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SUMMARY: ok think of it this way tess came to roswell thinking that she was gonna steal max from liz but she actually became friends with liz and met max and the others well to her surprise she kinda had a plan change and went for kyle instead she would have rather been happy than happy and hated. so that season one now season two alex of course dose not die because of the fact that tess is duh not on the bad team. ok now season three there is no jesse because of alex so instead of the izzy and jesse wedding it is alex and isabel but the only draw back is that the government still plans on killing them since they are pretty close to knowing who they are so they still leave

' so here we are again running we had a pretty good place for us until we went out for lunch and as we crossed the street maria got hit by a car well of course max wasnt gonna let her die so he healed her but unfortanitly it was infront of people so we left once again. we all were pretty happy where we were and of course maria is blaming herself for the suddun change "maria its not your fault" thats what we all keep telling her tess keeps saying it was the drunk who was driving the car but maria wont buy it she says if only she wasnt messing around with kyle she would have seen it and they would still be in their perfect little town away from everyone and they would still be happy. well anyways we have been driving for about a week now we think we are gonna try a small town " maybe somewhere in maine" max keeps say ' ya right he wont make it that long in a car with isabel and alex always making out! I dont see what is wrong with him they are married and they are happy he should be happy for them and besides he should know what they are feeling cause me and him are married now! yup almost 6 months! can you believe it! but anyways tonight kyle is gonna ask tess a certain ummm *question* ~cough cough~ I am so happy for them they have been through so much I just cant wait right now alex is trying to find a nice romantic spot for kyle to do his thing but I have to go tess is trying to read what im righting so I gotta lock this thing up or the surprise will be screwed ill be back later with an update bye love liz~

"liz come on let me see that!" tess whined "I saw my name. Puuulllleeeaaazzzzeeeee!!!!"

"nope no you cant I wont let you and I know what you are thinking dont even use ur powers on it remember I have some of my own now so dont think I didnt use any on that thing." liz taunted o how great it is to have some power even if it is just alittle

"liz sweety can I talk to you for a minute?" max called from the back of the rv

"ya sure be right there" " whats up?"

"nothing just wanted some alone time" max said o and did I mention that he has the most georgous smile then whoa you put them with those eyes and god I just want to die!! how could that perfect of a combination be put into one person without that person melting every girl on this earth { or any other planet for that matter }!!!!!!!!!

"umm honey what are you grinning at? do I have somthing on my face?" max asked touching his face to feel for anything that shouldnt be there.

"o nothing just thinking of how perfect you are." liz teased "also I think I should put you in a museum and put as your caption ' the perfect man his name max but you crazy girls are only to look never touch because you see girls max here belongs to liz parker evans his wife so nah nah nah and hahaha! what do you think?"

"o I think that people would much rather look at you" max insisted " because see you my love, are the apples eye of perfect!"

"ok max you win "

"ya I know come here" max said as he pulled her to him

micheal and maria's room

micheal is asleep on the bed and maria is writing in her diary and listening to a headset

'it doesnt matter what I want, it doesnt matter what I need.'
'it doesnt matter if I cry, dont matter if I bleed.'

"so missy how have you been? I have been ok I could be better yano the song im listening to it really does have lots of meaning to it I really think that even if I asked it wouldnt matter what I wanted I miss my mom and I miss roswell. I mean I understand me missing my mom cause I cant even call her but I dont understand why I miss roswell I am so not missing out on anything yano? I dunno im going crazy I think. but anyways wait hang on a sec......

' youve been on a road dont know where it goes or where it leads'
'it doesnt matter what I want it doesnt matter what I need'
'if youve made up your mind to go I wont beg you to stay'
' youve been in a cage throw you to the wind you fly away'

.... ok sry im back anyways where was I o ya I was complianing which I really shouldnt be because yano they didnt have to bring me its no like the government wanted me dead anyways. right? Well that doesn’t matter im here with micheal and I love him shouldn’t that be enough? I just miss my mom so much and god I just wanna hear her voice even if she isn’t aloud to hear mine yano?so anyways im sure you would love to know this kyle is gonna pop the question to tess tonight! Isn’t that great? I am really excited for them . it will be cool yano alex and izzy are married and max and lizzy got married now tess and kyle im just really happy that my friends are doing so great! I wonder though sometimes if im only here so that micheal doesn’t feel lonely yano if he is just keeping me around so that there is someone in his life……. But see the thing is that should piss me off if it is true yano? But it doesn’t I guess I don’t care if im just like ooo whats the word I want to use?….. luggage ya that’s it I guess I don’t really care but sometimes when im just sitting here thinking I am secretly wishing micheal would just pull it together and ask me “the question” or just let me go do you know what I mean? Anyways hang on ill be right back….

‘t doesn’t matter what I want it doesn’t matter what I need’
‘it doesn’t matter if I cry don’t matter if I bleed’
feel the sting of tears falling on this space you left for years’

…… ok im back but only to say I gotta go k we are gonna go try and get a hold of jim maybe if they let me I can give a message to my mom through him? Well ill try to write more later love ria~

“hey alex when we gonna get to wherever your taking us to?” kyle asked “ I wanna ask her before I wimp out.” Holy shit did I really just say that?

“what you kyle wimp out I don’t even believe that!” alex started to laugh wow he really must love that girl if he thinks he is gonna wimp out!

Ya I guess I just said that dammit if he says anything I will have to do some damage

“ok Whitman one word from you and you wont open your eye for a week!” kyle threatened

‘guys are so strange have you ever noticed that bessy? God but why does he have to be so hot? Ok so its me again your friend tess how have you been lately? So I was sitting on the couch today and I see liz writing in her journal so I take a quick peek and I see my name!! I thought we were friends? I hope she wasn’t like talking about me badly I think I would probably like cry and me tess harding does not cry about that stuff you know? But anyways now im curious and I have been trying to get into it for like the past 2 hours but ya I keep getting zapped by whatever she has protecting it! Ugh I hate this everyone has been so secretive lately and it is starting to scare me yano? But anyways I have to go alex just stopped somewhere and kyle is calling my name so when or if I find out what they have been hiding ill let you know later k love tess~

“ ya kyle? Wait why are we stopped?” tess said

‘ o well the tire is flat and max and izzy are fixing it so until then I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk yano to strech out for a bit?” kyle asked o god o god I hope this works!!! If not I just going to die!!!!!

“ya sure” tess said “ lets go”

“ awwwww max look there they go I hope she says yes it will be so great!!!!” Isabel squealed

“ya izzy great but that was my ear you were shrieking in” max said with alittle pain in his voice

“shut up you big goon! You know what I have noticed?” izzy asked “ since we have left and you and liz got married we haven’t really spent much brother sister time together .”

“ ya I noticed but hey maybe if we can find a place to settle in we can do something yano just me and you k?” max said

“ya kool”

back in micheal and marias room maria is still listening to some music and she is writing in her diary again

‘hey im back im just trying to think right now yano tess and kyle just left and they probably wont be back for a while micheal just woke up and now he is in the shower I think im gonna write a letter to my mom hopefully the others wont see it!
O you knoe what I just noticed the song im listening to is like gonna make me cry or something!

Of all the things I believe in
I just want to get it over with
tears from behind my eyes
but I do not cry
Counting the days that past me by

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
Looks like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend and I say

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I love
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

I still get lost in your eyes
And it seems like I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes till you chase my thoughts away
To a place where I am blinded by the light but it's not right

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

Ohhh yeah
It hurts to want everything & nothing at the same time
I want whats yours and I want whats mine
I want you but I'm not giving in this time

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

We the stars fall and I lie awake
Your my shooting star

Dear mommy,

Hey mom how are you? Huh why am I asking you that you probably don’t even wanna read this you probably don’t wanna hear from me again. Right? I mean I just left but that’s why im writing you I wanna say that I am sorry for just leaving like that. Please forgive me mom. Well anyways I wanted totell you what has been going on if that is ok with you. Well max and lizzy got married im not sure if lizzy parents know yet or even maxs but I don’t think they would mind knowing if you want to tell them that. Umm lets see kyle as I write this is proposing to tess and I think we all know what she is gonna say. Um me and micheal are fine and mom I don’t want you in any way at all to be upset with him I love him ok but im not supposed to be writing you this and I have to go now so I love you so much I hope someday I can come and see you.

Love always ria~

‘ o god I hope know one finds out that I just did that cause next stop we make im sending this!! I have to go micheal is coming bac love ris~’

“ hey ria what are you up to? “ micheal asked as he came in the room from the shower

“ nothing just thinking” maria replied

“ic so when do you think tess and kyle will…… “

“oooooooo myyyyyyyy goddddddddddd you guys come and look at this!!!!!!!!!” tess screamed

“.. I guess they are bac “ micheal and maria said in unison

so they got up to go see tess and kyle. Everyone was crowded in the front and laughing and congratulating tess and kyle

“congrats guys” alex said

“ya” iz said

“awww we are so happy for you ‘ max and liz said together

“wow kyle where the hell did you find the cash for that rock ‘micheal said

“micheal” liz and Isabel and maria shrieked at his comment

“ hey hey chill out I was only meeing around congrats man” micheal said

“ya tess im happy for you both “ maria said

while everyone is calming down max is driving to find somewhere to eat. When he sees something lying in the road so he stops the rv and gets out to see what it is but it wasn’t something it was someone and this someone looked very farmiliar……………

hope you like tell me with feedback if I should cut this loose or if I should keep going k thanx love andi


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‘ hey bessy guess what!!! You are now hearing from the future bride of kyle!!!! I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am!!!! I seriously thought that me and kyle were going on that walk so he could break up with me!! I was so scared! But hey he didn’t! ya and omg if you had eyes.. damn you would like die…. The ring is soooooo beautiful and huh leave it to micheal these where his words ““wow kyle where the hell did you find the cash for that rock!” god what a nerd but ya I cant wait! I think we are gonna try to get it so that at least jim can come see us get married because honestly that is really all that I want for like the rest of my life well and yano to be safe but that is a given! But anyways…. Wait hang on max just stopped ill be right back……

out front

“hey max what are we stopping for” alex asked

“look alex there is someone out there” max was pointing to the side of the road “ we need to go see if they are aright.”

“ ok you go check it out ill go get micheal “ alex said heading toward the back of the bus

as max started off the rv the person lying on the ground started to move so max slowed alittle just to be cautious when he finally got to the person he noticed who it was.

‘this is wired I thought it looked familiar and it dose it just I have never seen this person before’

“ hi “ the stranger said “ my name is michelle whats ur name?”

“ h.. hi im max “ he replied “ do you know where you are?”

“um well I think im in… um.. I think.” She stuttered “ well I want to say that im on antar but this really does not look like it. Do you know where I am?”

‘ holy shit did she just say antar?!?!?!?!?” “well your right your not on antar your on earth” max said

“YES! YES! YES!” michelle shouted “ I made it! I cant believe that I made it!! This is gonna be good then. Um do you think you can help me find maria and micheal guerin?”

“ Wait! What ? who? “ max was confused first I see this girl lying in the road and I think she is familiar now she thinks she was on antar and she knows who ria and micheal are no this is way to weird!’

“ M.A.R.I.A. AND M.I.C.H……” michelle started

“ I heard you I heard you um could you stay there for a minute?” max asked

“sure I don’t think I will be going anywhere soon anyways I cant walk I think I broke my leg when I fell.” Michelle said

“um o well wait here and ill get you some help.” Max said

“no prob max.”

“Wha.. wait you know who I am?” max asked

“obviously if I got your name right. Now just a small favor could you possibly heal my legs so we can go inside and talk besides everyone already knows that im here.” Michelle said

“ um ya sure but wait how do they…” max started

“ window” was all she had to say

“o ya ok hang on a sec… ok all better “max said

“ok lets go “ michelle said as she jumped up “o and by the way you can call me elly “

“ok um well lets go then “ max said

once in side the rv and everyone was settled

“ok so who are you?” micheal blurted

“o what you don’t recognize me?” elly started

“ obviously I don’t if im am asking “ micheal said starting to lose his temper

“ok ok god blow a gasket jabus! “ elly said “ ok so me are you ready im gonna have to start from the beginning k? "

"ya go start we cant just sit here in the middle of the road all day so ya go" maria said ' god and hurry I really want you out of here '

"o and maria im not leaving that fast " elly said

"huh! you! "



"date: 2010

I was sitting on a bench in one of the palace gardens when I heard yelling so I got up to see what was going on and I saw that it was jodius {he is one of the men that work for khivra} and someone else I did not recognize they were yelling about four very special beings one a princess from a neighboring galawy [called solomong ] and one a princess from a new planet to our galaxy
[ called baligondu ] well these beings where implanted in two humans with these beings they each had a protector also human but male as I listened to this they started talking about the royal four and how badly they messed up but also how they got more than what they were supposed to so I thought to myself the royal four were have I heard of them before and then I remember rath I knew him or at least I should have known him he was my brother I was born four days after he died. well when I relised that they may be talking about the people that they were now with I was very upset and so I listened to more of what there plan was about an hour later I found out that they were going to come to earth to collect the four humans/alien hybrids because they had so much power combined that khivar could finally finish his plan to take total and complete controll over our galaxy so after they parted ways I followed the one who face I did not see so I coould figure out who he was and to my surprise it was my brother { by the way so you are not confused he is my brother through another father } I naturaly was upset but my anger was to much and when I confronted him I snapped and killed him for what he would do to our planet after I had did what I did I knew I would be killed so I fled I needed to get to earth so that I could warn you but my only concern is that someone may have followed me by order from khivar so that he could monitor and report back to him on what I am doing. so that is who I am and why I am here"

"I hope you believe me because I have come to you with very very much riding on this and I can not go back to my home because of what I have done " elly said as tears streaked her face

"no elly trust me when I say we beleive you! we do ok?" tess said "dont worry ok we will figure out what to do and we will find this person following you "

"thank you all so much but if you dont mind could I go somewhere to rest my travels have taken alot out of me?" elly asked

"ya sure right this way" liz said

as liz showed elly where she could stay max and the other got settled in to leave

still outside lying in a ditch

"huh where am I? o god it worked ok so now all I have to do is find micheal." she said as she got up to go to the road just as she got to the top of the ditch the rv pulled away " no shit I think that was them I need to get to them! "

in the rv

"khivar that was far to easy! " elly said into the comunitive devise she broought with her " they ate that stroy right out of my hands!"

"well I knew they would now you did what with sandra?" khivar asked

"well at the moment she is lying in a ditch somewhere bleeding to death I figured I would let her realise her failure" elly said

"WHAT!!!!! you fool how can you be so stupid!!!!" khivar bellowed " she is not the type of creature that can be killed so easily! her powers are so advanced so can heal herself without a moments notice!!! "

"huh wha im... im so sor.." elly started

"you had better fix this elly! or I will have your life if sandra finds them and tells them the truth!!!!" khivar threatened

"yes sir it will be doe I swear it on my life!!" elly quivered

"you do not have a life to swear on anymore it is mine" khivar said before turning off his devise

on antar

"DAMN THAT STUPID FOOL!!!!!" khivar screamed " jodius coe here now!!!"

"yes sir what can I do for you" jodius said as he bowed

get me a transportation devise and gather three of your most worthy men we have to make a trip to earth to repair your stupid sisters mistakes!!!!"

"yes sir " jodius replied

in jodius's home

"mother elly has gone to earth and once again screwed up khivars orders so now I must go to help khivar get back on track. I will return with good news do not worry." jodius said

"son please keep them all safe I can not lose them again any of them" said the dying queen of antar

"yes mother your hidding and suffering for your planet will not be for nothing I will keep the royal eight safe!" jodius said with pride in his brother and sister and all the people who suffered in khivars rule

after jodius got his orders from his mother then did as he was told by khivar he left for khivars castle

"I swear on my life and all that is right I will not let khivar and elly win!!" jodius said

what jodius did not know was that he was being followed

"interesting well I guess we are going back to earth people!"

hope you enjoy I kinda had a block opn what to write s I hope this is good

ya and remember nice feedback is always really good but if you have negative I can take it as along as it will make the story better

o ya and a note that I forgot to add on the first post I own nothing related to roswell nothing at all but hey if I did then well alex would have lifed tess would be good and season three would not have gone so far down the toilet o and there would be a season four going anywho that all I wwant to say o ya I do own somthings tough like the characters in my story that I made up ok thanx and bye

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hey hope to see al of you at the new board and until the here is what I have been woring on so far hope you like and hopefully I cant update again after the move!!!

In the rv

‘knock knock’

“ya” elly said “who is it?”

“hey its maria”

“ o hey ya come in”

“hey so how are you did you sleep well I know you had a long trip” asked maria

“ya I slept fine im still alittle tired but ill be over it in a few days”

“o good ok so I just wanted to thank you”

“um for what “ said elly

“well for what you did I know it must have taken a lot to kill your brother “ said maria “ I mean I never could do that but I understand your sacrifice and I just want to let you know that im here for you if you ever need someone to talk to. Ok?”

“ thank you maria that means a lot to me and I really appreciate your kindness and all you know for excepting me no questions asked cuase you have all been through so much I could never trust anyone like that but you did and I thank you it really is making what I am doing for my planet and well yours a whole lot easier. So ya thanx” said elly ‘ god these people are so stupid! No wonder khivar killed them all once before.’

“ well im gonna go and see whats for dinner get some more sleep k.” said maria as she walked out of the room

“k “

after maria left and elly was sure she was gone she tried communicating with khivar again after about a minute she got through “ khivar this is elly I honestly can say that I do not feel sandra’s life force anymore I really do think that the trip alone took up most of her energy so there for she may not of had the strength to repair the damage that I have done to her.” “god I hope that bitch really is dead”

“you listen to me you screw up I now have to come down to earth to fix your problems so I want nothing from you that could even come close to a cover up because the fact is Sandra is one of the most powerful beings from this planet and she would not even have problems with bringing herself back from the dead! So I want to hear nothing from you unless it is good news! No you hear me! “screamed khivar

“yes sir yes I hear you “ elly winced

“good now I am going to begin the trip to earth I want them back in roswell new mexico in three days! Do you understand elly because if you don’t then your mother will have to know of the betrayal to your planet!” said khivar just before he shut the communicator off

“o man is he pissed! “said elly “I just hope Sandra cant feel me or them or ill be in worse shape then I already am in!”

now sitting in the ditch Sandra is concentrating on finding her brother and sister “ ok micheal open up for me big bro….. come on… damn ok try tess…omg it worked im in! ok now figure out where they are or where they are going….

“so max do you know exactly were we are gonna go now?” alex asked as he sat down is the passengers seat “cause yano I hear Michigan is pretty nice this time of year”

“ya” max said “maybe but we have to think it through with the group”

“well I talked to izzy tess and kyle they think it is a good idea”

“well what about micheal maria and liz what do they say?”

micheal and liz are kinda ify on it but I think micheal is leaning more and more towards it and im not quite sure about maria I know where she would like to go but we cant” alex said

max gave alex a look “ what do you mean where does she want to go?”

all alex had to say was one word “Roswell”

“ooo I get it is that why she has been so down lately?” max asked

“ ya she really misses her mom and I think she kinda regrets coming she loves micheal and all of us and everything but I think she thinks micheal doesn’t really want her here” alex said then paused “I dunno I think its just that you, liz and me, and izzy are married now kyle and tess and I saw her face tonight when tess and kyle came back she looked like she was gonna just break down…”

max cut him off “why would she break down micheal does love her and he would do anything for her she does know that right?”

“ya she does but you didn’t let me finish I know maria maybe better than I kow myself and she, and I know this may sound stupid or needy, but she want micheal in the way that I have iz you have liz and kyle has tess. Do you know what I mean now” alex finished

“ ya I guess I do I mean she really didn’t have to come with us and she just gave everything up for micheal and us so now she feels excluded I guess you could say?’

“ya I guess you could say that. I dunno I was gonna talk to micheal see what he thinks about the hole next step thing the only thing is I don’t want maria pissed at me or micheal to get freaked.” Alex said

“ ya true well I don’t know what to say maybe you should talk to maria that might be a good idea to………”

“hmmmm…… maria? So that’s the weak link into getting them back to roswell?” elly said with a grin “ this is gonna be so good!”

thats it for now next part will take place on anter then in roswell hope you like this though for now and I will see you all soon!!!
love andi~*