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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L's children,…...Rating: G - PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
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Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to "I Can't, I'm Different!", which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors "Mason Blair" and "Cheryl Appleton", who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show 'Among Us'. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

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Was It A Dream? Part 26

Phillip and Sue got through the rest of the week; going to classes, spending time with their friends at the house, making plans for how to decorate Sue's attic room, just cuddling together and talking quietly, or studying in Phil's room; whether or not they were working on the same class materials or not, so that the weekend would be free.

First thing Saturday morning, Phillip drove over to Sue's dorm room, for the first and last time and helped her finish packing. They carried her clothes, her books, plants and a few art-posters down to his car and drove to her new home.

The attic room was big enough for three people to live in, with its own miniscule bathroom. Everyone in the house helped move the third bed, the second and third desks, with their chairs down to the basement, where they would be stored. Phil used his powers to combine the two twin beds into one large bed; Dee made the same modifications to the bedding and Amy helped Sue "paint" the walls a warm, pale yellow and the wood furniture a glossy white.

"Of course we'll make changes after our wedding to make this room ours, rather than just mine, but for now I want a bright, cheery room." Sue explained to Phil.

You have made this a cheery place to be, if only by the fact that you are in it." Phil replied, as he kissed her nose. "Maybe we could keep these colors but bring in some Southwest accents; golds, oranges, some browns or we could go with bright, primary colors…Well, we have lots of time to think about how we both want our first home together, to look."

"Mmm, I like the sound of that…'our home'." Sue sighed, leaning into his side and hugging him around the waist.

"Me too, Suzie, me too." Phil said with a contented smile.

After lunch, Phil took Sue shopping for an engagement ring. They went through quite a few shops, but Sue just couldn't decide, so they took a break and drove over to the Grinding Stop, for 'lattés and spice cake.

"Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, we wanted to tell you that Sue and I are engaged to be married!" Phil told the old proprietors of their favorite coffee house.

"Congratulations! So, have you been out shopping for wedding rings?" Mr. Schmidt asked.

"Yes but we're not having a lot of luck. They are all so lovely, I just can't decide."

"Well, don't rush your decision. You will be wearing those rings for many, many years. Rest here for a while and get your thoughts together before heading out again." Mrs. Schmidt advised.

"And don't worry about the bill…" Mr. Schmidt crumpled it up in his hand. "There isn't one." And with that, the older couple walked off, before Phil and Sue could even thank them.

"You know, Phil…" Sue said a while later, after enjoying their cake and coffee in companionable silence. "…I've been wondering if I'm an engagement ring-wearing kind of woman."

"What?" Phil exclaimed.

"I just don't wear rings, or a lot of jewelry, for that matter. What would you think if we both just wore our wedding bands?"

"Well…I guess…that would be all right…but I still think that you should have some kind of token, which tells people that you are an engaged woman." Phil said.

"What about you? Shouldn't you also have a token, which tells women that you are an engaged man?" Sue asked.

"Uh, well, okay; in that case, I have an idea. Next week when we go home again, why don't we perform the robbing and ring ceremony? Once our wedding bands are marked with our special symbol, you could wear mine on a chain, around your neck and I could do likewise with your ring."

"I like it! Then if some cute little number starts coming onto you and you are all alone, you can whip out my ring and tell her that you're taken!" Sue said, grinning.

"Right and you can do the same thing if some stud starts coming onto you." Phil clarified and they chuckled together as they agreed.

So, after their snack, Sue and Phil drove over to the jewelry warehouse and bought two, inexpensive wedding bands. They changed their minds about the chains though and bought a braided leather choker for Sue and a masculine leather thong for Phillip, on which to hang their rings and then drove home.

"Well, now that you are wearing my ring, kind of, I guess we should call your parents and your Aunt Susan." Phil said.

"Let's call Aunt Susan first." Sue suggested and Phil happily agreed and they decided to use the vid-phone.

"Hi, Aunt Susan." Sue greeted her godmother, when she came online.

"Suzie, Phil, hello! Sam come here, it's Suzie and Phil." Susan called to Sam Jones, who was off screen.

"Sam?" They both exclaimed when the older gentleman came to stand by Susan.

"Hello you two. Now don't look at me like that. I am booked in at a nearby hotel. This is all perfectly proper. The two of us just wanted to spend more time together after we met last weekend." Sam explained.

"That is so great, you two; we hoped you would hit it off!" Phil exclaimed.

"How about you young folks? How are you two getting along?" Susan asked.

"Actually, Aunt Susan, you might say that we are getting along very well…So well that Phil asked me to marry him and I Said YES!" Sue exclaimed, grinning excitedly.

"Oh that is so great. I am so happy for both of you!" Susan grinned back.

"Congratulations, you two; that is wonderful news!" Sam exclaimed.

"Let me see your ring, have you picked one out yet?" Susan asked.

"Well, actually, I decided against an engagement ring. We are both just going to wear wedding bands and we are both wearing each other's right now as tokens of our engagement." Both Sue and Phil showed off their rings.

"Are you going to perform the robe ceremony?" Sam asked.

"Yes, next weekend, actually. Mom's already sewing Sue her robe." Phil answered.

"What's this?" Susan asked and Phil and Sam explained the process to her.

"Oh how wonderful, to have your own mark, which symbolizes your love for each other. I can hardly wait to see the ceremony!" Susan exclaimed.

They chatted for a bit longer and then disconnected.

"Now to call your folks." Phil said, nervously.

"Don't worry, Phil, everything will be just fine. I'll be right here the whole time." Sue reassured him, as she input their address.

"Hi, Mom, is Dad there?" Sue asked when Cheryl came online.

"Hi, Sweetie, sure he's right here; is everything all right?"

"Yes, everything is wonderful, Mom. We just have something we wanted to tell you both."

"Hi, Sue, what's up? Oh, hello, Phillip." Mason greeted his daughter and her boyfriend.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Blair." Phil started. "Sue and I wanted…I mean I wanted to tell you that…that I asked Sue to marry me and…and…"

"And I Said YES!" Sue finished for him and then launched herself into his arms.

"Um, Sue, um, Honey…a little control, please; remember your parents are watching." Phil said.

"I don't care who's watching; I want to shout it to the world. I LOVE PHILLIP EVANS AND I AM GOING TO BE HIS WIFE!" She twirled away from Phil, threw out her arms and yelled, until all of their friends came running into the room, clapping, laughing and grinning at the news, which they had already heard, of course, but didn't mind hearing again.

"Oh well then, I guess there's no use in our asking if you are sure about your decision!" Mason and Cheryl were grinning at their daughter's utter happiness, as well as the look of adoration and love on the face of her intended.

"No, we are very sure, Mr. and Mrs. Blair. I love your daughter with all my heart and will do everything I can to keep her happy." Phil assured them.

"We know you will, Phillip. You're a good man, just like your father." Mason said.

"Will our Suzie be…your queen, then?" Cheryl asked and Phil looked lovingly into Sue's eyes as he answered.

"Yes, ma'am."

All of their friends broke out into cheers at hearing the affirmative again; they had been very happy when they had heard that Phil and Sue were getting married and that she would be their future queen. In the weeks they had known her, they had grown to love Sue as a sister and an old friend.

After the commotion calmed down, they explained about the robing ceremony, their Christmas wedding date and chatted for a few minutes more, before disconnecting.

"Oh well, that's done! Handling Niko is going to be a piece of cake, compared to making that call." Phil said, as he gathered Sue close.

That week after Sue moved into her attic room would go by quickly. All of the kids in the house would attend their classes and put an extra effort into their studies so that they could all fly back home to see Niko Giuliani's defeat. They all took his harassment of their royal family, as well as the way he had hurt Sue, personally.

That week started off though, when Sue came down from her room, Monday morning, to find that Phil had just come down too and was just setting up the coffee maker.

"Good morning." Sue came up behind him and hugged him, while she buried her nose in his back, breathing in his clean, fresh scent.

"Good morning, Suzie." Phil stroked Sue's hands and arms, which encircled his waist and then managed to turn around within her embrace, lift her face up, which had buried itself into his chest, as he turned around and kissed her lingeringly.

"Mmm, what a wonderful way to start each day; seeing your sweet face and holding you in my arms." Phil said, happily, after they came up for air.

"Mmhm." Sue agreed. "Is the house always this quiet in the morning?" Sue asked, hopefully.

"We have fifteen to twenty minutes of quiet until the thundering hoard comes streaming down the stairs." Phil warned her.

"Rats! Maybe we should spend that quiet time having some coffee and eating a peaceful breakfast, then." Sue suggested.

"That's what I usually do…and we will…in just a minute." Phil said, before he moved in to kiss her again.

Several minutes later, they finally broke apart, breathless, but grinning at each other and then set about pouring out coffee, juice and cereal and sitting down to eat, one handed, as they were holding hands across the kitchen table, before their friends came down. Sue enjoyed the quite time with Phillip as well as the boisterous, cheerful time with the others.

"Sue, do you think you could help me buy groceries, after classes this evening?" Phil asked.

"Sure." Sue said as they headed out the door to go to their separate classes.

"Great; I'll see you in class in a few hours." Phil said, as they shared an intense kiss goodbye.

That evening, as they each took a cart and worked their way down each aisle in the grocery store, Sue looked back over the day. Both she and Phil had put on their rings that morning, but Phil wore his tucked inside his shirt and she had hers, on her choker, but hidden by a turtleneck, until their special rings could be created that weekend. Sue had attended her morning classes as usual and then hurried to sit next to Phil in their shared lecture class. They had, had only a moment to give each other a kiss, before the professor had launched in on his speech. Then they had walked to their computer class, hand in hand and hip to hip, but they were kept busy, creating a computer program throughout all of that time. At the end of class, they had hugged briefly before going on to their afternoon classes. So now they were walking through the grocery store, steering their carts one handed, so that they could hold hands as they picked up the household's necessities and chatted about their day.

Sue remembered that this was how her parents found time to be together during their busy schedules; by doing all the chores and everyday activities, together. When you loved someone, you made time to be with him, even if it was while you made up beds with fresh sheets or weeded the garden. And Sue saw their future stretch out before her; a long, happy life, made up of many, small, contented moments like this, interspersed with the celebrations and special occasions…and all spent by Phillip's side. She turned her head, leaned over and kissed him and then wrapped her arm around his lean waist, as they happily rolled their grocery carts out to their car and prepared to take all of their goodies…home.

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