Title: -Lip Gloss, Hair Gel, and a Piece of the Past-
Author: Me
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Category: AU. M/M. One Part Only.
Rating: PG
Summary: Something is found and it might relate to Michael and Maria’s past... But can Maria convince Michael that it’s worth checking out?

Author’s Note: Well, I had this really shitty assignment for BIO and this is the product of it... *tongue* I dont know exactly where it came from but it came and now, its here... So, yeah... Just ignore all the paleontology gibberish and such! *big* Anyway, just thought it couldnt hurt to post it and get some FB from you guys... *big*

-Lip Gloss, Hair Gel, and a Piece of the Past-

Lip gloss. Lip gloss. Lip gloss.

I know I have some and I know I need some. I grab my bag that is sitting by my feet, under the restaurant booth, and dig until I find the small tub of passion fruit balm. I apply it liberally and throw it back inside the bag.

He’s late.

But what do I care? He’s always late. Why should he try and go out of his way for me? I’m not anyone special. Neither is he.

At least, that’s what we want everyone to believe...

“Yo.” I hear the greeting and look up, finding myself staring at none other than the always late and always brooding Michael Guerin. I send him one of my best death glares, hoping to show my feelings towards his tardiness.

“Sit,” I order and lean back in the plastic covered foam bench, its bright red and a bit torn in the corners but comfortable, nonetheless. Plus, with my arms crossed over my chest, my death glare in full force, and my pissed off posture, I think I must look pretty tough. I wonder, momentary, if my glossy lips are throwing off the entire appearance...

“Sorry I’m late,” he begins after sitting across from me. He then leans forward and looks at me seriously. I think he has a good reason this time and it might be the first... But I’m still mad and I think I deserve to express it.

“What? Did you run out of hair gel or something?” I mock and roll my eyes. He is always late. Even if I tell him to show up half an hour earlier than I really want him to... He’s just always chronically late.

“No,” he shakes his head glumly and takes a deep breath. “Something came up...”

“That’s wonderful!” I answer while throwing my hands up and cheering, as sarcastically as I can. “Michael, I am so happy something came up cause you know, you being here on time, really meant nothing to me!” Why does he do this to me? Doesn’t he know this is really important?

He stares at me for moment before looking down at his hands. “Maria, you never told me why this was so important to you... What do you think all of it means?”

I follow his eyes and place my hands over his. I speak to him with persistence and resolve in my voice, hoping he will understand. “Michael, do you ever look at the stars, anymore?” I wait for him to answer but he only frowns, not sure what to say... “Well, I do. I always have... But not only here, not in the city... Have you ever seen the night sky when there is nothing but sand and empty mountains around you?”

He nods slowly and I take a minute to gather my thoughts. I lick my glossy lips and draw back my hands, instead, deciding to hold them in my lap. “Michael, what if we were from one of those stars? Don’t you want to know where we came from? Where we will eventually go?”

My last questions are only whispered between us. No one else can hear them; no one else should hear them...

“Maria...,” he warns and quickly darts his eyes around to make sure none of the other costumers eating at the small café heard me. “You’re over reacting...”

“Am I?” I ask with urgency in my voice. “What was that guy doing in the middle of nowhere digging up fossils?”

Michael shakes his head and leans back in the booth. “Maria, he is a paleontologist... It’s his job...” He sighs and carefully looks at me. “He’s a scientist. He gathers fossils and figures out things about them... What they used to be... Where they lived... What they ate... What ate them....” By the end, he has a small smirk on his face and I am ready to break out in tears.

“Stop patronizing me, Michael!” I yell before I’m able to control myself. “You know, just as well as I do, that he found that...fossil thing...right next to our crash site! And if you’re heard half of the things I have, it looks nothing like a fossil! What if it’s isn’t from here?” My voice was still raised and as I said each word, his eyes grew larger and larger...

“Stop!” he yelled and gave me a swift kick under the table. “Maria, you’re insane! And more than you usually are... You. Need. To. Stop.”

“And Michael, you need to face the possibility that this thing isn’t from here...” I whisper harshly. “This thing isn’t a fossil... It’s a bit of small, quickly decaying material that seems to be un-malleable... Exactly like the piece we were given when our protector left us...”

I can tell my words finally got to him, because his face instantly became blank and his stone walls put up. “Maria, what if you’re wrong? What if this is nothing more than a plain old piece of nothing?”

“Is there such a thing?” I ask and lean forward, motioning for him to do the same. “Fossils need, what, to form? Amber? Ice? Sedimentary rock?” I raise my eyebrows and continue, not waiting for an answer. Besides, he probably wouldn’t know... He’s never been one for liking school... “This...piece...of whatever was found was by itself. It wasn’t surrounded by anything and it wasn’t just an imprint. They’re calling it a fossil cause they have no other idea about what it could be. I can assure that it wasn’t trapped in tree sap or water years and years ago...”

“How old is it?”

“I don’t know...,” I answer truthfully, finally calming down. I have his full attention now. And maybe, just maybe, with his help, I can figure this thing out. “A couple of things are going to happen,” I begin confidently and once again, reach for my bag. This time I pull out a small notebook, instead of my lip balm. “Look, I’ve written these things down... I went to the library and took notes...” I carefully hand the spiral bound book across the table and motion for him to take a look.

“What did you find out?” he asks, his tone interested and now, a lot more serious.

“As I said, they are going to do a couple things... First, they are going to try to date it... Probably using a few different methods... First they are going to do some relative dating. But that’s just an estimation of the age of the fossil. They are going to want to go further with something like radioactive dating, that’s where they use this technique to figure out the age based on the fossil’s remaining radioactive isotopes. And from there, they are going to do check it’s half-life...”

“Half-life?” Michael looks up momentarily from the notebook. I must have forgotten to include it.

“Yeah, the time it takes for half of the radioactive atoms to decay... That will help with the dating process too,” I explain and wait to see his reaction to all the information I was blurting out.

He looks up for a moment, amazement easily seen on his face. “Okay. What about the strat-a-graphic superposition?” he asks while running a hand through his spiky, raven colored hair.

“Stratigraphic superposition,” I correct and reach for the notebook. I search the page for a second and let my finger find the words... “That’s not really something that’s that useful... It basically states that the further down a fossil is, the older it is... But this thing that they found was just below the surface... It can’t be from that long ago...”

“Fine,” he nods his head and puts his hands in front of him, locking his fingers together. “What does all of it mean? They are going to some weird test and find out it not from around here? Maria, we can hardly stop that from happening...”

He’s right. I know we can’t... Once the fossil record begins to take shape they are going to realize that there isn’t much to say about it... If it’s not an animal, they won’t be able to tell about all those things Michael mentioned earlier... They wouldn’t know where it was from or what it’s eating habits were... Nothing.

“I know we can’t stop it... But we can find out what they find out...,” I rationalize and rub my lips together, nervously. “If this thing has anything to do with the crash or out true origins, we need to know about it...”

Michael sighs deeply for what seemed like the hundredth time and scratched right above his left eyebrow, a nervous tick he had developed about a year ago. “So, what do we need to do?”

“Field trip?” I venture and flipped to a page in the back of my notebook. “I talked to a couple people about where...”

“People?” Michael interrupted, suddenly. “You know ‘people’?”

I roll my eyes and turn the notebook towards him, pointing to a small print out of a map. “I talk to a professor or two... Anyway, the fossil is going to the university... And so are we...”

“Fine,” he agreed and tightly nodded. “But you do know that this could be nothing... It could be some weird bone piece from the some Jurassic time forever ago...”

“During the Jurassic period, 200 million years ago, dinosaurs were dominant... If this was a simple dino bone fragment, I think we would know it...”

“Fine,” he repeated once more and reached for a menu from behind the napkin dispenser that sat just to the right of me. “You’re buying lunch, though. Right? If we have to drive all the way out to the university, I want to eat first...”

I smile at his question and shake my head. “You were late. You’re buying. It’s always been that our golden rule...”

He looked up and smiled. And I realized that we would be okay... Michael and I were going to find out if this thing had anything to do with us or not. We were going make sure that our true origins stayed hidden. We were going to solve this latest piece of the puzzle that might be connected to our alien past...

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