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Was It A Dream? Part 27

Niko Giuliani had been spying on the valley of Airatan, New Mexico, from a dilapidated old shack, at the top of a nearby peak, for two weeks. He had put up with the whining and crappy attitudes of the other two, so-called reporters; Mr. Marshall and Mr. Target, until he had become sick and tired of their complaints and told them to get out. Once they were gone, he had called the other three losers, who had stayed down in the valley; Mr. Hudson, Mrs. Penney and Ms. Sears and told them to come take their former associates places.

He was on edge; bored and restless, after a fruitless two weeks of watching that stupid, little town from this broken down shack. Even after seeing those mysterious lights, which bobbed and whirled their way around the valley, soon after sunset, each night, he was about to give up. But it was like that clown, Hudson said; they had put this much time and effort into this story, he couldn’t let Blair and Evans win, by giving up. Mrs. Penney had left that morning and good riddance to her, he thought. He didn’t need any of these losers, anyway. This was his story and his alone.

“Hey, another small plane is coming in for a landing.” Ms. Sears said, as she watched through her binoculars. “That is the second jet to land in less than half an hour.”

“Hmmm, maybe something is finally going to happen. Keep a look-out.” Niko told her as he went back to his musings.

“Something’s happening down there!” Sears called out a short time later. I’m seeing lights moving down the sides of the valley, as if an awful lot of people are gathering down by the river.” Niko, Hudson and McDonald jumped up off of their chairs and ran to the window.

“Oh S**T!” Niko exclaimed loudly, when a flying saucer appeared out of nowhere, to hover over the valley, below. “Where did that come from?” He asked, as they all grabbed their cameras and started recording what they were seeing.

“I would guess that a ship like that would have to have some sort of stealth technology, so that Earth’s detection systems wouldn’t be able to pick it up, as well as keeping ordinary people from seeing it, as it came into our atmosphere.” Mr. Hudson said, in the pompous, know-it-all way he had.

“Look, it’s starting to circle the valley!” McDonald exclaimed.

“It’s landing!” Sears yelled, not taking her eyes from the view-finder of her camera.

“It’s disappeared from view; I can’t see it anymore.” Niko said, disappointed. “We are going to have to take turns, keeping watch, tonight.” He instructed and they all agreed, before getting ready to settle down in their sleeping bags.

Niko was too wound up to sleep, so he took the first watch, but nothing else happened that night. When it came time for Ms. Sears to take her watch, he took great pleasure in shaking her roughly, to wake her up. If she weren’t so easy on the eyes, he would have pitched her out of the shack with the old broad.

“Get up; you were supposed to relieve me ten minutes ago. Do I have to do everything; have all the ideas, make all the plans and keep watch all night?”

“I’m up, I’m up.” Sears grumbled but Niko smirked when she didn’t make any other complaints. They all knew who was in charge. Yes indeed, Niko Giuliani was the man.


Niko was awoken, very early the next morning, by something loud being dropped on the floor, but he didn’t bother to open his eyes right away.

“What, what was that?” McDonald mumbled.

“Sorry, dropped the binoculars.” Mr.Hudson stage-whispered.

‘Man, didn’t that old fart have a volume control on that voice of his?’ Niko asked himself and rolled over.

“Mmwwhat time is it?” Sears asked, waking up.

“I don’t know, maybe four o’clock.” Hudson answered.

“Oh ⊕#$⊕%$!” Sears yelled, making Niko sit up and bringing McDonald up out of his sleeping bag.

“What was that?” He asked.

“That was our dear Ms. Sears, reminding us that she is not a morning person.” Mr. Hudson said, in that annoyingly cheerful voice of his.

“Hey, am I just sleep deprived, or is something glowing, down in the valley?” McDonald asked.

That got everyone up and looking out the window.

“I definitely see a green light…just like that ship gave off, last night.” Niko said, and everyone grabbed their cameras, just in time to see the flying saucer rise up out of the valley and hover there.

“Oh crap, it’s going to take off. We have to try and follow it!” Niko yelled, as they all grabbed their coats and ran for their car.

Niko could see the ship start to move slowly away from the valley, heading south, so as soon as the car doors slammed shut, he pressed his foot to the accelerator and streaked down the mountain at lightening speed. He heard the others yell or cry out, but only grinned and pressed down on the accelerator some more.

“Keep your eyes pealed.” Niko yelled, as they followed the ship.

Niko cursed as they would lose sight of it but then they would get a glimpse of it through the trees or over the top of another hill. The hours passed, unnoticed, as he made sure that they all stayed on high alert, keeping an eye out for the space ship. The sun came up and still they drove south, winding through hills and passing by cities and subdivisions; always just barely keeping a visual on the green flying saucer.

“Hey, I think we are coming into Albuquerque.” McDonald said, as he looked at a map.

“The traffic has certainly increased; cars and pedestrians” Hudson said. “Maybe the circus is in town. Could the ship be headed for the fairgrounds? Maybe we should try to get ahead of it and head there. If it were to attack, while all of these people are gathered there…”

“Yeah, you’re right, I have to get ahead of that thing; gotta get set up, so I can catch it all on video and grab the exclusive rights for my story.” Niko said, half to himself, but the others heard him.

“Your story, this is Our story.” Sears yelled at him from the back seat, but he just grinned and ignored her.

“If the craft is headed there, we have to warn the people, get them to evacuate the fairgrounds.” Hudson blathered on again.

“Evacuate, shmacuate.” Niko yelled. “Who cares about all those idiots, I’ve got to get there and set up my camera.” He put his foot down on the accelerator and almost hit some pedestrians who were crossing the street, ahead of him.

“Get out of my way!” He yelled at them, weaving his way through traffic, in a mad rush to get to the fairgrounds; nothing else mattered.

Cries of surprise and anger came from the crowd, as Niko smashed his SUV through the barricade, meant to keep vehicles off of the fairgrounds and came to a screeching halt.
He jumped out of the car and yelled at the others to get the equipment out.

A bunch of reporters came running over to Niko, asking what was happening.

“This is my story, all mine!” Niko yelled at them. “Aliens landed up north of here and now they are headed this way. I followed them here and so this is My story; you can’t take it away from me.”

“Aliens, huh? What did they look like?” One of the reporters asked, chuckling in disbelief.

“I don’t know, I only saw their ship, as it came in for a landing last night. Then this morning, it took off and headed this way. It’s kind of a bilious-green color, with flashing lights on the side; looks just like your typical flying saucer.” Niko answered, as he set up his own equipment.

“Hey you!” He yelled at another reporter, who was pointing his cam-corder at the sky. “I said this is my exclusive story. You’re not taking this away from me!”

“Hey man, I don’t know what you’ve been smokin’, but I’m just taking pictures of all these lovely balloons, which are floating by; you know, covering the fiesta. I don’t see any flying saucers.” Niko looked around, not seeing anything, but an enormous crowd of people.

“Fiesta; what are you talking about? Aliens are coming and I’m here to cover it!” Niko yelled, motioning to the north.

“I see it, Niko, here they come.” Ms. Sears said, from behind her binoculars.

“Where?” Niko demanded, grabbing the field glasses out of her hands.

“There.” She yelled, angrily, as she pointed to the dish-shaped object, which was coming their way as Niko looked through the glasses.

“Hey, Niko, is that you, son?” Niko looked up from the binoculars, at the sound of his father’s voice. ‘What are you doing here, old man?’ He asked himself, before his excitement came back and he pointed to the object, which was steadily coming closer.

“Dad; I’ve done it. I’ve finally found the story that’s going to make me famous! Aliens, Dad; they’ve landed on Earth and now they’re headed this way!”

“What are you babbling about, Niko? Aliens; what kind of crazy talk is that? There are no aliens coming to Earth.” Mr. Giuliani said and the old resentments leapt up within Niko’s chest.

“You’ve never believed in me; you’ve always been too busy, being the hot-shot photographer to ever care about anything I did, or felt was important.” Niko yelled at his father and then spotted Mason and Cheryl Blair and Max and Liz Evans in the crowd and ran over to them.

“You want to see aliens, Dad? These two are aliens!” Niko pointed to one of the sets of identical twins. He could never figure out which couple was which, but he didn’t care.

“Why don’t you try to calm down, Niko.” Blair suggested in an irritatingly soft and patient voice. “Mr. Evans and I went through all of this with you, two weeks ago. Remember, we had those blood tests run and took you on a tour of Airatan? The blood tests came back negative, didn’t they?” Mason asked, reasonably. “And you didn’t see any aliens down in those tunnels, did you?”

‘Don’t talk to me as if I’m some sort of stupid idiot, you can mollify.’ Niko fumed inside.

“Niko, the ship is coming closer.” Mr. McDonald called and Niko turned away from the dopes and the dupes, as he liked to call them.

“What do you say now, Dad?” Niko asked, sarcastically, pointing behind him.

“Son, it’s a hot-air balloon. Granted it is shaped to look like a flying saucer; I understand it belongs to a club in Roswell, but it is still a hot-air balloon. Look, you can clearly see the gondola and the propane burners.” John pointed out.

“Are you crazy, old man?” Niko all but spat at Mr. Giuliani. “What hot-air balloon? I’m telling you that that is a space ship; coming to do God-only-knows-what to us. The rest of you see the flying saucer don’t you? He’s just a crazy old man, right?” Niko was switching between anger, at his father’s stubbornness and a small sliver of uneasiness. He looked at all of the people who were standing around him. They were shaking their heads; looking between him and the sky, with pity on their faces.

‘Don’t look at me like that; as if I am some moron, who needs to be pitied.’ His mind screamed before he pointed to Max.

“What are you doing to all of these people? How are you hiding the truth from them? What alien powers are you using on all of us?”

“Niko, I’m sorry, but there are just no aliens. We’ve done everything we can think of, to convince you. Why are you holding onto this delusion of yours, son?” Max asked, in a sorrowful voice, his eloquent eyes radiating pity.

“That is no delusion; that is an Alien Ship!” Niko yelled, as he turned back and pointed up towards…a saucer-shaped…green…hot-air-balloon, which was floating closely overhead. A boy and girl were smiling and waving down at the crowds, from inside the basket, as an older man threw a bean bag over the side, to land in the center of the giant X on the ground, before they continued on their way, over the field.

“It was a flying saucer, I’m sure of it and they Are Aliens!” Niko yelled and pointed at one of the couples. Then he picked out Sue Blair’s face from among the laughing and jeering throng.

“Sue? Sue Blair; what are you doing here?”

“I’m here with my parents, of course, Niko.” Sue said, as she and some stud walked up to him. “You are hurting them and I don’t understand why. Daddy got you that job you wanted at the studio…” Sue put a soothing hand on his arm.

“And then he fired me.” Niko said, angrily and brought his hand up to slap her away, but the guy, in a lightening move, caught Niko’s arm in his hand, before he could hit Sue and all of a sudden, Niko felt as if all of his energy had drained out of him. Where had his adrenaline rush disappeared to? Niko wondered, as he dropped his hand.

“I don’t think you want to bring up all the legal reasons you were fired, in front of all these reporters, Mr. Giuliani.” Mason said, seriously and Niko shut up; he didn’t seem to have the strength, to make a retort.

“Come on, Niko, I’m taking you home.” His father said, firmly taking him by the arm.

Niko’s father helped him into his SUV and then blathered on and on, to the Blairs and the Evans for several minutes. As he waited for the old man to say goodbye, Niko noticed that Sue Blair and her stud were standing several yards away and that the guy was staring at him. As Niko watched through the window shield, he bent down and picked up a trampled dandelion. After straightening up, the guy twirled the crushed flower in his fingers, grinned at Niko and then…turned the yellow dandelion…into a fresh, red rose…twirled it a few more times…and turned it back into its original form, before laughing silently and turning away from Niko, to walk away with Sue on is arm.

Niko looked franticly around the car for someone, anyone to tell what he’d just seen, someone who might also have seen what that guy with Sue had done, but all he saw were people walking away from him or just walking by, seemingly unaware of everything which had just happened.

“Dad, Dad!” Niko yelled, as Mr. Giuliani got into the car. “You are never going to believe what I saw. That guy…that guy with Sue…he…he picked up a dandelion and turned it into a rose! I saw it Dad! They are aliens, they are!”

“Niko, Shut Up!” His father yelled. “There are no aliens, there never were any aliens. This was all just your idea of a sick joke to try and grab attention; well, no more. When we get home, I will lay out all the new rules by which you will live your life…working for me…or I will commit you to a mental hospital; out of which you will never leave. Do I make myself clear?”

“But Dad…” Niko whined, then took one glance at the angry expression on his father’s face and nodded. His head dropped back onto the head rest and his eyes closed as he lost what little energy he had left, while his father started the car and drove off.

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