to see you looking so well” Max said as he advance on Alex

Both girls stood up from where they had been sitting with Alex. Max walked up and shook his recovering friends hand, then he stepped back and Michael walked forward and took a firm grip on Alex’ hand.

“What’s the hospital food like?” Michael asked

“Way to go Michael, great small talk” Maria interjected

“For your information Deluca I was just checking to see if Alex wanted anything from outside the hospital ” Michael said with a scowl

“I’m not sure yet thanks Michael. I haven’t been here long enough to try it but if I have any problems I will give you a shout about getting me something else” Alex said with a smile “I hope I won’t be here for too long”

Alex turned to Max who was standing by the window, holding hands with Liz.

“I know what you did for me and I won’t forget it” Alex had become serious

“It was nothing, only took a couple of seconds. No big deal” Max smiled uncomfortably

“No Max! I’m not just talking about you actually healing me I mean I know what you did, what you risked to come here and save me” Alex tried to blink back tears

“You’d do the same for me Alex, for any of us. It’s what friends are for” Max replied

“Have you got a tissue?” Maria asked turning to Michael

“No” Was all he said as he reached out and pulled an obviously upset Maria into his arms

Alex had avoided the question that had been eating away at him for the last few minutes.

“Where’s Isabel?” Alex tried to appear nonchalant but he wasn’t convinced he had pulled it off

“She’s outside” Max said smiling “The nurse said there would be too many of us in here if we all came in so Isabel volunteered to wait outside”

Alex looked crest fallen.

“She said she wanted to spend some time alone with you so we decided to quickly come and say hello and now we will go and get some drinks while you two get caught up” Max finished

Everyone smiled at how Alex physically picked up when he realised Isabel was outside in the corridor waiting for him.

Both Liz and Maria leaned into Alex to give him a kiss goodbye and then they made their way out of the room.

Alex was suddenly struck by the realisation that Isabel was about to come in to see him and she had asked Max for time alone with him. Alex’ heart began to thump in his chest and he started to breathe more erratically. Just as he though he was about to pass out in she walked.

Alex knew he was biased when it came to the subject of Isabel’s beauty. Alex understood that looks are only skin deep, it’s what’s in side that counts and finally that beauty was in the eye of the beholder. Alex also knew that most of the boys in school who lusted after Isabel only had one thing on their mind and it wasn’t stimulating conversation.

As Isabel made her way across the room towards Alex it was suddenly like a scene from one of those cheesy teen films where everything went into slow motion and the music became incredibly loud.

Isabel didn’t need slow motion or loud music to make an impact, her sheer presence was all it took to light up a room or to draw everyone’s attention to her.

Suddenly Alex became aware of the fact that Isabel was waving her hand in front of his face from only a matter of inches away.

“Hi” Alex said while jumping in shock and blushing from embarrassment

“Hi yourself” Isabel said as she sat down on the bed facing Alex

Isabel picked up Alex’ hand and placed it in between her two hands and started to stroke it gently. Alex had never felt anything so sweet in his life. Isabel was talking to him but he was having trouble focusing.

“Alex are you sure you are OK?” Isabel smiled “You seem a million miles away”

“I’m fine thanks Isabel. I was just glad to see you and my mind started to wander, in a good way” He added, not wishing to be rude

“You had me worried” Isabel said as she avoided looking into Alex’ eyes

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention I just got a little waylaid” Alex said

Isabel continued to stroke Alex’ hand.

“What did you do to him?” Alex questioned gently

“What?” That question shook Isabel out of her caressing “Who?”

“Isabel you don’t have to hide anything from me. I don’t have any ego to massage so if I get in a fight and my girlfriend, who is more than capable of looking after herself, stands up for me the only thing I am ever going to worry about is ‘Are you OK?’ “

Isabel looked up and met Alex’ gaze directly

“It’s true I’d rather not have to rely on my beautiful girlfriend to fight my battles but as I was unconscious at the time I will forgive you” Alex’s smile made Isabel heart melt

Isabel threw her arms around Alex’ neck and she allowed herself to cry. She had been trying to keep everything together while she sorted out what had happened to Alex but now she had him back, safe and well, she could let her feelings come out.

“When you didn’t turn up for lunch I was worried about you but I was also worried you might think I was clingy. It might be a terrible thing to say but when I heard the sirens I just knew they were there for you. I couldn’t find you and I started to panic”

Isabel’s tears were flowing freely now. Alex couldn’t do anything but hold her and stroke her beautiful golden hair that cascaded down her back

“All I kept thinking was ‘Please be alive, please be alive’. I knew that if you were alive Max could heal you and I could make sure nothing else happened” Isabel was crying almost uncontrollably.

Alex placed his arms on Isabel’s shoulders and gently moved her away from his body so he could look directly at her.

“Isabel I hardly know what to say to you. I know how hard it was for you to start letting me in and almost straight away we have a life or death situation to cope with. The only thing I can say is that if you thought I loved you before this you should see how I feel about you now that I know what great lengths you, Max, Michael, Liz and Maria would go to just to keep me safe”

Alex moved his hands from Isabel’s shoulders to either side of her face.

“Whenever I have thought about you and the possibility of there being an ‘Us’ I always thought about what I would do for you. How I would give my life for you or risk everything I am to save you. It never once entered my head about what you would do for me, what you would risk for me. Before these events my heart would swell with unrequited love for you, now it swells with love and pride for how I feel about you and what you would do for me”

Alex had more to say but Isabel prevented him from speaking my bringing her lips to his. Despite the strong feelings between the two and the excitement that they both felt it was actually the gentlest kiss that Alex could ever had imagined. It wasn’t that it lacked desire or passion because Alex felt both of those things it was more that he detected love and more than that it was love in abundance. Isabel may not have been able to tell Alex how she felt about him with words but she was more than making up for it with actions.

Some one gave a discreet “Ahem” which was enough to bring both Isabel and Alex crashing back down to earth.

The couple turned to see a rather embarrassed looking Mrs.Whirman and a smiling nurse standing on the far side of the room.

As the nurse and Alex’ mom moved over to the bed Isabel stood up while still holding onto Alex’ hand.

“Hi Mrs.Whitman” Isabel said trying to hide the flush of her face

“Hello again Isabel” Mrs.Whitman said smiling

“You two know each other” Alex stuttered

“Isabel and I are old friends” Mrs.Whitman said giving Isabel a wink

“I’m sorry Alex but visiting time is over. I’m afraid your girlfriend is going to have to leave” The nurse said as she prepared some medicine for Alex.

“I’ll visit you soon” Isabel said facing Alex, making sure he was the only one to see her own little wink of understanding

Alex smiled and nodded in return. Before she left Alex beckoned Isabel to return to his side. Isabel approached and leaned in close.

“I need to speak to you about something privately Iz. I am a little embarrassed but I have a small problem that I think you can help me with”

To be continued……….

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Chapter 13

Liz looked up from where she was leaning against the lockers while Maria unloaded her books out of her bag and into her locker.

“I am so glad this day is almost over, I thought it would never end” Maria groaned as she shut her locker door

“Tell me about it. I think time actually started to go backwards in Chemistry today” Liz replied

“Who are you kidding” Maria arched one eyebrow

“What do you mean by that” Liz questioned

“Come on Liz, you have Chemistry with Max. I am sure the thought of spending lots and lots of time with Max must be a drain on you” Maria said sarcastically

“You were also in Chemistry. You can’t tell me it didn’t drag for you as well”

“But Liz I didn’t have Michael to take my mind off of things. You had Max. I am amazed both Max and you are passing that class at all. You never look at the teacher, you are too busy looking at each other”

“Maria you are such a faker. I might be looking at Max but you are the one day dreaming about Michael” Liz retorted

“Am I missing something?” Isabel asked as she approached her two new friends

“No. Just Maria in denial about Michael” Liz joked

“And Liz in denial about Max” Maria countered

Isabel just rolled her eyes and smiled. She loved both of her brothers very much but when it came to their respective love lives she was happy to know as little as possible.

“I was about to ask why you look so happy but I just remembered isn’t today when Alex finally gets out of hospital?” Liz could she Isabel was positively radiant

“Yes his Mom was due to pick him up this afternoon so I am going round their tonight for dinner”

“Wow” Maria put her hand to her mouth “Sorry I didn’t mean for that to escape. It’s just amazing that you are formally meeting Alex’ parents so soon”

“It’s not that formal” Isabel insisted “I have been visiting Alex everyday since the accident and I keep bumping into his mom. I think that as I have been visiting her son she felt a little obligated to invite me round for dinner as a sort of thank you”

Both Liz and Maria smiled and nodded.

“However I have no doubt that the Whitman’s will use this opportunity to take a look at the girl who they think wants to corrupt their sweet little Alex” Isabel added

“What did the doctors say about Alex’ miracle recovery?” Liz had her concerned face on

“Apparently when an injury like Alex had occurs it’s very much a case of wait and see as they can’t operate as it is deep within the brain. The fact that Max removed the clot and repaired any permanent damage to Alex has them all a little baffled but they are putting it down to good old mother nature” Isabel said smiling

“Are you two going to visit Alex this evening?”

Maria and Liz both shook their heads

“Maria and I are both working and your brother and Michael have an appointment with a Will Smith burger and a Close Encounter sandwich if they know what’s good
for them” Liz explained

“Plus we thought you and Alex might appreciate a little alone time after all those nurses coming in and out of his room all the time”

Maria made Isabel blush

“Say Hi to Alex for us and tell him we will be round to visit tomorrow”

“I will” Isabel said as she left the two girls and headed towards the jeep

“Mom stop fussing over me” Alex was trying to fend off his mother as she came at him with a comb

“I just want to straighten your hair. You want to look nice for Isabel don’t you?” Alex felt about nine years old with his mom fussing at him

“Mom Isabel has seen me before and she is happy with my hair. Don’t make a big deal out of this. I just want a nice quiet evening where you and Dad can meet Isabel properly “ Alex pleaded

“Ok son. I promise we will be on our best behaviour” Mrs.Whitman smiled

“If you bring out the old photos of me when I was small we will leave, I mean it Mom” Alex knew he couldn’t stop the inevitable

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door.

“You get that dear while I check on dinner. It’s probably Isabel” Alex’ Mom headed for the kitchen while Alex headed for the front door

As Alex opened the front door it was as though something had sucked all of the air out of his lungs. He couldn’t move and he couldn’t breathe but he found he actually didn’t want to do either of those things.

Isabel stood before him in a simple red dress, which did nothing to hide her curvaceous figure. She was wearing a black cardigan and Alex could tell she had high heels on even without looking at her feet because as she stepped into the hallway she was able to make eye contact with Alex at an even height.

“You look amazing” Was all Alex could say

“You don’t look too bad yourself” Isabel replied

Isabel reached up and unbuttoned the top button of Alex’ shirt. She also reached up and ruffled his hair a little.

“You hair was a little two well kept for my liking” Isabel smiled

“I couldn’t agree more” Alex smiled back

Alex turned towards the dining room so he could lead his visitor through to where they would eat Isabel pulled him back. Isabel blushed slightly.

“Isn’t it tradition to greet your girlfriend with a kiss?”

Alex grinned and stepped up to Isabel so they were merely inches apart.

“You know me Iz and if there is one thing I am a stickler for it’s tradition”

The young couple leaned forward an inch or two and allowed their lips to touch. As with before the flashes came fast and furious but they weren’t such a concern for Alex as they had been previously. They had managed a very small amount of alone time in the hospital and I certain amount of kissing had taken place. Alex couldn’t imagine anything better then being with Isabel and being able to kiss her but to find out that memories and feelings passed between the two made it all the more special.

As Alex and Isabel broke apart they both knew that they should go through to dinner else Alex’ parents would come looking for them.

“I just wanted to say thank you Isabel”

“For what?”

“For everything. For trusting me with your secret, for taking a chance on me and letting me in. For showing such concern for me when I was in hospital and for being here with me now” Alex took Isabel’s hand and gave it a gentle kiss

“Well if we are giving thanks now I also wanted to say thank you to you Alex”

“What for? I haven’t done anything”

“Oh yes you have. You have always watched out for me and showed nothing but concern for my well being. You didn’t runaway screaming when you found out what I really am”

Both Alex and Isabel started smiling at that statement

“You stood up for me against those morons from the football team even when you were out numbered but most of all you have allowed me to be myself with you. I have spent most of my life hiding behind a mask in fear of being found out. To have someone who cares about the real me and will allow me to be myself is the greatest thing I could ever wish for. If I ask you for something would you do it for me? Promise me?”

“Anything Iz you know that”

“Never change Alex! Always be true to yourself and never allow anyone, especially me, to change you”

“I’m sorry Isabel I can’t do that, I can’t promise”

Isabel was taken aback by his refusal.

“I have already changed, I am not the man I was two months ago”

Isabel allowed her face to drop. Alex reached a hand up to lift her chin so he could look deep into her big brown eyes

“The day you walked into my life you changed me. You have given my life meaning and I will love you forever for that simple reason. I would do anything for you Isabel because I honestly believe you would do anything for me”

Alex leaned forward and kissed Isabel on the lips as softly as he possibly could. Isabel reached up her two hands and placed them on either side of Alex’ face. As the kiss deepened and the flashes passed between them a single flash caught both of theirs
attention. It was a flash of the night at the London planetarium.

Isabel broke the kiss and looked to her feet.

“We had better get going or dinner will be cold” Alex said

If Isabel had looked up she would have noticed that Alex was also looking at his feet, neither of the couple was looking at one another.

Alex reached for Isabel’s hand and led his girlfriend into the dreaded dinner with the parents.

“I knew she couldn’t do it, I just knew it”

Alex was marching up the stairs with Isabel being dragged along behind him in fits of laughter.

“I asked my Mom to do one thing for me ‘Don’t bring out the baby photos’ So what does she do? She settles me into a false sense of security and as soon as the dessert is finished she hits you with the photo albums”

“Alex I though it was very sweet that your Mom wanted to show me those photos. The one of you in the pick bonnet was adorable” Isabel continued to laugh

“It was a sun hat to stop me getting burned in the midday sun, it was not a bonnet!” Alex insisted

“But it was pink” Isabel could hardly control her laughter

Alex’s cheeks were cherry red. As they stepped into Alex’ bedroom the laughing stopped.

Both Alex and Isabel went shy and reticent at the thought of being alone in Alex’ bedroom.

It wasn’t as thought Alex was just about to leap on Isabel and have his wicked way.
It was more that it was a significant step in their relationship, there was a bed in the room after all and it wasn’t a hospital bed with nurses coming in and out all the time.

“Shall I put some music on?” Alex asked trying to break the moment

“Sure. Have you got any Coldplay?” Isabel knew Alex loved Coldplay as much as she did

“As luck would have it I do” Alex smiled

Isabel sat on the bed while Alex put on a little background music. Alex turned and suddenly realised Isabel was sitting on his bed. Was he meant to go and sit next to her or was that too forward? The truth of the matter was that other than a stiff, wooden chair in front of his computer Alex only had the bed to sit on.

Isabel patted the bed beside her to make the decision for Alex.

Alex sat down next to Isabel and tried not to hyperventilate.

“Alex you said that you had something you wanted to ask me, something I could help you with” Isabel put on her most reassuring face

“Yes there is something I wanted to speak to you about. I have been putting it off for a week or more and I know it will be uncomfortable to talk about but I honestly think you are the only one who can help me”

“Alex you know I am here for you but before we start I need to talk to you about what happened earlier”

“Earlier?” Alex queried

“Yes earlier when we were kissing. About the flashes that passed between us”

Alex nodded. He stood up from where he had been seated with Isabel on the bed. He reached out a hand, which Isabel took and she too stood up from her sitting position. The couple turned to one another and Alex had never been so happy in his life that Isabel was as tall as he was so he could look directly into her eyes.

“Isabel about what we saw in the flashes”

Isabel just nodded.

“I know it is slightly embarrassing and I hope we can talk about it sensibly”

Isabel continued to nod.

“It’s the flash in London that you want to talk about” Isabel offered

“Yes it is. I’m sorry Isabel”

“You don’t have to be sorry or uncomfortable. It’s better that we talk about it”

“OK” Alex took a deep breath “That flash in the London planetarium”

Isabel waited for Alex to ask her to explain herself, why had she dreamt about her and Alex in London?

Alex looked directly at Isabel “As we both know it came from me and I……”

Isabel raised her hand to stop Alex talking

“It what?!” Isabel asked in amazement.

To be continued………..

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Chapter 14

Isabel stood opened mouthed in front of Alex. What had he just said? The flashes of London came form him, how?

“Iz are you OK?” Alex took both of Isabel’s hands in his.

“Yes……Yes I’m fine. I think I need to sit down for a second”

Alex led an obviously confused Isabel back to a sitting position on his bed. Alex decided it was best to wait a moment to allow Isabel to regain her composure. He thought his confession about his dreams might come as a shock to Isabel but he didn’t think things would be this bad.

“Alex are you telling me you had a dream about you and me in London and we went to the Planetarium to go stargazing?” Isabel was setting her thoughts straight

Alex blushed and averted his gaze from Isabel, preferring to look at his hands. Was there anything more embarrassing than confessing to your new girlfriend that you have vivid dreams about her? Then in typical Alex fashion his mind flew back to several minutes earlier when his Mom was showing baby pictures to Isabel over the dinner table, maybe this wasn’t the most embarrassing thing he had had to deal with this evening after all.

Realising that if he could be honest with anyone it was Isabel he looked back at his beautiful girlfriend.

“Since the very first moment I laid eyes on you I have dreamed about you.” Alex could see Isabel blush slightly but she didn’t remove her gaze from him

“Nothing too raunchy or embarrassing just dreams of being together, of spending time together”

Isabel nodded encouragement.

“A couple of weeks ago I started to have these incredible dreams, so vivid and so in depth that I thought you might have had something to do with it” That confession made Alex blush

“More than being very vivid they were different than I had ever encountered before”

“Different, how?” Isabel asked

“It sounds silly but the only way I can think to describe them is more mature” Alex could tell his not very descriptive explanation wasn’t helping Isabel

“I would dream of unusual, far off locations but I would also dream about the fact that we were married or had children together. We were always a couple”

Isabel had been holding one of Alex’ hands in one of hers but as he spoke of these beautiful, touching dreams that he had been having about her she couldn’t help but reach up and place a hand at the side of Alex’ face which caused him to stop speaking.

“You have no idea do you?” Isabel almost whispered

“Idea about what?” Alex stuttered

“Just how great you are. How completely amazing, beautiful and wonderful you are to me” Isabel smiled

Alex wasn’t used to being complimented let alone having a beautiful young woman tell him that he was beautiful and amazing.

“Are you sure you’re not looking in a mirror Iz. There’s only one of us who is beautiful, amazing and wonderful and I’m look at her”

Alex leaned forward and placed a feather light kiss on Isabel’s forehead. Isabel reached her arms around Alex and laid her head on his shoulder so her face was hidden in the join where his shoulder met his neck.

After sitting quietly, wrapped in each other’s arms Isabel broke their embrace and looked at Alex.

“What else did you dream about?”

“Well there have been quite a few over the past couple of weeks. I dreamt about London as you know but I also dreamt about skiing in Canada, backpacking in Europe and a few sun, sea and sand holidays. What aren’t you telling me Iz?” Alex frowned

“When you were dreaming about the beach holidays, do you remember coming up out of the sea towards me as I sun bathed on an isolated beach and rubbing oil into my back?”

Alex was blushing again “Yes how do you know? We didn’t have flashes about that one”

“Alex I think I have been having all of those dreams as well” Isabel said excitedly

“I don’t understand” Alex was confused as ever

“All the dreams you say you have been having over the last couple of weeks, I have been having as well. I thought the dreams were coming from me and you thought they were coming from you” Isabel explained

“So which is it? Am I having the dreams or are you?” Alex questioned

“I’m not sure but I like the thought that we are sharing dreams” Isabel snuggled back into Alex’ arms.

“So do I but I hope it isn’t anything to worry about” Alex offered

Isabel thought about Alex’ comment for a few moments.

“Do you think we should tell the others in case it is a problem?”

Alex released his grip on Isabel so he could look her in the eye.

“I don’t think it will do any harm to tell them just in case” Alex smiled

Isabel checked her watch.

“Max and Michael were going to the Crashdown this evening to see Liz and Maria. It’s still early so they should still be there. Shall we go now?”

Alex stood up and took hold of Isabel’s hand.

“Now is as good a time as any” He said through a broad grin.

Suddenly Alex’ grin faded. He had to tell Max and Michael he had been dreaming about Isabel every night for the past few weeks. That couldn’t be good.

As Alex pulled his car up outside of the Crashdown Isabel could see the look of apprehension on his face and she could guess why it was there.

“Alex you don ‘t have anything to worry about” She said smiling “It isn’t YOU dreaming about me it’s YOU and ME dreaming about US”

“Thank you for the words of encouragement Iz but I am not sure your brothers will see it the same way” Alex tried to smile but he couldn’t quite manage it

As they got out of the car and headed in to look for their friends Isabel placed a reassuring arm around Alex’ waist, which caused him to relax a little and he placed a long arm around Isabel shoulder.

Alex couldn’t help but smile to himself as they went through the entrance to the Crashdown. Here he was, in public, with his arm around Isabel Evans and equally amazing was the fact that her arm was around him and she was happy about it.

As Liz wiped down the counter she looked up when she heard the bell above the entrance door sound. The sight that greeted her brought joy to her heart as her best friend came in with his arm around the woman of his dreams.

Maria could see something had caught Liz’ attention so she turned to look in the direction that her friend was gazing and she couldn’t help but smile.

“Do I need to tell you two lovebirds to get a room?” Maria asked seeing the deliriously happy look on the couples faces

“That’s quite enough young lady” Alex said in his fake, well spoken accent “If you’d be kind enough to show us to our table, I have booked”

“Certainly sir” Maria mimed tipping a fake hat to her tall friend “If the young lady and gentleman would care to follow me I shall show you to our best table”

Isabel laughed as Maria hurried off to the booth that Max and Michael were sitting at, urging the young couple to sit down.

When they reached the booth Isabel turned to Alex.

“You wait her I just want a quick word with Liz and Maria” Isabel gave Alex a quick kiss on the lips before heading over to the counter where Maria had rejoined Liz at the drinks dispenser.

At the sight of the kiss between Isabel and Alex Max averted his gaze, he didn’t need to see his sister kissing a boy even if it was Alex while Michael simply lifted his eyes to the ceiling with a muttered “Oh brother!”

Alex sat down next to Michael as he felt he had a better chance of withstanding Max looking at him than he did if he had Michael sitting across from him.

Maria and Liz turned to see Isabel had sat at the counter.

“Hi Isabel, Can I get you anything?” Liz asked as she placed an orange soda on the counter

“No thanks. Is that for Alex?”

Both Liz and Maria nodded

“It’s a welcome home from hospital soda. We were going to do an orange soda float with an umbrella like you get in cocktails but we thought he may have had enough to eat already” Maria explained

“Can I ask something of you two girls?”

“Of course” Both girls nodded again

“Alex and I have to explain a little situation we have and I need you two to make sure that Max and Michael don’t get carried away”

Both girls looked puzzled.

“Sure Isabel but I am not sure Michael will pay much attention to me” Maria added ruefully

“Maria, you’re sixteen, gorgeous and you have a short alien waitress uniform on. Of course Michael will pay attention to you” Isabel laughed

“When you put it like that” Maria also started to laugh

The three girls made their way over to rejoin the boys in the booth. Things had quietened down so the girls were able to take a quick break from the normal duties.

Liz slid into the booth to be beside Max, which pleased him no end. Isabel took Alex’ hand and gently pulled him out of where he had been sitting beside Michael so Maria could slide in beside him.

Not that Isabel was expecting any problems but with both girls now having the boys wedged into the booth it meant they weren’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Alex sat back down, this time beside Maria and Isabel sat beside Liz.

Isabel looked around her friends and could see the look of anticipation on all of their faces. When she looked at Alex he gave her a smile of encouragement and that was all she needed to begin.

“I know this might be a difficult subject to discuss” Isabel said looking from Max to Michael “But Alex and I have discovered that we have been having shared dreams”

Everyone looked confused and Isabel was relieved she hadn’t been bombarded with questions she couldn’t answer.

“So you’ve been dreaming about each other” Michael said breaking the silence

“Yes and No” Isabel answered “We have been talking and to the best of our understanding we have been having shared dreams. We both have been having very vivid, very in depth dreams and they are different to anything we have had before”

“Have you been dream walking Alex?” Max looked concerned

Isabel shook her head “I don’t know exactly what is happening but I am not dream walking Alex. What’s happening between us is nothing I am conscious of”

“Are you having any other strange occurrences or problems?” Liz asked

Both Alex and Isabel shook their heads.

“It could be your connection” Maria chimed in

Everyone turned to look at her

“All I’m saying is if Isabel’s gift is dream walking maybe she is connecting to Alex in a new way as they are now so close. I know what you should do”

The whole group waited in anticipation of Maria’s new insightful ramblings

“You should sleep together”

To be continued………….

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Chapter 15

Everyone just stared at Maria in shock.

“You what?” Max asked incredulously

“Don’t let your dirty minds run away with you” Maria said smiling “I said sleep together not have sex or engage in lewd acts”

“Oh I can’t wait to hear the logic behind that statement” Michael looked expectantly at Maria

“All I know is that Max and Liz have this incredible, deep connection and I see it as a representation of how they are in life”

Maria had been looking at the rest of the group but now she held her gaze on Michael.

“Whatever it is that Michael and I have it is intense and uncontrolled, which wouldn’t be too far from how you might describe the two of us”

Suddenly the group was becoming aware of how insightful Maria was actually being.

“I don’t think it would be embarrassing anyone to say that Alex has been quite keen on Isabel for sometime”

Isabel reached over and took Alex’ hand in her own and gave him a reassuring smile.

“From what I have understood Isabel has found it hard to let people get close to her and she has been fighting her attraction to Alex. If Isabel’s gift is dream walking it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibilities that as her connection to Alex strengthens that part of it would be on the dream plain” Maria finished

“Maria where did that all come from?” Liz was open mouthed

Maria simply shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“Not just a pretty face” Michael added with an almost smile

“So where does the sleeping together fit in to all this” Max was trying to process Maria’s comments

“I was just thinking their subconscious might have been reaching out to each other so if you put the two of them together for a night it might realise that they are a couple and no longer need to reach out in their dreams”

Liz just sat shaking her head “You and I are so going to have a talk after this”

“What?” Maria smiled at Liz

“I have to kill myself to help you with your Math homework and yet you manage to take in and process all this information without any effort whatsoever”

“I don’t know if I’m right, I’m only guessing” Maria continued

“Right or not it’s still a wonderful thought” Liz smiled

“Does anyone think Alex and I might want to have a say in this” Isabel offered

Maria grinned at Isabel “Isabel, Honey. Alex is a sixteen year old boy who has had the hots for you since the 3rd grade. You look like a catwalk model and are every boys dream date. No pun intended. I don’t imagine he will take much persuading to spend some time with you”

Isabel couldn’t do anything but smile at logic like that.

“Well actually I might have something to say” Everyone looked at Alex

Alex began to fidget when he realised that all their attention was on him.

“It’s not that I wouldn’t want to spend a night with Isabel” Alex smiled broadly at Isabel until he caught the look on Max’ face, which soon caused his smile to fade

“It’s just that I would rather spend time with Isabel because we wanted to, not to test a theory”

“Or while under the watchful gaze of family” Isabel added looking from Michael to Max

“Well Maria I must say I am impressed” Max said breaking the moment

“It’s a very well thought out theory and aside from the method you have chosen to test it I couldn’t agree more”

Liz gave Max a gentle nudge in the ribs and he allowed a smile to spread across his face.

“Well we should really be getting back to work” Liz said as she made a move towards getting out from the table

Both Alex and Isabel got up from their seats at the end of the booth to allow Liz and Maria to stand up.

Maria lifted herself from the table but not before giving Michael a mischievous wink..

“Well now that we have that discussed, Alex can you take me home? It looks like Max and Michael haven’t quite finished their dinners” Isabel said with a smile

“It would be my pleasure” Alex slipped his hand into Isabel and turned to his friends

“See you guys tomorrow” Alex looked at Liz and Maria and they both nodded and smiled

“Max I will see you at home, Michael I’ll see you tomorrow OK?” Isabel could see her two brothers were already moving their interest back to the two girls

“Bye Alex, I’ll see you at home Iz” Was all Max said

Michael didn’t even look up he simply held up a large hand and waved goodbye to Alex and Isabel

Alex held the door open for Isabel and she stepped outside into the cool night air. She wrapped an arm around Alex and they walked the few steps to his car. Alex opened the door and Isabel climbed in.

During the short journey back to Isabel’s house there was very little conversation. Both Alex and Isabel were conscious that the other was probably running through the discussion that had just taken place in the Crashdown, not least the part about sleeping together.

When they pulled up at the Evans house Alex leapt out of the car and ran round to open Isabel’s door.

As they walked up to the door they stopped just inside the porch and turned to each other. Isabel reached her arms around Alex and he reciprocated so the two stood entwined in each others arms just outside the front door.

“Thank you Alex for a wonderful evening” Isabel whispered

“No Isabel, thank you for a wonderful evening. Anyone who can withstand my Mom’s cooking and my Dad’s story’s about work deserves a medal” Alex replied

“Alex your family are lovely, your home is lovely and you are lovely” Isabel smiled

Alex couldn’t help but blush.

“We don’t have enough time for me to tell you how lovely and wonderful I think you are. I only have time for this….”

Alex leaned in and gently touched Isabel’s lips with his own. He hadn’t intended to kiss Isabel so intimately, not while standing on her doorstep where her father could come out and catch them at any moment, but he was just carried away by the moment.

Isabel deepened the kiss and allowed her arms to pull Alex in tighter. Alex moved his arms from around her waist up into her hair. He loved the feel of Isabel’s silky hair as it ran through his fingers and feeling it while he was in the middle of a passionate embrace made it all the more special.

Suddenly the front door opened and the young couple leapt apart at the interruption. Isabel’s Dad stepped out into the porch to see his daughter standing with a distinctly worried looking Alex.

“Hi Daddy” Isabel said while trying to smooth down her hair

“Hi Honey” Mr.Evans replied while sizing up Alex

Isabel moved to Alex’ side and took his hand in her own.

“Daddy this is Alex, he’s my boyfriend”

Mr.Evans reached out and took hold of Alex’ outstretched hand in a firm handshake. Alex was convinced that Mr.Evans was giving him the old handshake test so he squeezed back when he felt Mr.Evans’ vice like grip tighten even further.

“It’s very nice to finally meet you Alex. Isabel’s have told us a lot about you and I am glad you are fully recovered and out of hospital” Mr.Evans released his grip on Alex

“Thank you Mr.Evans. It’s very nice to meet you too. You have a wonderful daughter” Alex said looking and Isabel

“Yes. Isabel’s mother and I are very proud of her and of Max of course”

Alex smiled and nodded

“Isabel don’t stay out here too long you’ll catch a chill. Alex it was very nice to meet you and you must come round for dinner soon”

With that Philip Evans made his way back into the house and closed the door.

Isabel smiled broadly at Alex.

“That was great, my Dad really likes you”

“How did you work that out? He almost broke my hand with his vice like grip” Alex was flexing his hand to get the blood flowing again

“I know, it’s something he has done when I have brought other boys back”

That statement hit Alex like a runaway train and his face showed it.

“Oh no Alex you must understand I never wanted to bring anyone back but they would always insist on walking me to my door after a date so I would get my Dad to watch for me and to come out and scare them off”

Alex felt a little reassured by Isabel’s explanation.

“That’s why I said he likes you. I told him earlier we were going out and he didn’t need to scare you off so when he came out it was solely to meet you. Also you’re the first boy I have seen him shake hands with where he didn’t look like he would rather have been grabbing them by the throat and not the hand” Isabel joked

“That’s good to know” Alex said smiling

“I should go” Alex said as he slowly backed away

“What will we do about this dream thing” Isabel questioned

“I am happy to let things take their natural course. As long as you are OK that’s all that matters to me”

Alex stepped forward and placed a kiss on Isabel’s forehead.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Alex turned and made his way to the car.

“Not if I have my way” Isabel said quietly “You’ll be seeing me sooner than that”

To be continued………..