Name: So long to the Past
Author: The Vampire Lestat
Summary: After Graduation the gang leave and are attack by the FBI, almost fatally injured, Kyle and Liz are set to die. But in last hope are taken back to Roswell and the remaining group places their last shred of hope in the Orbs. Which give the two their lives but time travel back to early stages where everyone finds out of the ‘Aliens’ but with a strange twist.
Note: there is Spanish translations in here. I got them off a translator from the net so sorry if they don’t make any sense. But I think(hope) they are close to what I write. Each chapter is a song title and image it’s playing through the scene. It will be clearly noted at the end of the chapter.

This is my first time posting and writing, please Feeback.

Chapter One; You Don’t Know What It’s Like

“I have a better idea. Why don’t we get out of dodge before they land on us? We leave!” says Michael

“And where do we go?” asks Kyle.

“Anywhere but here. I mean let’s face it, they know who we are, it’s over We leave Roswell, we leave fast, and we leave as quietly as we can. And we all go separately.”

“Separately?” asks Maria

“Right now we are safer as individuals than we are as a group. I mean what are we all going to do if we go together, get a van? We go quietly into the night, each of us on our own. If they get some of us, maybe they don’t get all of us.”

“Michael may have the right idea on this one Max.” I said quietly I look up to see everyone staring at me

“We can’t split up we are safer as a group, Liz.” Maria said walking over to me

“We could pick a state, make a new life. It’s better than dead.” I reply uncomfortable

“No I won’t let anyone split up, we are safer and stronger together. And that includes Maria and Kyle.” Max says speaking for the first time

“Well if we go, we go now.” Michael said knowing not to argue

“First we have to get the Orbs and book.” Isabelle said with a teary voice

“Already thought of.” Michael said holding up the two

“I say we dump them in the desert. So if we need them we can come back.” Kyle suggested, then all the sudden A green and white, beat up Volkswagen van drove up. Three instantly raised their hands in protection, until Jessie Ramirez, Isabel's husband, jumped out of the driver's side.

"Don't shoot, or blast... whatever it is you do."

Tears was shred and heartbreaking goodbyes said. Isabelle was determinate to keep Jesse safe. And to do that she had to leave him behind. We all saw her heart break at the moment she left his side. Minutes later we were off on the roads of Roswell. A couple weeks later I was Elizabeth Evans, proud wife of an alien King, Sister-in-law to aliens, founding member of ‘I know an alien’ club, and friend to life long humans. Three years ago I wouldn’t of believe this, three years ago I was Liz Parker, Friend, Nerd, No-one. Now Half alien, Married, and on the run. But happier than ever.

“Just let me drive. You Drove last time.” Maria said to Michael, I crack a smile

“Guys keep it down, people are trying to sleep.” I said motioning to Kyle, Isabelle and Max. I smile at them as they continue quietly. I quickly sign my diary and place it in my bag below everything else. I remain in my sit thinking of far away times. Long before any of this had happen. And in those times I couldn’t remember when I was any happier. Suddenly pulling out of my thoughts and as I look at Michael his face which I saw in the review mirror was the one and only look of pure fear.

“We got an unmarked government car behind us, sitting there awhile now.” He said, he gave me a quick look and I nodded an agreement on the silence I turn around and woke up Isabelle, then kyle. I let Max remain in sake of everyone’s insanity. We drove a farther ten minutes, nothing had change we all began to panic. They look at me and Michael, said the words everyone didn’t want to hear.

“Realise the hound, Liz.” I nodded and turn around

“Honey.” I said in Max’s ear. I gently place a kissed on his forehead and his eyes fluttered open. With a small smile prying on his lips.

“That’s a warm wake up kiss, can I have another?” he asked

“After we get the government of our ass.” I said smiling, his head shot up and Maria spoke.

“Well that’s subtle, Liz.”

“What’s going on?” he asked, Michael explain and we came up with a plan. The next old abandon house we saw we would run into and everyone would take corners. With the help form Kyle’s and my power’s we have strength them to defend ourselves and Maria. The car came to a freezing halt and everyone jump out. We sped off into corners, each on their own expect Kyle and Maria. I stood close but not to close to be found if they needed my help. Quiet. Silence. Afraid. Footsteps. Stop. Scream. Maria. Fear. I ran as fast as I could and reach in time to help Kyle of the ground we grab hands and sent a energy ball into the guy standing over Maria he fell limp to the ground. We smile at each and then turn to Maria who had grew paler. The last thing I heard was her piercing scream.
Song: Enoline Crush, You Don’t Know What It’s Like. Used in previews.

Chapter Two; Here with Me

Scene change........

There was a fight then the next thing I heard was a piercing scream. I look over to see Maria on the ground. Michael had gotten up only to be stop by Alex.

“Michael, you can’t.” He said holding him back

“I have to.” Was all Michael said. He pushed past him and I ran over to Alex, shoving him the keys he rush out the door in response. I inturn headed over to Michael, and got the last sentence he was pleaded.

“Please, Maria you have to look at me.” He gain access and connected I could tell by the way his head was moving he was getting flashes. Maria glance up fully conscious and stared at Michael.

“We have to go now, Michael.” I said pulling him away.

“You fell, and broke a bottle of ketchup, please don’t say anything.” He plead as he ran out the door Following my every step, we jump in the car and sped off to the desert. Hours later of screaming, pleading and panicking, I had agree not to do anything and the same with Alex. We rode back to town quietly and drop Alex off at the Trailer park. We offered his a stay at the house but he decline saying he needed to go home and face Hank sometime. We arrive home to find Maria sitting in the lounge with our parents.

“Maria what are you doing here so late?” Michael asked cooly

“We need to talk about the assignment due tomorrow.” She reply

“Right it’s in my room let’s go get it, huh?” He said hoping she’ll follow and she did I said goodnight to mum and dad and follow them. Laying on my bed I half expect to see Maria run out of the house screaming. An hour later Michael came into my room and laid next to me.

“She’s not telling Valenti. She said she‘ll keep it safe.” he said

“Well isn’t that perfect, we live in constant fear and we have these walls up for many reason and now one human is the key to our survival. Great.” I said turning on my side, I felt the bed move and I grab Michael’s arm just as he is about to get of the bed.

“ Can you just stay?” I asked, he smiles and positions himself back on the bed in no time I’m asleep and am being woke up by Alex.

“What are you doing here? What time is it?” I asked

“6:30 and we have a meeting with the humans.” He said harshly

“Humans?” I asked confused to hell as to why he said more than one.

“Oh yeah more know, Michael came to get me last night.” he said pacing

“What” I scream. Thirty minutes later we arrive in the desert surrounded by a Jeep, A Jetta and Alex’s motorbike which we arrive on.

“What the hell is going on Michael.” I can see a boy Michael height staring at me weirdly as with a grin, same height as me.

“ Liz?” The boy whisper I turn to him and look into his eyes. They were full of stars

“Who are you?” I snapped feeling award being watched

“You don’t me? it‘s me Max. Max E. er Whitman.” He said stumbling his words

“Are you in my class or something?” I asked playing stupid knowing full well that his Isabella De Luca’s and Maria Parker’s geeky best friend.

“Yeah we have Biology together and English.” He reply going quiet

“Anyway, Isabelle found out and freak, ran and told Max, who confront Michael then me and Alex was just walking in on the conversation, and over heard.” Maria explain to me.

“Yeah it was pretty heard not to see when a chick is running out of a house screaming her head off.” Alex spat with a smile . Oh no not him too. His fallen. Christ I thought he would known better.

“So now we have to worry about three people blabbing, Great.” I said disgusted with my brother. In one day Michael manage to place our lives in the hands of Humans.

“He obtenido un dolor de cabeza” I mumble loud enough for everyone to hear

“ What?” Max asked me concern

“ She says she has a headache.” Michael answered. He walk over to me and place his hand on my head, the pain was gone.

“Seremos idos pronto.” Michael whispered.( We’ll be gone sone)

“ What are you saying, how do they know that?” Maria asked Alex

“They were taught by their parents, and then they taught me, it’s so no one else can understand, it’s private.” He answered back. He turn around to Me and Michael and asked when we could go. We were to involved in our own conversation to hear Maria.

“In the other life they couldn’t speak Spanish, Max.” She whispered

“ She’s right Max, I want to go back to our own time. It’s weird being here as Maria. No offence.” She said looking towards Maria.

“None taken, I don’t like the idea of being Liz, I fully relax what she went through now. And Michael and you Max, it’s just to weird. No offence.” She said smiling at him.

“This is uncomfortable for me too. I don’t like the idea of being married and never getting to talk to my wife. But this was the way the orb was program and we have to play this out. We will get back to our own time I promise. Just remember to play our parts okay.” Max whispered looking back and forth

“Alright so Michael, is Max. Liz is me. Alex is Michael.” Isabel confirmed

“ Wait I’m Confused, add last names.” she said trying to think.

“Michael and Liz Evans. Alex Guerin. Maria Parker. Max Whitman and me Isabelle Deluca. Happy?” she said smiling towards Maria, Maria gave a funny look and turn around, to see Three looking at her.

“Well are you quiet finish with the group hug.” Alex spat sarcastically

Song Dido, Here With Me. Used as the Theme song.

Chapter Three: I Shall Believe

The days flew past quick and we all remain low, Michael’s great plan. Sometimes I have to agree with Alex, we should to action, not sit back on the defensive. As I was sitting in the Crashdown waiting for Michael to get of work at the UFO Centre. Huh what a laugh that was when he told me I think I had even cried. I was suddenly pull out of my thoughts by Max Whitman standing beside me I look up and reach his soulful eyes.

“Puedo sentarme yo con usted?” He asked in Spanish (May I sit down with you)
I smile at him impressed by his manner. I motion foe him to sit.

“You know Spanish?” I asked politely making conversation

“Yeah I took it for three years.. So what are you doing here?” He asked nervous

“Waiting for Michael to get off Work and You?” I reply

“Same, I mean for Maria. She wants to get a lift home.” He reply stumbling

“Are you okay you seem nervous.” I asked a smile playing of my lips

“ Yeah I’m fine just, you know.” He said, never feeling more stupid in his life

“It’s okay I’m not going to blast you or shoot lasers out of my eyes, if that’s what your worried about.” I said not comfortable with the way he was looking at me

“On know I didn’t mean that, never crossed my mind.” He assured

“What never crossed your mind?” Michael asked standing beside me

“Nothing, we should get home. Mum will probably worry.” I said getting up

“Let’s drive slow, she’s experimenting tonight, oh I mean cooking.” He laughed

“Yeah I know how you feel.” Max put in

“What do you mean?” I asked curious about who he was talking about.

“Oh my Mums the same, half of it’s unidentifiable.” He smiled flashing his teeth

“Yeah and the other half is uneatable.” I smile back, I quick breath on my neck made me realize Michael was still beside me.

“Well we better go, don’t you think.” I said pushing Michael towards the door

“Mis pensamientos están con usted, good luck.” (My thoughts are with you, good luck.) He called as we were near the door, I turn around and flash him a smile then turn back at Michael who was grinning at me weirdly. I charge at the door and jump in the old beat up Jeep. Michael got in and held the keys in the ignition.

“What was that back there? I thought you didn’t like the idea of anyone knowing.” He said turn towards me

“Nothing we were just talking, is that a crime?” I snapped at him

“No it’s just... Never mind.” He said Turing the car on

“Fine, next time one of them talks, no even looks at me again I'll blast them threw the wall, okay. Happy.” I snapped before staring out the window. The one thing I like about being related to Michael is he knows when to shut up. Unlike Michael who will just keep nagging and nagging at you.
We arrived home and had a, well, dinner you could call it, then both Michael and Me retreated into our rooms. Hours later the sound of Sheryl Crow’s I shall Believe. Pounded through Michael’s door. Great his still in love with Maria. I thought we cleared this up. But then again this is a whole new ball game.

Come with me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it’s a lie
Say it be alright
And I shall believe

I’m broken in two
And I know you’re on to me
That I only come home
When I’m so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won’t give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it’s true
No one heals me like you
You hold the key

Never again
Would I turn away from you
I’m so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won’t give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe
And I shall believe

On the last note I stray off into sleep after listening to the lyrics. I had felt like I was falling then I was on a balcony of some sort. I remain there unsure of what to do then all the sudden noise from below, was intriguing me to have a look as I did, I saw Max on the ground with a Mariicanee band holding roses. The in a split second he had thrown them up to me and they had change from red to white which were my favourite. Stunned at what had happen I back away unsure of what to do and crash into something. No someone. I turn and saw Max. But not Max. Older, cuter. He smiles and holds my shoulder saying something. I can’t make out the words.

“ Wake up Mums cooking breakfast.” He said

“What?” I said confused. He said it once more and then shook me. I close my eyes and next I see is Michael hovering over me.

“ God what’s wrong with you? I’ve beening trying to wake you for five minutes.” He said , with a worried look on his face.

“ I was having a dream... a very good dream.” I smirked

“ What about Edward Norton.” he said leaving my room. I glance at the door
I wish people took me seriously, Not some pretty, sunshine committees dits. I wish to be normal. I wish for better days, when I will grow out of the popular stereotype.

“ Yeah, that’s who.” I said hiding the hurt Michael just inflicted

The day went reasonable well, considering I have a stalker. Max Whitlam. Everyone I go he sits there staring at me. only looking away when we meet eye contact. It is as if he looks for something he’s lost. In my own thoughts, I didn’t see Isabelle sit down until she spoke.

“ So you coming tonight?” she said way to perking

“What?... Where?” I said confused

“To the dessert. Michael arrange it, said we all should Talk.” she reply

“ Sounds like him.” I mumble

“ Sorry?” she asked looking at me closely

“Well I have to see my calendar, you’ll know if I’m there.” I said cooly

“Yeah... look I really hope we can be friends, and not because your popular. But because I was once like you... I mean I was popular with a hard shell and nobody took me seriously. Until I open up and I better for it.” She said seriously. She smile and got up from the table, starting to walk away she turn and spoke.

“ Yo no estoy atemorizado de usted.” she soften. (I’m not afraid of you)

“ Tan no sea de mí.” She turn and walk leaving me stun. ( So don’t be of me)

I thought of what she said and it didn’t make any sense. she was never popular, I should definably know.
That last thing she said shook me. It impacted me like no word ever have. I felt comforted, loved , friendly, and wanted as human, myself, normal. So I decided I'll go tonight and see what is to be said. purely for Michael I said with determination. One of us had to keep our heads.

Chapter Four: Something In the Air Tonight

“Yeah Mum I'll tell Michael not to be long, you know how he gets, yes mum I'll take good care of h...” I paused as my car drew near to the horizon a figure stood on the Side of the road, I started to slow. I heard screeching in my ears.

“ Sorry mum, alright I gotta go, love you.” I said hanging up. I got closer to see it was Max Whitlam, I shook the smirk off my face and pulled over to him.

“ Qué ayudar un alma desesperada?” He smiled sticking his head through the open window. (What to help a hopeless Soul?)

“You in some countries it’s illegal to hitchhike.” I said straight face

“God Bless America.” He smile

“Get in.” I said unlocking the door with my powers. He got in and I started off again. In the silence I thought about what he had said when I first pull over. What to help a hopeless soul? That wasn’t right. And then it click. I smiled

“Yo lo quiero ahora mismo.” I said facing the road( I want you right now) He just looked at me, confused, as if thinking for a response. I continued.

“ Tomemos nuestra ropa lejos y tengamos el sexo extranjero caliente.” I said (Let's take our clothes off and have hot alien sex)

He cleared his throat as if to talk but remain silent. I had caught him

“ You can’t speak Spanish can you?” I asked looking back and forth.

“ No I learnt it to impress you.” He said honestly

And with those words I have never seen him more gorgeous as if the light shined on him in a angel sought of way. No one had ever learnt anything for me and truly meant it, not hoping to get something out of it. I remain silent. With the faintest whisper he said Vengo para usted, Liz. ( I’m coming for you, Liz) With those words deja Veu struck me and I lost all thought, and slip into a different time.

I was going to die, I thought. I could hear crying and panting nearby. screaming. teary screaming. “Max, It’s Liz... she hurt.... hurry.” Those words, that tone. I was sacred not for me, but the cold hand which clutched mine, I turn hurting everywhere and saw Kyle's lifeless, cold eyes staring at me. I saw nothing, black, no windows, but closed doors.
“ Liz hold on.” Max said as he hovered over me
“ The woods are lovely dark, and deep.” I said looking into Kyle’s eyes. I saw a place where he was and I wanted to be there. With him. Without Thought, without Fear, without Guilt, without Pain. I wanted the lovely deep and darks woods.
“ Liz honey hold on, I'll save you. Just hold one.” Max panted. I could feel his arms around me and we were moving. But not. We were in the van I concluded. I look into Max's eyes and saw everything that had happen to us over the last four years.
“ But there’s secret I must Keep.” I whispered
“Shhh save your breathe.” Max whispered to me. And then I saw that I didn’t want to be where Kyle was, I wanted to be where Max was. I wanted to live, fear, hurt, love. I wanted my husband, my friend, my soulmate and my destiny, I wanted our future.
“And miles Before I sleep. And miles before I sleep.” I said drifting off in the darkness's.