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Other Paths

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters UPN does and WB did.

Summary: Isabel can’t move on, Max and Liz are changing and so will other things

Authors Notes: This story starts after “Departure”, I have not seen season 3 - Jesse does not exist.

Warning: rated NC17.

This is my first story, so lots of reviews appreciated.

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Chapter 1

August 3, 2001, Evans House, 0200am

Isabel: It had been three months since Tess had left, three months since the revelations made at the Pod Chamber, yet every night she dreams the same nightmare over and over again. Always she looks out over the road and watches as Tess raises her hand and guides Alex’s car into the oncoming truck and as always she is helpless to do anything about it and just at the moment of impact she awakens.

“Nooooooo” she cries, tears streaming down her face and curling up into a ball hoping the pain would go away. It was almost unbearable, finally realising how she truly felt about Alex only to have him taken away by someone she considered a friend.

Diane: “Oh god”, It had become an all too familiar routine. Isabel’s cries woke the family and as usual she rushed to comfort her child but felt completely helpless. She knew they were about Alex but not only would Isabel not talk about the nightmares but she could do nothing as what she dreamed really happened and Alex was gone from her daughters life and she could not change that!

“Isabel its o.k. It was only a dream”, she held her daughter in her arms looking up at her husband who in turn looked at Max.

Philip: He knew Max knew what was going on with Isabel but he could not get them to open up about it. The pain he saw in his son’s eyes he had seen just over a year before after he went away for a few days. Max had said he just went out of town to clear his head, but there was something else and not to long after that Liz Parker, who seemed totally besotted with Max, walked out of his life and spent that some away from Roswell.

Evans Living Room, 0230am

Diane: It had taken awhile for Isabel to fall back a sleep, Max stayed to watch over her but she and Philip went to the living room.

“We need to find out what’s going on Philip, she can’t keep going through this every night”

Philip: Sharing his wife’s concern looked back into her eyes not knowing what to say that would make the situation any better.

“ I know, but they won’t talk about it. I’ve even tried asking Michael about it but he just stares and walks away…”

Looking out toward his daughter’s bedroom, he lowers his head.

“That shrink we sent Max to was no good to her and if she doesn’t talk about then no-body can help her get through this. I’ll try talking with Max again in the morning, some how we’ll get to the bottom of this!”

Looking back at Diane he holds out his hand and as she takes it he leads her back into their bedroom.

Crashdown, 1000am

Liz: She just started her shift, thankful that the summer rush was over with; she actually looked forward to starting back at school and putting some things behind her. Suddenly she felt him coming closer. For that last month or so she felt changes within her and a heightened sense of Max’s presence that sent her head spinning, as she looked up at him entering the restaurant she could see the grim look on his face and knew it meant another restless night for Isabel.

“Still no change”, she tried to ask a calmly as possible but knew all to clearly what her friend was feeling. Her rival, the woman who slept with Max and was having his child, killed one of her oldest friends. The mere thought almost made her sick and began a struggle to fight back tears.

Max: He too had been feeling the change within Liz. He sensed her long before he even saw the café he felt her near by. He had put the change down to the time when he healed Liz; Ava did tell Liz that the incident changed her but he did not know was who far the change would go and that was his concern.

“No, it’s the same every night and mom and dad are going through hell having to be on the sidelines.”

At that Liz reached out to hold his hand and pulled him into a hug.

Liz: “ I wish there was something we can do, but I don’t know what. She barely even looks any of us in the eyes anymore let alone talk to us about this.”

Max: “I know…Is and I were always close but she doesn’t let me in anymore, It’s like she’s just given up.” He lets go of Liz and sits down at the counter and looks back up at her, “So anymore unusual changes going on today”

Liz: Looking back at him he can see the concern in his eyes as he asked the question but there is something more – she felt it. As clear as if it was her own emotion.


Max: Seeing the shock in her eyes. “What…Liz?”

Liz: “Max, I think…I think I just felt what you were feeling…”

Max: Suddenly realising that he to could feel what Liz was feeling, smiled. This was the closest the two of them had ever been, sensing each other was one thing but now they knew what the other was feeling and they both loved it and with that Max sent Liz every ounce of love he had for her “I think we’d better start getting used to this one as well”.

Liz: Blushing at what she suddenly felt from Max, she looked into his intense eyes and smiled back at the man she loved so much
“Yeah, I guess so” she said in a sultry tone.

“Hey Chica” she heard from behind her. Maria, seeing the looks between the two decided she should interrupt now. With that Max coughed and ordered a Cherry Coke and tried to act as though everything was normal, wanting to keep the latest development between Liz and him for the moment.

Road Side Café, Hamilton – Montana, Same Time

Ava: After leaving Roswell she decided the safer option was to travel around getting work wherever she could, not staying long in any location in case Rath, Lonnie or Nicolas was after her. She hoped that with each new place she could escape her past in New York and try to release to pain every time she looked back at the death of her lover, Zan. She knew a part of him was waiting for someone but while he tried to hide it, she could see it in his eyes.

“Hi can I take your order” she said to the new customer who walked in and sat at a booth.

Woman: “Yes, I’ll have the cheese burger, large fries and a glass of orange juice…oh and a bottle of Tabasco Sauce please”

Ava: At the last request she looked up from her notepad and examined the woman – she didn’t look like there was anything unusual about her so Ava just wrote her off as someone who likes hot sauce.

“That will be with you in five minutes”

and with that Ava left, placed the order on the turnstile and went to serve another customer

Same place five minutes later

Ava: “O.K, one cheese burger, large fries, orange juice and one bottle of Tabasco…Anything else I can get for you?”

Woman: Looking back at the young woman she once cared for, feeling a great sense of pity at what this one time queen had become and what she had lost…she decided now she would make her move

“You could tell me how your doing Ava”

Ava: Looking toward the woman, she suddenly knew who she was but was too shocked to do anything. It had been years since she had seen her guardian and had almost forgotten what she looked like.

“Serena?” she whispered.

Serena: It had been seven years since she left her wards in New York to begin her secondary mission and now she had succeeded. She returned to New York to find Zan dead, Ava missing and Rath & Lonnie conspiring with the skins and had immediately decided to make contact with her older brother, Larek. She was saddened to discover what had transpired in New York and Roswell over the last year, but now she had news the Kivar would destroy entire worlds for and she needed help, so she spent 7 months tracking down the last person she could trust – Ava.

“Yes, Ava, it’s me. I need you to finish your shift and meet me at this motel when your done” she told Ava while handing her the address. “We need a little more privacy to discuss this, but it is important. Now go back to work.”

Ava: Her guardian had drummed it into her and the others from the moment they hatched from their pods, but never the less she was filled with fear and concern at what Serena’s arrival could mean. She simple looked at Serena, nodded and turned back to her other customers. Ten minutes later, she turned and noticed that her guardian had just left the Café.

Military War Ship Kraisar, Sector 215, 3 Light Years from Larek’s home world – Kalaria

Captain: Lord Larek, we are approaching the co-ordinates you specified. Sensors have detected a highly focused energy beam approaching out position and will impact the ship in two hours.

Larek: After his agents he had observing Earth told him of a massive energy pulse in the desert around Roswell he took control of Brody and talked with Max. Shock, anger, and disappointment – he felt them all upon learning of Tess’s betrayal of Max and the others but he had told Max that he could apprehend Tess if that is his wish. He had quickly agreed, given that his son would probably be safer with Larek than Kivar. Now it was only a matter of waiting, the Granolith was fast approaching their space and now after three months of preparing they were out of time. After leaving the Earth solar system the Granolith placed Ava into a state of stasis and transformed itself into energy and made its way to back to Antar, no the Kalaria was placed at the exact spot where the Granolith would reverse the process and become matter again. It was a risky manoeuvre; if the reintegration spot was not precise enough the Granolith could seriously damage the ship.

“Very well Captain, inform me when the target if 15 minutes away and hold this position precisely!”

Captain: “Very good sir.” With that he turned and walked out of his Lords quarters. He was naturally worried about the approaching energy field but he trusted Lord Larek and hoped that he knew what he was doing.

Same Location, 1 hour 45 minutes later

Larek: As requested he had been called to the bridge of the ship and looked at the view screen watching the oncoming ball of pale blue energy along with the other bridge crew – none had ever seen anything remotely like this.

“O.K., as of this moment nothing you see here will be discussed by any of you, deactivate all scanners and sensors right now.”

As the crew obeyed his orders, Larek motioned to the Captain and both left for the primary Cargo hold.

Kraiser Cargo Hold, Level 4, 5 Minutes till Impact

Larek: Over the P.A. system he could hear a count down start, but already the ship began to glow with the approach of the Granolith. “Captain, I know you’re concerned about this but this is important”

Suddenly a flash illuminated all decks of the mighty ship and suddenly the Granolith appeared before the council member and ship captain, and a few seconds later Tess emerged from the black device.

“Lady Ava, also known as Tess Harding – I must inform you that you are now under arrest for the crime of high treason against our true king, Lord Zan of Antar.”

Tess: She tried to remain focused but everything was dizzy. Few of Lareks words made sense but she did hear arrest, treason and king but with that he fell over unconscious.

Larek: Seeing her collapse, he rushed over to her and commanded the captain to call the ships medical officer. As he looked back at his former queen he noticed a lump on her neck, he reached out to touch it but just as the doctor came in the skin cracked and a yellow fluid poured out.

“Doctor, take her to the medical bay and monitor he closely and I want that sample analysed now!”

Doctor: Taking the sample into a container, he motioned to his assistants to take Tess to the bay. “Yes, my lord. I will get the results to you soon”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 2

Max’s Bedroom, August 4 21:00

Max: He had been growing more and more crazy throughout the day, his entire body was humming and he was completely restless. The connection to Liz had accelerated in development and he could feel her clear across town. In addition his memories kept flashing back to the Las Vegas trip when he had seen Liz and himself married. He first remembered the incident when Liz told him of Future Max’s visit but now he couldn’t get the visions out of his head – he wanted…no…he needed Liz. He grabbed his shoes and was about to get his jacket when he heard a knock at the window.

On the other side he saw Liz, he opened the window and she climbed in. “Hey”

Liz: “Hey”, she had been feeling the exact same things as Max. Every fibre of her being cried out to him, she needed him now and the burning look in his eyes told her he was feeling the same and with that she grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Max: They haven’t kissed like this for a long time, not since the first visions they shared over a year and a half ago. However there were no visions this time, just an uncontrollable need to be with Liz. He came up for air and looked deep into her eyes and had seen what he needed and gently placed her onto his bed – tonight he was thankful his parents had gone out to diner with some old friends.

He pulled off his top and came down to meet Liz on the bed with another kiss just as passionate as before. His hands reached down to the bottom of her top and with a slight nod on her part he pulled her top over off and revelled in the feel of her skin against his.

Liz: With her top off she decided to make things easier on Max and reached round to unclasp her bra and with a stare that was full of love and lust in equal measure, he reached out to touch her breast. Liz had never felt like this, a shiver was sent through her entire body with this one simple touch. The looks they gave each other could have melted holes in the walls, neither of them could wait any longer and through the connection they both knew it. Within seconds they were taking off the rest of their clothes and began kissing and caressing each other. Liz moaned into the kiss as her hands slowly reached down toward Max’s throbbing erection.

Soon they had rolled themselves between the sheets of his bed and Max had rested himself on top of Liz and she stared up at him, softly he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes Max, I need you so much”. The need echoed in her voice and her hands slowly caressed his chest and moved down toward his waist and stopped there.

Max: Slowly he pushed down and felt his entire length enter Liz in one stroke and at that point both literally glowed. The connection was complete, both physical and mental and they both new it. Before the limit of their communication was emotion but now they could hear every though, emotion and felt every inch of the other soul. He opened his eyes and looked down toward his love. The look of bliss on her face was such a turn on he slowly pulled out and pushed back in and felt Liz’s sexy legs wrap around his back, pulling him closer.

Liz: “ooooooooooohhh, Max…MAX”. With every thrust, every move in and out he picked up a little speed and the more she called his name. Feeling him between her legs and feeling him penetrate her to his soul was driving her over the edge.

Soon both were moaning into each other as they reached their climax. Max stopped moving and with one final trust poured everything he had into her. Liz, not wanting the connection to end, locked he legs securely around him. She didn’t let him move an inch.

Max looked into her eyes and slowly drew his finger down the left hand side of her face. After a short but no less erotic kiss she looked up at him and said “I love you”

Max: “I love you too, only you Liz”. With that she unlocked her legs and Max slowly pulled out bring a moan from both of them and rolled back onto the bed, cradling his love as she curled up beside him and rested her head on his chest. Within minutes sleep claimed them both.

Serena’s Motel, Same day, 2030

Ava: Her shift ended 20 minutes ago and after following the directions her guardian gave her she now stood out side room 23 as specified. Nervous was an understatement, fear was closer but there was also excitement at seeing Serena again. She reached her hand out and knocked on the door. A second later she heard Serena beckoning her inside.

Opening the door she saw Serena sitting at the table smiling up at her ward. The smile caused Ava to relax a little more.

“Its good to see you again” she managed to push out

Serena: “Its good to see you to Ava, there’s a lot we need to discuss so have a seat”

Ava: “What’s to discuss, you probably know everything by now anyway”

Serena: Seeing the obvious pain in her eyes she tried to take this slow but she had to know. “I do, but that all came second hand. I need to it hear from you, everything about what happened prior to the summit and everything you know on the Roswell four”

Over the next two hours Ava told her everything about Zan’s death, everything about Max and how 5 humans had become part of there lives about Max healing Liz that would have by now resulted in an inseparable bond between the two and that soon Kyle would go through a much different although similar change. When she was done Serena took her hand, it was time to tell her, time to tell her why she left the group in New York and about the mission she could not risk letting Kivar know about.

Within hours of that meeting the two of them were in Serena’s car heading back to Roswell. For the fist time since Ava ran from Rath and Lonnie she truly had a read on to be afraid.

Larek’s Quarters, Warship Kraiser, 1.2 hours from Kalaria

Captain: “As ordered my lord, I have placed a round the clock guard in the outer cargo hold doors which have been sealed and will only accept my code, or your own. A guard has also been placed on the medical bay – 2 inside, 2 outside.”

Larek: “Has there been any word on Lady Ava’s condition yet”. As much as she was under arrest, her rank did give her certain rights and he was concerned about the events of her arrival. Obviously something unusual happened to her on Earth, something that Max clearly new nothing about.

Captain: “No, My Lord I’m sorry. The doctor has….”. His sentence was cut off by an unannounced entry into Lord Larek’s private chamber.

Larek: Not used to people barging in uninvited he looked at the Doctor rushing toward his desk and stood up. “ I assume by the interruption that you have news doctor”

Doctor: “ My apologies my lord but there is something you must know”

Larek: Sitting back down he looks at the face of the doctor. “Very well, proceed doctor”

Doctor: “My Lord, first of all Lady Ava had been stabilized but appears to have suffered a miscarriage, as you know Earth atmosphere is poisonous to our race. It seems as though she waited to long to enter the Granolith before the damage became terminal to the embryo.”

Larek: Saddened by the death of his old friends unborn son, he looks down toward the floor and slowly nods his head “I understand, thank you doctor. Inform me when she is awake, I’ll be the one to inform her.”

Doctor: “Of course sir, but there is something else. The yellow fluid from the back of her neck.”, upon mentioning the substance Larek looked up toward the doctor and seeing that Larek was giving him his attention he proceeded.

“The test result are conclusive, the substance is the remnant form of the Ganderial Crystals”.

While the blue Ganderium Crystals were used to combine Human and Antarian DNA, the yellow Ganderial Crystals were used to regulate the brain patterns of the hybrids as well as input information directly into their brains. These crystals are rare, only one person knew how to make them and he died in the Roswell Crash and once used they break down and shatter.

Larek: He wanted to yell at the doctor for being incompetent but he was the best in the fleet. There was no way these crystals could have survived the crash and infected Earth the way there blue counterparts had and even if they did survive the impact, surviving 50 years in an eco system that de-stabilises them was impossible to every know science they had.

“Doctor, how could Ganderial have infected Ava on Earth after all this time. It is not possible”

Doctor: Knowing Larek will not like this next bit of information he braces himself and looks directly into his eyes.

“Lord Larek, the sample does not conform to any other previously recorded. In fact it appears to have been deliberately modified for the purpose of mind control. Testing indicates that is was specifically designed to integrate with Ava’s genetic material and heighten certain emotions – jealousy, rage, love and also to give her moral flexibility and general indifference to the humans she was associated with. I believe that everything reported to you concerning Ava stems from the deliberate implantation of the crystal. She couldn’t help what she did while on Earth.

Larek: Anger was not the word to use, Max the present incarnate of his oldest and dearest friend had gone through hell because of the young woman lying in the medical bay. He had to tell Max, he above all needed to know that Tess was not responsible for her actions…but then who was, who obtained a Ganderial and used it to commit murder and treason.

“Doctor, this is important – can you place the time of implantation?”

Doctor: “Already done my lord. While I cannot be accurate through testing, after reading your reports of the interactions you’ve had with King Zan, I believe it to be mid-late last year during the human month October when Ava was abducted by the skin known as Whitaker. I believe the occurrence happened during the birthday celebration of Princess Vilandra.”

Larek: “Very good doctor, thank you” as the doctor and captain left the room, another individual came out of another. Larek turned to Lorat, brother to Rath. “The Skins” he said clearly.

Lorat: He nodded and simply stated “Kivar”.

Larek: “I should inform Max as soon as possible, you should go to Earth now. Use the Granolith, it was built for use within Antarian space – a trip from this end to Earth should only take 7 rotations”

Lorat: “ I’ll go now, any communications to my family and Kivar may intercept. With the information Lady Serena sent us we may have an opportunity to remove Kivar once and for all. Do you really think there is still one on Earth?”
Larek: “We can only pray that it is there, but if Kivar learns the existence of another Granolith on Earth he will invade and we cannot stop him.”

Antarian Central Command, Beneath Royal Palace

Kivar: His spies are the best, excellent at placing surveillance devices in places that will not be found even by the most advanced techniques. Larek had no idea of the mistake he just made. A mistake that could doom all worlds, not just Antar and the surrounding planets but all planets – everywhere and now he knew where to begin, Earth.

“Two Granoliths, well now this is interesting. I will have to take time planning this move, and that is your only advantage Larek” In his solitary chair he grins, tapping his finger against the monitor showing him events on the Kraiser.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 3

Max’s Bedroom, Same day, 2300

Max: He slowly woke after the few hours of pure pleasure he and Liz had shared. He still had his arm wrapped around her and her head was still on his chest. He started stroking her silken hair and she began to stir, as she opened her eyes she raised her head and looked into his eyes and Max looked back. Both simply smiled and Liz looked down to his chest and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear – an act that caused Max to melt right there.

“God I wish you could stay with me like this”

Liz: “Same here, but my parents will wonder where I’ve got to and I don’t think yours would be too thrilled to find me here in the morning”. At that he nodded and both got out of bed, the sight of his nude body caused her to hold her breath for a second.

Max: His reaction was the same, the sight of her bare breasts caused him to stare at her longer than he intended but he knew she had to leave. He pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms and helped Liz gather her clothes. Watching her dress was almost unbearable.

After she finished Max reached out to her, sent his love to her in their connection and pulled her in to a kiss. As he pulled back, he gazed in to his lover’s eyes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” he whispered

Liz: “Count on it Max”, she turned and opened his window but at that point both were startled but a knock at the door. Max turned back to her and with one final quick kiss she left and made her way home.

Max: As soon as Liz had left another knock at the door brought his attention back to the present and he went to answer it. Upon opening the door he saw his sister standing, giving him a sly smile. It was the first time she smiled in three months.

“Hey what’s going on?”

Isabel: “I though you would like to know, Mom and Dad are home. Sooo…where’s Liz hiding?” She was surprised to hear all the moaning from Max’s room earlier in the evening but she new what it meant and could only think {it’s about time}. She gave them their privacy but when she heard her parents’ car pull up in the driveway she decided to give them a heads up.

Max: “She left a minute ago and thanks for leaving us alone”. As his sister began to turn away her stopped her “Issy, do you want to talk?” He could see a tear forming in her eye, reaching out he took her hand, closed the door and lead her over to the chair at his desk.

Isabel: “What is there to talk about, one of our friends betrayed us, killed someone we cared about and was about to turn us over to Kivar. She would have done it too if Liz hadn’t figured out what was going on.” It was then that the tears started, while they all cared about Alex that was not the emotion that fitted the situation – she loved him more than anything else and within days of getting together at the school dance he was snatched from her.

Max held her as tightly as he could, feeling the pain she was going through. He could do nothing to ease it. Doing the only thing he could do – be a brother.

Max: “I wish thing could be different, if the Granolith was here we might be able…” He stopped his sentence, hearing Liz’s story of how he travelled back 14 year to warn her about what was in store for them had him thinking about using the Granolith to go back and change what happened. Not only of Isabel and Alex but for his counterpart in New York, Valenti who lost his job and any others caught up in their lives.

Isabel: Curious about Max not finishing his sentence she looked up at him. “What Max…what aren’t you telling me?”

Max looked back at her, telling her to sit back down and himself taking a seat on the messed up bed sheets, he began to tell her everything that Liz had told him. By the time he was done Isabel was in a state of shock and had an even greater respect of Liz and felt pity at what she went through at the time.

2 Hours outside Roswell – Next morning 0700

It was a long drive, both Serena and Ave had taken turns in the driving seat but now both were awake looking out onto the open highway.

Ava: “I don’t know if Max will help us, especially if what your brother told you was accurate. I have a feeling they will not be looking forward to seeing my face.” Concern at what awaited them was not so much about convincing Max and the others to help them, it was whether or not they would kill her the second they saw her – she could not believe was Serena told her about Tess.

Serena: She to was concerned about the groups initial reaction to her companion, she just hoped they would not give in to instinct. “It will be okay Ava, it might be a strain at first but they will get over it”. She didn’t know who she was trying to convince, herself or Ava but they will find out for sure soon.

Michael’s apartment, 0830

Maria had shown up early in the morning, too early for Michael but he wasn’t complaining now. They loved sex together and couldn’t get enough of each other. It started not to long after the Pod Chamber, Michael was leaving the cave to stay with her and that kind of decision deserved rewarding and reward him she did, every chance she got.

Today they didn’t even make it to the bedroom, on the floor in front of the sofa both were as naked as the day they were born (or in Michaels case, hatched). Michael was lying on his back and Maria straddled his waist, slowly moving up and down on his hard cock. She placed her hands on to his chest, which gave her even more leverage and now she started rolling her hips round. Michael moved his hands up along her arms, gently teasing the sweaty flesh, once on her shoulders he pulled her down and he thrust up. Everything slowed down as they speeded up the grinding of their bodies.

“ooooh, god, Michael”, Maria moaned

“Mariaaaaaa”, they were so close. It was a competition between the two of them, trying to get the other to cum first and both were determined to win today. Tentatively he moved his hands down to her breasts and squeezed, the moan she gave encouraged him further. He took each red nipple between his fingers and gently pinched – she arched her back, pushing her fingers through her blond hair he moaned loud enough to wake the dead or at the very least the neighbours.

Michael grabbed her sides and pulled her down to a kiss and rolled her over onto her back. The heat turned up to maximum, he grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders allowing him to reach her inner most depths. In and out, in and out, thrust after thrust after thrust they called out to each other.

Maria: “Unnnngh, unnnnnnngh, Oh god baby, cum with me, cum…cum…cum”

Michael: He let her legs fall to his sides as he focused on making her cum, his tolerance was about to be breached but in that second he could see her coming apart, sweat dripping off him and pooling between her breasts he couldn’t hold out any longer and came deep in side her and at the same time her resolve also faltered and came. For the fist time they had cum together and they loved it. He leaned down and kissed her. He pulled out and rolled on to his back, desperately fighting for breath.

“Wow”, the only word that could come to mind at the moment but she was equally lost for words and merely said “yeah”.
Maria: After catching her breath, she turned her head to meet Michael’s intense eyes, both smiled. Her skin of her face and breasts still covered with a fine sheen layer of sweat and still very red. “You know I stopped to see Liz before coming over today”

Michael: “Yeah well she is your best friend, so what?”

Maria: “Oh nothing, it’s just she had a grin on her the size of a coat hanger and looked contented and glowed like she swallowed the sun.”

Michael: looking back at his beautiful young lover, he smiled “You thing she and Max finally did it?”

Maria: “I hope so, those two have waited long enough” and with that she stood up, teasing Michael by stoking her hands over her body. “You coming?”. She left the room and walked in to the bathroom.

Michael was hard again in no time and ran into the bathroom when he heard the shower start up. This is a damn good start to the day he though.

Main Street, Roswell 0915 same day

While Serena was parking the car, Ava went on ahead to the Crashdown. Either Liz or Maria would be there and at some point the others would be coming in during the day.

Kyle: To say that he had taken the last few months badly were an understatement. The only other person who was feeling worse than he was is Isabel. When Tess first moved in, the saw each other as just sex objects but as she became part of the family he began to see her as a sister. It was only near the end did he fully understand his feeling for her. Finding out she was pregnant with Max’s child filled very part of him with jealousy and rage, both of which he suppressed in order to help her through her child’s illness. At that point he could not deny how he truly felt about her – he was head over heals in love with her.

Then it happened, he remembered what she did. She killed Alex in front of him and then made him help her dump the body but making him think it was just plain old baggage. It made him sick.

But now across the street he saw her, he had to close his eyes, shake his head and look again. He couldn’t believe it, she had come back to Roswell after everything she did. As much as he once loved her, it was now replaced with hate. He wanted revenge and now he could have it.

Over the last year since Max healed him, he noticed his body changing. Nothing physically different – he was still very human but now he had powers. They had developed slowly but he had telekinesis, limited molecular control and a new little talent that he only recently discovered and had yet to tell anyone – he could phase his own body so that he could pass through anything and become invisible. He focused and when he was ready he ran across the street into a small alley along the path the Tess was taking. Everyone had started work so it was relatively quiet, Kyle waited for her to pass by and when he saw her, he pulled Ava (although unknown to him) into the alley.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 4

Main Street Alley, Same time

Ava: She sensed something was wrong as she walked along the street but now fear over took her has she felt herself being pulled into the dark alley. She was being pushed toward the end of the passage, her hands held securely in place so she could not use her powers. She considered a mind warp but without being able to see her assailant it would be useless.

At the end of the alley she was pushed up against the wall and with the force of the sudden impact she slumped down to the floor. A little groggy, she looked up to see a shimmer in the air and all of a sudden she recognized Kyle.

Kyle: Full of hate he raised his hand. Over the last couple of months his powers has started to develop and Isabel took it upon herself to train him. He was grateful for her help and glad he could help her get out of the house and doing something.

“You should have stayed away Tess”, his fingers twitched slightly as he looked down at the girl he once loved and prepared to put all those hours of practice to good use. His hand lowered, he couldn’t do it, he was still in love with her as much as he did not want to be – he was still wanted her to suffer but as he looked back into her eyes he saw something different.

Ava: His hesitancy bought her a little time, enough time to come back to her senses. Tess must have really done a job on the Roswell group to see such a reaction.

“Kyle, I’m not Tess. It’s Ava from New York – remember?” She hoped the Kyle would listen to her and not think it a trick but the look in his eyes already told her the he doubted his original assumption.

Kyle: Looking at Ava’s face and pleading eyes, he could see that she spoke the truth. He backed off a little and felt dizzy and what his emotions had almost caused him to do. All of a sudden he felt her hand on his shoulder, turning him to face her.

“I’m so sorry Ava, I didn’t know…I just assumed…oh god…”

Ava: Feeling a great sense of relief, she lead him back out to the main street where they met Serena.

Serena: She was following the directions to the Crashdown the Ava had given her when she had seen her ward and a young man coming out of the Alley. She immediately ran over and could see that Ava had the situation under control.

“Ava, are you okay?” She was quietly trying to judge the look on the young mans face – all she could see was guilt and despair.

Ava: “Yeah, its okay now. Serena this is Kyle Valenti, one of Max’s friends – he thought…he thought I was Tess but it’s okay now.” As reassuring as she tried to sound, she was even more concerned, if Kyle acted like this what would Michael be like or any of the others but in the long run she was glad it was Kyle to found her first and not a hot head.

“Kyle, this is my guardian Serena. Were her to see Max, we’ve got some news”

Kyle: He was still trying to process everything, he nearly killed someone; it wasn’t whom he thought but rather her twin and now a second guardian was in town – god knows what’s coming next.

Slowly coming back into reality he nodded, “Yeah, okay well Max is probably with Liz so the Crashdown is a good place to start”. He slowly started to walk in the direction of the themed café, Serena and Ava following behind.

CrashDown Café, Same time

Max was sitting at the counter, drinking a glass of cherry cola as slowly as he could, enjoying the company of his girlfriend – he couldn’t wait to get her somewhere private and peal that uniform off her body. Liz had come back to behind the counter after delivering a customer his order and could not suppress the smile she was giving him. They were still practicing with their new level of communication, most of what came through was jumbled, erratic sentences that made no sense but when the got on the same wave length the conversation was…intense…to say the least.

Today they were content to send their emotions to each other, emotions that all of a sudden turned to fear. Max looked toward Liz and saw the warm smile gone from her face as she looked toward the door. Now he too was away from the charged, erotic mood they were in a few seconds ago. As they gazed toward the door they saw three people enter but all they could really focus on was Tess.

Max started to stand up but Kyle ran toward him and Liz.

Kyle: Knowing what was coming next, as he had just gone through the same thing a few minutes earlier, came toward his two friends and pulled them together making sure they were both seated.

“Max, it’s not Tess, Its Ava. The good one who helped Liz when you were in New York.”

Max looked at him and then to Ava, his eyes were all over her, looking for some difference, some way to determine if what Kyle spoke was the truth and then he felt it. Liz new her friend, she could see it in her eyes when Ava looked at her. It was the same look she had seen when Ava told her of Zan’s death and as Max heard her in his head he knew it too.

Ava: Glad to see the change in the way Max and Liz looked at her she started to walk over to him.

“Max, first I’m sorry for showing up here like this. I don’t know specifically what Tess has done but from your reactions…Max this is my guardian Serena, she has information for you and needs your help.”

Max: Still looking at Ava, he could only nod. It took a mental nudge from Liz to get him to speak.

“Okay, but we shouldn’t speak here. I’ll call Michael and we’ll meet at his place later once we get everyone rounded up. Where are you two staying?”

Serena: Having an ability to blend in and judge people were one of her greater talents. It was due to these that she did not show Max the proper greetings that accompanied his rank and she could clearly see that he did not enjoy being called King.

“We are checking in at the motel on the edge of town. We will be going back there now but he did have to check in”. While she could now show the proper respect in her mannerisms, she showed it in her voice. That was something that had caught Max’s attention.

She nodded her head and put her hand on Ava’s shoulder and led her out.

Max: looking over at his love he could see her concern. He told Kyle to call his father and Maria while he called Michael and Isabel. All parties were worried but mostly at how they would react to seeing Ava.

Kraisar, Medical Bay, 1400 EST (Earth Standard Time)

It had now been over a day since Lorat had left for Earth in the Granolith, Larek had performed a bed side vigil since then waiting for the doctor to tell him he could wake her up and now that time came. He looked over the sleeping form of Tess. He would still have to talk to Max in order to in form him of the discoveries made on board but right now he had a duty to perform…how do you inform someone that their child is dead?

After more tests it was determined that the Granolith registered the Ganderial crystal as a foreign body and attempted to remove it after she came out of stasis. Unfortunately the process also cause her to miscarry the baby, this on top of her memories of what happened on Earth…he pitted her greatly. He ordered the doctor to wake her up.

“Tess, Tess can you hear me?”

Slowly she opened her eyes to see a strange man hovering over her.

“Tess is okay. I am Larek”, he tried to be as soothing as possible.

Tess: “Larek, oh god…” It was with that that the memories of the last year had come back to her and she could feel the emptiness within her – she knew her child was dead. Larek could see it in her eyes, through the streaming tears. As much as she tried to stop, she could not – she murder Alex, the love of her friend Isabel, slept with Max by using a series of mind warps on him and Liz to drive them apart. All tore at her but none more so that using Kyle to help move the body to the car.

At the school dance when Kyle told her he thought of her as a sister, a part of her true self broke though the Ganderial control. She spoke the truth when she said she was disappointed but when he started to take care of her when she got pregnant she began to realise how much of a disappointment it was – she was in love with him but that Ganderial implanted into her neck suppressed that love and only allowed her to focus on Max.

Larek never left her side after that – he was with her all day and night, simply trying to make the pain a little less but now he had to leave her alone for a while. Brody was prepared for contact the connection was imminent. He had to go to his quarters and wait.

Antarian Central Command

Kivar: His plans were ready, his operative on Earth informed. He had to secure the Earth Granolith and learn its secrets. No one knew of its existence yet somehow Larek knew to start looking for it. Kivar knew Larek believed in this, it was not some sort of idle speculation on his part. He sent Serena, his beloved sister to Earth to search for it. The possibilities enthralled his mind, soon he would secure the Earth Granolith – he would let Serena lead Nicholas to it and he would take it. When Lorat arrived back on Earth he would have a welcoming party all ready for him – he would be unstoppable, invincible. With two Granoliths at his command none of the other council would dare oppose him.

However, he needed to know what Larek knew. How did he know to start looking? A long forgotten scientist constructed the Granolith over 20,000 year ago, long before we had the technology to go beyond the boundaries of out galaxy. He calmed his mind, when he had his prize he would have his answers. For now, the fun begins, as much as he trusted his aide on Earth, Nicholas as failed against Zan before and it would be a matter of weeks before their husks died. He needed re-enforcements.

He looked up at the monitors before him; all indications were green. The time had come.


Before him the monitors lit up with trails marking the path the launching vessels, over 150. “Earth will be mine, the Granolith will be mine and Vilandra…oh my love I will have you back!”

Kraisar, Command Deck, 5 minutes later

Captain: His sensors lit up, the alarms sounded. He rushed from his chair to the monitors. Panic, fear, he knew what this meant.

“By the Ancients…” he had to inform Larek before the link had begun. “ Lord Larek…” not waiting for a confirmation signal he continued, “Over 150 vessels have been monitored leaving the Antarian atmosphere – current course…sector 545…Sol, the Earth star system”

Over the internal COM channels he got a message from Larek confirming the news had been received.

Lareks Quarters

Kivar must know about the Granolith, he would not have risked this move now unless he knew. He didn’t have much time; at maximum speeds that their slowest vessel is capable of they would arrive on Earth in 6 months. 6 months until the event the humans call Armageddon. He had to force the link now, both bodies were prepared, Max had to know what was coming his way.

“May, the Ancients protect you, old friend…” and with that he fell back against his chair unconscious, the connection in progress.

To Be Continued…

Coming up – Legend of the Granolith.

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Sumery - The Granoliths past revealed

Rating: Somewhere between 13-R

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Chapter 5

Roswell Alien Museum, 2 Hour Later

Brody: For the last couple of days he could feel it happening. He was about to be abducted again and he was really getting sick of it. Since his first abduction years before they had only taken him a few times but over the last year it had become very common.

Looking up he simply said, “Why can’t you guys just leave me alone fore a while?” but that was when it happened. He suddenly collapsed on to the ground unconscious and awoke a few minutes later.

The first thing he did was walk over to the desk and look out the list of numbers Max hid given him in case of an emergency, finding Max’s home number he dialled.

“Hello Mrs Evans, It’s Brody here, I’m trying to find Max…over at Michaels!”

Looking back at the list, “No its okay I have his number here, thanks anyway”.

After getting the dialling the number he waited for an answer, “Hello Michael, its Larek. I need to see Max soon!”

Michael told him of the meeting that was about to start and of the two visitors, “Okay I’ll be right over!”

Michael’s Apartment, 5 Minutes Later.

Michael: After telling Max of the phone call and informing him that Larek would be around in half an hour he sat back down next to Maria, waiting for Serena to start. Like everyone else in the room they were nervous – Tess had told Max that she was filling out an agreement that Nasedo made with Kivar and if one guardian could betray them then why not the other.

Serena: She had been sensing the tension in the room from the moment that she and Ava arrived and did not like it, this young group of people had given up on trusting any of their own kind again and that worried her.

“Okay, now that your all here I suppose I should just start…there is a second Granolith hidden on Earth!”

At that the entire room erupted with questions of how, where and why. The only one who made no reaction was Isabel, in fact she did not move a muscle only her eyes lit up as she made a quick glance toward Liz. An act that did not go unnoticed by Maria. After raising her hands to silence the group she continued.

“I suppose I should just start from the beginning…About 20,000 of your years ago there was a war on Antar, it was the end result of what you would call a Cold War. Politically our species are very similar except you had the sense to pull back – we didn’t. For a couple of hundred years Antar was a wasteland, a dry desert in the middle of a nuclear winter where people were left to scavenge what ever they could use to survive, with no end in sight.

Then one day a small group of people were running from…well lets just call them hunters. A member of the group found a small opening in the ground and ran in hoping to find shelter – he got a whole lot more. Under the ruins of the city was some kind of laboratory, the markings in front of the door indicated it was used for research but nothing specific was found. The man forced the door and on the other side he found the Granolith. After he touched the device it activated and stated he was now Caretaker.

You see the system required a custodian of sort to interact with it in order for it to its work. From the records we have it identified a new Caretaker but analysing his DNA and adjusting itself so only he, or his offspring could use it. It’s believed that when the Granolith does this, it become linked to the caretaker, it knows when he dies. When the old Caretaker died – probably in the Great War – the system erased his genetic make up from its memory and left itself open for a new user.

The Granolith spoke to the man and told him to input a request, all he asked was what could it do?” The Granolith told him “Anything!” After a few minutes he told the Granolith to heal Antar. As the stories go, a blinding wall of light came forth from the Granolith and repaired the building, fixed the atmosphere, removed the radiation and in the waves wake grass, plants and trees started to grow. The man who found the Granolith was your direct ancestor Max and as a result he became our leader, our king and his children have used the Granolith to rule wisely.

We never knew where the Granolith came from, the story that was put out by your ancestor was that the Granolith was constructed by the government to do precisely what it did in case diplomatic avenues failed with the other nations. Many believed him but most didn’t care, we had our world back.”

Looking around at the children all she could see were faces of shock and fascination, almost like little kids waiting for their next bedtime story.

“No body doubted the explanation until about 60 years ago, shortly before you were all killed on Antar. Kalaria, Larek’s world had organised a colonisation mission to another worth in the opposite direction from Earth. Everything went as planned for the mission, as procedure dictates supply pods are launched to the planets surface so that if something goes wrong with the main ship landing the colonists could still use the escape pods to land, get to the supply pods and regroup. Nothing went wrong, the ship landed safely and construction work had begun. However, the team assigned to re-collect the supply pods found one had breached the surface of a cave network. Upon a more detailed survey the caves opened up in to a central cavern with several pictographs, and hieroglyphics, one of which resembled the Granolith. Your father and Larek’s father were informed and a team of archaeologists and linguists were sent to investigate. Until answers could be found the entire site was sealed off and the mission was classified – I was one of the linguists, what I found shocked me.

The work was slow but very productive, from what was translated the writings spoke of a race the walked between the stars and placed devices on certain worlds that were determined to produce sentient species. The Granoliths acted like a network, communicating with each other to update the race that built them on the development of these races. However, they were also designed to teach the races they encountered. As development went on, the builders of the Granoliths – a race that was translated as the Progenitors returned to judge the race. From what we could tell they had three classification of any race, Hostile, Neutral or Good. On any world that was deemed to be hostile the Granolith would be removed, good races were left in peace with the Granolith to aid them to get to the stars. Neutral races had their Granoliths hidden away, left on the custody of a single individual who would travel their world. That is what happened on Antar and if I am correct, on Earth as well. During my travels of Earth I found several instances where Granolith knowledge and power were used on Earth, the pyramids of Egypt and South America, irrigation systems along the Nile and used in the creation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon also the Oracle of Delphi, the great libraries and monuments of the ancient world are all examples of the Granolith being used to built items that could not have been built at the time.

When everything went bad back home and Kivar took over, your DNA was combined with human DNA, as part to keep you alive and well and part to make sure Kivar could not use the Granolith. My mission on Earth was simple, take one set of the hybrids to a location and hide them; teach them and keep them safe until they could defend them selves and then to move on and determine the existence and location of the Earth Granolith. I have almost succeeded in that task.”

Max: When Serena finished the only move me made was to blink his eyes and after a few minutes he shook his head to keep him in this reality. Finding out about his worlds history and what he was defending from the skins was one thing but now he knew what Serena was about do say but he did need to hear her say it. All he could do was to ask the question.

“Right, so what do you need from us?”

Serena: She could see in his eyes that he knew she was about to ask for his help in locating the Earth Granolith but this next bit was probably going to floor him.

“I need your help, the Granolith on Earth does exist and I’ve narrowed down its location but I still need you to help me locate its exact resting spot.”

This was the part she new would get to them. “You see the Granolith is located somewhere in Roswell – after it was hidden by the Progenitors, its Caretaker moved it around, passing the legacy on to his eldest children until one of them brought it to these shores 400 years ago. I tracked the movement of the bloodline to a family who first settle this region and lived peacefully with the local tribe of Native Americans long before the problems started. It’s when the came here that I lost the trail and I need you help to find it again!”

It was at that moment that there was a knock at the door, Michael stood up to answer it and Larek stepped inside. He looked around the room and then spotted his sister as she stood up.

“Hey, big brother. Its good to see you, it has been far too long” she said as they hugged.

Larek: Just to see his sister again after fifty years was worth this trip.

“You to Serena…you to!” He couldn’t help but smile; still holding on to her hand he asked what they were talking about. Serena brought his up to date on her search but then his expression went grim as he could not put off telling his king what was happening on Antar.

Max: “So what brings you back this time or is it a social call?” he knew that Larek would not come to Earth unless it was important but he just hoped it wasn’t more bad news, he didn’t know if the other could take another year like the one they had just gotten through.

Larek: Now it was time, he had to tell Max.

“Max as requested we were able to intercept the Granolith and Tess a few days ago but ‘m sorry to report that your son is dead, she suffered a miscarriage.

He could see the look on his face, the child may have been with a woman he hated with everything he had but it was still his son.

As he fell back onto the seat next to Liz she asked if he was okay, she could feel that he was not and that it would take time to get over this. Isabel looked over to her brother and simply shed a tear for her unborn nephew, Michael took Maria’s hand and held it tightly – both felt enormous grief for the loss their friend had just suffered. None of them new that it was about to get a lot worse!

Larek: “Max there is a couple of other things, when Tess left the Granolith she collapsed. When that happened a yellow liquid pour out from the back of her neck, tests were ran…we determined that her actions over the last year were not her doing, her mind was being controlled by Kivar. We believe it happened early last year when the Skins abducted her.”

The utter shock of what was said was apparent on everyone’s faces but no more so than on Kyle’s. The sheer look of devastation was shown to every body as he remembered back to the alley, to the time when he nearly killed Ava thinking she was Tess. Guilt filled him as he silently thanked Buddha for not being able to go through with it, he could have killed her and it was not her fault but he also thanked Buddha for another reason. The woman he loved was, for all intent and purpose, free of the guilt of her crimes.

Larek: Now came the worst news he could give them…

“There is one other thing, Kivar knows about the second Granolith…a few hours ago my ship detected 150 ships depart Antar. Based on their trajectory we think they are coming to Earth. They will be here in little under 6 months”

Serena: She knew fine well what this meant, Antar had gone through the exact process the only difference is that Earth was completely defenceless.

“Oh god” she spoke simply. As the young teens raised their heads at her she continued. “Kivar always used the same battle tactics, he takes one third of his forces and uses them as the invading force leaving the remaining ships for defence…50 years ago Kivar’s ships could carry 1000 armed men a piece. Even without any upgrades to his vessels, Earth doesn’t stand a chance!”

“Yes it does, it has us and the Granolith…as soon as we find it!” Liz had been quiet during much of the discussion but now she echoed Max’s exact thoughts to the group. However, Max could feel the emotions building in his beautiful lover – almost a year ago she changed the future to try and protect Earth, Isabel and Michael but because of that tampering Alex is dead and Earth will be attacked 13 years ahead of schedule. Was all that pain for nothing?

Larek: Seeing the confidence rise in the group with Liz’s words made him proud to called a friend and now he understood at least part of what his friend had seen in Liz Parker.

“There is a piece of good news, a friend of mine is coming to Earth and will arrive in 4 days. He had been ruling his house in the absence of his brother and is very accomplished, he should be able to help in any research still needing to be done.”

It was at that point he made a glance at Michael.

Michael: Glad to hear that there will be someone coming to help felt some relief but the look Larek game him… “What…what’s that look for?”

Larek: “The friend is called Lorat and he’s your brother Michael”.

Maria looked over to her boyfriend and gave a huge grin, he had hoped he still had family on Antar and could not be happier for him and made sure she new how happy she was for him buy hugging him. Michael was completely dumbfounded, while he hoped to have some family out there he never dreamed he would actually have a relative as close as a brother – maybe a cousin or uncle and he was mortified at the thought of actually meeting him.

Kraisar, 1 hour outside of Kalarian space

Captain: He hoped to return home soon, this had been one for the books – if there were any books being kept on record but the entire mission was unofficial. Right now his lord and master lay in his chambers while his conscious mind was thousands of light years away. All of a sudden every alarm on the bridge went off.

Tactical Officer: “Sir, 12 ships just appeared on the screen…their weapons are active. It’s Kivar’s forces, they’re ordering our complete surrender.”

Captain: He would never let Kivar have this ship, too many secrets lay on board. He only had one choice to make.

“Ship. Verify Command Directive 1. Authorisation Code 8-2-5-0-0-1-DELTA. Activate.”

All officers on the command deck looked up to him, all fully understanding the decision he has to make. He looked back at the tactical officer.

“Go to the medical bay, take the doctor and the patient to deck 6. Use this card to open the door, when they are inside remove the card. You’ve got two minutes, go now!”

Cloaking technology was still experimental at best but still the only ship they had ready for a complete test was the escape pod on deck 6 and it was Tess’s only hope. It was programmed to return to Kalaria, so if all went as it should she at least would be safe. All of a sudden a jolt was felt – the escape pod was released. But then another jolt was felt, as the captain looked over to his officers for an explanation indicators went off showing that the hull was breached and that the ship was being invaded.

All hell then broke loose, the bridge had been compromised within minutes of the initial warning and we looked over to the monitor showing the count down he smiled but then the worse thing that could have happen, happened.

Ship: “Self-destruct program deactivate, computer relays severed on decks 2-5. Explosive device neutralised.”

It was then that the invading captain ordered his men to open fire and within seconds all that remained were lifeless corpses hanging over their stations, blood running freely from their bodies.

Larek’s Quarters, 20 minutes later.

He walked in, gun in hand. He was going to do this and would take great pleasure in it but if he was going to succeed in the act he would have to wait for Larek to return. Kivar took a chair from the corner and sat down, pointed the gun to Larek’s head and waited.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 6

Back on Earth

It was a long meeting, it was now well after 1500 and the group had dispersed. Larek and Serena had gone back to the museum to catch up, Michael had let Ava stay with him for a while until they were finished. Kyle and Maria both went to their respective homes knowing that they would now what their parents get ready for another date – the were both used to it now but thinking of their parents love lives made them a little uncomfortable. That left Max and Liz; he had decided to walk her home. His concern for him had grown with each passing moment after they learned of the imminent invasion.

Feeling responsible for the end of the world was bad enough the first time around but she felt that in changing the future it was now behind her. Things had gotten worse and he wanted to make her feel better any way he could, as the turned the corner they could see that Crashdown and had turned into the side alley and the fire escape that led to her balcony.

Max: Once on top he took Liz’s hands in his and sat her down.

“Liz, you are not responsible for this. When you made the decision to help…the future me you did it to save us and it was the right decision no matter how things turn out.”

Liz: She could not believe what Max just said, how could it not be her fault.

“Max, it was the wrong decision, if I had left things as they were we would have had 14 years together before anything like this happened and now we barely have 6 months…I don’t want to loose any more friends and I can’t loose you.”

She quickly stood up and turned away but Max grabbed on to her and pulled her into a warm embrace. She slowly relaxed as she heard {its okay my love, its okay} in her head. It was then he looked into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her. She moaned into the kiss as left her wanting mouth and started to kiss down he neck. Max’s hands slowly glided down her top and lifted the hem, resting he palms on the now exposed flesh.

As they stopped they looked into each others inviting eyes, the electricity between them intensified. Liz reached down and rapidly pulled of his sweater and just as quickly reached down and cupped his crotch. Max groaned at the contact and couldn’t help but cup Liz’s sweet face and kiss her. Liz pulled him closer, never letting her grip on his sensitive flesh go but Max had become filled with lust and grabbed on to her blouse and ripped it open, pushing Liz back against the brick wall next to her window.

Max was pleasantly surprise to see Liz without a bra and started kissing down her front, pausing on her breasts. He slowly and gently bit into each soft mound but licked and sucked each nipple as though he were a starved man. All though this Liz was busy unzipping his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down to his ankles – she too was like a ravenous animal at the moment, she would not be denied the intimate touch of her soul mate any longer and started to undo the fastening on her own jeans.

Liz up against the wall and Max on his knees before her both gasping for breath as he pulled her tight, black jeans down her legs. Within seconds she was naked except for her blue, silk panties covering his goal. He pulled her legs slightly apart and pushed her panties to on side as he put is face millimetres away from her. Max opened his mouth and let his extended tongue have its way with her. Liz desperately tries to spread her legs further from him but was restricted; she kicked her left foot free from her jeans and raised it so that it was resting on Max’s shoulder giving him all the access he wanted to her.

Moving and scraping against the cold brick was proving to be more uncomfortable than she first though and pushed Max away. Max fell backwards on to the ground looking up at Liz to see what he had done wrong. Her smile and the look in her eyes showed him that everything was okay, she was just taking control for a little while. As she slowly walked over to his position she reached down to her waist and pushed her silken underwear from her body, inch by inch as teasingly as she could. Max had only been as excited during his first time for Liz, he quickly looked around and found his own Jeans and reached into the back pocket and pulled out a condom. Liz only smiled harder as she walked slowly around him as he removed the rubber sheath and placed it over his hardening cock. As he rolled it down Liz slowly moved into position by kneeling over his waist, when he had finished she grabbed on to him causing him to moan – she knew he wanted to shout out but he was suppressing that instinct and she was glad of it. Her parents were just downstairs. Liz looked into his eyes as she raised her hips and moved his penis in to position and sat back down on to it.

Liz had discover a new side to herself that she never new existed, she enjoyed control in most situations but would gladly give it up to Max but right her, right now she was controlling every contact the two of them shared and she revelled in it. Keeping a hold of Max’s wrists as he sides she continued to push up and down, in and out. The only movement Max was capable of was to thrust upward to meet Liz as she came down, both were going slowly; this had become an act of pure love and neither wanted to end, especially since their first time together was more of an act of lust and need than anything else.

It was at that point that Liz’s mother walked into her bedroom in order to deposit some laundry on her bed. She was ready to walk back out but then she heard gentle moaning coming from the balcony and looked out of the window.

Her first instinct was to scream, her one and only daughter was naked and having sex with Max Evans. Nancy had no idea why she did not scream but she looked at her daughters face – it was full of peace and contentment as well as pleasure and love. Her daughters eyes opened and closed as she moved, letting go of Max’s hand she touched his chest and Max reached up to her face pulling her down into a passionate kiss. It was at that point that Nancy left, to confront them now would only cause massive amounts of embarrassment on both sides and would accomplish nothing, and so she would talk with Liz later – when her father was out! She was very concerned for Liz, she should not be having sex at such a young age but she could not ignore the look on Liz’s face.

Meanwhile on the balcony neither of the lovers new they had just been caught, their pleasure was above anything they had experience before. In this moment it did not matter what would happen an hour from now, in six months or in 14 years. What did matter was that they were and will always be together.

The pace of their lovemaking had increased quite a bit, both were moaning and grunting and both were on the verge of collapse. Max stopped moving and Liz merely began to rock her hips back and forth, both wanted to cum badly and they did. Within seconds Max could take no more, he sat up and keeping Liz where she was he nibbled on a nipple while Liz continued to move back and forth and then they both came.

Although both were spent Max continued to gently thrust up into Liz’s waiting hole and Liz’s abdomen still convulsed as her climax had not yet subsided. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, keeping him close and he wrapped his arms around her bringing her even closer. They never said a word they didn’t need to. The connection allowed them to experience the others pleasure, love and let them say it in private.

Crashdown Cafe, 1630

Maria: She was at the end of her shift and Liz’s was about to start. She was now more determined to get some juicy details from her best friend when she saw the look of pure joy on her face.

“So are you gonna start talking or am I going to beat to up Chica?”

Liz: Looking back at Maria, she could see she knew but decided to string her a long for a little while.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Maria.” she said, turning away so her friend could not see her grin.

Maria: Growing ever more frustrated she grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled her through to the back room. She looked into Liz’s eyes and could see a shining glow that she had never seen before. She crossed her arms; looked dead on into her eyes and smiled.

Liz: She couldn’t hold out any longer, she wanted to tell Maria everything. Maria had already told her about herself and Michael, now it was time to return the favour. The determined look in Maria’s eyes showed her that Maria was never going to finish her shift until she got some response.

“Okay…Max and I…” she trailed off. She was blushing wildly and looked down to the ground.

Maria: “I knew it, how was it…Oh god you…you should have told me…” She never let Liz finish and kept rambling on until Liz raised her hand and put it over her mouth. Liz told her that she would tell her everything tomorrow.

“Okay, I’ll leave it just now…but you are going to tell me everything tomorrow.”

Liz: Relieved for the reprise she looked back at her friend.

“Shouldn’t you be leaving for Michaels – isn’t tonight the big dinner?”

Maria: Suddenly realising the time, she grabbed her jacket yelled goodbye back to Liz and ran out the door.

Michael’s Apartment, 10 minutes later.

Michael: I had been well over two hours since Ava left to go back to the motel. Tonight was the first time that Michael was cooking dinner for Maria that didn’t include burgers and fries with alien themed names. He was determined tonight was going to be perfect and he was equally determined not to use his powers to speed things up.

And so far everything was perfect, the table was set using a tablecloth borrowed from Max’s mother and the dishes were newly bought for the event – he figured using paper plated was not a good idea and the only other plates he had were cracked and chipped. The only thing that was not going well was the roast beef, the oven was on but it just didn’t want to cook in the middle. Everything else was ready and Maria would be here any minute – he was sorely tempted to “Zap” the meat and hope she did not notice any change in taste.

As he was about to take it out of the oven the doorbell rang and he went to answer it, he was out of time. After opening the door, he welcomed Maria in with a gentle kiss and hug.

“Hi, sorry but dinner is running a little late. The beef just wont co…”

Maria: Seeing him flustered and bothered about trying to get everything ready in time was just so cute to her. She decided to stop his gentle ranting was a kiss. Feeling him relax a little she pulled a way.

“That’s okay Michael, sometimes things don’t go was planned. We will eat when it’s ready.” She wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck and pulled my down for another kiss.

Michael: Relaxed was not the word to use right now but then he remembered the beef in the oven and pulled away quickly. He coughed and pulled himself out of her warm embrace,

“I should check the oven and turn on the timer…I’ll be back in a minute” and with that he rushed off.

Once in the kitchen he grabbed on to the edge of the counter and took a deep breath. Reaching down he adjusted himself to make everything a little more comfortable. He was fighting just to keep from throwing Maria on to the table and taking her right there and then. He remembered the contents of his oven; he opened it up, backed off from the blast of heat and checked his beef dinner. After he was done, he set the timer for half an hour and went back out to meet Maria who was sitting on his sofa looking up at him. After bringing down a couple of drinks he sat down and had a quiet conversation with the love of his life, waiting for the timer to go off.

It didn’t take long, after a couple of meaningless attempts at conversation the pretending was over and the two were embraced in another of their famous passionate kisses. Michael moved his hand down her leg and started to pull her skirt up, once up to her thigh he grabbed hold of the flesh and groaned as Maria moved her leg over Michaels.

Maria moved Michael back against the sofa and straddled his legs. He still had his hand up he skirt and moved the other up toward her butt. Michael was more than pleasantly surprised to find Maria wearing a thong and traced the thin material along the crack, a simple act that elicited a moan from Maria. She stopped the kiss, sucked his lower lip into her mouth and gently bit into it and let it go. Michael removed his hands, much to Maria’s disappointment, and held onto her back as he flipped their bodies around so that she was now resting on the sofa with her legs spread and Michael between them. Gently her traced his fingertips up along her legs and back under her skirt, slowly he hooked his fingers around the tiny slip of material and pulled the thong down her legs as she raised herself from the seat to help Michael in his quest.

Michael took her underwear and placed them inside his pocket as he watched Maria slowly lift her long skirt back up her legs. All of a sudden Michael could see his goal and followed the raising fabric, each inch up he kissed her inner thighs until he reached for what he yearned for. Pushing his face in and extending his tongue he felt her almost jump out of her skin at the moment of contact. Maria slumped back against the seat and as she put on hand behind Michaels head she placed the other in her own, pulling in pleasure at her blonde hair.

With each passing moment Maria hips started to move by themselves, grinding her pussy against her lovers warm mouth and tongue.

“Oh Michael, eat me baby, EAT me!” Maria was lost in pleasure.

It was then that she poured her juices all over Michaels face but he remained in position, slowly licking and kissing Maria’s core, thanking her for his sweet gift. Michael wiped of his face as he moved up Maria’s body, kissed her mouth and held her. {I love you} he thought in his head.

Maria: Ever grateful for Michaels god given talents was out of breath and held Michael for the support she needed just to remain sitting up right. Hearing Michael give his declaration of love she returned it.

“I love you to!” and it was at that point Michael pulled away and looked at Maria.


Michael: Shocked, stunned – yes. Unhappy, angry at the new twist to their relationship – no. He pulled Maria up so that she was standing with him, looking into her eyes he calmly said, “I didn’t say anything, I said that I loved you in my head but not out loud.”

Maria: “We need to talk to someone about this!”

Michael: “Yeah I know”

It was then that the oven timer went off. Both were startled and looked to the kitchen, when they calmed down a bit they looked back to each other and smiled.

“But we do that later, right now we eat!”

Larek’s Quarters, Kraisar

Larek: He said goodbye to his sister and made his way back to the Museum so that Brody would be someplace safe when he woke up. He had enjoyed seeing his sister again, catching up and telling her about the family had been one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives but he had to return home.

Waking up from the long connection he looked around and could not believe what he saw. Kivar was in his room and pointing a weapon at him. The crew of his ship had obviously fallen; he only hoped that some had escaped.

Kivar: “So Larek, finally back from that primitive rock. Who knows what you or that boy see in that place but soon it will be ash – just like you.”

Taking aim, he pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately Kivar’s arrogance was his major failing. In his inability to pull the trigger immediately and urge to taunt Larek he had given him the time he needed to do what was necessary.

Larek was always prepared, he installed new systems to his quarters – two buttons that he had both pressed. In the split second that it took for the energy to leave the gun a metal cylinder fell from the roof and he was launched in an escape pod into space ad an energy field surrounded his quarters and every other room on the ship, blocking Kivar and his followers escape.

The second button was connected to a little toy that Larek was working on. A little toy that was capable of vaporising a small moon. Within the minutes it took for the pod to get clear an explosion occurred that destroyed all the surrounding ships and could be seen all the way to Kalaria. Larek looked back at the debris and smiled, the opportunity that every noble lord who was loyal to the old king had been waiting for had occurred and had been taken advantage of - Kivar was dead.

The only downside was that the damage was done. Most of the Antarian cities were in ruins, the skins were running amok and the invasion of Earth could not be recalled. The ships were travelling at hyperspace velocity and no communication signals could be received until they dropped to lesser speeds and by the time a signal would reach them it would be too late.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7

Parker Residence, Later that evening

Nancy: It had been a long day, she had no idea what she was gong to say to Liz. Nancy had been going over it and over it in her head, she should have barged out to the balcony with a baseball bat and beat the crap out of Max for even looking at her daughter let alone…well…what she had seen. Looking back on it she should have done that, it would have been easier and over with and very satisfying – and her husband would be spared the emotional rant.

Still she could not get the look on Liz’s face out of her head. It was obvious the Liz loved Max and that it was returned despite the pain Nancy had witnessed in their eyes last year. As much as she whished she could ignore what happened she wanted to be sure her one and only daughter was okay and now the opportunity had arisen, Jeff had gone out for the evening to catch up with and old friend and Liz was staying in “just to chill” as she put it.

“Liz, could you come here for a minute!” she called out toward the bedroom. Soon Liz had come out of her room but paused when she seen the concerned look on her mothers face.

“Liz could you sit down for a moment. We need to talk about something.” She softly patted the seat next to her and Liz proceeded to sit down.

Liz: The look on her mothers face was full of concern, fear and compassion, all of which she was doing a very bad job of trying to hide if she was trying to hide it at all.

“Sure, what’s going on? Does this have something to do with me forgetting to fill up the ketchup bottles?”

She knew fine well it was not but she had no idea what else it could be.

Nancy: “No Liz…no, earlier I was putting some laundry away and I saw you and Max out on the balcony!” See was looking right into Liz’s eyes until that point, she bowed her head and looked down to her lap.

Liz: She was very embarrassed and feeling very vulnerable about what her mother was going to say and do.

“Oh”, it was the only word she could think of and it came out very softly. Her face was about as red as it could get and was determined not to look at her mother. She was so afraid that she would be forbidden to see Max again and after thinking about it was surprised that she hadn’t intervened when they had been caught.

Nancy: She was now really beginning to feel for her daughter, Liz was bright red and her hands were clasped in her lap and she could swear that they were almost shaking. She was now determined to make this as painless as possible.

“Liz, its okay. I’m not happy about the situation but if I try to stop you seeing Max…I suspect that it wouldn’t do any good, would it? I do want to know something though.”

Liz looked up not believing what she was hearing and simply nodded.

“Are you using protection?”

Well she was wrong, she thought. Liz’s face got even brighter and looked back down to her feet.

“Liz I know this is embarrassing for you but I’m your mother and I need to make sure your safe. I don’t want you to become a teen parent and I admit I don’t know Max as well as I should but I don’t want you to catch anything.”

Liz: She could tell her mother was concerned and looked back up at her. She wanted to alleviate the burden her mother had. She knew Nancy only had her best interests at heart and felt great relief when she was told that she could still see Max. Looking back to her mother’s eyes, she looked straight into them and said, “Yes, we are being careful.”

Nancy: The only thing she could think of at that moment was to thank god. She knew both Liz and Max were intelligent but whether that intelligence was passed on to their love lives was another question that was gratefully answered.

“Condoms?” It was a simply question that was answered with an equally simple nod.

“Okay, I’m going to make an appointment for you with the doctor. I want you to go on the pill, just to make sure that you’re as safe as possible from any unplanned…surprises.”

Liz: The look she saw on her mother told her that it was a matter of fact and that it was not a discussion.

“Okay. When do I have to go and are you going to tell dad about this?”

Nancy: Looking into her pleading daughter’s eyes she could imagine Jeff’s reaction and did not enjoy the picture of him covered in Max’s blood…but that doesn’t mean that she’s happy about this and that she couldn’t have a little fun on her part.

“I will make an appointment tomorrow and no, I will not tell your father. I have a feeling you would like your relationship with Max to be long as possible and not have to attend a funeral next week.” With the little grin that Liz emitted at the comment she knew that it was time to get a little more amusement.

“However, I think that it would be a good idea to have Max over for dinner next week!”

The look on her daughter’s face was priceless. She couldn’t believe what she had just said as well. An invitation for the young man who had defiled her beloved daughter to come to dinner had just been made. Then she remembered that Liz was completely besotted with him and that she knew almost nothing about the boy, she knew his parent’s quite well but not him and this was something she was going to have to remedy.

Liz: Her mother may have said it for a little amusement at Liz’s expense but could see now that she was also very serious. Her parent’s acceptance of Max was very important to her and knew this could be a very good opportunity. She would just have to wait and see.

“Yeah I would like that but I will have to speak to Max first.”

Nancy: She nodded at her daughter’s response and looked into her eyes.

“Okay, so tell me all about Max before I poison his food.”

They spent the next couple of hours talking about Max, his sister, friends and how they were all doing after Alex’s death – she knew that it still pained Liz and Maria quite a lot but not about any of the others they hung around with. In the end Liz told her everything about Max, everything other than the alien side of things and the events with Tess.

Isabel’s Bedroom, 0000

Isabel: She was lying in bed thinking about everything that she had just learned. She couldn’t sleep and her head was full of images, specifically of the story Max told her of Liz’s encounter with Future Max. With each passing moment plans were formulated and dismissed, everything would depend on Liz agreeing to it but she somehow knew that she would not.

Earlier at the meeting Isabel could see the same idea spark in Liz’s eyes but had seen that spark go out just as quickly as it arrived. The last time she tampered with the future it resulted in a dramatic reduction in the amount of time before the end of the world and the death of a good friend and someone she loved. If they tampered again it could make matters even worse, but then there was a way around that…hopefully.

“I’m going to do it, I’ve got to!”

She couldn’t go on without him any more. Now she had a purpose, all she needed were the components – Liz and Max’s support and, of course, the Granolith. For the first time in three months she didn’t cry herself to sleep and smiled at the possibilities.

Washington D.C., Two days later 1100

What better place to hide from your enemies than right under their noses. That pathetic boy king and his friend were not his concern at the moment; they would not leave Roswell unless they had no choice. Unfortunately he must now give up this relative safety. The signal from his master came in yesterday and he couldn’t believe it, a second granolith on Earth. His orders were simple – do nothing to Zan and his human mate until they have found the Granolith, at that point kill them & secure the device and when the invasion fleet arrives transfer it to a ship for transport to Antar.

He barely had the six months to live before his husk would give out and deteriorate. Yet he had no other choice, getting on one of those ships and into his own atmosphere was his only hope for survival as well as the remaining Skins on Earth. Getting the last of the confirmation signals from his people he left his apartment for the last time and got into his car. Unbelievably he had to do a tour of the U.S. before getting to his final destination – Roswell N.M.

“Nicholas!” he heard from behind him and looked into the rear view mirror, “Everything is prepared sir and they await collection.”

As sorely tempted as we was to just kill Zan and the others when he saw them, he would fulfil his orders and not interfere with them until the task was complete.

Kalarian Space, 1200

Larek: He had been floating in space for hours, replaying the death of Kivar over and over in his head for entertainment, {Max is going to love hearing about this} he thought. All of a sudden he felt a jolt and within a few minutes the hatch to his pod was opened.

“Greetings my lord” he heard, “Are you all right”

“Yes, I’m fine. Were there any other survivors from the ship?”

Kalarian Officer: “Unfortunately not my lord. The experimental escape pod was launched and one of the Royal Four was inside. As programmed the pod entered into orbit of Kalaria and de-cloaked, however, there was an onboard malfunction of the life support unit and the occupants died.

Larek: Saddened by the news of Tess’s death he hoped that she was at least at peace with herself now. Unfortunately matters must now focus on the rebuilding of Antar. There was nothing more he could do for Earth but at the very least he could see that his old friends legacy is implemented back in his kingdom. This would at least give him something to return to but should he die, his ideology would live on.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 8

Max’s Bedroom, 2225, later that evening

Michael had been pacing outside the window for a good ten minutes before Max heard him and invited him in. He was obviously agitated and concern but there was a look of contentment in his eyes as well. Leaning up against the wall he looked at Max, he was not sure how to begin so he waited for Max to start.

Max: Watching Michael he grew a little concerned and could tell that he was waiting for Max to start the conversation. He rarely saw Michael this concerned but he also noticed the glimmer in his eyes.

“Okay, so what has got you here this time? Did your dinner with Maria not go well not go well the other night or something? From what Maria told Liz I gathered it was the best time she has had”

Michael smiled at the last comment, “Dinner was great, it was what happened before that’s the problem!” Michael said plainly. “I was…with Maria and we started to talk to each other.”

Max was a little confused at this point, “Correct me if I’m wrong but you two have had conversations before right?”

“No Max you don’t get it. We didn’t say anything out loud, in my head I said that I loved her, she heard it and responded out loud, that’s how we realised it happened.

Max: “Michael, the same thing happens when I’m with Liz but I’ve always put it down to the connection we have. I think we should talk to Serena about this and get some answers.”

Healing Liz and getting her in his life was the best thing that ever happened to him and the growing connection made him feel apart of her but if Michael and Maria were going through a similar process then he wanted to make sure that everything was okay and that neither Liz or Maria would be adversely affected by their contact with his kind.

Michael: Going to Serena was the last thing he wanted to do but she was a guardian and she would probably know if what was happening was normal…well normal for them at least.

“Max are you sure about going to her, this is kind of personal and she is along the lines of a parent…”

Max cut him off at that point and told him yes. Tomorrow they would have what would be a very uncomfortable talk with Serena.

Liz Parker’s Balcony same time

Isabel: After working through her plan for the last couple of days she was ready to go to Liz with it. She was the key; according to Max she did it once or rather will do it. Now hopefully she will do it when they find the Granolith, Isabel thinks she had away to convince her but she could see the pain in her friends eyes when she thought of her last encounter with time travel, it was going to be a hard sell. She reached the window and knocked lightly.

Liz: She had just finished writing in her journal when she heard the slight tapping at her window. It could not have been Max, she would have felt his approach and the others would have gone to the front door…well maybe not Michael but then why would he come to her window? She had changed into her nightclothes so she grabbed a robe and went to the window and opened it.

“Isabel? What are you doing here?”

Isabel: “I need to talk to you”; she paused as she entered the bedroom. “When we find the Granolith I want to use it to go back and save Alex…and I need your help to do it.”

Liz: She had been dreading this conversation ever since she had looked into Isabel’s eyes at the meeting. She had an idea about what Isabel was planning but hoped to god she was wrong.

“Isabel…I can’t let you do this. Believe me I want Alex back too but this can only cause trouble.”

She was remembering the pain and heartache from her experiences from her own tampering.

Isabel: She knew this was going to be her reaction and was going to take things slow. Looking into Liz’s eyes she could see the pain and would do anything to see that pain gone from her friend…strange, a couple of years ago Isabel barely knew her name and now she was one of her closest friends and one she trusted with her life.

“Liz, Max told me what you went through the last time. I wanted to say thank you for what you sacrificed to try and save us…I didn’t think anyone could have done what you did but you did do it. I know Max told you that everything that happened afterwards wasn’t you fault and he was right, it was the right decision to make.”
Liz looked back up to Isabel’s eyes, the soothing tone that Isabel was using helped a little and hearing Isabel’s gratitude for what she did for them made her feel even better.

“I’m not asking for an answer just now but I want you to think about it as an option…too many people had to suffer last year because of us. Alex was the worst, he lost his life, Valenti lost his job and you and Max went through hell. We should think about all the others as well, Lonnie killed Zan, the damaged caused by the Ganderium.” Remembering all the damage caused both girls to look down and had to fight back the tears.

Liz: “Isabel if we do try this it could easily make things worse than they are now. Even if we do find the Granolith there is no guarantee that I can do what ever I did in the future. I just can’t take the chance that something…”

She trailed off, she knew Isabel was hurting and didn’t wasn’t to send her away with nothing. “I will think about it, that’s all I can say for sure just now. Okay?”

Isabel slightly nodded and smiled, Liz may have had her doubts about doing this but the look in her eyes at that moment showed that there was at least some hope of it all coming together.

The two of them sat and talked for a while, if Liz was going to agree to this then she needed to know what Isabel was planning and it was clear that she had thought long and hard about this. It wasn’t too long before the conversation turned back to Alex.

“You really did love him didn’t you?” Liz stated. It came out as a question but was clearly a statement of fact.

Isabel nodded “Yes I did, I started to realise it at the dance but then I lost him. I still can’t believe that he is gone and every night I see the…crash. I just want him back, even if we can’t stop the invasion when it comes…I just want to be able to hold him and tell him how I feel.” Tears were no flowing from Isabel. The one time ice queen had been melted and the person who brought her out was lying dead with his family thinking it was suicide. Things had to change and the look in both of the girls’ eyes told the other that they both knew it. Whether she was completely on board or not Liz knew it had to change.

Not too long after the conversation about Alex, Isabel left the room the way she arrived leaving Liz to ponder on what she had to do. Lying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling Liz could not help but wonder if she could actually do it, whether or not she should was now gone from her head. {God how did that happen} she thought, an hour ago she wouldn’t touch time travel with a stick now it occupied her thoughts. She was also surprised at how easily Isabel managed to even think about the proposal but after thinking about it she realised that she to had the idea of going back in time to save Alex, Isabel was the one who voiced it. Within minutes Liz’s eyes grew heavy and slowly she drifted off in to a deep sleep.

Pod Chamber, following morning, 0620

The entire chamber was buzzing with energy and all of a sudden everything began to shake. A minute later a solid mass came shooting down from the sky and stopped, the Granolith hovered directly above the place it launched from three months ago. Slowly it lowered itself and came to rest within the chamber, sending beams of light from its peak to seal the gaping hole in the roof that was created by its departure. The chamber was now once again concealed from prying eyes.

A second flash of energy and Lorat stepped onto the world know as Earth. The Granolith had altered him slightly, normally he would not have been able to survive on Earth without the use of a Skin husk or being a shape shifter but now he was able to breathe this planets atmosphere. Now he had to make his way to Roswell, find King Zan and help with the search of the Earth Granolith. He was looking forward to seeing his brother again, Larek told him that he was very attached to a human girl and could not wait to meet the woman who tamed his loner brother but then this Michael Guerin may be a totally different person than the one he once knew. He did know one thing, ruler of the house he may be but their parents are not going to be wild about Maria! They had plans for their first-born and Princess Vilandra.

He stepped out into the pod chamber and looked around, finding the door he opened it and was welcomed by a very low but very bright sun. Making his way down the mountain he pulled a hexagonal device from his clothes. Soon all his clothes were replaced by the Earth norm and pressing another button he was shown the way to town. This was going to be a long walk.

Roswell Library, 0900, same day

The group, except Liz who was sleeping late, had all turned up at the library as soon as it opened to look through the old records of the town, hoping to find some reference to the mysterious family who was in possession of the Granolith. They sat down in the reference area next to the oldest of the records the library had to offer.

Kyle: Looking at the pile of books they had already amassed and the ones still on the shelf, he shook his head and said, “This is going to take forever!”

Michael: “Yep! You can say that again but the sooner we get started the better.” He still had the pleasure of his conversation with Max and Serena to look forward to and having to read through these records, files and books didn’t make his day any better.

Max: “Everybody grab a book, remember were looking for early settlers and they would have remained as isolated as possible…okay lets get started.” He grabbed a book along with everybody else and opened to the first page.

The entire day was spent in the library and Liz arrived around lunchtime; books were read and discarded over and over again. They knew they couldn’t hit the mark on their first try but the hope was still there.

Maria: Research was not her thing, she usually left that to Liz and she absolutely hated history and would do anything to avoid it but now she was in it up to her ears. Looking for a family that could have been wiped out the day they arrived in the area.

“Serena, even if we do find the Granolith what are the chances of us stopping the invasion?” She knew it was a question on everybody’s mind and one that the wanted an answer to. The Granolith was very powerful but was it powerful enough?

Serena: Oh she was waiting for this one. She had hoped not to discourage any of the young group but even she didn’t have all the answers.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I don’t know. The Granoliths powers were mainly designed for use inside a planets atmosphere for its own particular star system but outside of that…the power weakens considerably. It may not be able to take all of the enemy ships out. The Granolith we brought here was fully charged and could only be used once until it was returned to the Antarian System were it would recharge itself and could be used again.” Looking down to the pained eyes of the eight teens, even Ava who now considered this world a home was upset.

Isabel: She and Liz agreed not to discuss the her plan with the others until Liz was on board with it fully but now looking into each others eyes and both nodding they new it was time to talk about it.

“There may be another option when we find the Granolith.”

It was at that point that all eyes turned on her, “We could use it to go back in time, and we give our past selves enough information to prevent all this – maybe even keep Alex alive and prevent the Skins from getting to Tess.”

The mention of her name caught Kyle’s attention; if Tess could be saved he was onboard as was Ava who hoped Zan could be saved. All had their reasons for going a head with her plan, Max even gave his support when he “talked” to Liz in his head about it. If Liz could give her support after what she had been through then he would support her.

Serena: She was confused, this was the first time she had heard of this capability of the Granolith and was immediately concerned. This was a highly dangerous idea, tampering with the time line should never be used as the temptation to change things again and again would always be there no matter how good the intentions were.

She was about to protest when all of a sudden the door to the room opened and in stepped an old and very close friend.

“Lorat!” The smile on her face was not missed by anyone.

To Be Continued.

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Chapter 9

Roswell Library, Immediately following

Lorat: He had been trying to prepare himself for this during his long walk from the Pod Chamber but he felt as though he had been struck by lightning. {She is just as beautiful as they day she departed for Earth} he thought. As she slowly stood up to greet him he found himself lacking the words that wanted so badly to come out of his mouth so he simply gazed into her eyes and said “Hello Serena”.

Serena: She was pretty much in the same state; Lorat had arrived earlier than she expected him to. Shaking her head she turned to the group of teens gathered around the table. All had little smirks on their faces.

“Lorat, this is Max Evans, King Zan”

Max: He stood up to greet the new arrival but was greeted back by Lorat bowing his head and not looking him in the eyes. A gesture of respect that had blown Max completely out of the water, he hated being the centre of attention like this and quietly told Lorat to raise his head. Doing as he commanded Lorat looked back to Max with a slight degree of confusion and wondered if he had done something to offend the young king.

“Sorry Lorat, I know it’s only out of respect but I’m still not comfortable with the royalty bit and it would be hard to explain if anyone started to ask about it. I hope you understand?”

Lorat: “Yes of course Your Maj…sorry…Max?” When receiving a slight nod from his king to show that it was okay to call him by his first name he continued.

“I understand that the situation here is less than hospitable where the Government is concerned and I suspect that many individuals would also have their problems.”

Looking around the group Max introduced him to each member one by one until he came to Michael.

“It’s good to finally see you again Rath, or do you prefer Michael?”

Michael: For the first time in his life he was a complete wreck so simply held out his hand to shake his long lost brothers.

“Michael is fine, it’s good to meet you as well Lorat”. This was confusing to say the least; here he was meeting his younger brother who was at least 50 years older than him.

“I can’t wait to get to know you a little, I think you could answer a lot of questions”. Through the excitement he almost forgot his significant other but now was a good time as any for at least one member of his family to meet her.

“Lorat, I want you to meet Maria…my better half.”

Lorat: “Its nice to meet you Maria, I must say Larek’s description didn’t do you justice. I hope I get the chance to get to know you as well as compare some notes on my brother…if he is as half as wild as he was back on Antar then you have done what no one has done before!”

Looking back at the group “So what are you working on here”
Serena continued to explain all about the research they were doing to find the family who were the guardians of the Earth Granolith. Being a field that he knew nothing about he quietly took a back seat to the whole investigation.

It was an hour before the library had to close for the day and Kyle asked the question…

“Wait a minute, if Lorat used the Granolith to come back to Earth then why don’t we just use that one instead of running around looking for this other one?”

“No that one is out of power, it would take another 20 years before it recharged again. The only reason Lorat could use it to come back here is that it was back in the star system that it was designed for use in.” Serena explained while playing with her pendant.

Liz: She was listening to everything that was being said around her while she was reading a book that dealt with early emigrations to the area. Like the others she didn’t have very much luck…until she looked up to Serena. Eyeing the pendant she began to remember!


A five-year-old Liz was excited; her parents had bought the restaurant and the apartment above it and had moved in about a week ago. She could not get over the exploration of her new surroundings and going everywhere she found herself in the storeroom.

Running around and causing havoc like other kids her age she was not careful and eventually tripped on a small box of her toys that was being held there until her bedroom was ready.

It wasn’t a serious fall but it was enough to rattle her cage and cause some pain to her knee. While looking down and holding back some tears she had seen a small design in one of the bricks on the wall – two circles connected by a diamond in the centre. However the event was short lived as her mother who heard the crash had come in and found her daughter on the floor.

End Flashback

“Serena, what is that pendant?”

Serena: Looking down to her favourite position and looked back into Liz’s eyes. She had seen the spark of familiarity at that point.

“It’s something I found in the Granolith Cave on the colony, I believe the symbol represents the Granolith…Why?”

Liz: “I can’t believe this.” She whispered but it was loud enough to get everyone’s attention

“I think I’ve seen it before…come on!”

Standing up she walked out of the Library closely followed by her friends and several questions, all of which she refused to answer until she was sure. That day two cars moved though the town of Roswell, their occupants filled with curiosity at Liz’s remarks. Soon they pulled up to the street that contained the UFO Museum and the Crashdown Café.

Storeroom, Crashdown, 1720

Liz: She had decided to enter through the back door and thus avoid any attention that might be drawn their way. As she entered the room she kneeled down and looked for the marking at she hadn’t seen in 12 years.

“Look, right there! That is the same as the pendant.”

The group squeezed in and gazed at the marking, none could believe their luck. The goal of there search was beneath their feet the whole time – now how to get to it.

Max: Looking into Liz’s eyes and helping her stand up, he slowly knelt down to the position and waved his hand over it. He figured he might as well try his powers on it to see what happened…nothing. Gloomily he looked down to the floor {that’s strange} he though…

“Liz has this manhole cover always been here?” he asked. Once receiving a reply to confirm it he backs off of it and lifted it up. Jumping down into the hole he did not find himself in the sewer as he expected but in a small room. It was too dark to see anything so he cupped his hands and used a little of his power to produce a light source and looking around he had seen the symbol yet again and once again he touched it.

The energy that was in his had crackled through the wall and as the remainder of the group enter the chamber the wall disappeared. The group was greeted by an exact copy of the other chamber that they knew so well and in its centre – the Granolith. As they circled around the black obelisk Liz reached out to touch it. No one could believe that she was doing it but it had seemed instinctual to her and at the moment of contact a voice was heard.

“Identity confirmed…Elizabeth Parker. Custodianship granted you are now Caretaker…Use your knowledge with wisdom.”

At that point a bolt of energy threw Liz back against the wall but was intercepted by Max.

Max: He never hesitated when he saw his love being forced back. He ran to her and took the full force of her before she hit the wall. He could see the veins of her body glow with energy and watched as they pulsated up and into her head. Everyone gathered around to see if she was okay and all were relieved when she opened her eyes.

“God Liz, are you okay?”

“Max, it’s incredible”, she stated

“What is?”

“I know it all, how to use it, what it can do…I understand everything about it!”

“Well I hope you do and I hope you be careful of what you now possess!”

Everyone turned back to the Granolith and was shocked to see someone dressed entirely in black exit the device and turn to them.

Slowly the stranger approached the group and held his hand over Liz’s head…

“Yes it was a bit too much for you system to handle…you’ll need to rest for a while young lady”

As he stood back up he held out his arms and looked at his hands and new body

“My now this is an interesting form, epidermal layering, skeletal structure…sorry, it’s just been a long time since I had a corporeal form. I must say Liz I though you would be a little more careful when you returned here.”

That last comment caused everyone to look down at Liz and then straight back up to the mysterious visitor.

Max: “Who…what are you and how do you know Liz?” The concern was very evident in his voice.

Stranger: “Who…now that is a good question! I haven’t needed a name in a couple of million of your years but you do need to call me something…lets see…well the last time I was out and about as it were the locals in Egypt called me bird of fire or Phoenix. You might as well call me that.

Now what am I…Well my people are non-corporeal beings…forgive me. You probably want my race. My people are called the Omniriads but many have called us the Progenitors – we made the Granoliths.”

Michael: Still a little dazed “And the non-corporeal stuff...that means?”

Phoenix: “Oh yes of course, you are still quite young…my people do not have physical bodies we exist solely as energy. Now to answer the young kings question about how I know his mate – that’s a little more complicated. I, for lack of a better term, made her.”

Main Highway, Same time

Skin: “We are entering New Mexico now sir, we will arrive in Roswell in 4 Hours.”

Nicholas: “Very well, has there been any communication form Kivar?”

Skin: “No sir, nothing for the last few days!”

Nicholas didn’t like this, if his master was going to be out of contact for any length of time he always sent a beacon to inform his operatives – it was part of his plan, something he never wavered on and now he was receiving no reply to his status reports.

{Soon, soon Max you will die and with you will go your friends, family and that anomaly} he thought.

“I am going to rest, wake me when we are there”

To be continued…

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Chapter 10

Granolith Chamber, Immediately following

Max: The statement made by this Phoenix had thrown Max. He made Liz? Anger, confusion and concern for the very weak Liz who was lying in his arms on the floor.

“What do you mean you MADE Liz?” It was the concern for his lover that came through on his voice.

Looking back up at his friends, he could see the concern in their eyes and the desire to also know what this new alien had meant.

Phoenix: “First things first, we need to get Liz comfortable.”

He moved over to the wall of the chamber and pressed his had to it. Within seconds a platform extended from the wall. Gesturing to Max to place Liz on it, he could see that this young man he had been observing for many years was not about to let Liz go.

Max had seen into the aliens eyes and felt that he could be trusted and as carefully as he could he helped the barely conscious Liz to her feet and the on to the cushioned table. Slowly he backed off a little but still held her hand as gently and firmly as possible. Cautiously he observed Phoenix press his hand to a second panel and several smaller platforms came into view and another started to form upwards from the floor.

“Please take a seat, I will explain everything.” Sitting down on the pedestal Phoenix waited for the teen hybrids, humans and their guardians to sit them selves down, Max himself was the last to sit down but he took the extension that formed from the foot end of bed on which Liz now lay. Phoenix observed the gentle interaction between the two and smiled, he was left in no doubt that if Liz’s eyes hadn’t told him to he would have remained standing.

“Well where to begin…”

A very agitated Michael who flatly stated “The start is usually a good place” interrupted him!

“Okay, that will call for a little history lesson. I know that you have been told of the origins of the Granoliths but here’s another little lesson. About 120 years ago a world very similar to Earth in the 1960s used their Granolith to develop a new form of power. This energy grid covered the entire surface of the planet from a central source and used several thousand relays to connect individual locations but a minor accident in the core changed all that.

A pipeline had been weakened over the years and no one had noticed it until it cracked. The pipe split and fell against the central unit of the core causing a shock wave in the housing; this was magnified by the core and was spread through all the relays. The resulting explosions and seismic activity destroyed that planet.

When my people discovered what had happened they sent emissaries to all worlds with Granoliths with orders to reprogram them in order to keep certain information away from the races until they were ready for it. I arrived year and found this Granolith with out a caretaker and that it had been damaged – it would no longer accept new programming. I conferred with my government and it was decided that I would bond with the system and keep it safe until someone I could trust would become its caretaker.

That brings us up to nearly 18 years ago, I studied humanity very closely and I became convinced that your world would do great harm to itself or to others should someone come to possess the Granolith. It was then I came to a decision – I would create my own caretaker. I found a couple that were incapable of procreation, took some genetic samples from them, added a fragment of my own energy and created you Liz. I placed you within your mother and waited, I arranged it so that you discover this place when you turned 20 but that has changed now. In discovering this place now your system did not finish the necessary process in which you were ready to handle the download of knowledge from the device.”

Phoenix looked round the group and looked into the eyes of Liz Parker, his creation and experiment. Just as Liz was about to speak up he cut her off and continued…

“There is something else…you were not only created to be Caretaker. You were part of an experiment to study human evolution; I wanted to see what these people I was studying would become. While not at the evolutionary point your hybrid friends here are you would not be far behind. It wasn’t until Max healed you that I discovered how far who had become, physically you were an average human – which has now changed thanks to Max – but mentally…you would have done great things on Earth. However, now there is a problem that I have no doubt your enemies are aware of.

Within all life forms there is an energy matrix that is formed by the electricity flowing though your bodies, the more complex or sentient the life form the more complex the matrix. I created you to be a completely unique individual in all respects but something went wrong…your matrix is identical to one other.”

This caught everybody’s attention and as he was gazing at Liz he suddenly shifted his vision to Max.

“You, you Max have an identical bio signature to Liz. I first noticed the similarities when you were a few months from hatching from your pods and I tried to change the signatures of the matrix. Not just Liz’s but also yours…eventually I gave up, the more I tried changing you the more synchronous the two of you became. When you were healed a part of Max’s energy went into you Liz and as a result the two of you became identical. I suppose in a term that you can understand…you are soul mates.”

Liz: Are the soul mates comment she looked into Max’s eyes and could see a new light that she had not seen before and one that was welling up in her own. They both knew that they belonged together but now they knew why and everyone else knew it too. Then she remembered…

“Wait a second, go back to that part about our enemies knowing about me!”

They had all forgotten about that, as engrossed in the story of their friend’s origin and rightful place beside Max as they were, the concern came back.

Phoenix: “The Skin called Nicholas is very powerful and had a very advanced mind for someone of his race. He would have the ability to identify specific patterns within certain species and looking at you he would have known that you were different than other humans. In the past his concern was for Max and the others…he had probably written you off as a simple anomaly that he would deal with later…”

At that point he sharply turned his head up to the ceiling of the chamber. The group could see concern growing in his eyes as he stared at the room. Isabel thought that he was looking right through it – at least that’s what it looked like to her.

“Well to use a phrase you humans use…Speak of the Devil. A group of skins have just entered Roswell and are proceeding to several locations. We don’t have a lot of time, now that is chamber has power again it will easily be detected once one of them is directly over this spot.

I know of your plan for a temporal breach and given what is happening above us and what will be here in 6 months it is the best option you have at the moment. Liz you have the knowledge to do what is necessary, my species is forbidden from interfering. Who is going back?”

When Liz sat up Max went straight to her side, no way was he going to let her do this in her current condition. She may have looked better but she was still weak and Phoenix agreed…in her current state the temporal stresses would kill her.

Liz: She was determined to go through with this. She was the only one who could.

“Max I’m the only one who knows everything that needs to change. I will go back and connect with your past self to pass on what must be done, when everything works out I will be fine.” Turning to Phoenix, “Will I live long enough for me to pass everything to Max?”
When receiving conformation she looked back at her friends and then to Max, standing up she took hold of Max and gave him the most passionate kiss they had ever shared. Slowly she walked over to the Granolith and knelt down to the base and started pressing panels, every so often she would close her eyes in concentration, trying to remember the new knowledge she possessed.

When finished she stood up and touched the black surface and was swept inside and at that point a timer appeared on the wall. It would not be long.

Main Street Roswell, 2 minutes previously.

Skin: “Sir” she whispered to his commander, “you should take a look at these readings!”

Nicholas: Taking a hold of the device he studied it careful making sure there was no mistake.

“The Granolith, it’s right under us. Follow me!”

They barged into the Crashdown with arms raised. They mercilessly blasted anything that moved until the room was clear. Nicholas took the device once again and followed the readings to the manhole cover in the storeroom. Once his all men had climbed down they proceeded to follow the light coming from the Granolith chamber.

They were too late, the timer had finished counting down and as Max touched the Granolith, a flash of light came forth from it. The change had begun.

To Be Continued…

Sorry about the ending, I was hoping to try and get some major fight and maybe a death scene in it but I suck at that…anyway now I get to rewrite history so now I can get plenty of practice in.

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Chapter 11

Max’s Bedroom, 10 Months Ago, 7pm

Michael: He was standing with his arms crossed and leaning back on the desk wile Max just sat on the edge of his bed.

“No way Max, I don’t believe it!”

He was taken aback with what Max had just told him…Liz slept with Kyle. No way in hell, he had gotten to know Liz over the last year and knew how she felt about Max, he envied Max for many things but the love he shared with Liz was at the top of the list.

Max: “Believe it or not Michael, I SAW them in bed together. If I didn’t see that I wouldn’t have believed it but...” Remembering that night was painful and was content never to discuss it again but Michael had seen something wrong with him and pushed him into remembering. Standing up, he walked over to the open window and leaned out of it. He need fresh air, he just wanted…hell he didn’t know what he wanted except for Liz to tell him why.

It was at that point that a blinding light filled the room, as Max turned back he saw a shape from a short distance on to his bed. Michael had his hand raised ready to fire when he noticed that the shape was Liz.

Michael: “What the hell?”

Max: “Liz, what is…” He was cut off as Liz grabbed his hand. The connection was fuzzy and jumbled but the images came through loud and clear.

Liz: It was done, the connection she had wasn’t as strong with this Max but it was enough to force the knowledge of the last year into his head. She was very weak from the energy surge that planted the Granoliths knowledge within her and her trip back in time took even more out of her. However, she did have enough time for this and simple stated

“Max it has to change, I love y…”

With that she passed out. As Max tried to shake her awake he and Michael watched as her body was surrounded by a yellow aura and then vanished. Both simple stared.

Michael: He was dumbstruck and had no idea what was going on

“Max, what just happened, what did you see?”

Max: Michael’s questioning rant brought him out of his stare. Now he understood and knew what was to come if he didn’t obey Liz’s warning.

“Michael, get Iz, Maria and Alex. Take them…take them to Riverdog’s cave, don’t tell Tess or Kyle. I’ll meet you there!”

“Well where are you going?” he asked as he grabbed Max’s arm before he was out the window

“Liz, I’ve got to see Liz. I know what happened…we have to talk about this. Get the others, I’ll explain everything when we get there.” Max said as he stepped out of the window. Stopping he turned back

“Michael, make sure Tess does not know about this. She doesn’t know where that cave is that’s why I chose it.”

The look in his eyes showed Michael that, for whatever reason Max didn’t want Tess to know about this meeting, it was very serious. He grabbed the phone and started making calls.

Liz’s Bedroom, Parker Residence, 20 minutes later

Liz: She had been sitting at her desk for the last two hours trying to get her homework done but found it difficult. Every so often she would look back toward he bed and when she did, she had to fight back the tears. It was on that bed that she had sacrificed her future with the one person she truly loved, the person she would go to hell for.

Lost in thought and remembering the look on Max’s face she didn’t notice the knocking on her window.

Max: After not getting a response from his knocking he looked into the window and saw the face of his soul mate. He knew everything she had gone through three days ago when his future self had shown up. He didn’t think it was possible to love her anymore than he did before that incident but after discovering her sacrifice to save Michael, Isabel and the rest of the world, every part of him swelled with love and pride. He used his powers to unlock the latch on the window and climbed inside.

“Liz, we need to talk”

Liz: She was brought out of her trance and looked up at Max as he stood by the window.

“Max? What are you doing here?”

When Liz looked up she caught his stare and found she couldn’t look away and her curiosity was peaked when she saw the smirk on his face.

“What? Max come one what’s that grin for?”

Max: “I had a visitor tonight…someone very similar to your visitor three nights ago”

At the comment Liz’s expression changed and her face filled with dread. She hoped that this would never come.

Max: “It’s okay Liz, I know everything that happened…I don’t think I could be much more prouder than I am of you right now.”

Liz: Max’s statement caused her heart to fill with the love she had been trying to suppress ever since she left the Pod Chamber but as much as she wanted to run into his arms she needed to know what happened tonight.

“Max, what happened? Who came tonight?”

Max: “You did! A future…you appeared in my bedroom when I was talking with Michael, she connected with me and showed me everything.” At that point he looked down to the floor, “Liz, Future…You came from back from a year from now. A lot happened, a lot we need to talk about so that we can prevent it but first I need to show you what she showed me – it’ll be a lot easier”

Liz: As Max reached out his hand and touched her cheek her mind became a wash of images and sensations of things yet to come in the months to come. She witnessed the kiss of Max and Tess, the Skins coming to Roswell and taking everyone away with their wipeout machine but one thing stuck in her mind – the death of Alex at the hands of Tess.

“Max”, she said quietly “Oh god, how could we let things get that bad…how could we let that happen to him?”

Max: He could understand how she was feeling; just after his connection with Future Liz he felt the same things. The connection was fuzzy and he didn’t get all the facts but he did know that both he and Liz caused many things to go wrong in their relationship, things that they were given a second chance to get right.

“I don’t know everything that happened Liz, but we can change it. You did it once to save the planet, now we can do it again to save our friends and us.”

The two of them just stared into each others eyes, the pain the sparked three days ago was almost gone, they new how the other felt about them and finally came together in a kiss of passion and love. Slowly they came apart and simply smiled at each other, Max pulled Liz into a warm embrace and held her close as she rested her head on his shoulder. Both sighed contentedly.

“We’ve got to go, the others are meeting us at Riverdogs’ cave. It’s the only place where we can talk without Tess finding out.” Max said as he held her head to his shoulder and ran his fingers through her hair.

“We go, undo whatever happened to Tess and we do everything we can to make sure we get this right.”

Lifting her head from his body and gazing deep into her eyes he spoke with sincerity and determination.

“I love you Liz and I’m never letting you go again. From now on the two of us, together, will deal with anything that comes along. No more secrets, no more hiding!”

Liz: “I love you too. Lets go!”

With that Max took her hand and lead her out the window to the waiting car and the two made their way to the cave.

Riverdogs Cave, 1 hour later

All but Max and Liz were now gathered in the main chamber of the cave and everyone was confused. Michael had explained the evenings events to the group but other than Liz appearing and disappearing in a flash of light and Max running out into the night, he knew nothing ad was as confused as everyone else.

Maria: “God where are they?” She was getting very frustrated and was passing the cave back and forth.

Michael: “They’ll be here soon, they’ve got a lot to talk about.”

Alex: “So there was a flash of light and Liz appeared, and then after she connected with Max she was surrounded by light and then vanished!” He was still trying to work through it but it was giving him a headache trying to figure out what could be happening.

Michael: “For the hundredth time, yes. That’s all I know, then Max told me to get you all out here. He was very specific about making sure Tess was not here – he actually looked scared when he said her name.”

Isabel: “Well what ever is going on it’s a safe bet its going to be trouble.”

Max: “More than you know!” he stated as he and Liz entered the cave.

“No doubt Michael has brought you up to speed on what happened in my room tonight. Here’s what you don’t know…The Liz that appeared tonight came from one year into the future, she showed me what was going to happen…its…bad. A lot of things will happen but the worst is that one of us will die…will be murdered.”

Michael: The thought that one of his friends will be killed filled him with anger and fear – could it be Maria?

“WHO?”, he said with concern.

Max: He only looked down to the floor when Michael asked the question. He was desperately trying not to look up but when he did his gaze went straight to Alex. The look of horror on his human friends face filled him with hatred for what their future selves allowed to happen.

All that Alex did was stumble back and sit down on a large boulder. He didn’t know what to think or do. Every couple of seconds he would open his mouth but nothing came out until he said “How?”

Over the next hour Liz filled her friends in on her own visitation and the what would happen in the original timeline an Max told them about what he saw during his connection.

Alex: He still sat on the rock and Isabel had moved closer to him and took hold of his hand – she had tried to change the relationship she had with Alex for the simple reason that she didn’t want to get close to him in case something happened to either of them. Now after being told the he was going to die she didn’t want to be too far from him, in fact she could not get close enough too him.

Max: “The good news to all of this is that it can change, Liz did it once it can be done again. The first thing is to help Tess, from what I got from Future Liz it wasn’t her fault – there was something inside her, influencing her. The Granolith somehow reversed it after she left Earth. We get that done then we can more on to other things – the Dupes, this Laurie and the Skins.”

Everyone just nodded their heads, as much as wanted to just find Tess and rip her head from her body they had to try to undo what was done to her, {Well at least that’s a last resort option, even if its just to get her to shut up!} Michael thought.

Michael: “Okay so how do we deal with Tess, we don’t even know where the on switch is on the Granolith let alone how to reverse this?”

Max: “That’s where Liz comes in.” Now everyone was even more confused – it was the one part he didn’t show Liz, he didn’t want her to freak out any more than was needed. “Tess left using the Granolith that is in the Pod Chamber but there is a second underneath the Crashdown. That one houses another type of alien; a very old alien that intends for Liz, and only Liz, to use it. There is more but that is for him to tell Liz – I don’t know more than that except that it is very important!”

The concerned expression on Max’s told the others that whatever happened in the future was risky and that Liz should be very careful when handling the Granolith.

“For now we should all go home and get some rest, we can start to deal with this mess tomorrow. Alex all I can say is that we wont let it happen again…I swear it! Michael can you take the others home just now, I need to talk with Is for a moment.”

With that he to turned to Liz, “I’ll speak to you in the morning, I have to do this just now”, Liz simply nodded and left with Michael, Maria and Alex.

Isabel: “Okay now I’m worried, what more can happen?”

Max: “Future Liz gave me a message from you, she wanted you to know how she felt about Alex just before his death so that you don’t waste any time.” His cupped his sisters’ cheek and formed a connection with her. Within a few minutes Isabel started to smile and then blush.

Isabel: She never knew that she could have felt like that for anyone, the emotions were building in her until a part of the connection shifted to after Alex death. At that point the floodgates opened and Isabel started to cry. Max simply pulled her into a hug and let her cry. “Max we have to stop her and anyone else who would hurt them”

Max: “I know and we will, I’ve got enough to make sure we can prevent along of what is to come. After that we’ll just have to go on faith that were doing the right things. I can tell you this, I’m never letting Liz or any of the others go, I’ll fight to keep them with us no matter what.

We should go home now it’s getting late!”

Isabel simply nodded and they headed out of the cave to the waiting jeep. The drive home was quiet but on a hill overlooking the cave entrance stood two men cloaked in shadow.

“Do you think they can do it?” said the elderly Native.

“They have to, once all the players are here the game begins, at least now they have the information to proceed more…wisely!” said his associate.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 12

Whitman Residence, 6am Saturday (next morning)

Isabel couldn’t sleep, she had tried all night but she kept thinking about what Max told her in the cave. Deep inside herself she knew that she loved Alex but everything that happened to Max in the White Room and all the events before hand and afterward told her to back off. While she told herself and everyone around her that it was so she didn’t have any attachments, the truth was she didn’t want to feel the pain the Max had gone through when Liz walked away from him and if anything should happen to her, Alex would be spared as well.

However the second she heard that Alex was going to die Isabel nearly threw up…that split second had awoken the emotions that she had tried so hard to bury. She couldn’t loose him. It was a simple fact that had gotten her out of bed and over to Alex’s home.

“Alex, are you there?”

Alex: “Isabel? What are you doing here?” Alex had been pacing in his room since he returned from the cave. He had been going back and forth between fear, hate and anger the entire night and every time he tried to sleep it off he just lay on his bed looking up at the ceiling. Unfortunately, Isabel had turned up at the wrong moment.

Isabel: “I thought we could talk…you know about what Max said tonig…”

Alex: “TALK, TALK ABOUT WHAT ISABEL! What could you possibly say that I would have the least interest in?” The anger in him had been building and unfortunately Isabel was now getting the full brunt.

Isabel: “Alex, please. I just wanted to…” She knew Alex must have been going through ten kinds of hell but she never thought he would actually respond to her like this.


Isabel: Tear were streaming down her face it was all she could do to climb back out of his window and run, run are far and as fast as she could. Before she knew it she collapsed next to a tree in the park and sobbed against it as the heavens opened up in a torrential downpour. Her world was caving in around her, the idea of Alex death almost killed her but they had a chance of preventing it. Now she had lost his love, something that hurt a hundred times more.

Alex: With seconds of her departure he had calmed down, he couldn’t believe what he had just said to the one person he loved more that his own life. “What the hell have I done?” he asked himself

He shook his head, grabbed his jacket and jumped out of his window. Despite having no idea where his beloved had gone to he kept on going running on pure adrenaline and instinct until he found what he sought.

His pace had slowed to a slow walk as he made his way over to Isabel crumpled form.

“Oh god, Isabel. I’m so sorry I…didn’t mean what I said”

As he knelt beside her, Isabel looked up and into his eyes. The two of them were soaked from the rain but neither one cared. Alex slowly lifted his hand and placed it on her cheek, gently cupping it and soon Isabel’s own hand covered his as she tried to make sure she wasn’t dreaming his presence.

“Isabel, please forgive me. I don’t want to loose you…or the others. I was just…”

Isabel: She couldn’t believe he was here with her, holding is hand to the side of her tear and rain soaked face was the only reassurance that this was not a fantasy or hallucination.

“Angry, there’s nothing to forgive Alex you had every right to be angry after what we found out tonight. I promise I wont let that happen to you, I love you!”

Within seconds for her proclamation he pulled her face in toward his and they kissed, neither letting the other go, as both were desperate for the security of the other. As they pulled away from the kiss Alex pulled her back in and held her body as close to his as he could get.

“I love you too”, he whispered in her ear.

After a few minutes of more kissing, reassurances and declarations of love the two were walking gently back to the Evans, Isabel now wearing Alex’s jacket, her hand in his. Only as they crossed the park bridge did they remember the rain and with a wave of her free hand the skies began to clear and the sun began to rise on the new day.

Alley behind the Crashdown, 7am

Liz was waiting for Max to arrive, ever since he showed her what her future self showed him Liz had been dying to go down and see the second Granolith but things had to be done carefully so they decided to wait until this morning when the restaurant would be empty and they could sneak down.

“Come on Max were are you?” she mumbled

“Right here!” Max said as he came round the corner

They just stood and stared at each other until Liz caved and ran into his arms and gave him a VERY good morning kiss.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked

“Yeah, we need to find away to stop Tess and whatever caused her to do this. The best option is the Granolith…is Michael going to talk to Kyle?”

“Yes, he invited Kyle over to watch the football game this afternoon. Michael will tell him everything we know including Tess. Come on we better get this done before your parents wake up!”

The couple made their way into the storage room and Max, remembering what he did from Liz point of view in the future, found and touched the Granolith symbol and climbed into the underground chamber. Though they had the memories of entering the chamber from the future and the similarities between the two Granolith Chambers, it was still a wonder to them to see the black obelisk standing in the centre of the room.

“Well from what Future You showed me, you placed your palm against the surface and were blasted back across the room and were weakened…big time!” Stated Max in as a serious tone as he could make.

“Okay, so maybe a small, quick touch won’t be as bad?” said Liz

As she said that Liz approached the Granolith, held out her index finger and tapped the Granolith. At the small contact a surge of power arched from the area where she made contact to her finger and soon she lost consciousness.

Max stood over her, gently slapping the side of her face trying to wake her up and within mere seconds she sat straight up.

“WOW, what a rush!”

“Liz, what happened?” asked a very concerned Max

Liz: “I know how to control it Max, everything it can do and I remember everything that happened when the others…when we were here in the future!”

“Good, I’m glad your learning” stated Phoenix as he stepped from the Granolith

“You! Your Phoenix right but how can you know us we haven’t met yet” queried a still slightly woozy Liz

Phoenix: “Well I guess it was a bit much to hope for that you would understand everything after just one try…but at least you didn’t try to take too much knowledge too quickly, that’s a start.

To answer your question I also know everything that was supposed to happen because my people exist slightly outside of your normal time. When events such as time travel occur our past selves are immediately aware of what has changed and what was supposed to occur, a part of which I implanted into you when you touched to Granolith.”
Liz: “The meeting when we first found this place, you put that in me?”

There was still so much she didn’t understand but she was learning and with a tool like the Granolith she could learn a whole lot more

Phoenix: “Yes, I find that it saves time if I don’t have to have the same conversations over again. Besides a part of this was in the message you gave Max.

Max: He remembered parts of the conversation in the chamber with Phoenix, specifically about Liz’s origin and the attack by the skins but now that they had what they needed all they had to do was come up with a plan for Tess.

“Okay now this is over with and we don’t have to cover any old ground, what do we do now?”

Liz: “Actually I can modify the Granolith to help Tess but were going to need to talk to Michael and Kyle in order to get Tess down here without too much trouble but after that anything else we need to fix we’ll just have to wait and see!” Max and Liz just stared into each other’s eyes; she could see the pride and love swelling in his as she became assertive in dealing with the situation.

Phoenix: “Just one more thing, I will have to leave Earth now. My initial mission is complete and the Granolith has a careful and wise guardian. Max the knowledge to use your own granolith is locked within your own mind that Liz can help unlock.

I have a friend here who can help if you need some council in the decisions you must make in the future but he will only offer guidance – you are the ones who must make the decisions. I believe you already know him, his name is Riverdog.”

Max and Liz watched as he stepped back into the device but stood back as an energy beam shot from the point of the Granolith. It swirled around the room, surrounding the two teens that marvelled at its beauty before it vanished.

“Okay so what’s the plan?” asked Max

“Well job 1 is this!” stated Liz as she pushed Max up against the walls as she captured his lips with hers. Soon both were holding on tightly to the other as they kissed and felt each other’s bodies. As the kiss slowed to small pecks Max asked what job 2 was and all Liz said was “Tess”.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 13

Michael’s Apartment, 1300 That Afternoon

Michael: How the hell did he end up with this job? He kept asking himself that every 20 minutes. While he understood why Max wasn’t going to be here Michael still wanted him to do this. Kyle had grown slightly protective of Tess ever since her abduction and the two of them were getting closer – he was not going to be happy that he was left out of any decisions that were made without his knowledge or input.

Just as Michael winced at the thought of how Kyle was going to take the news there was a knock at his door. As the door opened Michael found Kyle standing with a six pack and take out.

Kyle: “Okay for the non aliens among us I have beer, and for everyone I have curry…don’t tell my dad about the beer! Hey where are Max and Alex?”

Michael: “They are not coming, Kyle I didn’t ask you here to watch the game. I’ve got some stuff to tell you…it’ll probably be easier if you don’t speak until I’m finished!”

With that Kyle grew a confused look on his face as he sat down on the chair. Over twenty minutes Michael told Kyle everything.

Kyle: “Why wasn’t I told about this earlier, we could have…”

Michael: “Nothing could have been Kyle, Max and Liz are still working out the details for dealing with whatever’s inside Tess and you weren’t told about the meeting because you live with Tess now…you disappearing for a couple of hours could have caused problems. I am sorry about telling you this way but we do need your help – your are the closest one to Tess.”

Kyle: “If we do this, Tess will be okay…no lasting problems or anything?”

Michael simply nodded; he was surprised at how well Kyle was taking this. At that point the phone rang.

“Okay, yeah we’ll be there. Bye”

Kyle: “What was that?”

Michael: “That was Max, they have a plan.”

Granolith Chamber, Crashdown Restaurant

Max: He had just put his cell phone back in his pocket and turned back to Liz who was kneeling at the Granoliths pedestal, slowly pressing on panels.

“Michael’s ready, all we need to do is get this thing working.”

At that point the Granolith buzzed into life.

Liz: “Done, now all we need to do is get Tess inside.”

Max: “Well Kyle could probably help there. Come on, let’s get upstairs.”

With that, he took Liz’s hand and helped her on to her feet and gently kissed her on her forehead before they made there way out of the chamber.

Alex’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 1500

Alex: He and Isabel spent most of the day together, just walking through the park, holding hands and reliving the moment they shared the previous night by the tree. Now they were back at his place and lying on his bed. It had just started out watching the TV while they were waiting for Max to call but now they were in each other’s arms, involved in the most passionate kiss they have had to date.

Slowly Alex opened his mouth and gently licked his loves lower lip and soon she too opened her mouth to invite him in. Both tongues duelled for control of the others mouth as Alex hand brushed through Isabel’s silken hair, holding her head close to his own.

“Alexxxx…” Isabel moaned into his mouth.

Isabel: Soon she took his hand into hers and guided his hand from her hair down to her breast, completely lost in the moment she felt Alex tenderly squeeze as they still kissed. The sensations were melting her brain, she couldn’t help but moan as she moved from his mouth and started to nibble on his ear. When Isabel did that Alex lost a little more control as he too started to kiss the side of her face, her chin and eventually he buried his face in the soft curves of her neck.

While Alex ran his lips along her skin she briefly stopped what she was doing and smiled contently.

“Ughnnnn” she moaned as she shucked in her breath. Intent on not leaving Alex out of the pleasure he was giving her, she grabbed his head and pulled him back in to a kiss the caused her to see stars. The passion was burning within them and as Alex held her body close to hers she could feel his erection against her upper thigh. Isabel could get enough and she enjoyed the fact that she was slowly driving Alex crazy by grinding her body against his. Soon she latched her lips onto his neck, Isabel was claiming Alex as her own and she was going to mark him as such, as she made her was around to his Adam’s apple leaving a only a glowing hickey.

They were well past the point of no return now, they may have only been together for a day and a night but they were both ready for this, they both needed to be there for each other and that they would never leave. Slowly Isabel guided her soon to be lovers’ hand down to her hip and under her skirt. As his hand passed over her naked leg and up to the apex of her thighs, both teens’ hearts began to race father than ever before. {Thank you god for making his parent work today} she thought as they stared into each others eyes but when Alex reached her moist core her eyes closed and she jumped slightly at the most intimate contact they have shared.

As she lowly opened her eyes Alex began to stroke her through her underwear but Isabel was not going to leave Alex out of this, she reached out and cupped his manhood through his jeans but this still wasn’t enough so she unzipped his fly, snaked her hand into his boxers and slowly began to pump him to climax. Lost in the pleasure they were receiving for the other, they closed their eyes in concentration. Alex began to move her silk panties to the side as he started to push his index finger inside of her and within seconds he increase the pressure by inserting a second finger…then a third.

Isabel’s cell phone rang out. Both teens jumped apart at the sudden and unexpected interruption, fearing that it was one or both of Alex’s parents returning. Calming down a little after realising it was the phone, Isabel reached out to her purse and answered the very unwelcome intrusion.

“YES!!” she said in a sharp tone.

“Isabel, its Max. We’re ready over here, Kyle’s going to bring Tess down…you and Alex should probably be here as well…Are you alright – you sound out of breath?”

Max would have a stroke if he knew just how “alright” she was but the flush of heat moved to her face as she could have died from embarrassment.

“Yeah I’m fine, Alex and I were just out…running in the park!” She lied very poorly. “We’ll come right over!” and with that she hung up her phone.

Sitting back on the corner of the bed she said, “I’m going to hurt my brother badly”

Both of them were in a fit of hysterics as Alex moved up beside her, they both gazed into each other and were moving very slowly together. The fire that had been ignited was still very much burning and needed to be put out now!

Suddenly Alex pulled back.

“We better get going, before we start something we can’t finish!” he said

“We’ve already started” as she moved her arms around Alex’s neck to pull him in. Alex never had a chance so he gave up and kissed Isabel the way they both wanted but its was then that Isabel the reason behind Max’s call, they had to deal with Tess or she could loose Alex.

She sharply pulled back, “No, your right. We have to fix the problem with Tess.”

They both back up, Alex zipped his fly back up and Isabel readjusted her panties back into place and fixed her top. They were soon locking up the house and making their way to the Crashdown.

Valenti Residence, same time

Kyle: This needed to be done but he didn’t want to hurt Tess. He rationalised his decision by saying that Tess has under the control of some alien life form and that it would save a friends life…it still didn’t make this any easier.

“Tess…Tess, are your home?”

“Yeah, Whats up”, she said as she came out of the bedroom.

“I ran into Max on my way home, they found something…they want us to meet them at the Crashdown in ten minutes.”

“Okay lets go”, Tess was curious, Nasedo told her that some alien technologies were still floating around, things he had hidden and things that were left from previous expeditions to Earth. {Maybe something I could use to help my situation?} She quietly asked herself while deep inside her Ganderial controlled mind she was screaming for the same thing…something to free her.

Earth Granolith Chamber

Everyone except for Alex and Isabel were now gathered in the chamber awaiting the arrival of Kyle and Tess. The Granolith was prepared; all they need to do was get Tess to touch it. Soon everyone attention was turned to Alex and Isabel as they entered the room. Liz and Maria burst into giggles and sniggers but Max and Michael did not look pleased at all.

“What…what’s wrong?” asked Alex. He was very confused as to what was so hilarious to his oldest friends but looks of death from his alien friends.

It was then when Isabel looked to him that she turned bright red and her confusion was gone.

“Ah, Alex…you appear to have a hickey” Maria said between sniggers. Alex shot his hand up to his neck and felt the area that Isabel had marked and then he too turned bright red.

“We’ll discuss this later”, Isabel said while staring at her brother “I hear someone coming.” Quickly Isabel moved her hand over Alex’s neck to hide the mark, right now she only wanted it covered not removed.

It was then that Kyle and Tess entered the chamber.

“Okay what have you…” Tess said as she entered the chamber, her sentence trailed off when she say the black monument. “Okay what’s going on?”

Max and Liz already agreed on the lie they would use on Tess at this point so Max began speaking. “Liz started having dreams two days ago, they led her down here and she found this last night, she then showed it to me.”

“Nasedo never told me about the Granolith, let alone two of them. Why is it down here?”

“I have no idea” Said Liz, “But you should feel this thing, its like electricity is all over it and its warm”

Tess looked over at Liz and to Max, she could see pride in his eyes that she had the courage to touch the things…no way in hell was she going to be out done by this human. With that she reached out and touched it. It didn’t even take a second for her to be pulled inside.

She had taken the bait, both Liz and Max knew that Tess’s desire for outdoing humans and getting closer to Max would seal the deal…now they could only wait for the Granolith to do its work. Liz had programmed the device to make the procedure to do its work as painlessly as possible so after a few minutes of useless struggle she fell unconscious and the device began to glow with a yellow light.

Two Hours Later

The group were sitting around the chamber; Michael and Maria had left and came back with burgers and drinks for everyone. Kyle never touched his; he just sat back against a wall staring at Tess’s sleeping form within the Granolith. She looked so peaceful but deep in his soul he could feel her struggling for her freedom.

Liz was sitting against Max, his arm around her holding her close; she noticed how Kyle was staring and hoped that she had done everything correct. It was then that the glow stopped and Tess was thrown out of the Granolith and onto the waiting floor. Kyle was by her side in seconds and Liz approached. Everyone watched as the back of her neck cracked open and yellow liquid poured from the wound.

“Oh gross, somebody could have warned me about that” Maria said as she turned away…no way was she going to watch this. Liz grabbed the first aid kit she brought down earlier and carefully cleaned the area around her neck and placed a bandage over the small hole to let it heal.

“She’ll be asleep for a while, we should get her back home for some rest…someone had better watch over her until she wake up” Said a concerned Liz. She was never friends with Tess and the pain she had caused her in the passed few months made her hate Tess but this could go along way to smooth over some ruffled feathers.

“I’ll keep an eye on her” stated Kyle as he lifted her up into his arms

Everyone made their way out of the chamber, Max giving Kyle and Tess a lift back to the sheriffs home. He watched as Kyle place her into his bed and take a seat next to her. Max watched Kyle; he never hesitated in any of his actions.

“Call if you need anything, okay”

Kyle never looked away from Tess, he simply nodded and Max made his way home. He told Liz he would see her later, Alex stayed with her to discuss the Granolith, Maria had gone back to Michael’s apartment to talk to him and now it was time for a little talk with his sister.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 14

Evans Residence, 20 minutes later

Max arrived home and had slowly made his way to Isabel’s bedroom; he tried to work out what he was going to say or rather how he was going to say it. As he reached the door he took a deep breath and knocked…

“Isabel, are you in?”

“Yes”, he heard from behind him. He hadn’t expected her to come from behind him and almost jumped out of his skin.

“What can I do for you Max?” she asked as she placed a Tabasco covered donut in her mouth and opened the door. Both stepped inside and a small fly, barely noticed by the siblings, fly inside and perched on the wall above the window.

“Ehh, yeah…I wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier. You know with Alex.” He was turning red; no one should have to discuss sex with their sister no matter how close they were.

“Max, I don’t wanna hear it and there is no way you’re going to give me a lecture on this. I love him and I’m NEVER letting him go…” she was expecting this ever since she saw his glare in the chamber earlier but she new where he was coming from, she and Alex were together for less than a day and they have already gone farther than she would have ever though. She just thanked god Max had no idea how far that was.

“Is, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life but…” oh how he was going to regret this little revelation.

“But what?” said Isabel.

“The…ehh…glowing hickey. Liz got one last year and afterward we kinda experimented a little…”

“Experimented? What does that mea…tell me you and Liz haven’t…” Isabel was getting very surprised at her brother, she knew that Max and Liz got very intense during the heat wave last year and that they spent the night alone out in the desert but she would never have suspected that they had sex.

Suddenly Max realised what Isabel had suspected, “Oh…NOOO! Liz and I…we haven’t…I mean Liz was a little curious. We found out that the glowing happens only when there is a certain level of…intensity!” Talk about intensity, just remembering those little moments just after they found the orb turned his face bright red.

“Intensity? You mean…” Isabel trailed off

“Yeah, you have to be VERY close to…going all the way.”

Isabel has having fun, she could see how much this discussion was embarrassing Max. Watching him squirm was almost adequate revenge for the interruption earlier but he was right, she didn’t want to go too fast with Alex and she too was getting a little more distracted with each passing moment as she recalled the events in his bedroom so she decided to end this now.

“Max, it’s okay. Yes Alex and I did get very intense this afternoon, but I promise we wont do anything neither of us is ready for…just like you and Liz.” She couldn’t help but smirk

Max looked straight into her eyes and nodded.

“Now…Alex is over at Liz’s so why don’t we go over there and find out more about what Liz can do? Then you can tell us more about what Future Liz showed you about what else we have to deal with.” She sighed; just thinking about what they had to deal with was…nerve wracking to say the least.

Max said okay and led her out of the room, he had still to tell her that he knew of Vilandra and what happened on Antar but that was a conversation for when Tess had recovered.

Parker Residence, 1730

Liz, Max, Isabel and Alex had gone over to the local Blockbuster and rented Braveheart, Apollo 13 and X-Men. Now they were sitting around the TV eating Pizza and were in the middle of Alex’s choice…X-Men.

“Great choice” said Max. It was at that that Liz and Isabel simply looked at him with looks of disbelief.

“Are you crazy…no offence Alex but this sucks.” complained Liz, she wanted America’s Sweethearts but they were all rented out. Too make matters worse she was stuck watching sci-fi, she hated sci-fi. Hell her life was ten times more fantastic than anything a cheesy Hollywood producer could come up with.

“Yeah, sorry Alex I gotta side with Liz on this one. But at least we’re together.” As Isabel said that she took hold of his hand and rested her head against his shoulder as they sat on the floor.

Max and Liz looked at each other as Isabel made her “together” comment, they both smiled. Liz leaned over to Max’s ear and whispered “Looks like the Ice Queen is melting” at which point they both laughed and she kissed Max’s cheek…or at least that was her intention, however Max turned at the wrong moment and their lips touched.

They both felt the electricity and jumped back but as the surprise wore off the leaned back in and started to kiss once again. It was gentle and was growing slightly more intense as Liz opened her mouth. Max, accepting the invitation, pushed his tongue into her mouth and began to suck on hers. They had both forgotten that they had company.
It was then that Isabel cleared her throat.

“Come on guys this is a PG show, knock it off until your alone.” As she looked back to Max she communicated with her eyes just what she was talking about. It was a little bit hypocritical of Max given his attempted lecture earlier in the day and she enjoyed the little interruption she gave them {Payback is great} she thought as she remembered her heated tryst with Alex…something she would still have to talk to him about.

Michael’s Apartment, Same time

Maria: This was new and completely unexpected; Michael was pushing into her more than receptive body and with each thrust she grew closer to climax. Her moaning was turning Michael on, every time she yelled out in pleasure she could feel Michael growing a little bit harder…neither of them knew it could go much more but it was happening and both wanted it to go on forever.

Michael: He had asked Maria to come to his apartment to talk about their relationship. Ever since he killed Pierce he had distanced himself from her so that she wouldn’t get hurt but after hearing that Alex was supposed to die in the future he freaked. He did love her and as much as he wanted to protect Maria he realised that none of them would live forever no matter how much power you had. He decided that he would rather spend as much time with her as he could than spend whatever time they had left without her.

When he told her that, the pretending between them was over and they lunged at each other. Their emotions boiled up to the surface as the two teens kissed, Michael felt that Maria was kissing the soul right out of him.

Their lip's fused together, long and hard for what seems like an eternity, their tongues battled for domination and their hands were going where they never have gone before, moaning into each other, they could feel there hearts beginning to mend.

Michael loomed over her, casting a shadow over her face, passion, lust and above all else love, Maria could see everything in his eye's. But also hunger, need, intensity began to show as well. She only had to look to see his intention before he or she acted on it.

“I don't know what is going to happen to us in the future but if you want me to stop say it now before we go to far" Michael’s confident but also hesitant voice rang loud and clear.

“Don't stop, I want this more than anything, I want you! " Maria said without thinking, her eye's conveyed it all, Michael then growled like an animal, scolding her with his intense gaze, as he reaches down and takes her lips with his own again.

Michael assaulted her mouth with his own, invading her without the slightest hint of hesitation. He has never longed for a woman like he has with Maria, crushing her to his chest. Michael slowly pushed Maria backward until she felt the pressure of the bed against her legs.

He gently pushed her so that she would fall onto the bed and falling with her he pushed Maria’s arms up over her head, securing them there with his right hand. Slowly he began to trail kisses across her face and up to her ear, sucking on it.

Maria’s whole body was on fire, her panties became wet, her nipples hard against her bra, she can feel Michael's hard cock through his jeans up against her stomach, she revelled in the fact that she made him feel this way, she was the cause of his arousal and she could do this at any time.

“I've fantasized about this more than you can possibly know" Michael couldn’t believe this was actually happening. {God, she is so beautiful} he thought, she smells so good to him, she is a goddess, his goddess, his pixie. Neither of them had any idea that tonight was going to be like this. The passion and lust had always been there, but now love was apart of the equation and it's never been this powerful.

His free hand began to move to her breast, brushing her nipple, gently teasing it with his palm through the thin veil of cloth of her shirt, his tongue caressed her earlobe, his lips closed around it, sending shivers of intense pleasure through her body.

"Oh god, Michael”, No one could ever make her feel this way, only her true mate could. Her body was becoming more relaxed; it knew its true master was this rebel alien who loved and was loving it so completely.

Michael stepped closer, moving his knee between her legs, pressing against her core as his mouth took control of hers once more. He deepened the kiss, as she brought her tongue to his, their hearts were beating wildly. His hand slid over her soft, flat stomach to the hem of her shirt; slowly his fingers stroked her warm body. His index finger rubbed gently along where the shirt had been pulled away from the waistband of her jeans. His hand ventured beneath her shirt, Maria arched her back upon receipt of the new sensations.

Michael loved this but the lust caused him to loose a little patience and he ripped her shirt from her, sending buttons flying to all corners of the room. Maria didn’t care, all she was interested in was Michael, besides he could repair it later but now she was allowing him to find the clasp of her bra, she longed to be free of it of the confinement. Free of everything that had constricted and contained her breasts for so long.

"You feel so good Maria, soooooo good" he said in between kisses, his eye's clouded with love and passion.

"I've wanted you for so long" Michael found the clasp at the front and undid her bra. He then released her wrists but when Maria tried to remove the garment Michael lunged done and attacked her breasts with his mouth, he was like a hungry baby aching for its next meal.
At last her bra falls to the floor, joining the remains of her shirt, her skin burned under the heat of his gentle yet firm touch.

"Maria" he moaned against her breast, slowly taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking it like a feral animal, tugging on it with his lips and teeth, tasting her soft flesh. Soft needful noises came from deep within her throat as Michael's right hand teased her other nipple.

This new need outweighing anything the two could think of at the moment. Michael quickly undid Maria’s jeans and pushed them down over her hips and legs. Michael became transfixed for a moment as he stared at her panties and the dampness between her legs; the dampness he caused but all too soon he pulled them off of her hips and onto the floor with the rest of her clothing. Maria reached for the waistband of her lover’s jeans, unfastening the button and tugging on his zipper, she brought her leg up to his waist and caught hold of the denim material and without any problem pulled his jeans to his ankles with her toes. Maria gazed into his smouldering eyes as she reached her hand into his boxers, seeking out her target and wrapping her soft hands around his painfully erect shaft, feeling the length and stroking him from base to tip, possessing him completely.

"Oh god Maria...I need you so bad" Michael’s voice rasped, Maria's small hand stroking him, bringing him that much closer to completion.

"I love you Maria, never anyone else but you." he says as she grinds herself against his penis, creating friction that drives Michael crazy. Carefully, Michael thrusts partly into Maria, stopping briefly to allow her to prepare for the loss of her virginity but as she nods he pushed in further, sheathing himself completely inside her sopping wet hole.

"AHHH...please it now!" Maria moans, her eye's closed and head thrown back. She could barely believe that Michael was inside her, filling every inch of emptiness within her.

"So tight Maria, Christ, you're so’re mine, forever!" Michael growls, silently praying he can last more than a minute.

Maria moaned her agreement and joy; she held his body in place, pushing him further and further inside her tight sex. Just the feeling of Maria’s passage around him was almost enough to make him want to cum but what began as a slowly rhythm of Michael inserting his length within her had become an intense barrage of mindless runts and thrusts. Michael was filling her completely, she was complete and it was because of him.

"Jesus, you feel so good." Michael simply cannot believe he is fucking Maria Deluca in his bedroom, it’s a dream come true.

"Faster Michael...ahhh god...harder, make me cum" Maria whimpered in his ear, her need is overwhelming she began to clench Michael's cock with every stroke
"Never felt like this, never!" Michael said as Maria met him thrust for thrust, her small but athletic body matching his own movements in every way. Michael was determined to make his love cum first, she deserved it after putting up with him all these months, and then it happened.

"I 'm cummiinng...gggoooddd!!! Michaeeelll!!!” Maria finally cried out in release, throwing her head back on the pillow as she pushed her hips down one last time time, causing Michael to surrender and join her in the pleasure they had invoked in the other. Her juices soaking Michael’s cock, her cum running down his length and his cock starting to soften, still in her cunt. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her body shaking and convulsing in her orgasm, she held on to Michael as it passed, never wanting to let him go.

Gently, Michael removed her arms; he reached down pulling the blankets tossed off during their love making over their sweaty bodies. Within minutes of whispered I Love You’s, they fell asleep within each others arms, neither noticing the glowing hickey beginning to form where Michael had latched on to hear breast earlier.

Earth and Antarian Granolith Chambers, a few seconds later

On the walls of both chambers, eight symbols appeared. Within a few minutes the Granolith’s shot forth a beam toward two of the glyphs and they began to mould together, forming one perfect unit.

Kyle/Tess’s Bedroom, Valenti Residence, 7 Hours later

Jim: He had been on duty all day but Michael had given him a call and brought him up to speed. Now that he could finally get home he found Tess in bed and Kyle sitting on a chair. He had apparently fallen asleep but he still held onto her hand. Slowly Jim made his way over to Kyle and gently shook him awake.

“Kyle…Kyle why don’t you go to my room and get some sleep. I’ll sit with her for a while.

Kyle: He had no idea he had fallen asleep, since he brought Tess home he had just taken a hold of her hand and simply looked at her sleeping. He had never felt that much contentment in his life, just watching her was peaceful.

Now that he was awake, he looked at the clock and then back toward his father and slowly shook his head.

“No, I’m not leaving her, dad.”

“Kyle, you need to get a decent nights sleep!” said Jim. He was concerned but also very proud of the way his son was dealing with the situation.

“Dad, I’m staying. I’ll see you in the morning but I can’t leave her tonight.” Kyle whispered as he sat back in the chair, slowly placing her hand back under the covers.

Jim knew this was a no win situation, he had seen how Tess and his son had grown closer during her stay. Although he had suspected that Kyle had feelings for the young alien he never had any proof until now…he obviously cared for her, a lot more than he expected. He smiled and left the room.

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Chapter 15

Liz’s Bedroom, Parker Residence, Sunday Morning 5am

Liz: Ever since she connected with the Granolith, Liz had found it difficult to sleep. The most she could hope for in the last to nights was 4 hours, maybe 5, she was on a high – too much energy floating around her system and to make matters worse every time Max was within 5 feet of her, her blood would boil, she used every fibre of self restraint within her not to take him on one of the restaurant tables.

“God…this is ridicules!” she gave up trying to sleep and jumped out of bed, heading for a nice hot shower. Getting up this early on a Sunday morning may not be natural but she might as well use the opportunity to check out the Granolith, much was what she knew was based purely on instinct and in an emergency she would prefer to know exactly what she was doing.

Liz turned on the shower and slowly stripped of her clothes. A minute later the room was beginning to fill with steam and water was pouring down her body…that was when it started, an all too familiar feeling began to stir within her and was rapidly growing. While soaping her body Liz’s memories began to jump back to when she and Max first found the orb. The heat wave sparked passion in many couples that day and she and Max were no different, the intensity of what happened was turning her on no end.

Liz stopped resisting, she dropped the sponge and moved her hand slowly to her left breast and squeezed. Biting her lower lip to stop from crying out at the simple touch was all she could do as she started to pinch her rapidly hardening nipples. Her free hand moved though her soaked hair, across her shoulder and down to the rapidly growing fire between her legs. Throwing her head back in pleasure, Liz’s hair fell freely down her back, her eyes were closed, she began to imagine Max in the room with her – touching her body, caressing every inch and bringing her more pleasure than she had ever experienced.

Tentatively she stroked her middle finger along her slit, pausing briefly to apply gentle pressure to her clit. With a gentle moan she removed her hand from her soft mound and pressed it against the tiled wall. Leaning forward and tilting her pelvis up, she pushed two fingers inside her…the image of Max standing behind her, ploughing into her with rapid thrusts filled her head. Soon she added a third finger, the sensations were incredible and pretty soon she couldn’t even stand. She knelt down in the tub and put her hands back to work, she was so close to her climax that she forgot about everything but the fantasy of Max pinning her against the wall of the Girl’s Locker Room shower stall with her legs wrapped around his waist and slowly grinding against one another. That did it.

As Liz slowly came back to reality, she wiped water from her face and left the shower. She could believe that the single session she just enjoyed brought her so much pleasure, leaning back against the wall the grin she had turned into a giggle as she brought her finger to her mouth and bit on it nervously. She shook her head and brought herself out of the relived memories, while drying herself from the water she looked around and found her hairbrush and got on with her normal routine.
Little did she know that across town Max had woken up out of a very hot dream, he too went to his shower…a cold shower, but it wasn’t helping to quench the flames. Eventually he started to tend to his own needs. Sliding his hand up and down his engorged shaft he brought about his own climax at the same moment as Liz.

Earth Granolith Chamber, 0540

Liz was now fully dressed and had made her way down to the one part of her home that her parent knew nothing about. Now fully recovered from the shower incident, she entered the blue room and walked straight over to the alien machine that had become a very large part of her. Slowly Liz turned and noticed the new symbol on the wall and to the left and right of it, faint imprints of two other symbols.

“Okay, that’s new!” she thought out loud.

As Liz gazed at the symbol her sub conscious took control and acting purely on instinct she touched the Granolith, closed her eyes and concentrated. Seconds later, she opened her eyes and had seen the two faint symbols had turned into the faces of Michael and Maria and along with it came the knowledge of what was happening. The blush that appeared on her face could have almost caused the room to glow as she bowed her head and stared at the floor. She couldn’t wait to tell Max this one.

Valenti Residence, Same time

Kyle: Ever since his father had woken him last night Kyle never fell asleep again. Instead he kept a constant vigil over the sleeping blond alien that had taken control of his bedroom and, as much as he hated to admit it, his heart as well.

“Come on Tess, come back to me please!” he whispered has he kissed her hand and brushed a stray hair from her face. {God} he thought, {How could you be asleep for nearly a day and still look so beautiful}.

It was then that she opened her eyes and sat straight up, looking around, trying to remember where she was. Kyle looked at her as the sudden, unexpected movement had startled him.

“Tess, are you okay?”

She slowly realised where she was and what had happened, some thing had violated her mind and the others had managed to help her. However, the emotional damage was done and she could help but start to cry as she remembered what she had almost started – the initial mindwarps were in place for Alex’s little field trip. Next thing she knew was that Kyle had his arms wrapped around her, telling her that it was okay and that she was safe.

That was the next thing she remembered, when in the Granolith her sensed were heightened, she knew the others were waiting for her to emerge but it was Kyle’s presence that she felt the most, he was the one willing her to get through the pain and slowly she moved her arms around him, hugging him back.

Kyle slowly leg go and backed off, “Are you hungry? Do you want anything to eat or drink?” he asked running his palm down her face.

Tess shook her head. “No, just stay with me for a while.”

Kyle nodded as he moved the pillows and helped her get comfortable. Tess gazed straight in to Kyle’s eyes when he sat back down, before long she realised that she was staring just a little too hard for someone who used to try and be with Max. She then realised what she had just said to herself {Used to try? When did I stop trying?}, she shook her head and looked back to Kyle and smiled.

“Okay” said Tess, “I’ve obviously missed a lot so why don’t you bring me up to speed!”

Kyle went over everything that had happened in the last couple of days, everything but the revelation of Alex’s future demise. Tess knew Kyle was leaving something out; he talked about everyone but Alex…the person who was part of her plan. She knew that what she was going to do would severely weaken the human mind and she could guess at what happened to him, but if she was ever going to be able to look any of them in the face again she needed to hear the words and find someway to seek atonement.

“Kyle, I need you tell me everything…Alex is the only one you haven’t talked about…what happened…or was supposed to happen…whatever?”

He nodded, everything was now told.

Whitman Residence, 6am

Max wasn’t the only Evans that was up early. Isabel dressed in a loose fitting knee length skirt and a woollen pullover that had a very large neck opening that allow to to fall down at the shoulders. She had needed to fuc…no she needed to TALK to Alex, she thought to herself. She promised Max they would slow down but every time she was near him or even thought about him she would go into heat.

“I can do this!” she said as she made her way up his driveway. “I can control this, I’m just going to talk to him.”

At that she reached the door and knocked. His parents had called and told him they were going out of town for the night and not to worry.

Alex opened the door, dressing in only a pair of jogging bottoms and was completely naked from the waist up. “Who the hell am I kidding?” said Isabel as her body filled with love and lust.

Pushing a surprised Alex back inside his home, she followed and slammed the door shut. Grabbing him, she caressed his upper arms as she kissed him. Now Alex was filled with the same emotions as his beloved. He pushed her back against the nearest wall, her left arm wrapped around his neck. It provided the perfect leverage. Isabel pushed up, wrapped her legs around his waist and used her free hand to pull her skirt up a little giving all the access he needed.

Alex had stopped kissing her mouth and was now working his way down her neck. His hand had grabbed the opening of her jumper and stretched the neck space enough to pull it down over both shoulders, exposing her naked breasts as he pushed it to her waist and off her arms. Upon seeing her braless tits Alex could not resist. Touching was not an option, he needed to kiss and lick them and that just what he did. Isabel held his head to her heaving bosom, gasping for each breath when her lover bit down on one of her rosy nipples.

Her other hand was not idle, she reach out and used her powers to push his joggers down so that they pooled around his ankles. When she could feel his exposed erection against her legs the heat in her body doubled, she reached out and told hold of it in her hand and gently stoked it as she had done earlier. God how she loved the feel of the hardened silk in her hand but this was not enough right now.

Alex sensed her need and grabbed hold of her thighs. Gently he followed her legs to where they met and as Alex looked to her face, he took hold of her panties and ripped them off. Isabel was pleasantly surprise at his aggressiveness but no more so than Alex who looked to his hand and found a pair of red silk & lace panties – Oh how he loved to see Isabel in red and she knew it, that’s why she wore them. He slowly reached back under her skirt, which was now bunched up around her waist with her jumper and placed his hand firmly against her wet centre. She was ready for him and he was more than ready for her.

Isabel pulled him back into another white-hot kiss as she took hold of his penis and positioned herself above it. Staring intensely into each other’s eyes, Alex nodded and she lowered herself onto him.

Their eyes closed for a moment and they held their breaths, never did they imagine that it would be like this. Isabel felt like every inch of her was full while Alex was completely surrounded by her, slowly she began to move up and down, grinding back and forth creating a delicate friction that was driving them both crazy. Soon Alex was matching her movements, their eyes, open, never leaving the other. Alex kicked away his joggers and was now slamming into Isabel, the two were simply rutting away like animals, and their need for the other overwhelmed them.

Once again Isabel had her armed wrapped around his neck as they were kissing each other’s souls. Alex had moved down the hallway, his alien goddess moving around on his erection while clenching muscles that she didn’t know she had. Each time they hit a wall he couldn’t stop himself from taking the opportunity to thrust in and out of her a few times before moving again. Eventually they made it to his bedroom where Alex sat her down on an empty space on his desk and continued making love to her. The sweat was dripping of their bodies as they pleasured each other but while a lot of her was exposed to his intense glare Isabel wanted to be naked with him. She reached down and pulled her jumper over her head while using her powers to open a gap down the length of her skirt so that it could just come away.

Isabel soon pushed Alex of her, at which point he looked at her confused – had he done something wrong? He thought. Isabel smirked at him; standing up from the desk she exposed her full beauty to him. She held out her hand and as he took it she pulled him in for a loving yet very playful kiss. They fun was by no means over…she just wanted to take a breather, little did they no that they had spent nearly an hour out in the hall – for them time had no meaning. Gently she pushed Alex on to his bed where she straddled him and took his cock back into her hand guiding him back to where he belonged.

"I'm going to ride you so good your going to beg me to stop!" Isabel sighed, concentrating on the throbbing member re-entering her body. Her face changed quickly as the knob of his cock that found its way inside her was followed by several more inches of hard, silkiness. "Ohhh god right there." Isabel uttered.

"Never going to happen…ohhh god. You are amazing Isabel" Alex said softly, revelling in the feel of her around him.

"Doing my best my love." Isabel gasped, her eye's going wide, and her mouth forming a circle as Alex’s prick slid fully into her into her. She waited for a moment, silently counting to ten before beginning to work her hips back in the pace they has set earlier.

"Aaahhh Jesus!!!!" Alex gasped, as Isabel picked up the pace, literally pouncing up and down, her whole body centred on his thick rod of flesh that spread her wide open with each downward stroke.

Alex slid his hands up her body, filling both of his hands with Isabel's full breasts, using his thumbs and index fingers to stimulate and pinch her erect nipples.

"Come for me Alex!" she demanded breathlessly, the new sensations sending jolts of pleasure through her overly stimulated body.

"Come for me Alex...please…do it!" Isabel shouted, clenching her pussy riding his cock hard and fast, shoving her pelvis down onto him fucking him as if she is in a trance.

Isabel's demands had the desired effect, almost as if by command, Alex’s cock began to swell, growing thicker by the second. He could feel the pleasure building deep inside his body and as Isabel sat down hard on his twitching muscle, he buried it deep inside her and held her waist, preventing her from moving. Quickly she started to clench her sex hard bring them both to the end.

"Ohhh Fuuucckk!!!!!!" Alex grunted, as his seed spurted into Isabel’s womb.

Isabel said nothing as she continued to grind her hips in delirious pleasure; Alex continued to pump his spunk into her wet pussy. As their liquids began to Mix as one they slowly come down from the high of their orgasms.

"Alex, I couldn’t have hoped for better!" Isabel exclaimed, collapsing onto his chest.

He couldn’t help but smile at her declaration. All to soon for his tastes, his softening penis slipped from her body and they lay there side by side, holding on to each other for dear life. The two of them was never going to forget this day and both of them new that they could never live without the other. Soon they drifted off into a quiet sleep.

Granolith Chamber, Crashdown Café, a few seconds later

Liz sat at the base of the device pressing buttons and panels. Kyle and Tess then arrived but Liz didn’t notice, her eyes were closed in concentration.

“Liz…LIZ, anybody home in there?” said Kyle as he shook her shoulder.

“Kyle”, yelled Liz. She was lost in her exploration of the Granolith and Kyle’s interruption had been a surprise that caused her heart to jump and her body to fall backwards. “God, Kyle you scared the hell out of me!”

“Sorry but Tess wanted to see this thing…and you” he said rather sheepishly.

Liz then looked over to Tess, for the first time in quite a while she actually looked humble and less confident.

“Hey Tess, how are you feeling?” Asked Liz.

“Fine…I think, little bit of a headache but its getting better. Liz, Kyle told me everything and I just wanted to say thank you and that I’m sorry for everything I put you through in the past. I know that’s a little insignificant right now but…” Said Tess. She never thought that she would apologize to Liz, Tess always thought that Liz had no place with the group but after hearing about her origins and her connection to this Granolith had changed all that.
Besides Liz had just saved her soul from imprisonment within her own body.
Just as Liz was about to respond and tell her that all was forgiven, it happened. Six of the remaining eight symbols appeared on the walls, this time four faded and the remaining two came together to form a new symbol.

“What just happened?” asked Kyle

“That is something I need to discuss with Max before you guys, sorry but he’s the guardian of the other Granolith.” Stated Liz, she knew exactly what caused the symbols to appear but she needed Max and his Granolith to confirm what she had found. No-body was going to be happy about the fact that they were beginning to act like horny rabbits because to what the Granoliths were doing. At least it only lasted until the couples had actually crossed the line and a connection was formed between them.

“Where is Max anyway, I thought he would be here by now?” asked Kyle

“Yeah, He has some errands to run for his parents. He said he would be here later, then after little talk to keep him from blowing up at Isabel and Alex, we are going out to the Pod Chamber.”

“Okay what did I miss, why would he blow up at his sister?” Kyle said, looking back at an equally confused Tess.

“The…ehhh…symbols come together when a connection is formed between two people from the group…the ones over there were Michael and Maria, the new one were Alex and Isabel.” Liz was blushed profoundly. The meaning of connection was not lost on either of her friends when they saw her hesitation and bright red skin.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs and I’ll get you some coke.” Said Liz as she led the others out of the chamber. Kyle and Tess looked at each other, they had been feeling a growing heat between them since she had woken up and there were four symbols remaining on the walls. They both started to slightly blush, knowing that it was only a matter of time before they too caved. Tess was quite surprised that she didn’t find the idea of sex with a human to be repugnant; in fact she was looking forward to it, she just wished she knew what Liz was talking about when she said it had something to do with the Granoliths.

Alex’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 0705am

They hadn’t even slept for twenty minutes before Alex woke up again. He thought that he had dreamed the entire thing until he saw his love lying next to him on her front.

Alex couldn’t resist as he pulled back the covers to reveal her naked back and gently he kissed her left shoulder, she smiled contentedly. He kissed her skin again, this time a little lower, and again and again, each time his lips connected with her skin she smiled and sighed. There was no doubt in his mind that she was just awake as he was.

“Alex, what are you doing?” asked Isabel. She wasn’t complaining about what he was doing, she loved it, in fact she had never felt like this in her life.

Alex reached back down and kissed the centre of her back and bringing his head back up he said, “Loving you!” His hand then made its way under the duvet to the firm globes of her ass, as he gently stroked on each cheek Isabel sighed. That was when she rolled over.

“Alex, you don’t regret what happened between us. Do you?” Isabel asked with concern in her voice.

“No…it was a little more wild than I imagined our first time would be but, no I don’t regret it. Do you?” the calm and determination on his voice calmed her fears. She shook her head and pulled him in for another kiss.

Alex then pulled away sharply “Ohh no!” He never explained to a now frighten Isabel as he jumped up out of the bed and ran into the hallway. Isabel just watched his naked ass has he moved. Soon he returned from the hall carrying his jogging bottoms and her red panties in his hands.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for my parents to come home and find these in the hall.” He said as he jumped back into bed with his girlfriend, Isabel just started to laugh her head off and was soon followed by Alex. Soon Alex had his hand on her hip and they were kissing again, Isabel’s breasts pressed against his torso.

“I’d better get home before my mom wonders where I’ve got to!” said Isabel as she backed away. Alex was disappointed but understood, he watched as Isabel slid from the warm bed and started to dress quickly, repairing any damage to her clothes. As Alex sat up in bed a now fully dressed Isabel came over to him and gave him a goodbye kiss.

“I’ll see you later my love.” She whispered in his ear before she left the room.

Alex got out of bed when he heard the front door close; it was going to take a miracle to get that grin off his face. He reached over and pulled on his joggers. That was when he noticed it; on his desk were Isabel’s panties. {No way would she forget those} he thought to himself as he approached them, picking them up and placing them in the pocket of the jeans he was going to wear today, his smile grew even larger at the idea that she had left them for him. He then decided to get on with the rest of the day; he showered, cleaned the house and ate breakfast. God knows when his parents were coming home but he was bussing with energy and but the time he was done he felt he could go quite a few more rounds with the alien princess.

Michael’s Apartment, 8am

They had been awake for hours and the entire time they were making love. Michael simply couldn’t get enough of the way she felt and Maria herself was addicted. They had just finished session no. 5 and neither of them were exhausted, each and every time they came together was like a fusion of their souls. Last night was a wild rut but this morning they were loving and caring, both full of energy and new what their lover would find pleasing. Something had connected between them last night; a spark had formed and had grew into a bolt of lightning that charged their bodies at the slightest contact.

Michael decided to do the impossible, he was going to leave the bed. Amazingly he made it out but he had a good incentive, he was going to make Maria breakfast in bed. Last night had formed a connection, he was sure of that but it had also awaked a slight romantic streak within him that he never knew he had. Nothing mattered to Michael more than Maria’s happiness.

30 minutes, 10 pancakes and another sex session later Maria had decided that she better get home. She had called last night and told her mother that she was staying with Liz and she had agreed to cover for her. There was no doubt that if her mother found out about tonight she would be pissed and Michael wouldn’t live to see another hour. Slowly she dressed; teasing Michael as she returned her bra and panties to there correct positions and pulled on the rest of her clothes. Michael was hard again in no time but he knew she had to leave now and as much as he wanted to take her again, he was not going to get on the wrong side of her mother.

Antarian Granolith Chamber, 1400

Max had picked up Liz as promised and they made their way out to the chamber. The scene was identical to the other room; two symbols were on the walls flanked on either side by four faint symbols. Max’s control was still dormant but through a connection with Liz she had taught him what she knew about the Granoliths.

After a little experimentation and a lot of hit and misses, it was confirmed. Liz was correct in her discovery of what was happening with the group and the two alien machines. Never before had two Granoliths been active on the same planet and now the two of them were talking, sharing information and on some level, sharing their conscious aspects of the programming…the Granoliths were becoming one and as a result of the energy released, the emotions of Max, Liz and the others were heightened.

Max was almost ready to find Alex and beat the crap out of him when Liz explained what the symbols meant but the fact that neither Alex nor Isabel was entirely in control of their actions helped a little bit. Soon the preparations made by the two machines would be complete, it was only a matter time before Max and Liz & Kyle and Tess gave into their desires. At first Max found it odd that he and Liz, the guardians of the Granoliths, had not been the first to be affected but after a little investigation Liz found the answer…Family.

The group was made from two sub units – Human and Antarian. The bonding over the last year and a half had made them into a family and the energy had travelled to the couples, allowing the systems to merge and grow in power. However things were moving too slowly for the Granoliths liking, so the communicated and decided to speed the binding up by increasing the hormone levels of the group and causing them to mate with their significant others. Soon now it will be complete and there will only be one Granolith, a power that Kivar couldn’t hope to have control over.

Max and Liz were curious as well as to what the final result would be but they would have to wait. So they decided to go outside watch the clouds go by before they headed home to tell the others. Good thing this little mystery was now over, the Harvest of the Skins was about to happen – they had to decide what to do.

Max/Isabel Shared Bathroom, Evans Residence, 1900 the next day

Isabel: She was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, looking down at the item that was sitting on the toilet seat. She couldn’t believe she was this stupid, Max was going to freak and her parents were going to kill her. She called Max earlier and he was going to be here soon, she was not going to enjoy this.

“Iz, you here?” Max yelled has he entered her bedroom.

“In here Max” she yelled. Max opened the door and looked into his sister’s face, all he saw was fear and concern.

“Iz what’s up? Are you okay?” Isabel turned her head and looked down to the floor and then up to the toilet seat. Max followed her gaze and looked at the item…he was floored, he could not believe what he was seeing.

“Isabel…I…” he trailed off

“I’m in big trouble Max!” she whispered.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 16

Isabel’s & Max’s Shared Bathroom, Evans Residence, Same Time

“Jeez Isabel, how could you…” Max trailed off

“I know Max, it was stupid!” counter his sister

“Stupid doesn’t even cover it Is. This is huge, if mom doesn’t kill you dad will! I know you’ve been having issues lately but this…”

“Max I really don’t need this now, some support and any ideas would be good call right now!” Isabel said as she stood up and started pacing back and forth.

Max nodded and looked back down to the item on the toilet seat “$800 credit card bill, what the hell could you spend $800 on?”

“Not hearing any ideas Max!” Isabel practically yelled. “When dad sees this…I am so screwed. The best I can hope for is being grounded and they way things are with Alex…I need him Max; I can’t spend 20 minutes before starting to think about him. Not being able to see him would kill me.”

“Yeah, I know…okay first things first. We edit the bill so when they see it its not as much. Then we try to raise $800 before they send another bill out…why did you spend that much anyway?” asked Max

“It was after the Whitaker thing, I needed to blow of steam from something she…” Isabel stopped talking. She needed to work through what she was told before she told Max. However, when she looked into his eyes she could see that he knew something.

Max had hoped that he could have this conversation at a better time but he had seen the pain in her eyes and the only thing he could think of at this precise moment was to reassure her and make that pain go away.

“Isabel…I know about Vilandra.” Isabel shot her head up and tried to turn away, she couldn’t face him. “Is, look at me. Is I don’t care what happened back then, you are not her. Besides we don’t know what any of us where like on Antar, for all we know Zan gave her a reason to do whatever she did or she was mind warped or something…we don’t know. What I do know is that you are my sister and that I love you. Also that you would never do anything to intentionally betray me and I would never do anything against you!” Max placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

Isabel felt like a ton of bricks had just been lifted from her, she still had some issues to work out – especially that fear that what happened once could happen again but right now she knew that she wouldn’t loose her brother. Max tilted her head up and wiped a tear from her eye and said, “Now lets get this bill taken care of.”

With that Max waved his hand over the bill changing the $800 statement to $80. Max had some money saved from working at the Museum and Isabel had a little saved from gifts and other items over the years, borrowing a little from the others of the group wouldn’t be a problem. All they had to do was keep another secret; a very little secret compared to the one they had kept all their lives.

Bathroom, Valenti residence, 2030

Jim had let Tess out of her chores. He had decided that with everything she had been through in the last couple of weeks while under the control of the Ganderial she could do with some time off. Right now she was lying in the bathtub, surrounded by bubbles and just loving the relaxing sensations of the bath salts and oils she borrowed from Maria.

She had been going over in her head what Max and Liz had told her and the others about what was happening with the Granoliths and its effect on the group. She had felt the desire building in her own body and was pretty sure that Kyle was feeling it as well…the bulges in his trousers had become more frequent, especially when she was around.

That was something that had stoked her own fires – she was causing it and she knew that sooner or later that Kyle was going to be back in his own bed and she would be right beside him, she couldn’t wait. Rumours had been flying and the other girls at school talked about how good Kyle was, much of what she heard made her jealous as hell but she had secretly hoped that she would find out for herself.

That was when the door swung open and Kyle ran in, unzipping his fly as he went. He was completely unaware of her presence until…

“Uhhh Kyle” said Tess

Kyle turned his head around and saw a glowing angel lying in the bath. The vision nearly floored him as he shook his head and he quickly zipped himself back up. He so wanted to join her in the warm waters but he still had some self-control left. He rationalised his decision by telling himself that Tess was still recovering and that she needed space. Little did he know that the only reasons Tess was recovering so quickly was that Kyle was around, helping her through it and that she needed to be on top form for when Kivar’s forces finally come.

“Oh jeez, sorry Tess I didn’t know you were in here. I’ll just…I’ll see you later.” With that he ran out the door, trying to cover the erection that Tess had given him.

Tess had seen that his face had turned bright red and that he was covering his groin with his hand. His face looked absolutely petrified as he ran and Tess was concerned, she had never seen him like this so she decided that bath time was over. She got out, dried herself and pulled on her bathrobe. She found Kyle sitting on the sofa, flicking through television channels. Eventually he settled on a nature programme, hoping that almost being put to sleep would help subside his burning desire that was killing him to turn away from.

As he watched, Tess sat down next to him and pulled her legs up on to the seat. She decided to wait and see how he would react but he just sat there staring at the TV.

While he was apparently unaffected, she was not. Unconsciously she started rubbing her hand across a piece of naked leg that her robe exposed. Kyle himself was trying not to pay her any attention but that was difficult at the best of times, as he hand started to move he couldn’t sit still any longer. He turned to face her and gazed longingly into her eyes.

“Tess…Christ…I usually don’t have any trouble with this. I just wanted to say…”

Kyle never had a chance to finish; Tess had grabbed his face and pulled him into a very heated kiss. Slowly Kyle lowered her on to her back and he leaned on top of her. Their kiss was unending, passionate and loving. They had been waiting for this for a while now, Kyle never tried to hide his attraction to Tess and they had thrown sexual comments at each other since she had moved in. Now the games were over, they belonged to each other and were giving in to the combination of their own lust and what the Granolith was doing to them.

Tess bent her knee and started to rub her leg along Kyle’s, she was totally lost in the passion. This was against everything that Nasedo had taught her, humans were primitive scum that deserved to be stepped on…and for a while she believed that but right now both her human and Antarian natures were calling out with one voice that this was right. This had never happened before, she had always suppressed her human side but the pleasure that came with what was happening was impossible to ignore and being with Kyle had never felt so right. Thinking about all the times she tried to be with Max she realised that there was something missing from that connection but here everything was where it was supposed to be.

Tentatively, Kyle reached his hand down and slowly stroked the leg that was rubbing against his. The feel of her flesh was incredible but Kyle wasn’t going to let this happen. Not here. To their disappointment he pulled away, Kyle could see the look in her face but he reached down and lifted her into his arms. He carried her through to her bedroom and put her down on the bed, a grin spread across his face as he pulled off his t-shirt. At the same moment, Tess slid her hands down her body and undid the tie on her robe.

Although Kyle never lost his hard-on from when he walked in on her in the bath, the sight of her naked and prepared for him only served to strengthen the ridge flesh between his legs. Tess never missed a beat; she could see the strain on his jeans and decided to help. Reaching her hand out, Kyle was surprised as the button and zipper on his trouser suddenly became undone. When Kyle was naked he moved back on top of his love. He ran his hands and paused on her breasts and gently squeezed.

“Tess are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Make love to me Kyle, I want you more than anything right now!” she responded, her voice filled with passion and lust.

Kyle was convinced, he bend his head back down and pulled her into a kiss, his tongue left his mouth and entered hers. His left hand then made its way down across her stomach and finally to her moist centre. She was so wet for him and when he made contact her eyes became wide open. Slowly he massaged her, teasing her mercilessly as she started to grind her hips against his hands.

“Help me Kyle, please…I want to come so badly, make me come!” she pleaded. Her own hand reached down and held Kyle’s where it was but he had other ideas. He removed his own hand and held Tess’s against her core. Forcing her hand to move with his own, he watched her face as she rubbed her clit, bring about her orgasm. Her body thrashed about wildly, revelling in the pleasure her own hands hand brought her at Kyle’s direction. It was nowhere near enough; she wrapped her arms and legs around his body.

“Take me Kyle…Make me yours!” she begged of him, her sultry tone spoke to his soul and his soul responded as well as his body. He adjusted his hips and gently placed the tip of his cock at her mound. Tess refused to wait any longer for what her body had been calling out for since she emerged from her Ganderial torment and with that she grabbed hold of his penis, enticing a moan from Kyle and pulled him into her. She watched as he disappeared between her legs.

Kyle pushed in until he reached an obstruction, looking into her eyes told him everything he needed – she was ready.

Pulling back out and thrusting in with more force he tore past her virginity and claimed her as his. The pleasure was incredible, her velvety soft wall clamped down on his erection as he pumped inside of her. At first he had been moving slowly, giving her body time to adapt but now he was thrusting in and out of her at an impossible pace but still in time with her own movements.

“Ah…Ah…Ahhhhh!” moaned Tess as Kyle brought her ever closer to her second orgasm of the day. Kyle grabbed on to her legs and swung them up over his shoulders. His thrusting increased, driving deeper and deeper into her as he stroked his hands along her calves and down her thighs. Eventually Kyle gave up, his self-restraint exhausted and stamina gone…he need to come now!

“Tess, I’m gonna come, please let…me…come…inside…of you!” The request was made with every intention of Kyle using every ounce of strength he had to hold back and receive permission from the sex kitten he had pinned
to their bed.

“Do it…Do it Kyle. Let go!” she moaned. That was all either of them needed and they came together, Kyle’s seed spurting deep within her and Tess’s juices pouring all over his cock.

Both were sated and Kyle let go of her legs, which fell to either side of he body and hung limply. Kyle was still inside her, neither of them wanting to feel the physical connection end. Every so often Tess’s body would still spasm, causing a small thrust of his semi-hard cock. Eventually he had to pull out and nestled beside her weakened body. The two soon fell into a blissful sleep and for the first time in her life Tess was at peace with her self, no longer resenting the human side of her body…she was home as long as she was with him.

Earth Granolith Chamber, 2200

Liz: She and Max had come down to the chamber to get some private studying done, her parent knew nothing about this place so the constant interruptions her mother made every ten minutes no longer occurred. However the studying didn’t last long, the heat in the room appeared to double in intensity and with it so did their own desires. The occasional touching of hands as they reached for papers and the soul piercing stares erupted into passionate kisses.

“Max, please…I need you now. I can’t wait anymore!” she moaned as he kissed down her neck.

Max: He knew how she was feeling; all the resisting was about to blow up. That was something he couldn’t understand…why the hell were they resisting. Their friends sure weren’t, thirty minutes ago the chamber had gone through a familiar process and a third symbol joined the previous two. It was obvious what had happened; Kyle and Tess had crossed the line and now it was their time.

“I know my love…I gone to make love to you until you can stand!” his voice was full of sincerity and determination.

Max reached down to the hem of her t-shirt, pulled it off and used is powers to remove her bra while stimulating her breasts…not that they needed it. He gazed into her love filled eyes for a few moments before bending his head down to take one of her nipples into his mouth. The pleasure was too much for Liz; she placed her hand on his head, holding him in place and fell backward onto the warm floor. Liz gasped as Max removed his hot mouth and moved it to the other soft peak that was begging for some attention.

Liz began to move her hands down his sculpted chest, unbuttoning his shirt as she went. Max paused as he pulled his shirt off but soon returned to Liz’s inviting mouth. The feel of her breast pressed against his chest was unbelievable, he had dreamed about this for years and now she was his. As the kiss grew in passion Liz ran her hands along his arms and eventually he took her hands in his, their fingers intertwined. As their arms stretched out it happened…

The brief contact both of their hand made with the Granolith caused the device to pull them both inside. For a second they never new anything had happened but as they opened their eyes they could see where they were and that they were both naked, their remaining clothes gone from their bodies. They were too far-gone to care. Despite floating in mid-air they moved together, pressing their bodies against each other as Liz wrapped her legs around his waist.

Max thrust up into her, her eyes growing wider as the sensations of Max within her bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Max ran his hands along her legs and reached round to grab her ass, enticing a moan in the process.

“God Max, this feels so right!” she moaned as he began to move inside her, teasing the flesh of her thighs with his fingertips. Liz then started to move her hips back and forth, sliding effortlessly up and down on his cock. Moving faster and harder with each passing second Max returned his mouth to her left nipple, biting down on it hard…he wanted her to come, he needed her to come. Her pleasure was the one thing on his mind. Each thrust of his hips forced even more of himself deeper into her, Liz tight walls clenching down on him, claiming the other as their mate – their soul mate.

Max could feel a tightening in his balls and with one more thrust they both climaxed. However the Granolith was not finished with them. The final symbols reappeared on the wall and formed a new glyph, at that moment bolts of energy shot forth from them, impacting on the others and finally on the Granolith. The merging had begun.

The chamber started to disassemble itself; the Granolith changed into energy and silently travelled underground to meet its counterpart in the Antarian chamber. Max and Liz were still inside and like the Granolith the two had changed into formless essences of what they are. The feeling was incredible for the two of them as they formed one being as their souls mated.

Soon the Granolith reached its destination and merged with the waiting ball of energy. Slowly it took shape and formed an upside down black pyramid, two sides had a handprint. Both Max and Liz would now control the new Granolith; it had become a symbol of what they were together – all powerful. After a minute the two new lovers were expelled from the device and lay naked on the floor in each other’s arms, Liz sitting on top of Max, gently rocking back and forth on him, bringing them both to another orgasm.

They were like this for twenty minutes before getting dressed and heading home…that is after calling Maria for a lift. That was something Max knew he was going to regret, he knew there would be a million questions and on top of that a knowing smirk that was going to turn him bright red.

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Chapter 17

285 South, Heading to Roswell, Early Monday Morning

Grant: He had been called out to another site he was working on in Colorado and now after 3 weeks away he was on his way back to Roswell. While he did enjoy Roswell and the work he did, his thought dwelled on his main reason…Isabel. {God, I want to fuck her} he thought to himself. Every time he was in her presence Grant mentally undressed her and had the image of throwing her against the wall and fucking her until she was screaming his name over and over, All the while her brother and friends watching them especially that little geek Alex.

That did it; those thought always gave him a hard-on. He pulled over to a side road, unzipped his pants and started to relieve himself of his built up tension. He quickly reached into his glove compartment and pulled out a pair of silk panties he stole from the Isabel’s drawer the last time he was in her house. He loved the games he played, pretending to be the kind and caring intellect to attract high school seniors, then when the time was right he would seduce them right into his bed and treat them like the whores they are. Small towns were great for this, after his work was completed he would probably never set foot there again and leave his girls for good.

As he pumped his dick up and down he slowly began to imagine Isabel on all fours while he slammed his cock into her arse while her friend Michael stuck his tongue down Isabel’s throat before moving under her to lick her tits. God he loved being part of threesomes, especially with two women, but something about those two hardened his dick. His fist was moving up and down at light speed, loving the feel of the silk on his flesh. After a few minutes of his fantasy he came, spurting his seed all over his steering wheel and dashboard. He cleaned everything up with a cloth he kept under his seat for just such a situation, a situation that was all too familiar for his road trips, and soon he was back on the road to his soon-to-be conquest with a smirk on his face – he just wished to could get rid of these blackouts.

Liz’s Balcony, Parker Residence, 0700 Monday Morning

Isabel: She needed to talk to Liz before school and so came over as early as she could. Ever since that morning with Alex she had been growing more and more concerned, that was completely out of character for her and Alex. She was afraid that the Granoliths influence would continue to affect her…she didn’t want that. If she was going to be with Alex she wanted it to be because they loved each other and not under the control of alien technology and she was pretty sure Alex felt the same way.

As Isabel approached her window, she knocked on the glass and waited for a response. Liz opened the window and was surprised to see her.

“Isabel…what are you doing here?” she asked as she buttoned up her blue blouse.

“I…ehh…wanted to talk to you about the Granolith and the effect its having on us.”

Liz was immediately concerned by the tone in her friends voice and the expression on her face so she invited her inside while she prepared for school. Over twenty minutes Liz moved around while she listened as Isabel confessed her fears to her. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing…did Isabel actually think that what she felt wasn’t real? She had to set this right!

“Isabel, what your feeling is correct…nothing is forcing you to love Alex.” Liz tried to re-assure her lovers sister.

“But what we did Liz, I’ve never behaved like that in my life and I’m pretty sure Alex hasn’t either. Also we’ve seen each other after…it and nothing felt the same.” She was petrified about being an instrument…a tool so that the Granoliths could merge.

“Okay what I’m going to tell you doesn’t leave this room until I speak to Max about it.” Liz waited for Isabel’s response and once she nodded her head Liz continued.

“Right, what you are feeling for Alex is completely genuine, the Granolith wouldn’t have caused a mating between the two of you unless you loved each other…completely and truly. This is going to be hard to explain! Okay the Granolith forced us all to have sex but it was only with people who we wanted to be with in our hearts…if you didn’t love Alex then it wouldn’t have happened.

The Granolith only opened your eyes and your heart to that love while removing some of your inhibitions. Everything you two shared was lust but it was born out of love – it was the same for all of us. It only wants us to be happy.” Liz explained but it was that last comment that confused Is.

“What do you mean “IT wants us to be happy”, since when does a machine want?” she asked. Most of what Liz told her took a ton off – she really did love Alex and he loved her.

“We protect the Granolith.” Liz continued “and as much as we protect it, it protects us. It wants us to be happy so that we will use it properly, you see part of its program is an artificial intelligence system designed to guide its users! Effectively it saw what we wanted and helped us take it…literally.”

Both teens blushed at that comment, Liz couldn’t believe she actually said it but could see the relaxation form in Isabel’s face.

“The reason why you, Alex and the rest of a us feel differently is because the Granolith isn’t pushing us anymore. From now on what we do will be because we want it to happen. So…why don’t we go to school and you can talk to Alex and get over any couple issues you guys have.”

Isabel nodded, she wanted to wait for Liz to get ready but she wanted to see her boyfriend a hell of a lot more and so she left the way she came in, telling Liz that she would she her later.

Isabel stepped out of the side alley and headed of to school but soon a pair of hands came up over her eyes. Just was she was about to blast the unwanted invasion of her space she heard “Guess who?” Quickly she turned around and saw local geologist and newest sex symbol of Roswell – Grant!

“Hey Grant, what are you doing back in town? I thought you finished your work?” she said

“What can’t a guy come back to visit his favourite blonde, besides I have some more tests to run out in the woods. So…now that I’m back in town…I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?” He spoke to her in a calm and sexy voice that he new made girls feel light headed. He was going to bag this one that was for sure, Grant could almost smell her attraction to him.

“Oh, I cant. Grant I’m really sorry but I’ve started to see someone…its pretty serious and I don’t want anyone else at the moment.” {Why the hell did I say “at the moment”} she asked herself {I love Alex and just because of some physical attraction I’m not going to dump him}.

“Oh well, I’m sorry to hear that…I am happy for you Isabel, I hope it works out for you!” He couldn’t be more furious, who ever this guy was he was going to die. How dare he touch Isabel before he had a chance to taste her…but he would still have her no matter what! Right now he just needed to play the game. He decided to end this little session so he reached down to kiss her cheek, said he would she her later and goodbye.

Meanwhile, across the street Alex was walking to school and hoped that he would run unto Isabel. Unfortunately this point of the kiss was when Alex saw them. It may have been only a peck on the check but how dare this Grant come to town as kiss his girl. He was filled with such rage, jealousy and possessiveness that he was scared he might do something wrong so he turned and left.

Back on the street Isabel watched as Grant got back into his car and then suddenly felt a huge wave of anger and jealousy wash over her. Turning her head she instinctively knew the direction it was coming from, there she saw Alex turning away from her and running down an alley. Isabel followed as fast as she could but in turning into the same alley Alex was nowhere to be found. All Isabel could do was to make her way to school. {I’ll talk to him later} she thought to herself.

Girl’s Locker Room, West Roswell High, 20 minutes before class starts.

Kyle had been teasing Tess all the way to school, running his hands over her legs, nibbling on her ears and giving her long passionate kisses that left her hot. By the time they got in the doors Tess was desperate for some serious attention and pulled Kyle in the locker room. She sealed the door with her powers and pushed him into a shower stall where she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. Within seconds she was kneeling before him.

Taking his erect penis into her mouth, Tess slowly began to suck him while running her tongue over his length. Kyle moaned in pure bliss as her fulsome lips embraced his cock. He slowly reached out his hand and cradled the back of her head as she caressed him slowly with her tongue. Kyle felt incredible; this was the most amazing blowjob he ever had. It felt like Tess knew exactly what to do to please him, turning Kyle's knees into of jelly and causing his toes to curl up.

"Oh yes," he sighed as Tess ran her lips up his shaft and around his glands. Next she trailed back down to the base of his penis, lightly running her teeth down his length. The blissful sensations had him raised up onto his toes.

As Tess concentrated on rhythmically swallowing Kyle's ample length and soon she could feel the telltale signs of his approaching orgasm. Already she could feel his cock swelling in her mouth, his semen surging in his balls.

“Ughhhh, Tess…God…I’m gonna cum!” Tess latched on to his cock and wouldn’t let Kyle go as he pumped his seed into her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed. Slowly Kyle’s breathing returned to normal as his orgasm subsided but Tess held her position; kissing and licking him as he calmed down.

“So how was that?” Tess asked Kyle as she stood back on her feet. Kyle grabbed hold of her and pulled her into a hug, all she could do was hug him back, eyes closed and a wide smile on her face. As Kyle pulled away from her he changed their positions so that she was now against that wall. Tess bit her lower lip in anticipation as he slid down her body, stoking her naked legs as he knelt before her. Looking up into Tess’s eyes he reached up under her skirt and hooked his finger around the waist of her panties. Slowly he pulled them down, exposing her moist core to him.

Kyle moved his face closer to the apex of her thighs while moving her legs apart. Tess threw her head back as Kyle made contact with her flesh; her left leg involuntary moved up and rested on his shoulder. Her own arms rested on the low walls of the cubical, helping to keep her balance as Kyle ate her.

“Eat me Kyle, Please…” she trailed of as her lover stroked his tongue over her slit again and again. Her hips started to buckle against his mouth; she was desperate for more contact, desperate to climax into his mouth. Soon Kyle’s tongue found its goal; slowly he circled her clit and plunged his tongue into her pussy with short, hard stabs bringing her ever closer to the edge.

Kyle returned his tongue to the knob of pleasure within her soft folds while stick two finger up into her. Thrusting in and out, Tess moaned and shook her head from side to side, holding her hand to his head she pulled him in closer. Her other hand moved to his fingers, pulling them out and then moved it to join her other hand.

“Oh ffuuuuuck, Kyle. I…eat me…I’m coming…I’m commmiiinggg!!” Kyle covered her core with his mouth and drank in all of her juices as they poured forth from her. As Kyle released her leg, she slid down the wall, her face flushed and covered with sweat. She pulled him toward her and hugged Kyle. Just when they were about to kiss the bell rang out through the hallways of Roswell High. They jumped back and laughed, Kyle returned Tess’s underwear to her and they straightened themselves up before returning to the day, Tess mind-warping the people in the immediate area so that no-one saw Kyle leaving the Girls locker room.

Whitman Residence, immediately following

Alex never went to school; he turned around and went straight home. He still couldn’t believe what he had seen on the street, Grant kissing Isabel, the image made him feel sick. Even if it was just on the cheek what right did that…geologist have – he couldn’t deal with loosing Isabel to him, not after last time. There was also something about Grant that made him shiver and afraid for Isabel.

Isabel herself was moving closer to his house with each beat of her heart, after the alley she began to worry about him and was moving on pure instinct to find her beloved mate. Now that she realized that he was heading home her pace increased until she was running to his house.

She didn’t even stop to knock, opening the door she moved like a cat to his bedroom where she found Alex grabbing on to the back of his deck chair. She could sense the pain coming off of him and somehow knew that she was involved in causing it…all she could think of was to make that pain go away.

“Alex…are you okay?” she asked in a whisper; quiet but loud enough to get his attention.

Alex was surprised and quickly turned around. “Isabel? What are you doing here?”

“I saw you earlier and I got worried when you ran off. So are you okay?” she asked again

“No, no I’m not. I saw that kiss between you and Grant. I saw…hell I don’t know what I saw but you seemed to like it. What’s going on Isabel, I thought we had something!”

Isabel couldn’t believe he was thinking this, but she found it strangely comforting. “Alex, nothings going on between me and Grant. He showed up, asked me out and I told him that I was in a serious relationship. He said that he hoped that it will work out and then kissed me goodbye…that was it! You have nothing to worry you believe me?” He tone was as comforting and reassuring as she could make it.

“Of course I believe you, but…I…god, I’ve no idea what happened. I just felt jealous and you looked like you enjoyed being with him. I just freaked, I guess this is still new, I’m still adjusting!” He said, slightly confused by his feelings.

“Alex, I’m not going to lie to you…I do find him attractive but that’s all. Listen, I talked to Liz earlier…she said that if we didn’t want to be with each other or had problems with our feelings then the Granolith wouldn’t have…influenced us into making love. What we have, what we feel for each other is the real thing Alex. We love each other completely and I never want to loose that. I will never jeopardise that just because of a little attraction…not when I love and have you!”

Isabel’s words penetrated his very soul. He already knew everything she had just said, he just needed to hear it…well he could do without knowing that she was attracted to Grant but then she was part human. Isabel could see that she had gotten through to him; she could sense it as well as he lifted his hand to her cheek and pulled her into a loving kiss.

“I love you too!” he said as he backed off a little but still held her close.

That was when Isabel realised that she was a little sweaty from her run to the house and she didn’t want to get to school looking like this.

“Alex, can I use your shower for a minute? I just want to freshen up before we go to school.” Alex nodded and she made her way to the bathroom. It was after a few minutes that he realised that Isabel was naked, in his house with warm water cascading over her firm, supple body. He was hard in an instant and couldn’t resist the temptation to join her.

Quickly he undressed and entered the bathroom, seeing her standing in the tub with her back facing him took his breath away. He stood and watched her for a moment, watching as he hands lathered soap over her body, washing the sweat away. He moved as quietly as he could and upon entering the tub he started to kiss her shoulders. Isabel didn’t turn around, she brought her hands together and held them to her chest, smiling as Alex moved from one shoulder to the other while moving her soaked hair round to her front.

As Alex’s hands moved to hold her hips Isabel turned round to face him and cupping his face she pulled him into a passionate kiss, a kiss that was fed even more heat by the hot waters that poured over them. Alex couldn’t wait anymore; slowly he turned Isabel away from him again while guiding her arms up to the wall so that she could support herself. Bending her down slightly allowed Alex to gain access to what he desired and while he teased Isabel’s breast with his let hand, he used his right to guide himself into her waiting heat.

Once he was fully sheathed within her velvet folds, Alex pulled out to his tip and then slowly pushed back in. He repeated this time and time again, causing desire to well up inside of her until Isabel started to thrust her hips forward both were yearning for the contact of the other. Every slow movement was loving and caring, Alex making sure that her pleasure centres were stimulated while he drove her body crazy.

“Uggnnnn, ugnnn, ugnnnnn, Oh Alex, please stop teasing me. I need you…please go faster. Uggnnnnn, Goddddd, please!!” Isabel moaned as each thrust sent a storm of pleasure to her brain. Alex couldn’t take his eyes off of her; he watched as she lowered her head, her hair falling around both sides of her face while water dripped from her nose and chin. He decided to move a little faster but not as much as she would have wanted…no, needed. He wanted to tease her, this was Isabel’s punishment for saying that another guy was attractive, no way in hell was she going to get away with that.

“Ohhhhhhh Isabel, you feel so good…” Alex decided that the teasing was over. He needed to come as much as she did but more importantly he wanted her to reach her climax more than he wanted his own. Thrust after thrust after thrust, he hammered in and out of her tight hole, circling his hips to give him more force and direction.

Isabel was close, ever other push inward Alex made contact with her g-spot. She wanted more and more, her hand still rested on the wall but were now clenched fists.

“I know your close Isabel, I can feel it…let go, please. I’ll catch you.” Alex whispered into her ear. She couldn’t refuse him and as if on command her orgasm claimed her body.

“Oh Alex, Alexx, Aleexxxxxxxxx” she screamed as his cock thrust into her one last time. His climax happened almost on the same moment as her own. She could feel his sperm within her as Alex straightened her body against his, his hard penis still within her. She tried to speak but she was still wrapped up in the pleasure, her eyes closed and her mouth opening and closing every few seconds, water filling their open mouths.

Alex held her close to him, his arms wrapped around her with one hand resting on a breast, the other across her stomach and his lips gently caressing her neck. Both of Isabel’s hands rested on his, a glow appeared from both but it was out of sight from Grant who watched from the window as the two lovers embraced.

Quickly the two finished the shower and dressed, Alex enjoyed pulling up her underwear almost as much as he enjoyed pulling them down. Within 10 minutes they were out the down, walking hand in hand to his car and then on to school. They had only missed their first class and still had time to think up of a good excuse.

Antarian Central Command, Antar, 1 hour later

Kivar sat in his thrown, waiting for the communication from his general on Earth. They had tracked the rebels to a small town and were preparing to move. Soon his enemies would be dead, Vilandra would be back by his side and Lady Ava would make an excellent addition to his harem.

Soon the holographic generators buzzed into life and an image of Nicholas, his general, appeared before him.

“Report” Boomed Kivar

“My Lord,” Nicholas stated as he bowed “We will be prepared to move soon, our new husks are approaching maturity and the Harvest shall begin within two days, three at most. When all our people have been renewed we shall move upon Zan and his followers.”

“Remember, no harm must come to Princess Vilandra. You will ensure it with your own life. If possible preserve Lady Ava as well but Zan and Rath must die!”

“It will be as you command my lord, the implantations of the Ganderial has been completed. All three will do as they are programmed, I can also report that the Royal Fours principal guardian has been terminated, Serena’s location is still unknown to us.”

“Contact me when she has been found or if Ava does conceive a child with Zan before you make your move.” Ordered the false king.

The image bowed again and faded. Kivar was once again left alone with his memories of Vilandra and the love he had for her.

Copper Summit, Earth, Shortly Following.

Nicholas made his was to the basement and observed the husks growing in the cylinders. They didn’t have the resources to grow more, without the Granolith this generation would be the last and within a few decades they would be dead. Not that it mattered, 20 years to grow them was draining energy. Their only choices were to locate the Granolith or die, their ships were destroyed and there was no way off this planet.

Soon he would kill King Zan and with him he would take the Granolith and its power to secure the planet for his people. Damn the humans, after Kivar gets through with Earth there wouldn’t be very many anyway. Suffocating to death in their world’s atmosphere would be an effective method of pest control.

Living Room, Evans Residence, 1800

Alex and Isabel came home right after school and helped each other with their homework. Tonight everyone else was out, Max and Liz were at the pod chamber talking about something they hadn’t told them about, Michael and Maria were working at the Crashdown and Kyle and Tess were probably home watching cartoons.

Right now their work was done, books were closed and they were watching Notting Hill, Alex felt that the movie seemed to describe their relationship – average guy gets goddess. They were lying on the couch, Isabel had fallen asleep in his arms and Alex gently stroked her hair, barely conscious himself. Both were content and relaxed.

That was when Philip arrived home to find the couple on his couch. He looked at how peaceful they appeared and decided it was time for a little chat with his only daughters’ suitor. He cleared his throat to get their attention and the two awoke. He looked at the fear in their faces and smiled to himself {this could be fun} he thought to himself.

“Isabel, why don’t you go to your room for a minute?” He calmly said to his daughter. Alex suddenly turned to his girlfriend, realising what was about to happen. Philip looked back to Isabel who held onto Alex’s hand for a minute before leaving the room. Once he was sure they wouldn’t be disturbed he returned his gaze to the young man before him.

“Alex…What is your intensions toward my daughter?” His tone was a combination of anger, fear and playfulness. A tone and question that put the fear of god in to Alex.

“Is there any answer to that question that would keep me from the wrong end of a shotgun?” Alex asked. While he was trying to lighten the mood, he was very serious.

The answer was simple. “No!” Philip said.

Alex thought for a moment and realised that Mr. Evans only had his daughter’s best interests at heart, so he decided to give the answer that his heart was telling him.

“Mr. Evans, I’m not going to lie to you…I love Isabel and I know she loves me. The only thing I want to do is make her happy and for as long as were together that will be my main goal, I’ll NEVER intentionally do anything to hurt her.”

The look of confidence and utter sincerity in Alex’s eyes impressed Philip; somehow he just knew that Alex meant what he said. Philip simply nodded and said “Good answer…now sit down, ISABEL, you can come out now!

Now Alex I want you to promise me that neither of you will do anything stupid. I’ve seen how close the two of you have grown in the last year but in the last couple of days it’s been even closer. I also like the fact that I have seen her smile more in the last week than I have in her life and if you’re the cause of that smile then I’m not going to take you away from her. So promise me, right here and now!”

“I promise” Alex said as he nodded, he didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Evans but the fact that they had already crossed that line filled him with fear – from now on he would make sure he had condoms with him and with that promise to Isabel’s father and to himself he sat down, Isabel came out of her room to find her father and boyfriend sitting together and chatting away. The look she got from Alex told her that she would tell her everything later and that was fine with her.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 18

Michael’s Apartment, Same day, 2000

Michael: Max and Liz returned from the Granolith half an hour ago and the first thing they did was to call a meeting. Once again Michael was put out, preparing for a special evening with Maria was cancelled and now he was host to the ‘I Know An Alien Club’.

“Okay Maxwell, so what’s going on? You two have been hold up in that chamber for the better part of the day and now you call us together with no explanation…”

His tone echoed what he was feeling, frustration, agitation, annoyance…it was all there. He just wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend that didn’t involve work.

Max: He had no idea how to begin, he knew that he should not have kept this from the others but new needed some time to think. Changing the future to save a dear friend was one thing but to seal the fate of the Skins on Earth…they may be enemies but this would still cause death on a massive scale.

“In a couple of days the Skins will begin something called the Harvest. Basically the suits they wear to protect themselves are breaking down and need to be replaced. The first time around we went there and destroyed their new husks before they could mature. That’s the situation!”

Michael: “That’s the situation? What the hell did it take you so long to tell us, now we’ve only got two days before they what…get stronger, be ready to take us on?”

Now he was mad. Something this serious should not have been kept from any of them, least of all him. He was the fighter, the protector of the group…how could he do his job if he didn’t know what was going on?

Isabel: She too was annoyed, the Skins killed Nasedo, Whitaker kidnapped & beat Tess and tried to abduct her and now they were preparing to strengthen their unit.

“Max you should have told us about this, why didn’t you anyway?”

Max: “The information I got was hazy on some things but on this situation it was clear. A few of us had trouble dealing with the fact that we effectively committed murder…while it was the only option we had then, its not now. I needed some time to think about what to do.

It takes twenty years for the husks to develop, if we destroy this batch then they Skins die out, using what we know to save one of us is one thing but this…

This is the plan, we wont do it unless we are all agreed, okay!”

The group nodded their heads and listened as Max laid out the plan he and Liz had come up with. After an hour of heated arguments, opposing ideas and new suggestions it was agreed upon. They would proceed as they had before, Max and the others would drive into Copper Summit as they did before but this time Tess would use her powers to conceal Kyle and Alex. They would sneak to the Husk Room while Max, Liz and the other aliens provided the distraction necessary to complete the task.

It was decided that they would go leave in the morning; suitable excuses were made up for their parents and meeting arrangements were made. With that they all went home for a good nights sleep…they were going to need it, despite the temptation to spend the evening with their significant other. However, Maria stayed back for a few minutes before driving Liz and Alex home.

“Michael, can I talk to you for a second?” she asked quietly

“Sure, what’s up?” He could see that something was worrying her and given how close they now were he wanted to make her as happy as possible…without being bubbly.

“Michael…I’m worried about this thing tomorrow. I don’t want to see you…god I can’t believe I’m being like this. I don’t want to loose you Michael, I couldn’t bear it if something went wrong tomorrow!” She could not understand why she was feeling this attached to him, she never felt like this before but now the mere thought of him in a dangerous situation sent shivers down her spine and filled her with dread.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll be coming back to you; you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hell we made it through this thing once; we’ll do it again…hopefully this time we will clean up our mess before something bad happens.”

Michael felt the same things as Maria; he was a part of her as much as she was of him. Maria was his mate, signed & sealed by the Granolith itself, and no power on this Earth could keep him from her as long as he lived.

His words helped sooth Maria’s troubled spirit. He said that he would come back to her…not Roswell, not Max nor Isabel but to her. She liked that, for the first time she felt like she was truly apart of his life and not just a girl who knew his secret and had a thing for each other. Michael could see that she was calming slightly and decided to relax her. Running his hands up her arms and pulled her into a warm embrace, holding her head to his chest before lifting her chin to give her a loving, reassuring kiss.

“Now, I want you to go home, spend some time with your mom and get some sleep…you haven’t been getting a lot lately!” While he smirked at his little joke, Maria slapped his arm and laughed. She then turned to walk out of the door.

“Oh hey, say hi to your mom for okay!” Michael requested. It made Maria stop dead and her tracks and slowly turn her head to face the boyfriend who had just floored her.

Turning the rest of her to face him, she said, “What did you just say?”

“What, I can’t be nice to the most important person in your life, besides I plan to be spending a lot of time with you and sooner or later you mother is going to catch on to how close we really are…having a few brownie points could prove to be very useful!”
Maria gave a wicked grin and walked seductively back to her lover, “Good plan but bear in mind that I’m her only daughter, no matter how much your in her good books; if my mother finds out your sleeping with me she will kill you…painfully.” Michael grimaced, Maria was right…he was a dead man walking.

Maria kissed him goodbye, left the apartment and walked to her car where her two friends were waiting…Alex with a smirk on his face.

“Shut up!” she said

“Didn’t say a thing” said Alex as he sat in the back seat. The tree drove home quietly, their thoughts dwelling on what must happen tomorrow…them or us and given what was at stake it was a simple answer with a difficult consequence.

Pod Chamber, New York, 2200

Zan: What the hell was going on, for the past couple of months his sister and friend have been acting more self-centred and now Kivars’ general, Nicholas had arrived and invited them to attend a summit of the planetary leaders of the Antarian star system. As much as he wanted to believe that his group was the primary four, they didn’t have the Granolith and without that they had no power.

Sooner or later he was going to have to contact the Roswell four and hoped that they knew the Granolith’s location. It was the only way they were going to be safe and under no circumstances would Kivar settle for any arrangement that meant he didn’t have the Granolith.

“Hey Zan, you ok?” asked Ava from behind him.

“Yeah, fine…just thinking about the summit.”

“You’re not gonna go are you?”

“How do you know?” Zan asked.

“Cause I know you, besides I don’t like the situation any more than you and if I was you I’d stay here. Now come on, Rath and Lonnie are out somewhere, why don’t we go find a party to crash or somethin’?”

It never failed to surprise Zan at how much Ava knew him. She always seemed to understand what was going on in his head, even when he didn’t. It was one of the many reasons why he loved her so much; he just wished he could get this feeling out of his head that he was connected to someone else. “Yeah, come on!” He took her hand and together they went out to find a decent club.

Husk Growth Chamber, Copper Summit, Midnight

Nicholas: It was his nightly routine; every night for the last twenty years since the new husks were first formed he came down to the room. Pulling a switch on the wall and a pedestal came up from the floor and began to shoot pale purple beams of light toward each of the lifeless bodies, infusing them with energy and nutrients. Slowly he walked up to the tube that held his future husk and said “Soon”. He nodded and deactivated the device, leaving the growth tubes to finish their jobs and give new life to his people.

Soon everything would be in place, Zan will die at the hands of his second and the others will make the necessary moves to recruit the Roswell Zan. Separating him from his unit will weaken him to the point where he could learn the Granoliths location…at the very least he would have the pleasure of seeing him die. Then he could finally leave this god-forsaken rock and resume his position on Antar. However right now his attention was returned to finishing his task. Leaving the room, he returned to his home and transmitted another status report back to Antar. Everything was on schedule…little did he know that his enemy was on his way to scupper his plans.

Stagecoach Museum, Copper Summit, Wednesday 1000am

The group of teens had arranged excuses for getting out of school that day and Sheriff Valenti had provided the corroboration that they were doing work experience at an out of town hospital and the Highway Patrol. Once everything was set with their parents they left very early in the morning…too early especially for Maria who was soundly sleeping against Michael. He had wanted her to stay behind but she forced the issue and said that they were all in this together, that and the whispered comment about not getting any for a month helped to break down his resolve.

Needless to say the jeep was packed and while Max drove Tess and Isabel sat on their boyfriends laps, slowly pushing their butts into their growing erections. Both girls knew that, if everything went well today, they would be on their backs with the guys between their legs before sundown. Not that they would mind but right now they had the mission to deal with. Max stopped they car shortly before they hit town to let Kyle and Alex out and let them do their job, now in town he stopped once again and rolled down the window as he spotted a local…

“Excuse me, is this Copper Summit?” asked Max

“Yeah, welcome to dead-as-a-doornail central. What can I do for you?” asked the local

“Were looking for the Universal Friendship League…any idea where we can find it?” Isabel said as she looked around the area.

“Yeah it’s that big building at the end of the street…you here for the Harvest?”

“Yes, we’ve been out of contact for a while…a friend managed to forward a letter for us to let us know it was happening.” All Max could think was {Thank god} he would hate to know what would happen if he tried to bluff his way into town without knowing what was going on.

“Well always nice to welcome old members back to the fold…go on up to the main house they’ll be glad to see you.”
Max nodded and rolled his window back up. Driving off he could see the local making a call on his cell phone.

“Group of six heading your way…old friends, better check them out!” he said as he closed his phone.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Alex had quietly ran into town from behind the buildings. They went as carefully as possible so that they didn’t get caught and following the map Max had made for them was quite simple. Alex found a back door to the Museum but found I locked. Kyle also tried the doorknob but couldn’t force it but instead of letting go his hand began to glow.

“Uhh Alex…” Kyle said while looking down to his hand. Alex looked at Kyle then down to his hand.

“What’s going on…since when do you do that?” Asked Alex.

“I have no idea!” Just then he heard a click and in turning the handle her found it to be open. Kyle just looked to Alex and said “We’ll do this now, then talk with the others when we get home…okay?”

Alex nodded and followed Alex inside both looking for the trapdoor to the underground facility.

Universal Friendship League Building

Greer: he had been watching the six teens since they approached the building; the call he received earlier had concerned him and immediately looked up the files of all Skins who hadn’t been heard from. None of the images he had on file even remotely resembled the members of this group yet they drive into town, aware of the Harvest and what this town was all about but appeared to be calm. His first call was to Nicholas to tell him to be on guard and to get instructions…Nicholas immediately recognised some of the members of the group from their descriptions – the Royal Four was in town. Greer’s instructions were simple – confront and neutralise.

He moved out of the back office when he heard the doors open.

“Well, well, well. After all this time, our search for the Royal 4 has ended. How nice of you to save us a bit of effort!” Taking a step to the side he looked toward Max, who stood in front of the group.

“You must be the once and soon to be dead king…and you must be his bride!” He said looking from Max to Tess.

“Actually no” Said Tess, looking toward Liz she stated, “That is going to be her job…I’m spoken for.”

“Well no matter what situation you half breeds have gotten you’re selves into, I have been looking forward too this.” Greer said as he raised is hand up suddenly…

Meanwhile, back in the Museum.

“Where the hell is this thing?” Kyle whispered

“Hey check this out…” Said Alex as he found a small space in the floor under a lot of dust and straw. Kyle came over and the two cleared the floor of debris finding what the sought. Opening the door Kyle and Alex each took a deep breath and headed down the stairway into the facility.

“Okay…lets do this, Max said there was some kind of crystal on the wall we need to smash.”

In the chamber, Kyle and Alex looked around at each of the tubes and then to each other. “We’re in deep shit!” said Kyle.

“No kidding…look at it this way, we get to spend the evening with our girls and I’ve reserved a place at that new Italian restaurant for tonight. I plan on keeping that date!” Alex said as they began to look of the crystal.

“Jeez man, Isabel’s got you whipped. That place costs a fortune.” Kyle joked.

“Money very well spent…you might want to consider using it with Tess, romance is the way to a woman’s heart.”

“And body!” Kyle couldn’t help make that comment and new he was going to get a death look from his friend. {Uhhhnnn} Kyle wondered, {When did I start being friends with the class geek…Oh well, I can think of worse things.}

“Hey, check it out” Alex said as he turned and pointed to the crystal on the wall where they had entered the room.

“Okay…lets take out some frustration!” Kyle said, picking up a pipe and swinging it to smash the crystal.

Universal Friendship League

Greer raised his hand and sent a blast of yellow energy toward Max, who quickly countered it by raising his own hand to generate a shield. Michael decided to enter the battle of wills and started to blast at Greer who used his other hand to absorbed the energy.

All of a sudden Greer weakened and collapsed to the floor, Liz looked out of the window ad noticed that an army of approaching skins also fell to the ground.

“Okay, Guys we better leave…NOW!” she said as Max and the others approached the window. Maria was the first to move, grabbing Max’s car keys she ran out to start the jeep while the others finished what the needed to do. Max went back over to the skin lying on the floor; lifting his leg he thrust the heel of his foot into the base of Greer’s back. Within seconds he was dust.

The group piles into the jeep and Maria speed away, stopping at the museum to collect their missing friends. Kyle and Alex came running out and jumped inside, every one packed inside with little room to move but they were exhilarated…the job was done. However Max had a look of concern on his face that did not go unnoticed by Liz or Isabel.

“Max…what’s wrong?” asked Isabel

“Something was missing from all that.” He responded, his face and tone filled with concern.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Nicholas!” he stated as the car left a dust trail as they headed back home and to their lives.

Back in Copper Summit, the Skins approached the entryway to the Husk Facility.

“What do we do now…these husks wont last the year? We’re as good as dead!” said one Skin.

“We may be dead in a year but we still have time to kill Zan…”said Ida as she approached from behind. “…Nicholas has gone to New York, we are to go after the Roswell Four…FOR KIVAR!” she yelled.

“FOR KIVAR!” yelled the remaining Skins. Then they disbursed, this place was no longer safe for them…it was time to move on.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 19

Luigi’s Restaurant, Roswell, 1900

Isabel: Alex had told her nothing of what to expect from their date tonight, nothing except to dress elegantly. So that’s what she did, she went through everything in her wardrobe before settling on her favourite dress (black silk, no back, down to her ankles and showing enough cleavage to be tasteful yet enough to drive Alex nuts) and fixed her hair to that it fell down and over her left shoulder, making her look sultry and as seductive as possible. She certainly drew a lot of attention that evening.

Alex: He himself was breathless when he picked her up, barely able to speak; he said, “You look great”. Isabel couldn’t help but blush at his reaction {mission successful} she thought. However, that was not the only reaction in the house, both her brother and father appeared behind her with their arms crossed and looking at Alex. Mr Evans raised one of his eyebrows and gave him a look that reminded his promise. Alex was dressed in a black suit, complete with tie…Mrs Evans couldn’t hold back any longer and pulled both teens into the living room and grabbed her camera.

Diane: She had seen her daughter prepare for this date all day yesterday and from when she returned from their work experience, A.K.A Copper Summit. Isabel was frantic, finding a dress then throwing it away, checking out another and another and another…eventually settling on the first. It was then that Diane sat her daughter down on her bed and had a chat with her; she had never seen Isabel prepare for any date like this.

“Isabel…Honey, relax. You are going to look beautiful.” Diane said in a soothing tone that wasn’t having much of an effect.

“Mom…Alex it going to be here in 2 hours…I’m no where near ready. I don’t even know what he has planned, all he said was dress elegant…I don’t wanna disappoint him!”

“Honey, I don’t think that’s possible. I don’t think I’ve see you like this before…what’s different about this date?” Diane was as curious as hell at what could get this reaction out of Isabel…and what she could do to encourage it. She loved it when Isabel smiled.

“Those weren’t dates…they were nights out…this is my first real date and I don’t want to mess it up…besides its with Alex!” Just mentioning his name brought a smile to her lips and it didn’t go unnoticed by her mother who also smiled. Diane couldn’t help but wonder what Alex had in store for Isabel this evening.

“Is…how serious is your relationship with Alex?”

“I love him mom…I can’t actually believe I just said that but I do. I can’t wait to see him and when I’m away from him my skin crawls, time goes by slowly and it feels like a piece of me is missing…” Isabel just went on and on, eventually she stopped and faced her mother who just watched her with a tear in her eye. Diane reached for her daughter and hugged her tightly.

“I happy for you Isabel but I want you to know that you can come to me with anything and I want you to promise me that the two of you wont do anything until your ready and that you’ll be careful.”

Isabel nodded, she didn’t want to disappoint her mother…not only had she and Alex been having sex but it was without protection. She knew she should have been using condoms…its not exactly like she could go on the pill but everything that had happened had been unexpected and very much a surprise.

“Okay now, lets get you ready for your boyfriend.” Said Diane as she helped her daughter to her feet and gathered makeup and hairspray.

End Flashback~~~

They had gone through ten snaps of the camera before Diane let them leave for their date. Alex had gone out of his way to be the gentlemen, opening the car door for her, pulling back her seat as she sat at the table; everything designed to entice the romance of the evening. He even arranged for a violinist to play by their table which was set with a single red rose and two red candles, their flames reflecting in Isabel’s moist eyes, drawing Alex’s gaze…the two of them simply staring at each other as they ate.

Alex took a drink of water and came to a decision; time to put the lessons his mother made him take to good use. He stood up and walked over to Isabel…

“May I have this dance?” He asked. Isabel’s smile widened and took his outreached hand. She stood and Alex led her to the dance floor, they were the only couple out there and they drew the attention of many others who soon followed them. Music began to play from the main band while the brightness of the lights lowered and a spotlight shone down from above them. Isabel thought that everything was perfect as Alex held her close. Unknown to the two of them, Grant was watching them from a darkened corner. It was then, as he watched the two danced in the light, that he had no chance with Isabel…not without drastic action!

Meanwhile back on the dance floor, as much as Isabel loved this, she was curious as hell and had to know…

“Alex, who are you paying for this? This has to be the most expensive place in town.” She asked into his ear.

Alex smiled as he answered. “When my grandmother died a couple of years ago, she left me with an inheritance…$8000.”

Isabel stopped dancing and looked into his eyes. “And you’re spending it on tonight! Alex you shouldn’t have done that.” Her tone was full of concern and shock.

“I can’t think of any better way to spend it, besides tonight won’t make a dent in it. We haven’t spent as much as I would have expected and anyway…I wanted this to be a night to remember!”

Isabel smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder and the two of them began to dance once again. Eventually they stopped and went back to the table. An hour later they were finished and Alex paid the bill but neither wanted the evening to end just yet so Isabel suggested that they could go out to the mountain that held the pod chamber and gaze at the stars. It didn’t take them long to reach it and as the carefully made their way to the top, Alex removed his jacket and placed it around his lover as he noticed that she was beginning to shiver in the night air.

However they were both still a little cold so she asked Alex to gather some rocks. She used her powers to change them into wood and set them alit, the warmth radiating the area, warming their bodies. They stayed like that for half an hour, just talking about things, school, their hopes for what was to come and their friends. Soon they made their way into the pod chamber, as much as they wanted to resist and respect the warnings of Isabel’s parents they both knew that the night was leading to this, they wanted to make love and they wanted to do it now…and something just seemed more special about doing it here, in this place where Isabel was born.

Isabel stood in the middle of the room; her breath was clearly visible in the cold air that filled the cave. Alex came up behind her and puller her body tightly against his as he started to kiss the exposed skin of her shoulders. He slowly moved one of his hands round to her back about pulled the zipper of her dress down. Alex hooked the thumb and forefinger of his other hand round the silk strap and moved it away, he quickly repeated this on the other side allowing Isabel’s dress to fall away from her body.

She now stood before him only in black panties, strapless bra and garter belt, complete with stockings. Alex thought that Isabel couldn’t have been more beautiful than when he picked her up but now he had to re-evaluate that assessment. Slowly she turned around as Alex reached his hand up to cup the side of her face before pulling her in for a gently and loving kiss. Her hands were not idle. She moved her palm along his shirt, popping each of the buttons as she went.

Alex pulled back from the kiss and quickly undid the cufflinks before removing his shirt. The smile on Isabel’s face brightened the entire room, she reached behind her and undid the catch of her bra and let it fall to the floor – now both teens were topless and moved back in to kiss, Isabel’s breasts pressed firmly into his chest; her nipples grazing his own.

Their second kiss was more intense than the first, their tongues fought for dominance, neither surrendering yet both wanting to give themselves to their lover. This entire night was about love and so was this session of sex, their two times together before this was lust mixed with love but not now. Isabel reached down to Alex’s trousers and cupped his ever-hardening member before moving up to undo his belt.

Alex sucked in his breath as Isabel touched him, soon he stopped kissing her mouth and moved down to her neck as he ran his hands along her back…god he loved the feel of her skin and Isabel loved his delicate touch which caused her own breathing to grow heavy while her eyes rolled up and her eyelids closed. Isabel could not wait; she finished with his belt and moved onto his trousers, which he kicked off in record time.

Somehow the two ended up on the ground, rolling around in the dust the layered the floor of the chamber, kissing and running their hands over every inch of flesh they could reach. Alex stopped as he moved back up onto his knees, pulling his boxer shorts off; Isabel was resting on her elbows with her back raised so that she could look at him.

As soon as his underwear was off Alex moved over to his love, looking into her eyes be went over to her legs and lifted her feet. He gently removed her high heals and gently sucked each toe into his mouth causing Isabel to fall back in a fit of giggles and pleasure…this was an erogenous zone she had no idea about. All too soon Alex stopped loving her toes and began stroking up her long legs, eventually reaching her panties and pulled them off. He threw them over to her dress and pushed her legs apart; looking into her eyes she smiled and bent his head down to his goal.

“Alex…” Isabel moaned as he made contact with her moist flesh. Alex licked his tongue along her slit, each movement was slow but soon he started to stab in and out of Isabel. He was driving her crazy, her left hand travelled through her hair while the other moved down her flushed face and over to her breast, pinching and twisting her nipple…she was desperate to reach her climax and Alex just continued to devour her.

“Alex, I need you inside me! Please…” She was screaming and panting, loving the things Alex was doing to her but suddenly he stopped and released his mouth from her core. He went to his discarded trousers and retrieved the condom from his wallet, removing it from the foil wrapper Alex placed it on the tip of his cock and rolled it back, sheathing himself in its protection. He went back over to Isabel and moved up until their hips matched position and reached down to kiss her hard and passionately. Their tongues ran along each other and Isabel wrapped her stocking clad legs around his waist, with no further hesitation she pulled him forward, allowing him to enter her in one swift stroke.

Alex pulled back and then in again, each movement enticing a sigh and moan from Isabel. He built up a steady rhythm, moving faster with ever other stroke. Eventually he was pounding into her, he wanted to see her come apart in his arms, he wanted to see the look in her eyes when it happened and most of all he wanted her to know that he would make her feel like this when ever she wanted it.

“Alex, God, please…” Isabel sighed as she bit into his neck. Alex placed one of his hands behind her head as he continued to push in and out of her and pulled her head back to the ground.

“Isabel, come for me my love, let me see you…you’re mine…now and forever…say it, please!” The sweat was pouring off his skin; mixing with Isabel’s and making them slide against each other easily.

“Yes…yes…yes…yess…yesss…yessssss…YESSSSSSS”, She screamed each time Alex thrust into her, Isabel came with such intensity that she passed out for a few seconds Alex followed immediately. Seeing Isabel in the throws of passion like this was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Alex dislodged himself from his sated alien lover and moved up beside her, spooning Isabel up next to him. He reached down and pulled off his condom and placed it to the side, he ran his hand down the arm she wasn’t leaning on and intertwined their fingers.

Fifteen minutes later they were dressed and on their way back home, Alex had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on Isabel’s hand, bringing it up to his mouth to kiss it. Soon they were outside her house and Alex walked her up to the door, they were both sad that the night was over but both could say that they had the best and most romantic night of their lives. He gave her a goodnight kiss, a tame kiss since he noticed a sliver of light coming from the living room window…he knew that her father was watching.

With the end of the gentle kiss they both smiled and he went back to his car with memories of a perfect evening.

Warehouse, New York, 3 Day Later.

“Sir, everything is prepared for the summit. We are only waiting for Zan’s confirmation.” Said the Skin

“Very well, I will proceed to see Vilandra, if anyone can convince him it’s his sister. Is there any word from the others?” enquired Nicholas. He was pissed off that the facility had been destroyed, from all reports they knew exactly what to do but that was impossible. But now that didn’t matter, all that mattered was to secure the location of the Granolith and save himself and his people and with any luck kill Zan and his associates.

“No sir, they were scheduled to impose the temporal disruption this morning but so far nothing…it is possible that Zan has already determined what they were going to do and countered it.”

“Very well.” With that Nicholas left the building and went to his meeting with Vilandra, she and Rath had become a lot more receptive to Kivar’s ideas since they were infected a few months ago but they were now at the critical time…they were now open to things they would never consider doing, including killing anyone that got in their way. Nicholas was only sorry that the rest of the shipment of Ganderial crystals had been damaged in transit; he would love to have all hybrids under the control of Kivar.

Granolith Chamber, Roswell, Earlier that day

“Are you sure that’s what they had planned?” asked Liz

“Yeah, I mean it’s vague but from what I can remember the Skins showed up and used some weird stick thing to make all the humans disappear.” Max responded

“Well this should neutralise anything they could use that would have that effect and it should weaken any husk that comes within 20 miles of Roswell.” Liz said as she finished pushing buttons on the Granolith.

“Lets hope they have enough sense to stay away!” Max said, just then the Granolith buzzed into life and a blast of light came from it. “What the hell was that?”

Billboard, Just out side Roswell

“The device is ready for activation” said Ida

“Very well, proceed…” said Greer.

Ida pressed on the remote and the green stick protruding from the billboard began to glow. A blast shot forth from it and headed toward Roswell but after a few seconds a beam of white light impacted the blast and sent it back toward the Skins.

“What’s happening?” said a very concerned Greer. Just then the Blast impacted the rod sending bolts of green electricity to the ground, impacting on all the Skins and turning them to dust. Just then Jim, Kyle and Tess came driving up, their fishing holiday over and looking forward to getting home. The only thing they saw was a bunch of people getting zapped by a green rod before it exploded.

The immediately recognised the remains as skin dust. “What just happened?” asked Jim

“Looks like Max’s plan worked, the Skins probably tried to mess with things again.” Said Tess.

Back in the Granolith Chamber

“Okay, well that settles it…the Skins have no sense!” joked Liz as she looked at Max.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 20

Pinecrest Psychiatric Hospital, Midnight

Laurie Dupree had been sleeping, the orderlies had doped her up to the eyeballs but she still gave them a run for their money. She never heard the window breaking and someone enter her private room but soon sprang wide-awake when she felt someone’s hand on her mouth. She squirmed around on the bed, kicking her legs in the vain attempt to hit something but as her attackers hand moved slightly, she bit down hard and drew some blood.

Grant let go suddenly; his eyes were dead to the world as though he wasn’t even thinking. The only time he blinked was when he heard the shilling scream of his would be victim as she crawled into a corner. It didn’t take long for someone to look into the door window, call for security and for the door to burst open.

The orderly went straight to the patient while the security officers faced off with the intruder holding their nightsticks threateningly in their hands.

“ON YOUR KNEES” yelled one of the guards as he moved closer.

However, he didn’t get close enough as Grant grabbed hold of his shirt and threw him across the room, knocking him out immediately. The second guard rushed him; his club raised about his head read to strike but was net with the same force as his colleague. The orderly was afraid but suddenly Grant turned and jumped out of the window, running as fast as he could into the night and apparently unfazed by his three-story fall.

Grants Campsite, Fraser Woods, 3 hours later

Grant: It had happened again, he had fallen asleep in his tent and now he was lying outside and 10 feet away. At first he had put these blackouts down to sleepwalking but he then began to notice that his car was parked in different locations, items that he never owned but now in his position and tonight his fists were cut and covered in blood with small fragments of glass in his boots. He getting real tired of not knowing where he had been, what he had done and what was wrong with him. None of the doctors he had seen could explain it.

He loved being in control but this was taking it away from him, at least he had a plan worked out for dealing with Alex and getting Isabel into bed. He has to finish up his tests out here before he begins that but he’s waited this long, a 4 days should be no problem. Thinking about having her brought a smile to his face and decided to try and go back to bed.

Outside Michael’s Apartment, 0900 the next morning

The gang had gathered to see Michael and Maria off. Max had filled them in on the situation with Laurie; he just wished that he could remember who abducted her and how she fitted in with the Ganderium. However, he was content with simply getting her to safety and letting Michael get to know the girl he would consider his sister.

“Okay, you know what you doing?” enquired Max.

“For the hundredth time yes…we go to the records office and grab the files for Laurie’s estate, confront her uncle then get her out of the hospital and home. That it?” Said a very agitated Michael. How many times did he have to go through this, he knew the plan inside and out, given that this girl is probably the only biological family he has on Earth there was no way in hell he was going to mess this one up. He was nervous as hell but was glad the Maria was coming with him, her mother was getting very suspicious about their relationship and had organised some mother-daughter bonding time making it very difficult for him to get Maria alone.

“Come on Space boy, let go save the damsel in distress.” Maria said as she got into the car. Michael dumped their bags in the bag and got into the drivers seat. The two drove off with everyone waving them goodbye.

Liz and Isabel then turned to Max, now it was their turn to do a job.

“Max, are you sure you want to do this?” asked Liz

“Yeah, we may not know what the guy is like but we have to help him if we can.” Responded Max. He knew he had to do something to help his double, whether he was like his sister and friend or not, Max had to try. At best he could succeed and have an ally and at worst an enemy who shares his face but that was irrelevant.

“What are you guys talking about…what should we know that we don’t know?” asked a very confused Tess. She knew that Kyle and herself had not been told everything and that much of what needed to be done was still locked in Max brain waiting for the correct time to come out but right now she could tell that something major was going on or was about to happen.

“Its part of what Future Liz told Max, a summit of Antarian leaders would happen in New York. It won’t happen unless either Max or his double Zan is there.” Isabel said as she looked to her shorter friend.

“Okay but what does this have to do with us, if the dupes are already in New York why don’t they go?” Kyle was equally as confused as Tess.

Liz turned to face her concerned friends and told them “The New York Max, Zan…he decided not to go so his sister Lonnie and Rath killed him or rather will kill him unless we send a warning. That’s what were gonna do now!”

With that Liz led the way up to Michaels apartment. Once inside Isabel tried a dream-walk but found his mind clouded and hazy…the only conclusion was that he was sleeping off a major hangover. Then Max and Tess both sent their power to Isabel hoping that she could at least find some sort of window…nothing.

“Wait a minute!” said Max, “The first time this was supposed to happen, Ava was with you two…she said that when I healed you, it changed you. Liz you could tip the balance here”

“Yeah but that was trying to contact you, you’re the one I have the connection with not Zan…wait…the soul thing!” Liz answered

“What soul thing?” That comment peaked Kyle’s curiosity. He had been sitting on the sidelines watching, trying not to interfere or distract his friends from the goal.

“Phoenix…he said that when he made me, the energy patterns inside me matched Max’s…” said Liz

“And since Zan is Max clone the pattern might be identical or at the very least similar enough to get a hit” Isabel said, excited at the possibility. She took both Liz and Max’s hands that in turn held on to Tess. All of them focused on Liz, sending the power to Isabel through her and that’s when it happened.


Zan was standing in his Pod Chamber facing Ava; she was sitting on the seat breast-feeding their son. It was a sight that gave him an overwhelming sense of completion, he was never more happier than he was at this moment. He slowly moved over to his young mate and ran his fingers through her hair while holding out his index finger to his son. The child’s small hand wrapped around it causing smiles and tears of joy in both parents…

All of a sudden Ava and the child vanished, everything around him was melting away and was being replaced by a bright blue room with the Granolith in the centre. As he turned around he thought that he was looking into a mirror but soon realised it was the face of his clone, standing next to him was an unknown brunette.

“What’s happening here?” Zan said in a threatening New York tone.

“Zan, my name is Max Evans. I am from the Roswell unit, this is my mate Liz…the first thing you must understand is that this isn’t a dream. My sister Isabel is linking us through a dream-walk…second be careful of Lonnie and Rath, they will try to kill you because you don’t want to go to the Summit. Get Ava and get out of that city as fast as you can, it should happen soon unless you do as I ask.” It was then the Max began to fade and the shape of the room warp. “I don’t have must time…get out of New York now.”

“How do you know this…Lonnie would never do anything to hurt me she’s my sister, neither would Rath…” Zan refused to accept what he was hearing, he had seen the changed in his family in the last month or so but they would never hurt him.

“Zan listen, I have information from the future. You will die…leave as soon as you can get Ava, please….” Max faded completely out.

Real world~~~~

All four woke up suddenly, Tess and Liz both felt exhausted and Tess asked, “Did it work?”

“He got the message, whether or not he listens is up to him!” said Max. He moved over to Liz and held her, “Thank you my love,” he whispered in her ear.

“I only hope this works out!” said Liz who hugged him in return.

Pod Chamber, New York

Zan woke with a start. His hangover was gone but he was left with the warnings from his dream…he couldn’t take any chances, he wanted…no he needed to protect Ava and if this Max Evans was right then she would be vulnerable without him.

Looking around he say Ava resting on the sofa but no sign of the other two. He quickly shook Ava awake and pulled her out of the room and onto the main streets where they could hide in plain sight.

“Zan, what’s wrong?” she asked

“I had a dream, a warning from my dupe in Roswell. He said that Lonnie and Rath were going to try and kill me and that I had to get you and leave.”

“And you believe this?” she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. They had no idea if the dupes in Roswell could be trusted yet her lover appeared to be going on blind faith. Let alone the fact that she found it impossible that her friends would kill their leader.

“I can’t take the chance, I won’t take the chance of them hurting either one of us. We’ll head down there and talk to him and his unit…maybe get some answers!”

Ava nodded and pulled into a parking lot. They looked around for a decent car that wouldn’t draw attention and used their powers to make a clean getaway…next stop Roswell, New Mexico. Unfortunately unknown to them Nicholas had them watched and the Skin reported back to him. Within the hour another car was stolen and two more aliens headed south.

Maria’s car, 285 south, 30 minutes after departure

Maria: She was enjoying this alone time with Michael, they were talking about nothing in particular but she was just happy being here with him. Unfortunately the temperature in the car was increasing and she was becoming hornier by the second, they had tried phone sex when it became apparent that her mother of on to them but that only provided the very briefest of reprieves.

“So, did you hear about Alex and Isabel’s date the other night?”

Michael: He was finding it difficult to concentrate on driving, out of the corner of his eye he could see that she was running his hand up and down her leg. The top she had decided to wear today was…revealing to say the least. He cleavage as clearly visible and it was tight against her skin, extenuating the swell of her breasts.

“Yeah and here is me thinking that Max was the king of romance…nothing could have wiped that smile off her face.”

“I hope you took notes!” Maria said jokingly. She reached over to kiss him on the cheek but caught his lips when he turned his head. It was short but electric, the road was empty and Michael couldn’t take any more. He pulled off the main road and parked behind a large boulder.

Maria knew what he was wanting and slid over to straddle him, her legs extended into the back of the car. Michael wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in close, pushing her crotch firmly against his erection that swelled in his jeans. She planted her hand on both sides of his face and pulled Michael in for a hard kiss while his hand reached up under her top and fondled her breasts, gently teasing her hard nipples.

Slowly the kiss ended and Michael pulled back and cupping her cheek with his hand he said, “I love you!”

Maria had a tear in her eye, not since he walked away from after killing Pierce had he said those three words. “I love you too!” she responded. They came together for another kiss, gentler but no less passionate but Maria pulled away; she began to sense that something was worrying her scruffy boyfriend.

“Michael, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“I…I want…” he trailed off, blushing furiously and trying not to look into her eyes.

“What ever it is, you can tell me Michael…you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything” Maria said in a soothing tone as she brought his head up to face hers.

“I want to…take you from behind!” Michael said.

Maria grinned and suddenly her face became flushed, matching Michael. “So, feeling a little playful are we?” she said as she got off his lap and moved into the back of the car. Michael moved behind her and wrapped an arm round her stomach while the other brought her face round to his and into a searing kiss. His arm slowly moved upward, under her top and firmly latched on to her left breast. Maria moaned into his mouth as his fingertips teased the flesh that was left uncovered by her bra but the loudest moan came when Michael’s hand left her head and moved down to her crotch. Slowly he undid the button of her jeans and pulled down the zipper, slightly exposing her cotton panties.

Michael reached inside the soft fabric and cupped her womanhood. Maria jumped up slightly and began to grind her ass into Michael confined cock.

“God, you’re so wet Maria!” he sighed into her ear.

“For you baby, all for you.” Maria moaned as her hips began to grind involuntary against Michael’s hand. “Michael, please make me come.”

Slowly Michael stroked his fingers around her core, gently teasing the small bundle of nerves that were hidden by her velvety folds. “Tell me that you’re mine…Tell me that I’m the only one that can make you feel this way.”

Maria gasped as her lovers’ finger entered her, her hands reaching round and grabbed onto the sides of Michael’s thighs. She was desperate for the feel of his body on hers and right now the layers of clothing were impeding that contact.

“I…I’m yours Michael , every part…Unnngh…of me is…unnggghhh…yours. God, please give me…unnggghhhhh…ohhh…more. Michael…I love you!!” She howled. Michael’s finger now rapidly pushing into her as she pushed against his hard-on; he felt like he could come right there and then.

“Tell me Maria, say it…yell it for the world to hear.” Michael whispered as he bit into her earlobe with his hand still thrusting away.

“YESSSS, god damn it. Unnnnngh. You’re the only one Michael; I can only come for youuuu. You’re my mate, my life…Ugnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

Maria came furiously, he stomach muscles convulsed and her body shook. Michael felt her body become limp but he held on to and never wanted to lets her go…and by no means was he finished with her. He pushed her jeans down to her bent knees that were closely followed by her underwear. Michael undid the fastening to his own jeans and pulled out his hard cock.

Maria was still recovering from the intense bliss she had just received but could sense what Michael wanted. She grabbed onto the fabric of the back seat while tilting her hips upward to allow Michael access to her depths. He entered her with a slow, long stoke that was intended to drive her crazy and that’s what it did.

Michael looked down at her as she turned to face him over her shoulder. Her face was bright red, covered in sweat that had soaked her hair and caused it to stick to her body. Slowly he began to move, his hips thrust gently, sliding his cock in and out of her but gradually he began to increase his rhythm.

Maria arched her back, bringing her head up to the necessary height to kiss Michael. Soon he was pounding into her, each thrust was filled with electricity that nearly killed them both.

“God…Michael. I’m so close…don’t stop fucking me!” she was screaming, if anyone was outside the car they would have heard her. Thank god every one was driving on the road at fast speeds.

Maria knew that he to was close; she could feel it and Michael also knew. He could feel her walls tightening around him. His frantic pace increased, moving one of his hands from her hips he returned to her clit and pinched it. It was enough to send them both over the edge, Maria collapsed onto the back of the seat while she could feel Michael’s seed spurt deep inside her. Michael pulled out and lifted her back up into his arms, their eyes closed as he covered his hands with her own and a gentle green light began to emanate from them.

They quietly pulled their jeans back on; Maria got a fresh pair of panties and clean top from her overnight bag. They spent ten minutes with the doors open to lets the built up condensation leave the car and the windows to clear. Once set the two got back on the road and set out to help this mysterious girl called Laurie Dupree.

Valenti Residence, Same Day, 1400

Max and Liz had spent the morning at Michael’s, they never left after the meeting earlier and had just spent the time making love. It was quite a surprise for Max to see what Liz was wearing under her clothes. A blue silk teddy that she had bought with Maria yesterday with the sole purpose of driving their men crazy…it worked.

Right now they put their loving aside to meet with Kyle and Tess. Their tone from earlier was a little disconcerting but they defiantly looked like they need to talk. Max knocked on the door and a half naked Kyle opened the door.

“Oh Max, Liz…is that the time…guess we got a little side tracked. One minute!” said Kyle as he closed the door and ran back inside. Max and Liz broke out into laughter as they heard Kyle and Tess running around inside the house.

Slowly Tess opened the door, her faced flushed and a smile on her lips.

“Hi guys, come on in.” She said, moving to the side to let them enter. Everyone sat down on the seats.

“Okay, so what’s so important that you need to talk?” asked Max

“Right, I think I’m turning into an alien!” Kyle said quickly. Max and Liz both blinked and stared at him.

“What” they both said at once.

“When we were in Copper Summit, the back door to the Museum was locked. Then before I knew what was happening my hand glowed and the door unlocked, then I was drinking a glass of orange juice, I told Tess I wished that it was apple and it changed. Tess saw what happened and we did a little experimentation and I was able change the TV channel and the colour of my t-shirt.”

“Okay…so, this could be a problem!” said Max as he sat back against the seat

“Well maybe not!” said Liz, drawing that attention of her friends.

“What…I’m a human with alien powers, you don’t think this is a problem?” said Kyle. He was very agitated; Tess had readily accepted it and in part so had he. Since she found out it had brought them closer and they had a little bit more in common, she certainly seemed to enjoy their “training” lesson earlier.

“No because it means that there is one more person with powers to help stop Kivar and the Skins, but we should find out how it happened.” Liz said trying to reassure her ex.

“Okay well there is that.” Said Kyle as he tilted his head to the side and nodded.

“And on the ‘What caused it’ front, I think it might have to do when Max healed you.” Tess said.

“How does healing cause that?” Max asked as he stood up.

“I don’t know the specifics but Nasedo told me once that the healing requires a sharing of energy, some of that energy might have been left behind in Kyle…and in Liz too.” She said

“Okay, I think a little trip up to the Granolith could be in order” Liz responded


“It has a kind of medical scanner, it would be able to confirm any changes in us from the norm.” answered Max.

An hour later they were in the mountain, two beams of light scattering over both Kyle and Liz. When the energy dissipated Liz moved over to the Granolith and a display screen appeared in mid-air; it showed a number of readout all of which confused Max, Tess and Kyle but Liz just stood and gazed at it.

“Liz do you understand any of this?” asked Max, causing the others to turn and face her.

“Uh…yeah, I shouldn’t but I can, I can even read the Antarian. By the look of it, both Kyle and myself are now officially alien.” She said. “The alien energy has begum a part of us and as a result we’re nearly where you guys are…just without the D.N.A. differences.”

“Wait, so were still human?” asked Kyle

“Yep, well you are. I still have the D.N.A that Phoenix put in me before I was born…which is no longer dormant and is…very active…” Liz trailed off.

“What?” Max asked.

A giant smile came across Liz’s face but then she ducked her head and shook it from her face. “Nothing, I’ll tell you later okay.”

Max nodded, accepting that his mate would tell him when she was ready. Sooner or later she always did and it was the same with him. However, right now he was settled with the fact that Kyle was now even more apart of the group but still very much human. It was something that he could see in both his and Tess’s eyes that meant a great deal to them both.

Texas, that night

Michael and Maria had gone to get the necessary records when they arrived in Laurie’s hometown but right now they were more concerned with getting into the hospital where she stayed. Max had told them that her initial reaction to Michael will be…stressful but that would pass.

Michael waved his hands across the wall and bricks started to protrude from it making it an easier climb to the third floor window. Once inside he quietly moved over to the door and melted the door shut, it would take them quite a while to get through his handy work. He turned back to face Maria who was now by the bed; as Michael nodded she slowly nudged her to wake her up.

The first thing Laurie saw was Michael – she freaked! Just as she was about to scream Maria jumped her and put her hand over the scared girls mouth, which was subsequently bitten.

“Bitch!” Maria said in a hushed yell as she shook her hand. “Ohh, ouch that hurts!”

“You’re dead…stay away. Get away from me!” screamed Laurie

“Laurie, I’m not your grandfather, I’m a friend. I am here to help you, to take you away from this place.” Just them Michael could here guards coming down the hallway. He held out his hand to his would-be sister and said, “Do you trust me?”

For a second she just looked into his eye as she tried to make her decision but something inside told her that it was okay and took his hand. Michael used his powers to get her out of the straight jacket that she had been placed in earlier when she wouldn’t calm down then took Maria hand and repaired the slight injury.

Once they were back outside, Michael removed his makeshift stairway and the three ran to the waiting car. They were gone before the outer guards of the hospital were informed. Unfortunately Laurie was still doped up and fell asleep in the backseat almost immediate…the adrenaline rush now gone. All Maria did was stare at her for a while; despite the bite she could tell she was going to like this girl. Their next stop was a motel where they would spend the evening before heading to Laurie’s.

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Chapter 21

Room 542, Jackson Motel, Texas, The following Day, 1100am

It was a long night for Laurie; Michael had stayed by her side and used his powers to cleanse her system of the drugs that had been injected into her. She had slept on and off for the entire night and in the morning after a filling breakfast Michael had told her about who and what he was.

She took it quite well…after the screaming! It didn’t take her long to calm down, Maria asked Michael to step out for a minute and she sat down with Laurie and explained how she found out, how she feels about Michael and his connection to Laurie.

“So basically, the aliens abducted your grandfather, borrowed some of his D.N.A. and made Michael. They did it with three others and he’s…well…he’s Michael, I love him but when he found out about you he spent the night with Max trying to come up with a plan to help you.” Maria said.

“He’s not bad then, he’s not gonna hurt us?” she asked looking into Maria’s eyes.

“No, he’s not bad and he would hurt either of us or any of his friends. Actually on some kind of weird alien level he’s kind of like your brother, I mean apart of your grandfather is in him.”

An hour later, Michael came back into the room to find the girls laughing and crying as Maria told Laurie stories of things he had done and things they had all been through. {Oh my god, they’re bonding} he thought to himself. As he entered the room, Laurie stood up and went to hug him. She thanked him for what they were trying to do for her and told him that she was ready to go. He was a little shocked at first but soon hugged her back; looking over to Maria he could see a smile and a tear on her face. They left the room, paid the bill and went on to the Dupree residence.

Dupree Estate, An hour later

Michael and Maria asked Laurie to wait in the car and then made their way to the front gate, when they rang the bell the intercom spoke “Hello?”

“Yeah this is Maria Deluca and Michael Guerin, we’re here about Laurie!” said Maria

“Ms Dupree is not available at the moment, PLEASE leave.” Said the voice

With that Maria pulled a piece of paper from her bag and held it up to the camera.

“Like I said we’re her to talk ABOUT Laurie not to her.” She turned to Michael and in making sure her voice was loud enough to be picked up by the machine she said, “Don’t the press just love this kind of thing?”

A second later the gates opened and Michael just looked at her.

“Hey, you’re really good at this.” He said as they walked in.

“What can I say, I know where to hurt the rich!” she countered.

Once inside the main house, Meredith and Bobby met the two teens. They looked at Michael then back to each other.

“Okay, what do you want?” asked Meredith

“Simple, the two of you out of Laurie’s life.” Said Michael as he stared down Bobby.

Bobby started to laugh, “What makes you think that’s going to happen?”

Maria pulled out the deed and handed it to Michael as well as another piece of paper.

“This place is in her name, her grandfather left it to her. However, you two appear to have just thrown her away!”

“We have not, she is getting the very best of treatment.” Meredith said she was very agitated now.

“Treatment she doesn’t need…this shows that you made a rather sizeable…donation to Pinecrest. You paid them to keep her out of the picture so you could live here! That doesn’t sit well with us…or her!” Said Maria

“We managed to get a copy of the original will, so here is the deal. You two get what you original inherited and Laurie gets hers. That’s it, or the papers get a front page story…oh by the way the courts don’t look to favourably on this kind of thing…we looked it up!” said Michael

“You’re out of your mind and so is Laurie. She keeps on yelling about aliens hunting her…we have doctors reports to confirm this.” Meredith said, letting Bobby take a back seat.

“Oh I’m sure you could get that report and a hundred others but I have results of a blood test that shows massive over medication and a report that said someone tried to break into her room a couple of nights ago…I’m sure with those two little facts combined a case can be made to show that Laurie was…mistaken about who was hunting her.” Michael countered. He was prepared for any argument they could make, much of what he was talking about was a lie or exaggerated but if it gets what they want then he was going to use it.

It worked; the elder Dupree’s would do anything to avoid bad press and a court case. They had no idea that Michael was bluffing but they weren’t going to take the chance and within the day they had made arrangements and moved to their summer home, their belongs moved a few days later. Unfortunately they were determined for revenge want were damned sure they were going to get it.

Outside the Crashdown, Two days later

Isabel was growing more and more concerned, something just didn’t feel right and she couldn’t stop coughing. Too make matters worse she had lost control of her dream walking abilities, whether she wanted to or not it happened and she always ended up in Alex’s dreams. She suspected what it could be but needed confirmation. She talked to Tess and she told Isabel about the Granolith’s medical scan, so she decided to speak to Liz at the first opportunity.

She saw Liz just leaving her family’s restaurant and managed to catch up to her.

“Hey Liz!” she yelled

“Oh hey Isabel, What’s up?” she said after turning around

“Uh, listen. I’ve been a little off lately and I need to be checked out, Tess told me about that thing you did for Kyle and I was wondering if you could do it for me.” Isabel asked.

“Sure, sure. I’ll get Max and…” Isabel interrupted Liz

“No, no Max…I don’t want to worry him. Besides if it is this then I want to keep it private. Okay?”

“Okay, Isabel what’s wrong…how serious is this?” asked Liz

“Not out here, can we do this now or do you have plans?” ask Isabel

Liz was very concerned now, she had never seen Isabel this flustered or adamant about keeping Max away from this. “Sure, we can do this now…you got the jeep?”

“Yeah, come on!”

Granolith Chamber, 90 minutes later

The Beam of light had just finished. When Isabel told Liz about her suspicions, Liz was shocked but ecstatic. Isabel sat on a seat that the Granolith has formed and waited for the results. Then Liz said her name.

“Okay, so what’s the word?” asked Isabel

“The word is yes! Its definite, I still have to go through the specifics but you are and you’re not the only one!”

“What? You mean that you and Max are?” Isabel said, a smile forming on her lips. Liz just nodded and the two friends moved into a hug. “He didn’t tell me, how could he not tell…”

“I haven’t told him yet, I was going to do that this afternoon. When are you going to tell Alex?” asked a very happy Liz.

“Tonight, I call him and ask him over. I’ll tell him then, uh Liz I hate to ask this but could you not tell Max about me…he’ll freak!” said Isabel

“No problem, actually I think I’ll change my plans and tell him tonight as well. We were supposed to get together at your place anyway.”

“So when did you first find out?” ask Isabel

“A couple of days ago after the scan. It was less than 24 hours old so my guess is that it happened my last time with Max. What about you, you said you were suspicious and from the scan it look about a week?”

“A week? The glow!” said Isabel as the realisation dawned on her.

“Glow, what glow?” asked Liz

“Last week, just after Alex and I made love in the shower, our hands touched and there was a faint yellow glow…what about you?”

“No there was noth…wait…there was something, a blue aura was there for like a second. That’s it, that’s how we know when it’s happened!” Liz said while smiling.

The two then pulled each other back into a hug; they were now much closer to each other and more a part of a family.

“Liz!” said Isabel

“Yes?” asked Liz.

“We’re pregnant!!” Isabel said.

“Yes.” Said Liz.

Whitman Residence, same time

Grant had seen this on TV and hoped that it worked. He pushed the needle several times into the hose containing the brake fluid and filled it with small holes. He loved this plan, being the shoulder to cry on was always an excellent way of getting into a girls pants and what better way to make a girl cry than the death of someone she loved.

Who better to fill that role than his competition – Alex Whitman, Computer Geek! Soon he would be happy, Isabel would be writhing underneath his thrusting body and Alex would be dead. Nothing could stop his plan and he quietly moved away from the vehicle, looking around to make sure no one was watching him. Making his way to his car, the smile on Grant’s face disappeared, he was now once again under the control of the Ganderium Queen. He headed out to Frazier woods to check in the crystals in the cavern. Five hours later he was at his campsite, suffering from a massive headache and frustration at his latest blackout.

Alex was inside his room, practicing a song he had written for Isabel when he received the phone call. Isabel wanted him to come over later on that night, all she told him was that she had some news and wanted to tell him privately. Unfortunately for Alex, Isabel said this in a very seductive tone that got his hard in a second and he lost all concentration for his music. He had no idea that his world was about to change and that Isabel didn’t want to see him so they could play.

285 North, Heading into Roswell, same time

Michael and Maria had spent the last two days with Laurie and helped her get settled. However, she wasn’t happy. Aside from Carmen the maid the house was completely empty and she was alone. That was when she made the decision, she was going to sell the estate and buy a smaller property near Roswell; she wanted to be closer to family that actually cared about her.

Michael said that he would help, Mr Evans wasn’t a real estate lawyer but he would probably have some contacts that could help. While he didn’t want Laurie to leave her home, he was glad that she would be closer. Maria of course was overjoyed, she was a lot closer to Laurie and liked the idea of having a new friend in the mix…especially one who could get together with the other girls and do the whole make over scene.

Later that evening

Alex was making his way over to Isabel’s and was about to turn a corner when he saw Max walking on the sidewalk. He beeped his horn and pulled over.

“Hey Max, you need a lift home?” Alex asked.

“Yeah thanks, Is had the jeep today. You headed over to see her?” Max said

“Yes, she called earlier!” Max got into the car and the two drove off.

It was half and hour later when they were driving down main street when it happened. The brakes failed and at 32 miles an hour the car went head long into a nearby store window.

Max was the first to wake up, blood pouring from his forehead where he made contact with the dashboard. He looked over to Alex who was lying unconscious against the seat, his head tilted forward. In the distance Max started to hear the sirens of emergency vehicles as they approached and managed to pull Alex from the wreck.

Laying his sisters boyfriend on the ground he placed his hands over Alex’s chest and head and focus on healing him. Nothing! Max couldn’t make the connection, he couldn’t feel Liz, and he couldn’t access any of his powers. That was when the Sheriff’s car pulled up and Valenti get out.

“Max, are you all right?” asked Valenti

“For now, but Alex…I cant heal him!” said a very dizzy Max.
“It’s okay we can get him to the hospital.” The ambulance pulled up and the paramedics were by Alex’s side in seconds. Soon Max had a bandage on his head and both were on their way to the hospital. Valenti himself was on the phone to the Evans and the Whitman families and they were on their way as well.

Roswell Hospital, ten minutes later

Alex was in the E.R. with doctors and nurses around him, trying to put him save his life. Max was refusing treatment and stood by the door looking in, he was helpless to do anything but soon heard his mother and father enter the hallway.

“Max…oh god Max!” yelled his mother as she wrapped her arms around him.

“I’ll be okay mom…I’ll be okay!” he said trying to calm her.

Shortly Alex’s parents were in the room, looking in at their battered son’s body. Mrs Whitman burst into tears just as Liz, Michael and the others entered. All spoke at once, asking how he was and how Alex was. Max took Isabel aside for a second…

“Isabel…I…” he couldn’t find the words.

“Max, what happened? Is Alex going to be okay?”

“Is I tried to heal him, I tried but I couldn’t use my powers…the doctor said…he doesn’t think Alex will…” Max trailed off. Isabel knew what Max was telling her and collapsed into his arms, tears flowing freely down his face. All the parents and friends looked on and knew what was happening despite not being able to hear.

“No Max, you have to try again…you have to. I can’t loose him!” she cried against his shoulder.

“I know, Isabel I know!” he said holding on to her while running his down her hair.

“No Max, you don’t…I’m pregnant. I was going to tell him tonight, that’s why I called him over…I am going to have his baby!” she whispered

Max was shocked but continued to hold his sister, he lifted her head up and nodded to her. He sat her down in a chair and went back to the doors, as soon as the doctors left he would be in there with him…consequences be damned. He received a nod from both Michael and Tess, they knew what he was going to try and do and would support him on this. One of their own was at deaths door…to save him, to save anyone of them they would tear the world asunder.

5 hours later

The chief doctor who was working on Alex came out of the room and headed toward his family. Everyone of the group looked up as Isabel made her way to her lover’s parents. They had gotten to know Isabel in the last week as she had become a frequent visitor and they had agreed that they wouldn’t keep anything from her regarding their son’s condition.
“Mr & Mrs Whitman, we were able to stabilise your son but the internal damage was critical. We have him on life support at the moment but we don’t expect him to regain consciousness or survive the night…I really am very sorry!” Said the doctor.

Those that weren’t already in tears were now, everyone who wasn’t sitting tried to grab onto a railing or the back of a seat to remain standing. Mr Whitman asked if it was okay to go in and see Alex and the doctor agreed. They entered and just sat by his side as the heart monitor just beeped away in the corner.

Ten minutes later Max and Isabel entered, she asked them if she could sit and speak to him alone for a moment. She knew that he wouldn’t hear her but she just wanted to be with him. The Whitman’s left the room as Isabel sat down and Max moved to the other side of the table. He tried again.

“Nothing…god Isabel…I can’t connect, I cant do anything for him…I’m so sorry!” cried Max as he placed his hands on different parts of his friend body trying in vain to connect but nothing happened. Isabel placed her hand over Max’s and shook her head. Max backed off.


“Alex, I wanted to tell you something…”


“We’re going to be parents…I’m pregnant!”


“I promise you, I’ll take care of our baby…till the end of time…”


“I Love you…”


To Be Continued…

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Chapter 22

The unending tone of the heart monitor rang out but for Isabel time appeared to slow down as the doctors and nurses ran around her, preparing to save the young man on the table. A doctor looked to a nurse who then helped Isabel stand up and led her out of the room with Max following. The family looked on through the window as the primary doctor pressed the defibrillator panels to Alex’s chest and zapped him, every few minutes his limp body would jump from the table but fell back down.

For the group of friends and family that had gathered the procedure went on for hours but in reality it was only twenty minutes. Eventually the two doctors in the room looked to each other and shook their heads, they pulled away from his body and one looked up to the clock on the wall, through the door they heard him say “Time of death…0313am.”

Granolith chamber, 0330am

The symbol that had formed when Alex and Isabel bonded began to glow and then started to fade. However the Granolith had other ideas and shot a beam of yellow lightning toward it, preventing the separation.

Hospital, same time

They had been sitting in the waiting room for over 15 minutes, Max trying to comfort both his sister and girlfriend. Then it happened…a sharp throng of pain shot through his head causing him to flinch and in that brief second he could feel Liz once again.

“Max? You okay?” asked Liz as she saw his hand travel up to his head.

“Yeah, I feel better…I can feel you again. I guess my powers are back!” he said. Now, now they came back, 15 minutes too bloody late. His anger was great and so was his guilt…he knew that he could have saved Alex if he had recovered sooner.

That was when Sheriff Valenti returned to the waiting room. He had one of his deputies give Alex’s car the once over and had been called away an hour earlier to get the results. Little did he know that he was now on a murder investigation!

“Is there any word yet?” he asked his son

“Alex died about twenty minutes ago…he just…” Kyle trailed off, his father pulling him into a hug.

Max saw the Sheriff and had moved over to him.

“Did you find out what caused this?” asked Max

“Yeah…Max, this isn’t the time to talk about this. We should…” A now angry Max interrupted Jim.

“I DON’T CARE IF IT’S THE WRONG TIME…Sorry, I just…I need to know what happened sheriff. Please!” said Max

The sheriff nodded and looked into his eyes, “Someone punctured the brake line, every time Alex pressed the braked he lost fluid…this was deliberate Max!”

Isabel, Liz, Michael and Alex’s parents all heard what the sheriff said. A thousand questions were asked but all Jim could tell them was that the car and the line was being checked for fingerprints and any other evidence but one thing he could tell them all for sure…he wouldn’t stop until he got them behind bars.

Just then Grant walked into the hospital. He was putting on a good act of looking agitated and concerned. He immediately walked over to Isabel but was stopped by Michael.

“I just heard…is he okay?” asked Grant

“No he’s not…he died.” Responded Michael

“Could I talk to her…maybe I could…hell I don’t know, maybe get her talking?” he said.

Michael looked toward Max who nodded it couldn’t hurt after all. He stretched out his hand and Grant took it and Michael got a flash. A thousand imaged flooded into his mind but one came out clearly…

“You…it was you!” Michael said as he punched Grant, forcing him into the wall.

Max had heard what Michael said. “What was that about Michael!” he said as everyone looked at him.

“He did it Max. He’s the one who killed him! Sheriff…there is a small amount of fluid still on his hands…I swear he did this!” Michael was increasingly agitated.

Everyone looked at Michael and then to Grant…he was actually smiling. Some how this punk had found out but he was proud of what he had done and there was no point in hiding it. The sheriff called to his deputy who promptly put him in handcuffs. He was still smiling when he was led away…tests were arranged and with any luck Michael was correct and the killers arrogance had just handed himself in.

Operating room…

The nurse was wrapping Alex’s body in the cloth shroud for transport to the morgue. All of a sudden the heart monitor started up again and a flash of light emanated from the body. She ran screaming from the room…

Everyone else ran back into the room. Max removed the shroud from his body, exposing his chest and face; right there starting just below his throat and stretching across his chest as the glyph that represented the union between him and Isabel. Along with the symbol four silver handprints formed around it. All the parents, except for the sheriff, looked concerned and their eyes were filled with fear.

The four aliens moved around the table, looking at each other. Each nodded and placed one of their hands on each of the handprints and focused…

Granolith chamber…

From each of the other three symbols beams of coloured light flowed to the Granolith and then onto the forth. The entire chamber was filled with light, the Granolith was determined to protect the lives of those who protected it and who protected them in turn.

Operating Room…

“It’s not enough…nothings happening!” said Max. Just as two doctors entered the room with several nurses, Liz, Kyle and Maria moved to the table and placed their hands over their respective partners. Unknown to all of them was the security camera in the room and the recorders used for videotaping operations were all active.

Granolith Chamber…

The beams of light doubled in their intensity, the colours became more vibrant and the room filled with static. All symbols were glowing, the strength and unity they represented flowed as one to there weakened counterpart. The walls themselves began to shift in colour, changing one by one to every colour in the spectrum. The room was a dance of light, a rainbow that energised the Granolith and filled it with life that it sent to its young ward.

Operating Room…

The doctors, nurses, parents and a few others that had been drawn to the activity of the room watched in awed silence as the broken and battered body began to repair itself. Bones snapped back into place and knitted together, cuts healed and bruises faded.

No one could believe what they were seeing and just then the teens removed their hands and Alex opened his eyes.

“What…what happened?” Alex said in a horse whisper.

Isabel lifted his hand and kissed it as his parent ran to the table. Max and Isabel turned to face their still very quiet parents.

“Mom, dad…we have something to tell you!” said Max turning back to look at his sister and friends.

“But not here…we should do that at home.” Said Isabel and then moved to Max. “We don’t need to tell them what I told you…not yet, okay!” she whispered.

Max nodded and went to grab a wheelchair. They helped Alex into it and told his parents that it would be best of they went with them; they were to shocked to do anything but agreed. Besides that, they had just been given back their son and were hardly going to refuse any answers they could get.

Evans Residence, 0500

Liz and Maria called their parents and had asked them to come over. Given what happened to Alex they felt that they should be there for their daughters little knowing the world they were about to enter. The sheriff had decided to return to the station, he wanted to question Sorenson himself. Alex was still very weak and was asleep in Max’s bedroom; Isabel never left his side in the hours since they arrived.

When everyone was seated in the living room Max began…he told them everything that had happened from day one, everything from the pod chamber to Liz’s shooting and what they had learned in the last year. He told them of discovering Nasedo and their past, the discovery of the Granolith, the Skins and what awaited them out among the stars. The only thing he never told them about was the sex…knowing your children were involved in an intergalactic war was one thing, that they were sexually active was something else.

It all took 2 hours…they were all surprised that it didn’t take long given what they had all been through. After letting it sink in for a while Max and Liz left the room to prepare breakfast for them all, they were going to need it.

“How do you think they’re taking it?” asked Max.

“Not sure yet…but you saving my life and helping to save Alex’s scored some major brownie points!” Liz answered

“I hope so…things are going to be strained for a while. I only hope that the Whitman’s don’t try to stop Alex seeing Isabel. She is going to need him now!” said Max

“You know…don’t you?” she asked

“Wait…you know that she is…” Max trailed off

“Yeah, I used the Granolith to confirm it. She’s about a week along now…Max I have something to tell you, just don’t freak okay!” Once she received a nod from Max she said it, “I’m pregnant too!”

Max almost fell backwards, his knees turning to jelly. “Are you sure? How far along?”

“Yes I’m sure and only a couple of days, I think it was that time at Michaels before we went to see Kyle and Tess. Listen Max…there are a few differences with Isabel’s pregnancy than with a human one…number one is that she wont get morning sickness…she will cough like hell for about a week more, I don’t know how I’ll react! So…how are you?”

Max moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, “I’m ecstatic, and it’s the best news since Alex’s resurrection.”

Liz leaned into the hug; she knew that Max was going to be happy about this no matter what would happen. They were going to be parents of a new life and a new life form, neither human, Antarian or Omniriad but a mix of all three. It was going to be one hell of a ride for junior!

Max’s bedroom…

Isabel was sitting by the bed, Alex still asleep and lying peacefully. She refused to leave his side since they left the hospital and hoped that he would wake up soon…she could use his support now that they had exposed themselves and it was killing her waiting for the other shoe to drop. No doubt someone at the hospital had called a tabloid or a TV station.

Then Alex’s eyes began to flutter open.

“Isabel?” he croaked

“Alex! How are you?” she asked

“Got a massive headache…what happened?” Alex asked

“There was an accident, your brakes were…they failed and you lost control. Alex, you died…you were gone for about 15 minutes!” she said with hesitancy

“Dead? You brought me back…you all did, I felt it!”

“Yes, with a little help from the Granolith. It kept you alive and showed us what to do.” Said Isabel

“Is, what’s wrong?” he asked

“There were others in the room when we did it…my parents, yours and some hospital staff! Max and the others are filling in our folks, including the Parkers and Ms Deluca.”

“Oh, well…things are going to be interesting for a while.”

“Yeah you could say that again…Alex there is something else. I’m going to have a baby…our baby!”

“What? But we used protection…how?”

“We didn’t those first two times…especially that time in the shower!” she said wile the skin of her face became bright red as she remembered the sensations of their little tryst.

“Your dad is going to kill me…and so is mine for that matter!”

“Well there maybe threats and yells but he wont kill you…we’ll just bring you back if he does!” she joked, bringing a smile from both their lips. “So, how do you feel about this?” she said, her voice filled with fear and concern.

Alex sat up on the bed, wincing at the pain coming from his joints. Slowly he lifted his hand and cupped the side of her face, it always worked to reassure her. “I didn’t think I could love you more than I already have…but knowing that your going to have my child, I think I love you more than ever!” As he finished a tear fell from Isabel’s eye, Alex moved his thumb over her check and wiped it away before pulling her in for a loving kiss.

“Come on, I think I should see my parents…I take it when Max told them everything he left out the baby?” Alex asked

“Yes, a few thinks were left out…you know the time travel, you dying the first time around…that kind of thing. We thought that giving Liz’s, Maria’s and your parents any more reasons for you to stay away from us.”

At that Isabel helped Alex out of the bed and onto his feet but he was still considerably weak, his legs felt like jelly as he almost feel to the floor. However, before he made contact Isabel caught him and lifted him back up. The two looked into each other’s eyes and smiled – in that instant they knew that they would always be there for each other. Alex wrapped his arm around her shoulder for support as Isabel placed her arm around his waist; they slowly made their way to the door.

Living room…

Alex and Isabel walked into the room and Mrs Whitman was on her feet and hugging the life out of her son. Soon his father was with them, holding them both and taking a deep breath.

“So…I take it Max has told you by now. How are you guys?” asked Alex

“I ehh…that is…” his father tried to get out. That was all Alex needed to here, his family had doubts and probably very, very large fears. He needed to make his position as clear as possible and do something to help his parents get to grips with this.

“Okay, don’t say anything just now…please just listen! I understand why your freaking out over this but under no circumstances am I going to stop seeing Isabel or stop being part of this group Doing this, helping Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess in this…even just knowing them is an honour that I wouldn’t give up for anything!

Yes it is dangerous…Kivar would fry this planet in a second if he could and he would like nothing more to see the four of them dead. Mom, dad I know that you are worried about all of this but my place is by Isabel, nothing AND no one can change that. We’re a family; we look out for each other. For as long as I live I will do my best to protect them…”

Max then interrupted “And we would protect him…just like we did tonight!”

The tone of confidence rang through his voice; neither of his parents had ever heard his speak like this but they were both surprised to find that they were proud of him. Alex was standing by his convictions and his friends and they were standing by him. It was what they needed to know and he had the love of a young woman who would stand by him.

“Alex, thank you…I guess we already knew what you were going to say but hearing it helps. We wont stop you doing this and we wont try to stop your relationship with Isabel. We discussed this while you kids were out of the room…” Alex father trailed off and looked to Philip.

“We agreed that no matter what you are our kids and while we want to protect you as much as possible…you’ve been through so much already we decided that we would stand by you – all of you!” Said Philip. He like all the other parents were concerned for their child’s well being, the Parkers were grateful for Liz’s life as were the Whitman’s, but they were all proud of their children and did not envy the choices they have and would have to make.

The eight teens looked at each other and smiled, at least now they had more than just the sheriff as allies…their families had accepted the lives they were leading. Diane and Mrs Whitman then moved to the young women who had stolen their son’s hearts.

Each told Isabel and Liz the same thing “Protect my boy”. Two simple words formed the response… “I Promise!”

Just them Michael looked down to the television. The volume was muted but the images were as clear as day…

“Oh crap…Max, we’re on TV!” he said looking to the king.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 23

TV Anchor: “The tape was distributed over the Internet in the early hours of the morning and was subsequently denounced as a fraud. Now witnesses to the incident at Roswell Community Hospital have come forward and the original security video had been delivered to this station and is now being checked for authenticity.

For more on this story we go to Jason Davies outside the hospital in Roswell…”

Davies: “While the staff here at the hospital have refused to give any information on the patient seen on the operating table, an unknown source among the staff has supplied a copy of the tape used to film operations. It shows the operation he went through and his subsequent death and resurrection at the hand s of several young people. The angle provided clearly shows the patients face…

< TV image switched to film showing Alex’s face, the symbol on his chest and the repairs to his body! >

…Unfortunately the seven other teenagers’ faces are never shown but everything that happened to the patient is visible and clear.

As of yet we can only speculate at how this was achieved, rumours have been consisting of religious miracles to experimentation on behalf of the government. We hope to have more on this later in the day, now back to our studio…”

Anchor: “Of course we all know Roswell was made famous for the supposed UFO crash in 1947…”

Michael reached for the remote and turned the volume down.

“Okay…someone is going to recognise Alex and connect him to us…what do we do?” he asked.

Motel, 7 hours outside of Roswell, 0900

Zan and Ava spent the night in the motel as a change from the car. They were taking a very indirect route to get from New York to Roswell, heading to the west coast, down through California then across to New Mexico, all in an attempt to make sure Lonnie and Rath had no idea were they were going…if they were close enough to follow.

They had woken up and Zan turned on the TV. On every station they found a news report of the miraculous healing in Roswell, both new what it meant.

“Those fucking morons…what the hell were they thinking?” said Zan as he scratched the back of his neck.

“God knows but if we show up in Roswell now…” Ava trailed off

“Yeah…that means plan B!”

“What’s plan B?” asked Ava

“Serena told me about a cave just outside Roswell before she left. She said that if anything happened we could hide and be safe there. We go there and watch for a while…we send a message to this Max once its safe.” Zan responded.

“Okay…Rath or Lonnie doesn’t know about this place, right?”

“No…Serena only told me while you guys were in Central Park!” said Zan

“Good, so we head there. I just hope than we can find out what’s going on before Lonnie figures out were heading there!” she said.

“Yeah, soon or later she’ll figure it out…she’s always been able to find me no matter how far I was!” he said.

Kansas, Same time

Rath pulled off to a small side road, he was tired of driving around the country hoping that Lonnie would pick up on her brother. All he wanted right now was a break knowing full well the she was going to object, all Vilandra could think about these days was getting back to Antar – which was fine with him; they had nothing on this rock except there home in the subway tunnels. Oh yeah they had a great life…not!

“Why the hell are you stopping?” she complained

“I’ve been driving all night…I’m tired and I need some sleep. If you want you drive, I’ll crash on the back seat.” Rath said as he exited the car, Lonnie following.

“Oh I get it Rath…you wanna play!” Lonnie said in a seductive tone.

“No, just sleep!” he countered. That was something that surprised Vilandra; no matter what Rath was always up for sex…it was the one thing they had in common and when offered neither turned it down.

“What’s up Rath?” she asked.

“Nothing…just sick of this whole thing, running after you brother, this summit, this planet and that little shit Nicholas.” He all but yelled.

His tone when he mentioned Nicholas’s name was not lost on Lonnie.

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” she said almost laughing, “What…don’t like the amount of time I’m spending with that shit? It really doesn’t suit you Rath!”

“Maybe but what about when we get to Antar…you gonna shack up with Kivar again?” he knew that would push her buttons.

She slapped him, causing him to smile “How the fuck did you know about that?”

“I can remember a few things…like after a while you began to enjoy those things he did to you, things that even a human wouldn’t do!” With that he turned around and walked away for some peace. However, Lonnie caught up to him and grabbed his arm. As he turned around, Vilandra moved to slap him again but he caught her arm. She tried to do it with her free arm but he caught that as well and pulled her into a very heated kiss, their tongues rubbing against each other as they fought for control.

Rath broke from the kiss, let her go and walked away. Lonnie was turned on now, they never had a kiss like that…there was defiantly something different about it but she wasn’t going to let him get away.

“What the matter Rath…can’t get it up. Pathetic, a hot blond is throwing herself at you and you walk away. You’re nothing but a dickless wimp.”

That worked, Rath turned and pushed her up against a tree and started to rip her clothes off. Her tight black top was the first to go, he grabbed hold with both his hands and torn it down the middle, exposing her bare tits. Then her shorts, they were down to her ankles and kicked off in seconds.

“I’ll show you dickless!” she said as his hand reached round to cup her ass, lifting her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Rath reached down and moved her panties to one side while Lonnie moved her hands down to unfasten his leather pants and expose his hard dick. With one slow thrust he plunged into her depths, bringing a moan to her lips and causing both their eyes to close tightly at the pleasurable contact.
Vilandra as the first to break out of the moment, concerned at what she was feeling she decided to push his buttons a little more.

“Come on dickhead, fuck me…show me your more than Nicholas!” she teased

That broke Rath out of the trance he was in since he entered her. He hated that she knew exactly what to say to ruin the moment and turn it into nothing but sex, he hated that she knew what to say to make him want her and fuck her. Lonnie moved her arm around his head, resting it on her shoulder. It gave her the perfect amount of leverage and pulled herself up until Rath was almost out of her…she let go and thrust down, once again engulfing him inside her.

“Do it Rath, do me…make me cum, make me scream your name!” she said but he never moved, he kept still and enjoyed the feeling of being inside her. “Fuck sake Rath, just screw me, fuck me, do the fuck what you want to me but just do it!” she screamed. Still he didn’t move so she raised her free hand and slapped him – that was what he needed.

He wrapped her arms around her back and moved her from the tree to a boulder. She was now on her back, Rath grinning down at her while stoking his hands along her thighs. He reached round his back and grabbed hold of her ankles, bringing her legs round and resting them on his shoulders. Rath was tired of her taunting; he would give her what she wanted if for no other reason than to get her to shut up…and that his face was beginning to get sore.

“Your nothing but a whore aren’t you?” he said as he began to move within her,

“Nothing but a slut that needs to beg for it…say it bitch, say it!” Rath yelled as he pounded into her.

“Yes, I’m a slut…Ughnnn, more…fuck me Rath.” Lonnie moaned as Rath slid back and forth across her body. “Oh, god, more!” she howled as his thrusts forced her back to rub against the rough stone.

Rath was pumping in and out, rolling his hips and bringing Vilandra closer and closer to climax. They always loved to do it outside, especially against trees and rocks as it left marks on their skin. Slowly his hand moved from keeping her ankle in place and placed it over her breast, gently squeezing it and pinching the nipple. He himself couldn’t last much longer so her let go.

Her legs fell down to his sides as Rath placed his hands on the rock in an attempt to steady himself. “Come on baby, just let it go, let it goooooo!” he resolve gave out and he came, spurting his seed deep inside of her.

“Oh god, yes, yes, UGNNNNNNN!” her orgasm followed, the feel of his dick swelling and shooting inside her had set it off. The two rested against each other as they slowly regained control of their breathing. Soon Rath raised his head from her breasts and looked into her eyes and found her staring back. They were locked in each other’s gaze but soon a yellow glow filled their eyes.

A sharp pain filled the backs of their necks and they separated quickly. Upon grasping the source of the pain they felt a lump, pulsating beneath heir skin.

“What the hell is wring with us…” Rath yelled. Soon the pain eased and the two aliens looked at each other. The fixed their clothes and returned to the car and drove off to continue their journey, neither talked about what had just happened.

Oval Office, Whitehouse, same morning

President Harrison had, like everyone else in the country, woken up to the news of the healing in Roswell. He couldn’t believe that something so ridicules had made it to national coverage and that even the more legitimate news organisations were taking up the story. The first thing he did upon reaching his office was call for his Chief of Staff to find out what was going on…he came back twenty minutes later with the directors of the FBI, CIA and the NSA along with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Okay so what is going on?” he asked

“Mr President the tape is genuine!” said Director Haines of the FBI

“What the hell are you talking about? How can that be real?” said the president as he turned on the television in the office.

“Sir, the tape shows a group of extra terrestrials using their abilities to heal an associate.” Said Director McLain of the CIA.

“I want an explanation right now…the three of you seem to know more than the press do considering their the ones who broke the story!”

“Mr President as you know in 1947 an event took place in the desert outside Roswell. The crash of an alien craft actually occurred and we have the ship and remains of the crew locked in a vault in Nevada.” Said Chairman Ross

“And the reason I haven’t been told anything about this before now?” he said as he sat back down at his desk. Harrison had no idea that this would happen during his time in the job but right now he had some concerns that needed to be addressed.

“Mr President, standing order 657 Omega was instituted in ’47 just after the crash by President Eisenhower. It clearly states that the events of July that year will remain sealed and never told to any future president, political appointees or civilian representatives of the US. The only ones who would know would be people who’s positions are permanent…we ourselves were only told of this, this morning.

The crash happened sir, a number of artefacts were salvaged along with two alien life forms. Both died within a few weeks but we did learn a lot from them, as well as information that there were two others on the ship.” Responded the NSA director

“Correct me if I’m wrong but there appears to be eight teenagers in that clip there…not 2!” said Harrison

“Sir among the artefacts were eight green…pods, they were separated into clusters of four and each was reported to contain human like embryos. Those might be what we are seeing right now!”

“Okay I want to know right now…the two captured aliens. Were they in anyway tortured or mistreated to get information from them?” ask Harrison

“Sir?” said Chief of Staff

“By the looks of it we have eight teenage aliens running around with abilities that could blow up this building! If those aliens were tortured then the might not like it very much and decided to do a little damage. If that is the case then I would like a heads up! Understand?” said Harrison. He looked around the room but noticed that the FBI director had lowered his head. “What?” asked Harrison.

“Sir, along with the information about the ’47 crash I was also given a file from last year. In it describes the activities of several FBI agents who belonged to a group called the ‘Special Unit’ headed by Agent Pierce.” Said Haines as he handed the file to the president.

“What did he do?” said Harrison

“He hunted aliens…he captured one of these kids last year…his name is Max Evans, Pierce subjected his to medical tests, threats against his family and friends and he was tortured sir!”

“Well guys congratulations…you’ve probably just helped me go down in history as the president who started a war with another planet…that has to be a first!” Harrison was deadly serious but hoped that he was wrong. The opportunities here were incredible but it now looks as if the actions of a renegade agent could throw them to the winds.

“I want to speak to them.” Said Harrison

“Sir, I don’t think…”

“I want you to find out who their leader is and them bring him here. Is that understood!”

“Sir, given the experience they have had with people in the past I don’t think he would come!” the Chief of Staff said calmly. The president nodded and asked for ideas.

Twenty minutes later it was decided that the Chief of Staff and the FBI Director would head to Roswell and quietly make contact with the aliens. Their mission was simple – determine if they are a threat and if not bring the leader to Washington to meet the president. Together they would find away of announcing it to the public but given the events of the morning…it wasn’t going to be hard. The phone call was made!

Evans Residence, Roswell, immediately following.

They were all sitting around watching the TV; they couldn’t believe the stories that were now circling around. They were just thankful that which ever doctor broke the story to the press still had enough integrity not to give out Alex’s name. It had bought them some time but not a lot. The phone rang and Mr Evans wen’t to answer it.

“Hello!” he said. The expression of his face changed to sheer panic as he continued to listen.

“No…you can speak to me…okay I’ll ask!”

“Max…the Whitehouse is on the phone. The know what happened, who & what you are and want to send someone to talk.”

Max simply nodded “We knew it was only a matter of time…tell them we’ll be here but if they try anything…” he trailed off.

Philip conveyed the message to the voice on the phone and the reply he got was a simple “Understood!” He hung up the phone and went to his children and held them both. “I’ll tear them apart before I let them hurt you!”


“Sir, I spoke to the boys father. He has agreed to meet with us as soon as we arrive but he made it clear that if we try anything we would regret it.” Said the Chief of Staff

“Well, it’s a start at least…get down there now, it’s only a matter of time before someone recognises a face from that film. I’ve been looking over this file…physically he is human but his blood…he has a US birth certificate, driver licence and in the eyes of the law he is a US citizen who was abducted by a government agent…don’t mess this up old friend!”

“Me mess something up…never gonna happen sir!”

“You know it’s been three years since you called me John!”

“Yes Mr President! He said smiling as he walked out of the oval office to his meeting in Roswell.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 24

Interrogation Room, Roswell Sheriff Station, 2 hours later

Valenti: He had been sitting here for hours trying to figure out Grant Sorenson. He had sat there asking questions but he never received an answer, only a stare with the soft smile that that almost terrified the sheriff. Grant was calm and collected, never once doing anything to betray himself like he did at the hospital. The only time he did speak was to refuse his phone call and lawyer.

“I’m going to ask you again Sorenson…why did you try to kill Alex Whitman? We’ve got the evidence, fluid on you’re hands, fingerprints…we’ve got you!”

Sorenson just grinned and gave a slight chuckle. Valenti just shook his head and stood up.

“Take him back to his cell” He said to his deputy, “We’ll pick this up later!”

Valenti then left the room and headed to the break room for some coffee. He found most of his deputies sitting around the television, listening to the events at the hospital.

“Guys turn than nonsense off, you’ve all got jobs to do!”

That was when the reporter announced it…

“We are now able to report the name of the patient seen in the video. An anonymous source that claims she is a fellow classmate said his name is Alexander Whitman. Several others have also come forward with names if his friends one of which is Kyle Valenti the son of local Sheriff Jim Valenti.” Said the reporter.

All the deputies look to each other and then round to the sheriff. The mentioning of his sons name caused him to stop pouring the coffee and look to his deputies. All of which turned back to the television to listen.

“We are outside the Whitman family home right now, unfortunately no-one appears to be home right now. They’re location right now is unknown but they are believed to be in the company of those seen with him.

We have learned that Grant Sorenson, the man believed to be responsible for the car wreck that sparked the remarkable chain of event this morning, has been arrested and is being questioned by Sheriff Valenti. We go now to Jane Ross at Roswell Sheriff Station…” The reporter trailed off as the image on the screen changed.

“We are out side the Station at the moment but so far no official response has been given concerning this mornings events. The car that Mr Whitman was driving has been removed and toed to a local garage were it went through forensic examination. Mr Sorenson’s equipment and personal effects have also been taken into custody…” said Jane Ross.

Valenti turned off the television and turned to his deputies.

“Sheriff did you know about this…what’s going on?” asked Hanson.

Valenti looked at him, he knew that he had to say something to them but if they expected any answers just now then they had another thing coming. “Okay, no-one in this building talks to the press…if I hear one word from any of you out there except ‘No Comment’ then you’re through here.” He said as the phone rang out. He moved over and answered the phone.

“Sheriff Station, Valenti speaking”

“Jim, it’s Philip Evans.”

“What’s going on?” asked Jim

“A couple of people from Washington are coming down…they know about the kids!”

“Right, I’m on my way…Philip, do you have a gun!” he said calmly.

“What? Why do I need…” Philip asked.

“Just in case. We don’t know exactly what they know or what they are assuming but if they put our kids in danger then we have to be ready!”

“I know…yes I have one in my desk. I’ll see you when you get over here!”

Living room, Evans Residence, noon

Everyone had broken up into their family units, each teenager talking to their parents about how they got involved and specifically what happened in the hospital. Jeff and Nancy were floored when they learned that their daughter was part alien and guardian of the Granolith. They looked back on their lives and their inability to conceive a child; they had given up after a few years but then came the shock when they discovered Nancy was pregnant.

Now they understood how the impossible came to be, an alien entity gave them a gift and he in turn got what he needed. Given what they had learned in the last five hours since their arrival at the Evans home they had easily accepted it and despite overwhelming concerns for their child’s safety had accepted her place in Max’s life…after all they wouldn’t have a daughter if it wasn’t for Max saving her life.

Soon the phone rang and Mr Evans once again answered it, expecting to find another politicians voice or a reporter on the other end.

“Hello!” he said

“Hi, eh you don’t know me…my name is Laurie Dupree. I’m trying to get a hold of Michael, he gave me your number if I couldn’t get him at his place.” Said Laurie

“Yeah sure, I’ll just get him!” Philip answered. He placed the phone down and went to get Michael.

“Michael, there’s a girl called Laurie on the phone. Do you want to speak to…” Philip trailed off as Michael jumped up at the mention of his sister’s name. He had never seen Michael move like this as he practically ran to the phone.

“Laurie, are you okay?” Michael said into the phone.

“Am I okay? Michael what’s going on out there? After I saw the news I kind of figured you would be involved.” Laurie countered.

“Yeah, a friend was in an…accident. He had to do something, unfortunately it wasn’t exactly private.”

“Is he okay?” she asked

“He’s fine now…a little sore but he’s okay. Listen Laurie, the government knows about us. Some people are coming out here!” said Michael.

Laurie didn’t miss the tone of fear in his voice. She only spent a couple of days with him but she already felt like she knew him better than he knew himself.

“Michael, I’m coming out there!” she said

“Absolutely not, I want you to stay right where you are!” he said, his voice filled with concern.

“But Michael…I want to help, I NEED to help!” she said

“I know but I want you to stay as far away from this as possible. Stay home, stay safe!” he said, far too calmly for Laurie’s liking.

“Okay, but the second this goes public and you know it will I’m going to be there. Say hi to Maria for me!” Before Michael could object Laurie hung up the phone. Michael pulled the receiver away from his head a looked at he before he put it back down, a smile beginning to grow on his lips as he realised he had more in common with Laurie than her grandfather.

Michael moved back into the living room and moved behind Maria. She was sitting on the couch with her mother who had calmed considerably…she was still going to kill Jim, that’s a given for keeping something this important in her daughter’s life from her. Maria felt Michael’s eyes on her and tilted her head up to face him, he bent down and kissed her forehead and said “Laurie said hi”

“How is she?” asked Maria

“Concerned, she wants to come out here but wont until we go public!” said Michael

“How did she get you to agree to that one!”

“Hey what makes you think it wasn’t my idea?” Michael said as he leaned back up.

Maria just stared at him. “Because I know you…you wouldn’t want her near this place while this is going on. So how did she get you to agree!”

“She didn’t, she hung up the phone before I could say anything!”

“Hey the girl learns fast…this could be fun!” she laughed. Amy watched the interaction between her daughter and Michael. She almost laughed at Michael expressions as they talked and liked the idea the Maria could keep him on his toes…she definitely did a good job raising her.

Max then came into the room and looked around at his friends. He had spent some time alone in his room going over everything, what he was going to say to the suits, telling his parents that both he and Isabel were going to be parents…that’s when it hit him. Through all the time he had spent with Liz he had been prepared and brought protection but only managed to use it once. He remembered a feeling deep inside of him telling him to ignore that part of his common sense…he needed to speak with the others.

“Guys can I speak to you in my room? We have some alien stuff to talk about!” he looked around at each of his friends and each said that they would be back soon to the adults in the room.

“Max, you don’t have to hide any of this anymore…you can talk in front of us!” said his father

“Thanks dad but there are still a few things that you don’t know about, things you don’t want to know! It’s best we keep it private just now.” Said Max

The group then moved into his room, each finding somewhere comfortable to sit down. Isabel still by Alex’s side never let him go and sat next to him on the bed. Max leant next to his desk.

“Okay, this is not going to be something we are going to enjoy talking about but I think its necessary.” He looked around the room and waited for confirmation to continue. “How many of you have been using protection when you’re…together?”

Everybody looked around the room and blushed. “Max…why the hell is this important?” asked Michael.

He looked to Liz and then to Isabel and Alex, they nodded and gave their consent for the other two couples to be let in their secret.

“Isabel and Liz are pregnant.” Before the others had a chance to say anything he held up his hand to stop them from speaking and to stop Maria from shouting, jumping around and hugging her best friend. “Listen, when I have been with Liz I knew I should use condoms but something in me told me not to. It wasn’t until after Liz…conceived that the feeling went away. I need to know if any of you have had something similar!”

Isabel looked to Alex and both nodded any they weren’t the only ones. Everyone reported a similar feeling but Kyle and Michael both felt it during their last sessions with Maria and Tess.

“Okay, so what’s going on…is it alien or what?” asked Tess

“I think it may be the Granolith, don’t ask me how I know I just do!” said Max.

“If it is the Granolith then there must be a very good reason for it.” Said Liz as her hand subconsciously moved to her abdomen. “I think a little trip to the chamber could be in order.”

“Okay so first the Granolith messes with our hormones to turn us into nymphomaniacs, now it’s messing with us to knock us up!” Isabel said, she hated being manipulated like this. Even if it did make her happier than she had ever been, the idea that she had no control over herself was the Granolith was involved seemed offensive. She wasn’t the only one; they all felt the same way and wanted answers.

“That’s pretty much the way it looks.” Said Kyle, not relishing the idea of being a father at his age no matter how much he loved Tess, that was something he was not ready for.

“Are you sure it’s safe to go up there just now…if you’re followed…” said Max

“We need answers…we need them now before we are followed by every reporter on this planet. I’ll head up by myself, I’ll be fine.” Said Liz

Granolith Chamber, 1 hour later.

Liz had walked straight to the alien machine that she and Max had been given custody of. Most of the higher functions required duel control but much of what the device could do were available to either user but Liz felt a deep connection to the machine. She felt like she was a part of it and that it would only answer her. She pressed a few panels…

“Granolith, are you responsible for the pregnancies?” she asked

The screen re-appeared on the walls and the word ‘Yes’ became visible.

“Why?” Liz asked.

The Granolith responded…

“Antarian Law!” a voice boomed in her head


The voice spoke to her again and the green screen filled with the two words over and over again.

“Explain…what law?” Liz stated

It began again; Liz started to get a headache from listening to the machine. It started to glow and the chamber filled with light as the screen expanded to fill all the walls, printing the words “Antarian Law”. The symbols that represented each couple glowed brightly.

An hour later she was back at the Evans and told the others what happened and the cryptic message she had received. All were concerned but knew that the Granolith would never hurt them, only protect them. Whatever “Antarian Law” meant they knew that their unborn children were intended to protect them.

Serena’s Safe Cave, Desert outside Roswell, 1 hour later (30 minutes prior to Chief of Staff’s visit)

Zan and Ava had been driving like hell to get here, Ava using her powers to avoid and entanglements with Law Enforcement. They completely avoided the town and headed out to find the cave. It didn’t take long as Zan followed the instructions their guardian had left them and entered.

Inside they found nothing except dust and rocks. However, at the back wall they discovered numerous cave paintings. They were faded and crude but showed native Americans in various situations of hunting, fighting and their lives but one of the scenes showed a star falling to Earth and a man of light injured. The story showed that he as protected by the tribe, nursed back to health and in return they were blessed with bountiful hunts and crops. The last image showed the arrival of a rival tribe who almost wiped them out.

Images of thrown spears and arrows filled the wall, bodies laying everywhere and the destruction of their homes. The last set showed the return of the star and it destroying the enemy and taking the survivors of the fist tribe to the heavens where they lived without fear. The final image was that of the whirlwind symbol of the pendant.

Zan reached out and touched the symbol and a door opened in the rock. Crystals that grew on the walls lighted the new chamber and inside they found several other chambers branching off from the central one, furniture, clothing, food and various devices. A glowing yellow orb provided fresh air; a flat triangle lay before several monitors. One of which displayed all broadcasts within 1000 miles of the chamber. Zan turned back to the opening and touched it, the door closed and he looked back to Ava.

“I can see why Serena said this place was safe.” She said

“Yeah, nobody would find us here and with this lot we can keep an eye on Max and his unit…maybe even contact him privately without letting Lonnie know where we are!” Zan said as he yawned.

“Come on, we both could use some sleep and there is a very comfy bed in the room back there.” Ava said as she took his hand and led him into the room.

Evans residence, 30 minutes later

Max had been pacing back and forth, he had discovered a lot in the last 7 hours. His sister and girlfriend were pregnant as a result of the Granolith’s interference, Liz failed to get answers that made any sense and the government was sending people for a little chat. What a great day! However it wasn’t all bad, he was going to be a father and his own parents as well as Liz’s and the Whitman’s had accepted him an the others. Now he just hoped that Valenti made it here before his other guests.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Philip came back into the room with the sheriff in tow…each holding a gun!

“Wait a minute what are those for?” asked a concerned Max

“Just a precaution Max. We don’t know what to expect when the get here and despite your powers…we should just be prepared for anything!” said Jim

“I don’t want this…we shouldn’t be waving guns when they get here!” said Max

“Max…they’re right! At the very least it will show them that if they try something they will regret it.” Said Michael

“And we won’t be waving, I’ll keep my gun in its holster, your dads will be on the desk and we’ll make sure that they don’t bring in any.” Said Jim

Just then there was another knock at the front door. Philip and Michael left to answer it.

“Hello Mr Evans, may we come on?” said FBI Director Haines.

“Of course, come on in.” Philip ushered the two guests into his house.

“That’s far enough!” said Michael

“Michael…” Philip trailed off

“No offence gentlemen but for our own safety I want to make sure that you are carrying weapons or are bugged! I’m sure you can understand.” Michael said. He was terrified about this level of exposure but there was no choice about this now.

“Yes, we understand…we don’t have any guns. They were left in the car, as for listening devices we have a recorder but that will only be activated with your permission.” Said the chief of staff.

Michael lifted his hand and waved it down the two. The glow shocked both of them but when Michael smiled they knew that they had passed this little test.

“Okay, this way!” said Philip. He led the two into the living room where Max stood looking out of the window with his hands behind his back. He was trying to calm himself but knew that if Liz weren’t with him then he would feel a hell of a lot worse. “Max…This is Director Haines of the FBI and Steven Kane, the Whitehouse Chief of Staff.”

Max slowly turned around to face the two guests. It was already agreed that the only people present should be Max, Michael, Philip, Jim and Tess. For everyone else’s safety the left and went to the Crashdown to await any word.

“Okay Mr Evans,” Haines said to Max. “In 1947 a crashed alien ship came into our possession. Among artefacts that were recovered were eight pods that contained embryos…I assume that you and your friends are from those pods.”

Max nodded. “Not all of us, just four. The others were sent to another location…I suppose you would like some information then! My name is Zan, deposed ruler of the planet Antar. The others and myself were sent here to keep safe from our enemies before we could return.

We were killed because I wanted to reform the government system of Antar. Power was to be removed from the noble houses and given over to a democratic system…some didn’t like that too much. As a result we were terminated but my mother was able to save what we are by mixing our DNA with that of humans and recreating us so that we could hide and survive here.”

Max continued and told them of what happened last year, leaving out what Michael did to Agent Pierce. Kane and Haines sat dumbstruck, they really had no idea what to expect when the arrived but soon realised that this kid had the weight of the world on his shoulders and was standing up to the challenge. They liked that! After several hours of discussions, revelations and resentment at the treatment of Max at the hands of Pierce, Haines cell phone rang…

“Haines here!” he said standing up. “Yes sir, understood!”

“King Zan, the President has decided to go public!”

“What…don’t you think that we should have a say in that!” Michael yelled

“Apparently there was a leak in the Whitehouse…someone got hold of a document given to the Communications Director and handed it to the press. Also someone reported that the jet that brought us here landed at Eagle Rock. The press are putting two and two together, the only option left is to go public and maybe keep control a little longer.” Said Haines

“When is the press conference?” asked Max. He had put his hands over his face and dwelt on the storm that was soon to take over their lives. Max never liked being the centre of attention but within a few hours the entire planet was going to be looking at him under a microscope.

“Its at four o’clock…if you want we can stay and go over a few things you might want to say. There is going to be a hell of a lot of questions…” Haines said. He felt sorry for the young king before him. Max had obviously spent a lot of his time keeping his identity a secret and aside from a few incidents he had succeeded. Now all that was out of the window, he was going to be yelled at where ever he goes, thousands of people wanting to get close to a real alien and probably just as many who fear him or want him dead!

“No…no you should probably get back. What ever happens we’ll deal with it in our own way!” said Max

“Very well…it was an honour to meet you Your Majesty!” said Kane as he shook Max’s hand. He then reached into his briefcase and pulled out a cell phone.

“This phone has a private number on speed dial 1 that will connect you to a phone in the Whitehouse…we are the only ones who have the number. If you need to talk to us, just call!”

Max took the phone, looked at it and then placed it in his pocket. “Thank you…listen I don’t know what you’re going to tell the President or what conclusions you have about me but I just have to say this. I’m not a threat to you or anyone else…yes Kivar could come to Earth but that’s my problem to deal with! I just want to live my life with my family and friends!”

Kane smiled and nodded, “Now that’s a good response!”

Max took his hand again and smiled. He led them to the door and said goodbye before turning to Michael and his father.

“4 o’clock…two hours to get ready for our worst nightmare!” said Michael

“Fill me with confidence why don’t you!” said Max.

Dupree Residence, 1 hour after her conversation with Michael

Laurie had been going back and forth across the room. She wanted to be in Roswell, the only family she had that actually cared for her was about to go through hell and she wanted to be there for him. On top of that she knew that her aunt and uncle were probably plotting something and that was something she could do without!

Not to long after he talk on the phone she picked up a pad of paper and started to jot down ideas. The result was half the pad scrunched up and thrown around the room, most of what she could think of were not viable and everything else put what Michael tried to do for her in the bin. The only option that remained made her feel sick, she would hope that she would never have to do this again but now she had now choice if she wanted to be near her family.

She walked over to the phone and dialled.

“Hey Uncle Bobby. We need to talk!” said Laurie.

Central Chamber, Safe Cave, 3pm

Zan and Ava were dog tired. They had only just woken up after their arrival but still felt exhausted after their long drive. Ava herself was the first to get out of bed and decided that the best way to get Zan moving was the usual method…

She jumped back on to him and started to tickle him! It always got him moving no matter how lousy or tired he was feeling and for some strange reason Ava’s tickles always seemed to invigorate him. Within seconds he was out of bed and running around after her, trying in vain to get revenge. Soon the two were resting on the floor, their backs up against the bed as they tried to regain control of their breathing.

By now they would usually be having sex but they were still wiped. Ava slowly stood and found the bathroom…if that what you could call it! The chamber was right out of an Arabian Nights movie; the floor was smooth and polished, a thin veil of relaxing mist poured from small holes in the wall and from the water. The bath itself was more like a large circular pool filled with deep blue waters that reflected the light from the wall crystals. She and Zan where going to have a lot of fun on here, that was for certain! She stripped off her clothing and slipped into the water that came to just below her breasts; she was surprised that it was warm and not cold but soon lost all her cares and just began to relax.

Back out in the main chamber, Zan came here while he waited for Ava. He looked around at his new home…at least for the time being and found a nice little kitchen and a lot of food. Everything must have been placed here over 50 yeas ago but it all looked fresh. He could only conclude that Serena had put some sort of technology in here that kept the food that way! All of a sudden the lights of the chamber dimmed…

The screens of the room had disappeared and had been replaced by a single large one. Ava had seen the changes in the cave and came running out of the bath wearing nothing but a towel.

“What’s going on?” she asked

“I don’t…” he trailed off as the image of Serena appeared

“Zan, if you have come to this chamber then something has transpired…I can only hope that you and the others are well. This message was set to activate several hours after your arrival and well transmit another signal to a device in my possession; I will return to you as soon as possible.

I know that when I left it hurt you but I want you to know that it was necessary and I hope that someday you can forgive me! However right now I can not be with you, depending on my location on this world then I can be with you no more than five days from now. Zan I want you to know…neither you nor the other Zan who lives in Roswell are backups for the other. You were never to be separated but the crash changed that and for all your safety it was decided that you should be raised in different locations as we, your guardians, could not raise you.

All eight of you are one unit, I hope that you can all come together but I am unaware of the current situation. If you require aid then know this…you are linked to the other! However the link is weak and requires you to be within a mile of each other for it to work. Before this monitor is a device that with amply the bond and send a signal to him. You will enter a dreamscape much like Vilandra’s dream walk where the two of you can talk privately.

Zan, please listen! Four of you have the potential to defeat Kivar but with all of you it is certain. If your counterpart has taken custody of the Granolith then by our law he will be king and you will be a prince, his brother and next in line for the throne should he not have an heir.

I hope that I can get there soon and aid you but if you need to contact him then the device is the flat triangle that rests before you…simply place your palm on it and close your eyes. Think of him and you will both be able to communicate…good luck!”

With that the image faded and the smaller monitors returned. Zan looked at the device and then back to Ava.

“She said that she would be here in five days!” said Ava

“Rath and Lonnie could find us before then. We need Max now!” said Zan. He moved over to the coffee table before the couch and sat down. He reached out and put his hand on the device, the triangle glowed and shot a bolt of energy to Zan’s forehead. His eyes opened and glowed along with the device as Ava moved to his side.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 25

Max’s Bedroom, Evans Residence, Same time

After Max had phone Liz and the others at the Crashdown to brief them on the Presidents speech at four o’clock. Liz wanted to come straight over but Max said that he was feeling tired and wanted to get a little sleep. He went to his room and closed the door but before he could lie down his eyes glowed and he collapsed on to the bed…


Max opened his eyes to find himself standing on a floating rock surrounded by clouds. The entire image was surreal and he found himself strangely calm until he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder.

“ZAN, Jesus Christ you scared the crap out of me. Where are we?” asked Max

“We are in a dreamscape just like the time you contacted me…” Zan said but he was interrupted but Max

“Don’t tell me you’re still with Lonnie and Rath…they are going to kill you!” said Max.

“No…I left with Ava right after your message. We are in a cave my guardian left in case of an emergency. I’d say this qualifies!” said Zan

“Then how can we be here?”

“Serena left a message…she said there is a bond between us that allows us to communicate when we are close enough. Right now I’m using a triangle thing she left for us to use. I want you to tell me right now where the hell you got your information and then we’re going to talk about that stupid move you made in the hospital.” Zan said

“Okay, No.1 we have access to the Granolith. Liz came back from one year into the future and showed me what was going to happen. We’ve been spending the last few weeks making sure that it turned out the right way and one of those things she told me of was a summit meeting in New York. I was sent to it because Rath and Lonnie killed you and were going to kill me! We had to try and save you.” Said Max. He was trying to defend his actions even though he felt no reason to do so but Zan did deserve an explanation.

“Sold…now what about the hospital thing?”

“The was Alex, he is my sister’s mate and the father of her unborn child. There was no way in hell I was going to let him die…the others all felt the same. There was no other choice!

Oh by the way the President knows about us…he was briefed on the ’47 crash this morning by some agency officials and is going public at four o’clock! Like it or not we’re all up the creak!” said Max

“Your sister is knocked up by a human…you guys certainly know how to screw the pooch don’t you! Okay I understand why you did it…okay now my little story.

Serena’s message said that we were all necessary to fight Kivar, that none of us were backup. On that note I want you to help me with my sister if you can!” said Zan

“What do you mean?” asked Max

“Lonnie always was difficult, wanting to return home and willing to do anything to get there…same with Rath but they would never hurt me! Over the last few months I have noticed a change in them, more hostile and arrogant.” Zan finished

“Ganderial!” said Max as the realisation came upon him.

“Gander…what?” asked Max

“One of the things Liz told me about was that my Ava, Tess, was infected with Ganderial crystal…we can go into details later but they effectively put her under the control of Kivar! If they have become infected as well then they could kill you without any regret…at least until it was removed!” responded Max

“So they can be treated!” said Zan

“Yes, the Granolith can help them!” Max said just as he collapsed. Zan caught him before he hit the rock.

“We’re getting tired, we’ve been in here to long. After the speech tonight Ava and I will find you.” Zan said as Max faded. Everything in the area then began to disappear as well. Zan closed his eyes and ended the link.

Real World~~~

Both Max and Zan woke up at the exact same moment. Max jumped off his bed and ran into the living room where Michael and his father suddenly turned to face him. They could see the concern in his face…

“What?” Michael asked.

“We’ve got a new problem!” responded Max.

Back in the safe cave…

Zan’s eyes snapped open, Ava gazing into them and finding the glow from before had faded.

“Did it work?” she asked

“Yeah…it did work, but…”

“But what? What happened?”

“I think I found out what’s going on with Rath and Lonnie!” said Zan. He proceeded to tell Ava of the Ganderial crystals and their effect on hybrids and where Max got his information. They knew they had to do something and if Max was able to remove the crystals once then this would be the best place to be if they wanted to help their friends.

Crashdown, 25 minutes later

Everyone had gathered in the restaurant as it had a lot more space. The Parkers had closed today, much to the annoyance of the many patrons who had flocked to town after the morning’s events. Jeff hauled the television out from the back room and closed the blinds. Liz and Max brought out drinks and everyone sat down and waited for the speech that was going to put them into the spotlight…probably for the rest of their lives.

Isabel and Alex were in the back room. Not long after there arrival she broke out in a fit of coughing and Alex brought her through for a glass of water.

“Are you okay?” asked Alex as she stopped and managed to regain control of her breathing.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank god Liz said this is over in a week!” she said. “The question is are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I just wish…” Alex trailed off.

“Hey I have no regrets about being pregnant with your baby. I mean yeah it’s a little sooner that I would have expected but I love you and…junior.” She said smiling.

“Okay we need to start thinking of names!” he said

“Yeah but we’ve got time and besides at least we can hide this a little longer. If I was having morning sickness then my mom would be on to us in a second!”

Just as their conversation ended Diane came into the room to see how her daughter was doing.

“Hey sweetie how you doing now?” Diane asked as she moved her hand to feel her child’s forehead.

“I’m fine mom, I guess I’m getting a bug or something!” she said calmly

“You know I don’t ever remember you kids getting sick a day in your lives!”

“Yeah well we’ve never been around Antarian tech before last year. The Pod Chamber probably has a few germs that affect us flying around inside.” She said. Max, Tess and Michael had gotten together to come up with a few suggestions that they could use as cover. Unfortunately while they knew about Isabel’s coughing they had no idea from what to expect from Liz and that concerned them!

“I suppose that could be it…you kids better be careful up there or at least get the Granolith to come up with some kind of treatment. I doubt chicken soup would have much of an effect! You two ready to come out front now?” Diane asked

“Yeah the speech should start soon, lets go!” Isabel said. Alex held out his hand and Is took it. After helping her stand up they all went back out to the dining area where they found the others sitting around and chatting away.

A few minutes of idle chit chat among the adults the Seal of the President appeared on the screen and the President began to speak.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, by most if not all of you are aware of the sensational events that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico. I now have the honour to be the first president to confirm what a great deal of people has speculated on for many years…Life beyond the confines of our world exists!

In 1947 an alien craft crashed in the desert of New Mexico, a group of aliens were placed into incubation pods that hatched fifty years later. These children were found by humans and were raised as humans. They have for many years they had no idea of their true origins or if they were the only members of their race on Earth. Now they have discovered a great deal of information…the most important of which is that they are the Royal Family of the world of Antar, sent here to learn of democracy and hopefully return home to implement the ideals that it represents to their government.

The incident this morning occurred when one of their friends was involved in a car crash. The four Antarians used their abilities to restore him to health like their leader healed a local girl from a gunshot wound last year. That event exposed their secret to a small group of human teenagers who became friends. The event this morning exposed the secret to the world.”

The president went on and on, telling the press everything of their lives that they had told his people. The president called Max earlier and had decided that they should reveal the lot, everything from hatching to Pierce. It was decided that they should be told nothing of the Granolith or the Skins, that kind of knowledge would probably do nothing but cause fear and panic that could easily be directed at Max and the others.

When the President was finished he opened the room up to questions. They all know what the first one would be…

“Mr President, can you tell us the names of the Antarians and their friends?” asked the reporter.

Within five minutes every reporter in town was running around trying to find them. They scored out at the Evans and immediately went to the Crashdown. The phones rang, knocks on the door and people pressing their faces up against the glass trying to see through the cracks in the blinds. Jeff moved over and unplugged all the phones and then turned off the television.

“Well…school should be interesting!” said Alex

“Yeah well I don’t think we will have to wait long to find out.” Said Maria as she peaked through a small opening in the blinds.

“Why?” said Isabel

“Oh because half the student body, faculty and oh say the TOWN is right outside!!”

“All ready?” said Max

“Yip…and we’ve got some nuts!”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Michael

“Well, we have two guys running around in silver suits with flying sausers on their heads, there are a few with signs saying “Take Us, Take Us” oh and my personal favourite…another saying “Bring back Glen Miller”. As I said nuts.”

“That’s all we need, listening to ‘Pennsylvania 65000’” Michael joked

“Sooner or later you will have to go out there Max!” said Philip

“Yeah I know but that doesn’t mean I have to say anything…right?” Max asked.

“Right but it could help. Besides the sooner you get it over with the better!”

“He’s right Max and none of us in this room cares what they think. As long as we stick together!” said Liz. She could feel that Max was terrified, not only for herself, Isabel and their unborn children but also for the nightmare he had to endure. On top of that they had to help Zan and Ava, deal with school and fight a war!

Central Chamber, Safe Cave, Same Time

Zan and Ava had been watching the president’s speech as the sat on the sofa, his arm wrapped reassuringly around her shoulder. They had both cleaned up and were now wearing bathrobes they found in a near by room. They were both terrified at the exposure that they were now in, in three hours they decided to leave and find their doubles.

Sneaking around the town should be easy enough; Ava’s mind warp should conceal them long enough to get inside the Evans home. They just hoped that Max would be home. Zan looked from the monitors and down to Ava, he saw the growing fear in her eyes and he leaned down to kiss her hair.

“It’ll be okay Ava. They can take care of themselves and once we get there they will have more firepower, besides they’ve got the Granolith to help.” He said calmly. He was trying to reassure himself as well as Ava.

“Hey who you trying to convince here?” Ava joked

“Yeah, yeah I know…why don’t we go get some sleep before we head out?” Zan asked

“No…I got a better idea!” she said seductively with a gentle smirk and gleam in her eye.

“Oh really what would that be?” Zan asked.

Ava took hold of his hand and led him to the bathroom. She had been fantasising about this ever since she found the room. Slowly she pulled the tie on her robe and let it fall from her shoulders as she walked into the warm waters. With her feet planted firmly on the bottom she turned her head and looked to Zan…he wasn’t so slow with things. He practically ripped off his robe before jumping in to the water!

Zan wrapped his arms around her as she turned into him. He loved how she felt against him and bent down and kissed her. His tongue trailed along her bottom lip before she moaned when his hand made contact with the firm globes of her ass. Zan took the opportunity of her parted lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth. That was when Ava pushed away from him and floated to the other side of the pool. Zan tried to follow her but she held up her hand to stop him.

“Your gonna enjoy this Zan!” she said as she reached over and pressed a panel on pools edge. All of a sudden several small holes opened directly above the pool and water sprayed on to them. Ava jumped slightly as the water made contact with her body, she tilted her head up and ran her hands through her hair, letting it soak. Her hands moved back up to her head and then stroked down her body and across her breasts.

Zan loved the sight before him; light from the pool and the walls glistened off her skin, it was the most exotic sigh he had ever seen.

“How did you find out about this?” Zan asked

“I stood on the panel when I left the bath last time…and I don’t think that is what you’re really thing about right now!” Ava teased as she swam back over to him.

Slowly she pushed him backwards until he was against the pool edge. Zan felt a ledge against his lower legs and fell back so that he now sat on it. Ava placed one knee on the ledge before bringing the other leg up so that she straddled his lap. As she kissed him again her hand snaked its way down between them where she grabbed hold of his cock, causing a sigh to escape his mouth.

She positioned his shaft at her opening and allowed herself to sink down onto him. All of a sudden the colour of the room changed and they looked around to see that the water had changed from a deep blue to a rich magenta. Ava turned back to her lover and started to grind her hips against him. Ava moved up and down, allowing his erection to almost leave her body before allowing gravity to do its work and falling back down on him.

The water around them splashed all over the place as the thrust against each other, Zan reached his hands up and cupped her tits before pinching her nipples. With each thrust their pace increased, faster and faster they moved against each other as their pleasure centres were stimulated.

“Ugghhhhhh Zan, cum for me baby” she moaned. It echoed through out the cavern before Zan silenced her with a passionate kiss. However he could last much longer. Three more sharp thrusts and he began to arch his back. His full length was thrust into his beloved and he froze as his cock pumped out his cum deep inside of her. The sensations of Zan against her skin and his seed flowing inside her sent Ava over the edge as well and she cried out in pleasure. Zan watched as her body became wracked with spasms and she threw her head from left to right.

The pair continued to move together as the water began to calm around them. The intense feelings had numbed the both of them and found that neither could move. However, they were more content to stay in the water and relax against each other; the warm vapours of the mist caressed their flesh and the colour of the water changed back to its original shade of blue.

“You know what…Max and this Liz he is seeing are going to love this place!” said Ava

“You can say that again…why don’t we go to bed now!” said Zan

“Yeah, we need our rest!”

Arizona State Line (East), Few second earlier.

Vilandra always had an ability to find Zan no matter where he was but they had never been separated by this much distance before and the link was no longer working. But she could certainly feel something; she was getting hotter by the second and her hand started to roam unconsciously across her naked legs. The leather of her shorts were ridding further up her thighs and Rath was busy trying to keep an eye on the road and on what Lonnie was doing.

The pain they felt from their previous sex session had faded and had soon forgotten the concerns they felt at the time. It didn’t take long for Lonnie to realise that where ever Zan and Ava were they were getting it on. He hand was moving closer to her crotch but slowly opened her eyes and straightened her head…

“Roswell!” she said

“What?” Rath asked

“They some where near Roswell!” Lonnie responded

“Are you crazy? We can’t go there, not after that little speech. It’ll be crawling with nuts and they wouldn’t risk it!” Rath said

“I know that…but that is where they are. I can feel it…come on Rath I’ve never been wrong before!”

“Okay, but we go in on a back road and stay out of sight. Agreed?” he asked

“Fine, just get there so we can go back to New York and that damned Summit!”

Bedroom, Safe Cave

Zan had Ava on her back and was gently thrusting into her still wet body. He was loving her body so completely and made sure that she would never leave the room still wanting but all of a sudden he stopped.

“Zan…what’s wrong?” she asked after gliding her smooth leg along his.

“They know…Lonnie knows where we are!” he said as he pulled himself from her body.

“We should go to Max now. We’ll need their help to catch them before they can get treated or whatever the hell it is that happens.”

Soon they were off the bed and dressing in fresh clothes. The last time Serena was here must have been the sixties because that all definitely had a slight flower theme right along with flare jeans. They looked at each other and laughed before using their powers to make them look more modern. After leaving the cave and sealing it, the pair jumped into the cave and drove into town.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 26

Crashdown, Roswell, 2100

Everyone was stuck here and it was obvious that it was going to be an all-nighter. The two spare rooms were made up and given to the Whitman’s and the Evans, Amy Deluca was given the sofa-bed while the Jim took the couch in the back room of the restaurant. The teens were split right down the middle; the girls went into Liz’s room while the guys were sent as far away from them as possible…the dinning room of the café. Not far enough for the parents comfort, all of them could see the looks they were giving each other.

While everyone was pulling out sleeping bag, blankets and pillows Max and Michael were clearing some spaces. All of a sudden the phone that was given to Max from Kane rang out. Max started to look around, desperate to stop the constant ringing of the Top Gun theme tune…

“Where the hell is it?” he said as Michael joined the hunt.

“No clue but after we find it your changing that damned tune!” Michael said as he started to look on the counters.

“Got that straight…” Max trailed off as he picked up a pillow and finding the phone.

“Hello, Max Evans speaking!” he said into it.

“Mr Evans, this is President Harrison. I just wanted to let you know that I’m assigning some security to you and your families.”

“Mr President, thank you but I don’t think that would be necessary. We can take care of ourselves and I could be dangerous for them if they get caught in the cross fire…we still have enemies from our world out there and they are not equipped to deal with that.”

“I agree Mr Evans but it isn’t Antarian enemies I am concerned about! As your experience with Pierce has shown you a lot of human could be a problem; while the majority may accept and welcome you there will no doubt be those who fear you…at the very least mistrust you enough to try something reckless. Its only natural for there to be problems in a situation like this and I want to be sure that you’ll be able to concentrate on what you have to do without worrying about the people around you. I’ve already instructed the Secret Service to send agents to you and should be there my late afternoon tomorrow.”

“Of course your right…thank you for your concern sir. I guess we’re just used to looking out for ourselves, we’ll expect them tomorrow!”

“Goodnight Mr Evans”

“Goodnight Mr President!” Said Max before hanging up the phone. He placed it back in his pocket and turned to Michael who stood against a counter with his arms folded.

“What?” Michael asked

“We’re getting a detachment of Secret Service agents for protection…they’ll be here tomorrow afternoon!”

“Are you kidding me?”


“ARE you kidding me?” Michael asked again

“No!” responded Max

“What the hell are you doing agreeing to something like that? Your entrusting our safety to a bunch of strangers…there is no way in hell I’m letting an outsider in to protect Maria and her mother and I doubt Isabel and Tess would feel differently or you for that matter!”

“Of course I feel that way…all we need to do is check them out. Isabel does a dream walk on them when they arrive and we watch them until we are sure about them. If there are any problems we send them back! Besides with what we have to worry about it would be good to have someone to watch our backs.”

“Okay, but they are on probation and we all have to sign off on whoever they send!” said Michael

“Done…come on lets tell the others!”

Michael followed Max and gathered everyone in the Parkers living room. He told them they company would be coming and as expected there were a few objections. All of which came from the younger members of the group. The adults, while having slight misgivings were glad that there would be someone watching over the kids.

While not happy about it Liz took the first step. She knew that it was probably going to happen with or without the others support – the king had spoken and his word was final…even though she knew exactly how to bend it! She looked around the group and said that it was okay with her, so long as they can be sure the agents could be trusted. For the sake of her baby and Isabel’s she knew that it was the right call and it was enough to get Maria on board and that led the others to agree.

Summit Meeting Room, New York, 2330

Nicholas had been sending Skins out all over the country and some even went abroad! Ever since the speech this afternoon he was running around trying to spread his forces out so that they could hide more easily that they would if they were all together. He had no use for them at the moment as the Summit was designated a neutral event and powers were kept away from the host bodies.

However, the event that was scheduled to begin tomorrow would not likely happen as it was agreed by all representatives that King Zan must be present. He hadn’t heard from Rath or Vilandra since their departure and it would be impossible to extract Max Evans from Roswell. Now he had to inform Kivar!

He stood inform of the communicator that would project his image to his master and activated it. A beam of light scanned him and the Kivar’s image appeared above the device.

“My Lord Kivar!” Nicholas said as he bowed.

“Report!” boomed Kivar’s voice

“Lord, the Zan who we were in contact with left four days ago and has not been seen since. I dispatched Vilandra and Rath to find and return him but as of yet they have not reported back. Without Zan the Summit cannot proceed!”

“WHAT! I told you to watch them…how could you let this happen?”

“My lord, I ask your forgiveness. I believed Vilandra’s ability to locate her brother would have provided results by now.”

“What of Vilandra…has nothing been heard from her?”

“Nothing my Lord!”

“I ORDERED you to protect her and make sure nothing happens to her!” said Kivar

“My lord, I thought you meant Vilandra in Roswell and not the rejected version!”

“I want Vilandra to be returned to me…if something happens to one then I would still have the other! Make no mistake Nicholas you will pay for this if something happens to either one…I will come to Earth myself and take both into custody, the nobles can be delayed but Larek will still come to determine what has happened! Terminate his host when it’s identified!”

With that the hologram faded and Nicholas returned to his duties.

Command Centre, Antarian Royal Palace, Immediately Following.

Kivar had finished with his communication and was ready to proceed with his plan. He arranged for a small contingent of ships and activated his clone. He had to make it appear that he was still on Antar and his public appearances had to continue uninterrupted if he were to retain control of the remaining military he had on the planet.

The next stage of his plan was to activate the one remaining piece of technology supplied by the Granolith…a transport that was intended for the Royal family to send them anywhere they wanted…at least for five times before it burned itself out and he had already used it four times to send troops to key locations. Just before he entered he felt a hand on his shoulder and was forced around, the hand now on his throat and his feet were now a yard from the floor.

“Where are you going Kivar?” his attacker said

“To Earth…I will take charge of things there and return with Vilandra and and the Granolith!”

“That woman will be the death of you…and you do nothing without my say so! Do I need to remind you that your family owes their power to me and I provided the resources for you little take-over! For five thousand cycles I watched over your blood line for one purpose.”

“Yes master…the Granolith. It will be restored to you, I swore it the day I met you and it will be done!”

Kivar fell to the floor, gasping for breath as his assailant released his grip.

“Be sure you remember that oath…but something has happened! The Granolith’s power has grown; even more that I thought was possible! If Zan has become a Caretaker then he must be terminated…I will allow no one with his genetic code to survive. No one except Vilandra…I too keep my oaths Kivar! My people must also be aware of the change by now…its echo will permeate space and go straight to them.”

“Master, if your people do know of this then will they not send someone to Earth to investigate!” Kivar asked

“Probably but they must not discover it…go, kill Zan and take custody of the Granolith. Call me when you have succeeded…and take this. It should provide most useful when you find your queen!” he said as he handed Kivar a small gem.

Kivar knew better to speak again. He was bound by blood to his benefactor, as was his family since they met all those millennia ago. He resented being in servitude to him but an assurance was given then when all power and knowledge of the Granolith would be his when it was secured for his masters’ use. It may have taken thousands of years for his bloodline to become as powerful as it is but soon he would be rid of his master and he would be as powerful as he is in the public eye!

He took the gem and entered the transportation device. As it buzzed to life, his body was shattered and sent over the expansive void of space. He would return with the Granolith for his master and Vilandra would finally be his!

“Idiot!” said the benefactor. He turned and was soon surrounded by a field of energy. Within seconds he faded and the room stood empty. He was tired of Kivar, something that was so simple of taking power and killing his enemies was turned upside down and into a drama.

Of all the worlds this particular Granolith had to end up, why Antar? Now because of Kivar’s incompetence it was on Earth and here he was, exiled by his race, stripped of a majority of his powers and forbidden to leave for all time until its star went nova. Over the centuries he tried to get close to the damned machine but it always sent out a beam the caused him pain…the only way he could get what he wanted was through a second person gaining control of it and he was stuck with Kivar! Supplying technology, facilities and funds had left him weary and all for the sake of the one thing that would give him mastery over his people – the essence of The First.

He hid it himself after stealing it from the united consciousness of his people and placed it the Granolith but then he was caught, judged and exiled. It didn’t take long for him to realise that while the good Caretakers of the Antarian Royal House controlled the Granolith he could never gain his prize. Over the centuries he tried to get close to the damned machine but it always sent out a beam the caused him pain…the only way he could get what he wanted was through a second person gaining control of it and so he made a deal the Kivar’s ancestor – power and eventual dominance!

Greed and ambition, he loved it! No matter how evolved the race there was always someone with those two qualities that would make them susceptible to outside influence. Kivar’s line was blessed, as far as he was concerned, with an over abundance of them but thankfully Kivar would be the last he would have to deal with. Things would have been over with if it weren’t for Zan’s mother.

Cloning her children, taking the Granolith and sending them to Earth was unexpected and he had not foreseen it. Ever since it was made public he wanted to decimate that planet but had to settle for patience while Kivar upgraded his fleets engines with knowledge he once again provided. Kivar himself had become insufferable, his every waking thought returned to his obsession with Vilandra and his desire to kill Zan and it was his enemy’s politics that provided the right opportunity to strike!

Street outside Crashdown, 1000am the next morning.

Last night had provided to be one of the most profitable for anywhere that was renting rooms in town. Everywhere was booked solid but they weren’t the only things that were happy was yesterday’s events, café’s, stores and the museum were full. Hell even the sheriff’s department were worked to the limit as they limited the number of people into buildings and tried to direct traffic, Valenti had called Hanson and put him in charge for the time being. It became apparent to the visitors that the resident aliens were not going to make an appearance and dispersed for the evening but were now back in force…much to the disappointment of two of its newest visitors.

Zan and Ava had ditched the car and were now hidden in a small alley. They had driven to the Evans home but found it empty but soon they followed the streams of people and found the Crashdown.

“We’ve got to get in there!” said Zan

“Well…I’m open to suggestions.” Said Ava

“What about a mind warp?” he asked

“I suppose but I’ve never done it on this many people!” she said with concern.

Zan turned to face her and cupped her cheek with his hand.

“Hey its okay…I’ll be there to help you!” Zan said. Ava could see the love in his eyes and it filled her with confidence…she could do this, she had to if for no other reason that for Zan!

“Okay, get ready!” she said

Ava looked to the crowd and focused. She put everything she had into it and then both started to run to the alley that ran along side the café. It was about half way that Ava began to struggle and fell to the ground. Zan stopped dead in his tracks and lifted her into his arms.

“It’s okay baby, I got you!” he said as he continued to run to the alley. Ava continued to use her mind warp while Zan carried her; when they reached their destination she gave up the effort and fell asleep from exhaustion. Zan went up to the back door to the building and kicked at the door, trying to keep Ava in his grasp.

Inside, they all heard the banging and Tess moved to the door. Michael had his hand up, ready to blast anything that came through but Max told him not to and that he would use his shield! When Tess opened it they were surprised to find two of their doubles waiting for entry.

“Zan…what happened?” asked Max as he moved to their side.

“She mind warped everyone outside so we could get here…she collapsed from exhaustion!” said Zan

Everyone looked at the two new aliens in their lives. They knew they were identical but some how they hadn’t expected them to be this identical. Zan moved to the sofa and placed Ava onto it before kneeling by her side. To Jim, Kyle and Tess it was an all too familiar scene as they remembered when Tess was freed from the Ganderial.

Slowly Ava opened her eyes and looked to Zan, “Did we make it?” she asked weakly.

“Yeah, we’re there. Just go to sleep and rest!” Zan said. As much as she wanted to stay awake Ava couldn’t and just closed her eyes. Tess then moved to her twins’ side and brushed some hair out of her face before looking up to Zan.

“Its okay, I’ll keep and eye on her!” she said reassuringly and Zan nodded.

“We weren’t expecting you until later tonight…what happened?” asked Max

“Lonnie knows where we are. We had to come now!” said Zan

“How?” asked Michael

“It’s something she could always do…you and your sister don’t have it?” asked Zan while looking to Max.

“No! Okay…they know! Do you know how far they were away from you?” Max said

“No clue. But they should be here soon…maybe tonight.” He said

Just then the door blasted open…

“Or maybe right now!” said Vilandra

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 27

Back Room, Crashdown Café, 1015am

Rath and Lonnie’s arrival had startled everyone but all that were sitting slowly rose to their feet. Michael, who was standing beside Maria, placed his hand on her shoulder and moved her behind him as he moved slightly forward. He noticed the Max had made a similar move with Liz and moved in front of their parents. Kyle was preparing to move in front of Tess but she wrapped her hand over his lower arm and kept him in place.

“Well, well, well…nice little family you got here bro! Now why not be a good little king and come to the Summit!” said Lonnie

“Because it’s a joke Lonnie…we wont be going home and besides your not entirely yourself! Neither of you are.” replied Zan

“What are you talking about?” asked Rath

“Max and the others think you’ve been infected by something…it’s influencing you, making you do stuff you wouldn’t…we can help you get back to normal!” said Tess.

Lonnie and Rath both looked concerned and looked at each other but then felt a slight stinging pain in the backs of their neck. Alex looked to Liz and nodded and she reciprocated as she reached into her pocket.

When the pain subsided Rath raised his hand and sent a blast of light toward the group. Max quickly countered with his shield as he raised and lowered his own hand.

“Nice trick…lets she you do it with this!” said Rath. His hand rose again and sent a pulse of constant energy to them. The room became charges with static electricity and just as Max was about to block it, Michael stepped forward and brought his own hand up.

Michael’s hand had intercepted the pulse and much to everyone’s surprise, especially Rath’s it had no effect. The energy was absorbed by Michael’s body and caused his eye’s to glow an unearthly green. However, some of the beam splashed like water from Michael’s hand and hit several items. A small fragment hit an ashtray and burned a hole in it while a larger piece hit a coffee mug and disintegrated it. Rath stopped the blast and looked to his counterpart.

“How’d you do that?” asked Rath

Michael looked at the palm of his hand and shook his head.

“I wish I knew!” Michael answered in confusion.

In the mean time Lonnie didn’t care what happened and raised her hand to strike but Liz who was watching her carefully noticed the move. Deciding that now was the time to make her move, she threw the object she had taken from her pocket to the ground. It buzzed to life and shot two beams two Rath and Lonnie.

The building became flooded with light; it blasted out of the open door, out of the cracks in the blinds of the front windows and out of the upstairs windows. Outside everyone had stopped what they were doing and looked to streams of light. Three cars had pulled up and a dozen men got out, they watched as the light faded.

“What the fuck was that?” asked Agent Flynn. The other agents looked to each other and shook their heads.

Back inside everyone circled Rath and Lonnie who were now suspended in midair, engulfed in an aura of light generated from the small black cube on the floor. Max turned to Liz and simply stared at her.

“Alex, good plan!” said Liz

“Liz!” Max asked

“Yeah!” Liz responded.

“What is that?”

“Oh just a little something Alex and I cooked up with the Granolith a few days ago!”

“Okay needed more of an explanation Chica!” said Maria as she reached her hand out to touch the field of energy.

“MARIA NO!” Alex said as he reached out and caught her hand before she made contact. “Don’t do that again Maria…you almost fried yourself!”

“Oh! Okay, point taken…so…what’s the box?” she asked

“Alex had an idea that the Granolith could probably make a few things we could use in case of…well this!” said Liz as she held her hand up and indicated to the two frozen hybrids. “It showed us a few things and we came up with this…it basically put them into stasis and will keep them like this until we get them into the Granolith.”

Michael the looked to Alex and said “You came up with this?”

“Yes…why?” he asked

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my boyfriend – the modest genius!” said Isabel before leaning over and whispered in his ear, “This deserve a little reward…as soon as we’re alone!”

“Okay so now what do we do…we can’t leave them like this and I don’t think we can get them to the Granolith without the town following us?” said Kyle.

Alex moved over to his backpack and pulled out a black square tablet that fit perfectly into his hand. “No Problem!” he said, “we have Plan B”.

“And Plan B would be?” asked Tess, looking for clarification.

Liz went over to the cube and picked it up and with it Lonnie and Rath went slightly higher. Alex then went and gave the slab to Max and said “You’re gonna need this!” Liz moved to her mates’ side and clasped her free hand over the slab and it started to glow.

“You guys stay here, we’ll be back soon!” she said before she and Max were surrounded and light and vanished, Rath and Lonnie disappeared as well as the light engulfed them as well.

A few seconds later Agent Flynn knocked on the back door and entered.

“Excuse me, my name is Agent Flynn of the Secret Service…is everything okay in here?” he said.

Granolith Chamber…

A flash of light came from the Granolith and swept across the room, leaving in its wake a very disoriented Max and Liz.

“Wow…what a ride!” said Max

“Wow is right!” Liz said as she looked up to see the doubles of her two friends still frozen. She then reached her hand out to the Granolith and pressed the cube to its smooth surface.

As the device was absorbed into the Granolith so were Rath and Vilandra who appeared inside it. Liz and Max could clearly see blast of electricity inside the machine hitting of the Dupes heads. A minute later they were expelled from the machine and the yellow fluid poured form the back of their necks.

“Uh didn’t this take a few hours with Tess?” asked Max

“Well this is the new improved Granolith…I guess it could be faster at doing some stuff. Come on we can use the Granolith to get them back to the Crashdown!” said Liz.

“As I recall the stress of this thing will keep them asleep for a few hours…are you sure you want to head back?” said Max

Liz could see the gleam in his eyes and smirked. “I suppose they would still sleep the same amount of time as Tess! Just what did you have in mind?”

Max swooped down and kissed her hard. Liz opened her mouth and accepted his tongue as Max pushed her back up against the wall that displayed their symbol. Every so often Liz would open her eyes and look down to the sleeping forms of Rath and Lonnie. Max could feel her hesitation but didn’t stop as his right hand ran through her silken hair. His left hand went lower to the hem of her top and caressed the skin of her belly, causing her to shudder but as she felt his fingers dip beneath the waist of her jeans and pulled away.

“What?” he asked breathlessly. His body always responded the same way when they kissed, his pulse was racing and he was desperate for air. Right now the love of his life and the mother of his unborn child had just backed away from him and he was confused as hell.

“Sorry sweetie, just can do with them here!” Liz said while indicating to Rath and Lonnie while moving over to the Granolith.

“Liz, they are going to be out for a while…I don’t think an apocalypse could wake them!”

“I know…but I don’t think we’ve gotten adventurous enough to do it in front of people…asleep or otherwise!” With that pressed her palm to the Granolith and without pressing any panels the light swept the room and removed the two dupes! They arrived comfortably in Liz’s bedroom but slightly off target…8 feet off target…in midair! The two of them fell to the floor with a crash that brought the attention of everyone downstairs who found them still sleeping on the floor.

Back in the Granolith Chamber, Max had moved behind Liz. “Looks like your getting better at controlling this thing!”

“Yeah…I didn’t even have to concentrate on what I was…” Liz stopped as she felt Max’s hands running down her arms. His fingers trailed back up and hooked his finger round the shoulder strap of her red tank top. He slowly pulled it down and started to kiss the exposed skin of her shoulder.

Max’s other hand stretched down to her jeans and fiddled with the button. It took a moment before giving up and used his powers to finish the job and pulled the zipper down and exposed her black panties. Liz’s hands moved to cover his before grabbing her top and pulling it over her head to expose her tits to him. When Max pulled apart the stiff denim, he pushed her jeans as far down her legs as he could reach. Liz finished the job and used her feet to pull them down to her ankles. Max circled his arms around her and his hands met on her abdomen and gently squeezed.

“Hey dad! You may wanna focus here…you’ll see junior soon enough.” Said Liz

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a father…I just can’t!” said Max

“Not to mention an uncle!”

“Oh now why did you have to say that! The last thing I need to think about right now is my sisters sex life.”

Liz was too far-gone for Max to back away now so she grabbed his hand before he could move and thrust it into her panties. Max was a little surprised but was soon focused back on Liz and pulled her tight against his body. He slowly began to stroke her pussy and Liz started to purr contentedly like a cat. Liz closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure she was receiving but suddenly opened and her pupils shrank when Max pushed a finger inside her.

“Mmmmmm…you’re getting really good at this!” whispered Liz

“What can I say, I’m getting a lot of practice recently.”

Just as Liz was about to loose all focus she shook her head and pulled Max’s hand away, turned around and pushed him back to the wall. Liz became like a wild animal after pushing his t-shirt up to his throat. Right along with gentle kisses she bit on his nipples and grazed her teeth along his flesh. Max was taken aback by her new feral behaviour and winced as blood started to seep from the small grazes.

Eventually Max couldn’t take it any more and pulled Liz so that she was standing straight up. They met each others intense stare and Max grabbed hold of her body before kissing her while his hands stroked the silky smooth skin of her back. Liz’s hands were not idle as she unfastened Max’s black jeans. It didn’t take long before they joined Liz’s pair that was lying on the floor.

Liz sank down to her knees and Max followed, their eyes were locked together. Max looked deep into them and felt that he could see straight into her soul as the light of the chamber glistened in her eyes. Max cupped her cheek and pulled her back into a heated kiss, his free hand moved up and teased her nipple. The couple had their arms wrapped around each other when they fell sideways to the floor.

Liz brought her leg up and wrapped it around his thigh as Max put hand on her hip. Slowly Liz pushed away from her lover and pushed her underwear off & down her legs. Max looked along the length of Liz from the tip of her toe and up to her head, he was completely mesmerised by the beauty of the goddess who held his heart, he couldn’t resist any longer and pushed his own underwear off. Liz decided to tease a little and glided along the floor away from Max.

When she stopped she brought her knees up a little and spread her legs, when she brought her hand up Liz beaconed Max with her index finger. Max took the bait and like a man desperate for water moved to Liz and knelt between her legs. It had been a couple of days since they last made love, not since Sorenson tried to kill Alex and they were looking forward to the next half hour…hell all Max needed was a few minutes but for Liz he felt as though he could last an eternity to see the look of pleasure on her face when she came.

Max took hold of Liz’s hands and helped her lay back on to the floor, once again their eyes made contact and both could see the love welling up in their partner. Slowly Max moved on top of her with hand hands planted firmly on wither side of her head while she moved his hands from his sides up across his chest and to his shoulders. Max had rested his hips against her inner thighs, his erection nestled against her core and Max received what he was waiting for. Liz nodded her head and Max pushed in; she bit her lower lip as they once again completed their connection.

Max started to move his hips, he never let her eyes leave his as he pulled himself from her body and pushed back in. Liz wrapped one of her legs around his as they moved against each other, they already have moved a clear foot from where Max started to thrust into her but the floor was smoother and seemed completely frictionless. Soon they rolled around on the floor, both of them desperate for their physical connection to remain intact and eventually the returned to the wall that displayed the symbol of their unity.

Liz’s head rested on the diagonal base of the wall as Max moved up into his knees and wrapped her legs firmly around his back. Liz locked her ankles and started using the leverage to move against Max, their hips crashed together again and again. Liz arched her back and Max pulled her up so that she was sitting on him, her arms wrapped around his neck. Liz started to grind her hips, her mouth open and gasping for breath. She gazed into his eyes as she started to bounce up and down, almost allowing his hard-on out of her body before falling back down on to him.

Max’s hands went to her waist; he could feel his climax fast approaching and wanted to be ready. Liz could feel his erection double in size and knew he was close and that started the volcano within her. Neither could take it any longer and cried out, Max pushed her hips down onto him as he shot his load deep within her. Liz felt his seed against her walls and she came, her juices poured over his lap while she had her arms wrapped tightly around him and her hand ruffling through his hair.

They collapsed back onto the floor, Max on his back and Liz had her head resting on his chest. Their breathing was identical, breath for breath they slowly returned to normal as Liz trailed her hand across his body.

“Well, if I wasn’t pregnant already I would be after that!” joked Liz as she turned her head up. Max laughed along with her and in seeing the move of her head, bent his own down and gently kissed her.

Then a bright flash filled the room. As it died down both Max and Liz were up on their hands, their legs still resting on the ground. They looked around and found the source of the light was their symbol; they got to their feet and both reached out to touch it and within a few seconds both were filled with an intense sense of euphoria. The Granolith sent a charge of lightning to the symbol which was bounced to the ceiling and then straight down to the floor in front of the glyph.

The energy opened a concealed hatch and as it split open a pedestal came forth from the opening. It stood 4ft high with half a sphere covering the top; on all four sides it displayed the symbols that represented them individually and the glyph that united them as well as the whirlwind symbol. The covering showed the Royal Seal, the five dots that represented the five worlds of the Antarian system.

Max and Liz, both still naked, moved around the pedestal and watched as the covering opened and retracted into the pedestal. It revealed two blue-gold rings, each etched with their symbol. The Granolith then spoke, giving a message to the young couple…

“My Caretakers, I give this gift to you. The rings will physically represent your union when the time comes, once worn they will be absorbed into your bodies and will create a link between your minds and to me. The link would have naturally occurred over time but this will effectively bond you for the rest of your lives.

They will not appear again until the day of your wedding, when your union will be recognised publicly in the eyes of Antar, Earth and those who created me. By the laws of the region of Earth in which you live this cannot happen for another year and a half, until both have reached your eighteenth year. Other rings await Alex, Isabel and the others but the first two are for you who command me! With them you will never need to be present in this chamber to use my functions…the choice is yours!”

Max picked up one ring and Liz the other and both stared at them. “Engagement rings?” asked Liz

“Certainly sounds that way…” Said Max as he looked over to Liz. “Liz, will you marry me?”

“Yes Max, a thousand times yes!” said Liz giddily as she bounced into his arms and kissed him.

When the backed off a little Max took her hand and slid the ring onto her finger. Liz did the same move and then their hands that bore the ring held tightly to one another. A smaller beam came from the Granolith and hit the symbol once again but this time it was reflected to their joined hands and then out to the Granolith. They could sense the change immediately, their souls were open to each other and they knew the others thoughts without concentrating. Max pulled Liz to him and the two hugged.

< I love you Liz…and your going to be my wife! > Max thought to her

< I love you too and you better marry me mister… > Liz replied

The rings then appeared to melt into a liquid and were absorbed into their skin. Just then the display monitor appeared and displayed the medical examination of both Liz and Isabel.

“Analysis complete!” said the Granolith

Liz moved over and looked at the images displayed and suddenly paled after reading a segment.

“We better talk to Isabel and Alex!” said Liz

“What…nothings wrong with Isabel is there?” asked a now very worried Max

“No, not medically wrong but we should talk to them about this before I tell you or anyone else!” Liz answered as she went to gather her clothes. They dressed quickly and Liz looked to the Granolith and focused. Now as good as any other time to test her new link…within seconds the monitor was shutoff and the light that brought them here swept the room once again and carried them back to the Crashdown!

Upper Floor, Summit Building, Noon

Nicholas received word that his lord and master was on his way to Earth and as instructed before he left he placed the small black obelisk at the end of the room. All Skins that could be contacted on such short notice had arrived and gather round and waited.

Then it started, the obelisk began to glow and everyone in the room moved into line and sank down to their knees. Nicholas moved to the middle of the room and knelt down with his head bowed. The light travelled the room and Kivar appeared before them in his new husk, a tall muscular man with jet-black hair.

Kivar looked around at the forty or so soldiers. “Nicholas where are the other Skins I sent with you?”

“My lord, many have died since our arrival. Most were at the hands of Zan; Roswell is no longer safe for us. Apparently none of us can enter that town without dying, some kind of energy decays the husks and we…” Nicholas was interrupted

“I’m not interested in your excuses, I want all Skins of that remain of the original 300 here by tomorrow!”

“Master there is less than half that number now…barely 140! The remaining 60 shall arrive by tomorrow evening. In the meantime I have arranged a private room for you to rest. When you awaken I will provide a full briefing on the situation here and of Vilandra…both of them!”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 28

Crashdown, Roswell, 1305

Rath and Vilandra had been back for nearly two hours and everyone was waiting for Max and Liz to return. Agent Flynn who was in charge of the new security detail had been given a photograph of Max and the others as well as files so that he could learn about them and hopefully devise an acceptable protection plan. Unfortunately he had not known about Zan or the Dupes and made the mistake of mixing the two up…Zan did not enjoy being referred to as the King, it was the one thing of his existence that he wanted to forget!

Flynn himself had managed to get his foot out of his mouth and apologised, Michael had made the introductions between Zan & Ava and the elders after Max left but now he was doing it with the person who was assigned to protect him. Trust was something Michael didn’t have an abundance of and made it very clear that if Flynn wanted in then he would have to prove it! He left that comment in the air except to say that Max would explain upon his return.

While they waited, Flynn talked to his own second and arranged to co-ordinate with the Sheriff’s Department and Valenti. His first order was the set up of a perimeter around the café and made sure no one was within 10 feet from the window while they disbursed the crowd. Maria, who was watching over the two unconscious dupes in Liz’s room, had moved to one of the rooms that overlooked the crowd. She was visibly relieved to see the agents begin to move people away, she watched as everyone backed away from the big guys with guns…everyone except the press who remained off to the side. She backed off from the window when the made her position and a hundred flashes went off and the press camera turned to her. She decided to return to the dupes but then heard a strange sound and a flash of light…

Maria ran down the stairs to see her friends return and moved to hug Liz. “Where the hell were you, we were getting worried!” she said. “You sent those two back ages ago.”

“Sorry Maria but something…came up!” said Liz. Maria did not miss the twinkle in her eye or the shade of red on their faces. “There is also something with the Granolith…” Liz continued as she turned to Isabel and Alex “…we need to talk to you two later, okay!”

Isabel could see concern in Liz’s face, as did Alex. Liz could see the growing fear in her friend’s and moved to their sides and whispered in their ears. “It’s just something I need to tell you…nothing is wrong…with what s happening.” Liz had decided to be vague in case any one could here her. There was no sense that she could see to worry their parents just now, even thought they should be told!

Max moved over to Michael who was behind the kitchen window. However, Michael looked away and Max followed his gaze to the big guy in a suit and speaking into his radio. Max knew immediately who it was and nodded to his friend.

“Hi…I’m Max Evans. You must be Agent Flynn?” he said when Flynn finished speaking.

“Yes Mr Evans. It’s an honour to meet you at last!”

“Is there a problem?” asked Max as he indicated to the radio transmitter.

“Not really…the detail was based on the protection of yourself, your parents and the other members of your group. I hadn’t been informed of your… I’m sorry I am not exactly who or what the others are! I thought a few more agents could be useful.” Said Flynn

“Yeah! We weren’t exactly expecting them to show up in Roswell so I didn’t tell your superiors. Zan, Ava, Rath and Vilandra are…well they are, we all are clones and that is something we would appreciate not telling any one else. As far as anyone else is concerned they are our twins we were separated from!” Max said, thinking on his feet. He knew they should have taken sometime to come up with excuses for the dupes.

“Of course…as I understand from Mr Guerin who want to know if you can trust us before you sign off on my men and I. I really can’t think of an acceptable test except that you have my word! I am sworn to do my duty and protect the lives of those I have been assigned to.”

“Thank you Agent Flynn. That does mean a lot to me but if I am going to entrust you with the lives of my family and friends then I am going to need more! My sister, Isabel, has an ability to enter the dreams of anyone…I would like your permission of her to do this to you and your men. I can assure you there will be no effects, you wont even be aware that it happened.

If you do not agree then I will ask that you leave. Anyone who fails will leave; anyone who has an unnecessary fear of what we are will leave. I can’t have anyone hear who has doubts about us or that we can’t trust. I am sorry that I need to ask this but…” Max trailed off

“It’s okay your majesty, I understand. In my job you see a lot of things that are of concern. I agree to the test but I will have to speak to my men, some would consider it a major invasion of privacy but I suspect that they would also agree!” Flynn said

“Thank you! You should also know that if you fail, we have the ability to make you forget whatever you learn here…it is the only way we can be completely secure and do what we need to do!”

Flynn just nodded and then agreed. Ever since he was a young boy he dreamed of meeting aliens and now he had the chance of protecting four…no eight of them. Like hell he was going to be missing this opportunity. He knew his people could be trusted by the young king, he hand picked them himself and all had felt the same way about the chance they were getting.

Max continued speaking, “Okay then, I’ll let you speak to them. Isabel will dream walk them tonight and then tomorrow…we have some things to discuss!”

Flynn told him that he would come back in thirty minutes as they both stood up and walked out of the booth they were sitting in. Max shook Flynn’s hand and then followed him to the door. He closed it quickly after Flynn left when the camera flashes started. He then went back into the back room to find the expecting faces of his extended family.

“How’d it go?” asked Kyle

“He agreed to the test but he’s going to speak to his people about it. He’ll be back in half an hour with their answer. Are you up to this?” he said to his sister.

“Yeah…I mean I’ll be drained in the morning but yeah I can do this!” Isabel responded

“But…this cold thing you have…no worries there?” Max asked

“No! No problems on that front.” Said Liz “And speaking of which, we should…” she trailed off, indicating to go up the stairs.

Everyone looked at them in confusion. Diane immediately knew that all was not as it appeared with Isabel’s cold and began to fear that it was something a lot more serious. It filled her with dread that she could loose her daughter to some alien disease just as she was finally getting to know her…this was not acceptable! But what could she do, all she could hope was that whatever was wrong Max and Liz had used this Granolith machine to find a treatment.

“Its nothing important, we just need to talk to Isabel and Alex about some information we found in the Granolith!” Liz then turned to the other Kyle, Maria and their partners. “We’ll talk later okay!” The look in her eyes made it clear that what she meant was that they would talk when the parents were quite a distance between them and the word ‘baby’.

As they left up the stairs Maria asked who was for coffee and something to eat before she dragged Michael of his ass and into the kitchen.


The four teens were seated; Alex and Isabel were next to each other with their hands holding on tightly to one another. Max and Liz took each of the single chairs across from them after Max had “Sealed” the door. Isabel couldn’t wait any more, despite Liz reassurance earlier she still had a great deal of fear for the health of her baby.

“Okay so what’s wrong?” asked Isabel

“Number one…gestation. This is the one that kind of freaks me out a little. According to the Granolith the estimated duration of our pregnancies is 14 months maybe 15…probably the summer after Graduation!” said Liz

Max just blinked, Alex slumped backwards and Isabel held her breath.

“15 months…you can’t be serious?” Isabel asked “I know we shouldn’t keep this a secret from our folks but two years!”

“Yeah…apparently because of the differences in D.N.A it will take time for them to develop into a safe balance. Aside from the Ganderium they get from your blood and Max’s, they don’t have anything to help bridge the gap between Antarian and Human genetics. However they main problem comes from your powers…it puts a problem on their brain functions. Basically it has to happen slowly or they…” Liz trailed off, not wanting to thing of the alternative. “We won’t start to show until 5 months before we are due!”

“Well at the very least we get to hide this from our parents a little longer…I know we should tell them but…I just died and they found out aliens exist! This is the last thing they want to know about just now.” Alex said.

“Yeah…but they should be told. The new time frame we have gives us more time for them to come to grips with what’s going on. It’s been one hell of a day!” said Max

“What’s number 2?” asked Isabel

“What?” said Liz.

“You said Number 1…I’m guessing there is more!”

“Yeah! Yeah okay I really don’t know how to tell you this so…hell I’ll just ask you this. Have you two discussed what you would prefer, a boy or girl?” said Liz. Max just looked at her, he had no idea where she was going with this.

“No…I only just told Alex yesterday morning. It’s not like we’ve had a lot of time…but I have to admit that having a daughter who could wrap him around her finger does sound appealing!” Isabel said with a smile or her lips. Her comment about a daughter also brought a smile to his face but as much as he liked that idea he had another.

Liz and Max also smiled and then she asked “Alex what about you?”

“Well the idea of a daughter. I like the thought of a beautiful young princess in the image of her mother!” Alex said as he trailed his fingertips down her cheek. “But a son, somehow I like that idea!” he finished

Liz just smiled at them before saying, “How would you feel about both?”

“Could you say that again?”

“You’re having both guys…it’s twins. I wanna say congratulations but I’ve no idea how you’re going to react.”

Alex and Isabel looked at each other; they smiled and then pulled each other into a warm embrace. Isabel’s eyes were closed when she rested her head on Alex’s shoulder but when she opened them she was met with the smiles of her brother and his lover. She pulled away from the hug and everyone stood up, none of them could resist and everyone hugged everyone else – Max and Alex shook hands.

“I take this is good news?” asked Max who now understood his mates hesitation.

Alex looked back to Isabel who sported the largest smile he had seen since his resurrection. “It’s the best news Liz, the very best…hey what about you guys do you know what your having?” asked Alex

Liz turned to Max.

“No, not yet…your conception happened nearly a week before ours!” she said.

“Oh there is just one other thing!” said Liz

“Oh god, first the good then the bad!” Isabel said beginning to worry again.

“What is it?” asked Max, his arm still around her shoulders.

“The glowing thing that happened when we…you know! It’s like a transfusion of energy, a part of the power that you guys have access to was transferred into us and I have no idea what the effect would be!” said Liz

“So we could get some alien powers like you and Kyle got when Max healed you?” asked Alex

“No I don’t think so. It wasn’t that big a boost; in fact if it was on a scale I don’t even think it would register! I think it’s just used as a signal that a pregnancy has begun.” Liz responded to the inquiry. For a moment she thought she could see a look of disappointment in her childhood friends face.

“I hate to spoil that good news but we really should start discussing a few things!” said Max

“Like what?” asked his sister

“Oh how about that none of us is in a position to raise a family, we’re all still in school, not good financially and it’s probably not a good idea to go to our folks for help. We all had plans to go to college and as much as I hate to admit it that could be out the window…we need to talk!”

“Yeah, I suppose but not now…we wait until we are a little more settled with those agents and the fact that we will be watched like hawks by everyone we know and everyone we don’t!” said Alex. “Agreed!” They all agreed and went down stairs.

Kivar’s Chambers, Summit Building, New York, 1400

His molecules had been scrambled and sent across light years, the result – exhaustion. Kivar had spent the time since his arrival just lying still on the bed provided by his lackeys. Sleep in the husk was going to take a lot of getting used to and on top of that time on Earth was completely different that that of his native Antar.

All of a sudden he had felt rejuvenated, his tired muscles became to operate once more and he immediately sent of Nicholas. He needed to know how the army he had sent to Earth, the army that could have easily have overthrown the entire planet, had been reduced to a mere 140 units but more importantly he wanted his queen back. His benefactor gave him a device that would alter her mind much in the same way as he had done originally.

He remembered it clearly, his entire life he had watched the princess from afar and had made no secret of his desire for her. Never had he doubted or backed away from what he wanted despite being told by his father that she had no feelings for him…he never believed it. Her father and even she had spurned his advances, Kivar believed that it was just to appease the king and brother…Vilandra’s heart was his, he knew it with every fibre in his being. Then she turned nineteen years and was given a lavish estate by her father. Her first order of business was a month’s vacation to examine it and spend some time relaxing away from court.

The day she arrived Kivar had made his move and taken her. He felt sorry for her, Vilandra’s father had her so brainwashed that she denied her heart and resented her true loves attempt to liberate her. She even tried to kill him when he entered her bedchamber; he even had to suppress her powers just to get close. He spent the entire time of her vacation probing her every thought, twisting it here, and re-writing it there. Four weeks of sensory deprivation and mental twists, four weeks of convincing and seduction. The end result Vilandra was truly his.

His spy in her fathers court, his toy in the bedchamber. She was his to do with as she pleased and she would do anything for him all he had to do was command her. Now he had to undo it again, at least this time the gem in his hand will make her his permanently. All he had to do was get to Roswell and capture…no liberate his love again. His chosen was the one from Roswell, the one who was raised away from the gutter…the true princess and not the whore, but if it came down to it he would settle for the reject.

Nicholas entered the room and kneeled before his master.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you for your mistakes Nicholas!” Kivar asked

“My lord, many things have occurred that have been unexpected. Zan, from Roswell, appears to have access to advanced intelligence. When we tried to make a move he anticipated, he found Copper Summit before it was leaked to the media, he knew we were going to enter Roswell and now we cannot even approach the town. The version of Zan from this city left for no apparent reason with Ava, we believe that a received a message from his counterpart.” Nicholas was afraid for his life and was trying to cover what ever he could if it would spare his life.

“It would appear then that you have a spy in your ranks. Subject all those that live to a complete mental probe…identify the informant to Zan and terminate him.”

“Yes my lord! Master, there is another matter…not too long before your arrival, the sensor you sent to monitor the Ganderial crystals indicated that all three samples are now terminated. We can only assume that Rath and Vilandra are now free of the hold we had on them.”

“WHAT!” Yelled Kivar

“My lord, there was no way to anticipate this…yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Nicholas screamed as Kivar grabbed hold of his head. Kivar sent wave after wave of burning energy through the husk and into his brain. The pain was unending, even after Kivar released him. His body twitched and shook violently on the ground as Kivar stood and began to walk around the room. He waited until his general was once again on his feet before continuing.

“Is there anything else?” Kivar asked

“Yes my lord, we have been detecting unusual and powerful energy emissions of Roswell…we have no explanations.”

“The Granolith, yes I am aware that it has been changing recently. Go back to your duties and do not fail me again!”

Nicholas bowed, turned and walked out of the room. He made it to his own chambers before collapsing in pain. He felt the residual energy surge in his body and saw the skin if his husk ripple violently as it dissipated.

Kalarian Royal Palace, Kalaria, A little later

Larek had received word that the Summit had been cancelled and immediately came to his command centre. The first thing he saw was Lorat on the communications net, running through every informant, spy and contact he had on Antar and it’s military bases.

“Lorat, You’ve heard!” Larek said

“Yes, I’ve spent the last hour trying to find out what’s going on.” Replied Lorat

“Found anything?” asked Larek

“Only this…a massive energy signal was transmitted to Earth not to long after his message was sent to the council members.”

“What kind of signal?”

“I don’t know…the only thing that is close to it was recorded when the Granolith was in use.” Said Lorat

Larek looked up and shook his head; he refused to believe the possibilities of this. Could Kivar possibly have access to Granolith Tech and if that is the case what could he be using it for now?

“Is there anything else?” asked Larek

“Yes, a report from one of Kivar’s aids…he said that he followed Kivar into his command centre but never left. A monitoring device he planted confirmed it yet he later attended a parade in the Capitol. The only explanation is…”

“Is a clone!” Larek finished for his long time friend, the pieced were coming into place and much to his concern. Lorat nodded as he looked away from his monitor and up to his friend.

“But if he is using a clone, then where is he?” asked Lorat

“Earth…that signal was from the transportation device. Zan showed it to me when we were children, that traitor went to Earth…Lorat I’m going to my quarters to prepare my host on Earth. I have to warn Zan of this and besides it would be a good opportunity to see him again.”

“Larek…there is no guarantee that the memory implants worked and they may not remember us!”

“I know and if that is the case then I look forward to seeing what kind of man he has become. It should be an interesting time!” said Larek

“Agreed…Larek if Rath doesn’t remember! If he doesn’t remember our house or me then do not tell him! That task will belong to me when the time comes…there are some things that he should hear from family and not from another!”

Larek nodded and walked out of the chamber and went to his private chambers.

Pod Chamber, New York, 1600

Kivar had ordered Nicholas to bring him here. He wanted to see for himself where, at least one, of his enemy units grew up. We walked back and forth in the room, looking with distaste at the few possessions they had. Eventually he came to the row of green pods stuck to the wall and ran his fingers along the outer edge of one.

He knew instinctively that it belonged to Vilandra. His pulse began to race as he imagined her as she once was, of the times he had taken her into his bed and succeeded in humiliating her through his sexual Olympics. The only thing that made it more satisfying for the rebuttal of his earlier advanced was the knowledge that she had completely loved him.

“Nicholas!” Yelled Kivar

“Yes my lord!” said Nicholas

“Bring me Vilandra…the one from Roswell. What ever it takes bring her to me as soon as possible!” Kivar said

Nicholas smiled and said “Yes Sir!” Both left the chamber and headed back to the Summit Building.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 29

Living Room, Parker Residence, 1700

When the crowd was adequately thinned, the agents put the four other families into cars and drive them home. For a second day straight the Crashdown was closed but tomorrow it would be open…business as usual except this time they had just become one of the central tourist spots in the town.

Liz had just finished cleaning away all the dishes and the camping gear that had been used by her friends but now for the first time in two days she would face her parents alone. Upon reaching the top of the stairs she opened the door and found her parents sitting quietly in the sofa.

“How you guys doing?” Liz asked her parents

“Well…were a little more settled with all of this but its still a little scary!” Nancy said

“Yeah, you should have seen Maria when I first told her. She ran into the street screaming, thinking that I had gone off my head…that I was wacky!” said Liz

“Wacky…yes that fit pretty well on how I feel. How have you dealt with this Liz?” asked Jeff

“Simple, I saw into Max’s soul. In that minute I learned everything I needed to not to be scared. Listen I don’t know how you feel about Max but I want you to remember that if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here!”

“Oh Liz…we remember that, it’s not exactly something you forget. Right along with the fact that your daughter’s dating an alien!” said Nancy

“Mom, Dad. I know there is probably a lot you need answers to…so I’m going to let you read this. It’s basically everything that happened since that September, everything except the last week or so. No ones ever read this…except Michael and that’s because he stole it.” Liz said as she reached under the couch and brought out her journal and handed it to her mother. “I’ll be in my bedroom when your done…this should fill you in on a lot!”

Over the next few hours they read the book three times. They gained the most intimate insight into their daughter they had ever known. Everything they read just showed them how much or rather little they actually knew about her. That was something that had to change! When they were done, they went to Liz room and simply hugged her and Nancy cried.

“Oh god Liz, you’ve been through so much…why didn’t you come to us!” asked her mother.

“Mom…its not like I could have told you. That would have meant telling you about Max!” said Liz

“I just wish you could have come to us!” said her father

“I know…me too, but I had to protect him. I love him!” she said

Both parents looked to each other and smiled. They’re daughter was not growing up – she had grown up!


They had all agreed, all the Secret Service agents had thought it over and, with some hesitation, agreed to the test. It was decided that they would all go to bed at nine o’clock and at 2130 Isabel would follow them and enter their dreams. For tonight Valenti and his department would handle security.

The agents had arranged for rooms all across town, it was almost impossible to find anywhere to stay right now, now that Roswell had become alien central and the No.1 tourist spot on the planet. Naturally they all were afraid, even Flynn couldn’t get over it completely and even with the reassurance of Max and Isabel that there would be no side effect, but they all prepared for bed and hoped that it would be over soon.

Isabel’s Bedroom, Evans Residence, 2120

The agents had brought the Evans back a couple of hours ago before dispersing to their motels for the evening. Diane wanted to see what Isabel was going to do but Max had asked her and his father to wait in the living room…much to their annoyance they reluctantly agreed. They had no idea what was going to happen and could only assume that what Isabel was going to do was dangerous to non-Antarians.

The truth was that Max didn’t want them to overhear anything that he might say to Isabel. When they told their parents that they themselves were going to be parent it would be because they told them face to face and not because they heard them talking! Max was waiting for Isabel to come out of the bathroom and was leaning against her wardrobe. Isabel came in to her room to find her brother waiting for her, she was wearing her pink satin pyjamas and had her robe left untied.

“Max will you chill!” she said as she saw the concerned look on her brother’s face

“I am going to ask again…are you sure this is safe for you and them?” Max said as he pointed his finger to Isabel’s abdomen.

“God Max how many times do Liz and I have to tell you…yes! It will be fine for all three of us.” Replied Isabel as her hand moved unconsciously to cover her belly. “Speaking of Liz, is it just me or does she seem to know about us than she used to?”

“Oh very nice Iz, change the subject why don’t you!” Max fell back against the wardrobe and released a breath. “Yeah I suppose she does…what ever knowledge the Granolith put in her seems to be coming out slowly and now with this link…”

“Wa…wait a minute! What link?” asked Isabel

“Oh yeah, we didn’t tell you did we?” Max said as he realised his over sight


“Right…when Liz and I were in the Granolith Chamber it gave us a couple of rings.” Said Max

“Rings? What kind of rings!” Isabel asked

“They were blue-gold…the Granolith said that they will create a telepathic link between the two of us and it. The both had our symbol on it and it said there were other rings for you and the others.” Max explained

“Wait a second. I don’t remember seeing a ring on either of you when you got back…and your not wearing one now, so…” she trailed off

“Yeah, the rings melted and were absorbed into us. The Granolith told us that they wouldn’t appear again until we were married!” said Max.

Isabel saw the look on Max’s face as he remembered back to the cave. The look of contentment made Isabel suddenly realise what had happened.

“Oh god, you didn’t?”

“Did what?”

“You DID! You asked her to marry you!” stated Isabel

“Yes! We both felt that the rings were kind of like engagement rings so I asked and she said yes.”

“Well of course she said yes you idiot!” said Isabel as she moved to hug her brother. “So I’m getting a sister in law now…things certainly happening fast around here!”

“Too fast?” asked Max

“Some of it…but aside from being watched by everyone I don’t think I could be or have been happier.”

Just then Isabel’s alarm clock turned 2130 and it sounded out, interrupting their conversation.

“Oh well looks like its time!” said Isabel as she pulled back her bed covers and climbed in. “See you in the morning Max!” She put her head on her pillow and closed her eyes.

Max bent down and kissed her forehead. “See you in the morning sis!” he said before leaving her room.


Isabel had decided to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the agents so she engineered the environment to an idealistic setting. It was a clearing in a forest with a small stream running through the middle of it. Next to that was a collection of boulders where she sat down and looked over the collection of agents who were looking around.

“Hi guys…welcome to my dreams!” said Isabel

“Ms Evans? I didn’t expect…this is incredible.” Said Flynn

“Yeah it is quite nice isn’t it? Okay here are the ground rules…in here I control everything; I will form a connection with all of you and basically see your lives. If I see anything that could threaten us you will wake up with a slight headache and you’re out of the detail. Everyone else will be fine…oh and for those of you have expressed a concern – I will not remember any specific details only that you can be trusted. So none of you need to be worried about any…embarrassing details!”

All the agents nodded and she stood from her position on the rocks and beckoned them closer. Isabel jumped down and met the agents half way.

“Okay now everyone hold hands…come on guys, grow up!” She said as she saw the hesitation at her request. Flynn nodded to the others and they all reached out their hands. Isabel moved between Flynn and another agent and took their free hands before closing her eyes. They all watched as a field of energy travelled from Isabel, along the arms of the agents touching her and on to the other. As the field connected with each, they experienced a small prang of pleasure and closed their eyes.

When the circle was completely Isabel was awash with images from the lives of her new protectors. She saw images of their families, friends and events from their jobs. All of the agents had been selected for their exploits during the course of careers and Isabel found what she needed to know…they were all dedicated to their assigned units and would never compromise their safety to anyone for any reason.

Everyone suddenly opened their eyes and looked to Isabel who was smiling. They all felt incredible as they watched Isabel back away from them but when her gaze fell upon one of them and her smile became a frown. All of a sudden she faded away and with her the dreamscape began to collapse.

Real world~~~

Every one woke up at the same time. They were breathing hard and most went to the bathroom to get a glass of water. They all still felt the great sense of euphoria they had felt in the dream but it was slowly wearing off…all that is except one.

Agent Dobson from Maine had woken up, his hands clutching his head. As Isabel had promised it was a slight headache but it still hurt like hell. His roommate had looked at him and new what it meant, as instructed he was on his radio to Flynn.

Ten minutes later Flynn was in the room, it agreement was simple…no one would be on the detail that could be a threat and obviously Isabel Evans thought that Dobson met that criteria.

“Dobson, care to tell me what’s going on?” asked Flynn

“Sir it has to be a mistake…there isn’t anything that…” Dobson was interrupted

“Dobson that wont fly with those kids! They trust each other implicitly and if one thinks that you’re a danger to them then they all will. If we want to protect them then they have to trust us and right now you don’t qualify so I need to know why!” said Flynn

“I’m sorry sir I can’t talk about this!” replied Dobson

“Then pack your things! I’ll arrange for transport back to D.C in the morning when the others arrive. Sorry Dobson but it’s the only way.” Said Flynn

“Understood sir!” Said Dobson

Flynn then turned and left the room. He was on the phone to his superiors within a minute to inform him of the change.

F.B.I. headquarters, Washington D.C, a second later

Director Haines had just hung up his phone with Flynn and was slightly disappointed.

“Well it was worth a try!” he said to himself. He just wanted to cover his bases and have someone near the aliens to make sure that they were what they claimed to be and not try to blow up the countryside. Given Dobson’s family history he was the perfect choice…someone would knows restraint yet could fire with little remorse for his targets if need be.

Unfortunately that was out the window and the young aliens had made his man. If this test they had done was going to be done on every new agent sent to them then he could not get anyone close to them again. He could only hope that they were peaceful and that this war they’re in can be kept off the streets. He decided to call it a night and put his files back in the cabinet and then locked his office.

Isabel’s Bedroom, Evans Residence, 2230

Isabel has woken up from her dream walk and looked to the clock. What appeared to be only a few minutes in the dreamscape had been about an hour in reality. However, Liz was complete right – she was wiped. Unfortunately she couldn’t get back to sleep, so she decided to get dressed and pay a little visit to Alex. She pulled on a skirt and sweater…something she could easily get out of.

Alex’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 2250

Despite being tired, she made it to Alex’s window faster than she expected. She used her powers to unlock it and sneak inside without being detected. Once inside she found Alex sound asleep, his chest bare to her scrutiny as his blanket fell around his waist. The last 48 hours had been hell and he was exhausted from everything that had happened.

Isabel started to move closer to the bed and pulled of her sweater and through it to the side. As she stood by her sleeping lover she pulled down her skirt to reveal her naked body, she decided to go without underwear tonight…it wasn’t was though she was going to have much use for it. Isabel trailed her fingers along his chest and smiled as he began to move his hand to swipe away the thing that crawled along his skin.

She decided that she had enough of her little tease and pulled the blanket from the remainder of his body. Isabel was pleasantly surprised to find that Alex had taken to sleeping naked. {When did this start?} She wondered to herself as she sat on the bed.

Isabel bent over and took Alex’s cock into her mouth and began a gentle rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down. It didn’t take long for the sensations to wake Alex up. His eyes were still closed as her moist lips and tongue brought him pleasure but his hand had moved into her hair. Isabel felt his hand as it glided through her soft golden hair and reached her hand up to take hold of the base of his dick.

As she began to move her hand up and down, pumping the part of his shaft that her mouth could not cover. This action brought an intense reaction from Alex who lifted his hips slightly and both his hands grabbed onto the sides of her head.

“Ughnn Isabel, that feels…ohhhh…incredible!” Alex moaned as he rested his arse back onto the bed. Isabel had slightly increased her tempo but as she felt that he was going to cum, she backed away. Alex opened his eyes and looked into hers, just as he was about to speak again Isabel bent back down and kissed the tip of his penis and moved up to straddle his waist. But before she grabbed his cock again Alex spoke…

“Isabel…how did you get here?” he asked breathlessly

“I walked silly!” she responded. Alex then grew concerned and looked into her eyes.

“What about your security?”

“I sneaked away Honey! Besides the Sheriffs guys are good but they are not security. Also remember I promised you a reward tonight and nothing can keep me from making that promise happen.” Isabel reached down to his manhood but Alex grabbed her hand. {You must be the only man who backs away from sex when something bothers you sweetie!} She thought to herself.

“Isabel, how could you…you have to promise me that you wont do that again? Please Isabel I need to know that you wont try to ditch your security again! I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.” Alex’s tone was begging to be listened to and it went straight to Isabel’s heart like an arrow and her face began to show that pain.

She ran her hand along his head and down to his chest to calm him. “I promise!” Isabel said. Alex could see that she had listened to his request and was content that now they had a security detail, she would not endanger herself again by sneaking out to see him again.

Somehow during their conversation Alex had managed to keep an erection and Isabel could feel it rub against her pussy. She trailed her hand down her body, between her breasts, down across her belly and straight to his dick where she took a firm hold of him. She pointed his hard-on into the air and raised herself above it. The two lovers held each other’s gaze as Isabel slowly sat down, allowing his dick to enter her. Slowly she pulled back up so that he was almost out of her and then plunged back down so that he was buried as far inside her as he could go.

Alex was about to moan out loud but Isabel planted her finger across his lips. She knew his parents were still awake from the light she saw before entering.

“Shhhh Baby, just enjoy it!” she whispered.

She loved the feeling of him inside her and just sat there for a moment and when she decided to start moving she ran her hands along his torso and down his arms where they clasped their hands tightly. Isabel moved slightly forward and then up, grinding her hips against his body before dropping back down. She continued this, as slowly as she could, squeezing her muscles in her lower regions to bring Alex to his own climax.

Unfortunately she couldn’t keep this going. She was in heat and her lust for Alex was growing by the second and with it so went her pace. It took nearly twenty minutes of Alex gently caressing her clit before she started to bounce up and down, rising and falling with each breath she took. All Isabel wanted to do right now was scream, scream to the world that Alex was making her feel incredible but she had to settle for biting her lower lip to maintain her silence.

Alex could feel that she was as close to coming as he was and wanted to she her coming apart before he did. Seeing Isabel climax was always special to Alex, he felt that it was the most erotically beautiful thing in the world to him and what ever it took he would see that before he shot his load. He unclasped his hands from hers and placed them on Isabel’s waist at which point he thrust her around so that she was underneath him.

Isabel locked her long legs around his butt and brought what of his length had slipped out of her back inside. Alex rested his full weight on her body when he put his hands behind her head and kissed her. He thrust in and out of her, pushing his hips against her soaked core. Over and over Alex made her whimper and sigh, it was all she could do with their mouths locked together.

However, if Alex wanted to watch her cum then he would have to break the kiss off. He pulled his head back to see her eyes her tightly sealed together and her teeth once again back on her lower lip. Her skin was flushed and covered in the fine layer of sweat that had become common to their trysts together.

“Isabel” he whispered hoarsely, “Cum for me! Let me see you cum my love”

She couldn’t last any more and moaned, “Ughnnnnnnnnn.” It was quiet as she could make it and Alex cut it off once again with a hard, passionate kiss. Almost immediately he gave her one last, powerful thrust and held his dick inside her as he shot his hot, white lava into her depths.

They continued to kiss for a few minutes before Alex pulled out of her and moved to her side. They were exhausted, Alex reached down to pull the blanket back over them and when he lay down on his back Isabel rested her head on his chest, her arm draped over him. The two of them fell asleep like that.

Outside, Alex’s parents had decided to go to bed. As they passed Alex’s door they saw that it was not closed properly so his father moved it close it. He was still a little concerned for his son so he opened the door slightly just to check on him…what he found startled him. There in Alex’s arms was his alien girlfriend; both obviously naked as Isabel’s breasts pressed against Alex’s chest with the blanket only covering their waists. He watched them sleep peacefully, their breathing was synchronous and slow – a vision of serenity.

His mother had seen her husband’s hesitation and moved to see what was wrong. When she looked in the door she brought her hand and covered her mouth. The two parents looked to each other before he closed the door.

“I’ll talk to him in the morning.” His father said. His mother simply nodded before they turned to their own bedroom. Now they had another reason for having difficulty in falling asleep.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 30

Valenti Residence, Same day, 2255

Isabel wasn’t the only one feeling playful that night. Kyle was going stir crazy waiting for his father to go to work as Jim had taken it upon himself to organise the security for the evening while the Secret Service went through the test. As usual Kyle couldn’t get to sleep on the couch. In the last week he found it almost impossible to sleep anywhere if Tess wasn’t next to him and right now he just wished his father would leave so he could go to her. Kyle also knew that Tess was having the exact same problem!

Jim knew damn well what was going on. More than once he could here the rustling around of the two teens as they struggled to find sleep and more than once he had returned home in the early hours of the morning to find them in bed together, sleeping very, very peacefully. He only thanked god that they were both wearing something. Jim left his bedroom and entered the living room to find his son tossing and turning once again, he had no doubt that he would once again find them together in the morning. He needed to have a talk…work could wait!

“Kyle, could we have a talk just now?” asked Jim

Kyle who was lying on his back with his eyes closed had immediately opened them as he turned his face to his father. “Sure dad, what’s up?” Kyle asked

“You know very well what’s up! How long have you been sleeping with Tess?” Jim’s fatherly tone came through clearly.

Kyle shot up in a flash; no longer lying down he looked his father straight in the eye. No way was he getting out of this one!

“Kyle, come on. I know your in love with her…I saw that the day you brought her back from the Granolith but I need to know how far this has gone! So please answer my question.” Jim said

Kyle was surprised at that; he remembered that day, over week ago, very clearly. He definitely felt an attraction to Tess but if his father could see that he loved her then he knew him a lot better than he knew himself. He took a deep breath and started to speak.

“Dad, you’re right I do love her…sometimes I don’t actually believe how much I love her. Okay, we’ve been sleeping together since late last week…before we went up to Copper Summit.” Said Kyle

Jim looked to the floor and then back up to meet his son’s face. “Listen Kyle, I don’t want to be this guy but I need to know if you two are being careful?”

“Yeah, we are now after everything! You have nothing to worry about!” Kyle realised his mistake and hoped that his father never caught it.

“What do you mean Kyle…I should I know?” asked Jim. He was getting a little worried now and this was something he could do with out.

{Damn it} Kyle said to himself as he ran his hands through his hair, he had to think quickly…maybe half a truth. “Dad, you know how I told you that the two Granoliths merged…” When Jim nodded Kyle continued, “Well what we didn’t tell you was how it happened. The merging was through us…all eight of us! As we each paired off and…connected, the Granoliths began to change until it was one unit. Just like us!

It turned out that the Granolith was messing with our make things happen faster. We didn’t even think about protection until Max and Liz mentioned something about it, now we make sure…but it’s still a fight to remember!”

“Okay Kyle a little too much info there! But right now I want some ground rules…given the fact that the two of you can’t seem to sleep unless you’re together I think that it would be okay if you share the room! You WILL be on the floor unless it is really bad. Also under this roof there will be no sex! Understand?” Jim asked his son.

“Yeah, yes I understand dad and thank you…for at least part of what you said!” Said Kyle as he cocked his head…No sex, yeah right. They couldn’t keep to that one, even if they wanted to!

Jim knew that the ‘no sex’ rule wouldn’t fly but what kind of parent would he be if he didn’t at least say it. At least he didn’t have to watch his son and ward running around trying to hide their relationship from him.

“Okay, I’ve got to get to work and set up the security for tomorrow morning before the guys fall dead asleep. I’ll see you two in the morning…and I expect to find you on the floor!”

“Yes sir!” replied Kyle

Tess was on the other side of the door during the conversation. She had heard them talking and got out of bed, wearing nothing but an old t-shirt of Kyle’s that went down to just below her butt. When she heard Kyle tell his father that he was in love with her, she never felt happier. Then came Jim’s permission to sleep in the same room…not the same bed but still major progress! She had started to think of Jim as a father, even more so than she once thought of Nasedo. Having his blessing on their little affair meant everything to her.

Then she heard Jim leaving and ran back to bed, snuggling herself in the duvet to pretend that she was asleep. Kyle opened the door quietly and moved over to the bed. He sat beside her and watched as she turned; he knew that she was faking but if Tess wanted to play then who was he to argue, besides seeing her like this was a turn on!

Tess fought to suppress the little smirk that was forming on her lips but when Kyle ran his hand along her face and moved a length of her blonde hair away from her, her heart melted. She couldn’t hold out so she opened her eyes and was met with a loving smile from Kyle.

“I heard what you and your dad talked about!” Tess said.

“I know…I heard you bump against the door. Did you hear the ground rules?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, I almost burst out laughing when I heard ‘no sex’. As for the rest…I can see definite advantages for us to be in here together without hiding from your dad.”

“Tell me about it!” said Kyle as he reached down to capture her lips with his own.

Tess raised her head from the pillow; her hair fell back as Kyle’s hand held the back of her head. As she opened her mouth to accept his tongue, Tess ran her hands up his stomach to caress the firm muscles concealed by his shirt. Kyle’s free hand was on a similar journey; it trailed her thigh, under her shirt and across her stomach. The final leg of his journey was down through her blonde curls and between her legs.

The feel of his hand against her sent a wave of fire through her. She had to have him and they had a very long time before Jim would return. Tess grabbed hold of the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off; she broke away from their kiss and then latched on to the skin of his chest.

Kyle was overwhelmed with the feelings of Tess’s mouth on his skin and was equally amazed at the fact that she always seemed to be ready for him. Every time he touched her pussy it was soaked with her arousal. Tess grabbed hold of his hand and pulled it up, offering it for a taste test, as Kyle pulled his fingers into his mouth. When his hand was clean he gave Tess a look that burned straight through her.

“What do you want Tess…tell me!” Kyle asked the smouldering vixen.

There was something that Tess had always wanted to try. They had become very adventurous since the start of their relationship and had tried every conceivable position, every one straight out of the Karma Sutra. They had gone from missionary through to doing it underwater but there was one basic position that she wanted to try.

“I…I want you to…” Tess was getting slightly embarrassed, she may be adventurous but the was she was raised by Nasedo still caused her reservations…which was why she bought the Karma Sutra, Joy of Sex and half a dozen other sex manual that she kept hidden under the bed.

“Tess…you can tell me. There is no reason to be embarrassed about this with me my love.” He said soothingly.

“I want you to take me from behind…you know…doggy style!” Her flesh burned with embarrassment as she told Kyle what she would like to try next.

“Oh…get onto your hand and knees Tess!” said Kyle.

Tess rose up onto her knees but before she could bend down Kyle grabbed hold of her t-shirt and lifted it off, exposing her nude body to his intense scrutiny. Kyle moved stood up and pushed his boxers down before moving behind her. He stoked her arms and nibbled on her ear, her gentle moans and whimpers told Kyle that she was as ready as she was going to get and pushed her forwards so that she rested on her hands.

Kyle still wasn’t as hard as he needed to be so he grabbed hold of his dick and pumped it a few times while rubbing the head against Tess’s folds. It didn’t take long before he was at required mission specs and entered her body slowly. Tess felt Kyle’s erection sliding into her, inch by inch she could feel him filling her core before she remembered.

“KYLE STOPP!” she said. Kyle wasn’t fully sheathed inside her but her heightened voice concerned him enough to pull out.

“What, what’s wrong?” asked Kyle

“We forgot this!” Tess said as she reached under her pillow and pulled out the foil container. Tess turned to face him, opened the foil and took out the condom. Taking a hold of his length had brought a sigh of pleasure from Kyle and so she started to roll the rubber over his tool. She moved back into her original position and waited for Kyle to push back inside her.

She didn’t have to wait long…their bodies once again fused together, their pleasure centres stimulated to breaking point. Slowly Kyle pulled back out but then slammed back into her. He built up a slow rhythm, his hips smacked against her ass and sweat began to drip from their bodies.

“Do you like this Tess…tell me how you like it!” grunted Kyle

“Ughnnn…I…ohh god. I love it Kyle! I want….ummmmm more. Give it to me…ahhhh…harder, please.” Tess moaned and groaned, over and over it went. The throbbing length in her was sliding back and forth, touching her most sensitive skin as she mated with her lover.

Kyle was more than willing to give Tess what she wanted, the one thing that remained the same throughout their time together was to give Tess what pleased her most. If she wanted it harder then that’s what she got…Kyle didn’t care what he had become, here in this room Kyle Valenti, lock jock, was Tess Harding’s sex slave. Well maybe slave was too strong a term but when it came to Tess and sex Kyle was willing if not eager to surrender to her.

Kyle rocked his hips back and forth, his sweat dripped from his brow and onto her back where it pooled in the curve of her spine. Her own sweat ran down to the same spot where it mixed. Kyle brought his erection out and forced it back in, he was pushing himself to the limit, his face was contorted in pleasure, his eyes scrunched up and his ball hitting of the back of her legs.

“Oh god baby...uhnnn…you’re so good!” Yelled Kyle

Tess loved hearing him say…hell…anything during sex. Her head was drooping forwards; her hair was moist from her sweat and was hanging evenly over her head. From her vantage point she could see down the length of her body, between her breasts and saw Kyle’s dick disappearing inside her and then back out. The sight filled her with even more passion.

It inspired her to take a little more action and give Kyle a little help. She lifted her hands and placed then on the headboard; when she had a firm grip she used the leverage to her advantage and began to move her rear back. Tess was meeting Kyle’s thrusts with her own, their speed increased and she could swear that he was going deeper than he had before.

“UHHNNNNNNNNNN, GOD…please, Kyle make me come!” she hollered.

“Do it Tess, come for me my…FUCKKKKKKKK…my princess!” Kyle reciprocated

“OHHHH, UGNNNN, FFFFuck ME Kyle. Let me feel you inside me!”

Kyle gave in. He couldn’t last any longer and the dulled sensations on his cock had reached its end. Kyle spurted his semen into the rubber sheath that separated his flesh from Tess’s. Tess felt him cum and she was close to her own climax, after an hour and a half she was finally ready. {Jesus, Kyle you’ve got the control of a god} Tess thought to herself. She continued to trust back and forth, Tess use her powers to hold Kyle in position and wouldn’t let him leave her.

Kyle leaned down onto her body, wrapping his arms around her. One across her breasts to tease them and another went up under her arm to bring her head around to face him. He may have been done but Tess wasn’t and he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her, long and hard, as she continued to move.

Tess broke off the kiss and moved her head back. She crossed her arms on the edge of the headboard and rested her forehead on them. With one last thrust she came hard. Her back arched and her tits pointed forward, Kyle grabbed each one with his hands. He held her naked body close to his; his dick slipped out and began to loose its erection. Tess moved away and removed the condom, after throwing it in the bin she lay back on the bed where Kyle joined her. She snuggled up onto his body and he wrapped his arm around her.

“I love you!” whispered Kyle

“I love you too!” answered Tess

Kyle ran his hand up her arm as they held each other. However, Kyle kept stealing glances to the bin and the condom that lay on top of the pile. Tess was enjoying the soothing touch of his hand but he could feel that something was concerning him.

“Kyle…you okay!” asked Tess

“We almost forgot Tess…if you didn’t remember about the condom then we could be pregnant now!” said Kyle

Tess misunderstood and became upset. “Then you don’t want to have a baby with me!” she stated as she backed away.

“No…no that’s not what I meant! I don’t know of anything more perfect than having a child with you. It’s just that we aren’t ready for that step yet…neither of us are and you know it!” Kyle said. His tone was intended to calm her, to try and reassure her that he had meant what he was saying.

“Then what did you mean?” she asked

“All Liz was able to get from the Granolith was ‘Antarian Law’! We have no idea what that means and if its something dangerous…” Kyle trailed off

“Yeah I know!” Tess said

“I mean what the hell is that supposed to mean…that its Antarian Law that members of the Royal Houses have to have children in the first year of mating?” asked Kyle

“No…Nasedo taught me a few laws but there was nothing like that. I’m pretty sure that he would have brought that one up!” answered Tess, “No what ever this is…god I don’t know! Nasedo told me that there were well over 20,000 laws.”

“20,000? And we’re concerned with just one!” he joked.

“Maybe we should ask Liz to get the Granolith to give us a list of them…we could go through them and try to find something.” Tess suggested. “Anyway I need a shower!” she said as she got out of bed.

“Need any help?” Kyle joked again…kinda! Watching Tess shower was a turn on. Who was he kidding; practically everything Tess did was a turn on.

“Well I could use help to scrub my back!” she teased as she left the room. Kyle waited for a second and then ran after her.

An hour later them were washed, dressed and back in bed. Kyle obeyed at least one rule and set up a sleeping bag, pillow and a few blankets on the floor along side the bed he wanted to be in. Tess had brought a pillow along side her and wrapped her hand around it. She rested her head on it and said,



“Did you call me princess earlier?” she asked

“Yes, why?”

“Nothing…I just liked it, that’s all! Goodnight Kyle.”

“Night…Princess!” responded Kyle. Tess heard him and it brought a gentle smile to her face. The pair was exhausted and fell into a gentle sleep, their eyes closed and their breathing slowed.

Valenti’s Office, Sheriff Station, midnight

Valenti had managed to avoid the press when he arrived for work. He saw them all over the town, using local tourist hot spots as backdrops. God knows why they’re still awake but for some reason they aren’t sleeping just standing in front of cameras. Now he was sitting behind his desk, had just finished changing the shifts over, he arranged for one officer to watch over the homes of the ‘I know an alien club’ and a couple to do patrols over the town.

Just then Agent Flynn knocked on his open door.

“Agent Flynn…I wasn’t expecting to see you until the morning!” asked Valenti

“Yeah, that test that Ms Evans did was invigorating!” said Flynn

“Well I take it there weren’t any problems then?” asked Valenti

“Unfortunately Agent Dobson had a problem…he’ll be leaving when the extra support I called for arrives at 0700. We wouldn’t tell me what it was about!” Flynn responded. His tone was filled with disappointment.

“Well Isabel will fill us in when we see her…anything that’s a threat to them she will remember. So what are you doing here?” said Valenti

“Well my guys are going crazy! Since we woke up we haven’t been able to fall asleep and we are bored. I thought my guys could take over the security for the night…give us something to do beside it’ll give the opportunity to look over the town. Photo and maps can only show you so much!”

Valenti nodded his head, “Yeah no problem. I’ll tell my deputies to expect you!” Valenti stood up and shook Flynn’s hand, Flynn then turned to leave. “Oh Agent Flynn, just one more thing! I found out tonight that my son is dating Tess Harding who is living with me, these kids have to deal with the usual teenager stuff and would have preferred to go through life keeping the fact that their aliens a secret. Problem is that on top of this they have to fight a rebellion!

Unfortunately the secret is out, I cant do anything about that but I can help them live their lives…what I’m saying is that if you or your people compromise or endanger them then I’ll put a bullet in your head! “

“Understood Sheriff and the last thing I would do is comprise my assigned subjects. Your son and the others are in good hands…the best!” said Flynn

“Glad to know Agent Flynn. I’ll see you later?”

“Count on it!” replied Flynn

Flynn shook Valenti’s hand again and walked out of the room. In the next 20 minutes all on duty deputies were doubled up with Secret Service agents. Most of the time they were looking over buildings, walking the streets and getting a lay of the land. Not one of them liked the look of it; too many places where snipers could hide, too many places that where apart of the kids usual routine could not be adequately secured.

Omniria, Omniriad Homeworld, Sector 45432, 1.657 million light years from Antar

It was a world of perpetual light; the planet was located in a tri-star system. The stars were locked together in the same place through their gravity and dead centre was Omniria. The light from the suns covered the entire planet at all time, if it wasn’t for the planets occupants it would have been ripped apart but gravity was one of the many things the Omniriads had control over.

Phoenix was walking through the streets of the capitol on his way to the Core. He had been called before the ruling body of his people, the oldest of his race formed it, combined their non-corporeal bodies into a central mind that directed the other’s of their race. Being summoned before them was a cause of great concern at any time but to be handed notice by the Messenger was generally considered to be BAD! He still had some time before his appointment and decided to walk the streets…it used to relax him but no longer, not for the last five thousand years since the First was taken.

The darkest event of their history happened that day. One of their own stole the heart of their existence in an effort to force a further evolutionary stage and join the Old Ones beyond the barrier of this universe. An event that won’t happen until the end of this universe and the birth of the next but H’Ebon still tried it and in the process doomed his race. Without the First, their essence was slowly diminishing, their powers fading one by one until all they are left with was their knowledge but even that would fade as their species became extinct.

Phoenix entered the largest chamber of the Capitol, the building that housed the Core. It was built from pink crystal with three holes in the roof that were in perfect alignment with the three suns at midday. In the centre of the chamber was the Core itself, a spherical mass of swirling energy glowing with all the colours of existence.

“I have come to where I have been summoned, May the judgement of the Core prevail!” Phoenix’s voice echoed through out the chamber.

“Phoenix, borne to the white who have been summoned to answer for breaking the code.” Boomed the Core. Phoenix had observed human entertainment while on Earth and was fascinated by humans image of the future. Now listening to the voice of the Core he could help be reminded of the Borg from Star Trek.

“I respectfully ask for more information.” Phoenix asked

“You have introduced an advanced genetic structure to the human species. The creation of the Caretaker on Earth was not authorised and her existence has now activated the Earth Granolith that has now bonded with the Antarian one. The girls’ power will slowly increase; Humans are not meant to have this level of energy until they have matured!”

“Yes the creation of Liz Parker was a necessity, no other species has developed the necessary control. We believed the Antarians had achieved what we hoped but the recent situation proves that assessment incorrect. Besides the Antarians have hybridised eight individuals and introduced their D.N.A.” Said Phoenix

“Confirmed on all accounts and the Caretaker now carries the child of one of the Hybrids but the first transgression was yours. We cannot terminate an establish life form but genetic contamination on this level will result in the child having the power to come here…we cannot allow that, it must learn to control its powers!”

“Agreed…the Caretaker with the assistance of the new Granolith can teach the child. If necessary one of us could return to Earth to aid in that tutelage.” Suggested Phoenix

“Very well…you will return. Upon birth of the child you will teach it what it needs to know.” Ordered the Core.

“Understood, I will leave immediately. I will return…” Phoenix was interrupted

“No, the breach of the code must be answered for…it is the judgement of the Core that you be exiled to Earth. All your powers shall remain intact but you are forbidden from leaving the Sol system.”

“Yes…I understand”. Said Phoenix before turning to leave. The Core began to shimmer and separate into its individual entities. All went about their business leaving the chamber empty.

Phoenix went to the central Granolith, a device similar to the one that now resides on Earth but 5 times larger and contained all the knowledge acquired from a billion worlds. He pressed the panel and he was swept up in a beam of light. The next thing he knew he was in the Earth Granolith Chamber…his new home.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 31

Granolith Chamber, Same time

Phoenix was now back on Earth, exiled from his people and sentenced to live out eternity here. He may have spent centuries on Earth but Omniria was still his home, the place of his birth was now closed to him and nothing could change that…not now. All he had left was his duty to teach Liz Parker’s offspring how to use its powers once they develop. The Omniriad energy that flows through Liz’s body will be enhanced in her child due to the Antarian D.N.A and as such it would have a great deal of power…much more than that of the parents!

He once again assumed his human form, still dressed in black from his feet right up to and covering his neck. He moved over to the Granolith and touched a sequence of panels that brought up the display monitor on the wall.

“Granolith, show me the latest medical examination of the Caretaker Liz Parker.”

“Negative!” said the Granolith.

Phoenix was surprised, not only had the Granolith refused his command but it also spoke. They weren’t programmed to do either yet here before him was the modified Granolith doing it.

“Who requests this data?” asked the Granolith

“I am Phoenix of the Omniriad. Creators of the Granolith network and teachers of the younger worlds!” replied Phoenix, hoping to find out what was happening here.

“The Omniriad no longer have authority on Earth…you will leave this world now!”

This was impossible, the Granolith was displaying signs of sentience as well as telling him ‘No’. Yes the Granolith had become more powerful since the bonding of the two ordinary ones but what it was demonstrating was beyond its capabilities…he needed to know how this was possible.

“It is impossible for me to leave, I am exiled from Omniria! It is now my duty to teach the Caretaker’s child when it is of age. How can your current status have occurred? This is not within the programming of your system!” Stated Phoenix

A flash of light appeared and almost blinded Phoenix. In its wake stood a hologram of an aged man with a beard down to his chest and wearing black like Phoenix. Phoenix looked over the image and after a few seconds recognised the person before him…The First. The result was that he was down on one knee in a heartbeat…if he had a heart!

The First looked down to the younger Omniriad before him and chucked.

“So they kicked you out! Why? And stand up, your making me feel like an old man!” he said

Phoenix stood once again but kept his head bowed, a sign of respect that was passed down through the ages but also a sign of fear.

“They…asked me to leave because of my part in Liz’s creation. They fear what her child could do if not properly trained in the use if its powers.” Replied a very humble Phoenix. “How can you be here?”

“H’Ebon stole my essence that bound our people into stability and hid it in the Antarian Granolith. The bonding of the two awoke my conscious mind and now I reside here…”

“I must return you to our people…I have to get you back before the damage caused by your absence is irreversible…” Phoenix was interrupted as the First held up his hand.

“It is already too late my friend! It has been nearly 5000 years since the theft; the damage was done centuries ago…there is nothing that can be done! Our race will loose its powers and with that lose we shall die - none of us can survive! That is why I appear before you now.”

“I don’t understand…The Core…they said we had over ten thousand years before it was too late.” Phoenix was now worried, he had just been told that his race would soon be dead and nothing could be done…all the searching and hunting had been in vain. After a few minutes of walking around the chamber and a lot of contemplation on the universe he turned back to the First. “What did you mean when you said that was why you appeared?” He said calmly.

“The Core lied, Phoenix. Their judgement in an attempt to curtail a wave of panic was given…after a billion years they still treat their own race like children.” The First said while shaking his head. “You are the one who entered a new equation in to the mix. By entering your genetic code into Liz Parker you created a Caretaker but with her mating with an Antarian hybrid will result in that D.N.A becoming a permanent part of her bloodline…our species will live on, even if it is in a minor way. It was the way it was always meant to be!”

“If that is true then why influence them into conceiving a child this soon in their lives?” Phoenix asked

“Like you I knew that the child will be powerful…I had planned on passing the information to Liz slowly so that she herself could teach the child!”

“Why not teach them yourself?” Phoenix asked

“Because when our race dies…I will die as well. The Granolith will revert to a pre-sentient state and its knowledge will not be extensive enough.”

What he was saying was not lost on Phoenix. If the First wanted to pass on the knowledge at this point, a point before it would be needed then just how long would it be before he and his people pass on?

“Ho…how long do we have?” He asked

“Not long, five years…maybe ten. By that time the degradation will be complete and the energy that we are composed of will dissipate among the stars!” The First said as seriously as he could. Phoenix nodded and turned away. “Phoenix it is the way of the universe. Nothing lives forever and we were never meant to be eternal…that was a gift I discovered and passed on to the others through the Core.”

“Then all that will remain of us is what resides in Liz!” said Phoenix

“Yes…and the Granoliths. They will continue to teach the races that will come into being long after we are gone! Our legacy shall remain. The child and the children of the others will be as powerful a force as their parents.”

“Children of the others? I don’t understand, I was not informed about any other pregnancies.”

“Tess Harding and Maria Deluca I do not know about, they haven’t undergone a scan by the Granolith but Isabel Evans is expecting twins.” Replied the First.

“Why have you done this…the Liz and Max’s child I understand but why the others?” Phoenix asked

“Antarian Law…with Isabel it could help to protect her from Kivar. The only move he could make would result in an uprising of his troops on Antar. Tess is more of a social standing. Her family are well placed and her chosen union with a human would not be accepted but with the introduction of an heir then it would be. Michael’s family will be disappointed that he has not chosen to bond with Isabel but would be more accepting of Maria…a child would not influence their standing but could give a greater incentive for the forces that follow Michael to fight when required.”

“Very well…I do not understand the situation with Isabel but I accept your wisdom on this matter.” Said Phoenix. He knew the laws of half a dozen worlds and Antarian was chief among them. He knew them backwards and forwards with all rulings and extensions made upon them yet he could not thing of one law that could result in an Antarian rebellion against Kivar! He would just have to wait and see…

“Come brother…join me in the Granolith! I will teach you what you need to know and we will talk of home while we await the return of the Caretaker.” Said the First. His image faded from the chamber and Phoenix held his hand up to the Granolith. He was absorbed inside and his energy mixed with that of the First before they drifted into a state of slumber, their thoughts silently spoke to each other and passed images to one another.

Maria’s Room, Deluca Residence, Monday Morning, 0550

After a long night of talking to her mother and letting her in, Maria had gone to bed at midnight but was now wide awake and had nothing to do but lie there. She was not looking forward to today; it was the first day back to school since their exposure and she did not relish the idea of being the subject of hushed conversations and idle gossip.

She knew that everyone was going to be on them, a thousand questions a second and probably just as many fearful looks…or if Pam Troy had her way, lustful looks. That girl was attracted to power and would use sex to get it; Pam would jump at the chance to get into a royal court…human or otherwise!

But that is later, now…what to do now? Then it entered her head and a wicked smile formed on her lips. Maria sat up in bed and leaned over to pick up her phone. She pressed Speed dial 2 and waited for an answer.

“Hello.” Said a very sleepy and grumpy Michael.

“Hello Michael, sorry to wake you!” Maria said seductively

“Maria? Its not even six yet…go back to bed!” said Michael

“I am in bed Michael! And my hand is sliding up my thigh.” She said.

Her last statement cause Michael to pull the phone away from his head and look at it. Did he really hear what she thought he heard? He smiled and put the phone back into position.

“Really! What else is your hand doing?” he said, his tone definitely came across more clearly. Maria knew she had his interest.

“Well its moving up under my nightshirt, my pinkie is circling my belly button. I’m moving it up across my stomach and up to my tits…mmmppp…I just pinched my nipples Michael, just thinking about you here is making me hot! What are you doing now?” she asked

Michael sat down on his sofa after pulling off his boxers. He took his dick in his hand and slowly started to stroke himself.

“I’m jacking off Maria. I’m thinking about you kneeling before me, taking my hard-on in your mouth.” He said

“Oh yeah baby, I can feel you in my mouth!” Said Maria as she pulled her hand out and placed her index finger into her mouth. She gently sucked on it while imagining that it was Michael cock. “My tongue is wrapping around you, licking right up to your dick’s tip”

“Baby yeah…I love that. You’re making me even harder! What…what else are you doing?” Michael asked

“I’ve pulled off my nightshirt…I’m only wearing my white cotton panties. You know the ones, the ones with the little hearts all over them. I am so wet for you baby, tell me what you want me to do!” Maria said

“I…I want you to cup your tits Maria! Put your hands over them, squeeze them, play with them…tell me your doing it!” Michael was beginning to breathe a little heavier, the images Maria was painting in his head was causing him no end of agony.

“I am Michael! I’m squeezing them. I’m scrapping my nail over my nipple…it feels as hard as your cock Michael. It’s pointing straight up just waiting for you to bite on it, to run your tongue over it and suck on it. Ugnnnnn god Michael, I love this Spaceboy.” Maria was moaning, her breathing was in tandem to her lover.

Michael had his head tilted back, resting on the back of his sofa. His eyes were closed and his penis was pointing to the roof, still firmly in his hand but being pumped at a much faster rate.

“Oh baby…uhn yeah! Maria put…put your…Uhnnn hand inside you panties. Stroke yourself and make yourself cum. Pretend it’s my hand that’s doing it!”

Maria did as she was ordered. Her free hand moved down her body and between her legs, gently cupping her sex on the outside of her panties before sliding home. She couldn’t believe how wet she was, her juices had soaked the thin sliver of hair that she hadn’t shaved off.

“Oh fuck Michael, I’m doing it…UGHNNNn god I’m doing it. My fingers are sliding up and down my pussy…OHHHHH.” She moaned

Maria had put her palm against herself. She was rubbing her clit harder and faster with each passing second just hoping to cum soon. “Michael…it’s not enough…UGHNN…tell me what else to do, please!” She begged.

Michael was delirious with pleasure, as one hand grew tired he quickly replaced it with the other. He almost didn’t here her request; he was busy listening to Maria’s moans and whimpers. God how he wished that Maria was here, sitting on top off him and bouncing up & down on his dick.

“Uhnnn…put your finger in your pussy Maria…no put two in there!” he moaned

That worked. Maria bent two of her fingers and slid them inside her as deep as they could go.

“UGHNNN OHHHHH YEAH, GOD YEAH. MICHAEL UGNNNNNNN!” She was moaning quite loudly now but quiet enough not to draw the attention of her sleeping mother.

“YEAH BABY DO IT, CUM FOR ME!” Michael was moaning just as loudly as Maria was on the other end of the line. He loved hearing her scream as she reached her climax but he preferred seeing it…given the distance this was just as good.

“YES, YES, I’M CUMMING MICHAEL…I’M CUMMING, YESSSSSSSSSS” Maria screamed down the phone. The sound vibrations echoed in Michaels ear.

“YEAH that’s it baby…UGHNNNNNNN.” Michael shot his load into the air, much of his seed landed on his chest.

Maria pulled her hand from her panties and sank back down onto her bed. Her eyes were closed and she licked her lips as she relaxed in the comfortable sheets. Michael was in a similar state as he slowly pulled in his dick. When he regained control of his senses he grabbed his boxers and cleaned himself up.

“Maria…you still there baby?” he asked

“Mmmmm, yeah I’m here!” she calmly said

“Where the hell did you get the idea of phone sex?” Michael asked

“Just something that came to me…did you enjoy it?”

“That is the understatement of the year my love!” said Michael

“Glad to hear it! You still heading to school today or are you chickening out?” Maria asked, she knew that it would push his buttons and get rid of any doubt he had about today.

“Oh I’m going alright. Someone has to keep you out of trouble!” he said

“Oh yeah cause I’m a bad girl!” she teased

“If what we just did is any indication then yes…a really bad girl who needs to be punished.”

“Oh really…and when would this punishment be?” she asked

“Tonight…it would be before school but we need to meet at Max’s today. He called a little family meeting so we can be sure about everything! Now why don’t you go back to sleep for a few hours and I’ll see you later.” he said

“Okay…Michael?” she said to get his attention before he hung up.


“I love you!” she said

“I love you too Maria!”

With that she hung up and then he hung up. Michael threw his boxers into the laundry as he walked naked to the shower so that he could finish cleaning himself up. Maria pulled off her underwear and pulled her nightshirt back on before falling into a very contented sleep.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 32

Alex’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 0700 Monday Morning

Alex awoke suddenly at the ringing of his alarm clock. As he tried to reach over to turn it off he realised that Isabel, whose head was still using his chest as a pillow, pinned him down. He adjusted himself slightly and turned off the ringing noise that was becoming annoying; he then stoked Isabel’s long golden hair away from her face before gently rousing her from her sleep.

“Isabel!” he said softly as he shook her arms.

“Uhmm?” Isabel mumbled

“Isabel you need to wake up now.”

“mmm, what time is it?” she asked

“Seven…in the morning!” Alex replied

Isabel rolled off of him slightly and rested her head on a pillow while mumbling something about five more minutes. Then her eyes shot open and turned back to face Alex.

“Its Monday morning?” she asked slightly alarmed

Alex nodded his head. She lend pulled herself up out of the bed slightly, bringing the blanket with her and she asked,

“I slept here all night? Oh god my dad is gonna kill me!” she stated as she out her face in her hands.

“Kill you…you’re his baby girl, its me he’s gonna kill. Mind you I did get a perfect nights sleep…eventually!” Alex was joking now and he knew that it would bring a smile to Isabel’s face once she remembered last night activities.

It did just that as a smirk appeared on her face and she slapped Alex’s arm playfully. Isabel slumped back down into the warm bed and Alex turned on to his side to face her. He reached his hand out to her face and pulled her into a warm, gentle kiss.

“Well since were both going to get grief why don’t you grab a shower here, then we’ll see what happens!” Alex said when he pulled away from her.

“Or we could play some more!” said Isabel as she grabbed Alex’s hand and pressed it between her legs.

Alex couldn’t resist and began to stroke her. Isabel’s eyes closed and her breathing became heavy as his fingers gently applied pressure to her clit. Alex then snapped out of it…

“No Isabel we cant, you should have a shower and get ready for school. You can use my robe if you want.”

“Thanks, I think I will.” Said Isabel, slightly frustrated. She pulled herself out of bed and Alex watched as he naked body moved toward his wardrobe and pull out his blue robe. Isabel opened the door a crack and peeked out, the last thing she wanted was to be spotted by Alex’s parents. She put on the robe and sneaked into the bathroom across the hall when she saw that the coast was clear.

As much as Alex wanted to join her in the shower he needed to get himself ready before it was his turn in there. He pulled on his jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt and moved around the room, collecting Isabel’s clothes and laying them on his now freshly made bed. He grabbed his school bag and threw in the books he would need for today while he waited for Isabel.

Meanwhile Isabel was having a nice, relaxing shower. The water poured over her body as she cleansed away the dried sweat of her late night sex romp with Alex. As she finished she stood before the mirror and used her powers to dry her body and started the process on her hair – she preferred to towel dry it before getting a hold of her hairdryer.

As she finished she rested her hand on her abdomen and smiled. In fourteen months she would be a mother and an aunt, things in her worlds were certainly changing quite dramatically. She would only be happier if she knew her own parents could accept what was happening and given that they had only discovered her true nature at the weekend…well time would tell!

Isabel pulled on Alex’s robe and tied it closed. She grabbed hold of a towel and continued to dry her hair but unfortunately she didn’t check the hallway before leaving. As she opened the door and walked out she came face-to-face with Mrs Whitman putting some dry towels in the linen cupboard.

“Mrs Whitman…I…ehhh!”

“Isabel, it’s okay I knew you were here!”

“You…you did! How?” Isabel asked and her skin was now bright red.

“Well a little piece of advice…make sure the door is closed before you fall asleep!” replied Mrs Whitman

“Oh god…you didn’t see…”

“No, you can relax. We only saw you when you were both asleep…you are welcome to join us for breakfast if you like?” Mrs Whitman asked

“Uh yeah, that would be nice. Thank you!” Isabel answered

“Okay, I’ll let you get dressed. Could you tell Alex that his father wants to speak with him before you leave for the meeting this morning!”

Isabel looked into Mrs Whitman’s eyes and became concerned. However, instead of asking what was going to happen she shied away and nodded. She opened the bedroom door and slipped inside.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god.” She said on the other side of the door.

Alex turned to face Isabel as she leaned against the door.

“Isabel what wrong?” he asked

“I ran into your mom coming out of the bathroom…she knew I was here and your dad wants to have a talk with you before we leave!”

“Oh…kay.” He said as he nodded his head. “Well it was only a matter of time…we’ll deal with this just like we deal with everything else!” Alex moved over to Isabel and pulled her into a loving embrace.

It was then that Isabel made a decision; she knew that Alex’s parents would see something wrong in his gestures if they asked him flat out. Her father he could fool, Philip Evans knew Alex but not well enough. The Whitman’s were another story; they knew Alex better than anyone…with the exception of herself, Liz and Maria.

“Alex, if they ask you then I want you to tell them!” She said

“Tell them what?” The look on Isabel’s face told him the answer to his question. “Are you sure…I mean they are going to freak.”

“Yeah I’m sure! Alex if they ask if you’ve been careful then they will know if something is going on! You should…we should tell them.” Isabel said

Alex nodded and held her close. “I’ll go for a quick shower…do you want to wait here or go out there?”

“Well the already know I’m here and I am the Ice Princess…I don’t back down easily! I’ll go see your folks!”

Alex smiled as he pulled away from her. “A princess you are but given last nights events, ‘ice’ is not the word I would use!” That brought a gentle grin to her face. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Alex kissed her and left the room. Isabel dressed but remembered that she didn’t wear any underwear. As much as she liked to go commando to tease Alex but for everyday activities it was…breezy, especially when she was wearing a skirt like she was now. As she sat down on the bed she looked over to the desk and was surprised by what she saw. The red panties she left here for Alex after their first time together were neatly placed in full view. She picked them up and put them on; Isabel readjusted her skirt, left the room but bumped into Alex who was dripping wet and wearing a towel around his waist. Her blood pressure went through the roof.

Alex looked her over; admiring the get up she was wearing when she came to him last night. Through her tight skirt he could make out the out line of her panties and he smiled.

“I see you found them!” he said

“Yes, thank you! Why did you leave them out?” Isabel asked

“Are you kidding? I know how you feel about no underwear and I noticed that there wasn’t any lying around when I was picking up your clothes.”

They both smiled and Isabel let Alex get dressed while she went to the living room to meet his parents. She looked around and found them in the kitchen; Mrs Whitman was sipping on orange juice while Mr Whitman was drinking coffee.

“Isabel!” said Mrs Whitman as she looked up to see her. “Come in and sit down…can I get you and orange juice?”

“Yeah and thank you!” Isabel said

As Mrs Whitman poured the juice it became clear that they were trying to avoid the obvious. Isabel took a sip but flinched slightly as the fluid came into contact with her tongue.

“Is it okay Isabel?” asked Mr Whitman when he noticed her reaction to the juice.

“Yeah, it’s fine…its just…I was wondering if you’ve got some Tabasco sauce?”

“Uh yes sure…here it is!” said Mrs Whitman moved over to the cabinet and pulled out the small bottle. The watched as Isabel poured some of the sauce into her juice and then take a big drink from it.

Isabel noticed the looks on their faces and realised that they didn’t know.

“Oh right, we didn’t tell you did we?” said Isabel

“Tell us what?” asked Mr Whitman

“Its and alien quirk thing…we have a thing for sweet and spicy food. That’s where the Tabasco comes in; it’s the only thing that makes food…palatable for us. Without it food has almost no taste.” Said Isabel

“Well that’s good to know for the future!” said Mrs Whitman as a smile came to her face.

Just then Alex entered and sat down next to Isabel. He turned to face his father who gave him a very fatherly look and an indication that after breakfast they were going to have a little chat.

“So what are you two doing today?” asked Mr Whitman

“We have a meeting with Max and the others before we head to school and then we go through hell!” said Alex

“Here, here!” said Isabel as they clinked their glasses together.

“That seems to be a rather up beat attitude for what’s going to happen today…you do know that you’ll be ganged up on with a hundred questions?” said Mr Whitman

“Yip, we do know. We talked about this yesterday and we came to the only conclusion we could – We don’t care! The secrets out, there is nothing we can do about it so we’re just going to let it happen and answer what we want to answer.” Answered his son. Mr Whitman just nodded but inside he was happy that his son has taken some time to thing about what he and the others were going to do.

“Well, I’ve got to get to work…Alex I could use some help putting some things into the car, care to join me!”

Alex knew this was it. No escaping the inevitable, he just hoped he could bluff his way out of it. “Yeah sure…I’ll be back in a minute!” He said to Isabel before giving her a quick kiss on her lips.

Outside Alex met his father in the garage. He was leaning on the car with his arms crossed waiting for his son. “Hey dad!” Said Alex


“Listen dad, I know what…” His father interrupted him.

“Alex, how long have you and Isabel been sleeping together?”

“Not long…about a week!” Alex responded

“I see. Alex you know I’ve always respected your decisions and that I’ve encouraged you to find your own way but I don’t want to see you regret your actions! I know you love Isabel and she loves you…people who are half blind and only one eye could see that but I still want to see you happy without regrets.”

“Dad I know, I’m glad that you can see how much I care for Isabel and I thank you for everything you and mom have done for me but this situation is my choice…I have no regrets or second thoughts about it!”

Mr Whitman nodded but he could see something in Alex’s eyes, something that he couldn’t understand or had seen before.

“Now I need to hear that the two of you are being careful together!”

Shortly before that statement Alex had turned away and looked at the counter. His father noticed that Alex’s eyes closed slightly and the hesitation that followed.


“Dad...could you…ehmm, could you come inside just now?”


“I need to tell you and mom something, could you just come inside?” asked Alex. He left the garage and went back into the house. As he entered the kitchen he found his mother talking with his mate but when Isabel looked up to him, Alex nodded and she knew that it was time.

“Yeah?” Isabel asked

“Yeah!” said Alex as his father sat back down.

Alex moved behind Isabel and put his hand on her shoulder. Isabel placed her own hand on his as Mrs Whitman looked to her husband to look for an explanation but found nothing but concern.

“Mom, dad…Isabel is pregnant!” he said

“WHAT?” his father yelled.

“Oh my god!” mumbled his mother.

“How the hell could you two be so irresponsible?” his father asked

“Dad…I know how your feeling but…” Alex said

“Oh I don’t think you know just exactly what I am feeling but by the sounds of it one day you might!”

“Mr Whitman, this wasn’t exactly our fault…the uh Granolith did it!” said Isabel as she moved to stand next to Alex.

“What are you talking about?” he said a lot more calmly

“Since Liz activated the Earth Granolith they have been messing with our hormone levels…the two systems wanted to merge and for that a physical connection had to happen between myself and Isabel as well as with Max, Liz and the others.” Said Alex

“When they did merge we thought that that would be the end of it but the new system was still influencing us so that we would…forget…about protection. None of us realised it until Max and Liz brought it up; when they asked the Granolith about it all it said was ‘Antarian Law’…we have no idea what it means!” Isabel continued for him.

“This is ridicules…some piece of alien technology is forcing my son into a teenage parent…you cant expect us to believe this!”

“It’s the truth dad and the Granolith isn’t forcing me into this…no one is! Yes it is a hell of a lot sooner than I would have planned but both Isabel and I want this, we couldn’t be happier when we found out!”

“Your serious about this aren’t you?” said his mother, speaking for the first time.

“Yes mom…and in case you were wondering, we are having twins…a boy and girl!”

“How could you know that so soon?” asked his mother

“The Granolith…Liz used it to scan me to confirm it when I first suspected.” Said Isabel

Mrs Whitman stood up and went to hug her future daughter in-law and son. Everything was still a bit of a shock but she could see the look of joy in the teens’ faces.

“This ‘Antarian Law’, you have no idea what it could be?” she asked

“No, Tess has gone through the few laws she know but…no, nothing!” Isabel said softly

“Isabel do your parents know about this yet?” asked Mr Whitman

“No, not yet!” she replied

“Your should tell them as soon as possible…in fact this meeting this morning, I want you to take them aside and tell them. The sooner they know then the easier it’ll be for someone not to tell them by accident.”

Both Isabel and Alex knew that this was not a request but an order. After a few minute both parents realised that they needed to get to work and left, Mr Whitman made it clear that this was not over and there would be a very long talk later. Alex drove Isabel over to the Evans. He looked over to his love and couldn’t help but think {One down, one to go!}

“Are you gonna be okay?” Alex asked Isabel as they approached the front door.

“Yeah…my dad is not gonna take this well” she replied

“Well we’ll face the music together!” said Alex as he held her and kissed her softly. Isabel opened the door and they entered.

Parker Residence, 0730

Rath and Lonnie had been moved into the guest room, Zan was given the couch and Ava was given a Liz’s bed while she was in a sleeping bag. Liz had been wide-awake for nearly an hour now; she had showered, dressed and had breakfast before she went in to check on the two sleeping dupes.

As expected the stress of the Ganderial extraction had been as hard on them as it was on Tess. Liz found them sleeping quite comfortably on the bed, neither of them had moved from the position they had been placed in last night. Liz hovered over them for a few moments and just watched them while she drank a cup of coffee. Just then the door opened and Zan entered.

“Hey Ma…sorry Zan!” she apologized rather sheepishly.

“It’s okay, I almost had the same problem yesterday when I saw…eh…Michael, Tess and Isabel!” He said as he remembered the names of his counterparts. “Is there any change with them?”

“No not yet. Based on what happened with Tess then they should be up in about an hour or so!” answered Liz

“Hey listen tanks for what you did for ‘em.” Zan said as he brushed some hair away from his sister’s face.

“I’d do it for anyone Zan but are you okay?” she asked

“Yeah…mostly. I’m just not used to help from anyone or takin’ orders!” Zan replied

“Well you better get used to it…there is a lot of people here who are going to help you and as for the orders, Max wont give you any. He’ll want input but when a decision is made he will ask you to do it and not tell you…unless it’s necessary! You’re not his slave you’re his brother…kinda.”

“Brother? I suppose so! But that’s not what I mean…When it comes to my people I am in charge and not Max!” Said Zan seriously


“Really!” he said

“Well I think you could do well to remember that Max has control of the Granolith…he is the king, not you!” Liz said

“Oh he can be the king…I want no part of the shit that role comes with but my unit is my responsibility not his. That’s why we came here in the first place, I needed to know just how Max got his info for his warning before I did anything else!” He said

Liz nodded, “I take it you’re going to this meeting this morning at Max’s?”

“Yeah, Ava is gonna stay here and watch over these two!” answered Zan.

“Well, its twenty to eight! We better get going…do you want to say goodbye to Ava before the agents bring the car around?”

“Yeah, I take some coffee to waken her up!”

“I’ll meet you at the back door.” Stated Liz

“Okay!” said Zan

Living Room, Evans Residence, 0800

Liz, Zan, Maria and the other teens had arrived in their black sedans a few minutes earlier. Philip and Diane had gone to wake up Isabel who as far as they knew was still sound asleep in her room. When they entered they found nothing except the note which Isabel had left saying that she went for a walk. They began to panic when the deputy and Secret Service agent didn’t see her leave. Just then the front door opened and in walked their missing daughter and her boyfriend.

“Where have you been young lady?” asked her angry father

“Sorry dad, I couldn’t sleep so I went for a walk!” Isabel said. Desperately trying not to look guilty for spending the entire night with Alex.

“Without security…this is not the time for any of you to do something stupid like this!” Philip said

“Dad, sorry but…”

“I already made her promise not to do it again!” said Alex as he remembered how Isabel woke him up last night and the 2-second discussion they had about her journey to his room.

“Thank you Alex!” He said. Philip was a little more calm but was still pissed, god know what could have happened to his baby girl out there alone.

“Right, so I take it everything went okay with the test last night?” asked Max

“All except for one agent, yeah!” said Isabel

“What was wrong with him?” Max asked

“Apparently his grandfather was abducted by aliens and as a result was confined to a mental institution where he died! Director Haines offered him the chance to keep an eye on us in case we weren’t as…peace loving as we claimed. From what I could tell Haines was looking for someone willing for a little payback but could hold back if it turned out that were the good guys.” She said.

They talked for the next ten minutes on how they were going to handle the day and had decided that if a time out were needed they would use the agents to seal off a classroom where they could spend a few minutes. Then the talk turned to accommodation for the newest additions to the group. Zan just listened as the others spouted out suggestions for where they could stay and what they could do while they are in town.

Zan’s anger just kept building as they continued making suggestions, none of them even looking to him as they spoke. Eventually he decided he had to speak.

“I take it we do get a call in these decisions?” Zan asked

“Of course…we were just…” Max said

“You were making all the calls…probably just like you always do, right?”

The argument built with each comment the pair made. The others tried to stop it but Max and Zan were as stubborn as each other and the tension in the room went through the roof. Then the worst thing happened…

“You moron…you stole a car to get here and god knows what else you’ve done before you got here! You’re nothing but a thief!” Max yelled

“Oh I’m the moron, hell at least I didn’t get my girlfriend knocked up!” Zan countered

The teens cringed and Philip spat out his coffee. Zan looked round to Max’s father and then back to Max.

“The olds didn’t know?” asked Zan

“No, the olds didn’t know!” said Philip as he stood up. “Max, Liz is this true?”

Max looked to Liz who nodded. She stood up and moved to his side, Max put his arm around her. He then turned back to face his dad.

“Yes dad it’s true…Liz is pregnant!”

“Eh dad!” said Isabel after looking to Alex. Better to get all the bad news out at once!

“Not now Isabel I’m about to rip your brothers head off!” Said Philip

“Daddy, I’m pregnant too!”

Philip just looked at his daughter. Diane fell back onto the sofa, putting her head in her hands. Philip then joined her and said, “Where the hell did we go wrong?”

“Daddy…” said Isabel

“Don’t ‘daddy’ me Isabel, how the hell could the four of you be so stupid! And you, I made you promise that you would be careful Alex.”

“I know sir but…” Alex was interrupted

“No…no don’t you say a word!” said Philip

“Dad…this is anybodies fault! The Granolith did things to us.” Said Max

Philip looked up to his son. “Max don’t you dare say this is an alien thing…I doubt Liz’s parents could make the distinction.”

“No dad it’s not an alien thing…well kinda is! The Granolith has been messing with our hormones. Its influenced our decisions when it comes to…well you know! We didn’t even realise what was happening until it was too late.” Said Max

Philip was pissed beyond belief. He wasn’t thinking clearly and was ready to go to the desert, find the Granolith and take a baseball bat to it. “Well its not like we don’t have options…we should consider an abortion!” He was speaking irrationally but his comment hit home to all four teens. Max was ready to pounce but it was Alex who got into fray first.

“THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!” yelled Alex.


“Then don’t suggest killing my children again!” he said more calmly but his emotions were still at breaking point.

On the mantelpiece a small figurine began to shake and vibrate. Maria heard the rattle but when she turned to find the source, she found nothing. Philip had suddenly realised what it was that he actually said and saw fear and pain in his daughter’s eyes. Both mother and father looked to each other, they could only think of making that look disappear as soon as possible

“God…I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking…I’m just shaken!” Said Philip.

“Dad…we know this is a shock but while this may not have been our choice, we do want it!” said Max

“Do you have any idea how hard this is going to be for you?” Diane asked

“Yes we do…and with everything that is happening now then things will be even harder but…” said Isabel

“But they have four babysitters on stand by if they need it!” said Maria

Tess, and the other girls gave a slight smirk while Michael and Kyle looked to each other in abject terror.

“Wait a second…Alex did you say ‘children’?” asked Diane

“Yeah, we are having twins!” he replied

“Boy and a girl mom!” said Isabel

Philip took a deep breath and said, “Jesus! Okay you all have school to get to and we have work…we’ll take this up when you get home!”

They all looked to each other and new that this was only the start of it. It was only a matter of time before the Parker would be informed and then all hell would break loose. Max was a dead man and he knew it! The group dispersed, Zan stayed with Diane in an attempt to learn more about Max and Isabel. The others piled into a couple of the sedans and headed off to school.

Roswell High, 20 minutes later

The first sedan pulled up and three agents got out and cleared a path in the crowd of students and media that had gathered. The following cars pulled up and the group were met with a barrage of camera flashes, microphones and questions. As they entered the building they were hurried through the crowd.

Frank Crowe was one of the many jocks at the school. Not really friends with Kyle but someone who got on his good side to get onto the team. He was also someone who once had a date with Isabel, the one who tried to claim that he got into her pants and cause a rumour to be born…not that anyone believed it! Right now he was interested in renewing that relationship, an alien princess…oh yeah that would be worth a fortune to the papers.

He put his things into his locker and waited for her and her little group to enter the school. He turned when he heard a crowd head for the door. His attention then focused upon the big bulky guys in suits surrounding the object of his desires.

“Hey Isabel!” he called out but his voice was drowned out but the chorus of voiced trying to get their attention.

“Isabel! Remember me…remember that night in the car?” He called out again.

Isabel didn’t hear him but Alex sure did and was getting slightly angry. He held Isabel close as the agents moved away to create more of an opening in the crowd o get their wards through. It was enough of an opening for Frank to get close. He dived through the gap and stood beside Isabel.

“Hey baby, you love machine is here and ready!” he said

“Get lost Frank!” said Isabel.

“Hey come baby you know you want want me to get close! Come on Isabel give me a break here!” Frank said just before grabbing her arm.

Alex was furious now. Hearing all his stupid comments was bad enough but when he saw him touch her, Alex just lost it. How dare he touch his mate!

“BACK OFF!!” Alex said loudly as he sharply turned his head to face Crowe.

Just then Frank’s hand released Isabel’s arm as he went flying through the air. He went straight over the stunned crowd and everyone watched in awed silence. Max quickly raised his hand to generate his shield which caught Frank just before he made contact with the lockers. He ran over to the stunned boy sitting on the floor and was quickly followed by Agent Flynn.

The agents rushed the group away but had to force Alex and Isabel who just stood there in shock. The next thing Alex saw was Max standing over Frank with an agent behind him, checking the fallen boy out and then he was in an empty classroom with everyone else.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 33

Classroom, Roswell High, Immediately following

Isabel helped Alex sit down in one of the seats in the room. They were all still quite shocked about what had happened, even though they expected his powers to develop eventually none of them suspected it to be this soon or this powerful. After all aside from the flashes Liz got it took her nearly a year and Kyle was well over three months.

Alex himself was catatonic, just staring out into space he didn’t move a muscle as Isabel stroked his arm to try to calm him. Unfortunately what happened in the hall was not the first of the demonstrations of his powers. All of a sudden several pencils, three desks, two chairs and one agent began to life off the group and hover at the height of the window.

“Hello!” Said Agent Lines as he floated clumsily through the room.

Tess looked around and shook her head before moving beside Alex. She took his hand and forced his head round to face her. “Alex you need to calm down…just calm your mind, empty it if everything!” she said

Just then everything came crashing down including Agent Lines who fell on his butt. He got up with Kyle’s help and shook his head, “That was great!” he said.

“Alex, I want you to take deep breaths and just relax…it’ll be okay!” said Tess

Isabel sat on the desk before him and cupped his face with her hand. Alex looked at her and saw the pain and concern that lingered there. It was enough to snap him out of it and back to reality.

“What…what happened?” Alex asked but before an answer could be given Max came into the class. Flynn had taken Crowe to the nurse’s station to be checked over. “Max…is he?”

“Crowe’s fine…a bit bruised but he’ll be okay. That was one hell of a blast you gave him.” Answered Max as he looked over his friend, “But are you okay?”

Alex nodded and looked down to the floor, his face was white as a sheet. “Well this was a great way to start wasn’t it!” he stated as he stood up. Isabel moved to his side and hugged him. She knew that a little comforting was needed right now…but he had already raised a good question!

The both turned to the others and Isabel asked, “How did this happen?”

“Simple!” said Max. “Crowe touched you!”

“So…what, every time someone touches her I send them through a wall?” asked Alex

“No, of course not!” replied Tess

“Why not?” he asked

“Because you’ll learn how to control it…we’ll all help you to practice!” said Tess

“Yeah…but this isn’t what I meant!” said Isabel. “What I mean is HOW…there is no way it should have happened this quickly. He was only healed on Friday! It may have been a large amount of energy we put into Alex but it’s way too soon.”

“She’s right!” said Max after turning to Liz

Liz thought for a moment and decided to try and get some answers. She looked to Max while playing with the finger on which Max placed the ring that bonded her to him and the Granolith. Max saw her movements and realised what she had in mind, he nodded and moved to her side as she closed her eyes. The other looked at them trying to figure out what was going on.

{Granolith…can you here me?} She thought

{Yes Caretaker! What is your command?} It responded

{Alex Whitman just used his powers…we need to know how it happened so fast!} Liz said to herself

{Yes I am aware of the incident! His abilities are magnified due to the energy transferred to him at his healing. The reason they have adapted to his body this quickly was due to the presence of energies already within his system.}

{What energy?} Liz asked

{The energy transferred to him by Isabel at their children’s conception provided a base for the new power to adapt to.} The Granolith answered

{While were on the subject…why did it take me so long?}

{Your body contains Omniriad D.N.A. and as such it took longer for the adaptation to complete! The timeframe shown by Kyle Valenti is the standard.}

{Thank you Granolith!} Said Liz

Liz opened her eyes and looked around the room and the curious group of friends. She asked the agents to wait out side and then passed the information. Alex became visibly relaxed as Isabel hugged him. Then Agent Flynn opened the door to say that the principle wanted to speak to them and Max nodded.

“Mr Evans…its…ahhh!” Principal Edwards had been looking forward to seeing this unique group of students all weekend and now he was here standing speechless in front of an alien king. He had heard of the incident on the hallway and had come to find out what was happening and after speaking with several students he had come to see them.

“Principle Edwards…we’re still students here, treat us like that and there won’t be any problems!” said Max. He wanted things at school to be the same or as much as they could be and Edwards was probably the only one he could count on for that!

“Of course your right! Do you mind telling me what happened this morning…I’ve got some scared students out there!” Edwards asked

“Yeah…when we healed Alex at the weekend he got a massive amount of energy from us. We were expecting it, just not this quickly.” Said Max

“Could this happen again, is there any danger to the others?” asked the Principle

“Until we teach Alex some control…yes! That’s why we would like to ask permission to be excused from classes this morning. We could go out to the football field and put in some practice without endangering anyone!” Max said

“Do all of you have to be present?”

“Well Alex isn’t the only human who has…adopted our abilities! Liz and Kyle could do with some training as well.” Max said. Edwards looked round to the teens behind him, one a straight A student and the other a jock both had made their marks at the school and now they had alien powers. Both of them raised their hands and Edwards watched as they began to glow, he then turned back to Max.

“Max, Principle Edwards is right…some of us should make an appearance this morning! I mean Kyle and I could get training later, Alex is the one who needs it right now…” Said Liz

“And are you sure the football field is a good call! It’s out in the open and we could be doing stuff that people might not find too comforting.” Said Michael

“Like what?” asked Alex

“Like blowing up rocks!” Michael responded

Edwards just listened as he looked back and forth between his students. He was amazed at how casually they were talking about using these powers of theirs and about blowing stuff up. “You could always use the auditorium!” He said, “I could close it off for the morning and those agents of yours could guard the doors and it would make sure that the press doesn’t see anything.”

“Thank you Mr Edwards” said Max. “We’ll head there as soon as the hall have cleared…okay so Liz, Michael, Maria and Kyle, you all go to your classes while the rest of us help Alex.”

“Wait a minute, why do I have to go to class and…” Michael finished when Max just looked at him and crossed his arms. “Okay, okay I’ll go!”

Just then the bell rang and the students began to filter from the halls and into their classes. Agent Flynn had his team check around and made sure the coast was clear before re-entering the room. The detail split and escorted the group to their classes while the main body went to the auditorium.

Male Locker Room, a minute later

Kyle and Michael’s first class of the day was P.E., the coach had announced that given recent events it would be a simple day of running and a game of basket ball. When the two entered the room, the rowdy group had clammed up and just watched them.

“Oh yeah this is gonna be a fun day!” said Kyle despondently as he stuffed his gear into his locker.

“Hey at least your human…they could probably handle you, at least when they get you alone!” responded Michael. He finished changing before anyone else and left with his agent out into the gym.

Michael’s human comment was picked up on several of the teens that were trying to eavesdrop. Then a couple of them turned to face him.

“Hey Kyle…how the hell did you get involved in this?” asked one of them

“Same way as Liz did…got shot and then Max healed me!” Kyle responded

“No shit, you got shot! What did it feel like?”

“Not as weird as when I got it fixed!” Joked Kyle. It lightened the mood of the group and sat around while Kyle told them a few stories…nice ones and not the scary kind. They were like this for about five minutes before Coach Andrews came in and called them out.

“So we don’t have to worry about them then?” asked another student

“Not unless you make a play for someone in the group who is spoken for…which is everyone!” he said

“So that’s what happened this morning then!” someone yelled from the back

“Yeah…Alex is doing some homework to get that under control!”

“So rule 1…don’t piss them off.” The first boy said.

“Yeah, which three of you have already done!” said Kyle as he faced his three friends who beat Max up earlier last year. “You guys do what you did last year then you’ll have to deal with the Secret Service, a whole lot of pissed off Antarians and me!”

The boys had been concerned about that since the announcement was made. They had all immediately remembered back to that day and dwelled on the possibility of severe retaliation. Kyle’s warning came through loud and clear and they were more than happy to put it behind them. One by one they left the locker room and went on with their class, Michael noted that they all seemed a lot more comfortable around him.

“What did ya tell them?” asked Michael

“Oh just a few stories, Max healing me and Liz, you and Maria in that motel last year…nothing major!” said Kyle

“WHAT!” he said loudly. “Nothing happened in the room, we were there for a break while the road was cleared away…and you know it!”

“Yes I know, Liz told me all about it…and that Maria described you as…oh what was it, yes…a vibrator!” Kyle sniggered.

Michael stopped dead in his tracks and blushed furiously. “You tell anyone else that and your dead man…not even the Granolith would bring you back after I get through with you!”

With that and a loud blast on the coach’s whistle they began running around the playing fields. Coach Andrews was curious to see what his alien students were capable of and wanted to push them a little longer than he normally would. For the next half hour he put his student through hell as they ran several dozen laps, by the end of it everybody was covered in sweat and panting for breath but Michael was lying on his back and smiled to himself. Kyle was sitting next to him, he was exhausted but not as much as he usually was {Thank god for alien energy} he thought to himself.

Biology Class, Same Time

Liz and Maria had arrived with their agents and sat down. The two agents moved to the back of the class, one by the door and another near the windows. Their biology teacher was seated behind his desk and pulled out the students essay assignments that he managed to grade before the alien hysteria had started.

“Okay everyone calm down…I’ve got your essays graded, some did well as expected!” she said as she handed Liz her paper.

Liz looked at her paper and saw and A+ marked on it. She turned to Maria to find out what she got.

“Great a B! This should calm my mom’s worries that Michael is being a…distraction from school.” Said Maria

“Okay class…today will be a little bit of an improvise. Now that we know of life beyond Earth I thought we could do some speculation on what that life could be. Liz, Maria care to gave any insights!” asked their teacher

The two girls just looked at each other before nodding to their teacher. “Well we really don’t know a lot on that but we have seen a few things.” Said Maria

“Really…such as?”

“Well max and the others are hybrids…human and Antarian in one but another Antarian we knew was called Nasedo. He was a shape shifter but once when he was injured her saw a faint image of what he really looked like…it was the Greys, you know pale skin, big black eyes!” said Liz. She was hesitant to give away any information but after a talk with Max through their bond she calmed. They both agreed that it could be best.

“There are the Skins…they are Antarians who can only survive on Earth by living inside organic spacesuit things that make them appear and sound like humans in every way. They can only die when the seal on the base of their back is broken and they are exposed to our atmosphere. The Omniriads are another species we’ve met. They are pure energy and can take on and form they want!” Liz continued

“The one we met is called Phoenix!” Maria said

“Well he was named Phoenix by ancient civilizations on Earth. His natural form looks like a giant bird of fire…hence the name! He was on Earth for a very long time before he had to leave.”

Everyone just sat and listened as they described the aliens they knew about, a thousand questions were asked and the girls answered what they could. Since they didn’t have all the information on the Ganderium they decided to leave that stuff out and any information on the Ganderial and their mind control abilities would not be a positive thing.

Auditorium, Same Time

Alex was wiped already. Since they arrived Max and Tess had been teaching him everything they could so that he could control his new powers. Isabel had decided that she was too close to be at the necessary impartiality for the tutorial and sat off to the side. She occasionally smiled at him to let Alex know that he had her support.

Agent Flynn has ordered his team to seal the doors and cover the windows while he himself looked over the teens. He watched as the extent of the alien’s powers became apparent to him and smiled along with them as Alex made strides in his control.

“Okay Alex…lets see how you do with this!” said Tess. “I want you to change this…microphone into wood!” Tess said as she looked around and found the microphone on the podium.

Max instructed him, taught him how to focus and what to focus on and after a few minutes of concentration they had a solid block of wood inform of them. Isabel watched as he turned it back and ran over to Alex and hugged him. After another few hours, they realised that they were approaching lunchtime. Max called it a day and everyone was satisfied with Alex’s progress – there was no way that he would accidentally blow someone up now! Before they left Flynn came up to them…

“Mr Evans, if you’ll excuse me, I have some business to deal with at the Sheriff’s station!” he said

“Anything wrong?” Max asked

“No, but now that you are under our protection I have to be involved with the investigation into Grant Sorenson!”

Max’s face fell; he hoped that he would never have to hear that name again…no such luck!

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.” Replied Max calmly

After Flynn left, Isabel and the others came to Max’s side.

“I almost forgot about him!” said Tess

“I wish I could forget him.” Replied Isabel

“Me too!” said Alex as he took Isabel’s hand in his.

“At least he’s in jail…and soon that will be all he ever sees.” Said Max reassuringly. “Come on, let’s get lunch and meet the others!”

Sheriff’s Station

“Sheriff could you take a look at this!” said Hanson as he looked at the monitor before him.

“What’s up?” said Valenti.

“This is the video feed from Sorenson’s cell…every so often he fall back onto his bed and then gets up. He looks around to see where he is, goes wild and tries to pull the bars off his window. After a while he stops and goes back to normal!”

“How many times has this happened?” asked Valenti

“This would be the fifth, it’s like it isn’t even him that’s acting! I would have told you about it sooner but I guessed you would be busy.” Said Hanson

“Yeah, thanks but from now on anything to do with him I want to know about it immediately.” Said Valenti as Agent Flynn entered. “Ready?” he asked Flynn

“Yeah. Lets see what this guys like!” said Flynn

“Hanson, I want Sorenson brought to the interrogation room!” said Valenti

“Yes sir, but…”

“No, no buts Hanson. Just do it!”

Jim and Flynn then left and entered the Interrogation Room and waited for Sorenson to arrive. The next time the door opened Hanson entered and pushed a cuffed Sorenson in and into a chair.

“So why do I have the pleasure of going through this again.” Asked Sorenson, “Oh bugger it I’ll tell you what you what to hear…I KILLED THAT LITTLE GEEK ALEX WHITMAN!” Sorenson was laughing and smiling as he said it. Valenti had to fight the urge to pummel Sorenson.

“Mr Sorenson, I am Agent Flynn for the Secret Service. This is my investigation now!”

“What the hell does the Secret Service have to do with this?” asked Sorenson

“Well when you try to kill people that are now under our protection the investigation usually comes to us!” said Flynn sarcastically

“What the fuck are you talking about, Whitman’s dead and cold.” Said Sorenson

Valenti smiled, he had neglected to tell Sorenson that Alex had been brought back and was looking forward to this bit! “Actually no he isn’t!” he said

Sorenson’s face became serious and looked back and forth between the Sheriff and Flynn. “But at the hospital…Isabel, you and the others…you all said he was dead! That he was dead for fifteen minutes before I showed up!”

“Oh he was dead all right but he was brought back!” said Valenti

“What’s going on here…how?”

Jim looked at Flynn and then turned to the T.V. in the corner of the room. He flicked through the channels until he found a news station and swivelled the box round so that Sorenson could see.

“The now famous Roswell aliens attended their first day of school since their secret was revealed to the world!” said the Reporter. “Most spent the morning in a closed session teaching one of their human counterparts to use and control his new found abilities. Alex Whitman who was healed at the weekend by the four Antarian Royals appears to have been altered by the incident. It is not yet known how this has transpired…”

Valenti turned off the T.V. and looked back to Sorenson.

“Aliens? This is a joke right!” said Sorenson

“No it’s not Mr. Sorenson. Max Evans and his sister Isabel, Tess Harding and Michael Guerin are aliens from the planet Antar. Actually they are Antarian Royalty who is now under the protection of my people, right along with Mr Whitman and his friends and their families. You on the other hand get to spend a nice long stay in a federal prison…I’m sure something along the lines of Maximum Security and in general population could be arrange.” Smirked Flynn

“So why don’t you tell us why you did it!” said Valenti

“I wanted Isabel…and that wasn’t going to happen with that guy on the scene!” Sorenson said calmly as he looked down at the table. He couldn’t believe it…he was lusting after an alien.

Jim was satisfied, the trial would come soon enough and then he would be out of the kids’ lives for good. He and Flynn left the room and Hanson entered and returned Sorenson to his cell.

The Park, 1300

Zan had gotten to know the woman who raised his double and learned a lot about Max…at least the public side of Max that he let his parents see. She dotted over him like a mother as she got him drinks, food and supplied a generous amount of Tabasco. It was about two hours after Max left for school before he got a call from Ava saying that Lonnie and Rath had woken up and were very upset.

He arranged to meet them in a neutral setting and suggested the wooded area of the park where they could see each other privately with no press looking around. He arrived to find the others already waiting. The looks of pain and guilt on their faces told Zan what he needed to know…they were back to normal!

“Lonnie are you okay?” he asked his sister softly

“God Zan, I’m so sorry. Ava told us what’s been going on…I just…” Lonnie couldn’t finish.

Zan reached out to her and hugged her, just like he always had before she became infested with this Ganderial stuff. “It’s okay Lonnie, no damage done and were all together now…nothing can come between us again!”

“Zan, I…Ava said that Serena left a message. She said that…” Rath said

“That all of us including Max’s group can fight this thing!” said Zan, “Come on Max is at school, we can surprise them!”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 34

West Roswell High, Lunch Time

After Max finished his little tutorial with Alex and the others he decided to walk the halls while he waited for Liz to finish her class. He made his way over to her class and arrived shortly before the bell rang. One by one students poured out of the class, Max was surprised at how much more relaxed they all seemed around him – some even said hi to him as they passed by. Just then Pam Troy moved passed him…

“Hay Max!” she said seductively as she rubbed against his body in the now crowded hall.

“Move along miss!” said the secret service agent standing next to Max.

“I owe you one.” Said Max to his protector when he recovered from the feeling of revulsion he felt when Pam touched him.

“Just doing my job sir!” the agent responded.

Just then Liz and Maria left the class. Liz spotted Max immediately and moved over to him, grabbed hold of his sweater and pulled him into a heated kiss. Around them the crowed erupted into a barrage of “Go Max” and grunts from the guys as they circles their fists in the air. The commotion caused Max and Liz to pull away from each other and look around.

“Okay…forgot where we are!” said Liz

“Yeah…what do you thing about making this a little more private?” Whispered Max

With that they walked hand in hand through the hallways, their agents making a very wide hole in the mob so they could walk freely. Liz quietly whispered to Maria that they would meet the others later. Maria instantly knew what her friend was planning and smiled while giving Liz a knowing wink.

As Maria left to join her boyfriend and the others, Liz and Max asked their agent to hang back while they went for a walk. Agent Allan didn’t agree, it was his duty to protect these two and by the looks of it he would have to protect them from themselves. However Max was getting a little more turned on as Liz continued to press her body against his own. He decided to compromise.

“Could you at least hang back for a while and…go for a short walk?” asked Max

Allan looked at the two and decided to cut them some slack. Given their morning they could probably be doing with some time just by themselves away from the stares of people around them.

“Okay” He said. “I take it you will be in that room over there?” Asked Allan while indicating to the Eraser room.

“Uhh yeah…how’d you know?” asked Max

“Are you kidding, there is one of them in every school…I still hold the record for being in mine the most!” responded Allan while grinning.

With that Agent Allan moved passed the two and then they moved into the room. Once Max sealed the door, Liz turned him around and pushed him up against the back wall. She jumped on him immediately! Liz kissed him hard and fast, Max wrapped his arms around her. His hands trailed down her back and cupped her ass, this prompted Liz to jump up and wrap her legs around Max’s waist.

“What’s gotten into you?” asked Max as they broke the kiss.

“I’m just feeling real good!” Liz answered. She then lowered her hand between their bodies and cupped his erection through his jeans. “And so do you!”

Max growled as he felt her hand on him. He reached up and grabbed hold of her tops neckline and ripped it clean down the middle to expose her bra clad breasts. Max started to kiss her throat and neck, waves of pleasure soared through her body causing her eyes to close and her head to tilt back. As Max continued to scrape his teeth along her soft flesh he reached his hand up and covered her breast. He pulled the cotton fabric down and latched on to her nipple with his mouth.

“Uhmm, god Max. I need you now!” she softly moaned

Max moved them both over to the desk and sat Liz down on it. He reached down and started to open the fastening on her jeans while she did the same to him. Max was on fire now; both were like animals in heat as they tried to expose each other. He grabbed a hold of Liz hands to stop their movements; she looked up into his eyes and saw raw passion. Max grabbed hold of the open flaps of her jeans and as Liz lifter her hips up Max pulled then off, taking her underwear with them.

Liz went back to work of Max and began to stoke his dick. Softly and slowly she moved her hand up and down, teasing him, bringing him pleasure. She wrapped her legs around him again and locked her ankles behind his back. Max put his hands on her hips and pulled her forward, putting her at the perfect angle. Liz pulled on his cock and guided him to her waiting hole.

Max thrust in. He was buried deep inside her, both instantly satisfied at the contact between them…but not satisfied enough. Max tilted her head back up so that he could see into her eyes as he brought her pleasure. Gently he pulled out of her but before he was all the way out he pushed back in forcefully.

“UHHHNN GOD!” she howled. “Max…please…give me more!”

“OHHH BABY, YEAH!” Max moaned as he continued his assault on Liz’s innermost depths, sending her to an abyss of pleasure. In and out, over and over he continued to slam his pelvis against hers. Sweat poured from his brow as he held her body in his arms tightly against his own while he moved against her.

As much as they loved each other, sometimes all the needed a hot sweaty session of fucking and that’s just what they were having now. Lust and passion in all its glory right here in the school’s Eraser Room where so many teens have lost their innocence. For Max and Liz that had been done in the Granolith chamber but why should they miss out on the fun.

They continued to move against each other, nipple rubbing against nipple, dick inside cunt. Pleasure was the only thing on their minds as Max pushed Liz on to her back. He pumped his cock in and out, his hips circling with each thrust. Liz thought she couldn’t have spread her legs further but as Max’s hips hit her inner thighs her legs moved another inch apart. Liz couldn’t keep her ankles locked any longer and simply leg go. He legs were raised out into the air, Max just kept pushing in as his ass moved up and down.

“Max, please make me cum…I need to!” she moaned

Max put his hand over her core and gently applied pressure to her clit. Every time he pulled out he flicked the small bundle of nerves with his finger and then thrust back in.

“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Liz reached her climax. Her juices poured from her core and covered Max’s cock.

“Ugnnn, Ugnnn, UHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” Max was seconds behind Liz. His semen once again spurted into his lover and soaked her womb.

Liz’s legs relaxed and fell down over the edges of the desk. Max was exhausted but managed to pull himself off of Liz. She sat up on the desk and Max sat up with her, his arm draped over her shoulder as Liz rested her head on Max.

“That was…” Max said with his eyes closed

“…Intense!” Liz finished for him. “Max…I’m going to tell my folks tonight!”

“Tell them what?” he asked

“That I’m pregnant…that way there is no chance of them finding out by accident.”

“Yeah that probably is the best plan…I should be there as well I suppose!” he said, concern for his imminent death at her fathers hands filled his voice.

“Max, he wont hurt you…a lot.” Said Liz

“Yeah but he is gonna be pissed, my dad was angry but your dad…” Max said while shaking his head.

“Come on, let’s get some lunch! It’ll help you relax.”

“Hey I’m Max…not Alex, he is the one who likes to eat a lot.” Max countered with a large smile. It caused Liz to begin to laugh slightly and punch him on his arm for the tame insult about his sister’s boyfriend.

After a few minutes the two moved around the room. They used their powers to put everything back into order and repair any damaged clothing. When everything was ready they left the room and met up with their agent. With twenty minutes remaining for their break they found the others and had a little lunch before classes resumed.

English Class, Last period of the day

It had become a very interesting day for the group. After a difficult beginning in which Alex sent Crowe flying across the hallway, the aliens had become accepted by most of the students and at some point in the day each of them were hit on by people who just wanted to get close. Luckily it was always out of range of their significant others otherwise all hell would break loose.

This was the only class that they were all in together, busy writing away in their notebooks while the teacher spoke. Just then something in the corner of Pam Troy’s eye caught her attention and looked up to the door.

“What the hell?” she said loudly.

Everyone looked at her and then followed her trail of vision to the door. Zan who lifted his hand and beckoned Max with his finger greeted them. Everyone looked back and forth between Max and his double at the door. Max stood up and moved to the door…

“Yeah great way to stay under wraps man!” said Max as he escorted Zan out.

The room erupted as everyone turned to Liz and the others looking for an explanation. They were mobbed with questions, none of which could be heard clearly as it all became white noise.

“Okay class, everyone calm down…calm down!” said their teacher. “I’m sure Isabel and the others will explain everything if you give them a moment.”

The group just looked at each other. They were quietly deciding exactly what to tell them – clones: not after all the fuss over a sheep, Twins: four sets of twins…unlikely but given the alien factor it could be believable! It was the lesser of two evils and the safer.

“That was Zan!” said Michael.

“Zan?” asked Max

“Yeah he’s Max’s twin.” Said Alex

“Basically the cool version of Max!” said Maria

“I heard that!” Max yelled from the hall. Causing a room full of sniggering.

“Okay so why haven’t we seen him before?” asked the teacher

“He was raised in New York along with the…others!” said Kyle before he remembered that the class had not seen the Dupes and as such didn’t need to be told about them.

“Others? You mean there are more of you guys?” asked Pam

Tess reached up and slapped the back of Kyle’s head. “Ouch, what the hell!”

“We all have twins…I have Ava, Michael has Rath and Isabel had Vilandra.” Said Tess

Almost all the guys looked at each other and smiled. Exact doubles of two the hottest and desirable chicks in Roswell and as far as they new completely unattached. Pam and the rest of the female students felt a similar reaction and the group did not miss it. Too bad they were going to be disappointed!

Out in the Hallway

As Max left the class and made his remark to Zan he looked around and saw the other dupes. Ava was warm and friendly, almost bordering on bubbly but Rath and Lonnie were a little more standoffish. They were sticking to the back; Rath had his arms crossed while Lonnie rested against some lockers. Both watched Max intently as their eyes roamed all over him. They knew that Max was going to be identical to Zan but they were still amazed. Thank god one had a goatee!

“So how are you guys doing?” Max asked

“Better…Zan said that you got that stuff out of us?” said Rath

“Yeah, well Liz too. She’s got more info on what actually happens!” answered Max

“Liz? Is that your Ava?” Isabel asked

“You didn’t tell them?” Max asked as he turned to Zan.

“Not all of it!” he responded

“All of what?” Rath said as he moved closer.

“Liz is my mate and is human…mostly. Tess is our Ava and is dating another human called Kyle…in fact we’re all seeing humans – Michael is with Maria, Isabel with Alex.” Said Max

Rath and Vilandra simply nodded. Given the recent exposure they guessed that they were very close to some humans who knew their secret. Just then they heard Maria’s comment about Zan being the cooler version of Max.

“I heard that!” he yelled through the door. Ava smiled and Zan turned his back to his the grin on his face.

“What did you mean that Liz was mostly human?” asked Lonnie

“Liz is part Omniriad…she is the Caretaker to the Granolith! That’s why she knew how to get rid of the Ganderial. There’ll be time for more later but what are you guys doing here?”

“Just stopping by to say hi and, by the sounds of what’s going on in there, quiet a stir as well.” Said Ava

Just then the bell rang and the rest of the group got out of the class before the others did. They all moved to a corner of the hall while the other students moved out. Most of the guys gave Lonnie and Ava the once over and winked at them. Rath and Zan moved next to them and stared the guys down. Most saw the looks from the two new aliens and quietly looked down and moved away…they had all seen Alex’s reaction this morning and these two looked like they would do ten times as much damage but this time it would be on purpose.

When Rath and Zan were given the same looks by the females that were obviously on the prowl, their reaction was a lot less subtle! Lonnie held up her hand and caught one of the girls in a telekinetic hold. The girl couldn’t move and all Lonnie said to her was “Don’t!” The girl nodded her head vigorously and when Lonnie looked to her cohorts she received a similar response.

Zan looked to his sister. “Lonnie! Let her go.” He said

“Just having some fun Zan, just some fun!” she responded as she lowered her hand. The girl was released and Lonnie winked at her and her friends. Territory was marked and a message had been sent that all the lust and power driven teens.

After the hall cleared of students and teachers introductions were made between the Roswell and New York groups. Lonnie met Isabel and then met Alex, she was curious at what Isabel actually saw in the scrawny guy – she could only conclude that he must be good in the sack. Rath looked over the little pixie that his twin had taken as his mate and smirked.

Maria knew what he was thinking and said, “Get rid of the grin pal, I don’t do threesomes!”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 35

Hallway, West Roswell High, Same Time

“You got that right!” said a very agitated Michael. He just looked at Rath in an attempt to stare him down. Vilandra just looked at Rath and felt a pang of jealousy when Maria made her comment.

“Hey relax bro, I don’t go anywhere I’m not invited!” Rath said as he raised his hands in mock surrender.

“So what do we do now?” Lonnie asked

“Well Liz and I need to talk to her parents…we’ll catch up later!” said Max as he took Liz’s hand and walked her down the hall.

“What’s going on there?” asked Rath

“We’ll…uh…we’ll tell you later!” responded Zan. “Come on, lets see what this town’s got…you guys wanna be tour guides?” he asked as he turned to the remaining members of the group.

“Yeah, good idea!” said Alex. “It’ll give us a chance to get to know each other a little better.”

Isabel just looked at him; she wasn’t entirely comfortable the way Lonnie was quietly appraising her boyfriend. The last thing she wanted was for the two of them to be near each other until she found out just what Lonnie was planning. But she knew that that wasn’t going to happen, Alex was curious about the recent additions to the group and now that they were free of the Ganderial they could be trusted to a certain extent.

“Okay…so what do you guys want to see first? There really isn’t a whole lot to do!” said Isabel

“Well I suppose we could just walk around.” Ava said

“That’s the plan then!” said Michael

The group went on mass down the empty halls, surrounded on all sides by a dozen Secret Service agents. Maria figured that the Crashdown should be the last stop, that way the remnant of the approaching world war 3 could be cleaned up before they got there.

Living Room, Parker Residence, 1 hour later

Max and Liz took their time in walking back to the Parker’s home. Neither of them was looking forward to this little family meeting but both knew that it had to be done. When they did arrive they found Nancy folding some sheets and Jeff checking over the books of the restaurant.

“Hey dad…mom. Could we talk to you guys for a minute?” asked Liz

“Sure sweetie…what’s up?” asked her father as Nancy sat next to him.

Max and Liz sat opposite from them; both couples separated by the coffee table that made Max feel a little more secure.

“Uh…we have something to tell you. I…I’m pregnant!” said Liz

Jeff’s eyes widened and jumped to his feet. “WHAT!” he yelled, “Max, could you please leave.”

“Mr Parker, I…”

“I said get out…NOW!”

“Dad, please! Don’t make him go.” Begged Liz

“And why shouldn’t I?” Jeff asked

“Because I love him…I belong with him!”

“And I love Liz, Mr Parker!” said Max

“Oh that that makes this alright…how the hell could the two of you be so stupid? Max I want you to go home now!”

“I can’t…not until I tell you…” said Max

“Tell me what Max…that you’re not responsible for getting my baby girl pregnant, that you haven’t been sleeping with her…”

“Dad stop!” Liz said loudly. She took a deep breath before continuing, “Yes I’ve been sleeping with Max but he isn’t completely at fault…the Granolith has been doing things to us, it wanted me to get pregnant!”

“Another god damned alien thing…why the hell would that thing…”

“DAD…I can’t believe you said that. For your information I’m not entirely human myself!” Liz said angrily

“What?” Nancy whispered

Liz bowed her head and looked to the floor. This was the one thing that she hoped to keep from her parents but now the cat was out of the bag…she had no choice but to tell them the rest. Liz looked back up to her parents.

“Mom, you guys tried for a long time before you had me…right?” she asked calmly. “Another alien called Phoenix felt sorry for you and helped. He took a sample of D.N.A. from each of you to make me; he then blended in some of his own energy so that I would be a suitable Caretaker for the Granolith. I am your daughter but he is a part of me as well.”

“I don’t believe this!” Jeff said as he turned away, shaking his head. “Max, please leave…we’ll take this up again later but we need to talk to Liz alone.”

Liz looked to Max and nodded. Max stood up and went to the door, “If you need me, I’m just a thought away!” he said.

It brought a smile to Liz’s face as she closed the door behind Max. She turned and went back to sit with her parents!

Living Room, Valenti Residence, 18:00

Everyone had split up about 45 minutes ago; Michael and Maria had taken the Dupes to his apartment. Kyle and Tess had gone home to begin their homework while they awaited the news of Max’s imminent demise.

Tess was sitting at the table, working away on her Maths. Since they no longer had to hide it was agreed that those who were holding back, stopped! Michael hated that idea but agreed, Tess who was taught by Nasedo to hide her true skills readily accepted. Kyle was sitting on the sofa, reading a very boring book for English so that he could write an essay.

Every so often Tess looked over to Kyle, all day she had been thinking about this decision and she knew that Kyle wasn’t going to like it.

“Kyle can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked tentatively

“You Princess, can talk to me at any time!” he said

“Kyle, remember your dad’s no sex rule?”

“As sort lived as it was, Yes!” he responded

“Yeah, I want to try and obey it!”

“What!” Kyle responded

“Kyle I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone and I love making love with you but we need to do this.”

Kyle was confused as well and didn’t know what to think. “Why?”

“Your dad has become like my own, you guys are my family and I don’t want to risk that.” Tess said

“Tess my dad would never ask you to leave!” He said, trying to reassure her.

“I know that, I just…”

“Okay, what’s wrong?” Kyle asked

“We’ve only just started going out and we’re already having sex. The only reason why we’ve reached this stage is because of the Granolith, under normal circumstances we would have had a few date but…we just need to try this. To have a normal relationship outside of Granolith induced hormones!”

“Tess, I love you…if you want to take a step back then that’s what we’ll do. Besides I was going to take you out to dinner tomorrow night and take you out to that new club…if the Agents let us!”

A huge grin came across Tess’s face as Kyle told her about their planned date and that he was willing to slow down. “Thank you Kyle.” She said as she hugged him. “And the no sex thing wont be forever, just until we’re in a relationship type place…if that makes any sense.”

“It does to me Princess!”

Too bad they both seemed to forget that Granolith continually pumps up their hormones…this wont last long!

Michael’s Apartment, 18:30

When Michael and the others arrived they brought 10 large pizzas with them. It didn’t take long for Rath and Michael to enter into a little competition to see which one of them could eat the most slices and naturally a bet ensued. Maria, Isabel and Alex all bet on Michael – they had seen him eat, while the New Yorkers bet on Rath.

Six pies later they were still going at it, they had eaten three pizzas apiece and were keeping pace with each other. They had slowed somewhat and were starting to force the bites down; just then they stopped and looked at each other. The others just watched as they ran to the bathroom and tried to cover their ears when the sounds of guts wrenching hit them.

Maria turned back to the others.

“So…draw!” she said

“Yeah!” said Zan.

They grabbed the other pizzas and started to munch away as the newly dubbed Pizza Brothers came back in. Both looked slightly flushed and gasping for breath. Just then there was a knock at the door, Michael asked Alex to get it.

“Hello?” he said

“Hi I’m looking for Michael and Maria!” said the guest

Michael and Maria and heard the voice and looked at each other before turning to the door.

“Laurie?” they said in unison

“Hi guys, she said as she entered. The first thing she did was to hug Michael, which gained a confused reaction from the NY four.

“Who…is that?” Asked Rath as he gave the new girl the once over.

“That would be your sister!” responded Isabel as he saw the look he was giving Laurie

“What?” he said as he looked back up at her rather startled.

“Laurie is the granddaughter of the guy who supplied your human D.N.A. They thought it would be too weird at that relationship so they decided on sister!” Alex explained.

Laurie had heard the commotion and looked up at the others in the room. Just then she noticed Rath and looked back and forth between him and Michael.

“Okay, what’s going on? Tell me I’m not back on the meds!” she said

“Relax Laurie, your fine!” Maria said as she moved between the two. “Rath this is Laurie, Laurie this is Rath!” she introduced the two.

“I’m not hallucinating?” Laurie asked, still not quite believing what she was seeing.

“No Laurie your not. When they made me, they made him as well. We’re like twins!” said Michael as he put his hand on his sister’s shoulder.

Rath moved over to her and extended his hand. “Hi…uh Laurie, how you doing?”

Lonnie, Ava and Zan just looked at each other. This was the first time they actually have seen Rath nervous about meeting someone. Lonnie was actually surprised and was found that she was pleased by it. The others just grinned.

“I’m good, a little wigged but fine. It would have been god if someone had mentioned this!” she said as she turned to Michael.

“Hey I didn’t know! They only arrived at the weekend.” Michael said quickly. {Boy that girl sure could look evil when she wanted to} he thought to himself.

“How are you doing Rath?” Laurie asked her newest brother

“Surprised…and actually nervous…weird!” he responded

Just then Laurie smelled the air and looked around to see pizza boxes littering the floor. “Pepperoni? Yeah, that’s pepperoni!”

Michael smiled and opened the pepperoni pizza box before her nose.

Laurie’s mouth was watering. “Michael, don’t take this too seriously but right now you’re a god!” She said as she grabbed hold of a slice. “UHMMMM, I’ve not had this in years! So what’s going on here?”

“Nothing much, just getting to know each other better…and eating a lot of pizza!” said Maria as she turned to Michael who turned red and held his stomach as he remembered the little contest.

“Now I thought I asked you to stay away from Roswell why this nonsense is going on!” said Michael

“No, you told me not asked!” said Laurie

“So what are you doing here?” asked Maria

“I live here now!”

“Huh?” stated Michael, “What are you talking about?”

“I made a little deal with my aunt and uncle. I stay out of their hair, forget about that little evidence you two found and let them move back to the house.” Said Laurie with a smile on her face.

Maria looked at her, cocked her head and smiled. “What’s the other part of that little arrangement?”

“They bought me a rather large house on the outskirts of town, gave me a healthy monthly allowance as well as twice the amount of stock’s in the company and stay out of my life!”

“Sounds like a good deal…what’s the catch?” Michael asked

“No catch…we both knew that sooner or later they would come after me, this way we both get what we want. I’m free to live my life and they stay in the manner that they’re used to.”

“I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…the girl learns fast!” said Maria

“You got that right!” said Michael as he smiled at his sister. He looked over at the others; confusion seems to be a permanent fixture to their faces tonight. “I’ll explain it all later.” He told the Dupes.

At that point the phone rang and Michael answered it.


“Michael it’s Max, my folks called a meeting!”

“Why what’s up?”

“Liz and I told her parents about the baby…they didn’t take it well and Liz told them about Phoenix.”

Michael closed his eyes and sighed. “Oh no!”

“Yeah…when I got home, her parents called mine…they want to talk! Isabel and Alex should be there as well…you should tell them the Whitman’s will be there!”

“No problem man…do you want the rest of us there?”

“No, you should stay out of this one!”

“Okay…hey listen Laurie’s in town, I’ll be with her and the others if you need us!”

“Thanks Michael.” Both hung up the phone and Michael turned to Isabel and Alex.

“You guys should head home Isabel…go quickly!” said Michael

Isabel saw the look in his eyes and then looked back to Alex. Within a few minutes they grabbed their things and were out the door. Michael decided to let whatever’s going to happen, happen and began to inform the duplicates of Laurie’s past and the reason for the Evans meeting. When Rath heard what Laurie’s Uncle and Aunt did to her just to get her money felt an overwhelming urge to give some payback!

Living Room, Evans Residence, 19:45

The parents were gathered; Max and Liz were sitting with Alex and Isabel in the middle. Accusations were flying back and forth, Jeff Parker doing more than his fair share of yelling. He was furious and upon learning that Isabel was also pregnant he made the mistake of calling the Evans terrible parents, raising nothing but a slut and playboy.

Philip blew his top at those remarks; insult was thrown for insult until them men’s faces went from red to purple to black. Liz was almost crying as Max held her close, Alex held in tightly to Isabel’s hand – in part to reassure her and in part to reassure himself! When it looked like they were about to start a fistfight Max shot his hand up and generated a shield between the two.

The sudden green light between them was enough to get their attention.

“I know you two would like to draw blood right now but what’s done is done. Mr Parker, my parents have been excellent. Nothing in this situation has been to do with you or them, it’s between the Granolith and us and until we understand its purpose we can only assume that this is because it wants to help us…it always has before and we have to believe that it always will!” Max said as he walked back and forth between the two elders.

He got through to his father who paused and sat back down. Mr Parker had calmed slightly but only enough to turn his back walk around while running hid hand over his face.

“Your still only kids…alien royalty or not how the hell are you going to support families?” Jeff asked calmly

“We don’t have all the answers dad, but this has happened and there is nothing you can do about it…in fifteen months your going to be a grandparent.” Said Liz

“Fifteen months?” whispered her mother.

“Approximately!” responded Liz

“The four of you may have over a year to get ready for this but you have no income of any significance…” said Jeff

“I believe I can help there!” said a female voice

Every jumped to their feet and looked around to find the source of the disembodied voice. Just then the back wall began to shimmer and Serena came into view.

“Serena?” said Max

“Strange…you shouldn’t be able to recognise me!” stated Serena as she cocked her head

“Actually we’ve already met you…in about a year from now!” said Max

“We have the second Granolith…you know, you’re secondary mission on Earth. It’s merged with the Antarian Granolith after a future Liz travelled back in time to change what happened. You helped us find it the first time round.”

“Okay…I see we need to do a little catching up later!” said Serena.

“Yeah!” said Max

“This is all very interesting but what did you mean that you could help?” Jeff asked

“Did you really think that we would send our people’s ruler and our last hope to Earth without sending the means for him to take care of himself?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Isabel

“Call the others…tell them to meet us at your Pod Chamber.” Said Serena

Max nodded and went for the phone and called Michael and Tess. Since the Dupes showed up Liz had given each group at least one transporter unit so that they could get to the cave if they needed. Liz had reached into her bag and pulled out the tablet she used the last time. A flash of light travelled the room and they all appeared in the Chamber, shortly followed by the others.

“Mom, dad, welcome to where we…hatched!” said Max as all the parents looked around the room.

“Serena?” asked Zan

“Zan…its good to see you again. Its good to see all of you! Now Ms Parker, care to tell me how you did that.” Serena said

“Max and I are Caretakers to the Granolith, I just seam to have more access to its data!” Liz responded

“Okay, we’ll discuss this later but right now I have to show you this…Max, Zan put you hands on either end of that wall.” Serena said while indicating to the wall on the left side of the pods.

As Liz watched Max move to the wall she felt a shiver down her back and looked toward the opening to the Granolith Chamber, she could sense the presence of something familiar but couldn’t place it. Max felt her hesitation and turned to her.

“Liz, you okay?” he asked

“Yeah…yeah just felt something weird.” She responded

Max put his hand on the wall and an opening appeared when Zan mimicked his movement. Serena led them in and said; “We arranged it so this room could only be accessed by both of you. Kind of a symbolic way of saying that both groups have united.”

The new chamber was like a warehouse. Crates of various sizes filled the room, each separated into different contents.

“Serena what is all this?” Max asked

“Well as we passed through the asteroid belt we mined out a few things. The minerals don’t have any value to Antarians but on Earth they are worth a fortune.”

That caught everyone’s attention but it was Maria that asked first. “Exactly how much is a fortune?”

“Well, those crates over there contain platinum, those have assorted gems stones…all told about 1.6 billion dollars.”

“Wow!” said Michael

“And it belongs to all of you, equally!” Serena felt she had to put that in.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 36

Room Adjacent to Pod Chamber, Same Time

“Okay…anyone know what 1.6 billion divided by eight is?” asked Rath with a smile on his face.

“200 million!” Liz answered calmly

“Yeah but there is a problem!” said Alex

“What’s that?” Max asked as he opened one of the smaller crates. He found it was full of diamonds about half the size of a baseball.

“We need to sell this stuff! Right now all of this may be worth a fortune but to get the cash we need to sell it.” Responded Alex

“Well that’s a downer!” said Rath despondently. “How the hell are we supposed to trust anyone with all of this lot?”

Max just looked around at all of the crates that were stacked well above his head. All worries for supporting his new family was within reach but finding away to use it was beyond him.

“How about me?” Said Philip


“I have a lot of contacts…some of them buy and sell commodities so they should be able to help.” Philip said.

“Good, it’s a start at least. They’ll probably want samples for testing, right?” said Max

“Absolutely…is there anything unusual about this stuff?” he asked Serena

“Only that the metals are about 50 times purer than anything produced by Earths refining processes.” Serena answered

“Well that will certainly peak their interest!” Philip said

Just then Liz felt something and turned her head sharply toward the entrance. Max had felt it through his connection to her and turned back to face her.

“Liz, What?” he asked

As everyone turned to face her she ran out the door and into the Granolith chamber. Max led the chase into the room and once everyone was present to door slammed shut. Serena looked at the new Granolith before her and along with the parents, stood in awe of the device. Soon their eyes were back on Liz who circled the Granolith and appeared to be in a trance.

“Liz?” Whispered her mother

Liz reached up and touched the Granolith, a second later Phoenix appeared before them.

“Phoenix, what are you doing back here?” asked Liz

“I’m here to help you and your child Liz. Your child will have power beyond anything that you have experienced before, I will be necessary to teach him how to control his abilities.” Answered Phoenix

“Wait a minute…His abilities…I’m having a boy?”

“Yes Liz, a son…a very important son who is heir to the Antarian thrown.”

Max had moved to his mate’s side and they hugged each other when they learned the sex of their unborn child. However, Michael had grown a little concerned when he had seen Phoenix.

“Uhm sorry to interrupt but I thought you said that you wouldn’t be back on Earth again!” Michael stated

“Yes…that is correct Michael but by creating Liz I broke a very important law of my people and they exiled me to Earth.” He then looked over to Liz parents. “Mr and Mrs Parker, I am honoured to meet you…I also apologise! I should never have proceeded to create Liz without you consent.”

“No you shouldn’t have…but if you didn’t then we wouldn’t have been blessed with 17 years of her life.” Said Jeff, “And from what Liz tells me…it’s an honour to meet you too!”

“What did you mean that our baby is important?” Max asked

Phoenix bowed his head and closed his eyes before answering. “5000 years ago an event occurred that ultimately means that my species will become extinct. In several years the only thing that will remain of my people will be Liz and her progeny! You, Caretaker, have become a lot more important than I first thought when I created you.”

“Is this going to cause any more problems for him?” asked Lix

“You mean…” Phoenix trailed off

“Is there going to be anyone else out there who wants to hurt him!” Liz specified

“No, as far as any other race is concerned he would be the next king of Antar.” Phoenix then turned to the others, “Could the rest of you excuse us, I have some information to give to Max and Liz…I won’t be around when your child comes of age and you will need to know how to train him properly. The data will be passed on through several sessions to allow your minds to adapt.”

“Just how much time do you have left?” Tess asked

“5 Years, 10 at the most! Now is you’ll excuse us…” When everyone nodded Phoenix stared at them and they were transported back to the Evans residence. Phoenix turned back to Liz and Max; he touched his hands to their foreheads and closed his eyes.

Living Room, Evans Residence, 23:00

Two hours later they were back among their family. They were surprised at how much progress was made in that time, the resentment and anger was gone, Jeff had even apologised to Isabel for calling her a slut. Philip had decided to make a few enquiry calls to see about selling off the kids newly discovered fortune and to set up bank accounts for all of them. Jeff had a few old college roommates who went into careers in the stock and commodities markets and decided to lend a hand.

Later pizzas were ordered, drinks were downed and the bathroom used…several times! The only one not having a good time was Alex; something had been on his mind all evening and was proving to be too much of a distraction. He decided to go out to the backyard for some fresh air but Isabel had noticed the fake laughs and could feel something wrong so she followed him out.

“Alex…is everything okay?” she asked

Alex knew that she would follow him. “I wish it was…earlier when Mr Parker called you…called you that, I’ve never been that angry! It took everything I had just to stop myself blasting him across the room. I guess it’s just got me spooked in case I loose control and hurt someone.”

“I know how you feel!” said Isabel as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“You do?”

“Yeah…when my powers started to get stronger I was afraid that I would hurt Max or my parents!” she said

“Isabel, you were still young…your powers weren’t like they are now! You learned to control this as they developed, I’ve been thrown in at the deep end!”

Isabel pondered for a moment. She tried to thing of something, anything that could allow Alex to gain more control…then it hit her. “Alex, there may be away that I can help keep your powers in check!”

“How?” Alex asked hopefully

“You can’t tell the others okay…Max told me about when he was up in the Granolith Chamber with Liz. After they…we after, the Granolith gave them rings that connected them to each other. We could use them so you could use my control!” Isabel said.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Alex asked

“Yes, I’m sure! We can go up there tomorrow after school!”

Alex nodded and held her close, they kissed tenderly and Alex thanked her before the returned to the others.

Roswell Alien Museum, Midnight

Brody had been looking through photos of Max and his friends from the security camera he had in place. He was looking for anything he could have missed that would have shown that they were aliens but had found nothing. After the story broke Max had called him and said that he would talk him as soon as some of the hysteria had died down. He had always considered Max a friend and was looking forward to getting to know this side of him, he was thankful that Max had called him himself.

He was about ready to call it a night when he suddenly felt tired and collapsed against his chair. It was the most curious sensation he had ever experienced and knew what it was – they were coming for him again! He was confused by this, why would Max and his people still want to abduct him?

A little after 6am he woke up, Larek was now on Earth but not for the Summit as he originally intended. He was here now to inform his king, ally and friend that Kivar was on Earth and was more than likely coming for him. Right now he needed to catch up on the situation on Earth and accessed his hosts computer system.

Larek was dismayed to discover that this world now knew of the kings existence but was surprised to see recorded film footage of the healing at the hospital and that the Dupes had now apparently joined with the Roswell Four. To see both units together made him happy, now if they could only find away to work together to defeat Kivar. He needed to find his king…this Max Evans!

Liz’s Bathroom, Parker Residence, 07:00 Tuesday Morning

Liz had been waiting for this since she discovered her pregnancy. Right now she was bent over her toilet bowl throwing up the contents of her stomach. Liz had tried to prepare for this but was caught completely unawares and right there and then decided that she was going to cause Max pain.

Nancy had entered her daughters’ room to put some laundry on her bed but stopped when she heard the noises coming from the bathroom. She opened the door and went to her baby girls’ side to try and be of some comfort.

“Liz, honey…it’ll be over soon!” she said calmly

Liz pulled back up and rested against the bathtub. “Thanks mom…I can’t believe this starts the day after I tell you!”

“If it makes you feel any better the morning sickness ends after the first trimester…at least that’s with a normal pregnancy!”

“Thanks but no that doesn’t make me feel better. I guess Isabel got the better end of this!” said Liz

“How so?” Nancy asked

“Isabel gets coughing fits…every so often she just breaks out coughing.” Liz responded

“I wouldn’t knock it just yet Liz! Think about when you’ve had a cold and couldn’t stop coughing…the sore throat you had was as bad as the cold.”

“Yeah I suppose but apparently she and Alex found a treatment for that!” said Liz

“Really…what?” Nancy asked

“They didn’t say!” Liz said, trying to hide her grin. She could easily guess at what Isabel meant by ‘treatment’ when she saw the flush of heat on her skin.

“Okay…well…I’ll let you get yourself together and see you at breakfast. If your still up for it?”

“Are you kidding I’m starving!” replied Liz

“I remember that feeling!” Nancy joked

De Luca Residence, Same Time

Maria also had her head bent over her toilet. She felt like half her internal organs had been coughed up, she just thanked god that was not possible. Like Liz’s mother Amy had entered her daughter’s bedroom to find Maria throwing up.

“Maria…god, are you okay?”

“Yeah mom, I’m totally fine.” Maria said

Amy suddenly grew concerned and looked deep into her daughter’s eyes. “Maria, please tell me your not pregnant!” Amy begged

“Mom, no…that’s ridicules!” Maria said in a high-pitched voice

“No its not ridicules, Nancy and Diane told me about Liz, Isabel and this Granolith!”

“Mom, we just ate a lot of pizza last night…quite a lot!” said Maria as she felt a quivering in her gut.

“Okay, well I’ll see you later.”

After Amy left Maria went back into her bedroom and looked in the mirror and thought about the conversation with her mother. As she ran her hand over her abdomen she got a flash of her little tryst with Michael in the back seat of her car when they left to help Laurie.

“Oh-my-god!” she said as the images faded.

Football Field, West Roswell High, 08:30

Tess was sitting up in the stands watching Kyle and a few other players out in the field practicing. Michael joined her a few minutes later and sat down while he waited for Maria.

“Hey Tess, how’s things today?” Michael asked

“Going stir crazy!” she responded through gritted teeth

“What’s up?”

“Nothing just…frustrated!” Tess said

“Oh that, from what I hear it was you who wanted to stick to Valenti’s rule!” Michael joked

“Yeah well, if it wasn’t for the Granolith pumping up our hormones then it wouldn’t be so bad.”

“Hey Kyle heads up!” yelled Paulie

Paulie threw the ball to Kyle. Kyle ran to catch it and jumped but instead of contact the ball passed through his hands. He crashed straight into the ground, empty-handed! Kyle got up dusted himself off as Paulie came to his side.

“I could have sworn that you had that!” Paulie said

“Yeah, me too.” Kyle said as he picked the ball up from the ground.

Tess and Michael who were watching from the sidelines did not miss the incident.

“Okay that’s new!” Said Michael

“I think I’ll be having a chat with Kyle once he’s through down there!” said Tess

Maria then jumped up beside them and startled the two aliens. Maria looked concerned about something but Tess dismissed it given what she had just seen her lover do.

“Hey Maria!” Michael said as he held her.

“Michael do you think we could cut some classes today?” Maria asked

“Ahh a woman who know how I think!”

“MICHAEL…I need to talk.”

“What’s going on?” Michael asked as they walked away from the stands. Maria just said that she would explain when they were clear of prying eyes. Michael was getting more worried but trusted her and had their agent drive them to his place. Michael asked their agent to wait outside and then sat down next to Maria on the sofa.

“Okay are you going to talk to me now?” Michael asked

“Michael…I…I think I might be pregnant!” she whispered

Michael stopped breathing and just stared at her. He could believe it, they had been careful after all…hell that time in the car was the only wild thing they had done – oh hell. Remembering that time he realised that it was before Max and Liz determined that the Granolith was influencing them, before they forced themselves to use condoms.

“Michael…come on Michael say something!” Maria all but begged

“I uhm, has Liz checked it out yet?” Michael asked

“No, not yet but this morning I threw up. I thought it was just the pizza from last night but when I touched my belly I got a flash of…” Maria was interrupted as Michael finished her sentence.

“Of that time in the car!” he said

“Yeah…how did you know?” she asked

“I just did…I remembered that that was the last time we did it without protection!” Michael said

“So…how do you feel about this?” Maria asked

Michael just cupped her cheek and pulled her in for a kiss. It began gently but after a minute it became passionate as Maria opened her mouth to accept his probing tongue. As he pulled away Maria could see a beaming smile.

“Is this a good thing?” she asked hopefully

“This is a very good thing. If you told me yesterday I would be concerned but now that we’re multi-millionaires and have the money to raise a child…yes everything is good, perfect!”

The two kissed again as Michael picked her up into his arms. He carried her through to his bedroom and lay her down on his bed, their lips still locked together. Michael’s hands slid down her top and pulled he over her head, exposing her blue satin bra. It didn’t take long for her jeans to be flown across the room to meet her top as she lay there in matching panties. Michael became instantly hard and stripped his clothes at the sight of his beautiful Maria lying submissively on his bed.

Maria reached behind her and unclasped her bra as Michael pulled her underwear down her legs. Soon both naked teens were rolling around on the bed again, kissing to their hearts content as Michael slipped between her legs. As he was about to push into her, Maria stopped him and rolled him on to his back and straddled his hips. Maria grabbed hold of his dick and placed it at her moist entrance.

“UHHHNNNNNN!” she moaned as she slid down his cock.

“Oh Maria, that feels so good.” Said Michael as Maria ran her hands along his chest.

Maria lifted her hips and sank back down; inch-by-inch she took more of Michael inside her. Slowly she bent forward so that her breasts were pressed firmly against him and so that she could kiss him as they made love. Slowly she brought her hips forward and pushed back against him, increasing their speed ever so slightly with each passing minute.

“OHHHHHHH, god Michael…please…” she moaned and Michael began to meat her thrusts.

Michael felt along her legs and started to caress the tops of her thighs. The feel of his fingertips on her sensitive flesh sent shudders of pleasure through Maria as she continued to roll her hips and allow Michael to slide in and out of her hot body. It didn’t take long for Michael to reach his hands round to cup her tits, gently pinching on her nipples.

The stabbing sensations pierced her very soul and sat back up. She began to bounce up and down as Michael continued to tease her flesh. Michael loved that Maria was in control just now, so many times had he looked down into her sweet passion filed face as she came in his arms. Sometimes as he took her from behind he missed the images he had brought out but now, now he was looking up as her eyes closed. She was close, her long and gentle strokes have become a ravenous frenzy and neither could take it for much longer.

Michael pulled her back down and crushed his lips against hers; it slowed her pace long enough for him to match pace with her. They met each other thrust for thrust; Maria stopped the kiss and rested her wet forehead against his. They grunting and moaning became one sound and before long Michael pushed deep into her and sent his sperm flying to her core. Maria relaxed on top of him, her breathing slowly calming itself as her eyes fluttered open.

“Someday Maria, someday soon this is going to be your bed too. I love you!” said a very relaxed Michael

“That sounds like a very permanent situation?” she said as she snuggled against him

“So is having a baby…and as soon as Liz is finished with classes today I want you two to go up to the Granolith!”

“Done…now when do you want to tell my mother!” Maria said

“Oh shit!” he said, “She is gonna cut my balls off!”

“That’s a given but I think she’ll be more accepting than you think.”

“Oh?” Michael asked

“It appears that Liz and Isabel’s mom’s have been talking to her. After finding out about the Granolith I guess they wanted her to be prepared for the…possibility!” Maria said, “So how long do you think it’ll be before Tess and Kyle crack?”

“Depends on how much the Granolith juices them up…my guess…tomorrow lunch time, early evening at the latest.”

“I say tomorrow night, 20 bucks? You can afford it now!” Maria asked

“Done!” he smiled as Maria fell asleep against him. He followed not to long after; he stroked her blond hair and found it incredibly soothing.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 37

Philips Office, Evans Law Firm, Same Day 10:20

Philip had cancelled all his appointments and started to make phone calls. A lot of his old college buddies had naturally heard of his son and were surprised to get Philips call. When they heard what he was offering they were very interested and when the call was over they were on the phones to potential buyers. Word quickly spread that the alien king had a lot of property that he and his associates were eager to sell off and as expected samples were asked for, for testing.

Thirty calls and a couple of cups of coffee later Philip had finished his main task for the day, now all he had to do was get the appropriate samples off to the appropriate company labs. Next came the task of setting up bank accounts for them all. The Roswell and New York aliens had a late night meeting and decided that the money should be split among the Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle as well.

They were after all a part of the family and given that there were two confirmed pregnancies then it seemed right. Not even Rath had objected which surprised Zan immensely but then Rath’s thoughts were still dwelling on his new sister. Michael had filled him in on the full story and felt sorry for Laurie and for himself…if felt anger that he hadn’t known about, if he had he would have gone to her and ripped her guardians to shreds.

Just then his intercom started to buzz.

“Helen, I told you to hold all my calls!” he said to his secretary

“Yes Mr Evans but Mr Parker is here and would like to see you!”

“Okay show him in!” said Philip

A second later Helen opened the door and Jeff entered. Philip stood up from behind his desk and went to meet him, he hand extended and he shook hands with Jeff.

“Jeff, I thought you would be at the Crashdown! What can I do for you?” Philip asked

“I just dropped by to see if you’ve had any luck in selling that stuff!” Jeff stated

“Luck would be an understatement, I’ve already had three call-backs asking for samples. The response has been excellent, everyone wants to see what they could be buying and so far Serena’s estimate appears to be spot on.”

“Good, that’s good! Listen, I’ve been wondering if Max has talked to you about what he is planning to do? Liz had always dreamed of going to Harvard but the current situation…”

“Yes I know. Max hasn’t talked about it yet but I know he had been thinking about it! I know that Liz isn’t due until graduation next year but we really need to get some answers for what they are planning to do.” Replied Philip

“Yeah I got a phone call from Liz earlier. She is going up to the Granolith later but when she gets home we should meet with them at the Crashdown.”

“Agreed, I’ll bring Max over…I suppose I’ll be having this conversation with Alex and Isabel as well.”

“Fathers prerogative!” Joked Jeff, “I better get going, I left Nancy running things and it’s really turned into a little busy season now that the town is filled with people trying to get a look at the kids!”

“Looking I don’t mind, I just hope they don’t try anything else!” said Philip, “Anyway, I’ll see you later!”

“Bye!” waved Jeff as he left the office.

Laurie’s New Place, 10:30

Laurie had offered to put up Zan and his crew and it was eagerly accepted. Her new place was on the outskirts and very isolated which suited her new housemates. The Secret Service agents that had been assigned to them drove them up to the front gate and then up to the front entrance.

When the group got out of the car the just looked up and down the height of the house. Laurie opened the door and greeted them.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” she asked

“Great…uhh Laurie are you sure that it’s okay for us to…” Zan trailed off

“Zan if I didn’t want you guys here I wouldn’t have made the invite. So chill and get your butts into this house now!” she said in a tone of authority.

One by one they filed into the front door and looked around. Laurie decided to start with the grand tour, she started with the living room and the kitchen, which was fully stocked with Tabasco sauce, before moving on to the very large conservatory that had a large pool in the middle. Laurie had been expecting Rath’s comment…

“Pool Party!” he yelled

“Got that right!” said Zan as he stuck out his hand, palm side up. Rath responded by slapping his friend’s hand, Zan responded the same way.

“No way!” said Laurie

“Ah come on Laurie!” Rath all begged

“No, no way! I don’t mind Michael and the others but I don’t want strangers around here, especially when we don’t know who to trust and who wants to hurt you guys.” Laurie argued

“Okay!” Rath mumbled

“Is it just me or does Rath seem to back down from her!” whispered Ava to Lonnie

“Yeah…never seen him do that before!” Lonnie whispered back

Next on the tour were the bathrooms and the bedrooms on the upper floors. Laurie had wanted to allocate some bed space before they arrive but decided it would be best to let them pick their rooms.

“So…what are the sleeping arrangements for you guys?” Laurie asked

“Well Ava and I…we’ll take this one!” Zan said. He looked to Ava before indicating to the room. She took a quick peek inside and nodded her approval but both looked a little sheepish when they looked back to Laurie.

“That’s cool. Come on guys it’s not like I didn’t know you two were together! Now, what about you two bro?” she said to Rath and Lonnie.

The two aliens just looked at each other. Things had gotten weird between them since being freed of the Ganderial and had been keeping their distance. Lonnie hated the fact that she could remember what Kivar had done to her but to have Rath know about it as well…it made her feel sick! Before being freed neither could care less about what had happened but now they were free to thing and feel as they would normally.

“Eh…I’ll take this one over here!” said Rath

“And I’ll have the one across the hall.” Said Lonnie

Laurie looked between the two and noticed that something was off. She decided that that was something she was going to have to correct.

“Sure, no problem. So…why don’t you guys get settled and cleaned up, I put some robes in your rooms and you all have your own bathrooms. I’ll see you downstairs…what do prefer: Chinese, Indian or Pizza?” Laurie asked

“Pizza!” they all said in unison

“Okay I’ll call the place!” she said

Each of the aliens went into their rooms while Laurie walked down the stairs.

Inside Lonnie’s Room

Lonnie stripped out of her clothes, grabbed her robe and went into her adjoining bathroom. She ran a bath for herself and poured in some aromatic oils she found next to the bath. When she turned off the water she slipped into the hot liquid and just relaxed while running some soap along her body.

Inside Rath’s Room

Rath decided on the same except he had a shower. He stood in the cabinet as water jetted against his muscles. After dumping some shampoo in his hair he leaned against the tiled wall of the cabinet, it didn’t take long for his thoughts to turn to Lonnie. Everything they had been through and now she could barely look at him, yes they would speak to each other but not about what had happened. The result - anger filled him and he hit his hand against the wall…almost breaking the tile.

Inside Zan and Ava’s room

Ava was sitting on the large windowsill looking out over the green garden that surrounded their new home and beyond that the arid desert. She marvelled at how drastically their lives had changed in the last few days, they had gone from living in a sewer to being multi millionaires and living with the new sister of Rath. It brought a slight chuckle to her.

Zan was laying on the king sized bed and was watching his love at the window. As she laughed he smiled. She was one of the most beautiful sites he had ever seen, the light from the window filtered in over her body. It made her look like the angel he knew she was.

“So do you think all the rooms have beds like this?” he asked

“Well either that or Laurie knew we would be together and pick this room!”

“Yeah” he chuckled

“Did you notice your sister and Rath just then?” Ava asked

“Yeah…I’ve seen it since they came back from the Granolith! I was going to try and talk to them about it when everything calmed down a little.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea, they did go through a lot! Maybe they just need some time.” Ava stated

“No what ever is going on its personal. The sooner we find out what happened then the better off we’ll all be!”

“Well, sooner or later it’ll come out! I am going for a bath.” Ava said as she jumped off the window and moved to the bathroom door. “Are you going to join me?”

“Oh let me thing about this…laying here thinking about my sister and Rath or Ava, naked and wet in a bath tub! That’s a tough one?” Zan said to himself before jumping up from his bed and jogged after Ava, entering the bathroom.

Within minutes Ava was resting against Zan in the foaming water. The two were kissing each other deeply but all of a sudden Zan felt something buzzing against his skin and shuddered, which was felt by Ava.

“What was that?” asked Zan

Ava looked worried for a second before she realised what it was and smiled.

“Oh that was the bath salts!” Ava said

Zan smiled and cocked his head to the side. “It’s kinda tingly once you get used to it!”

“Yeah…hey your really are enjoying it aren’t you?” Ava asked as her hand slipped beneath the water and gripped his cock.

“Mmmmm!” Zan sighed before he grabbed her hand. “No Ava stop…don’t start something we can’t finish just now.”

Ava grinned and said, “You started it the second you got into this tub!”

“Maybe so but the others will be downstairs by now. Come on lets get dried off!” said Zan

“Yeah okay!” said Ava as she raised herself out of the water, displaying her body to Zan

Zan bowed and shook his head. “You’re aware of the effect you have, don’t you?”

Ava grabbed hold of his head and kissed him hard for a few seconds. “You better believe it lover!”

Zan got out of the bath and they dried themselves off. They threw on their new cotton robes and went down stairs where they found Rath happily munching away on a slice of pizza while Lonnie and Laurie drank orange juice from expensive crystal glasses – a little trick she learned from Michael and Maria.

“Well I was wondering when you two were going to join us!” Laurie said as she smiled up at them

“Yeah well, we were chilled!” Ava said as she sat down next to Lonnie. As she sank down into the plush chair, she grabbed a cushion and held it to her. “God Laurie, this chair feels great!”

“Tell me about it. I love these things…so what do you have planned for today?” Laurie asked

“Well I was planning on going for a walk…though I might stop in to see Alex, find out what my future niece and nephew’s father is like!” Lonnie said. Ever since she first met Alex she had been trying to work out what Isabel saw in him. Sure he was smart and obviously loved Isabel quite a lot but the idea that he was good in bed had been in the foreground of her head and she was curious as hell to find out how good for her self. Besides she wanted to feel loved, she wanted to feel the connection that Isabel felt.

“Yeah I figured I’d check out that alien museum across from the Crashdown…that place just looks too…” Rath said as he shook his head, partially in disgust and partially in fear of what tackiness the owner had put together.

“Serena said she needed to speak to me alone…something about my role in the line of succession!” Zan said as he poured some sauce into his drink

“And that will leave me with absolutely nothing to do!” said Ava despondently

“Hey why don’t we go shopping? We could check out that mall and buy some new things…the clothes I got are at least two years out of date! Being kept locked up in that place really put me out of touch.” Suggested Laurie

“Yeah, great idea…Lonnie why don’t you come as well?” said Ava

“I might just do that…but I think I catch up to you there, Alex and I will definitely be having a chat!” said Lonnie

Rath had heard something in her tone that made him feel immense jealousy. He and Lonnie may not be together but he couldn’t help it…he wanted her! It was as simple as that! Unfortunately since he told her that he knew about Vilandra and Kivar and the rather rough sex that followed they had been at arms length. The pain the Ganderial inflicted on them when they were together was too much and even though they were both free of that influence they were very much afraid of feeling that again.

“Well then, that’s the plan! Lets go and get dressed and I’ll see you all later!” Laurie said. Just then the doorbell rang and Laurie went to answer it.

“Hi, can I help you?” she asked as she looked over the handsome stranger who immediately caught her eye.

“Yes Ms Dupree, I’m Agent Andrew Hall of the Secret Service. Mr Guerin through Mr Evans arranged for me to protect you!” His reaction to Laurie surprised him. Every thing about her seemed to catch his attention and instantly became intoxicated by her presence.

“Aren’t you a little young to be an Agent?” asked Laurie. Hall was slightly taller than Michael and Rath but he had short blonde hair and was fairly well built – to Laurie this guy looked damned good in a black suit and appeared to be about a year older than her self.

“Yeah I kinda excelled in the course! I got this assignment because…well…I’m good.” Hall said calmly. “I just wanted to introduce myself, if you need anything I’ll be with the other agents.”

“Yeah, thank you Agent Hall!”

“Ms Dupree!” Hall nodded as he turned from the door.

Laurie walked back into the living room; her face was now visibly flushed. The others had listened in on the interaction between the two, Lonnie and Ava were smiling when they saw her face but Rath was scowling a little.

“See something you like Laurie?” asked Ava

“Wow!” as all she could say as she flumped back down into her seat.

“Oh yeah, she’s gone!” joked Ava

“I don’t know, I don’t think I like that guy!” said Rath

“Oh come on Rath we didn’t even see the man’s face, how could you know if you like him or not?” said Zan before he twigged as to what was going on. “Oh the over protective brother instincts comin’ into play!” he joked

Laurie looked over to her brother and smiled at him. “Yeah?” she asked.

Rath just bowed his head as he tried to hide his embarrassment. Lonnie looked at him and smiled as well.

“It actually looks good on you!” Lonnie stated as she smiled at the change she witnessed in him.

“Okay guys enough, lets go get dressed and out of here!” Rath said

The teens dispersed to their rooms and got dressed. The aliens got into their usual get up while Laurie threw on a loose summer dress, she then told the agents what their plans were for the day.

Philips Office, Evans Law Firm, Noon

His phone conversation had been constant today. After a few hours he had heard back from all of his associates and all had clients who were more than interested. However along with the calls he was expecting came others he was not. Word had quickly spread that the Antarian King was selling off rare and valuable metals and gems at extreme high quality and everyone wanted a piece of the action.

His response to his friends enquires was that they were put on a list of companies where samples were to be sent; everyone else was told that they would be considered. Some of the potential buyers even agreed to send their own couriers to ensure delivery.

The next time his phone rang Philip found that the President was on the other end.

“Mr President, what can I do for you?” Philip asked

“Mr Evans, it come to our attention that your son is selling off some recently acquired property!” said the President

“Well good news certainly does travel fast…yes sir. On their way here the Antarians brought along a few things, it was so the kids would be able to take care of themselves. They didn’t find out about it until last night and I’ve been looking into selling it for them. Is there a problem?” he asked

“No not really but there are a few government contacts who might be interested and there is also a minor detail involving tax.” Harrison said

“Yeah I kinda figured that would come into play!” Philip responded. He had figured that the tax that the kids would have to pay a hell of a lot in tax, he just hoped that he could find away around it.

“Yes, well we may have away around it!”

“Oh yes?”

“Well given that your son, daughter and the other Antarians are alien, they could be considered visiting dignitaries and as such exempt but they still possess U.S. citizen status…its kind of a sticky wicket. However, if you arranged for an offshore bank account in their names then the I.R.S. couldn’t touch it. A quiet call could take care of anything else.” Harrison said

“Thank you President Harrison. I’ll speak to Max…those contacts you spoke of, if you could arrange for them to contact me I’ll get some sample off to them.”

“I’ll have them call you by the end of the day, could you also inform King Zan that I will be contacting him. There have been a few requests made that I need to speak to him about!” Harrison said

“Of course sir!” Philip replied. The two said goodbye and hung up their phones.

Alex’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, Same Time

Alex was sitting at his computer witting up a report for one of his classes. He had fallen behind slightly but thankfully he had this morning off to catch up on everything. He was thankful for this time, he really needed to get his life back on track and now that fatherhood was just over a year away he wanted to make sure he could take care of the twins…having access to all that money was a start but money runs out! Especially if they aren’t careful with how they spend it.

Just as he was finishing his last paragraph there was a knock at the door and Isabel walked in.

“Isabel, what are you doing here? I thought you had classes until 2!” Alex asked

Isabel just gave a slight sexy grin and was moved over to Alex.

“What can I say…I missed my boyfriend!” she said

Isabel pulled Alex up and latched her mouth on to his as they fell onto the bed.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 38

Whitman Residence, A Few Minutes Earlier

Lonnie had arrived at Alex’s home and was intent on getting him into bed. She knew that he would never knowingly sleep with her so she used her powers to alter her appearance. Her tattoo vanished, her hair dye was gone and her clothes now looked like something her sister would wear!

Once she was set she opened the door and quietly walked inside and made her way to the bedroom. She found Alex typing away at his keyboard, trying to finish some kind of report. Slowly she took a deep breath, knocked the door and walked inside.

“Isabel, what are you doing here? I thought you had classes until 2!” Alex asked

Lonnie just gave a slight sexy grin and was moved over to Alex.

“What can I say…I missed my boyfriend!” she said

Lonnie pulled Alex up and latched her mouth on to his as they fell onto the bed. Her hands went everywhere before she pressed firmly against his hard cock. Alex was not idle; he rested his hand on the exposed flesh between her top and pants. Their kissing was intense and passionate; Lonnie was amazed and highly aroused! Everywhere Alex was touching her sent pulses of pleasure through her body. He knew exactly where her hot spots were and what to do to turn her on. She could only assume her body was more alike to Isabel’s than just in appearance.

Alex snaked his hand along her top and started to pull it off her shoulder to expose her breast. However just as the swell of her tits came into view he stopped and pulled back from the kiss. Alex looked at her for just a second, he had felt something different and now he understood what it was!

“Lonnie?” he asked

Lonnie just looked at him before releasing her breath and slumping back onto the bed. In that moment Alex knew that he was correct.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” he asked calmly

“Looking for some fun!” she said as she pulled her top back into place.

“Do you have any idea what this would do to Isabel if she found out? Why the hell would you want to do this Lonnie?” Alex asked

Lonnie sat up and closed her eyes. Alex could swear he almost saw a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

“I…I just…I wanted to find out what she sees in you!” Lonnie replied humbly


“Oh come on Alex! I mean lets face it your not the kind of guy that usually ends up with someone like Isabel!” she responded

“Yeah I suppose!” Alex just looked at her again and studied her face for a minute. “But that isn’t what brought you here is it? Lonnie, what’s going on?”

She just looked up at him before answering, “I guess I…I just wanted to feel what she feels.”

“I don’t understand!” he said as he shook his head

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you and the way you looked at me when I came in here…when you thought I was Isabel I saw your eyes, they were so full of love.”

Alex sat back on the bed next to her and sighed.

“You know it was stupid, don’t you.”

“Yeah I know!”

“I thought you were with Rath anyway?” he asked

“Yeah…no…its kinda weird just now.” Lonnie said

“You wanna talk about it?”

She turned her head to face him and looked him in the eye. “You don’t mind?” she asked

“Of course not, you’re going to be my kids aunt! Besides Liz and Maria are my best friends, I learned along time ago about the art of listening and consolation.” He joked

“Thanks…that would help a lot!”

“But first, if I remember correctly this requires ice cream…be back in a second!” Alex said as he jumped off the bed and went to the kitchen.

He returned a few minutes later with a tub of Haagen Daz ice cream and two spoons and a small bottle of Tabasco. He sat back down next to her and gave her a spoon before opening up the tub. Lonnie dug in and took a small amount on her spoon, dripped some sauce on it and tasted it.

“Mmmmmm…oh god what is this?” she asked

“Cookie dough with chocolate chips…my mom and Isabel loves this stuff!”

“I can understand why…Hmmmm…god this is obscene.” She sighed as she took another spoonful.

“Glad you like it…so what’s going on with Rath?” he asked

Lonnie lost her smile and bowed her head. “Ever since we got that stuff out of us…we’ve just kept each other at arms length.”

“Why? Did something happen between you two because of it?” Alex asked

“Yeah…when he went out looking for Zan, we were out in Kansas and Rath stopped the car. He had started to get tired and I was pissed that he’d stopped and we got into a fight…then he told me he knew something about me that I wanted to forget.”

“What did he…oh Kivar!” Alex stated

“How did you know about that?” Lonnie asked

“Isabel told me about it! She wanted me to know about it so she told me what she knew.” Alex told her

“What exactly did she tell you…I mean…god I don’t know!” Lonnie said

“I think what your asking is if she knew why Vilandra went with Kivar?”

“Yes!” she nodded

“No, she didn’t know but I do know that just thinking about it makes her sick…and me for that matter!”

“Then that’s something all three of us have in common.” She said

“Yeah but think about this…if both you and Isabel feel the same way about this then what makes you think that Vilandra would have willingly gone to him? For all you know he did some kind of mind warp on her.”

Lonnie looked up at him again, he face had relaxed and was visibly relieved. “Yeah! Good point…very good point. Thank you!”

“Now…what aren’t you telling me? I know there is something else!” Alex said as he looked into her eyes

“When Rath told me he knew about Kivar, I got angry and slapped him…to make a long story short we had sex, rough, steamy hot sex! But when we…you know…finished we just looked at each other. In that second we were just content but then we were his with this blinding pain…I guess it was the Ganderial causing it.”

“Oh yeah…listen Tess never liked to talk about what it was like when she was control by that stuff but she did say that when ever she tried to tell us about it she would feel a slight pain. But whenever she tried to tell Kyle about how she felt about him the pain was worse.

We guessed that it was a method of making the person infected stick to one way of thinking. By the sounds of it the Ganderial in you two didn’t want you feeling anything for each other. Just like the one in Tess didn’t want her feeling anything for anyone other than Max.” Alex said

“So that means…” Lonnie said as she began to understand

“Lonnie…it means that you have feelings for Rath! And by the way you describe the pain then I guess they are very strong feeling. So, all you have to do is ask yourself if you love him?”

A smile formed on her face and as she took another mouthful of ice cream. Her heart began to race as she slipped the spoon from her mouth.

“Yeah…yeah I do love him!” she said as the smile grew into a grin. “God help me. So now what do I do?”

“Well I think you should tell him!” said Alex

“Yeah, I will. Ava and Laurie went shopping; I said I would meet them there. I’ll see Rath at home and I’ll tell him after I pick up something…special!” Lonnie said with a sly grin.

“Okay I don’t need to know about that…oh hey we finished the ice cream!” he said as he reached into the pot.

“Well you can tell your mom that it was a good cause.” Lonnie said as she got off the bed and made her way to the door. Before she left she turned back to Alex. “Alex, now I know what Isabel sees in you!” she said as she left the room.

Alex went back to his work and say that it was 14:15 when he looked at the clock.


Isabel had finished her classes and had an overwhelming urge to see Alex. She hadn’t seen him all day and wanted to spend some quiet time with him. Just as she turned up his driveway she spotted Lonnie leaving the house.

“Hey!” said Lonnie

“What are you doing here?” Isabel asked

“Seducing your boyfriend!” Lonnie said as she passed her sister

“What?” she asked quietly

“Relax it didn’t work. Absolutely nothing happened and he’s 100% yours…Isabel you got a great guy there, you hurt him I’m gonna hurt you!” Lonnie said as she put on a pair of sunglasses. She then turned and met up with her agent who drove with her to the mall.

Isabel turned back to the house and moved quickly inside. She found Alex turning off his computer and packing away his notes. Alex heard her enter and looked up to the door.

“Forget something Lonn…Isabel!” he said as he realised he was now face to face with his girlfriend.

“Yeah Isabel…you mind telling me what happened in here with her?” she asked as she crossed her arms

“Relax sweetie nothing happened! But the short story is that she now knows she loves Rath and is going to tell him. You have nothing to worry about.” He said

“Oh what worries me is how far she got before you realised it was her and not me!” Isabel said, she was now very agitated.

“Yeah…umm kinda far but not that far! We touched and we kissed. That was it!”

“How did she get that far?” Isabel said through gritted teeth.

“She…ehh…kinda pretended to be you!” said Alex carefully

“I’m going to kill her!” she said calmly as she nodded her head a couple of times but she couldn’t get rid of the hurt look on her face; she couldn’t believe this had happened.

Alex moved over to her and held her close to him. “Isabel, it’ll be okay and nothing happened…after I knew it wasn’t you we both backed off completely and we talked! Are you okay?” Alex asked

“No, but I will be…as soon as I rip her head off!” she said with venom in her voice.

“No you wont do anything. Lonnie just had some things to work out and I helped, I don’t want you to do anything to her…just talk, after all you two are sisters!”

“Sisters don’t do that to each other Alex.” Isabel responded

“No maybe not…just let this one slide…for me?” Alex begged

“Okay, this one but if she…”

“I know, I know. It’ll be okay Isabel.” He said

Isabel sighed and looked at her boyfriend before turning to follow him to the kitchen.

“I think I could definitely use some ice cream!” she said

Alex stopped dead in his tracks for a second and cringed. “Yeah…lets go out and I’ll pick you up some mint choc chip and Tabasco.”

Isabel looked at him for a second and then they walked hand in hand out of the house and out to find some ice cream.

Roswell Shopping Mall, 14:40

Laurie and Ava were walking between stores but hadn’t bought a lot. They both agreed to window shop until Lonnie had joined them at which point they planned to max out Laurie’s gold card. The plan was to put everything on her credit cards until Mr Evans could sell off their little stash of loot and then pay her back.

Just now all they had was a few pairs of jeans, t-shirts and small bikinis for the pool. They had visited a number of stores and along the way picked up a few stares, finger points and whispered comments. A few people were even moved away as they tried to get close for autographs. As they stood and looked over a walkway they drank some coke as they laughed and talked about trying to sort out Rath and Lonnie.

Suddenly Lonnie jumped up behind them as she draped her arms over both shoulders.

“Hey guys!” she said

As Ava recovered and her heart slowed she said, “Your in a good mood!”

“Yeah almost like you…have you met someone?” Laurie asked

“No, just worked out a few things and one them is Rath!” Lonnie replied. Her friends were surprised to she her like this but were happy to see it.

“Rath huh, what exactly have you worked out?” Laurie asked with a knowing smile

“I worked out that I love him…like you already didn’t know. Now all I got to do is tell him that and get things back on track! So what did you guys buy?” Lonnie asked

“Not a lot, we were waiting for you!” Ava said

“Then I say lets shop till we drop…or run out of money. Which ever comes first!” Lonnie said

She walked off in the direction of some stores with the others right behind her. They stopped in many stores and picked up everything from halter-tops to skirts. Even the Agents were requisitioned to carry some of the bags! As they passed by another store Lonnie suddenly stopped and looked inside.

“Hey guys, what do you think?” Lonnie asked

Laurie and Ava looked to where Lonnie was looking and both grinned as they looked at each other. They both nodded and walked inside of Victoria’s Secret, followed by their protection detail. Laurie suddenly realised they were entering with them and stopped just inside the entrance and turned to face them.

“Why don’t you guys wait out here? We promise to be good.” Laurie said

The agents looked around and suddenly realised the shop they were about to enter. After a minute of silence and they agreed and stood just outside the door.

Laurie met up with the girls as they strolled between the display racks. They were filled with silk nightgowns, baby dolls, Basques and a variety of thongs, g-strings and panties. Ava found a nice little outfit she liked…or rather one that Zan would like and went to the changing room to try it on.

A few minutes later she returned to find her friends sitting in seats before her, waiting for Ava to model her selection. Ava was wearing a cross back satin slip. It was light blue and shined like silk, it had a low cut back and slits on either side that went high up her thighs. Ava ran her hands along the fabric that covered her stomach, she loved the feel of it against her skin and it made her feel incredible sexy!

Laurie stood up and circled Ava, appraising the slip.

“Damn girl…you and Zan will be having a lot of fun tonight!” she said

“Lonnie what do you think?” Ava asked

Lonnie stood up, “God Ava you look beautiful…oh wait I saw something that will go great with this!” she said before running into a different isle. A few minutes later she returned with a kimono wrap that matched the slip perfectly. Ava took it, put it on and tied the sash.

Both Lonnie and Laurie took a step back and looked at Ava and nodded.

“Okay Ava, you need to promise to keep the noise down tonight!” Laurie joked as she felt the material of the kimono.

Ava could only blush and decided to change back into her usual get up. When she returned she neatly folded both items and placed them on a chair while she waited for the others to make their selections. Laurie found a Basque, thong; suspender belt and stocking set and modelled it for the others.

“So planning on any…private modelling sessions with a certain Secret Service agent.” Ava teased

“Come on, there is absolutely nothing between us!” Laurie dismissed

“Yeah exactly, so what’s stopping you?” Lonnie joined in as she gave Laurie the thumbs up.

“Guys! Come on…Lonnie your next.” Laurie said as she tried to shake off the image of Agent Hall that entered her head.

Lonnie grabbed her choice and went into a changing room while Laurie went back in to change out of her get up. By the time Lonnie was ready, Laurie was back in her seat and her knew underwear was resting on top of Ava’s. Lonnie returned wearing a red silk chemise. In the lighting of the store it appeared to glow as her body moved. The swell of her breasts was clearly visible through the lace that covered them and the cloth hung from her body.

“So what do you guys think?” Lonnie asked

“I think that as soon as this situation with you and Rath is done with, one of you will be moving out of your room!” said Laurie

Lonnie turned as she modelled the outfit and out of the corner of her eye saw the doorway to the store and one of the agents peaking in.

“Eyes forward!” said one of the agents to the observer.

“Sorry sir.” He replied

“Perfectly understandable…believe me!” he said as he resisted the urge to look himself

Back in the store the girl gathered up their choices and a few other items of underwear. Ava placed them on the sales clerk counter and watched as Laurie handed over her credit card. It was now close to 4pm, the others would be getting out of school soon and they wanted to get their new purchases back home before they met up with them.

“Lonnie, how are you planning to deal with Rath?” asked Laurie

“I don’t know. I guess I’ll just try and wing it!” Lonnie answered

“No! Don’t do that, let me talk to him.” Laurie said

“Why?” enquired Ava

“Just let me deal with him…Lonnie I want you to go to your room. Wear that little number you just bought…believe me by the time I’m done with him, if there is any doubt left in his head seeing you in that will get rid of it!” Laurie said with confidence and a wide smile. “There is an intercom in all the rooms, when he is coming to you I will signal.”

“Okay…your not gonna tell me what your planning are you?” Lonnie asked

“No!” Laurie teased

“So what’s next?” asked Ava

“Next we get together with Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess. Then it’s makeover time! I haven’t had one of those in years and that beauty parlour over there has out names written on it.” Laurie replied

When Laurie saw the look on Lonnie’s face she couldn’t help but enquire.

“Lonnie…what is it?”

“I just don’t think Isabel would want to spend any time with me at the moment!” Lonnie replied

“Why?” Ava trailed out as she looked to her fellow alien

“Well I kinda…I tried to screw Alex this morning.” She said

Laurie who had been taking a drink at that moment spat it straight out. “What?” she said

“It was stupid I know but nothing happened and Alex is a friend now…he even helped me figure out everything. Oh hey have you guys tried Haagen Daz ice cream?”

Ava shook her head in disbelief. “Change of subject much! What the hell happened with Alex?”

“Nothing happened! I pretended to be Isabel but he realised I wasn’t…yadda yadda yadda!” Lonnie finished

“Isabel is gonna blast a hole in you…hell there wont be anything left to fit a thimble.” Said Laurie

“Yeah tell me about it…ah well time will tell!” Lonnie said as they continued to walk to the car.

Laurie and Ava just looked at each other as they walked and cringed.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 39

Spare Room, Parker Residence, Same Day, 13:00, While Lonnie was with Alex

The Parkers had graciously put up Serena in their guest bedroom while she looked for her own place. Given the current tourist situation in Roswell she expected it to take quite some time and was hoping for an apartment close to at least some of her wards.

Today she needed to put that on hold while she talked with Zan. There were a few things she needed to discuss with him, specifically his role as Prince of Antar as Max had already claimed the Granolith and become king. That was also something she would have to discuss with Max!

Serena was looking through some notes she had made over the years on the Granoliths while she waited. When she heard a knock at the door she knew instantly who it was.

“Come on in Zan!” she yelled

Zan opened the door and stepped inside. “Hey! How’d you know it was me?”

“I felt you coming up the street!” she said

“You felt me!”

“Yeah…come on Zan I was there when you were born. That leaves a kind of psychic impression.”

“Oh…so what did you need to see me about?”

“Zan, the message I left you in the cave said that all eight of you are needed to completely destroy Kivar and because Max possesses the Granolith he is king and you are a prince.”

“Okay…this I understand, I don’t like it but I understand it! If I had my way I would be as far from this royalty crap as I could get.” Zan said

“That may be but you are of noble birth and as such you are next in line for the thrown.” Serena countered

“WHAT? What about Liz and her son…or Isabel?” Zan quickly said

“Liz will become queen when she marries Max and may rule in proxy until her child comes of age, should anything happen to Max. However, many of our people wont accept her rule but as Max’s twin they will accept you!”

“Oh man…this is not good! I was raised in a sewer for god’s sake.”

“Yes but that was my fault…if circumstances had been different I would have brought you some where else, but…”

“But you had that other mission of yours to do! I understand Serena, I just wished you never left.” Zan said quietly

“I wish I didn’t have to go as well but I had to try and find the second Granolith…at least I know that its safe now and I’m here for you, all of you!”

“And believe me Serena I’m glad you’re here, we all are. Hell if it wasn’t for you we would never have found that cave in the pod chamber…but I’m glad to see you again Serena. You’re the closest thing we have to a mother!”

It brought a smile to Serena; she had always thought that Zan and his group was the closest she would come to having children of her own. “Thank you Zan…so how are things between you and Ava?”

“Are you kidding, they’ve never been better. Since we got here we’ve even become more open and closer.” He answered as he remembers the image of her on the windowsill.

“Glad to hear it, what about Rath and Lonnie. Are they okay?”

“Well they’re a different story all together. I don’t know what’s up but they seem to be keeping their distance. Mind you if the looks on Laurie’s face are anything to go by then that situation will be settled soon.”

“Really?” she asked

“Believe me, the girl can be even more stubborn than Rath…hell he’s even backed away from arguments.” Zan chuckled

“Sounds like she could be a good influence on him!” Serena laughed along with him

“Yeah…hey listen. Max and Liz, will Max have to go through some kind of divorce from Tess or anything?” Zan asked

“Why would he they aren’t married any more than you and Ava are.” Serena responded

“Wait…Max told me about a message he got from our mother. She said that we were sent here, and I quote – “With our young bride!” Unless there is someone else sent with us that I don’t know about then me and Max are married to Ava and Tess.”

“Oh no Zan…none of you are married. It was on your wedding day that you were killed but the ceremony was never completed. In fact if it were a human ceremony you would never have reached the ‘I do’s’. Kivar’s troops invaded the palace and the ceremony without any warning…his plan to terminate Zan and Rath was a success, Ava was supposed to be held captive before returning her to her world and Vilandra was supposed to be returned to Kivar’s world. Unfortunately his people were a little trigger happy.”

“Well that’s some good news for Max.” Zan said

“You sound a little disappointed Zan!”

“I am a little…Ava will be a lot. I kinda got used to the idea after Max told me!”

“Well look at the bright side, you can do it again and this time you will be able to remember it and celebrate.”

Zan looked up at her and smiled along with her.

“Come on, we need to meet up with Max. I have a lot to teach the two of you about Antarian politics.” Serena said as she stood up

“Wait a minute…you mean I have to go to school?”

“Well I could use it to teach you all about Antar…if you want to take any other classes then that’s up to you. But I do need to make arrangements with the school before I can get it going.”

“Damn it…I think I miss New York!”

“Come on its not that bad!” said Serena

West Roswell High, Same Time

Max and Liz were walking hand in hand to their next class. Today had become a lot more relaxed than usual and it had become apart of the procedure for them to leave the class after everyone else and make their way to the next one when the halls were cleared. It was the only way to keep the protection detail happy and not have to worry about thousands of kids trying to mob them.

As they turned the corner into the next hall they were suddenly approached from behind.

“Freeze!” said Flynn as he aimed his gun at the stranger who surprised them

“I mean no harm!” he said

“Brody?” Max said

“No, my name is…”

“Larek!” Max stated before he could finish

“How could you know my name…as I understand it the memory implants were not successful!” Larek asked

“Long story…what are you doing here?” Max asked

“My spies on Antar have sent me information…we believe that Kivar has joined his forces here on Earth. A clone is being used back home to hide his absence but you must be on guard.” Larek said before almost collapsing. He grabbed hold of a locker next to him to maintain his balance.

“Larek what wrong?” Max asked as he grabbed hold of the possessed body

“I already used much of my time here to study the current situation here on Earth. I must return before this body undergoes permanent damage.” Larek said throught the pain

“It’s okay, I’ll explain what happened to Brody. I hope to see you soon, and I’ll tell Serena you stopped by.”

“Serena?” Larek asked

“She is here and is helping up. Next time you come you better spend some time with your sister old friend!” Max joked in an attempt to lighten the weight of the atmosphere.

Larek fell unconscious in Max’s arms and then woke up.

“Max…how did I get here?” Brody said as he looked around and got up.

“Brody, I have a lot to tell you…about your abductions!” Max said pensively, “Follow me!”

Max led Brody into a nearby classroom while the agents took up positions outside.

“Max, please tell me it isn’t your people who are abducting me. I consider you a friend and I don’t think I could handle that.”

“Brody…my people are involved but you aren’t being abducted.” Max said

“Then what’s happing to me.” Brody asked

“You’re being used as a kind of intermediate. Some one from Antar, specifically a person called Larek, sends a signal and you pick it up. For a short time Larek’s consciousness take control of your body so that you can meet with others like you.”

“I think I like this less than being abducted…how long have you known about this?”

“Not long, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I was given the information. Brody I will understand if you…”

“No Max, it’ll just take me some time to get used to it. I don’t want to stop being friends with you…I take it this is the same for the others?” Brody said

“Others?” Liz asked

“The other people who are abducted. Are they all like me?”

“Actually we don’t know. But with the amount of people who claim to be abducted we don’t think so. We can confirm at least a dozen, including you. It is possible that the others are either being taken by another race or are just plain nuts!” Max said forgetting about tack

“Okay for one thing I wouldn’t call them nuts out in public…I agree that some of them might be but…” Brody said

“Yeah, I apologise. So are we okay?” Max asked

“Yes, but next time…Larek comes could you ask if its possible to ask first or at least let me know what’s happening?” Brody smiled

“Yeah, I’ll ask!” replied Max

Brody talked with Max for a few more minutes before returning to the museum. Max and Liz went back to their class and apologised to their teacher for being late…it had become a standard thing these days and all the teachers had expected it.

Main Area, Alien Museum, Roswell, 14:25

Rath had walked into the museum and looked around. He slowly walked from the crash display to the autopsy dummies and almost felt sick. He had gained the attention of several tourists who recognised him. Before he could be barraged with questions and autograph requests his agent moved him away.

Other agents moved around and began to move the visitors out of the way. After everyone had calmed down Rath went back to looking around. Before long he stopped looking at the displays and just walked around, his thought constantly drifted to Lonnie. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and regretted every event that had led them to this, especially his taunting on her past relationship with Kivar.

{Damn it, I’ll just forget about her…I’ll meet some one else and she’ll meet some one. I’ll be happy and quit mopping!} He thought to himself. He was now determined to put this…her behind him and just move on. Soon he decided to head home, he needed a dip in that pool and he would have it too himself. He got into the car and was driven back.

West Roswell High, 16:00

School was out for the day and it was time for Liz and Maria to head up to the Granolith chamber and Maria’s test. Maria was talking to Michael off by a tree and Liz waited for her just inside the building, away from the prying eyes of the press.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this…if its positive I mean!” said Maria.

Michael trailed his fingers down her cheek and smiled.

“Maria, I love you and yes I do want this. I can feel it that this is the way its meant to be.” Michael said

“I love you too…god this is really freaky!” Maria said as she leaned against the tree

“You’re involved with aliens, fighting with us in a civil war and you think being pregnant is freaky?” Michael teased

“Well…Yeah!” Maria responded

“So when do you want to tell your mother?”

“Oh god…I don’t know. When do you think we should do it?” Maria asked

“How about tomorrow night, I finish school early. I can go back to my place cook dinner for all of us and you can bring her round! We will tell her then and I’ll be right beside you.” He said as he held her close to him.

“She’s gonna know something is up but yeah, good plan. I better get going, Liz is waiting.”

“I’ll see you later then.” Michael said before kissing her gently

Maria walked inside the building and met Liz by the lockers. As Maria arrived Max walked away and went to a very nervous Michael. Before Liz activated her transport Tess and Kyle came round the corner to meet them.

“Maria, I just wanted to wish you good luck!” Tess said as she moved close to Maria

“Thanks Tess, that means a lot! So what are you guys planning tonight?” Maria asked

“Oh just the usual homework, nothing special!” said Kyle

“Well, its time. We better get going Maria.” Said Liz

Just then Tess started to cough quiet a bit. Everyone looked at her, Liz and Maria smiles…Kyle looked concerned.

“Tess, are you…” Liz trailed off

“Am I what?” Tess asked before so understood. “Oh wait…god no, I just have a dry pot in my throat.” She said quickly

Liz simply nodded, a little disappointed and activated the tablet and as before they were swept up in the light and both girls were deposited before the Granolith.

Granolith Chamber, 16:15

Liz moved around the device that she had become a part of and that had become a part of her.

“Phoenix…you here?” she called out

Phoenix then emerged from the Granolith and moved toward Liz.

“Liz, what can I do for you?” Phoenix asked

“Oh nothing I just wanted to see if you were home. I brought Maria up for a test to see if she is pregnant.” Liz said

“Oh well I can answer that!” he said as he moved over to Maria. He moved his hand over her abdomen and a soft glow radiated from him. “Maria, you are pregnant!”

She let out a sigh of relief and hugged her best friend. Maria had never felt so relieved and now that she knew for sure she couldn’t be happier.

“Congratulations Ria!” said Liz

“Thanks Chica.” Maria said as a single tear ran down her cheek

“Hey what’s that for, I thought this was happy news?” Liz asked

“It is…I just can’t believe it.” Maria said as she hugger he friend again. “Phoenix, do you know if it’s a boy or girl…is it far enough along?”

“Yes your are far along enough! You, Maria, are having twins like Isabel…again a boy and a girl.”

“Twins, no way…what is this an alien thing?” Maria said

“Actually yes. It’s the result of the human and Antarian genome mixing.”

“Wait so why don’t I have twins?” Liz asked

“Well you have Omniriad energy in your system and your still adapting to it. Your next pregnancy should produce twins if you decided to procreate again.”

“So Tess and Kyle can expect this as well…you could have told us the last time we were here!” said Maria

“Well I just met your parents…that information might have been a bit much.” Phoenix said defensively, “Speaking of Tess and Kyle, the Granolith had more than tripled the hormone interaction in their systems. It would appear that by tomorrow they will be expecting as well…unless they have a lot of will power!”

“Well given how much Tess appeared to be frustrated today I don’t think the Granolith has anything to worry about.” Maria joked. She was still trying to come to terms with the fact that it was twins. One baby Michael could probably handle but two she wasn’t sure about.

The Pool, Laurie’s Residence, 16:30

When Rath had returned home at one o’clock he changed into a pair of swim shorts he found in one of his drawers. Within five minutes he was lying back on an air mat in the pool with a glass of orange juice next to him. He was completely relaxed with head back as he lazed in the sun that filtered in from the large windows in the walls and ceiling. All he was missing was palm trees, half a coconut shell to use as a cup…at least he had the little cocktail umbrellas.

Laurie and the others arrive home, followed by their agents whose arms were laden down with numerous bags and packages. Rath looked toward them as the made their way out to the conservatory and tilted his sunglasses down.

“Ladies! Buy enough?” Rath asked as he greeted them

“Well…for today yeah. But we aren’t finished!” Laurie joked, “What about you? Have a nice day?”

“Ah you know, tolerable!” Rath answered as he took a sip of his drink.

“So what did you buy?” he asked

Lonnie blushed slightly and turned away and grabbed her purchases. She was not the only one thought as Ava left as well but not because she was embarrassed. Laurie had given her a look and indicated with her eyes for her to leave. She pulled off her socks and shoes and dangled her feet in the water after pulling up the legs of her pants.

“So Rath, Rath, Rath, Rath!” Laurie said as she looked around the room

Rath looked at his sister and took off his sunglasses. “Okay what’s happening?”

“Oh I was just wondering when you’re going to take your head out of your arse.” Laurie said


“I’m talking about Lonnie. What the hell is going on between the two of you and don’t tell me its nothing?” Laurie said

“Laurie, it is nothing. I’m just going to move on and try to forget about her…its pretty obvious that’s what she is trying to do!” Rath answered, whispering the last part but he was not quiet enough.

“What are you talking about…Lonnie is head over heals.”

“Yeah right, that’s why she’s been pushing me away!” he countered

“Hey you’ve been pushing as well brother dear, from what I hear just as much as Lonnie.” Laurie said. She was in a cross of full sister mode and friend mode; she wasn’t going to back away from this until those two were back together.

“Okay yeah so what? We’ve both being doing it but she’s the one that backed away after we woke up…if I just didn’t tell her that I knew about Kivar…well we learn these lessons the hard way don’t we!”

“So what? Jesus Rath! Okay I’m only going to say this once – Lonnie hates the fact this thing with Kivar happened and wants to forget it. Right now she his madly in love with you and I’ve seen the way you look at her. You love her don’t you?”

“No I don’t…of course I don’t. The only thing we ever had was sex!” Rath said

“Maybe that’s what you had but not now. Rath just admit it…I’m not letting you leave here until you do!”

“Oh yeah how do you plan on stopping me?” Rath asked in an attempt to end the talk

Laurie wasn’t going to have any one it and jumped into the pool, still fully clothed. Before Rath knew what was happening the air mat was flipped up and he was in the water. Laurie just burst out laughing. Rath made his way to the surface coughing and spluttering.

“What the hell was that for?” he yelled

“Every time you deny how you feel for that girl upstairs I’m going to dunk you!” said Laurie

“Don’t fool yourself no way are you strong enough!” Rath said as he made his way to the poolside

Laurie swam to catch him and managed to grab hold of his ankle and pulled him back in.

“Come on Rath just say it!”

“Fuck off Laurie!” Rath said as he reached the side again

“Rath! Say it!” she said seriously


Laurie put her hands on his head and pushed him down again and let him up.



Down he went again but this time for longer.

“Jesus Laurie what are you trying to do, drown me! What the hell do you want from me?” Rath yelled

“I want you to say it Rath…just say it!” Laurie said calmly

“Even if I did say it what good would it do? After everything we’ve been through how can I tell her that I want her, that every day I think about her, that I would do anything for her, that I…that I love her!”

He said it, he actually did it and against everything he had been teaching and telling himself all day. But there was one upside, the second he said it a huge smile formed on his sister face. Laurie moved over to him and hugged him.

“About time bro, it’s about time. Now all you have to do it tell her.” Laurie said

“No, no way!” he said

“Do you want me to put you under again?” Laurie said

“Laurie I cant, I don’t want it to…it’s better if we just forget it and keep this between us! You know brother/sister confidentiality.”

Laurie had it. She took a deep breath and dived under the water and grabbed hold of Rath’s legs. With one strong tug Rath lost his footing and fell backwards into the water. He splashed around like a 2 year old as he struggled to stand back up.

“Laurie, I swear to god…”

“Right now Lonnie is upstairs in her room, she is in love with you – god know why! I swear you better go to her and tell her or you…you can be the first volunteer for babysitting when Isabel and Liz’s kids are born and I’ll make sure that you will never be able to reproduce. Don’t think I wont do it, I get my stubborn streak form my granddad which is where you get it!”

The look on Rath’s face was priceless. He knew she meant it and would do everything in her power to come through on that threat. He simply nodded.

“Rath you love her, she loves you. The two of you belong together everyone can see that. Just go dry yourself off and go to her, tell her how you feel!”

Rath smiled and for the first time since waking up from the Ganderial he actual felt like there was hope. {Thank god for sisters} he thought. He jumped out of the water, this time without any hindrance from Laurie and grabbed his towel. He dried his skin and smiled to Laurie before leaving.

Laurie jumped out of the water and hurried over to the intercom and buzzed Lonnie’s room. She knew that by know Lonnie would have changed into her little silk number and be lying in bed waiting for her lover to come to her.

Lonnie’s room

When Lonnie had brought her things up she had put them into drawers and the wardrobe. The only thing she left out was her new silk chemise, which she rested on her bed. She stripped off her clothes and slipped on her new nightwear.

Once she slipped into bed she turned on her television while she waited for Rath to come. After a while the sun began to set and she got up to close her curtains but then a loud buzzing sound came over the intercom. She ran back to bed and slipped under the covers and waited. A few minutes later she heard a knock on her door, as instructed by Laurie she didn’t answer it but instead closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

In the Hallway

Rath had reached her door and looked at it. Slowly he took a deep breath and knocked the door. He barely waited for a second before thinking {Oh well must be asleep!}. He turned and went to his own door and stopped dead before opening it. He remembered the conversation with his sister and looked over his shoulder to Lonnie’s door.

We walked back over to it and knocked again. When he didn’t receive an answer he put his hand on the door handle and slowly turned it.

Lonnie’s Room

Lonnie had heard him enter but continued to pretend to be asleep. Rath had just looked at her sleeping form. He had become completely mesmerised by her beauty and stood transfixed for a moment. After coming back to reality he moved over to the side of her bed and simply looked down at her. The last thing he wanted to do was disturb her but he needed to do this.

Slowly and gently he sat on the bed next to her and ran the back of his hand along her cheek. Lonnie smiled softly, if it wasn’t for his hand in the way Rath would have seen it.

“Lonnie…Lonnie, wake up!” he whispered into her ear.

Lonnie shifted slightly and pulled the covered down slightly. It proved Rath the first view of what she was wearing. He became instantly hard in his shorts as he watched the heave of her breasts as she breathed. Lonnie could feel his body heat next to her and the sensation of his breath on her ear initiated her own arousal.

“Lonnie!” he said a little more loudly while shaking her slightly.

Lonnie decided to play a little longer but her body didn’t want to, she wanted to jump Rath right there and then. Laurie’s plan won and her eyes fluttered open.

“Hmmmm, Rath!” She mumbled

“Hey Lonnie.” Rath replied

Lonnie sat up in bed, exposing more of her outfit. Rath couldn’t help but stare at her!

“Rath, what’s going on?” Lonnie asked him

Rath slowly took a deep breath and looked deep into her eyes. His gaze was intense and caused Lonnie to catch her breathe.

“Lonnie, I wanted to tell you…I love you! Always have always will.” He said softly

“I love you too Rath. God I love you!”

They both reached in and kissed each other. It started off gentle but grew more passionately as Rath gently caressed the naked skin of her shoulders as he lowered the red silk straps. Slowly Lonnie pulled away from the kiss and licked her lips, longingly she looked into Rath’s eyes.

“Make Love to me Rath!” she asked

He pulled back the blanket the remained over her body and took in her full beauty as her left foot slowly stroked along her lower right leg.

“You look beautiful Vilandra! A true princess.” Rath said as he held her hips and pulled her down on to her back. “Show yourself to me!”

Slowly Lonnie reached up and pulled away the lace that covered her beasts. “That must be the first time anyone has said my name and made it sound beautiful.”

“That’s because it always brought you pain because of…well, you don’t need to worry about that any more my love!” he said

Rath pulled off his shorts and climbed into bed next to Lonnie. Ever so slowly Rath trailed his hand along the silk, back and forth, teasing her until he took hold of the hem. Gently he pulled the chemise down along her legs until she was completely naked. Rath moved his fingers through her hair and bent down to kiss her again.

As they kissed they rolled back and forth on the bed, Lonnie slid her leg long his until her thigh rested firmly on his hip. Rath lowered his hand to cup her breast and then up to her shoulder so that he was lying on top of her between her legs. There was an unspoken question between them but Lonnie understood it clearly and nodded her head. Rath positioned his dick with his hand and slowly pushed into her.

“Mmmmmm, Ohhhhhhh. RATH!” she moaned


Lonnie hadn’t turned off the intercom when she signalled Lonnie. Instead she sat next to the speaker and listened in on their progress. She listened as they finally told each other of their love and the gentle moans that came with their kissing. Then it came over the box…

“Mmmmmm, Ohhhhhhh. RATH!” Laurie heard Lonnie moan

She reached out and turned off the intercom link and walked away.

“Way to go bro, way to go!” she said to herself as she went into the living room and turned on the TV.

Back in Lonnie’s room

Rath and Lonnie never lost eye contact, he was gently pushing and pulling his cock in an out of Lonnie. This wasn’t like any of their sessions before, that was just raw sex for the sole purpose of getting off but now they were making love. Rath’s sole goal was to see Lonnie come apart in his arms and Lonnie wanted nothing more than to see Rath cum as many times as he could.

Rath put his hands on either side of her pillow, on which rested her head. He raised himself off of his lover and continued to slide inside her.

“Ahhhh, Lonnie you feel so good baby!” Rath groaned

Their bodies continued to rock against one another. Their skin becoming slicker by the second as they moved; both were giving off gentle moans that were growing louder. Rath had never gone this slowly before, he was fighting every instinct in his body just to keep this pace and not hammer into her.

“Uuhhhhhhhh god…ohhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhh uhn, uhn, uhn, Uhhhhhhhn!” Lonnie screamed as she climaxed

Rath followed suit and with one long, hard thrust poured his essence into her. His body fell limp and he collapsed on top of Lonnie as her thigh continued to stroke against his own. His head as down next to hers, buried deep into the pillow.

Rath moved back up to face her and looked over every inch of her face. Their breathing was fast and ragged, their faced covered in sweat but their eyes were completely filed with pure unadulterated love. They met each other in a kiss and their tongues stroked each other.

“I love you” Lonnie told him again as she caress Rath’s flushed face

“I love you too Lonnie” he said as he mimicked the movement

The young couple made love seven times that night, each time better than the last but all better than anything they had experienced previously. They were completely insatiable and tried a variety of paces and positions before they succumbed to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 40

Kyle’s Car, Heading Back to Valenti Residence, Right After School

Kyle and Tess were half way through their journey home but Kyle had hardly said two words to her. Everything had been quiet…too quiet for Tess’s liking.

“Kyle are you okay?” she asked

“Yeah…fine! The question is are you?” Kyle queried

“Kyle, would you chill all already! I am not pregnant! My throat was just dry.” Tess said

“You’re sure, I mean…you are sure?” Kyle said

“Kyle, every time we’ve been together since Max and Liz figured out that the Granolith was messing with us we have been using protection.”

“That’s no guarantee, nothing is 100%.” Countered Kyle

“No but think about this…Every time we’ve made love our hands have touched at some point. Have they glowed?”

“No…I’m sorry, I guess I just freaked a little…but not as much as I thought I would!” Said Kyle as he shook his head

“Hey, it’s okay…so where were you talking me to dinner?”

“Oh no, you’re not gonna get me to tell you that way. It’s a surprise and your not going to find out until we get there! Just make sure you’re wearing your best dress.” Kyle said.

“I really hate this you know!”

“I know but you really need to be surprised once and a while. Besides Buddha teaches that you should always treat your chosen like one of the gods!”

“Buddha didn’t say that!” Tess said as she shook her head

“If he knew you then he would have!” Kyle replied in a seductive tone as he pulled up into the driveway.

At his last comment Tess grabbed him after he parked the car and kissed him hard on the lips. When she broke off the kiss Tess looked into his eyes.

“Thank you!” she whispered in his ear

The two got out of the car and went inside. Kyle went to the fridge and pulled out some minced beef to make a chilli for dinner. Tess helped him and the two started to move around the kitchen as they grabbed the ingredients and chopped up the vegetables. As per usual they had two pots on the go, one for Jim and Kyle that was hot and another for Tess that was HOT! The chilli that Kyle made for Tess always had nearly a full bottle of Tabasco in it – she loved it!

Half an hour later Jim came home and sniffed the air, his mouth watered. He walked into the kitchen to see his son and Tess dancing around each other as they moved to get each other the things the needed. The Sheriff just smiled.

“Hey guys!” he said

“Hey dad.” Said Kyle

“Hey Sheriff.” Said Tess as she ate a raw slice of chilli pepper…red chilli pepper! She was completely unfazed by it

“Tess, why don’t you call me Jim?” The Sheriff asked

“Or dad…I mean you are part of the family!” Kyle said

Tess just looked back and forth between them and smiled.

“You wouldn’t mind?” Tess asked the elder Valenti

“Are you kidding I think it would be great and besides Kyle is right. You are a part of this family and one that isn’t going anywhere with out all of us putting up a fight.” Jim said. He knew that he was addressing his future daughter in-law that the mother of, from what he has heard, his grandchildren.

A tear began to form in the corner of her eye and she moved over to hug Jim and then pulled Kyle into a group hug. “Thanks guys!” she said

“You are very welcome Tess!” Jim said as he held her. “Now how long before dinner is ready?”

“About five minutes, the rice is just about done.” Kyle answered

“Great, I’ve got to make a phone call so that should take up some time…call me when it’s done.” Jim said

“Sure…dad!” Tess said slowly

Jim stopped in his tracks when he heard it and turned back to face her. Nothing could have stopped the smile beaming on his face! He turned back and went to the phone.

“So how’d that feel?” Kyle asked with a smile that equalled his father

“A little weird…but I liked it!” Tess said as she stirred the pot of rice

Kyle moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “Good!” he whispered in her ear before nibbling on it.

Tess was beginning to get very aroused from the simple contact and closed her eyes.

“Kyle, please…!” Tess whimpered

“What can I say, I’m hungry!” Kyle said

Tess woke herself up from the little daydream and shook her head, doing everything in her power to dampen her hormones and block her arousal. “Well dinner is nearly there!” she said

“I’m not hungry for food Tess!” he said as his hand snaked down her leg and onto her inner thigh.

“WELL!” yelled Jim before entering the kitchen and causing the two to break apart. Tess went to drain the rice and Kyle grabbed some plates. “Now that that’s done, how’s thing in here.”

“Great, putting it out now!” Tess said as she spooned out the rice.

Jim looked back and forth between Kyle and Tess and saw her flushed face. He almost started to chuckle as they hurried about trying to look innocent. As Tess put the pot in the sink Kyle poured out the chilli on top of the three plates.

Tess grabbed some forks, salt and Tabasco and set the table. Jim carries through his plate while Kyle carried through his own and Tess’s. Then Jim noticed just how much was on the kid’s plates.

“Hey are you sure that’s going to be enough for you guys?” he asked

“Oh yeah, I’m taking Tess out tonight. This is just to tide us through!” Kyle said as he looked down at the plates.

“Where are you going?” he asked as he took a bite from his chilli

“He wont tell me!” Tess said as she looked at Kyle with suspicion.

Jim knew damn well how much Tess hated surprises and admired his son’s guts for actually putting one up in front of her face.

“Well what ever he has planned I’m sure you’ll love it!” Jim said as he cocked his head. He was considering the possible out come that he would be faced with…option 1: Tess hated it and killed Kyle, 2: She loved it and he wouldn’t be seeing them until the morning, 3: same as number two but with the potential of an additional family member.

The last one made him feel old!

“So dad, what do you have planned for tonight?” Kyle asked

“I’ve got a date with Amy!” Jim answered

“How are things between you two?” Tess asked

“A little icy, she still resents that I kept her in the dark about what Maria was into.” Jim said

“Well Maria is her only daughter…give her time, things will be back on track.” Kyle said as he tried to re-assure his father.

“Yeah, hopefully!” nodded Valenti

The conversation went on until their meal was finished and the dishes were washed. Once everything was cleaned away Tess and Kyle started on their homework. It didn’t take long to finish and Kyle was actually surprised at how fast he got through the math. Before long they were getting ready for their date.

Kyle waited in the living room, wearing a dark blue suit and his hair slicked back. Tess then appeared from their bedroom. She was wearing a very tight black dress that showed plenty of cleavage and only went down to the mid-thigh level. Kyle became instantly hard and could feel his hormones surge but he swore to himself that there would be no sex…at least until their date was over!

“You look incredible!” Said Kyle as he looked over his girlfriend

“So do you!” Tess replied as she walked up to him and straightened up his tie.

“My lady, your chariot awaits.” Kyle said as he held out his arm for her.

Tess took it and they walked out to the car. Kyle held open the door for her and as she stepped inside the hem of her dress hiked further up her legs and almost gave Kyle a glimpse of her panties. As he closed the door Kyle walked round the back of the car and looked up to the stars.

“God give me strength!” he mumbled so that only he could hear. He reached the other side of the car and got inside.

After about ten minutes of driving, Kyle pulled up into a side road and parked the car.

“Are we here?” Tess said as she looked around at the surrounding buildings

“No but I want you to put this on!” Kyle said as he pulled out a blindfold

“Kyle, come on! I think I’ve really been good about all these surprises so far but not this!”

“Tess do you trust me?” Kyle asked

Tess looked at him, “Are you serious…I trust you with my life!” she answered seriously.

“Then please trust me with this. I love you and could never hurt you!”

Tess just nodded and took the blindfold and placed it over her eyes. Kyle reached round and tied a knot behind her head.

“Okay can you see anything?” he asked

“No…all black!” she replied as she turned and moved her head around.

Once he was secure that Tess couldn’t see he started the car again and drive to their destination. Twenty minutes later they were there. Kyle helped Tess out of the car and guided her in through the door. When they were inside Kyle removed her blindfold and Tess looked around to allow her eyesight to get used to the dim light.

When Tess looked around she realised that she was in her old home, the house that she once shared with Nasedo. Before she could ask Kyle what they were doing here he waved his hand and over a hundred candles that were on the walls, shelves and tables suddenly light themselves. A CD Player in the corner started to play soft, romantic music and a single red candle light at the centre of a table in the middle of the room.

Tess looked up at Kyle, her mouth slightly open. As he took her hand and led her into the room a fireplace in the corner of the room burst in to life.

“Good surprise?” Kyle asked

“Very good surprise!” Tess said before he stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

Kyle led her to the table and sat her down. After pushing her chair into the table he moved to the side and pulled a bottle on non-alcohol wine from a bucket of ice and poured some out into two glasses.

“How did you get all this done?” Tess asked, “When did you get this done?”

“I slipped away during my free period…when you were in geography!” Replied Kyle

He then turned and brought out a trolley cart filled with plates of food. He served Tess hers and then put one down for himself. He sat down and they both started to drink and eat the meal before them. They ate slowly and talked about…well nothing in particular, they just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

When the main course was finished Kyle produced plates of chocolate cake. As he sat down to eat it Tess poured her usual amount of Tabasco over the slice. However Tess watched as well, she watched as Kyle subconsciously took hold of the bottle and poured a little on the cake. She wanted to say something before he took a bite but she just had to see his face when he realised what he had done.

Kyle spooned up the bite size cake and put it into his mouth. He didn’t even react…not until the third bite when he stopped chewing and swallowed the contents of his mouth whole.

“I put Tabasco on that!” he said

“Yeah, I was wondering when you were going to notice!” she chuckled, “So how was it?”

“I liked it…hell I didn’t even notice the change.” He said as he took another bite.

When the cake was finished Kyle moved to stand up and put the plates back onto the cart but Tess stopped him.

“Oh no, you’ve done all this I’ll put the plates away.” She said as she stood up.

Granolith Chamber

The First was getting frustrated. Here he was trying to do these kids a favour and getting their relationship accepted by Tess’s family only to have them put every inch of their will power into using protection. He had doubled their hormone levels today but they still held out but now enough is enough!

He sent a command to the Granolith, a command that would cause the teens to mate within seconds. The hormone levels would go through the roof, for as long as they were having sex they would have no choice but to continue until their heirs were conceived. A blast of light shot forth from the Granolith and impacted on the glyph hat represented Tess and Kyle.

Back at the Harding Residence, 18:00

Kyle watched her gather the plates and put them on the trolley. All night Kyle was the model of self-control but when he saw Tess bending over he lost it. He rushed her and slammed her against the wall. His body was pressed as close to hers as they could get, Tess’s legs were slightly parted and her left leg started to rise up to his waist.

Their eyes were filled with lust as they looked at each other. Tess brought her hands up and grabbed the sides of his face. Their kissing was frantic, she placed kisses all over his face before he grabbed a hold of her head and latched his mouth on to hers. As their heads moved back and forth their tongues slid against each other. Kyle stroked his hands down over her chest and cupped her firm tits.

Slowly he started to grind his confined and unbelievably hard dick against her soaked core. Every push against her caused a moan to escape her lips and into Kyle’s mouth but it wasn’t enough for both of them, Kyle needed to be buried deep inside her and Tess needed to feel him there as well. Kyle grabbed hold of the V that dipped between her breasts and ripped the dress right down the middle.

Tess let go of his head and shrugged the straps off her shoulders and let the small piece of fabric fall to the floor. Kyle was greeted by the view of Tess almost entirely naked; all she was wearing was a pair of black lace panties. Kyle continued to kiss her but grabbed her wrists forcefully and pinned them on either side of her head.

All of a sudden he pulled her away from the wall and they landed on the floor, right on a fake bear skin rug before the fireplace. Kyle sat up on his knees and ripped off his shirt as he looked down at Tess. He threw the remnants over to where Tess’s dress lay. After he unfastened his pants and unbuckled his belt he lay down on top of her. He returned his hands to her wrists and pinned them back down while Tess brought her legs up and used them to push Kyle’s remaining clothes down his legs. When she was done she brought her legs back up and wrapped them around is waist.

For a brief second Kyle leg go of one of her hands and reached down to push her underwear to the side and guide his dick to its goal. He thrust deep inside her; his cock was as far in as he could go.

“AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Tess screamed as he bottomed out

They were both too far gone, pain was not an issue just now. They needed this, needed the relief that only their mate could provide and so Kyle began to fuck her. Each thrust was quick but deep and his pace started to get faster as Tess used her legs to push him in.

As Kyle lay flat on her during their wild runt, his hands released her wrists but moved them up so that their fingers could intertwine and hold each other tightly. They just kept grinding against each other, screaming and groaning every time his hard-on was pushed into her. Anyone who was passing could easily have mistaken this for a rape. Tess has held down and being fucked by a man with the ferocity of an animal, her screams of pleasure sounded as though she was in immense pain. But the truth was that they were both experiencing exceptional bliss.

Slowly Kyle raised himself up, he wanted to watch her more clearly and he got his wish. Every time he pushed in her tits shook on her body, he could see the beads of sweat roll down and gather at her belly and her nipples were as hard as his cock.

Tess looked up at Kyle; every other sensation her body was sending to her brain was drowned out by what was coming from her pussy. Every muscle she had down there was expanding and contracting around her lover’s shaft. She knew that she would reach her climax soon!

Kyle knew it was well, he could feel what her cunt was doing and it was causing him to reach his end as well. His mind knew well what the result of this mating would be but his body wasn’t giving him the choice and right now he didn’t care.

“Uhhnn, god. Tess, I’m gonna cum…god…I’m so close!” he moaned

“Do it baby, cum in me…please I need this…” she moaned as she came.

Every muscle in her body either tightened and froze or quivered in pleasure. Kyle follow suit and poured his seed into her fertile womb as he pushed his hips into the space between her legs.

For a few minutes they lay exhausted but their hands were still connected and their hands began to glow with a silver aura. Kyle noticed it and brought their hands up before their faces and gently kissed her fingers. Tess looked at the tender action and tears began to feel tears running down her face…either that or it were beads of sweat.

They could feel the change in their bodies, they could feel the absence of the constant hormonal bombardment but knew that it had been replaced with something more! Kyle looked deep into her eyes and smiled.

“Well we may not be ready just now…but we will be!” he said with certainty

“Its really real!” she whispered, “I’m pregnant.”

“No…we’re pregnant! I’m going to be with you on this, every step of the way.” Kyle told her while he released her hand and caressed her face.

“So you’re going to be helping with the delivery?” Tess mocked him

“Well I might have to take a back seat but I will be there. Something like that I would never leave you alone for more than a second.” He responded

Kyle knew from his earlier visit that the house still contained all the contents from when Tess left and that included her bedroom. Slowly he pulled himself out of her and lifted her up in his arms and carried her up the stairs and into the waiting bed that he prepared earlier – just in case! They were wrapped up in each others arms and fell into a contented sleep.

Granolith Chamber

The First looked up at the symbol on the wall and watched as it glowed and then returned to normal.

“It is done!” he said

He then turned back to the Granolith and prepared to step inside it. But before he did he took a deep breath and released it, he shook his head and said, “Finally!”

Sweat Lodge, Indian Reservation, around the same time

Riverdog sat before the coals that bellowed forth steam. He poured a little more water over it and watched as sparks flew from it and formed into Phoenix.

“Hello old friend!” Greeted Riverdog

“Its good to see you Riverdog!”

“I am surprised to see you again, I sensed your return to our world but I did not know why!” Riverdog said

“My people are dying and there is a task awaiting me on Earth!” Phoenix said

“Yes the Caretakers child…I have also sensed more children of power, even this night the spirits speak of new children coming!” said Riverdog

“Of course the other offspring of the Royal Four will be powerful but it is Liz’s child that concerns me the most.” Phoenix said

“Is it this that has brought you back here?” the old man said as he put more water on the coals

“Yes, I can pass on as much information to Liz and Max as I like but the way they think is that of scientists. I have taught your people to use their spiritual sides and it is that which the child and his parents will need. That information they may not be able to understand let alone use!” Phoenix said with concern

“And you would like me to teach them how to make the leap from that science and into their spiritual knowledge.”

“Yes. I may die within 10 years but the knowledge I have given your people may be their only way to fully teach the child to use his powers.” Phoenix said

“You have always been kind to my people…I will do as you ask! When the time comes and the child comes of age I will teach him what I can.” Riverdog said

“Thank you old friend!” Phoenix said before returning to the fire and Riverdog was once again alone in the lodge.

“Eddie!” he yelled out

“Yes Grandfather!” Eddie said as he entered the lodge

“Sit with me, I am in need of your help and there is much I must tell you of our people. It is time for you to fully understand the teachings of our people.” Riverdog said. He spent the next few hours telling Eddie of Phoenix and the history of his people…the history that was hidden in myth and superstition. Riverdog was an old man and knew that he may not live that much longer than Phoenix. He would have to teach Eddie all that he could so that he could take his place.

Granolith Chamber, 22:00

As they agreed last night Alex and Isabel arrived at the Granolith Chamber. They were here to see if they could gain a pair of the rings that Max had spoken of. In part they wanted them to aid Alex in the control of his new abilities but also they wanted them for what the represented – their union.

Once they were here they simply looked around. Max had told them what he and Liz had just done when the rings appeared and were fully prepared to do it but their hesitation lay in whether or not Phoenix was home! Just then he appeared…

“Greetings Alex, Isabel! What can I do for you this evening?” Phoenix asked

“I…ehhh…we…that is!” Alex mumbled

“My brother told us about a couple of rings the Granolith gave him and Liz. He said that they linked them together and to the Granolith, we were hoping to get some so I could help Alex control his powers.” Isabel said for an obviously embarrassed Alex.

“Ah yes, I understand. You do realise that the rings will only be made available to you after you show to each other and the Granolith that you intend for your union to be permanent.” Phoenix said

“Ehhh, you mean sex right?” Alex asked

“That is part of it! Sexual relations in this place will bring the rings to you but you must prove it to each other!”

“How?” Isabel asked

“That I cant tell you but when the time comes you will know…now, do you mind if I watch?” Phoenix asked

“WHAT?” both teens asked in unison

“I rarely have the opportunity to observe a human mating ritual…relax I’m just joking! I am trying to learn about humour…what do you think?”

“Needs a little work!” Alex said as he shook his head

“Thank you, I understand that you would prefer privacy…I will leave you alone and I wish you luck.”

“Thank you Phoenix!” said Isabel

He then disappeared and left Isabel and Alex alone. They turned to each other and began to kiss. It began softly but soon grew in intensity.

“I can’t believe we’re going to do it here!” sighed Isabel

“Why not? We did it in the Pod Chamber!” Alex replied

“Yeah!” she said

“Yeah!” he affirmed

Soon they were both naked and lying on the floor, Alex lying in between Isabel’s long legs. He was slowly pushing into her, bringing them pleasure as he kissed down her throat, along her chest and latched on to one of her nipples. They were still a little hesitant but being with each other was enough to drown out the doubt and with each stroke they grew more passionate.

“Uhnnn, Isabel!” he sighed as he picked up the pace

“Alex, please…” Isabel moaned as he started to stroke Alex’s leg with her foot.

“Ahh, Isabel…I…I love you Isabel!”

“UGGHNNNNNN…I love you too…Mmmmmmm, God Alex!” she sighed

“Is…Isabel, I…oh god…please cum for me!”

“I can’t last…Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Isabel yelled as Alex hit her g-spot

“Don’t Isabel, let it go!” He said as he continued to hit against her pleasure centre.

“Oh yes…yes…oh god, YESSSSSSSSSS!” she screamed as Alex let loose himself and shot his semen into her.

He returned his lips to hers and kissed her hard, their eyes tightly closed. As before the Granolith shot a beam toward their symbol and back down to the floor. A pedestal rose from the floor below their glyph and the covering retracted to reveal the rings.

Alex removed himself from Isabel and the both moved over to the rings. Alex picked them both up and then looked up at Isabel.

“I think I understand what Phoenix meant when he said that we had to prove it to each other!” Alex said

“So what is it?” she asked

“Isabel Evans will you marry me?” he asked as he looked into her eyes

Isabel smiled and hugged him. The feel of his naked body against her own was incredible and knew that she could never live without it. As she pulled away she looked straight into his eyes.

“Yes Alex, I would love to marry you!” she said with a large smile on her face. It took every inch of restraint not to jump him and make love to him again.

Alex slid the ring onto her finger and she did the same. The rings melted into their skin and suddenly they felt a wave of emotion from each other. Isabel fed him some of her control and Alex felt it, for the first time since the awakening of his powers he felt as though he could control them.

“Now all I need to do is ask your father!” Alex said

“What are you talking about?” Isabel enquired

“Isabel I want to do this right…I can’t marry you without your fathers permission. Besides given that you are a princess I think I will have to ask the king’s permission! Do you think he’ll give it?” Alex asked

Isabel moved over to him and took his hand in hers and intertwined their fingers. They pulled each other into another heated kiss as Isabel pressed her breasts against Alex’s hard chest.

“He better…or I can make sure his son will be an only child!” she teased as she pulled out of the kiss.

“Good plan…come on we’d better get dressed and head home. Normally I’d say call you later but I think we have a way of cutting down on the phone bill.” Alex suggested

“Yeah…a very good way.”

Kivar’s Headquarters, Summit Building, New York, Immediately Following

Kivar was up on the roof, something had changed he could sense that something powerful was now between him and his queen. He couldn’t wait any longer. “Nicholas!” He yelled for his second

“Yes My Lord.” Said Nicholas as he joined his master

“I want Vilandra, how long before you can bring her to me?” Kivar asked

“As you know only humans can enter the area around Roswell, I have selected an appropriate subject and he should be in position within two weeks after we cut through the human ‘red tape’! I estimate three weeks before she is with you.”

“Excellent!” Kivar said with satisfaction.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 41

Lonnie’s Bedroom, Laurie/NY 4 Residence, 08:00

Rath had woken up to find Lonnie draped over him. She was sound asleep and after last nights activities he was wondering why he wasn’t still asleep. Slowly he stroked his hand down her hair and kissed it. He was perfectly content to lie there and simply enjoy the feel of her against him.

He closed his eyes and continued to stroke up and down her hair, he had never been this relaxed and felt like he could stay here all day. Slowly Lonnie began to stir and Rath re-opened his eyes. Every so slowly she lifted her head and her eyes fluttered open.

“Hey!” said Rath

“Hey.” Lonnie replied as her eyes struggled to fully open as the light streamed in from the window

“How are you this morning?” he asked, a little more chirpy than he usually is

“I’m great…a little sore but at least I have a good reason for it! You?” Lonnie said as she smiled up to him

“I’m good…I just have to remember to thank my sister later!”

“Hmmm, me too!” said Lonnie as she rested her head on his chest.

Rath reached his head down and kissed the top of her head, he wrapped his arm round her back and over her body and held her close. “So you and the others are going for that makeover thing today?”

“Makeover thing?” she sniggered, “Yeah we’re meeting the others at the mall.”

“Well…a makeover can be good, but it wont make much of an improvement. You can’t improve on perfection!” Rath told her before lifting her hand and kissing her knuckles.

“Smooth talker!” she joked before she reached up and kissed him hard on the lips.

The kiss grew more passionate and Lonnie pulled her body up to straddled his hips. She pressed herself against him and as she rose up her tits scrapped against his chest. When she lowered herself back down his hard dick slipped inside her. Lonnie circled her hips and ground against his groin as they made love once again.

Dinning Room, Down Stairs

Zan and Ava had walked in hand in hand. He was wearing the thick cotton robe that Laurie had provided; she was wearing the slip and kimono she had bought yesterday. After Zan had seen her in it last night they had a very wild session, the kimono was removed but the slip remained. Zan had loved the feeling of the satin as he slid on top of her, the only part of the slip that came off was the shoulder strap and that was only so that he could kiss and suck on one of her nipples.

Now that they were awake they felt very hungry and came down to find Laurie eating a bowl of cornflakes and reading the morning paper.

“Hey guys…well that looks like it was money well spent!” Laurie said as she looked up at them

“Mmm you can say that again!” Said Ava seductively as she grabbed Zan’s head and kissed him hard and fast.

Zan was left complete breathless and sat down once his senses had returned to him

“So where’s Rath and Lonnie…they’re usually up by now?” Zan asked

“AHHHHHHHH GOD!!!!!!” They heard Lonnie scream from upstairs

“Oh they’re up alright!” said Laurie as she shook her head and smiled

Zan looked back and forth between the door and Laurie. “When the hell did that happen?” he asked

“Last night…believe me when Laurie gets it in her head to do something, she does it!” Ava said as she poured some milk into the bowl of cereal

“Okay!” said Zan, “If something like…oh I don’t know…their wedding happens, you guys will tell me right?”

“Oh sure…would five minutes before hand be enough time!” Laurie joked

“Uh, no…Ten would be great if you could manage it!” Zan said sarcastically

“Deal!” She answered

“So what are you guys doing after the makeover?” he asked

“Probably come straight back here. I’ve got a feeling that Lonnie will be wanting to spend more time with Rath.” Laurie replied

“And we certainly haven’t finished what we started last night…I’m sure I could find a few other things to wear!” Ava teased as she ran her hand up his thigh and cupped his cock.

Zan nearly coughed up his cornflakes when she made contact but managed to catch it.

“You know is it just me or Antarians really horny?” Laurie asked

“Oh its not you! Not by a long shot.” Ava joked as Zan tried to hide his embarrassment.

“Come on we better get ready…who get to disturb the rabbits upstairs?” Laurie enquired

“Ah, I think we better use the intercom!” Ava suggested

“Good call!” Laurie replied

They both went upstairs and got dressed. Once Laurie was ready she buzzed the intercom and signalled Lonnie. After a few minutes of no reply she buzzed again but this time spoke and told her friend that it was time to get ready. That time she got a response from a very out of breath alien who was panting on the other end of the line.

“Yeah {pant} sure Laurie, I’ll {pant} be down in {pant} five!” she breathed out.

Tess’s Bedroom, Harding Residence, 08:10

Kyle had slept with Tess spooned up against him and had his arm over her, angled to that his hand was resting on her breast. Slowly Tess began to wake up and turned her body over. When her eyes did open she was looking over at her peacefully sleeping lover. He had some hair in his eyes and she decided to move it away.

As she made the light contact Kyle brought his hand up as though to swat a fly away. The action caused Tess to smile and decided to tease him a little. She lightly touched the tips of her fingers to the skin of his face over and over again; each time he made the same movements. But then Tess put her finger on the tip of his nose. Kyle brought his hand up hard and whacked himself in the nose causing him to wake up sharply.

Tess burst out laughing and rolled on to her back. Kyle looked around for that damned fly and saw Tess, he suddenly realised what she had done and moved over to her. It was time for payback! He started to tickle her everywhere and they both laughed their heads off as she tickled him back.

Once they stopped tickling each other they looked into each other’s eyes and allowed their breathing to normal.

“Tess how would you feel about moving back here?” Kyle asked

“What…you want me to move out?” Tess responded with disbelief

“No that not what I mean! I mean later…this is a good house to raise a family in!” Kyle said

Tess smiled at his reasoning but was concerned. “I don’t know Kyle…this place would be good but I got a lot of memories of this place and most weren’t pleasant. Nasedo kept drumming it into me to do what ever I could to get Max…”

“Then I say lets do this house a favour and give it some good memories!” Kyle said as he ran his hand down her body

“Hmmm, you mean like last night.” Tess said seductively

“Definitely like last night…just with a little more love and a little less lust!” Kyle said

“Yeah that was very wild…I guess the Granolith got a little impatient.” Tess agreed as she looked over at the clock. “Oh god is that the time…I’m gonna be late!”

“Why don’t you grab a quick shower while I fix your dress. Then we can go home and you can get changed.” Kyle suggested

Tess nodded and ran into the bathroom. Kyle got up and ran downstairs; he slipped on his suit and repaired the large tear he ripped in her dress last night. Once he was satisfied with the results he took the dress up to Tess. He entered the bathroom to find her still in the shower but she was turning off the water. He grabbed a towel and started to dry her off once she left the cubicle.

Tess then pulled the dress on over her head and down her body. When they were both dressed they went out to the car and Kyle drove them home. A few minutes later Tess was changed and out the door while Kyle showered.

Crashdown, 08:30

Maria and Isabel were waiting for Liz to come down stairs and for Tess to arrive. Michael was in the kitchen turning on the oven and deep fat fryer before the restaurant opens, he was still a little stunned that Maria was pregnant with twins and that it was standard for a human/Antarian mating. However, he was happy and that happiness spread to Maria once he made his feelings known to her.

Max and Alex were pouring out some soda for themselves and the girls. Just then Liz entered. She was scratching at her neck and the rest of her as she tried to get comfortable in her clothes.

“Hey, you okay?” Max asked

“Yeah…my sheets were just a little itchy last night!” responded Liz

“Then I’ll have to see about that!” Max said as he hugged her

Tess then entered the building and Liz and Maria just smiled as they looked at her.

“What?” Tess asked

“How did last night go?” Maria asked

“It was…you know?” Tess said as she looked at her friends

“Yep…we were up at the Granolith last night. Phoenix said that it was getting a little irritated by you two so it pumped up the hormones!” Liz said, “So…are you…you know?”

“Yes, complete with glowing hands!” Tess said calmly. All the girls move to her and offered their congratulations. After asking how Kyle was and a variety of things about their date they said goodbye to the guys and went to the mall.

Max had been thinking about what he could do for Liz and her uncomfortable sleeping. Then it hit him but he needed a way of getting a hold of it quietly to keep it a secret from Liz until he gave it to her.

“Alex, I got an idea…can I use your computer?” Max asked

“Yeah sure, come on!” he answered

“Hey Michael, we’ll see you later!” Max yelled into the kitchen

“Sure man!” he yelled back

Roswell Mall, 09:00

Today was the only day that the four girls had off in the morning and they arrange to spend some time together being pampered. Maria had also arranged for Laurie, Ava and Lonnie to join them…Isabel was less than thrilled but she had promised Alex! They had arranged to meet at a small fountain near the centre of the building and that was where Liz, Isabel, Maria and Tess found Laurie, Lonnie and Ava.

As the two groups moved toward each other Isabel’s gaze fixated on her sister who immediately pushed her head down to look at the floor and avoid the look she was getting. Lonnie and Ava just looked back and forth between the two and then back at each other.

“Lonnie could I have a minute?” Isabel asked

{Isabel!} She heard in her mind

{Relax sweetie, I just have to talk to her…I wont hurt her!} She told Alex through their new telepathic connection.

“Uh, yeah, sure…over there?” Lonnie stated as she indicated to a small table in a dinning area.

They moved over to the table and sat down.

“Listen Isabel, I…” Lonnie started but Isabel held up her hand

“Save it Lonnie! I don’t want to hear it, if it was up to me I would rip you a part but I promised Alex!” Isabel said coldly

“So, what did you want to say?” Lonnie asked

Isabel was about to speak but she fell short and shook her head. “I…I don’t know. I can’t believe this; I had it all worked out in my head now it’s blank. I suppose I wanted to ask you why?”

“I guess I wanted to feel what you felt…I can’t say that I’m sorry it happened!” Lonnie replied

Isabel looked up at her double and looked at her, pain filled her eyes. “How can you say that…you could have ruined something special!”

“No that’s not what I meant…I am sorry for what I did but I’m not sorry for the result!” Lonnie said

“Just exactly was the result?” Isabel asked carefully

“Alex helped me figure out how I feel about Rath. Last night he and I made love for the first time!”

“You and Rath never had sex?” Isabel asked. She was amazed and shocked at the idea.

“Oh we’ve had sex alright! Hot, steamy, wild romps that would cause the hair on the back of a porn stars neck to stand up but last night we made love…seven times and once this morning!”

“Seven times!” Isabel whispered

“And once this morning!” Lonnie corrected

“Wait…back to Alex!” Isabel said

“Right, I really am sorry Isabel. I know that seems inappropriate and no where near enough but its all I can give to you! That and the promise that I’m going to be one hell of an aunt to those kids of yours.” Lonnie swore

“Thank you…Christ this is so not the way I pictured this going. I figured I’d do what you did when one of Pam Troy’s friends came on to Rath.”

“Well I do have to admit that was fun!”

“Hell if it wasn’t for the promise I made Alex I probably would do it!” Isabel said

“Why don’t you?” Lonnie asked

“What?” Asked Isabel

“Listen this wont be over between us unless you do what you need to do…I know I would do it as well! So just hit me!” Lonnie explained

“Your serious!”

“Yes I am…do something! Take it out on me then we can move on!”

Isabel considered it and did it. With the back of her hand she smashed across Lonnie’s face causing her head to turn sharply.

Lonnie shook it of and used her powers to repair the damage.

“Feel better?” Lonnie asked her

“Much! But you know if it wasn’t for Alex and the fact that he’s can hear me you would have a hole in you!”

“Yeah…wait…how could he be listening in? You guys haven’t been together long enough, it take months of constant…togetherness for the link to form.” Lonnie asked

“Oh we got these rings from the Granolith, they made a link between us.”

“You have the bonding rings?” Lonnie asked with shock

“Okay why do I get the feeling there is more to these than we’ve been told?” Isabel said

“Because there is more…those rings are like wedding rings, you sister just got married!” Lonnie said

“Huh?” Isabel queried

“All noble weddings happen before the Granolith…it a holy icon and any union that it recognises are considered marriages by our people. It may not be recognised on Earth and you could still go through a human ceremony but…”

“Yeah…okay I’m freaked!” Isabel said

“Come on lets get back to our friends and get the makeover done then you can get back to your husband!” Lonnie joked

“Yeah…makeover…friends…wow!” Isabel stammered out

The two moved back to the others who were waiting and watching them. They looked as though they were on tender hooks waiting to step in. They almost jumped out of their skins when Isabel slapped Lonnie but Laurie had stopped them. She knew that they needed to get this over with and knew that even this wouldn’t do the trick.

However Isabel stopped Lonnie from moving. “Lonnie, you do realise that this was only the beginning…”

“Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from my sister…just make sure it isn’t too painful!”

“Done! Let the games begin!” Isabel said

“AFTER THE MAKEOVER!” Lonnie stated clearly

“Yeah okay!”

They made their way over to the others and all seven girls went inside the beauty parlour.

Alex’s Room, Whitman Residence, 09:45

Max and Alex had arrived and went straight into the bedroom and turned on the computer.

“Okay, so what do you want to look for?” Alex asked

“Well…I was thinking about some new bed sheets for Liz. Something like…”

“Silk!” Alex finished for his friend

“Yeah, how’d you know?” Max asked

“I’ve been thinking about something for Isabel as well!” Alex answered

“Great minds think alike!” they said in unison

They turned their attention back to the computer and Alex brought up a few suitable web pages. They looked through the site until they found what they were looking for. Alex found sheets that were completely made of red silk, even the pillowcases! Max found some that Liz would love…creamy white silk.

However, they felt like it wasn’t complete. There was something missing from their selections and continued to look around the site. They were about to give up and turn to the pay screen but then Max saw something.

“Wait…click right there!” he said

Alex clicked on what he pointed to and realised that Max was right on target.

“Perfect!” said Alex

They were greeted with the sight of numerous models wearing long nightgowns. They looked through each item, examining the details as closely as possible. Max found what he wanted to get for Liz…a silk nightgown, pure white and with a spit up on leg. The front had a V that dipped down to the cleavage and had thin straps over the shoulders to hold it up. The silk would travel half way up her back and small stands of silk would crisscross over a small dip in the middle. Alex choice was similar but once again was in red and had no back except for two thin silk straps that crossed on her shoulder blades. Alex could see Isabel wearing it and knew that the back would go down far enough to show the small of her back…maybe even a little of her butt!

Their choices had been made and they pulled out a credit card. They moved to the ‘checkout’ page and paid for their orders and arranged for the delivery to be brought here to, Alex’s home. They knew that their ladies would love the gifts just as much as they knew they would love seeing them in them. Too bad they had to wait for the delivery!

Max looked down to Alex and saw the look on his face.

“Hey get that smirk of your face! That’s my sister!” he said

“She maybe your sister but I love her!” Alex countered

“Yeah I know…sorry!” Max apologised

“Actually I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

“Yeah?” Max asked

“Yeah…given that you’re the king and Isabel is a princess I kinda figured that I should ask you this…I would like you permission to marry Isabel! Once we’re old enough of course.”

“You really mean that don’t you?” Max asked

“No less than you intent to marry Liz!” Alex stated

Max held out his hand and Alex took it.

“Of course you have my permission…why’d you even ask?”

“Because you are her brother, the king and the closest member of her family…next I have to ask your dad!”

“You really know how to do things by the book don’t you?”

“Oh like you wont be ask Mr Parker as soon as you think he wont kill you!” Alex joked

“Well I can’t argue there!” Max said, “Well…welcome to the family! You know there is something I should tell you about…the Granolith has these rings that…”

“Yeah I know, Isabel and I went up there last night…I asked Isabel if she would marry me when we were given the rings. It felt like it was the right time to ask!”

Max remembered back to when he and Liz got their rings. He knew exactly what Alex and his sister had done up there and suddenly felt uncomfortable. However he remembered that Alex did love his sister and that they were having their own children so he shook it off.

“Well I know what that like…when I gave Liz that ring everything in me told me to ask her!” Max said

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do after school? Things have really changed now and…well the college I was hoping to go to is miles away from where Isabel wanted to go and with the children on the way! Neither of us wants to give up the courses but the kids have to come first.” Alex said

“Have you thought about doing your course through correspondence?” Max asked


“Yeah, you do the course through mail and the Internet from home and besides it’s not like we don’t have the money to hold off on college and go later.” Max explained

“Yeah…good idea and it’s not like we have to make a decision right now.”

“Exactly. Come on, my dad said he wanted to see me about the money!” Max said

Command Centre, Kalarian Royal Palace, Kalaria, Same Time

Lorat had just received disturbing information from a probe he had sent out following Kivar’s apparent trip to Earth. He needed to confirm some suspicions that had been raised since Kivar declared a small moon on the other side of the sun of limits. Now that Kivar was gone and that a clone was in his place he took the opportunity to do some covert information gathering while Larek recovered from his trip.

“Damn it!” he cursed

Just then Larek entered the room and looked around.

“Lord Larek, it is good to see you well. How was Earth?” Lorat asked

“Good for the moment. The existence of Zan and the others is now public knowledge but so far nothing appears to be significantly wrong…they even have a group of human protectors assigned the their nations leader. How are things here?” Larek asked

“Not good…a probe I sent has just transmitted its results. It would appear that Kivar is building an experiment warship.”

“What?” Larek said as he moved to look at the monitor

“The probe indicates that the new ship is nearly finished and ready for testing. Its firepower is nearly 20 times that of his conventional forces and appears to have an energy core similar to that of the Granolith…it’s speed would allow Kivar to take control over all worlds in the system with 2 weeks.”

“That’s impossible! Kivar could not have replicated the technology of the Granolith.”

“I know but the energy emissions are nearly identical, weaker but identical. If this ship reached completion then…” Lorat said as he shook his head

“I know, Kivar could use the ship yard to construct a fleet and with this kind of fire power and the ships he already has…he would be unstoppable.” Larek stated with concern and fear. “It appears that our only options are either to destroy that ship and any facilities near by or try to level the playing field!”

“Larek?” Lorat enquired

“We put together a strike force and take that ship!”

“Larek I want that ship as much as you do…if for nothing else that to take it apart and learn how it works. But some of the surrounding ships belong to Kivar’s personal guard, they are the best trained in Antar.”

“What about that cloaking field you developed for your probes? Could that be adapted to ships the size of troop transports?” Larek asked

“It’s possible. But to take a ship that size…even if it has a skeleton crew we would need at least 3 transports.”

“How long to get ready?”

“Well assuming that the cloak can be adapted…three days and that is just to get the troops. You do realise that if Kivar never went to Earth we wouldn’t have found out about this.”

“Oh we would have found out all right. About five minutes before his troops stormed every command centre in the system. He could have taken out all the council members before we would have called an alert. We have to get that ship or at the very least get access to its computers…if I know Kivar he would have put all schematics of that ship in it.”

“Yeah good point. I should prepare a computer uplink; we could download all its data in case something happens after we secure the vessel. We may even be able do find out how Kivar replicated the Granolith.” Lorat said as he pushed some buttons and brought up a selection of computer components that could be used for the task.

“Good, call me when you are ready. I’ll go and arrange for the troops and transports…will you need any help in getting the cloak on line?” Larek asked

“Yes! There are a few engineers at your own shipyards that could help!”

“I’ll have them report to you within the hour! Make this one work Lorat!”

“Yes sir!” Lorat replied as he replicated the parts he needed for the uplinks.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 42

Living Room, Michael’s Apartment, Mid-Morning

Michael and Maria had decided to break the news of Maria’s pregnancy to her mother over dinner. Michael was cooking this meal and intended for everything to go swimmingly. He had already cleaned up, dusted and vacuumed everything in sight and to make sure he used his powers. He had even done his own laundry, dried the clothes with his powers and put them away. Within two hours the place was spotless!

Next came preparation for dinner…chicken, roasted in a little marinade of his own concoction. He defrosted the chicken in his microwave and then poured the sauce all over it before covering it with film and sticking it in the fridge. But just then there was a knock at the door.

When Michael opened it he was met by his double.

“Rath? What can I do for you?” Michael asked

“I brought drinks and food. Time we got to know each other!” Rath said as he held up a six-pack of Coke and another pizza. However Rath started to sniff the air. “What’s cooking?”

“I’m making dinner for Maria and her mother tonight!”

“Anything wrong?” Rath said as he entered the apartment

“We…we’re telling her that Maria is pregnant…should be fun!” Michael said sarcastically

“Yeah…well then my visit has perfect timing! You need to relax bro!”

“Rath I appreciate the idea but I don’t want anything to go wrong…”

“Mike this is perfect, I love to cook so I can help…I just never get the chance! Besides it’s way early, you got some time to kill.” Rath re-assured him

Michael smiled and nodded. “Thanks…so…what’s up with you?” he said as they sat down in front of the television and turned on a football game

“Nothing much…oh piece of advice, when Laurie gets it into her head to do something, NEVER go against her.”

“Hell I could a told you that…what did she do to you?” Michael asked

“Nearly drowned me in her swimming pool that’s what!” Rath said as he took a swig of coke.

Michael just shook his head while chuckling. Obviously he and his brother were more like Laurie than he had originally given credit. “So what was it she wanted?” he asked

“Oh nothing much, just admit how I really feel about Lonnie. Speaking of which, what’s the deal with you guys?”


“You and Isabel…you can’t tell me you’ve never had a stiffener when thinking about her.” Rath teased

“Yeah I can say it…well aside from some freaky ass dreams we had last year! I’ve more or less thought of her as a sister.” Michael said as he tried to dismiss Rath’s comments and not think about the dreams.

“So you had them too ehh? Got a tell ya, the week we had them was…well lets just say that a good time was had by all! So what are you cooking?” Rath asked

“Chicken…done in a sauce that I made! And apple pie for desert.” he responded

“What about soup?” Rath enquired


“Yeah…I mean this is a major thing tonight, you gotta do it right. I take it Maria’s mom is…” Rath trailed off while gesturing with his hand

“Lethal when pissed? Yeah!” Michael finished for Rath

“I was gonna say…Like Maria, but yeah your way works too.”

“What of it?” Michael asked

“Well, you have to show her that you can take care of her baby girl…and cooking is the best way to get in with the olds.”

“How the hell would you know?”

“I just…common sense, okay!” Rath said as he tried to think of a reason but he had come up short…he didn’t know!

“Yeah right! So what do you suggest?” Michael asked

Rath just sat there and thought for a moment before looking back across to his brother. “Hey what about mushroom? Simple, classic…and I’ve got a few tricks with the ingredients that will blow her away!”

“Yeah, okay. We’re gonna need some mushrooms then huh?”

Rath just looked at Michael. “Would help!” he said flatly

“Be back in five…watch the chicken for me!” Michael yelled as he ran out of his apartment.

Rath gapped a sheet of paper and waved his hand over it. In about a second he was a complete list of ingredients he was going to need and folded the paper up into a paper aeroplane. He then ran over to the window and yelled out to Michael who was about to jump on his bike.

“Hey Mickey, catch!” He said as he threw the plane out.

Michael waited for the plane to come into reach and grabbed it.

“Just some things you need to get!” Rath yelled down.

Michael looked at the list and then looked back up to his window. {What the hell did he need 20 condoms for?} Michael asked himself. “Hey I am not doing your shopping too bro!” He yelled back up. He just got on his bike, put on his helmet and drove off to buy his groceries.

Command Centre, Kalarian Royal Palace, Kalaria, Very Early Morning

Larek was having a very restful sleep when he received a call from Lorat to come ASAP. Once he was dressed and down to the chamber he found his long time friend punching away at his consol, bringing up several old files and images.

“Lorat, tell me you weren’t here all night?” Larek asked

“Yeah…good thing too, we have a major problem.” Lorat responded

“Seriously, you have got to get yourself a life man!” Larek replied

“I’m serious as well!”

“What’s the problem?” Larek asked

“The probe I have monitoring Kivar’s new ship! It sent back pictures of some of the testing going on out there.” Lorat pushed a few keys on brought up pictures of small orbs with six cones coming out in each direction. The feed showed the orbs being shot out of small launch holes on the sides of the ship.

Larek rubbed his eyes and studded the pictures closely before speaking. “Wait, you got me up for atmospheric seeders? Half the ships in the system have those.”

“Yes but no warship has them and a prototype vessel never has them installed. Besides I had the probe run a metallurgical analysis on the seeders…they’re made from pure Crolyssiam!” Lorat said

That got Larek’s attention! He looked up at his friend and back to the monitors and read outs. “You’re sure…tell me it’s possible there is an error!” He said quickly and highly agitated

“There isn’t! I ran the test five times; I even looked up the old records to make sure. It is Crolyssiam!”

“Kon’ma’Ra…Kivar has to be insane just to do the research on that stuff again!” Larek said

“Insane or not this could be the break we need. We could use this to rally the support of the council and the other nobles…”

“NO!” Larek said abruptly. “If word gets out that Kivar has recreated Kon’ma’Ra…the council will be on the fence and the nobles would either run and hide or surrender on the spot! We need to move a head of schedule…how many cloaks can you get on line by the end of the day?”

Lorat looked at Larek with concern. “Not nearly enough, I’ve only just finished the first when I found out about this! To get the rest done by tonight…”

“Not tonight…I want to launch before mid afternoon!” Larek stated

“I’m going to need help…a lot of help. It will take all three troop transports to pull this off and we’ll need a command and backup unit!”

“Who could help with this?”

“Well there is always Lady Shalara. Shalara controls the largest colony outside of the star system. The Industrial sector is the best of the outer colony worlds. Besides she and Ava were more like sisters than cousins, she has always spoken out against Kivar despite the fact her family has taken a neutral voice in the whole thing.”

“I don’t think she would want to help!” Larek said slowly

“Why not…this would give her the perfect chance to strike back at Kivar?”

“What I mean to say is…she wont help me!”

“I don’t understand?” Lorat said

“Remember 65 years ago at the Rebirth Ceremony when Rath smuggled in that bottle of Brevarty!”

“Oh yeah, that was one hell of a night…I remember you got so drunk that you tried to hit on some girl and ended up throwing up all over her. She ran so fast…” Lorat stopped talking and looked to Larek who wasn’t sharing his smile. “Tell me…TELL ME, that girl wasn’t Shalara!”

Larek just looked at him and nodded.

Lorat struggled to contain the laugh that wanted to break free. He tried to look away and begged the gods not to make him burst out into laughter…he failed!

“HA, HAAAAAAAA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Lorat burst out, his head was resting on his arm on the consol and his free hand was in a fist, bashing away at the metal.

“Hey, it’s not funny!” Larek said adamantly

“Yes…HA…yes it is!” Lorat wheezed out

“No…No its not!” Larek said but a smile was beginning to creep onto his face as well. “It’s not…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Both nobles were now laughing their heads off as they remembered that night.

Ten Minutes Later

“Oh…Ha, Remember the time…HAA…Rath tried to cook a cake and it blew up in his face…Ha, Ha, ha, ha, ha…and we was covered in that goo that stuck to everything for a day!” Larek breathed out between laughs

Lorat had a tear running down his face as he tried to breath. His face was bright red and neither could stop.

Twenty Minutes Later

“And then there was the time Ava took Zan ice gliding. HA…He had to hold onto a rock to keep his footing but he kept sliding everywhere…he just gave up then fell flat on his face!” Lorat said with indicating with his hands

The laughing of the two men doubled in intensity as they remembered the times they spent with their old friends. All of a sudden, as Larek leaned back in his chair he fell backwards and landed on the floor. Lorat’s laughter grew stronger and just pointed at his fallen friend. Soon they looked back to the displays before them and their hysterics died down.

“As I said…a problem!” Lorat said

“I’ll talk to Shalara right now!” Larek got up and walked to the door

“The words ‘I’m Sorry’ wouldn’t hurt!” Lorat yelled at him as the door opened

“Yeah!” Larek said as he closed the door

Water Fountain, Roswell Mall, Noon

Max and Alex had arrived to escort their ladies and the others back to school. They couldn’t wait to see them and were sitting on the edge of the fountain, throwing coins in to keep them busy.

“Your sure they wont find out about our presents?” Max asked

“No way…this will be our secret until we give it to them.” Alex said but Max sharply turned his head to face him. Alex realised just what he had said, “The presents, give them the presents!” he quickly corrected

At that point the girls came into view and moved over to the fountain. The sight of Isabel caused Alex to hold his breath for a minute. He never thought that she could look more beautiful but he was wrong.

“Hey!” He said

“Hey” Isabel responded

“You look incredible.” Alex said


Lonnie just looked back and forth between her sister and Alex. She knew what they both wanted to do but couldn’t figure out what was stopping them. “Oh for goodness sake just kiss her already!”

Both teens just looked down and sniggered. Alex moved closer to his lover and kissed her gently on the lips. A few sweet nothings were whispered between Max and Liz and then they too shared a kiss.

Alex pulled away and then looked to his friends. Liz’s hair definitely looked a little more bouncy and Maria looked as though she was smouldering. He knew that she was getting desperate to see Michael. He then looked over to the new additions to the group. Ava had the dye removed from her hair while Lonnie had not only used her powers to grow her hair longer but also had a single streak of red down the left hand side. Her hair also drifted down over her left shoulder.

“Lonnie…I like!” He said as he looked over the red streak. “Rath’s gonna love it.”

Isabel looked at Alex in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that Alex would give Lonnie compliments after what she did. Alex caught a glimpse of the look in Isabel’s eyes and immediately regretted his comment. “Hey, I’m being nice…she is your sister!” he whispered in her ear. “Besides, I don’t know how it’s possible but you look infinitely more beautiful.”

“Sweet talker!”

“The Whitman charm does it again.” Alex said as he took hold of her hand.

“Listen, I need to tell you something…” she said and then looked over to Max and Liz “you two should be there as well!”

“What’s up?” Max asked his sister

“Not here, okay. I’ll tell you later.” Isabel said as she looked back at Lonnie who nodded

On mass the group left the mall and walked back to school. Laurie, Lonnie and Ava were going with them to meet up with Serena who was talking with the Principle. After ten minutes they came across the Sheriff’s station and saw Kyle crossing the road.

“Hey Kyle!” Yelled Max

Kyle had heard the call and went over to his friends. “Hey guys…Tess!” he said before pulling her into a very heated public display of affection. “How are you feeling?”

“Good, I’m feeling good! Isabel didn’t start the whole coughing thing for a week or so.”

“Well if you need anything you better let me know!”

“Count on it…so where you heading?” Tess asked

“To see my dad…I gotta tell him!” Kyle nodded as he said it

“I should be there too!”

“No, you have a class in twenty minutes! I’ll deal with the fallout from this, you just enjoy the rest of your day.” Kyle suggested

“Enjoy school? Yeah, when you’re done, go home and lie down…the heat must be getting to you.” Tess joked at Kyle’s idea.

“Hey Kyle, mind if I come with you?” Alex asked.

Everyone looked at him but it was Isabel who knew what he wanted to do. “Alex, who shouldn’t do this.”

“But I need to do it.” Alex said as he kissed her goodbye. “I’ll see you later!”

With that he followed Kyle inside while the others just walked away to school.

Valenti’s Office, Sheriff’s Station, Immediately Following

Jim was sitting at his desk, writing out reports and filing away some documents. His paperwork was increased severely since the kid’s secret was exposed. The tourist activity had gone through the roof and with it so had a number of petty crime…most of them traffic offences and a few were people who got a little to close to the Antarians that the Agents permitted.

Kyle and Alex then knocked on the door and entered the room.

“Kyle, Alex…what can I do for you?” Jim asked

“Well I need to talk to you…Alex needs…” Kyle said

“I want to see Sorenson!” Alex finished

“Alex, I don’t think that’s a good idea! You should…”

“I don’t care if it’s a good idea or not Sheriff I need to see him!”

Valenti nodded. He knew that if someone had tried to kill him then he would want to look him in the eye, just like Alex. Jim pressed on his intercom and called Hanson into the office.

“Hanson…take Alex down to the cells!”

Alex thanked the Sheriff and left the roof. Before Hanson followed Valenti asked him to keep an eye out for his young friend.

“So, Kyle…what’s up with you?”

“Dad…I need to tell you something.” Kyle got out slowly

Jim stopped writing and looked up to his son. “It was option three, wasn’t it?” he asked


“Tess is pregnant!” Jim stated

“Yes…last night…I…we…”

“Kyle I don’t need to know the details. Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she’s great.” Kyle said

“And you?”

“I’m good too.”

“Kyle…I spoke with the others. I guess they wanted me to be prepared for it. Kyle, you are about to enter a stage of your life I thought wouldn’t come for…well a very long time. I already know the answers to these but I need to hear it from you…do you love her?”

“Yes!” Kyle stated whole-heartedly

“Are you okay with all of this and I mean ALL of it?”

“Dad, I’m more than okay with it! I’m a part of this, Tess is my life and I’m going to stick by her through whatever hell comes our way!”

“Well then that answers question three…okay, you should go to school but I want you to know that if either of you need anything you can come to me!” Jim said

“Sure dad and thanks!”

“You sound surprised?” Jim said

“Well I kinda figured there would be fireworks or something.”

“Wait until junior gets to the terrible two’s…that will be sufficient punishment. Especially if it takes after you.”

Kyle left the room and went down to how Alex was doing.

Sorenson’s Cell

Sorenson was sitting on his bed with his back against the wall when he heard the sound of the metal doors opening and the distinct sound of two people walked down the hall. The next thing he saw was the young man he tried to kill standing before him.

Alex had never felt like this before but the look on Sorenson’s face was almost satisfying. Grant looked like he was looking at a ghost, the fear and abject terror was evident on his face.

“Sorenson!” Alex said

“Yeah…so you really are alive!” Grant replied

“No thanks to you.”

“Well…I’m s…”

Alex quickly raised his hand and a trail of energy whipped Sorenson’s face leaving a little cut. “DON’T, Don’t you dare try to tell me your sorry! Piece of shit…what was the plan, be a shoulder for Isabel to cry on so that you could sleep with her.”

He never got a response.

“ANSWER ME!” Alex yelled as he whipped his hand again, causing a second cut to appear on the other side of Sorenson’s face as it jerked round.

“Yeah…more or less. I wanted her, you were in the way!”

Just after finishing speaking, Sorenson started looking around and smelling the air. Alex looked around but couldn’t smell anything but Sorenson closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them Alex noticed a change, a cold dead gleam that wasn’t there before was now meeting his gaze – the Ganderium Queen within him had caught the scent of Laurie from Alex and now the hunt was on!

Sorenson moved over to the bars and started smashing away at them. Hanson pulled Alex back and both watched as some of the bars started to buckle. Hanson drew his gun and aimed at Grant, all the while he yelled at him to back off. Sorenson became like a wild animal and bashed away at anything he could, the result was a broken bed, sink and several dozen dents in the brickwork of the cell.

All of a sudden he rammed the bars and reached through to grab a hold of Alex but he missed.

“SOMEONE HELP US!” yelled Hanson

Out in the hall, Kyle had heard the call for help and started to run for the cells. When he entered the area he moved beside Alex and looked at Sorenson. Kyle also noticed the change in the would-be killers eyes but got a little to close to the cell. Grant once again charged the bars but this time caught hold of Kyle.

Acting out of instinct Kyle felt a change within his body and then everyone saw the passing of Sorenson’s hand through his body. Hanson acted quickly and took a shot at the prisoner.

The bullet hit its target and penetrated the heart. Sorenson slumped back and landed on the floor. Barely a second went by before small blue shards shot out of his chest and then everyone looked on as the parasite burst free and floated around the room, its tentacles waving around.

Nobody in the room could speak and the stared at the entity. The Ganderium itself now had the scent of Laurie Dupree and now that it was free of its host it could use all of his senses and could easily follow her. All it had to do was get out of this cage!

All of the commotion had attracted a lot of attention and the Sheriff along with half the department was now looking on at what was going on.

“Someone wanna tell me what the hell that is?” Valenti asked

“I have no idea!” Alex said

The Ganderium was looking at the humans before it but the only thing it’s instinct were focused on was the human with the genetic flaw that would allow it to bond with all humans and effectively end their race. It rammed the bars and broke them easily and it never stopped. It burst through the empty cell behind the humans and bashed its way through the brick wall, in its wake left several human lying on the floor injured.

Kyle, Alex and the Sheriff were left uninjured. The all moved to help the others but Alex knew that Kyle could catch up to that thing and told him to go after it. The jock teen nodded and ran out of the building and ran after it, following a trail of staring humans as they watched the blue glow fly down the street.

West Roswell High, 4 Minutes Later

Max was sitting, writing away at a report when all of a sudden the wall burst in and the Ganderium left through an open door. The second he saw it his mind flooded with a thousand images of the initial discovery of the Ganderium crystals in the future and what they wanted.

However, before he started to run after it there was a shimmer in the wall and watched as Kyle ran through it and after the alien. He never stopped! Max ran after him, quickly followed by half the class.

Kyle ran down the halls, hot on the trail of the alien. The Ganderium could feel her close, it knew that soon that it would bond with the D.N.A of the human. It drifted down hall after hall, floor after floor looking for its prey.

Empty Class, Across from the Principles Office

When the girl’s split up, the Roswell group went to their classes while Lonnie, Ava and Laurie had come here to wait for Serena to finish her meeting. They were busy talking about various things but most of all, Laurie’s attraction to her Secret Service protector. It was their favourite subject to tease her on and both had privately vowed to get that agent into Laurie’s bed ASAP and judging by his reaction whenever Laurie was around it was not going to be hard. They only had to deal with Rath and Michael!

All of a sudden the Ganderium entered the room and Laurie ran to the back of the room while the others moved off to the sides. Both Lonnie and Ava kept trying to use their powers to contain the thing but just looked at each other when they failed. The tentacles waved around the room and whipped the two alien hybrids until the were on the floor unconscious.

It then turned its attention back to Laurie, wrapped the tentacles around her body and rushed toward her.

“AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” her scream echoed down the halls

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 44

Outside Laurie’s Place, 12:30

Rath and Michael were walking and just chatting away getting to know each other. Michael was surprised at how much Rath was unrestrained and in envied him a little, he always kept away from causing the type of trouble that the Dupes revelled in when they lived in New York. However, Rath found that he also envied Michael. While he was close to his group, Michael seemed closer and especially to Maria – a girl who was outside of the ‘other worldly’ group yet accepted him completely.

“So you met Laurie’s agent yet?” Rath asked

“No, not yet but Max and Isabel said he’s a good guy…what do you think?” Michael said

“Hate him!” Rath said coldly as he remembered his sister’s reaction to Agent Hall

“What? Come on he can’t be that bad, I mean he did pass the test!”

Rath held out his hand and Michael took it. After a little concentration a connection was formed and Michael received images from Laurie’s first meeting with her agent.

“Hate him!” Michael said

“Right on.” Rath responded

“I’ll get Max to replace his ass. He’ll be out of town so fast there will be a dust storm.”

Rath cringed a little. “If we do that Laurie will kill us. If she doesn’t you can bet Maria and Lonnie will!”

“Oh yeah…that’s definite but there has to be something we could do.” Michael complained

“Oh come on, its probably just a crush…she barely knows the guy. Give it a while and she’ll be over it and we can go back to normal.”

“I suppose…” Michael said as Rath opened the front door. Once inside they saw the girls sitting on the seats, all with ice packs. Lonnie had ice against a bruise on her cheek, Ava had hers on her elbow and Laurie was lying on the sofa with her pack on her head.

“What the hell happened to you three?” Rath asked as he moved to his lover’s side

“Liz’s new pet got a little slap happy and tried to eat Laurie.” Lonnie said through the pain

“WHAT!” Rath and Michael yelled together

“Rath, your really wanna speak very softly! This headaches a bitch.” Ava said

“What happened?” Michael asked

“Something from our ship is out and about. It wanted to do things with Laurie…some kind of bonding that would let it kill off humans. Liz stopped it and can control it so it’s her new pet!” Ava said

“We tried to stop it but our powers don’t work on it. The damn thing is strong and has…OUCHHHH…one hell of a reach!” Lonnie said as Rath stroked his hand down the side of her face that was unmarked, too bad it still hurt like hell.

Michael moved over to Laurie’s side and spotted little cuts down the side of her face and neck. He also saw some tears in her clothing and used his powers to repair them, he would have to wait until he could call Max or wait for Zan to come home before their wounds could be healed.

“How you doin’?” he asked

“Really, really sore…but I’ll live. Just tell Liz when you see her to keep that damn thing away from me!”

“Oh believe me I’ll be seeing Liz all right.” Michael said sternly

Laurie opened her eyes and looked at Michael. “This isn’t Liz’s fault Michael. If it wasn’t for her…god knows what would have happened but it is her fault that that thing is still alive!”

“Well, I’ll still be having words!”

Just then Zan returned. He looked over his housemates and ran over to Ava. He traced his finger around a bruise before taking her hand, within seconds her pain was soothed and the marks were fading. His next patient was his sister and then Laurie, all injuries were gone and then he sat down and listened to their accounts of what happened in the classroom. Max was certainly going to hear from him!

Living Room, Parker Residence, 12:35

Liz was lying stomach down on the couch, looking her pet that was sitting on the armrest looking back at her.

“What am I going to call you?” Liz whispered

Liz received a response in the form of a soft screech as the alien before her cocked what she could only assume was the head. Somehow Liz felt very protective of the Ganderium and even found it strangely cute.

“How about…lets see…you make crystals…Crystal, Crissy, Chris…god this is useless.” Liz said as she turned on to her back and let her hands slid down to her abdomen. “If I can’t name her how am I going to name you?”

The Ganderium floated up and landed on Liz’s stomach, a tentacle stretched forward and touched her face. Just then Max, Isabel and Alex entered the apartment.

“Okay this is freaking me out!” Isabel said as she saw the sight before her

“Oh hey guys!” Said Liz as she looked over to the door

“Liz are you sure that’s safe?” Alex asked

“Absolutely, she’s just a little fluff ball aren’t you?” Liz said, eliciting looks from her friends. “Isabel, I’m trying to think of a name for her…you got any ideas?”

“Ugh…Gandi?” Isabel suggested

Liz turned her head back to her pet. “Gandi…what do you think?” Gandi floated up a little, rolled around and landed on the back of the seat. “I take it that means yes! Well then Gandi it is.”

Liz sat up and let Max sit down beside her. Alex and Isabel took seats across from them. “Well now that that is done, what’s the plan? Oh hey didn’t you have something you wanted to tell us Isabel?”

“Eh yeah…okay…” Isabel ranted

“Isabel, sweetie!” Alex said to get her attention

“Yeah right. Okay when I was talking to Lonnie at the mall she told me something.”

“And?” Max trailed out

“Well apparently the rings we got from the Granolith has a special meaning for Antarians.” Isabel said

“How special?” Alex asked

“Well according to Lonnie, on Antar the Granolith is like some kind of major holy icon thing…any relationship that it recognises, it gives the rings and the couple are considered married!”

“What?” everyone said in unison. Isabel just nodded and looked to her husband who was looking down to the floor. His face was visible was the questions he was asking himself. “But it’s unofficial! There is a ceremony of sorts that we didn’t go through, we need to have an official ceremony before it’s accepted here not just on Antar!”

Both couples moved closer together. Max pulled Liz on to his lap and caressed her face, the smiles from both of them brightened the room and they started to kiss. They may still have to go through a ceremony but as far as they were concerned they had just heard the best news since they found out about their son.

Alex stood up and moved over to Isabel and extended his hands. Isabel took them and Alex pulled her up to stand on her feet. She was met with a warm, smiling face.

“Your okay with this?” Isabel asked quietly

“Hey I asked you to marry me didn’t I? I may have to wait before we can live together as husband and wife but when that day comes…” Alex said before Isabel grabbed him and kissed him hard. Alex wrapped his arms around her body and held her as tightly was he could until the separated for air.

“Husband!” whispered Isabel

“Wife!” Alex replied

Gandi watched from the sidelines as the two couples held each other, the sight seemed to warm her spirit.

Command Centre, Kalarian Royal Palace, 13:00

Shalara was sitting with her fellow nobles looking over the data they had collected. Each page brought a new prang of despair, first the discovery of Kivar’s trip to Earth and his replacement with a clone that only function was to maintain the illusion of his presence, then the new class of warship and finally the testing of atmosphere seeders made of a metal that can only be used to contain a viral plague that they hoped was forever lost and forgotten.

“So it really is true!” said Shalara. “Larek, you have my support. Even if my family does remain neutral, the resources of my world are yours.”

“Thank you Shalara. It will certainly make our task easier.” Larek replied

Just then the chief engineer of the facility entered the chamber.

“Yes, Kalat! What’s our status?” asked Lorat

“Lord Lorat, with the additional assistance provided by Lady Shalara’s people we’ve completed all cloaking systems and computer uplinks. The installation is proceeding and the uplinks at being distributes among the commanders and their seconds. Should we continue as we are then we will be ready an hour ahead of schedule.” Said Kalat

“Excellent work Kalat, return and complete the task.” Lorat instructed.

As Kalat left, Lorat turned back to his compatriots. “Shalara, thank you. Your people are more extremely skilled, without them I doubt we could have finished as quickly.”

“My people go through rigorous training but thank you. Coming from someone of your status in the science community it means a lot but there is something I feel I may be of further assistance on.” Shalara said

“What’s that Shalara?” Larek asked

“While all military units have teams for biological warfare, very few are trained in situations as severe as this. Most education systems don’t even teach the history of the plague.” Shalara said

“Let me guess, your people are trained in Kon’ma’Ra!” Larek said while smiling

“No…but they are the best trained operatives we could hope for. There is a twelve unit team, we could divide them amongst your own teams and which ever locates the launch room for the virus has a chance of properly handling the substance.”

“Agreed, but if the virus leaks then you realise that the ship will have to be destroyed…with our people on board unless the contamination can be sealed.” Larek said

“I understand Larek, this is a war after all. I brought the team along with my personal guard, I will contact them and tell them to wait with the people you have selected for the mission.” Shalara said

“Well we have some time to wait before everything is prepared, what would you like to do?” Lorat asked

“Well the two of you could tell me what my cousin is up to on Earth?” Shalara asked

“Oh yeah!” Lorat said while getting up to walk around

Shalara looked back and forth between the men…now she was worried. “What?” She asked

Larek looked at her straight in the eye. “Shalara we know that you and Ava were close when she was killed but I have to ask…how important are your families beliefs to you?”

“They are important but compared to the actual family members…if something is wrong with Ava I want to know!”

“Well first of all the Dupes have now joined with those chosen to guard the Granolith. That Ava has mated with her Zan but the other is now called Tess, she has chosen to mate with a human. His name is Kyle Valenti!” Larek explained

“Oh dear! My family is going to hate this.” Shalara said

“Yeah, we kind of figured that would be the case.” Larek said with concern as he looked at Lorat

“The elders of my family are strict on who marries into the house, a commoner is one thing but one who is a human would never be accepted. Larek, when this situation is over I have to speak with Av…Tess. Can you arrange it?” Shalara asked

“Of course, I was planning on informing Max, that’s Zan, as soon as the ship or the data was secured. I could arrange for you to join me in the link to a human host.”

“Thank you Larek, needless to say I would like this information to stay away from the others of my house until I have had the chance to my cousin.” Shalara requested

“I understand! I suggest we retire to the dining hall, I’ll tell you all I know of Tess and Ava.” Larek said

Living Room, Parker residence, 14:00

Liz had her head resting on Max’s lap; every so often they would come together for a kiss while they talked. Alex and Isabel were in the same boat, they couldn’t stop touching each other and their hands were never away from each other for long. The news that they were married had been very welcome and were slowly slipping into the role, the only thing they regretted was that they had to wait until they were eighteen before they could complete the union and have it recognised here on Earth.

“Well job one on this is not to tell the others!” said Liz

“Why?” asked Max

“Do you really think that if Michael or Kyle find out about the purpose of the rings that they would go up there? I mean tell them about the rings…that they should know but they have to it out the rest by themselves.”

“Liz is right! Michael would run a mile after finding out what we know.” Isabel said

“I don’t know, I think he would surprise you. Maria has changed him quite a bit and I think he would be more than accepting of it.” Max said

“You know I think I agree with all of you!” said Alex, “but Liz is right we shouldn’t tell them. If Michael and Kyle decided that they want to marry them then they have to ask without any pressure from us or Tess and Maria.”

“Yeah I suppose.” Max submitted

Just then the door burst open and Michael walked in. “LIZ, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?” he yelled

Just then Gandi shot over from its perch on top of a cupboard and hovered between Liz and Michael. Her tentacles were extended and sharp protrusions formed from them and on her body; she was ready to protect Liz!

“Michael just back away slowly and put your arms down!” Said Liz, “Gandi come over here!”

As Michael moved backward, Gandi withdrew her tentacles and floated over to rest on the back of the seat before Liz.

“Now Michael, you were saying?” Liz asked

“It was actually about that thing right there. It tried to do something to my sister and you take it in as a pet!”

“Yeah because it was only doing what it’s instincts were programmed to do. I’m in control of her now and she will listen to me. She will not attack Laurie again!” Liz said reassuringly

“Where the hell did it come from anyway?” Michael asked

“Burst out of Sorenson’s chest!” Alex said as he looked into Isabel’s eyes, their gaze becoming rapidly heated and slowly approaching the point where they would be excusing themselves.

“WHAT?” Michael asked loudly, drawing the attention of Gandi once again. “What?” he said a lot more softly

“When I was with him today he went berserk, Hanson put a bullet in him and Gandi came out of him. Can’t same I’m sorry though, I’ll tell you that should be one hell of a coroners report…if the coroner can keep from fainting. It was one hell of a mess!” Alex said

Everyone just looked at him and Isabel backed off. “Baby, you’re really turning me off talking about that!”

“Yeah but at least it saved some money. No trial, no fuss and no prison sentence. I think everyone will agree that he got what he deserved!” Liz said

“Yeah but Lonnie’s gonna be pissed.” Isabel said

“Huh?” said Alex

“Oh when she found out what he did, Lonnie said that she wanted to beat him up…or give him a nightmare that would scare him to death.” Isabel explained

“Remind me to send her a thank you note, that would have been nice of her.” Alex said

No one else in the room could believe they were both talking like this but accepted it because Isabel and Alex hated Sorenson the most for what he tried to do. They had every right to what to see something very, very bad happen to him and this more than certainly qualifies.

“Well I think I better go home and do some homework.” Isabel said, “Can you help me?” She said to Alex while winking at him

“Sure!” he responded eagerly

He stood up and followed her out of the room and headed of to the Evans home. They couldn’t have moved faster than they were right now!

Michael looked over at the newest addition to the Parker household and shook his head.

“We’ll talk about this later but I want assurances that she wont try to hurt Laurie again!”

“Okay, I assure you that Gandi wont try it again. I can keep her from doing it…do you trust me?” Liz asked

“Yes!” Michael said before turning and leaving the apartment…he still had a dinner to finish preparing and according to Rath the soup should be nearing completion.

“Finally…I thought they would never leave!” said Liz as she pulled herself up and latched her mouth on to Max’s. “Max you big stud, take me to bed or loose me forever!” she said seductively as she mimicked the line from Top Gun

Max put his arms under her and carried Liz into her bedroom. Once they were inside they quickly relieved each other of their clothing until both were naked. Liz jumped up on Max, wrapping her legs around his waist; he was completely unprepared for the weight displacement and lost his balance. He fell forward and landed on top of Liz on her bed, his dick penetrating deep within her.

Liz rolled over so that she was riding Max, reached down to adjust his dick so that it was a little more comfortable having it inside her and then began to hump him for all he was worth. She moved slowly at first but soon her pace was so that he was in and out of her every second.

Liz had reached climax three times before Max shot his load. Max was stunned at how wild she had become but couldn’t complain about her, he would spend the next hundred years walking through hell if it meant satisfying his wife. Slowly the two fell asleep and as they did, the fingers on which their rings rested started to glow.

Launch Facility, Military Base 12D, Kalaria, 15:00

The three nobles entered the main room where their soldiers where suiting up for the mission. Four ships have been equipped with the cloak, three for assaulting the ship and one for command and control as well as providing backup. Everything was set and the launch was imminent.

“Attention!” said one of the commanders as she spotted his superiors. Every last troop stood to attention as they faced the trio.

“For security reasons none of you have been told the nature of this mission. That ends now!” said Larek, “The target is a new warship being constructed by Kivar on the other side of the sun. The engine core of this ship emits signals similar to that of the Granolith although much weaker. We can only assume that Kivar has recreated the Granolith technology! In addition to this we believe he has recreated the Kon’ma’Ra plague!”

When they looked around Larek and the nobles where surprised to see such a large number of blank faces. They had hoped that at least some of the soldiers would have heard of the damn thing but apparently not.

“For those of you who need a history lesson…The Kon’ma’Ra virus was created accidentally 900 years ago. The virus has two results; the first is that 80% of those infected will suffer from gut wrenching pains in the muscles, welts bursting all over the body, blood flowing from the ears, eyes and nose and finally the victim’s body temperature rises so that after 29 hours after the initial infection and the worst agony imaginable they spontaneously combust!

On the remaining 20% the reverse happens. The body temperature lowers at a rapid rate, freezing the victim and keeping them in a state of suspended animation. There is a treatment that reverses this effect but on these people it is very temporary. Unless they have continual injections every 24 hours they revert to their frozen condition…this creates an automatic slave population. Anyone who do not serve, will be frozen permanently! Thus the name of the virus, Kon’ma’Ra – Fire and Ice!”

Then Lorat took over the briefing.

“Each commander and their Second have been given a computer uplink. Once inside, the first open relay you find you will insert one of the uplinks and then proceed to take on your assignments. Team 1 will breach deck 2, remove all opposition and then move on to the command centre. Team 2 will take on engineering and team 3 with sweep the ship from the bottom to top taking out any opposition you find, take prisoners at your own discretion. Each team has been assigned three members of Lady Shalara’s bio-warfare unit; if any team locates the viral centre leave 6 units to defend those three, call for reinforcements and proceed with your mission. But remember the uplinks, should something happen and we loose the ship we would still be able to get a hold of the ships technical information and schematics.”

Once everything was relayed to the troops they made their way to the transport ships. A backup contingent was put under the command of Lorat and given a fourth ship that would co-ordinate everything from the sidelines, only going in when necessary or when the ship was fully secured and ready to be brought back to Kalaria. Within half an hour the vessels were well on the way to their destination. Larek and Shalara returned to the palace, there they would wait for news.

Evans Residence, Same Time

Alex and Isabel had arrived and opened the front door quickly but quietly. As Alex reached in to kiss her, Isabel rapidly brought her hand up to cover his mouth.

“Mom! Dad…anyone home?” She called out

They waited a moment before Isabel removed her hand and returned to Alex’s embrace. Their mouths came together and kissed each other, their tongues caressing the other as their hands took on a life of their own, touching and squeezing as they pushed their bodies closer together.

Isabel pulled away, her hands slid into Alex’s, walked backwards and pulled him toward her bedroom. The door slammed shut as Isabel jumped against Alex and attacked his mouth. Alex then started to take a more active role as he wrapped his arms around her and walked her until she was against her desk. Slowly Isabel snaked her hand down and grabbed hold of his crotch.

“I’ve never felt you this hard before.” She whispered in his ear before biting the lobe

“What can I say, I’m making love to my wife! It’s a complete turn on.” Alex replied before blowing into Isabel’s ear

Moving quickly Alex spun Isabel around so that she was facing away from him and pulled her tight against him. The bulge in his trousers was firmly placed against her rear, both grinding against the other as he latched his mouth onto her neck. Alex slid his hand down across her body to her right thigh. He took hold of the hem of her short skirt and lifted it enough to slip his hand under it.

Alex trailed his fingers along her panty line and then along the fabric.

“Hmmmm, lace underwear! I like.” He whispered

“Black lace…I kinda figured you’d like them.” Isabel said, her breathing was heavy and her voice was sultry. It sent shivers of excitement down his spine.

Alex then knelt down on the floor, his hand travelled up the length of her legs and under her skirt until he reached his goal. Both hands covered the soft, firm globes of her ass. Taking hold of the delicate fabric that circled her waist he pulled down her panties, off her ankles as she raised each leg and then put them into his pocket. Alex stood back up and Isabel turned back round to face him, she grabbed hold of his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head.

Before Alex could mimic the action Isabel pushed him backwards so that he landed on her bed. Slowly she walked over to him, gently pealing off her clothing as he hurried to unfasten his jeans and pull them off. As Isabel stood before him wearing nothing but her bra and skirt, she reached back and undid the fastener and let the confining garment fall to the floor.

As she closed the distance to her bed she undid the button and zip on the side of the skirt. The loosened cloth slipped down her legs as she moved and came closer to the bed, by the time she reached it both of them were naked, Alex couldn’t resist the urge to grab hold of his dick and jack himself off a little as he watched Isabel.

Isabel climbed onto her bed and lay down next to Alex as his arm wrapped around her body. As she slid to the middle of the bed her lover and husband (at least on Antar) moved on top of her and moved between her legs. As he raised himself up onto his elbows, both of them looked each other in the eye. Ever so slowly he pushed his hips forward and allowed his cock to slid an inch at a time into Isabel’s waiting warmth.

Once he was fully sheathed within her, Alex lowered himself slightly so this his chest rested upon her tits. The feel of their nipples pressing against the other sent waves through them as Alex began to withdraw and then slowly move back inside before the tip of his raging hard-on left her. They came together in another kiss, their eyes closed as both of them continued to grind against each other.

For the next hour they continued to make love, they revelled in the fact that at least on one world they were married. It seamed to double the tenderness of how they acted after their bodies joined and could only compare the pleasure they were feeling to that of their first time together.

Eventually Alex removed himself from her and rested beside her. Alex was always able to remain awake long enough to watch Isabel slowly drift off into sleep, it was a sight he would always cherish – her peaceful form covered in a thin layer of sweat that magnified the glow of warmth from her body. He puller her duvet over their bodies, kissed her cheek, wished her sweet dreams and soon he joined her in sleep, his body as close to hers as possible and his arm draped over her, protecting her!

Alex’s mind became a wash with dreamed images. For the first time, Alex was asleep with his lover in her bed and not his own. Soon they would have a bed that they could truly call their own and that is what he saw. Their bed, with Isabel sitting on it and shaking rattles as she played with their children.

Little did he know that Isabel was seeing the same images but from her own perspective. She had never felt this happy and giggled as her son and daughter reached up to try and grab hold of the toys in her hands. As she looked over she saw Alex leaning against the frame of the doorway, just watching them. The smile on his face was incredible and looked as happy as she felt. Then she remembered another smile like the one she was looking at.

She started to remember the dreams that she and Michael shared last year. The smile from Alex was almost identical to the one that Michael had and in that moment Isabel knew just how happy Alex was. He was truly her mate; her dreams had now shifted from her intended mate to her chosen one. Now she was truly content and knew that everything would be okay with her Antarian family once they found out about Alex. She felt it with all certainty and every fibre in her being!

As they dreamed, the bonding rings hidden beneath the skin on their fingers began to glow!

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 45


Alex and Isabel were still dreaming but all of a sudden the images shifted so that they were sitting outside. Their children were in a shallow pool of water with a third child, all three were splashing water over each other and giggling away. Alex turned his head and Isabel followed suit, they spotted both Max and Liz sitting next to them.

They were holding each other’s hands as they watched their son play with his cousins. The smiles on their faces beamed and then they looked over to Alex and Isabel.

“Isabel?” Max asked as his voice echoed

All of them stood up quickly and looked around, now they knew it was a dream and looked around as the images once again shifted and their children and the pool disappeared.

“Isabel, are you dream walking me?” Alex asked. He had still not realised that this was not his own dream but that they were all now sharing it.

“Not me…this has nothing to do with me.” She said as she looked around as the rippling scenery

“You mean your not doing this?” Max asked

“Wait, your really here not just a…” Alex said as he realised what he was seeing

“Oh we’re here all right…now how do we get out?” Liz said

“We just have to figure that out…how did this start with you guys?” Isabel asked

“Well, I was watching Liz, she was sitting on a couch feeding our son.” Max said

“Then I looked over and watched Max and then we were here!” Liz continued

“We had the same thing, except I was sitting on a bed.” Isabel said

“Well how does that help us?” Alex asked

“I…I don’t know?” said Isabel dejectedly

“Maybe this is another Granolith thing…or the rings! They were supposed to link us to the Granolith, maybe they’re linking all of us into it.” Alex reasoned

“Okay, this still doesn’t help us!” Max said as he shook his head.

“Liz, your closer than any of us to the Granolith…any ideas?” Isabel suggested

Liz walked back and forth for a second; she tried to think of anything that could help them to wake up out of the shared dream. Maybe in time they would get use to it if it happened again but right now this was too new and far too freaky! Every so often she would look up with a suggestion but quickly dismissed it, she even tried to contact the Granolith itself but with no luck.

“Oh hell, why not just decided to wake up?” she suggested

“We can do that?” Alex asked

“Why not?” Isabel said

“So what do we do?” Max asked

“We could count to three!” Alex said

Everyone nodded and moved closer together.

“One!” said Liz

“Two!” Max continued

“Three!” Isabel finished.

Real world~~~

In both of the girl’s bedrooms, the two couples woke up suddenly. They’re hands quickly found that of their lovers and they both noticed their hidden rings were brightly glowing but then it faded.

Quickly they climbed out of bed and dressed. Isabel grabbed a fresh pair of panties from her drawer then she and Alex were out of the door as fast as they could and were on their way to the Crashdown to meet up with the others. They needed to talk about this one!

Granolith Chamber, Same Time

Phoenix was sitting in the Sweat Lodge with Riverdog when he suddenly felt a conjunction of energy. It immediately got his attention and brought him back to the chamber where he found the First looking over some read-outs from the Granolith.

“What happened?” Phoenix said quickly as he moved to the side of his fellow Omniriad

“Their dreams linked!” Was the simple response!

“I don’t understand.”

“They entered a dream with their mates and somehow it expanded to all four with the rings. Then they started to control it!” The First continued

“That’s not possible! The connection aside, not even Isabel could initiate a lucid dream.” Phoenix said

“I know but some how when they realised they were dreaming they could control it, they may not have known they could but they were able to leave it when they wanted to! But the connection is what concerns me…the rings link them to their mates and to the Granolith. They don’t create links that powerful!”

“Then how can this happen? The Granolith?” Phoenix asked

“No, I was checking that when you came in. It’s fully functional and not influencing anything they do…it hasn’t since Tess became pregnant.”

“We should probably find out what’s going on before they come up here then.” Phoenix said

“It may take some time…we should also examine their rings!”

Antarian Star System, Opposite Side of the Sun, 16:50

The small fleet of four ships were cloaked and making their final approach to the target. Lorat’s vessel stopped barely a kilometre from Kivar’s new warship while the other three moved around it to latch on to their assigned sections. Each ship was moving as slowly as possible in order for them not to disturb anything in the area that the ship might be able to detect and once they were in position, a gentle thrust brought them into contact with the hull.

Within seconds, beams of energy cut into the surface of the ship. It didn’t take long for all three teams of the strike force were inside the ship.

Deck 2

Team 1 breached the hull and found the hall deserted. Silently they crept down the metal corridor when all of a sudden six soldiers turned down the hall at the same moment.

Kivar’s troops weren’t expecting an attack, none of the alarms had sounded and aside from a few small judders nothing out of the ordinary had happened. They were caught completely off guard and as a result they were gunned down mercilessly. The Kalarian forces knew that these men were probably involved with the attack that claimed the lives of king Zan and his friends, as well as several dozen guards and soldiers. Many of who would have trained right along with themselves

They were all eager for a little payback for their fallen comrades.

The commander ordered two of his soldiers to search the bodies; access cards or information on them would be a welcome advantage right now. More than likely their gunfight had set off an alarm in the command deck!

“Sir!” called one of the units. “You should take a look at this.”

The team commander moved over to his underling and saw what he was pointing to. A small access panel in floor that had been blasted open by a stray shot lay before him.

“Excellent!” he whispered as he opened his pack and pulled out an uplink. Carefully he slid it into the access slot and the device buzzed to life.

Back on Kalaria

Larek and Shalara were sitting and waiting. Jared and Sira had still not returned from their trip around the city, Larek had no doubt that they had ended up in a Pleasure Dome. He just hoped that his friend’s nephew would treat the young lady with respect…she was only fifteen after all and compared to the Antarian lifespan of 500 years that was not a lot!

All of a sudden one of the computers in the room started up. It was receiving data!

“That’s it! They’re on board…download should be completed in five minutes.” Larek said

“Finally, I hate the waiting!” Shalara said as she moved over to the computer

“Yeah, tell me about it. At least we know they made it on board.”

Back on the Warship

Team 2 made it easily into deck 32, the mid section of the ship. They had come across 3 patrols already but unfortunately they had been placed on alert. One of the other teams must have been detected! As a result, his people had sustained a few injuries but nothing too serious.

Slowly they moved down the hallways, following the emissions that were being emitted by the engine core of the ship. All of a sudden the soldier on point saw his scanner spike and indicated for the others to stop.

“Report!” said the commander

“Sir, this has to be it. The emissions are of the scale and they match the profile Lord Lorat gave me.” The soldier whispered

The commander indicated to one of the other units who moved over to the door. He slid a small amount of explosive into the access slot and detonated it.

It wasn’t a spectacular blast but it was enough to overload the circuits that sealed the door. The commander and another soldier put some grips onto the door and forced it open. Quickly they moved inside, blasts firing at the guards that were on this part of the engine room.

As they looked around they were stunned by the size and majesty of what lay before them. It was a granolith all right, but it nearly the entire height of the ship, this was the mid section and as the commander looked down to the bottom of the shaft he could see down at least 20 decks. God knows how further it went into the darkness! It was the same as he looked up, but up there he could see lights flashing at the top of the device. One thing he did know for sure, securing a room this size was going to be impossible.

“I thought Lorat said this thing was smaller than a Granolith!” said his second

“No, he said weaker not smaller. This is going to take some time!”

All of a sudden the section of the Granolith that was inline with this deck started to spin slowly. The grinding sound echoed through the room as lights from the surrounding walls started to flash on the surface.

“To use a human word…Wow!” said one soldier

“Sir, I have an idea!” said one of Shalara’s people as she looked over the consuls before the observation window.

“And that would be?” the commander asked

“I’ve been looking over the systems in here, it looks like this is the central control unit for the engines. From here we could seal off the other decks in here and pump in sleep gas. We wouldn’t need to fire a shot and we would take a lot of prisoners.”

“Excellent…do it once your ready.” The commander ordered

“Yes sir!”

“Sir…I’ve located a suitable port for the uplink!” said another soldier

The commander moved over and inserted the device. A few minutes later the other soldier sealed the decks and forced any engineers and any other guards into a deep sleep. It was decided that they would work from the top down, they moved as quickly as they could as they bound the sleeping prisoners and moved them into a corner away from any alarm systems.

Deck 1

Team 1 had successfully taken out every guard and patrol between their entry point and the command centre. Once they were inside they found a skeleton command staff and in using a stun bomb they took everyone out. The commander decided to keep this lot alive as prisoners, no one had any idea if the controls of this ship were standard or if they required specialist training. If it were the later, then having the commanding units around would be a valuable asset to Lord Larek.

They had done it! Their part of the mission was complete, now all they had to do was hold the bridge until the remaining opposition was neutralised. Then they would have to wait for Lorat before they could get the ship out of here and back to Kalaria.

Somewhere on Deck 43

The team had entered through the lowest most deck and was having the worst time than the others. Five men were down by a heavily armed assault force that pinned them down; they must have been near an armoury when they felt the bumps from the impacts of the ships pinned them down.

Eventually they were forced back into a doorway that they forced open. Once inside they sealed it and used whatever they could to barricade it. Then they turned round…

“Shit!” said the commander

He was in some kind of manufacturing facility and around them were dozens of launch tubes, seeding pods and sealed vats of what they could only assume was the Kon’ma’Ra plague.

“You three better get to work!” the team commander said as he looked to Shalara’s bio-hazard team

The three surviving people activated their HAZMAT equipment and moved into the sealed area of the facility where the virus was produced. Slowly they worked as they handled the samples, mixing together a nice little concoction that they hoped would contaminate the virus and neutralise it.

“Sir, take a look at this!”

The commander moved over to his second who was examining one of the atmospheric seeding pods.

“What’s up?” he asked

“These pods…they’re equipped with internal explosives.”

“What? Why in the hell would he do that?”

“An explosion would spread the virus further…Kivar would need fewer pods. But these look like they are designed to detonate in space.”

“Okay that makes even less sense, the virus couldn’t spread…”

Shalara’s chief soldier interrupted him.

“Commander, I think you better come here!” he said

“What’s going on?” the commander asked

“Somehow Kivar has modified the virus! Normally the virus needs fuel to aid in its reproduction but this new strain thrives in any environment…or should I say lack of environment.”

“What are you taking about?”

“This virus can spread in space, it doesn’t need an atmosphere, it’s not affected by heat or cold and it doesn’t need an external fuel source. It’ll just keep reproducing and spreading no matter what…the Crolyssium the pods are made from is still the only material that can stop it.”

“The pods out there are equipped with explosives…if Kivar detonates them in space…”

“Then the virus would spread throughout the entire star system and infect all planets. It would keep on going, spreading throughout space until everything is contaminated!”

“Okay…this stuff, could it be incinerated?” the commander asked

“Sorry sir, so far it doesn’t look like it…if anything the incinerator would have to be a…”

“A star…load up as much of the virus as you can into the pods, when we pass the sun we’ll launch them into it.”

“Yes Sir!” said the soldier before turning back to the lab.

The machines burst into life as pipes moved into position and filled every single pod until the vats were empty. Then the pods were moved into the launch tubes. The commander communicated with his compatriots on the command deck and in engineering. It was agreed that as soon as they were underway they would get as close to the star as possible and launch the virus.

Meanwhile the guards outside the door where bashing away, trying to get access. The commander of Team 2 however was giving them a little hand. He sealed off sections of all the decks and pumped in the remainder of his gas. Any remaining opposition was either asleep or dead, thanks to a little nerve toxic he mixed in. Once the gas was clear, the access doors were reopened and the units were free to move around as they confined their prisoners.


Slowly the command ship was drifting between the dozen or so battleships that Kivar had stationed here to here to protect his little treasure. When they moved close to a ship they would release a mine that would latch onto the hull of the ship and detonate when the Warship was ready to move. The amount of chaos that would be created would by enough time for the ships to get back to Kalaria.

Before long all enemy vessels had at least two mines on it, not enough to destroy it but enough to disable it. Lorat wanted to make sure that Kivar could take out a little retribution for their…incompetence.

His ship moved over along side the vessel and together they moved off. The explosions on the hulls sent the ships into disarray. They lost navigation and their orientation shifted, weapon systems couldn’t lock on, gravity failed and many of the lower decks were on fire.

As the warship moved passed the Antarian sun, thousands of pods were launched from the side tubes and entered the sun. The crews of the ships watched as they detonated and the vapour of the virus burned up in the blue flames. The cheering could be heard thought the ship, the greatest threat had now been eliminated and the greatest battle of the civil war to date had been won…even though it was the quietest.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 46

Kitchen, Parker Residence, 17:00

Liz had been cutting up vegetables as she helped her mother around the house. Her shorted school day, thanks to the arrival of her new pet, had given her the opportunity to help her mother as well as practice with her new connection to the Granolith. After a particularly exhausting session in which she managed to see the actual programming of the device in her head she decided to help cook dinner. The meeting with Alex, Isabel and Max about the collective dreaming had been unproductive. The only thing any of them could thing of was the rings that they received from the Granolith, their glowing certainly indicated that they had a part to play but something kept nagging at Liz.

Right now she was cutting some chilli peppers and every so often she would toss a small piece up into the air. Gandi, who was resting in her usual high place on top of a cabinet, would either fly out or send one of her tentacles to grab hold of the food and swallow it down. Once she was settled again she would always send a tentacle back down to Liz and touched her cheek, Liz always smiled at the contact.

Just then Max and Maria arrived and headed straight for her, Maria looked up and spotted the newest resident and did her best to keep her distance. Max on the other hand was a little more comfortable; he still didn’t like having a creature like Gandi anywhere near Liz but accepted that Liz could control her.

“Hey Max!” Liz said softly before he kissed her cheek.

“Hey…any problems with you know who?” Max said as he indicated to Gandi with his head.

“Not a one…so what are you guys doing here?” Liz asked

“Well, I’m on my way to pick up mom for the dinner tonight…should be fun!” Maria said with concern

“Hey come on. She’ll be fine and besides it’s not like she isn’t expecting it.” Liz said as she tried to re-enforce her friends failing confidence

“Mom might be expecting it but it doesn’t mean she has to like it…or kill Michael!”

“Maria, your mom likes Michael…granted this will probably be the last time you and Michael have kids after she get through with him…” Max joked before Liz punched his arm. “OUCH…what’d I do?”

“Really great confidence builder sweetie.” Liz said as she gazed into his eyes

Maria was now sitting at the table, her head in her hands. Gandi had observed the interaction between the humans and noted the vibe of despair coming from the blonde female. She floated down and landed on the table before Maria who looked up and saw the blue alien face staring back at her.

“LIZZZZ” she said as she backed up as far into her seat as she could

Gandi reached out and touched Maria’s cheek as she had done with Liz. The action caused Maria to pull away sharply and fall from her chair. Gandi, sensing the fear shot all her tentacles out and caught Maria before she hit the floor. She then brought Maria back up to face her and both hovered above the table; Gandi held Maria in place as she moved forward and rubbed her head against Maria’s cheek.

“I think she likes you Maria!” Liz said as she watched from the sidelines, keeping a hand on Max’s arm to prevent him from moving to intercede.

“Yeah?” Maria asked as she looked at the alien

“Yeah!” Liz stated

Maria reached her hand out and petted Gandi on the head, everyone watched as Gandi tried to move further into her hand and direct it over a nearby spot.

“What…what’s she doing?” Maria asked

“You must have found an itch, she really likes being scratched back there!” Liz said as they watched Gandi let go of Maria after she was lowered onto the floor on to the floor.

“What was that all about?” Maria asked as she watched Gandi fly back up to the cabinet.

“She just wanted to cheer you up…now you! Go get your mother and go have a nice dinner. I know for a fact that Michael spent all day preparing this…hell even Rath helped!” Liz said

“Really? This should be interesting.” Maria replied, “Okay…I can do this, I mean what’s the worst that could happen?” She said as she looked over at Max, “You don’t say a word.”

Max just held up his hand in surrender.

Liz moved round the counter and over to her friend and hugged her. She wished Maria luck and then said goodbye to her. Maria left and went downstairs to her car.

“Hey you never said why you came over?” Liz asked Max

“Do I need a reason to see you?” Max asked seductively

“No…but I saw the look on your face when you came in, that and I can sense some of your thoughts…remember?” Liz said before starching up to peck him on his lips.

“Yeah I remember…okay, remember that phone call I got from the president?” Max asked

“Yes…you said he wanted to arrange to buy some of the material from the cave.” Liz said as she sat down

“Well that was only part of it and my dad has decided to take up the selling part of everything. The uhh…other part was that a number of Senators, Congressmen and foreign leaders have expressed in interest in meeting me. Basically he would like me to speak before Congress…and the U.N.!”

“Oh!” Liz said as she remembered her mates’ distaste for being the centre of attention and this was about as centre as anyone could get.


“You gonna do it?” Liz asked

“I don’t think I have much of a choice, do you? I mean people out there are already afraid of what we have to hide…I don’t do this, it’ll just get worse!” Max said

“I suppose so…I could go with you if you want?”

“I was hoping you would say that but you’ve already missed a bit of school because of all of this. I don’t want you to miss anymore!” Max said

“Forget school, my husband is going to speak to the most important people on the planet. I’m not going to let you go through that by yourself…besides the term just started, catching up will be easy.” Liz said as she took his hand in hers

“Okay, but I don’t want you to push yourself! God, what the hell am I going to say?”

“How long do you have?”

“The president left it as an open invitation…basically when I’m ready he can arrange it! He did offer to have his speech writers do it but that seems kind of…”

“Not you!” Liz finished

“Yeah, exactly but it could be a good call!” Max said

“Well we have some time for arrangements, don’t worry about it just now, we’ll figure out what to do.” Liz said as her thumb stroked his hand

“Off topic a little, when do you want to tell your parents…about the rings I mean?” Max asked

“I’m not sure, this is kind of unofficial but maybe we should wait and see.” Liz said

“Okay…I kind of think Isabel feels the same way. Privately this is ours, it doesn’t need to go out there yet…at least not until it is official. Oh by the way, do have any more ideas on that shared dream of ours?”

“No…the rings seem to be obvious but somehow it doesn’t seem right. I’ve tried to call Phoenix but he just said that he’ll look into it.”

“Meaning…he doesn’t know? How can that be, his people made the Granolith’s and we got the rings from it…how could he not know?” Max rambled

“I don’t know but at least he’s trying to find out what is happening.” Liz said

“Well I better get going…mom is expecting me home for dinner.” They both stood up from the table and moved to the door. The stood still for a moment before giving each other a very heated goodbye kiss.

Command Centre, Kalarian Royal Palace, 17:20

Larek and Shalara were waiting for Lorat’s return. He had sent word that the ship was now hidden in a crater on Kalaria’s fourth moon and to make doubly sure, he ripped out the cloaks from the transports used in the assault and planted them inside so that it would remain unseen. Once the message had been received a final ship was launched, one that contained over a hundred engineers that would go over every inch of that ship. Other engineers planet side were busy going over the technical schematics provided by the computer uplinks.

“So, how did you become Sira’s guardian?” Larek asked as he tried to make conversation to lighten the mood.

“Her parent’s were my closest servants. When they died in an accident I took her in, I have no heir and I liked the idea of raising her. Sira was less than a year old when it happened, I’m just thankful that she doesn’t remember it!” Shalara responded

“Bad?” Larek asked

“Very…an explosion near the palace, there wasn’t much left of them.”

Just then two of the younger guests on the planet had arrived back.

“Lord Larek…where’s my uncle?” Jared asked

“He’s on his way Jared. Now what happen to you two?” He asked as he looked over the young man

“We…uh…went…” Jared stammered

“Jared showed me the Pleasure Domes!” Sira said excitedly

Jared closed his eyes and cringed a little.

“WHAT?” Shalara asked loudly

“Not that dome…we stayed clear of that one!” Jared spat out quickly

“Jared?” Larek said sternly

“The amusements, parks, holo-domes…we did the lot. But we stayed away from the red sector, promise!” Jared said with a tone that made him sound like he was begging

“Well…good then!” Shalara said, visibly more relaxed

“What’s the red sector?” Sira asked innocently

“Remember that door with the seal on it…you asked what was through there and I said you didn’t wanna know?” Jared asked

“Yeah!” Sira trailed out

“That’s it! It’s…uh…adults only!”

“Oh. OH…right, gotcha.” Sira said as her face began to blush.

Jared had seen her skin turn red, he found her even more beautiful than when he first saw her but his attention was removed from her when his uncle entered and not in the best of moods…

“He’s insane, that bastard is totally insane!” Lorat ranted

“Lorat calm down…” Larek said, “What happened?”

“Kivar…he modified the virus. He made it so that it could survive in any environment, including space. If he detonated the pods he could have spread the damn thing all over the solar system, even his own planet would be infected!”

“You destroyed the virus, right?” Shalara asked

“Yeah, we emptied all of the plague into the pods and launched them into the sun. It’s all gone, sensor sweeps showed nothing in the immediate vicinity so we can safely assume that none of the virus got away.

Larek, this damn stuff just got scarier than hell. If one pod were detonated anywhere, then it would continue to spread. Nothing could stop it and while it may take millions of years it could have infected every planet that exists.” Lorat said

“Well at least it’s gone now and we have his ship!” Larek said with pride

“Yeah, we got the ship!” Lorat said as he returned his attention to the goal of his very successful mission. “It may take some time to go through all the information we have but when we do we should be able to recreate the vessel in massive numbers. We could have a fleet that could be used to protect our worlds instead of being used to destroy them.”

“Excellent…Shalara, I believe we have an appointment on Earth.” Larek said

Larek escorted her out of the chamber and to his personal quarters. Once there they sat in the chairs, closed their eyes and focused. In a few hours they would be on Earth.

In the Command Chamber, Lorat looked over his nephew and the young lady visiting the planet.

“So…how was your day?” Lorat asked

“Fun, I can’t remember the last time I actually had some!” Sira said

“Well that’s because you spend your time in a library!” Jared teased, “Believe me, when ever you’re with me those books will be the last thing on your mind.”

“I hope so!” Sira whispered but Jared and Lorat heard her.

Jared’s smile couldn’t be contained; Lorat’s smile was on the inside. Finally his young nephew was beginning to grow up a little and was proud of him for keeping away from the Red Sector of the domes while he was in the company of Sira. Hopefully someday soon he could introduce Jared to his two uncles on Earth.

Michael’s Apartment, 17:35 – Dinner Time

Michael had the table set, borrowed a tablecloth from the Evans…thanks to Isabel’s suggestion. The decent cutlery he had bought was out and the soup was in the bowls, all he waited for was his guests. Then came the knock at the door.

“Hey!” he said as he hugged Maria

“Hey.” She responded as she breathed in his scent. Somehow it calmed her.

Michael then turned to his other guest. “Ms Deluca, how are you doing?”

“Fine Michael, fine!” Amy said as she looked over to the table. She was suitably impressed. “Looks like you’re really out to impress someone!”

“Yeah well…did it work?” he asked humbly

“You can say that again.” Amy replied, “And call me Amy!”

Michael looked at Maria, they both smiled. Michael took their coats and sat them down at the table.

“So what did you two want to talk to me about?” she asked as she took a spoonful of soup. She was very surprised at how good simple mushroom soup could taste.

“Well mom the thing is that your were…hey Michael great soup!” Maria said quickly changing the subject as her nerves took hold of her once again.

“Maria?” Her mother said

Michael reached his hand over and placed it on top of Maria’s. Amy saw the move and saw how much it seemed to calm her, she never felt like that with that no good looser who ran out on her.

“Maria, it’s okay!” Michael said calmly

Maria nodded and looked back to her mother.

“Mom, you were right a couple of days ago…I’m pregnant!” Maria said


Amy had been expecting it; Nancy and Diane had had a nice little chat with her. They had told her to expect it.

“So you lied to me that morning?” Amy asked

“NO!” Maria said quickly, “No mom, I really thought it was the pizza. It wasn’t till you suggested it that I got this kind of flash.”

“Flash?” Amy asked

“Yeah I had it as well, we saw…well we saw when it happened…” Michael said vaguely

“I see. So what do you two plan on doing?”

“Well we kinda haven’t talked…” Maria started to say

“Actually, I have! Max, Isabel and the others…we all agreed that Maria and the others will get a share in the money when all that stuff is sold. We wanted to make sure that if anything happened to us then the others and the children will still be taken care off.” Michael said

“Well I’m glad that you’ve done that Michael and I’m glad Maria is going to be taken care of but what about marriage?”

“Well that we haven’t talked about but if you need some reassurance then all I can tell you is that I’m not opposed to the idea. But we do need to talk about it.” Michael said as he looked into Maria’s eyes. The warmth and love he saw was unmistakeable, that and the smile that was as wide as it could go.

Amy nodded and after that the conversation was slow and a lot more relaxed. As they finished the soup, Michael brought in the main course. They loved the chicken; even Michael was surprised at how well the sauce came out.

“Well at least you’ve got an excuse to get out of doing the cooking Maria.” Her mother joked

“You got that right!” Maria said

“Hey, I like to cook. Doesn’t mean to say I have to do it all the time!” Michael said

“Well you did a good job here and if I’m carrying your kids for over a year then you do the cooking Spaceboy!” Maria said

Both Michael and Amy looked up from their plates and look at each other then over to Maria.

“What?” They both said at the same time.

Maria looked up as she realised what she had done.

“I forgot to tell you didn’t I?” Maria said, “Uh Michael…we’re having twins.”

“Twi…twins?” Michael coughed out.

“Yeah. Its an alien thing!” Maria said

Michael stood up and moved over to Maria. He helped her stand up and hugged her tightly; Maria could feel the smile coming off him. Amy stood up and moved up to her daughter. Michael saw her coming over to them and released Maria who then went into her mother’s arms.

“Congratulations sweetie!” Amy said warmly

The dinner went on and Michael received more compliments, enough so that his ego was on the verge of breaking loose. Eventually the meal was finished and they sat down, very rarely was Michael’s hand away from Maria’s. The entire evening was a success, they sat down and talked all night before Amy decided that she better go home before she fell asleep. Maria said goodnight to Michael and made a promise that he would receive one of her ‘special’ phone calls soon.

Empty & Condemned Wing, New Mexico State Prison, 17:50

Prisoner 87687 had been grabbed out of his cell by a guard and dragged out here. He put up one hell of a fight before the guard beat the crap out of him, just to keep him quiet. Eventually he woke up and looked over to see a kid sitting in front of him, he was chained to an old steam pipe that prevented him from moving more than half a foot in any direction.

“You the fuck are you?” the prisoner asked

“87687…My name is Nicholas, my predecessor spoke to you before about an early release. I represent certain parties that require your services.”

“What kind of services?”

“No doubt your aware of the alien situation in Roswell. My employers have concerns about their presence on Earth and would like to see them removed.” Nicholas said

“How the hell can I help you there?”

“Simple!” Nicholas said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a photograph. He slid it across the desk. “You can get close…my people have tried, they can’t!”

The prisoner looked down at the photograph and saw a face he knew all too well.

“Maria!” he said with a smile.

“Exactly…listen, through her you can get close. Here is the deal, we arrange for your early release and you go to Roswell. You do exactly what we say, ultimately all you have to do is hand over this female alien and you will be hailed as the man who saved Earth from the Alien Threat!” Nicholas removed a second photo, that of Isabel and gave it to the prisoner.

“That’s all, just her?”

“That’s all!” Nicholas said


Both of them smiled, Nicholas’s was distinctly more sinister and evil!

Granolith Chamber, 1800

The First and Phoenix used the Granolith and turned the chamber into a miniature laboratory. They were going over every ounce of data they had collected in order to find out how the collective dream was initiated. For someone who never slept and who, up until now, was immortal he certainly felt tired.

Just then he spotted an anomaly in one of the reports.

“Oh dear!” he said

“You have something?” The First asked

“You might say that! Here.” Phoenix said as he handed the report to his elder

The First scanned the report looking for his Phoenix had spotted. He had to look twice before he could accept what he was seeing.

“This is impossible!” he said as he held up the report

“That’s what I thought but its accurate…it’s inside him!” Phoenix said with concern

“I sensed an absence but this…”

Both Omniriads looked round to the black device their species had created. Things certainly had changed since the two systems merged into the new machine before them but could not have expected a change like this. Heads were certain to role when the kids find out about this. Another thing they would have to get use to. Might not be as bad as they think but two of them certainly had a reason to be concerned.

Core Chamber, Omniriad Home world, Same Time

The core had been made aware of a flux in the Granolith network and Phoenix’s subsequent research using the Granolith on Earth. They were as shocked to discover the same anomaly. They ordered every scientist and expert they had to study the incident and its impact. Unfortunately the life of a human was about to change even more dramatically than it already had…a human called Alex Whitman!

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 47

Computer Lab, Roswell High, 10:30am The Next Day

This was the only class Alex had by himself; none of the others had any luck with computers. Sure they could do typing and general stuff but when it came down to it Alex was the one who actually understood what was going inside them. Now he was listening to his teacher rattle on about EIDE connectors, it was something that was so basic that had put him on the precipice of sleep. His attention was suddenly drawn when there was a knock at the door and in walked an older man in a suit, with a very thick and bushy beard. Mr Grace, the teacher, looked at the guest and nodded.

Alex could have sworn that when the gentlemen moved to the back of the classroom that he gave him a quick look…and was given another by Mr Grace. The stranger said nothing but he just sat an empty seat in the back corner and watched as the lesson continued. When the class was about to end, Mr Grace started to hand out last weeks graded homework assignments.

“Okay class all of you did moderately well!” Mr Grace said. However, he never handed out Alex’s work and before anything could be said the bell rang. “Alex, could you stay back for a moment.”

As the class shuffled out, they each gave looks to Alex that made him feel like he was about to be sent to the principle. Mr Grace opened his desk drawer and pulled out Alex’s work…very thick work!

“Alex I wanted to talk to you about you homework…quite frankly I don’t know where to begin!” Mr Grace said as his guest moved beside him. “Alex this is Jack Ringer, he was a professor of mine over at MIT…a long time before I became a teacher. I sent him a copy of your work because, to be honest, this is way over my head.”

“Mr Whitman, when I looked over this I could barely comprehend what you had in here…given your relationship to the Antarians I need to know that this is your work and that you wrote this without any assistance.” Ringer asked as he handed Alex his copy of the document.

Alex looked over the first few pages and skimmed several others, “Uh, yes sir this is my work and believe me none of the others have any interest in computers…unless Michael’s Playstation counts? And call me Alex.”

“No, that definitely doesn’t count!” Ringer chuckled. “Alex, I looked over this and gave it to a few of my colleagues. What you have written here is extremely advanced and never even been considered before…hell this is so theoretical that it doesn’t have a name!”

“Crystalline Optics!” Alex uttered out without thinking about it. He looked back up at the others and noted the amazed yet confused looks from the elder men. “Don’t ask where that came from!”

“Alex…” Ringer chuckled as he shook his head. “Listen, what you have proposed is a completely new area of computer technology, we probably don’t have a computer language that could make use of it.”

Alex suddenly turned, grabbed a pen and started writing down pages full of binary code. The two teachers looked over his shoulder as he worked and looked over when Isabel knocked at the door and peaked her head in. She had been waiting for Alex and was getting worried when he didn’t show. Mr Grace beckoned her in.

“Jack this is Isabel Evans, one of our resident Antarians. Isabel this is Jack Ringer!”

“Hey…what’s going on?” Isabel asked

“Wish I knew?” Alex said as he ripped off a page and started on the next

Thirty pages and a very tired Isabel later Alex stopped writing and gathered up the pages lying around. “Done!” he said

“Done what?” Mr Grace asked

“I think I just wrote a programming language and an operating system for it.” Alex responded as he handed the pages over the Mr Ringer.

He looked over the papers and asked Alex if he could take them. Alex agreed.

“Excellent, I have some friends who could look over this…they can tell us exactly what we’ve got here.”

Grace and Ringer left leaving Alex and Isabel alone. Alex sat down next to Isabel who turned to face him.

“Something we need to talk about?” Isabel asked

“Yeah…yeah I think so! I had a quick look over the paper that I handed in; I was good with computer but not that good. Certainly nowhere near inventing a new type of computer.” Alex responded

“What do you want to do?” She asked as softly as she could

“Not sure, but I’m tired of weird things happening to us without answers or explanations that are vague. I mean what the hell does Antarian Law have to do with this, we still haven’t got a decent answer on that one…I just need to know what’s happening to me. I don’t anything spilling over to these guys.” Alex said as he rested his hand over Isabel’s belly.

Isabel placed her hand over his and the two teens rested their foreheads against each other. “Well no matter what, I’m here for you…we all are.” She said

At 11:15 they walked out of the lab and went to their next class, hand in hand.

Principles Office, Same Time

The Principle was sitting at his desk, he had agreed to the alien Serena’s request. It was reasonable and he agreed that it needed to be done, the kids needed to learn about the political system of their home and it seemed natural that it should be done here. The only problem was that he was extremely eager to pick up the phone and call an old classmate of his. Studying foreign politics was his strong suit and it had earned him a position as a political advisor to one or two dignitaries. An opportunity like this and he would have been on the next plane out.

Principle Edwards picked up the phone and dialled quickly.

“Allan…Graham Edwards here…listen I have some thing here you’re gonna want to know about.” Edwards continued to explain what was going on. Little did he know that soon after the call was over, his friend was back on the phone – spreading the word!

Eraser Room, Roswell High, Lunch Time

Michael and Maria had shifted their way into the room quietly; making sure that no one had spotted them. When they were both inside they grabbed each other, kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. Michael slid his hands down Maria’s back and eventually cupped the firm globes of her ass. He lifted her up and soon Maria’s legs were wrapped around his waist.

As they kissed hard, Maria started to undo the buttons on Michael’s shirt. When the shirt was unfastened she started to run her hands along Michael’s naked torso.

“Ughh, you have no idea how much I wanted to stay with you last night.” Maria moaned after biting on his lower lip.

“You kidding? I was fighting to stop myself from throwing you on the table and take you right then.” Michael responded. He started to pull her top up and once it was over her breasts he pulled down the fabric of one of her bra cup. When he was greeted with a rosy red nipple, Michael latched his mouth over it and nibbled and sucked.

“Ahh…in front…in front of my mom? That would have gone down well!” Maria gasped out as her eyes rolled back in pleasure

Michael pulled his head away and said, “Maybe she would have learned a few things!” He then dived down on the other succulent mound.

Maria was suddenly overcome with a need to taste Michael. She loosened her legs and slid back down his body until she was kneeling before him where she unfastened his jeans. Once his throbbing member was free, Maria took him into her mouth. Michael moaned and groaned as Maria vigorously bobbed her head back and forth, running her tongue over his engorged length.

“God baby…you’re really getting good at this.” Michael moaned as he leaned back against the wall.

Maria pulled away, causing Michael to groan in protest, licking the underside of his cock and then the tip. “You better believe it!” She said with confidence before plunging back, taking his full length into her mouth. Michael’s pleasure doubled in intensity and grabbed hold of a mass of hair, guiding her head back down.

Maria was certainly doing a number on her lover. Every time he felt like he was about to cum, Maria sensed it and pulled away. The frustration was building in Michael who desperately wanted force her back to finish the job but the tease was a part of Maria and ultimately he loved it almost as much as he loved her. As Maria backed off, she removed a piece of clothing. First came the top and then as Michael removed his shirt, off came her bra. All too soon, Michael’s jeans that had pooled around his ankles were lying on the floor.

Within minutes Michael was on the floor, Maria was on top of him sucking him off as his head was between her legs and eating her out. Michael’s hands caressed along her body down her sides and up her back until they rested on her butt. Every time Michael licked Maria’s clit the subsequent wave shot through her causing her to clamp down on his dick, sending a wave of pleasure through him.

Five more minutes of their 69, Michael had received all he could take and blasted his seed into Maria’s mouth. She caught his gift and eagerly swallowed it all down before licking his dick clean. Soon she was resting beside Michael, he was almost completely wiped but he did manage to finger his girlfriend to her own orgasm. Both were very satisfied and felt like sleeping as their naked legs rubbed against each other.

“Why is it we only seem to have time for this at lunch time?” Maria asked

“Wish I knew, but I’m going to start make a hell of a lot more time.” Michael responded before kissing her.

Unfortunately of them, the bell rang! They jumped to their feet, put their clothes back on and sneaked back out into the halls but not before giving each other a passionate kiss that was full of promise of the things to come.

Granolith Chamber, After Lunch

Phoenix had been going over a packet of data from his home world. It was certainly bad news, he had hoped that the fluctuation in the network had gone unnoticed by the core but then again that was unrealistic. He was going to have to tell Alex and his superiors were not like to take no as an answer…certainly not from a human!

“Bad news?” asked the First

“Yeah, pretty much!” Said Phoenix. “It is the judgement of the Core, that to prevent unknown repercussions to the human race, the human known as Alexander Whitman shall be removed from Earth and transported to Omniria.” He quoted from the document.

“You’re kidding? They want to take him to Omniria?”

“I wish to god I was kidding! I should go speak to them…no point in putting it off.” Phoenix said. He stood up and walked away before fading away.

English Class, Roswell High, a few seconds later

By now everyone had heard of what Alex had done. All of his teachers had looked over his recent work and compared it to that which he did before the exposure occurred - improvement was an understatement. None of them could figure out how they missed it, although most were focusing on the abilities of there other worldly students.

Isabel had also quietly informed Max and Liz, like Isabel they were concerned about what was going on but like Alex they were determined to find out what was happening. The usually rowdy class was once again in debate mode, their teacher was mediating the talk and once again Islamic Extremists was the topic. Usually the teacher tried to get everybody involved and now that she had alien royalty in the class she kept turning to Max and the others for their opinions. Taking the smart move they kept their mouths shut, they had no idea if anyone other than the class was listening and the last thing they wanted was to make any comments that could be taken out of context.

All of a sudden there was the sound of a bird screech and a burst of flame next to the board. All of the students were stunned in frozen silence as the flames took the shape of a human.

Liz who was continuing to right in her book had her head resting on her hand just looked up. “Hey Phoenix!”

“Hello Liz, Max…” He stopped as he looked over the students he didn’t know before speaking again. “…You know you humans have this little requirement. Its called breathing!”

There was an audible sound as everyone started to breath again.

“So what are you doing here?” Max asked

Phoenix then turned to Alex. “Alex, I have been instructed by my government to…take you from Earth.”

“WHAT?” Isabel yelled

Alex put his hand on her arm to calm her. He stepped in front of her to square off with Phoenix.

“Mind explaining that!” Alex asked

“I take it you’ve noticed a few changed recently?”

“Yeah…you could say that. Apparently my last computer homework, I theorised a new computer technology and then I wrote out thirty pages of binary code, I called it Crystalline Optics. Don’t suppose you got some answers?”

“Yes. Since the Granolith’s merged there has been a developing sentience in it. However, it has been limited through constraints in the Granolith itself but it found another way to help its evolution. When you died there was a ripple throughout the network of the Granoliths, the system on Earth downloaded information from all the others and then it dumped it into you. It gave it more room in its memory for development, the ring you have provided a link so it can use the data…basically this situation was never thought of as possible.”

“So you’re saying I’ve got the knowledge of a couple of dozen races in my head?” Alex asked

“No…I’m saying you have the complete history, technology and beliefs of a couple of MILLION races, all throughout the universe. That computer system you mentioned was developed by a race called the Skla’a. It’s over 800 years away from being developed here on Earth.” Phoenix said

“Okaaaay…so the Granolith screwed up, what does this have to do with your lot?”

“They view that kind of knowledge in a human to be an unnecessary risk and to remove the danger they believe they must remove you.”

“Wait a minute, I thought that was the whole point of the Granolith’s? To teach the races!” Liz said

“Yes! But to teach them at a slow pace so that they could develop safely. Alex, they believe you represent a massive leap forward for human technology…a dangerous leap!”

“What about me?” Isabel asked humbly, “Can I go with him?”

“No, your removal will constitute a violation of the Antarian Political situation. That they won’t deal with.”

“They can go to hell!” Alex said bluntly

Everyone looked at him.

“Alex, they won’t take no for an answer. Their only other option will be to terminate you.” Phoenix said

“Phoenix, you can tell them that under no circumstances will I leave my home, I will not leave my family, my friends and like hell will I leave Isabel. Fuck them and if they want to kill me then they are more certainly welcome to try!” Alex said

Phoenix looked over the young man and smiled. He had hoped that Alex would have responded like this and he knew that he would never leave Isabel. He extended his hand and Alex took it.

“I was hoping you would say that!” Phoenix said, “I’m going to give them your response but when they come I’ll stand by you and we may have an ace in the hole!”

He turned away and faded into nothingness. Everyone in the class just looked over at Alex who just sat back down in his seat next to Isabel.

“You okay?” Max asked

“No, no I’m not…Isabel I want you away from me!” Alex said without looking at her

“Alex, I…” Isabel started

“No, Isabel…I’m sorry but I don’t want you anywhere near me when they come.”

“Well you don’t get to make that call. What affects you affect us, if they come I’m going to be right next to you!” Isabel said with conviction. There no way a race that was going to be dead in ten years would take Alex away from her and their unborn children.

“We’ll all be there!” said Max as he stood next to his future brother in-law.

“And you can bet your ass I’ll be there as well!” Lonnie said as she entered the room. She was coming over to try and wrangle her sister to ditch school but had overheard Phoenix. “And I’ll make sure Zan and the others come too…those bastards will have one hell of a fight on their hands.” With that Lonnie turned and left the school to find Zan.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 48

Roswell High School, 14:00

While the others were in class, Alex found a nice quiet room and just sat looking out of a window. He had a lot to think about but he was adamant that he was not going to be forced away from Isabel, Kivar wont do it and certainly not some race that was going to be dead in ten years. Oh no, he was not leaving, all he had to do was find a way out of it and beside him on the desk was a possibility.

When he arrived in the class he had taken out the transportation device Liz had gotten from the Granolith and had taken it apart a piece at a time. With each component he removed he drew on a piece of paper and before long he had a complete diagram of the inner workings of the device. At first he his actions were guided by pure instinct but then he started to put it back together but more to the point he understood what he was doing!

“Hey you okay?” came a voice from behind him

Alex turned and saw Kyle standing at the door. Kyle had missed the earlier events in the classroom but the news spread like wildfire through the school and someone from that class had graciously informed the press who were once again standing at the gates of the school.

“Oh yeah I’m great!” Alex said sarcastically

“So…a million races huh?”

“Give or take!” Alex responded

“You aren’t going anywhere…hell if they tried Isabel would rip them to shreds!” Kyle joked, “Listen, I’ve already called my dad. When they come, you are going to be surrounded by cops and Secret Service…as well as the rest of us.”

“No way! Absolutely not!”

“Hey as I understand it you already had this talk with Isabel, right?” Kyle said

“I may not be able to win with her or you guys but I can keep other people away from this. I’m not going to let anyone risk themselves because of me!” Alex stated firmly

“Why not?” Kyle asked


“Why not? Simple question I thought!”

“Because…because…I’m not…” Alex said quietly

“Not what…worth it?” Kyle asked and Alex nodded. “Alex you have an Antarian Princess who loves you completely, very loyal friends, a whole whack of powers and now to top it off you got a lot info in that head of yours. Why in the world…and any other, would you think that you’re not worth it?”

“I…oh come on. I’m the class geek, you’re the jock, and Isabel’s well, she’s Isabel!” Alex said with reverence as he spoke the name of his mate

“Alex you were the class geek, in case you haven’t noticed there are a lot of people trying to get close to us.” Kyle said

“Yeah so they can get close to the others.”

“Maybe…come on I’ll by you a coke!” Kyle said. Alex picked up his stuff and the two walked out of the room.

Stands, Football Field, Roswell High, Same Time

Just as Lonnie had come to talk Isabel into ditching school, Ava had done the same with Tess. Now they were lying on their backs on the top seats looking up at the clouds.

“Elephant!” Ava said as she spotted a cloud

“Uhhh…rat!” Tess said

“Where?” Ava asked

“Up a little bit and over to the left.”

“Oh come on, that is not a rat!” Ava said

“Is too!” Tess countered




“Is!” Tess said forcefully

“Not!” Ava said but then she decided to play a little

“Is.” Tess said

“Is!” said Ava


“See!” Ava teased

“Oh god I can’t believe I did that! What is this a cartoon?” Tess said as she moved her hands up over her face.

“Easy mistake to make!” Said Ava, “Hey who’s that?” she said as she turned her head to see two people approaching.

“That’s Brody…I don’t recognise the other person.” Tess said as she followed her sister’s gaze.

Both girls stood up and ran down the steps and went to the approaching pair.

“Brody, what’s up?” Tess asked

“It’s Larek…how are you two doing?”

“Fine, who is this?” Ava asked

“Tess, Ava. Allow me to present Lady Shalara…your cousin!” Larek said

Both of them were stunned, neither had hoped that they would actually meet one of their original family members.

“Uh hi!” said Tess

“It really is you isn’t it?” Shalara said as she looked at both girls. She could see something of her cousin in both of them and a tear started to run down her cheek.

“Well if you’ll excuse me I have much to discuss with Max.” Larek said as he walked away

“So…Shalara, were we close? When we were back home I mean!” Tess asked

“Oh yes we were very close, we did almost everything together. I never thought I would see you again and now there are two of you…both still beautiful.”

“Is it just me or is this weird?” Ava said casually, trying to lighten the mood. Both her sister and her cousin smiled.

“So why are you on Earth?”

“Well I was hoping to get to know you two and I need to speak to you Tess.”

“Me? Why?” Tess asked

“Larek has told me that you have chosen to mate with a human and not your Zan…Max Evans?” Shalara said

“Yeah his name is Kyle Valenti!” Tess said carefully

“Well there are a few things that you may not be aware of. The main one is that our family placed a high value on protocol, they would not approve of your choice.” Shalara said

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Tess said

“I wish I was but you’re parents, well our entire bloodline has been raised on protocol. There are a few like myself who are not as strict with it but on general they will not accept Kyle as your mate. I really am sorry but I thought you should hear it from me.” Shalara said sympathetically

“Well the family can go to hell. I love Kyle and nothing can make me leave him!” Tess spat

“Hell?” Shalara asked Ava

“Yeah you know, the place where the evil go when they die, lakes of fire and eternal torment!” Ava explained

“Oh Dohart!” Shalara said with understanding. “Tess I understand how you feel, believe me I wish that you could choose who you want but nothing will change there minds.”

Just then Kyle and Alex, who were behind the stands listening in, came round. The look of pain and hatred was clearly visible on his face and all Alex could do was look concerned.

“Shalara, this is Kyle!” Tess said as she took his hand. “Kyle this is my cousin Shalara. She said…”

“I heard what she said and I don’t mean to shoot the messenger but I am not going to leave Tess. Nothing your family could do would change that.” Kyle said bluntly

Shalara looked the young man over and liked what she saw. She could see in the eyes of her cousin and his own just how much they cared for each other.

“Wait a minute…where does our family get off making that kind of a call for us? I don’t remember seeing them when I came out of my pod!” Ava said

“Neither did I!” Tess said

“That wont matter to them Tess.” Shalara responded

“Well it matters to us and I’m not leaving my family without a fa…” Kyle stopped speaking

“What were you about to say?” Shalara asked

“Without a father!” Tess finished for him, “I’m pregnant.”

The smile that appeared on Shalara’s was unmistakeable and moved over to hug her cousin. Tess was a little surprised at first but then returned the embrace.

“Congratulations, that could help convince your parents.” She said as she pulled back from Tess. “My time is nearly done here, but I want to come back. Can I?”

“Of course!” Ava and Tess said together. Tess moved back into Kyle’s arms and gently kissed him on the lips. Shalara held both her cousins close and before leaving asked Kyle to take good care of them.

Just as Shalara left, Lonnie came round the corner.

“Who was that?” she asked

“Just our cousin!” Ava responded, “What’s up?”

“I can’t find Zan or Rath anywhere. I need to tell them what happened today but I can’t even find them!” Lonnie said agitated

“Did you try at home?” Ava asked

Lonnie just looked stunned at somewhere she didn’t even consider. “Okay my brain needs to wake up.” She then noticed Alex’s presence. “As soon as I find that no good brother of mine we are going to keep you on this rock! You can count on that Oopie, no way am I going to let my nephew and niece be raised without their father.” Lonnie reassured him.

Inside the Main Building

Larek had found Max in the cafeteria and sat down next to him. He filled the young king in on the existence of Kivar’s new ship and the subsequent success of the mission to liberate it. Now came the bad news.

“So your going to do what? Take it apart and figure it out?” Max asked

“More or less. We have the designs downloaded from the ships computer, we have engineers going over them now and we should be able to replicate the ships and mass-produce it. With our associates help we would have a fleet that could deal with Kivar’s forces without much of a fight.”

“Okay so what’s the bad news?”

“The ship is powered by a device…a Granolith!” Larek asked

“What?” Max asked with disbelief

“Somehow Kivar has managed to replicate the Granolith technology. He can’t get it exactly correct but with our technology he created a fair approximation of it.”

“How could he do it, I thought that the technology was too advanced to replicate.”

“That’s what we thought!”

“I might be able to find out how he did it. I’ll have to speak to a friend first…how much time do you have left?”

“Not long, my companion has already returned home.” Larek said

“Okay well I will hopefully have an answer by the time you come round again.”

They both stood up and Larek left. Max went back to his classes, he would have to see Liz and then head up to the Granolith and speak to Phoenix. He just hoped he could get an answer.

Granolith Chamber, 2 hours later

Alex beat Max to the punch and arrived for his own answers. He wanted to find away out of this situation with the Core and if anyone could come up with suggestions then Phoenix could. So after activating his transport unit he arrived in the chamber and was greeted by the exiled alien.

“Alex…I should have known you would come here!” Phoenix said

“Well first you tell me that your people want to take me from here and then its because that thing put everything it had into me. So, yeah! You should have known.” Alex said angrily

“Alex you have every reason to be angry but I’m on your side on this. Come on, sit down and we’ll talk.” Phoenix said. Within a few seconds two chairs and a table formed from the ground and they sat down.

Alex reached into his bag and pulled out the diagram. “Here, I want you to take a look at this.”

Phoenix looked over the paper and then over to Alex. “You drew this?”

“You seem surprised.” Alex said

“I am…how did you make this?”

“I took the unit to bits then put it back together. I drew that as I went.” Alex responded

“Alex, having the knowledge is one thing but what you’ve done is show that you understand it…given a little time, you might be able to replicate it. I want to ask you some questions, just to see how much you already have adapted to.”

Alex nodded, if answering a few questions got him answers then that was fine by him.

“Okay…in equatarian physics what is the fourth principle?” Phoenix asked

Alex looked confused for a second, this term he had never heard before but after thinking about it for a second he answered. “Space and time are separate, kept apart by a barrier of high energy particles.”

That was all that Phoenix wanted to know but before he could interrupt Alex continued.

“Manipulation of these particles is possible by using a combination of neutrino and magnetic fields. This results in passages…wormholes through space able to send travellers to any point without the progression of time.” Alex finished

Phoenix just looked at Alex. He knew the theory all to well; his own people surpassed it when they evolved to a state of energy but what Alex suggested was a far simpler method than the Omniriad had ever conceived of.

“What?” Alex asked

“Alex…that was so simple it was…Alex what mineral is capable of producing perpetual energy after initial start up?” Phoenix asked

“Delorite ore, found on 26% of all know habitable planets…but the molecular structure of plutonium can be changed by using a regulated flux generated by a nuclear reaction.”

Phoenix just smiled before asking his last question. “Where and what is the centre of the universe?”

“A mass of quantum energy and spatial gasses located at the point of space that intersects a position of 99,798.87 trillion light-years from Earth, 12.5 million light years from the Carovi Asteroid Field and 25.789 Light years from Krell Prime. Was that right?” Alex said

“Yeah Alex, it was right…and impossible!” Phoenix said

“Why impossible?” Alex asked

“Because the only race that has that knowledge is my own and we never put it in the Granolith’s. You calculated its location by yourself and on the basis of all the data you possess theorised its composition. In addition to that you came up with a new method for wormhole generation and devised a way to create Delorite.

Alex even with all the data you have it could never be implemented because humans aren’t advanced enough to understand it…or so I though! You not only understand it but you can improvise to achieve the same results.”

“Is this good?” Alex asked humbly

“Oh yeah very good! Well you let me run some scans? I want to see what’s going on in your brain.” Phoenix asked

“Sure…they wont do any damage will they?” Alex asked

“No, you’ll be fine.” Phoenix said. He guided Alex so that he was standing in front of the Granolith. Beams shot out from the walls and impacted off of Alex’s head before a last beam went out and into the Granolith.

Phoenix studies the results as the appeared on a display in front of him. The smile on his face was gone within a second.

“What? Is something wrong?” Alex asked

Phoenix discontinued the scan and turned to Alex. “No nothing is wrong. I just need to study these result a while, why don’t you go home. I’ll come to you later.”


With a wave of his hand the Granolith shot its transport beam out and scooped Alex up depositing him back in his home.

“What have you done?” Phoenix asked

“What I had to do! This just confirms that Alex is more than what he knows. More than he’s ever known.” The First said as his image appeared

“It was you all along! There never was an emerging sentience in the granolith was there. It was you who forced the mating of the group, you magnified the Antarian energy in his system when he died, you implanted the information and you altered his brain! The neural structure is nowhere near human…what the hell justifies that.” Phoenix said coldly

“I’ve altered nothing. His brain was like that to begin with!” The First responded

“What? Impossible, Alex is human. He was born human and aside from the energy inside him he is completely human! His brain looks more like…Omniriad.”

“Don’t try and tell me that you’re this blind. Haven’t you ever wondered why of all the worlds in the universe, that we come here?” The First said. Once Phoenix looked up at him he continued. “They’re us Phoenix! Less evolved, different form but more than certainly us.”

“I don’t understand!”

“Trillions of years ago when the first signs of life appeared on our world, Omniria was hit by an asteroid. The impact sent fragments out into space, one of those fragments travelled for thousands of years, the life on it froze but then it impacted on Earth. The radiation it was subject to in space caused it to mutate, develop faster, Earth’s oceans became seeded with our D.N.A. They are us! Earth’s environment influenced their development, they became bi-pedal mammals…Alex is closer to us than any other human, except for Liz.”

“No, this I can’t believe. The chances of his being here in Roswell when all this is going on is astronomical!” Phoenix said as he shook his head.

“Well I have to admit there is a problem there. This region was subjected to nuclear testing in the past, as close as I can tell residual radiation affected his bloodline and the proximity of the Earth Granolith caused a minor evolution in a few families that result in his creation. Alex is still several millennia behind our race and a century or two behind Liz but…”

“But its true and that might be Alex’s way out!” Phoenix said

“I would say so!”

MIT Main Computer Lab, 16:30

Professor Ringer had gathered his best students and given them copies of what they had dubbed ‘The Whitman Code’. He had assigned each of them a section to analyse before they typed it into a computer. Unfortunately they didn’t know what to expect when they actually implemented it and when they did graphic shifted, programs became corrupted and the network crashed completely.

“What the hell happened?” asked Ringer

“This coding…its way to advanced. The current O.S. couldn’t read it and the machines couldn’t handle it!” Said one student.

“They’re toast sir!” said another as he pulled out a smoking circuit board. “Expensive toast!”

Kivar’s Headquarters, New York, 17:00

Kivar had been sitting in his chambers, dwelling on his memories of his last time with Vilandra. Soon she would be his once again!

Nicholas then came into the room with a smile on his face.

“What are you smiling about?” Kivar asked

“Sir, I’ve just received a report. Our associate was released far earlier than expected; he is on his way to Roswell as we speak.” Nicholas said

“Excellent…you’re sure he can get close to Royal Four.”

“Yes sir, his relationship to Rath’s consort will allow him access.” Nicholas said

“Very well, is their anything else?”

“Yes, we received this report from Antar a few minutes a go. It’s encrypted under your personal code.”

Kivar took the pad and waved his hand over it. The encrypted text became legible and Kivar started to read the report. His personal task force and guard were disabled, his plague was gone and his new ship stolen by unknown forces.

Kivar could easily guess who it was. Larek, he was the only one of the nobles who actually stood up to him.

“NO!” Kivar yelled. His voice permeated the walls, everyone in the building heard him and for the first time New York City registered a minor earthquake.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 49

Kivar’s Headquarters, New York, Immediately following

After causing his little earthquake Kivar had come down to the communications centre in an attempt to learn more of his loss.

“I want a full report!” Kivar boomed

“My lord, information is still coming in from our forces on Antar…for what we can put together, an three team strike force somehow breached the hull of the ship in different locations. They proceeded to take out our on-board patrols and secure the main sections. A fourth team attached low-level explosives to the hulls of the surrounding vessels…nothing severe, just enough to cripple them. The proceeded on a growing circular orbit away from the area, one at the sun the launched several pods which ejected some kind of chemical into the star. Their destination is completely unknown!” said one of Kivar’s minions as he read the report from the sceen.

“Oh we know where they went!” Kivar said knowingly

“Kalaria?” Nicholas speculated

Kivar simply nodded. “How many ships did we have protecting the area?” he asked

“27, my lord.” Said another aide

“Identify the captains…once complete send word to Antar. Their immediate families are to be terminated for treason and sedition!” Kivar said gleefully as he left the room

Whitman Residence, 17:15

Alex had just dropped Isabel off back home and then returned to his home. He had only felt this tired after his resurrection but this time it wasn’t physical exhaustion, it was mental! In the past few weeks he had learned that he was destined to die at the hands of Tess which was now dealt with, he had gotten together with Isabel and they like their friends were expecting children, he had died because Sorenson wanted to get in Isabel’s panties, the alien story had broken worldwide, he developed powers and now he had learned that he is a walking alien database and as a result the government leaders of the Omniriad were coming to take him away. He just wanted to grab something to eat and then sleep through till tomorrow…at least he would have Isabel in his dreams with him.

Alex walked into the living room and saw his parents sitting there, waiting for him. When they spotted him they jumped to their feet, facing him.

“Alex, oh my god, tell me they can’t do it?” His mother cried

“How’d you find out so fast?” Alex asked his parents

“Someone in your class broke it to the press…they’ve been reporting it all day! Alex, this is just a bluff right…these Omniriads wont take you will they?” His father asked

“I wish it was…they can basically take me when they want to and nothing can stop them!” Alex said as he plumped down into a seat. He ran his hands down his face and took a deep breath.

“What about Isabel…I mean they wont try to separate you at a time like this will they?”

Alex just chuckled slightly. “The…uh…invitation is for me only. Apparently I’m the big threat to the future of humanity, all because they can’t control their own tech.” He said with spite at the idea of leaving Isabel.

“I’m so, so sorry Alex!” his father said while putting his hand on his son’s shoulder, “You’re not leaving, I wont allow it.”

“You can say that again, they want me? I’ll tear them apart first…hopefully before Isabel gets to them! That would be a lot messier.” Alex said as he stood up and started to walk out of the room.

“Where are you going?” His mother asked softly

“To the basement…I think I got an idea?” Alex said as he pondered for a moment before heading down the stairs. His parents wanted to follow him but they knew he had to try to do this by himself.

The basement had been converted ages ago into a little engineering work area, mainly for computer repair. It had everything need for the job from chips and circuit boards to soldering irons and wiring. He grabbed some paper and a pencil, closed his eyes and focused. When he reopened them he started to draw schematics, page after page of the interior of a device. As it took shape it began to resemble his first drawings of the transport unit he did earlier but there were significant differences to accommodate human technology.

“That can’t be right!” Alex mumbled to himself, “Its way to simple.”

He grabbed some materials and started to put together his new toy. At the very least it would by him some time…and be fun in the process!

Then he heard a knock at the front door upstairs.

“Alex!” his father yelled, “There is a package for you!”

Alex ran up the stairs and found his father signing for the box that had arrived. A secret service agent had brought it in and placed it in front of Alex. The agents had been told to expect it and no one missed the smile that was on his face.

Slowly he cut away the tape and checked inside, he found a number of smaller packages. All was present and made sure his parents couldn’t sneak a peak while he grabbed the phone and speed-dialled the Evans.

“Hey Mrs Evans, it Alex!”

“Oh hi Alex, I’ll just get Isabel…” Diane said

“No it’s actually Max I need to speak to!”

“Okay!” she said. A few minutes later Max came on the line.

“Alex?” Max said

“Max…the package has been delivered!” Alex said smugly

“What package?” Max asked

“You know, our little gifts for Isabel and Liz.” Alex said quietly as so we wouldn’t be overheard

“Oh…I’ll be right over!”

“Listen I’ll be in the basement when you get over, okay! I’ll tell my parents to send you down.” Alex said

They hung up their phones, Max raced out to his jeep while Alex carried the box down into the basement where he went back to work.

Granolith Chamber, 17:20

Phoenix was now sitting on the seat he made for Alex earlier, absorbing everything The First had told him.

“Okay, so humans and every other form of life on Earth are descended from D.N.A from our world that came here on a meteor. Humans are evolving faster than we did and Alex is at a closer point to us than any other but is still behind Liz. You didn’t alter his neural structure but you did force the kids into a mating that would cause bonds to develop that melded to two Granoliths. You influenced their hormones to make them sleep with each other until they became pregnant and you downloaded the information into Alex’s brain.”

“That about sums it up!” The First said


“Why what?”

“Why download the knowledge?” Phoenix asked

“To correct a mistake I made along time ago!”

“What mistake?” Phoenix was getting confused now; errors concerning the First were few and far between.

“What do you know of our history? From immediately after our transcendence and the birth of the new age.”

“What is there to know? You were the first to make the transition and others followed. After a few days we all felt something wrong and you having the gift of foresight saw the end of our race. You summoned the first 25 who followed you, they merged together to form the Core and you forced your own essence through them and out to the rest of us, you save us all!” Phoenix said

“No…I doomed us!” he responded bitterly

“What do you mean?”

“Our race wasn’t dying…we were skipping an entire evolutionary stage. We had grown beyond this universe and were about to enter a new one.”

“That’s what you saw in the vision…you knew all along what was happening to us! WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THIS?” Phoenix yelled

“THE SAME REASON OUR RACE DOES ANYTHING!” The First yelled back, “Fear…it was out of fear of what could happen to us.” He said more calmly

“Fear doesn’t motivate our race, curiosity drives us. That’s why we came out to the stars.”

“I wish it was my friend. Ever major advancement our people has achieved has been done out of fear. When we first came out of the caves, do you know what the first thing we did was? We learned out to build a wall to keep others away. When that wasn’t enough we built weapons and dug ditches, we fortified our positions, all in an attempt to keep our contact with anyone else down to a minimal.”

“Ridicules! If that was the case our people could never have unified and why would he come out here?” Phoenix asked

“Because we learned of other races, other threats and other fears. It was in the very early days of our people that a decision was made that all must be learned of an enemy. When we journeyed beyond our star system we created the first Granoliths, tools designed to send back data on the world in which it was placed. That way we would never have to risk going there again.”

“But the Granoliths teach the races, helps them grew develop…if all this is true then why did I risk everything to create Liz?”

“The more recent Granolith teaches because we wanted to know what the younger races would do. Later after a world destroyed itself were the classifications of Light, Dark and Neutral applied. As for Liz, well you Phoenix appear to be one of the very few of our race who is not afraid…you honestly do believe in the ideals of helping younger races don’t you? You created Liz because you wanted someone around who could do what we say…and not be how we act. That has earned you a great deal of respect.”

“So is our race dying now? You did say we were becoming part of a new universe!”

“No unfortunately by bonding with the core I tied our people to this universe…we are dying this time…all…well most of us!”

“Most of us?” Phoenix enquired

“H’Ebon…before hiding my essence in the Granolith, he fed of my life energy. I was able to retain some of it but he got enough to live for several millennia after we are all gone. Beyond that he could be sustained by the Granoliths and as a result of our passing…”

“He’ll have free reign of the universe!” Phoenix said with understanding

“But with the genetics of Liz’s offspring and the knowledge Alex has, there will be enough of our legacy to keep the bonds of his Exile in place. He’ll remain trapped on Antar.”

“We shouldn’t be using them like this!” Phoenix said

“Part of this is for their protection and the rest of the universe as well. H’Ebon can do a lot of damage if he is ever freed, besides I have reason to believe he has been assisting this Kivar!”


“I detected a minor ripple in the network, a new Granolith was constructed but it’s weaker and composed of Antarian materials. I listened in on a conversation between Max and Larek, a new war ship of Kivar’s was captured…it was powered by a granolith!”

“Well hasn’t this been a great day!” Phoenix said despondently

Laurie’s Place, Same Time

After Lonnie found Ava they made their way back home. They hoped to find Rath and Zan to fill them in on the situation with Alex but had come up short, god knows where they are but they hoped to find them here. The girls unlocked the door and went inside. They were more than a little surprised at what they found.

Secret Service Agent Andrew Hall was sitting on one of the very comfortable chairs and sitting on his lap was Laurie, their lips were fused together with their hands gently exploring each other’s bodies. While Ava had a grin on her face the size of a banana, Lonnie however cleared her throat quite loudly.

The couple jumped apart and up to their feet. Laurie’s face was bright red while Hall tried to straighten his suit.

“Well...uh…I…uh…I’ll be outside if you need me Ms Dupree!” Agent Hall said

“Okay Agent Hall!” Laurie said as he walked out the front door and back to his post

“Well, well, well!” Ava said

“Laurie, you know the rules! You’ve got to let us do the matchmaking; you’re not allowed to do it yourself.” Lonnie teased with sternness

“Yeah, I…” Laurie stammered out

“Looked like you were enjoying yourself!” Ava said while nodding her head. “Was he any good?”

“Oh god yeah!” Laurie said as she fell back onto the seat, she was very dazed as she reeled from the kiss. The other girls sat down on either side of her, all three were smiling. “You guys can’t let Rath or Michael know about this!”

“Relax, besides if they did anything then they would have to deal with me and Maria…and quite frankly I would rather shack up with Kivar again than face that bloodbath.”

“Yeah you two certainly would make a great tag team in wrestling.” Ava agreed, “So…planning on any lingerie modelling any time soon?”

“Oh come on we’re no where near that…this just kinda happened. One minutes we were talking about my aunt and uncle locking me up in that hospital, then were on the couch kissing the life out of each other.”

“Hey, you don’t know where my brother and Rath are?” Lonnie asked

“No, why?” Laurie responded

“There is a problem with Alex…I haven’t been able to find those two anywhere?”

“Anything serious?”

“Well unless we stop it, Phoenix’s lot are planning on taking him…permanently!” Lonnie said with spite. Ever since her failed seduction she had gotten to know her sister’s mate and she liked him, she was adamant that she was going to be at their official wedding as well as seeing their kids with a father. Something she and her fellow dupes never had.

“Well we could always try that old soap factory. I heard them talking about it, some kind of plans they wanted to put out.” Laurie suggested

Within a few minutes all three were heading out the door. All followed by a bunch of agents including Agent Hall who received a very warm smile from the girl he was protecting and who was grinding against him barely 10 minutes ago. Boy was he going to get it when his superiors heard about this!

Evans Law Firm, 17:30

After Alex dropped Isabel off at her home, she showered and got changed before she headed over to her father’s law practice. It was about time she told him, Isabel knew that Alex wanted to ask first but given the amount put on her dad’s shoulders recently she felt like she owed him one. When she got into the waiting room his secretary greeted her.

“Hey Mrs Rosin!” Isabel said

“Isabel dear, I haven’t seen you since your story broke! How are you doing?” Mrs Rosin responded. She was an elderly woman now, but quite often in her youth she hung out with Claudia Parker. In recent decades they had lost contact but when she heard of Claudia’s death she made arrangements to attend the funeral.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that one…your acting like…”

“Like nothings changed? Isabel my father used to tell me stories, he would be glad about you being safe!”

“Stories…what kind of stories?” Isabel asked as she sat down

“Well in his youth my father was in the army…at least until he got injured…lost his arm, he got to know a soldier and the two became quite close. When the crash happened that soldier was assigned to the clean up detail but he found your pods and met two aliens. He provided a distraction that allowed them to escape with you and my father helped get him to a safe location. Neither of them ever found out what happened to you, I’m sorry that my father never knew that he really did save you.”

“I’m sorry too!”

“So tell me how is that young man of yours, Alex isn’t it? The two of you make quite the couple on television.” Mrs Rosin said with a twinkle in her eye

“Oh god their not still putting pictures up of us, are they?”

“I’m afraid so dear, every day since this all started there has been something new about all of you…I’m guessing you’ve stopped watching the T.V.?”

“Just the news programs, Larry King, talk shows…basically anything that’s going to plaster our lives up for everyone to see.” Isabel said heavily

“Well I suppose it was to be expected…this is the biggest story in history after all. Anyway I take it you’re here to see your father?”


“Well go on in…quite frankly I think he could do with a distraction!”

Isabel stood up and went to the door to her father’s office. She knocked before she opened it and was greeted with a warm smile from her dad when he saw her enter.

“Isabel! What are you doing here?” Philip asked cheerfully

“Do I need an excuse to visit my favourite daddy at work?” Isabel asked

“Okay what’s going on?” Philip asked a little more hesitantly


“You have only ever called be daddy when you’re about to tell me something and that’s usually when I need a scotch.” Philip said

“Lets go out for a walk! I’ll buy you a hotdog.” Isabel said

“Oh no! This can’t be good.”

She moved around behind her father’s desk and pulled him out of his chair. When they were out in the street, Isabel bought a couple of dogs from a stand at the corner. She was immediately recognised and ended up giving away half a dozen autographs to the small crowd that had gathered.

“So what’s going on?” Philip asked his daughter

“Alex, he asked me to marry him!” Isabel said

Philip turned his head and looked at his daughter for a moment before turning forward again.

“You know I’m finding it more and more difficult not to kill him!” Philip said as he took a bite

“Well when you run out of reasons the last one could be that it’s illegal!” Isabel joked

“Oh I passed that one the day I found out you’re…you know!”

“Dad you can say it you know…I’m pregnant and I couldn’t be happier…well I will be happier when this other thing is dealt with!” Isabel said as she remembered the day’s events

“What other thing?”

“Oh nothing we can’t handle and remember if you did kill Alex, Max would just bring him back again.” Isabel teased

Philip chuckled slightly. “I suppose you told him yes!”

“Of course I said yes…what’d you expect me to say, I love him.”

“Did he ask you because he felt obligated or…” Philip said

“DAD! He asked me because he wanted to not because he needed to. There is just one thing…he was wanting to ask for your permission, he wants to do this right but I wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Do things right?” Philip said with disbelief as he shook his head. “Oh well, I guessed he would be my son in-law the first time I saw the way you two looked at each other. At least my grand kids won’t be…”

“Finish that sentence and you know mom will be aiming for a little punishment when you get home!”

“Your mother knows about this?” Philip asked as he remembered the last time he received punishment from his wife.

“Not yet, I wanted to tell you first!”

“You and Alex got any plans yet?”

“No nothing yet.” Isabel responded

“Good cause you know your mom will want in on that action!”

“Oh Yeah!” Isabel said

As they finished their dogs and their talk, father and daughter walked back to the office.

Bathroom, Valenti Residence, 18:00

After a vigorous workout session with the coach and the rest of the football team, Kyle definitely needed a shower. He really had over taxed himself and drive himself to near exhaustion after he head that Tess’s Antarian family would want her to have nothing to do with him. He was totally pissed!

He stripped out of his clothes and turned on the shower but before he could get under the cascading waters, Tess entered the room with a predatory gleam in her eye. Tess looked him over and as she walked over to him slowly she pull her top off over her head, exposing her bra-covered breasts. As she got closer she took his hand in her own and brought it up to her face.

Deeply she inhaled his scent and scraped her teeth over the soft flesh of his wrist.

“God you smell good!” Tess said huskily

Kyle couldn’t resist his mates activities and buried his head in her neck, kissing and nibbling his way to her throat and over to the other side.

“So do you, Princess!” Kyle replied and he pushed the straps of her bra down over her arms.

Tess reached round behind her and undid the clasp. Letting the lacy garment fall to the floor she pressed herself firmly against her naked lover as he undid her skirt and pushed it to the floor, leaving Tess in her panties.

Ever so slowly Kyle kissed his way down her body, between the ample mounds of her breasts, over her stomach and stopping briefly on her abdomen where their children lay. When he was ready he took hold of her underwear with his teeth and dragged the down her legs where Tess kicked them off.

The next thing either of them knew was that Kyle was kneeling on the floor, under the shower with Tess sliding down on his aching member, her legs straight out behind them. Soon the moaning started as Tess began to raise and lower herself of his Kyle’s hard cock while he fed of the nubbins that would one day soon feed their offspring. The delicious pleasure soared though their bodies as the copulated, Tess’s stomach undulated and rippled as the steady rhythm she had started had cause Kyle to use what little leverage he had to start thrusting into Tess.

“Oh god baby…more...oh god yeah! Tess screamed. Every so often Tess would tilt her head back and open her mouth. The water poured over her face and filled her mouth that she spat out with every gasp.

As their bodies became wetter by the second, Kyle took a handful of Tess hair and tilted her head forward were he captured her mouth in a searing, white-hot kiss.

“Come on Tess, cum for me baby…ugh god yeah!” He moaned loudly

He didn’t have to wait long before his girlfriend came apart in his strong arms. He held her limp body close and he continued to thrust in and out, over and over again as he desperately tried to reach the threshold of pleasure his mate had reached.

With each thrust there was an audible grunt that filled the barely conscious mind of Tess Harding. She had reached her peak but was exhausted by it to the point that she could barely move but was content to let Kyle have what he needed, even if she was no longer an active participant.

The feel of Tess’s silk walls eventually sent Kyle over the edge and he spurted his white seed into her once again. He could never get enough of her body, mind and spirit. There were times when they were both in perfect synch and could never get enough of each other, unfortunately this was not one of them but Kyle was left with a question.

“What got into you?” he asked his lover

“I don’t know…you just smelt so good!” Tess responded wearily

“Tess, baby, I really stank after that workout today.”

“Hmmm, not to me you didn’t…Kyle I want to go to the Granolith!” Tess said


“I just feel like we should go…don’t you feel it to?”

Kyle thought for a moment…he did feel a pull somewhere and the Granolith certainly got his attention. “Yeah, I do…but not just now okay. You need to get some sleep first.” Tess just sighed contently. Kyle lifted her out, dried her body and carried her to their bed.

To Be Continued…

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Okay, I never though that in a million years my first fic would reach 50 chapters!

Here is to all the support and feedback from you guys. It is very much appreciated.


Chapter 50

Whitman Residence, A little while later

Responding to a knock at the door, Alex’s mother went to it and opened it. On the other side she found Max, behind him were his agents and behind them a mob of screaming fans all yelling for his autograph.

“Hey Max, you better come on in!” Mrs Whitman said

“Thanks Mrs Whitman…Alex around?”

“Yeah, he’s been expecting you. He is down in the basement working on something…hey what’s in the box?”

“Oh nothing much, just a couple of presents for Liz and Isabel!” Max said, trying to hide his smile as the image of Liz dressed in her white silk nightgown, sleeping in the silk sheets of her bed, formed in his head.

Mrs Whitman showed Max the door to the basement and he walked down the stairs. Alex had just set up three emitters on his new device, each pointing to the other and forming a triangle. Just as Max reached the bottom step, Alex threw on the power causing sparks of electricity to arch between the points. They sparked over and over again, getting faster and faster until a sphere of energy burst forth before fading away. Max watched the focal point of the emitters. It was full of a swirling vapour that eventually flattened out, forming a wall of cloud.

“What the hell was that?” Max asked loudly

“Max!” Alex said as he realised his friend was in the room. “Like my new toy?”

“Yeah it looks great…what the hell is it?”

“Well I figured that if the Omniriad want me then why not put up a fight!” Alex said smugly

“This is a weapon?”

“No! Just something that could be very fun…here, watch this!” Alex said.

He picked up a pen, typed in a few numbers in a keypad and then threw the pen into the centre of the mist. Max watched on as it didn’t come out the other side but rather it fell on top of his head.

“What the hell?” Max said as he looked up but saw nothing. Then he bent down and picked up the pen. “How’d you do that?”

“Hmm, looks like I need to calibrate the target co-ordinates.” Alex pondered. He went back to the keyboard and made a few alterations.

“Alex?” Max said impatiently

“Sorry…well I got this idea from Phoenix. He asked me a question and I spurted out something on how to make wormholes!”

“And that’s what this is?” Max asked as he handed back the pen to Alex.

“Yeah, with this I can make doorways to…well, anywhere.” Alex said, “Okay lets try this again!”

Just as Alex was about to throw the pen back through the vapours, Max looked up and took a couple of long steps backwards. Alex tossed the pen threw. It twirled in the air and travelled through the cloud and right into the side of Max’s head.

“OUHH…ALEX?” Max said as he rubbed the side of his head.

“Still needs work!” Alex said, “Sorry man!”

“No problem…hey, you said anywhere right?” Max said

Alex nodded


“Possibly…but that would need very accurate co-ordinates, better processing power and a shit load of power.” Alex responded, “Why?”

“I’m their king…I’m not going anywhere without Liz and if she wants to stay here…I like having the idea of just having to step threw that and be there while I get to stay with my family. Or the other way around…going to Antar and getting to visit here! What is wrong with the aiming anyway?”

“I don’t know! I probably need to tinker a little more.” Alex said

“Where did you get all this stuff anyway?” Max asked as he looked at the amount to circuits, wires and an assortment of electronic components.

“Everywhere in the house…that reminds me, I’m going to need a new TV for my room.” Alex said as he looked at the part of his device that was made from his television set.

“Anyway about why I came!”

“Oh yeah...its over here!” Alex said

He moved over to the box and opened it. He pulled out the top box and opened it to find the white nightgown he bought for Liz. He felt the material between his fingers and smiled.

“Perfect!” Max said as he closed the box over. He checked the through the others, separating Alex’s choices from his own. Both were pleased by the quality of the garments and the bedclothes, they were much better than they had expected. But Max looked back into the main box and found two extra ones.

“Hey what’s this?” Max asked

“What?” Alex asked as he looked back into the box.

They pulled out the boxes and opened them. Inside they found two full-length silk robes that matched the other gifts perfectly. Along with one of them they found a note that read:

Dear King Zan,

Please accept these gifts from our staff in the hopes of your continued patronage. Please be assured that your custom is highly valued and will be treated with the utmost discretion!

Yours Sincerely,

William Muller

“How did they know it was you?” Alex asked

“Well we did use my credit card…how many Max Evans live in Roswell and are associated with an Alexander Whitman who lives at this address?” Max said

“I suppose! Well, looks like status has its perks.” Alex said

“Yeah…but I think I’ll send them a thank you note along with a check for these!” Max said

“You really don’t like gifts do you?” Alex asked

“Not when the company is asking for you to shop from them again…this way we’re covered!”

“Yeah I guess, got to admit those guys got some good taste!” Alex said as he looked over the red robe once more before closing the box and put it with his selection. “So when are you giving them to Liz?”

“Tomorrow, no school and she’ll spend a very luxurious night out for dinner.” Max said

“Oh big night planned?”

“Baring the amount of time we’ll spend in Washington together, this will be our last night out because of everything that’s going on…”

“Yeah, oh well at least you get to see her in a couple of days without her scratching.” Alex said

“And no doubt Isabel will be giving you a special thank you!” Max said

Alex was surprised, for the first time there wasn’t any sign of the brotherly tone in Max’s voice when he made the comment.

“Hey don’t look at me like that, it’s about time I was an adult about this. You’re my sisters mate, she’s pregnant with your children…same kinda situation I’m in!” Max said maturely

“That we’re all in!” Alex corrected

“What about you, when are you giving them to Isabel?” Max asked

“Tomorrow as well…I don’t relish the idea of giving them to her only to piss her off because she has to dirty them tonight!” Alex said

“Why, what’s tonight?”

“We’re going hunting for Gandi’s…crystal thingies. Remember? We find them, dig them up and move them to a safe place.” Alex explained

“Oh yeah I completely forgot about that! I take it Liz found a place for them?” Max asked

“Yeah, Serena said that they can dig through loose soil and mud pretty well but they can’t move through solid rock. Liz said we could put them in that cave Zan and Ava used before they got here…once its sealed nothing gets in or out and everything will be fine.”

Crashdown Restaurant, 19:00

Liz and Maria were in their uniforms and serving the latest batch of customers. Michael was in the kitchen, producing burger after burger as he tried to keep up with the demand that they had tonight. All three were just thankful that they only had another half an hour before they finished for the evening.

Liz’s alien pet, Gandi, had once again found the highest flat spot she could find and just perched herself there as she watched Liz and Maria move about, no one else knew about her presence. Maria was certainly a lot more comfortable around the alien creature now but Michael still had issues with it. Given what had happened with his sister, no one could really blame him.

“Order up!” Michael yelled

Maria collected the tray and made her way round the counter to the table of waiting customers. Unfortunately, halfway there she tripped on a bag belonging to one of the customers. Gandi acted fast, she shot from her perch and caught Maria in two of her tentacles, another four grabbed onto the tray and prevented it from spilling its contents.

All the customers just stopped what they were doing and just looked on. Gandi helped Maria back to her feet before she mimicked the actions she observed Liz do over the evening and put the tray down on the table. Slowly she used her last two tentacles to put the plates in front of the customers.

“It’s okay, everyone!” Liz said, “This is my pet and she’s harmless…mostly.”

Maria had watched Gandi’s actions and was suitably impressed, even though the customers had gotten the wrong plates. “Nice trick!”

“Yeah!” said Liz quietly, “Gandi, go on upstairs. I’ll be up in a second!”

Gandi did her usual growling screech before bumping her head against Liz’s cheek. With a similar action to Maria, Gandi withdrew her long tentacles and moved over to the doors to the back room. She pushed threw them and floated up the stairs.

“Totally cool!” Said one of the teenage patrons.

“Yeah!” said one of his friends

Another of the customers was a reporter. He was there looking for a new angle on the alien story and just found it, within seconds he was out the door. Five minutes later, he was up on Liz’s balcony with a video camera shooting film of Gandi moving about, 10 minutes after that he was back out front with a camera crew. When the red light of the camera blinked on he started to speak.

“In the last couple of weeks, the Crashdown Restaurant in Roswell has become known the world over as the Alien Cafe thanks to the small Antarian population that frequents it. But now it has a new reason for fame. The Crashdown now has it’s own alien waiter.

This extraordinary footage was shot of the strange creature just a few minutes ago and before this, it was serving customers. This alien does resemble the description given by several students of West Roswell High of a creature that attacked one of the friends of the Antarians. So far there has been no comment from the Parkers or the Antarians concerning this matter. We’ll have more at 11!”

“And we’re out!” said the Camera man

“When does that air?” asked the reporter

“In about 20 minutes!”

“Good…lets find out more! What was the name of that girl that it attacked?”

“Uh, Dupree…Laurie Dupree. She lives with a bunch of the aliens on the other side of town.” Said a researcher

“Let’s go!” They all piled into the news van and left across town to get the scoop.

Soap Factory, Same Time

“See its perfect!” Said Rath

“Hell of a fixer upper! But it does have promise I guess.” Zan responded as he looked up at the roof of the abandoned factory

Rath looked over at his friend and saw a gleam in his eyes. He knew he had managed to capture Zan’s interest.

“Admit it Zan, you want this as much as I do!”

“Want what?” Lonnie asked as she, Laurie and Ava entered

“Hi ladies!” Zan said as he moved over to Ava’s side, their eyes never breaking contact.

“Hi…what’s going on?” Ava asked

“Well Rath wants…”

Rath cleared his throat loudly

“Sorry, Rath and I were thinking about buying this place!” Zan explained

“WHAT?” all three women said in unison

“Why the hell would you want to buy this place?” Lonnie asked with disbelief

“We want to make it into a nightclub!” Rath said smugly

“A nightclub? Rath what the hell are you on? This place is a dump!” Laurie said

“Guys, how many clubs were we thrown out of in New York?” Rath asked

“Too many…all we wanted to do was have some fun!” Ava said

“Exactly. Here we get to own one and we get to make the calls!” Zan continued

“You guys really want to do this?” Laurie asked


“What are you going to call it?” Lonnie asked

Both men nodded after thinking for a second. “Antar!” they said in unison.

“Hey why are you here anyway?” Rath asked

“There’s a problem with Alex!” Lonnie said

“What problem?” Zan asked seriously

“Well it appears that Alex has got a whole lot of info in his head. The Granolith dumped it in there when he got killed and now those Omniriad lot decided that it’s too much of a risk to have him around little old humans so they want to take him.” Lonnie said with venom

Rath caught her tone loud and clear. He knew that Alex and his girl had gotten closer since Lonnie pretended to be Isabel and felt a little jealous. “Take him where?”

“Anywhere, just as long as it isn’t Earth and they’ve said that it’s only him. Meaning they plan on leaving Isabel and their kids without him!”

Rath then caught on that Lonnie was really concerned about her sister and her family and not just her friendship with Alex. “So what can we do?” He asked

“We are gonna be there, all of us, right beside him!” Lonnie said as she moved in front of her mate. “Right!”

Rath and Zan looked at her as she crossed her arms as she stood toe to toe with them. She stared them down until they were put in their place.

“Yes ma’am!” They both said

Evans Residence, 19:10

Max had given Alex a lift over to his home. As they made their way inside, they hid all of boxes as best they could as they snuck by the living room while being especially careful to avoid Isabel. Once all the boxes were carefully hidden in Max’s room, the two made their way back out to the hall where they were greeted with Isabel, her arms crossed!

“And what are you two up to?” Isabel asked

“What makes you think we’re up to something?” Max asked defensively

“Well both of you have been secretive, you sneaked in here and you…” she said while indicating to Alex, “Have dampened our link so I can’t hear your thoughts…now what is going on?”

Alex looked at Max, “Change of plans?” he asked his mates brother. Max nodded.

“I was intending on it being a surprise…but okay, come on!” Alex said.

Isabel followed them into Max’s bedroom where she watched Alex pull out few boxes from under Max’s bed.

“What’s this?” Isabel asked as Alex laid them out on the bed.

“Presents!” Alex said.

“Presents?” Isabel asked giddily, “Can I open them?”

“Of course you can!” Alex said happily

Isabel moved to the first box but just as she took hold of the lid her father yelled out, “Max, Izzy! Could you come here for a minute?”

“Every time!” Isabel said with frustration

“Huh?” Alex asked

“Every time Isabel starts to open a present, dad has a tendency to call on us!” Max explained as they moved out of the room, down the hall and to the living room.

“Alex, good…this could save some time!” Philip said. He remembered his earlier talk with his daughter and managed to restrain himself from locking his hands round Alex’s throat.

“What’s going on?” Max asked

“I’ve finished opening up your off-shore accounts.” Philip said as he picked up three folders. “These contain all the information you need as well as some instructions so you can set up passwords for the accounts.”

“You sold all the stuff from the cave already?” Max asked

“No, just the metals. Several companies have bought them and some went to government contacts. There is a central account that the money will be paid into before it’s separated into your accounts.”

“What about all those gems and things?” Isabel asked

“The bank is sending out an appraiser, he’ll study the stones, determine their value and arrange for transportation to the bank!”

“This guy does know that there is something like a couple of thousand rocks?” Alex asked

“Oh yeah but given the unusual nature of the transaction, he will only pick out a few random stones from each crate.”

All three took the folders and looked at them carefully.

“Now I want you to put those somewhere safe and could you give these to the others. There is one for everybody, including Laurie…when you see her ask if she wants to transfer her assets to this account as well, I can set it up for her.”

“Sure I’ll ask!” Max said

“So, I’m guessing you three have plans tonight?” Philip asked

“Yeah!” said Alex

“Do I want to know about it?”

“No!” all three said in unison

They all stood up but as Max and Isabel started to leave Alex didn’t move.

“Alex?” Isabel said

“I’ll be along in a minute!” he said to his mate

They went back to Max’s room, Alex stayed still!

“Alex?” Mr Evans asked

“Mr Evans…I would like to ask your permission to marry Isabel!”

“You know it is considered traditional to ask me before you ask the girl?” Philip asked

“Yes sir, I’m sorry but I love Isabel and I would like her to be my wife. I have no intention of taking that step without your blessing.”

“And what about this situation that I’ve heard about on the news…something to do with the Omniriad?”

“I’m not leaving Isabel or Earth…nothing those people can do will change that.” Alex said confidently

“You’re sure…I don’t want her raising your children without you!”

“Yes sir! Positive.”

Philip extended his hand and Alex took it, he couldn’t contain the smile.

“Welcome to the family my boy! Now go tell her so she can tell her mother.”

Alex left the room and went back into Max’s room where he found a very concerned looking Isabel. He moved over to her and lifted her up on to her feet. Alex didn’t say a word; he just kissed her passionately, leaving her breathless when he pulled away.

“What…was that for?” Isabel asked

“As soon as you tell your mom, we’re going to be officially engaged!” Alex said

Isabel was speechless; she just pulled Alex against her body and held him tight. Max moved over to the couple and put his had on his sister’s back.

“Congratulations you two!” The young king said cheerfully. Then he looked round to see Alex…

“Uh Isabel, he’s turning blue!”

Isabel let Alex go, who then gasped for breath. Max could only chuckle.

“Oh my god I can’t believe it!” Isabel said happily

“Yeah…to bad we have to wait till we’re old enough!” Alex said, “Hey Max, when are you and Liz going to tell your parents?”

“Soon, I just want to be sure Mr Parker doesn’t have a gun.” Max semi-joked

“Hey, you haven’t opened your presents yet!” Alex said as he turned back to Isabel

“I wanted to wait for you!” Isabel said. She moved back over to the box she started to open before and lifted off the lid. She folded back the packing paper and found the silk nightdress. “Oh my god!” she said softly as she pulled it out.

Both guys just watched Isabel as she held the garment up to her body and looked at herself in Max’s mirror. Alex moved behind Isabel and whispered in her ear, “Princesses and queens should always be surrounded with silk when they sleep.”

Both just looked at each other for a moment before Isabel carefully folded her present and gently placed it back in the box. Slowly she moved over to another, then another and then the last. She couldn’t say a word; she just ran her fingers over the red fabric. It wasn’t only her favourite colour; it was the colour that she looked best in, the colour Alex loved to see her in.

“Alex…I don’t know what to say!” she said quietly with a tear in her eye.

Alex gently lifted his finger to her eye and wiped away the tear. “You okay?” he asked

Isabel just nodded her head as Alex sat down on the edge of the bed in front of her. Once he was seated Isabel leaned over and hugged him tightly.

“Who are those boxes for?” Isabel asked as she spotted them through a crack in the cupboard door.

“Those ones are for Liz, Alex and I kinda had the idea for these at the same time.” Max said

“Well believe me, she will love them.”

“Actually we better get going…were supposed to meet everyone at the Crashdown before out little hunt tonight!”

The three of them packed away the gifts and moved them into Isabel’s bedroom. Then they climbed into the jeep and drove off.

A Very Large Mansion, Somewhere in Beverly Hills, California, Later

The news report of Gandi had just finished and had quickly been picked up by rival news outlets but the damage was done. The Mattel’s were one of the richest families in the U.S. having made their money from oil and clever fiddling on the stock markets. They had just watched the news and once again it was an alien thing but unfortunately, their spoiled brat of a son had seen it as well.

“Mommy I want!” said the youngster

“Sorry sweetie but there is only one of those things and it’s owned by someone else.” Said Mrs Mattel

“I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!” he yelled over and over again

His mother just looked over to her husband, “Son, I don’t think it is smart…”

“GIMMI!” he yelled again

“Okay, I’ll get it for you!” said Mr Mattel

The boy smiled smugly and sat back against his seat. Mr Mattel thought about having one of those things in his house but figured it couldn’t be that dangerous. He was confident that he would succeed in an negotiations, he always won and he always got what his son wanted…even if it was a passing fancy! {Get ready for a new home!} He thought to the alien.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 51

Fraser Woods, Very Late at Night

The group had wondered around with Serena for hours, both Max and Liz desperately searching their memories on where to find the Ganderium’s cave. In an act of sheer frustration Kyle threw his shovel against a rock, causing it to roll aside. The next thing anyone knew was an eerie blue glow coming from a small hole in the ground.

“Well that was easy!” Kyle said

Everyone just looked at him before the guys grabbed their tools, gathered around the hole and started to dig to make the gap bigger.

“So how do we do this?” Zan asked as he contemplated jumping into the hole.

“That’s where I come in!” Said Liz, “Gandi!” she called out

Gandi came floating into the area and looked down at the central hive, the nest of her offspring. Laurie jumped back when she saw the alien while Liz and Maria moved to its side.

“Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me that thing was going to be here?” Laurie said with agitation as she moved behind a rock slowly.

“Cause we didn’t know!” Michael answered with concern. “Liz?”

“Laurie she wont hurt you…last time she was just acting on instinct. I’m controlling her now!” Liz said to try and reassure Laurie

“Yeah, easy to say but you didn’t have those…tentacle things bury themselves under your skin!” Laurie said as she stared at Gandi.

Gandi felt the heightened anxiety pouring of the human girl that she wanted to infest but so where the feelings of Liz. They were pulling her in two ways and Liz felt it was well. Slowly she reached her hand up and touched Gandi’s head while she close her eyes. Everyone watched on as the two glowed in a white light as it faded there was a red crackle of energy that sparked off of Gandi’s forehead. It eventually evaporated into nothingness.

Suddenly Liz’s alien pet felt her instincts quieten. The call to join with Laurie was gone but her aggressive instincts, the ones telling her to protect Liz and to fight for her, they were still very much intact.

“What was that?” Laurie asked

“She’s not a problem anymore Laurie, you’ve got nothing to worry about!” Liz said as she sat down on a boulder. She was a little tired after whatever it was she had done, Liz had acted on her own instincts and as a result it wiped her out. Max saw how tired she suddenly became and quickly moved to her side.

“Hey you okay?” he asked

“Yeah, I’ll be fine!” Liz responded

After a few minutes or so Liz was back on her feet next to the hole with Gandi hovering right next to her. They looked down and the collection of crystals and both knew that what they could see was only the start of what was really there.

“Okay…someone bring the first box!” Liz said.

Kyle grabbed a wooden crate from the truck they had brought with them and moved it next to the hole. Gandi moved over the hole and the next thing anyone knew was a mass of blue liquid flowing up out of the hole and into the crate. The gang just watched as the fluid re-crystallised in the box, Kyle brought over a lid and sealed it up before putting it on the back of the truck.

They repeated the process over and over until all the crystals were on the back of the truck. When they were done Alex dropped down into the cave with a camera, he took pictures of what the Ganderium had carved out for them including the small underground stream that brought them here from the crash site.

Serena’s Safe Cave, 2 hours later

Zan and Ava led the way to the cave where they spent a couple of days before heading into Roswell. When they arrived everyone walked into the cave only to be met with the same wall that greeted Zan the first time he came here. He held his hand up to the wall and the door swung open.

As everyone piled in they looked around the cavern.

“You guys actually left this place?” Lonnie asked as she came back from the bathroom

“Yeah well you guys were hot on our heals!” Zan said to his sister and Rath

“Actually, I’m gonna miss this stuff!” Ava said as she looked over all the stuff

“Well, why not move it all?” Michael asked

“Where too?” Max countered

Michael just shrugged his shoulders as he picked up the yellow globe that produced the air for the cave.

“What about under our garden?” Laurie suggested, “We transfer most of the cave walls under the garden and there should be enough left to hold the crystals, right?”

“Yeah…we can use the transporters to send it all there. You do realise that the displacement will make a small hill in your garden.” Liz said

“Uh yeah sure…go for it.” Laurie said

Liz pulled out her unit and put it in the centre of the main room, after she pushed a few buttons to program the device she activated it. They watched as everything around them, including a meter of stonewall, disappeared. Once it was done the device shut off and Liz picked it up.

“Okay lets get going!” Liz said

All the guys disappeared and returned with the crates, one by one they were laid out on the floor of the now empty and cold cave system. The lids were opened and Gandi flew over each box. Once more the liquid flowed but it moved along the floor and up the walls. When the moving pools of liquid reached a spot they stopped and became crystals again. Eventually the boxes were empty and the walls were covered with the aliens, the chambers filled with the blue glow.

Slowly everyone emptied out of the cave, only Liz and Gandi remained and looked on. Max realised that Liz stayed behind and turned back.

“Liz, what’s up?” he asked

“Nothing…just watching!” Liz said softly before taking Max’s hand and leaving with him, “Come on Gandi!”

Gandi floated back through the door after Liz. Zan stood by the door and closed it again, the seams of the opening vanished and once again the cave wall was as it should be. Everyone piled back into the cars and truck and went home for the evening.

Liz’s bedroom, Parker Residence, 8am Saturday Morning

Liz was sound asleep, she was completely exhausted after their late night activities but she wasn’t alone. Gandi was resting right next to her with her tentacles stretched out and lying on the floor.

“Liz!” Her father called out after knocking on her door.

Liz groggily opened her eyes and looked over at her door.

“Liz!” she heard again.

Slowly she got up out of bed and clumsily walked over to the door and opened it. “Hey dad!” Liz yawned, “What’s up?”

“Rough night?” Jeff asked

“You have no idea!” Liz responded as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Anyway, looks like we’re going to be busy today!”

“We’re not open for another hour…how do you know?” Liz asked

“Well there is a queue half way down the street.”

“WHAT?” Liz said as she woke up a little more

“Last night, when Gandi did her little waiter bit, there was a reporter in the café. He did a report last night just after you left. Now everyone wants to get a look at Gandi for themselves.”

“Oh no…dad, I’m so sorry!” Liz said after falling back on to the bed

“Hey it wasn’t your fault…besides looks like we’re about to double our takings.” Jeff joked

“I take it we’ll be opening early?”

“Yeah, I’ve already called Michael…Amy said Maria’s still asleep!”

“Okay…let me grab a shower and I’ll be ready soon!” Liz said

“You’re an angel sweetie!” Jeff said

“Alien dad, not angel…alien. I got Omniriad in me remember!” Liz said as she stepped into her bathroom.

Jeff stopped for a second, shook his head and went down stairs to get everything ready.

Isabel’s Bedroom, Evan’s Residence, Same Time

After Isabel got home, she immediately went for a shower and then jumped into bed. Now that she was awake and dressed she pulled out Alex’s gifts and proceeded to strip her bed. Just then Diane walked in.

“Hi sweetie…what are you doing?” Diane asked

“Mom!” Isabel said as she turned around sharply

Diane slipped around behind her daughter and spotted the boxes. She immediately spotted the folds of red silk and looked back at Isabel.


“Just a few gifts Alex got me.” Isabel said sheepishly

Diane took a closer look and pulled out Isabel’s new nightdress. She studied the garment closely before turning back to Isabel. “It’s beautiful and…eh…revealing.”

“Yeah…I know!” Isabel slyly answered. “He also got some new bed sheets…which is why I’m doing this.”

“Need some help?” Diane asked warmly

Isabel just looked at her mother and smiled. “Yeah, thanks!”

Together the two women removed the cotton sheets and put them in one corner. Isabel pulled out the new silk ones and arranged them in the order that they needed to be put on the bed. One by one they placed the sheets on the mattress and they made the bed. They finished when Isabel gently straightened the fabric that made up the pillowcases.

“Maybe I should send your father to have a word with Alex!” Diane said as she felt the silk between her fingers.

“Why?” Isabel asked cautiously

“Maybe your dad could learn a few lessons from him!”

Isabel smiled for a minute before her face became serious.

“Mom…I have something to tell you!”

Diane spotted the look on Isabel’s face. The first time she saw it was when she found out about her children’s true origins, the next time came when she learned she was going to be a grandmother and that both Max and Isabel were going to be parents.

“Okay, what’s going on?” She asked

“Alex asked me to marry him!” Isabel said

Diane paused for a moment. She wanted Isabel to sweat for a minute!

“Mom…come on, say something!” Isabel said

“It’s about damn time!” Diane finally said


“I know you two are still too young but I was wondering when he was going to ask you. So do you have a date set yet?” Diane asked

“No, not yet!”

“Good, so I get…sorry I mean we get to start from scratch on the plans.”

Isabel smiled at her mothers little slip and nodded her head.

“But we’re not starting yet, we have a very long time to wait!”

Together they went out to the kitchen where Diane made a couple of cups of tea and they just talked…all morning!

Albuquerque Airport, 08:30am

The Mattel private jet was just touching down and waiting for him was a stretch limo. Mr Mattel stepped out and immediately got into the car; he always found it useful to have offices in every state. He informed his driver of their destination and they set of to Roswell. His jet made its way into the hanger, which was already prepared with a sizable and electrified cage!

Whitman Residence, 08:45

Alex never went to sleep that night. He had only felt more alive when he was with Isabel but right now he was back in the basement, pulling curtains over his latest little project. He flicked a switch on the power socket and a shaft of overwhelmingly bright light shot forth from a small gap. Alex covered his eyes as he moved closer and sealed the hole.

“That was smart…dumb ass!” Alex reprimanded himself

He went over and started a stopwatch; he needed to be careful of the time on this one. Next he went back to his wormhole machine and turned it back on. With a little tweaking he modified the emitters so that they now came upwards into a point, keeping the doorway to the passage in a constantly folding sphere. He encased the point in a bubble of a transparent material he made himself and then attached three nodes to the outside of it.

Three identical devises were one a worktable next to the machine. Alex turned them on and between them formed a new vortex into the wormhole. Alex smiled proudly but he still had to work on the exit, for some reason he was never able to send objects to where he wanted them to go.

He shut off the nodes and put them in his pocket. He moved over to the control unit for the device and examined every fragment of program code as well as every piece of hardware. After half an hour and out of an act of frustration he kicked the machine.

The nodes in his pocket came to life and he removed them. Carefully he put them on the desk and dropped a pen into the opening, it came out of nowhere and landed on the floor behind him. Alex checked the co-ordinated in the device to confirm what he suspected and ran another test after he input new co-ordinates.

Everything worked perfectly as the pen re-appeared exactly were he hoped it would. Carefully he shut every thing down but his attention was drawn back to his little light show when the beeper of his alarm went off. He shut off the power and pulled back the curtains. Behind them were four trays of liquid and in each were crystals of various colours, lengths and widths.

He drained the fluid and lay the crystals out side-by-side and then placed a couple of tea towels over them so they could dry.

“70 years of natural growth in 30 minutes…I’m good!” He smugly said. He double checked to make everything off and went upstairs…now he was feeling tired.

Laurie’s Place, 12:00

Laurie and the Dupes were as wiped as everyone else but they never made it to their beds. The second they got on they just crashed on the chairs and couches in the living room. When Laurie’s agent, Andrew Hall, found them 3 hours ago he immediately moved over to Laurie and before he covered her with a blanket he gently brushed aside some hair that had fallen over her face. He then went to find some more blankets and covered the others before leaving to check in with the other agents.

Now they were beginning to come around, all were very hesitant to start moving! Eventually they were sitting round the diner table and eating breakfast, they were all eating slowly, all except Rath who had his forehead on the table and was soundly sleeping once again.


Philip Evans arrived to speak with the Dupes and was met by Agent Hall at the front gate.

“Agent Hall!” Philip said warmly

“Hi Mr Evans.” Hall said as he opened the gate.

“How are they this morning?” Philip asked

“I think tired would be too soft a word for it!” was the response

“Yeah all the kids were up late!” Philip said

“You know we don’t like it when they sneak off like that…it makes protecting them a lot harder!” Hall said

“I know, I’ll talk to Max about it but they still have things to take care of…I suppose they still want to keep their business as private as possible.”

“What were they doing anyway?” Hall asked

“Well you know Gandi!” Philip stated

“Oh yeah, I know Gandi all right!” Hall said irately. He still remembered seeing the small cuts on Laurie when she came home that day.

“Well it turns out she has offspring…little blue crystals that are…well lets just say it’s not a good thing their here. The kids dug them up and took them somewhere where they wont do any harm.”

“So there’s no problem now right?”

“Well that problem’s dealt with but they still have to deal with those Skins!” Philip said

The two reached the front door and Agent Hall let Philip in. The two moved around the dark rooms and eventually found them sitting at the table. Philip shook his head and moved over to the closed curtains and pulled them open sending shafts of bright light onto the faces of the group.

“Bright Light!” Lonnie said loudly

Rath heard her and immediately shot up. “I’m up!” he said quickly before looking around to try to remember where he was.

Philip closed the curtains slightly, chuckling to himself as he went. “Hi guys…good to see you awake!” said loudly

“Mr E. Please you really want to speak quietly!” Ava said as she tried to sit up straight

Agent Hall moved over to the counter and started to make some cups of coffee, strong coffee! Laurie stood up and decided to help him, as they moved around each other they both reached for a spoon at the same time. Their hands came into contact and they lingered there for a moment before they just looked at each other. After a minute of fighting the urge to kiss each other they went back to making the coffee.

“So what’s going on?” Laurie asked

“Well it’s about the bank accounts I set up for you guys.” Philip said

“Any problems?” Rath asked

“Not really…you see I needed to put down last names for you four and I didn’t have any. I’ve spoken for the others and they don’t have any problems with what I did and since you all have started to consider yourselves as brother and sisters…”

“What’d you do?” Zan asked

“Well if none of you have any objections I’ve put your last names the same as the others. So…Zan and Lonnie Evans, Rath Guerin and Ava Harding! Any problems?”

The four just looked stunned. Laurie just smiled; she looked at her brother and her other housemates. She knew fine well how they would react.

“Come on morons, say it!” Laurie said

They just sat there!

Laurie shook her head. “Mr Evans, the stunned silence from my mute housemates here means that they’re all for it and that they couldn’t be happier!”

Laurie knew that the only family any of the Dupes had were each other, now they had her and the Roswell Four and now names to show that they really were part of a family.

“Uh yeah!” Zan said finally, “Are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, I mean it’s your family!” Lonnie said

“Listen, if you’re pods were out here in Roswell they would have hatched at the same time as the others right?”

“Probably, yeah!” Zan said

“Well I can speak for both my wife and I that we would have adopted you both along with Max and Isabel. You’re here now, you’re apart of our lives…so what do you say?” Philip asked

Zan looked at his sister, her mate and his mate. All smiled and nodded!

“I say, thank you…really I don’t know what else we can say!” Zan said

Philip pulled out the bank details from his briefcase and handed one to each of the kids. He took out another one and handed it to Laurie.

“As requested an isolated account, you’re aunt and uncle wont be able to get access no matter what happens…and every so often a portion of the money originally put in your inheritance will be removed and put into the account. You’re so called guardians wont know what’s happening to them until…well, they’ll be needing some of that hospital treatment you got before long.”

“Great!” she said smugly

Crashdown Café, 13:00

The rush hadn’t died down, the place was packed and it wasn’t letting up. Gandi was busy as well, hovering between Liz, the kitchen and the tables. Just like the first time she was giving the food to the right table, just to the wrong people. Not one of them cared, they were being served by an actually alien life form. Every so often someone would try to reach up and touch her but Liz or Maria was out among the tables and stopped them fore making contact. Always they gave the same little spiel about how it was a bad thing. They knew that nothing bad would happen but it stopped Gandi from freaking out.

Just then a limo pulled up outside and Liz spotted a man with a very expensive suit coming in. As he entered he immediately moved to Jeff who was cutting up some pie.

“Mr Parker, my name is Lionel Mattel!”

“Mr Mattel!” Jeff said as he shook his hand. “What can I do for you?”

“Perhaps we should go somewhere private!” Mattel said

Jeff nodded and escorted him through to the back room.

“Mr Parker, I want to buy that alien out front!”

Jeff laughed silently to himself before answering. “I’m afraid that Gandi is my daughter’s responsibility but I can tell you now that the answer will be no!”

“Mr Parker with all due respect I would like to deal with an adult in this matter.”

“Oh I think you’ll find my daughter more than ready to be an adult! I’ll go get her.”

Jeff left and returned a few seconds later with Liz.

“Liz this is Mr Mattel. He would like to buy Gandi…I’ll be out front if you need me!” Before he left he whispered in her ear “Try not to spill too much blood!”

Liz just gave a sly smile.

“Ms Parker…basically what you’re father said is correct. I want to buy…Gandi? I can write a lot of numbers in my check book, just name you’re price!” Mattel said as he pulled out the book and a pen.

“I’m sorry Mr Mattel but Gandi is not for sale…besides, you really don’t want her!”

“You’re right I don’t but my son does…he always gets what he wants and I make it a point to make sure he gets it.”

Liz smiled. “I’m sorry sir, the answer is no!”

“Ms Parker, I will get the alien. One way or the other!” Mattel said

Liz got serious at that point. “Are you saying that you’re going to steal her?”

Mattel just smiled!

“That would not be a good idea!” said Max as he entered the room.

“Mr Mattel this is Max Evans…King Zan!” Liz said

“Your Majesty!” Mr Mattel said

“As I was saying, not a good idea!” Max said

“Especially since Ms Parker is under Secret Service protection!” Said Agent Flynn as he entered behind Max

“And there is this…” Liz said. She stood up and went to get Gandi.

When they returned Liz sat back down and Gandi lay down on the armrest next to her. “Gandi, Give Mr Mattel a reason why he should stay away from you!”

Gandi looked at Mr Mattel who sat back in his chair waiting for whatever was about to happen. Gandi shot forward and within an instant she was an inch away from Mattel’s face.

Slowly she backed up and gave a very loud screech as he tentacles protruded further from her body. When they were at full length spikes and thorns started to appear from them, Gandi waved them all about and some even cut into the wood of the coffee table before them. Once again she shot forward, Gandi’s tentacles started to trail down Mattel’s skin that was now quiet wet with sweat. His entire body spurted fear.

“You see Mr Mattel I’m the only one who can really control her…you don’t want her around when I’m not there. You can ask Laurie Dupree about that!” Liz said

“I think it’s time you left Mr Mattel!” Max said with his arms crossed

“I’ll show you out!” said Flynn

Mattel slipped off to the side away from Gandi and quickly walked out of the room. Flynn followed him with a smile on his face, oh yeah he liked Gandi! Just before Mattel slinked into his limo Flynn held onto the door.

“Mr Mattel, don’t do something stupid…stay away from the Parkers and don’t send anyone their way!” Flynn said, he then closed the door and the Limo drove off. Flynn smiled and straightened his tie before returning to his duties.

Deluca Residence, 13:50

Maria had finally woken up and had come out to find her mother sitting at the table talking to someone. At first she thought it was the sheriff…after all who else would be here. Slowly she moved round to the table.

“Hey mom!” she said, just then she turn around to see you their guest was.

“Oh hell, what are you doing here?”

“Good to see you to Maria!” Sean said

“Honey, Sean just got out on good behaviour and I said he could stay here!” Amy said

“Uh mom…kind of a situation at the moment, you know?”

“Relax Maria, I know all about the freaky alien bit and that you’re seeing one of them…god know why!” Sean said

“Okay let’s get this straight, you cause any problems I’ll have the Secret Service put your ass away permanently!”

“Feisty as ever I see!” Sean said, soon he would be able to put his plan into operation…it would just take a little time. Hopefully his employer could wait!

“You two behave yourselves!” Amy said as she got some milk from the fridge

Whitman Residence, 14:00

Alex was sitting on a couch with Isabel’s head on his shoulders. They had told Alex’s parents that they wanted to get married and they were thrilled. His mother was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get together with Diane…they had a lot to get done! His father was happy as well; his son certainly was growing up and from what he could see it was a responsible and extremely intelligent young man.

After a while his parent’s left to go shopping and left the young couple to their own devices. They had ended up watching Remember the Titans and just enjoyed each other’s company. All of a sudden Alex looked over to the window. He moved away from Isabel and over to it, Isabel came up behind him and looked up at the sky where Alex was looking.

The sky’s darkened and clouds rolled in. Throughout Roswell thunder could be heard and small electrical items, torches, clocks, etc. suddenly lost power. The television suddenly picked up a hell of a lot of interference and the phones died.

“What is it?” Isabel asked

“They’re here!” Alex responded. He could feel them coming and he knew he was out of time.

To Be Continued…

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Warning...just trust me this one comes with a warning!

Chapter 52

Parker Residence, Same Time

Liz decided to spend a little quiet time Max while leaving Gandi in the company of her father. She was more in tune to her Omniriad heritage than Alex was and felt a presence enter the solar system, it wasn’t until the sun darkened and appearance of the storm clouds that she realised that the Core had arrived. Slowly she walked to a window and looked up, Max following her every movement.

“It’s time isn’t it?” he asked

“Yes…god Max, they’re so powerful…I can feel it!” Liz said as she looked up into his eyes.

“Come on, let’s go!” Max said as he led her down the stairs

“They’ve chosen right outside for this, the main street. We’ll need to get the sheriff to stop any cars getting in to here.”

Max grabbed his cell phone and called Valenti, when that was done he called Zan, Kyle, Michael and Agent Flynn. They were going to make sure Alex went nowhere, even if they had to surround him.

When they reached the front door, they found everyone on the street looking up at the clouds. A few spotted Max and looked straight at him before the tilted their heads up again. Everyone that was close enough to see his face clearly knew that something was very wrong. Word quickly spread and they made themselves scarce. Max and Liz both stood on the sidewalk as police cars poured in to block the street. Unmarked black cars soon arrived bringing with them a dozen of so agents. All waited the arrival of this enemy and Alex.

Granolith Chamber

“Are you ready for this?” The First asked

“I’m going against the collective essence of the most powerful Omniriad in existence…would you be ready?” Phoenix responded

“I suppose…just remember, the humans cannot know of their heritage! It could cause more harm than good if they don’t learn the truth themselves.”

“What of Alex…he does have a right to know?” Phoenix asked

“Maybe in time…but not today unless it necessary!”

“Has the Granolith been prepared?”

“Yes, the programming is complete. All you have to do is activate it when the time comes…or of the Core continues in this action!” The First confirmed

“Well…wish me luck!” Phoenix said

“You really have been living among humans too long!”

Phoenix laughed a little. He then transported himself out onto the main street of Roswell.

Whitman Residence, Immediately following

After standing at the window for a few more minutes Alex ran down to the basement with Isabel in hot pursuit. When he got to his machine he turned it on and grabbed the three nodes he made earlier in the day.

“So this is the worm…thing I’ve been hearing about!” Isabel said

“Yep!” Alex said, “Isabel…please stay here!”

“Alex, no way! We’ve been through this.” Isabel said

“Iz, please…if this doesn’t work…”

“It will work!” Isabel said hopefully

“But if it doesn’t…Isabel I couldn’t bare it if we lost and I had to leave, and you having to see it…” Alex said as looked to the floor

“Well screw that, if I don’t go with you I’ll just get a lift but I am going to be there. One way or another I’m going to get you down the aisle.”

Alex looked at her and smiled. “Okay…you can help me get this finished!”

He pulled off a blanket covering a new piece of equipment that was connected to the generator.

“And I’m supposed to do what?” Isabel asked

“Put those crystals in those spaces!” Alex said as he indicated to the crystals

“Aren’t these for that computer of yours?”

“Yeah but on this they’ll increase it’s processing power and this blue one will increase the power supply by a hundred fold.”

“Okay what goes where?” she asked

Alex looked at Isabel and took her hand. He stared into her eyes and their connection immediately sparked into life.

{Isabel…can you here me?}


{Isabel, I don’t want you to think. Just let this flow okay!}

Isabel nodded. The next thing she knew was that her mind was filled with technical schematics of the entire machine, including where she needed to put the crystals.

{How’d you do that?} She asked

{I’ve been picking up things from you for a while…just little bits of your life. I wanted to see if it could go the other way!} Alex said

They broke off the connection and went to work. Isabel carefully slid each crystal into the slots while Alex did a final check. When they were done Alex led Isabel out and they headed to the street outside the Crashdown. Somehow Alex just knew that was where this was going down!

Outside the Crashdown, 15 Minutes Later

Almost everyone was gathered. Max was talking with Michael, Zan and Rath while Tess was with Lonnie, Ava and Laurie. Liz just stood quietly in the middle of the road with Phoenix. Everyone’s attention was drawn away when Alex’s car pulled up and he & Isabel got out and moved to the others.

Max hugged Isabel as she approached him and Michael put his hand on her shoulder.

“You ready?” Max asked his sister

“Yeah…as ready as I can be.” She responded

“You’re not going to loose him Isabel…we wont allow it!” Zan said as he moved beside his new siblings.

Isabel smiled at him and hugged him and then turned to Lonnie as she came closer. Isabel became a little surprised when Lonnie actually hugged her.

“Hey!” said Lonnie

“Hi…are you feeling okay?” Isabel asked

Lonnie smiled. “Yeah…it was just a little surprising to wake up today and find out I’m an Evans!”

“Yeah, you could have told us man!” Zan said

“It wouldn’t have been much of a surprise if we did that. Besides Dad wanted to do something for you guys.” Max chuckled

“Well thanks Max, this really does mean a lot to us!” Zan said, “How’s Alex doing?” he asked Isabel

“Honestly, I’m not sure. Our connection is strong but he’s like a blank slate, he’s keeping himself closed off.” Isabel said as she looked at her mate

Much to Maria’s dismay, Sean had insisted on coming along for the ride on the excuse of getting to see some aliens. Amy had decided that it could be a good way for Maria to get use to having him around so she made her take the jailbird. Maria had went straight over to Michael who hugged her tightly.

“Who’s that?” Michael asked

“That’s Sean, my no good, snake in the grass, jailbird cousin!” she answered

“Want me to get rid of him?”

“No…mom thinks it will be good for us to get to know each other again!” Maria said as she shook her head in disbelief.

“Hey Alice!” Sean said as he spotted his cousins friend

Alex just looked at him. “Oh great…when the hell did you get out?”

“Couple of day ago. So what’s all this about anyway?”

“Me, that’s what it’s about…oh by the way very few people actually talk to me that way nowadays!” Alex said

“Oh really Alice, why is that?” Sean asked

Alex stopped walking, face Sean and quickly raised his hand toward a parking meter. A ripple of energy blasted forth and broke half a meter off the top, sending it straight into a wall.

Sean looked back and forth between Alex and his target before finally saying, “You’re an alien!”

“No…human, just a side affect of being brought back from the dead. Now if you’ll excuse me…” Alex said as he moved off.

Alex had gone over to Agent Flynn and pulled out the devices he brought with him. “Agent Flynn, I need a favour!”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I need your men to take these devices and put them up on the roofs of those building over there. Just have them point out toward the street and leave them.” Alex said as he showed Flynn what he wanted.

Flynn took the devices and handed each one to three of his men. They shot off and after a few minutes they were waving from the roof to indicate that they were ready.

“Alex, what are you doing?” Phoenix asked

“Something that probably wont have any affect but it should release a little frustration.” Alex said

Phoenix just nodded but at that moments the clouds above crackled with lightening and thunder shook the ground. The clouds parted as the sphere of energy that made up the core descended on Roswell.

“Alexander Whitman, the knowledge you possess could cause significant damage to your race. For their protection you will be removed from your world!” The Core said

Alex pulled out a remote control and activated his device. “I don’t think so!” he said as he pushed a button. The nodes on the roof came to life and the field of vapours started to surround the Core. It only took a few seconds for entity after entity to be ripped from the Core and sucked into the wormhole. After a minute the skies were clear.

“That’s it?” Kyle asked

Alex, Liz and Phoenix just stood looking up as the field dissipated.

“No, no it’s not!” Alex said as the clouds returned.

As quickly as they disappeared The Core returned and reformed the collective mass of energy.

“I was hoping it would by me more time!” Alex said

“You MADE a wormhole?” Phoenix said

“You’re the one who gave me the idea!” Alex said

“Yeah and it was a good one.”

“So why didn’t it work?” Alex asked

“Because the Core can travel any distance in the blink of an eye. The only reason it took them this long to come here was to give you time to set your affairs in order.” Phoenix said, “Hey everyone listen up…a little safety tip. No matter what do not touch the Core, the energy won’t let anyone who is not Omniriad access it. I don’t know how it would affect you Liz!”

By now the Core was all back together.

“Impressive use you’re knowledge…improvisation, adaptation…you are further along than we first believed and proof enough of the danger you represent.” The Core boomed

“Alex, I have an idea…let me handle this okay.” Phoenix said

Alex nodded and looked to Liz who simply shrugged at her lack of info on what Phoenix had planned. Phoenix stepped forward so that he was less than 2 meters from the mass of energy.

“By law of the ancient light I, Phoenix, call for the Judgement!” She said loudly as though he were taking part in a ritual.

There was no response from the Core.

“It is my right…the right of all Omniriad, Exiled or not!”

“So be it!” The Core responded

Phoenix looked back at the group of teens and smiled. He reverted into his natural form of energy and entered the Core.

Psychic Landscape of the Omniriad

Within the Omniriad there is a connection between all of them. Through the Core this connection is given a visible image of a great hall where the Omniriad are gathered in observation galleries in the walls and the members of the Core are seated in the centre around a table shaped in the form of a crescent moon.

Phoenix now stood where the two points of the table met. By calling for the Judgement he had caused all Omniriad to stop what they were doing and enter the landscape, now Phoenix stood before his entire race!

“The Judgement has been called, Phoenix you are aware of the repercussions of the act?” The voice of the Core echoed

“I am, by taking this choice my life force is used to form the connection…I will not be leaving this place!” He said

“Very well…speak your mind!”

“I have come to speak for Alex Whitman. As you all know Alex had been the recipient of the all the knowledge of all the Granoliths. Now the Core wishes to remove him from his world, he family and his mate who carries his young within her.

Here is what you don’t know! This is a scan I took of Alex’s brain…as you can see this neural structure is not human but it is more similar to our own prior to our evolution. I have recently discovered that the human race is descended from a fragment of our genetic material, next to Liz Parker he is the most evolved human in existence.”

Phoenix said but his comments brought several mumblings from the galleries. He raised his hand and light beams came forth and went to the heads of everyone in the room. He showed them imaged of what the First had told him, of the asteroid impacts and the fragment of their world that travelled through space and eventually seeded Earth.

“As such he has the right to go where he pleases as all Omniriad do!”

“No…he and his race may be an offshoot of our own but he is far from Omniriad. He will be removed…his race will learn by themselves. If they are to become our equals then they must develop without any further interference from us or our technology.”

Phoenix just smiled. “Privacy!” He called out.

The openings to the galleries vanished leaving him only with the members of the Core sitting before him.

“I have spoken with the First!”

“Not possible, the essence of the First was stolen. Nothing of him remains.” The Core said

“His essence was hidden within the Antarian Granolith. When it merged with the Earth system the First was able to generate a holographic manifestation of him. It was he that told me about the Human’s origins as well as what really was happening to our race when the transition to energy began. I know that we were becoming a part of a new universe and that you and he knew all along. Also that you have lied to us for the last five thousand years, that we barely have ten Earth cycles before he pass on…not over a thousand. How do you think the others would react to that news? Let Alex stay!” Phoenix said, “Resume!”

The openings reopened and the Omniriad people once again looked on at the proceedings. Phoenix just looked at the twelve members of the Core and waited for their decision. He hated blackmail but if it they would not consider Alex a part of their race at this point then it was his only option left.

“The decision stands!” Boomed the Core, “The human will be removed. What is the say of the observers?”

One by one the gathered Omniriad nodded their support for the Core, they had no reason to doubt their judgement before now. That was about to change!

“It is done!” Said the Core, “Judgement has been concluded, all have chosen our recommendation!”

Phoenix was not happy. Those smug, self-righteous bastards actually thought he was bluffing.

“NOW!” Phoenix called out

Granolith Chamber

The First and the Granolith had been observing the proceedings. When Phoenix called out the system came to life and the room glowed as an energy pulse shot out through the rock and out into the heavens. The First brought up a map of the network his people created, he watches as the indicators showed the progress of the message carried within the pulse. Soon all indicators changed to show that the message had been received and through this the Omniriad would receive it as well.

Back in the Landscape

Phoenix watched his people closely; one-by-one it became apparent that they had received his message. All the hidden truths of his people were now open to them, everything the Core didn’t want them to know was revealed and nothing could change what would happen now.

From every Omniriad there was a scream toward the Core. Blast of energy surrounded them, penetrated them right down to their smallest fragment of energy. The time of the Core was coming to an end but they were adamant that they weren’t going to loose the reason why this came about. The Core sent a blast of fire to Phoenix who suddenly began to age as he fell to the floor.

Main Street, Roswell

The gang were waiting as patiently as they could but waiting is a bitch. All of a sudden the sphere of energy changed colour to a deep jet black and a ray of that light shot forth and consumed Alex. Everyone watched as he was slowly being dragged to the monstrosity that hovered before them.

“NO!” Alex said and he quickly raised his hand. He focused his powers to repel himself away from the sphere but with the two forces at work he merely stood still. Isabel was by his side in seconds, her hand on his shoulder and their connection as open as it could be. She sent him every ounce of strength and power she could while at the same time she used her own powers against the Core.

One by one the others stood by him. Some sharing their powers, others directly channelling everything they had against the sphere. Maria, who had no power, felt she had to join in. {Proximity to all this weirdness must have done something for her} Maria pondered as she took Michaels free hand and closed her eyes. She concentrated everything she had into Michael who realised what she was doing and looked at her. The pride he felt for her to leap beyond her limitations was more than evident in the smile. Together the looked at the Core and concentrated.

The strain on them was becoming clearer as sweat began to appear on their foreheads. Here they were, a group of teens, Antarians and Human against an alien force of unlimited power…and they were holding their own. Liz suddenly realised something else must be going on for them to have lasted this long and then she felt it. The vibe of familiarity that she always felt when Phoenix was near was a pale shadow of what it was.

Alex felt it too! Liz’s connection to the Granolith sent her sense through the bond to Max, Alex and Isabel. Liz’s concern released wave of power beyond anything she had used before…or Max for that matter. It penetrated deep into the sphere, cutting off the beam the held Alex in place.

While the others celebrated and cheered, Alex and Liz stood looking at the sphere and behind them their mates were looking at them. Alex knew he still had answers to get and if Phoenix died then he probably would never get them. On top of that, his best friend still needed to be taught what he had to do to help her son control his powers. He had to do something and do it now!

Slowly he turned his head to look at his wife-to-be.

“What?” Isabel asked

“I love you!” he said before he turned back to face the sphere. Before Isabel could do anything he sprinted to the mass of energy.

“ALEX!” Isabel called out but it was too late. Alex jumped and was absorbed by the energy field.

“What the fuck?” Kyle said as Alex disappeared

“I thought Phoenix said only Omniriad could get into that?” Maria said as she stared blindly at the sphere

Alex found himself in a chamber. Omniriad everywhere were flying around, firing rapid bolts of energy at the members of the Core but not only were they firing at them, they were firing at each other. On the ground in front of the table he found Phoenix.

“Are you okay Phoenix?” He said as he moved to his side.

Phoenix slowly resumed his human shape and looked up at Alex and smiled. His face looked considerably older, weak and feeble. “I knew you could do it!”

“Do what? Phoenix, what is this place?” Alex asked

“This is a constructed reality that exists in the minds of my people. You did it…you cast off your physical form and entered here.”

“But you said only…” Alex started but was cut off by Phoenix

“Oh my young friend, perhaps our peoples are more related than any of us first though.”

Overhead two Omniriad blasted each other causing them to fall to the ground. Upon impact the bodies shrivelled up and faded away.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Alex asked

“I told them…all of them. The truth of what my people were denied…they went mad, they fed off the energy of the Core and then turned on each other. They want to live!” Phoenix coughed out

“Sounds like cannibalism!”

“It is…they don’t know what they are doing, they don’t understand that this place is sustained by my life-force and the Granolith’s. Anyone they kill, their energy will be absorbed by the Granolith the are closest to…no one will survive, no one but H’Ebon.”

“Who?” Alex asked

“Another exile of my people…I think he’s helping Kivar!”

“Okay, we can talk about this later…lets get you out of here!” Alex said as he tried to lift Phoenix to his feet.

“No, Alex no…it’s too late for that. I’m dying; I gave my life for this. I knew what would happen when I called for the Judgement.”

“You can’t die…not now. You still need to teach Liz and Max!”

“Nothing can stop what’s happening to me but I have left the knowledge they and you will need at the Granolith…Alex you must protect the crystal!”

“Crystal, What?”

“When I die a crystal will form, it will contain the last traces of my life force. It’s the last gift I have to give, you will know how to use it when the time comes.” With that Phoenix closed his eyes. His form melted to that of energy that glowed briefly before contracting into the small crimson crystal.

Alex carefully picked it up and looked as the last 100 or so Omniriad battled each other. He shook his head and ran as fast as he could back the way he came. His surrounding began to ripple and turn and after second of queasiness he was back outside. The sphere of energy was now shrinking and before long nothing remained.

Everyone stared as Alex approached with a solemn and sad look on his face.

“Alex?” Isabel said quietly

Alex moved over to Liz and took her hand. Slowly he placed the crystal there and closed her palm over. “I think you better take care of this!” he said

“What is it?” Liz asked

“They’re all gone Liz, all the Omniriad. That is…was Phoenix. He said it was a gift to us.”

Alex moved over to Isabel and held her tightly as he could without suffocating her. “I’m so sorry I went like that…I just felt like I had to do it!”

“I know I felt it as well…you ever do it again and I’ll kill you myself!” Isabel responded as she touched her forehead to his.

“Deal!” Alex whispered

“Actually you wont get that far!” Sean said. He pulled out a gun and shot off several rounds. Chaos ensued as observed behind several barricades ran for cover. Sean quickly moved behind Isabel and held the gun up just under her chin.

“No one move or she dies!” he yelled out.

Several secret service agents and deputies of the sheriff trained their guns on him. Michael and Rath both held their hands up ready to blast Sean, it was the same as Alex’s first instinct to protect his mate but none had a clear line of fire...certainly not one that would leave Isabel untouched.

“Oh no…none of that alien shit. All of you put your guns…and get your hands down. Alice move, get into the car…open the doors!” Sean said, “DO IT or the princess dies!” Sean used his free hand to reach inside his pocket. He pulled out a device given to him by his employer. He was told that it was a tool developed by the government to shut down the alien’s abilities.

He activated the hexagonal object and a wave shot out. The Antarians were knocked to the floor along with their human counterparts who shared their gifts but he held on to Isabel.

Alex stood back up and moved over to the car and opened two doors on the driver’s side.

“Get in!” Sean said

Alex slowly turned to climb in but Sean hit him on the back of his neck, rendering him unconscious.

“Alex!” Isabel cried

Sean pushed him the rest of the way into the back seat and slammed the door shut. All the while he pushed the end of the gun into the soft flesh above Isabel’s throat.

“Get in!” he said quietly, “ANYONE FOLLOWS AND SHE DIES!” Sean yelled for everyone to hear.

Sean smoothly climbed in, Isabel following.


“Where to?” Isabel asked

“Just get out of town!”

Everyone watched as the car drove off. All felt powerless, the agents looked to Flynn for the authority to open fire but a shake of the head from Max told him not to give it. Max knew that any stray shot could hit his sister or that a bullet in the wrong place could cause a severe accident.

20 Miles Outside of Town

Isabel just drove, Sean told her to get off the main roads and she did just that.

“Pull over!” he said

Isabel didn’t even answer; she just looked in the rear view mirror and looked at her unconscious lover and mate. When the car came to a stop Sean looked at her.

“Sorry!” he smiled as he his her on the back of the head with the gun. Isabel slumped over the steering wheel, joining Alex in the forced slumber.

Sean climbed out of the car and pulled out his cell phone and dial a number Nicholas had given him.

“Nicholas!” he said

“Yeah we just saw it on the news…where are you?” Nicholas answered

“Just outside of town, I’m just going to drive to New York. I’ll call back when I get there for a meeting place.” Sean said

“Very well but check in every day until you get here…phone at 10am without fail!”

“No problem…what do you want me to do with Alex?” Sean asked

“Kill him, he’s a traitor to the cause! Just leave him by the side of the road!”

“With pleasure!”

Sean hung up the phone and moved round to the back seat. He opened the door and dragged Alex out, after helping him up to his feet and resting him against the car Sean slapped his face a couple of times to wake him up.

“Alex…Alex, time to say good night!” Sean said as he pulled out a flick knife and stabbed all six inches into Alex’s gut, Alex’s eye’s opened wide with pain. He turned the blade forcefully and pulled it out at an odd angle causing a significant amount of damage.

Blood was everywhere, especially over Sean who just let Alex slid down his own body to the sandy ground.

“Ach, look what you did!” Sean said. He brought his foot back and sent it flying into Alex’s torso.

Sean opened the driver side door and pushed Isabel over to the other seat before climbing in and driving away!

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 53

Same Location, Same Time

Alex lay on the side of the road, blood flowing freely through the massive gash made by Sean’s knife. All of a sudden his body started to glow and a beam of light surrounded him before shooting upward into the sky. High up, clouds began to form around the light and spread outward, thunder crashed and lightening struck the ground as the heavens wept in a torrential downpour.

Main Street, Roswell

It was absolute chaos! The area was cordoned off; ambulances came and went as the collected the dozens of people hit by Sean’s bullets…people were everywhere, walking around in a daze and practically seeing nothing.

Agent Flynn was directing everything, telling people where to go and what to do. Just a few moments ago he ordered in as many helicopters as he could to begin a search of the area and look for Deluca. It didn’t take long for them to fly overhead!

Michael had become separated from Maria when all hell broke loose. He was walking everywhere looking for her.

“MARIA!” He called out, “MARIA!”

He looked but could see her anywhere but he did find Zan, Rath and Max. “Guys have you seen Maria?”

“No sorry…she might have gotten out when the Agents took Liz, Lonnie and Ava!” Max said

“No I checked with Liz on the phone…oh god!” Rath said as he looked over and saw people on the ground.

Agent Hall was lying on the ground. When a shot went off in Laurie’s direction, he didn’t even think, he dived in front of the bullet and took it just under his breastbone. Laurie held him in her arms, her hands over the wound trying to stop the blood as tears flowed from her face.

Next to them lay a very still Maria, her top soaked with blood coming from a wound 2 inches from her heart.

“MARIA!” Michael yelled as he saw her and ran over to his fallen mate. His brother and friends quickly followed him and knelt at their sides. Michael lifted her head and cradled it in his arms, holding her as close and tightly as possible as he began to cry. In a split second he saw his entire life, his life without her!

Max and Zan looked at their two believed friends and looked at each other. They didn’t even need to think about what to do.

“Rath!” Zan said while indicating to Laurie

Rath nodded and moved to his sister’s side. “Laurie…come with me!” he said

“I can’t…I can’t leave him!” Laurie cried

“It’ll be okay!” Rath said. He took Laurie’s hands and gently put Hall’s head on the ground before leading Laurie away.

Zan put his hand over the wound, took a deep breath and concentrated. He was ecstatic to find a spark of the young agent still there…not a lot but enough to connect with.

While this was happening Max put his hand on Michael’s shoulder, he then looked up at him.

“Michael…let me do this!” Max said softly

Michael knew what he was meaning and let Max get close enough to his mate. Max made similar moves as Zan and formed the connection needed. It didn’t take long for the people around them to see what was happening and move around them.

Both the alien king and prince had sweat forming on the brow as they struggled to heal the critically injured bodies that lay before them. Kyle who was busy getting Tess away from here and putting her in the custody of an agent had spotted the commotion and knew something bad was going on. He ran straight over and in using his new powers, walked straight through the mass of onlookers. Upon arrival he saw his quasi-sister being healed along with the agent Laurie had grown close to.

“Oh god!” he whispered.

He could see the strain in the faces of the two brothers was well as the abject pain and grief in Michael’s eyes. Slowly he touched his hands to both Max’s and Zan’s shoulders as he fed them his energy. After a few minutes the strain was gone and both of the wounded people started to open their eyes.

Maria looked up into the soaked eyes of her mate before looking down to see Max’s hand just above her breast. When he shifted it Maria could just see under her top and spotted the forming of a handprint.

“Oh no!” said Maria as she put her hand over her eyes

“What?” A concerned Michael asked, as he looked her over for other injuries he thought he might have missed.

“I’m gonna have to learn not to blow things up when I’m pissed aren’t I?” Maria asked

“I’ll put the order in for a crate of cedar oil first thing when we get you home!” Michael joked as he became physically and mentally relaxed.

Just then Maria sat straight up with her hand on her abdomen. “Michael…oh my god, the…are they okay?” she asked quietly and quickly.

Michael looked to Max who nodded with a happy smile on his face.

“Yeah babe…they’re fine!” he answered as he cupped the side of her face with his hand.

Next to them Hall had started to wake up, Laurie immediately dived back down to his side and hugged him tightly. Slowly he reached an arm round her to hug her back.

“I’m okay Laurie…I’m okay!” Andrew said into her ear

Laurie backed off a little so that her face just hovered about his. She gently reached down and kissed him tenderly before he began to reciprocate. Rath looked a little irritated for a moment, something that was not lost on Zan who went to his side.

“You know how she feels about him…if they want this then let them have it!”

“I know…and I do owe her one for Lonnie and me!” Rath responded

Laurie broke the kiss off and helped Andrew to his feet. Hall felt around his shirt and felt the hole and the blood.

“I was shot…I felt it and this is blood!” Hall enquired

“Zan healed you. Which means you got some new responsibilities!” Rath said


“Like some new powers you need to get a handle on!” Kyle said as he held up his hand, which started glowing. “Welcome to the ‘I’ve been healed by an alien’ club…relax it takes a couple of months before they kick in!”

Michael then helped Maria stand up but she was overcome with a wave of dizziness. She almost fell back over but Michael caught her.

“You okay?” he asked

“Yeah, just got dizzy. I must have hit my head when I hit the ground.”

Just then everyone heard the crash of thunder and looked over to its source. The all saw the shaft of light reaching up from in front of some hills.

Flynn knew damn well that something weird like that usually would be a good place to start so he got on his radio. “Chopper 3, get over to that location now!”

He moved over to the young royals and Agent Hall. He spotted the kiss Laurie gave Hall after he was healed and immediately knew that his earlier suspicions were correct…now came the bad news!

“Agent Hall, a word please!”

Together the two men walked off to the side.

“Sir, any news on Alex and Isabel?” Hall asked

“Nothing yet…how long has it been going on Andrew?” Flynn asked


“Don’t play dumb…I saw that kiss, I had a feeling about you two but I hoped I was wrong!”

“Sir…I care about her, a lot!” Andrew said with conviction

“You were assigned her to protect her not to…to…I have to send you back to Washington for re-assignment!”

“What?” Hall asked

“Andrew you broke rule number one…never fall for your assignment. Everything that happened today was filmed; it’s only a matter of time before the Old Man sees it. If I don’t send you back now then he’ll haul both of our asses up there…you’ve got one hell of a career ahead of you, don’t screw it up now!” Flynn said

“I wont leave her sir…besides I owe them my life now!”

“Andrew your only other option is to…no, don’t do that!” Flynn said as he shook his head

“If I have to sir, I will quit the service but I do plan on staying here and protecting Laurie and the others!”

“How would Ms Dupree feel about you giving up your career for her?”

Andrew looked Flynn dead in the eyes and for a minute he didn’t answer. “She’ll be pissed as hell sir!”

“Talk to her about it…consider if she’s worth it. I can buy you a day but no more than that, at that point you’ll either return to D.C. for a new assignment or to clean out your desk! For what it’s worth, if you do take the latter I think she would be worth the cost…just make sure you really care for her as much as you thing you do!”

“Yes sir, thank you!” Hall answered

He quickly moved back over to the others.

“Laurie, we need to talk!” he said

Alex’s Location

The helicopter flew overhead and the rains began to die down. The shaft of light faded but Alex continued to glow in a multitude of colours.

“This is Commander Filch on Chopper 3, we’re 20 miles out and there’s a body on the ground…blood is everywhere. We’re going in to check it out!” he said into his radio

“Copy, chopper 3…standing by.” Flynn responded over his radio

The helicopter landed just off the road and Filch ran out to the location of the body he spotted. He knelt down in the large pool of blood and spotted the gapping wound on his gut. He felt around for a pulse, not expecting to find one but he did!

“Paramedic!” he called out as two military medics assigned to Roswell came rushing forward.

Filch moved away as the medics went to work, first they confirmed that Alex did have a pulse but moved cautiously as they energy continued to surround him.

“Sir this is Filch, we’ve found Alex Whitman! He’s severely wounded but he is alive!”

“Copy…is he conscious? Can he tell us where they went?” Flynn said

“Sir, you don’t understand!” Filch said quietly, “This kid should be dead, the blood loss alone…we’ll get him to hospital ASAP!”

“Understood!” Flynn responded

“How the hell is this guy alive?” whispered one of the medics

“Let’s just get him patched up on onto the chopper!” answered his colleague.

The two continued to work as they did their best to bandage the wound. When they had done the best they could they put Alex on a stretcher and carried him over to the Helicopter.

Roswell Community Hospital, 30 Minutes later

Alex’s parents had been informed as well as Max and the group. It didn’t take them long to come back to where their secret first got out, the place where Alex had already died once! When they heard the sound of an approaching helicopter they all stood up and waited for the doors to burst open. Max and Zan were ready, they had conserved their energy and even absorbed some from their significant others.

When the gurney came into the hall it was surrounded by doctors and nurses, most of which had already seen him a few weeks ago. They had already been told to stop in front of the young king and his family and allow them to do the healing…they were only to observe!

Everyone just watched as Alex continued to glow, the energy still rapidly changing through the spectrum of colours. Max reached his hand over to touch the wound but as he came into contact with the energy he got a mild electric shock. He pulled his hand back and looked at Liz and Zan. His brother tried the same thing but received a similar shock.

Max looked worriedly back and forth between the chief doctor and Alex. The doctor knew what he was being told.

“Get into O.R.1 now!” the doctor said as they pushed their patient into the operating room.

Everyone gathered round the viewing window and looked on.

“Max, what happened?” Michael asked

“I don’t know. There was just a small surge of power through my hand. I couldn’t get close enough for a connection!” Max said he looked at his soon to be brother in-law.

“Yeah it was like he didn’t want us to heal him!” Zan said as he pondered on what he felt.

“WHAT?” Liz said as she turned back to the glass.

“That’s what I felt…I don’t understand it either!” Zan responded

As everyone looked on, Max wrapped his arm around Liz and held her close. Michael had moved behind Maria and wrapped both his arms tightly around her.

“He’ll be okay Maria!” he said

“Why would he do this?” Maria asked

“Sean? I don’t know!” Michael responded

“But there is only one place where he could have gotten one of those hexagonal machine things!” Rath said as he held Lonnie’s hand

She turned to look at her boyfriend as she suddenly remembered the device. “Kivar!” Lonnie said

Rath just nodded as everyone turned to them at the mention of their enemy’s name.

Granolith Chamber, Same Time

Of all the Omniriad, only one remained after the chaos that consumed them, H’Ebon! However, the mind of the First still remained, locked inside the Granolith and only taking form through a hologram generated by the device itself. He had felt the passing of his race but the only one he mourned was that of Phoenix, the young Omniriad who guided the group of teens in the nearby town. He was meditating at the time he felt a sharp pain and as he looked up he could see the symbol of Alex and Isabel beginning to ripple on the wall.

He used the Granolith to observe the outside world and watched as helicopters flew everywhere and then he observed as Alex was operated on at the hospital. When he saw the glow, the First immediately knew what was happening to the young man.

“So, its still happening…lets see if I can buy you some time!” he said to himself

He focused on the Granolith and connected with the mind of Sean Deluca. He made a little tweak here and altered a neuron there. With luck it would keep Sean away from New York for a couple of days.

Roswell Hospital, 15:00

The doctors had done their work on Alex; they stitched up the hole in his gut and were putting as much blood as they could into him to replace what he already lost. They had already sent a sample away for testing and were expecting the results soon. It was just a matter of time to see if he came out of the coma or died. No one wanted to place bets on this one, by every medical standard known to man he should have been dead before he was even found.

Just then a nurse returned with the results of the blood work. The doctor looked over it. “This is…someone get down to the lab. I want some new tests!”

The doctor left the room and went the Alex’s waiting family.

“Mr and Mrs Whitman, we’re doing everything we can for your son. Quite frankly I’m surprised he even made it to the hospital.”

“What’s with the second set of tests?” Liz asked

“There was a screw up in the lab, I needed new tests.” The doctor responded

“Can I see them?” Liz asked

“I’m sorry Miss Parker that’s not hospital policy, even if it was, you wouldn’t understand it!”

“You’d be surprised!” Liz said coldly

“Give her the results!” Michael said just as coldly

“I’m sorry…”

“Do it or I’ll put a nightmare in your head…for the rest of your life you’ll wake up screaming.” Tess said.

One by one they all moved to Liz’s side. “Doctor let her see the results!” said Mr Whitman

The doctor gave him the clipboard and looked over it. Suddenly her eyes widened and her mouth opened. “Take me to your lab…do it now!” Liz said sternly

The doctor led her down to the lab, everyone else were in hot pursuit except Rath, Lonnie, Zan and Ava who stayed behind to watch over Alex.

When they were down in the basement where the lab was located Liz walked quickly over to the door.

“Liz would you tell me what’s going on!” Max asked

“Alex’s blood, Max…I think I’ve seen that before.”


They got into the lab, a couple of agents that came with the group kept the lab technicians away from the area Liz sat at. She grabbed the usual equipment she knew she would need and then grabbed a syringe and needle.

“Uh Liz, what are those for?” Maria said

“Someone draw my blood!” Liz said

“What?” Max asked

“Max please!”

Her mate nodded and put the needle against a vein in her arm. Slowly he pushed it in and blood began to flow in to the tube. When it was full he withdrew the needle and gave it back to Liz after he healed the small hole.

Liz put together an unusual collection of chemicals; a technician in the back was quietly taking notes on everything she was doing.

“Liz, what’s going on?” Max asked

“These chemicals should separate the different D.N.A in my blood.” Liz said as she put a droplet of the chemical on to a slide of her blood.

They watched as it began to ripple. Liz put the slide under the microscope and turned on the monitor so everyone could see.

“Okay, there that’s the human D.N.A. in my system.” Liz said as the sample began to separate. “And that’s the Antarian energy, that should leave…”

“Your Omniriad D.N.A.!” Max said

Liz looked at what was left and closed her eyes.

“What?” Maria asked

“Alex’s blood…it’s very similar to the Omniriad D.N.A.”

“How similar?” Michael asked

“Close enough! What I took out of my system, that’s the pure strand Phoenix added to me. What Alex has…it’s natural…it’s coming from him it wasn’t genetically bonded like mine.” Liz said

“But that means that Alex is like you…part Omniriad!” Max said

“Yeah, I just don’t understand how…I mean Phoenix would have told us!” Liz said

“What if he didn’t know…at least when told us about you.” Max said

Just then the sample that came from Alex changed and grew.

“What the hell was that?” asked Mrs Whitman

“It’s mutating?” Max asked

“No!” Liz said with amazement, “It’s evolving! That’s what the glow is…if you healed him again, it would have interfered. All of this, it’s coming from human genetics…it’s almost as if…as if…”

“Humans are becoming Omniriad!” Kyle said

Over the next twenty minutes Liz took samples from Alex’s parents and found small amount of the genetic material, likewise with the Sheriff and Kyle. The amounts were very small but it was there. If it weren’t for Liz’s new chemical concoction the amounts would have been undetectable.

Same Place, 2 Days Later

Only for short times did anyone leave the hospital. At one time or another Alex was in the company of his family. The glow that surrounded his body never let up, it didn’t vanish for one second as he continued to stay in his coma. Liz tried everything she could think of to bring him out of it but after visiting the Granolith and finding no answers she left it alone, there was no other choice than to allow this to continue.

Out in the Hallway

Laurie had just arrived to visit with Alex but before she looked into the room.

“I can’t believe you quit because of me!” Laurie said as she felt Andrew come up behind her

“I’m not leaving you. I…love you and if I stayed with the service then I would have to leave you…besides if there is anywhere better to learn about these new powers I’m going to get then where better than here.” Andrew said

Laurie kissed him before she went into the room. Just then Michael came round the corner and saw hall looking into the room.”

“Hi Agent…sorry, Andrew!” Michael said

“Hi Michael…no need to apologise. It takes a little getting used to believe me!”

“How are you doing? Any regrets?”

Andrew looked into the room, straight at Laurie and smiled. “Not one!”

“You hurt her and I’ll…”

“Oh I know; believe me I know!” Andrew said, “You can relax Michael, I’m not going to push her into anything…this is going to go at her pace not mine!”

“Glad to here it! She’s had enough crap in her life and she really care’s about you.” Michael said as he looked into the room

Kivar’s Headquarters, New York, 11:00 am

Kivar was waiting patiently, a lot more patiently than he had ever been. Soon his true bride would be with him for all time. Nicholas then came into the room.

“Report!” Kivar said

“We just received a phone call from Deluca! He’s in New York and will be here in a few minutes.” Nicholas said

Kivar just sat back in his seat and smiled. He then stood to his feet and went with Nicholas to the ground floor of the building. By the time they got there, a car pulled into the underground parking area where they observed several of his troops move to the vehicle. They put Isabel onto a stretcher and rolled her away while another Skin brought Sean to the elevators.

Sean was brought before Kivar who moved over to the human and put his hands on his shoulders.

“You’ve done your people a great service today my boy…you will be remembered for an eternity!” Kivar said but before Sean could respond, energy crackled from Kivar’s hands and rendered the human unconscious.

“Take him to the medical facility. I want a complete physical workup of the human species…we haven’t done one in a couple of millennia.”

“Yes my lord!” Nicholas said

Isabel’s Room, Kivar’s Headquarters, Immediately Following

Kivar had ear marked this room for Vilandra upon her return. She was still out for the count but Kivar had his personal doctor look her over.

“Perform the procedure!” Kivar said

“My Lord?” The doctor said

“Remove the human filth that pollutes her body…all of it!”

“My lord, my scans indicate that she carries a bonding ring. She has freely chosen to mate with the human, the Granolith has given its consent. She carries the children of her mate!”

“I don’t care…remove the ring, remove the human D.N.A. and remove those bastard offspring from her.” Kivar yelled

The doctor looked up at his lord and master. His hesitation told Kivar that the doctor still needed a little convincing.

“Your family are still guest of mine at the Royal Palace…you would do well to remember that doctor!”

“Yes my lord…the procedure is very complex. I require a little time to refresh my knowledge…it is the only way to cut out the risks to Princess Vilandra.”

“Very well. You have until tomorrow morning to begin!”

“Thank you, my lord!”

Kivar left and the doctor moved over to his sleeping patient.

“Please forgive me old friend!” he said quietly as he touched her head before he left her to sleep.

Evans Residence, Roswell, 11:30am

Philip and Diane hardly left the house in the two days that Isabel had been missing. The only time they did go out was to visit their future son in-law at the hospital but other that that they just sat in the couch holding each other. Right now they were looking at a picture of her on a TV news report that was providing an update to the no nation wide man-hunt for Sean Deluca.

Practically everyone visited them on a regular basis, Lonnie and Zan made it a point to go to the people who had given them a name that made them feel part of a real family. Rath even cooked some meals for them but nothing seamed to bring them out of the quiet daze but then none of them could understand what it feels like to have a missing daughter.

Royal Estate, Planet Klendo, Same Time

Shalara had come back to the place where she was born, the place she and her cousin had spent such great times together in their youth before she was taken from her. Now she had two cousins and she intended on looking out for them both, no way was she going to loose either of them to Kivar. She slowly made her way through the grounds and was escorted in to she her uncle, Reagent Trall, Ava’s father.

“Presenting Lady Shalara!” said the announcer to the reception hall.

“Shalara, it’s been to long since your last visit. It’s wonderful to see you!” Trall said

“Uncle, you too! I’ve missed this place.” Shalara responded

“How is Sira?”

“Actually she’s doing quite well! She’s spending some time on Kalaria right now.”

“Kalaria? Why?” Trall asked

“It would appear she has become quite interested in young Lord Jared who seems to taken a shine to her as well!” Shalara said

“Jared…I’ve heard that boy…”

“I know uncle but I’ve spoken with his uncle and Lord Larek. They say that they’ve never seen him as alert and attentive than when he is in her company. She’s also coming out of her shell a little because of him!”

“Well I’ll take it you’ll be keeping a close eye on them!” Trall said

“Oh you can count on that! Uncle, the reason I came!”

“Yes, yes of course what did you wish to speak to me about?”

“Uncle I went to Earth on some business with Larek. While there I met the two young women who carry what remains of Ava.” Shalara said

Trall was stunned, he missed his daughter greatly and to know for sure that a part of her had survived brought a little comfort to him.

“Are they…what are they like?” Trall asked

“Very, very much like your daughter. Ava has taken Zan as he mate and Tess…she has chosen a human…Kyle Valenti!”


“Uncle, she and Max Evans, King Zan has mutually agreed not to be with other. They do care for each other but only as close friends. She is also carrying Kyle’s offspring.” Shalara said cautiously

“I don’t believe this…no I wont believe this. I want this put an end to right now, does this Kyle Valenti carry noble blood?”

“I don’t know…it is possible!”

“But he carries no title! So not only does she mate with a human but one beneath her station.”

“Uncle, Kyle may not be noble by blood but from the short time that I spent with him he is at least noble in heart and mind. He loves Tess deeply and will fight for her and their children…I am told that the Granolith has actively participated in their union and the conception of their heir’s. I should also tell you that both Tess and Ava wont have anything to do with our house if we attempt to interfere in their relationships. Especially since the family had openly taken a neutral stance in the situation with Kivar. They feel that if we choose not to go after the murderer of their predecessor then they will remain independent from the house.”

“You’re right, there is a lot of Ava in those two! Are they happy with their situation?”

“Yes uncle, they are both very happy with their mates!”

“The Granolith has really given its blessing?” Trall asked

“Well they have not been bonded and gifted with the rings but it has helped them and they are mated. Uncle perhaps you should come with me on my next visit to Earth. Meet you daughters and Kyle…I can tell you that he is very protective of Tess, I think you’ll like him.”

“I’ll consider it Shalara. Thank you for telling me of this…I should have know that being neutral would be a mixed blessing.”


“By being neutral, we have kept the barbarian from our gates and brought a level of stability to the council but it has brought about this situation!”

“Will you come?” Shalara asked

“Very well…I should at least meet my daughters.” Trall said

Bathroom, Valenti Residence, 13:00

Tess had finished her shower and was now wearing nothing but a thick cotton robe and a pair of panties. Slowly she brushed he long hair but felt a presence behind her. Kyle moved closer to his mate and wrapped his arms around her while sliding one hand under the robe, down across her stomach and inside her underwear. He plunged two of his fingers deep inside her while using his thumb to rub her clit.

“Uhmmm, Kyle…oh please…we shouldn’t be doing this!” Tess moaned

“I know!” Kyle responded as he nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck while slowly pushing in and out of her wet slit.

“Kyle…mmm…Isabel is….Ohh…is missing, Alex wont wake Ughhhh…up!”

Tess bent forward slightly. Her hands grabbing on tightly to the edge of the sink as the pleasure built in her system.

“Tell me to stop my love. I cant unless you tell me!” Kyle said as his other hand reached up and cupped her breast and pinched a nipple.

“I cant…god take me!” Tess screamed

Kyle quickly increased his pace while adding a third finger to his assault on her lower regions. Tess’s hips were grinding against his hand and also his straining erection hidden by his tight jeans.

Tess reached her climax quickly and her juices flowed over Kyle’s hand. Kyle reluctantly removed his hand and Tess quickly turned around and kissed him ferociously while trying to undo his jeans.

“No not here…the Granolith. We have to got to the Granolith!” Kyle said

“Yes!” Tess growled

She didn’t even dress. They couldn’t wait and didn’t want to deal with a long car drive so they grabbed their transport unit and sent themselves there.

Granolith Chamber

The seconds Tess and Kyle arrived she shed her robe so that she was standing in front of him in nothing but her soaked panties. Kyle pulled off his t-shirt and used his powers so he could walk straight through his jeans and remain clothes. Tess smiled wickedly as Kyle’s hard cock slid through the thick fabric that soon fell to the ground.


“I’ve been practicing!” He said as he watched Tess slide her underwear down her legs and kick them off her ankles.

The two teens moved slowly to one another. When they met it was with a searing kiss, their bodies rubbing against each other while their hands caressed their limbs and other protruding appendages.

Kyle gently lowered Tess to the warm floor and he knelt between her legs. He lay on top of her, Tess trailing her hand down his face and over his arms while he caressed her shoulders and kissed her forehead. Slowly he pushed into her tight passage.

“Ugnnn!” she cried out as he filled her depths

Gently he pulled out a little and shoved more of his strained dick into her. When he was as far in as was possible Tess locked him in place with her legs. Their mouth locked together in a fusion of heat, passion and love as they ground against each other.

“Ugnn…Mmmmm…Ohhhhh!” they moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues slid against the other.

Kyle picked up the pace a little, his mate had already cum once today and he was as hard as a rock. He needed to send his seed to where it belonged; he needed it now! After 20 minutes of making love to each other, of filling the room with enough echoing grunts to last a lifetime, their bodies were slick with sweat. Kyle had latched his mouth on to the succulent mounds that would soon feed his children, the additional pressure on another of her already over stimulated pleasure centres caused Tess to climax once more.

The feeling of Tess’s passage ripple and contract against his dick sent a shockwave into Kyle’s balls and he shot his load deep into her. They remained lodged together for another few minutes before Kyle looked into her eyes.

“Tess, be my wife…please marry me!” Kyle said

Tess was speechless and just nodded for an endless time before kissing Kyle deeply. “Yes Kyle, I will marry you!” she responded, almost on the verge of tears.

Once more the Granolith repeated it procedure and the pedestal appeared before their Symbol on the wall. Kyle pulled himself from Tess and they moved over and found the rings. Slowly they followed their instincts and slid the rings on each other’s fingers. When they vanished into their bodies they received the same message and the other who came before them, that the rings wound bind them to each other and will remain hidden until the day they are officially married.

Roswell Hospital, A Little Later

Alex’s Dreamscape~~~

Alex was still in a coma; here is the sanctity of his mind he was laying on his back as clouds swirled around him.

“Stand up boy!” said a voice from the clouds

Alex stood up and looked around. “Who’s there?” he called out

“A friend!” said the voice. Slowly the clouds parted and an ageing man appeared, “A friend of both you and Phoenix!”

“Phoenix is dead!” Alex responded

“Yes and so has most of his race but he is not why I’m here!” The First said

“Then why are you here?” Alex asked

“Well you of course…it’s time you learned about yourself my boy!”

“What about me?”

“Well it’s a little complicated, you see humans are descended from the Omniriad and you…you are about to complete an evolutionary jump.”

“How big a jump?” Alex asked. For some reason he was not as surprised as he figured he would be at hearing news like that.

“Well, I don’t know…I do know that your abilities are strong, maybe just as strong as Liz!”

“How powerful is that?” Alex asked

“Well Liz hasn’t used the full extent of her powers since becoming pregnant…she’s afraid that if she explores her gifts she may damage her son. I do expect than both of you will have control over matter and energy. The knowledge in your mind was merely the first step.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because your mate is in danger. Isabel is with Kivar and unless you act your children will be gone and she will be under his power again.”

“How can I stop it? How will I even know where to look?”

“Simple…trust in your powers and in your instincts, let them guide you but first you have to wake up. WAKE UP!” The first yelled.

Real World~~~

The glowing aura around Alex disappeared the same instant as his eyes opened wide. His vision was completely blurred and couldn’t make out anything around him. Everyone in the room spotted the dulling of the light and moved over quickly when they saw his eyes open.

“Alex…Alex, are you okay?” Lonnie said quietly

“Isabel?” he said groggily

“No Alex, sorry. It’s me, Lonnie!” she responded sadly

Now Alex was wide-awake, he could see and remember everything and quickly sat himself up. He felt a sharp pain in his gut and reached down to cradle it.

“Easy Alex!” said Max, “You were hurt…bad!”

“No I’ll be fine!” Alex responded as he ran his hand over the area where he was stabbed. He quickly removed his bandages and stood up. Not even a trace of a scar could be seen, he was completely healed and he could feel his power surging throughout his body…only one thing was missing – Isabel!

“Alex what are you doing?” Liz asked

“I’m going to get Isabel!” he replied as he moved to the door

“Alex we don’t know where she is.” Michael said as he held onto his friends arm. “Alex I want to help but we don’t even know where to start.”

“I do!” was the response. Alex raised his hand and everyone else was caught in a bubble of light, separating them from him.

“Alex!” Liz said as Michael touched the barrier. The gently contact caused a ripple effect as though a stone had been cast into a pool of water. It was the only sign that there was anything present.

“Cool!” said Michael

“Sorry, I have to do this!” Alex said. He focused on Kivar, wherever he was Isabel was sure to be and he wanted to make that bastard pay. A few seconds later, a swirling vortex appeared out of nowhere.

“Is that a wormhole?” Rath asked

“How the hell did he do that?” Max asked as he pulled the nodes from his pocket. There was nothing like them to generate the passage before them. Alex looked at his friends before turning back to the doorway and stepped through.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 54

Doctor’s Room, Kivar’s Headquarters, New York City, A Few Minutes Earlier

The doctor had been pacing back and forth in his room since he left Isabel. Kivar had ordered him to violate Isabel by removing her bonding ring, essentially ripping her mind from her mate and on top of that he was told to violate a law that the Antarian people had put into their religious doctrine. There would be a riot if the people ever found out but right now his concern was the young women he used to know very well.

“No!” he said to himself as he went out of his room and went straight to Isabel.

Once in her room he injected Isabel with a stimulant. When she began to stir Doctor Kren started to tap the side of her face.

“Vilandra…Vilandra, wake up!” Kren said

“Where am I?” Isabel asked groggily

“New York…with Kivar! Come on I’ve got to get you out of here.”

Kren rolled over a gurney and put it next to Isabel’s bed. “Vilandra get on here. Keep your eyes closed, breath softly as though you’re asleep.”

“Why are you doing this?” Isabel asked

“Because a long time ago we were very good friends and I was your best student!” Kren said

“Student?” Isabel said as she jumped up onto the gurney

“You were a doctor back on Antar…you always wanted to help people! After your father’s death and Zan became king you limited your work to teaching. I’ll explain everything else later; lets just get out of here Vilandra!”

“Okay, just don’t call me that. My name is Isabel!” she said as Kren covered her with a sheet and she closed her eyes.

He rolled her out of the door but was stopped by some guards on the other side.

“Doctor, where are you going?”

“I’m taking Princess Vilandra to the medical unit, its time for her procedure.”

The guards looked at each other and nodded.

“Very well…Does Lord Kivar know of this?”

“He ordered me to begin before tomorrow morning, I’m ready to begin now!”

The guards let them pass. Kren rolled the table into an elevator and hit the button for the basement, were a number of earth vehicles were stored. “Keep your eyes closed, there are camera’s everywhere!”

He reached into his coat and pulled out a small rod with a single button. He pressed it just as they reached the basement. Everything electrical within a 5-block radius was shut off.

“It’s okay now, come on!” He said.

Isabel jumped off the table and got into the car. Kren removed the cigarette lighter and put the rod in the hole. He started the car and drove out, seconds later the power in the building came back on.

12th Floor

The skins were on alert as the lights and monitors came on. They saw nothing unusual but then the lights flickered and a swirling vortex formed in the middle of the hall. Alex stepped out and his door closed behind him, it didn’t take long for him to be surrounded by Skins.

Alex just looked at them and smiled. As the Skins raised their hands to blast the intruder Alex brought his own hand up and swiped it through the air. Those that blocked his path were thrown against the wall where the stayed, unable to move even a millimetre.

Alex just looked at them before he continued to walk down the hall. As he passed each Skin their husk began to degrade at a rapid rate. Alex was pissed and he wanted them to suffer as much as they could, breaking their seals on the husks was just to quick.

It was the same story with everyone he met on the floor. He didn’t even have to concentrate when he sent them into the walls. Eventually he came across a heavily guarded room…Kivar’s!

“Get out of my way!” Alex said

“Well, will you look at the little human!” Nicholas said, “Who do you think you are giving orders to, who do you think you are?”

“Under the laws of your own planet I am Isabel’s husband. You have my wife and I want her back!” Alex responded

“Yes, I heard that she wears a bonding ring…but you haven’t had a ceremony yet.” Nicholas said

“Getting a little board smurf…move now!” Alex said

Nicholas sent a blast to Alex but it had no effect. Alex smiled as the energy was absorbed into his body; he felt the pain of the energy but managed to hide it behind the smile.

“What are you?” Nicholas asked

“Human!” was the only response Alex gave before crashing the aliens into the wall. Nicholas was different; Alex suspended him in the air!

Alex left him there as he burned a whole in the door and stepped inside. He found Kivar sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, monitors on the wall showed Alex’s progression through the building with the degrading Skins pinned against the wall.

“Anything good on TV?” Alex asked

“A few interesting events but nothing special!” Kivar responded

“You know I actually thought you’d be taller. Or at least bulkier, you should really have chosen a husk that is at least imposing.”

“I’ll remember that next time…so you’re the human that has the audacity to touch my queen. I would have expected Zan to come with you!” Kivar said

“Didn’t really give him a choice in the matter. Where is Isabel?” Alex said angrily, hearing Kivar describe Isabel as his queen sickened him to his core.

“Well by now Vilandra should be ready to undergo her procedures to remove the human D.N.A. from her body…all of it!”

“You touch her, you die!”

“You know, I don’t think you will.” Kivar said. He pressed a button on the arm of his chair and a ring of energy came down from the roof and circled Alex. Blasts of electricity shot into Alex. “Lets see how much you can take!”

Slowly Kivar stepped up the intensity of his assault until it was a constant barrage of electricity that permeated Alex. His screams were music to Kivar’s ears as he kept turning up the power.

“You’re doing quite well, you should have been dead ten minutes ago. You know I saw your little performance on television. I cant wait to get into that little mind of your and find out how you made an energy passage.”

Kivar shut off the power and Alex fell to the floor unconscious. All the Skins outside fell away from the walls and Nicholas collapsed to the ground. He walked in and found the skinny human and gave him a nice good kick.

“Nicholas, take him down to the medical unit. Make sure you do not damage his mind.” Kivar said as he looked at the fallen human

Nicholas called for a couple of Skins and they carried him down and strapped him to a table. As they carried him Alex opened and closed his eyes quickly, he pretended to remain unconscious as he took mental notes of his path and the layout of the building if he ever needed it again.

Ten Minutes Later

After the Skins left, Kivar entered and looked him over.

“I assume you know about the mind rape!” Kivar said. He knew that Alex was awake now; somehow he could feel that he woke up not to long after he was carried away.

Alex opened his eyes and looked at Kivar. “Yeah, I take it that’s how you’re going to get the information you want?”

“It is the most efficient way! I can only assume that somehow you influenced Dr. Kren into helping Vilandra leave this place. No matter, they can’t get far…now let’s see what little secrets you have.”

“Isabel’s gone?” Alex said as Kivar put his hand on his head. Crackles of energy sparked forth into Alex’s head but he only rolled his eyes up to see what was going on.

Kivar wasn’t getting a single image. He could see nothing from the mind of this lowly human and was getting frustrated.

“Getting board? Here let me help!” Alex said. He opened his mind up to Kivar and sent everything he had into the mind of the hostile alien. Kivar was sent flying across the room. When he landed he held his head in pain.

Alex looked at his restraints and melted the cold metal. Eventually he was free and able to move around. On the table next to him he saw the reason for this mess. Sean was on the table, heavily sedated. Or at least Alex hoped he was, his chest was opened and needles from an apparatus above penetrated deep into his organs. The nerve endings on his fingers and toes were exposed and had wires coming from them. Alex looked at his face and could see that he was feeling no pain but was still very wide awake and had a tear running down his face. He then turned back to Kivar.

“Too much Kivar? Here let me take it back!” Alex reversed what he did but also took the information Kivar had. “There, that’s better!”

Alex stood back up and looked down at Kivar.

“No matter what you do you will never have Vilandra!” Kivar mocked

“Her name is Isabel and I already have her.” Alex said

“If Zan wins, but some miracle he succeeds and defeats me, he will be expected to return to Antar. He will have to have his full Antarian D.N.A restored along with the others. My people live for 500 years, yours…you will be lucky to live even a fifth of Vilandra’s life.”

Alex felt a prang of despair flow from his heart. He prayed that it wasn’t true, that Kivar had lied but somehow he knew that he wasn’t. “We’ll find away, no matter how much time we have together we will be together…all of us! You on the other hand get to go home!”

Alex opened another wormhole, one that led all the way back to Antar.

“See you around…if you live that is!” he said as he threw Kivar into the opening.

Command Centre, Antarian Royal Palace, Antar, Immediately following

H’Ebon was waiting around, he felt the passing of his race but he found that his exile was still in place. He couldn’t leave despite all Omniriad was dead. Just then a vortex opened at the highest point of the room. Kivar came crashing through and into the floor; his body was twisted and mutilated. H’Ebon moved over to him and placed his hand on Kivar’s forehead.

He extracted everything from Kivar’s mind and the walked over to the clone that stood in for Kivar during his absence. He then put Kivar’s consciousness into the clone and he opened his eyes.

“I told you that woman would be the death of you!” H’Ebon said

“What happened?” Kivar asked

“You body was damaged upon arrival, if I didn’t transfer you, you would have been dead in 3 hours.”

Back in New York

Alex moved back over to Sean. He disconnected all the machines before running his hands all over Sean, as he went Sean’s wounds slowly began to heal. Alex left the chest for last. It didn’t take much to heal him but he decided to leave Sean with something to remember this by. A scar right down the middle of his torso as well as the four symbols that belonged to him and the others. He tattooed them on his body, never to be removed.

With a second wormhole Alex sent Sean straight into a prison cell back in Roswell. Calmly he walked out of the building; any Skin that opposed him got dusted. Once out in the streets Alex engulfed the building in a massive field of energy, another vortex opened up beneath it and it was sent across space. When it arrived at it’s destination, the Skin Home World, it crashed into a mountain…no survivors!

As he continued to walk he sent himself through another wormhole. Doing his best to lock onto his love as he guided himself through the maze of vapour and cloud.

Back Roads, Same Time

Kren was driving as fast as he could without drawing unwanted attention. Isabel was in the passenger seat gently stroking her abdomen. Kren saw her movements and wanted to reassure her.

“They’re okay! They both looked very healthy in my scans!”

“Thank you…so what tipped the balance?” Isabel asked

“I’m sorry?”

“Why now, why help us now?”

“Kivar ordered me to remove your bonding ring and terminate your pregnancy.” Kren replied

“So why didn’t you?”

Kren looked at her surprised. “You really don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?”

“Antarian Law! Or at least a very ancient one! Several thousand years ago we went threw what the humans are now…all this debate over abortion!”

“I take it we solved the problem!”

“Well no, but a compromised situation was reached. A few doctors only carried out terminations but even then the request had to meet one of three criteria. The first is that the pregnancy was the result of a forced mating…we haven’t had those in a while. Second is that it would be medically dangerous for the mother and third medically dangerous of the child. But even then it would only be carried out with the authorisation of the mother’s parents or closest living relatives.”

“That worked?” Isabel asked

“For a time, eventually it was adopted into the doctrine of our main religious group. They slowly vanished over the centuries but when you and Zan were killed, people lost hope. They turned back to the old ways…those laws cannot be broken without massive opposition from the people, when they find out what Kivar ordered me to do!” Kren said as he shook his head.

Just then a flash of light and a vortex appeared and Alex stepped out. Kren slammed down on the emergency breaks.

“Alex?” Isabel said.

She jumped out of the car and ran to her mate.

“I knew I’d find you!” he whispered as they held each other tightly.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” she responded.

Alex then spotted Kren leaving the car. He quickly backed away slightly and raised his hand.

“No…Alex he’s a friend. He helped me get out…apparently we knew each other before…well before!”

“Your sure?” Alex asked

“Yeah, I trust him!”

That was good enough for Alex who lowered his hand as the doctor approached.

“Kivar will still be following us, we should get going!” Kren said

“Kivar isn’t in this neck of the woods anymore!” Alex said

“What?” Isabel said

“I sent him back to Antar!” Alex responded, “I don’t know how many Skins are left but they wont be able to catch up with us.”

Alex generated another wormhole and turned back to the car. He raised his and quickly disintegrated the vehicle. “Just in case the Skins are point leaving clues around!”

“You’ve had a bit of a power boost!” Isabel said as she took Alex’s hand

“You really have no idea!” Alex responded and he tightly clasped her hand.

They entered the wormhole together, Kren following right behind them.

Living Room, Evans Residence, 13:30

All the aliens were gathered, as were their human mates. After Alex made his exit from the hospital they had gone to see the Whitman and then had come over to here. Max was sitting with his arm around Liz while everyone else paired off and sat on the floor.

“Got to admit, the guy certainly knows how to make an exit!” Rath said as he stroked Lonnie’s hair

“Yeah, how did he do that anyway?” Michael asked. Everybody looked at Liz for the answer.

“Why you looking at me?” Liz said

“Duh, because it turns out you two got the same mojo going on!” Maria said

“Okay, well maybe the Omniriad in him had a lot of seriously pumped up power.”

“Enough power to make a wormhole without that machine of his?” Michael asked

“Look that way?” Max responded

Diane who had been sitting with her husband broke into tears again. “This just isn’t fair Philip, they were going to get married…they had their whole lives ahead of them!”

“I know! We just have to hope they can find their way back to us!” Philip said

At Diane’s words Maria looked up.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute…Alex and Isabel were going to get married? He asked?”

Diane nodded.

“AND NO-ONE TOLD ME?” she said. She took out her cedar oil and breathed in deeply. “Okay…no-one told me? How is it possible for one of my closest friends not to tell me they were getting married?”

At those words the other two couples in the room that were now engaged looked very guilty and tried not to make eye contact, something that caught Philips attention quickly.

“Max?” Philip said

Maria looked at her best friend and the king. “No way! Well this is just great, even my best friend is holding out on me. Anyone else?”

Tess and Kyle looked at each other and then raised their hands.

“Thanks a lot guys?” Michael said grumpily

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Maria said as she stood up. Michael quickly followed her up.

“It meant nothing…I was just…”

“Just complaining that our friends are getting married, that they had they had the guts to ask!” she yelled

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I WAS DOING!” Michael yelled back



“OH REALLY?” Maria countered, her face now less than 3 inches from Michael’s



Their eyes just roamed over each other’s flustered faces before kissing each other passionately.

All the others were no sitting on the couch or directly in front of it, pilling packets of Doritos into their mouths. They watched intently as the drama continued.

“See, who need day time TV? We got it all here!” Rath said

Maria and Michael pulled apart and smiled brightly. Michael opened the small velvet box and slid the diamond ring onto her finger.

“Congratulations Michael!” Max said as he moved behind his friend. He bent down to whisper in his ear, “If I were you I would take her to the Granolith!”

Michael never asked why, he just accepted it!

Just then the wormhole opened and the three travellers returned home. Isabel just looked at her parents and ran into their waiting arms.

“Mom!” Isabel sighed

Both her parents held her as tightly as Alex had but he began to stumble and fell forward.

“Alex?” Isabel said as she moved back to his side

“I’ll be fine…just over did it with the powers today!” Alex said

“Kren!” said Serena

“Lady Serena!” Kren said as he knelt down on one knee.

“Serena?” Max asked

“Kren is the personal doctor of Kivar. What are you doing here?”

“He helped me escape from Kivar.” Isabel said, “He’s a friend and apparently a student of mine!”

“Student?” Lonnie said

“Yeah, it turns out Vilandra was a doctor.”

“What?” Lonnie said

Isabel nodded an affirmative to her sister.

“Alex, what happened out there?” Max asked

“Kivar’s gone…I sent him back to Antar. Depending on how many Skins were in his building there will only be a handful left on Earth.”

“You did all that?” Liz asked

Alex nodded. “So can you…all you need it time and prac