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Summary: What happens when the pod squad meets the badass Maria?

“Maria I can’t keep putting up with this type of behavior.” My mom tells me again.

“I know I’ll do better.” I tell her.

“Maria that’s what you keep saying and I can’t wait for you to get better.” She says with a look of sadness.

“What are you saying?” I ask wondering whether she was going to throw me out.

“Well I’ve arranged for you to go stay with a friend of mine.”

“A friend of yours?” I ask questioningly.

“Yes her name is Diane Evans she’s a wonderful lady with 2 children you’re age.”

“So where does she live down the street?” I ask feeling a dread coming over me sometimes I can just sense what people are going to say.

“Well actually she lives in New Mexico.” She says hesitantly.

“WHAT?” I practically scream.

“Well she said she’d take you in. it’s really nice there I grew up there when I was your age.” She tells me trying to seal the idea on me but all I want to do is cry I don’t want to leave my home.

New York is my home these streets are the only ones I’ve ever wanted to know.

“Come on it wont be that bad.”

“Easy for you to say.” I say as I run up to my room.

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