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Summary: Roswell..Very quiet town..until the Deluca's and a friend arive..nothing will be ever the same.No aliens

Maria,Tyler and Kyle are brothers and sister. Tyler is the youngest and Kyle the oldest..
they whent living in Roswell with there aunt Amy because there mother died of an overdosis and there father left them when they were just little kids.

"TYLER,DAMNIT! WHERE IS MY LINKIN PARK CD??" Maria Deluca yelled from her room.
Tyler yelled back.
"COULD YOU GUYS KEEP IT DOWN! I'M TRYING TO MEDITATE FOR BUDDHAS SAKE!" Kyle screamed getting angry. "SORRRRY!!!!!!!" Maria and Tyler began laughing.
Maria grabbed her backpack and surched through it. *please let it be inhere..I don't wanna go back for only a cd..* then she feld something hard and took it out *YES*she ran too Tyler's room and opend the door without knocking. what she saw was heartbreaking.
Tyler had a photo from Nelli Deluca,there mother, in his hands and was talking softly,tears falling down.
Maria stood there,listening to what he was saying.
"Mom, why did you leave us! we can't make it on our own..without you here.we need you. damnit..we didn't diserve this..did we?"
He put the photo in a book and looked at the door and saw Maria standing there.
"are you okay Ty?" Maria asked walking to his bed and sitting down next to him.
"I just wonder why she left us..Did we do something wrong Mars?"
Maria sighed and hugged her brother who was only a few minutes younger.
"No Tyler babe,Mom choose to go. You and me and Kyle all know what a hard life she had. and without dad she gained miserable.It was only a matter of time before..before she did what she did"
Tyler looked up at his sister.
"Promise me that you and Kyle won't ever leave me.Promise me Mars.." Tears streaming down his face.
"I promise..I love you Kiddo, You know that"
"I love you to.."

First chap! hope ya like it..should I go on?????
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*Soooo,what should I wear..?First day at a new boring to impress them,NOT.* Maria put on her black baggy jeans and a short black halter top that stopped right above her belly button. then she grabbed her black belt with little red stars on them and put it around her waist.*hmm..this is okay,,I think..* She looked into her mirror and put on some lipgloss,black mascara and eyeliner.*ready? YEAH! lets kick some butt out there* She smiled to herself and ran downstairs.

"Yeah Yeah, keep ya pants up..were comin'" Tyker said coming out of the kitchen. He wore a black Baggy jeans and a red sleevless shirt with a black dragon on it. he also had his red bandana on his wrist, just like Maria and Kyle had. Kyle, running from the stairs..almost tripping over his own feet, had ALSO a black baggy jeans on. a black blouse with a red shirt under it and two red stripes on his left upperarm.
"looking great guys!" Maria said smiling.
"yeah,whatever. come on..lets see what kind of town this is.." Kyle said hanging his buddha necklace around his neck.
Max Evans looked around the corridor for his friends. and like always they were running late. except for Perfect Little Miss Liz Parker.
He couldn't stand the girl. The only reason he was hanging out with her was because she was best friends with his sister Isabel Evans and his girlfriend Tess Harding.
Liz was talking to him about a VERY un interisting subject called einstein and his 'wife'.but it just passed him.
Just then came the rest of the group barging in.
"Hey Maxwell! Seen the new kids?" Michael guerin asked.
"We sure did!" Isabel said pissed off.
"they parked with there damned motorcycles on OUR parkinglot and then that blonde girl made a mark on that spot. it looked like a dragon in flames. but whatever..she said it was there place from now of on! THE NERVE!!!!" Isabel said almost steaming.
"Izzy, it's just a parking lot.." ALex Whitman said, calming his girlfriend.
"I think there in some kind of gang, they were wearing only red and black. and they all had a red bandana on there left me, only I'm not in a gang..." Michael said.
"yeah wel..maybe there nice."Tess harding said chirpy." Don't judge jsut by looks" she smiled her bright smile and kissed MAx on his lips,grabbed his hands and they were of to class.
"we better get to class to" Liz said

chap 2 :D..short..but tomorrow longer..I PROMISE!!
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"what's goin on in there?" Kyle asked his brother Tyler who was listening to the yelling from a group standing aroun something or someone.
"Whoa, where's Mars?" Tyler asked.
"I don' know" just then he saw a flash of blonde in the middle of the crowd.
"but I do know now.." he grabbed Tyler's arm and dragged him into the crowd pushing others away.
"just what I thought.." Kyle said chuckling.

"STUPID BLONDE WHORE!" Isabel yelled.
Maria began laughing
"Who's stupid? Your BLONDE too..probably from a bottle..but whatevah..and IM the WHORE? look who's trying to bitch every girl away to get a guy...Atleast your not gettin' ma bro's! Just F*ck off..."
Maria said turning around.
"YEAH WELL, WHATS THE REASON THAT YOU CAME HERE ANYWAY? YOUR MOMMY GOT TIRED OF YOU AND YOUR BROTHERS SO SHE SEND YOU TO YOUR AUNT?" Isabel didn't look at the girl but at the crowd who was cheering her on. so she didn't she a fist coming,that planted itself in her face.
"AAAH! BITCH! Youll regret that!" ISabel screamed and turned around walking to the girls room.
Maria chuckeld and walked to where she had seen her brothers, but bumped into something hard.
"Crap..this day aint going nowhere! Can't you watch out?" Maria said standing up,cause she went flying on her butt.
"me watch out? from what Ive heard,YOU better watch out. Isabel is one tough girl. She can take you easily."
Maria looked up to see a tall guy,very handsome and had spikey hair standing unruly on his head.
*damn, maybe this isn't such a bad day afterall*
"I don't care, she shouldn't bitch 'bout ma mom..she doesn't know shit..and I can handle her easily." Maria said.
"I'm Maria Deluca" she offerd her hand but he didn't take it.
"and Im outa here.." the guy murmurd.
*The nerve?* Maria thought and walked of to where her brothers where.

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Michael walked away from the girl who bumped into him.
*strange kids..the newbies.whatever* then he saw Isabel standing at her locker,fuming.
"Hey Izzy, everything alright?" He asked.
Isabel glared at him.
"HOW could everything be alright when some stupid freaks steals my stupid parkinglot with there stupid bikes with those stupid motors in it and then stupidly act like they own this stupid school?"
Michael blinked.
"uh,Izzy. Those are called motorcycles..wich are by the way the coolest bikes on this planet. and second, if you think everything is stupid,then why are you making a scene?" He sighed and walked down the corridor leaving Isabel with a confused look.


"Class, will you all PLEASE sit down and be quiet?" Mr.Belding said.
to his surprise everybody sat down.
"GREAT, First I would like you all to meet some new students."
Kyle and Tyler came walking in.
"This school is so preppy.."Tyler whisperd to Kyle.
A few guys began whistling as Maria walked in. She just glared at them and they gained quiet.
*Damn..well tainted!*she smiled to herself
"Please introduce yourselfs,will you?!?" Mr.Belding said.
"I'm Kyle, That's Tyler and MARIA STOP BITCHING WITH THAT BLONDE!..well..thats Maria. were triplets from New York and thats all you guys need to know." Maria sighed and glared at her brother for interupting her verbalfight with the blonde, whos neem was Isabel.
"Thanks,You may sit down at an empty seet. in the back are some free" Mr.Belding said sighing.* Holy..Why do I think these are problemchilds?*and yet another sigh came.
Kyle sat down next to a bubbly blonde girl who admiddetly introduced herself.
"Hi, I'm Tess Harding!" Kyle laughed *well well well...*
Tyler sat down totally in the corner in the back where he sat alone and Maria sat down between the guy she bumped into en a guy with huge ears.
"Max evans" the boy with the ears said."and thats Michael Guerin..but he doesn't say much" he then smiled
"Maria Deluca, FireRider"
With that said Michael looked up.
"Firerider?" he asked
*F* am I gonna explain this crap?*
Next chap comin' up!
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"uhm, A Fire Rider is a uhm.." *damnit..*
"Hey guys, Im Kyle,Mars her brother" Kyle said leaning down on Maria's desk.
*wow, thats a saving..*
"are you a Fire Rider too?" Max asked
Kyle glared at Maria.
"Myeah, Tyler too."Kyle sighed..his sister just couldnt keep her mouth shut!
"whats a firerider?" Michael asked again
"a Fire Rider is a member of the 'Fiaro'. The 'Fiaro' watches out for there members. we ride motor races and we have our own way of living. 'Fiaro' members all wear a red bandana on there left wrist and only wear red and black clothes. our mark is a black dragon in red flames,as you saw on the parking lot.I can't tell much about it, only members may now the rest."Kyle said
Maria sighed and smiled
*luckily he didn't tell the rest of it. they would have run to the police if they heard!*
Kyle looked at his sister and smiled too.
*don't worry sis, I won't betray us..the Fire Riders."

After class Michael ran out to his locker.
*damn,where is my pass, I know I've got it somewhere inhere. Lana ..OFCOARSE Lana can help me with this! * he grabbed his backpack and ran out of the building towards his the trailerpark.

So, wonder how Michael knows Maria's friend Lana?
maybe related?or Maybe he has been in new york before..? pen pals? Find out next chap! :D
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"Yes, thats me.who am I speaking to?"
"Michael Guerin"
"OH Hi dear! is everything alright?" The woman on the other side of the phone practicly chirped
"yes Ms.Ridge. I'm alright. Is Lana there?"
"Sure honey, just a moment"
Michael waited a few seconds until the phone was picked up again.
"Hey Lana, How your doing?"
"Sooooo great! Master Fiaro has made me his personal assistant and the best part of it is that I have to move to that roswell place where you live! isn't that great?" She said beaming.
"Really? cool!. uhm..The reason I called is that I lost my Fiaro pass. and there are some new kids here at school and there Fire Riders. they won't believe me if I say that Im a Ice Glider."
"Did you already check out if they are real ones or wannabees?"
"yeah..there real. Kyle,Tyler and Maria Deluca. Maybe you know them?"
"Yeah I know them! Maria's my best friend! Kyle is the weirdest of them all. hes into buddishm. and Tyler,well, hes a hard one.but the toughest is Maria. You can't break through her. No one here could, there kind of very known here in New York if you know what I mean.just tell Mars that you know me, she will believe you!"
"kay thanks Lana,see ya soon!"
Michael hang up the phone and grabbed his leather jacket.
*Ice Glider versus Fire Rider* he laughed and stepped on his motorcycle driving of to the desert.

soorry for this veeery short part...can't find the rest of my story.. but Ill probably find it..

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