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Title: Because it was you.
Author: Lullaby
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…just in my head.
Couples: conventional.
Summary: It’s set after summer of 47; you can check the challenge in the fanfic discussion.
Rating: I suck at NC-17, but if you want to see some, and want to help me, I’m up for the challenge.
Note: I can hardly write in normal English, so it’s impossible for me to do the NY accent.


The Crash down.
(The gang was all there, except for Michael, Maria and Liz).

Kyle: So what’s the meeting for? (A little annoyed)

Isabel: (looking at the new member of the group) Michael called it!!! He said it was important.

Tess: he didn’t said, what he wanted to tell us? (Watching Max and seeing how depressed he looked)

Isabel: No, he spoke with Max.

Max: (seeing how everyone turn to look at him) He only said, that it was important. That he found out something new.

Alex: Well, Liz and Maria aren’t here; we need to wait for them too. (He stopped, hearing the doorbells.)

Michael: Glad you’re here… (Not seeing Liz) where’s Liz? (And not seeing the frown from Max)

Maria: I called her in the way here, she said she was going to be a little late; she finishes work at 8:00 pm.

Tess: Why do you need the humans here too? (Getting jealous with all the Liz talk, and receiving a pained look from Kyle)

Maria: (glaring at her) Because she’s part of the group Tess!!!!

Michael: she’s right!!! (Receiving wide eyes from the rest) what!!!! ……It is true, besides it’s almost 8:00, she’ll be here in any moment.

Max: While we wait for Liz, can you at least tell us where did you found this new information?

Michael: from a guy named Hal!!!

Isabel: What!!! You’re saying that we’re here, because some old guy told you something!!!! Micheal??!!! He’s probably a crazy UFO fanatic.

Michael: Breath Isabel!!!! …………And he’s not crazy, he was an ex army soldier, and he saw everything, including our pods!!!

Tess: Our Pods? (Getting interested in the talk)

Michael: yeah!!!! He … (but he was interrupted by the doorbells again)

Liz: (entering the crash down, and getting a little nervous because everyone turned to look at her, specially Max) mmmmm…..hi, sorry I was late, I was very busy covering the office!! (Very shy)

Max: (looking at her, and seeing how beautiful she looked) It’s ok, we haven’t started yet!!!

Liz: (not really looking him in the eyes) oh…ok!! (Going to seat in a bar stool)

Tess: can we start!!!!

Michael: (looking at Liz, and getting different vibes from her, he didn’t understand why? He was feeling this thing now)
Ok well, my history professor told me that if I wanted to pass the first month exam, I needed to interview this guy. He used to be an army guy here in Roswell in the 47.

Maria: Michael!!! That’s boring, just go to the point!!!!

Michael: (glaring at her) geez….ok, ok…..well the point is, that he was there, when our pods were in the military base, and he saw, the real aliens, the ones that survived!!!!

Tess: he saw Nasedo?

Michael: I guess it was him, and another one! and he also helped them rescued us and escaped !!!!!

Max: (processing these information) Well, it’s good to know who helped us all those years ago Michael, but, we already know someone saved us, that’s why we’re here!!!

Michael: I haven’t finished Max !!!!

Isabel: What else do you know?

Michael: well, according to him…….there wasn’t only 4 pods in there!!!! (turning to look at Liz, again receiving a weird vibe; and seeing that she looked almost sick, like if she had a headache)

Everyone: What???

Isabel: There were more? (in amazement and disbelief )

Max: How many?

Michael: Yeah !!!………there were…(frowning) Are you ok Liz ? (making everyone to turn her way)

Liz: (she had a hell of a headache, and she felt weird, like if she new something was going to happen, but it was just an impression, but it was painful ) Yeah !!! just a headache, go ahead!!!

Max: (seeing how pale she was) Are you sure?

Liz: yeah !!! I’m sure, go on, there’s more important things to talk about !!!

Tess: (not being able to shut up) She got that right!!! (receiving a glare from everyone)

Maria: Oh you little ……

Liz: Maria !!!!!!! (making her to stay quiet) Just go on with the story !!!

Maria: ok …sorry

Michael: ok, well ….he said there were 8 pods in there !!!! 8, not four !!!!

Isabel: OMG, do you think they’re out there?

Michael: I don’t know !!!

Max: What else did he told you?

Michael: Only that, he added more about his life !!, but it’s not really important !!!

Alex: (talking for the first time) Where do you think they are?

Michael: I have no idea !!!!!

Kyle: Do you think they’re near Roswell (just receiving shrugs from the aliens )

Liz: I don’t think so !!! (massaging her temples)

Tess: Why not? (making it sound, like if she thought, what Liz was saying was absurd)

Liz: well first of all, the security !!! (looking like she was in deep concentration) they didn’t want the eight kids together!!!

Tess: Why wouldn’t they, Nasedo always told we were better together (emphasizing the word) !!! so if there’s more like us, we would be better together than apart!!!

Liz: (turning to look at her, with a pained expression) well sorry if I’m not an expert in your Alien side, but I just got the impression that you couldn’t be together ok !!! (starting to raise her voice)

Max: Liz calm down !!!!!

Liz: (snapping) I am !!! I just……aaahhh….. (clutching her head)

Max: (going to her) Liz are you ok?

Maria: chica are you all right ? (going to her friends side)

Liz: I have a headache!!!! , I’m going upstairs to rest !!!!, this meeting it’s over right? (not really caring if it wasn’t)

Max: yeah it is, tomorrow we’ll see what we’re going to do!!

Liz: ok, when you’re finished just lock the door !!! (starting to walk to the back doors)

Michael: Are you going to be ok by yourself !! (receiving weird looks from everyone )

Liz: (not turning around) Yeah I will !! Fenes’tol Michael !!!

Michael : Fenes’tol Liz !!!!

Isabel: (when Liz was gone) what was that!!!!???

Michael: what was what?

Kyle: the fenes’tol thing?

Michael: What????!!!??

Maria: Liz said that to you, and you said it back !!!

Michael: I did !!!!???

Max: Yeah you did!!! What does it mean?

Michael: it means …..I don’t know !!!!! , probably something I heard in school or somewhere.

Max: (Not really believing him )oook !!! well….let’s go, tomorrow it’s Saturday, we’ll meet here at 10 am, and go to the pod chamber to talk more about these, is that ok with everyone ??!! (just receiving nods)…..well let’s get out of here !!! Liz needs to rest.

While they were leaving, no one noticed the symbol starting to shine in Michael’s hand when he was saying goodbye to Liz.


I hope you like it !!!


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Hey Randi !!!
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No this is not a polar, it's conventional ...sorry !!!
but keep reading please !!*big*
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AN: I hope you like this !!
I'm sure some of the questions you have will be answered in this part.


Part 2

The next day at the Granolith

The gang was outside the pod chamber waiting for Max to open the cave.

Kyle: (being his first time in the cave, he was a little nervous) This is not an Indiana Jones cave, alien style right? (receiving small laughs from everyone) because I really don’t want to run from a blast heading my way or something !!!!

Tess: (smiling to him) No Kyle !!! it’s safe.

Kyle: good !!!!

Max: (opening the door) come on let’s get inside !!!

Everyone went inside, with Liz and Michael being the last ones.

Michael: (seeing how reluctant she was) What’s wrong?

Liz: what ??!!!….oh nothing!!!

Michael: Liz !!….what is it !!??!

Liz: (seeing the concern in his eyes) It’s just that I don’t have very good memories of these place !!!

Michael: (putting his arm around her shoulder) Don’t worry!!! Things will get better !!!!

Liz: (giving him a small smile) thanks

Michael: You’re welcome, now let’s get inside!!!!

Inside the granolith

Alex: Wow !!! this thing it’s amazing !!!

Isabel: It is, isn’t it !!!! (looking at the amazed expression of everyone )

Kyle: What’s the use of it?

Max: We don’t know!!!

Alex: Do you think it’s a computer of sorts !!!

Max: It could be, but we’re not sure !!!!

Tess: We thought it could be some communication device !!!…you know, to our home .

Michael: (entering the chamber with Liz) It’s not !!!!! (saying it very sure)

Maria: How are you so sure space…..

(But everyone was distracted from Michael’s statement because the granolith started to hum a little louder, and the base was giving flashes of light )

Kyle: ( a little scared) What’s going on ???

Max: I’m not sure!!! This didn’t happen last time !!! (getting a little worried)

-Liz, since she got inside the chamber, she felt a pull to the granolith, she didn’t understand it, but it was like it was calling her, her whole essence felt in tune , with the alien machine, so she started to walk towards it, until the granolith was a few inches away from her –

Max: (seeing Liz walking to the granolith, and light getting brighter ) Liz !!!!!!!

Michael: (watching Liz too) Liz !!! NO !!!!

-touching the granolith softly-


-A group of teens not older than 16, camping in the woods
-One of the girls, walking deeper into the woods.
-Some man hitting her and stabbing her twice, once in the right arm and the second one in the abdomen.
-The rest of the kids looking for their friend and then, calling the police.
-A couple of hours later the same girl, in the hospital in intensive care.

*end of flash-vision*

Liz: (she was thrown out of the vision) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!! (stumbling backward and clutching her abdomen)

Max: Liz !!! (reaching her before she was completely on the floor)

Alex: What happened? (very confused and scared)

Maria: Are you ok Liz !!!??? (seeing how she clutched her abdomen)

Liz: (still perturbed from the vision) OH God !!!! it was awful !!! she was so hurt !!! (having troubles to breath )

Max: What??? What are you talking about?

Liz: It hurts !!!!

Max: (panicking) What hurts? Are you hurt?

Michael: (helping Max with Liz, and touching her arm that was wet) What’s this?? (inspecting his hand) Oh god it’s blood!!!!

Liz: It hurts Max !!!! (clutching her abdomen tighter)

Isabel: (getting closer, and seeing the way Liz was clutching her abdomen) Max she’s bleeding from her abdomen!!!

Max: Oh God !!! (seeing Liz dozing off) Liz !!! Liz !!! stay awake !!! I’m going to heal you !!! don’t close your eyes Liz
(exposing her abdomen and hearing gasps from the rest of the group)

Kyle: crap that looks like a knife stab !!!! (starting to panic)

Maria: (seeing Max’s hand glowing) please be ok, please be ok !!!

Alex: (seeing Max gasp for air, and starting to heal her arm) What the hell happen?
Why did she touched it? Why did the granolith did that?

Tess: ( a little worried) maybe the granolith doesn’t like to be touched by humans!!!

Maria: (glaring at her) No, because I was here yesterday ,and I touched it !!!! (turning her face the other way and ignoring her) Is she all right now?? (seeing that Max was finishing )

Max: (breathing hard) Yeah !!! she is !!!!

Michael: (shacking her a little) Liz, Liz !! wake up!!!

Isabel: (holding his brother that was more than exhausted) We better go!!! We don’t know if the granolith will do something else !!! besides Liz and Max are drained !!!!!

Michael: (taking charge of things) Ok, Kyle and Alex, help Max, and I will take Liz !!!!! (getting very protective of Liz, and once again when she was holding Liz, his hand started to glow with the same symbol ).

Tess: We have to go to some place safe, we can’t just drop Liz and Max in their houses like this !!!!

Kyle: Let’s go to our house, it’s empty, besides my father won’t freak out that much!!! (not seeing the small smile Tess gave him, at the mention of ‘their’ house)

Michael: ok Let’s go !!!!

-But the 8 teens never knew that at the same time, Liz was touching the granolith, another girl far away from Roswell, was having a vision too, but the difference was that the girl’s vision was about Liz –

a girl with the same symbol, Michael had, but in her left shoulder, turned to her family- Something’s happening !!!!

guy: What’s wrong Kyah ? (concern showing in his face)

kyah: It’s her……..she needs help!!!!!

(leaving a stunned family)


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Thanks for the great FB and bumps guys !!!
Here's the next part !!!
I hope you like it !!


Part 3

Valenti’s house.

(They were in the living room. Max sitting in one of the sofa’s, still tired from the healing, and Liz was still sleeping with her head in Maria’s lap. The whole group was shaken up.)

Isabel: (watching Michael pacing the floor) Michael calm down !!!!!! (not receiving a response from him).

Kyle: (getting angry) What the hell happen in there???!!!!, you said it was safe, and look what happened!!!!

Max: I don’t know !!, it didn’t do anything before !!!!

Tess: (not meaning anything wrong) I still think, that it doesn’t like to be touched by humans !!

Maria: (the angriness getting the best of her) And I told you before, that’s not it !!! because ‘I’ touch it !!!! (starting to scream)

Alex: (going to her friend) Calm down Maria, you’re going to wake Liz up !!!

Isabel: (trying to make some sense of this mess) what bugs me, it’s what she said !!!!

Kyle: what?

Isabel: that someone was hurt !!!! she meant a girl !!!

Alex: maybe she was perturbed because of the pain, and by ‘her’ she meant herself.

Isabel: I don’t know !!! (sighting ) Tess?

Tess: yeah?

Isabel: Did Nasedo told you something about the granolith before?

Tess: No……..besides I wouldn’t trust what he said so much anymore (looking a little lost)

Max: What do you mean?

Tess: I don’t know !!! just that he wasn’t always right!!

Maria: Then we have nothing !!!!! …..Gosh !!!! that stupid thing try to hurt my best friend.

Michael: (talking for the first time) I don’t think it was trying to hurt her !!! (receiving looks of disbelief from everyone)

Alex: (the pressure of trying to be calm for everyone was getting to much, and with Michael comment he lost it) WHAT ???!!!!! You don’t think that thing wanted to hurt my best friend !!!!!!!!! What the hell are you talking about !!!!! She was Stabbed Michael !!!! STABBEDD !!!!!!!! she was dying for God’s sake !!!!!!!!!

Isabel: (never seeing him this way before) Alex !!!!!

Alec: No Isabel !!!!!………..if that thing didn’t wanted to be touched by a ‘’human ‘’ like Tess says, then why Maria could touch it !!!! ……but NO….she was stabbed!!! And twice !!!!,……. something else happened in there !!!!

Max: (getting his voice louder) Alex !!!! keep your voice down, Liz is still resting !!!!!

Alex: (breathing several times to calm himself) …..sorry (turning to look the other way)

Kyle: (after a moment) I think I better call my dad to tell him what happened!!!

Tess: (seeing no one answered him) yeah Kyle !! that’s a good idea.

-But before he was able to reach the phone Liz started to wake up-

Liz: No…no leave her alone !!!!!

Maria: (stroking her hair) ssshhh Liz it’s just a dream !!! (but Liz just kept moving)

Max: (going to her) Liz !!??

Liz: (waking up startled and gasping) Somebody help her!!! (looking around all disoriented) Where am I?

Max: (holding her and stroking her hair) We’re in Kyle’s house !!! you’re safe now!!!

Liz: God !!! the girl !!!! (making the others more confused)

Maria: What girl Liz?

Liz: There was a girl…..someone hurt her……she’s in the woods…(standing up)..we have to help her , she’s going to die !!! (making her way to the door, but being intercepted by Michael)

Michael: ok, ok calm down…what are you talking about?

Liz: (getting desperate ) We know her….I think she’s from the school, God …..why aren’t you moving, we have to help her !!!! she can die !!!!

Max: (going to her, and holding her by the shoulders) Liz !!!! it was a dream !!!!

Liz: No Max !!! it wasn’t…I saw it….she….she …..she’s in intensive care !!! they found her !!!!

Alex: Liz I think what happen earlier, got you all confused!!! Why don’t you try to sit down and relax !!!

Liz: but!!….she….. (being led by Max to the sofa)

Maria: It was just a dream Liz !!!! (in a soothing way)

Isabel: (whispering to Kyle) I think you better go and call your dad !!!

Kyle: Yeah !!! (going to the phone)

Liz: (hearing what Isabel said) Kyle !!! ask him if something happened in the morning !!!!ok?

Kyle: Yeah Liz !!! I will !!

Liz: (seeing how everyone was looking at her) I saw something !!!! I know it !!!

Max: Liz !!! maybe you did !!! maybe not, I mean ….the granolith hurt you…maybe….it confused you !!!!

Liz: (concentrating on what happened) No….the granolith didn’t hurt me !!!!

Alex: (everyone turn to look at Michael ) What !!!!!!??……you too?……do you remember what happened this morning??….you were unconscious like for five hours….if Max couldn’t have heal you, you would be dead !!!

Kyle : (coming inside again) Uuhhmmmm!!! My dad was coming home when I called him !!!! he sounded ….freaked out when I explained him what happened!!!

Isabel: Well that’s understandable !!!

-a couple of minutes later, the Sheriff arrived, Liz was still in the sofa, she looked pale and freaked out, the rest of the gang was around not saying anything important, just waiting-

Kyle: (seeing how pale his father looked, when he entered the house) Dad what’s wrong?

Jim: mmmm (looking at the aliens and especially Liz) Kyle told me what happed!! (getting all the kids attention) Can I ask you some questions Liz ??

Liz: sure…

Jim: When you were in the pod chamber….you said you saw something?

Liz: yes…I did!!!

Jim: What did you saw?

Liz: mmm a girl….from school….she was in the woods….camping…..camping with her friends….she……(swallowing hard) ….she went further into the woods and a ….a guy attacked her (she seemed like she was about to cry) ……it was horrible……the last thing I saw….was the girl in intensive care.

Michael: (seeing how pale the Sheriff got) What’s all this about Sheriff?

Jim: we received a case at the station…….a girl was attacked !!!! she’s in intensive care, she was stabbed twice (he heard the gasps from the kids , but couldn’t be able to look at them, he just kept looking at Liz’s panicked face) and she’s from your school.

Maria: Oh My God !!!!! Liz saw it !! Liz saw what was happening !!!!!

Jim: No Maria !!!!…..she saw what was going to happen!!!

Max: What ????

Michael: What do you mean?

Jim: The girl was accepted in intensive care not more than half an hour ago !!! the…attack happen 3 hours ago.

-everyone was to shocked, that the ones that were standing, had to sit down.-

Isabel: OMG Liz, the granolith showed you the future !!!

Tess: she didn’t only saw it, the granolith did to her what happened to this girl !!!!

Liz: (seeing the flash of understanding in the sheriff) I think I’m gonna be sick !!! (and she went running to the bathroom)

Maria: (stopping Max from going after her) I’ll go !!!

Max: (seeing the expression of the sheriff) What? What aren’t you telling us sheriff?

Jim: (looking at the alien king, and knowing this was going to upset him more than anything) The girl was….sexually attacked….. (with that all hell broke loose, Max looked catatonic with the news, Isabel and even Tess were crying, Kyle looked lost and angry, Alex looked like he was having troubles to breath, and Michael, he looked like he was ready to kill someone)

Michael: (he was about to explode from anger) WHAT !!!! (he was too angry that his emotion got the best of him, and a couple of things exploded around them, and his hand started to glow brighter) There has to be a mistake !!!!! yeah that’s it !! a BIG FUCKING MISTAKE..

Jim: Michael …. We have the medical report.

Michael: (looking like someone just killed his best friend) Then !!! the granolith didn’t … it didn’t !!!! (seeing Maria enter the living room)

Maria: She won’t let me in the bathroom!!! …..I think she’s really sick !!!

Max: (not waiting for someone to say something, he went directly to the bathroom)

Liz…(trying to open the door) Liz…can I come in !!! (just hearing the toilet being flushed and deciding to go inside)

Liz: (knowing Max was entering, she flushes the toilet again, and sat in the floor, trying to catch her breath) I’m ok …..I just felt sick all of a sudden.

Max: Liz…the sheriff told us what happened to that girl …and well…we

Liz: It didn’t happened to me Max !!!

Max:( turning to look at her, searching for something that would tell him, that she wasn’t in some sort of denial) Are you….sure?

Liz: believe me…..I would know!!! And it’s not like ‘I’ feel like the victim !!! ……it’ just shocked me…poor girl…… was terrible !! (she started to cry a little again)

Max: (hugging her) I’m sorry Liz !! I’m so sorry that the granolith hurt you!!

Liz: It didn’t hurt me…..not the granolith !!!!

Max: (getting confused again) Why do you keep saying that…Michael too

Liz: (looking a little confused too) I don’t know !!! but I know the granolith didn’t do this to me.

-And with another hug, they stayed that way for a long time, just comforting each other’s souls. They never saw or heard, Michael and Maria just outside the door hearing Liz’s confirmation, that the extent of her pain, wasn’t that deep-

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