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Summary: see previous parts, spoilers up to Departure

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Sorry it's taken me so long to post, it was really hard to figure out what I wanted to do with this part. It focuses mainly on Kyle and Isabel but hopefully it makes a few surprsing revelations. I don't know why the drive behind this has lessened. So tell me what you think, I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten so far.

Part 28

Kyle felt like a Backstreet Boy, or whoever was the latest ridiculous pop sensation. Isabel had played with his appearance until he felt unrecognizable to himself. He was cranky and disgruntled, because all the extra power meant that they couldn’t even hold hands in public. He was about to implode regardless.

All Kyle knew was the Liz had better be getting a move on the inhibitor. Because it was getting to be ridiculous, he’d heard of love giving you a special glow, but when it actually happened it was damned annoying.

“Sweetheart, smile.” Isabel admonished Kyle as she drove them out to the Derringer estate. He was glaring out the window, the muscle in his jaw throbbing. She hadn’t meant to have so much fun giving him a new look, but it had proved to be hilarious.

“I’m your assistant, you can’t call me sweetheart or I’ll file a sexual harassment suit.”

“Be that way, and we’ll see who changes you back.” She replied archly.

“Hmph.” Kyle didn’t respond, he only moved to switch the radio on. Isabel merely made sure that it would play old pop songs from when they were in high school, a move that further infuriated Kyle. He hadn’t wanted to come to this stupid interview anyway, it was all kinds of illegal, if they were caught they’d both be disbarred.

Kyle decided then and there that maybe he should start thinking about exploring his powers. He’d get Isabel back good, somehow, someway. If only he could figure out how his supposed powers worked. For now he would be content to stay mad at Isabel, just so that he wouldn’t touch her.

They pulled up into a well-manicured driveway. The house standing at the end of it was actually impressive. Of Spanish design, the architecture blended beautifully into the landscape of austere badlands. The sandy ground ornamented by cacti and shrubs.

They got out of the car and walked up the steps leading to the house. Before Isabel could even ring the doorbell, they were ushered in by a woman in a black dress.

“Come in. Please, leave your coats here. You must be Isabel Evans. This is?”

“My assistant Kevin.”

“Ah well. He told me you’d be arriving. Please follow me, if you need or want anything please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be having lunch in twenty minutes and you are expected to join us. If you’d like to freshen up there is a bathroom to your right.” The woman smiled before leaving them alone gracefully. They hadn’t even had a chance to ask her who she was. Although she apparently knew enough to expect them.

“This is creepy Iz.”

“Hush. They’ll hear you.”

Kyle ignored her until the woman in black walked back in to usher them to the terrace. The view from the deck was spectacular. They had created an oasis of sorts as their backyard, while the land beyond was stark and barren. The unexpected contrast lending the panorama a sense of awesome beauty.

Kyle and Isabel took their seats across from a distinguished looking man in his late fifties or early sixties. The woman who had led them there seating herself next to him.

“Ms. Evans, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Samuel Derringer, and this is my daughter Serena. I understand you wished to go over the details of my testimony.”

“Yes Mr. Derringer—“

“Call me Sam please. I may call you Isabel?”

“Of course. Sam, this is my assistant Ky-Kevin. Um. You are aware of the charges the federal government has brought against you?”

“Yes, of course. This silliness about strange goings-on here on the estate that I have somehow managed to conceal and obstruct all their investigations. Now Isabel wouldn’t you agree that this is all ridiculous.” Samuel had a slight drawl to his words. Kyle was reminded somewhat of his father, while Isabel would have sworn they were talking to the Malboro Man in person.

“We’ll we just wanted to make sure that we have everyone’s position correctly stated.”

“Okay. Well cadmium-x is something the feds made up while taking acid or some other hallucinogenic drug. Those idiots wouldn’t know what end is up if they were faced with a pair of pants.”

“Dad. The feds aren’t going to feel any more kindly to you if you persist in calling them a pack of idiots. Ms. Evans, our position is quite clear. The allegations made by the government are ridiculous. We have allowed them ample leeway to explore and probe our land, they found nothing. Why they feel the need to persecute my family is beyond my comprehension. We just want to be left alone.”

“Of course. And I assure you we will take the sternest of approaches as this case moves forward through the courts. Your family will be left in peace. But to prove that, I want our lab technician to do a small test on the soil with your permission of course. I do hope you have no problem with running a spot test just to prove the government wrong. Something I admit I do enjoy.”

The Derringers shared a look between each other before answering Isabel. “Sure. If Kevin would follow me, I can help him collect some soil for a test.” Serena offered.

Kyle followed her out of the room. While Isabel stayed to go over a few more details with Sam. Not that either of the Derringers were any more open than the other. They studiously avoided answering questions unless it was to repeat the fact the government was run by a passel of fools and that they had no idea what the feds were gibbering about.

They left the estate feeling unsettled. It was as if they’d been conned in a major way, but still weren’t clear as to why they felt that way. Especially since Kyle’s presence meant that they’d been the ones doing the conning. They couldn’t wait to get home and share their impressions with the gang.

As they left the Derringers behind them, Kyle’s concerns shifted from the case to his appearance. All he really wanted was to look like himself again. And suddenly the growth of strange facial hair receded. His eyes turned from brown to green to blue again. His hair shortened and lightened to its usual length and color. “Isabel.”

“What?” Isabel asked not taking her eyes off the road.

“When are you going to change me back to normal.”

“Oh. Let me stop here. Oh my God. Kyle!”


“That Kevin boy was strange Reeny.”

“Yeah. Well I think it was Kyle in disguise Dad. They really shouldn’t play with the law that way, they’ll get disbarred and what use will they be then.”

“Yes. But it was something more than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s one of us.”

“That’s not possible.”

“But it is so.”


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