Don't Cry For Us Chapter 1

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, M/M, A/I, K/T
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The Pod Squad is leaving Earth to go Antar to save their people, their world from Khivar.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: Tess never killed Alex and she's not bad. She never tried to seduce Max.

Chapter 1
[ Liz ]

He was leaving her, but he'll be back for her. he said so himself. She believed him, she trusted him. She stared at the red heart sprayed by him on my balcony wall, it seemed to glow more and more tonight and she wiped the tears away from her cheeks. All of the sudden, the ladder began to shake. She slowly walked over to the ladder and Max popped up. He jumped over and kissed her. It was the kiss of love, the kiss of passion, the kiss of goodbye. He hugged her tightly, never wanting to let go.

"I love you so much Liz... So much" whispered Max.

"I love you too"

Caressing her soft brown hair, he rubbed his thumb against her cheek. He was leaving tomorrow, gone from this Earth. She held his hand and led him to her room.

"Max... make love to me" she whispered as she sat down on the bed.

He stared at her. His eyes burning with passion and love. He stood in between her legs and kissed her. Rubbing his thumb over her lips softly, she sucked it in. He closed his eyes and exhaled. Wrapping his arms around her sides, he slowly leaned down with her on the bed. Their lips fused together, their hands dangerously touching where they want to touch. Tugging on the hem of his shirt to remove it, he did the same. He thrust his hips softly against her. Soon he had her bra and pants on the ground. They bucked their hips against each other in rhythm. He ran his tongue lightly around her breasts and then his mouth was sucking on where she desperately wanted him to do. Pulling off his jeans, he hissed as he felt her heat against his aching erection. His hands slowly trailed down from her breasts to her hips, tugging on her remaining item that would expose him to the beauty of her womanhood off. She was so beautiful. Her hands grabbed for his boxers and used her legs to take it off. His tip brushed against her and she gasped. He hissed as he felt her wet folds on him. Grabbing the packet, he ripped it open. She took the latex from his hand and rolled it on him. He sucked in her lip and felt her bottom lip suck his in.
"Are you sure?" he asked.

She answered his question by rubbing herself against him. He positioned himself over her. She felt his tip begin to slide into her center. She let out a small moan and he took her lips. Feeling her warmth slowly around him, he was in heaven. She was ready, she was. Holding on his shoulders, she thrust herself forcefully onto him, taking him all in. He broke the kiss and to let out a moan. His face all scrunched up with pleasure. She held back the tears and tried to ignore the pain of her virginity ripped away. Kissing her temple, he began to thrust slowly. She let out a scream every time he pushed into her. His hands cupping her breasts, his lips on hers.

She clung to him as he moved. Feeling the need for more, she began to move with him. Soon they were moving rhythmically together. Their eyes stared at each other with love. If they would speak, they wouldn't. Their eyes told all. He began to thrust faster and faster as she wrapped her legs around him. When they climaxed together, she let out a scream as she saw the world go black and explode into stars.

[ Alex ]

Strumming his guitar, he faced the facts; His ice princess will be gone. The girl he had been pining over for years, the most beautiful popular girl at school. He laid on his bed, strumming his guitar. His door then opened and she came in. Closing the door, she saw him on his bed strumming his guitar with tears in his eyes. Walking over, she laid down besides him. He stopped playing and she hugged him, kissed his lips softly. He remained still, watching his beautiful princess. A beautiful princess she was. He dropped the guitar, letting it shatter onto the ground and hugged her, kissing her beautiful sweet lips.

"I love you Isabel... I always have. When I first saw you when you were just a little girl, I knew you were the most beautiful girl in the world. I never fell for anybody else. It was always you. You grew up and became the most beautiful popular girl in school. I was the..., you know. I sometimes still can't believe you would be with me when you can have all the guys in the school. In the whole world if you wanted to. God, I love you"

She smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you too Alex. I know I never gave so much as a look or spoke to you at school earlier but I was so caught up in the world. I was hiding because of who I am so that's why I am the way I am at school. I never wanted to be mean or so stuck up but I needed to, to feel safe. I couldn't expose who I was so I hid behind a fake face, a fake person. I had walls around me to feel safe and when you came into my life, I felt my walls shatter. You broke my walls, you were everything I wanted. You knew my secret, you stayed when I was mean to you. You were the first person, besides my brother and Michael, I let in. I let you see me because you let me see you. I'm with you because I love you"

Staring at each other, they slowly kissed. They did so slowly so they could savor the moment, remember it. They both pulled back and held each other, crying on his bed.

[ Maria ]

Rubbing the towel against her wet hair, she stared at herself in the mirror. Discarding the towel, she combed her hair. The sound of knuckles against her wooden door filled the room. She looked at the door and it opened. There stood a wet Michael. Dark clouds had just filled the sky and it started to rain. There wasn't much time left. It took everything Michael had in himself to come over here. She stared at him, then grabbed her cedar oil and began to sniff. He took the bottle from her and dropped it to the ground. She opened her mouth to protest but he then planted his lips on hers. She watched him and then slowly closed her eyes. His lips opened and his tongue sought for hers. Sought for her taste, sought for just her.

He held her in his arms and moaned as he felt her fingers in his hair. Running his fingers through her soft wet blond hair, he latched his lips onto her neck, leaving a hickey. Lifting her up, her legs wrapping around him, he led them to her small bed, his lips never leaving hers. Down onto the bed they went, both of them holding onto each other for dear life. Michael broke the kiss and looked into Maria's eyes.

"Maria, I-" he began to say but Maria cut him off.

"Shhh... I know Michael, I know. Me too" she said.

He smiled and leaned down to capture her full ruby lips with his once again.

[ Kyle ]

He found her, sitting in the living room sofa. He sat down beside her. He stared at his Buddha statue on top of the television for a moment and then he looked at her and found her eyes staring at Buddha.

"I never understood why you chose a fat happy man with little kids running around him as your religion" she commented, smiling.

He watched her red lips move as she spoke, not taking in what she said. She looked over at him and gasped softly as she found him staring at her. His eyes watched her face and her scent hit his senses. She was so - no words could describe what she was to him. She slowly became his everything and he didn't realize that. He was being too stupid and obsessed with getting dates and getting lucky with other women out there to realized that all along his soul mate was right in front of his eyes. Just when he did realized this, she was leaving.

Just then, lightening cracked across the sky, booming it's loud sound. The lights at the Valenti's house flickered and then it all went black. Kyle searched for her face in the darkness. Her fingers snapped and the candles Kyle had placed out ignited. The fire created light around the room. It danced and danced. Kyle smiled as he saw the light on her face. He began to lean closer to her.

"Kyle...." she whispered, confused.

"Shhhh..." he said and captured her lips.

He moaned softly as he tasted her. Soon, they were both entwined togetr. Kyle lifted Tess up into his arms and they slowly walked to Tess's room, never breaking the kiss. He used his foot to close the door and to the bed, they went.

[ The Next Day ]

Waking up, She felt a warm body pressed up against her. She turned over and a large smile appeared on her lips as she saw who was sleeping besides her. It was Max. He looked like a little boy, so peaceful. She hugged him and brushed her nose against his and his eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the light.

"Hi" said Liz.

"Hi" he said in his deep husky voice.

The rain had stopped early that morning and the dark clouds floated away. The sun came out to shine. The sunlight that was just coming up passed through the window and lit up the room. They stared at each other and just held each other, savoring the last hours they had together.

In Maria's room, Michael and her were sleeping, cuddled up together. Maria was somewhat sleeping on top of Michael. The blanket tangled around their waist. His arms wrapped around her. Their legs tangled with each other. Her mother, Amy, walked in and was about to protest to the naked couple but decided to leave them alone. Yes, she didn't want her baby having sex at such an early age and getting pregnant but she did remember what it was like to be deeply in love. She smiled and closed the door.

In Alex's room, there laid the shattered guitar on the floor. Wooden pieces left on the floor while the strings curled up. Alex and Isabel laid in his bed, spooned, while the sun was slowly peeked through the curtains and filled up the room. The first light that came in hit Alex's face. He woke up and smiled at the sight of Isabel sleeping in his arms. He kissed her head, and closed his eyes, feeling her in his arms.

In Tess's room, Kyle was awake, touching Tess's soft curly hair. Staring up at the ceiling, he felt his heart break. She was leaving tonight. After last night, he didn't want to let her go. He wanted her to stay forever... with him. Tears began to sting his eyes and he let out a soft cry. Turning onto his side, he buried his face into her hair and just held her while he cried.

[ At Night ]

All four couples spent the day with each other, trying to remember all the memories they've shared together. All trying to forget that their loved ones will soon be gone. Trying to avoid the subject, they all went around Roswell to have fun. All trying not to waste a second.

Now they were in the desert, in the cave where the pod squad was born at. It was time. Time to departure. The hand on the watch ticked away. They stood before the large grandilith. The little light around the circle was almost complete. Just one more light and it was time. Holding onto each other, the four couple said their last words and kissed. Max and Michael went up to Kyle and Alex, telling them to take care of their girls. Isabel and Tess went up to Liz and Maria, telling them to take care of their guys. None of them wanted to leave but they had to. It was either for the love of their life, their soul mates or their people, their world. They would choose their soul mates but they couldn't let their true family and their people die and suffer while they were on Earth being happy. It wasn't right, this was the right thing to do.

Max handed Liz a video tape, telling her to show this to his parents and Jim. She smiled and took it where she clutched onto it for dear life.

The last light flickered on. The sound of saying it was done echoed throughout the room. They stared at their loved ones, kissed them, and then walked to the grandilith. Placing their hands on the cool metal, a light flashed brightly, blinding the humans. When the light disappeared, the aliens were inside. The sounds of the ship getting ready to take off started. The cave began to shake and the rocks began to crumble around them. Out the humans ran. The top part of the mountain exploded and silver liquid rushed out and soon disappeared into the ground, leaving no traces. Quickly, the ship was launched into the sky, disappearing into the stars. Just like that, it was gone.

The humans all held each other and wept. Staring at the stars, they smiled at the thought that they were saving many lives on another world. Smiling at all the happy moments they had together. Smiling at all the painful moments they had together and made it through. Smiling at just the memory of them.

Getting into Maria's car, Kyle decided to drive since Maria and Liz were unable to. Too depressed that the fact they were gone. He started the car and the radio turned on. They sat in the car to think for a moment before driving back home.

"This is KROZ and we have a song request sent in by 4 people to 4 very special people. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess would like to dedicate a song by Justincase to the love of their lives, Liz, Alex, Maria, and Kyle. Well, here is "Don't Cry For Us'" said DJ of KROZ.

It's hard to know just what to do in times like these
It's hard to know just what to say
And I'm just sitting here just asking myself
Why it's good to know you feel the same
And I believe I want to be your everything
And anything you need

Don't cry for us tonight
Don't cry it will be alright
If I could I'd be by your side
Don't cry for us

You know that I'd give anything to watch you sleep
I can picture you just lying there
And you dont need to say the words
Cause they dont mean a thing
You know you're not alone when someone cares
And I believe that you are still my anything
And everything you need

They started to cry as they heard the lyrics. Holding onto each other, grabbing the tissues, they listened carefully.

Don't cry for us tonight
Don't cry it will be alright
If I could I'd be by your side
Don't cry for us

Built of steel we may seem weak and rusted
But in times like these we've always won
Trusted - in ourselves
Oh in ourselves - in ourselves

Don't cry for us tonight
Don't cry it will be alright
If I could I'd be by your side
Don't cry for us

Don't cry for us tonight (Don't cry for us)
Don't cry we'll be alright (We'll be alright)
If I could I'd be by your side (I'd be by your side)
Don't cry for us

It's hard to know just what to do in times like these
It's hard to know just what to say

As the song ended, they wiped their tears and smiled at each other. Then the car took off, back to home, back to where they had to live their lives without their loved ones... but they will wait for them forever to come back.

The End
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