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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, Jason Katims,
and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this fabulous series. Nor do I have anything to do with “Dr. Quinn,” and I use Jane Seymour’s name briefly only in reference to her gorgeous, lovely long hair! No infringement or disrespect is intended. I’m just borrowing them! I would like to thank Carol (spacemom) for allowing me to use her character names (Mason and Cheryl) from her story “Acting Alien" The character name, Niko Giuliani is Totally fictitious. I do not know anyone by that name and mean no disrespect to anyone who has that name. -jane
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

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Was It A Dream? Part 20

Friday evening, Dee, Amy, Phillip and Sue, gathered at the house, after their last classes. They put their luggage into Phil’s SUV and then all squished themselves in, so that Shaun could drive them a couple blocks to an empty neighborhood park.

“Why are we stopping here, instead of heading to the airport?” Sue asked.

“Because this park will be the airport, in a few minutes.” Phillip explained. “Johann is going to pick us up here in a helicopter. Going by helicopter save us at least thirty to forty-five minutes in getting to the airport.”

“Oh, I’ve never been in a helicopter.” Sue said, anxiously.

“Don’t worry, Sue. Johann is a very good pilot and flying in a chopper is fun!” Dee assured her friend.

Just then, they heard the noise of an approaching chopper. They looked way up to see one flying overhead; then it started to slowly descend, straight down, to the park. Sue was holding Phil’s hand, as they stood out of the way and she could hear Shaun over the Connection, guiding the chopper down, to land safely in the park.

As soon as it had landed, Phillip gently guided Sue over to the side hatch and helped her up into the cabin and strapped her into her seat. He helped Shaun stow their luggage and then took his seat next to Sue, as they waited a few moments for Shaun to say good-bye to Amy. Shaun had an experiment, which was due on Monday and still needed some work done on it, or he would have been coming with them….and so he had to give Amy a good, long kiss good-bye, as they all waited patiently.

“Hey Johann, thanks for coming out to pick us up.” Phillip said. “This is our friend, Sue Blair.” He introduced her to their pilot.

“Good to see you Phil, Dee. Nice to meet you, Sue.” He said.

“Nice to meet you too, Johann.” Sue said as Amy finally took her place inside the chopper and Shaun went to stand in front of the craft’s nose, as a guide for Johann, as he took off.

After a few moments, Sue realized that riding in a chopper was indeed fun and she settled down to enjoy the ride, grinning at Phillip. When they landed at the airport, a few minutes later, they were just a few yards away from a beautiful Lear-jet with a large V on the side of its tail. They all jumped down and Johann and Phillip transferred the luggage over to the small plane. Another pilot, from the airport came over and flew the helicopter back to its hanger for them and they were ready to board. But Sue was in for a surprise. Instead of sitting down on one of the comfortable couches, back in the cabin, Phillip took her up to the cockpit.

“Hey Louise, nice to see you again, mind if I fly this baby for a while, first?” Phil asked Johann’s beloved wife and co-pilot.

“Hi Phil, no go right ahead. We flew out early and have been here for several hours, so we have both had the proper rest and will be ready to take over whenever you want us to.” Louise said, before she turned to Sue. “Hi, you must be Sue. I’m Louise, Johann’s wife and co-pilot; welcome aboard.”

“Thanks Louise, it’s nice to meet you too.” Sue said, before Louise left the cockpit. “Who’s your co-pilot? Don’t you need a co-pilot?” Sue asked.

“Not in such a small plane. It’s more a matter of how long the flight is. Johann and Louise will rest for a while longer in back and then they can finish the flight for us, then.”

Sue nodded and allowed herself to be guided into the co-pilot’s chair and be strapped in by Phil. She read off the check-list, as Phil double-checked all of the plane’s systems. Soon, Phil was receiving permission to taxi out onto the runway and take off. Sue was very impressed with Phil’s expertise and no-nonsense attitude to flying. When they leveled off at their cruising altitude, Phil was able to show Sue their route on a map and asked her to navigate for him. Sue did so, while taking in the fantastic view afforded by the cloudless sky. In no time at all, two hours had passed by and Johann and Louise were knocking on the cockpit door, telling Phil and Sue that it was time for them to take over. The two couples switched places and Phil and Sue went back to the cabin.

They found Amy and Dee stretched out at opposite ends of one long couch, fast asleep, so Phil indicated that Sue could sit down on the couch, on the opposite side of the cabin.

“Would you like something to eat or drink? There are sandwiches and all sorts of junk-food back here, as well as all kinds of drinks.” He told her from the small galley at the back of the cabin.

“Yeah, a sandwich, some chips and a pop would be great.” Sue answered.

Phil brought a tray, loaded with sandwiches, chips, two cans of pop and some freshly baked apple turnovers, for dessert.

“Looks like Grandma Amy has been busy baking again.” Phil enthused.

“Grandma Amy, she’s your Aunt Maria’s mother and obviously, Amy’s grandmother.” Sue confirmed and Phil nodded, smiling. Dee, Phil and Amy had told Sue all about their families, over the last week.

“Yeah and she’s a great baker. I asked her to make my birthday cake again this year.” Phil said.

“Doesn’t that hurt your mother’s feelings?” Sue asked.

“No, Mom and Dad are both great cooks, but neither of them bakes much. Grandma Amy makes the cakes and desserts for all of our holidays and special occasions.” Phil explained.

After eating their snack/dinner, Sue and Phil snuggled into each other’s arms, but stayed slouched on the sofa. They chatted about inconsequential topics for a while and then fell asleep. An hour and a half later, they woke up as one; stretching but remaining in each other’s embrace.

“We must be almost home, we are descending slowly.” Phil observed.

“Yeah, we’re about thirty minutes away from landing.” Amy told them. We were going to give you two about fifteen more minutes, before we woke you up.”

“Where’s Dee?” Sue asked, looking around the cabin.

“She’s in the lady’s room, freshening up.” Amy answered and then, as if hearing her name being called, Dee popped out of the lavatory and Amy ran to take her place.

“I’d better do a little freshening up, as well.” Sue said, as she reached for her purse to pull out her comb.

“You look lovely, as always.” Phil assured her.

“I’m going to meet your parents for the first time…in the flesh, anyway and I’m nervous, so I need to comb my hair, Phil.” Sue told him, as she turned away from him a little to give herself some psychological privacy, if not physical privacy, as she made unnecessary touch-ups to her make-up and hair.

While she was combing her short hair, Sue could see Dee out of the corner of her eye, as the other girl did some last-minute brushing of her gorgeous, long, blond hair. Something broke inside Sue and a few tears started to slip down her face. Unnoticed by Sue, Phil had been able to see her reflection, in her compact mirror and now he saw her tears and gathered her back into his arms.

“Sue, what’s the matter? You don’t have a thing to be nervous about; my parents will love you.” Phil assured her.

“It’s not…sniff…that.” Sue said, trying not to cry.

“What’s the matter, Suzie?” Dee asked, concerned as she came over and sat on the other side of her friend.

“It’s silly…” Sue said.

“Nothing that makes you cry is silly.” Phil told her, firmly.

“It’s just that…it’s been over three years since I cut my hair short…and all of a sudden…I miss it.” Sue started to cry again.

“Oh Suzie, your hair is beautiful, just the way it is.” Dee assured her.

“I was watching you brush your lovely hair, Dee and the memory of brushing mine came back to me…and I miss it…so much.”

“I could…give you back your long hair…if you’d like.” Phil offered.

“What?” Both Sue and Dee exclaimed.

“I could grow your hair long for you…but it could only be for this weekend.” Phil warned her. “If I make it long for you, will you be able to handle it, when I have to make it short again, Sunday night? You wouldn’t be able to explain how your hair grew so long, over just a weekend.”

“Would you really do that for me?” Sue asked.

“Of course, but I think that you are beautiful inside and out, no matter how long your hair is.” Phil told her.

“Can we try it and then if I look really dumb, you can make it short again before we land.” Sue suggested.

“Alright.” Phil agreed.

“Here, let me create a mirror for you.” Dee jumped up and walked over to the other side of the plane, where she swept her hand over the bulkhead and it turned into one, large mirror, with lights all around it.

“If you don’t want to watch, just close your eyes.” Phil advised.

“No, I want to watch.” Sue said.

“How long do you want your hair to be?”

“It was about as long as Dee’s is now, down past my waist.” Sue told him.

Phil nodded and then started to sweep his glowing hands over Sue’s head. With each sweep, her hair grew about six inches, until it was down past her waist.

“Here are two combs, Sue.” Dee said. “I think your hair would look really great, if it were pulled away from your face and secured with the combs, at the side, like Jane Seymour, in that old TV show, ‘Dr. Quinn’.” Dee suggested. Sue nodded at her friend and Dee bent forward to arrange her hair as she had described.

“Oh that does look nice!” Sue said, happily, looking side to side, at her reflection. “Thank you, Phil for doing this for me and thank you, Dee for arranging my hair this way.”

“Oh my gosh, what did you do to your hair? It’s gorgeous!” Amy exclaimed, as she came out of the lavatory. “I go to powder my nose and you grew two feet of hair!”

“Sue wanted to try having her hair long, like she used to, so Phil lengthened it for her and I arranged it.” Dee explained.

“It’s so shiny and straight and I’ve always loved the gold and red highlights your hair has.” Amy told Sue.

“I know that I’m going to have a hard time keeping my hands out of it.” Phil said. “Dad is always playing with Mom’s long hair.”

“Hey you guys, we are about to land in a few minutes. Please stow everything away and buckle yourselves in.” Johann announced over the P.A.

They scrambled around, getting everything cleaned up and Dee changed the mirror back into the bulkhead, with three windows in it. They all buckled in, but Phil had Sue looking out her window as the plane made a slow circle, over the valley.

“Oh, Phillip, it’s more beautiful than I imagined!” Sue exclaimed in wonder as she gazed down at the V-shaped valley.

Shortly after that, they landed on the air-strip, just outside Airatan’s mountainous walls and Louise came to open the hatch. Phil helped Sue down the plane’s steps and then turned to catch the luggage, which Johann was tossing down to him.

“Here come Mom, Dad, Aunt Maria and Uncle Michael.” Dee said, as two cars pulled up a safe distance from the plane.

“Mom, Dad!” Both Dee and Amy called out to their respective parents, as they ran over to be gathered into their arms.

Phil put down the last piece of luggage, thanked Johann and Louise for the flight, took Sue’s hand and drew her over to his parents.

“Mom and Dad, this is Sue.” He said, simply.

Max and Liz noticed their clasped hands, how closely they stood to each other and the happy expressions they both wore on their faces and knew that there was nothing simple about their relationship.

“Nice to meet you, for real, Sue.” Max said, shaking her small hands in both of his large ones.

“Nice to meet you, as well, Mr. Evans; Mrs. Evans.” Sue said, as she shook Liz’s hand.

‘Oh yes, if Phil’s expression is anything to go by, this young woman will soon be my third daughter.’ Liz thought to herself, as she smiled gently at Sue.

“Hey there Phil.” Max greeted his son with a hug.

“Hi Dad; Mom.” Phil said, as he hugged his tiny mother, as well.

“Uncle Michael, Aunt Maria, this is our friend, Sue Blair.” Dee introduced her.

“Nice to meet you, Sue. We look forward to meeting your parents, tomorrow.” Maria said and Michael smiled his greeting to her.

“Let’s get everything loaded and head home.” Michael said.

“You’ll be staying with us, of course, Sue.” Liz said. “Your parents and aunt will have the choice of staying in our one hotel, down here at this end of the valley, or staying at a friend’s house, who lives nearby us.” Sue nodded, as they all got into the cars and took off for the other end of the valley.

“We’re all coming to your house, after breakfast tomorrow, right, Maxwell?” Michael called between cars, after they had both stopped at the foot of the Guerin driveway.

“Yeah, come whenever you want to.” Max answered and then pulled away, to drive to his home.

“Suzie!” Libby called, as she ran up to the car, after it had stopped by her house.

“Libby!” Sue called, as she scrambled out of the car to hug her one-time playmate.

“Oh my gosh, it is so great to see you!” They both exclaimed.

“Come in, all of you.” Max said, as he herded his family inside.

“Sue, you have a choice of two places to sleep.” Liz explained. “Dee and Libby can share a room and you can have one of theirs all to yourself, or you can share a room with one of the girls, if you’d like.”

“Well, I’d really like a chance to get caught up with you, Libby. Would you mind sharing your room with me, as you did when we were little?”

“Of course not, that’s a great idea!” Libby exclaimed, coming over to her friend. “I can tell you all about my big brother!” She whispered into Sue’s ear.

“I’d like that!” Sue whispered back and then started to giggle along with her friend, as she gazed over at a worried Phillip.

“Come on, I’ll show you my room” Libby said, taking Sue’s hand in hers and the two of them and Dee ran towards the bedroom wing.

“We’ll have cake and coffee out here if you’d like some, girls.” Liz called after them.

“I realize it’s ten o’clock, back in Cambridge, Phil. How are you holding up?” Max asked his son.

“I’m…going to want to hit the sack, soon, Dad. It’s been a long day.” Phil said.

“Well, you’re home now, so do whatever you want to.” Max said and Phil smiled.

Back in the bedroom wing, the girls had decided to get into their night clothes, but to go get some cake and bring it back to Libby’s room, to eat, since it was only eight o’clock to Libby. As Sue came back with her cake, Phil motioned to her to come into his room for a moment.

“We aren’t going to be able to sleep together while we’re here. It’s a pity you didn’t ask for your own room, I could have snuck in and…” Phil whispered to Sue.

“It’s best that I am staying with your sister, so that you can’t sneak in and…” Sue whispered back.

“Don’t let them monopolize all of your time. I want to spend time with you, as well; show you around the valley.”

“Don’t worry; I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time together.” Sue assured him, before she went up on tip-toe, to kiss him good night.

“Mmm good night, Sweetheart.” Phil told her, as he made himself release her.

“Good night, Phil.” Sue said, as she reluctantly took her cake and went back into Libby’s room.

Max and Liz ended up sitting alone to eat their cake and drink their coffee.

“Sue is so much more happy-looking.” Liz observed.

“Yes, and she must have asked someone to lengthen her hair for her. I wonder if My son, Phil will be as tempted to play with Sue’s hair as his father is tempted to play with his mother’s?” Max wondered, as he reached out to twine a lock of Liz’s, long hair through his fingers.

“If he’s learned anything from his romantic, sexy father, he will.” Liz murmured. She had already forgotten her cake and cooling coffee, on the table, as she slipped her arms up around Max’s neck, to slide her fingers through his short, but silky hair and bring his lips down to hers.

“He is a bright lad.” Max murmured, between kisses.

“And Sue looks like an intelligent young woman. She’ll figure out the seductive power of long hair, if Phil doesn’t.” Liz said and then there was no more talking between the two of them.


Early the next morning, Sue came out to the kitchen, dressed and ready for a new day, to find Phil at the large, cherry kitchen table, drinking coffee.

Happy birthday.” Sue called softly, as she came over to give Phil an extra-special birthday kiss.

“Mmmm, happy birthday to me, indeed!” Phil grinned up at her. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Sure, but I can get it for myself.” Sue motioned Phil to stay seated.

“The rest of the family won’t be up for a while yet. I could make us some of my famous French toast now, or we could go out for a walk first and come back to have breakfast, afterwards.” Phil suggested.

“A walk sounds great if I can take my coffee and perhaps a banana, with me.” Sue said.

“Bananas are a good idea. You should be warm enough in that sweater, but let me get my jacket, and then I can put these ‘nanas in my pockets.” Phil left the kitchen, but was back in a few minutes, wearing his brown leather jacket. “Ready to go?” He asked, holding out his hand to Sue.

“Ready.” Sue said, as she put her hand in his.

Phil took her out the front door, which faced the mountainside, across the front lawn and up a flight of steps to a trail, which ran around the entire valley, just above most of the houses. Phil pointed out one house, which was a ways up the mountain, but only a short distance from his own home.

“That’s Sam Jones’ house up there, where your parents and aunt have the option of staying. He’s a retired General and he wanted to build his house way up high ‘among the treetops’, as he put it. The house is earth-sheltered; built into a natural cave, but you’d never know that you are underground because of all the windows and skylights that he has.” Phil told her.

“Oh wow, I’d love to see it and I bet Aunt Susan will love staying there; she loves unusual architecture.” Sue said.

From there, Phil and Sue strolled down the trail; taking in the incredible views of the two valleys. Sue sipped her coffee, which Phil kept hot for her and they both ate their bananas, to tide themselves over, until they walked back to the Evans’ house, sometime later. They entered the house to the mouth-watering scents of French toast being made with cinnamon raisin bread.

“Wow, everything smells so good and we’re starving.” Phillip said, as he and Sue walked into the kitchen. There was a flurry of ‘happy birthdays’ and ‘where have you been?’ from his two sisters and his parents.

“Sue and I woke up early and decided to take a walk. I took her along the upper trail for a ways; showing her the valley.” Phil explained.

“Phil pointed out General Jones’ house. I’d love to see the inside!” Sue said, excitedly.

“I’m sure that Sam would be happy to give you a tour, even if your family doesn’t opt to stay there.” Liz said.

“You two come and eat your breakfasts, while they are still hot.” Max said.

“This looks delicious, Mr. Evans.” Sue said, as she sat down at the table.

Sue and Phil were still eating when a large group of people barged through the French doors, into the family room. The ‘happy birthdays’ being called out to Phil, who had a full mouth, told Sue that all of these people must be family and friends.

“Hey everyone!” Phillip called out to his aunts, uncles and cousins, after he swallowed his French toast and a large gulp of milk. “Uncle Kyle and Aunt Tess, when did all of you get here?”

“We drove up from Roswell, yesterday evening.” Kyle said. “We want to be here with both of your parents when Niko arrives on Monday.”

“Oh he’s already here.” Max said. “Our security people already caught him twice last week, trying to cut through or climb over the out perimeter fence. We are now waiting for him to try and tunnel his way under the fence.”

“I don’t suppose he’s tried to just walk through the open gates, during the day?” Phillip asked.

“No, people with twisted-up psyches don’t usually think of the obvious.” Michael said.

“When are Aunt Isabel and Uncle Alex flying in?” Phillip asked.

“They should be here within the next hour, with Sue’s parents and aunt. They are coming in on the same plane.” Liz said.

“Happy birthday!” Another group of people came through the French doors.

‘These must be all of the grandparents.’ Sue thought, looking at the gray-haired, but healthy and active-looking folks.

“Grandmas; Grandpas!” Phil called out. “Sue, come with me, you have to meet all of my grandparents and then I’ll introduce you to everyone else.” Phil did so, while holding her hand and then a game of Frisbee was suggested and everyone noisily trooped back outside.

This was how Mason, Cheryl and Susan saw the Evans’ house when they arrived; encircled by young people and old, all having a great time, outdoors. The three of them had, had a very pleasant flight in from L.A., with Alex and Isabel Whittman and their two college-age kids, Charlie and Judy. They had been met at the airstrip, just outside of town by Max, who had slipped away from his home; and General Sam Jones, who was very graciously inviting the three of them to stay in his house, unless they wanted to stay in the excellent hotel at the other end of the valley. Mason, Cheryl and a flustered Susan had all agreed that they would love to stay at the General’s house, if he was sure that he wouldn’t mind sharing his home with three strangers. Sam had driven his guests to his house, to drop off their luggage, allow them to freshen up, had given them a quick tour and then they had all walked down the steps to the Evans’ back yard.

“There’s Sue.” Mason pointed out their daughter, to Cheryl and Susan.

“Her hair looks different.” Cheryl noted. “Oh my gosh, it’s long! Her hair has grown long again. How could that have happened in just three weeks?”

“I don’t know, but that’s not the only thing different about her. She has her old spark back, Cheryl. Our little girl is smiling and laughing again; she’s come back out of her shell!”

“Oh Mason!” Cheryl sighed, happily, just watching Sue play for a few moments.

“Do you think her young man had something to do with bringing her out of her shell?” Susan asked, smiling. “Boy, he’s cute! Let’s stop gawking and go and say hello.”

The four of them walked down the hill, to greet their daughter and meet her boyfriend…so far, so good.

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