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Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

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My life.
It basically consists of these moments.
Most which have no purpose or significance.
But today I had this moment.... And I swear I felt my life change.
Now You might want to know a little about me.
But right now I'm to tired to explain my whole boring life.
My name is Liz.
Nice right.... Yeah I don't like it either. But hey what's in a name.
Anyway, my moment.
I was..... Well, sitting on a park bench, in my town, but that's not relative ... watching the people walk past and over hearing the chatter of the children around me.
I watched as they played with there friends, their laughter melting my heart. I didn't notice the figure approaching, and I didn't notice the dark clouds settling above me.
I did, though, feel the drop of ran fall on my hand. And I watched it as it rolled over my finger and smashed down to the concrete floor. When I looked up, I noticed the air had grown damp and the sun had disappeared. I felt the temperature drop and as I turned my head a shiver crawled down my back.
But not from the cold.
At that moment. My life changed.
How ... your asking.
That's when I saw him.... I had never seen such perfection. I had never seen so much anger and love in ones eyes as I did in his, I had never seen so much fear, so much hope.
I felt myself freeze as he smiled at me, his eyes locking with mine. I felt my breath let out a knowing sigh as he nodded his head at me in recognition.... He felt it too. But then he walked right past me....

Hey haven't been to the site in a while, thought I'd post some stuff... please tell me if I should continue... sorry about spelling!

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