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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured

Be nice, my first fic
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 1
It was clear daylight when she got captured. She had been at the mall at the time. They had grabbed her and dragged her to an awaiting van. She had told her brother, in her mind, to run. He had first refused but before they lost contact he had given in realizing that he couldn’t help her if he was captured too. They had brought her to a government facility and locked her up in a glass cage. Everyday they came in and did some experiments on her and after they did them they left again, they never said a word to her. She had been there already for two weeks, two long weeks without food, they only gave her some water and that was it. The only reason that she was still alive was her brother, every night he dream walked her and gave her some of his strength.
When she woke up this morning there was something different, a familiar face between the “doctors”. A girl, a girl she hated more then anything, Pam Troy.
“Well, well if it isn’t little alien Lizzie Parker.”
“What do you want Troy?”
“So hostile today and I thought you would be happy to see me.”
“Let me out and I’ll show you how happy I am to see you. Why did you do this to me?”
“Why? Why? I’ll tell you why, because you’re an alien freak who has been in my way for the last time, that’s why.”
“How did you find out?”
“I followed you out in the desert one time and saw you use your powers.”
Liz looked at her for a second and then she turned around and went to sit in a corner of her cage. She closed her eyes and tried to contact her brother, for half an hour she tried to get in and the finally she got in.
‘It was Pam Troy.’
After just saying that sentence she left her brothers mind and opened her eyes just in time to see Pam pulling somebody in the room with her.
“You’ve got to see this.”
“See what?”
A tall guy asked her.
“The alien I captured.”
The guy looked over to where the cage was. He looked at the frightened girl in the cage and felled connected to her.
As there eyes met, for the first time in two weeks Liz felt save, his eyes they were so soulful, so beautiful. She snaps out of the trance she was in when she heard Pam’s voice.
“We are going to be experimenting on her some more, you should come, then you can take some experiments for yourself.”
Liz face froze when the guy answers Pam.
“I would love to. I need some entertament anyway.”
“Take her to the experimenting room.”
Pam yelled to one of the guards who then opened the cage and shot Liz with a sedative. Liz slumbered to the ground and the guards dragged her out to the experimenting room.
End part 1

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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 2
When she woke up, she was strapped down to an examination table.
“Good, she’s up, we can get started. It was a good idee of you to wait until she was awake again this way we can see every effect we have on her.”
The guy looked at Liz for a couple of seconds before turning his attention back to Pam.
“I know”
“Why don’t you start with you’re experiments, we’ll do ours later.”
He walked up to her.
‘Don’t be afraid, please don't be afraid of me.'
‘How did you get into my mind?’
The guy looked shoked for a second, but then she heard his voice again.
'That doesn't matter, Can you run?'
'I think so.'
‘Good, I’m going to release one of your hands, as soon as it’s lose I want you to race it.’
'Just do it, or I won't be abel to get you out.'
He looked straid into her eyes and picked up the scalper.
‘Don’t worry, you just race your hand and I’ll take it from there.’
He looked in her eyes one more time to see if she was ready and then brought his scalper down over her arm, not cutting her until he came to the straps. He slid thru the straps and immidially her hand went up. At the same time the guy used his powers to knock everybody down, making it look like Liz did it. The only one who was still standing was Pam. She raced her gun to Liz and shot at her at the same time that the guy took her down with his powers. He saw the bullet coming and threw up his shield. The bullet froze in mid air. He undid the other straps from her body and helped her up.
“You ready to get out of here?”
"I was ready two weeks ago."
He pulled her after him out of the room.
'Stay behind me, got it?'
'Got it'
'Don't say anything out loud.'
'I'm not stupid you know.'
Once they got outside he leaded them to his car. Before they reached it he felt Liz fall, she had fainted. He gathered her carfully in his arms and carried her the rest of the way to his car.
Softly putting her in de car and then speeding out of the parking lot. It wouldn't take them very long to figure out what happend.
He looked at Liz still form and wonderd how somebody could her hurt. She looked so small and fragile. He was affraid that she would break any minute, but seeing her face that was all covert with bruses he knew that she wasn't as fragille as she looked.
End part 2*bounce*
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OK, here's a new part.
Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 3
It was dark outside when she woke up. She was in a bed, the guy was asleep in a chaire next to her bed.
It was like he knew that she was up cause he opened his eyes and smiled up to her.
“Hi, feel better?”
“Not really. What's your name?”
“I’m Max Evans”
“Liz Parker, so what, you're alien?”
“Yeah. Look I’ve got you some new clothes. I hope you like them.”
He gave her a bag with the clothes, in there were also some showering stuff.
“Thank you.”
He smiled at her, he knew she didn’t trust him and he also knew that when he would get her to calm down she would trust him much easier.
“There’s a shower in there if you want to take one. I’m going to get us some food.”
Liz just nodded. She picked the stuff up and went into the bathroom.
“I’m going to lock the door. O.K.?”
As she heard him leave she wondered why he was doing this, she knew that she was supposed to be freaked out about him locking her up. But she wasn’t, she was calming down and feeling some what save again. She got under the shower and stayed there until Max had returned.
“Liz? You still in the shower?”
“I’ll be out in a second!”
He had spread the food out on the bed and was waiting for her to come back in the room. When she did he gasped, she looked beautiful, she was wearing a long white flowing dress.
“You look beautiful”
She just smiled and went to sit next to him on the bed.
“Mmm, Pizza.”
He smiled at her reaction as she eagerly took a piece out of the box.
He asked half jokingly. And regretted it when he saw her sad look.
“I haven’t eaten sinds they captured me.”
“Oh, my god, how long ago was that?”
“Two weeks ago. Were are we?”
“In a motel”
“O.K. more specifically, were are we going?”
“Some place save”
“Can you also give the answer I was looking for?”
“I’m sorry, we’re going to my sisters home.”
The pizza was up and he heard her stomach grumble for more. She looked embarrassed about it.
“How about I go get another pizza?”
“No, that isn’t necessary.”
“It’s O.K. I would love to go and get another pizza, don’t worry about it.”
He got of the bed and picked his jacked up again. She was about to protest but he held his hand up to stop her.
“I’m locking the door O.K.?”
When he got back he noticed that Liz had fallen back to sleep. He gently covert her up after he had put the pizza’s down and got back in his chair, if she woke up he would heat the pizza’s up for her.
When Max woke up Liz was still asleep. She was stirring in her sleep and than suddenly she screamed.
“Liz, wake up.”
She shot up, completely shaking. He got up the bed and took her in his arms. Softly he rubbed her arms till she calmed down.
She nodded against his chest.
“Want to talk about it?”
“Want something to eat? We have pizza or pizza.”
“Excellent choice, I’ll heat them up.”
After they had eaten and showerd they were on the road again.
“So how far away from your sisters are we?”
“We’ll be there in about nine hours.”
“O.K., I’m going to try and take another nap.”
He nodded, if she had looked at him more closely she would have noticed the sad look on his face. He had hoped that they would talk a little, he wanted to know everything there was to know about her.
A soon as Liz closed her eyes she started to dream walk.
‘He bro.’
‘Liz, god I was worried about you, I couldn’t get in last night. I thought something happened.’
‘Something did happen’
‘I’m free, somebody got me out of there.’
‘Where are you, tell me were you are and I’ll come and get you.’
‘I don’t know where I am.’
‘How can you not know were you are, you’re out, you should at least know were you are.’
‘I fainted when we left the facility and woke up in a motel. O.K. And know we’re in the car again on the way to his sister. We should get there in nine hours.’
‘How can you trust this person Lizzie?’
‘Because he got me out, he got me out and that’s enough for me to trust him, I’ve been there for two weeks, two miserable weeks and he got me away from al that, he saved me when the were about to see how my internals looked like. You know what, I’m out of here’
And with that she opened her eyes and looked over at Max.
“What time is it?”
“nine thirty.”
“So, where you from?”
He looked at her and then looked up to the sky and back to her again. She looked at him for a second and than started laughing.
“I meant were do you leave here on earth.”
“New York. You?”
“Roswell, New Mexico”
Suddenly Max didn’t know what to say anymore, he wanted to ask her so many things, but for the moment the only thing he could think of was how beautiful she looked.
“We’ll stop to eat in about two hours, is that O.K. with you?”
The next two hours they spent in silence, Max was sneaking looks at her every once in a while and Liz was looking at her surroundings. She looked up at him when they pulled of the free way and stopped at a small diner.
“Let’s eat.”
He said to her as he helped her out of the car. He couldn’t help the grin that got on his face as she smiled up at him. As they got in he resisted the urge to put his arm around her, he had to remind himself that she wasn’t his. He snapped out of his thought when he heard her voice.
“Do you see a phone here?”
“A phone? I would like to make a phone call.”
End part 3

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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 4
“Oh, there in the corner is a phone. Why don’t you order first and then you can go and make that phone call.”
She nodded and followed him to there table. He was wondering who she would like to call when he suddenly realised that she had been captured two weeks ago and probably would like to reassure her family.
After they had ordered she went to make her phone call. When the food arrived she was still at the phone. He got up and went to her to tell her dinner was ready when he heard her talking.
“You know Mike, this isn’t about you our, our friends, now it’s about me.”
“I know”
“I said I know do you think that I want you to be in danger?”
“Look I know you, Please promise me you’ll get away there, please.”
“Thanks Mike, I’ll contact you O.K.?”
“O.K., I promise.”
Then she noticed Max, she smiled at him and the focused back on the voice on the other end.
“I love you to.”
“O.K. Bye.”
And then she hung up.
“Dinner ready?”
She failed to she the pained look he had on his face that was there since she said I love you to the person she was calling to.
He nodded and went a head to there table. She sat down and they started eating an uncomfortable silence between them.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Who did you call?”
A soft smile spread over her lips as she answered him.
“My brother Michael, he was worried sick about me. Especially because I just left him without saying much earlier. He thought something worse had happened than me being kidnapped.”
“Oh, so what could be worse?”
“Me being dead.”
Max just nodded, a happy smile spreading over his face.
‘He is her brother, thank god. I still have a chance.’
“You finished with that”
He asked motioning to her plated.
“Come on then we’ve got an other six hours on the road ahead of us.”
He extended his hand to help her up. She softly placed her hand in his and let him pull her up. He left the money on the table and they walked back to the car.
The next six hours they talked about a lot of things, but mostly about her capturing, he wanted to know what they had done to her and after a little persuading from his side she told him everything he wanted to know about her kidnapping.
They stopped at a small house in the mountains. A beautiful tall blond ran to the car and threw her arms around Max.
“Maxwell Evans, do you have any idée how much I was worried? Don’t you ever do that to me again, you hear?”
“I hear you Is, where’s Ria?”
“Is, I want you to meet Liz. Liz, this is my sister Isabel.”
‘Nice to meet you Liz.”
“So were did you meet my brother?”
Before Liz could answer Max said.
“Let’s continue this conversation inside now shall we.”
“He Ria”
An other blond tossed her arms around him.
“And who are you?”
“Liz Parker”
“Maria Evans”
Liz just smiled at Maria and than looked at Max.
“Liz is like us.”
Isabel didn’t trust it one bit.
“Like us? You mean adopted like us?”
“No I mean alien like us. I got her out of the lab.”
His two sisters looked in shock from Liz to Max and back again.
‘Well if they can handle that shock I’ll give them a bigger shock.’
“Mike, is going to be so happy. This means that we only have to find one more of us and we can get home.”
Maria and Isabel asked together and then together with Max.
“One more?”
End part 4

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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 5
“Yes one more, in the cave were eight pods. So that means one for Isabel; one for Maria; one for Max; one for Michael; one for Alex; one for Kyle and one for me. So by the process of elimination that means there’s still one more out there.”
They looked at her in shock.
“Oops I think I forgot to mention the fact that my brother and two of my best friends are aliens.”
“Yes, you did forget to mention that part.”
“It’s O.K., Liz, I mean you went to a lot this last two weeks, I think that you’re entitled to forget to mention some parts of your live. Why don’t you dream walk him and tell him to meet us in two days in Seattle. O.K.?”
She went to sit on the sofa and closed her eyes.
“There are more of us out there Max, we’re going to go home. O my god, this is so exiting.”
“Maria, breath.”
“Sorry, I was rambling wasn’t I?”
“Yes baby sis, you were.”
"Max, what did you mean earlier when you said that you've gotten her out of the lab?"
"You remember me answering that ad for a reaserge assistend in a lab right?"
"Wel she was the project"
"Oh my god."
At that moment Liz re-entered the room.
"My brother and my friends wil be in Seatlle soon. Max?"
"Did the lab know about this place?"
"No why?"
"If they find out about that shield thingie of you, you'll be in as much troubles as I am"
This time it was Isabels calm voice that calmed Liz down.
"Look Liz, our parent knew about us being different, they also knew that there would be a possibility that one day we would be discovert and that the goverment wouldn't be abel to deal with the fact that there are aliens. So they set up a bunch of dummy corporetions and bought us a piece of land in the mountance totaly secure. Nobody knows about it and it's absolutly save. So after we get youre friends we're gone go there. there's plenty of space to hold seven people. So there's nothing to worry about."
End part 5

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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 6
Two day’s later

Liz ran straight into his arms.
“I missed you little sis.”
“Who you calling little?”
Max, Isabel and Maria slowly made there way towards Liz and Michael. They saw two other guys coming forward to them also.
“He, why is he getting al the loving?”
“Yah, I won’t my hugs and kisses to.”
“Alex, Kyle!”
Liz yelled, letting go of her brother and she flung herself in there arms.
“Guy’s, I want you to meet Isabel, Maria and Max. This is Alex, Kyle and my brother Michael.”
While everybody said hi to each other. Liz was wandering around. Seeing a shop she liked she got closer to it. Looking at the dresses, when she felt Michael closing in on her, he wrapped his arms around her.
“Don’t you ever do that to me again, promise?”
“I promise”
“See anything you like?”
“That white dress.”
“Well, go try it, I’ll pay for it.”
She turned around and gave him a peck on his cheek.
“You’re the best Mike.”
“I know.”
He followed her inside and then he waited till she was dressed. He noticed that the others had come in to.
“Where is Liz?”
“Fitting a dress, so you’re the one who got her out?”
“Thank you, I don’t know what I would have done if something else would have happened to .”
Max was about to response to Michael when Liz came out of the dressing room. She looked amassing, the long dress looked beautiful on her.
"Well, what do you think?"
"You're beautiful................I mean you look beautiful"
Liz just smilled at him and hen notticed that Micheal was glaring at Max.
'Stop glaring'
'He's cheking you out.'
'Micheal, he did save my life'
'Doesn't give him the right to chek you out and if he doesn't stop staring at you, I'm gone take him down'
'You will do no such thing, he's just concern, I did look bad when I got out of there.'
"What do you mean?"
Max' looked away from Liz with a confused face. Had she seen him staring at her? Had she told Michael. He was about to ask what was wrong when Liz answerd Michael.
"It doesn't mean because he saved me from being internaly examend that nothing else happend. I was there for two weeks, she had me tortured. She hates me Mike, she wanted me to suffer."
"Lizzie, I'm so sorry" He said will pulling her into a hug.
"I'm fine Mike, I just want to feel save again."
"I'll keep you save sweety, I promiss, nobody is ever going to hurt you again. I'll kill them if they try and I promiss you I'll make that bitch pay."

End part 6

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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 7
Alex looked at that Maria girl, she was easely telling Kyle her whole life. He also noticed the fact that the other blond was looking around for that Max guy. He walked up to her.
"Hi, so did you, Maria and Max grew up together?"
Isabel looked a him for a few second and then decided to answer.
"Yeah, The Evans adopted us al together. What about you guy's?"
"Well, I was adopted by the Whitmans while my brother Kyle was adopted by the Valenti's. After the Whitmans had adopted me they went out of the country for a while. So me and Kyle saw eachother again the first day of school in the 6 grade, when some older bullie was trying to hurt me and Kyle heard me in his head. We pretty much hung togheter after that."
"What about Liz and Michael?"
"We didn't knew them at that time."
"You couldn't sence them, I mean as soon as Liz calmed down I could sence her in my mind."
"Well they didn't live in Roswell so, no we didn't sence them."
"I'm sorry, I didn't know."
"It's O.K. Micheal moved to Roswell when his foster dad died three years ago. They had put him back into the system and Kyle's parents took him in. The only thing I know about his foster dad is his name and the fact that he wasn't very good to Michael. He doesn't like to talk about his foster dad, the only person he talks to about, wel every thing is Lizzie."
"When did you meet her then?"
"You ask alot of questiones."
Isabel blushed, she coulddn't help it she was currious as hell about the others.
"It's O.K., I was just teasing. Lizzie moved to Roswell a year and a half ago. She and Michael are stronger than me and Kyle I know that much."
"How do you mean."
"Can you talk to your sister and brother in your head?"
"Yes, what's that got to do with it?"
"How far can they go away form you before you can't talk anymore?"
"As long as they are within two mille I can talk to them."
"Me and Kyle to, but Lizzie and Michael, they can talk over a long distance, that is if they don't get druged or knocked out. We haven't tested how far away they have to be, but when they were little they didn't live in the same state and were abel to talk to each other."
Isabel looked in shock at Alex.
'Over state comunication.'
Alex noticed Kyle and Maria coming closer. And decided to tell Isabel a bit more, making sure that Kyle and Maria would here the next part, he started talkking again.
"That's not al, when she's close to someone she can talk in there minds to, the first time she did that she scared the sh*t out of Kyle. God, that was so funny, my big and strong brother scared sh*tless because little Lizzie talked too him."
Both girls burst out in a fit of giggles and Kyle started to chase Alex around.
'I oughta kill ya'
'Oh comon bro, where's your sence of humor?'
'I'll show you my sence of humor.'
At that moment Liz, Michael and Max came out of the shop.
"Lizzie, save me!"
Alex ran behind Liz and used her as a shield between him and Kyle.
"What did you do?"
"Me? I'm an inocent guy. Honnestly"
"Inocent? Inocent! He's telling storry's about me."
"Boy's behave"
Was al she said before getting out between them and walking over to Isabel and Maria.
"I hope she get's better soon."
"Yeah, come on Alex, we can't fight in front of Liz it wil upset her. And don't worry I'll take my revenge when you'll least expect it."
After saying that Kyle left to join the others. Silent wondering if Max and Michael would stay glued to her hip.
End part 7
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Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 8
After Kyle and Alex little chase they decided to go grab something to eat before they would go to the save house.
Al trough dinner Michael and Max were watching her like hawks. They both had made sure that they were sitting next to Liz.
Dinner had gone by without dificulty's for witch Kyle greatful was. Kyle also notticed that every time that Isabel wasn't looking his brother was stealing glances at her.
Payback was gone be a real bitch, he would make sure that Alex new that. He was already planning to inbares his brother infront of Isabel. His attension shifted back to Liz, she started to get irretated by the attention and looked like she was about to explode.
"So Max"
"How did you get into the lab?"
"I worked there as an assistand'
"Hé, I didn't know that she was the project, I thought I was suposed to do test on plants, not test on MY OWN KIND!"
"Michael, you might want to shut up"
"Why the HELL would I want to SHUT UP, do tell me Kyle, do tell me."
"Maybe because you're starting to upset your sister?"
Michael turned around to see Liz looking at him, as soon as there eyes crosed she turned around and walked away.
'No Michael, just leave me alone.'
Michael started to go after her but Maria stopt him.
"Max, Kyle go see Liz."
"She's my sister, I'll go after her"
"No, you and I are going to have a little talk, over dare."
Maria took him away from the other's.
"Who the HELL do you think you are, what the f*ck gives you the right to decide who's going after my sister. She........"
Michael was cut off by Maria's kiss. She was kissing him in full passion, it only took him a few seconds before he was responding to the kiss.
Pulling her up into his armes, she was flushed against his body. She felled his cock grewing hard against her.
He was sucking on her neck.
"God that feels good."
"Why,.................... Why are you doing this?"
Steping slightly back. "Why am I doing what?"
"Kissing me."
"Because I wanted too, beside your kinda cute and if I didn't kiss you, you would probebly gone after my brother. And I can only handel so much ......."
Michael's lips where on here's again.
"You talk to much."
She smaked his arm, she was about to say something when Alex came over to them.
"Are you guy's ready? Cause some people would like to leave."
"Yeah, were ready."
"Good, let's go then."
"Wait a minuted, who is riding with who?"
"Well, since you two weren't there you didn't get a say in the seating arangements. You two are riding with me and Isabel and Max, Liz and Kyle are riding in our car."
"No. Liz is riding with me."
"Sorry Michael but that's a big no no. Beside they already left."
"Chill Michael, it was Lizzie's idee, she thought that you and Max didn't get along, I wonder where she got that idee."
'Lizzie. Lizzie answer me'
'What Mike.'
'How can you do this?'
'Do what? You need to get over yourself, Mike.'
'Get over myself? My little sister got kidnaped and she's telling me to get over myself because I'm trying to protect her.'
'Mike, you could try and loose some of that additude.'
'What additude?'
'The additude you show against Max.'
'I don't have an additude against Max.'
'I'm closing or connection Mike.'
'Lizzie, no.'
'Bye Mike, I'll see you at the first stop, be nice.'
And with hat Liz blocked Michael out of her head.
Isabel shot up.
"What, what happend?"
"I think Lizzie got enough of his additude and shot him out."
"Poor Michael."
"Poor Michael? Have you noticed the fact that he's been in you brothers face like all the time?"
"He's worried about his sister, that's all."
"I was worried about Lizzie too, you don't see me giving your brother all the additude."
"Let's just go before we get into a fight."
Isabel got into the car and waited till the rest got in.
When Isabel, Michael, Alex and Maria got to the first stop they imidially spotted Kyle who was leaning against his car.
"Where's Liz?"
"Well hello to you to Michael. Now keep your voice down cause Liz is asleep."
Michael looked into the car to see Liz sound asleep on Max's shoulder.
"What the f*ck"
Maria put her hand on his lips.
"Shuu, you'll wake her up."
Softly pulling him back to there car and ino his seat.
"But she"
"Shuu, it's OK, your sister is a big girl and my brother won't hurt her."
"Beside, there both a sleep and Kyle is with them."
She went to sit in his lap.
"She's my little sister."
"And she will always be your little sister, but you got to trust her. Your gone loose her if you keep reacting like that."
"But what if"
"But what if nothing Michael. If Max makes her feel save, then let her feel save, isn't that what you wanted?"
"He makes her feel save?"
"Do you think that she would be in that car with him right now, do you think that she would be asleep right now if she didn't?"
Lowering his head.
"I supose your right."
"I'm always right, just so that you know it."
She smiled at him and snugeld up closer to him.
Isabel and Alex looked at the two in the car.
"Whoah, you got a hell of a sister."
Isabel's face fell a little.
"What do you mean?"
"She got Michael to calm down. Trust me that's not an easy thing to do. He's as hot headed as you can get them."
"What ever, let's go"
She said as she got into te car.
"What's her problem?"
"She like's ya bro."
"I said she likes ya, it's like cristal cleare that the girl likes ya. Don't know why since I'm the cute one."
"What ever you say man, what ever you say."
"Look she looks pissed, so why don't ya get into the car, keep an eye on the two lovebirds in the back and try to not to get on the girls bad side."
"You know, the two making out in the back."
Alex looked at Michael, who was indeed making out with Maria.
"Let's get back on the road OK?"
"Sure Bro."
End part 8

Eight life's, one destiny

Rating: PG-17 eventually
Disclaimer: Don't own, promise to return them to the evil one a.k.a. J.K.
Author: Lindsey (cindyvandenbempt⊕
Category: AU M/L, M/M, I/A, K/S
Summary: The whole gang is alien, no tess in the gang I will bring her in the story later. The story start with Liz being captured
“ “ = talking
‘ ‘ = mind talk
Part 9
It was early in the morning when they arrived. Maria got out of the car and opend the gate. When they stoped two stops earlier they all switched drivers. Maria had taken over driving and Michael was sitting next to her. Isabel and Alex where in the backseat asleep. Isabel was resting on his chest. In the other car Kyle was a sleep on the backseat, while Max was driving Liz was softly talking to him.
"Where here."
They drove up to the house.
"It's big."
"Did you come here often?"
"No, this is maybe the 10th time or so."
He parked the car next to the other car.
"Come on, you can pick your own room."
"Sure. Kyle, wake up will ya where here."
"Yeah, yeah I'll be there in a sec."
"Not a morning person is he?"
"Let him sleep, he'll find us when he feels like getting up."
Liz and Max got out of the car and together they walked up to the others who were waiting at the door.
"Where's Kyle?"
"Your brother didn't feel like getting up, so I told Max to let him sleep. He'll find us when he needs us, or when he get's hungry, what ever comes first."
"Let's give you guy's a tour now shal we?"
Maria said while opening the front door.
"OK, so the living room is in there, dining room, kitchen, basment, computer room, inside pool, the outside pool is true there and the bedrooms are up this way."
She said while pointing everything out. She was walking up the stairs while she conyinued talking.
"There's also a small gym in the basment. Let's go, keep up a bit will ya, so you guy's can pick out a room. This one is mine and that's Isabel's and at the end of the hall on the right that's Max's room."
"Whoah, Isabel, when you said that there whas enough room for all of us, I didn't think it was this big."
"Told ya, it wouldn't be a problem. Now pick out a room."
"I'll take this one"
Michael said when he went into the room next to Maria's.
Alex took the one next to Isabel's room and Liz took the one between Alex's and Max's room. Witch left Kyle the room over Liz's room or the one over Max's room.
"You don't have to yell, Maria, I hear just fine."
"You got the chose of two rooms. the one next to Michael across of Liz or the one over Max's room."
"I'll take the one over Lizzie. So what's there to eat?"
Michael answerd his question while walking out of his room.
"We don't feed ya until we got the car's unpacked."
"No but's Kyle, unpack NOW."
"I'm hungry."
"Who cares?"
"Michael, I'm hungry too, can't we eat first?"
"Sure sis. We can eat first."
"Maria, do you got some food around here?"
"We got cerials."
"OK, is it alright if we eat first before we unpack?"
"Sure. MAX!"
"Be a nice brother and go get the food out of the car"
"Why can't you do it?"
"Now Max!"
"I'll help you Max."
"You don't need to help him Lizzie he's a big boy, he can get it al alone."
"It's OK Maria, I wan't to."
And after saying that Max and Liz went to the car and got all the food out.
"We're gone have to go into town to get some more food."
"When do you wan't to go?"
"After we have unpacked."
"Good I'm redy then."
"What do you mean?"
"Well I didn't exacly pack you now."
"I'm sorry, we'll get you some new stuf OK."
"What's going on?"
"Nothing Alex."
"Don't nothing me Liz. Now what is it."
"She's upset about having none of her stuf."
"Lizzie, why didn't ya tell me? After you where taking we got on the move just like you told Michael. We took our stuf and your stuf. Michael even took your dairy, it took him a while to find it but he did. We didn't bring all of your clothes, but we got everything you hold valiuble with us."
She tossed her armes around his neck and was crying.
"Hé, what are you crying about, I thought you would be happy knowing that we brought your stuf."
"I am Alex, I am."
Picking her up in his armes and caring her inside he asked Max.
"Can you take those bags inside or do you need a hand?"
"I can take them."
End part 9

Part 10
After they had eaten Maria orderd the guy's to get all the stuf out of the car.
"Max? Are these Isabel her stuf?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Thought I give you a hand. Michael and Kyle grabed Lizzies stuf so I figured since you got two sisters I lend a hand."
"Thanks man."
While they where moving the bags into the house, Michael came back out.
"Need another hand?"
"Yeah, Maria's stuf is still outside, if you could take that."
"Sure, no prob."
"That was the last bag."
"Let's let the girls know."
"Where are they anyway."
"Knowing my sisters, they are still in the kitchen, probebly making a shoping list."
"Let's go and see then."
"Are you two getting along?"
"Why wouldn't we Alex?"
"Because you been hostile to him like since you first got to know him."
"What ever. Lizzie, where are you."
"Over here Mike."
"We would like to inform you lady's that your bags are in your rooms and that you can start to unpack. How aboutt if the first two people that finish go into town and get more food, I asume you lady's made a shopping list."
"Well, yes Michael, we did, it's on the counter."
"Let's start unpacking then."
Max and Liz where the first ones to finish unpacking and where on there way to town when Isabel came down followed by Alex.
"So Isabel, where is the pool?"
"Inside or outside?"
"This way."
"Why don't we go for a little swim? It will get your mind of other things."
"Sure, why not"
"Le's get changed then."
'Not that I wouldn't mind a litlle bit of skinnie dipping, but we can't have everything, now can we?'
When Isabel got back to the pool Alex was already in the water.
"Come on in, the water is great."
"I don't know."
"Come on Isabel, don't be shy."
"No, I don't think I'll get into the water just yet."
Alex got out of the pool and walked up to her.
"Are you sure, I mean the water is really great."
"Yep, I'm sure."
"A pitty, a real pitty"
He said before he swung her over his shoulder and jumped into the water with her.
"Yes Isabel."
"How could you?"
"Verry simple I picked you up and tossed you in. It's about as simpel as doing this."
He said before he kissed her.
'God I hope she doesn't hit me.'
After a few seconds she started to respond to his kiss. her hand tangeld itself into Alex his hear and her legs snuck around his waste. Moving over to the side of the pool he leand her up against the side as he continued kissing her.
"God I wanted to do this since I first saw you."
"That was yesterday Alex."
"So, are you mad at me."
His face fell.
"I'm mad at you because, you ain't kissing me no more."
She smiled at him while his whole face lighted up and his lips atact her's again.
Upstairs In Maria's room, Michael and Maria where making out.
"God Michael, that feels so good."
She said while rubbing herself against him.
End part 10
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Part 11 - PG-17
"Maria, God baby, we have to stop."
"What if I don't wan't to stop."
"You sure?"
"I haven't exacly done this before."
"Me neither. Michael, make love to me."
Looking her straight into the eyes, he started to slowly undress her. Slowly he pulled her top over her head and then waited while she pulled of his shirt. He kissed and sucked on her neck while her hands where working on the buttons of his jeans.
"Oh Michael, don't stop."
Softly nipping at her neck.
"Don't worry babe, I ain't gonna stop unless you tell me to."
His hands went to the front of her bra and he used his powers to help him open the bra. Maria finished with the buttons of his jeans and was pushing them down. When she didn't get them complitly of she sliped her hand on his cock.
'God I love a men who go's commando.'
He took her hand of his cock and got of of her.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing baby."
He took his jeans of completly and then he took of her jeans and her thong.
"God your beautifull"
She blushed when he started to suck on her breast while he inserted one finger into her pussy. He looked into her passion filled eyes to make sure she was OK.
"You're so wet baby."
"All for you."
He kissed her lips again he inserted another finger into her.
Felling her wetness around his fingers he got down and started to suck on her clit.
She screamed when she came against his fingers and thong.
He was licking her like he hadn't had a drink in years. He kept on sucking and pumping his fingers into her until she came again.
He got on top of her.
"Are you sure?"
Slowly he entered her.
He stoped for a second when he reached her barrier.
"I don't wan't to hurt you baby"
"Michael please."
Placing his hand on her he heald her while he broke true her barrier.
"You feel so good. God your so tight."
Michael was pumping his cock into her. She met his every trust. He was starting to speed up his trusts when he was about to cum he reached in between them and started to rub her clit. They came together.
"I love you too Michael."
He pulled her into his arms and looked at her.
"Are you OK?"
"I'm perfect."
"You sure, mean I didn't hurt you now did I?"
"You didn't hurt me. Now be quite and kiss me."
"What ever my girl wants."
End part 11