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Ok - I took this challenge from Lady called Split Personalities. WARNING: I don't really know where this is going to go, but I have a feeling it will be rated R! Ms Parker hasn't exactly decided what kind of "bad girl" she wants to be. She's definitely thinking of raves. She liked the first one she went to.
Disclaimer: Jeez, I don't even own the idea, let alone any characters! I promise to play nicely with them, except Tess. No promises there.

Parker vs Parker
From the Diary Of Liz Parker:
Did you ever feel like screaming so loud and for so long that it felt as though you had been laughing? Two years ago I would have said no, but now, everything has changed. From the moment Max healed me at the Crashdown, I knew Liz Parker was never going to be the same. Since then my life has been one conspiracy after another. More lies, more decpetion. I've spent so much time lying, that I don't even know the truth anymore. Like it says on that TV show Dad loves to watch, "The truth is out there." But where?
Since Max Evans, I've been living life to protect him. My dreams, my wants have all gone to hell in a handbasket. I almost died from his so called healing. Now, I have alien powers coupled with teenage angst and to top it all off, I have a permanent hand print on my stomach.
I'm Liz Parker, and I am sick of it!
Liz put her pen down and buried her journal underneath her bed. While down there she pulled out a large bag, stuffed to the top. Out of the bag she pulled a tight pair of leather pants, a sexy red tanktop that said "Bad Kitty" on it in black sequines, and a pair of lacy underwear. She dressed carefully, and put on stunning shimmer lipstick and thick mascara. To compliment the outfit she grabbed a pair of spiked boots and carefully made her way down to the diner.
Once there, she opened the register and pulled out about $200. She then walked out the back kitchen door, pulled on her boots and made her way down the quiet streets of Roswell, NM.
She knew exactly where she was going; the old soap factory. That was where all the raves were held. No one she knew was going, not even her best friend Maria. And especially not Max Evans. God, if he knew, he would be trailing her like the lovesick puppy dog that he was. At the thought of Max Liz almost turned around and went home. But, she stopped herself.
"No", she thought, "this is MY night. My chance to break free of the person everyone thinks I am. Tonight I am going to find Liz Parker."
The soap factory was crowded with ravers. The music was drumming into the very core of her. Liz went up to the bar and asked for a drink from the grungy guy behind the makeshift counter.
"Give me something to make me free" she said
She was given a small plastic cup filled with a greenish blue liquid. When she swallowed it, it burned the back of her throat, but it took effect almost immediately. She grabbed a cutie and led him out to the dance floor. There she allowed the rhythm to move through her body, as she danced with this unknown guy.

"Damn, she's hot" thought Jarred, the poor dupe who was to become the ends to a mean. He let his hands wander across her back and feel her swaying. He could tell she wasn't used to being drunk, and fortunately Liz had chosen a halfway decent guy this time. He just danced with her and basked in the stares of envy from the testosterone crowd now watching Lizs' undulating body.
After several dances like that one, Liz asked him his name.
"Jarred" he screamed.
"You wanna go somewhere else, Jarred?"
"Hell ya!"
Jarred led Liz out into the night and to his black '88 Trans Am. She jumped in before he could even get the door.
"Where to, my gorgeous friend?"
"Anywhere but here."

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Ok - Even though I didn't get any feedback as yet, Liz has been buggin me all night soooooo . . . .
Outside Roswell, later that night:
Liz sat in Jarreds' arms, feeling like she was almost ready to puke. Obviously, the strong drink she had was strong and quick. But, Jarred didn't seem to mind that she was dozing in his arms. He was stroking her hair and mumbling stories about the stars. The bonfire he had made did nothing but keep Liz warm, and make her even more sleepy.
As Jarred stroked this dark haired beauties hair he thought he had found God. Here he was, Jarred, local bad boy escapee from the Indian Reservation holding the most beautiful girl in the world as she dozed trustingly in his arms. Could this night get any better?
Liz stirred and she llooked up at the sky. While it was still night, the sky was turning a beautiful shade of purple. The dawn was coming. She stifled a groan. It was time to go home and be Liz Parker, secret keeper, science nerd and alian protector once again. She sighed and turned to look at Jarred.
He was handsome, no question about that. Tall, dark, and NOT brooding! In his eyes she could see a clarity and an openedd she hadn't seen since she dated Kyle. His deep brown, and in this light almost black eyes were staring up at the sky. He noticed her stare and looked into her eyes, meeting them fully and smiled.
"Well, my lady Elizabeth, I guess I had better get you home, huh?"
"I suppose you should, but not without your promise to come see me tonight." Liz said with a wicked grin.
Jarred felt like the sun had just risen. In the darkness that was his life, the sun had just shed a few warm rays.
Across the street from Liz's balcony
Max stood in the darkness watching Liz's form as she paced in her room. Liz had been acting strangely, well, more strangely than usual. She had looked tired all week at school and had even spoken to him twice. This was strange because she hadn't spoken to him in days. Although her words had been merely to ask about Isabelle and Jesse, she had actually started the conversation!
But, there was something in her eyes, something he couldn't explain. Which was odd since he could always tell what she was thinking and feeling. Ever since their first kiss he had known everything about her. But now she was holding something back, guarding something.

Max was stirred from his thoughts by the figure of a man walking up to the ladder to Liz's balcony. He couldn't make out anything about him except that he was wearing all black and carrying a large duffle bag. The man climbed up the ladder with ease, telling Max that this guy had been up there before. For a moment Max saw red, then he tempered it. Who could this guy be. He walked over to the ladder, and hid in the shadows, eavesdropping.

"Maria, please, just do this for me, no questions, ok?"
"Thanks, I'll tell you everything on Sunday. You're the best!"
Liz hung up the phone, grabbed her backpack and opened her window. Jarred was waiting for her on the balcony.
"Hey gorgeous, you ready for this one?"
"More than you know!"
Liz and Jarred climbed down the ladder, not seeing the red eyed alien hiding in the shadows.
The started walking to the corner then got into a little black car and drove off into the night.

Max stood in the shadows, with tears rolling down his face. But, not tears of sorrow, but of anger. Who was this guy?? Where was he taking Liz? Liz was HIS! He had worked so hard, broken his heart a million times for her! He was NOT going to lose her without a fight. Max started walking home. To do what he didn't know. All he knew was that something was wrong with Liz, something that had to be stopped. He briefly thought about following them, but realized that it was all too late for that. So, as he walked home, he began to hatch the most important plan of his life. The How-To-Get-Liz-Back Plan.
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Jeremaih: Ya, Jarred is gonna get her in a lot of trouble, but he's not a bad guy. He's what Michael would've been if he didn't have a massive responsibility.
Friday night about midnight

Liz climbed into the back of an old beater of a car. Jarred say next to her and in the from seat was a guy and a girl who called themselves Shark and Morgana.

"Don't worry about the names, they're cool, just a bit weird on the outside." Jarred had explained to her earlier in the evening.

Earlier that evening they had parked Jarred's Trans Am somewhere in the woods and started the mile hike to meet Shark and Morgana. Liz was, not for the first time, a bit concerned about this encounter. Something inside her told her Max had seen her leave with Jarred. Something else told her that this wasn't right, even for the new, wilder Liz Parker. But, in an effort to squash Reliable Liz, she went anyway.

"So, um, where are we headed?" Liz asked, hoping her tone sounded bored and unconcerned.

Shark looked into his rearview mirror at the small brunette. He could hear fear in her voice. Hell, he could smell it on her. Any good predator could smell fear. He liked that about her. Her fear made him horny. I wonder if she's a screamer, he thought, then quickly put that out of his mind. She was with Jarred, and anyone with two functioning brain cells didn't mess with Jarred or more importantly, Jarred's girl.

"We like to play a game called Somewhere," explained Morgana who had taken an instant dislike to Liz. She saw the way Shark looked at her. Shark may not be all hearts and flowers, but he was HER man. The only thing that kept Liz from being tossed perky nose first into the pavement at 65 miles per hour was the fact that Jarred has his arm protectively around Liz's shoulders. She didn't want to think waht would happen to her is she messed with Miss America.

"You pick the direction Liz. North or South?" Shark asked.

Liz thought about it. The old Liz wanted to go south, back to Roswell, back to Max. "North." she forced herself to say.
Roswell, 2 days later. Sunday evening.

"No Mr. Parker, I haven't heard from Liz."
"I don't know, sir. I wish I did."
"If I hear from her, I will call you immediately."
"Yes sir. I will. I'm sorry I couldn't help."
Max hung up the phone with a sigh. He knew he was supposed to be the one Liz confided in, the one who knew everything about her. But, even with the connection they shared, he had no idea where she was. He only knew that she was alive. And that wasn't any help. Finally, he broke down and headed out.

He drove at top speed to Isabelle's new apartment. He dreaded asking her this, expecially since this would mean having to ask her to lie to her new hisband Jesse. But, there was no other way to find Liz. Even dreamwalking might not help them, but it was the only thing he could think of.

When Isabelle opened the door she knew exactly why Max was there. She sighed and motioned for him to come in.
"Jesse, darling, light of my life, why don't you go watch the game at a friends house?" Isabelle asked with her best pouty face.
At the sight of Jesse's face, she knew she had to say something more.
"Max and his girlfriend are having problems, and I think he might want to talk in private, you understand, don't you?"

Jesse sighed, and without a word he grabbed his coat, kissed Isabelle goodbye and left the apartment.

"Alright Max. I know exactly what you want. I hope you brought a picture of her."
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Saturday afternoon
Liz sat in the abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods. She was alone with Morgana who had already started drinking what was left of the alcohol from last night. The conversation was, well, nonexistent and Liz was glad for it. She needed time to think.

Friday night's drive had landed them in Colorado. How far into Colorado she had no idea. In fact, she wasn't too sure they were still IN Colorado. She had fallen asleep for about 2 hours in the car and woke up when they stopped infront of this cabin. After they got into the cabin was when the drinks started pouring. She had a single beer and nursed it all night. That Shark person made her nervous. Something about the way he looked at her made her more than a little afraid. Fortunately he and Jarred had passed out somewhere before dawn and Morgana was too far gone to bother anyone.

The boys were now off who knew where trying to get food and more alcohol for tonight. Shark had even mentioned something about getting Mary Jane, whatever or whoever that was. Somehow, Liz didn't think Mary Jane was a person though.

"Hey, I'm gonna go for a walk. Wanna come?" Liz asked

"No." Morgana eyed her suspicously, Miss America was going to get them in big trouble she thought. Maybe she'll get eaten by a bear.

Liz walkwed out into the woods, careful to make sure she didn't get lost. That was the last thing she needed. She thought about Max as she walked. She thought about hoe imjportant he was to her, and how much she had suffered for him. Part of her longed to open their connection and see if she could contact him somehow using her new alien powers, but the part of her that wanted to be free stopped her.

She also thought about her parents. Surely by now they realized she wasn't in Roswell anymore. They would freak out. She was in serious trouble when she got home. The threat of boarding school still loomed large over her head. She wondered briefly if this would push them over the edge and actually send her there now. The thought of being so far from Max made her heart feel as if someone put a boulder inside of it. But, she ignored it and started walking faster.
Saturday Night, about 10pm

I was right, Liz thought angrily, Mary Jane isn't a person. She coughed and wiped some of the smoke away from her face. The smoke was making her dizzy, and more than a little silly. She suddenly stood up and headed for the door.
"Hey, baby, where ya going?" Jarred slurred from his spot on the floor.

"Out, the smoke is getting to my head" Liz answered tightly.

"That's the point my dear" answered Shark with a pointed look at her beasts.

Liz turned and walked out the door. Jarred stood up to follow her, but Morgana stopped him.

"Let her go man. She'll be back, where's she gonna go? She's smart, she won't wander too far from the cabin."

Jarred sat back down and Shark handed him another Vodka.
"Drink up my friend, it's good for you!"

Liz walked up and down the little dirt driveway infront of the cabin not daring to go into the woods in the dark. Finally, she gave up and sat on a nearby log and watched the stars.

She wondered what Maria was doing now. Somehow she new Maria was worried. She thought about the night they would spend together, watching movies, talking about Michael and all his little quirks and generally having a really good time. All that didn't seem so boring now. In fact, it seemed like heaven.

She must have been out there awhile, lost in her own thoughts because she didn't hear the footsteps behind her until it was too late.

"Hey there sexy."
"Shark, you scared me!" Liz gasped as she turned to look at him.
"Scared, huh?" His laughter sent shivers down Liz's spine. She got up quickly, prepared to run.

Shark put his hands onto her shoulders.
"The others are passed out. Just like you planned. It's just you and me now. Like you wanted." His voice as thick and gravelly, and his breath was hot and smelled of liquor.
She tried to pull away, but his grip tightened, leaving bruises all around her shoulders. Panic rose inside Liz like lava from a volcano. She pushed against him and made it out of his grip, and she started to run into the woods, the only place she thought she could hide from him.

"Get back here you little slut! Come back now, or you'll be very, very sorry!" Shark yelled as he chased her into the woods.

Warning: This is going to be ugly very soon, please, don't read on if it will offend you. It is not my intention to upset people.

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Don't worry guys, nothing bad is gonna happen to Liz, well, not REALLY bad.
Saturday Night around Midnight

Her lungs ached, but she kept running deeper and deeper into the woods, but he was close. So close she could hear his breathing. Luckily she had spent many hours running from people in the past. She never thought she'd say this, but thank God for the FBI.

She was running fast, too fast, and she was dodging him. She had run before, he could tell. BUt that wasn't going to stop him, the chase just gave him focus. Time to think. Luck was on his side, she tripped over a log and down she went. He pounced on her like a panther on its prey.

He pinned her to the ground, tearing her shirt, and brusing her body. He was hitting her, but she couldn't feel any pain, her eyes glazed over.

Oh no, she thought, I'm losing control. It wasn't good for Liz Parker human/alien to lose her control.

The last thing Liz saw was Sharks meaty fist connect with her eye. Then, a massive red and blue light appeared. She felt warm, safe, she could see Max smiling at her, holding her hand in the desert. Then, she saw nothing.
Roswell that night, Evans Residence

Max awoke from his sleep, he was drenched in sweat. He didn't know why he was scared, but he was. So scared that he was shaking. Something was wrong, very wrong. But, he couldn't place what it was. He rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.
Roswell, same night

Michael had been wandering the streets of Roswell. He was worried about Liz. Maria had kept him up until about an hour ago chattering away about how worried she was and where was Liz. She'd finally fallen asleep and he's left her alone to collect his own thoughts.

Suddenly he felt hot and he broke out in a sweat. He felt as though someone had walked right through him. He shook off the feeling and continued walking.
Isabelle Bedroom, same night

Isabelle awoke screaming, "LIZ!"
Jesse jumped up, "What!? Isabelle, darling, what's wrong?" He asked as he held his beautiful wife in his arms. He gently stroked her hair, and made soft shhh noises in the dark.
"I, I don't know. Bad dream I guess." She said lamely. Truth was, she had no idea what she had been dreaming or why she had called out for Liz. She felt herself slowly melting into Jesse's arms and fall back asleep.
Sunday late afternoon, somewhere in Colorado

Liz was awake, but she couldn't open her eyes. Every part of her body was aching. She vaguely wondered if she had been hit by a truck last night in the dark. She finally decided to drag herself up, but she couldn't open her eyes. One eye felt strangely, like she was wearing one of the gel eye masks. Nothing hurt, and everything hurt. she felt so weak.

She forced herself to open the one eye, and slowly tried to get to her feet, but there was intense pain in her left ankle and she fell back to the ground with a small yelp.

After about three tries, she decided that crawling was a good idea, she was hurt and she doubted anyone could hear her if she started screaming for help. She crawled along the ground for about four or five feet when she saw something through her one eye. Something so horrible she couldn't even scream. What she saw made her want to go back to sleep on the forest ground and never wake up.

Infront of her lay the charred body of Shark. What was worse, his body had the distinct silver handprint across his face.

"Oh dear God! What have I done?" she wailed. Suddenly the memory of last nigh hit her. Shark was going to rape her, he was hitting her. She was scared, she lost control, she put her hand on his face, and she killed him.
She KILLED him!
"Max! Max! HELP ME!" She screamed over and over again, until she finally past out from exhaustion.
Isabelle's Apartment, Sunday Evening

"I know exactly what you want. I jope you brought a picture with you." She said as she led Max to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her and took the picture of him and Liz from him. She laid down on the bed and touched the picture of Liz.
"Take my hand Max, I will try to let you in on my dreamwalking. I don't know if it will work or not."
The Dream
Max was in a forest, it seemed like he walked forever, until he came to a small clearing. What he saw made his blood run cold. Liz was crawling on the ground, her left foot twisted at an odd angle, her face covered in blue and purple bruises, and one eye swollen shut. She was breathing heavy and she was looking at a man who looked as though he had been burned alive. On his face was a silver handprint.

"Liz! Liz, it's me, Max!" He ran up to her and took her in his arms. She was crying so hard she could barely breath, let alone speak. Isabelle was examing the body.

Liz was shaking. "Is this real, or is this a dream?"

"A dream, Liz, Isabelle and I are dreamwalking. What happened?" His conern was thick in his voice. He stroked her hair and held her as tightly as he could without hurting her.
"Oh, Max! I was out here, and then he came, and, I just, he was, I didn't think, I couldn't control . . . "Liz broke down and started crying uncontrollably again.

Max put his lips to hers and saw exactly what had happened. His rage reflected in his kiss and Liz cried out in pain.
"Oh, Liz, my sweet Liz. It's over. It's over. He can't hurt you now. Everything will be ok. I love you." Max whispered over and over into her ear.

"I hate to break this up, but we have to find you Liz, can you tell us where you are?" Isabelle asked.

"I don't know. Colorado I think. Near a cabin."

"Great," Isabelle said" Somewhere in Colorado near a cabin. That narrows it down for us."

"I'm sorry. Can you dreamwalk around here, maybe find a clue or something?" Liz asked.

"Liz, think as hard as you can, you're dreaming and your subconcious has taken over, what was the last thing you saw before you got here?" Max asked softly.

Liz chewed her lip thoughtfully, memories of the car ride flashing in her eyes.
"A sign that said Gus's Diner! And a sign that said, Plainview."
"Good enough, "Isabelle said, "We can find the rest out on the internet and get to Gus's Diner, someone there must know about this place."

Isabelle turned to leave, but didn't get very far.
"Max, we have to find her soon, look at her. She's badlt hurt, and sitting next to a dead man with a handprint on his face. We have to find her before someone else does!"

"Liz, I love you, I'm coming to get you. Don't move from this spot unless you have to. Don't let anyone see you." He kissed her again. He started to walk away when he got to the body. He kicked it soundly and said, "You're lucky she got to you first. It wouldn't have been so quick or half as pleasant if I had been the one to kill you."
Isabelle's apartment
Max awoke and jumped to his feet. He ran over to the computer and began searching for Plainview, Colorado. It took him 10 mins to find it and map it out.
"Is, come here. I found Plainview. And, I found an old abandoned vacation spot 9 miles east of Gus's Diner. She on those woods. I know it."

Isabelle sighed, how was she going to explain this to Jesse? "We should get Michael and Maria. I know they are both very worried."

"No, no time. We have to get her out of there before someone comes looking for her. Let's go!"
He grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the apartment. Isabelle wrote a hasty note to Jesse and followed him out the door.

Dear Jesse,
I know this may sound strange, but a friend of ours in stranded and Max and I went to go get her. Will call you later to let you know when we will be back. I love you.

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##Hey guys! I just can't wait to post this one! So, hereis the next part. Hope you like it. PS - Sorry to all those Liz Lovers out there (myself included) but something really bad needed to happen so she'd realize that playing with fire is a bad idea. Also, small note, I have no idea how long it takes to get from Roswell to Colorado. All I know is that it is near Co. So, I am making up my own time. So there, nah!##
Sunday evening, somewhere in Colorado

Jarred opened one eye. Everything looked fuzzy, and even his mouth felt fuzzy. God, what the hell did I drink last night? He thought. He forced his mind to recall the last thing he could. He remembered Liz walking out, then drinking a big tall glass of vodka, but it didn't taste like vodka. Then, he remembered nothing.

Slowly he sat up, and fought a war with his stomach to keep what little food was in there down. He rubbed his eyes and his head in a vain attemtp to clear them. Looking around the room he noticed that Morgana was still passed out, but she was breathing. That was good, he'd hate to think anything bad would happen while he was passed out drunk. Then he looked over to Liz's sleeping bag. It was empty. He looked briefly at his watch. 6:00pm. Well, maybe she was out somewhere trying to get some food into her. She had been sober the whole night. But, what scared him was that Shark was missing too, but he shook it off. Shark probably took her to that diner or something for food.

He stumbled out into the back of the cabin to do some much needed relieving of himself. God, his head hurt. Maybe I should go back to bed, sleep this off. Ya, that's a good idea. He went back inside and rolled into his sleeping bag, fast asleep in mid roll.
Deep in the woods late that night

The blast she had given Shark had really taken alot out of her. She felt so weak, so sleepy. She had slept most of the day, and even forgot about the dreamwalking. She forced herself to a sitting position to take stock of herself.

Her ankle was broken, that was for sure. ANd her right eye was swollen shut and hurt like a mother f-oops, even the "new" Liz wouldn't say that word. She felt drained of all energy, as if someone had literally come to her and sucked the life out of her. The rest of her body felt stiff and achey, just bruises though. Her shirt had a nasty rip in it, something she was going to have to explain to Jarred and Morgana when she got back to the cabin. She quickly decided not to tell them anything about Shark. When they found out he was dead, she would deal with it them.

Liz started to crawl along the forest floor, looking for a nice tree branch or something to use as a crutch. Luck was not on her side. So, she crawled along, scraping her legs and hands on rocks and twigs. She didn't know where she was, but she knew that the moon was directly over the roof of the cabin at midnight, so she followed the moon.
"Isn't this a hoot, I run from Roswell to get away from my alien adventure and now am using all my astronomy knowledge to get me back to that adventure." Liz said sarcastically.
She kept herself entertained and her mind off the pain by thinking of Max. How Max would be sitting in his favorite booth at the Crashdown, how her dad would be watching them closely, she would bring him his Cherry Coke, and he would pretend to look at the menu, but he would really be looking at her.

She was thinking so hard of Max that she could even hear him calling her name, it sounded like a desperate plea. "Liz! Liz! Liz!"

But wait, that last Liz! wasn't Max's voice, it was, it couldn't be, yes, it was Isabelle's voice! She wasn't dreaming, they were here!

"Over here! Over here!" she screamed, tears were rolling down her face. She let her head drop into the forest floor, and sobbed.
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I need some therapy! Max is now talking to me, he's all like, I WANT MORE LINES! Scary, very scary. Ok Max, this is for you.
Plainview Colorado, deep in the woods
"Max, she could be anywhere. Where do we start?" Isabelle asked, looking around, hoping to find some sort of clue as to what direction Liz had run in.

Max stood quiet for a minute and forced his mind to think of Liz, not the Liz he saw in the dreamwalk, but the beautiful Liz who haunted his days and tortured his nights. The Liz who moved through his soul and kissed his very heart with every breath he took. His mind formed a scene, Liz running, to the left of the cabin, past a rock formation.
"This way." And he started walking.

The light from the small flashlight was dim, but Max didn't need a flashlight. His mind gave him directions, he passed the rock formation, and smiled. Liz was close. They walked for about half an hour when Max knew she was near, he could almost feel her.
"Liz! Liz!" he shouted. Isabelle joined in.
"Over here! Over here!" her voice rang through the forest, Max turned to the sound and ran like a man possesed to her.

What he saw made him so very angry, in fact, Isabelle could swear his eyes glowed a deep shade of red, almost like a dark wine.

Max dropped to Liz's side and picked her head and shoulders off the ground. She was covered in a cold sweat and her teeth were chattering. He immediately took off his coat and put it over her shoulders.
"Shh, I'm here. I'm here." He repeated over and over again as Liz sobbed into his chest.

"Max, "Isabelle said "You'd better come here and look at this."

She stood with her flashlight pointed on the charred body of Shark. The handprint glowed in the moonlight.

Max picked Liz up and carried her over to the body. Liz started shaking all over again when she saw Shark. Max held her tighter and kissed her head.
"He deserved it, Liz." he murmered into her hair.

"What are we going to do? We can't just leave him here for the police to find!" Isabelle whispered. She was in shock, sweet little Liz Parker had used her powers that no one really knew she had to kill someone.

"Max, let me try to, to, um, do whatever it was I did before to totally get rid of the body." Liz said, looking deep into his eyes. Max nodded."Let me down, near the body."

Max put her down next to the body. Liz reached out her arm and touched the handprint. Everything he did to her came flooding back in her mind. She let out a terrible scream, then the forest fillled with blue and red lights. Within a few seconds the body had disintigrated into a pile af silver ash and Liz fell to the ground unconcious.

"Is she . . .?" Isabelle asked
"Ya, she's alive, barely. C'mon, let;s get outta here." Max said as he picked her up and he and Isabelle walked back to her car, put Liz in the backseat and began the long drive back to Roswell.
Damian smiled. This was interesting. He wondered what happened to the little girl the alien had saved. He knew something had to have changed in her. He was glad he was there to see it. Poor Agent Pierce hadn't been so lucky. But, Damian wasn't interested in the aliens, not yet anyway. He wanted the girl.

He waited for the two aliens to get back in their car, and drive away before he went into the woods himself. He didn't really expect to find anything, he hoped the aliens were smarter than that. But, he knew where they were going, and the only way to get the girl without causing too much of a stir was to get her on the murder charge.

He had all the time in the world. He knew where the aliens were taking her, back to Roswell. Where else?
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MoonieADT Don't worry, I didn't do anything like that to my Lizzie. I merely attmepted to do it. Except for the black eye and now a murder on her conscience she's fine. I just needed a REALLY good reason for Liz to kill someone and that was the best I could think of. I mean, Liz wouldn't hurt anyone! So, I needed to put her in a situation where Liz stopped thinking and just ran on instinct.
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Sarah_Helen I don't know what I am going to do with Jarred, I actually really like him and thinik he needs to be in the story. I just haven't decided if he's a good guy or a bad guy. I've set it up so that he can either work for or against Agent Damian. This is where I am stuck now.
Oh well, I'm sure Jarred will talk to me like the rest do and tell me what he wants to do. LOL.
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Ok, from here on in this will NOT follow the plot line of the show. I will use characters, names, places, and powers that have already been established, but I just plain didn't like the end of the series so I am going to change it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I will also be adding characters and plots that weren't in the show. Again, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
That being said . . . . .
The cabin in Colorado - Monday morning
Jarred opened his eyes to see a man standing by the window looking out. Morgana was staring at him with a look in her eyes that said, "Don't trust him, don't like him, might seriously consider hurting him."

"Your buddy Shark is dead. She killed him sometime this weekend." Damian said without taking his eyes from the window.
"What? What the hell is going on here?" Jarred asked angrily

"Who the hell are you? And who the hell is Shark?" Morgana asked, looking pointedly at Jarred. She seemed to warn him with her eyes, don't tell him anything.

"Don't play stupid with me, I know who you are, how you got here, and who you were with all weekend. Oh,"Damian said as he turned from the window,"I also know how much illegal contraban you three had been taking all weekend. Now, you can listen closely and do exactly what I tell you, or you can go to jail for a really long time. Killing your friend in a heat of passion Jarred might get you the chair." Damian said with a pleasant smile.

Jarred looked to Morgana, she was watching the man with intense eyes. Jarred knew her wll enough to know what was going through her mind.

"What do you want us to do?" Jarred asked.

Damian smiled, teenagers were so easy to manipulate.
"I just want you to be with Liz Parker. Date her, take her out to nice restaurants, the movies, buy her flowers, whatever it takes to win her trust. Nothing more, for now."

Jarred looked to Morgana, "What about her?" Jarred asked motioning to Morgana.

"She goes home, forgets she ever met Liz Parker or the delightful Shark. And she never has to worry about this little incident again." Damian didn't need her, he needed Jarred. "But, Jarred my boy, if you fail me, she goes down with you, however far you may fall."

Jarred looked to Morgana, she had that look in her eyes, that look that said, cooperate, get away from him and we'll figure this all out when he's gone.

"Fine, I'm in."
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[b[MoonieADT I am a dyed in the wool Dreamer, Max and Liz are as solid as a rock. No worries there. Although I haven't decided whether or not Jarred is a good guy or a bad guy yet. He's what I like to call a "disposable character". Expect some surprises from Morgana though, I may even decide to keep her for future fics. Maybe . . . Anyway, I like your feedback, it keeps me on my toes! Keep it up!
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**WARNING!! From here on in, forget everything you ever knew about Roswell. Well, except for names, places and powers. Small background note: Tess is gone, she left, Liz and Max still have a bit of a buried issue with it. You'll see what I mean later. But, aside from that nothing else happened.**
Shark's Car, Monday, later afternoon
"Morgana, I think we should talk about this." Jarred said without taking his eyes from the road.

"Not here, um, pull over and we'll take a little walk."

Jarred pulled over and they started walking. They were silent for a miniute when Morgana began to cry. Jarred staopped walking and just looked at her. He was never very good with crying women.

"Jarred, what happened to Shark? I know he wasn't the greatest guy, but I loved him." She said through her tears.

"I know as much as you do. Liz killed him."

"She must have had a very good reason, I mean, the girl was talking a walk on the wild side for the first time. She's too wrapped up in her school grades and cheerleading to do something drastic."

Jarred thought about that. Morgana seemed a little to hasty to forgive Liz. What was going on here?

"Besides, she wasn't drunk, high, and she didn't even KNOW Shark! Why would she just up and kill him. I know him, Jarred, he must have given her a reason."

Jarred remained quiet. There was something about Liz, something almost desperate the night he met her. And other times when they had gone out, just the two of them, he had gotten the impression that she was hiding something. Something big. But, what was she hiding? From her actions at the cabin he was afraid she was hiding somethng dangerous.

"I wonder how she killed him?" Jarred asked aloud.

Morgana was quiet for a moment, then she turned and looked him in the eye.
"What are you going to do? Are you going to help that freaky man who calls himself an FBI agent? I mean, he didn't even show us ID!"

Jarred atred down at his feet. He honestly didn't know what he was going to do. He had to know more, and he wasn't going to learn more by running from this.

"I don't know enough about Liz to make a decision. For now, I'm going to do as that Damian person says and form my own conclusions as I go. If I think she's dangerous, though, I'm going to help him all the way. If she's innocent or whatever, then I REALLY don't know what I am going to do."

Morgana sighed. She knew Jarred well enough to know that he would do what he thought was the right thing, no matter who it ended up pissing off. But, on the other hadn, if Liz made Jarred nervous in anyway, she was screwed. She hated the little princess, but the kid didn't deserve this. Besides, everything aside, the Damian person gave her the creeps.

"C'mon, lets go home." Jarred said and they turned and walked back to the car.
Isabelle's apartment, Monday morning/afternoon.

"Hello, Mr Parker? This is Isabelle, Liz's friend."
"I'm fine, but I wanted you to know that Liz is with me."
"Well, she wasn't with me this past weekend. I got a call from her Saturday night to come and get her. She was really upset when I got there, and it took me almost all weekend to get back here."
Isabelle pulled the phone away from her ear, Mr Parker sure was loud when he was yelling, she thought.
"Look, she asleep now in my room. She was really upset when I got there to pick her up. I didn't press her for details, so I brought her home. She asked me if she could catch a nap at my house before she had to go home and start telling everyone what happened. So, I brought her here, she asleep, and when she wakes up I will bring her home."
"I know you're worried Mr Parker, we all were when Maria called us to find out where she was. She looks alright now, just really tired. I can wake her up if you really want me to, but I think it would be better for her if she could sleep for a bit."
"Yes sir, I know. But, in Liz's defense, she's a good kid. She's never done anything like this before. Something must have happened that was beyond her control."
"Yes, sir. I will. Thank you. Goodbye."
Isabelle hung up the phone and looked at Max. She rolled her eyes dramatically and he chuckled. She could always make him laugh. She went to the sofa and sat next to him. Max had his arm protectively around Liz's shoulders and she looked at Isabelle, relieved.

"Thanks Isabelle. I need some time to think of where I have been before I go home." Liz said chewing her lower lip nervously.

"I think the best thing to do is to stick as close to the truth as possible. You went out for a walk, met up with friends you knew, a friend of a friend kinda thing, they asked if you wanted to go for a drive. You said yes, you got in the car, you fell asleep and when you woke up you were in Colorado and it was Saturday morning. You didn't have your cell to call home with, and you asked to go home but no one would take you until "later" so you waited, afternoon came and went, somewhere in there the kids you were with started drinking, and you didn't know what to do, so you walked to the nearest pay phone called me collect and I came to get you. I didn't get there until late Saturday night, I insisted we get a motel, you wanted to call home, but you fell asleep, then we drove home, didn't get here until about two hours before I called, you wanted a shower and a nao cause you knew you were in some serious trouble when you got home and you wanted to be ready to face the
consequences. End of story." Isabelle said matter of factly.

"That sounds reasonable. You know, "Liz said with a slight smile, "I am really in for it this time."

"Yeah, well, the shower thing is true, Liz. You might want to consider it." Maz said with laughter in his eyes.

"Jerk!" Liz said as she punched him in the arm. She got up and headed for the bathroom.

"Towels are in the closet under the sink!" Isabelle shouted.

After Liz had disappeared into the bathroom, Max turned to Isabelle with a serious expression.

"I saw Liz leave Friday night. I was so angry with her, I should have followed them, but she has been acting strangely for so long now. I know she's still a bit angry with me over the Tess thing, and we fought a few days before that night she left. I figured I would give her space. I just don't know what's right anymore when it comes to Liz." Max said with that sad puppy look in his eyes.

"You want my advice Max? Take her home, let her face the music, and don't pressure her to be anythong more than what she is on the surface. Besides, we have bigger fish to fry now. We knew she had gotten powers from when you healed her, but we didn't know they were this strong. She needs to work on her powers, find out what exactly it is she can do and how to control them." Isabelle said as she paced the room.

"Yeah, you're right, but I just . . . " Max didn't finish his sentence cause Liz had walked out of the bathroom, clean and ready to go home.
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Ok - I need to establish something in my story line, and I'm not sure how to do it, so here it goes. Be kind, I know nothing of the FBI except what I've seen in Silence of the Lambs and the X-Files. LOL
Motel 6, Roswell, NM Monday afternoon
Agent Damian Frost thre his keys on the small nightstand and turned to the windows, with one final withering glance to the desert landscape, he pulled the curtains closed and turned on the light. From his briefcase he withdrew two file folders. One marked "Elizabeth Anne Parker" and the other marked "Kyle James Valenti".

Opening the two folders he remarked the differences between Miss Parker and Mr Valenti. While Liz had been showng signs of increased power since the shooting incident, Kyle Valenti had shown nothing. Not even the smallest indication that there were powers untapped inside of him. Sighing, he poured himself a brandy and sat down.

He took out pictures of Miss Parker and Mr Valenti and laid them side by side, hoping that somewhere in those photos he could spot the subtle change in Parker and maybe a clue as to why Valenti showed nothing.

The only thing that remained a constant in all Parker's pictures was Max Evans. She had almost constant contact with Evans, while Valenti seemed to be more withdrawn from the group. Damian put the photos down and took a sip from his brandy.

It hit him. The difference had to be MAX! When Evans had healed Valenti, he had done it without feeling. He just went over to the boy, and whammo, he was healed. But Parker . . . she was different. Evans had feelings for her, that was the key. Evans gave her a part of him the minute he touched her.

Putting down the photos he stared at the table top deep in thought. Evans was the key. But how? Emotions yes, but what else. There was something else. There had to be. This wasn't going to be pretty, he thought. It seemed he was going to need both Parker and Evans to complete his project.

He took out another folder from his briefcase and dialed the phone number written on the inside cover.

"Yes, this is Agent Frost calling for General Swanson. It's urgent."
"General, I think I've found the key, but if I get these two for you, you're going to have your work cut out for you. It seems to me that emotions are the key. HIS emotions."
"Yes sir, I understand."
"By next Friday, I think, Monday the latest."

Damian hung up the phone. He almost felt sorry for Evans and Parker, almost.
The Office of General Swanson, an office that "doesn't exist"

He hung up the phone. This was good news. Frost was going to deliever him the two key ingredients to building his super soldier army. It was going to take a great deal of time and experimentation to figure out what it was exactly that gave the human powers, but he would find it. No doubt about it. If Frost was right and emotions ran high regarding the girl, then it might be easier to persuade the boy to cooperate.