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Oo, kinda forgot about this fic, but seeing as when I did a search on myself, it popped up, I'll bump it, then if it does well, I'll create a part 3.

Title: Deceiving Appearances
Author: TDD/Andi
Disclaimer: Hear no evil, see no evil, be no evil. I am do not own Roswell
Summary: Read the prologue, it's one big summary entrance
Category: Come on, you know me, do I write ANYTHING not dreamer? Do I even READ anything not dreamer? Of course this is all CC, but Max will have to work a bit to get back who he loves, other couples come into play, of u'haul should know me - I ALWAYS bring ALex back from the dead.
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6 Months ago had gone by since she was taken. It had been 3 Months since they found out why. The Queen of Antar. You know her as Liz. You might not know me, but you've heard of me from Max, or Liz. Well, not the Max we have now, the previous Future Max. I'm Serena, Lady in Waiting to Alexia, which is how Liz was called then. I'm average height, 5'4" and a half, 18, Brown eyes, Red-Brown curly hair. Hybrid hid. You see, I was sent after the others, I was supposed to be the Royal Court's guardians. I am one of the Hybrid hid, which means, I was born to human parents, but reincarated you could say by the scientists of Antar, and mainly, a program of my own. My powers didn't appear until my 16th year, as the Royal Court's won't appear until their 18th, if on normal course. I guard Liz, Maria and Alex, Head of Suria, brother of Liz, and Kyle, who is second in command to Alex, and brother of Maria, Liz's Personal Lady (closest to her).

You see, 6 Months ago Liz was taken by Khivar, and Tess. Soon after Tess returned to Antar, Khivar discovered she wasn't really pregnant with Max's child, she had faked everything. Liz discovered this around a month later, finding out somehow, by means only Liz knows, that everything was a mindwarp. That's where things got bad. Max and Liz got into a HUGE argument, things were said you'd never dream of coming from one to the other. Liz you see, wouldn't forgive Max, needless whether he never slept with Tess, he still wasn't there when she needed him, he didn't believe in her. Big mistake in my book, so I can't really blame Liz. Then Max got worse. He wanted to know what happened that night. Liz couldn't tell him. Max got mad, and try to pull the King card on her again. Liz said a few things, mentioned about he never really loved her, and asked why he didn't love her as much as she loved him. That kinda broke Max. I think it took all Liz had to walk away from him again that day. Unfortunatly Khivar used this chance to kidnap Liz, he wanted her for her powers, and her ability to control the Granolith, as the (real) Queen of Antar, only Liz could unlock what the Granolith was really used for, and such. Anyways, it was Max who found the note the next day about Khivar taking Liz. He was broken. First he had hurt Liz himself, now by his connection with her he could be the reason she gets killed. After about 3 Months went by with now luck of finding Liz, Max went into a severe depression. The next day I appeared on the scene. I explained who I was, and the truth about everyone else that I protected their real history.

You see, everything as always, was not as it appeared to be. Sure there was a Royal four, but not as it looked to be. There was really Eight of them. Zan and Alexia, as King and Queen, Vilondra and Keith, Ruling Commander of Suria, a planet in the Antarian system, but as the other planets in the system, ruled by a secondary person, like a Mayor, but equivalent to a Prince. Rath and Sarah, Rath as second in command to Zan, and Saria an equivalent as second in command but to Alexia. And Ava and Tristan, Ava as Ruling Commander of Magos and Tristan as second in command to Keith.

Most are like they are now in ways, others not. Tess is nothing like the Ava that we knew before, the Ava that was in the 2nd group of the Royal Four, is much more like the one we knew. Rath has softened more in some ways, in others he is much different. He always did have this wall that only Saria could break through, but he is more willing to hear what Zan has to say at times, maybe because he doesn't have the troops to command.

You were mislead about Vilondra, she never betrayed her family, she loved them to much. Her and Zan were always close, and from what I here about in this life about her, as much giving of Zan as she was before. You see, Vilondra didn't like Alexia much at first, she didn't like the idea of having to share Zan with anyone, and was terrified of losing him. When Alexia first arrived at the Palace is the very first time the 'Ice Princess' made an appearance, her usual loving, kind self gone, she was not cruel, or rude, but not really welcoming toward Alexia. As time passed she got to know Alexia and saw how much her brother really loved her, then she began to really get to know Alexia, and they became much like Best Friends.

Soon they met Ava at Planetary meetings, and the three grew immensly close, with Saria always around, the four grew closer and closer together, and eventually, were inseperable, it was rare to find one without the other three.

Now, I know your wondeirng why I'm telling you all this, here, now 6 Months later. You see, I know when powers become activated within the Hybrid Hid, as their protector, it's my job to know. And 3 months ago today, Liz's became fully active. She now has full ability to use powers. I had to get her away from Khivar and begin her training - now, 3 Months later, Max had no clue that Liz was no longer with Khivar, or that she had been me, as that next to immediatly after I found out she was taken, I went after her. She wasn't pretty when I found her - Bruises and cuts covered her body from were Tess would beat her. It took me 3 days to fully heal her, if that tells you anything, and I have healing powers equal to Max's. But today, today it is time to tell Max everything about the past, the present, and the future...and how Liz is now fully trained.

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Cleo! Lol, I can't believe you posted 10 times! Lol, no this is not a continuation or anything, I simply love having fics start like that. Is Serena related? Hmm, hadn't thought of that, but maybe. If you all know, I luv having a kick butt Liz, and she has been training for 3 Cleo trying to imitate my summaries of your fics? Which by the way, where IS My Way, My Highway? I haven't seen it lately!!! A new part will be out in a few, just let me umm...type it. You know me, I write half my fics only to the board themselves, I probably should copy and save this right? Oh well, I will later. Anyways...PART 2!!!!!!

3 Months ago I met Serena, she saved me from Khivar and... Tess. If I ever get my hands on her... It's been 6 Months since Max and I broke off everything. Friendship, Relationship, Looking eachother as we pass on the street...anything. I don't know what's worse, how much I hate him, or how much I still love him. Whether he can or not, I still feel our connection. Every up, every down. I know it all. You see, I'm not that far away, but yet I am. You see, I'm on Antar. My home. But I'm in a rebel base, hiding from Khivar. I came here throught the Granolith, it never was destroyed. I can control the Granolith you see, while Max and the other's can't see me, I can see them. I can basically use it as I giant Survalience (sp?) camera. I've been watching them do things, search for me, somce give up hope, others refusing to. I can watch them visit my grave, plotted next to Alex's. But you see, I can help them too. Little things here and there, lost keys, hints about where to find things. Dreams. I can dreamwalk. I visit Max the most. I might hate him, but I also love him more then anything. And so I visit him in his dreams. Once in awhile I visit Maria, I feel so bad for making her think she lost both her best friends, when it's not ture.

For the three months since I was reclaimed by Serena, people have tried to find me, people from both sides, ours and Khivar's. But I have been here, training, 18 hours a day I train. I was once one of the strongest people on the planet. Second only to a few. That's how I was chosen to be Zan's wife. It was tradition the the strongest female of age closest to Zan would marry him. I was the one in our lifetime. I had, and now have powers of all the others, some from my own self, others I gained through becoming queen and bring connected to the Granolith. I've beaten next to everyone on the compund now. Serena went back to Earth today, she said she had a few things to do, anyways, I'm off to training.


It's time for them to come home. To understand, and to find out the whole truth about all timelines. Past, Present, and Old Future. I gather up the Hybrid hids, they have been doing training here and there, away from the Royal 4. I think it was hardest on Maria to not tell Michael about herself, not only because she was so close to him, but because she hated having to hold back that part of her life from him in flashes.

The first thing I had to do on Earth was locate Ava, we would need her for the fight. She was after all, switched in the crash. If you can't tell, the second group of Royal 4 are meaner, more apt to switch sides just to get home. Well Khivar had Nickolas switch Tess and Ava after the crash, it was Ava who should have grown up with Max, Isabel and Michael, and Tess that should have been with the others.

Anyways, it's time to explain everything to the rest. I had Maria call a meeting at the Crashdown.

2 hours later.

"You mean to tell me you've known were Liz is for THREE MONTHS?"

"Yes, Max. But you see, I couldn't let you know where she was, Liz had to go through her training. As queen, I would have had to take her away without you knowing were regardless. While Maria and the others could stay here and..."

"Wait, you mean that Maria and Kyle have known for 3 months all this?" Michael asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry Michael, I wasn't allowed to tell you...I've been training for 3 months here and there."

"You've been keeping all that from me?"

"Do you know how hard it was for me to do it?"


"So where is Liz?" Max asked.


"She's on..."

"Yes Max, she is on all your home planets, has been for 6 Months. Soon her training ends, and it is time for you to return. All of you."

"Does that include me?"

They hadn't even heard Ava walk in the door.


"Alright then. Count me in, I miss my chicka."

"Me too. I need to be with Liz, I miss her so much."

"Ok Maria."

"I go were Maria goes." Michael said.

"I go were they go." Kyle said.

"Max? Isabel?"

"I'm going."


"Yah, I'm there. But we do have time to say good-bye right?"


"No. I won't think of him."

"Alright. We leave at 5."

3 days later.

"So where is she?" Max asked.

"In there."

Serena pointed toward a huge complex the could only assume was the training center.


As soon as I walked in the building I knew she was in there somewhere. It wasn't until I heard her voice that I realised she was battle training with someone. I was awed to say the least. A man shot a power blast at her and my heart lept into my throat. What were the doing??!! And then, Liz did a backflip and threw up a purple shield that not only blocked the shot, but reflected it back at him. The man flew backwards and landed with a 'Oomph'

"Awe Liz, can't you know, like go easy on your own best friend?"

"Oh yeah sure, like you went SO easy on me after I started my training."

"Hey, you learned not to laugh didn't you?"

"Yah well I ended up with a broken arm. Your lucky I didn't like, turn your hair permanently blue."

"Yah I suppose. Hey miss, I'm better then you and I know it, can you fix this wonderful gash you gave me when you threw me likea rag doll?" He pointed to a bleeding cut on his forehead.

"Whimp." Liz laughed as she reached up and healed the cut.

"So, she beat your butt?"

"Yah Serena, she did."

"You know Serena one day I will beat you."

"Yah, sure Liz."

"I will!"

"Anyways, I brought you two some visitors."


"Over there."




"Oh I missed you chicka!"

"Me too."

"Hey, don't I get a hello?"


"The one and only!"


"No hun, I'm not dead. Although if it was up to Liz I think I would be."

"But. How. When."

"I'll explain later."


"Hi Izzy."

Isabel then promptly passed out, Alex, of course, caught her.

"I'll just take her to the Infirmary."

"Alex you better explain-"

"I will, later 'Ria. Liz, try to let your next partner get by without being killed."

"Oh Alex, you know I would only try to kill you!" The two laughed as Alex carried Isabel off.

"Hey Liz."

"Hey Ava. What you been up to?"

"Nothing much, but you see, Serena came and got me, and so, here I am now."

"Why don't I have someone show you your room?"


Liz called out and a couple people came over, the others were shocked at first, but then they remembered that afterall, Liz was Queen of this entire place, why wouldn't they?

A couple minutes late Ava, Maria and after talking with Kyle for a few minutes he set off two towards his room.

It was then that Liz finally paid attention to the others.


"Hi Michael."

"Been awhile."

"Yup. You been taking care of Maria?"

"Yah, I have been."

"How are things going with you two?"

"Good. I suppose Maria'll be happier now that she has both of her best friends back. So I'm glad."



"See that guy over there?"


"You can tell him what to do. Why don't you go ask him to take you to the headquarters, then ask for Kiran, he'll fill you in on everything that's been happening around here, troop status, and such."

"Are you sure?"

"Yah, since you haven't been here Alex and I have had to deal with it. It'll be nice to have You and Kyle doing it as you should be. Of course, you can tell Kyle what to do too...which should be interesting."

"Alright." So Michael walked off.

Serena had gone off some time ago to get rebriefed about events and such of what happened while she was gone. So that left just Max and Liz.

"You've changed."

"I've had to, being second in command to run an entire rebel base, being captured by Tess for three months, and spending 3 months here, training, you would to."

"Are you-"

"Ok? About somethings I suppose, I will never be, like Tess, I won't be happy until I see her take her last breath for everything she has done to me, to Alex."


"What do you want Max?"

"I want to apologize. Everything I said, everything I did. Everything I didn't say. Everything I didn't do. Not only was I not there for you after Alex's death, but then I didn't believe in you when you needed me to, I didn't WANT to believe that we could have anything to do with Alex's death. And then when you found out about Tess, I don't know. It just made me feel weak, usless, that she could so easily manipulate me against my own will. And again I wasn't there when you needed me, and I said some pretty bad things. Some things I know I can never make up for, never repay, never take back. But the thing I regret most-"

"What Max?"

"The thing I regret most is not following my heart. My heart told me that what I saw in your bedroom the night wasn't true. My heart told me that something was wrong with Tess, that there was something wrong. That the decisions I was making were wrong. But what I regret even more then that, is that the night when you told me that you never slept with Kyle, I didn't ask why. But I can NEVER forgive myself for letting you walk away from me again.


"Liz, what happened that night? I didn't ask then, but I'm asking now."

"Appearances can be deceiving Max."

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Lol, thanks guys! Maybe new part tomarrow after soccer practice and blah. I'll tell you know, there won't be one on Tuesday, as I have a soccer game thats 3-4 hours away, so I won't get back until Midnight or so, then I'll have to finish what homework I didn't do on the bus on the way there and at the game. Wednesday there should be, THursday's homecoming game, so maybe. Friday should be, Sat, MAYBE, that's homecoming football game, parade, dance and everything, so it's a maybe!

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Hey peeps, need a few more replies before Part 3 will come out, to even be mean, I'll tell you that it's already wrote two, I just need to hit 22 replies, because that'd be ten per part including my own. I wrote part 3 today during English and Health class. REPLY!

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Sorry about the lack of a new part, I'll a new part out in a little bit, sorry, it's sports, school, and driver's Ed! 3 hours of drivers ed on mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday. If ANYONE has a fic, and is interested in having put on my page, no matter what it is, board mail me asap! Or email, or catch me on AIM!