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Tittle: 48hrs
Category: M&M Challenge
Author: Ella
Rating: R
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimers: I don't own them unfortunately

Shavona's Challenge

I have to send this Challenge out. My head will explode if I don't. Please take it someone. I don't care how long it is, just as long as you finish it.
1. Has to be M&M(of course,are you kidding me)
2. Maria's father comes back, and she's afraid of him. You tell me why.
2a. She hides the fear from everyone but Alex. Michael senses it though.
3. Her father does something to Amy, and leaves.
4. Maria gets the call from work(everyone is there), and rushes to the hospital.
5. Amy is near death, or dying. Your choice
6. Maria pushes everyone,but Alex away. Keep it friendly, don't make me hurl. *g*
7. M&M's relationship is the same as it is on the show right now.
8. He wants to be there, but like I said, she's not letting anyone in but Alex. Not even Liz. Do what you want with that. But Michael is a constant presence through it all.
8a. She's not being mean to the others, she's being indifferent. Which is worse, IMO.
9. In all of this, you have to keep her strong. She pulls the loner thing, except with Alex.
10. I want a big scene with her talking to Amy in the hospital. She doesn't have to be conscious. One of those, "Please don't leave me alone" speeches. She can breakdown here, if you want. Whatever she does, Michael has to here the whole thing.
11. Happy M&M ending, no matter what you do to Amy. How? You tell me. *beg*

Maria's point of view

I had always wanted my father to come back. I never really knew why he left. My mom she never told me. I don't remember much just that memory of him leaving and my doggy licking the tears away. When he did finally decided to come back into my life trust me there was no white limo.

At first it was weird and then it was terrifying. Not knowing why he left it left me unprepared for the events that happened. Even though he left us I put him on a pedestal. So when the bad things started to happen I wasn't prepared. I mean you know how you see things in the news and say that will never happen to me, or that's some other family not mine. We'll it did happen and was with my family.

I shut my friends out except for Alex. He's the only one I really trusted. I guess even with alien friends with powers I felt he could protect me. After all, he punched out Michael in my defense not caring about what Michael could do to him. None of my friends knew what was going on. Michael sensed it. He knew there was something wrong. I guess living with Hank he could spot these things. That didn't mean I was willing to let him in, especially in the beginning. I didn't trust him and those days my trust for people was wearing thin.

So Alex was the only one who knew what was really going on. While with everyone else I put up a front. Maybe if I told someone else then things would have been different but I didn't and I knew Alex wouldn't tell either. That's another reason I told him what was going on. Liz couldn't keep a secret from the group to save her life. Outside the group that's a different story. Isabel would have told Michael and Max. Max would have told the Sheriff and so would Kyle. Tess would have told the Sheriff also.

My life had drastically changed in the course of 48 hrs. Yep, all this time I thought Madame Vivan was talking about Michael. Who would have figured it would have been my dad.


Part 1

It was a few days after Max got back from New York. I came home from school and my mom greeted me at the door. She looked a little upset.

"Honey, Someone's here to see you."

"Who?" I said.

That's when I saw him. I vaguely remembered him. " Dad?" I asked questioning if it was really him.

He smiled back at me and said " Maria you have grown into such a beautiful girl."

He came up and hugged me. I was reluctant to hug him back but I did. I looked over at Mom it was like she was holding her breath. I could tell she didn't want him near me. At that point I didn't care what she thought really. All I cared about was that he came back.

"Dad I want you to meet some of my friends if that's okay and we could spend some time together."

"That would be great I'd love to meet your friends. Only if it's okay with your mother."

"Mom please I'll be back in time to do my homework."

Mom agreed to let me go. However, I could still sense a lot of uneasiness in her.

We got to the CrashDown and Liz was there waiting on tables. I went in and my Dad followed me. " Liz guess whose here." I said to her in a singsong voice.

She was looking down while wiping of a table. " Who?" She asked not looking up.

"My Dad." Then she looked up and said, " Really Mr. DeLuca it's nice to finally meet you. I am Liz Parker you may and may not remember me."

"Yes, of course I remember you. I am glad you two have remained friends for so long."

At that time Mr. Parker came out. I could tell he recognized my father. He didn't seem to please with him being there. " Eric it's been along time."

"It sure has Jeff." They just kind of stared at each other.

Then Max and the others came in. Michael was already there but he was in the kitchen. I didn't notice him staring out the window until Max waved at him.

"Dad these are some more friends of mine Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti, and Alex Whitman and the cook back there is Michael Guiern he's also a friend.

I didn't think that it was a good time to start mentioning my love life or lack there of. Dad invited the others to eat with us and we all sat down and ate together. It felt good having him there. I didn't know that that would change in the next few hours.


Part 2.

We got home and I went to my room to do my homework. Max was picking me up in the morning .We were going to work on our history project a little before school started because I had to work after school and so did he. I decided to go to bed early. I heard Mom and Dad arguing a little bit. I heard my mom say, " You can't take her."

I finally went to sleep a little after 11:00 pm. Around 1:00 am I heard my door open. He came in my room and sat on my bed. He then started touching me. He told me not to say anything or do anything because he could easily kill my Mom. I knew then what my mother was afraid of and what I became afraid of. After he left my room some memories came back to me. I guess I blocked them out of my mind but that night they came flooding back.

I didn't go back to sleep I was too afraid. I just went into my bathroom locked the door and stayed in the tub. I tried to make myself disappear but I couldn't. At one point I looked over to my clock and saw that Max would be picking me up in an hour. I took a shower and got dressed. I stayed in my bathroom until my mom called from the kitchen and told me Max was there.

My dad was still there he said he had some errands to run but he would be back. He came up to me and kissed me on the forehead. He acted like last night didn't happen.

Mom asked me if everything was okay. I said " sure". I wonder if she knew something happened. Because she asked me again and I assured her by saying " Mom I am fine don't worry."

Max was at the door waiting for me. I told him good morning and he said the same. He then asked me " Maria, is something wrong?"

"No Max nothing's wrong it's just that time of the month." Well at least I got him to shut up. Max like Alex didn't like it when we discussed our ' woman problems' in front of him.

Well for a while things were okay none of the others bothered me. Michael kept staring at me. I guess he knew something was bothering me because when we were in Spanish and a guy accidentally touched my shoulder and I jumped. As soon as the bell ranged I left before he could question me.

I went to work that afternoon and my dad came in. His presence made me nervous. I knocked over a couple of glasses. He came in to see if I wanted to go to dinner with him. Silently I thought No I don't want to be near you. Liz was close by so I said yes. If I said no she would have asked me why I refused to go to dinner with him. I told him I would go but I would have to be back at work in an hour.


Part 3

Well dinner was uneventful he didn't try any thing. I was glad to but I wonder if that meant he would try something when I got home from work. It was close to closing time. I was just trying as much as I could to by time. I didn't want to go home at all.

Alex came into the restaurant him and Liz were going to study together. The closer to the time it was for me to go home the jumpier I would get. After I closed up I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go home so I just sat there in my car. I must have fallen a sleep because I remembered being woken up by Alex.

"Maria, what's wrong shouldn't you be home by now? Is it Michael? I'm not afraid to hit him again." Alex said trying to get me to smile I guess.

I just looked at him and started crying. I don't think I ever cried so hard in my life. He just wrapped his arms around me and held me. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. He's the only man in my life that hasn't.

"Maria, your scaring me please tell me what's the matter?" Alex asked with a look of concern on his face. So I told him. I told him everything that has happened since my father came home. I knew by the look in his eyes he wanted to kill.

"Does anyone else know?" He asked wondering what to do next.

"No and you can't tell anyone." I told him with a stern look on my face.

"Maria, I don't know if this is something I can keep a secret." He said his voice cracking in the process.

"Alex if you don't keep this a secret I'll leave and never come back. Do you understand?"

He just shook his head yes. He then asked me if it happened before. I told him yes but I didn't remember until last night.

"You're staying at my house tonight." Alex told me. He didn't want me to go home.

"What about tomorrow night or the next night? I can't stay at your place forever."

"No but maybe your mom will get the Sheriff to kick him out."

"Alex she's afraid of him. I should have realized it."

"Please Maria just tonight then we'll take it from there."

I agreed. It was late and I didn't want to go home this late. I went back into the CrashDown to get some close I had there for school tomorrow. Lucky I had my books with me also.

Liz came down stairs when I was in my locker. " Maria what are you doing back her so late? It's nearly one in the morning."

"I forgot some things that I needed for tomorrow." I told her. I became really good at lying.

"Maria is something wrong because Michael said you were acting strange in Spanish today. Max said you were moody. You barely spoke during lunch."

"I just had a bad day so back off." I said a little harsh.

"Maria I am your friend you can tell me anything." Liz said trying to get me to open up but I wouldn't.

"Liz just back off you wouldn't understand." I then left with those words. I remembered Liz's hurt expression.


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