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link to the whole fic on the repost board...I know alot of you may need to catch up more than the little recap I'm about to do...
and remember...jezebel's boyfriends name is JOSH. no matter what the repost version says.

Ok so...I know it’s been a while. Ok so it’s been two months. Sue me. I just started college. ANYWAY, so you guys have NO CLUE whats been going on with kaleb and bella and the rest of those crazy kids...hell, WE barely remember. So I thought id do us ALL a favor and do a little recap. Just see it as a little MARIA STYLE BACKSTORY INTRO, Sound good? Ok then:

Jezebel and kaleb had a big fight about josh finding out the Czech status and aren’t on speaking terms.

Bella had her 17th birthday. She got a car, a kitten, a necklace, and lots of other great crap.

Later that night she had a nightmare and Kaleb came over to comfort her. They did the DEED. Go reread that, its worthwhile;).

The next day at school, Bella told Jezebel and Lia what happened, and Bella confessed she had a feeling bad things were instore for her and Kaleb.

Later that day kaleb and bella are kidnapped my darla and someone else. We don’t know who the other person is.

Jezebel blames herself when she finds out theyre missing and runs off alone.

Parker, Lia and Josh go to the whitmans, where parker tells josh to go wait for news. Lia and Parker beep the parents who come a-runnin.

Hunter calls lia...but shes too busy to talk. Aint he sweet though?

Bella wakes up in the room from her nightmares with no powers...and kaleb is still unconscious. She has a migraine. Kaleb finally wakes up but cant heal her headache for some reason.

Darla and the figure talk and its made known that another girl/woman is also being held captive, but her identity is still secret.

Meanwhile Jezebel is having a nervous breakdown at home...

Kaleb and Bella discuss their need to talk about the nooks after they get out of their situation, when DARLA comes bursting in interrupting them, and is all nasty ass flirting with Kaleb. Right before she leaves she reveals her identity as TESS.

Meanwhile the parents freak out about Bella and Kaleb being missing, and Jacinda and Kyle go to check on Jez.

Liz and the rents cant contact bella or kaleb for some odd reason, and josh meanwhile goes to check on jezebel as well.

Tess tells bella and kaleb that she only wants kaleb...and blasts bella into unconsciousness. She then gets yelled at by her mysterious boss for hurting bella. The boss specifically told tess that bella wasn’t to be hurt.

Liz realized Ava is missing.

Josh shows up to comfort Jezebel. Kyle and Jacey realize he knows about the Czechs. He comforts her when she is breaking down.

Tess goes to see the other unknown female captive who turns out to be AVA. IMPOTANT LINE TO REMEMBER: Tess paused and smirked. “We WON. And they never even knew what hit em. And I never woulda been able to do it without you, Ava darling. They couldn’t even tell the difference.”

Ava has no powers for some reason.

Kaleb cant heal Bella for a while...IMPORTANT LINE: Something was trying to keep him out. Which didn’t make sense, considering the fact that they’d connected just the night before in order for her to show him her dream. Taking a deep breath and brushing her hair and necklace off of her throat, he concentrated even harder.

He is finally able to heal her, and they are both very emotional. Their kissy-kissies, however, are interrupted by THE MYSTERIOUS BOSS FIGURE, who enters the room...and That’s ABOUT WHERE WE LEFT OFF.....SO...NOW BACK TO OUR SHOW..................


Bella grimaced. “Well, you may not have to seems like TESS wants to get a hold of them first.”

“Oh god.” Kaleb said softly. “I almost forgot. seems like she...wants...” he swallowed.

“To fuck you.” Bella spit out disgustedly.

Kaleb’s eyes widened and a look of pure revulsion took over his face. “That’s NEVER gonna happen.”

Bella nodded. “Damn right, it won’t. If she thinks I’m gonna let her touch you she’s got another thing comin.” She said forcefully. “’s the thing I don’t get. If she doesn’t want anything with she said...she just wants am I DOING here? Why did she take me too?”

Kaleb furrowed his brow in confusion. “I have no idea. That’s a really good question. Why ARE you here?”

“I think I can help you out with the answer to that.” A voice resounded from the now open door into the room. “You see, I was the one who told the blonde dumbass to get you.”

Kaleb and Bella gasped as their eyes met the figure standing in the doorway.

Kaleb grasped Bella’s hand tightly. “Holy mother of Christ.”

Bella’s voice grew small and childlike.

“W-what are YOU doing here?”



"I'm going to try again." Liz said decisively, sitting at the kitchen table.

"BAD idea." Isabel stated firmly, pulling Liz to her feet. "You're going to
make yourself sick if you keep that up."

"I have to do SOMETHING." Liz insisted.

"That's right, you have to sit down and try to relax." Isabel said gently. "I
know how scared you are, Liz. But you have to try and stay as calm as

"Calm?" Liz repeated slowly. “You want me to stay...calm? Calm? My son and goddaughter are missing and we can’t contact them, Isabel. What, exactly, do I have to be calm about?”

Isabel placed her hands on Liz’s shoulders and softened her voice. “Liz, listen, I know you’re worried. We all are. We ALL love them. But freaking out wont help us reach them. Maybe...” She paused thoughtfully. “hold on a second.” Turning toward the entrance to the living room, she called out to her children. “Parker! Lia! Come in here please.”

“Yeah, mom?” Lia asked, as the two entered slowly from the other room.

“Kids, we’re gonna combine our powers to try to reach Bella and Kaleb, alright. Maybe with the three of us trying to dreamwalk, and Liz trying to communicate with Kaleb, we’ll get through...ok?” She looked at Liz as a small spark of hope reached the petite woman’s eyes. “Hey, it’s worth a try right?”

Liz smiled gratefully. “Let’s do it.”


Josh continued to hold Jezebel, rubbing his hands over her and kissing her
face and lips. He hated seeing her cry, but even that was better than the
state she had been in when he had arrived. Finally, he felt her shift
slightly in his arms, pressing her face more firmly against his chest. With
every gentle caress and soft kiss, she was beginning to show more signs of

"That's it, Jez." He murmured in her ear, moving to place a kiss on her
parted lips. "Come back to me."

Jezebel's eyes, which had looked glazed over and lifeless when Josh had come
in, finally focused on his face. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't stay away." Josh explained, brushing her hair off of her face. "I
had to know if you were okay."

" did you get in here...I mean...the door was locked...and aren't my
parents here?" Jezebel asked.

"Your mom let me in." Josh said. "They know about me...that I know."

"'re still alive?" Jezebel gasped, sitting up. "Josh, how did
they....I mean, what did they do?"

Josh shrugged. "Well, your dad kinda looked like he was choking or something.
Your mom just asked me if I love you, and when I said yes, she said 'okay'
and opened the door for me."

"That's a relief." Jezebel sighed. "I always figured my mom would just kill
you first, ask questions later."

"Gee, thanks." Josh said. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure your mom is trying to
contact Bella and Kaleb...I heard her saying something about it, and I think
your dad knows that we're...intimate, and there was something in there about
your brother head-butting your mom in the kidneys..."

"Oh my God..." Jezebel gasped, burying her face in her hands. "Bella and
Kaleb..." Her eyes started to fill with tears. "Are they...I mean, has anyone
heard anything?"

"I don't think so." Josh replied. He pulled her close. "Babe, please, don't
cry. This is NOT your fault at all. And it's gonna be okay. Come on, let's go
check in with your parents, we'll see if they've heard anything. We are going
to find them."

"We?" Jezebel repeated, pulling away. "Josh, what are you talking about? You
can't...I mean, it's too dangerous. If anything happened to you..."

Josh kissed her and smiled. "Nothing will happen to me. Don't ask me how I
know that, I just do. I mean...look at your parents. They went through all
that dangerous shit when they were our age, and they got through it all
together. And so will we."

"Maybe you're right." Jezebel admitted, taking his hand.

"I know I am." Josh said. "Because I know that we belong together, and I know
that we will find a way to survive anything."

"You are amazing." Jezebel said after a minute, wiping her eyes. She leaned
forward and kissed him softly.

"That's enough of that!" Kyle yelled, pounding on the door.

"How the hell did he know?" Josh muttered.


“Me?” The figure smiled menacingly, taking a slow step toward the two huddled together on the floor. “Why, Bella. Aren’t you happy to see me? I thought we were friends. And I believe you still owe me a dance.”

Kaleb’s fists clenched at his sides and his eyes narrowed. “In your dreams, Noah.”

Noah shook his blonde head and laughed. “Kaleb, Kaleb.” He sighed. “Come on dude, wake up. This is NO dream. It’s your nightmare.” He grinned and advanced his steps till he was right in front of Bella on Kaleb’s lap.

Kneeling down, he met her height and smiled. “Hey Bell. You look absolutely ravishing today, do you know that?” He ran his finger down the side of her cheek and she grimaced at his cold touch.

Kaleb smacked his hand away, throwing Noah off balance and he staggered back a bit. Righting himself, he chuckled. “Oh, Evans. You wont be this tough for long.” He smirked, turning around and walking towards the door.

“Kiss my ass, Noah!” Kaleb called after him as the blonde boy went to leave.

Turning around with a coy smile, Noah shook his head. “Thanks, but I’d much rather kiss Bella’s.” He chuckled. “Oh, and by the way, Kaleb. You can call me Kivar. Your father did.” And with that he turned and left the room, and a thoroughly stunned Kaleb and Bella behind him.

“Well...” Bella began in a shaky laugh as Kaleb hugged her to his body, “I guess we know why I’m here.”

Kaleb shook his head adamantly. “I’ll never let that happen, Bell. We need a plan.” He paused as they heard the sounds of angry yelling from outside the door. “A really...REALLY good plan.”


OH MY GOD GUYS....we actually....did another part...and it only took two months!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so damn excited its not even funny! ill bet youd all given up in us. well we may slow down but well never say die. never, so dont worry. were here till the end. even if I have to write between my damn classes.

ohh guys im so glad you stuck around!

one 1/3 of teh JezeBelLia trio.

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