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Leaving It All Behind

Disclaimer: Nope non of the characters of Roswell belong to me. If they did the show wouldn'tve been canceled and I would've given the fans what they wanted in the Series Finale and it wouldn't have been so rushed. They belong to Jason Katims, Johnathan Frakes, Melinda Metz and other people.

Spoilers: Post Graduation

Pairings: CC Max/Liz Michael/Maria maybe UC depends what kind of ship I'm in the mood for. Either J/I or InCrowder eventually depends what kind of ship mood I'm in.

Authors Note: Okay I'm in serious need of some closure! After the end of the last episode. It left me in distress and I need closure which is what fanfictions will provide. I don't know were the six of them went to after they left Roswell. So I'm just going to say they're all going to Boston.

Feedback: Be gentle I'm not experienced with writing Roswell fanfictions.


It had been three week since Max, Liz, Micheal, Maria, Isabel and Kyle left Roswell and their families behind. Max, Liz, Isabel and Kyle missed them. They were all tired from the nearly 3000 mile trip going from the southwest to the east coast. Spending their nights sleeping in the van more often then staying in a hotel. Which cut down on their sleep especially Isabel she missed Jesse terribly, she felt like such a fool just leaving him, leaving her own husband like she did that she had bags under her eye's from the sleepless lonely nights without her husband beside her.

Isabel felt envious of Max and Liz they had just gotten married a couple days ago and now they were a happily married newely wed couple, as if they were never apart as if Tess had never come into the picture and ruined their relationship, in a big way. Then again Liz knew Maxs secret before they got married unlike it was with Jesse. She should've defied Max and Michael and told Jesse her secret just like she wanted to! When she and Jesse we're still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Just like her and Jesse were before she got shot and Jesse found out about his beloved wife being an alien. He told her he was willing to give up his chance at a high paying job and a normal life just so he could be with Isabel.

She knew that her decision was best for Jesse and maybe herself, but she promised him that she would come back to him some day.

All six of them had taken turns driving. They didn't know were they were going but Boston was the biggest option even though Valenti had lead them to the New Mexico/Arizona border, anywere as long as they were out of Roswell.

Michael said loud enough so Max could hear but so that he wouldn't disturb Maria who was sleeping quietly on his shoulder "So Maxwell were are we going?" "Well we've pretty much all voted on going to Boston. Am I right?" He asked everyone. "Besides Michael you should've decided where we go. You were the one who suggested we leave Roswell!" "He's right Michael." Liz said.

They all noded Kyle said "we mind as well even though my dad lead us to the New Mexico/Arizona border." "Well anywere is better and safer then Roswell. For us four anyway." Isabel said.

Part 1

The van stopped at a rest area outside of New York City when Max sundenally had a thought.

Michael said "Maxwell what are you doing?" "We have a problem." They all got out and Kyle said "what is it?" "how are the six of us going to make a living once we get to Boston. It's to expensive for people are age to live on our own." "Max I've been doing it the last three years and you've been my roomate for the last year."

"Thats only two of us, and for Isabel she got married to Jesse who's a succesful laywer, but Liz, Maria and Kyle haven't and sense Liz and I are married now we need to live in a place together." "Maybe the rest of us can room together. Like Maria and Isabel and Michael and I and we can get jobs." "Thats a good idea, even though Maria, Michael, Liz and I have money in the bank from our job history."

"Yeah but all our accounts are all in Roswell Max." Liz said.

"Max I think we should talk to Mom and Dad, they'll think of something." Isabel said.

"Yeah maybe dad can work something out for us, we'll call him when we get to Boston, or he'll call one of our cell phones which ever comes first. Is everyone aggreed?" Max asked the circle of friends.

They all nodded and Max said "Okay then lets get back on the road."

They got back into the van and Max was about to get in the driver side and Liz said "Max let me drive you've driven enough." He said "are you sure?" "Yes." "okay." Max got out of the driver side and Liz got out of the pasanger side and they switched."

A cellphone went off everyone checked to see who's it was Max said "It's mine." He opened his cellphone and Isabel said "Who is it?" He looked at the caller ID it said 'Evans, Diane.' "It's mom." "She probilly wants to make sure we're okay." Max put the phone to his ear he said "Mom hi." "Max oh my god are you guys okay." "We're fine mom, all of us. Did Jesse tell you everything?" "Yes he said that you, Liz, Micheal and Isabel were being hunted down and that you needed to get out of Roswell how did you get away?" "Valenti lead us to the Arizona border." "How? You left your car here." "Jesse got us a van, originally Liz, Micheal, Isabel and I were going to leave Roswell probilly Jesse to, but Kyle and Maria wanted to join us." "Is Jesse their?" "No Isabel told him to take his job offer in Boston."

"Is that were your going?" "Yes. Liz, Michael, Maria and I have to figure out what to do about the money we have saved up from our jobs and we might need's dad guidence on that also to get us permision to live on our own. Liz and I got married." "Oh honey that is so great, I'm happy for you two." Max smiled over at Liz "Thanks mom."

"Will you and Isabel ever come home?" Diane said "Hopefully someday we will." "your dad and I love you and miss you so much." "We love and miss you to, tell dad I'm going to call him when we get to Boston or we could just find Jesse or call him to meet us somewere." "Will Isabel be allright with that?" "I don't know she's pretty depressed, and if not she'll just have to deal. Tell dad we love him." "I will I love you so much." "Me to bye." "Bye." Max hung up.

"How is she Max?" Isabel asked concerned "She misses us, but other then that she's fine."

Part 2: Massachusetts

The van had just passed a sign that said 'Welcome to Massachusetts' finally they were almost to Boston! It was June 30th and before the gang left they packed all the things they needed and could carry and got out of Roswell ASAP.

They drove along the road admiring the beauty of the state, treelines, forests', hilly area's, water everywere, grassy feilds with wildflowers everything but desert and plains as they had seen their whole life.

As they looked out the windows of the van Isabel said "no wonder Jesse loved it here so much. When he was going to Harvard." "I know it's beautiful." Liz said.

A few days later....... Boston, Massachusetts

The five of them had gotten Jesse as their laywer without Isabel knowing, even though Jesse was fuming that they left Roswell without him being with them and had come to Boston, but quickly dismissed it when they told him that Boston was the farthest place from Roswell that they thought of.

Jesse had gotten a very nice town house for Max and Liz and a nice apartment for the others to live in, and told Isabel that when she was ready to come, but that didn't take very long they had gotten remarried and were once again happy and got some friends of his from Harvard to get furniture that they didn't need anymore for Max, Liz, Maria, Michael's and Kyle's places and a couple phones for each of their places and bought TV's, VCR, Computers and signed for internet access and cable and Liz, Maria, Michael and Max had gotten their accounts transfered from Roswell to Boston and some extra money from the Evans and the Parkers.

Now all they needed were jobs. They left that up to themselves.

Max and Liz settled on the couch with Lizs legs drapped over her husbands. The carressed each others hands, "Finally we get to settle down and just be a normal newely wed couple." Liz said.

"Yeah it's wonderful. Liz honey I'm sorry about not giving you a normal wedding, you know with our families, a reception or wedding pictures a honeymoon. I was hoping that we could've done that."

"I know, but Max I loved it, it was simple beautiful and had our closest friends. Just like in the original timeline that future Max told me, but only..." Liz looked down sadly and then looked back up "without Alex." Max ran his fingers along her cheek "I know we all miss him especialy Iz and Maria, but at least Tess payed her debt for killing Alex, by turning herself into the air force." "You don't know if she did or not Max, I don't know about you but I've come not to believe her anymore."

"Yeah and at the same time she put the FBI back on our trail!" "I know all the four of us can hope is that they didn't fallow us here." "I know." They sat on the sofa making out in their own place.

"As much as I hate this. We should be out their trying to find jobs." "Your right." They untangled themselves from each other Max ran his hand along her hair "Have you had any more visions?" Liz shoke her head and said "No I haven't, but that doesn't mean that their gone. Max this scares me. Does this mean I'm one of you now?" "I don't know theirs only one way to find out and that is to take a blood sample and take out one of our microscopes and see if theirs any green cells. Are you willing to do that?"

"Yes I'm really curious to find out if I am becoming one of you." "Even if you are, becoming one of us your still the same Liz Parker I fell in love with all those years ago, and besides having the gift of premonition could be a good thing. We could stop crimes, robberies, disasters and muders before they happen. We saved that one women because of your gift and we knew that all four of us were going to die on June 12 because of your premonition and I wasn't really eager to die again. I still have nightmares from when I died before." Max said trying to soothe his distressed wife. Max smiled to himself at mentally calling her his wife, he never thought it would happen but it did.

Which worked he saw her let out a smile and small chuckle. He gave her a kiss on the forhead and she said "Do the testing Max." "Okay." He lifted his hand over the coffee table and a pin appeared.

He then lifted his hand to get a microscope from the cabinent in the living room and placed it on the table with his powers. Liz looked shocked and said jokingly "do you got the power of the Force? Are you a Jedi to Max?" He chuckled and said "No I'm not a Jedi I've just been reserching more on my powers from the destiny book. If I was then I wouldn'tve been allowed to marry you. Nasado and the dupes were right are powers really are more advanced then we think." He said "take a deep breath honey and place your arm out." She did and Max pricked her arm with the pin and waited for her blood to surface it did and then gently dabbed it with a clothe and collected some blood on the clothe and then covered her wound with his hand and healed it and then gave it a kiss.

She smiled and said "Let's look now. I'm scared though." Max squezed Lizs hand gently and said "I'll look then." He nodded and placed it under the microscope and put it on the strongest veiwer Max looked he then saw a couple of her cells had turned green and more were turning green. "Oh my god" he looked up and Liz said "Well?" "Honey don't freak out but some of your cells have turned green and more are turning green." "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!"

Max gathered her in his arms and whispered while rubbing her back "Shhh. Will get answers to this Liz! I promise you!" "How?" "We brought the destiny book with, maybe it'll explain and maybe my mother will come to one of us in a dream." "Okay."

Part 3:

Max and Liz were walking along the sidewalk hand in hand looking for a library that they could use computers and the internet to look for jobs or help wanted signs.

Even though it was 83 dagree's out it felt a bit cool to the New Mexican natives and they were wearing pants and short sleeved shirts even though most of the Boston natives were wearing shorts, sunglasses and short sleeved shirts. Some people we're even wearing tank tops.

"Perhaps we should've gone to a place were the climate is more what we're use to like North Carolina or South Carolina." "Don't worry honey we'll eventually adapt. Sometimes it does get as warm in Massachusetts as it does in New Mexico, but it's because of humidity not dry heat." Max said. "I heard that a humidty heat is worst then a dry heat much worst."

A women passed them brushed against Lizs shoulders she got a flash of a couple men attempting to rob her. She gasped Max looked over at her with concern. "What is it? Did you have another premonition?" "Yes." Liz turned around and saw the girl in her vision she said "right there let's fallow her." Liz took Max's hand and they followed the women she walked up an ally and just as Liz had predicted they were attempting to mug her.

"Max!" He lifted his hand "on it" and blasted the two men off the women and ran towards her Liz said "are you okay?" The women nodded and said "Thank you."

The men were getting away "Max get them." He chased the men and knocked them to the ground he then grabbed them behind their backs and said "I'm placing you two under citizens arrest!" Liz went up to her and said "We're going to put these jerks behind bars and we need you to come with us to the police station to confirm that they were going to be mugged so come with us." She nodded and Max said "Liz can I have a little help here."

"Right!" The women said and followed them. She took one of the men and said "I'm placing you under citizens arrests also."

Max and Liz took the men to the police station.

"Max could you hold them?" "Sure." He took a hold of the two men and Liz went up to the police cheif and he said "How can I help you Ms....." "Evans, my name is Liz Evans and this is my husband Max we caught these two men trying to mug this women with us." Liz said gesturing towards the girl they saved.

"Is this true Ms?" "Yes I was walking to my car and then those two men attempted to mug me and do who knows what else."

"Okay we'll take it from here sir." The police cheif told a couple officers to take the men and one of the officers said "come with us. Thank you Mrs. Evans." Liz nodded the trio left with Maxs' arm around Lizs shoulders.

"Mrs. Evans?" "Yes?" "How did you know those men were going to attack me." Liz looked at Max and then back at the women and said "I sensed it." "Be careful." Max said "I will thanks again." Max and Liz nodded.

Max said "another crime averted." "Yeah it felt good, I guess your right Max that maybe having this gift is a good thing. Max I'm still worried about whats going to happen with my other powers."

Max rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head "whatever happens I'll be their for you like you've been their for me this past year. With trying to find my son, giving up your dreams of going to Harvard and just acting like a colatoal prick and taking you for granet. Now all that maters to me is that were together. Forever!" Liz smiled and hugged him he hugged her back and kissed the top of her head and burring his head in her hair. "I love you so much."

Part 4: Another Week.

It was a week later and Liz just got off the phone from the manager of The Capeside it was one of the most popular tourests restruants in Massachusetts which mostly served seafood but some regular food as well, and so did Max they got jobs at the same place which payed pretty good. Liz as a waitress and a Hostests Max as a waitor and Host.

They didn't have the money yet to go to college.

Both Max and Liz hoped that when they got the money they would both go to Harvard to get degrees for science, but right now they were doing this serving tables and being good workers.

Max knew that deep down the three of them would have to return to Antar and end the suffering of his people and when he did he would take Liz with him after all she is his wife and maybe set up a democracy if his people would win, he would propose a democratic government or a Constitutional Monarchy.

For his time on earth and being in the United States and some of the memories of Antar he realized that democracy was an excelent form of government with the people deciding whats best for them and the people being able to vote on who rules them, and have the people vote on a counsil of senators and representatives and having them sitting down in a room and discusing important issues and voting on whats best for the people and doing it. The only problem with democracy that Max saw was that like the Senate and The House of Representatives the people didn't always agree on things.

They were done with their shifts and Max had asked his parents to bring his car to Boston, but until then he rented a car which was like his old jeep.

He had to admit he missed the jeep it was a good car to have. Liz bought herself a car as well which was a ford, but hardly ever used it since she and Max shared the jeep most of the time.

When they got home, Max saw Phillip and Dianes SUV and his convertible in the driveway. "It looks like you'll have to return the rented car." "I know."

Max and Liz got out of the jeep and Phil and Diane hugged them tightly and congragulated the newly weds.

"Mom, dad I missed you guys." Max said "We missed you to son." "Hows Isabel?" "She's fine, she and Jesse remarried. Liz and I have this town house and Michael and Maria decided they wanted an apartment and so did Kyle. Micheal and Maria are engaged to be married." "Max we also brought your bed considering the fact you might want it." "Thank you I apprechiate it, we've had to sleep on the floor ever since we moved here."

"Why don't we go inside." Liz suggested. "I can make some lemonade." "Sounds good Liz." Diane said. "Okay."

Part 5

The four of them got into the house and sat down in the living room while Liz went to the kitchen to make some lemonade.

Phillip said "You six decided to come to Boston huh? Jim told us he lead you to Arizona." "He did we took the rest of the way to here." "This is a nice place Boston has some of the finest living you know." Phillip comented "I know thats part of the reason we came here. The other reason is because it's the farthest away from Roswell as we can get."

"Have the FBI and Air Force found you yet?" Diane asked "No, so far they haven't followed us here, but we're keeping ourselves on high alert and watching our backs."

The four of them talked for a while at least until about 4 when Max and Philip moved his old bed upstairs to his and Lizs bedroom that was matress less and put the matress on the bed.

Then at about 5 P.M. Diane said "We'd better go, we still want to visit Isabel and Michael." Liz took out a slip of paper she handed it to Philip and said "These are their address'" "Thanks Liz." Philip and Diane left.

Later that night Liz was in the bathroom doing her nightly rutine. They were still trying to get use to being in their new timezone.

Washing her face removing her access make up and putting on her night dress.

For a wedding present Max had gotten her a beautiful pink silk nightgown, which she was wearing right now.

She shut the bathroom light off, Max was already sound asleep in his boxers and no shirt. She got under the covers and curled against him and insitictively he wrapped his arms around her, and fell asleep instantly. It was so nice to finally have a bed.

Part 6: Dreams

Liz was turning her head sideways as a vision of a distant planet like earth only it wasn't. It was all trees, sparkling blue waters, Mountains, fasionable type homes and a marble palace with waterfalls on a couple sides and unlike earth their were five contenents and they were all together as one continent, and the palace had a couple gardens and fountains in it as well as outdoor gardens and fountains.

Inside the palace was a throne room and four figures which she only saw flashes of her, Max, Michael and Isabel. She and Max were above Micheal and Isabel on a set of stairs and Max had a golden crown on his head and so did Liz only hers was made of gold and gemstones she and Max had very royal and exquisite robes that were made of silk and hers had gemstones and designs on them Maxs robes had designs on them and they both flowed gracefully as you walked or danced and they had people sitting in chairs near her and Maxs' thrones Liz guessed that the four of them who were female and looked like her that were sitting in thrones and had cloaks on them that were all orange, were her Handmaidens and on Max's side their were three men that look like him also sitting in thrones wearing blue cloaks and Liz guessed they were his Handmens which were like their decoys.

Lizs were very exquisite made of fine silk and had beautiful gems, had different colors and designs on them and that clung to her curves as if they were made especially for her, just like her regular clothes fasionable yet comfortable as did Isabel, except not as beautifully designed as hers. Isabel being a princess had a diamond tiera and her robes and regular outfits clung to her curves also, Micheal being a lord he wore mostly regular yet formal clothes.

Liz was confused why was she dreaming of this she wasn't one of the royals, she wasn't apart of the four square or the royal four. So why was she in this dream? In Tess' place to be exact.

2nd night

The dreams continued this time she saw a younger version of her and Michael playing in a field and swimming in one of the sparkling lakes with a older couple who was watching over them like parents and she assumed that this was her and Micheals mom and dad. This was a really weird dream were Michael was her brother, but the dreams were to vivid to be just dreams.

Then her dreams flashed to the desert were she was walking along in a dark blue strapless dress and on the sand their were a bunch of the different symbols from the destiny book. The four square, the royal seal of Anatar which was the V shape and the spiral that was on the comunication devices she and Max found three years ago and a bunch of other symbols in the destiny book.

The weird thing here was that when she saw a flash of Max, Michael, Isabel and her holding hands in the four square. Were normally that she had seen it was Max, Micheal, Isabel and Tess that were in the four square but she was in Tess' place in the four square.

3rd night

She then had another dream the next night of all four of them growing up together and being friends except for Max always looked at her longingly, but still all acting like carefree friends and swimming in the lake near the palace and one of the waterfalls, jumping off the rocks and challenging each other to jump off the higher rocks and splashing each other.

All four of them were then playing in a feild and looked about four or five years old and then it flashed to night were they were lying on their backs looking up at the stars.

She had another part of her dream as all of them older, Max telling her he loved her for the first time and has loved her for a long time and Michael acting like an over protective brother, giving Max the third degree. Going out on their first date and other dates, Max courting her for the first time.

4th night

She then saw him telling his father he wanted to marry Raths sister, but his father telling him that he's betrothed to Princess Ava.

Eventually Max got to marry Liz. The wedding happening and then Liz and Max getting crowned as King and Queen of Antar and the people cheering.

5th night

This time her dreams were two years later and Liz was giving birth to two children and then a third one a few years later.

After the last child was born then she saw Vilandra betraying them to Kivar which caused Liz and Max to have to put decoy's in their place. Max and Liz trying to find a diplomanic salution to solve the conflict by talking with Kivar, but it failing and the war starting and they were all wiped out, and her and Maxs children being taken by Lizs Handmaidens and being hidden and her loyal and closest friend and decoy getting killed in Liz's stead.

She then saw Max and Isabels mother and the group of scientists mixing their DNA with human DNA and the crash in 1947 and being placed in the pod chamber before getting captured and killed, but only Nasado and Kal escaping but not two of the scientist who recreated them.

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Part 7

Liz burst out of bed and screamed. Max woke up and said "What is it?" "Oh god Max!" She said hugging him. He said "You had more alien related dreams and dreams of Antar didn't you?" Liz just nodded.

"You've been having those dreams for about a week now." "I know this one was scary though." "What happend?" "It was the battle we had three children and a couple years after they were born the war started and two of my Handmaidens took them and hid them. Max what if are children are still out their somewere and we tried to use diplomacy to solve the conflict but we couldn't." "Their probilly over 100 years old Liz."

"I know but still." Liz then had a thought "Max did you bring the comunication orbs?" "Yeah why?" "I want to see if we can comunicate with your mother again. She might be able to answer the million questions that are buzzing in my head."

"Go back to sleep sweetie." "Okay." Liz said she laid back down and fell back asleep.

Max brushed his hand across her face and got out of bed and put on a muscle shirt and went downstairs. He paced around the living room and then sat down on the couch and started thinking.

He was really worried about Liz, first when her mysterious powers first started to appear, then when she blasted Tess across Michaels apartment even though she had every reason to, then with the premonitions came when they were still in Roswell, then with the green cells, and now with her dreams of Antar, and being apart of the four square and Micheal being her brother.

What was happpening to her? Was she becoming one of them? Was she one of them all along, the fourth royal to complete the four square rather then Tess? Was Micheal her brother?

Max was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice Liz coming downstairs. She sat down next to him and said "Hello?" He got out of his train of thought and said "I thought I told you to go back to bed."

"I know, but when I didn't see you next to me I came down here. Whats wrong Max?" "I'm just trying to figure out what's happening to you, have you been one of us all along? Did Nasado and Tess lie when Nasado said that Tess was one of us?" "Max think about what you just said about Nasado and Tess."

Liz was about to say another word until a bright light appeared before them, and their before them was the image of Max and Isabels mother.

Part 8: Revelations

She smiled softly at the couple and said "My son." "What are you doing here?" "I came to answer your questions my son."

She looked at Liz, "I'm the one whos been sending you the dreams my dear." "How come?" "Because I've been waiting for the right time to tell you and since Ava is dead I figured that now would be the best time to tell you, but your apart of the four square."

"Me? But I didn't hatch from a pod," "Yes you did my dear just sooner then the others," "and I thought Tess was in my place in the dreams." "Tess is not one of the royals you are, in your past life your name was Duchess Lysandra and you and Zan had the most beautiful love that anyone on our planet had ever seen."

"Then what was with your first message saying that Tess and I were destined," "because Princess Ava was power hungry she wanted to be queen so her father told your father to have Zan be betrothed to Princess Ava, but you wanted to marry Liz, you and Zan got married in secret with your brother and sister being witnesses and Zan kept on putting off the crowning of Ava as queen. She found out about yours and Zan's secret rendezvous and got really jealous; so she joined forces with Kivar if he promised her that she could have you, but she got killed by Zan and Rath and eventually Zan you got your wish to have Lysandra crowned as your queen." Maxs mother said, sundenally things got clear to Liz.

Why Tess tried to steal Max, why she got insanely jealous before she left earth and always looked threatenly at Liz, and her biggest question. Why she sundenally had mysterious powers.

"What about the fact in my dreams Micheal and I were brother and sister?"

"Thats because you and Rath are brother and sister twins to be exact. I've been sending dreams to him about you being his twin sister every time he's asleep and the four of you all grew up together and were the best of friends and Liz your gift is the power of premonition as you've discovered." "How come I didn't just get my powers until recently, and how come I didn't see Vilandra betraying us and the death of our people including our children?" "because when we recreated you, we made it so that your powers weren't going to surface until the night of your 21st birthday it was a safety precaution so that Tess wouldn't kill you she didn't know you were an alien this time around and Kivar knew of your gift of premonition so he ordered your skill to be blocked when they started planing the attack..." "I'm 19 though." "When Max healed you it jumped started your powers two years in advance."

"I see, does Micheal know I'm his sister?" "He suspects it." "Fairwell I hope to see you again. We'll send another ship to you and hide it in the pod chamber so you can return to Antar and help us defeat our enemies." Sundenally the image disapered.

Liz said "Wow, I can't believe I'm one of you." "I knew you were the one Liz I was drawn to you when I first saw you." "I was to, and now we know why."

"We're going to have to gather everyone together tomarow about this new turn of events, except probilly not Jesse since he won't know what we're talking about, well at least Micheal and Isabel. I guess this means Kyle isn't going to get powers." "at least we don't have to worry about Tess anymore." "Hopefully." Liz said "what if she lied again and didn't turn herself in." "According to my mother she did turn herself in."

Part 9:

The next day Max and Liz we're sitting in the kitchen watching the morning news. Liz placed some breakfast out "Do we have to work today?" "No, I'm not sure about everyone else though."

"Max you should call everyone together now." "That is if their awake." "Max it's 10:30 I think they are." "yeah but Liz some of us might still have habits in New Mexico, it's like two or three hours earlier out towards Roswell. Which means it's probilly 9:30 or 8:30 out their and Micheal is not exactly an early riser." "Well try anyway Max please."

"Okay." Max picked up the phone and started the calling.

He called Michael first and asked him and Maria to come over because it was an emergency, Liz called Isabel and told her to come and Liz called Kyle for him to come over, and said the same thing that it was an emergency.

"Well I called Isabel and Kyle. There on their way." "I called Micheal and Maria and they said they'll be here in a few minutes."

A few minutes later they heard knocking at the door, Liz got up and answered the door and Micheal, Maria Isabel and Kyle were all there.

"Come in everyone." The four of them came inside and Liz said "does anybody want anything?" They all shoke their head.

Micheal sat down on the couch and Maria joined him he put his arm around her and said "okay Maxwell whats so important that I had to get out of bed." "Yeah with the way you said it it sounded urgant. Did Liz have another vision?" Isabel asked.

"Not entirely Iz." Max said.

"Is it about Lizs' dreams?" Maria asked.

"Wow what kind of dreams has Liz been having lately?" Kyle asked.

"Tell them." "I've been having dreams of Antar for the past week. I've been apart of the four square in these dreams also I've been queen."

"Your not one of us!" Micheal said Max said "Micheal thats no way to talk to your twin sister." Everyone gasped except Micheal, Max and Liz.

"I knew it. Those dreams we're to real to be just dreams." "What are you talking about Micheal?" Maria asked.

"Everytime I'm asleep I have dreams of Liz and I being brother and sister on Antar."

Isabel said "So wait a minute Max your saying that Liz is one of us?" "Yes Isabel she is and has been the whole time, thats why she's gotten mysterious powers and premonitions."

"I thought Tess was the fourth one." Kyle said.

"She's not Kyle, it's suppose to be me in her place." Liz said.

"How do you know this isn't just one of your fantasies Maxwell?" "Because...." she looked at Isabel and said "because our mother came to us last night our real mother and told us everything. That in our past life her name was Lysandra and she and I got married in secret, because Tess was power hungry and wanted to be queen so her father went to our father and demanded to make Tess my betrothed."

Maria shrugged and said coolly "Well that explains a lot." "Why didn't Liz hatch with us then?" Isabel said.

"She hatched when she was four two years before us and our mother also told us that Michael and Liz are twins." Micheal looked at Liz, he had a family he wasn't alone anymore and not just any family a twin sister.

"Theres just one thing I'm wondering about if Liz was one of you guys the whole time why didn't she get her powers until recently?" Maria asked. "it was a safety precaution, because in our past life. Tess found out about Liz and I being married and got really upset and joined forces with Kivar if he promised her that she could kill Liz, and she would've to if Micheal and I hadn't found out that Tess was after her from one of the palace guards, she had Liz at her mercy until Micheal and I took care of her ourselves." "I wasn't suppose to get them until I was 21 though." "Then why have you gotten them now?" Isabel asked "because when Max healed me it jump started my powers two years in advanced."

Part 10: Three years later.

Max had been acting rather weird lately, and Liz wanted to ask him why.

Liz went up to Max, she said "Max, I want to know why have you been acting so strange lately?" He looked seriously pained at her and said "Liz, our people are suffering. I've felt their pain. We cant stay on earth anymore we have to leave. We have to end the suffering of our people." "Is that why you've been acting well not like yourself?"

He nodded, "yeah because I've been feeling the suffering of our people and having nightmares about their well being that I haven't gotten much sleep. The rebel fleet against Kivar is falling apart." "What should we do?" "We should gather Michael and Isabel." "What about Jesse, Kyle and Maria?" Max shoke his head and said "No, this is strictly alien buisness Liz no civilains, only Michael and Isabel." "Okay." Liz called Michael and Isabel and told them to come alone.

Within a few minutes they were there, and Max told them to come in. "Why did you call?" Michael asked as he and Isabel sat down Max said "guys, the four of us have to head back to Antar. We cant stay on earth anymore." Max said determined "Why?" Isabel asked Liz took a hold of Max's arm "because Iz our people are suffering and dying, besides our mother is waiting for us." "How do you know our people are suffering Maxwell?" Michael asked "because I've been feeling their pain and suffering for the last few months" "but Max this is our home." Isabel said "No, earth isn't our home our home is Antar." Liz said, she still felt kinda weird saying that earth wasn't her home. She thought to herself 'Isabel for once think of others before yourself.'

"Liz I can't believe your agreeing to this or even considering it!" Isabel said "I have to Isabel Max is my husband and I'm his queen. Plus I cant stand the thought of our people suffering and us four not doing anything to help the rebels or our people. Especially since we now have full knowledge of our powers." Liz sat up and said "Guy's face it, it's over we can't continue to live normal happy lives on earth and we cant continue passing off as normal teenagers when our people are suffering and dying. We have to put them above ourselves." Max thought 'she defenently has the tendencies of an excellent queen.' Michael said "Come on Isabel we all knew that this day would come."

"Well, yeah but after Tess left in the Granolith we pretty much accepted that were stuck here." "Well, that was before our mother sent us another ship." "What about my husband and Michael's fiancee and Kyle." "We'll just have to leave them." Michael said "There's no way I'm leaving earth without Maria." "What should we do just let our people continue to suffer and die? We're their rulers, and evil is tormenting them." Max said. Liz said "Max I agree with you that we have to leave, but why can't we just let Maria come with us? She's my best friend."

Max thought it over and sighed "Even though it's against my better judgement I suppose, that if Maria want's to come with us she can. Earth and Antar are very much alike." "Were is the ship?" "Back in Roswell, in the Pod Chamber. Our mother repaired it. Liz and I are going to drive to Roswell today. When you two say good-bye to Jesse, Maria if she's not coming and take the van back to Roswell and when we get back head to the pod chamber." "Okay." They said together and left.

"Come on Liz let's pack and get going." Liz nodded they packed their clothes "We have to sell the house and the cars." "I'll take care of that." Max called for a representative to sell their house and they said they'd be their in a day, but Max told them they were going to be leaving that day, and told them to tell the representative that the furniture is included Liz put a for sale sign on her car and they got into Max's convertible and drove back towards Roswell, it took three weeks.

Max waved his hand in front were their was a hand print and placed his hand over it, the rock opened and him and Liz went into. The pod chamber was normal again as if the granolith had never destroyed it, Liz looked at the four broken pods in amazment she touched one and said "I can't believe this is were I was born." "It's pretty amazing isn't it." "I also can't believe I crawled out of this when I was so young." Max wrapped his arms around her and said "You've always been way ahead of our class why can't you be way ahead of the three of us." "Do you think it's in the same place as the Granolith? Behind the pods?" "Let's see." They crawled through them and for sure their was the ship.

Part 11:

"Are you scared Liz?" "Yes, I am. How about you?" "Defenently." He took a hold of her hand and gentle squeezed it. "Max what if we don't win?" "Will just have to believe we can and we're going to join forces with the resistant groups which is lead by my mother, and if we do. I'm going to propose a Democracy instead of a Monarchy." "Max thats a great idea." Liz said and then grabbed her head she was getting a vision she saw their people hidding in caves, she saw them starving scavenging for food, she saw them getting killed by the skins, she saw them calling out to the royals to save them, she also saw the rebel fleet falling apart and worst of all she saw them dying of hunger and from the skins. "What is it Liz?" Max asked holding her head up and carressing the sides of her face "Are you okay?" "I just saw and felt our peoples pain, we should've left sooner." "We didn't have the full knowledge of our powers but we do now."

"Liz I believe we can win and free our people." "I hope so, do we know if they'll even still like us? We've been gone for years." "I know. That's what I'm mostly worried about, how our people are going to react when we return." "Max shouldn't we get Kal?" "I was thinking about that, but he really doesn't want to leave earth." "Well your the king and he's our protector doesn't he have to listen to you?" "Yes he does, but I don't think I could get him here."

They heard a voice from the shadows "I'm already here." Kal Langley came out of the shadows and Max said "What are you doing here?" "Just like Lysandra I've felt the suffering of our people as well." "So you knew Lizs' was one of us also?" "Of course I did. Besides Max you need me to get the ship started." He looked around and said "Were are the other two royals?" "There on their way hopefully. They weren't to happy about the idea of leaving." "I don't blame them." Kal said "even though Antar is more beautiful." "I know I've seen what it looks like in my dreams."

back in Boston......

Michael was talking to Maria. "We have to head back to Antar, Max, Liz, Isabel and myself." "Why?" "Max has said that he's feeling the suffering of our people. We're going back to fight the war and free our people." "I understand Michael." "I was hoping that you'd come with us."

"Michael theirs nothing more I would want then to be with you, but I'm not one of you. My place is here on earth." "Are you sure?" "Yes, just answering me one question." "Shoot." "Will I ever see you again?"

Michael took Maria's hands in his and said "What does your heart tell you?" Maria looked sadly at him with her green eye's and said "No I'm afraid. What does your heart tell you?" "My heart tells me we will." "Really?" "Yes, I'll come back for you. After we free our people." "Okay." Maria was tearing up she said "Just a minute." She took off her engagement ring and put it on a chain she then said "I want you to have this so that you can think of me." She put the chain around his neck and said "Don't ever forget me Michael."

He placed his forehead against hers and shook his head and said "Never could."

They shared one last kiss and night together and Michael and Isabel got in the van the next day. With Kyle and Maria joining them sense they decided to return to Roswell.

Michael and Isabel arrived at the pod chamber with heavy hearts.

"Michael do we really have to leave? I like my life on earth." Isabel said.

"Yes, we do remember Liz said after her encounter with future Max that all four of us have to stay together if we want to win. Isabel I don't like this idea anymore then you do. I don't want to leave Maria in fact thats the last thing I want but we have to. After all we knew this day would come, and Liz is right. We can't just kick back and live normal lives on earth anymore and pass as normal teenagers when our people are suffering, dying and waiting for us to save them." Isabel crossed her arms in front of her chest and said hurt "I knew you'd side with Liz." "She's my sister Isabel; my twin sister."

"How do we know we can trust them and that this isn't just a trap?" "It's on your mothers word." Michael said. "Now come on Liz and Max are waiting for us."

"Right." Isabel brought up the silver hand print on the entrance to the pod chamber and it opened, they took one last look out at the endless desert and remembered all they could about earth, then went into the chamber.

"So were are they?" "My guess your mother put the other ship in the same place as the Granolith was." Michael pointed pass the glowing green broken pods and said "behind the pods." "That would make sense." They crawled through the pods and for sure Max and Liz were on the otherside waiting for them.

"Ready to go?" Max asked the other three. They all nodded Micheal said "Who's that Maxwell?" "This is Kal Langly the other shapeshifter that I met in LA." "So we had two guardians." "Yeah only Kal is the one we can trust. We need him to get on the ship." "Do you still have the key Max?" "Yes Kal I do." Max took the diamond that was the key out of his pocket and handed it to him. "Stand back the four of you." They did and Kal shapshifted and got aboard the ship and a white beam came out and the four of them steped into it and got absorbed into the light and on the ship. They looked around and Isabel said "Roomy." "I'll say. What's next Kal?" "Putting the key into this slot."

Kal placed the key in the slot and the ship started up and then blasted out of the pod chamber and a fast speed at night so they wouldn't draw attention to themselves.

Once they got into outerspace, the royal four looked at earth from space. Max said "Well lets get one last look at earth before we head back to Antar." The four of them looked out the window of the spaceship and looked at the earth from space. "Wow the earth looks so beautiful from space."

"I know." They looked at the earth for a while and then the ship left earths atmosphere. "Okay so do any of us actually know were Antar is?" Liz asked. "The cordinates are set for Antar." Max looked at Isabel "are mother must've set the cordinates." "I guess she did." The ship left earth's atmosphere.

They arrived at Antar, and the four of them couldn't believe how beautiful there homeworld is with green and water all over the place and bright blue skies. Kal said "didn't I tell you it was beautiful?" "You sure did."

The ship landed and they got out and were met by Max and Isabel's mother she hugged her children. "Oh my children you came and you look so beautiful and grown up, and Kal the trustworthy shape shifter." "Your majesty." Kal said and bowed.

She looked just like she did in the momagram. Tall and thin with blonde hair and brown eyes they looked around their people were humanoids. "Why my children you look shocked." Liz said "It's just your human." There mother smiled softly and said "Earth isn't the only planet that has humans on it my dear. Are you four finally going to help us defeat our enemies?"

"Yes mother we are." Max said. "Whats your name." Liz asked "Leonnie." "Thats a nice name." Micheal said "Thank you now come on I'll take you to the rebellion. As I've told you I'm the head of it, follow me." The five of them did.

Max, Liz, Isabel and Micheal followed Leonnie to a small wooded area were a bunch other Anatarians were gathered all of them were humanoid with special powers and gifts like the four of them. "Is this the rebelion Leonnie?" Liz asked "Yes, Lysandra it is." She spoke some foreign language and the rebel troops came to attention. "My people the royal four have finally returned."

The fleet gasped and whispered to one another and smiled greatfully "finally we have a chance to win." One of them said "do you have full knoweledge of your powers." Another one asked "Yes we do, just this year on earth and were here to help." Micheal said, the royal four were greeted warmly, the four of them were releaved to be welcomed home with open arms.

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Part 13: Five years later

It was five years later the rebel fleet on Antar had won there independence from Kivar, the skins and there enemies and this time Isabel didn't turn against them she resisted Kivar and with Lizs' premonitions it helped them in their fights.

Kivar had surenderd and Liz said to Max and Leonnie "Let's banish him from Antar." Max said "No Liz it would be the wrong thing to do." "Zan is right Lysandra. After all Kivar is just like any of us, but I don't know what could be done. What do they do on earth?" "Usually when a war ended they had the UN write up a peace treaty at least after World War II but before that they had someone from the country or countries write up the treaty and have the leaders of that country or countries involved in the conflict all sign the peace treaty." "Perfect we'll just have Kivar sign a treaty." Leonnie said.

"Even though it's against my better judgement okay a non-agression peace treaty." Liz said "is that an aggreement Kivar?" "It is your highness." The rebel fleet kept Kivar and Nicholas surounded "Good come on." They went to the throne room with the rebels surounding Kivar and Nicholas since they didn't fully trust him. Once they got to the throne room Leonnie wrote up the non-aggresion peace treaty. "Now we all have to sign. Zan why don't you go first." Leonnie said. Max nodded and signed the treaty then Liz did using their alien names and Leonnie did. "Okay Kivar it's your turn." Kivar and Nicholas signed the treaty as did Kivar's top advisors.

"The gist of the treaty is. That you no longer have the right to invade us or take over our planet to inforce tyranny against our people and neither do your people and we don't have the right to invade your planet or your people. Kivar nodded and left after being given a copy of the treaty. Kal said "Well our people are free my work is done." He went towards Leonnie and said "If it's allright with you your highness I'd like to return to earth after all I'm important I'm a major producer, writer and director." "It is thank you Langley." Kal bowed and then left to head back towards earth.

The next day Leonnie stood on the balcony of the palace seeing as her rebels had recaptured the palace the previous day thanks to Lizs' premoniton about the Skin's planing a huge raid on the rebel fleet. One extra knowledge that Liz had about her power of premontion that it didn't have to be through contact that she could summon it whenever she needed to by closing her eye's and focusing or if she would get a vision about something happening. There was a large group of people were gathered and said "this is a happy day for us all. We are back to having our freedom and our peace. Thanks to the royal four." The people cheered eagerly. Max, Micheal, Isabel and Liz were all behind her.

Leonnie said "Now we will hear from King Zan and Queen Lysandra. The first rulers of our new government." A couple weeks ago Max had shared with his mother and some of the other rebels who became very close friends to him and Liz about his vision of creating a democratic government if they had won against Kivar and at the moment they were the only possible canidates for king and queen, Max had been surprised that his people knew what democracy was and they had said 'well we've visted the United States a few times and understand how democracy works' and they thought it was an excellent idea and decided to give democracy a chance.

Max and Liz walked out to speak to their people holding hands, both of them were wearing the royal robes and had the crowns, their symbols of royality.

They nodded at each other and Max started "My people I'm glad to announce that today is a happy day we have our freedom, our victory, our peace and our new government which is democracy. You the people decide who rules you, as of now me and the other royals, Liz, Micheal, Isabel and myself have writen up a constituion almost like the constituion we had in America on earth, but with different rights and words. Now all we need is all of you from the five different providences to elect a couple different people to represent you Senators and Representatives, to vote on the issues we address to make our world a better place and to rebuild and if it's approved. Liz and I are honored to be your first leaders of our new government." Max and Liz kissed and the people cheered and clapped and Max and Liz went back into the palace.

They sat down in there thrones and Liz looked around and said "Were's Micheal?" "He decided to go back to earth, back to Maria and bring her here." "Wow he really loves her doesn't he." Liz said "yes he does. I sure hope that we can handle this." "We did a pretty good job leading the rebels."

"I guess, you know I love it here." "Me to, it's even more beautiful then earth, the air is cleaner to." "Of course they don't have cars they seem to have. Oh my goodness they have like solar powered everything." "Your kidding?" "No I'm not. Max do you think we'll be able to rule our planet okay." Max took her hand and gently squeezed it and said "Honey I know we will. My mother has faith in us." "She does?" "Yes." Max ashured her.

Part 14: A Couple Years Later

Antar was peaceful and prosperous and the people were really getting use to democracy and understanding it. They still apprechiated it to.

Max and Liz were in the throne room they had decoy's chosen and handmaidens and handmen chosen allthough it was complicated to find people that looked like them and Leaonie had helped them out, but they weren't present they were exploring the palace and Isabel was exploring the planet or at least the area around the palace she had a couple handmaidens and a decoy "Public Service wasn't on the top of my list for my future." Liz said.

"Liz it's not so bad. Being in charge really gives us the chance to make a difference. You've said as long as I remember that you would like to make a difference in the world." "Yeah but I was thinking with Science not Public Service." "It's basically the same only you change the world with decisions instead of science" "Maybe."

There counsil had been chosen by them. Most of them were rebel officers putting there leadership skills to the test and were reading through the constituion that the royal four had written and were voting on it right now and in the seven providences they were voting on govenors and senators and represetatives and other political offices.

Max and Liz's most trusted advisors and friend named Marice came into the throne room he bowed and said "My Lord and Lady." Max said "What is it Marice?" "Lord Rath has returned from earth." Max and Liz looked at each other and then towards the advisor "Let him in." Liz said "Yes My Lady." The advisor said he bowed and left.

When the advisor arrived were Micheal was he said "King Zan and Queen Lysandra wish to see you two." "Thank you Merice." Micheal said. "Which way is it to the throne room?"

"Down this hall then two doors down to the left." "Thank you." Micheal said and he and his companion fallowed the directions.

Part 15. A surprise

Micheal and his companion arrived in the throne room he said "come on." They walked in and Max and Liz gasped. Liz shouted "Maria!" She stood up and ran towards her friend making sure to prevent herself from triping on her skirts.

Maria smiled and hugged her best friend she hugged her back and said "Oh my God you decided to come!" Liz shouted hugging her best friend again. "I couldn't stand to be away from Micheal and you. It looks like your royality." "Yes elected royalty." "Wow." "What do you think of Antar?" "It's such a beautiful planet and I'm so shocked that the Anatarians are human." Liz then hugged her twin brother and said "I'm so glad your back big brother." "Me to little sister."

Max greeted them the same way. "How did you convince her Micheal?" Max asked. "I told her how much I missed her and how much Liz did and I told Maria about the suroundings.

Liz looked pleadingly at Max and said "Go ahead walk around with Maria." She kissed him and said "Thank you." Liz and Maria strolled around the palace. Micheal said "What if someone needs Liz?" "I'll just say she isn't available. I'm glad your back. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to come back."

"Don't you remember after the war I told you that I was going back to earth and I wasn't going to return until I convinced Maria to come with me back to Antar."

Maria and Liz were walking through the palace hallway. "I can't believe your royality Liz." "Well I am." "How is it going so far?"

"It's going fine, except public service was the last thing I thought of for my future." "Your people obviously think your doing a good job. On our way to the palace Micheal and I were hearing people saying all sorts of good things about you and Max. Personally I always knew you had the tendicies of a good leader. In fact I had a feeling you were the queen not Tess, your more like a leader then Tess was. You think of others before yourself, you want your people's wellbeing above of your own, you want whats best for others. In fact I might've encouraged you to run for politcal offices." "I've got to show you the garden Maria!" Liz said eagerly.

She dragged Maria out to the garden it was beautiful, flowers on both the ground and the tree's birds flying around and little creatures. "Look over the wall." Maria did and saw waterfalls tumbeling down the sides. "Wow! Antar just keeps on looking more beautiful to me."

"Well we lived in Roswell our whole lives seeing nothing but dry desert and great plains. I like to take in every detail of water, tree's and green feilds." "I think we both do Liz. I'm glad I came."

"So am I, I hope that we run into my handmaidens I want to introduce you to them. Especially my decoy." "Handmaidens and decoy's huh?" "Yeah it's a new policy. Our people dont want to risk losing their king and queen again so they want to be careful about their leaders so from now on starting with Max and I they want their rulers to have decoys."

Part 16

"You know what really shocks me Liz." "What?" "That dress your wearing." Liz looked down at her white dress with the reavealing back and sleeves that flowed down from the fabric and she was wearing beautiful white dress shoes "Whats wrong with it?" "Nothing I never expected that you would ever wear a dress that would show off so much flesh."

"Well I never thought I would either but I guess it's grown on me. As queen I get so many beautiful dresses." Liz said. "So you don't have the big bulky ones like Queen Amidala?"

"Well I have to dress like that for like special ocasions, but for ordinary days like today I get to wear plain fancy clothes I'm not even allowed to wear jeans or short skirts, but for ceremony's and other fancy ocassions like special dinners, parties and meetings I have to wear outfits like Queen Amidala. Like on my first day as Queen I had to wear those heavy weighed down clothes at least I don't have to paint my face white."

"I prefer these fancy outfits their more comfortable. I have a question for you." "What is it?"

"Are you and Micheal married or still engaged?" Maria showed her friend the left hand "Not yet I still have my engagment ring. Micheal and I when he convinced me to come to Antar we decided to wait until we were on Antar to get married. Speaking of which how do wedding customs work here?" "Well technicaly since Max and I got our wedding license on earth we're not considered married."

"That doesn't seem right." "Yeah well we're going to have our Antar wedding and crowning ceremony tomarow. I don't know what to do about you and Micheal getting married though." "I think you should wait until You and Max are considered legally married. Even though you and Max aren't rightfully married on Antar there still letting you be king and queen?" "Well we're considered technically married just not fully and legally married."

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Part 17: The Next Day

The palace was crazy that day. The servants were preparing the garden for the wedding for their king and queen to make their marriage completly legal on Antar. Max and Liz found out that Leonnie was going to marry them.

By mid-day the east garden was fully decorated for the royal wedding. Liz was putting her wedding dress on. It was beautiful, silk, lace and pearls covered the fabric. Theresa was helping her dear friend put on her wedding dress and was fixing her hair and make up. Theresa almost looked like a complete clone of Liz it was almost like looking into a mirror. They had the same dark brown hair and eye's the same petite figure, the same height, their voices were pretty similar also and the same dark skin.

Liz was finding the perfect dresses for Isabel and Maria and her other handmaidens and decided on purple and blue ones. Liz was in Theresa's room she asked her "You look troubled my lady? Cold feet perhaps?"

Liz smiled at her dear friend and said "No it's not cold feet thank you for your concern Theresa Max and I have already been married." "Then what troubles you Lysandra?" "It's just on earth whenever people get married they need to have someone give them away and the only parents I knew were my earthly ones. Theirs no one to give me away."

"You don't need to have that Lysandra. It normally is required but since you and Zan were legally married on earth it won't be, and it will aslo be different for Rath and Maria. Now go and get married my lady." Theresa said taking her friends hands. "Your right Theresa it is time for me to get married."

They hugged and Liz and Theresa headed out to the east garden were Leonnie was getting ready to start the wedding.

Theresa went down the aisle while Liz stood in the back holding her hands together.

Max was up their smiling at her and the couple continued to look at each other Liz then went down the aisle as the entire planet were present and standing up to honor their queen. Bowing to Liz as she passed by. Liz approched Max and took her hand and they approched Leonnie the guest sat down when they approched Leonnie.

After a couple hours Leonnie had chanted an ancient text of marriage and declared them husband and wife and said "You two may now kiss." Max and Liz smiled at each other and kissed each other passionately.

Leonnie said "Bring out the crowns." One of Maxs handmen and Lizs' handmaidens brought out the crowns for Liz and Max. The crowns got placed on Max and Lizs' heads and the people cheered.

Theresa smiled and nodded at the couple Liz huged Theresa, Isabel and Maria. Finally she and Max were legally married on Antar.

Part 18: Danger On the Horizon

It was a couple weeks after the wedding and crowning. Liz and Theresa were walking through the halls talking when Liz took a hold of her head. She was getting a premonition she could feel it.

In her premonition thier was a group of people planing some strategy and talking about overpowering the royals and avenging Kivar's defeat and Vilandra not turning against her people. It was at that moment that Liz knew that these weren't rebels they were remaining followers of Kivar.

The vision stopped Liz was panting and Theresa asked concerned for her friend "Are you alright my lady." "I just had a premonition Theresa a very serious one to." "What did you see?" Theresa asked.

"Not all of Kivar's people are happy about the peace treaty. I saw some of them in a secluded area drawing up plans to overpower us and take vegence for us defeating him and also on Isabel for not repeating history. Did we really sign a non-agression treaty?" "Are you sure Lysandra?" "Yes I am. Come on Theresa we got to tell Max." "I agree." Theresa and Liz went to the throne room and Liz said "Max!" "What is it Liz?" "I just had a premonition." "What did you see?" Max said placing his hands on her arms.

"Apparently there were some of Kivar's followers that are still on Antar. I saw them drawing up a plan to overpower us." "We should send out some soilders to look for them." Liz said "Theresa could you leave for a minute?" "Sure Lysandra."

She bowed and left. "Max do you think we should have Jason and Theresa take the role of King and Queen?" "Not yet dear. Let's send out the soliders first to find them." Max said.

Max went out to the balcony and looked over the landscape Liz placed her arm through Maxs' and he said "I'm not eager about getting into another war Liz." "Me either Max. I don't want to get into another war that'll kill more of our people. I don't think our people do either." Liz said Max placed his arm around her. "If they are planing an attack I'm going to use diplomacy as much as I can. I'm not anxious about getting into a war here. Let's just see what happens."

"What about my premonition Max? Don't tell me that it couldn't happen I haven't had one premonition that's been wrong." "Okay I'll ask some of our law enforcement volunters to look around in the secluded area's of Antar were Kivar's followers might rally together and I'll ask them to bring them to the palace." "Okay." Liz said.

Part 19

Max asked "Was their a certain landscape or setting that might help them?" Liz tried to remember some landscapes that might help the soilders arrest them. "Well it was one of the more isolated area's of Antar." "Okay so I guess they could look at all the isolated places of the planet."

"I'm sorry I can't help better." "Don't worry about it Liz. Maybe your right." "About what?" "That maybe we should have Jason and Theresa take the role of King and Queen until Kivar's followers are caught. Just to be on the safe side."

"Lets get them." Max and Liz walked through the palace trying to find their decoys they came up to one of their servants. Max said "Melissa were is Theresa and Jason." "Why is their an emergency your highness?"

"Yes, Liz got a premonition about some of Kivar's troops gathering in an isolated area and we want to have them be in our place until their caught." "Oh I see, I think their in the south garden." "Thank you." Liz said. Max and Liz went out to the south garden and found their decoys acting quite friendly.

Max and Liz smiled at each other. Liz said "I hate to interupt you two lovebirds but we have an urgant matter to attend to." They looked at their friends and Jason said "what is it?"

"We need you two to take the role of King and Queen for a while. Did Theresa tell you about my Premonition?" "Yes she did." "We want you two to take on our role until Kivar's followers are caught." Max and Liz were putting their royal robes over their outfits and symbols of royality Max took Liz's hand and they went out to the throne room.

Max said "You know we're always at your service My Lady." Jason said "I know you two are." Liz said, "let's get you two in the role." "Liz wait first I asked Merice the gather the counsil for a meeting about your vision. We need to be ourselves at the meeting." "So what should we do?" Theresa asked. "You two stay here and get ready to take on the role as us. Then after the meeting take our places." "Okay Zan." Jason said.

Max and Liz arrived back out to the throne room with their handmaidens and handmen following them and were everyone was gathered the senators and the mayor of the royal city they were all standing up until the king and queen sat down and gave them permision to sit Max said "You all may sit down." The Counsil sat down as did Max and Liz and their decoy's sat near their king and queen "My nobel colegue's we have an emergency to report." Max said. "Lysandra had a premonition."

The counsil chatered with each other Maria said "What was your premonition Li... I mean your highness?" Liz had hand selected Maria to be the Senator for the Royal city. Sure the Anatarians disapproved of an outsider being the Senator for the royal city they accused Maria that an outsider might overpower them but Liz had said "my choice goes, besides she's married to Rath and she would not try to betray me." They still weren't happy though and Isabel had backed up Lizs decision as did Theresa and Max, but now the Anatarians we're realizing why the queen had chosen Maria as senator, she was fair, trustworthy, just, devoted to her friends people and planet and a true friend and loyal to their king and queen.

"It was a bad one I'm afraid. Senator DeLuca." Liz said "What was it Lys... I mean your highness." Isabel said "Vilandra it appears that not of all Kivar's men were happy about the treaty. In my premonition they were gathered at an isolated area on the outskirts of the city drawing up plans to overpower our government and want to avenge Kivar's defeat and also on you Vilandra." "Just because I didn't turn against our people this time?" "Yeah it seems that way." "Their violating the treaty!" Marice said "I know Marice, I thought Kivar would at least tell them about the treaty."

"What can we do your highness?" Senator Elisa added. "I wanted to send out soilders to find these people. The queen and I don't want to condor a course of action that will lead us to war."

"Yeah especially since our planet is still recovering from the civil war that just ended. Zan and I want to keep the peace and build a peaceful democracy and help our people recover from the war." "Does anyone have an idea how we can help our people and our economy recover from the war?"

One of the govenors said "Well what did they do on earth in the United States to recover from a war?" "The President gave nations the money to rebuild and created jobs. America is a very rich nation the richest one on earth." "Maybe that's what we should do to rebuild and recover and tax cuts would be another salution." Everyone agreed and Max told their two senators to meet with the other senators and vote on it and once they had decided to give it to them since they had to collect taxes to help build the government.

They dismissed their cabinent and counsil once they left Max and Liz headed towards their bed chamber, Theresa and Jason were already ready to take on the role as King and Queen.

While Max and Liz disguised themselves as the servants Max put on his blue cloak and Liz put on a redish orange one.
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