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Title: The Prophecy
Author: Krazykitti
Disclaimer: I no own Roswell, or the song "Blurry" by Puddle of Mud, but I do own the characters I make up.
Rating: PG-13 - R
Summary: You'll have to read to find out; Sorta AU
Spoilers: None
Author's note: This takes place from two different settings and POVs, but it will all come together.

All my life I have lied to my friends; Especially my best friends, but if I told them the truth, they'd be in more danger. They have enough to deal with already without knowing about me, besides they don't need to know, yet.

I've been keeping this secret for as long as I can remember. It all started when I was 5 months old. At 5 months old my mom told me that she saw me making stuffed animals dance........... without touching them. I learned to talk when I was 9 months old. I started to walk at 10 months old. I knew how to do Math and Science since I was 2. My dad also once told me when I was 3 that we were playing catch and one minute I was there in front of him and the next I disappeared; I reappeared in the kitchen one minute later. From then on it got even weirder. I knew I was different. I knew I was like no one else. I had to keep this a secret so I acted totally different then I'm describing myself now.

I could talk when I was 9 months
I could walk since I was 10 months
I have the strength of 10 wrestlers put together
I could do Algebra and Physics since I was 2
I have Telekenesis and Teleportation
I can heal, mindwarp, and change the molecular structure of things
I am like no one else

I Am The Prophecy
*Part 1*

*Isabel POV*

Right now, I can’t stand my life. It’s so hard to keep these feelings all bottled up inside without exploding. I have different emotions towards everyone and everything.

I’m angry at Max & Liz. Max, I’m angry at because he thinks he can control my life when he should be controlling his own, especially when he slept with Tess (Stupid bitch, Van Buren whore, Wench, ect.). The only reason why I’m mad at Liz is because she took Max back so fast. Max has been an ass to her this whole year and she just takes him back like that?! I’m sorry to say, but Liz has no back bone whatsoever.

I’m also sorry to say this, but Michael has become soft. He’s not Mr. Tough guy like he used to be, but at least he has Maria. They just “cementedEit recently, but I’m happy for them.

Kyle............. a whole different story. We both feel betrayed, but at least he has his dad to comfort him. I have absolutely no one.

I feel sick to my stomach right now. I’m just laying here on my bed thinking about too much that has happened. “I’m turning on the radio.EI turn on the radio and lay back down, not realizing what song is on.

* Everything’s so blurry and everyone’s so fake everybody’s empty &
Everything is so messed up Preoccupied without you I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you I stumble and I crawl &
You could be my someone you can be my scene you know that I’ll protect
You from all of the obscene I wonder what you’re doing Imagine where you are
There’s oceans in between us but that’s not very far

* Can you take it all away? can you take it all away?
Well you shoved it in my face----This pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away? can you take it all away?
Well you shoved it in my face

* Everyone is changing there’s no left that’s real
So make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel
Cause I am lost without you I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl &
You could be my someone you can be my scene you know that
I will save you from all of the unclean I wonder what
you’re doing I wonder where you are
There’s oceans in between us but that’s not vey far

* Can you take it all away? can you take it all away?
Well you shoved it in my face----This pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away? can you take it all away?
Well you shoved it in my face----This pain you gave to me

* Nobody told me what you thougt nobody told me what to say
Everyone showed you where to turn showed you when to run away
Nobody showed you where to hide nobody told you what to say
Everyone showed you where to turn showed you when to RUN AWAY

* Can you take it all away can you take it all away
can you take it all away the pain the pain you gave to me
This pain you gave to me

I finally realize the silent tears running down my cheeks. I get up quickly and turn off the radio before the next song comes on. I plop down on my bed, I’m now sobbing. “That whole song describes me and what Alex would say to me now. I wish you were here Alex. Oh God, I think I’m gonna puke.EI then get up and run to the bathroom. I’m so overwhelmed with these feelings of guilt, betrayal, confusion and everything that I vomit for 15 minutes straight. I’m now sitting in the corner of my bathroom, my knees huddled against my chest crying. “Honey, are you okay?E my mother asks. “I’m fine.E I say even though it’s a lie. “Okay.E

I get up and rinse my mouth out. I look at myself in the mirror. My face is dirty with the runs of mascara down my cheeks from crying, all pale and sunken in, my hair is messy, and ironically after just vomiting my stomach is growling because I’m hungry. I know why I’m hungry I haven’t eaten for almost 3 days, but I don’t feel like eating. I decide to go to bed hungry.
*Part 2*

All my life I’ve acted like a dork. I got beat up, even though I was stronger then anyone who kicked my ass. I was always picked on, even though I could make such good come backs until it could make the fucking person’s head swim. When I was in high school, I took regular classes even though I could easily contradict the teacher and make an A+++ with no effort whatsoever, but if I did these things it would’ve brought attention to me. So I acted totally opposite.

I made bad jokes at the wrong time. I got B’s and C’s in class. I didn’t play sports and I didn’t work out so I looked scrawny(even though I am a Karate master), but now since I left Roswell in such an unexpected way, I changed my whole identity. I act like a smart-ass instead of a doofus.

My name is Jake Pentland. I have bleached hair and green eyes. I still look a little scrawny, but I do look sorta masculine. I’m 6E5Eand 143 Lbs. I’m a conceited, lean, mean, fighting machine.

Right now I live in San Diego, California. I’m 19 years old and I’m going to San Diego Community College. I share a dorm with my the one person who knows who I really am. His name is Daniel Weisenhoffer.

It may seem like a good bad-ass life, but I feel lonely. When I left Roswell, I left my friends, my family, and the love of my life.
*Part 3*

~Dream Sequence~

I’m in the middle of a desserted road and the sun is almost set. I look ahead and I notice Max,
Michael, Maria, Liz, Kyle, and Jim walking away from me. As I try to yell out to them I notice
something different about myself..................I’m eight months pregnant. I yell to them, “Don’t leave
me! Please don’t go! I can’t do this on my own!EI’m crying as I say these things. They can’t hear me.
I then feel someone behind me, I turn my head and see, Alex. He smiles at me as I’m crying and
wraps his arms around me. I feel his hand on my belly and I feel the baby kick. He then says to me,
“Leave now or be lonely forever.EAlex then disappears. I’m crying even harder.............sobbing now.
“What do you mean?! I’m already alone. I have no one.E

~End of Dream Sequence~

I wake up crying, in cold sweat. I look at my clock it’s 2:39 in the morning. I notice my hand instinctively on my stomach, the exact place where the baby kicked in my dream. “I have to get out of this town.EI get up and get dressed. I walk over to my closet, throw a duffle on my bed, and throw only essential items in it. I then go back to my closet and lift one of the floor boards to get my journal (Yes, I do keep a journal.). I look in my bag to see if I have everything I need, there’s one thing missing, my prom picture of Alex and I. I go to my nightstand and look at it for a minute........I grab it and shove it in my duffle. I then creep out into the hallway (making sure not to wake anybody) and to the kitchen. I take out a piece of paper and a pen and start writing..................................

Dear Everyone,
By the time you read this I will already be on a bus headed somewhere far away. I am not leaving because of you, but because of myself. I can’t stand Roswell anymore, too much has happened to me to stay here. One day, maybe I will come back, but right now I’m probably not going to come back until my head is cleared of all this guilt and confusion.

Mom, Dad, I love you with all my heart and I don’t mean to hurt you, but I have to do this.

Max, what to say?, I love you, you’re my brother, but what happened to us?

Michael, Michael, Michael I’m glad that you found someone to love, someone who broke through your toughness. Take care.

Liz and Maria, I know that we were never close, but I will miss you both. Take good care of Max and Michael for me.

Jim and Kyle, thank you for all your help and generosity. I will dearly miss thee. Oh and Kyle, don’t give up.
I must go now before it is too late. I LOVE YOU ALL! Goodbye.

Isabel Amanda Evans

I put the letter on the counter and put the pen away. I look at the microwave, it is now 3: 11 am. I must go or I won’t be able to. As I go out my front door I look back with teary eyes and whisper, “Goodbye.E

I walk a block away from my house to find the taxi I called awhile ago. I get in and the taxi driver asks, “Where to?EEThe bus depot.EAfter about a 15 minute ride, I pay the cab and get out. I then go up to the receptionist and ask, “What time does the next bus to LA leave?E“Actually there’s one about to leave in five minutes.EI paid for my ticket, get on the bus, hand it to the bus driver, and took a seat in the back. There wasn’t many people on the bus, plus it was 3:47 in the morning.

As the bus is moving I look out the window to see the sign, Now Leaving Roswell. I feel a tear slide down my cheek. After passing the sign I drift back to sleep for the second time tonight.
*Part 4*

God, I miss her so much. I’ve been dreaming about her a lot lately and these dreams are really starting to scare me. I don’t know if these dreams are premonitions, or the future, or what. They remind me a lot of the past. I finally lay down praying that I won’t have to same dream that I’ve been having for the past week.

~ Dream Sequence~

I see her crying. She’s sad about my sudden leave. I wonder what it says in that letter that she placed on my coffin? Back to the point, Alex! Anyway, now the scene changes. I see her, she’s laying on her bed crying, but there’s something different about her. Then I really look...............Oh my fucking God (no offense to God), she’s, she’s PREGNANT! I’ve had this dream for a week and I just notice this now.

Her hand is protectively on her stomach and her eyes are bloodshot from crying so much. God, I hate to see her in so much pain. I here her whisper to the unborn child that everything will be okay.

Wait a minute, but why didn’t I realize this before now...........Duh, because this isn’t the exact same dream I usually have. How can I be so paranoid and irrational? Then I realize the dream has turned for the worst. The scene changes drastically.

I then see a certain person, who I despise and hate, who I want to murder, hurting my Izzy and our unborn child! She’s nine months pregnant right now! ( Further then the past at least)

I start screaming bloody murder for her,ENooooooo!!!!! Stop it!!! You fucking bastard!!! Get away from her!!!!E/i>

~ End Dream Sequence~

I then abruptly wake up in cold sweat, bawling like a little boy who just lost their dog.

EDude, you’re going to wake up the whole dormitory screaming like that.E Daniel says.
EThat dream again?E
EWell not exactly.E
“What do you mean not excatly?E
EI think it may be a sign.E
EWhat kind of sign?E
EI think the past may repeat itself.E
EWhat! That can’t happen!E
EI know and it won’t happen if I have anything to do with it.E
*Part 5*

*Isabel POV*

I wake up and look at my watch, it’s about 8:30a.m.......... well in Roswell time. Where are we anyway?

*Max POV*

Beep! Beep! Beep! “Stupid alarm clock. I forgot to turn it off last night.EI reach my hand and throw it against the wall. It’s 8:00. It’s too early for a Saturday. “Ah. What the hell, I might as well get up anyway.ESince I won’t be able to get back to sleep.

I throw my legs over the edge of the bed and stretch. Then I hear someone sobbing. “Is that mom I hear crying?EI then put on my pants and go down the hallway to the kitchen. I see my mom and dad crying at the table about something. I go over to them, “What’s the matter, why are you both crying?E“Your sister ran away.E my dad says. “What?!E“Read.E my dad says taking the letter from my sobbing mom. “Why?Eshe says sadly. I read the letter to myself. I don’t know if I should be sad or angry right now. I then look at both my parents with a confusing look not believing what I just read. As I walk back down the hallway with the letter still in hand I hear my mom say, “I hope she does come back.E

I go to my room and pick up the phone. “Hello.E Michael says in a groggy voice. “Michael.EEMax, what the hell are you doing calling............EEMichael! I’m calling an emergency meeting at your place now!EEWhat’s the matter Maxwell?E he says more alertly. EJust call everyone.EThen I hang up. I then go take a shower and get ready to go to Michael’s.

* Isabel POV*

Finally a pit stop. I really need to get off this bus and stretch. I then ask one of the other passenger’s, “Where are we?E“We’re in Yuma. Another 3 hours maybe until we’re in LA.EEThank you.E“No Problem.E

I get off the bus and breathe in some fresh air. I look to a convenient store in front of me. EThank God. I’m thirsty.EI go in and I look around. All of a sudden the smell of coffee arises and it must of triggered something because now I feel nauseous. I go up to the clerk behind the counter and ask, “Where’s your bathroom?E“Down aisle 6 and to your left.E“Thank you.EI walk down aisle 6 then the smell of the coffee arises through my nostrils again. Then it hits me. “Oh God.ENow I’m pratically running down aisle 6 and I go left, go in the bathroom, lock the door, bend over the toilet, “Ugh.Ethen I start throwing up.
*Part 6

Why did I have to leave Roswell? Oh, yeah because the Barbie Bitch was trying to kill me. I remeber that day so well.


It was the night after Prom. I was feeling really good taht day, well who wouldn’t feel good if the night before they just got layed by the girl of their dreams. Anyway, it was after the Thai food delivery guy left that I had realized what I had said to him, that’s when I realized also I was being mindwarped, that my own sister was trying to assasinate me. I knew I had to do something drastic, that I had to leave Roswell and get my mind back, but how?

I came up with a plan, but I didn’t like it. I told my dad what I was going to do and he helped me. Since I’m so awesome at science( I’m so full of myself), I made a husk that looked exactly like me(duh, why wouldn’t I) and put some blood capsules and mechanical crap in it. The part where my dad would be taking a role in is to be sad and sappy when I’m gone.

I put up my facade and went to the Valenti’s. There, I started ranting to Tess about how she destroyed my mind and all that shit(I’m such a good liar). When she tried to mindwarp me again, I mindwarped her into thinking she mindwarped me to death( what a tongue-twister). I made sure I hid the husk in the car before hand.

Kyle carried me out thinking that I was luggage( God, couldn’t she have thought of something better). She used her powers to kick up the speed of the car then left. Her mistake was leaving and thinking that I was dead(but also my powers are about what 10,000 times stronger than hers, which I love). Did I tell you that I could freeze time? Anyway, after she left, and right before the car hit the semi I froze the frame. I switched the husk to the driver’s seat and went into the back of the car and unfroze. Right before, like a split second before my car hit the semi(I’m not exaggerating either) I jumped out of the back window of the car and ran into the darkness hoping that the plan had worked.

~End of Flashback~

But there was something I hadn’t thought about that had to do with the night before...............that night after Prom, when Isabel and I slept together, I didn’t use a condom( we got a little caught in the moment and went out of control you could say). I didn’t think about the fact that Isabel may end up pregnant with the heir/heiress to The Prophecy. This will put everyone in danger, especially Izzy and the baby. I just hope that I can stop the past from repeating itself before it’s too late.
*Part 7*

*Liz POV*

I’m at Michael’s right now with Michael (of course), Kyle, Maria, and Jim waiting for Max & Isabel to get here. Then Max bursts through the door at that very moment (what a coincidence). He seems angry, but he has this weird look on his face. “Where’s Isabel?E Kyle asks. EThis is what this meeting’s about.E Max says. “Well, what’s the emergency that Isabel can’t be here if it’s about her?E Michael asks. “Isabel ran away.EEWhat?!E everyone says at once. I’m shocked. I can’t believe it. “Why?E I ask. Max then pulls out a piece of paper and starts reading it aloud to everyone. After he was done, now everyone’s in shock. “I can’t believe it.E Maria says. “Something must have pushed her over the edge.E I say. “Why would you say that Liz?E Max asks. Stupid. I thought to myself , he can be so dense sometimes. “Well think about it Max, it says and I quote “too much has happened to me to stay hereE I mean a lot has happened to her this year, something had to have pushed her over the edge to make her leave.E“After I explicitly told her she couldn’t leave.EEActually as I remember it, you threatened her.E Michael buts in. “Threatened her?E Jim asks questioningly. EIt had to do with her going to college, I recommend you don’t ask.E Kyle says. EBack to the subject at hand.E Maria puts in. EWhat could have pushed her over though.E Jim asks.

*Isabel POV*

EUgh.EI say as I get up off my knees and flush the toilet. “God, what’s wrong with me? I’ve never been sick.EI walk on wobbly legs to the sink and rinse my mouth out of that horrible taste,. I then look at myself in the mirror. I look pale and sickly. My hair just hangs there, no volume or texture whatsoever. My whole body feels heavy and I have a stomach ache. “What’s happening to me?E I ask myself. I walk out of the bathroom and walk back to the front of the store and buy a water bottle. It looks like the bus is about to leave. I better get my ass moving.

I’m last on the bus. I take my seat. The woman I askedabout where we were earlier asks me, “Are you okay? You don’t look so good.EEI have a stomach ache.E I say. It seems my stomach ache has gotten worse as we start moving again. EYou sure it’s just a stomach ache because by the way you look, you look like you’re about to pass out.E she says. “Yes, I’m sure.E I lie. I give her a weak smile and she smiles back. “Would you like a tum or something for it?E“No, Thank you.E“Okay well if you need anything or just want to talk, just tap my shoulder.EEOkay.E(can’t she take a hint that I don’t want to talk anymore) She then turns away. (finally!) I would’ve taken that tum in a heartbeat, but for some reason I’m afraid of how it would affect me, it may make my stomach ache worse.

*Kyle POV*

I can’t believe she left. She disobeyed her brother’s commands. Good for her. Isabel didn’t need to take that crap from her own brother. I’m suprised though that she actually had the courage to leave. I hope she does come back causeEI’m gonna miss her. “Maybe Tess’s betrayal pushed her over the edge.E I say. “But wouldn’t she have left after Tess’s departure then?E Maria says curiously. “Or maybe something else happened to actually make her leave.E Michael says. “Like what though?E“You think it may something to do with Alex?E Jim asks. “Maybe, because her prom picture was gone off her nightstand when I looked in her room.E says Max.
Author's note: Part 8 should be up by later tonight! *happy*

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Author's note: Okay this part has everyone, but Isabel and Alex. This is more on everyone else trying to figure out why Isabel left. Well I've said enough enjoy *happy* Next part should be up by tomorrow. *angel*
*Part 8*

*Liz's POV*

"She probably didn't leave after Tess's departure because she wanted to graduate. She had probably been planning this since Alex died, the more that happened, the worse she wanted to leave."

"I think Liz may be right guys.", Michael says.

"Michael Guerin actually admitting someone's right. Oh My God!", Maria says.
Everyone laughed at that one. Michael just glared at her(with love of course).

"That does make me realize that she had been really withdrawn from the group lately.", Max says.

"Or maybe from you.", Kyle comesback with.
Max gives him an evil glare.

"Okay break it up.", Michael says as he stands up to stretch.
I see him looking at Isabel's graduation picture on the mantle. He misses her. I'd probably feel the same way if one of the only other people like me just up and left. I then look at her prom picture(which is also on the mantle[the picture of all of us]) then her graduation picture. I've learn to distinguish between her real smiles and the fake ones. In her prom picture she looks so happy with Alex holding her, but in her graduation pic she looks miserable. "Liz.", Max says trying to get my attention.

I then get up and take the picture from the mantle.
"What are you doing?", Kyle asks.

"Look at the picture. What's different about her in this picture?!", I say.

"She looks pale.", Maria says unsurely.

"She looks unhappy and pale also.", Kyle speaks up.

"I don't understand why she wouldn't be happy about graduating though.", Max says.
Then an uncomfortable silence arises in the room.

"Because Alex wasn't there.", I say.

"Huh?", everyone says.
I guess they weren't paying attention

"She told Alex first about college and she usually went to Alex first about almost everything."

"When Alex was killed and finding out that one of the only people she trusted murdered him and then she withdrew herself from the group.", Max explains.

"That's why she left.", Michael concludes.

"But where?", Jim says.

"College.", Maria speaks after being so silent.

"What?", everyone says.

"When her and Max were arguing , she wanted to leave to college. If she ran away, then wouldn't she go to the place where she wanted to apply to?"

"Maria may be right.", I say.
I wonder if she really did leave to San Francisco. I also wonder if there was one more reason why she left in such a rush.

"Hey you guys? Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe she left so abruptly because she had a weird dream or something?
Everyone is at first gives looks of confusion, but then the confusion turns into wonder.
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Hey Everyone! Thanks for the FB! The next 3 parts should be up by tomorrow! *happy*
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Another Disclaimer: I do not own the character Cathy because she is actually my best bud in real life and she wanted me to put her as a character in my fic. *happy*
*Part 9*

*Isabel POV*

“Wake up.E the woman says to me.
“Huh, what?E I say.
“We’ve just arrived in LA.E
I get my stuff together and start getting off the bus. I almost trip on the steps.
“Woah, watch it there.E
“Thank You.E
“Still not feeling well?E
“Yeah and I feel somewhat disoriented.E
“You’ve never been to LA have you?E
“My name’s Serena.E
“I live here in LA. I was just visting a friend in Santa Fe.E
“Oh, cool.E
“You want me to show you around so you can get the feeling of the place?E
“Sure, but first I need to get an apartment. Do you know of a place that has cheap apartments that I can find?E
“Yeah I do, but the apartments look like shit.E
“I don’t really care as long as I can afford it, besides I can always fix it up.E
“True you can.E
“Can you tell me where it is? Hello?E
“Oh, Sorry. I blanked out for a second. It’s on 7th and Walker. It’s not that far from here actually. Walk 2 blocks up and take a left on Walker. Then from there walk up to 7th and it’s right there, you can’t miss it. The complex is called Beach Heights. You sure you want to walk there?E
“Yeah my legs need the exercise anyway. I’ll see ya around?E
“Oh yeah, of course.E
At least I’ve already made a friend.

*Serena’s POV*

Beep! Beep!
I look at my beeper, “Call me. D.W.E it says.
What does he want?
“What do you want?E
“Oh no hey or hello?E says Daniel. ESo did you just get back?E
“Hay is for horses and Yeah.E I say.
“So the ride back was comfy I hope.E
“Yeah it was and I made a new friend. Hey can I talk to Jake?E
“Sure and I thought you said hay was for horses?E
“Shut up and just put him on.E
“Okay, hold on. Jake!!!E
Ouch, that hurts your ears.
“Hey Jake.E
“Hey, waz up? Heard ya just got back.E
“What happened to Mr. Perfect grammar?E
“Shut up.E
“I just wanted to say hi and ask if you guys are transferring to UCLA for next semester?E
“Yeah we are, but we’re not going to leave to LA tilElate August.E
“I hope yu guys got yourselves a dorm because 1) girls can’t share dorms with guys and 2) because my sister is going to be liveing with me anyway.E
“Don’t worry, we’ve already got one reserved. So how old is Cathy now?E
“She just turned 18 recently. Hey I got to go. Talk to you some other time.E
“Okay, bye.E
I wonder if Isabel found the apartment okay and why did I get this weird vibe from her?
*Part 10*

*Isabel POV*

“Apartment 53.E
I take out the key and unlock the apartment. “Wow. Serena was right. These apartments look like crap.EI take a step in and lock the door behind me. I look around the room. A tv with a bent antenna, a beat up couch, and a filthy chair.
“Lets see how the kitchen is.EI find my way to the kitchen. “Ew.EThere are dirty dishes in the sink and grime in the tile. I then go over to the fridge hoping it’s not as worse as the sink and countertop. “Oh my God. I think I just lost my appetite.ENow I’m going down the small corridor. I decide to look at the bathroom next since of course it’s on the way to the bedroom. “Ugh. Gross!E
The tub has a rustish-orange ring around it and the sink is atrocious. The floor is dirty and looks sticky. Finally when I’m starting to feel a little better my stomach starts to do flip flops. I then go to the bedroom. Two mattresses on the floor, a small dresser, and a full body mirror that’s all dirty. “At least it’s not as bad as all the other rooms. Ugh! God, my stomach hurts like a Bitch.EI put my duffle down and check the bed and straighten the covers out. I decide to lay down and sleep for a while. I’m really tired.
*Part 11*

*Alex’s POV*

I have so much on my mind right now that it feels like my head is going to explode. I just hope Isabel’s okay. I wish I knew where she was. I teleported to Roswell to see her and she wasn’t there. She ran away.

“So did you teleport to Roswell?E Daniel asks.
“She’s gone.E
“What do you mean she’s gone?E
“She ran away, Daniel!E
“What?! She left Roswell?E
“Yeah that’s what I said dumbass. Now I can’t find her and I can’t find out if she’s pregnant or not! If I don’t fucking find out, she’s going to be in more danger, especially if that certain someone in my dream comes to Earth and finds her and finds out before I do!!!E
“Alex, calm down.E
“Calm down. Calm down! I can’t. She’s in danger and I’m the fucking one that put her in this mess!!!E
Now I’m bawling like a child for the second time this week.
“God, why does my life have to be so complicated?!E

*Serena’s POV* (A sisterly moment to calm some of the tension)

I walk into my room to see my sister throwing clothes all over the fucking place.
“What the hell are you doing Cathy?E
“I have a party to go to and I have nothing to fucking wear!E
“Okay, calm down, I have something perfect for you.E
“What’s the catch?E
“You have to do my laundry for a week.E
“What are you letting me borrow, first off?E
“My red glittery tube top, my black sleek pants, my high-heeled boots, and the belly chain you’ve been wanting to borrow.EWaves belly chain in front of her face) “You’ve got yourself a deal!E
“Now got get changed.E(half hour later)
“See ya later!E
“Thank God, she’s gone. She’s such a party animal. Why can’t she clean up the place before she leaves though? Or at least use her powers to zap the place clean.E
Author's Note: The next part(s) will be up maybe tonight or later on this week depending on what I'm doing today and the rest of the week. Hope you Enjoyed! FB please! *happy* *angel*
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*Part 12*

*Isabel POV*

I wake up the next morning. “Damn, I slept for a long time.EI get out of bed and stretch. “Today I think I’ll clean up this crappy apartment, but first I gotta find myself a job, look around, and go to the store for food and supplies.EI look through my duffle and get some clean clothes out. I decide to put on a pair light gray shorts and a comfy(meaning not tight) yellow top. I look at myself in the mirror as I’m brushing my hair. I turn side ways and look at myself. “Why do I feel fat for some reason?EI brush my hand against my stomach and I feel a small pooch. EI don’t understand this I haven’t eaten that much and I’ve been throwing....up. Oh my god! No, it can’t be!EI then grab my planner out of my bag and look. “Why didn’t I notice this before?!EI’m late. I’m crying now. “It all adds up. The throwing up, cravings, being very emotional, and very late. I’m pregnant......with Alex’s child.E

*Michael POV*

It’s been 3 days since Isabel ran away. We think we know why she did it, but Liz made yet another good point that she may have dreamt of something that pushed her to leave. You never know, maybe. We’re having another meeting, but this time it’s at the crashdown and not in the morning(thank god).
“So what if she did dream something or left because of College? What are we going to do about it?E
“I think we should track her down.E Max says.
“Oh, Great idea Senor Presidente. Just physically drag her back like you said you would if she left Roswell without your consent. Max stop being an ass. She won’t come back that easily and also what if she didn’t go to California?E Kyle says. Everyone falls silent.
“He might be right.E Liz says.

*Isabel POV*

“I can’t believe it. What am I going to do about college?EI was hoping to enroll at UCLA, but how am I going to go to school, work, and be a single parent? Also when school starts I’ll be almost 5 months pregnant, how am I going to pull that off. “God, I’m so confused right now! It’s not fair! Why did that stupid BITCH have to murder Alex?!

*Daniel POV*

He’s been in this mood ever since last night. I feel sorry for him. He had to give up his whole life just to keep from getting killed. I’d probably do the same, but with a different approach. I’d tell my friends what I was going to do.
“Hey Jake. Can I ask you a question?E
“Why didn’t you tell anyone about faking your death except for your dad?E
“I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking straight, literally. I mean I had been mindwarped for the past two months. I didn’t realize it until after I had left Roswell.E
“Then why didn’t you write a letter to Liz or someone, maybe Isabel?E
“It was too soon. They’d get freaked out.E
“Oh, and it wasn’t too soon to Teleport/Astral Project to Isabel a week after you died?E
“Don’t do this to me Daniel.E
“I’m trying to put some sense into what you did.E
“Well don’t! My mind kept going in and out of thinking straight and thinking like a dumbass okay?! Happy now? The kind of mindwarps Tess does are dangerous. At least mine are harmless, but you don’t realize them. It took me about two weeks to get my mind back to normal.E
“Oh sorry.You didn’t have to yell.E
“Well I just found out my girlfriend is gone and I have no clue where she is. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?E
“The same way. If she is pregnant, how far do you think she is by now?E
“Probably 9 weeks.E
Author's note: Next part should be up later this week. Also the time this fic takes place is mid-late June. After Departure.(Since I never specified this)
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*Part 13*

*Isabel POV*

“It’s not going to help you or the baby just sitting here.EI decide to get up off my ass and go out and get a job. “I need to support this baby some how.EI’m just walking down the street now looking at the scenery around me.”This is such a pretty place.EAt least it’s a change from Roswell, all that desert. After about walking about 5 blocks, I see a cafe. “The Rip Tide Cafe.EIt also has a help wanted sign on the window. I go across the street and walk in. The smell of fries arises. “Mmmm, that smells really good. I’m hungry.EI decide while I’m here I might as well get something to eat. I sit down at a booth in the corner and look at the menu. “God, what’s with cafes and themes?EEJust a tourist trap to get more customers.E someone says.
I look up, “Serena, hey what’s up?E
“Nothing just working.E
“You work here?E
“Yeah, it’s not that bad.E
“Hey, you think you can get me an application to work here?E
“Sure.We really need more employees.E
“Thank you.E
“So how’s the apartment?E
“Well, you were right, they look like shit, but at least it was cheap. I really need to clean it though. I don’t think I can clean it by myself. I know we haven’t been friends that long, but I was wondering if maybe you could help me clean it?E
“Sure, what are friends for. I get off in an hour. We can go back to my place and get some cleaning supplies. Maybe I can bribe my sister into helping us. The more the merrier right?E
“Yeah, Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.E
“So did you just come here to get an application or are you also going to order something?E
“Yeah. I’m really hungry. Um, I’ll have 2 cheeseburgers, a large order of fries, and some orange juice. Oh, and could I have a bottle of tabasco sauce with that?E
“Wow! Sounds like you haven’t eaten for days.E
“Uh, yeah.E(True, but I’m also pregnant[not like I’m going to mention that yet])
“Your order should be here in 15.E
“Okay, Thank you again.E
“No Problema girlfriend.E
Whoa! That was scary. Maria moment. God, I miss them. It’s not the same without them here, but sometimes you got to do whatcha got to do.

*Maria POV*

It seems like everyone has been on the edge lately; Especially Kyle and Max. I guess it’s because of all that has happened. I mean, Alex’s death, Tess’s betrayal (stupid bitch), and Isabel running away. It’s all too much. I just wish things were normal, like they use to be. I didn’t mind the every once in awhile alien crisis’s, but whenTess came, everything changed, it seemed like we were dealing with something every week.
Knock! Knock!
I get up and answer the door. “Oh hey Liz, hi Kyle, come in.E
“Hey. How have you been?E Liz asks.
“As good as to be expected.E I say.
“Yeah same here.E Kyle says.
We then go into the living room and sit. Liz and I sit on the couch while Kyle sits in the chair.
“Do you really think she went to California?E Kyle asks.
“I do. I don’t think seh would leave too far from home.E I say.
“I agree with Maria, but I don’t think she went to San Francisco.E Liz analyzes.
“Why do you think that?E asks Kyle.
“Because it would be to obvious. She knows we’re not stupid, well neither is she.E I say.
“You two have a point.E Kyle says.
“I’m home!E Sean announces.
“Oh Great.E I think aloud.
“What you’re not happy to see your cuz? Hey Liz, Valenti.E
“Hi.E Both Kyle and Liz say at once.
“Sean, we were sorta in the middle of something.E I interrupt.
“Oh, Sooorrry. Hey I was wondering if you guys would like to go bowling or something tonight?E
“I don’t know.E I say skeptically.
“I think we should. It’s not like we have anything better to do.E Kyle says.
“Maybe we should. Get our minds off of ceratin subjects. Come on Maria! Please come.E Liz says.
“Well, okay. We need to get out more anyway.E

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*Part 14*

*Alex POV*

Last night I dreamt about her again. It was horrible. This time she was about 4-5 months pregnant and it was a different guy trying to kill my beloved and unborn child. He’s in his mid-forties and he owns a cafe. In the dream I could see in her waitress uniform, her somewhat round belly protruding out in front of her. She was closing up the cafe. Then after locking the doors, she went to the back to get changed, and that’s when he attacked. He had taken a butcher’s knife and stabbed her in her stomach. I could feel the life leaving my child. Then her stabbed her in her heart, while saying,ESorry Vilandra.EThe cafe was called The Rip Tide.

*Cathy POV*

How did my sister talk me into this? Oh yeah, she offered me her favorite belly chain and that she’d do my chores for a week. I may let her off with the chores though because her friend Isabel is cool, but I’m getting a lot of weird vibes from her.

I’m cleaning the living room. At least I didn’t get the bathroom. That’s Serena’s job. Poor Serena.... HA! “What are you laughing about?E Serena asks.
“Oh my God you scared the shit out of me! I was just laughing about something that happened to my friend last night.E I lie.
“Can I ask you something?E
“Do you get a wierd vibe from Isabel?E
“You too?E
“Yeah, it’s just that this vibe I’m getting is coming off in waves.E
“Same here.E
“She has a lot of turmoil and emotional pain.E
“It’s not fair that you’re an empath, that you can feel other people’s emotions as a power.E
“Well you’re lucky because this power gives me the worst migranes.E
“Well we better get back to cleaning, also don’t use your powers.E
“I won’t.E I say with my fingers crossed behind my back.
“Hey Serena.E
“What now?E
“When are Daniel and Jake coming to LA?E
“They’re not coming until late August.E
“Oh, okay.E

*Max POV*

I have too much on my mind. Mom has been crying non-stop, dad has been a work-a-holic, and the group has had a lot of tension lately. I miss Isabel. I’ve never been without my sister and now she just up and leaves. I wish I knew why and where she went. Especially since technically I think she was still mad at me about the whole college thing when she left. I think Maria was on the right track when she said that Isabel probably went to California. I wonder what everyone else is doing right now?

*Kyle POV*

“YaY Liz, you got a strike! Have you been practicing without us?E I say. “Maybe.EWe haven’t had this much fun in a long time. It’s nice to see Liz and Maria smiling. With everything that has been going down over the past few months, we didn’t have anytime to act like real teenagers(more like the last year or two). “Hey Kyle, you’re up!E Maria yells to me. “Oh sorry, wasn’t paying attention.ELet’s see If I can kick Liz’s butt at this game.

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*Part 15*

*Isabel POV*

After 3 hours of scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing, the apartment is finally clean. “Whew, that took forever.E I say as I flop down onto the couch.
“I agree.E Cathy says then she flops down.
”Me three.E Serena says too as she flops in the chair.
“So Isabel are you going to enroll at UCLA this semester?E Cathy asks.
“Um, I don’t know.E I say very unsurely. ( I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable being 5 months pregnant and starting college.
“Oh Come on. It’ll be fun.E Serena says.
As I’m about to say something, my stomach starts to churn.
“Isabel, what’s the matter?E Cathy asks.
“Oh God!E I say as I get up and run to the bathroom.(This baby picks the worst times for my morning sickness to come; why do they even call it that?)
“What was that about?E
“She has been like this ever since the bus ride.E Serena says.
After 15 minutes, I come out of the bathroom. “Ugh.E I say as I walk down the hall. I come back in the living room to find Cathy and Serena staring at me.
“Are you okay?E Cathy asks.
“I’ll be okay.E
“Are you sure? Maybe you should go see a doctor.E Serena says.
“No! I mean..what’s the point? It’ll go away in a few days.E
“How do you know Isabel? You’ve had this bug for a week already. We just became friends and I fee like I’ve known you forever. I don’t want anything to happen to you. It could be serious. Please go see a doctor.E Serena pleads with me.
“There’s no point if you already know what you have.E I say quietly.
“What do you mean by that?E Cathy speaks up.
I sit down and start wringing my hands uncomfortably and I can feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes.
“Isabel?E Serena says.
“Well the reason I’ve been sick is a little easier to figure out then you think.E I say trying not to breakdown right there.
“What is it then?E Cathy asks.
“Well to put it into an easier’s the 9 month sickness.E I say.
“Huh?E Cathy says with a confused look.
“Oh my God, you’re.......E
“I’m pregnant.E I say and then my control breaks and I start to cry.
“Oh my gosh!E Cathy gasps.
Serena then envelops me in a hug and says,”We’re here for you Isabel. You poor thing. What about the father?EShe pulls away and looks at me with a meloncholy look. I start crying even harder.
“He’s, he’s.........E I stutter.
“He’s what?E Cathy says, unsure if she wants to know the answer.
“He’s dead!E I gasp and I’m just sobbing now.
“Oh my God!E Serena and Cathy say simultaneously.
“We’re so sorry.E Serena says. Her eyes filling up with tears also.
“We’ll help you out.E Cathy says as she sits next to me and starts rubbing my back.
“Did he know?E Serena asks.
“No, he died before I even knew.E
“Oh God.E
“At least you have something special left of him.E Cathy says.
I then pull away from Serena and place my hand cautiously on my stomach.
“You’re right Cathy. I do have something special left of him. His legacy.E

*Daniel POV*

“Alex I think I have an idea that may be of use to you.E
“What is it and is it a good idea?E
“Well have you thought about astral projecting to Liz or Maria?E
“Daniel that’s actually a good idea for once, but I think I’ll a.p. to Liz because knowing Maria...she’ll probably freak out.E
“So you’re going to do it?E
“Yeah. It’s probably the only choice I have. Maybe she can help me find Isabel before it’s too late.E

*Liz POV*

I’m out on my balcony writing in my journal, when I see Maz coming up my ladder.
“Hey Max.E
“How are you?E
“Okay I guess. You?E
“I guess as to be expected.E
“So why are you here?E
“I wanted to ask you something.E
“What is it?E
“Where do we stand in our relationship right now?E
“Relationship? What relationship? What do you think Max. You think that I’m going to take you back like that?E
“What about the date the other night?E
“What date, I ment for us to go to the movies as friends. God, Max, I mean...what do you think, I’m just going to be a helpless little girl and come running back into your arms, like I use to! Well I don’t think so. You’ve broken my heart a thousand times and I always cam running back, but no this time. You crossed the line between my feelings and destroying me when you slept with that blonde, murdering hussy and now you’re paying for it!
“But Liz...E
“Don’t but Liz me! I don’t know if I should take you back or let you go! I start to calm down a little. It looks like he’s about to cry, but for some reason I don’t care. He’s getting what he deserves.
“You slept with Kyle though!E
“Oh good comeback. Max just get over it and besides I never slept with Kyle. It was all a set up.E
“What do you mean a set up? Why?E
“I will tell you in time Max, but right now you need to give me time. You must understand that.....what I did was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my whole entire life. I need time to heal.E
“Okay.EHe then leaves and before he goes down the ladder, he looks at me and whispers,EI love you.EThen he goes down the ladder and I watch him walk away. I then go inside and put my journal away. I’m sitting on my be thinking about what just happened right now, when I hear a familiar voice,”Liz.E
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Author's note: The next 7-8 chapters I recommend you pay attention to because a lot of important stuff happens and also they are going to be centered around Liz, Alex, Cathy, Serena, and Daniel mainly.
*Part 16*

*Alex POV*

“Who’s there?E Liz says.
“Behind you.E I say. She turns around.
“Oh my God!E I then cover her mouth.
“Shh, don’t scream.E I take my hand off her mouth.
“You’re dead! How are you here? You must be some shapeshifter or something.E
“No Liz, I’m not a shapeshifter, it’s me, Alex.E
“No, you can’t be. If you’re Alex, tell me something that no one else knows.E
“You sacrificed your love for Max to save the world.E
“How did you know that?! Only Maria knows that.E
“I do know, Liz because it was a set up, just like you sleeping with Kyle.E
“What do you mean a set up?E
“I’ll tell you about that some other time, but I really need your help right now. Can you trust me with that?E
“Yes, What is it? Also if you’re Alex how come you don’t look all transparent and ghostly?E
“I don’t look ghostly because I’m not dead.E
“What do you mean you’re not dead. I saw them bury you six feet under?E
“I faked my death, Liz.E
“Why?E she says with tears forming in her eyes.
“Tess was trying to intentionally kill me. I can’t tell you why right now, but I really need your help with something.E
“What do you need help with?E
“I need you to help me find Isabel and find out what Tess is plotting now.E
“Um, Tess is gone.E
“She left back to Antar on the granilith carrying Max’s son.E
“Max slept with Tess?!E
“Yeah and got her pregnant.E
“Shit! Okay nevermind about the Tess thing. I’ll take care of that. I just need you to help me locate Isabel. It’s crucial to all of us and Antar to find her.E
“Isabel might be pregnant with my kid.E
“Wait a minute! You and Isabel....?E
“Yes, after Prom.E
“I don’t mean to sound rude, but wouldn’t Maz’s child be the crucial one because Max is the king and no offense, if Isabel is pregnant, wouldn’t that make the baby half human and not as important?E
“That’s a bunch of bullshit about Max’s kid, besides there’s more to me then you think.E
“I don’t have much more time, I need you to go to my house tomorrow and in my under a hinged floorboard there are some letters you should read. One other thing, there’s a locked document on my computer that will explain a lot to you.E
“Do you mean the Leanna is not Leanna because we already found it.E
“No, it’s a different file with 2 passwords. The passwords are 282501 and 743070.E
“What do those mean?E
“You figure it out, I have to go.EAs I start to fade I hear Liz say,”See you when I see you. I missed you.E
“I’ve missed you too.E

*Daniel POV*

“Where is he? What’s taking him so long?EFinally I notice his body come to. “You’re back.E
“No Shit.E Alex says a little out of breath.
“So how’s Liz?E I ask.
“Good, but we’ve got other problems then finding my girlfriend.E
“Like what?E
“Tess is gone.E
“She took the granilith to Antar.E
“Yeah, but we’ll take care of that later.E
“Don’t you think we should find a way to take care of that now.E
“No, there’s no point. She didn’t take Max, Michael, and Isabel with her. She’s probably feeling the wrath of Khivar right now(That’s what I hope). I just got Liz to help me out with finding Isabel and eventually I’ll ask Serena or Cathy to go to Roswell and help her with the research. I just hope I can my beloved Vilandra.E

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*Part 17*

*Liz POV*

I’m headed to Alex’s right now. I’m still a little skeptical about me seeing Alex. I wonder if it was just a dream or if somehow I got narcotics in my system, but I’m trusting my instincts with this. I’m here now. I just walk in ( since I’m welcome here anytime I want and he says just to walk in). Mr. Whitman comes out from the kitchen. “Hey Liz.E
“Hey Chuck. How are you doing?E
“Fine, Fine. So what brings you here on this nice day?E
“Well, I know this may sound crazy, but last night Alex came to me.E
“He did?E
“Yes, he said that you already knew what was going on and to just tell you. Do you know what I’m talking about or am I loosing my sanity?E
“I know what you’re talking about. Don’t worry, but we must keep this between us, unless there’s a certain person you must tell due to circumstances.E
“Okay. Can I ask you something?E
“Sure, go ahead.E
“Did you help fake Alex’s death?E
“A little. The only role I played was being the grieving father. The rest was all him.E
“Okay,”I exhale calmly now that I know a little bit more of the puzzle, but I still have a ways to go.
“What else did he say and how did he come to you?E
“Well, he just appeared to me and he only stayed for about 10 minutes. He said there’s some papers that I need to find and read. Also that I would understand a whole lot better why he faked his death once I read them.E
“I’m suprised he could hold his astroprojection that long.E
“What? Astroprojection?E
“It’s like an out of body experience, but it usually doesn’t hold very long. That’s how he appeared to you. I’m also surprised he didn’t teleport.E
“He said we need to find some papers?E
“Did he say where these papers were? Another thing, did he mention a locked file on his computer. Which also surprised me that he left it.E
“Yeah. He said the locked file was most important.E
“Okay. All I know is that the file has two passwords. Usually his passwords have to either do with himself or Isabel. He told his passwords I hope before he disappeared?E
“Yeah.EWe then go to Alex’s room. It still looks the same, just without the cummilation of dust. Mr. Whitman sits on his bed. “He said the papers would be in his closet.EI say. “Okay.E
I then walk over to his closet and open it. Some clothes hung up and some on the ground of the closet. I remove some of the clothes from the bottom and I see a hinged board with a small handle. Also carved into the floor board is A+I=LUV. I then open it and I see a whole bunch of papers. “Whoa.E“What?E“I found them.E

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Author's note: Krystiana-Cathy, Gabriella-Serena, Lillian-You'll find that out later and Vilandra- You all should know (Isabel)
same with Zan (Max)
*Part 18*

*Maria POV*

“Maria, where’s Liz today?E Max asks.
“Um, I don’t know, her dad said she wouldn’t be in today.E
“I don’t know, but girlfriend you have to give her some time. I mean, you made a *huge* mistake. She will forgive you in time,but right now, just leave it. I have to get back to work.E
“Why does she call you girlfriend?E Kyle asks.
“It’s her pet name for me. I think I went with her to the mall one too many times last summer.E

*Alex POV*

“I wonder if she found the papers and read the file?E
“Why don’t you go see for yourself?E Daniel says.
“Why not?E
“Because she needs to do this herself, besides I need to get a hold of Serena.E

*Serena POV*

“So Cathy, what do you think about Isabel’s situation?E
“I don’t know what to think. I can’t say I feel sorry for her because I know literally what she’s emotionally feeling, but I think there’s another element to this.E
“What do you mean by that?E
“You know how we both have that familiar feeling?E
“Well I’ve been thinking..E
“Thinking is dangerous for you.E
“Shut up. Anyway as I was saying, maybe she’s from the past. I mean think about it, doesn’t she look like someone we knew from the past?E

“Krystiana where are you?E
“I’m right here Gabriella.E
“Oh, there you are. Have you seen Vilandra?E
“Last time I saw her she was in the palace arguing with Zan.....again.E
“Okay.EI walk into the palace to find them arguing like my sister said.
“You can’t tell me what to do Zan. I am your sister not one of your servants (unless I was Lillian)!E
“I’m giving you some advice not trying to tell you what to do or how to run your life!E
“Yes, you are. Maybe you should be taking your own advice!EShe walks off. I run to catch up with her. “Vilandra!EShe turns around. At first she looks angry then she sees me and she smiles. “Oh hey Gabby.E/i>
~ End of Flashback ~

“She looks like Vilandra. She’s Vilandra. I remember now.E
“You guys were also best friends in the past.E
“That’s why she seems so familiar. The only reason I didn’t realize this before was because she acts different then she use to. She’s more vulnerable.E
“That’s because she’s pregnant and this isn’t exactly the past.E
Bring! Bring! “I’ll get it!E I say.
“Hey Serena.E
“Oh hey Jake, what’s up?E
“Not much except I finally astroprojected to Liz last night.E
“Finally! Did she freak out?E
“At first she did, but then she took it pretty well. I need a huge favor from you though.E
“What is it?E
“I need either you or Cathy to go to Roswell to help with some research.E
“I don’t think I can go, but I’m sure Cathy would love to.E
“Cathy, would love to what?, my sister butts in. I put my hand over the receiver.
“You would like to go to Roswell to help Liz with some research.E
“Sure.EI take my hand off the receiver. “She said okay.E
“Good tell her I said thank you this means a lot to me.E
“Hey I got to go, I’ll talk to you when I get the chance.E
“Bye then.E
“He says thank you and this means a lot to him.E
“Okay well I better start packing.E
“Okay I’ll help.E
“You want to get rid of me don’t you?E
“No not exactly. I just want the place to myself and besides without you here the apartment will stay clean.E

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*Part 19*

*Liz POV*

Well I found the papers and I’ve looked through all of them, but I haven’t looked at the locked file yet. Most of the papers were letters and poems about Isabel and I don’t how this has to do with what he’s trying to show to me. Also there were a few songs in there that reminded him of his feelings for Isabel too. My favorite that he had in there was The Calling. I decide to put the cd in right now.

The Calling
Wherever You Will Go

So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face

If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all
Then between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

And maybe, I'll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days

If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all
Then I hope there's someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Run away with my heart
Run away with my hope
Run away with my love

I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart, in your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go
I'll go wherever you will go

“I love this song.E
“Yeah it is a nice song isn’t it?Esays Mr. Whitman.
EOh I didn’t see you there.E
EDidn’t mean to scare you. Want to see what that locked file is now?EI then go over to Alex’s computer and turn it on. I go to the folder my documents and there are two locked files. I click on the untitled folder and a dialog box comes up with 2 blank boxes for the passwords.
“That file must be pretty important to have 2 passwords.E
“Yeah.EI think back to what Alex said. E85201 and 743070.E
“Those are the passwords?E
“I wonder what they mean?E
“I don’t know.EI then click ‘okayE Then this weird file comes up. At first it’s incripted, then it turns to complete english. I decide to print it out then close it. After printing I decide to read it.
Ei>The Prophecy.E

After reading all 12 pages of it, I’m really confused, but a little more informed on why Alex faked his death and why his dad said to keep this between us.

*Cathy POV*

I’m packed and ready to go to Roswell..
“You have everything you need?E
“Well you better get a good night sleep then because you’re bus leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning.E
“Yeah I guess we should. G’Night Serena.E
“Goodnight Cathy.E

*Isabel POV*

Well I just got done taking a shower. Now I’m in my pajamas getting ready for bed.
“I’m tired.EBefore I lay down, I look at myself in the mirro. It’s weird knowing that I’m pregnant. I’ll be starting work tomorrow too. I lift up my shirt somewhat and rub my belly. I then feel a light beating almost like....,”A heartbeat.EI smile and look down, that’s when I notice something else. I take my hand away. There, right where my hand was, is a tiny, glowing, lavender handprint, and I mean tiny. “Oh my God.EThis is amazing, but it makes me sad to know that the baby is not going to have a daddy. Sometimes I wonder though. It didn’t feel like Alex died. It just seems like he left on an important mission, but all I know is that I must protect this child. I then lay down and the microscopic handprint is still glowing. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you baby.E

A/N: I know I didn't tell what The Prophecy was, but it will be told in part 23 or so.Hop you Enjoyed! Feedback Please!!!

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*Part 20* (A Month Later)

*Michael POV*

“Hey Michael.E
“Hey Liz. Where have you been lately?E
“No where really.E
“Okay. Where’s Maria?E
“She’s in the back changing.EI then sit down. We’re all in the Crashdown as it’s about to close.
“Bye Cathy.ELiz says.
“Bye Liz, see ya tomorrow. Bye Maria!EThis new girl says.
“Bye Cathy!EI hear Maria belt as she comes out. The girl then leaves. I notice Valenti staring at her as she leaves.
“Hey Valenti, you’re drooling.EI say.
“Huh?EHe says. We all burst out laughing.
“So, going after the new waitress, eh.EMaria says.
“Who is she anyway?EMax asks.
“Her name is Cathy. She’s new in town.ELiz says.
“She’s pretty cool.EMaria butts in.
“And she’s hot.EKyle then says.
“At least you’re going after someone Kyle. I almost thought you were going gay on us.EMaria then inputs.
“That’s so mean!ELiz says.
“Well it’s true, that’s what I thought too.EI say.
“Okay can we talk about something other then my sexuality.EKyle says.
“What do we know about this new girl?EMax questions.
“She doesn’t seem like the I’m-here-to-kill-some-aliens type of person.EMaria inputs.
“How do we know?EI say.
“I can find out.ELiz says.
“It might be dangerous Liz.EMax says worriedly.
“I’m a big girl now Max. I can take care of myself.ELiz says and then goes upstairs to bed.
“Shot down.EKyle says.
“Shut up, Valenti.EI say.
“Well I’m going home. I have to get up early and go get some supplies with my mom tomorrow. Bye Max. Bye Kyle. Love you space boy!E
“Love you too. Bye.EI say. We all then leave for the night.

*Liz POV*

I’m in my room right now looking at all of the information in front of me. “I’ve look through this a million times and the ‘destinyEbook translation too. This doesn’t make any sense! The Prophecy mentions the ‘destinyEbook, but the ‘destinyEbook doesn’t mention The Prophecy! Dammit!EI then hear a knocking on my window. “Max, how many times have I told you...EI say as I open my window, but it’s not Max, it’s Cathy.
Sorry it was so short, but the next part will be longer. *happy*
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*Part 21*

*Cathy POV*

“Oh my God! Why are you here?!EShe says. I then come through her window and sit myself on her bed. She backs away a little bit.
“Don’t worry I’m not here to kill you. I am here to help you.E
“Help me with what?EShe says skeptically. I then pick up some of the papers on her bed.
“With this.E
“Who are you?!EGod, what’s with this town.
“I’m Cathy Johnston. I’m 18 yrs. old, sister to Serena...E
“What did you say?E
“Sister to Serena?E
“Oh my God! Future Max mentioned someone named Serena!EShe thought outloud to herself.
“Future Max is a load of bull shit.E
“How do you know about me and the whole future Max thing?!E
“I’ll tell you later. Right now you either trust me or just stand there with your mouth agape. Do you trust me?E
“Yes.EShe says after a slight pause.
“Okay. Then let’s get to work.E
“Okay.EI then see a golden-brownish book laying on the bed.
“What the hell is this?EI ask.
“It’s the Destiny book.EShe says destiny like it’s a bad word.
“This is not the “DestinyEbook.E
“What are you talking about? Yes, it is.E
“No, it’s not. I don’t think they’d want to pair Vilandra with Rath. Yuck! Also I can’t even read this!E
“That’s because it’s in Antarian.E
“This isn’t Antarian.E
“I know how to read Antarian...Oh my God...E
“What is it?!E
“This book is a fake! Who did you get this book from?!E
“Tess brought when she came to Roswell.E
“You mean Ava?!E
“You were swindled.E
“This book is fake. Vilandra was never with Rath and Zan would never have gone near Khivar’s sister Ava!E
“Wait a minute...Ava is Khivar’s sister?E
“Oh yeah. Big time!E
“Oh my God! That’s why the book doesn’t mention The Prophecy, but how come The Prophecy mentions a Destiny Book?E
“Because someone else has the real Destiny Book.E

*Daniel POV*

Right now we’re packing to go to LA. “Jake, what hell are you doing?E
“I’m looking through the Destiny Book.E
“You’re suppose to be packing, not reading.E
“I need to see something and besides it takes me 5 minutes to pack using my powers.E
“True.EI say as I use my powers to pack. “What are you looking for anyway?E
“I’m looking to see if there’s anyway I can find out if Isabel is pregnant or not. Like a connection or something.E
“You really love her, don’t you?EI say as I start thinking about Serena.
“I love her with all my heart. It’s like you and Serena. No matter how far you are from her...Your love never dies.E
“I’d sacrafice my life for Serena.E
“I’d do the same for Isabel.E

*Isabel POV*

“God, I’m so tired.E
“Well your shift is almost over.ESerena says.
“Yes.EI says as I sit down.
“How have you been?EShe asks as she’s putting on her uniform.
“Hungry, tired, sore, and cranky.E
“That’s what comes with being 16 weeks pregnant and working as a waitress.E
“Yes. Plus the boss being an asshole to me ever since he first hired me.E
“He seems to dislike you. I wonder why?E
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m 18 and pregnant.EI say as I rub my slightly swollen belly.
“Or maybe he just needs to take the stick out from up his ass.EWe both start laughing. Then we stop when he comes in.
“Serena hurry up and get to work!EMr. Samson says. “Isabel, I need you to work another shift, since Abby called in sick.E
“What?! I just got done working a 6 hour shift and I worked a double the other day!EI burst out at him.
“Too bad.EHe says and then leaves.
“Dammit! I didn’t do anything to him to deserve this!E
“What an asshole!ESerena then hugs me as I start to cry. I’m so tired and I want to go home.
“It’s just not fair!E


*Part 22*

*Liz POV*

I wake up and see Cathy awake on the floor looking through the papers. “What are you doing?E
“No Good Morning or Buenas Manyana(sp?)?
“Good Morning.E
“I’m sorting these papers out.E
“So you understand them?E
“Yes. That’s what I’m here for.E
“Is that my shirt?E
“Oh sorry. You don’t mind do you?E
“No. It’s okay.EI then take a shower, put some clothes on, and she explains what the papers mean. “How do you know so much about the past?E
“I was apart of it.E
“You’re an alien too?E
“Yep. In the past Serena and I were best friend’s with Vilandra.
“How come Serena didn’t come?E
“She wanted to stay in California.E
“Oh. What part of Cali did you come from?E
“Okay. Did Serena send you here?E
“No. Jake did.E
“Who’s Jake?EI then notice her looking at my prom picture( Which looks sorta weird because Tess’s face is burned out of the picture). She then gets up and really looks at it.
“This is Jake!EShe says pointing to Alex.
“Um, no, that’s Alex.E
“Just put bleached hair, green eyes, and a little bit of muscle and you’ve got Jake. Is that Isabel?!E
“Yeah. She ran away about 2 months ago. How’d you know?E
“Oh my God! This is who Jake is looking for. Why didn’t I realize it before?!E
“Wait a minute...are you saying that Jake is Alex?E
“Yes and Oh my God!E
“What is it?!E
“You said Isabel ran away a few months ago right?E
“She lives in LA.E
“Yeah. She lives in LA and she works with Serena at The Riptide Cafe.E
“Oh my God! Should I tell Max?E
“No. Not yet. I need to call Jake...I mean Alex.EWe then run to the living room and she calls him. Luckily my parents are on a trip to Las Cruces right now. After a few minutes she slams the phone down.
“What is it?E
“I forgot that they left for LA last night.E
“Who’s they?E
“Alex and his friend Daniel.E
“Oh. Then either way wouldn’t they find her there?E
“You’re right. Sorry I can be such a blonde sometimes.E
“It’s okay. Oh my God! I totally forgot I have a meeting today.E
“Come with me so I can prove to Max and Michael that you’re not here to kill them.E
“Okay. Hey Liz.E
“Who’s that one guy with the brown and blue eyes?E
“That’s Kyle. Why?E
“Because he’s a hottie with a body!E
“I think this friendship is going to workout perfectly.E

*Kyle POV*

“Where’s Liz?EI ask.
“She said she’s going to be a little late.EMaria says. That’s when Liz comes in with Cathy( God, she’s so hot.).
“What did you bring her here for?EMichael asks in his usual rude tone.
“God Michael, rude much?ELiz bursts out. “Cathy knows a lot more then you think. She’s here to help us.E
“How do we know that for sure?EMax asks.
“Max, do you want to know where your sister is or not?ECathy then says sounding fed up with all the questions.
“Wait a know where Isabel is?!EI say.
“Then tell us.EMichael says.
“First you have to trust me.EShe says.
“She won’t say a word unless you let your guard down. Trust me. I know.ELiz says.
“Fine.EWe all say.
“Well tell us chica.EMaria says.
“God you and my sister would get along perfectly. Anyway, she’s in LA. She lives in an apartment a few blocks away from where she works.E
“How do you know?EMichael asks accusingly.
“Because I just came here a month ago from LA.E
“Okay.EMax says.
“Tough crowd.ECathy says.
“Yeah.ELiz, Maria, and, I respond simultaneously.
“Is she okay?EI ask. She then has this weird look on her face.
“Is there something you didn’t tell me Cathy?ELiz asks her.
“What is it?EMaria asks, her eyes looking big.
“She’s pregnant.E
“What?!EWe all yell out.
“So that’s why she left.EI say.
“That’s not the only reason.EI hear Cathy say under her breath.
“Wait a minute....I’m going to be an uncle?E
“Yes, Max.E
“We need to bring her back.E
“What do you mean no?E
“Don’t pull that king card on her Max because she doesn’t want to come back until she’s ready.E

A/N: Part 23 tomorrow!!!

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I decided to post part 23 tonight! Enjoy!!!
*Part 23*

*Isabel POV*

Well Serena just left and I have to close the cafe tonight. I’m the only one here. I lock the doors and clean the tables and counters. After I’m done, I go to the back and go get changed. As I’m changing I hear footsteps. “Is anyone there?ENo answer. I continue to changing, then I hear it again. “Who’s there?EI stutter out. Then I see my boss, Mr. Samson. “Oh, you scared me!E
EWell you should be.E“Huh?ENow I’m scared. EBye. Bye, Vilandra and child.EThen he puts his hand up and blasts a fireball at me. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!EI scream as I duck down.

*Alex POV*

Well Daniel and I made it to LA. I’m just walking around town while Daniel went to go surprise Serena. As I’m walking past the Riptide Cafe I hear someone screaming. It sounds like Isabel, wait no, it can’t be, can it? I then use my powers to open the door and run to the back. I then see this guy hovering over....oh my is my Izzy and his hand is going near her stomach. She then uses her powers and throws him across the room. I then go into action and tackle the guy back down as he’s trying to get back up. I jab him in the jaw and punch him in the face. He then counter attacks and is trying to choke me. I then teleport behind him and that’s when I see the button. As he’s turning around I kick his lower back as hard as I can. He disenegrates into ash. He was a skin.
“Oh my god.EI hear her say. I then run over to her. She has her hand on her abdomen and she’s crying.
“Are you hurt?!EI ask. Scared that she is. I then remove her hand and I see a tiny handprint. “You’re pregnant.EShe looks up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers and she starts to cry even harder.
“Yes and I’m not hurt, but I’m so tired I could barely throw him against that wall. If it wasn’t for you he would’ve killed me and my unborn baby!EThen she just sobs into my shoulder. She is pregnant. My instincts were right all along. I then envelope her in a hug as I start to cry myself.
“It’ll be okay. I’m here now and the baby is going to be fine.EShe then looks at me as she starts to calm down.
“Who and what are you? How did you disappear and reappear behind him? Why was he after my baby?EI didn’t think she’d ask me som many questions at once. I just hope she doesn’t freak out from what I’m about to tell her.
“It would be easier to explain everything to you back at my place. Do you trust me?E
“I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve known you all my life, I mean you just saved both my child’s and my life. The least I can do is give you my trust.E
“Thank you. How about you finish changing and we’ll get out of here.E
“Okay and thank you for saving our life.EShe says as she looks down at the handprint glowing through her abdomen. I then take out my cell and call Daniel and Serena to pick us up.
I finally found my Izzy and she’s as beautiful as ever. I just hope I can keep her and the baby safe for what’s coming ahead.

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Okay, just to tell you I will be upating sometime this week ( I'll try to update all my stories). I went to California for four days (4-7) for a competition and when I came back I had a lot of makeup work to do. I would've updated this weekend, but I have a 50 pg. packet for English to do and he's only giving us a week to do it (The packet is longer than the damn story it's on and I'm not kidding). Plus I'm also having a bad case of writer's block with all my stories. I think it's because I'm cramming too much info in my brain for school (especially biology and english). Also with only 29 days of school left here, there's a lot to do. So be looking for an update between the 17th and 21st this week. Well I g2g. ~*Bye*~

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Author's Note: I know I haven't like updated in forever, but since school is almost out and no homework, I have a lot more time to write. It's a short part, but the next part is way longer.
*Part 24* (Riptide Cafe)

Isabel POV

“Are you okay?!E Serena asks frantically as she pratically jumps out of the car and hugs me.
“Yes, I’m fine. Jake saved me.E
“Good job, Jake!E Daniel congratulates him, pats him on the shoulder, then whispers something in his ear. Jake then gets this weird expression on his face and shakes his head. (Okay, what the hell?)
“Come on. Let’s go back to my place.E Serena says with a nervous look.

(Serena’s Place)

We’re all sitting in the living room of her apartment and everyone has tense looks and are antsy.
“Could someone please tell me what the hell is going on because I’m a little confused. How do you all know each other? How did you...E
“Calm down, Isabel. It’s not good for the baby.E Serena says as she sits me back down.
“I’m just so confused right now. I just want to know how this all adds up.E I say somewhat calmer. I can’t help it if I just get a little angry. My hormones are raging right now.
“Let the explaining begin.E Daniel says.
“Yeah I guess it’s time for me to explain some things.E Jake says.
“Yes, please do.E I say a little annoyed with the stalling, plus I’m hungry, but I’ll wait until the explanation is done.
“I think the first thing you should start with is who you really are, Jake.E Daniel says to him.
“Huh? What the hell is that suppose to mean?E I say. Now, I’m really confused.
“Isabel, Um....what I’m about to tell you, may shock you....E
“Just tell me.E
“Well...I’m not really Jake.E
“Then... who are you?E
“Watch closely.EHe then changes his hair to a shiny black and blinks his eyes blue.
“Oh my God! No! It can’t be! I won’t believe this.EI say as I start to stand up and back away.
“Isabel...please.EHe then grabs me by my arm, turns me around, and he looks into my watery eyes.
“Bu..bu..but, how is thi..thi...this possible. I saw you get buried six feet under after...EHe then takes my face into his hands and gives me a long passionate kiss.
“It really is you,!E
“I’m about to explain that. Just bare with me, Isabel. Please?EOh God! I can’t resist the look in his blue, sparkling eyes.
“Okay.EHe then puts his hand on my belly and the baby’s hand just shines through.
“I think someone is happy.E Daniel says with a smirk on his face.
“I agree.E Serena says as she hugs Daniel.
Alex and I embrace and then let go. I feel whole again, but now I’m wondering....”Alex,... who or what are you?E

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*Part 25*
(Alex POV; There’s going to be Flashbacks while he’s explaining)

~The Prophecy’s Past~

“To explain who and what I am, I better start from the beginning, from the past. It all started with the pre-arranged marriages.E

“But dad! You can’t do this! I refuse to marry Rath!E
“There’s nothing you can do Vilandra. I’m sorry. Now go to your lesson.E/i>

“Instead of going to her lesson though, she went to talk to her secret lover...Cade.E

“Why does it have to be like this? Why can’t I just marry whoever I want, be with you forever.E
“You know your father wouldn’t allow that, Lonnie. I’m from the other side, the side that’s fighting against Antar. If it wasn’t for the stupid war, it wouldn’t have to be this way.E/i>

“She wasn’t the only one having an affair though.E

“I don’t get why my parents believe in arranged marriages.E
“You’re royalty.E
“So? That shouldn’t change a thing. I’d rather marry you, Adriana.E
“So would I, Rath, but what would your parents think of you if they found out that you’ve been consumating with a maid?E
“I wouldn’t care. They’d have to put up with my decision whether they like it or not.E
“Kiss me, Rath.E

“Zan. Why can’t we be together in royalty?E
“I wish it could be that way Lila, but it wouldn’t go well with the parentals.E
“I know. I just wish there was someway we could be together and not have to keep this a secret.E/i>

“Anyway..What Vilandra didn’t know was that someone was watching from a distance.E

“We need to eliminate him.E
“But Khivar, he’s our brother.E
“I don’t care! He’s getting too close to Vilandra. Speaking of which, what about you and Zan?E
“He’s too stubborn. Why was I the one that had to marry him?E
“Because I said so.E

“Wait a minute. So, Vilandra was with a guy named Cade, but she was betrothed to Rath. Ava and Cade are Khivar’s sister and brother and Zan and Rath were having affairs with maids?E Isabel sums up.
“There’s a lot about the past that I don’t know about.E
“Yep. I was saying Khivar wanted Cade eliminated. That night at Khivar’s palace...E

“Cade! Could you come in here for a second.E
“What do you want dear brother?E
“I have a question to ask of you.E
“What is it?E
“Have you been having an affair with the Fair Princess Vilandra of Antar?E
“I’ll admit to it. I have. What are you going to do about it?E
Khivar then puts a sword through Cade’s stomach.
“ for..this..Khivar.May..may..may..maybe this..lifetime,E
Cade dies.

(Palace of Antar)

“Vilandra! Wake up!!E
Vilandra awakes, gasping for breath.
“Oh God! He’s dead! He’s dead!E
“Who’s dead?!E
“Cade! Khivar killed him! Nooo..E
“You were having an affair with Khivar’s brother?!E
“Yes, Zan. And I never got to tell him...E
“Honey are you okay?!E
“I’m fine, mother.E
“She had a nightmare.E
“Okay. As long as you’re okay.E
Father and mother leave room.
“Thank you, Zan.E
Zan leaves.
“I never got to tell him about the baby.E/i>

“Vilandra was pregnant!E Serena bursts out.
“I don’t remember that piece of the past.E Daniel says.
“That’s because no one knew about it.
“But what about your powers? Couldn’t you have saved yourself?E
“He caught me off guard. I’m not invincible you know.E
“I think I’m starting to understand more about what happened in the past, but I thought Vilandra was with Khivar?E
“Not Willingly.E
“What do you mean?E
“He brainwashed her into loving him. Once she realized it, it was too late.E
“Wha..wha..what happened?E
“Well 3 months after Cade’s death...E

Khivar and Zan fighting. Blood and deceased bodies everywhere. Vilandra wakes up to screaming and dead bodies all over.
“What the...oh my God!E
She then sees her parents dead...Rath, Adriana, Lila, and see’s Khivar and Zan fighting.
“Go back, Vilandra!!E
As Zan says this to her, Khivar’s about to gut him, but Vilandra throws herself infront of his sword.
“Nooooo! What have I done?!E
Khivar and Zan see a tiny hand print on her abdomen that’s shining, but starts to slowly fade...and soon....the handprint disappears. Both Vilandra and her unborn infant are dead.
Khivar then takes his sword and kills Zan....then himself.

“ That’s so sad.E Serena says as a tear slides down her face.
“I died trying to save my brother.EIsabel says sadly and puts her hand on her abdomen. I embrace her as she starts to sob over all the lost lives and her unborn child.

Isabel POV

I can’t believe it. So that’s how it happened. I’m not very hungry anymore. My stomach is churning. I then get out of Alex’s embrace and run to the restroom to vomit. Alex holds my hair as I’m hunched over the toilet.

(Isabel’s Apartment)

“What is it, Izzy?E
“Do you think the past is going to repeat itself?E
“How do you figure?E
“Now that I’m here and we’re together, I will let nothing come between us. In 4-5 months time our baby will be born and he or she will be beautiful.E
“Do you think I’ll be a good mother?E
“You’ll be a great mother, Iz.EI rub my slightly enlarged belly and Alex puts his hand on top of mine.
“I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl?E


A little girl with brown hair and blue eyes in a pink dress with yellow and white flowers on it, holding a small, beige, teddy bear.

~End of Flash~

“Did you see that?!E
“Yes, I did. It’s a girl!E
“I haven’t been this happy in a long time Alex. The thought of knowing that you were dead and raising our baby alone terrified me, but now that you’re here...everything is falling into place and I’m no longer terrified, but I am scared for what’s coming ahead.E
“So am I Iz, So am I.E
We then fall asleep in each other’s arms. The baby’s light, heartbeating lulling us into a deep slumber.
*Part 26*
(Alex POV again- Isabel’s apartment; Serena and Daniel are over)

“There’s one thing I dont understand, Alex.E
“What is it Serena?E
“If Khivar killed himself, how is there still a war?E
“Every being during the war was genetically engineered again with all their memories, but the royal 4 were sent down here along with some others. But there were also a lot of glitches in the memories too so that’s why a lot of the antarians and others don’t remember too much about what happened in the past. Unfortunately, Khivar was also genetically engineered with everyone else and he had all of his memories back. So, everything started from right where it left, just with Khivar as king instead of Zan.E
“That’s awful.EIsabel says.
“Yeah it is.E
“Okay, lets get on a less tense subject because I have a migrane the size of Europe right now.ESerena says.
“What do you want to talk about?EDaniel asks her.
She looks at Isabel and I and says, “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?EShe smiles.
“Actually, we just found out last night.EIsabel says happily.
“Well, tell us!EDaniel and Rena say with excitement.
“You want to tell them?EIsabel asks me as she leans against me and rests her head on my chest.
“It’s a girl.EI say grinning at the fact that she’ll be born in 4 months. I can’t wait.
“Congrats.EThey say.
“So have you thought of any names yet?ESerena questions.
“Not yet.EI say.
“Before we think of any names Alex, I need to ask you something.E
“What is it, Iz?E
“With you being this prophetic person and me being one of the royal 4, what does that make the baby?EShe says looking up at me then down at her abdomen.
“Actually I’ve been meaning to talk with you about that. You see, that’s the thing I’m not really sure of.E
“How can you not be sure?!EThere goes her hormones. Luckily she can’t read my mind.
“I just don’t know. I need some of Cathy’s and Caleb’s advice on that.E
“Who’s Caleb?EShe asks calmly.
“Caleb’s my older brother.ESerena says.
“Okay, but why would we need his help?E
“He has this weird power. I still don’t know for sure what it is, but it helps with determining futures and stuff like that. Like what people will become sort of.E
“Do you know how he got that power, Serena?E
“I don’t know. No one else in the family has it except for him. Not even our parents have it. My dad said it’s some rare power. Like one in every 3 million have it. My mom says on Antar that’s like, every other generation.E

(Michael’s Apartment- Cathy and Liz enter)
Cathy POV

“Hey.”Both Liz and I say.
“Hey.EThey say and I see Kyle smiling at me. He’s so cute!
“So, what’s the meeting about this time?E
“Just about you.EMichael says in his usual rude tone as I’ve learned.
“Fine. What do you want to know.EI don’t care if they want to know who I am. They can ask all the questions they want.
“How about we just let her tell us about herself instead of interrogating her?EMaria suggests. I owe her one for that.
“I guess so.EMax and Michael say.
“Well as you know my name is Cathy Johnston. I am 18 years old. I recently graduated in June, 7th in my class. I came here from L.A. to help Liz with some information-E
“What information?EMax asks.
“Can’t tell ya. Now, don’t interrupt me. I have 2 older and 5 younger siblings. I came to Earth when I was 3.E
“Wait a minute. Came to Earth? You’re a Czechoslovakian?!EMaria yells.
“Huh?EWhat does she mean by Czechoslovakian? That country doesn’t even exist anymore.
“Czechoslovakian is our word for being an alien.EKyle sweetly explains to me. I’m trying not to start at him, but I can’t help it. Is my face turning red? Anyway.
“Okay. Yes, I am Czechoslovakian.E

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*Part 27*

“So, how did you get to Earth?EI ask.
“My parents.EShe answers.
“How did your parents get here with you then, by spaceship?EMichael asks with a little sarcasm.
“I don’t remember. I was only 3. Probably the only ones taht would remember are my parents. Well, I don’t know about mom, but my dad and older brother, Caleb would.E
“Why wouldn’t your mom remember?EMaria asks curiosly.
“Yeah. Why wouldn’t your mom remember?EI repeat, wondering myself.
“Well, I do remember when we came here, my mom was pregnant with the twins. That night, after we had rented out a motel room and got to sleep, my mom went into labor. After giving birth to my younger brother and sister, she passed out. When she awoke, she had amnesia, but she got her memory back a few days later. I don’t know though if she remembers when we came here or not.E
“Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.EI say.
“What else do you want to know?E
“What kind of cool, weird powers do you have?EKyle asks her. I wonder when the hell is her going to ask her out?
“Well I can change the molecular structure of things-E
“Why do you all describe it that way?!EMaria bursts out throwing her hands up in the air.
“I don’t know, but anyway, I’m an empath.E
“What the hell is an empath?EMichael asks.
“An empath is someone who can literally feel what other people are feeling.ELiz answers Michael’s question.
“Yes. So when I say I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, you better believe me! How did you know Liz?ECathy asks the question I was wondering myself.
“I saw it on Charmed.ELiz says laughing. I love it when she laughs. We all start laughing ourselves.
“I saw that eppy! Those were the good old days. Anyway, that’s about it except for the whole blasting thing I can do, but I can only control it every once in a while when I focus it. I’ve almost got it down though.E
“You can’t control your powers either?EMichael asks. He looks scared to know the answer.
“Only when I get really angry, but that’s only if you’ve pushed my buttons too far or if you’re my brother Joey. That’s a whole different story though. It took my bro, Caleb about 3 years to control his powers.E
Michael looks intrigued. Now, that’s scary.
“Will we ever get to meet this brother of yours?EMichael asks intelligently.
“Eventually. Once I hear from the sonuvabitch.E

Serena POV

“I think we’ve discussed enough for one day. Lets order some pizza and rent some movies.EI say. They better agree. Daniel of course knows better. I’ve trained him well and he knows the consequences.
“I second that idea. I’m starved.EIsabel agrees. Well she needs to start eating. She is feeding for 2 now.
“Daniel and I will get the movies and you two can order the pizza.EAlex says, kissing Isabel and then standing up.
“Also, do not get all guy movies either, get some chick flicks.EIsabel and I both say.
“Dammit.EI hear Daniel mutter under his breath.
“What was that Daniel?EI say, giving him the you-better-have-not-said-that look.
“Nothing. Nothing!EHe says holding his hands up like he’s being arrested.
“That’s what I thought.EI say with a seducing smile. I love to make him squirm.
“Lets go Alex.EDaniel says.
“Okay. We’ll be back.EAlex says starting to walk out the door. Daniel following him. They leave.
“You have him wrapped around your little finger.EIsabel says to me and we give each other high-fives.

(Video Store)
Daniel POV

“So what chick flicks should we get?EI ask Alex. He’s the expert since his 2 best friends in Roswell are chicks.
“A guy should know that one chick flick you always get is, Never Been Kissed. Another movie that is both a guy movie and a chick flick is 10 Things I Hate About You.E
“That’s a good movie. Now we need something for our enjoyment.EI better come up with this one. He’s probably been brainwashed with chick movies. “How about Braveheart?E
“No way! Isabel would kill the both of us!E
“Michael has made her and Max watch that about a million times. Plus, I don’t think this would be a good time to anger her.E
“No it wouldn’t. Not with her being pregnant. Dude wait until she gives birth. She’s probably going to break your hand.EWe both laugh then he stops abruptly.
“That’s not funny because she probably will. Hey, how about Monty Python and the Holy Grail?E
“Yes! That’d be perfect. It’s hillarious!EI love that movie. Killer bunnies rule!

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*Part 28*
Michael POV

“So what is your brother like?EI ask her intriguingly.
“He’s an ass, like you sometimes, but he has his sensitive side too at times, but only because of all of his sisters.E
“That must suck for him.E
“Not really. He doesn’t mind except at times he acts a little feminine, but he is not gay. I can guarantee you that.E
“Okay. So when do you think you will hear from him?E

(After watching movies) Isabel POV

“Those were good movies and that last one was hillarious.E I say.
“Wasn’t it?EAlex asks rhetorically. I nod my head and lean into him and yawn.
“Tired?EAlex aske me.
“Yes.EI say as I yawn again.
“Well go to bed.E
“Okay.EI say as I get up and stretch.
“I think we will go now.ESerena say as her and Daniel get up.
“Okay.EAlex says as he gets up too and wraps his arms around me.

Serena and Daniel leave and Alex and I go to our bedroom. I go into the bathroom and change into my pajamas. As I come out, I ask Alex, “Alex, do I look fat in this?E

Cathy POV (Walking home w/ Kyle)

“So Cathy, where do you want to go tomorrow night?EKyle asks me.
“Um...I don’t know. Wherever you want to go.E
“Have you ever been to Senor Chao’s?E
“I don’t think I have.E
“Well it is a really good Mexican restaurant....I mean if you like Mexican?E
“I do and that sounds good. What else are we going to do?E
“We can go to the movies after dinner.E
“Sounds great,E I say as we reach my dorm, “pick me up say, around 6?E
“Sure. See ya then.EHe says as he starts to walk off.
I go in my dorm and close the door behind me. “He’s such a gentlmen!E

Alex POV (Where we left off)

“Well uh...E
“Tell me the truth.EShe says to me with a look that means either, I live or I die.
If I say the wrong thing, I will end up sleeping on the couch. If I say the right thing...WAIT! I have seen this same situation in the movies and either way, I will probably end up sleeping on the couch! Dammit! What should I say?!
“Are you going to answer my question?EShe says with tears starting to form in her eyes.
With her starting to cry and her hormones off balance, it makes this question twice as hard to answer. Well here goes..with my best look. “Isabel, you are not fat. You are beautifully pregnant with our daughter, who is just going to be as beautiful as you.EI say as I am still holding my breath waiting for her answer.
Oh no! She’s starting to cry harder! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think I better start getting my pillow and blanket together.
“Alex...that is the sweetest thing you have ever said to me!EShe exclaims and hugs me tight.
I guess I said the right thing then. Now, there’s only one thing on my mind right now, Booyah! Ha! Stupid movies with guys that don’t know what to say! I beat the system!


I am walking over to Liz’s right now. I just hope she will talk to me. The last time we really talked, she totally blew up at me, but I cannot blame her. I wish I knew what she meant by when she said that she didn’t sleep with Kyle. I mean I know that she didn’t, but I just wish I knew the truth. I know she will tell me eventually, but I want to know! Okay...maybe not that badly, well yes..oh nevermind! I really do not feel like having an arugument with myself tonight.

I wish Isabel was here. I would be able to talk to her about this. I miss her, but I am glad that she is okay, well as Cathy said. I still geel like I’m in the dark though. I know there has got to be another piece that I’m missing from the puzzle, but hopefully, I will find out soon.

I see Liz’s balcony and I run over to the ladder and climb it. I am on her balcony and I can see her through her window. I finally get the courage and I knock on her window. “Well here goes nothing...EI whisper to myself.

Maria POV

“I called my mom and told her I was staying over at Liz’s.E
“Okay.EMichael says to me.
“What Maria?E
“Are you okay? I mean with everything that has been going on lately, you know all the secret meetings and stuff.E
“I guess. It’s just the fact that Cathy has so many answers to my questions and her brother may even have more answers, but one thing that is bugging me right now is that...her brother may have the answer to my main question.E
“Which is?EI say as I lean closer to him.
“Why can’t I control my powers?E
“You will probably be able to ask once we get a chance to meet him.EI say comfortingly.
“Yeah you’re right. Maria?E
“What did Cathy mean when she said that her brother is an ass like me?E
“Michael! You know damn well what she meant! Don’t be playing that with me!EI hit him for asking such as stupid question.
“Ow! Maria! Stop beating me!E

Serena POV (At her apartment)

Daniel and I are sitting on our bed talking when my cell phone starts to ring. “Who could that be?EI say as I look at my cell.
“The only person I know that would probably call you this late is Cathy.EDaniel says.
“Well from the looks of it...this isn’t her number that I see I the screen.EI say as it’s still ringing.
“Well answer it for crying out loud.E
“I’m about to! Hold your horses!EI answer it finally, “Hello!E
“Hey.EA familar voice says.
I give Daniel a confused look, “Caleb?E