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Okay Valerie.. I'm posting my story over ere like you asked me to.*happy*..

Memories Forgotten / Love remembered
by jadestonedreams
rated-strong R
Couple: Michael & Maria.. along with the others
disclaimer: *big* If I did, would I be writing fiction!.. I only own Penny.

part 1

Maria walked through the front door of her home and looked around her house. She loved this place, it had taken her a long time but she finally had the house she had been dreaming of, well not exactly but this came close enough.

For a long as she could remember, she had been having dreams of living in a nice little two story house. Ever since she was a little girl living with her aunt grace. Maria smiled when she thought of her, she missed her aunt, times like these often made her think of all the fun they had together and how she was there for her throughout the hardest times of her life.

Maria went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge for something to make a sandwich out of

"Ring! Ring!"

"Great" Maria thought "I've only been home five minutes"

"Hello" Maria said

"Hey chica, how;s it going"

"Oh, hey penny, everything's fine the kids are spending the weekend at their friends, so I get to have a three day vacation. Do you want to come over tonight I could really use a girlfriends night?" asked Maria

"I would love to. I'll be there around 8:30 tonight after I close the shop up. Do you need me to bring anything besides the usual?" asked penny

"Could you pick up a couple of movies for us to watch tonight?" said Maria

Sure ria, anything particular you want to see?"asked penny

No, just surprise me" replied Maria

"See you tonight then, bye"


Maria hangs up the phone and smiles



"Have you seen that new movie at the movieplex, I was thinking we could all get together tonight and go to see it" said Max

Michael sitting across from Max at their usual booth at the Crashdown, looked up from the menu he was holding. Michael and his friend Max and Max's sister Isabelle had been coming here to the crashdown, for as long as he could remember. The diner was owned by Max's girlfriend Liz parker, her parents had left it to her when they were killed in a car wreck a few years ago.

"Yeah, that would be all right" replied Michael

A waitress comes and brings them their orders, michael takes a sip of his cherry coke and looks up at his friend.

"I had another dream last night again Max"

Max stopped in the middle of eating his sandwich and looked up at his friend

"Are you all right?" asked Max

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just wish I knew why I keep dreaming these same dreams constantly'" said micheal

"Maybe they"re just dreams Michael, They might not mean anything" said Max

"Yeah your probably right Max, I just keep thinking they mean something, I just don't know what" said michael

"Well, I'm sure we will figure it out someday, right now I Have to go pick up Alex from the airport. Izzy had to work, so I volunteered "said Max as he got up from the booth and told his friend bye

Michael looked out the window and watched his friend get into his jeep and drive away. H e got up a went to the backroom of the crashdown.Liz often let him use this room when he needed a break from work, and right now he did not feel like going to his house a dealing with all the work waiting for him there

Michael sat down on the couch and turned on the television and started flipping through the channels, he stopped on an episode of 'Win Ben Steins Money ' he sat back and relaxed in the couch and eventually he fell asleep.


Michael was eating at the crashdown with Max and izzy. Liz was working tonight going from table to table and sneaking looks at max. and Max was doing the exact same thing. Michael was looking around the diner and wondered where she could be. He wanted to see her again, He wanted to get lost in her green eyes and feel her soft curls in his hands again, he just needed to see her.

Michael could hear Liz talking to her at the counter while they were waiting for their orders. He looked up from the table when he felt her approach the booth where he was sitting, as he started to look up to see her face....

"Michael!. Michael! " said Isabelle Shaking him awake

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part 2

<<<<< Maria walked through the doors of the crashdown and waved at the young girl behind the counter at the cash register. Sitting down at a booth in the corner, Maria looked out the window, then down at the menu in front of her.

"Hey Maria, what are you doing here, I thought you were going with your Mom today."

Maria looked up from her menu, to the young girl that had slipped into the booth across from her.

"Yeah, I was, but mom's client had to cancel, so she decided to finish up some personal work of her own today, and I came by to see if maybe you wanted to go catch a movie or something"

"Oh. I would love to ria, but I can't. My parent's have decided that tonight is family night"

"Why don't you ask Alex to go with you?" asked liz

"I think he's going out with Isabel tonight."

"Well, I'm glad that at one of us are happy with the Czechoslovakians."

"Speak of the devils" said Liz looking up at the sound of the front door of the diner opening, signaling new customers.

Maria turned and looked in the direction that Liz was staring.

<<<< Great >>>> she thought<< This is just what I needed right now >>.

. It was getting to be really hard to be around them lately.

"I just cannot deal with them right now liz. I'm going to go, I'll see you later."

Maria got up from the booth trying not to be seen by the trio that had just entered the diner.

"Call me later tonight." whispered Liz

Smiling, Maria went into the kitchen and out the backdoor of the diner. Maria took deep breathes, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to come..Turning the corner, Maria started running as fast as she could. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and then the tears came, more and more. Maria ran until she couldn't run anymore and fell down to her knees.

Getting up, Maria turned and looked around at the desert area that surrounded her. Had she ran that far? It didn't feel it.

<<<< Great, just great >> she muttered.

Sighing, Maria turned and started walking back towards town.

Stopping suddenly, she grew still. Something wasn't right. Maria was getting scared.

Someone was watching her. Her heart began pounding in her chest again and she suddenly became very cold. Looking around her, Maria couldn't see anyone.

Running back towards town as fast as she could, Maria could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. The fear in her stomach was causing her chest to tighten. Then suddenly she was falling, tripping over her own shoe laces and stumbling. Getting up, and wiping the tears from her cheeks, Maria turned and started to run towards roswell again.

Maria never saw him coming. She only felt the fist that knocked her across the desert floor, and then the second one came down on her and the blackness overtook her.

All Maria could hear was bells ringing, and ringing........ringing.....

.. ********

. Maria bolted upright on her couch in her living room in a deep sweat and breathing heavily. Her heart pounding I, Maria walked into her kitchen and got herself a glass of water.

Going to the bathroom, Maria splashed some water on her face trying to shake off her nightmare. Maria suddenly realized the doorbell was ringing.

"Coming, I'm coming, who is it " shouted Maria walking towards the door.

"It's me penny, open the door Ria, these bags are starting to get heavy."

Opening the door for her friend. Maria took one of the bags from her and ushered her inside.

"I thought you were going to just pick up a couple of movies for tonight" asked Maria putting the bag down on the kitchen counter.

"Well, I got to thinking when I was closing the shop p. If we're going to have a girlnight, then we should have a super girls night.

"What did you bring"

"I picked us up a couple of pizzas from Toni's, and I brought over my CD collection, along with some Rocky Road and Pistachio ice-cream.

Along with a few other Items of course," stated penny, pulling out a container of strawberries and wine, along with a huge box of chocolates and smiling.

"Chic, I think I just gained twenty pounds just looking at all this stuff " laughed Maria

"And on that note, I have a suprise for you," said penny

"Robert gave this to me for my birthday last month" said penny, pulling out an envelope from her purse. And handing it to Maria.

What's this" Maria asked, looking at the envelop in her hands.

"Open it up ducky, and find out"

Opening the envelop, Maria examined the contents and looked at her friend.

"A brochure to a spa retreat?"

"Yeah, a two day one night stay at a luxurious five star spa"

"Business ids doing well, and I was thinking we could go this weekend, "

"Come on Ria, how often is it that we both have our kids gone at the same time"

Looking at the brochure in her hand, coming to an immediate decision, Maria smiled.

"You know what, your right. I could use a vacation, and this is just the thing"

"Great" smiled Penny

Laughing and giggling, both women started looking through the brochure to the spa, and making plans for the weekend........


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part 3

Isabel Whitman walked through the front doors of the Crashdown and waved to the young girl at the register. Smiling Isabel walked over to the young lady.

"Hello Jeannie, have you seen my brother, Max."

"No ma'am, but I believe Mr. Guerin is in the back room" replied Jeannie turning to a new customer.


Isabel ha hoped to find Max, she'd wanted to tell him that she could pick up Alex after all.

< Guess I already missed him >>she thought.

Smiling, Isabel walked towards the back to see what Michael was up to.

Walking towards the backroom of the diner, Isabel couldn't help but think of all the great times they had here at the CRASHDOWN. Especially in the backroom, where they'd had a lot of secret meetings, her and Alex, Max and Liz, even Kyle and tess and of course she couldn't forget about Michael and...and...

Isabel stopped outside the door to the backroom. Wincing at the sudden headache that had begun.

< There was no one else in the group >> she thought.

But everytime he thought about Michael, she kept wanting to link his name to someone elses.< That's crazy > < there was no one else in the group >

But Isabel had this tugging at the back of her mind, as if there was something her mind wanted to remember, but couldn't. The harder she tried to think about what it was, the more her headache increased. Shaking her head clear of her thoughts. Isabel walked through the doors of the backroom.

Stepping into the backroom, Isabel found Michael asleep on the couch,.All thoughts of a few moments earlier completely disappearing..

Leaning over, Isabel started to shake Michael to wake him up.

"Michael!..Michael wake up...


Maria Deluca stood in the center of her living room along with her friend penny. Singing along with the stereo system and dancing around the house like two teenage high school girls.

Laughing and out of breathe, the two women fell onto the couch.

Getting up, Penny went over and filled up their glasses and handed one to Maria.

"You know penny, I haven't had this much fun in a long time" said Maria taking the glass.

"me either"

Maria picked up the brochure to the spa

"I've got to tell you. I can't wait for us to get to the spa"

"I know what you mean"

Looking at the brochure, < I have a feeling that this is going to be an interesting weekend >......


Michael Guerin sat in the den of his home in Roswell, New Mexico. He'd spent the rest of the afternoon, with Isabel, keeping her company untill Max had called to say that he was back with Alex from the airport.

After picking up a few items from the corner store, Michael went home.

Punching in the numbers to Max's, Michael listened while the machine picked up.

"Hey Max," said Michael into the telephone receiver. "Listen I won't be able to make it to the movies tonight. I'm really behind in my work, and I need to get these plans sent off to Mr. Stephenson by tomorrow, so I'll probably be up all night working. Maybe next week OK"

Michael hung up the phone walked into the kitchen and was getting himself a bowl of pistachio ice cream when the doorbell rang.

He really wasn't in the mood for company tonight. That's why he'd just told Max he had to work, when he didn't. The truth was Michael feeling frustrated, and the thought of sitting through another evening of listening to his happily married friends talk about their relationships was depressing.

Granted, there was still Kyle and Tess, but they were both away at the moment.

"Lindsey, what the hell are you doing here." said Michael gruffly

"Nice to see you too" said Lindsey stepping inside.

"I'm really not in the mood for any company tonight"

"Neither am I. You called and told me to come pick up the papers for the Denton project"

Groaning, Michael rubbed his hands through his hair<< what's the matter with me > >>he thought

"I'm sorry Lindsey, forgive me"

Lindsey looked at Michael and laughed.

"Pigs must be flying over a frozen lake in hell! Did Michael Guerin just tell me he was sorry/"

Michael couldn't help laughing.

"I'll be right back with the papers" said Michael, turning and going through the living room and into his office.

Lindsey stepped out from the foyer, and into the living room of Michael's home. She had been shocked, the first time she had come over to his home. She had expected the ultimate bachelor pad.

Instead, she'd found a beautiful, two story home, with a sun room, a huge porch that extended all around the house, along with an extensive wine cellar, and a grand kitchen filled with everything imaginable. Plus a nice fireplace.

The walls contained paintings Michael had done himself.

One particular painting, had always stood out to her. It was of a young girl, she was sitting on a swing witch hung from a big thick tree in front of a small house. She wore a glimmering lavender gown with fairy wings and a wreath of flowers around her head. The girl had long hair with soft curls. Her face was tilted down, as if she was looking at something on the ground and smiling.

Michael had painted it himself. It was one of the first paintings he had done after high school. Countless people had offered to buy it. But he always turned them down. No matter how much they offered him.

He had told his friends once, That he didn't know why he couldn't sell the painting. It was just that he felt like he would lose something if he did and he might not be able to get it back.

"Here are the papers Lindsey" said Michael coming up from behind, bringing Lindsey out of her thoughts?


Michael looked up to the painting above the fireplace.

"That's a truly amazing painting Michael, but I've always wondered, who is the girl in the picture."

Michael thought for a moment before answering

"My 'SOUL MATE' Lindsey, my 'SOUL MATE.'"


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part 4

Maria sat at a table located on the terrace upstairs above the shop that she owned with her friend penny.

Maria was drinking a cup of herbal tea and looking over the books of the past few weeks.<< Penny was right >> Maria thought<< business is doing well. We can afford to take a small vacation. and lord knows I could use one she thought.

"There you are" said Penny coming through the window/doors to the terrace.

"Hey, I thought I should get a little work done before we leave this weekend"

"Well, I ordered the blue and silver rope bracelets for the store. Unfortunately they didn't have the matching rings for the Star Collection," said Penny pulling out papers from her leather case and placing them on the table in front of Maria.

"That means we'll have to push back displaying the collection. We shouldn't put them out until we have the whole ensemble.

"I agree, I did talk to the New York supplier and your Jade shipment should come through in about two weeks" said Penny.

"Great" sighed Maria with a smile.

"Penny, I have to admit I am forward to this trip. It'll be great to have two whole days of nothing to worry about.' Maria said leaning her head back so that the sun could shine on her face.

"Me too" agreed penny, taking a sip of her coffee.

"When are Robert and the boys due back, by the way?"

"He said they would probably get back sometime Monday night. The boys were so looking forward to this trip with just them and their dad. They were practically bouncing off the walls all month long.'

Getting up the two women climbed through the window/doors to the small apartment area above the shop. This was one of the reasons Maria had picked out this place. She liked the idea of having a little get away from work place at the work place. It was just a small area with a little living room, a small kitchen and two bedrooms and a little shower. The best part was the terrace area. You had to climb through a huge window area to get to it. Maria had told her friends that it made her feel like she was sneaking off on some wild adventure whenever she would go out there to sit.

This was where she lived, when she first moved out of her aunt's house and started the business with Penny. Since the idea for the shop was Marie's and she had found the location. It was agreed she should move in here.

Having her home so close to work had its advantages. She had a place where she could keep her twins with her. Maria didn't like the idea of having some stranger watch them in a daycare center while she went to work. Here she had access to them anytime of the day no matter what.

"I called the Peterson's, to check up on Michael and Maxine. And to tell about our trip this weekend. I didn't want them to worry if they came back a little early and I wasn't here."

"Are the kids having fun on their camping trip?"

They're having a blast, Parkers dad took Mike and his two boys fishing yesterday on the lake. apparently my sweet little man caught his very first fish. he was so excited I could barely get him to let me talk to his sister"

"I'm glad our kids are having such a wonderful time Ria. Can you believe how far we've come. If anyone had told me, that I would have the life that I have right now. That I would be a partner in my own business, have a husband and three beautiful children. I would've told them they were crazy."

Maria remembered when she had first met Penny.

It had been at an art museum. They had come together over a painting of a group of children surrounded by fairies that were watching them play. Once they started talking they realized they had a lot in common and had become fast friends. Three years later they opened the shop together.

One of the first things they bought together for the shop, was a copy of the painting they had seen together at the museum. It now hung on the wall across from the front doors of the shop. So that is the first thing you see when you walk inside and the name of the shop hangs above it in blue, lavender, and silver colors.

After much debate, they decided to name the shop


They sold a variety of items in their shop. Including aromatherapy items to hand made jewelry to antique furniture and rare books. They also sold a large assortments of fine crystals and expensive wine collections.

<< Life can be very suprising >>Maria thought smiling.

Getting up from the couch, Penny turned to Maria.

"Well, I have some last minute packing to do before we leave in a few hours. I'll meet you back here around 3 this afternoon."

"OK. Oh whose car do you want to take, yours or mine?"

"We should probably take yours. I let Robbie take mine with the boys and all. and If there's nothing else concerning the business. I'll go and get myself ready, See ya in a few Ria"


Twenty minutes later after checking everything. Maria walks out of the shop and gets into her car smiling.

"This is going to be so much fun" Maria thinks to herself as she drives away.


"Do you have everything packed for the trip?" asked Liz.

"Yeah, I've been packed since yesterday"

"Yeah, me too, this weekend should be a lot of fun."

"I've got to tell you Liz. Appreciate you taking me with you to this spa. you have no idea how much I need this."

"Well, we are going to have a great deal of fun this weekend. Just think Isabel, two full days of being pampered, your every wish granted," said Liz sitting down on the edge of Isabel's bed.

"I was reading the brochure again last night, I think I'd like to try that seaweed mud wrap."

"If you want a mud wrap Liz, I can roll you around in the backyard, like I use to when we were kids," said Alex walking into the room and giving Isabel a swift kiss.

"Ha, ha, very funny" said Liz

"What are you going to be doing this weekend. While we are having the royal treatment given to us," asked Liz laying across the bed.

"Tonight I'm going to spend the evening with the kids. tomorrow they have playtime, and then they're going to spend the rest of the time with their grandparents. After that, I was thinking I might see if Max and Michael want to do something"

"But right now, I'd like to spend some quality time, with my beautiful wife."

"I think I can take a hint. I'll meet you at the crashdown in about 2 hours. Okay Isabel" said Liz getting up and walking towards the door.

"Bye guys."

"Hmmm,,Mmmmm..sighed Isabell loving the feeling of having Alex, nipping at her neck.

Smiling at her friends, Liz left the room, went downstairs and left. If Alex and Isabel are going to have a little quality time. Then she was going to take the hint and see about having a little quality time of her own.

"I thought she'd never leave" said Alex with a wicked grin, lifting his head from her neck. Then moving to cover her mouth with his own.

"You know, we do have a little over an hour and a half before I have to meet Liz," said Isabel getting a few wicked thoughts of her own.

"Just what did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I think I can think of a few things to occupy our time" said Isabel pulling Alex down onto the bed beside her and pulling his mouth to hers......

Two and a half hours later, after meeting at the diner, and saying their good-byes. Liz and Isabel kissed their husbands and set off for their getaway....

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part 5

"Well here we are" said penny, pulling into the hotel parking lot.

Getting out of the car, Maria looked up at the sign on the front of the hotel.

"The Morning Star Hotel"

"I know it's not much, but we'll only be here one night then we go to the spa tomorrow.


"If you'll get our overnight cases out of the back, I'll go and get our room key," said penny getting out of the car.

Heading around to the back of the car, Maria pulled out two overnight cases. Looking up she noticed another car pulling into the parking lot. A tall slender Lady, who looked like she could've a model, got out of the car along with another woman who Was much smaller and very slender, but what she noticed was the womens long dark hair witch practically fell below her Butt, Maria couldn't see the woman's face though, because her Hair was blocking the view.

Maria didn't know why, but she had this urge to go over, and talk to these women. She'd taken two steps When the sound of penny's voice halted her.

"Maria?!. Hey ria."

"What?.." "I'm sorry penny, did you say something?" asked Maria, turning to her friend.

"Yeah, I said I got our room keys, Duckie are you all right? you seemed to be in your own little world there." Asked penny

"I'm fine, I just a little tired that's all. Come on lets go to the room and freshen up. I'm starving"

Grabbing the overnight cases, Maria looked around To see the two women one more time. She still had this urge to go ever and talk to them. But they Were nowhere in sight << Why did I want to talk To them, I don't even know who they are >> Maria sighed.<< They'd probably think. I was some kind of Crazy person >>..

Smiling, Maria turned and followed her friend

Liz threw her overnight bag down on the floor Of the hotel room and plopped down across the bed.

"I'm going to call Max, and tell him we made it to the hotel alright." Shouted Liz to Isabel who was in The bathroom." And don't use up all the hot water I want to take a shower too"

Ten minutes later ....

"Well, the bathrooms all yours, did you get Max ?"

Looking towards Liz, Isabel saw that she was so wrapped up in her phone conversation that she hadn't noticed her come out of the bathroom.

Tapping Liz on the shoulder, Isabel whispered "I'm going down to the lounge, do you want anything?"

Shaking her head, Liz mouthed the word no.

"Order us a pizza when you get off the phone with max." called Isabel walking out door.


"Hey Ria, I'm going down to the lounge. Do you want go with me, They're supposed to have a band playing tonight."

"No thanks chica, I think I'm going take a shower, and then settle down with my favorite book.

"Come on RIA, You can read your book anytime, come down to the lounge with me" said penny picking up her purse and heading for the door.

"Alright I'll meet you later, I want to take a shower first" said Maria walking towards the Bathroom.

"Okay" said penny walking out the door.

Isabel sat at her table, sipping on her soda and listening to the band on the stage play. When a young woman came on stage and began to sing a slow smokey love song. Closing her eyes Isabel let the vibrations of the music wash over her.

Isabel sat listening to the music, when she started to feel like she was becoming very light. Opening her eyes, and looking around. she found herself no longer in the lounge of the hotel.

<< What the hell >> she thought<< where am I >>

Getting up from the table where she was seated. Isabel began to wander around. She found herself in what was A large lounge area with people dresses in tuxedos and evening dresses.

Looking around, Isabel was startled to see herself sitting at a table along with the rest of her friends. Isabel became fascinated watching her friends.

Suddenly Isabel realized where she was. << Las Vegas >>She thought<< I must have fallen asleep and I'm dreaming about our trip to las Vegas >>.

Looking up, Isabel saw Michael going up onto The stage. << What's he doing? >>. Michael was looking at some young girl who was coming onto the stage.

She could hear the young girl begin to sing and Once again Isabel felt herself becoming lightheaded and her surroundings started to blur around her. Looking towards the stage once again Isabel was fascinated to see Michael and this girl kissing in front of everyone., the only problem was that the girl had her back to her, so Isabel couldn't see her face.

The room started to dissolve into a kaleidoscope of Colors and sound..

Opening her eyes, Isabel once again found herself in the lounge of the Star Hotel. Looking around her Isabel realized the young lady from before was still singing.

"Excuse me?"

Isabelle looked up to see a woman about her age talking to her. The Vegas dream disappearing into the back of her mind


"Do you mind if we share" the woman asked pointing to the table.

"Of course, have a seat" smiled Isabel indicating the seat opposite her. The woman sat down and began to listen to the band play.

"I love listening to this type of music" said the young woman "the sound just vibrates through you."

"I know what you mean" replied Isabel

"Unfortunately I can't get my husband to go out much, to listen to any live music" laughs the woman "that's why I'm enjoying this while I'm here"

"Are you here with your husband?" asked Isabel looking at the woman closely for the first time.

The woman wore a peach colored flowered sundress, and sandals on her feet. Her hair, cut short to frame her face. Isabel didn't know why, but she felt instantly comfortable with this woman.

"No, I'm here with my friend, we're going to a spa for the weekend. Courtesy of a birthday gift from my husband."

"What a coincidence, me and my sister-in-law are on our way to the spa also" said Isabel Perhaps the four of us could get together, if we see each other there.?"

"That would be nice, uhmm..?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Isabel. Isabel Whitman.

"Penny, Penny Peppercorn" replied the woman smiling and shaking Isabel's hand.

Isabel couldn't help herself from smiling at the womans name. Then felt bad, hoping she had Not just insulted the woman.

"Don't feel bad, a lot of people have that reaction" laughed penny." I was teased mercilessly when I was younger"

"I once asked my mom, why she gave me such a name. And she cleared her throat and looked at me and her most dramatic voice.

"Darling, why would you want some ordinary? name. One that people would forget five minutes after they hear it. No, no you want a name they will remember."

"Penelope Olivia Peppercorn! P.O.P. Now there's a name that POPS!

Both women burst out laughing .

"And you know what, she was right many have forgotten my face, But hardly anyone forgets my name."

Isabel and penny found themselves talking for close to an hour before either noticed the time.

'Listen, this has been great, but my friend is probably wondering where I am"

"Oh, your right" replied penny looking at her watch..

"It's been a pleasure meeting you"

"The same here" Both women head off to there friends.

"Hey Liz" said Isabel coming into the hotel room.

"Hey, Isabel, you were gone a long time"

"I went to the lounge to listen to the band that was playing. I meet this woman who said that she and her friend are also going to the spa."said Isabel going to the bed a plopping down across it.

"Really, Maybe we could get together for dinner while we're there. What are their names"? .asked Liz

"Penny and... you know what, I just realized she never told me her friends name."I'm sure we'll probably run into them at the spa anyway.


Hey chica how was the band?"asked Maria.

"The band was terrific, you should have joined us" "I meet this woman who's going to the spa with her sister-in-law. I was thinking we could meet up and all have lunch together there." said penny going into the bathroom....


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*happy*thanks for the feedback you guys.!

Liz woke up early Saturday morning, today was the day. The start of two glorious days of pure fun. Jumping up Liz went over to the dresser picked out a pair of black pants a yellow spaghetti strapped t-shirt and a soft white blouse.

After taking a quick shower, brushing her hair and tying it back into a ponytail. Liz walked over to Isabel and shook her awake.

“Morning sleepyhead” smiled Liz.

Stretching and yawning, Isabel rolled over in the bed and looked at the clock.

“Jeez, Liz it’s 5:30 in the morning!”

“I know, but if we want to get to the spa at an early time, then we need to get started soon. Besides I am starving, I’m going down to the kitchen and get me some breakfast. I just wanted to let you know where I was.”

“I’m going to grab a quick shower and I’ll meet you there.” Said Isabel getting out of bed and going over to her side of the dresser.

“Okay” said Liz heading for the door.


Penny and Maria sat at a table in the breakfast table of the hotel eating breakfast.

“I can’t believe you get me up at 5:00 in the morning on a Saturday” said Penny taking a bite out of her bagel.

“I know, but we should leave early if we want to get a good start at the spa”

Taking a sip of her coffee. Penny looked around the breakfast area at the people in the room.

Looking for your new friend” asked Maria taking a bite out of croissant and smiling. Maria could tell from their conversation last night that penny had made a new friend and that she wanted Maria to meet her.

“Did you ask her to meet us for breakfast?”

“No I didn’t, I was just hoping to run into her again” said Penny “ oh well. I might run into her at the spa. We did talk about the four of us getting together for lunch or dinner at the resort.” Said penny.

“Well there you go. I’m sure we will see them there.”

Getting up, Maria took one last drink of her orange juice and picked up her crème cheese doughnut. “I’m going back to the room to finish packing. If your friend comes down, pick out a time for the four of us to get together.”

Okay, I’ll be up in a few minutes”

Walking down the hall to the breakfast room, Liz couldn’t help singing to herself. Today was going to be a great day. She could feel it in the air.

Liz walked into the breakfast room with a silly grin on her face, but she didn’t care. She was feeling so totally great this morning that nothing could bring her down.

After picking out a cup of coffee a fixing herself a plate, of croissants and fruit Liz sat down at a nearby table. Looking up she noticed two women at a table not far from her. Liz could only see one of the two women. She was about her age and had her hair cut short. Liz couldn’t see much of the other woman. Her back was to Liz.

Looking back down at the newspaper in front of her, Liz began reading the headlines. Liz could hear the two women talking and laughing. She tried to keep her eyes on the paper in front of her, but Liz’s eyes kept wandering over to the two women. Liz started feeling like a new kid in school, who watched other kids play but was too shy to go up to them and ask to join in. sitting at the table, Liz kept biting her lower lip and drumming her fingers on the table to keep herself from staring at them.

She couldn’t understand why but for some reason she felt drawn to them. Maybe it was the way they seemed so relaxed and happy. Liz didn’t know or even care for that matter, she just felt like talking to them.

<< What the hell,>> she thought << if they don’t want to talk to me then it’s their loss >>.Liz was just about to get up and go over to them when the woman in front of her got up to leave.

Liz put her head down quickly and looked at her newspaper when the women turned to leave. She didn’t want to be caught staring at them << That would be totally embarrassing >>she thought. << Having been caught staring at them would be a real great way to introduce myself. >>.

Liz felt a rush of disappointment when the women walked passed her and out the door. The urge to go over and talk completely gone now. Liz looked over to the table where both women had been sitting, only the table was now empty. Looking around the room Liz saw the young women walk out the door on the other side of the room.

“Hey Liz” said Isabelle coming up from behind her.

“Oh hey Isabelle,” said Liz.

“How was Alex this morning?” asked Liz smiling

Smiling Isabel sat down. “Alex is just fine.”

Aren’t you going to eat something for breakfast “ asked Liz?

“No, I don’t want anything to heavy. Besides I’m really not very hungry,” replied Isabel.

“ Well if your not going to eat then maybe we should get going.” Said Liz getting up from the table. With one last glance towards the empty tables Liz and Isabel left the room.

After packing everything and checking out Liz and Isabel set off down the highway.


Once again Michael found himself in the middle of the crashdown:

< ”Why? Michael, why are you making things so complicated”

“I’m not making things complicated” Michael shouted

“I don’t understand Michael? Why?” she sobbed.” do you regret what happened”

“It should never have happened, in the first place” he sighed.

“But it did, Michael and we can’t change that”

Getting up Michael walked towards the front door of the diner.

“I’m sorry,” he said before walking out and leaving her” but it has to be this way”

Walking out of the diner, Michael ran into the darkness before him………..

>>>>>…. Michael sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes and sighed<<< Awe man >>>he thought<<< when am I going to stop having these crazy dreams >>>>l.

Getting up out of bed Michael heads to the bathroom, after taking a shower and a shave he heads toward the kitchen to get some breakfast.

“Ring, ring….

“Who in the world would call this early on a Saturday morning” mumbled Michael to himself


“Hey Michael,” came Max’s voice on the other end.

“Hey max,” said Michael going into the kitchen with the phone

“I just called to see if you wanted to meet me and Alex for lunch this afternoon”max asked.”

“Sure, why not” replied Michael. “Have you talked with Liz since she left”

Michael could feel Max’s grin from across the phone line

“Yeah, she called me last night…they made it to the hotel just fine”

“I hope they’re having a good time”

“They are, look man I have to go, I just wanted to catch you before I left for work this morning”

“Okay, I see you later”

“Bye Michael”

“Bye max.”


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chapter 7

"Well, here we are" said penny pulling into the parking lot of the spa.

Jumping out of the car. Maria stretched and smiled.

"We are going to have so much fun this weekend" said penny getting out of the car.

"Come on lets get our stuff and go check in replied Maria going to the rear of the vehicle.

After getting out their luggage, Maria and Penny head towards to check in counter.

"Liz, this place is gorgeous." Squealed Isabel walking into their suite behind her,

"Yeah, I know. I can't believe it." Smiled Liz

"Come on, lets unpack and go look around"

"Okay" laughed Liz throwing downs her suitcase

"Maria! Did you see the size of the tub in there?" cried penny coming out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, you could fit an entire army in that thing" laughed Maria

"This place is spectacular"


I wonder who that could be," said Maria getting up to answer the door.

"Good morning, ladies. I'm Lisa and I'll be your assistant for your stay this weekend. If you have any questions, just come to me and I'll try to answer them as best as I can"

"This place is marvelous," sighed Penny spinning around.

"Thank you" laughed Lisa "We try to make our guest as comfortable as possible"

"I see that you are signed up for our deluxe weekend package"

"Yes, and we can't wait to get started" said Maria

"Well as soon as you both have settled in then we will get started," states Lisa walking towards the door.

"Thank you" said Penny.

Closing the door behind Lisa, Maria turned and said

"Come on, we'd better get unpacked and get started on our weekend".....

Maria could hardly believe what a wonderful time she was having, she and penny had just been there a few hours and she already felt like years of stress had been lifted off.

Sighing, Maria sank into the bubbles of the Jacuzzi and leaned back and closed her eyes.

<<< Hmmmm, this feels so good >>.she thought<<< I hope penny is having fun >>>

Maria felt totally relaxed, listening to the sounds around her.

"Maria! Maria!"

Opening her eyes, Maria found herself in a small bathroom.

"Come on Maria, I have to get ready for my date tonight"

"All right, I'm getting out now, just give me five more minutes," Maria shouted.

Sighing, Maria got up out of the tub and pulled the plug. After drying herself off and putting on her robe. Maria went to her room and sat down at her dressing table and started brushing her hair.

'Riiinngg' ring'

"Hello" said Maria picking up the phone

"Hey chica" came the reply on the phone

"Hey yourself"" sighed Maria going over and sitting on her bed.

"You hardly talked to me at work today, Maria I was just wondering if something was wrong"

"I'm sorry, I guess my mind was somewhere else today" Maria said.

"You know you can tell me if there's something wrong"

"Sweetie, I appreciate your concern, But I'm fine" Maria stated firmly.

"Are you sure, Maria"?

"Yes, I'm sure, look chica I have to go, I'm going with mom tomorrow and I'm really tired" yawned Maria.

"Okay, call me tomorrow when you get back"

"Alright" replied Maria.

Hanging up the phone Maria leaned her head back against the headboard and the tears she'd been holding back all day came rolling down her cheecks. Pulling her knees up to her chest Maria let the sobs overtake her.

Curling up in her bed Maria pulled the covers over her and cried herself to sleep. >>>

Maria! Hey, Ria....

Opening her eyes Maria looked up to see penny standing next to the Jacuzzi.

"Oh, hey Penny, I guess I fell asleep" smiled Maria shaking off the uneasy feeling the dream had left behind.

"I can see that," laughed Penny. Getting into the Jacuzzi.

"Where, have you been any way?" asked Maria wanting to get her mind on something else.

"I went and had a massage, OH.MY. GOD. Maria it was pure heaven" sighed Penny sinking into the bubbles.

Laughing both women started talking about the events of the day so far


"Oh god, Liz that work out this morning was brutal, I don't think I have ever exercised that much in my entire life" said Isabel "but the steam room afterwards was really relaxing ".

"I know what you mean," replied Liz.

"Hello ladies, are you enjoying yourselves" smiled Lisa coming into the room.

Laughing, both women turned to her.

"We're having a great time Lisa" smiles Isabel

"I'm glad to hear that. Is there anything I can help you with so Far."?

"No, I can't think of a thing right now" said Liz

Picking up her folders Lisa started looking through the papers

"I see that you've had your aerobics workout and full bodied scrub down And I see you've both just finished having a complete body waxing"

"Yep, and Lisa I have to tell you I absolutely loved the body scrub" Liz said smiling

"Isn't it wonderful, I have one once a month, it makes your skin feel so good"

"I guess working here has its benefits. You must love it."

"Actually I more than work here, I live here."

"Really, you must get a thrill out of it"

"It's wonderful," laughed Lisa getting up

"Again let me know if there is anything I can do for you, and I will see you ladies later"

"Are you getting hungry?" asked Liz.

"Actually I am, lets go back to our room and change and head out"

"I'm starting to get hungry," Maria said getting out of the Jacuzzi.

"Yeah, I could use a little something," replied Penny.

Getting up out of the Jacuzzi both women headed towards the shower.

Maria and penny head towards the dining area after changing.

"I'll meet you there chica, I have to go back to the room for a minute" said Penny turning and walking in the opposite directions.

"Okay, Do you want me to go ahead and order for you"?

"Yeah an ice tea, and a small salad" penny replied



The dining area was a large covered patio area with umbrella tables and a fountain area under the covered parts. There were tables going outwards towards a small pond that had beautiful water lilies floating in it. And it was surrounded by a stone walkway.

Liz and Isabel were sitting at one of the tables on the outside.

"I'm starving," said Liz picking up a menu off their table.

"How can you possible be hungry, I saw what you ate for breakfast this morning"

"I know" Liz said laughing, "I can't seem to stop eating lately"

"Hello ladies, I'm Jonathan and I'll be your server today, are you ready to order"

"Yes, I'd like an ice tea with lemon and a small salad and the poached salmon, a side dish of spinach casserole and could you bring me some chips and dip?" asked Liz closing her menu. "Oh and could you a large fruit salad.

"And you ma'am" smiled the waiter turning to Isabel.

"I'll have a lemon-aid and the pepper chicken salad, I'll also have a side dish of spinach casserole." Said Isabel closing her menu.

"Very good, I'll be back soon with your order"

"I guess you are hungry," laughed Isabel after he left

"Yeah I feel like I could eat everything in sight, I'm so hungry"

"Oh hey did you ever find your friend from the hotel, what was her name"

"Penny" replied Isabel "No not yet, I was kind of hoping she might be here having lunch"

"You know Liz I've been thinking...

"Oh my god!" Liz squealed jumping up from her seat

"What? What is it Liz?" Said Isabel getting up

Before Isabel could stop her, Liz had jumped up squealing and was running across the room. Grabbing young women about their age and knocking them both into the small pond.

Walking into the dinning area, Maria was walking to a table when she heard someone squealing. Looking around to see where the noise is coming from, Maria was startled to see a young woman running towards her. Before she knew what was happening Maria felt herself hitting water, with a splash.

Running across the room with the waiter Isabel went to help her friend.

"Hey, are you guys all right?" asked Isabel helping Liz out of the water. While the young waiter helped the young woman.

"Liz what were you doing?" Isabel whispered

"I don't know," replied Liz

I, am, so, so sorry, please ......

Stopping in the middle of her apology, Liz stood there staring at the young woman.

"Oh my god" Liz whispered, "It's you"

Then Liz felt herself falling into blackness.

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chapter 8

Maria had been in total shock when she felt the cold water hit her. She had just come into the dining area, when she heard a commotion from across the room. She had no time to react when she saw a young woman around her age running straight for her.

The next thing she new, she was falling into the pond. Maria felt hands pulling her out of the water. And now here she stood wringing the water out of her hair. Looking over at the woman, Maria stopped suddenly, staring at the young woman. She seemed so familier. Then it hit Maria; this was the lady from the hotel parking lot.

Then the woman turned to Maria, and got a strange look on her when she started apologizing. The next thing Maria knew, the woman was falling into her arms.




The intensity of the flash, nearly knocked Maria back into the pond, the only thing that kept her from falling was the young waiter next to her.

"Looking up Maria saw the woman's friend staring at her.

"Oh goodness what happened"?

The sound of Lisa's voice bringing them both out of their daze.

"I think she's passed out," replied Maria trying to hold the woman up

"Take her to the nurse" Lisa said coming up from behind them

Picking up the young woman in his arms, the young waiter headed towards the health office with everyone following him.

Liz could hear voices in the darkness, calling her.

"Will she be o.k..."Why'd she pass out?"

The darkness started getting lighter and Liz could make out shapes of people around her.

Trying to sit up, Liz felt hands pushing her back down.

"Lay down and relax," said Isabel

Opening her eyes, Liz looked up and saw Isabel looking down at her.

"Hey girlfriend, you okay," whispered Isabel softly.

"Maria?" whispered Liz.

Narrowing her eyes Isabel looked at Liz strangely

"Maria? Liz who's Maria" asked Isabel

< That name sounds vaguely familiar she thought >>


"What happened?" Liz asked trying to sit up again.

"You tell me, all I know is we were sitting waiting for them to bring our order, when all of a sudden you jump up and knock some poor woman into the pond."

"Oh my god, did I really do that" asked Liz looking mortified.

Before Isabel could answer her Lisa came into the room

"Well how is the patient"?

"I'm feeling much better, thanks, I guess it was just the excitement of everything just got to me that's all." Said Liz

"Are you sure?" Lisa asked,

"Yes"-replied Liz sitting up.


Maria quickly walked to her room to change clothes.

"What in the world happened to you?" asked penny as Maria walked through the door.

"Oh nothing, I just got knocked into the pond"

"What, what happened?"

"This woman just ran up to me knocking me, and her into the pond"

Picking out a clean outfit Maria went to the bathroom to shower and change.

"Do you have any idea why?"

"No I don't have a clue," shouted Maria getting into the shower.

Isabel and Liz walked into their room down the hall.

"Are you sure, your alright" asks Isabel

"Actually I'm feeling pretty great" laughs Liz going over to stand on the balcony

Following her out Isabel and Liz sit at the small table outside

"You scared me Liz"

"I, know and I'm sorry," replied Liz "It was probably nothing anyway" said Liz smiling.

"Come on lets change the subject, did you ever find you friend from the hotel"

"No not yet, I'm going to go and ask Lisa if she can help me find her"

"That's a good Idea," replied Liz

Liz's stomach started giving off a rumbling sound, just realizing that they had not actually eaten their lunch.

"I starving, come on lets go get something to eat," said Liz getting up and walking back into her room.

"Me too, lets go see if they'll let us back in the dining area" Isabel laughed.

Laughing, Liz and Isabel head for the dining area once again.

Coming out of the bathroom, Maria looks over to penny.

"Come on lets go get some lunch"

Getting up from the couch penny smiles and follows Maria out the door

"I called Robbie to check on him and the kids"

"Is that why you went back to the room before"?

"Yeah, I promised him I'd call him before they left"

Coming to the dining area, Maria finds a table near the pond and sits down.

"This is so beautiful, don't you think," asks Penny

"Oh yes, Its so relaxing" smiles Maria picking up the menu on the table

After ordering their lunch penny and Maria start talking about the plans for the rest of the day: when a young man comes up to their table.

"Excuse me, but there is a phone call for you miss" he said looking at Penny.

"Thank you, It's probably just Robert, I'll be right back" said penny getting up and walking away.


Sitting at a table not far away Isabel and Liz sit talking about the day so far.

"This trip is becoming more memorable by the moment" laughs Liz

"I'll be right back, I see Lisa over there and I want to ask her about Penny

Getting up Isabel makes her way through the tables to where Lisa is standing.

"Hi Lisa"

"Mrs. Whitman, how may I help you?"

"Please call me Isabel, I was wondering if you could help me. I've been looking for my friend: she's said she was spending the weekend here also."

"Let me look and see if I have your friend listed, what is your friends name," asked Lisa picking up her clipboard.

"Penny Peppercorn"

Looking through her papers, Lisa started shaking her head

"No, no I don't seem to have a penny peppercorn, I have a Penelope whiterspoon and a Mrs. P. Jackson."

"Are you positive," asked Isabel

"I'm afraid so" Lisa said shaking her head

"Thank you any way" Isabel said walking away.

Making her way back to where Liz was sitting, Isabel was so deep in thought that she was suddenly blind-sided by someone coming from the opposite direction.

"Oh I'm so sorry," laughs the woman catching Isabel before she falls

"Hey! It's you,"

Looking up Isabel sees Penny standing next to her. Smiling....

"Hey" laughs Isabel straightening up.

"I was wondering if we were ever going to hookup again," laughs penny

"I just finished talking to Lisa over there and she said she had no listing for a Penny Peppercorn as a guest at the spa" says Isabel looking over to where Lisa stood talking to another guest.

"Oh I'm sorry, since my husband gave me this trip as a gift, I'm registered in his name whiterspoon."

"Oh no wonder, are you getting ready to eat lunch?"

"Well yes, hey, this is perfect, why don't you and your sister-in-law join us for lunch outside."

"Great, I'll go tell Liz and meet you at your table.

"Alright, we're seated near the pond"

Isabel heads back towards the table where Liz is sitting Looking up Liz smiles at her friend. "You look like you just got some great news, was Lisa able to help you?"

"Actually I ran into penny on the way back from talking with Lisa, they're having lunch near the pond, she wants us to join them, comeon lets go" Isabel said getting up

Following Isabel, both women head towards the tables near the pond. Spotting penny at a table Isabel and Liz head towards her.

"Hey, I'm glad you could join us," said Penny getting up from her table

"Penny, this is my friend Liz Evans"

"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you," said Liz smiling and shaking penny's hand

"Where's your friend" Isabel asks sitting down.

"She went to the powder room, she'll be back any minute."

"Isn't this place fantastic"

"Yes its great, I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed"

"I know what you mean,"

"Oh hey, here she is" said penny as Maria came up from behind them.

Smiling Maria comes around the table in front of the three laughing women.

Looking up into Maria's face, Liz and Isabel nearly choke on their drinks"

"Are you guys alright?"asked penny looking at Liz and Isabel

"Yes we're fine," said Isabel, her eyes never leaving Maria's face.

"Isabel, Liz this is my friend.......

"Maria" both Isabel and Liz say together

"Well yes, that's right, how did you know?" asked penny narrowing her eyes.

Taking a seat, Maria continues to stare at Liz and Isabel

Penny looks at the faces of the three women staring at each other.

"Excuse Me," said Penny clearing her throat.

The sound of penny's voice bringing them out of their daze, shaking her head, Liz looks at Maria.

"I, am, so, sorry, I don't know what came over me. I have know idea why I knocked you into the pond, Please, Please forgive me" pleaded Liz taking hold of Maria's hand.

"That's quite alright, you only made this trip more memorable" laughed Maria.

"Liz is the one, who knocked me into the pond earlier, Penny" said Maria looking at penny.

"Oh, you're the one"

"Yes, and I am terrible sorry"

Isabel sat there watching both Maria and Liz, She didn't know what it was but she had this strange feeling watching them.

After their orders had been brought to them, the women started laughing and talking about the day they each had so far. The four of them laughing and talking for over an hour. Any one looking at the four women would have thought they were looking at four old friends and not women that had just meet, moments earlier.

After finishing up their lunch, they head up to Penny and Maria's suite.

"Excuse me, for a moment I have to make a phone call" said Maria picking up the phone and dialing.

Going over and sitting down on the sofa, Penny, Liz and Isabel wait for Maria to finish her phone call.

"Well, the kids are having a great time," said Maria coming into the room and sitting down next to Liz.

"How many kids do you have?" Liz asked her

"Two, I have twins, one boy and one girl, Michael Alexander and Maxine Elizabelle deluca, they're the light of my life" smiled Maria.

"Do you have any kids"? asks penny

"No, I don't have any kids yet," replies Liz.

"How about you Isabel?"

"I also have two kids, they're not twins though" laughs Isabel. Pulling out a picture of her kids Isabel shows it to Maria and penny

"They're adorable" Maria smiles looking at the photograph of Isabel and her kids.

"Your little girl Looks just like you"

Getting up and going over to the dresser, Maria pulls out a small box and opens it up and takes out a small photo album and hands it to Liz and Isabel.

"Maria, they're so cute" smiles Isabel looking at the picture in Liz's hand.

"You know Maria, the little girl looks a lot like you, but I guess your son takes after his father?" says Liz.

Maria's Eyes glaze and cloud over at Liz's words, getting up, Maria goes and fixes her a glass of ice water.

"Listen, Maria I am sorry, if I said something to up set you, I should never have mentioned the kids father."

"No, you didn't do or say anything wrong" says Maria coming and sitting down next to Liz. Taking the picture out of Liz's hand, Maria smiles at the picture of her kids. And then looks at Liz.

"The truth is, I don't know who the father of my children are."

"What do you mean?" asks Isabel.

"I was in a major car wreck, when I was young, I have hardly any memories before that. All I know is that I woke up in the hospital with major head damage and pregnant: my aunt grace holding my hand and telling me everything was going to be okay."

"So you have no memory of anything before the wreck?" Liz asks

"No, the truth is I don't even remember the actual wreck, I only know what I was told and I've been to countless doctors, nothing has helped, " Maria said

"But I had my aunt grace to help me through everything and to help me with the kids, She was my rock through everything,"

"It must be hard, I can't imagine having children and not knowing who the father is," said Isabel. "Did you ever try to find out who the father of your kids might be"?

"Oh sure, But after a while I finally gave up, And its not like I was lost, I was with my aunt, if he wanted to find me, he probably knew where I was. But I do know that he loved me, I can see it in my children's eyes."

"I don't know why I'm telling you both all of this, I usually don't tell this to people, Most of them usually treat me different once they find out, Its like they think I'm broken or something.

"I hope you'll think of us as your friends Maria"

"I don't know why, but for some reason, I do" smiles Maria.

Liz, Maria and Penny sit on the couch, Liz telling Maria about Her and Max.

Picking up the Picture of Maria's kids off the table: Isabel starts to walk around the suite, << These kids look vaguely familiar >>she thought looking back over to where Maria sat laughing.

Holding the picture in her hand Isabel touched the faces of the children playing:


Maria was in a small apartment holding her kids in front of her. And smiling. "I know your excited about these new things, but sweeties I have to tell you, you can't do this in front of other people"

"Why ma ma?"

"It's hard to explain Michael, You just have to promise me that you will only do it when me or your aunt grace are around. Aright. Promise me."

"Yes, mama, we promise." Both children announce in unison.


Opening her eyes, Isabel looked over to where Maria, Penny ad Liz were sitting, She didn't know why, But she had this strange feeling, There was more to this than meets the eye,

Just what was it....

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chapter 9

"Is something wrong Isabel?" asked Maria looking over to where Isabel stood staring at them.

"What... No, I guess my mind just wandered there for a moment." Replied Isabel.

"Chicks, I hate to bring this to an end" said Penny looking at her watch" But we do have some more appointments to attend"

"Ooh, your right" Liz said looking at the time. "We have to go, I am due for a facial in ten minutes"

"And I have a body wrap" said Isabel "We'll see you guys later"

"Okay, Bye"

"Bye" Liz and Isabel wave leaving the room.

After closing the door behind them Maria turns to penny and smiles.

"They seem nice"

"Yeah they were, I have to admit though, I was a little surprised you told them about your accident. You usually don't tell that to everyone, especially people that you just meet a few hours ago" penny said coming to stand next to Maria.

"I know, and your right, I usually don't, I didn't tell you for a few months, I can't explain why, but I felt like I should tell them."

"What do you mean"?

"I don't know. Something strange happened earlier.


"I had this flash in my head when Liz fainted after she knocked me into the pond"

"Maria, do you think it was a memory flash"

"I'm not sure penny, all I know is that it scared me"

"It scared you, Maria what did you see exactly"

"I saw Liz, dressed in some sort of waitress uniform, she was on the floor of a diner and there was blood. And some guy with dark hair was kneeling over her, telling her everything was going to be okay"

"My god, Maria, why didn't you say something earlier when Liz was here'

"Oh, right Penny, That would have been a great way to introduce yourself Hey, how are you, remember me, I'm the girl you knocked into the pond, and I just wanted to tell that I had this flash of you lying on a diner floor bleeding to death"

"Your right, telling that would have been bad. But chic are you going to tell her?"

"No, I don't think so" Maria says opening up the door. "Come on lets go t our next appointment.

Later that evening after they had finished their appointments for the day Liz and Isabel sat in they're rooms eating.

"What did you think of penny, and Maria? We didn't get a chance to talk after we left their suite."

"I liked them, especially Maria."

"Yeah, I know what you mean Liz, I felt instantly comfortable with her. And you know how hard that is for me." Isabel said, "You remember what I was like in high school"

"Yes, and I much prefer the way you are now." smiled Liz.

"So do I" laughed Isabel

[knock, knock]

"I wonder who that could be," Liz said getting up to answer the door

"Hi, guys," said Maria coming into the room.

"Hey Maria"

"I hope you don't mind me coming over here, Penny, needed to talk to Robert in private, so I thought I'd come over here. If that's alright with you." Maria said looking at Liz and Isabel.

"Of course it's alright," laughs Isabel grabbing Maria by the hand and pulling her inside.

Laughing, all three women fall down onto the couch,

"Isabel, tell me about your husband" Maria asks turning to her.

"Well his name is Alex, and we meet in high school, he was Liz's best friend: when Liz started dating my brother, Alex and I became friends. Well so to speak."

"What do you mean?'

"Isabel was known around school, as the ice queen," laughed Liz.

"The ice queen" laughed Maria

"And My friend Alex was this nerdy little geek, the kind you would never see dating the most popular, "

Leaning back in the couch and kicking off her shoes, Isabel smiled "No matter how much I tried to push him away, Alex just kept coming back again and again, and now we are married with two beautiful children.

"So you both meet your husbands in high school? Asked Maria

"Actually Alex and I have been friends, since we were small, and we had always known Isabel and Max, but we didn't become friends until we were in high school. Every one thought that Max and I would be married first, it was a total shock to everyone when Alex and Isabel got married first."

"And you Maria, do you have anybody special in your life" asked Isabel

"Me, Oh no, I'm not seeing anyone right now, the kids and my business keep me busy, I was dating this guy Charlie a few months back, but it didn't work out, Penny wants me to find someone, she thinks I need to get a father for my kids. But that's not what I want"

"You don't want to get married," asked Liz

"No, that not what I mean" Maria says getting up off the couch "I want to find someone who makes me tingle, you know what I mean"

"Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean, you want someone who makes you feel alive, like you're the only one in the whole entire universe that exists."

"Exactly," smiled Maria.

"How did you girls know that Max and Alex were the ones for you"?

"Well it was no question for me, I had liked max for a long time, ever since we were small kids in kindergarten"

"You guys are so lucky, look I better go, I'm getting hungry, and the dining area is probably going to be closing soon"

"Why don't you stay here and have dinner with us," said Isabel.

"Thanks that would be great"

After eating dinner, Liz Isabel and Maria sit down to eat ice cream for dessert.

After a while Maria looks over to Liz and smiles. "Liz is you pregnant?"

Spitting out the piece of cake in her mouth that she nearly chokes on Liz turned wide eyes on Maria.

"What, No, why in the world would you ask that"

"Your dessert, you put Tabasco sauce on your ice cream and cake"

Both Isabel and Liz looked down at Liz's plate. Sure enough her ice cream was covered in Tabasco sauce. Liz's head shot up and she looked at Isabel in shock.

"I remember eating Tabasco sauce on my ice cream when I was pregnant, one of those strange cravings I suppose; I can't stand it too much now."

"Liz is it possible, you know you have been eating a lot lately, and you did pass out earlier, and now, this" asked Isabel pointing to Liz's plate.

"Why don't you take a pregnancy test, I'm sure they must have some in the shop" Maria tells them getting up from the table.

"I'll go down and pick one up for you"

Looking over Liz smiles at Maria

"Thanks" she whispers

After Maria leaves Liz gets up from the table and walks around the room holding her hands over her stomach. Turning around Liz looks right into Isabel's smiling face.

"Do you think its possible izzy, I mean it would be so great if it was.

"Well you do have all the signs, I don't know how I could have missed them though, Liz, I know Maria is going to get a test for you, but if you want to know I can check to be sure."

Shaking her head yes Liz sits down on the couch

"Now just relax and close your eyes, placing her hands over Liz's stomach, Isabel closed her eyes and relaxed. A glowing light began under her hands and a warm heat spread through Liz's whole body. Then the glowing slowly faded away.

Stepping back, Isabel looks up to Liz's face and smiles

"Congratulations, Mama" smiles Isabel

Leaning over, Liz gives Isabel a huge hug, "Do you think Max will be happy"

"Liz are you crazy, Max is going to be thrilled"

{Knock, knock}

Opening the door Maria walks in carrying a paper bag.

"I'm sorry Liz, they didn't have any"

"That's alright Maria" Liz said smiling. "I'll make an appointment tomorrow to get checked out.

"I can't wait to tell Max"

"I thought, we could do a little pre celebration," Maria said pulling out a bottle of wine and a box of strawberries.

"Don't worry, it's non alcoholic"

After laughing and talking for over an hour, Maria makes her way back to her room.

The rest of the weekend went by quickly, Maria and Liz and Isabel and penny spending the majority of the time together.

Standing in the parking lot between their cars the four women said their goodbyes.

"I don't really want to say good bye girls"

"Neither do I " said Liz

"If you're in Roswell Give us a call"

"Like wise" replied Maria and Penny.

Hugging the four women make their good byes and get into their cars, pulling out of the parking lot, Maria and Penny, Liz and Isabel each head off towards their home

<<<< This was a great weekend, they each thought >>>.
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chapter 10

Maria Deluca sat in the front seat of her car driving towards Roswell, New Mexico. It had been a little over a month since she and penny had left the spa and went home.

Looking back at her two sleeping children Maria couldn't help but smile. Her children meant the world to her<< I hope I did the right thing in bringing them with me >>She thought.

Looking back out the window to the road in front of her, Maria began to go over the events of the past month that lead her down this road.

After returning from the spa, things had pretty much gone back to normal. The kids had all come back from their camping trip. Maria smiled thinking about how excited they were trying to tell her about the fun they'd had. Maria and Penny had returned to the shop the next day.

And then two weeks later, everything changed


Driving home from work, Maria was listening to her Tina Turner CD, and singing along to the lyrics of "What's love got to do with it" When she pulled into the driveway of her home. Getting out of the car, Maria walked up the pathway to the front porch, stopping momentarily to check her plants. Stepping onto the porch, Maria noticed a small package leaning against the front door. Bending to pick it up Maria unlocked the front door and went in. Putting the package down onto the table, Maria headed towards her bedroom.

After taking a quick shower, Maria dressed and went to the kitchen to look through her mail. Picking up the package. Maria looked to see where it had come from but there was no return address. Going into the living room, Maria sat down onto the couch and began to open the open the box up.

Opening the box, Maria pulled out a small wooden cherry box. An envelope with the words 'open first' was taped to the top.

'Open First'

Opening up the envelope, Maria stared at the letter in shock, and then she began to read.

Dear Maria:

Hello there Sparky, I know this must be strange, getting a letter from me, Cause I know if your reading this then I am dead. I want you to know, that I loved you, more than I ever thought possible. You kept me going these last few years. I know that you are happy with your life; you have your children, a successful business and friends. I know how much you wish you had your memory back. I am sorry for what you had to go through. This Box contains secrets and Questions Maria; it does not contain answers for you. You can put this box away and go on with your life or you can open it and find out the truth

But I have to warn you little one; once you open it, there is no going back.

Love always: Aunt grace.

At the bottom of the page was a small key taped to the letter.

Looking at the key, Maria picked up the box and examined it. The box was all wood, a beautiful cherry colored wood. The top of the box had a strange carving that Maria recognized. Picking up the Necklace that she had around her neck, Maria held it in her hand.

Picking up the key; Maria thought for a second and then unlocked the box. Opening the Box Maria found Papers and Some Kind of house keys.

But what caught her Eyes was a small pink sealed envelope. Opening it up Maria pulled out a picture. It was of her and some women sitting on the porch of a house that Maria didn't recognize. Turning it over, Maria stared at the back in shock, Mom and me at our home, on my fifteenth birthday in Roswell New Mexico.

Staring at the picture in shock Maria began reading the letter again. Picking up the papers, Maria began going through them carefully. Maria noticed they where House papers in her name for a house in Roswell. Closing the box Maria went over to the phone and dialed Penny's number.


Pulling into the driveway, Maria looked up to the house in front of her. Turning around Maria woke up her kids.

"Wake up sweeties. We're here"

Yawning Michael opened his eyes and sat up.

"Where are we mama?" he asked looking at the house

"Is this were we're going to live" asked Maxine getting out the car and running to the front porch.

"Yes, baby we're going to be staying here for awhile.

Unlocking the front door, Maria stepped inside with the kids.

Looking around Maria started exploring the house with the kids


Liz and Max sat in the booth of the crashdown.

"I saw the cutest little baby outfit at Miss Mary's" Liz said picking up a French fry and dipping it in her hot sauce. "And Isabel said that we can use Katie's old crib. It's in storage right now.

"Are you and Isabel getting together tonight?" asked Max taking a bite of his hamburger.

"Yeah, she's going to meet me here after work and we are going to go shopping for more baby items. Don't forget max, you said you'd help me decorate the baby's room this weekend."

"Liz, the baby's not due for awhile"

"It's never to early to get started Max" smiled Liz

Walking through the doors of the Crashdown, Isabel walked over to where her friends were sitting.

"Hi guys"

Hey Issy" said max scooting over so Isabel could join them.

"Are you ready to go Liz" asked Isabel.

"Yes, let's go" smiled Liz taking one more bite of her sandwich and kissing Max goodbye.

"Don't overtire yourself Liz" Max said kissing her and putting his hand on her stomach.

"Relax Max. I promise to take good care of her," Isabel said.

Michael walked in and went over to his friends.

"Hey Max," said Michael sitting down.

"Hey Michael, where have you been. We haven't seen you lately."

"I've been in my studio painting"

"Michael I though you'd stopped painting" Isabel said looking down at him.

"Just felt like it, I suppose, I see you two are off shopping again. Hey where is Alex?"

"He's at work, why don't you guys go see if you can get him to take a break soon"

"Well see what we can do Isabel.

"Come on Liz, we'd better go"

Leaving the diner, Isabel and Liz drove over to Miss Mary's baby Town.

"Hey Liz what do you think of this" asked Isabel holding a little stuffed frog.

'Ribbit, Ribbit" croaked Liz

"Have you decided on a theme for the Baby's room?" asked Isabel

"I want a Precious Moments motif," said Liz picking up a small teddy bear.

"Like the little figurines"

"Yeah, I had a small collection when I was little. I was thinking of getting them out and displaying them on shelves in the room. My cousin Jennie, She got Married at this chapel in Carthage, The whole them of the chapel was Precious moments. It was too cute. Remind me to show you the pictures." Laughed Liz.

After spending a few hours or so at the store Liz and Isabel finally headed home.

Driving down the street towards home Liz and Isabel were singing along to the song on the radio. Slowing down in front of an old two-story house Liz stopped the car.

"What is it Liz, Why are we stopping"?

"That house, Isabel. Do you know who lives there?"

Looking over at the house Isabel shook her head

"I don't know, why?"

"The house, it seems familiar."

"Maybe you've been there before, you know," said Isabel turning to Liz.

"I don't think so," Liz said shaking her head.

'Beep! Beep!'

"It'll probably come to me later" sighed Liz.

"Mama I like this house its pretty" squealed Maxine running down the stairs.

"But I couldn't get into one of the rooms it was locked"

<< I wonder why >> Maria thought.

"That's okay baby, how do you and Michael like your rooms"

"Ooh I love it Mommy, it is so pretty"

Laughing, Maria hugged her daughter.

"Go get your brother, I want to talk to the two of you together"

Maria watched as her daughter ran upstairs to get Michael.

A minute later both kids came running down the stairs

"Sitting down with them on the couch, Maria smiled

"Now I want you to know that I don't know how long we will be staying here. But while we are here, the two of you have to be very careful. I don't want anything to happen to you and I don not want you getting into trouble"

"We'll be careful not to use our powers mom," said Michael.

"Alright then" smiled Maria

Jumping up off the couch Maria picked up her purse.

"Okay, Who's hungry?"

"I am" the kids yelled following Maria out the door.

"Where are we going"?

"I don't know baby, we'll see what we can find"

Pulling out of the driveway, Maria drove down the road.

Pulling into the parking lot of the crashdown, Liz and Isabel went inside and up too Liz's old apartment.

"Max and I are keeping all the baby items here, until we get the baby's room fixed up"

"Why doesn't Max just use his powers"

"Cause I asked him not to, I thought it would be more memorable for us if we worked on it together" Liz said going into

her old bedroom. Coming out Liz was carrying a small plastic box. "These were my baby quilts, my grandma made for me when I was a baby" Liz said opening the container

"Liz, they're beautiful," Isabel said picking up a little pink blanket with tulips embodied on it.

"I thought I might find you up here"

"Hey Max" Liz said giving him a kiss.

"Did you find everything you need this time"?

"Are you kidding Max, There's whole lot more we have to do, But right now I'm getting hungry." Liz said heading towards the stairs.

Smiling, both Isabel and max followed Liz to the crashdown.

Walking into the crashdown, Maria and the kids sit down at a corner booth and look out the window.

Hello, my name is Mary, and I'll be you waitress today" said a young girl handing them three menus. Let me know when you are ready to order."

"Okay" smiled Maria

"Mommy this place is weird," said Maxine looking at the waitress's antenna's

Smiling Liz looked over her menu to her kids. "Well you know, they say Aliens crashed here in Roswell over 40 years ago," said Maria smiling.

"Really!" said Michael Maxine wide-eyed.

"Well that's what they say, but no one really knows for sure, I guess if they did they're not telling"

"Do you believe in aliens Mommy?" asked Max.

"Of course baby, don't you?" Maria said smiling.

"Are you ready to order now" asked the young waitress returning to the table.

After ordering Maria and the kids began discussing the house.

Coming down stairs, Liz and Isabel went to where Alex was sitting.

"Hello ladies" smiled Alex giving Isabel a kiss.

Smiling max and Liz sat down in the booth across from Alex and Isabel.

"What did you guys do while we went shopping" asked Isabel

"Oh this and that " said max smiling.

Looking up Liz noticed a women sitting at a booth not far from them. She had two kids with her.

"Hey Isabel, do you know those kids, they look familiar."

Turning around Isabel looked over to where Liz was staring.

"No, I don't think so, Wait they do seem familiar"

Getting up the little spiky haired boy walked over to the counter top and picked up a bottle of Tabasco sauce and went back to the table.

Liz's eyes turned to the young women sitting with them. Liz couldn't see the women's face her back was to Liz. When the young women pulled her finger through her hair and turned to look out the window. Liz jumped up the booth smiling.

"MARIA!" shouted Liz


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chapter 11

Smiling Liz jumped up from the booth and went over to where Maria was sitting, followed by Isabel, Alex and Max.


Looking up Maria was surprised to see Isabel and Liz staring at her.

"Liz, What are you doing here?" asked Maria getting up to hug Liz and Isabel.

"What are we doing here? Maria we live here, remember." Laughed Isabel.

"That's right, I've been so preoccupied lately, I completely forgot."

"Max, this is Maria, we all meet at the Spa. Remember I told you Maria was the one that suggested I was Pregnant"

Smiling, Max shook Maria's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you"

"And this is Alex" said Isabel smiling.

"Hello Alex' Smiled Maria shaking Alex's hand." It's good to be able to put faces to the names, Liz and Isabel told me all about you guys."

"All good I hope' laughs Alex

"Nothing but the highest of praises" smiled Maria.

"Ouch! give it back"

"And these two little darlings are mine" laughed Maria turning back to the kids.

"The one with the face full of French fries is Michael Alexander and this is Maxine elizabel," Maria said


"Yes, I liked both of them, but I couldn't decide on witch, so I used both" smiled Maria.

Smiling both kids looked towards the strangers.

"Hello" they said through mouthfuls of food.

"It's nice to meet you two, your mom told us so much about you two on our vacation." Said Isabel.

"When did you get it town?" asked Liz

"Earlier today, the kids got hungry so we went in search of food, and here we are"

"Well I hope you guys are enjoying your food" smiled Liz turning to the kids.

"Yes Ma'am we are" giggled Maxine eating a French fry.

"Mom, I have to go to the bathroom," said Maxine trying to get out the booth.

"Excuse me for a moment" said Maria getting up from her seat.

"I'll be right back, Michael you stay here with Liz and Isabel.

Maria and Maxine head towards the restroom.

"You know Michael, we have a friend name Michael also"

"You'll get a chance to meet him later" smiled Liz.

"Where is Michael any way I thought he was with you guys."

"He was, but Lindsey called him into the office"

"How long are you and your mom going to be here in Roswell Michael." asked Alex.

"Mom said she doesn't know."

Max sat watching the little boy, "Michael, have you and your mom aver been to Roswell before"

"No, we've never come here before."

Returning from the restroom, Maxine sat down next to her brother.

"Maria, if you'd like, we could show you around Roswell tomorrow."

"That would be great, thanks Liz" smiled Maria standing next to Isabel.

"And after that we can get together for dinner"


I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow, then"

After they had left, Maria turned back to Michael and Maxine.

After they finished eating, Maria and the kids left and headed for home.

Later that evening at Max and Liz's

"I don't know Liz, I mean is it really any of our business why Maria is here in Roswell. Besides what makes you think that she's not here as a tourist"

"I know it's none of my business, Max," said Liz sitting down next to him on the couch. "Besides your probably right, I mean if she's not here as a tourist, then she'll probably tell me soon enough."

"Well at least this time, you didn't tackle her when you saw her." Laughed Max

"I'm never going to live that down am I?" laughed Liz throwing a pillow at Max's head.

Grabbing Liz and pulling her onto his lap, Max gave Liz a deep kiss. Finally pulling apart Liz rested her head on Max's shoulder." I wish I could explain it max, I just have this feeling that Maria needs us."

"I'd like to think that's it's just your motherly instincts starting to kick in" laughed Max giving Liz a kiss. " But I had this feeling watching her little boy"

"What kind of feeling" Liz asked looking at Max.

"It was strange, but those kids looked familiar, especially her little boy."

Max, I had that same feeling, only for me it was the little girl."

"I had thought that maybe I had seen them in Roswell before, but her son said they'd never been here before"

"Ring, ring"

"That's probably Mr. Reynolds calling, I told him to call me tonight"

Giving Liz another kiss, Max went to answer the phone.


"Hey Mr. Reynolds..."

Smiling to Liz, Max went into his office.

Liz clicked on the television and settled down into the couch.

"Come on guys, time for bed" called Maria from the kitchen.

"Do we haft a"

"Yes baby, we have a big day tomorrow, starting early so you need your rest"

Tucking them into Bed Maria kissed them goodnight and went downstairs.

Pulling out the box, Maria began going over the contents once again. Nothing had changed; it was still the same as before. And as usual Maria came to the picture of her and the woman.

Rubbing her fingers over the woman's face, Maria smiled. << I wish I could remember you >> she thought. Wiping a tear from her cheek Maria began looking through the papers again. After it seemed like she'd read them a hundred times, Maria finally closed the box and went upstairs to get ready for bed

Stopping momentarily to check on the kids, Maria opened the door to each of their rooms, Giving Michael a kiss, Maria covered him up and went across the hall to Maxine's. After closing the door, Maria headed towards her room. Stopping momentarily at another door. Maria tried turning the handle, but as usual it would not budge. << Why can't I get you open >? Maria thought. Sighing, Maria stepped back, looking at the door one last time, Maria headed towards her room.

After washing up and changing into her nightgown, Maria sat on the edge of her bed, taking off her necklace and holding it in her hands, Maria sighed. << I wish you were here with me aunt grace >>Sighing Maria placed the necklace in the glass bowl on the nightstand and turned over, and closed her eyes to sleep. Maria never noticed the bright bluish glow emanating from the carved designs on the medallion.

Maria found herself in a room filled with candles, the glow from the flames giving the room a translucent effect; Maria could hear soft music coming from somewhere. The sound of the music washing over her, Maria could feel her body swaying, she felt strong arms wrap around her from behind, turning, Maria laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes and sighed, breathing in his scent, she could hear his heartbeat under her ear, Maria felt safe, she felt loved. Maria lifted her head from his chest to look at his face, When she felt someone grab her arm and begin pulling her away, reaching out for him, Maria could only feel the mist that had formed around her and the hands of whomever was pulling her

"Help me! Please help me," she screamed. Maria felt the hands tighten on her arm pulling her around to face whoever it was.

Bit all Maria saw before screaming was a pair of red glowing eyes. >>.

Bolting upright in bed, Maria took deep breaths and looked around the room. Reaching over Maria grabbed the necklace off the nightstand and held it to her chest. Keeping it grasped tightly in her hand, Maria once again laid down to sleep.

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chapter 12

The next morning after meeting at the Crashdown, Maria, Liz, Isabel and the kids head out to show Maria the town.

"As you know, I own the crashdown café, and over there is the U.F.O. Museum." Said Liz pointing to another building along the way. Liz and Isabel showed Maria various places

Pulling into the parking lot of the shopping center, the gang got out of the car.

"And here is where you go to get just about everything you need"

"That's good because I need just about everything" Laughed Maria.

"Well in that case let's go shopping," laughed Isabel rubbing her hands together.

After a few hours at the store, Maria and the gang finally packed up their bags and left

"Why don't we go to my house for lunch" suggested Maria "Besides I need to put up all this food anyway"?

"That's a good Idea, and the kids can play while we talk"

"Did you guys have fun today?" asked Isabel turning to the four kids.

"Yeah, we had lots of fun," smiled Maxine holding a pink fuzzy purse that Maria had bought her.

"Mommy, I'm hungry," said Isabel's little girl

"I know, we're going to Miss Maria's and we're going to have lunch over there"

Pulling into the driveway of the house, Maria got out of the car.

Getting out of the car, Liz and Isabel Looked towards the house.

"Liz, Isn't this the house we stopped at yesterday" whispered Isabel.

Shaking her head yes, Liz turned towards Maria.

Maria, this is where you're staying, it looks nice"

"Thanks" Maria said unlocking the front door and stepping inside.

Following Maria into the kitchen, they began to put away the groceries.

"How do you like Roswell, so far " asked Isabel putting a box of cereal into the cabinets.

"It's pretty nice, I guess just about every place has sort of Alien thing," laughed Maria holding up a little green stuffed alien doll. "I just couldn't resist"

"Do you believe in aliens Maria?" asked Isabel cocking her head to the side

"Of course mommy does, "squealed Maxine coming into the kitchen.

"She does, does she" smiled Isabel.

"Yeah, Mommy said the world would be boring if we were the only ones here," said Maxine looking up at Isabel.

Hey, I thought you were playing with your friends," asked Maria Trying to change the subject. She didn't like talking about aliens and her kids in the same subject in any form. It was hard enough to have kids for some one and not remember their father, but to have kids with strange powers, that you have to hide and then to find out that you might have lived in a town famous for alien landings. Well the idea was crazy, Her children were not aliens they were hers no matter what.

Still Maria couldn't shake the uneasy feeling she got listening to Isabel and Maxine talk about the Aliens in Roswell.

"Maria is some thing wrong," asked Liz placing her hand on Maria's shoulder.

Jumping at Liz's touch, Maria backed up and turned to her friend. "What, no, nothing is wrong, my mind just wandered there for a second."

"Max, go tell them lunch is ready," Maria said pouring lemonade into seven glasses, and gutting the sandwiches in half for them

"I thought we could have the chicken salad," Maria said pulling out a plastic container from the refrigerator and fixing three plates for her, Liz and Isabel.

Sitting down to the kitchen table the three women listened to the kids conversation about the day they'd had....


Max was sitting in the crashdown on his lunch break waiting for Michael.

"Hey Maxwell," said Michael sitting down across from Max.

"Hey Michael, Where have you been lately" max asked

"I got another project from Mr. Desmond, he wants me to design his wife's new guest house, I've been out looking at the landscape."

"Well, Liz wants you to come over for dinner tonight"

"I don't know if I'll Have time, max, I'm...

"No excuses this time Michael, Liz wants everyone their, her friend from the spa is in town for awhile and Liz wants her to meet everyone.

"Wait, the one she tackled into the pond," laughed Michael

"The very same, apparently her and her twins are here for some reason and Liz and Isabel want all of us to get together and make her feel welcome while she's here. It's really important to them Michael.

"Alright, alright, I'll be there," said Michael throwing his hands up in exasperation; there was no arguing with his friend.

After giving the waitress his lunch order, Michael turned back to max "What are you doing here having lunch anyway, why aren't you eating with Liz"

"For one thing, Liz and Isabel are spending the morning with Maria and the kids"


"Yeah, that's her name, Alex and I meet her yesterday, she was here having lunch with her kids. Michael and Max.

"Michael and Max" said Michael smiling and raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, weird huh, Michael Alexander and Maxine Elizabel, its kind of freaky, knowing her kids are practically named after us.


"Have you heard from Kyle and Tess"?

"He came by yesterday, I guess being the deputy sheriff keeps you busy"

"Especially when your dating Tess Harding" laughed Max.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

"That's me, I got to go back to work" said max getting up from the table "Remember Michael you promised you'd be there."

Waving by to his friend Max left

Looking out the window to his friend Michael watched as Max got into his car and drove away, Sighing Michael leaned back in his seat, The last thing he wanted to do tonight was to spend the evening trying to be nice to one of Liz's friend, But he had no choice, He'd skipped out on too many get togethers lately, if he missed one more Liz and Isabel would probably never forgive him.

After finishing his lunch Michael headed home to his studio

Walking through the doors of his studio, Michael looked at the paintings that hung around him. Lately Michael had found himself more and more in his art studio. Coming to stand in front of the canvas, Michael began to paint.

Michael began trying to paint the girl from his dreams throwing his paintbrush down in frustration Michael began pacing back and fort. << This is ridiculous, why can't I paint this girl >>. < Because you've never seen her whole face idiot >> Michael thought.

Sighing Michael sat down in his chair. Looking at the canvas again, Michael rubbed his hands through his hair. << I've got to stop this, It's taking over everything >Michael thought. He never bothered to tell max he'd missed a few days of work because he'd been here painting.

Picking up his jacket Michael Headed out to the paint store for more supplies.

"I hate to end this, but I need to get back home to work," sighed Isabel

Getting up, Maria began loading the dishwasher. "I have to tell you guys, I really appreciate you doing this for me, it would probably taken me forever to find all the things I need"

"It was no problem, and I'm looking forward to introducing you to our friends tonight"

"Listen, I was thinking, My in-laws are watching my kids tonight, why don't I see if they'll watch Michael and Maxine, that way the kids will have someone to play with, I saw how well they got along today." Asked Isabel getting up from the table

"I wouldn't want to put them to any trouble" said Maria

"Well I'll have to ask first, but I'm sure it would be no problem, by the way how is Penny"

"Penny is doing great, we have it set up so we can do business over the computer, I talk to her everyday. I'll have to give you her email address so you can write her."

"Come on I'll drop you off at home" smiled Maria

Packing the kids back up into the car, Maria and the gang headed back towards town

After dropping Isabel and the kids at home, Maria and Liz headed towards the crashdown.

Michael walked out of the paint store and waved to Mr. Jackson, The stores deliveryman.

"I'll have your supplies to you by tomorrow Mr. Guerin, "

Leaving the store Michael decided to head towards the ice cream shop, after ordering a double Pistachio Cone, Michael began walking down the streets of Roswell.

Turning the corner towards the crashdown, Michael saw Liz standing out front talking to some woman.

Michael stood there watching the two of them when Liz looked up and saw him.

<< Damn >>He thought, waving back finishing his cone Michael walked towards Liz.

"Hey Liz, what's up" asked Michael coming up behind the girl.

"Hey Michael, This is Maria"

Turning around Maria Looked up and smiled at Michael

Michael turned to the young woman and stopped short, Michael felt his breathe catch in his throat and his heart skipped a beat.

Looking up Maria looked into the most beautiful pair of eyes she thought she'd ever seen, and some how they seemed familiar.

"It's nice to meet you," stammered Maria reaching out to shake his hands

Maria felt little sparks in her fingertips, when she grasped Michael's hand. Maria felt lightening bolts in her hand and up her arm when they're hands meet.

Jumping back, Maria and Michael stared at each other

"Hello" Muttered Michael rubbing the back of his neck with his hands.

"Michael is one of my oldest friends Maria, We've known each other since high school and...

Liz stopped talking when she realized neither of her friends was listening to her

"That's a beautiful necklace," Michael said staring at the medallion hanging around her neck, or rather at the smooth skin, where it rested.

Reaching up Maria began playing with the Medallion,

"Thank you, it was a gift," stammered Maria

She felt like a nervous schoolgirl, talking to the most popular boy in school.

Michael looked back up into Maria's eyes << Those eyes, they're so green >> He thought.

"I have to be going" Maria said tearing away from his gaze.

Michael felt a wave of Disappointment at her words. He didn't want her to leave.

Turning to Liz, Maria smiled and hugged her friend, turning back to Michael, Maria Smiled.

"I guess I'll see you tonight" asked Maria

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, it was nice meeting you"

Getting into her car, Maria drove away.

"I Guess this means you'll be joining us tonight" smiled Liz

"I'll be there," said Michael, turning and walking towards his car around the corner.

Liz watched as Michael walked away, and then looked down the road to where Maria had headed. Getting into her car, Liz smiled with a little gleam in her eye.

<< Yes, tonight's going to be pretty interesting >> smiled Liz.

Starting her car, Liz smiled to herself and drove away.

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chapter 13

Pulling into her driveway, Maria and the kids got out of the car.

"Can we watch a video, mom" asks Maxine following Maria into the kitchen.

"Alright, sweetie, but only one"

Running upstairs to their rooms Maxine and Michael yell thanks to Marie

Smiling, Maria takes a soda out of the fridge and heads upstairs to her room.

"Ring! Ring!"


"Hey, Penny" Maria smiles enthusiastically walking into her bedroom.

"Hey Maria, how are you and the kids holding up?" asked penny

"We're all having a nice time, I meant to call you the minute I got in, I guess I just forgot" Maria said laying down across the bed, and kicking her shoes off.

"You have a lot going on chick, I'm not surprised, did you find anything out yet/"

"No, not yet, right now, I'm trying to get the feel of the town, but so far nothing seems familiar. I still can't believe aunt grace lied to me all this time"

"Maybe she had a good reason," said penny softly.

"There's never a good reason to lay penny" said Maria turning over in the bed to look up at the ceiling.

"Oh, guess what, I ran into Liz and Isabel yesterday"

"Oh yeah, they did say something about Roswell didn't they"

"I took the kids out for some lunch yesterday. Turned out the diner where we ate belongs to Liz, Isabel and Liz were there having lunch with their husbands.

"That's great chic, now you wont be all alone in Roswell"

"Yeah, all the kids get along great, Max and Michael say that Isabel's kids are nice"

"I spent the morning with Liz and Isabel shopping and looking around town, I was hoping it would help trigger something, but alas nothing"

"Give it time"

"I know, I know, you right," sighs Maria rubbing her forehead "It's just so frustrating.

"I'm meeting them for dinner tonight, Liz wants to introduce me to the rest of her friends"

"Sounds like fun"

Laughing Maria gets up off the bed and walks toward the closet. Pulling open the closet doors, Maria peered inside.

"I want to make a nice impression,"

Pulling out a dress, Maria walks over to the mirror"

"What do you think of the sunflower dress, with the matching shoes "?

"That would look nice, with your necklace and gold hoop earrings"

"Yeah your right"

"Oh hey, I called to tell you that I got the system up and running, so we can do our work over the computer"

Going over and picking up her laptop, Maria logged on and checked it out

"Hey, I see you sold that antique dresser"

"Yep Mr. Anderson finally decided to purchase it"

"Well its about time, he sure took forever deciding"

"Look I better let you go, Roberts coming in"

"Okay, bye penny"

"Bye ria"

"I tell you Isabel, it was like I wasn't even there," said Liz taking out some onions and peppers from the fridge.

Picking up the peppers, Isabel sits down to the table and begins cutting them up. She knew could have used her powers to do the job, but Liz liked cooking without using their gifts. Liz had told her it was more special to prepare food the old fashioned way.

"Well I tell you what, I think it would be good if something did happen between them. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt"

"What makes you think someone would get hurt?" asked Liz taking out a glass bowl from the cabinet.

"Liz, you know how hard it is for our group to accept someone new."

Putting down the knife Isabel looked over to Liz.

"Liz, do you ever have this strange feeling when ever your around Maria and her kids, Not a bad feeling, But like she's supposed to be here"

"Like she's a part of the group" Liz said turning to Isabel.

"Yes " Isabel said nodding her head.

"I talked with max about it. And he said there was something about her kids that reminded him of something or someone, but he couldn't think of what."

"If something does happen between them, do you think she'll be able to handle the truth"?

"I can't tell you that Isabel, but personally, I don't know why, but I feel she could more than handle it."

Turning around Liz, took the potatoes and started peeling it

"Did he really stand there practically drooling"?
"It's so hard to picture"

"It's hard to picture what?" asks Max coming into the kitchen.

"Hey Max, How was work" Liz asked putting down the spoon she was using to stir her pot.

"Tiring" max, replied coming behind Liz and wrapping his arms around her, and placing a hand over her stomach.

"And what were you two talking about when I came in"

"Oh, just Michael and Maria"

"What about them" asks max, letting go of Liz and sitting down at the table with Isabel?

"Well it looks as if it could be love at first sight," said Isabel

Looking up to where Liz was standing, Max gave her a questioning look.

"When Maria dropped me off at the crashdown earlier, we ran into Michael walking down the street. I tell you Max it was like one of those old movies you know. I don't think either of them realized I was there."

"Yeah, I was saying that it's so hard to picture Michael practically drooling over a woman he just meet"

"Well now, I didn't say he was drooling"

"But pretty close" laughs Isabel

"Well I don't know about you two, but I think it would be great for Michael to meet someone. Don't you think its time for him to find someone"?

"I have to agree with Liz" Isabel said. "Besides I have this feeling that Maria would be good for Michael. I think she could handle him.

"I hope the two of you are right,"

Michael walked into the front door of his home and threw his jacket down onto the couch. Heading towards his studio, taking down the old canvas, Michael began putting up a new one and began painting.

Michael didn't know where this urge to paint came from. But somewhere between the paint store and home this urge to paint had become overwhelming.

Michael's mind kept wandering back to earlier, outside of the crashdown when he'd meet Liz's friend.

< She was so beautiful >> Michael thought

Shaking his head, Michael stopped and stepped back from his painting.

Putting down his paintbrush, Michael turned and walked out of the studio.

Heading upstairs, Michael went into his room and turned on the shower,

Twenty minutes later, coming out of the shower, Michael got dressed and headed out to Max and Liz's. He wanted to talk to max before everyone arrived.

"Ring! Ring!"


"Hello, Maria, I talked to Alex's parents, they said they would be happy to have Maxine and Michael come over." Said Isabel

"That's great Isabel, What time should I bring them over, I don't want to bring them too early"

"How about and hour from now, I told the kids that they were coming"

"Thanks again, Isabel"

Hanging up the phone, Maria headed toward the kids room

Opening up the door, Maria went inside

"Hey mom" said Maxine getting up off her bed and running to her mother.

"I just talked with miss Isabel, and she said that you guys can go with her kids over to their grandparents house for the evening"

"Oh boy!" yelled Michael jumping up

Laughing Maria sat down on his bed

"I thought You might like that, Now I want you two on your best behavior, Go and Pick out some clean clothes and get ready for your bathes"

"Awe, Mom, do we haft a" whined Michael

Getting up off the bed, Maria smiled at her son

"Yes, you do, I want you to be nice and clean when we go"

Going to her closet, Maxine pulled out a pair of blue jeans and white t-shirt.

Putting the shirt down onto the bed, Maxine touched the sleeve and changed it to pink

Looking up Maxine smiled at her mother, "I like pink, Mama"

"I know, baby"

"But be careful tonight, don't forget the rule"

"No using power in front of others" Both kids recited in unison.

"Thank you"

Getting up Maria walked out the door and headed to the bathroom, filling the tub with bubbles.

Thirty minutes later after both kids had their baths, Maria began preparing for the night ahead.

Going into the bathroom, Maria removed her necklace and stepped into the shower. The hot water running down her back always seemed to sooth her. Maria's mind started to wonder and she found herself singing.

Ten minutes later, Maria emerged from the shower refreshed and clean.

Going into her room. Maria began getting dressed.

Getting out of his car, Michael walked up to Max's front porch and rang the doorbell.

"Hey Michael" Max said opening the door and stepping aside

"Hey max" Michael replied coming inside

Following Max into the kitchen where Liz and Isabel were, Michael took a seat next to Isabel at the table.

"Where's Alex"

"Oh, you know Alex, he's at home working on his computer software. He'll be here soon. He's supposed to drop the kids off at his parents.

"I heard you meet our friend this afternoon" smiled Isabel, a wicked grin crossing her face.

"Oh, yeah, I ran into her and Liz at the crashdown" replied Michael trying to sound like he didn't really care

Maria dropped the kids off at Isabel's in-laws, after kissing the kids goodbye and briefly talking with the Whitman's. Maria made her way to Liz's home.

Driving down the street toward the home of Liz and Max, Maria slowed down when she came to a small park. Pulling into the parking lot, Maria got out of the car, and headed toward the swings.

Sitting down on a swing, Maria began swinging. She thought she probably looked funny to anyone passing by, but she didn't care, Maria could feel the air blowing through her long curls as she raised higher in the air.


"Hey, stop that," yelled Maria

"Who's going to make me?" yelled the little boy.

"I am," Maria said

Getting up from her swing, little Maria went over to the little boy and punched him in the nose and knocked him down.

Getting up the little boy ran off

Turning around Maria walked over to the little girl crying on the see/saw.

"Hello" the little dark haired girl said shyly

"Hello" My names Maria, what's yours?"

{End Flash}

Maria brought the swing to a complete stop. Looking around the park, Maria smiled realizing it was the same on from her flash.

Getting off the swing Maria headed towards her car. And to Liz's

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chapter 14

Maria pulled into the driveway of Liz and Max’s house and got out of the car. Walking up to the front steps Maria couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

Maria thought ringing the doorbell.

Meanwhile in the kitchen

“Ding, dong”

Getting up from the table where, she was sitting with, Isabel, Liz went over to the door to open it.

“Hey Maria, welcome to my home, come on in” smiled Liz stepping aside so that Maria could enter.

“Liz your home is lovely”

“Why, thank you, I decorated it myself, come-on, Isabel’s in the kitchen” said Liz

Following Liz into the kitchen, Maria smiled at Isabel sitting at the table.

“Hey chica”

“Hey Isabel” smiled Maria sitting down to the table.

“Liz, is there anything I can do to help”

“Oh no, everything is just about ready”

“ We’re just waiting on Kyle and Tess, and Alex” Isabel said

“Max and Michael are in the office, so this gives the three of us a little time alone” laughs Liz.

Sitting down across from Maria at the table, Liz smiled

“So Maria tell me, are the kids enjoying their stay in Roswell”

“Are you kidding they’re really enjoying it. I know I’m going to have a hard time when we have to go home”

“You’re going home”

Turning around Maria saw Michael and max entering in the kitchen

Michael ‘s eyes locked with Mari’s for a moment

Michael thought.

“We thought we heard the doorbell,” said max coming into the kitchen and giving Liz a soft kiss.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, Michael kept his eyes on Maria.

“No I’m not leaving anytime soon, I’ll be staying in Roswell for a bit longer. The only problem I’ll have is finding things for the kids to do while we’re here. I don’t like to let them watch a lot of television”

“You know, why don’t you enroll them in a summer program.” Stated Isabel getting up from the table to get a glass of water.

“A summer program”

Returning to the table Isabel sat down,” Well they have it all year round. It’s this program for kids, it’s like they go off to camp everyday for a couple of hours and then come home. They teach the kids all sorts of fun things from playing with model clay to painting. Reading, growing plants, learning about nature, they teach them all sorts of fascinating thing that kids love. They even have computer classes for the kids.”

“That sounds perfect” smiled Maria. “They’d love that”

“Alex and I enrolled our kids in it last year, and again this year. We can go see Mrs. Hutchinson tomorrow”

“Ding dong” Ding dong”

“That must be tess and Kyle”

Getting up from the table Max went to answer the door, while everyone went into the living room.

“Hey guys, come on in, “ said max stepping aside to let Kyle and Tess through

“We went by and picked up Alex.”

Alex walked in closing the door behind him.

“Well since everyone’s here, I guess we can get started on dinner”

Walking over to where Maria was sitting Tess sat down and smiled.

“You must be Maria, I’ve heard quite a lot about you”

“Yes, and I heard you just came back from a cruise, how was it”

Grinning from ear to ear, Tess began shrugging off her jacket.

“It was terrific, I had a great time”

Sitting down next to Tess, Kyle took hold of her hand.

Turning to look at him Tess smiled.

Maria couldn’t help but notice the little twinkle in her eyes as Tess looked at Kyle.

Maria wasn’t the only one to notice it,

“So tell us, did anything exciting happen on this trip,” Isabel asked.

Turning towards Isabel, Tess kept on grinning, Maria couldn’t help but think that Tess reminded her of a child giddy about Christmas morning.

“ Kyle and I are getting married”

“Congratulations, “ Isabel said getting up from her chair and giving Tess a hug.

“Well it’s about time,” said Max grinning at Kyle

“We were beginning to wonder if you were ever going to pop the question,” laughed Michael.

“You weren’t the only one,” laughed Tess squeezing Kyle’s hand.

“Well now I guess we really have something to celebrate,” laughs Isabel and Liz

“Come-on. Lets go ahead and eat” Liz says getting up and heading towards to dining room area.

“So Maria,” smiled Tess to Maria sitting across from her at the table.

“How long are you going to be in Roswell”?

“I’m really not sure, it just depends on how things go right now”

“Maria have you talked to penny lately” asked Isabel

“Actually I talked to her a little while before I came over here, she says to tell you hello, if you want I can give you her e-mail address.

“Thanks I’d love to e-mail her”

“She’s your friend from the spa, right” asked Kyle to Isabel.

“Yeah Liz and I met, Maria and penny at the spa, a few months back.”

“What made you come to Roswell anyway?” asked Tess. “to see Liz and Isabel”

“Actually I had forgotten that they even stayed here” replied Maria taking the plate that Liz handed her.

“I just happen to run into them at Liz’s diner”

Sitting down to the table Liz took hold of Max’s hand,

“I know you guys are thrilled about the baby,” said Tess to Liz.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” said Liz

“She’s practically, buying out every baby store in town,” said Isabel

“Well I want my baby to have everything it requires,” said Liz. Taking a bite of salad.

“Sweetheart. After taking a look at all the things you purchased, this kids going to want for nothing,” laughed Max.

Isabel looked over to where Michael was sitting; she noticed his eyes hardly ever left Maria’s face.

Isabel smiled looking over, she never thought she would ever see Michael infatuated with someone, she was glad it was Maria though. She wasn’t quite sure why but she had a sneaking suspicion that if anyone could handle Michael it would be Maria.

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chapter 15

Dinner was done at Max and Liz’s and everyone was sitting down in the living room talking about Tess and Kyle’s upcoming wedding.

“Well Tess, have you and Kyle set a date yet.” Asked liz

“Actually we were thinking of about three months from now.”

Three months, that isn’t much time.” said Maria

“Yes, I know, but we want a small wedding, just friends and family. I was thinking of something small, nothing really fancy. “ said Tess.

“Most everyone we know live here in Roswell,” Kyle said

“At least everyone we want at our wedding.” Tess said getting up from the couch .

“And besides the timing is perfect, my Dad would be able to come home for the wedding.” Said Kyle.

“Where’s your dad at?” asked Maria.

“He was the Sheriff of Roswell, when we were all in high school. And a few years ago he ran for mayor, and he won.

Right now he is in Washington. I think he wants to possibly run for state senator.”

“Do have any political aspirations Kyle?” asked Maria.

“Oh no, I am very happy, teaching the high school football team.” Smiled Kyle.

“Actually, Tess, here, would be more likely to follow dad’s footsteps.” Kyle replied.

“Yeah, I joined the Police force right after college, being raised in the Valenti home, I hadn’t really thought about becoming a police officer. But over time. I realized it was exactly what I wanted to be.” Said Tess. “ Besides I like it here in Roswell, it’s home.

“So, have you guys ever lived anywhere else besides Roswell, I thought most small town folks usually left when they got older” asked Maria leaning back in her chair.

“Well, we thought about moving away, you know each of us going our separate ways, but I guess we just never did. Besides, our jobs take us different places.” Said Isabel.

“Working in the fashion department, I’ve been to more places than I can even remember.” Sighed Isabel.” It’s nice to have a place like Roswell to come home too..

“What was it like where you grew up, Maria?” asked Alex.

Oh, there is nothing really to tell, I grew up with my Aunt Grace. And I had a few friends nothing spectacular.” Replied Maria.

That’s right, Liz mentioned that you live with your Aunt Grace.” Said Tess.

“Yes, she was terrific,” said Maria.

“I would never have had the courage to open up the shop if it hadn’t been for her” Maria said.

Looking over at the clock on the table, Maria saw the time.

“Is that the time?” Asked Maria.

“I really should go and pick up the kids.” Maria said getting up from the couch,

“Actually Maria, I called to check on the kids earlier, and my parents said that they all had wore each other out playing. Why don’t you just let them spend the night at my parents, and pick them up in the morning?” said Alex

“It would be a shame to wake them up, being so late and all” said Isabel.

“Well I wouldn’t want to inconvience your parents Alex” said Maria.

“Oh its no problem, besides it will give the kids more time together” said Isabel.

“Well I would feel better if I called the Whitmans to be sure.” Maria said.

“Sure, you can use the phone in my office” said Max, “ it’s down the hall third door on your left.”


“Would you all excuse me for a moment,” said Isabel “I’ll be right back”

Getting up from her chair, Isabel heads towards the kitchen and slips out the side door. Walking along the side of the house, Isabel heads towards the car port walking over to where Maria’s car is at. Looking around her Isabel passes her hand over the hood of the car. Smiling when she hears the snap and popping sounds coming from under the hood, Isabel turns and walks back towards the house.

Walking back into the living room, Isabel sat down next to Alex.

“Hey, Isabel, Maria was just telling us about her shop”

“Really” said Isabel.

“Actually I was just telling them, how We recently put the store online, that’s how I’m able to work on my computer here, while Penny works at the store”

“Is that were you got your necklace from Maria” asked Tess.

“Oh this” said Maria reaching down to take hold of her necklace.

“This was a gift from my Aunt Grace, when I woke up in the hospital I was wearing it. She told me that it is supposed to protect me.” Said Maria smiling “We sell similar ones at the shop, but I’ve never been able to find one like this anywhere, she told me it was a family heirloom.

“May I?” asked Tess.

“Sure, You can.” said Maria reaching behind her to unclasp the hook.

Smiling, Maria reached out to drop the necklace into Tess’s hands

“OUCH!” yelled Tess, when Maria dropped the necklace into her hand causing her to drop the necklace onto the floor and rubbing the palm of her hand.

“Tess, Tess what’s wrong?” asked Kyle concerned.

“I don’t know, it suddenly felt like something was stinging me,” said Tess “and I got a sharp pain in my head.”

“Are you alright?” asked Maria

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” said Tess. “But it really hurt.”

Taking hold of her hand, Kyle looked it over, well it looks alright now” said Kyle “Are you sure your fine?”


Looking down to where the necklace was on the floor, Alex reached down to pick it up.


Liz and Alex and Maria in a car driving down a highway.

“Exactly where are you taking us?” asks Liz

“It’s a surprise, you’ll see when we get there” replied Maria singing along with the radio

“Well I hope it’s soon, I’m starving”

{End Flash}

“Alex, Alex” called Isabel.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” asked Alex.

“I asked if you were ready” said Isabel

“Yes” said alex

Turning the amulet over in his hand Alex examined the back. And the front

It was a round flat smooth piece of silvery metal with a gold rope pattern along the outer edge. And in the center was a carving of some sort that had been filled in with mother of pearl. Turning it over it had a bunch of symbols carved into the back side.

Reaching out to hand the necklace back to her.

“Maria those symbols on the back, what do they mean?”

Taking it in her hand and rubbing her finger over the symbols, Maria smiled deep in though,

“My Aunt Grace told me that it’s supposed to be some dead language that nobody really speaks any more”

“What does it say?” asked Tess.


“That’s beautiful” said Michael.

Looking over to where he was sitting, Maria smiled.

“ I know, a lot of people think that it’s just some corny saying, but it has always made me feel better.” Maria said fastening the clasp around her neck.

“Well I hate to break this up” said Isabel “But I have a meeting to get to first thing in the morning.”

“Yes, we need to get going also” said Kyle getting up from the couch.

“Liz dinner was delicious” said Tess.

“Thanks guys”

“Listen, I was hoping the four of us could get together Next week and start making plans for the wedding.” Said Tess.

“Sweetie. The wedding isn’t for three months” Kyle says

“Kyle, Every wedding no matter what size takes time to prepare.” Said Isabel

Taking hold of his hand Kyle and Tess say their goodbyes to everyone.

“Well I better get going too.” Said Maria.

“Dinner was delicious Liz, and it was nice meeting you guys” smiled Maria to Max and Alex.

Opening the door to leave Maria turns to Liz and smiles

“Thanks for inviting me over” said Maria giving Liz a hug.

“It was great having you, call me tomorrow”

Closing the door behind her, Liz walks back over to where Max is and puts her arms around him.

“Well I’m going to go home and enjoy a child free night, with a long hot soak in the tub” said Isabel.

“I guess I’d better get going too” said Michael

“Liz dinner was great” said Michael giving Liz a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you Michael”

Opening the door to leave, Michael nearly ran right into Maria.

“Oh I’m sorry” said Maria

“That’s alright” said Michael stepping aside to let her in.

“Maria is everything alright?” asked Liz.

“No, for some reason, my car won’t start” said Maria.

“Oh no, I hope it’s nothing too serious” said Isabel

“Well I hope not, my car was fine, I don’t know what could be wrong with it”

“Well I’d offer to drop you off at home, but we live in the opposite direction” said Isabel

“Wait a minute, Michael, You can take Maria home, you live in that direction” said Liz.

“That’s a great idea,” said Isabel, “and tomorrow we’ll take your car to the garage.”

“You don’t mind do you Michael?” asked Liz

“No I don’t mind” said Michael.

“Are you sure, I wouldn’t want to put you out” said Maria.

“No its no trouble at all” said Michael

“Okay then thanks” replied Maria. “I’ll see you guys later”

“Okay bye” waved Liz closing the door.

Smiling, Liz walked over to Isabel.

“All right what are the two of you up to” asked Alex

“Alex, we have no Idea what your talking about” said Isabel.

“And I suppose you don’t either” said Max to Liz.

Smiling Liz tilted her head to the side and winked at Max.

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chapter 16

Maria sat in michael's car, looking out the window, watching the houses pass by. ... sighing Maria closed
her eyes. and smiled.

Tonigh had been nice she thought. Maria couldn't remember the last time she had felt so at ease with
people she had just meet.

"I take it you had a good time tonight" said michael

"Hmm.." said maria turning to look at him

"I asked if you had a good time tonight" said Michael

"Oh yes, Liz and Max are great, they made me feel real welcome" said Maria.

"Well that's Liz for you" michael said Smiling." She can find the good in everyone"

Pulling into Maria's driveway, michael turned off the engine and got out.

"I hope I didn't put you out any" said maria stepping out of the passenger side of the car. "I just don't
understand what could possible be wrong with my car. I mean it was working fine, and I just got it inspected.

"I'm sure it's probably nothing" said michael

"I hope your right" said Maria

Stepping in front of her front door, Maria turned to look up at Michael.

"they'll probably take the car, in tomorrow."

Unlocking, her front door, Maria stepped inside.

"Do you want to come in for a few minutes, I don't have much in the way of entertainment." Maria said

"Sure, I'll come in for a few minutes." said Michael walking inside behind Maria..

Stepping inside, Maria's home, Michael looked around at everything..

Walking into the living room, Maria threw her jacket, onto a chair.

"Would you like something to drink, a soda or something, sorry, I don't have anything stronger"

"A soda is fine" said Michael,

going into the kitchen, Maria went to get two soda's

Walking around the living room, Michael Began looking

Nice house, Michael thought.

A picture frame sitting on Maria's desk caught Michael's eye. Walking over to it, Michael picked it

It was a picture of Maria and a young woman, both smiling and standing in front of a shop.

The picture made michael smile, <>He thought.


Maria and Michael, sitting on a couch eating a bowl of popcorn, laughing, and watching some old movie.

"I love this part" laughs Maria stuffing a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

Michael watched as Maria kept laughing at the people on screen. Picking up the remote, Michael clicked the
TV off.

"Hey" Cried Maria putting the bowl of popcorn down on the table

"Why'd you cut the movie off"

Smiling. Michael reached for Maria and pulled her onto
his lap

"Because I suddenly have a taste for popcorn and mixed
with something else" whispered Michael. nuzzling her

Moaning deep in her throat, maria arched her neck,
while Michael traced the curve of her neck with his
mouth capturing her lips with his own, the taste of
salty buttered popcorn, mixed with the taste that was simply Maria..

The taste and feel of maria was overpowering to his senses, making Michael feel a little intoxicated.


"Hey, here you go" said Maria coming into the room carrying two glasses

Startled michael Dropped the photograph onto the floor, shattering the glass.

"Oh, no" cried maria, putting the glasses down and rushing over to where michael stood.

"I'm sorry" said Michael bending down to pick up the frame.

"That's alright" said maria reaching down to pick up a
piece of glass.

"Ouch" cried Maria dropping the piece onto the floor.

"What" said Michael, reaching for her hand

"I cut myself" said maria getting up.

"let me see" said Michael taking hold of her hand and turning it over in his.

"Doesn't look to bad" said Michael " But we'd better put some medicine and a band-aid on it"

Still holding her hand, Michael led maria into the
bathroom to the medicine cabinet, and began cleaning
the cut.

"I am such a clutz" stated Maria " I know better than
pick up broken glass with my bare hands"

"There, all done" said Michael putting a band-aid
onto Maria's hand.

"Thank you" said maria looking at her hand

"No problem" said Michael, still holding maria's hand.

Maria felt a warm tingling sensation, where michael held her hand,<>
maria thought.<> she thought.

"Maria" said Michael sofly.

"Hmmm" said Maria .

looking up maria found herself looking right into
Michael's eyes, and she found herself drawn into them.

"Maria" whispered Michael Leaning towards her

<>maria thought<>. <>>.
closing her eyes, maria could feel Michael's lips only a fraction of an inch away from her's,

leaning towards Maria, Michael brushed his lips slightly over maria's sending a shock through both of

"Ring, Ring"

The sound of the telephone startling them both.

"I'd better get that" said Maria stepping away from him. and stumbling slightly backwards. turning Maria
went into the living room.

Leaning back against the wall Michael let out a breathe he didn't realize he'd been holding.

"I really should be going" Michael said

"Could you hold on a minute" said maria putting the phone down.

Walking over to where he was maria smiled

"Thank you for driving me home" maria said "And.......and for everything else" maria said holding
up her bandage.

"No problem" michael said Michael.

"I should go"

opening the front door for him maria waved as michael got into his car and pulled out of her driveway.

Closing the door, maria closed her eyes, and leaned back against the door and sighed.

Pushing herself off the door, maria walked over to the telephone and picked up the receiver.

"Chica" said Maria plopping down onto the couch and
kicking her shoes off.

"Did anyone ever tell you, that you have THE..... WORST..... TIMING,, IN THE WORLD.." said Maria

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chapter 17

"I tell you penny, tonight was fun" said maria into the reciever.

"So tell me, what is everyone like?" asked Penny.

"Oh everyone was really nice, Liz introduced me to all her friends, we had a real good time"

"Liz's husband max seem real sweet, and so did isabel's husband Alex."

"Sounds like your having a good time,"

"yeah, the only trouble that I have had so far is a little car trouble, liz's friend Michael had to bring me home tonight"

"Michael?" asked penny

"Yes, apparently, he and max and isabel were all friends in high school, that's were he and lixz met"

"So, tell me, what is this Michael Like?"

"He was real nice,, I liked him"

"Really, Well this is interesting, It's been a long time since you were interested in some one"

"What are you talking about Penny? I just met the guy"

"I can just tell, and besides it would do you some good to go out and have some fun, "

"your incedible, do you know that?"

"I'm just glad that your, having some fun while your there, I know thais isn't an easy time for you"

"I don't know how to explain it penny, but I feel....... I feel like this is the right place for me to be."

"Are you going to tell them why your there, maybe they can help you, Ria"

"Maybe your right penny" said maria getting up off the couch " I'll call you tomorrow, okay chica?"

"alright, give the kids my love"

Okay, bye, bye.


hanging up the phone, Maria heads upstairs.


Hanging up the phone in her home office, penny smiled and Picked up, the framed picture of her and Maria standing infront of the store.

"Is everything okay" asked robert coming to stand behind her, placing his hands on her shoulder.

putting the picture down, penny stood up and wrapped her arms around, his neck, and gave him a swift kiss.

"yes, everything is fine, maria is having a wonderful time in roswell" said penny turning towards the bed.

"That's good"

"Is it?" asked penny

"Of course it is, Penny you know Maria belongs there"

coming to sit down next to her, robert wrapped his arms around his wife, " you know that Maria deserves to be with her family"

"We were her family, robert, we were the ones who were here for her all these years, they weren't"

"They weren't given a choice, and you know this" said robert.

"Maria deserves to know, and so do the kids."

"So What did you want to do, nothing, let her go on living a lie, thinking everything ws great" replied robert getting up off the bed. "you made the right decision Sweetheart, it is time that ria knew the whole truth, does she remember anything yet."

Shaking her head, Penny smiled.

"No, I don't believe she does, at least she hasn't told me if she did."

"What about him?"

Michael, Yes, she's meet michael, she has no idea that he's the kids father, I can tell she really likes him tough."

"You see," said robert giving Penny a kiss " everything is fallling into place, it's only a matter of time"..


Maria, stepped into the bathroom of her room and turned on the hot water of the shower, and smiled,

Quickly picking out a bottle of her favorite shampoo out of the cabinet, and undressing, Maria stepped into the shower, The heat from the water felt so good running down the lenght of her body, Unclasping the necklace from around her neck maria placed it on the soap stand,

picking up her sponge, and lathering it up with soap, maria began to humm to herself.

Closing her eyes, she found herself drifting...

Two strong arms wrapped around maria from behind , and Maria arched her neck as he began nuzzling her ..Turning around Maria smiled.

"What took you so long, michael"

"just needed something the drink" said Michael Right before his mouth came down onto maria's

Maria could taste the peach snapple, as Michael kissed her passionately.

gliding her hands down the lenght of his back, Maria arched her neck as michael nipped his way down her neck and lingered at the base of her throat..

Taking the sponge from her hand, Michael smiled wickedly and began to lather it up, turning her around, he began to slowly spread the sponge across the top of her shoulder and down her back,

"Hmmm.....that feels good" sighed Maria

Bringing his arms around her, Michael began lathering the maria's shoulders once again, watching as the soap suds made their way down vally between maria's breasts.,

Arching her back, maria laid her head against Michael's shoulder and smiled, turning around in his arms, Maria pulled michael head down to her and captured his lips in a heated kiss, the water from the shower pouring down on them, Michael Backed maria up against the shower wall,

Maria moaned as Michael lifted her up against the wall and took her breast into his mouth. and began suckling her.

grapping hold of the towel rack above her and wrapping her legs around him for support, Maria gasped as michael entered her. All she could hear, was the sound of the water hitting them from the shower, and the feel of michael in her and round her,

Pulling her head down to his, Michael captured, her mouth with his own, and thrust into her even more depening the kiss with each thrust that he made.

Tearing her Mouth from His, maria looked into his eyes, and saw someting there, something primal.. something mirrored in her own.

thrusting into her one last time, michael quickly, pulled her mouth down to his, as her body began to shake and Maria felt rather than heard the scream that left her body,.

gasping for air, maria tore her mouth away from michael yet again.

Sliding her down the shower wall, Michael took maria's face in his hands and smiled at her and began to give her a gentle kiss, not like the passion filled one s of a few moments ago, something more sweeter, clossing her eyes, maria could feel michaels lips as he.......

The feel Of the cold water hitting her caused Maria's eyes to shoot open, looking around her, she found herself, alone in her shower, shivering, maria quickly turned off her shower and picked up her necklace.

stepping out of the shower and putting on her bathroom robe, Maria walked out of the bathroom and looked at the clock on the night stand.


I was in there for over an hour

Sitting at the dressing table Maria began to brush her hair. stopping, she began to look at herself in the mirror, closing her eyes Maria took a deep breathe, she could still taste michael's mouth on hers.

swiftly shaking her head, maria got up and put on her gown and got into bed

It was just some silly fantasy she thought but it seemed so real

Putting her necklace into the glass bown on the night stand. and taking a sip of water from the pitcher next to the bed, maria put down the glass and turnd over onto her side.

Probably that talk I had with Penny earlier, maria though

closing her eyes, maria listened to the silence for awahile then drifted off to sleep.

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here are the next few parts
chapter 18
Waking up early, the next morning and fixing some cofee, isabel, was sitting at the kitchen table when alex came into the kitchen.

"Hey sweetie" smiled alex kissing isabel on the cheek
"Good morning. sleep well"
"Yes, what are you doing up so early, "
"You know I only sleep a few hours a night" said isabel
"I guess, I just didn't expect you to be up this early, is all"
"Well Actually, I have to go into work this morning." isabel said getting up and fixing herself another cup of coffee.

":Hmm., I need to call your parents, and see If they can drop the kids off at group this today"

"Mom Has, the eye exam this morning remember"

"Damn, that's right"

Putting her coffee cup down onto the counter, isabel smiled and picked up the phone and began dialing

Folding his paper in half, perred over the edge at his wife smiling, one of her wicked smiles

"Who are you calling isabel?" asked Alex.

"Turning to Alex, Isabel only smiled wider

"Hello Michael.......


Maria found herself sitting in a booth at the crashdown, Looking around her, at all the different people, and then at the menu in front of her, her eyes burrowed in confusion.

Looking upo from the menu, Maria smiled when she saw Liz entering the door.

"Hey Liz," Called Maria waving from her seat at her friend

"Hey, Liz It's good to see you this morning, I wanted to talk to you about....Liz?

walking right by her and sitting down at the next booth, Liz nodded to the waitress

"What can I get you This morning Mrs Evans"

"Just some scrambled eggs and toast. thanks,"

"sure thing" smiled the young girl walking away.

Getting upout of her booth and walking over to where liz was sitting, Maria sat down

"I guess, you didn't hear me before" said maria looking across at Liz.

There's something that I need to talk to you about"

"pulling out her briefcase and placing it onto the tale, Liz began going through papers and continued to ingnore maria.

looking across at her friend's down turned head Maria closed her eyes and shook her head., placing fingers over her temples, she began rubbing her temples.

Turning to look out the window, Maria watched as the sky suddenly grew grey and cloudy with thunderand lighting., feeling a chill Maria swirled around and found herself alone in the diner..


Getting up out of the booth, Maria looks at her surroundings.

"Hello.... Hello!!?

Pulling her Jacket around her tighter, Maria begins looking around the diner.

"Liz?....Liz where are you?"

Walking into the backroom, Maria began looking around. Finding No one she left and went back inside the diner.

Maria suddenly had a cold fear, overtake her, Walking over to the booth, maria pcked up her purse and walked out of the crashdown. Looking down the streets, and finding no one around , she began walking fast towards home

A loud crash from behind her, caused her to spin around suddenly, looking, around maria saw the shape of a man turning around a corner, and walk towards her. Suddenly feeling more terrified Maria quickly turned around and walked towards home evan faster. The sounds of the man's footsteps behind her growing closer and closer.

Maria could feel her heart pounding faster in her chest, and she began running down the street, running around the corner, maria stopped and leaned against the wall and closed her eyes and took deepbreathes.

Opening her eyes, Maria let out a piercing scream.....

Bolting upright, and screaming, Maria, stumbled out of bed..

Pulling on her robe, Maria went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face, looking into the mirror, Maria took a deep breathe.

"Get a hold of yourself Deluca, It was just a dream"


"Who in the world is that at this hour"

going downstairs, Maria, went to answer the door.

reaching for the door, Maria was just about to turn the handle when she stopped and stood back from the door.


"Who is it" called Maria.

"It's me michael" came Michaels voice from the other side of the door.

Opening the door, Maria looked up at michael.

"Hey" said Michael looking at her in the doorway.

"Hey" Maria said Smiling at him.

"Can I come in" laughed Michael.

"What?....Oh. I"m sorry, come In " Laughed Maria stepping aside to let him through.

Walking past Maria, Michael went into the living room.

Closing the door, Maria followed Michael into the living room .

"Can I get you anything?" asked Maria

"No thanks" replied Michael.

"What brings you here so early this morning" asked Maria

"Isabel, called me this morning and asked if I wouldn't mind picking you up, she got called into work this morning, and apparently mrs whitman has an eye appointment this morning so her husband will be driving her there, so we get to get the kids and bring them to group, isabel made an appoint ment for you to meet the kids teacher this morning"

"What time" asked Maria.

looking at the clock on the wall

"Uhmm... In about an hour"

"An hour?" asked Maria looking at the clock.

"Yes, I would have called, but I don't know the number." michael said.

"That's alright, I'd better go and get ready, Make yourself at home, I won't be long." maria said running upstairs.

A few moments later, Michael heard the shower start......

Walking into the kitchen, Michael Looked around, Fixing himself a cup of coffee, he went back into the living room to wait for Maria.

Sitting down on the couch, Michael picked up one of the magazines, on the table and began flipping through it.

throwing the magazine back onto the table a few minutes later, Michael got up and began walking around.

Noticing some pictures on a mantle, Michael went over to look at them when he stummbled over something.

Looking down, Michael saw a small wooden box. Picking it up michael stared at the top, rubbing his fingers over the top he kept staring at it.

I've seen this before Michael though.


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chapter 19

Spinning around Michael found Maria standing right behind him staring at the box in his hand.

"I asked you, what you were doing?" Maria said.

"well I was Just...

"I leave you alone in my home for a few moments and you go through my things" Maria stated angrily.

"Wait just a darn minute" Michel said getting angry "I was not going through your things, you left it on the floor and I nearly fell over it."

Looking at Michael for a moment, Maria went over and placed the box inside the curio cabinet..

"I don't go through people's things"

Closing the curio doors, maria turned to Michael.

"Look... I, I'm sorry....It's just that...

Looking at Maria, Michael could feel his anger subsiding.

"I take it, that box means a lot to you?"

Turning her head, Maria looked towards the cabinet.

"Yes, it does, When it was given to me, it changed my life forever"

Looking at her standing in front of him, Michael wished he could take the sad llok from her face.

"Changed it how, changed it good or chnged it bad" he asked.

Turning to look back at him, she smiled.

"I don't know yet"

picking up her keys, "come on let's go" maria called headed towards the door.

Taking one last look at the cabinet Michael walked out behind Maria and closed the door.

"You did what" asked liz into the reciever.

"I called Michael up this morning and asked him to pick up maria, so they could bring the kids to their group thingie" isabel said on the other end at her office.

"You know, Max, wasn't to thrilled about our little prank with maria's car
the other day" liz stated pouring milk into a pot.

"Well Liz, let's face it, my brothers a geat guy, but some guys need a kickstart to get them going, and michael is ne of those guys" isabel said leaning back in her office chair.

"They belong together liz,.. I don't know why, I just feel it, don't you"

"Yes ,... yes I do"


Pulling into the drivaeway of the Whitman's maria nd michael got out of the

"Mommy! Mommy!

Looking towards the house Michael saw blonde curls come bouncing out of the house and run towardse them.

Reaching down maria scooped up her daughter into her arms and swung her around in the air giggling.

"Hey Maxie, Mommy missed you" Maria said giving her daughter a tight squeaze."Did you and your brother have fun"

"Yep, we had lots of fun"

Michael stood back watching Maria with her daughter. not wanting to disturb them.

:"Hello?" came a voice from behind him.

Turning around Michael found himself looking at a young boy.

"Hello there, I guess you must be Michael, I've heard a lot about you.

"Are you and my mom friends?"

Turning to look back at maria michael smiled.

"Yes, I am"

Sitting down on the steps, Michael looked towards the little boy in the doorframe.

"You know, my names michael too"

Coming out of the doorway and sitting down on the steps next to michael.

Reaching into the pocket of his jeans little michael pulled out two tootsie rolls and held one out to Michael.

Holding out his hand the little boy placed the tootsie roll into michael hand and smiled up at him.

Looking at the childs smiling face, Michael could see Maria there, in the little boys face.


Maria sitting in a rocking chair inside a nursery rocking back and forth in a rocking chair singing a lullaby.

looking up from the child she seemed to look right at him.


Sitting there, Michael stared at the little boy.

"Well I see you two have met"

"What?.... Oh yes" said michael turning to look at Maria.

Narrowwing her eyes, maria looked at Michael

"Are you oaky" asked Maria.

Looking at his watch Michael looked up at Maria."We'd better get going soon."

"alright then, I need the two of you to sit out here with Mr. Michael while I talk to Mr. & Mrs Whitman for just a moment. "

"Alright Mom"

Going inside Maria closed the door behind her.

Getting up from the steps Maxine came and stood in front of Michael.

"I'm Maxine Elizabel Deluca, but you can call me Maxie" she said looking strainght at him.

"Well Hello Maxie, My names Michael"

"I know, Mommy told me, she said we're going to kid group with katie"

"Yep we're here to bring you there." michael said.

"Are you guys enjoying your stay here?" asked michael.

"Yes, I like it here, it's fun here,"

Opening the door Maria came outside followed Mrs Whitman and isabels kids.

"You kids have fun" Mrs Whitman said to the children.

Takiing hold of Michael's hand, maxine began pulling on him.

"Come on " she said tugging him

Smiling, Michael got up and follwed the two kids to the car.

Standing on the steps Maria watched as Michael and her daughter walked hand and hand to the car.

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chapter 20

Pulling into the school parking lot, Michael and Maria got out of the car
with the kids, and walked into the care center..

"Well here we are" said Michael coming to stand next to her.

pulling the door maria went inside.

"Hello there, you must miss Deluca, I'm Mrs jordan"

"yes, I am " maria said Smiling.

"Mrs. Whitman called and asked if we could talk, and this was the only time I was available, I hope that wasn't a problem for you"

"Oh no, It was no prolem at all.

"Well then, since the kids seem to have found things to do , let's go into my office so we can talk.

Following Mrs Jordan into her office Maria and michael satdown at herdesk.

Well Miss Deluca, Mrs whitman has told me that you wish to enroll your twins into our program for the duration of your stay here in roswell.

"Yes, that is true" maria said.

"How long do you plan to stay in roswell?"

"Well I'm not exactly sure,Iwill be here for a few at least three more weeks, after that I'm not sure" replied Maria.

"Well then We just need you to fill out a few papers and everything will be set up."

Opening a drawer and pulling out some papers Mrs jordan handed them to Maria.

"just fill these out in the lounge area, and return them to me when your finished, I'll be in with the children."

Getting up from his chair, michael listened as Maria thanked the woman across from them and vaguely heard his own self respond to the women, but all he could hear in his head was maria saying that she might leave in less
than a month.

The very thought of it made his head spin.

Walking out of the office followed by maria. Mivhael went and sat down at a small round table while Maria began filling out the papers.

looking up from the table Michael looked over at maris.

Sitting across from Michael maria had her head resting on its side in her hand while she twisted the end of her pencil in her mouth., her hair swept to the side.

looking up, Maria cought michael staring at her.

"Listen Maria, I wanted to ask you something, Well the fact is I was wondering,....You know, if maybe you wanted to go out. I have tickets to this jazz festival saturday night.....

Looking at Him across from her maria Smiled. She felt her face slightly flush and she knew her cheeks were probably turning bright red.

"I love jazz....repled Maria.

"That's great, then it's a date"

"Yes," smiled maria getting up from the table

"I'm just going to go and return these, then I'm all yours"

Turning red at her choice of words maria quickly walked away

"Mr Michael!"

Running up to Michael, Maxine smiled at him.

"hey there. You and your brother having fun?"

"Yes, we are," replied maxine

"Where's mommy, I want to show her something"

"Well she went to talk to one of the ladies in charge. I'm sure she'll be right back"

"Okay then" getting up off the chair, Maxine ran back over to where she had been

"You must be very ptoud"

Turning around Michael found a lady standing not far behind him, she appeared to be in her mid fifties.

"Exscuse me" said michael

getting up from her chair, the woman came and sat down where michael was, I said that you must be very pround, Your son and daughter, have been playing with my grand children since you arrived." said the woman pointing towards Michael and Maxine.

looking over at the kids, michael stared for a moment

"Well thank you, but I'm just a friend of there Mothers, I'm not there father"

"What?" asked the woaman.."I would have sworn... I usually can tell family members right away...I mean they look just like you......


Liz sat at her office desk in her home when the doorbell rang, Putting down her pen she got up to answer the door

"hey Michael" smiled liz when she opened the door

"He liz, I brought maria so she could pick up her car" michael said walking
through the door, followed by Maria.

"Hello Liz" maria said coming in behind him.

"Hey Maria, How'd it go this morning"

"The kids are at the kid group with isabel's kids, and there having fun"

"that's wonderful, I'm happy, the kids like the center, max and I plan on enrolling our baby when he's old enough."

"Uhmm.. speaking of max is he home.." michael asked

"I'm sorry michael, But he got called into surgery early this morning" liz said turning to him

"But he did call earlier, he said to tell you that he should be able to make lunch today"

"Good, in that case I better get going.."

"Turning to maria Michael smiled" I'll see you saturday night"

"All right" said maria smiling

Saying good -bye to liz, Michael left.

"Well I guess I'll just get my car and head on home"Maria said

"Wait a minute!" said liz following maria into the living room

"What did michael Mean he'd see you saturday nigh" asked liz pulling Maria down onto the cough.

"He asked me to a jazz festival saturday"

"What? are you serious.,Maria this is great, I knew you and michael would hit it off" liz said

"Whoa liz, he just asked me to a festival he didn't propose marriage." laughed Maria

"I know" liz said...

"Look liz, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but right now, I'm not sure it's a good time for me to be in a relation ship, besides I'm not sure if I'll even be here in a few weeks"

"What.. what do you mean you won't be here?"

"This trip was supposed to be just tremporary liz... I told penny I would get back in a few weeks"

"Welll you never really said how long you would be in town" said liz slightly dissapointed.

"I know, and I'm sorry liz, these past few days have been fun But I told penny I'd only be gone a month. give or take"

"Maria, if you feel this way, why did you accept michael's invitation to the jazz festival?"

Leaning back into the couch, Maria shook her head, Well first of all I wasn't looking for him to ask me... and when he did, I thought about all the reasons that it was a bad idea.. and I opened my mouth to say No.. and
before I knew it I heard myself say yes...."

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Hey guys, sorry it's taken so long to post over here again, lately every time I've come over the board is down.. anyway, I've finally finished this fiction.. and will continue to post the parts here untill it's all up

hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!*angel**bounce*

chapter 21

Saturday came sooner, than expected for Maria, Liz and isabel agreeed to come over and hlp her get ready for her date.

Ding dong>

opening the door Maria smiled at liz and Isabel

"Hey guys, thanks for coming over, I really appreciate this"

"Hey, no problem at all" smiled Isabel

"Liz, are you sure it al right to watch the twins. I could call michael and cancel" maria said walking into the living room.

"Don't you dare" liz said throwing her coat down onto the sofa.

Pulling off her jacket, isabel sat down on the edge of the couch and smiled at Maria. Liz tells me that Michael asked you to the Jazz festival"

"Yes. I have to admit I'm looking forward to it" laughed Maria sitting on the arm of the sofa.

"Aunt grace loved Jazz, she used to listen to all the time when I was growing up, she said listening to music helped her to relax during all of her stressfull periods. She took me to a jazz club in New Orleans when I was younger. and they had this sing along contest. , you know like karioke... well She entered me into it and I won.

"Really!, That must have been exciting, I don't think I could get up and perform infront of a bunch of people" liz said. " I like small crowds"

"I think it would fantastic" isabel said getting up from the couch and spinning around in the middle of the floor.

"Standing up there, everyone's eyes all on you. mesmerized by you"

"Well ever sinceI was little I have been a big fan, I even sang a few more songs later in the night.

after spending another hour talking, Maria was ready for her date with Michael

"maria you look stunning Exclaimed isabel, looking at maria from head to toe, her hair had been brushed back and a large black sparkly headband held her hair in place, while her blonde hair hung in smooth curls down her back, she wore a short black evening dress with fitted her perfectly.

"You look beautiful Mommy" mikey said standing in the doorway of maria's room

"Thank you baby" smiled maria "come here give mommy a hug"

Running into the room, and hugging his mother, Michael Smiled at Liz and Isabel

"Mickey, you and your sister are going to be spending the evening with Mrs Evans and her husband

"Hello Michael, do you remember me?" asked liz siting on the edge of the bed

nodding, Michael smiled at liz," yes I remember"

"Well I would love it if you and your sister would come over to my house tonight, would you like to do that?"

"Sure" replied Michael.

"Well then you go and get your sister and you get your things ready" maria told him kissing his cheek.

"I really have to thank you again liz, are you sure you eant to do this" asked maria

""I told you I wouldn't mind watching the twins, besidem it'll be good practice for me.

"Alright then,"

"Here, Maria. why don't you wear this necklace instead" said isabel picking up a blueteardrop diamond necklace. "I think this would go so much better than your other one"

putting it on maria looked at herself in the mirror, turning back to liz maria smiled

"Well I guess I'm ready"

"You look great Maria" isabel said "Well we'd better head on out, call us tomorrow"

after kissing the kids maria went to wait for michael to arrive

turning on the stereo maria slipped in her favorite CD and relaxed on the couch.

Ding Dong. Ding dong

Getting up off the couch maria answered the door

Standing on the doorsteps Michael smiled at her

"Wow, you look beautiful"

feeling her cheeks grow warm maria smiled at him

"Thank you, and I must say Mr guerin you do like mighty handsome


"let's go

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chapter 23

Michael and maria pulled up out side of the jazz club about twenty minutes later

"Well here we are" said Michael getting out of the car and opening the door for maria

Walking into the club, Maria took in the environment,

"Come on let's go find a table" maria said taking hold of Michael hand. and walking over to where a couple of empty tables stood.

"This place is fantastic Michael, Have you been here before?" asked maria sipping on the margarita the waiter had just brought her

"Actually, I have been here before, just on a business meeting thought, so I've never really gotten to enjoy everything, I'm hoping that will change tonight" michael said.

"I have a feeling tonight it will" maria said

"I take it you like jazz?" asked Michael across from the table.

"Are you kidding, I wanted to be one of those singers who were discovered in a local club or bar singing, I once had this really vivid dream about singing in las Vegas once." laughs maria,

Standing up from the table, Michael reached out a hand to Maria.

"May I have this dance" asked Michael

taking hold of his hand, Michael led her towards the dance floor.

michael and Maria began moving slowly to the beat of the music around them. sliding his arms around her, Michael pulled Maria closer to him.

Sliding her hand up his chest, maria wound her arms around his neck and began running her fingers through the hair at the base of his neck. swaying to the music, michael twirled maria around the dance floor.

"Your quite a good dancer Michael" Maria said.

"I have a good partner" michael said,

The music changed to a slower beat. causing michael to pull maria even closer to him. Resting her head against michael's shoulder, Maria closed her eyes and listened to the sound of michael's heartbeat in his chest.

lifting her head, maria looked up into michael's eyes and saw something there mirrored in her own.

lowering his head, michael captured maria's lips with his own, starting sweet and slow at first, michael brushed his lips across hers, deepening the kiss, when Maria moaned slightly opened her mouth slightly

Maria felt herself feeling lighter, a dizzying feel came over her and then the flashes started.


Michael and Maria driving down the street together in a small car...
Michael kissing Maria on the couch in her house.
Maria looking up at michael with passion filled eyes, maria pulling michael's head towards her. Michael sqeazing soapy water down maria's back in a shower, the steam rising around them .
Michael, standing outside maria's window in the rain
Michael kissing maria. out side the doors of thecrashdown.

Sliding his arms around her waist Michael pressed maria tighter to him, a dizzying feeling clouding his mind. sliding his tongue in her mouth, michael could feel her heartbeat against his chest.Pulling her closer to him.

Pushing against his chest Maria stumbed backwards, out of his embrace, breaking the kiss between them.

The clouds in Michael's mind clearing as He felt the warmth of Maria leave him.

"What?...No. " said Michael reaching for her.

Stepping backwards, Maria looked at him through haze filled eyes.

"Uhmm, I'm Sorry, I .. I have to go to the powder room" stammered maria leaving the dance floor.

Watching Maria head towards the ladies room. Michael went back to their table.

"Are you ready to order now sir" asked the waiter coming over to the table.

"Hmm....."Not quite, I think I'll wait for my friend to return" replied Michael

Pouring a glass of water, Michael looked towards the ladies room..

The clouds in his mind clearing, the image he saw, lingering. closing his eyes, michael took a deep breathe., and waited for Maria to return.


Maria stood looking in the mirror in front of her in the ladies room of the jazz club.

The dizzy feeling subsiding, turning on tha water, Maria splashed some water on her face.

The Images in her head clearing, Maria took a deep breathe, and walked out.

Looking up, Michael stood up as Maria approached the table.

"Hey, you okay"

"Oh yes, I'm fine" smiled maria siting down.

"Did you order yet?" Maria asked picking up a menu, and smiling at him.

"No I didn't know what you were in the mood for"

Coming over, to the table the waiter once again smiled at them.

"Well then, Are we ready to order now?" smiled the waiter.

"What do you feel like ?"

"Hmmm.. I think.. I think I'd like the poached salmon along with the spinach casserole and a side salad." smiled Maria handing the menu to the waiter,

"Very good and you sir"

"Make mine a steak, and I'll have the casserole also. along with a salad. and we'd like a wine list"

"very good sir" smiled the waiter "your order should be ready shortly"

"Turning back to Maria, Michael smiled. " Did I tell you, that you look stunning tonight"

"Hmm.. no, but better late than never, you don't look so bad yourself."

"Liz tells me that you paint, I'd love to see some of your work" maria said

"I haven't actually painted in quite awhile, I've been kinda stuck" michael said " I painted a small series of me and my friends as kids, though they're my favorite. Well there is one..

"I take it, from that look that this particular one means a lot to you?" maria says smiling at him, her hand criss crossed under her chin.

"It's hard to explain, both isabel and Liz have tried to get it from me, but I just can't sem to part with it"

"Now this, I have got to see" laughs Maria.

A few minutes later the waiter returned with they're order.

"This looks delicious," smiles Maria. taking a bite of her salmon.

"Hmmm.. and it taste even better" moans maria closing her eyes and savoring the taste.

opening her eyes, Maria catches michael staring at her." I'm sorry, I guess I'm acting ridiculous"

"Are you kidding, it's refreshing to see someone taking the time to savor their food instead of scarfing it down"

"This place did get a great review in the Roswell News"

"Tell me about yourself, Maria, what are you really like."

"Not much to tell, I have friends and family, I own my own business, my kids are my life"

"Hmmm... I take it you and your kids are very close?" asked michael taking a bite of his steak.

"I don't think I would have been able to make it without them." Smiles maria proudly.

Returning to the stage the band began playing again.

"Hmmm.. I just love this song, aunt grace used to play it all the time" sighed maria listening to the music.

Getting up from the table, Michael held out his hand to maria and smiled. "In that case, may I have this dance" asked Michael.

Taking his hand, Michael led maria to the dance floor once again. sliding her arms around his neck maria rested her head on michael's shoulder and listened to the music play.

Pressing his face into the golden curls of Maria's hair, Michael held Maria tighter.

swaying back and forth to the music, Maria lifted her head to look at michael.

Smiling down at her, Michael pressed a small kiss against her forehead, trailing down to her eyelids, then to her checks, and finally capturing her mouth.

Running her fingers throught the hair at the base of his neck, Maria held michael to her.

Lifting his head , Michael Smiled,

"Your a great dancer deluca" whispers michael in her ear.

"thanks. I took lessons" laughs maria

"Really, well they paid off very well"

"Well I....

placing his hands on either side of her face, michael captured maria lips once again.

The dizzy feeling came more quickly this time, for maria. her mind clouding over, and the Flashes swirled around.

Michael twirling maria around a candlelit room...

Michael laying Maria down onto a small bed...

Maria running her fingernails down the small of michael's back..

Tearing her mouth away from him, maria took a deep breathe, the dizzy feeling growing.

Looking up towards michael, maria noted the look of concern on his face .

"Maria?..... Baby, are you alright" asked michael, noting the sudden paleness when she broke the kiss..

"Michael... I..."

Taking a step backwards. Maria felt the blackness overtake her. lastly hearing michael call her name before falling

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chapter 24

Sitting on the edge of the bed, maria looked towards the bathroom and sighed. A good hot bath would do her good, she just hated to be told what to do.getting up off the bed maria walked into the bathroom, the tub was fillled high with bubbles and the smell of roses, filled her nose. sitting on the edge of the tub, maria dangled her hand in the water, running her hand back and forth causing ripples in the water.

going back in the bedroom, maria picked up the pajamas michael had picked out for her, plus a robe she had hanging over the bed. and headed back towards the bathroom, putting her clothes on the counter in the bathroom, maria began to undress.....


Going into the kitchen, Michael opened the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of juice out of the doorway, smiling at the half eaten peanututter sandwhich next to it. turning around michael kicked the door closed and went over to the phone and dialed. after a few rings the other end finaly clicked.


"Hey Max"

"Michael, hey, aren't you on a date, what are you doing calling here"

"I need you to do me a favor.........


dipping her toes in the water, maria slid in the hot bubbly water, taking a blue plastic bottle from the side of the tub maria poured the liquid in the tub causing the water inside to turn white and then blue, swirling the water around with her hands maria leans back and relaxes

reaching over, maria picked up the small cell phone from the back of trhe toilet and began dialing. scooping up a few bubbles in her hand, maria blew them into the air, waiting for the caller to pick up.


"Hey penny, what are you up to?" ," Maria asked trying ti souond cheerful..

"Roberts boss is coming opver for a late supper tonight, and now I am running around here trying to fix a home cooked meal, My hair is a mess and I am covered in flour and pasta sauce, the kids are driving me crazy....

"you saound like your having a worse day than me" maria laughed

Hey, I thought this was the nite of your big date, what are you doing calling me, anyway it;s stilll early, what happened,"

"Leaning her head back against the tub maria closed her eyes and took a deep breathe.

"I happened, that what. I ruined the date" maria said

"Wait... what do you mean you ruined the date?"

"Your having a rough time right now penny, I'll just call you tomorrow"

"Hey, listen chica you called here to talk to me, so talk, you know I thrive on chaos in my life, so come on tell me what happened,

leaning back against her bath pilllow, maria began relaying events of the night so far to penny.

licking the tips of her finger, Penny listened as Maria talked..

And then I called you...." maria said leaning her head back against the far edge of the tub.hand.

"Are you telling me that he's downstairs right now?" penny asked over the line,

"Uhm hmm, that's what he said, so most likely yes, "

"Hmmm.. sounds like this guy really likes you, ria, Maybe you should give him a chance." said Penny.pickiing up a spatuala from off the counter and scraping, the bowl of cake batter into the cake pan.

"And you... Are you sure your sure your alright?" asked Penny with slight concern in her voice."I know you'd told me about these headaches the last time we talked."

"Yeah.. . hmmm... I fine..I think it's just the stress of everything, ya know" said maria

"Have you had any luck in remembering anything" penny asked placing the two cake pans into already heated oven and turning on the timer.

"Actually, I think I might have" said maria happily.

"Really, what happened" asked penny sitting down at the table, twisting the kitchen towel she had in her hand.and biting her lower lip.

"Well tonight I had... well I think I might have remembered a little something"said Maria

"I know it's not huge, but well I remember sitting at the kitchen talble peeling a bowl of apples, and listening to the radio, I know it's not a huge thing, But I can see it in my mind as clear day,"

"Ria this is wonderful, granted it's not a huge memory, but obviously it is just your first step to finding out everything about yourself."

"Thanks penny, I needed to hear that, listen, I better let you go, so you can get back to what you were doing, I talk to you later"

"Alight chica, I'll talk to you later, love ya"

"Love you to popper"

"Ha ha ha...bye"



Hanging up the phone, Penny licked her lips and let out a deep breathe she'd been holding in. She hadn't been sure before, but she waw convinced now after talking to maria, she had done the right thing by sending maria home to roswell.

"everything alright in here" asked robert Penny's husband sitting down across from her.

Smiling, penny took his hand in hers and squeazed them

"Maria may be starting to remember things" penny said squeazing his hands tighter.

"that's great, right?"

"Of course it is" penny said letting go of his hand and standing up from the table. "It's exactly what we wanted to happen, I just know how Maria is, right now she need her friends, but I'm afraid, that her stubbornness is going to keep her from telling them, she's going to want to do this on her own."

"Well from what you've told me, her friends are just as pig-headed as maria is, especially the ex, they'll be there for her"

"Now you'd better get ready, for tonight, I guess we need to get started cleaning this mess up" robert said indicating the kitchen area around them.

"Yep, I guess your right'said penny smiling.

Wrapping one arm around her husbands waist, penny extended her other hand, a soft green light illuminating her palm, moving her hand across the air in fron of them, revealing a clean and spakling kitchen.

"There, all done" laughed penny

"I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing you do that" laughed robert.


Getting out of the tub, maria dried herself off and put on the pajamas, Pulling the belt around her robes tighter, maria opened the door and went downstairs,

The hot bath and talking to penny had helped, she felt good, and wanted to apologize to michael for snapping at him earlier,

Going into the living room, maria saw that the t.v. was on, and michael was asleep across the couch, his big frame filling the couch..

Smiling, maria went into the hallway closet and pulled out blanket, going back into the living room, Maria covered michael with it. brushing a lock of hair out of his face, maria smiled to herself.

<> maria thought looking down at him. leaning over, maria pressed her lips againsts michaels cheek giving him a soft kiss.

Getting up, maria went into the kitchen and poured herelf a glass of water, picking up an apple out the bowl of fruit on the counte, maria began twirling it around in her hand


"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, hold on.
Well I been waiting for this moment for all my life hold on...

The phil collins song playing on the radio, Maria sat at the table, finished peeling the apples in front of her and began chopping them up, filling the pie shells and covering them,Maria got up placing them in the warm oven.

checking to make sure the temp was right, maria smiled

"Ring,, ring"

"Hello" maria said picking up the phone


looking around maria found herself back in her own kichen, no warm oven, no smells of apple pies in the oven.But for the first time a sense of belonging, looking down at the apple in her hand, Maria twirled it one last time ,taking a bite, maria smiled at the image in her head and went upstairs to bed.


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chapter 25

Looking through half closed eyes, Michael watched as Maria went upstairs to bed. Hearing the bedroom door close, Michael turned over and dozed off to sleep.

Michael walked the streets of Boswell not quite sure of where he was headed, The evening had went from bad to worse.. and now to top it off here he was walking the streets of Roswell at night in the middle of a rain storm.

Stopping Across the street from the crashdown, Michael watched as Mr Parker locked up. <,Well so much for that Idea>> he though.

Turning down the street, Michael pulled his jacket tighter around him, The rain was starting to come down more now. lowering his head as he walked Michael wasn't paying much attention to where he was headed. looking up Michael stopped in his tracks.

Looking across at the house in front of him Michael stood still in his tracks, looking up at the light in the window, Michael noticed the silhouette of a figure walking near the window. The rain was pouring down harder now as Michael found himself crossing the street. Stopping a few feet away, Michael watched the scene in the window with fascination, he couldn't see her face, cause her hair was blocking his view. she was sitting in the middle of the bed painting her toenails. one leg dangling off the side . stopping suddenly and looking toward the window.

Walking closer Michael pressed his hand up to the window. A loud crackling of thunder seemed to make the ground shake around him. Michael wasn't sure ,Pulling the window open, And stepping aside for him to enter, Michael climbed through the window.

"Hey" Michael muttered, pulling his hands through his hair.

"Hey yourself, uhmm what.... what are you doing here?"

Looking around at his surroundings Michael took a deep breathe.

"Right now I seem to be dripping water all over your carpet " laughed Michael trying to sound more light hearted than he felt.

"You know what I mean Michael" she said.

"I don't know..... why?" Michael said softly stepping closer to her.lifting his hands, Michael stroked the smoothness of her cheeks

"Michael .. I"

Pulling her to him, Michael framed her face with his hands and lowered his mouth to hers. tracing the outer edge of her mouth with his tongue and then slipping inside to feel the smoothness of her mouth, Michael could feel the small shiver coming from her. tearing his mouth away, Michael pressed his forheadagainst hers and took a deepbreathe.

capturing her mouth again, Michael pulled her tighter to him.lifting her up . Michael walked over to the bed, laying down with her. lifting his head from hers. and softly brushing his lips against her cheeks Michael traced the curve of her jawline and traced down the smoothness of her neck stopping as she curved her neck and moaned as he traced a sensitive are with his teeth arching her neck to get closer to him. the straps of her gown slipping off her reveal the smooth roundness of her breast.

lowering his head, Michael took one rosy peak in his mouth.

"Ahhh...Michael" she moaned softly arching her back off the bed, her finger gripping the sheets on the bed.

Sucking gently on one rosy peak, Michael found the other with his hands and began gently twisting the sensitive tip between his fingers. Little bolts of pleasure began flow through him at each moan she made.

Releasing her nipple Michael lowered his head further and traced a path down her stomach stopping at her belly button. and tracing the outer edge with his tongue and gently blowing causing little shivers of pleasure to flow through her as he moved further down..........

Bammm," hitting the floor Michael woke up from his sleep.

"What the hell"

looking at his surrounding, Michael shook his head to try and clear it. Standing up Michael headed towards the get a glass of water, the thunder from outside causing the windows to rattle.and the memories of his dream hit him causing him to stop in his tracks.

"Noooooo don't" screamed Maria from upstairs

turning from the kitchen Michael ran up the stairs to Maria.........

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chapter 26

Michael felt his heart tighten in a vice grip at the sound of Maria screaming. He ran up the stairs and down the hall towards where she slept bursting through the door in a panic. Michael looked around for an intruder but found no one. Turning to where Maria was laying in the bed, Michael saw her thrashing around frantically in her sleep, her face covered in tears.

"Help me! ... Someone please..." screamed Maria from the bed, tossing and turning around underneath the covers.

"Maria... Maria, what's wrong?" said Michael while going over to the bed and sitting down.

Taking hold of her shoulders, Michael tried to shake her awake, she was thrashing around in the bed so much that Michael could barely keep hold of her.

"Let me go you bastard!" screamed Maria catching Michael off guard and punching him in the chest over and over again. Grabbing hold of her wrists, Michael held them to his chest.

"Maria! Wakeup up baby, come on" Michael said trying not to shout to loud, he didn't want to frighten her but he could tell that she needed to woken up.

Opening her eyes, Maria began searching the room frantically as if looking for someone.

"What? What happened?" Looking around at her surroundings in uncertainty and taking deep breathes trying to make herself relax, Maria could still feel the panic from the awful nightmare. Her heart felt like it was going to burst right out of her chest.

Twisting out of Michael's grasp, Maria pulled herself up against the headboard of her bed and pulled her knees up to her chest.

"I was downstairs when I heard you start screaming, I thought someone had broken in. Are you alright?"

"Sure I'm fine, it was just a dream, no big deal..." Maria said, trying to sound more cheerful than she felt as she wrapped her arms around her legs. Maria smiled at him through frightened eyes.

"Sorry about waking you up, bet you wish you had of gone home now, don't you?" laughed Maria.

Michael wasn't buying her act for a minute, "Maria, that wasn't just a dream, I can see it when I look at you, you’re still upset. Do you want to tell me about it?" Michael asked softly.

Turning away, Maria stared straight ahead at her reflection in the mirror above her dresser.

The silence in the room seemed to go on forever. Finally breaking the silence, Michael got up off the bed. "Well I'll be downstairs if you need me." Said Michael as he walked towards the bedroom door.

"Don't go" whispered Maria in a tiny voice behind him. Michael stopped in the middle of opening the door and turned around, "What?"

"I said don't go" Maria said wiping her cheeks. Slowly walking back towards the bed, Michael sat down on the edge. Maria pulled her knees tighter to her chest and smiled at him while biting her lower lip. Maria tried to hold back but the tears came to no avail.

"Could you... could you just hold me?" whispered Maria while looking at him.

Shifting in the bed so that he was sitting next to Maria against the headboard, Michael wrapped his arms around her and sighed closing his eyes. Michael breathed in the scent of her hair and the feel of Maria in his arms. Stroking her arm, Michael waited for Maria to start talking. He knew that she would eventually tell him.

Maria listened to the sound of Michael's heartbeat in his chest. The rhythm seemed to relax her, Maria sighed and wrapped her arms tighter around Michael

"It isn’t the first time....." Maria said quietly, so quietly that Michael almost didn't hear her. Pulling away, Maria sat up in the bed and smiled at him. "Right after the accident, I started having these dreams.... these nightmares..... "

"You've had them that long?" asked Michael

Taking a deep breathe, Maria shook her head yes " I used to have them all the time, right after the accident, eventually I had them fewer and fewer and for awhile they stopped altogether but for some reason they're back again."

Sliding his fingers through Maria's hand Michael looked at her and smiled. "Do you want to tell me about your dreams?" Michael asked.

Closing her eyes, Maria sighed and took a deep breath, opening them after a moment Maria began talking.

The dreams change from time to time but they're basically all the same. Someone is trying to hurt me," Maria said. Shivering, Maria wrapped her arms around herself. "Sometimes I wind up in a glass room locked up like an animal. Usually in all of them I wind up in freezing water"

Looking over at Michael Maria smiled glad to see that he was still listening to her. "There’s this man in my dream and I know he wants to hurt me but even worse Michael, I know that he wants my kids and I can't let him have them."

"I thought the dreams were gone," Maria said " But they've come back." And as she said that Maria could no longer hold back the tears which had been threatening to come the entire time she had been talking.

Pulling Maria in is arms, Michael held Maria tight against his chest. After a few minutes, Maria pulled away and looked up at Michael.

"Could you stay with me? At least until I fall asleep?" Maria asked.

Sliding down, Michael shifted his weight so that he was holding Maria from behind with his arms around her waist. Maria snuggled into his warmth and sighed. Pulling her tighter into his arms, Michael smiled in her hair, closing her eyes, Maria slowly began to drift off to sleep.

After a few minutes, Michael could feel Maria's breathing get more rhythmic and steady. Leaning his head in his hand, Michael looked down at Maria's sleeping form, brushing a few strands of golden hair away from her face. Leaning over, he brushed his lips over hers and smiled.

"I think I'm falling in love with you Maria DeLuca" whispered Michael in her ear. Maria's only response was to turn towards him and snuggle closer, burying her face in the crook of his neck. Wrapping his arm around her waist, Michael pulled her closer to him and after a few minutes he too fell asleep.

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chapter 27

"Good Morning " Michael smiled as Maria entered the kitchen.

Mmmm.. What smells so good?" Maria asked Pouring herself a glass of juice from the refrigerator. Walking over to where he was standing over the stove, Maria looked to see what it was he was cooking. "You cook?" Smiled Maria, raising an eyebrow.

"I though I'd make us some breakfast this morning" Michael replied cracking a couple of eggs in a bowl. "I take you slept well last night, .. you never woke up again during the night.?". Asked Michael glancing over at her.

"Nope. I actually slept very well this morning, " Maria said. " and thank you for staying till I fell asleep.I usually wind up staying in the kids room after one of my nightmares" Maria said Stepping back from the Michael poured the eggs into a pan,

taking out a couple of plates from the cabinet, Maria began setting the table."It's strange you know, not having the kids here for breakfast," Maria laughed shaking her head. "I'm so used to them rambling around in the house watching cartoons, it feels sorta funny.... them not being here."

"Well I wouldn't worry about them, Max and Liz are great, besides, the kids seem to be crazy about Liz, for what I see." Michael stated filling the plates. and pouring a cup of coffee for each of them.

"Hey, this is good" exclaimed Maria taking a bite full of eggs. "So tell me, are eggs your specialty, or is this just the tip of the iceberg." Maria asked, picking up her juice glass.
"I can cook, a fairly decent meal, I'm no Wolfgang,, But I haven't killed anyone yet" Michael replied pouring some Tabasco sauce over his eggs. Taking a biteful Michael looked up to find Maria gazing at him intently."What?"

"Who taught you how to cook....your mom?" Maria asked, wanting to learn as much as she could about the man sitting across from her

"No actually, I taught myself.... I left home when I was about 16, been on my own ever since."

"16!... my god, I can't even imagine, living on my own when I was that age. Of course, I have.... well I had my aunt grace. She taught me how to cook. I do believe she taught me everything that I know."

Sounds like she was quite a woman." Michael replied scooting back from the table and picking up his plate. "Max & Izz's parents tried to include me in the family things, but well, it never seemed to workout. Mrs. Evan's tried to give me a few pointers in cooking when I first moved out on my own,"Michael said rinsing off his dish in the sink.

"Ding Dong"

"Hmmm... ,,, Wonder who that is?" maria said, looking toward the living room at the sound of the doorbell, "Well guess, I better go and find out". Scooting back from the table.

"Hey don't worry, you sit here and finish eating amd I'll see who's at the door" said Michael
heading towards the living room. He had a pretty good Idea who was on the other side.

"Ding Dong"

"Hey Max, come on in"

"Hey Michael,"gliding past michael, max look around the living room at his surroundings, "How's Maria doing?"

"Actually I'm fine.." smiled Maria coming into the living room, "Thanks for asking....., I guess your here, to drop the kids, off, I was getting ready to go and pick them up."

"No, Liz's gonna bring the kids home, after they finish eating breakfast, she'll be here a little later, Michael called me last night and asked me to come over and see you, He tols me how you had passed out yesterday, you know you should have went to see some one or at least had michael bring you to see me."

Folding her arms in front of her, and giving michael a stern glare, Maria glanced back over to where max was standing, next to him. "As I tried to tell michael here, last night, I am perfectly fine, and I don't need to be examined., cause if that's why your here, then I'm sorry, but you just wasted a trip"

"Told you, she wouldn't go for it" Max retorted, turning to michael.. Walking over to stand in front of her, Max smiled at the woman in front of him. "just humor us alright," he said softly glancing over at michael.

These people just didn't know how to take know for an answer. What had she gotten herself into coming here.

Throwing her hand up in the air exasperated, Maria shook her head, "Alright, alright, if it will make you both feel better, then sure, max you can do.. what ever it is your here to do, Just give me a minute to change.....

Turning to head up the stairs, maria hears michael call behind her.

"Thanks Maria...

"Don't thank me just yet!" shouted maria slamming the door.


Chapter 28

Glanging up the stairs, where maria had disapeared, Max stood in fascination, He'd thought it would never happen, but he'd found some one who was even more stubborn than michael.Throwing his coat over the back of the couch, he cam to sit next to michael on the couch.

"So you gonna tell me.....

"Tell you what Max" michael inquired, flipping through an old TV guide mgazine.Sounding as if he had no clue what Max was refering to.

"Come on michael... there's obvious something you not telling me..." glancing towards the stairs, Max couldn't keep from thiking about the woman upstairs, there was something about her...I wonder if this is how liz's been feeling.thinking back over the past few weeks at her rants about maria.. Liz and Isabel seemed determined to get Michael and Maria together, and so far it seems their plans were working, but now max couldn't help but wonder if they really were

"It's her..."

Turning to look over at his friend, Max found Michael staring in the direction that he had just been.Mmax shook his head in confusion.. "It's her... Michael what are you talking about" asked Max.

"Maria," Exclaimed michael pushing himself up off the couch, Running his hands through his hair. Pacing the room, for a minute, Michael came to stand at the at the foot of the stairs. "It's her Max, ...Maria.. She's the woman, I've been dreaming about,.... all those strange dreams, they were her."

"Whoa.. wait a minute michael, are you sure?" Max asked stunned by Michael's revelation,"I mean I know you've been talking about those dreams, but what makes you think, Maria the same girl, you were dreaming of"

Swinging away from the staircase, and heading towards the kitchen,"Come on".. Michael began clearing the kitchen table. "I had another one of those dreams last night,... you know..." "

"Yeah," said max standing ion the doorway, "But you said you've never seen her face clearly"max stated pulling a chair out to sit on . "Has some thing happened, ?"

"I had another one last night, and it was her, I swear it.....I feel it, Unlike the others this time I actually got to see her , all of her. Michael said smiling.

Last night's dream had been replaying in his head over and over all morning, The images still clear in his mind. Michael could almost feel the soft smooth satiny skin, nd his palms began to tingle. rubbing his thumb over the palm of his hand michael took a deep breathe .

"Judging by your .....reaction" max said trying to find the right word " I take it this must have been some intense dream.

"Yeah" Michael whispered " it was"

"What was?" Maria asked comin into the kitchen."So what are you guys talking anout?"

"Nothing,"Michael aid quickly getting up from the table, "So I guess your ready"

"Uhmm, yeah, ... come on max, we can use my office,"Maria said going into the living room.

Picking up his bag off the table, max followed maria into her office and shut the door.leaving michael in the living room.

"I still think this is a big waste of time" Maria said turning away from the window, as max closed the door. "Michael is simply over reacting."

"Well, why don't we just see, alright?"

Do you have any medical problems, are you on any type of medication, at all"

"No, I've always been healthy, I think I've just been under a lot of stress lately, you know with work and the kids, and everything.... Maria stated softly, her last few words fading softly as if she was talking to her self.

"Well stress does play a major role in your health. Do you think it could be anything an particular that's causing you to feel this way?" Max asked, putting his medical bag on the desk.

Smiling slightly maria sighed....."why don't we just get this over and done with alright. "

Taking out his equipment, max began checking maria's blood pressure and heart rate, So far, so good Max thought.watching the numbers on the equipment move up and down, untill finally settling. glancing up from his clipboard, max smiled at maria. Thinking back to his earlier coversation with michael, max couldn't help wondering about the woman before him, what was she really like. Could michael be right, was Maria the girl he'd been dreaming about all these years, If she was then.....

"Almost done" smiled max," I just need to check your eyes and get a bllod sample"

"A blood sample?" asked maria sounding a little uneasy. ever since she could remember, she'd hated needles and the sight of blood. it had always made her feel a bit queasy.

"Is there something wrong?" asked max noting her uneasyness.

" I just don't like needles that's all. " Maria said shaking her head.

"Well I promise to try and be as quick as possible" Max said rubbing her rm with some alcohol.. "So tell me about the kids," asked max.

"Hmm. I warn you, if you get me started on em.... you might be able to get me to stop" laughed Maria. "My kids are my world, I don't think I would've gotten through the last few years, if it wasn't for them. I tell you max, your gonna love being a father, there's nothing like that first moment, when their little fingers curl around yours....."

"Yeah, liz and I can't wait." said max smiling."There,all done" said max, stepping back from the table.and putting, the sample in his bag. "Now last but least I cant't to check your eyes" max said pulling a small flashlight out of his bag.......

"Well so far everything appears to be fine, I can't find a thing wrong, but I'll run some test on your blood work just to be sure. Hmmm I should probably get in contact with your regular doctor... if that's alright with you?"

"Uhm, .. yeah, Dr. Scott, M. Dillon. I have his number in my address book, I'll get it for you, before you leave." replied Maria.

"Knock Knoock" "

"Hey are you guys done?!" Michael asked from the other side of the door.

"Almost" Max shouted.

"I'm sorry, Michael has a hard time being patient" laughed Max.rolling his eyes in the direction of the closed door.

"That's oaky, actually, I think it's kinda sweet, you know.."Maria said laughing.

"Do you want a bit of advice,... know friend to friend?" Asked Max coming to sit on the edge of the desk.

"Of course," Maria said.

"Trust Michael....Whatever it is, ..that's bothering you, Maria, I know he would be there for you" Said Max firmly.

"Thanks, Max" Maria said sofly. " I'll keep that in mind"

"I guess we'd better go see what Mr. impatient is up too, and I'll get that number for you" replied maria smiling.

"I want to thank you,.... you know for all this, " Maria said .

"Hey, what are friends for," laughed max standing up.

"Thanks Max" Maria said, wrapping her arms around him in a hug.


Maria was sitting at a table, reading a big thick, red leather book."Hey "said maria looking up. "It's bout time you showed up, you were supposed to tutor me, remember" Maria said Smiling.


"Hey, you two, come on, were going to be late" Maria said coming to stand in front of the couple kissing on the couch. Folding her arms in front of her, Maria rolled her eyes,

"Ding dong"

"Great, finally:" Maria said swinging around to answer the door.


"Max!.. Max?!" Maria called.

"What!?, Oh hey, I'm ....I'm sorry" Max said quietly, Staring at maria,

"What the hell was that" max thought picking up his bag.

"Beep, beep"

"That's the hospital, Do you mind if I use your phone" Max asked going around the desk.

"Sure, go ahead, I'll be out here " Maria said opening the door and leaving.

Staring at the Closed door, Max thought about the images that had appeared in his head, when he'd hugged Maria. He had connections before, when he'd had physical contact, But usually it only happened, when he was trying to make one. ... so why did it, and why did those images seem so familiar to him.

Picking up the phone, Max began dialing....

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chapter 29

"Well It's about time" said Michael getting up from the couch, as Maria closed the door to her office. "I was about to go in and see what was taking so long" michael said coming to stand in front of her.

Sliding her arms around his waist, Maria leaned closer to Michael, "Really Space boy, You need to learn more patience" Laughed Maria.

"Wait, what did you call me?" asked Michael, Stepping back, His eyes furrowed together.

"What!?" Maria replied. a look of confusion crossing her face.

"That was the hospital" Max said coming out of the office, interrupting their, conversation. "I need to get going"

"So is everything alright?" Michael asked, concern evident in his voice.

"So far, I can't find anything wrong, But I'll have the lab run some blood work, Oh yeah, I'm going to need that number Maria." Max said

"Sure, Be right back" Maria said, turning and running upstairs to her room,

Okay, Max, Is she really alright"Michael asked turning back to where Max was standing putting his coat on. Looking at his friend, Max could see how concerned michael was.

"Like I said before, michael, so far I can't find anything wrong with Maria, but I'll be certain after I get her bloodwork back and talk to her regular doctor." Max replied. "In the meantime, Michael be careful okay, and try to see if you can get her to relax. Judging by our conversation..........

"Sorry it took so long" Maria said coming up behind them. "Here's that number, Max" Maria said handing max a small card.

"Thanks, " Max replied "I guess I'll talk to you guys later."

"Okay, and thanks" Maria said smiling

"We'll talk later Michael" Said max heading out the door.

Nodding his head, Michael closed the door behind Max.

"See what did I tell you michael, I'm perfectly fine," Smiled maria sitting down on the couch."Michael, come here and sit next to me" Maria said Patting the seat next to her softly.

"If this is about me calling max over here then....

"No... no " Maria said placing a finger over his mouth to stop him from speaking. "This isn't about that". Taking hils of his hands Maria gave them a soft squeeze and smiling. "I want to share something with you, I want to tell you why I........why I came to Roswell."

"I don't understand" Michael said. "I thought you came here, to get away with the kids."

"Well, that wasn't exactly the truth" Maria replied. Getting up from the couch Maria folded her arms in front of her and walked over to a glass cabinet. pulling out her key and unlocking the door. Maria took out the small carved wooden box.

"Do you remember this box?" asked Maria softly her fingers tracing the beautiful design.on top. Maria could feel the smooth grain of the wood beneath her fingertips as she traced the top.Amazing, how the contents of one little box could chage someone's life Maria thought..

"Yeah, I remember" Michael replied. Watching her, Michael found himself wondering what could possibly be in that box, whatever it is, it seemed to be causing maria some pain.."Maria?" Michael called when she didn't respond to him.

Looking up from the box, maria smiled and came to sit next to michael on the couch. "Before I tell you everything, I want you to understand something.... My Aunt Grace meant the world to me. She took care of me, when I woke up, and couldn't remember anything. She got me through my pregnancy, and helped me with michael and maxine after they were born, before I meet Penny, it was just the four of us."

Watching Her talk about her Aunt, Michael could see how close they had been.and wished for a moment that he could have meet the women who had such a special place inside maria's heart.. "I wish I could Have meet her" Michael said reaching out to caress her cheek softly with the back of his hand. "You really loved her didn't you?"

"Yes, I did.... I felt safe with her, I knew no matter what happened I could always count on aunt Grace, because she would never do anything to hurt me.

Grazing her hand over the top of the box once more, Maria took a deep breathe and began talking again. "What would you do Michael, if you woke up one day, and found out everything you believed in was a lie.?" asked maria " How would you handle it?"

A couple of months ago I came home and found a package on my front door, it contained a letter and this box."

Opening up the box Maria took out the letter and handed it to michael.

Opening up the letter, michael began reading.

Dear Maria:
Hello there Sparky, I know this must be strange, getting a letter from me, Cause I know if your reading this then I am dead. I want you to know, that I loved you, more than I ever thought possible. You kept me going these last few years. I know that you are happy with your life; you have your children, a successful business and friends. I know how much you wish you had your memory back. I am sorry for what you had to go through. This Box contains secrets and Questions Maria; it does not contain answers for you. You can put this box away and go on with your life or you can open it and find out the truth

But I have to warn you little one; once you open it, there is no going back.

Love always: Aunt grace.

When he finished reading the letter, michael looked over at Maria in confusion.

"When I opened it this is what I found" Maria said softly taking a small picture from the box and handing it to michael.

Taking the pic, MIchael found himself looking at a younger version of maria sitting with a woman an older woman. Maria looked happy in the pic, She was smiling, her arms wrapped around the woman's shoulder.Flipping the picture over Michael read the inscription on the back.

Turning it back around, Michael stared at the young woamn in the photo, she had a smile on her face, as if she didn't have a care in the world. Michael couldn't remember the last time he'd felt that carefree.

"Aunt grace had always told me that, My parents had died when I was real young around five years old, It's obvious , that I'm not five in this photo" Maria said getting up from the couch , She began pacing back and forth across the room,Maria could feel the hurt and the anger in her start to build. as she paced infront of the coffee table.Taking a deep breathe to calm herself Maria came to sit on the coffee table in front of him.

"She lied to me Michael" Maria said sitting down on the coffe table in front of him. "Everything she told me about my life was a lie, my mom didn't die when I was five" Maria said picking up the photo. "Apparently we lived here in this house" Maria said softly waving her hand around indicating their surroundings.

"Wait a minute.. are you saying that you lived here in Roswell?" Micahel asked, a stunned expresion crossing his face. Maria lived here, in Roswell, Did she live here, had they all went to school together.He thought No.. no he couldn't have known her before now, he would've remembered her.

"Yes, although I don't know how long I might have lived here; But I'm guessing it couldn't have been too long, I mean no one in town knows me, at least I've never meet anyone so far that does. The deed to this house was also in the box, I had hoped that maybe coming here, would help me with all my questions....I guess a part of me was hoping that she'd be here" Maria replied holding the photo up.

"Maria why didn't you say anything about this earlier, we could have helped you. No wonder you've been so stressed out lately." Michael inquired softly taking hold of her hands.

"Please try to understand Michael, I didn't know you guys when I first arrived here,.. and my trust in people ... well let's say it's not very good right now. . and besides, I didn't want to burden you guys with my problems."

Wrapping his arms around her, Michael pulled maria closer to him. Leaning into his chest maria sighed and snuggled closer to him. For the first time since she'd opened that package and found the box and letter, she actually felt better. It felt good to tell someone, to be able to talk about everything.,

"Maria, I hope you, that you can trust us" Michael said pulling away so he could look her in the eyes. "That you can trust me".

Looking into soft brown eyes, Maria could see, how much it meant to him, that she trust him, and in her heart, she knew....she did. Nodding her head slowly, Maria smiled. a glimmer of spakle coming into her eyes Leaning closer, she pressed her lips against Michael's. in a soft kiss.

Pulling away, Maria smiled at him. "Thank you, Michael" Maria said softly.

"I still wish, I could talk to her" Maria said. picking up the photo off the table. "I have so many questions................................



Dr. thompson to ICU....Dr. thompson to ICU

Nurse Nancy Green walked down the quiet corridor of St. Anne's Memorial Hospital. The blue and white walls, seemed more dull and boring to her than before, As head nurse on the floor. she took her job seriously. she'd been in the nursing business over 40 years and had worked in it seemed was every department.

Pushing through the swinging doors. to enter the ward, She smiled at the sight befoer her.

"I thought you were off work" smiled Nancy coming further into the room.

"No. I have a few more hours left, besides, I think this helps, I read a study that said reading to the patiens and talking to them helps to stimulate their brain activity." smiled nurse Crane putting the book she been reading down.

"Well I've been working this ward for quite a few years now, Nurse crane and in all that time I've been here, I have yet to see anyone wake up solely from a coma by some one solely reading to them."

"Well I for one believe that it does help,"

"If you say so" smiled nurse green to the young girl. She remembered being that young and full of hope once. Over time she'd seen patients come and go. and she'd learned from experience not to get to close to them.

"I mean come on, haven't you ever wondered what their lives were like before, Is there some out there looking for them, praying they'll come home."

"Yes I'm sure, they do, and it is our job to keep these patiens healthy till they do, no come on help me finish up." Nurse nancy said going to the next paient in the room.

Nurse Cathy Crane studied the woman lying in the bed before her. " Who is she?"

Looking up from her clipboard to the woman in the bed, Nurse Green looked from the patient to the young woamn standing at the foot of the bed. "Well I don't know her name, according to records, she was thrown headfirst throught the windowshield of a car in a major carwreck a few years back, Annie's been here ever since" replied nurse green

"Annie?, I thought you said, you didn't know her name?" inquired the young nurse confused.

"Oh I don't , she had the initials A.D. on a necklace she was wearing, when she arrived. I guess I never liked the idea of calling some one Jane Doe, Seemed so impersonal so I started calling her Annie, I have ever since."

"You know Ma'am, for someone who's always saying don't get attached to your patients, you seem to know an awful lot about her." smiled the young nurse,

"Come on" smiled the older nurse "I've got more patients to see"

Taking one last look around, the young nurse left ......

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chapter 30

"Hey sweetie" Liz said knocking on the door to Max's office.

"Hey" Max said getting up from his desk as liz entered the office. "What are doing here?"

"Well, I just thought I'd come by and see if my handsome husband wanted to join me for lunch?" Liz said smiling, sliding her arms around Max's waiste. Pushing herself up to press her lips against his, liz revels in the smooth feeling of max's soft lips gainst her own, sliding her tongue into the warm cavern of his mouth.

"Mmmmmm.. with an invitation like that, how could I possible say no." smiled Max stepping back slightly. "Just give me a minute to finish up this report, then I'm all yours"

"Sure" Liz said," But don't tbe too long kay."

waling around the room, liz began straightening things out, waiting for Max to finish.

"Alright, I'm done" Max said getting up from his desk.

"Well come on then" smiled Liz taking hold of Max's hand.

Pulling up into crashdown parking lot ten minutes later, Max and liz step out of their car.

"What are you in the mood for?" Max asked holding the door open.

"Hmmm something spicey" smiled liz with a little mischevious gleam in her eyes.

"Well come-on" Max said heading towards one of the empty booths.

"No, no no " Liz said taking hold of Max's hand and pulling him into a different direction

"Hey I thought we were here to eat lunch" smiled Max following Liz upstairs

"We are, Just not in the diner," smiled Liz looking over her shoulder at Max. "I thought this wouyld be much more romantic" laughed liz opening the door to the upstairs home.

Stepping insideLiz headed towards the kitchen with Max.

""Did you do all this" smiled Max, waving his hand at the place setting.

"Well we wanted to have a nice romantic time, with my wonderful husband, besides the last few weeks have been rather hectic with work and the new baby."

Sighing happily Max olaced his hand protectively over Liz's stomach and leaned his forhead against hers. " "Liz ther's nothing more important to me than you and our baby." Max whispered. "Besides" max said taking a step back " think some of your ranting might have been right on target."

"What do you mean" asked Liz pulling out two plates from the cabinet and placing them on the table.

"Well you Michael called me last night, and asked me to come over this morning and check Maria out" Said max pouring two small glasses of welches sparkling grape juice." He was really worried bout her."

"Is she alright," asked Liz sitting down at the table.

"From what Ican tell she's fine, I'm still waitng on the results of her labwork to be sure though," replied Max "And it would seem that your hunch could have been on target, MIcahel seems to be gfalling for Maria ... hard."

"I knew it!' laughed Liz excitedly leaning forward in her chair. "What did I tell you"

Max couldn't help smiling at Liz, "Your enjoying this aren't you"

"Hey come-on, tell me what did michael say," asked Liz taking a bite out of her lasagna.

"He said, she's the one he's been dreaming about" replied Max softly.

"See what did I tell you, I knew he would love her" squealed Liz excitedly reaching for a bite of salad.

""No, you don't understand, I mean literally dreaming," said max leaning back in his chair"

Staopping in mid bite, liz just stared at max. "Wait a minute you not talking about those crazy dreams, michael used to tell you about, are you?'"

"The very same"

"Wait ..wait a minute, I thought Michael said he could never get a clear image of the woman, so what makes him think it's maria."

"According to him, he had another one of his dreams last night, and this time well he saw maria, He's convinced of it" replied Max thinking back to the few moments he'd spent with maria talking, something was nagging at him in the back of his mind.

"What?" asked Liz after a moment of silence.

"Hmmm,, Oh I'm sorry, I was just thinking about something," Max said his eyes focusing on Liz "You know earlier when I was examining maria something strange happened, I really don't know how to explain it. I think I....well I think I might have made a connection with her."

"Okay?" said liz shaking her head and shrugging, a look of confusion crossing her face "So what, didn't you tell me, you make connections with people sometimes when your examining them."

"Well yeah that's true" replied Max "But this...Liz this felt different, it felt ....Liz it felt like the images were coming from me, not Maria.."

"Max, that's impossible" said Liz softly.

"Yeah, I guess your right" Max said softly. that nagging feeling still in the back of his mind. "It probably was nothing"

Smiling Liz placed her hand over max's " I' like Maria, and I'm glad Michael likes her, I think she'd be good for him"

Smiling, Max gently squeeaed her hand." You know what, I have to agree with you there" said max, " I don't think I've ever seen Michael this enamored with anyone"

"Then It's settled then, let's not go looking for trouble, alright"



"Now remember I wont be home tonight, Were having girls night" Said Liz, "and tell michael we want to invite Maria, so don't make any plans for tonite with her"

"Hmmmm.... what do you ladies do at these things anyway?" asked max pulling on his jacket.

"That's for us to know, " laughed liz, slightly wicked gleam in her eyes.

"Dammit" shouted liz reaching at the row of lockers."Great" Liz sid shaking her head in frustration.

"What's wrong?" asked Max coming to stand next to her

"I knocked some of my envelopes from top the locker, I need to paper" replied Liz

"Come on... come on " said max pulling liz away from the lockers" just go make sure no one comes in"

Holding his hand out, Max's hand began glowing blue, pulling the lockers forward a couple of feet.

"There, you go" said max putting his arm down.

Stepping behind the locker, and picking up the papers, came out with a handful of folders and a large envelope. that looked as if it was covered in dust and dirt. " Here you go" said max handing everything to Liz.

"Thanks,....oops " said Liz dropping the papers."Hey what's this" said liz picking up the envelope. Flipping it over, to look for some marking Liz found none.

"I thought it was yours, it was behind the locker" repled Max placing the papers on the table .and pushing the lockers back into position.

Nope, it's not mine" said liz shaking her head. "See it's covered in dust" said liz blowing dust off.

"Cough... cough"

Waving her hand in front of her to clear the air,

"Well only one way to find out." Liz said flipping the envelope over to open it.

Beep, beep, beep.

""That's me," said max picking up his beeper."I got to go"

"Alright " smiled Liz. "I guess I'll see you later"

Giving Liz a swift kiss, Max left

Throwing the folders and the envelope into her briefcase, liz left and headed back to work.

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hello all..

Dee: You can find the entire clompleted story at my site Aliens Love and Roses under my Fiction section, The parts can also be downloaded from my yahoo groups section..

it's also at ABFF or dreaming of candy

I'll try to post more over here so I'll you all can finaly finish it


here's the next chapter

chapter 31

"Hey Maria, come on in" smiled Isabel stepping aside so Maria could enter "come on in"

"Thanks," smiled maria stepping inside." Isabel your home looks lovely"

"Well thanks, come on into the living room, tess and liz aren't here yet, so it's just you and me." said Isabel handing Maria a glass of wine.

Thank you" Maria smiled coming to sit down on the the couch." It was nice of you guys to invite me."

"We started having these girls night right after alex and I got married, been having them ever since, now it's nice to have a new friend here." said Isabel giving Maria a warm smile, before taking a sip of her own glass.

"So tell me, how are things with Michael" asked Isabel, giving Maria a little wink.

"Michael, Michael and I are getting along quite nicely" smiled Maria.

The truth was Michael and Maria were getting along better then nicely, after telling him the truth about why she had come to Roswell, Michael had spent most of the day with her, and the kids.Maria was amazed at how easily her kids had taken to Michael, they trully seemed to be taken with him, as she was .

"Okay, play coy" laughed isabel leaning towards maria. "But we have ways of making you talk"

Laughing, Maria Shook her head at isabel.

"Hey! girls" laughed Liz coming into the living room with Tess.

"Maria!, you made it" smiled Tess coming into the living room and throwing her purse on the table.

"Hey" smiled Maria.

Pouring herself a glass of wine, Liz came to sit on the side of maria.

"So tell us, how was your date last night" asked Tess.

"Well, what there was of it was wonderful, " smiled maria.

"Yeah, Max told me you had gotten sick or something last night." said isabel " but your alright now, right?"

"Oh sure" replied Maria waving her hand in the air,"I just got a little over zealous these last couple of days, "

"Well I'm glad your okay, Max told me Michael spent the night at your house last night... anything ...interesting happen" laughed Liz giving maria a wink.

"Some Girls don't kiss and tell" replied Maria leaning back in the couch.

"Shoot... Sugar, that's half the fun" laughs isabel getting up from the couch.

"Well I hate dissapoint you all, but Michael spent most of the night on the couch"Maria said, not catching the look that liz exchanged with tess.

Hmmm... most of the night" smiled liz.

"But not all of the night" said Tess smiling.

Opening her mouth to say something, Quickly closed it quickly a blushed.

Laughing, both Tess and Liz smiled at their friend.

For Maria that night had turned out to be pretty terrific, even though her date with Michael seemed to right down the toilet. That awful nightmare had really upset her, and having Michael there to talk to about it, had really made her feel better. It had been strange for her to wake up that morning and find Michael next to her, She had thought he'd return to the couch downstairs once she'd fallen asleep. Needless to say she had been wrong, waking the next morning, Maria had wondered for a moment where she was, before the feeling of warmth around her dawned to her realization that she was not alone. Looking over Maria found Michael asleep next to her, his arm draped over her stomach , his hand resting possesively over one breast, a look of peaceful serene on his face. a smile curving the edge of his lips, Maria had wondered for a moment what he'd been dreaming about.

"Yooooo hooo!, earth to maria"

Shaking her head, Maria sat up in the couch coming out of her thoughts, " Sorry my mind just wandered there for a second," Maria said" Hey where's isabel" Maria asked looking around.

"Oh she went to get dinner" smiled liz taking a dring of her wine glass

. "Liz you shouldn't be drinking in your condition." Said Maria indicating Liz wine glass.

"Don't worry Maria, it's totally non-alcoholic" Said Iabel coming back in to living room carrying a large bag over two boxes of pizza.

"Here we go"

"Really. I never would have guessed" Maria stated takiing another sip of her glass.

"That remind me, Liz when are you due." asked Maria,

cough...cough..ghmm... "what?"asked Liz at the unexpectedness of Maria's question hit her.

"Are you alright" asked Maria quickly

"Yeah.. yeah. just went down the wrong pipe" replied liz taking a sip to recover."Excuse me for a moment"

Getting up Liz left the room and headed for the kitchen.

"I think I'd better gp check on her" smiled isabel getting up fron the sofa to follow liz.

"Hey" said Tess to Maria " let me show you a dress I saw in this magazine....


Coming into the kichen Isabel found liz leaning against the counter a glass of icewater in her hand. Standing in front of her friend Isabel smiled.

"You know Liz we've been so thrilled about our friends hooking up that for awhile, I guess we forgot about the whole alien thing.. seems funny to say that, doesn't it." said isabel

Smiling widely, Liz placed a hand over her belly and looked down.

"Do you think she'll accept us us?"

Looking toward the kitchen door at the sound of laughter coming from the living room.

"You know Isabel, I have a feeling, when Maria does learn about you guys, it's going to work out , for everyone."

"Well right now we certainly can't tell her when your baby is due.I mean most pregnancies don't last 18 to 19 months.

"Oh that's no problem, I'll just tell her I'm due in about 7 and half months" Liz said taking hold of Isabels arm .

"Hey you guys coming back or what!" shouted Tess.

"Come on" laughs Liz heading for the living room. " her highness awaits"


Knock ... knock" said Alex standing in the doorway of Max's office

Looking up from his desk Max smiled at his friend " hey Alex, come in" Max said indicating for him to close the door.

"I guess Isabel banned you from the house for the evening" said max smiling.

"Oh yeah, no males, be they human or alien alowed" Alex said smiling " so I came by to see if you wanted to go and grab a bite to eat for dinner"

"Sure, actually I'm glad your here, I need your help with something"

"No problem, what do you need help with" asked Alex sitting down in the chair in fron of the desk.

"I've been trying to get in touch with maria's doctor, and I'm having trouble locating him, I was hoping you might be able to help"said Max Handing Alex a few pieces of papers of info.

"Yeah, isabel told me about last night, I guess she's doing alright, she went to the girls night"

"From what I can tell , Maria's just fine, but I would like to get in touch with her doctor to be sure though"

Folding the papers, alex placed them in the inside pocket of his jacket. " I'll get started on it tomorrow."

"Thanks" said Max getting up and pulling on his jacket " come on let's see if Michael and kyle want to join us"



Isabel couldn't remember having had so much fun at one of her girls night, she was glad Liz had invited Maria to join them, the girl turned out to be loads of fun. Isabel couldn't help laughing to herself as the image of Maria standing on top the coffee table singing Shakira's when ever wherever, one thing was true that girl knew how to sing, She was goiong to have to about getting her to perform at the christmas festival this year.

""There's my beautiful wife" smiled Alex coming into the living room

"Hey yourself" smiled Iasbel at the sound of alex's voice." Did you and the guys have fun to night?"

"Oh yeah, we wound up at the bowling ally, for a little friendly game, was fun thought. how about you?"

Terrific, The kids are upstairs asleep, your parents wore them out, thank god, they went right to sleep the moment their head hit the pillows.and I am beat, " isabel said stifling a yawn.

Picking up a picture off the floor, alex couldn't help smiling There in front of him was a picture of all 4 women arm in arm each one a huge grin on her face.

"Nice picture" said Alex handing the photo to isabel.

"Yeah, Liz insisted we take it, for prosperity, You know Maria's initiation into the girls club." Isabel stated smiling, as she went upstairs followed by Alex.

Throwing the photo on her nightstand, twenty minutes later, Isabel threw on a pair of pajamas and got into bed.

"Goodnight " said Isabel pressing her lips to Alex's and lightly letting her tongue slide inside.

Sometimes she still couldn't believe how lucky she was. Most people thought that Alex was the lucky one to be married to her. but she knew the truth. She was the lucky one. Smiling to herself, Iabel watched as her husband, Lover and best friend gradually fell asleep. Watching him for a few minutes, Isabel smiled and turned over, the photo catching her eye. Picking it up Isabel looked softly at the image before her. We all deserve happy endngs she though.

"Let's see what Maria's dreaming about" Isabel said softly, placing her fingertips, over the image of Maria and closing her eyes.

Where am I isabel though as she found herself almost in complete darkness the images around her slightly blurred.

"Why are you doing this"

Turning around at the sound of maria's voice, isabel found herself in a small metalic like room. the walls bare and cold. a single bed in the corner. Maria sat in the corner of the room, shivering, and crying. Isabel shivered as the coldness of the room entered her. What is this place ?. "Maria must be having a nightmare"

"You won't get away with this" screamed Maria wiping away her tears with the back of her hand."My friends will come for me"

"No they won't, Ms Deluca, your friends aren't coming for you, and they never will"

Looking around for the source of the voice, isabel couldn't find any. "What kind of nightmare is this " she thought. Isabel felt her insides growing colder as she watched the figure of Maria and the paleness of her skin.

Your wrong, I know they will" shouted Maria "They have to"

"Oh trust me, they won't.... you ms Deluca and those abominations you carry are the furthest things from their minds.

"Let me out of here!!"screamed maria

Gasping for air, Isabel bolted upright in bed. ......