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Um…I’m rushing to post this so I have to make the intro brief. Is a Rebounder fic welcome here? I’m about to find out, am I not! Again, this is centrally a Kyle/Tess story and I’ve had it on my mind for a while. I don’t know how romantic or platonic the rebounder-ness will be. K/T will let me know. But I want everyone to know that I am a Dreamer to the bone, so don’t be afraid! Lol Conventionality (a word?) all the way, but my version. This story picks up from the “Crazy” era onward. PG or PG-13 methinks. And so, if you wish, continue reading. Hee-Hee! (Excuse all mistakes for now. I’ll edit more later if necessary. I gotta run and I really wanted to post this before I left.)

First Sutta

She stood in front of the mirror straightening out her clothes unnecessarily - just to keep her hands busy. Tilting her head she examined the deep V of her blood red top. She liked red. It made her feel real, as opposed to the way she normally felt. She plopped down on her frilly pink canopy bed and looked around liked a stranger in a strange place. The room was girlish to the point of sugar overload - lace and roses with a white background to everything. He’d left out no detail. But then he was always clever that way. He was coldly clever about everything and in that way he was a father.

A large full tote bag lay in a chair, its patent leather blackness making it look bold and lonely in the sterile brightness of Pink Land. Her bedroom door swung open suddenly but she just kept swinging one crossed leg without turning.

“Are you ready?” The tones were familiarly clipped and unemotional.


“Look at me.” She turned immediately. “You remember what to do?”

“Could I forget? You’ve been telling me every day for two months.”

His eyes seemed to quickly examine her for any noticeable defects. “You sound less than enthused, Tess.” The slightly mocking lilt in his voice still grated her nerves after all these years but she learned to hide the fact. “It’s time to claim your destiny.”

“Good,” she said flatly, turning away again.

“Let’s go.” He moved out of sight.


“Yes?” came the disembodied voice.

Her question died before she asked it. “Nevermind.” She picked up her bag and followed him.

***** ***** *****

Malamud clucked sympathetically and patted Kyle on the back as they stared out across the school parking lot. “I feel for you, dude.”

Kyle managed to spare him a quick, skeptical glance, barely taking his eyes off the silver Infiniti and a girl’s long legs. They seemed to pour out from the passenger’s side like syrup. All three items were built for speed and he’d had the pleasure of driving two of them. Suddenly his line of vision was blocked.

“Nah, seriously! It’s not right. What she’s doing is not right.”

“Malamud…” Kyle began trying to crane his head to watch the progress of the driver and passenger while pretending not to, “Don’t give me the pity act. If you see a nail in someone’s eye, your version of helping is to screw it in deeper.”

“See now that’s where you’re wrong. You’re a guy. I’m a guy. And those legs – “ he paused, pointing at them in fascination.

Kyle swiped his hand down. ‘Stop being so d*mn obvious!”

“…whoa, those legs! Those legs are like the – “ Malamud squinted, pretending to mold something in his hands. “I just want one of ‘em for Christmas. And there ain’t nothing like a red-haired babe!”

“It’s auburn, fool.”

Malamud made a goofy face of surprise. “Oh, auburn! Excuse me while I bite myself.” He sobered up. “But hey look - she’s not worth the pain you’re going through, man. She’s a pimpette, a man-eater, a snake goddess.”

Kyle said nothing.

“Kyle, the only thing that could make this situation better is if…the freak was with me! Paah-haaaaah…!”

“What an *sshole!” Kyle muttered walking away from him. Malamud could crack all the jokes he wanted, but the ‘situation’ wasn’t funny. He stopped short because he caught himself almost catching up to the couple. The girl laughed at something her companion said and smiled. It was that bright, honest, promising smile that said ‘You’re the one.’ How many suckers had she sucked into her void with it? He wished that he hadn’t been one of them.

Kyle lit a cigarette, pacing near the entrance, pushing Malamud inside just as the dead-brain started to open his trap again. Shoving his hands in his back pockets, he remembered his father – Jimbo – riding him hard about picking up the habit. Yeah, he always thought of him as ‘Jimbo’ when Jimbo was in lecture mode. Jimbo forbade him to smoke in the house – or anywhere else - like he was Little Lord Fontleroy or something. Man!

Mr. Fredericks, the principal, walked up on him, briefcase in hand. “The school bell is about to ring in less than thirty seconds, Mr. Valenti. Isn’t there somewhere you want to be?”

Yeah. As far away from this sh*t piece of town and you as possible in less than thirty seconds please. “Yes, there is, Mr. Fredericks.”

“Get inside, Mr. Valenti. Or shall I inform your father that you are being difficult yet again?”

“No, you shan’t have to do that today. I might be in the mood tomorrow though.” With that he threw down the cig and entered the building just as the first bell rang, thinking that the only good thing about today was that it would end.

“We can discuss the matter further at detention today, Mr. Valenti.”

Whatever and ever, cheese-eater.

***** ***** *****

Spanish – 3rd period…

It looked like the ‘only good thing about today’ might never happen. Kyle had to sit there and watch her back. He couldn’t help it. She was in the same room with him – so close. So untouchable. It was like being used to breathing and then suddenly he couldn’t anymore. Er…well, the comparison was a little extreme but close to the truth. She was now answering a question posed by Mrs. Galves in perfect Spanish of course. The lilt of her voice and the shift of her back seemed to taunt him on purpose.

“Excelente, Senorita Delany!”

Kyle sighed, disgusted with his own lovelorn crap. It was sickening. Yeah, her last name was Delany. And no, it wasn’t Vicki. Vicki was the twit of the century. He just wanted to get with someone quick. At the time Liz Parker had just dumped him and she was the first girl he cared about like that. He hadn’t been in love with her really but she had this kinda quiet cool maturity but she was still, y’ know, a girl. A girl girl. Plus, those big clear brown eyes were winners. She was hottish in a low-key kinda way and he liked it. Then…Tall, Mysterious, and Weird (that d*mn Max Evans!) came along with whatever weirdness he did in the Crashdown that day…or maybe Liz just hit her head hard when she fell or got shot or got her fix because she’d been real weird too ever since. Whatever it was it turned him way off and he was completely over her now – just like the cow that jumped the moon. Anyway, so Vicki took very little persuading but they never did it because…well…Vicki just annoyed him. She acted dumber than she actually was and she whined too much. When the time came and she was willing, he wasn’t. He couldn’t quite get over that. 2nd base with her was enough for him.

But one night they were on the couch in her living room in the dark making out like there was no tomorrow and it was okay; it was good. It was 2am – that time in the morning when you feel like you’re outside reality and beyond the reach of wisdom. It was a time when you’re most tempted to slide to home base no matter who you’re with and possibly create a sh*tload of regrets. Suddenly the room was flooded with light and they leaped away from each other, disheveled and partially undressed.

“Well-well! I got here just in time to see your babymaker in action, cousin. Not bad.”

While his sight was still trying to adjust to the light, Kyle felt Vicki’s finger at his fly and he grabbed them, squinting at the girl unabashedly watching. “Whoa! This ain’t the Discovery Channel.”

“I’m just trying to zipper you up!” she hissed, obviously embarrassed. She stood up to face the intruder, adjusting her clothes as she did so. “Why are you coming in here so late, Corvette?”

“Well, I live here.”

“Just temporarily, cousin.”

“I’m spending the school year here, so I think it’s appropriate to say ‘I live here’.

When the spots faded from his eyes, Kyle found himself staring into seriously potent green eyes and he was hooked before his senses fully registered the connected bod to die for. Excelente! “Your name’s Corvette?” he asked dazedly.

Vicki snorted. “Let me give you the story. My dear cousin here is visiting from San Francisco. She just got here yesterday. Her father’s a Buddhist gearhead pothead - known on the west coast as ‘Goobie Dan D.’ - who always wears sandals on his funky breath-robbing feet even in winter – just the kind of weirdo to name his kid after a car. He spent all his money investing in a marijuana farm, got his *ss caught and now can’t take care of his four kids. They each got shipped off to different family members and, oh what a joy, we got this one.”

Corvette only smiled. “Blood’s still thinner than water, huh, Vick?” She took out pen and paper and began to write.

Vicki’s eyes bulged as she said with relish, “And Goobie was adopted so he’s not even a real Delany and neither areyou.”

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Vicki whined but she never got mad at anybody. Here she was standing red-faced and ready to rumble. All he could do was stare at Corvette, his eyes widening in appreciation as she strutted right up to him, dressed like she just came from a Milan runway.

“What are you doing?” Vicki practically screeched, fists balled.

Corvette stared warmly into his eyes and he felt himself helplessly leaning in. “If you wanna do better, call me.” She tucked a slip of paper into his shirt pocket.

“You b*tch…!”

Then it became a scene right out of old-time Jerry Springer; and although he got scratched up like the dickens, he protected that little piece of paper with his life. As it turned out Vicki’s strange behavior was caused by her refusal to take any Prozac that month. Needless to say, she dumped him quick and he barely registered the fact because it was…Corvette Time! From then on she simply had her way with his heart – a first for him. She was very good to him for a while. She said all the right words, did all the right things. Incredibly, he was thinking this could be ‘the one’. But so early in his young bachelorhood? His jock crew thought he was lucky but nuts. So what? She was the hottest girl he’d ever met! Corvette waited until he trusted her enough and was open enough to admit he was a virgin. (Wow, there’s gotta be a more masculine name for it. Shees!) She waited until she took his innocence. (Yeah, he couldn’t believe that he ‘Super Jock Kyle Valenti’ had needed to be coaxed into it because he didn’t want to disappoint her. Because wanted it to be special with her. He couldn’t believe he’d been such a…!) She waited until the heartfelt words ‘I love you’ came tumbling stupidly from his lips and then she became The Kyle-Eater – in the most negative sense possible….

The bell rang jolting Kyle out of his depressed musings. Enough of this sh*t. Move on, boy, move on. He slammed his books shut and was the first to exit the classroom. He rushed head down around a corner and – BLAM! Books, papers pens and the entire contents of a black patent leather tote flew everywhere. He reflexively grabbed the short blond about to crash into the lockers behind her but he used too much force because he landed flat on his back and thick blond hair smothered him.

Amid all the other exclamations of surprise and humor was clearly heard…“Classic, Valenti, classic!”… from Malamud, his crazy cackle rising high above the din before fading down the hallway.

Death at a young age was underrated, wasn’t it? In his head Kyle could hear Beck’s ‘Loser’.

Finally the hair slid away and he could breathe freely again – although the scent wasn’t bad.

“Are you alright?”

Kyle looked up into mildly concerned blue eyes set in a cherub cute face, leaning over him – one he’d never seen before. A newbie. Even with the wind knocked out of him and a sharp pain in his *ss, he registered the fact that she wasn’t his type. “Yeah, I’m fine. I only cracked my skull breaking your fall, that’s all. Could you - ?” He motioned dramatically for her to move out of the way.

Her eyes cooled a few degrees. “Sorry.” She stood and started picking up her things.

Kyle felt around underneath him and pulled out a broach. “I think this is yours,” he said dryly, as he stood up too and handed it to her.

The girl’s eyes flashed briefly with pain – or something - before she wordlessly snatched it out of his hand and shoved it quickly along with everything else into her bag.

“You. Are. Welcome. It was only stabbing my *ss, so don’t worry about it.”

The last things she scooped up were her books and then she brushed past him without so much as a glance in the now empty hall. He shook his head and bent over to pick up his shoulder bag.

“It looks fine to me, Tight Boy.”

He swiveled around in time to see her disappear into a classroom. Not his type, ungrateful and had a smart mouth. If he saw her again, it would be too soon. He started down the hall thinking if he didn’t have detention, he’d skip class the rest of the day. And he would have if he felt like hearing it at home and getting the car keys taken away. Since he didn’t, he wouldn’t – so onto the joys of algebra!

No, he didn’t need a girl right now. He needed something else. The head cheerleader half-ran – and when she saw him, half-jiggled – past him down the hall. She flashed the biggest smile he’d seen all day, saying in a voice as warm as honey in tea, “Hi, Kyle.”

“Hi, Diane.”

Or maybe he did need a rebound girl. But she kept jiggling and he kept walking. Sh*t, he didn’t know what he needed, but he might find out tonight after a couple swigs from the old man’s bottle of scotch….

TBC…? I don’t know.

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Hmm, page 7 already. I figured I was taking a chance starting this one, but oh well...if I end up just writing it for three folks, including myself 'let it be'!

RoswellJunky and LTL, thanks for the fb! Hee-Hee!

And yes, LTL, I'm in that New York state of mind! This week it's coming!

EDITED to add: Tess does not kill Alex! That's it for the spoilers. And oh, what's up with the free advertising? Some of the words in my fic have been turned into links. Hmmm...I don't know if I like that. Hmmm.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, alienmom, Demoira and SpAcEgUrL, for the support! *bounce* As anyone might know by now, I'm not prolific - yet, so please be patient. I had to work on part twenty-three of that other fic which I just posted. "Tess, Buddha and Me" will sort of come in spurts until "adj" is finally completed, but I will definitely continue this one. *happy*

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Thanks, cameramandc, for the bump. *happy* If you or anyone else is still interested, here's the...

Second Sutta

Tess dropped her bag now crammed with textbooks down on the low marble coffee table and herself she threw into a large mint green armchair. All she wanted to do was take one of her usual afternoon naps. Over the years sleep had become the only escape from her twisted life.

“Did you make contact?” Nasedo asked, materializing from nowhere as usual.


Nasedo came towards her and pulled the thickest book out of her bag, the chemistry text, and skimmed through it, muttering, ‘Primitive,’ before handing it back to her. “What kind of contact?”

“I dropped my notebook in class and he picked it up for me. I said thank you with a big ol’ Snapple grin and he smiled back.”


“And…he’s a hottie.”

If possible Nasedo’s mouth tightened even more. “Don’t play games with me. What else?”

“The other two are with him; they’re called Michael and Isabel. They’re all aware of some of their powers.”

“How do you know that?”

“I’ve been spying on them. I picked up on a couple things from a distance that only a fellow alien would recognize – just like you taught me.”

He was getting impatient. “What else, what else?”

Tess pretended to think hard. “Let’s see…oh, Max Evans has a girlfriend who’s a waitress at one of the teen hangouts in town.”

He stared at her. “Do you mean to tell me that the only contact you had was an exchange of facial expressions?”

Irritated, Tess got up and went into the kitchen for water. “I think finding out specific information is more important at this point, don’t you? I mean, I’m a brand new student at a school where everybody’s known everybody else since day care. Okay? Max Evans doesn’t know me from can of beans. What should I have done? – walked up to him and said ‘Hey, you’re an alien king and I’m your queen but we were killed before we could consummate the union sixty years ago so let’s f**k here against the lockers before we go back to save the world? How’s that?”

Nasedo smiled humorlessly. “If it makes us reach our objective that much sooner, then yes, do that.”

Tess gulped down her water. “You are sick.”

“You are not human, my dear, a fact which I keep having to remind you of. Their social mores mean nothing.”

“Hey, I’m not the one who decided to make me a human hybrid.”

“Neither am I but such decisions aren’t for me to worry about after the fact. Tomorrow I want you to get Max Evans to interact with you for an extended period of time. Do you think you can manage that, or have the last ten years I’ve been training you been a waste of time? If we don’t get at least Max, I’m taking you back by yourself and you’ll face everything alone. That is an option, you know. It would make my job much easier. Now do I have to repeat any of this?”

No, you have to shove it up your ass. Aloud Tess said, “No,” curtly She marched back to the living room, grabbed her bookbag and went up to her room, closing the door with a definite click. Her bed felt good, but it wasn’t real and it wouldn’t last. Nasedo and this alien destiny business were getting to her. It was like she’d be a non-entity until she returned to a place she didn’t remember much about. This human existence was all she really knew – phony or not. She didn’t even know how to be Queen Avanah of Antar. She only knew how to be…the alien-girl-on-the-run. Tess turned over on her side to face the narrow window. (Why did he always put her in nearly windowless rooms?) Tess Harding was the ID now. Before that is was Jennifer De Angelo (her fav so far) and before that is was Emma Foster-Jones (a hyphenated name. Whoo. Hoo.) and before that – Carrie Anderson (dull). The very first she ever remembered was Susie Connor. How Nasedo picked them she didn’t know or care. Anyway…she had homework to do. Pulled out her English textbook, she turned to the assigned John Dryden poem “Mac Flecknoe”. Ugh. English Lit just wasn’t her dream subject, but she began to read. She was used to doing things she didn’t want to do.

***** ***** *****

The bell signaling lunch period came none too soon during English the next day. Mr. Skeezak had been grilling Tess hard over “Mac Flecknoe”. She had fallen asleep yesterday afternoon and didn’t get up until this morning. It was the third time in a month it happened. Nasedo shrugged it off with ‘You’re an alien. It’s nothing’ as if that would ease her mind. So she may have been a little snippish in class because it hadn’t been a restful sleep. Mr. Skeezak practically told her she was dumb and lazy the way he singled her out when she couldn’t tell him anything about that poem. Max Evans glanced at her sympathetically but before she could say ‘nice shoes’ he was out the door, his destination hidden by the crush of teens trying to escape the room. Tess determined then that the way to get close to Max would be to develop a rapport with his sister Isabel. He seemed to be the quiet, shy type, so she’d have to worm her way in. Oh, and it was true he had a girlfriend. Great.

As she made her way outside, feeling around among her books for the pitiful lunch she threw together that morning in a hurry – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Yip. Ee.), she looked around for a place to sit. Tess hated being the new girl in school! It was too much darn work making a place for herself among strangers over and over again. In fact she wouldn’t even have to do this if Nasedo would just go to Max, Michael and Isabel and tell them who they were! If they were all on the same side, why the deception? Nasedo had just said simply that it wasn’t safe and wouldn’t explain any further. When she tried to press him, he would revert to his true alien form just to creep her out. Shapeshifters were different from other Antarians. They looked weirder in their natural state and it was a sight she didn’t like so she dropped the subject. Some students rushed past her, nearly knocking the changepurse from her hand. Mm, she needed something to drink or…it was then she noticed Isabel sitting at a table with a guy. The other girl didn’t have the this-is-my-boyfriend-stay-away look, so Tess figured it was an opportunity to feel the waters, especially since Max wasn’t around.

“Can I join you?” she said smiling as she sat down at their table.

“Actually, we were in the m--the middle of something.” The guy ended on a defeated note as he watched her unwrap her flat sandwich.

Isabel smiled, amused by his disappointment. “You're the new girl, right?”

“Fresh from of the mint.” She looked back and forth between them, feigning uncertainty. “If you're busy, I could just...”

“No, it’s alright,” Alex said politely.

“Thanks. I'm Tess Harding.”

“Isabel Evans. And this is Alex Whitman, the leader of the greatest band in West Roswell High.”

“Hey, that’s cool,” Tess said, taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Oh.” Alex shrugged, grinning. “The Whits aim to please.”

“I always hate the first day at a new school.”

“Done this before?” Isabel asked her. There was something about Tess that seemed oddly familiar.

“Only about a hundred times. Everyone's always so nice. Sometimes you find out too late who’s the snake in the grass.” Tess cringed inwardly, sick of the deception already. In her agitation she stood up quickly, drawing their quizzical glances. “I am dying of thirst! I can’t wait another second. Be right back.” Smooth, real smooth, Tess, she muttered to herself, heading for the Super-Juicer and Pretzel stand. When she bought her drink and turned around, she spied…the guy who almost tackled her yesterday. He was looking around like he was lost….

***** ***** *****
Kyle’s lunch tray was heavy and the food nice and hot, so he needed to make a snap decision. He saw his jock friends at their usual table, but he wasn’t in the mood for their antics. They were cool ‘n’ all but they messed around too much sometimes. Lately they’d been getting on his nerves. And he hadn’t gotten over the stunt Tommy and Paulie pulled on Max Evans which Kyle still thought was the only reason Liz broke up with him when she did. Anyway…he wanted to sit away from them today, but every table was occupied by kids he didn’t feel comfortable walking up to. Shees, the last time he wondered who he would sit with was first grade. After that he’d always had ‘his group’. At first he was one of the bullies, then he wasn’t so much of a bully as a roughhouser in general which led to his enthusiastic participation in every sport possible. So now he was a semi-worshipped jock. But something was bothering him about that too. Yeah sure, he was popular, meaning lots of girls wanted to date him – lots of guys liked to be seen with him – shooting the sh*t, horsing around and whatnot – but that was all phony show. The girls would probably be just as satisfied kissing the ball he dribbled instead of him. And if he didn’t dribble that ball well, the guys could easily make him the butt of their cruel pranks like they did that musician kid with the thick country accent, Billy Darden. Anyway, it was saying something not good that out of the whole student body he could only call a few practical jokers friends. Hm. Were they his friends really?

Just at that moment he bumped hard into two girls. It should have annoyed them but the only thing in their eyes above the ‘anything you want’ smiles was his last 3-pointer. He kept moving. D*mn, his hot lunch was getting cold while he stood around pretending to be a deep thinker. What the h*ll was wrong with him lately anyway? He shook his head in self-depreciation and that’s when he saw the back of a short blond sitting at a table near the edge of the lawn with Alex Whitman, band geek, and Isabel Evans, ice princess and sister of the Weird One. He thought about it and…no way! He’d just go sit under a tree by himself. But his steps slowed when he thought – why not jump into someone else’s world for a change? What harm would it do? He could eat his lunch and have some kicks. He was still having the conversation in his head before he realized three pairs of eyes were questioning him as he hovered over them.

Alex’s expression was half amused and his pair shifted back and forth before he asked, “Ummm…what’s up?”

“Is anybody else sitting here?”

Isabel looked at the vacant spot opposite her and next to the new girl. “Well, I don’t see anyone, but – “

Kyle sat in it.

“Just sit on down, why don’t you?” said the short blond with a dry smile.

“I knew you were waiting for me.”

“You may have bumped into me, but I don’t know you. I don’t know him,” she repeated to Isabel.

Kyle raised a brow. “You bumped me. Do you usually bump a guy before you even know his name?”

“You hit me. And I’d only consider bumping a guy I liked.” Tess held her hands out, shrugged and slapped them on the table. “No one at this table falls into that category.”

“I guess I can live with that,” Alex said.

Isabel sighed impatiently. “Tess, I’m bored. Shall we go?”

Alex looked confused. “You’re bored?

The girls got up.

“Alex, I’ll catch you later.”

“Yeah Alex, it was nice meeting you,” Tess said over her shoulde,r and then they were gone.

“Well?” Kyle said to him.

“Well…my lunchtime objective was not met, therefore…” He pulled out a book and began to read, hoping Kyle Valenti, blockhead jock, would disappear too, but he didn’t.

“So you and Isabel Evans are…”

“Not even close but I was trying before a crowd developed.”

“Careful, man. Her brother is strange. She might be too.”

Alex shifted in his seat. “Yeah well, no two people are exactly alike.”

“So what about the New Girl On The Block? What’s her claim to fame?”

“You’re interested?”

“No, I’m just – y’ know, making conversation.”

“She didn’t get a chance to tell us all her secrets before you came over and scared her. Of course she snatches Isabel on her way out.”

“That’s a lot of snatching.”

“Hey, watch it.”

Kyle help up his hands. “I’m watching. Sorry.”

When Alex shifted his attention back to his book, Kyle noticed he was reading a familiar sci-fi novel. “ ‘Stone River on the Dark Planet’ by Jace Mettigan. I read that.”

Alex looked up with a slight smile. “Yeah, pretty good, huh?”

“Yeah, better than his first one.”

“I don’t know about that. I’m still trying to decide.”

He resumed reading and Kyle fished around for something to say, laughing a little when he found it. “Well, this is strange.”

“What is?”

“Us together.”

Alex considered the idea carefully for a moment then reluctantly closed his book. “Kyle, is there something you want to tell me?”

“No, man, I’m just making – “

“ – making conversation, yeah I know. With me. The last one we had I said ‘sorry’ when I bumped into you and you said ‘watch it, man’.”

“Oh.” Kyle didn’t remember that.

“We do seem to have an advanced topic this time.”

“Looks like you’ve got about ten pages left there.”


“Seems like you’d know by now whether you thought it was better than his first one.”

“I won’t know for sure until I finish. It might have a stupid ending.”

“It doesn’t.”

“Shut up! No details! I’ve been faithful to this book. I want to savor the pay-off.”

“Whoa, sorry.”.

At that moment Tess was close enough to see Kyle laughing. She had returned for another drink. Squinting, she could just make out the laugh lines around his eyes and that’s when he caught her looking. She stopped squinting and he met her stare with a cocky wink. She liked it. Wondering what his name was, Tess briskly walked back to where Isabel was waiting for her. She couldn’t afford any side trips like him. She had to stay focused on the task at hand. There was no way she’d let Nasedo take her back to Antar alone. No way.


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Hiya! I'm AUTHOR'S NOTE-ing all over the place. Okay, I know there isn't too much interest in my li'l Rebounder thingie, but I'm letting all the mildly interested parties know that this fic will be put to the side indefinitely. Believe it or not I will continue this eventually because I've had the idea for this fic since the beginning of the year. It's a story I must tell. So...see ya next year!


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Pardon me for bumping my own fic. *shy* LOL It's the crazy li'l writer in me. I just don't want it to fall off the board because I intend to continue it.
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