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Disclaimer: Jason Katims and Melinda Metz and UPN and maybe some other dudes actually own the stuff. I'm just borrowing it.
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1:
The four of us were in diapers together. We were that close growing up that we were nicknamed the Kindergarten Cult. We always knew that they were different but being little kids we just accepted the fact that they had special powers. They never told us we had to keep it a secret, it was just something we understood. We were the best of friends but all that changed when junior high rolled around. Suddenly Isabel was hanging out with the cheerleaders and Max was drifting away from everyone. I just thought we were growing up and that’s what happened, what I didn’t know was Max and Isabel had learned where they came from that year. Their parents told them that they had found them one morning in a mini space ship on the front lawn. They had thought it was some kind of joke until they found out their children had special powers. Isabel reacted to the news by trying to prove she was normal and Max reacted by separating himself from society. Alex and I were still good friends but he was usually to busy hanging out with the musicians to hang with me. So I was alone in a new school, which was a pretty horrible condition in junior high. But mid-year a new student, Maria Deluca, transferred to West Roswell High. She didn’t know anybody and I had nobody so we bonding instantly.

By high school Maria and Alex and I were the best of friends. I think initially Alex came back to us from the land of the punk rockers because he was interested in Maria. He stayed because she was the only person on the face of the Earth who actually laughed at all his jokes. But our junior year things began to change again. Maria started dating the drummer in Alex’s band, Mark Rogerson. Maria stopped spending all her time with me and devoted more of it to her boyfriend. I guess I got it into my head that if I had a boyfriend too we could all do stuff together. I guess that’s the reason I went to the party.

It was just a regular party, the kind that was held on Friday nights by high schoolers everywhere.
There was blaring music, alcoholic beverages and obnoxious jocks. Probably not the best place to set out to find a boyfriend but I had to start somewhere. Maria tells me the reason guys aren’t knocking my door down is because they think I’m smart and therefore a prude. She told me I had to ‘show a little skin.’ So I had taken her advice and was dressed in a leather mini skirt with a halter top. I would have to say I was the sexiest dressed wall flower there. Not that guys didn’t ask me to dance, but I always found some fault with them. I know, I was way picky. The party wasn’t a huge success for me so I left before Maria and Mark got there. I was going to get a ride home with them, but I didn’t exactly feel like riding with the lovey dovey couple.

I usually didn’t mind walking home myself but that night was terrible. There was no moon in the sky and it begin to rain before I was even half way home. So when Max drove by, going home from work I gladly excepted his offer of a ride home. But he didn’t talk to me once I was in the car. I wanted to scream at him, “Come on, it’s me Liz. We used to be best friends. Remember?” But I guess I wasn’t talking either. I guess I didn’t want to admit to Max why I was walking home at eleven o’clock, dressed like a hooker. That would have been an interesting conversation.

We were almost to my house when his cell phone started ringing.
“Hello, What? I’ll be right there.”
Max, who didn’t even seem to notice me, immediately turned his jeep around and gunned it in the other direction. Pretty soon we were in front of his house and he went running in. I got out and walked in after him to find out what the problem was. Isabel was screaming and hugging a small dog. Blood was dripping from his legs.
“Max some kind of animal got him. You have to heal him.”
Max healed the dog and handed it back to a relieved Isabel. Then he noticed that I was in the room. “Liz, oh, I forgot about you. I’ll take you home know.”
We walked back out to the jeep in total silence. When Max turned on the jeep the radio began to blare ‘Superfreak’ but he immediately snapped it off.
“I’m sorry about that. Isabel’s really close to her dog.”
“That’s okay. It’s not everyday you get to see a healing.” It sounded good in my head, but once it came out my mouth I realized I was just making Max feel like more of a freak.

We finally actually get to my house and Max dropped me off. He’s about to drive away when I run back to him. “Max, I really missed you.”
I swear for a second he got this huge goofy grin that had won us all over in elementary school.
“I missed you too Liz.”

So I started out to find myself a boyfriend, and instead got reacquainted with my buddy Max. So the night wasn’t a total failure.


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I'm not really happy with this part but I have to tie things together some way.

Part 12:

The rest of the weekend everyone seemed to be in hibernation. Go figure, I wasn’t exactly completely excited about dealing with my friends either. But Monday morning eventually rolled around as it always seems to and we had to face each other.

I saw Max first. I don’t know, but I’ve think I’ve developed Max radar. (Seriously) I can easily locate him in a room full of people. But as I was walking towards him I was intercepted by Maria.

“Hi Liz.”.
“Hi, Maria. How are you doing?”
“Pretty good, considering....”

“There’s that tramp.” spoke up Maria all of a sudden.
“What? Oh...Tess.”
“She’s probably not even a natural blond.” scoffed Maria, looking at Tess with the patented scorn women hell glance.
“So did you and Mark break up?”
“I broke up with him. But he conveniently doesn’t remember anything and has been calling me all weekend begging for another chance.”

I didn’t press Maria for anymore details. I don’t think she knew herself what she was going to do with the whole Mark situation. One thing was for sure though, he would have to do a lot of grovelling to convince Maria to take him back.

I walked into the cafeteria at lunch and spotted Max, Isabel, Maria and Alex at a table together. This was good. The fact that they could all sit down together and not kill each other was a definite starting place. But what do you know. They’re laughing. To be more exact Alex and Maria are laughing and Max and Isabel are turning a bright red shade.
“Hi guys. What’s so funny?”
“Alex was just telling me a story.” answered Maria.
“And what did he tell you?”
“Basically that the party wasn’t a total flop for everyone.” answered Maria with a wicked smile.
You have to love Maria. She just got her heart broken but she can still be happy for me. Even if I am dating an alien.

I sat down beside Max and gave Alex a good kick under the table. Everyone was relaxed and laughing when Mark walked up to the table.
“Hi Maria. Can we talk?”
“I’m busy.”
“Maria, please. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll do anything for you. Just give me another chance.”
“Please leave me alone.” she replied stonily.

“Maria that was cold. Even by my standards.” stated Isabel once the dejected suitor had left.
“What we had was fun while it lasted. But with guys like Mark, that’s all you expect. Once it the fun ends there is no good reason to continue the relationship.”
“You’re not gonna make me kick him out of the band or anything are you?” joked Alex. “Cuz he’s an awesome drummer.”

The bell rang and Maria and I headed to our next class.
“Maria, are you okay?”
“Yeah. I know you all think I was kinda hard on Mark but I still have to deal with the whole alien thing and I need to unload some other emotional baggage first.”
“Are you going to be okay?”
“Sure Liz. I’m not exactly Miss Delicate. I’ll be okay.”
“Good.” I was walking away when Maria yelled to me.
“I think a good chat over ice cream might be just the thing to help me though. And I want all the details about the newest development in your social life.”


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