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Title: Band Geeks
Author: Krazykitti
Disclaimer: Me no own Roswell; I only own the characters I make up and the ones I base on my own friends.
Summary: What if the Pod Squad was in band? This one time at band camp....LoL anyway, on with the story. No Aliens. Humor/Romance
Rating/Pairings: PG-13- M/L, M/M, A/I, K/? with other characters

Michael Guerin: Older brother of Ryan, Plays the Quads in Drumline, 16 years old, sophomore.

Ryan Guerin: Younger brother of Michael, Plays Baritone in Low Brass section, 14 years old, freshman.

Lonnie Evans: Isabel's Identical Twin and Max's sister, Colorguard member, 17 years old, Junior.

Max Evans: Brother to Isabel and Lonnie, Plays Tuba in Low Brass section, 16 years old, Sophomore.

Isabel Evans: Lonnie's Identical Twin and Max's sister, Plays snare in Drumline, 17 years old, Junior.

Kyle Valenti: Stepbrother to Maria, Plays Clarinet, 17 years old, Junior.

Maria DeLuca: Stepsister to Kyle, Colorguard member, 15 almost 16 years old, sophomore.

Liz Parker: Younger sister to Michelle and Gabrielle, Pit section member, 15 soon to be 16 years old, Sophomore.

Michelle Parker: Older sister to Liz Parker, Gabrielle's Twin, Colorguard member, 18 years old, Senior.

Gabrielle Parker: Older sister to Liz Parker, Michelle's Twin, Drum Major, 18 years old, Senior.

Alex Whitman: Older brother to Thomas, Plays Trumpet, 17 years old, Junior.

Thomas Whitman: Alex’s younger brother, Pit Section, 14 years old, freshman.

Serena Johnston: Older sister to Cathy and Joey, Plays French Horn, 18 years old, Senior.

Courtney Johnston: Cousin to Cathy, Joey, and Serena, Drum Major, 17 years old, Junior.

Cathy Johnston: Older sister to Joey, Plays Piccolo, 16 years old, sophomore.

Joey Johnston: Youngest of the Johnston’s, Saxophone player, 14 years old, freshman.

Tess Harding: Only child, Colorguard member, 15 years old, sophomore.
^That Morning-Getting Ready for Band Camp-About 3 Weeks Before School Starts^

-Guerin Household-

‘Ryan! Get your ass moving or we’re going to be late!’
‘You know, I don’t get you Michael! You’re late for everything except anything that comes to band!’
‘Well that’s for me to know and you to figure out! I’ve never been late and I’m not going to be late this year! Hurry up! You should’ve packed last night!’

-Evans Household-

‘Now you have everything you need right?’
‘Yes mom, we have everything we need! You’ve asked us that about a million times.’
‘I just want to make sure you have everything and that you’re prepared honey. You never seem to pack much unlike your sisters.’
‘They pack...enough as it is. I should go upstairs and check how they’re doing.’ Max runs upstairs, into Lonnie and Isabel’s room.
‘You guys have everything. Wink Wink.’
‘Yep. Chips, Candy, Soda, Veggies, and other stuff.’
‘Maxi, just don’t get dehydrated like you did last year and get sent to the hospital.’
‘I won’t and also stop calling me that. It makes me sound like a “maxi” pad. Izzy did you say veggies? Because you’re scaring me.’
‘Yes I did. We need some *good* healthy food there.’
‘Okay. Well are you almost done packing because we need to get going.’

-Valenti/ DeLuca Household-

‘Maria! Get moving! We’re only going to be gone for 10 days, not 3 weeks.’
‘Well I need my comfy clothes, pjs, and casual.’
‘I shouldn’t have even opened my mouth, but you need to hurry up.’

-Johnston Household-

‘Do you guys have to go?’ All the Johnston children whine.
‘Yes, and that’s final.’ Mr. and Mrs. Johnston say.

-Whitman Home-

‘Alex, is camp fun?’
‘Yeah why?’
‘I don’t know...maybe because last year when you got home you complained for a week how much it sucked.’
‘That’s only because everything fell apart. Plus, I have something to look forward to this year.’ *evil grin*
‘What do you mean by that?’ Thomas asks a little scared.

-Parker Residence-

‘We’re going to have so much fun this year!’
‘Yes, definitely!’
‘So what are you guys doing for freshman initiation this year?’
‘We have no idea, but this year you get to help us plan.’ Michelle and Gabby both laugh.
‘Yeah I get to help plan instead of being the one that’s being planned on.’ My sisters are evil.

-Harding House-

‘Dad! Come on! You need to drop me off! Hurry up!’
‘I’m hurrying honey!’ My dad comes running down the stairs.
‘Finally! Come on! Lets get going!’ She’s already out the door.
‘The things I do for my daughter...’

So what do you think? I do have more written and I will probably post another part later. *happy*

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^Bus Rides, Arriving, and Getting Dorms^
*Liz P.O.V.*

Well the luggage and instruments are loaded into the moving truck and now we are on comfy charter buses headed for band camp.

About an hour into the ride either everyone is A) sleeping/staring out the window, B) reading or doing honor’s work for English, or C) listening to their cd players and chatting about what they think is going to go on at camp. I’m sort of doing all 3. I’m half asleep while staring out the window and reading while also listening to Maria talk. That’s a lot to do at once especially, since Maria doesn’t shut up! “Okay Maria! Slow down.”
“I was saying that camp is going to be so much fun this year well...outside of all the work we’re going to be doing.”
“Yeah. I so can’t wait to do freshman initiation.”
“Me too! That’s one of the best parts of camp chica!”
“Yep. I remember last year what happened to all of us.”
“Last year was horrible! They took all of my clothes when I was showering and my suitcase. I come out of the shower looking for my clothes and they were gone, so were my roommates. I go out the door to see if I see anyone was out in the hall and they shut the damn door behind me and I’m stuck in my towel, wet and cold, waiting for them to open the door!”
“That was funny as hell!” I’m laughing my ass off right now just reminiscing about that. “I-I can’t.....stop....laughing! My...stomach hurts!”
“You shouldn’t be laughing because I remember exactly what happened to you last year!
I stop laughing. That was not funny at all!
“I remember the look on your face though. That was hilarious!”
“It wasn’t funny. It’s not fun when someone switches your shaving cream with whip cream and then you’re all sticky for the day with bugs all over you! It sucked so badly, but at least we didn’t get as bad as Michael or Kyle!”
“Now those were funny!”
“Yes! They were!” Isabel interjects. I guess she’s been listening to our conversation.
“What they did to Michael was just cruel though.” I say. It was cruel, but funny.
“Pink is so Kyle’s color!”
We’re laughing so hard the seniors are staring at us, but I don’t care. Hey! I love living my band camp memories! “Remember Michael...he smelled so good that day!”
“Yes, but I think they should’ve made Kyle wear a lavender dress though instead of pink. Michael did smell good that day, but also they had switched his shampoo with honey!” Lonnie says. She’s now in the conversation with us.

After reminiscing some and a long bus ride we are finally at camp.

-ERAU campus; Prescott, Arizona-
*Max P.O.V.*

“Okay everyone, we’re here. Now first, we’re going to get off and take you to the dorms. After, we’re unloading luggage and getting keys and rooms. Girls are upstairs and guys are downstairs. After getting dorms, we’re going to meet downstairs in the conference room and head to the gym. You’re going to follow Mr. Johnston and me there. We will unload equipment and instruments there. Now go.”
“God Mr. Ramirez talks forever!” Alex says to us.
“Oh I know.” Kyle says tiredly just waking up from the long bus trip.
“Did you not get any sleep the night before Valenti?” Michael asks.
“Like none. I’m so use to staying up all night during summer and now it’s that time of summer where you have to start getting back your body’s balance and get back on track.”
“O...okay.” We all say. Sometimes Kyle makes sense and then other times....he’s just somewhere out there and I mean....out there.

*Alex P.O.V.*

Well mostly everyone has gotten his or her dorms and now it’s my turn. For some reason I have a weird feeling about this year with the dorms and I have no idea why. Now it’s Whitman’s turn to get his dorm.

I go over to the table and get my key and room, but there’s something terribly wrong. What the fuck?! I go over to our band director.
“Mr. Ramirez! I’m in a girls’ dorm!”
“Stop joking around Whitman.”
“I’m serious!” I say. Oh God no! Mr. R goes over to the table and he’s talking to the people and he has a perplexed look on his face...uh oh...this can’t be good.
“I’m sorry Alex, but it looks like you’re going to be sharing a room with Michelle, Gabby, and Serena.”
I may be a junior, but... “All Seniors! They’re going to eat me alive and spit me out! Can’t you do something?!” Everyone’s laughing except the 3 evil girls I share a dorm with.
“We’re going to have soooo much fun Alex.” Serena says and winks at me. Then the evil Parker twins laugh and they all head upstairs to ~our~ room.
“I’m sorry Alex, but all the other guys’ rooms are full.”
Michael, Max, and Kyle are mocking me by pretending to paint their nails and gossip.
“Jebus! Help me!” I yell as I sluggishly drag my luggage and myself upstairs.

I know short but the next part will be longer! Thanks to everyone who gave feedback! I thought I would get none.

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*Arguments, Unloading, and War*

-Conference Room-
*Ryan P.O.V.*

I’m so freaked out right now. People think just because I’m related to Michael Guerin, it means that I’m a fearless, asshole like him, but I’m not. I’m as chicken as they come! The upper classmen keep giving me weird looks and then they start laughing. Michael has been laughing at me too, but also it’s band camp. I heard he’s totally different at band camp. That’s another reason why I’m afraid.
“Hello?” Thomas says to me trying to get my attention.
“Oh. Hey. Sorry.” I say coming back to reality.
“It’s okay. So what do you think of this place so far?”
“It’s okay I guess. I’m just a little freaked out at the fact that the upper classmen keep looking at us like we’re their next victims.” I say. As I look all around me.
“Yeah. Me too. Alex scared the shit out of me the other night.”
“We were talking and then he looked at me and started laughing his ass off. I asked him what the hell he was laughing about and he wouldn’t fricking tell me! It pissed me off and then all of a sudden he stops laughing and gives me this cryptic look. Then he tells me and I quote, “You better watch your back little bro because evil is coming,” then he left the room. The look he gave me after he said it scared me shitless. I couldn’t sleep because I was just thinking about what he said all night.” Thomas says.
“Well I think your brother is paying the price because he’s in a girls’ dorm with all seniors and did you hear what Serena said to him. He’s going to be tortured.” I say as I start laughing.
“Yeah you’re right.”
“Shhh,” Michael says, “he’s talking.”
“Well now we’re going to go up to the gym and unload instruments and equipment. Now I want everyone to follow Mr. Johnston and I to the gym. Now Mr. Johnston wants to say a few things.”
“Now everyone, I don’t want any rough housing or anything while we’re unloading. Help out. Don’t just stand there. Now... fall out.”

*Cathy P.O.V.*

“I hate unloading.” I say to Max. As I take some instruments and put them next to the wall.
“So do I, but think about it this way...It’s easier to unload then to load. You should know. You were there on Sunday when we had to load everything.”
“True, but at least I didn’t have to load the pit carts.” I say smiling.
“Lucky bitch. Those things are so heavy.” He says as he puts some more instruments down.
“Maxwell get over here and help with these carts!” Michael yells to him.
“I guess you talked a little too soon. Don’t drop the cart on your foot Max!” I yell to him as he starts walking to where Michael. Max has a nice ass...
“Are you thinking about my brother again Cathy?” Lonnie says as she comes up behind me.
“Oh my gosh you scared the shit out of me! Don’t do that! Maybe...”
“My gosh...” She says as she puts her hand to her forehead and shakes her head back and forth.
“Shut up and besides I only think Max has a nice ass. Anyway, Kyle’s more my type. Max is too brooding. I don’t know how Liz puts up with his broodiness so much. I can’t stand it.”
“Well it’s Liz, honey. Liz can be a little broody too sometimes. You should try living with Max. It’s horrible.”
“I wouldn’t be able to stand it! I don’t know how you and Isabel do it!”
“We like to fuck with his head a little...”
“I’ve heard all about how you guys torture him! Also with you and Izzy being twins it just makes it worse.”
“Of course. I hate it when Mr. Ramirez got us all mixed up last year though. It’s so annoying! And I know he’s going to do it this year to piss us off.”
“Oh we all know that.”
“Also another’re going to be fighting over Kyle with certain people.”
“Who?” I say and she starts blushing a little. “Oh my gosh. You! You have a crush on..” That’s when she shuts my mouth.
“Shh! Shut up and it’s not just me and you.”
“I can’t believe you like him too. Who else?”
“Tess of course.”
“I don’t care if you two like him. He’s mine!”
“I don’t think so girlfriend! He’s mine!”
“This means war.” I say as we both give each other evil looks.

*Isabel P.O.V.*
“I wonder who they were arguing over?”
“I don’t know and I really don’t care as long as it’s not…never mind.” Maria says.
“As long as it’s not over who?” Liz and I say.
“No one! I didn’t say anything!” Maria says as she runs over to go talk to Cathy and Lonnie.
“I think we should investigate that.” Liz says.
“Yes, definitely.” I say looking over at Alex helping my brother put pit carts together. And he’s bending over…
“Huh? What?” I say as I drop the drum I was carrying. “Ow fuck!” I dropped it on my foot.
“Nice going Lonnie and watch your language!” Mr. Ramirez yells to me.
“I’m Isabel!” I say rubbing my foot and glaring at him.
“Oh. Sorry.” He says laughing.
“Liz stop laughing at me. You are supposed to be my friend!”
“I am and as a friend I feel obligated to laugh. Besides what caught you so off guard anyway?”
“Nothing that you would be interested in.” I say picking up the drum and putting with the other drums. I look over to Alex again and I see him smiling at me.

*Michael P.O.V.*
“Usually Isabel is so careful with the drums, what the hell is wrong with her?” I say to Max, Alex, and Kyle.
“Don’t ask me. I’m just her brother. And personally, I really don’t want to know.” Max says.
“So Alex, I think you are probably going to have the most interesting 10 days of your life while you’re here.” Kyle says.
“Don’t remind me. And it doesn’t help that Mr. R has it in for me too.”
“Why?” We all ask him.
“Because all I do is contradict his teachings and he hates me for it. Also have you guys heard what the theme is this year? It’s Appalachian Springs. He’s going to work us like slaves.”
“The more work the better.” I say.
“How come when it comes to band you are so hard working and then when it comes to anything else you are as lazy as a sloth?” Kyle asks me.
“I don’t know.”
“Whatever. Lets finish these carts and head to the dorms so we can find out where the cafeteria is. I’m starving.” Alex says.

-Back in the Conference Room-

*Maria P.O.V.*
“I’m so glad we’re finally done unloading.” Serena says.
“Same here. Also I’m starving! Where the hell are Mr. Ramirez and your dad?”
“Okay everyone, calm down. We’re about to go to lunch but….” Mr. Johnston says.
“But what?” Half the students say.
“It’s a pretty far walk.” Once Mr. Johnston says that we all groan.
“Well follow us to the cafeteria. Also one other thing no drinking soda.” Mr. R says.
“No!!!!!!” Cathy then screams out. “You can’t do that. Some of us only function if we have soda!”
“Sorry Catherine.” Her father says looking at her sympathetically.
“Don’t worry Cathy. Lonnie, Isabel, and Max are stocked with food and drinks.” I whisper in her ear.
“I will cherish them all throughout camp.” She whispers back.
I start laughing.
“What’s so funny DeLuca?” Mr. R says.
“Well let’s go before we get left behind.” Serena says to me.

A/N: I'm not too keen about this sort of popped up out of nowhere! Anyway, enjoy and probably the next time I update it will probably be the weekend so hold in there. (Things to think about for the next chapter: How will everything go during lunchtime? Will the first practice go well the 2nd day they're there?)
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-*Gourmet, Meetings, and Drills*- (Part A)


*Serena P.O.V.*

“That was a long walk down here!” I state.
“I know! I would have never thought this campus was this big? We’re so use to going to Pine Summit but since we couldn’t book it there we had to come here.” Gabby says.
“I don’t think it’s that bad. Just think about it this way, at least we don’t have mosquitoes and bees everywhere. Bleh!” Michelle says as she cringes.
“I remember that! You and Cathy would jump if someone even tapped you guys on the shoulder!” I say heartily.
“Hey girlfriends! What are talking about?” Courtney greets as she sits down next to Gabby.
“Camp.” I say blandly.
“Oh. This place is okay I guess. Did you guys see Isabel drop the drum on her foot earlier?” She asks.
“That was so funny,” I say, “but so unlike her. I have never seen her drop a drum before, especially a bass drum.”
“I think something or someone distracted her.” Michelle says with a mischievous look.
“Who?” We ask at once.
“No way!”
“No seriously! Have you seen the way she stares at him? Come on, it’s so obvious that she has a thing for him!”
“Hey guys. What’s up,” Isabel says coming up to the table with Liz and Maria in tow, “Got room for a few more?”
“Sit!” We say.
“So what were you talking about?” Liz asks.
“Guys.” I say.
“Speaking of the male species, why aren’t you sitting with your love puppy Liz?” Michelle and Gabby say together.
“He is not my love puppy!”
“Oh yes he is! Don’t deny it! You have got his so whipped!” Isabel says.
“No I don’t.” Liz says starting to blush.
“Chica, you have him wrapped around your little finger. All you have to do is say one word and he’ll be right by your side within a second.” Maria says convincingly.
“Okay. So maybe he is a little puppy like.” Liz says looking up.
“Lets get on a different subject please. I think I’m going to puke.” Isabel says making a fake gagging noise.
“You shouldn’t be talking. We all know you have someone special in mind.” I say giving her a questioning look.
“I do not!” Isabel says.
“Right.” Courtney says oozing with sarcasm.
“Whatever. I am not discussing guys with y’all,” Isabel says picking at her food, “what the hell is this?”
We all look at our food and give it a curious look.
“I have no idea but I think mine is trying to talk because it’s bubbling.” Michelle says.
“Ugh! Gross! Thanks a lot for the description,” I say pushing my tray aside, “I’m not hungry anymore.”
I watch as Isabel looks over at the guys’ table and watches Alex. “I could so use that against her.” I think to myself. “They seem deep in conversation,” I say aloud, pointing over to the guys’ table, “I wonder what they’re talking about?”

*Kyle P.O.V.*

“Hey dudes. ¿Qué pasa?” Alex says as he sits down next to me.
“Nothing much. You?” I say.
“Nothing much except for the fact that this food looks like something out of a horror film.”
“It’s not too bad.” Max says putting a spoonful of peaches in his mouth and pauses.
“Max? Are you okay?” I say.
“Yuck! They have no taste whatsoever!” Max says spitting out the nasty peaches.
We all start laughing at him as he takes a few swigs of juice out of his cup.
“Got a nice mouthful didn’t ya Max?” Alex says laughing at him.
“Fuck off.” Max says.
“Oh my gosh…he cussed.” Alex exaggerates with fake shock.
Michael and I are laughing our asses off just after seeing the look on Alex and Max’s faces.
“Fuck all of you.” He says we a look of disgust mixed with false anger.
“We’re just joking around with ya. Don’t take it so seriously,” I say wiping the tears out of my eyes, “So does anyone know what is going on with Cathy and Lonnie?”
“I have no clue,” Michael says while eating his dessert, “the only good thing about this food is the fact that we get dessert with every meal.”
“Anyway, from what I know, which isn’t much, they are fighting over a guy.” Alex says.
“What? Lonnie fighting over a guy with someone else, you have got to be kidding me?” Max says his eyes wide with shock.
“Where did you find out this little tidbit, Whitman?” I ask with curiosity.
“I’m serious. I overheard their conversation when I passed by and I heard her say quote ‘I don’t think so girlfriend, he’s mine’ unquote.”
“I wonder who?” Michael says with a perplexed look.
“I don’t think I want to know.” Max says playing with the bland peaches.
“It seems like you never want to know anything about your sisters. Why wouldn’t you want to know this about Lonnie? Come on dude, you could so blackmail her with that kind of information! Take this to your advantage!” Michael says getting a little excited.
“Please. I already know some valuable information about my twin sisters.” Max says plainly.
“Like what!” We exclaim.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” He says with a grin as he gets up and walks away from the table.
“I really want to know what information he has against Isabel and Lonnie.” I say.
“Don’t we all.” Alex says looking over at Isabel and then to Lonnie.

-Dorms (Later that night in a secluded area)-

*Joey P.O.V.*
“Okay…so what is this about, Johnston?” Ian says to me.
“This is a meeting for all of us freshman who are afraid of why the upper classmen keep giving us looks of evil.”
“Nice way to put it Joey.” Thomas says.
“Anyway, you all know what’s coming, right?”
“Not really.” A girl named Shelly says.
“Freshman initiation.” I say with pure terror.
“Oh no! Not that!” Ryan almost screams.
“Quiet down, you chicken,” I say shutting his mouth with my hand, “do you want them to hear us? How come you couldn’t have gotten more of your brother’s genes?”
“Breathe dude.” Thomas says to him.
“What do we do?” Ryan says calming down.
“We must fight.”
“And how do you propose that, Einstein?” Fiona says.
“Well we can’t let them know we’re on to them. We must act like are usual selves and then when the time comes. BAM! We run for it.”
“How come guys always have to make sound effects when they describe something?” Fiona says to Shelly.
“That’s your plan! That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Joey, take it like a man! The inevitable is coming whether you like it or not!” Ryan rambles.
“Calm down Ryan,” Thomas says, “I have an idea. Everyone gather round’ and hear what I have to say because I’m not getting up.”

-Next Day (In the Gym; 6:00 A.M.)-

*Tess P.O.V.*

“Morning everyone!” Tess says full of cheerfulness.
“Harding, it’s 6 in the morning, how can you be so cheerful?” Michael says to me.
“Well I went to bed at the designated time and got 8 hours of sleep. What time did you go to bed?” She says giving me a knowing smile.
“So, who’s up for a vigorous warm-up?” Lonnie says with the same enthusiasm.
I hear everyone groan after she says it except for a few people.
“Okay fine,” Lonnie says, “anyone who complains about the exercise, being tired, in pain, or the music…will have to run a mile with me for each complaint they say!” Lonnie yells at the top of her lungs for everyone to hear.
Everyone shuts up.
“That’s better,” She says, “Now, Michelle, would you like to demonstrate the stretches for our friends and little frosh?”
“Gladly Lonnie!” Michelle says with the same zeal as them.
“Oh God…we’re doomed.” Kyle says.
“Hey! I heard that Valenti!” I yell at him.
“Heard what Tess?” Kyle says with false confusion.
“Don’t even try that with me,” I say, “lets get started.”
Michelle demonstrated some of the stretches we were going to do and I could tell that some of the band was baffled as to how the guard could stretch so well and how the hell they would ever be able to do some of them.
“Well let’s begin. Lonnie, put in the CD.” I say.
After she puts it in and presses play the boom box starts blaring out “King of Congo Bongo” by Manu Chau.
“Nice pick of music!” I say.
As we exercise and stretch I can hear the groans of some of the people who have a lack of physical education in their lives.
“Now we all should know this one,” A girl named Tara says, who is also in the guard, “spread your legs at a good width and reach down your right leg for your toes.”
As she counts I get up and go around to check how the guys are doing. “Do you guys not stretch or something? Spread them!” I say.
“We’re not limber like some of the females in here.” Alex says.
I then go over to him and match my feet with his feet.
“What are you doing?” He asks.
I then start to stretch his legs wider.
“Ahh! It hurts! My manhood is ripping!” He screams.
“Oh don’t be such a wimp,” I say. I stop stretching his legs and say, “now keep them at that width apart.”
Everybody laughs at him.
“What!” Alex yells, looking at Mr. Ramirez.
“Keep the language clean.”
“Oh fuck off.” Alex says under his breath, which only Isabel, Maria, Liz, Lonnie, Cathy, and I heard.
“What did you say?” Mr. R says looking at him crossly.
“I didn’t say anything. You must be hearing voices.” Alex says with a look of innocence, which made the situation even worse.
“Alex, get out-”
“Get out and go run a lap outside around the field.”
“For what!”
“For being a smartass.”
“And you say for us to watch our language.” Alex says as he goes outside.
“Anyway,” I say, “lets continue.”
“After we’re done with stretches, we’re doing marching basics which Gabrielle will lead.” Mr. Johnston says.
“Okay.” I say.

A/N- This is an extremely long part so I decided to split it in half! I still have to write the other half! Hope you enjoy!