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Authors: Lizzie_Parker17 as Liz Parker and Alex Whitman, scifidreamer as Max Evans and Tess Harding, Roswell428 as Isabel Evans, qt4167013 as Kyle VaLenti, Liz_Parker as Serena Danier, and Cominatcha as Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca.

Disclaimer: We own no one but everything written in here comes from the minds of one of us brilliant people!!

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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

I'm used to this. I'm used to all of this. It's sad, but, yes, I am used to the city, and New York is nothing new for me. Most people might be a little overwhelmed after completing a big move like I just did. But New York and LA aren't very different. Both cities consist of the same smells and the same types of people. It's nothing different.

I already feel like I belong here. It reminds me so much of home.


What is home? Home is my and my mother's apartment back in some crummy neighborhood in LA. It's never been the type of home I've dreamed of living in. I always wanted one of those 7th Heaven lives with a mom and a dad and brothers and sisters and a dog. I wanted to live in a nice neighborhood where everyone got along, but I didn't get that.

I got LA.

But, now, things have changed. LA is gone. It's behind me now, in the past, and New York City has invaded my future. Maybe I can get a fresh start here. No one knows me. No one knows anything about me. Maybe I can even snag myself a guy.

Oh, but that's wishful thinking. The only boyfriend I've ever had was some guy in 2nd grade. I can't even remember his name now, and I don't want to. I remember he kissed me once and I ran home to my mom and told her all about it, and that I never wanted to kiss boys again.

But I do now. God, what I would give for someone in this rat-infested town to care about me.

Me. Maria DeLuca. No one even knows me.

That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Well, there's always Liz and Alex and Kyle. I haven't seen them in years ever since they graduated and moved off to New York City to do bigger and better things. They won't even know I'm here. I can just imagine the surprise on their faces when they realize that I'm actually here.

I wonder what they're all doing now . . .

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*KYLE* (Written by qt4167013)

Kyle pulled his hot and sweaty helmet off and tossed it aside.

Another game, another win. Thats how it always was.

"Mr. Valenti! Mr. Valenti!! A word please!" A reporter's voice carried over the crowd.

Kyle groaned and plastered on a fake smile.


"Kyle Valenti, how does it feel to be the youngest first string quarterback in the NFL?"

"It feels good." Kyle answered firmly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go change."

"Kyle! Wait!! The readers want to know, is there any love story??"

Kyle gritted his teeth.

"Um, no, I just got through a relationship and don't plan on starting one for awhile, Now if you'll excxuse me."

Kyle pushed his way through and before he could get to the locker room a hand grabbed him.

"KYLE!!!" a voice rang out.

"Pam!" he said turning around.

"Yes sweetie! You never answered me about our date tomorrow..."

"Oh yeah about that. There is no date." he said quickly and ran off to the locker room.

Kyle was fed up.

"I need a vacation. Maybe Liz, Alex and I could go together. I wonder what they are doing now..."
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*LIZ AND ALEX* (Written by Lizzie_Parker17)

Liz walked into the large apartment she shared with one of her best friends.

"Alex I'm home!" She called dropping her keys on the table.

"Hey Liz," he called from the kitchen where he was busily preparing a sandwich. "You want one?" He asked, gesturing to the sandwiches he was making

"Sure," She said

"So how did it go?" Alex said

"Great." Liz sighed. "I got the job. The client was very impressed with my work"

"Thats great, Lizziepoo" Alex said pulling her into a bear hug. "In fact, why don't we call Kyle and celebrate?"

"I would love to Alex but I have to study. I have a bio midterm on Friday. Also, didn't Kyle just have a game?"

Alex stood agape. "Liz since when did you have to study Biology to get an A? You'll do fine! And Kyle will love hanging with us! Now come on go put on something pretty."

"Jeez." Liz smiled. "Yes Maria." Liz said referring to their good friend in high school.

Alex feigned hurt! "That hurts me right here." He said pointing to his heart

"Drama Queen." Liz smiled

Liz walked up to her bedroom and began to strip. She needed a shower before they went out. If Kyle and Alex had it their way, which they would, they would be going clubbing.

Alex picked up the phone and dialed Kyle's cell phone
"Hello Kyle," he said into the reciever.
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kyle- (Written by qt4167013)

"Hey Alex. Yeah, I just finished a game... clubbing?! Sure, just let me change."

I hang up with Alex and pick out what to wear. I have to be stylish but not desperate, calm but casual. After finding the perfect outfit, I jump in a taxi and give him the directions to Alex and Liz's apartment. I whistle to myself. Life is good

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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

She really felt like going clubbing. She hadn't had time to explore NYC yet, but what a better way to get started then to start looking for clubs.

She would find somewhere to hang out tonight, no matter where it was. She didn't care if she got stuck hanging out in a freakin' art museum. She would meet some new people somewhere.

Though she preferred not to go to the art museum. No one there for her, that was for sure.

So Maria got around and got dressed in her best clothes and went out to her car, prepared to drive all night if that's what it took to find a club and some decent, interesting people.

God, she hoped she didn't get stuck at one of the art museums. Nothing there but a bunch of losers . . .

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*Lizzie and Alex* (Written by Lizzie_Parker17)

Liz looked at herself in her full length mirror. She had to admit, she looked hot. Alex was right. She needed to have a little fun. Maybe she would even meet a guy tonight. Get lucky.

Liz laughed to herself.

Yeah right how long had it been since that had happened?

Liz looked down at her short red skirt and tight black top. Who knows? Maybe tonight would be her lucky night.

More than likely not...but maybe.

No matter what, she was determined to have fun.

She heard the door bell ring. "Must be Kyle," she said to herself.

Liz went down the stairs and saw Alex and Kyle sitting on the couch waiting for her.

"Wow!" Alex said. "If you weren't like a sister to me I would be having seriously impure thoughts right now, Liz. On second thought maybe we shouldn't go clubbing... not with you looking like that"

Liz smiled. "Thanks Alex. Hey, Kyle, how was the game? Did you win?"

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Kyle: (Written by qt4167013)

I smiled at Liz's question.

"Of course Lizzie, I always win." I say jokingly. "But I ended up cornered by one of the cheerleaders, Pam Troy. GOD! I know I am sexy but sometimes the gals go a little bit overboard." I say groaning.

They laugh at me and I stand up.

"Ok, now that we have filled the make fun of Kyle quotant for the day, lets go!"
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Max and Tess (Written by scifidreamer)

Tess knocks on my door and walks in. Glad I said come in. So what if wasn't closed, it's the principle behind it.

She flops herself on my bed, and with one arm dramatically thrown over her eyes, she sighs so loud I'm sure my curtains fluttered. "Max, I'm bored!" she says pitifully. "I'm bored and I'm tired from work. I hate having a real job," I hear her mutter to herself.

"So go out with Isabel," I tell her, turning back to my drawing desk. What am I supposed to do?

"I did. She said to talk to you and Michael. She said we should go out and celebrate life," she says trying to angle her way into getting me to go.

"That's nice," I say not really paying any attention.

"C'mon Max," she says sweetly. I ignore her. She's keeps saying c'mon Max, repeating it over and over. But I've a sister so this is nothing new. It lost its distractionary powers years ago. I hear a squeaky squeak noise and look over my shoulder.

She's jumping on my, arms windmilling. She has a bright smile on her face, "This is kinda fun," she says breathless. "I mean I knew I was going to say something, but now I can't remember," she goes. Squeaky squeak goes my bed.

"Fine!" I shout over the noise "If you can get Michael to go I solemnly swear I'll go out tonight as well. If not, it's a blockbuster night," I go back to drawing. "And it's so my turn to choose!" I say not turning around. See Michael isn't going to want to go. He's been unusually quiet recently. Something's up. I think he has a concept in his head, and is trying work out all the small details he obsesses with in the beginning then totally disregards throughout the process. And whenever he's like this, he is not Mr. Social. I'm willing to bet my best paint set on that.
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Serena (Written by Liz_Parker)

I'm sitting at home again. That's all my life consists of. Maria and Liz are so lucky. They have friends or family to go home to, all I got is this lonely apartment.

I think I need to redecorate here pretty soon. The walls are so white and boring. They need to be "spruced up" in Liz's words.

I go to my room and turn on my radio to low and climb into the bed.

"Another lonely night stuck at home", I think as I slowly drift off to sleep.

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*MICHAEL* (Written by Cominatcha)

Something's not right about this. I know something's not right. I look over my painting again. There's a mistake somewhere, hidden beneath layers and layers of paint and designs.

I finally see it. The girl's hair is the wrong color. I made her a red-head, but that won't do. The tree behind her is a pecuilar shade of orange/red as well, and her hair needs to stand out.

I should have made it blonde. There's something about blonde girls in pictures that always looks nice.

Oh, but it's too late now. Another picture for the trash I guess . . .

The phone rings, so I rush to pick it up. "What?" I asked, not bothering to hide my annoyance with whoever the caller is. I hate it when people disrupt me when I'm working on my art.

It's Tess. She blabbers something about being bored and about wanting to go out and do something. I sigh as I debate what to do. I could stay at home in my lonely little apartment for awhile. I just moved in a few weeks ago, and the walls still need some pictures. I could busy myself with a project.

But I look at the failure currently placed on my canvas and give in. "Fine," I agree. "Where exactly do you plan on going?"
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*MARIA* (Writtten by Cominatcha)

Finding a club was not a problem. New York City had just as many as LA did, but finding the people was the hard part.

She first strutted into a club called THE DUNGEON, only to find that it was full of gothics. It wasn't that she minded gothics, it was just that she wasn't a gothic herself, so, when she walked in, they all stared at her like she was an insect, and she bolted out of there as fast as she possibly could.

Then she located another club that sounded interesting called BECOMING X. The music inside was blaring, so she went in eagerly, only to find that no one there was dancing. Maria didn't go to clubs that didn't have dancing. She loved dancing almost as much as she loved singing. Almost, but not quite.

So she left BECOMING X and went to another club. A sign above the door read SINISTER HEAVEN. At first she had to debate whether or not to enter. After all, SINISTER HEAVEN didn't sound exactly like Heaven, but her curiousity got the best of her, and she walked into the club with her head held high.

Now, this was more like it. There was a variety of people there, so surely she could find someone to talk to, and there were people dancing. Maria smiled to herself. SINISTER HEAVEN was definitely the place to meet some new people.

She sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of water. She didn't want to take a chance getting wasted on her first night in NYC. What an impression that would make!!

So she waited for someone to come up and talk to her. . .

And she waited some more . . .

and some more . . .

some more . . .

She put on her best fake smile as she watched everyone walk around in their little groups, wishing that someone would come on inside and make her a part of theirs . . .
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I groan and wake up from my alarm going off. I have to go to some club and help the manager figure out what to do with it, to make it look more "professional".

I change into some jeans and a tank top and walk down to the club and almost bump into a group of people. I excuse my self and start to walk past them all. I swear I feel eyes burning into the back of my neck.

So what if I'm not dressed in "club attire" as my sister use to call it. I keep walking and look around for any sign of the manager. "Oh well....while I'm waiting I guess I can make the best of it....." I think and sit down at a stool.

I order something to drink and wait as the group walks over with all smiles. I look down not wanting to get in their way then I hear a humongous laugh and look up to see the jocky looking one making some kind of weird pose. I just sigh and take a long drink.

"Why do I always have to get the bad jobs?" I say groaning.
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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

It took her awhile to distinguish the girl across the room. Maria's eyesight had never been that good. But that girl . . . she was so familiar.

"Serena?" she whispered to herself in question. Maria hadn't seen the girl since she had left LA, but the times that she and Liz and her had spent together had been so great.

Maria walked over towards the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around, and Maria smiled.

"Serena," she said. "Hey, girl!"
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Serena (Written by Liz_Parker)

"Oh my that really you Maria?!", I say as I stand up and hug her tight.

I haven't seen her in ages! Wonder where's she's been? I pull away and grin. She hasn't changed all that much. Still the same Maria....I hope.

We start talking and I blush as she brings up old boyfriends I used to have and things her,Liz, and I used to do, I smile again. I haven't smiled this much in awhile.

"So, how's life treating you Maria?", I ask her and take another sip of my drink.
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~*~ Isabel ~*~ (Written by Roswell428)

It had been a long and tiring day. She had gotten a new client, who she had then lost because she and the client had disagreed about taste. 'I mean I know that the "customer's always right" and all that,' she thought to herself, 'but really, can I put my name on a party that's completely tasteless? I don't think so! It would ruin my reputation.' So she had given up the job, and was now in a mild state of depression because of it; she *hated* having to do that.

She walked into the apartment that she shared with Max, and saw Tess on the phone, presumably with Michael. She walked over to Max.

"Hi Max. How was your day? Because mine really sucked," she said to him, in her 'annoyed' voice.
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He hear the door slam on the other end of the phone and assume that Isabel is home after a long and tiring day.

"So, what's the deal, Tess?" He asked, a bit annoyed. This girl could talk forever on the phone. "Are we going to a club or not?"

"Well, we should go, you know." she said. "Make appearances and stuff like that."

Michael sighed. Tess always liked to appear in places and meet new people. She was very social, the direct opposite of Max. "I don't know," he told her. "I've got this idea in my head, but I just completely messed up, so I should probably start over again."

"Oh, Michael, you have you entire life to paint." she told him. "Come on. I was thinking maybe that place SINISTER HEAVEN."

Michael sighed. SINISTER HEAVEN was fun. "Oh, okay." he agreed. "But only if Max and Isabel come along, too." He wasn't going to spend the whole night in a club with Tess Harding only.

Tess squealed excitedly on the other end of the phone.

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*MICHAEL* (Written by cominatcha)

He didn't really feel like going anywhere. He was tired. He had stayed up late the night before trying to recreate a vision he had seen in his dreams on canvas, but . . . Tess was his friend, and Tess wanted to go out clubbing, so he reluctantly had agreed to go, and Max and Isabel had come along, too. No one had really dressed up or anything. They were all too tired. How Tess had so much energy, Michael would never know.

Isabel clearly didn't want to be out, either. She seemed tired as well, after a long and hard day. Max looked uncomfortable in such a place. The guy wasn't big on clubs. They just weren't his thing.

It seemed as if Tess was the only one that actually wanted to be there. She was all smiles as they entered the place.

Michael sat down in a booth and sighed, wondering what would happen now that he and his friend were there. Nothing new ever happened. It was always just Max, Isabel, Tess, and himself hanging around together. Occasionally, they would meet someone new, but they never saw that person again after that.

This time surely wouldn't be any different . . .
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~*Serena*~ (Written by Liz_Parker)

"Oh God....did you HAVE to bring up HIM?!", I groan as she talks about the guy that I was "madly in love with".

As I told everyone else....he was just one mistake of the millions. I look over at the group of people standing near us and sigh. All but the curly haired one seem to be to tired to be here, so, why are they? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother coming to places like these.

I still haven't seen that manager. Hmmmm, maybe I'm down another job. Which is not good considering my rent is due and one more time that it's late I'm in hot water with the land lord.

Maria keeps babbling on which makes me laugh. God, I haven't felt this good in years....not since, L.A.....but, that's whole diffrent story. Then....I see her.

"Oh my God....Maria, that's Liz!", I say to her as I see our brunette friend leaning against the bar.
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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

Could it really be Liz? There are so many people in New York that you never really know. But, after all, she didn't know if it was Serena, and it turned out to be, and now they were sitting there having a nice conversation.

Please, be Liz, she thought silently to herself as she and Serena crossed the club to where the petite brunette was standing. Please . . .
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~*Serena*~ (Written by Liz_Parker)

I slowly follow behind Maria. I know it's Liz....I just know it.

Maria starts slowing down....probably from nerves, I gulp myself and stand beside her.

We finally reach the girl and Maria touches her arm which makes her turn around.

I grin, it IS Liz. I kinda stand back and watch as Maria and Liz start hugging. You can definantly tell they missed eachother, I sigh and turn to go but then feel myself get grabbed, I turn around and look to see what seems to be a jock guy grining at me.....what does he want I wonder?
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Kyle- (Written by qt4167013)

I watch as Maria and liz greet eachother and notice a hot number standing to my left.

I feel the smile come upon my lips as I grin hungerly at her.

She sends me a frown and my smile grown bigger. I have found my friend for tonight.

the funny thing is I have known her for a while. Serena has been my latest conquest for a while and I was going to get her.

Note: I don't know if you want kyle to be with tess but heres my part and I just figured kyle might START to like Serena. You had said you wanted Serena to be a problem for one of the guys and I figured it could be kyle. Just let me know...
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~*Serena*~ (Written by Liz_Parker)

Kyle,Kyle, Kyle.....that guy never gives up.

He's giving me that look, I'm not sure if I like it or hate it. But for some reason it makes me smile.

I sigh wondering what his next move might be. I've known him for a few years now. Now he's some big football player.

I'm surprised he doesn't have a thousand people surrounding him asking for his autograph. I sigh as he grabs my hand and guides me to the back of the club.....what's he up to now?
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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

She was surprised that Kyle hadn't even said a word to her. Surprised and . . . well, she was disappointed, too. Kyle was her friend, wasn't he? They hadn't seen each other for a really long time, and now that they finally were together again, he was going somewhere with Serena, doing God knows what.

Kyle and Serena used to hate each other. Maria remembered all of their little quarrels distinctly. They avoided each other as much as possible back when Serena had lived in LA, and they each tried to pretend that the other didn't exist. Now, though . . .

"Did I miss something?" Maria asked Liz.
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Kyle: (Written by qt4167013)

Maybe it was the liquor or maybe just my lust, but whatever you want to call it I had it for Serena.

"Hey sugar mama." I breathe into her ear.

Yup definitly the liquor, but hey, might as well go for it.

She pushes me away and gives me this look. I watch her as she walks away.

"Nice ⊕$$" I say and whistle. I see her tense up but unfortunatly she just walks away.

I see Maria and Liz and feel bad that I never said hi so I waltz over and jump on her from behind.

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~*Serena*~ (Written by Liz_Parker)

God....some guys are such jerks! Doesn't help much that he's drunk.

I roll my eyes. Part of me still hates Kyle for all the times he would get mad at me for no reason and start doing crap.

Well, I'm not putting up with it anymore. I tense up as I hear him slur some words and I keep on walking.

It's weird......part if me absolutley HATES Kyle.....but a diffrent part of me....actually....has a crush on Kyle Valenti....what's my world coming to?!

First I leave L.A, so I don't have to be stuck doing something I hate....even though I left my friends there without a goodbye. Which I'm surprised Maria and Liz don't hate me for.

And Kyle was a pain the backside the whole time I was there, so I was sure he didn't miss me at all.

Maybe I was wrong about Kyle?
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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

Even though Kyle is hanging around us again now, I still notice the way he's looking at Serena. It's amazing. We've all changed so much. Liz is looking absolutely beautiful, so much different than the perfect little girl back in high-school. Kyle is playing for the Jets, and looking at a girl that I never thought he would have interests in before, and Serena . . . well, Serena is still Serena.

Except for the fact that she keeps casting glances at Kyle, too.

I wonder what's been going on between them while I was back in LA.

"Kyle, just go talk to her." I urge him. "I'll be here later."

"Are you sure, Maria?" he asks. "It's your first time here . . ."

"That's fine." I tell him. "Go talk to Serena. I'm gonna go dance. Liz, you wanna come with me?"
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~*Serena*~ (Written by Liz_Parker)

What's wrong with me?! Why am I falling so hard for Kyle?......Take a deep breath Serena, he's just another guy after your affections.

I gulp as he walks over to me. Oh God, go talk to someone else. Don't come talk to me.....stay with Maria, I don't need you...... the reason we always fought back in LA is because we did have a little fling once. We were both drunk one night....and well, you get the picture.

I take another deep breath as he grabs my hands with one of his and tilts my head up. I can't fall for Kyle. He's a jock....he'll always be gone and he'll never have time for me and there's all those cheerleaders.....I keep on rambling on in my head as he pulls me as close as possible.

This can't be happening....not again....
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*MARIA* (Written by Cominatcha)

What chemistry they have! I find myself out on the dance floor dancing with Liz, but my eyes are fixed on Kyle and Serena. I've never seen anything like it, so deep and intriguing.

I wish I had something like that.

Soon, I lose Liz again. I find that it's easy to lose Liz in places like these. Whenever we went clubbing in LA, she always seemed to slip away from me. I guess it's no different here.

Tired, I get off the dance floor and away from the dancers. I love dancing, I do, but it's streneous.

My body feels so alive for the first time it has in years. I'm with my friends again, in a differnet city. I can't say it's a new city, because it's not. It's almost an exact replica of LA.

Plus, dancing has energized me, and I feel like electirc bolts are traveling through my body. And seeing Serena and Kyle together has definitely made me feel alive.

I'm moving so fast through the club that I hardly notice when I run into a man with spiky brown hair.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I apologize, looking into his eyes. I don't say anything else to him. I can't stay in one place for too long, or with one person for too long. I need to be up and around, no time to settle down . . .
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*MICHAEL* (Written by Cominatcha)

Whoa. Now that was a girl.

You don't find too many of those exceptional girls here in New York. There are a few that stand out from the others, but they're generally pretty much the same.

Oh, but not this girl. The blonde that just ran into me. She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

I try to follow her, but she's moving so fast, like she's drunk or high or something. I see her casting sidewards glances at a couple in the corner. I wonder if she knows them.

I make my way across the club to the jock boy and the girl, interrupting a very intimate moment. "Serena,"the guy murmurs, running his hands through her hair. "Excuse me." I say politely to the girl, Serena, mainly. "Do you happen to know a short blonde girl?" he asked. "Full lips . . . um . . . real skinny?" He didn't know how to describe her. He had only caught a brief glimpse of her, but that one glimpse had sure stuck with him.

"Um, yeah. That's Maria. Why?" Serena replied.

"Do you think you can do me a favor?" I ask her.

"What kind of favor?"

"Can you get her to talk to me?"
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