Title: The Night
Author: IrisGirl
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are from the Roswell TV show. Fox and Regency, thank you for creating them.
Rating: R
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Max comes to the door and sees Liz in the living room. "Liz," he gently calls. Liz turns and a smile spreads across her face, touching her eyes when she sees that he has come to her. Max moves across the room, covering the distance quickly, and takes her in his arms. They embrace and share a kiss. As they stand still entwined, Max is gently stroking Liz's back, tracing the outline of her spine. Up and down and up again. Max feels Liz change in his arms. Could it be that she is responding to him? He prays (?) That it is true.

He lets his hands find her arms and he nudges them up, over her head. "Max?" She starts and has a look of confusion and concern written across her face. He smiles at her, puts his finger across her lips and says, "Trust me." She searches his face and finds genuine love there. So she closes her eyes and gives herself over to him.

He gently circles her wrists with his left hand, freeing his right. He begins ever so slowly to trace the inside of her arm, slaloming to extend the sensation. As he crosses her forearm, a slight giggle escapes her mouth. He continues further down her arm, curving around the base of her underarm. He slowly uses the side of his thumb to trace an arc over the roundness of her breast. He is aware that her breathing is very shallow now and he senses her expectancy. He continues down her chest, over to her navel and then he trails off at the top of her shorts.

He uses his left thumb to trace her right side. When he comes to the base of her arm, he sees that her nipples are taut, straining at the cloth of her shirt, straining to be included in the sensuality. He lightly brushes his palm across her nipple as he continues down her belly. Liz opens her mouth and a sigh escapes. With her arms still over her head, he coaxes her shirt over and off. He then brings her hands down to her sides.

He kneels in front of her. He had not noticed until now, so focused was he on giving her pleasure, that he himself was responding to the intimacy. He needed to free himself so he unbuckled his belt and opened the top of his pants so that he was not so bound.

As he kneels in front of her, he uses two fingers to tease her midriff, just above her waistband. Soon she begins pulling her stomach in slightly, to give him better access and to let him know what she wants. In the next pass across her belly, he dips his fingertips inside the waist. He is pleased to hear her intake of breath and knows that she indeed wants him as well.

He undoes her shorts and she swivels her hips to help him in easing them down her silky legs. She steps out of them and they are forgotten. Max purses his lips and blows a gentle stream of hot breath along the edge of her panties. Tipping his head to one side, he whispers his heat along the outline of the panties as they rest against her thigh. He does the same on the other side and is amazed when Liz spreads her legs to open her sweetness. He plants gentle but firm kisses through her panties. Subconciously, Liz rocks her hips forward to give him better access. She is making soft little mewling sounds and her hands are moving slightly in the air, almost touching his head and then returning, and starting again. Max takes her panties in his hand and eases them over her hips, down her legs, and away. Liz opens herself to Max and he can smell the honey smell of her; he drinks it in, so intoxicating.

He cups her ass in his hands and begins kissing her. The plaintive sounds she was making change into soft moaning. Her hands are now stroking Max's hair. His lips find hers and he knows how ready she is. Her lips are engorged and wet with her readiness. Max begins to part her lips with the tip of his tongue. As he slides his tongue back and forth, her hands tighten in his hair, pressing him closer to her. Her hips are undulating in time to his mouth and she is beginning to shake slightly. Suddenly, she cries, "Max....I...I... MAX!" Hearing this, he thrusts his tongue into her as deep as he can and moves his head slightly from side to side to heighten the experience for her. He holds her hips as she tenses then convulses with her climax.

Soon he feels her relax, as her hands untangle their grip in his hair and fall again to her sides. He begins to stand and feels her legs begin to buckle. He catches her up in his arms, kisses her on her forehead, and lays her gently on the bed. Max quickly removes his clothing and slides in next to her. As she is recovering, she opens her eyes and smiles shyly at him. He brushes her hair from her face and kisses her sweetly.

She reaches her hands down to his manhood and takes him in her hands. She hears the sharp intake of breath and searches Max's face. He opens his eyes and sees her concern and lack of knowledge written across her face. He reassures her with his eyes and a smile and a nod that this is wonderful. She begins to stroke his member then shifts her position slightly. Max wonders what is happening but does not open his eyes. Soon he feels her tongue circling his glans while her intertwined hands continue to stroke him. She begins slowly to take him into her mouth, while her tongue does curlicues around the top. Max begins to moan and feels the pull of a billion nerves all focused on his impending pleasure. He calls out to her. "Liz! Stop!" He commands. Liz pulls her head up checking to see if she has inadvertently hurt him. He sees the look of concern on her face and says, "No, you were making me feel wonderful. But I want to be inside you so that we can share it together."

He sits up with her and takes her in his arms. They kiss passionately, their urgency apparent to each other. He gently lays her on her back and she opens herself to him again. He kneels between her legs and presses the tip of his manhood against her. They are both amazed at the hotness of the other. Max begins pressing himself into her and she moves her hips in order to accommodate him. When he is completely inside her, they both just savor the moment, the heat, the need. Slowly they begin undulating with each other, making a new rhythm, creating a melody for themselves. Liz feels her body contracting and cries out, "Max...now... I need you now.." He answers by putting his arms under her back and holding her shoulders in his hands so that his thrusts can be more powerful. Liz locks her legs around his waist and urges him on. As they climax together, they cry each other's name over and over again.

Once they are spent, Max puts little butterfly kisses on Liz's face, eyelids, neck, shoulders, everywhere. As Liz recovers, she starts shaking slightly and a sob chokes in her throat. A tiny tear escapes her closed eyes. Max holds her, stroking her hair and back.