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By Belit

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There are not enough fics about 285 South. I’ve always wanted to write one. And I couldn’t help that it turned out to be smut. *evil grin* Warning! This fic is way too optimistic, it indeed is a fairytale, so don’t take it seriously.
Author's Note: I wasn't going to post any more stories on this board, seeing that it's mostly dreamer and all... But I decided to stay and fight. *big* It's a great board and I love the bumping guy *bounce*.So you lurking candies out there, show some support to the few M&M writers hangin around!
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STORY 1 : Something Better…


“It's like the porno version of Aladdin.” Maria stated entering the room.

“At least it's warm.” Michael defended, knowing that their situation sucked. But he would never admit that it was actually his fault.

“I don't even want to think about what I could catch in here.” She shuddered at the thought of who else might have used that room before and for what kind of purposes.

“You know, if you stop being such a princess about things…”

“Princess? No, no. I think I've been a pretty good sport up until now, but I'm cold, and I'm hungry, and I'm in some nookie motel with a guy I…I barely even know, and I...and I just…I really want to go home right now.” How was it that she had started the sentence in her ranting mode, but it had turned quickly into an almost crying state? The day was just too exhausting and that guy was extremely annoying, not to mention creepy.

“Why don't you stay here? I saw some vending machines outside. I'll go see what they have. Lock the door.”

She stood frozen in the middle of the room. Was that just Michael Guerin being nice to her? She could swear she’d heard emotion in his voice. No… It couldn’t be… She was just too tired, her mind was playing tricks on her.

- - -

“So, do you get hungry just like the rest of us?” Okay, she had to admit that was a dumb thing to ask, but there was those weird vibes coming off him that made her nervous, unsettled.

“Yeah. Of course I get hungry.” He said sarcastically. Great, just what he needed. Explain some chick that you are not actually green and slimy.

“What, uh...what other human urges do you feel?” That was even dumber. But all those vibes… Yeah, that was definitely his fault.

He was coming closer. Oh god! Oh god! Don’t panic!

He was so close she feared he could feel her heart beat.

“Not if you're the last woman on Earth.”

Now that had hurt.

Say something…


She was totally disappointed in her talking abilities… She had to change the subject or she obviously was going down. Fast. “… And so you'll know, I am not gonna be getting an "F" on this assignment, better start answering some questions. Right now, pal-ly, and I mean for real. So, favourite ice cream flavour?”


“Pistachio...favourite TV show?”

“Win Ben Stein's Money.”

“Ok, favourite book?”

“James Joyce...Ulysses.”

Just as she thought they were doing great… He had to be the jerk he was and lie! “You have not read Ulysses.”

“What incensed him the most was the blatant jokes of the ones who pass it all off as a jest, pretending to understand everything and in reality not knowing their own minds. Page 655...told you, you wouldn't understand. Next question.”

She had to force her mouth to close it. She would have found a way to wipe that stupid smirk off his face if she’d been in her right state of mind. But she wasn’t. Not with all those stupid vibes around… “All right, if you're so smart, then how come you fail every class in school?”

“What number is that?”

“It's my own personal question, ok?”

“I don't answer personal questions, ok?”

“All right, fine. Then maybe it's the answer to number 16. What are you afraid of?”

“I hate this. This is stupid.” He was refusing to back down, but that chick was not only annoying, but also extremely confusing.

“All right, how about just one personal question? You know, since I didn't turn you in back there. Why is it so important to you to find out where you come from?”

She knew that she was pushing it, but something inside her wanted desperately to solve his mystery, and maybe then she could stop feeling like her heart was about to burst out when he was close.

“Because there's gotta be something better out there for me than Roswell, New Mexico.”

She couldn’t stop her smile. Life wasn’t going to help her out on that one, was it? He just had to come up and say that, instead of some lame-ass answer she was expecting. How was she supposed to prove herself that he was just a regular bastard with a few extra alien powers when he kept showing glimpses of a deeper person?

“You think that's funny.”

“No, no. It's just, um...when I was a kid, I used to stay up at night and, um, make up stories about my know, and who he was and...what he was doing. And they all ended exactly the same way. He would come in a limo and pick me and my mom up and take us off to some exotic place where we'd live like royalty. Because, you know...I thought to myself...there's got to be something better out there for me than Roswell, New Mexico.”

It was a shock to share this with someone, okay not just someone, but especially Michael, but she refused to feel it at that moment. She just let herself enjoy it.

“Substitute a spaceship for a limo, and you know what I mean.”

Why was he telling that DeLuca chick about that? One of the most sacred things in his pathetic life? She had those vibes though… That had to be it. She was annoying things out of him.

Maria suddenly felt like all the air had left the room. Was it some alien voodoo magic he was doing with his eyes? Cause they were nothing like she had ever seen before.

She forced herself to look away.

“Yeah. I...I'm, uh, I'm getting kind of tired.”

“Yeah. It's been a long day, huh?” His voice sounded so artificial for a moment, he refused to believe it was his own. What was he doing, filling uncomfortable silences with small talk? Silences had never been uncomfortable for him.


“I don't suppose we could share?” he asked nonchalantly, knowing that she would refuse.

She didn’t miss the opportunity to get back at him. She walked closer, til they were nose to nose. Well not literally, since he was a great deal taller than her.

“Not if you were the last alien on Earth.”

- - -

Was that just pain she’d seen in his eyes? She couldn’t be sure since he avoided her eyes so intently, and he was so damn good at it. Well, so what? She’d wanted to hurt him hadn't she? He’d deserved it. Why was it bothering her now?

Giving in to the temptation she called his name before he could move away from her. “Michael?” He turned abruptly and met her eyes. Big mistake…

He’d never noticed how green they were. And how deep. He got lost in them for a moment. He wanted to turn his head thinking that he was probably scaring her again, but his body wasn’t obeying him anymore.

She forgot what she was about to say. How was he doing that?!? Always making her nervous enough to forget how to talk? That wasn’t her! She was famous for talking too much when she got nervous. She wanted to babble dammit!

Then she did something neither of them expected. Something extremely stupid. She kissed him.

Looking deep in his eyes, she raised on her toes and pressed her lips to his. Why? She couldn’t really explain it. Maybe she felt bad for hurting him? Maybe his eyes did some magic trick on her? Or maybe it was simply because his lips were so kissable…

They were soft. And warm. Two things she wouldn’t have associated with Michael Guerin. She softly licked his lips to taste him, and felt him suddenly respond to her. He was kissing her urgently, but gently. Not scaring her away by kissing her too deep too soon like some others had done. Again, Michael Guerin was full of surprises.

She wanted to wrap her arms around his neck, but instead forced them to stay where they were. That was Michael for Christ’s sake, not some cuddly teddy bear. He was scary, he was creepy, he was a total stranger and an out-of-this-world one at that!

She broke their kiss with determination, but her whole body protested against it. Forcing herself to look anywhere but him, she said the first thing she could think of. “I’m gonna get some air.” With that she almost ran out the door and collapsed on the pavement.

- - -

What had just happened? Michael stood there, where she left him and glared at the door. She had kissed him? That was pretty surprising all by itself, but the things that kiss made him feel were unbelievable. That was his first kiss since he wasn’t exactly a dating kind of guy, and it had always seemed like incest to try it with Izzie. But he had never imagined it could be like that. That intense…

- - -

What had she just done? She couldn’t believe how impulsive she’d been. She’d never kissed anyone like that. Of course she had dated a couple of guys, and she had given them their goodnight kisses… But she’d never just come up and kiss someone like that! What the hell was he doing to her?

The kiss though… Wow! It had been so much different than any other kiss she’d experienced. It was explosive and intense… So intense… Not like just kissing but something more… He had felt so good against her. His lips, his tongue… Oh god! She had to stop thinking like that.

- - -

He worked up his courage and stepped outside to the chilly night. She’d been crouched down right next to the door, but stood up as he came into her view. She was still avoiding his eyes he noticed, smoothing imaginary wrinkles on her jeans. He handed her, her jacket. “It’s cold.”

She nodded and took it from him, careful not to let their fingers touch. Michael shifted from foot to foot, trying to find something to say and failing miserably. Finally he stepped right in front of her and forced her to look him in the eye using his persuasive body language.

“You kissed me.” He said calmly, searching the answer in her eyes.

“Yeah.” Maria said, while wanting to deny with all her heart. “I did.”


Good question. She’d been wondering it herself. She shrugged. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled and tried to get away from her uncomfortable position between the wall and Michael.

He didn’t let her though. He grabbed her arm and pushed her softly against the wall. Before she could say anything, he crushed his lips on hers.

What had she just thought about her position being uncomfortable?

The sensation rushed through her body and she stopped protesting. What the hell was this feeling that he’d somehow managed to give her with one simple kiss? Okay, maybe not so simple… But it was just a kiss, right? How come it made her whole body sing?

One of his hands came up to cup the side of her face. His touch was gentle… and hot. Not clumsy like she had expected. He looked too confident for comfort though. For a moment she wondered how many girls he had kissed before, and stiffened under his touch. Not that she was jealous, but being “just a girl to make out” was one of her biggest fears. Would he do that to her?

He felt her pulling back, and let her go reluctantly. She was trying hard to catch her breath. Her lips were swollen and red from his kisses, and looking at her bright, big eyes, he wondered if she had always been this beautiful and how come he hadn't noticed it before.

She had every intention of stopping this… thing between them. If only she hadn't looked at his face… His look had changed into a one of awe and curiosity, instead of his usual glare. He looked innocent. And so surprisingly beautiful. She protested in her head, he wasn’t supposed to look beautiful, he was a guy. But no amount of protesting could stop her hand from reaching out to touch his sculpted face. It had to be the vibes.

Her hand touched his cheek and his body tensed. He didn’t know how to react to it. His body wasn’t used to being touched by someone else. Noone had ever touched him before. Not like this. Not to just… well… touch.

She grazed her thumb across his cheek in a daze. So beautiful… Her heart tripled its rate when she saw him close his eyes and let out a soft sigh. He was enjoying it. Excitement covered her body. She couldn’t help but wonder how much she could affect him. There was only one way to find out…

Her lips met her fingers, and she started nibbling at his jawline. He tasted good… Salty. And he had this unique smell… Something spicy and masculine. Exotic. She trailed down to his neck, finding his pulse she sucked hard, knowing she would probably leave a hickey there. But she couldn’t care. She couldn’t think about anything but the way his body moulded into hers. At that moment everything else ceased to exist. No tomorrow, no friends, no aliens…

He was fighting hard to control his breathing but to no avail. Her touch was too gentle, too soft, too caring… He told himself to hold back those damn tears, that it didn’t really mean anything. She was just too good at this. He suddenly felt a twinge in his lower abdomen at the thought of why she could be too good at it. He refused to call it jealousy. And he calmed himself down by telling himself that she might be a menace, but she wasn’t that kind of girl.

He was too wrapped up in thinking about her past experiences, at first he didn’t realize what she was up to when she stopped all of a sudden. Her hand flew to the hem of his t-shirt and she pushed it up, trailing her hands softly over his chest. She looked in his eyes questioningly when he didn’t raise his arms to let her remove it. He was going to ask her if she really knew what she was getting herself into, but the raging passion in her eyes stopped him before he could utter a word. Instead he growled and cupping her face claimed her lips once more.

Her hands explored his chest under his clothes. She experimentally pinched his aroused nipple, and smiled against his lips when he bit her lip in response. Letting her hands travel to his back, she plastered her body to his, her straining nipples pressing into his chest. He was still intently devouring her mouth, his hands on either side of her face, unaware of her frustration.

Taking matters in hand, she pulled one of his hands away from her face. He didn’t protest but kept nibbling on her lips. She pulled his hand down and placed it on her t-shirt clad breast. He stopped kissing her abruptly, and tilted his head down to look at his hand.

He looked at his hand, then up at her face, then back at his hand again like he couldn’t believe it. She mentally rolled her eyes, but deep down she was adoring the confused look on his face. She placed her hand over his and squeezed it to reassure him, or maybe to show him what to do… She wasn’t really sure.

With her other hand she pulled his head down to her neck, and moaned in response when his hot breath scorched her sensitive skin. Michael, not knowing for sure what to do, tested her by placing a small kiss at the back of her ear. The reaction just one touch of his lips elicited from her was instantaneous. Her body was arching towards him, pressing her chest closer to his, pushing her breast into his palm insistently.

She was surprised how little stimulation she needed to become this aroused. She was trying hard to ignore the fact that her panties were now soaking wet. It was weird and unexpected that Michael of all people would be the one to make her feel these things for the first time. She couldn’t get it, she’d had crushes and boyfriends, but none of them had made her feel that aroused.

She shook her head slightly in disbelief, here she was practically having sex against a wall with a guy she knew nothing about except his origins, while just a month ago she had refused to make out with John, her boyfriend at the time, saying it was too soon. Too soon? Well this definitely was too soon then…

His reluctance was far gone and he was placing kisses all over her neck, tracing her collar bone, going up to her ear. Wet, hot kisses that made her want to scream. His hands travelled up to her shoulders and she felt him push her jacket down. She helped him by pulling herself away from the wall. Bad move… She didn’t think about how her jello-like legs would carry her without the added support of the wall. His arms caught her before she could collapse and crushed her to his chest. Resting her head on his shoulder, she laughed softly at herself. How had she ended up like that?

Her laugh was so melodic he found himself smiling. She felt good resting on him. He was enjoying it. Actually he was enjoying it so much that it was beginning to bother him…

Bringing his hands down to her ass, he pulled her up and wrapped her legs around him. She wasn’t heavy, she was a small girl. Leaning her softly against the wall, he looked at her face. “Better?”

“Yes.” She said, dazzling him with a smile. Leaning closer seductively, she placed a kiss near his mouth, then his chin, then she nibbled at his lips softly. After trying a couple times to take her mouth, he growled. “Stop teasing me…”

Looking in his eyes mischievously and grinning, she muttered. “Can't help it…”

“Really?” he said, and put one of his hands under her t-shirt and squeezed one of her breasts. That made her lose all the focus and control she had left. She yelped and closed her eyes, letting him do whatever he wanted to do with her. After kissing her as he wanted he let her mouth go with a smirk. “You're so mean…” she said pouting. “I hate you.”

“I know.” He said like it was common knowledge.

“And you hate me…” she said after a moment, thinking hard in concentration.

“Yeah.” Was the only response he could muster as he fumbled with the cup of her bra.

“Then why exactly are we doing this?” she asked him, not being able to find an answer all by herself.

His only response was a shrug as he managed to pull down the cup and found her breast. All thoughts and doubts regarding the subject left her mind as his hand came in direct contact with the sensitive skin of her breast. She didn’t really give a damn as long as he kept touching her like that.

“Michael… Oh God…” she couldn’t stop her whimpering as he softly kneaded her breast. His hand was big and a little calloused but also hot and so damn talented. Grinding her centre to the bulge on his jeans, she kissed him fiercely. Was she going to be able to stop this? Did she really want to? No… not really…

She was breathing in pants and her body was writhing in his arms. He felt her hands push his t-shirt up once again and this time he complied to her request. He shuddered at the cold night air and her hot palms touching his torso at once. He rolled her nipple between his fingers. Her sudden intake of breath told him he was doing something right.

He knew at the back of his mind that they were still outside, where anyone could see. But his mind was clouded by her pouty lips working their way down his bare shoulder. He couldn’t ignore the shivering that covered her body though.

He pulled back slightly to see her face. “You're cold.” He stated, taking in her trembling form. She wanted to deny –it was too comfortable there- but it was way too obvious. She softly nodded.

“Okay, let's go inside.” He said, but didn’t put her down like she had expected.

Laughing, “What are you doing?” she shrieked when he held her up and started walking with her still in his arms. “Going inside…” he said with mischief in his eyes. “I can walk, put me down!” she said, in reality not really wanting to be put down.

“You don’t think I can make it?” he asked playfully…

“Well, let's hope you can…” she answered huskily in his ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

He quickened his moves, but she stopped him. “Michael? The clothes.” Cursing under his breath, he carefully bent down and gathered her jacket and his t-shirt, then made his way to the door.

Fumbling for a moment with the key, he somehow managed to drop it. He was thinking about how he was going to take it without having to let her go when her voice stopped him. “Do the alien trick.”

He looked at her like she was delusional. “You want me to blow up the place?” he asked incredulously.

“Come on, try…” she said and placed his hand on the lock. Letting her hand stay on his, she swallowed his protests in a kiss. Stopping the kiss way too soon for his liking, she leaned her forehead against his. “Just concentrate…”

She tried not to think what an exploding door could do to them and worked on looking reassuring for him. If she had learned anything about Michael in the last couple of days, it was that he had some definite lack of support and trust in his life. She had no idea why she really wanted to help him. It could be the little bonding they’d had before, or maybe the way he’d looked in her eyes… She concluded in thinking that she was simply paying back for those earth shattering kisses.

She watched his face as he closed his eyes and concentrated, his brow furrowing, his lips pursed. She didn’t want to break his concentration but he looked so cute she couldn’t help herself and let her hand stroke his hair.

Oh, now that was scary…She was now finding Michael Guerin cute? That was some dangerous territory there…

Hearing the click of the lock, she squealed in delight. “You did it! I told you, you could do it!” He held her tighter, and at a loss of words kissed her with all the passion and excitement building up in him.

Kicking the key inside, he shut the door behind them.

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Hi guys,

Xmag, glad you liked it! It's not really an episode fic, well it is, but not necessarily like the usual format... I changed the events the way I wanted them, not giving a damn about the next episode *wink*

MickeyRos, thanks for leaving fb. If you like candy, stick with me, I'm a die hard candy!!!

Nola, I'm here, I'm back, don't panic! I would have loved to recommend some fics to you on this board but I cant seem to find any *big* Just ZooBoo's and Sherry's fics are on my list right now, and you're probably already reading them. I'll let you know if I find a new one though. I'm not giving up this board easily.
And everyone out there, please recommend good candy fics to me, so I can bump them!

Here's the new part. Read it and let me know if you want me to continue this and make it a trilogy or start a new AU fic...


She laughed like a little girl as she bounced on the bed where he threw her. She could see clearly that he didn’t know what to do, but she knew perfectly well what they both wanted to do. So once again she took the initiative.

Slowly, and –hopefully- seductively, she raised her t-shirt over her head and threw it somewhere next to the bed. She could see his fingers twitching where he was standing. But he was way too far away.

She waited for a moment to let him come to her but her patience was wearing thin. So she crawled towards him, and wrapping his arms around her she placed his hands on the clasp of her bra. Well, sometimes a girl had to be persuasive to get what she wanted.

Licking his lips, and not quite believing what she was doing, she whispered to him. “Take it off.”

He did. He looked like he was hypnotised. She suspected that he probably would just comply without any questions if she’d asked him to dance around naked at that moment. Hmm… Now that thought had possibilities…

The sight of her naked breasts in front of him got him out of his daze. Placing his hands on her bare waist, he started pressing kisses down her neck. His mouth moved hungrily against her skin and she held on to his shoulders to keep from collapsing.

She was panting and gasping in his arms, and just when she thought she couldn’t possibly feel anything more intense, he proved her wrong. His hungry lips found her breast and elicited a wild moan from her at first touch. His mouth closed over her nipple and she felt flames engulf her body. “God… Michael… don’t… stop…”

Her fingers grazed his scalp as she drew him closer and kept him in place. He was toying with her nipple, nibbling at it, biting it, sucking it… He was enjoying all the different reactions he could elicit from her. She was interesting. And delicious to boot…

Maria DeLuca… Who could have guessed?

Her head rolled back and forth, and finally rested on top of his head, making him feel the vibrations of her moans.

Reluctantly letting go of her nipple, he kissed his way to her other breast, while covering the one he’d left with his hand. She cooed happily at him and let her hands wander down his torso. She was hoping that her hands would give him half the pleasure he’d been giving her, but she wasn’t really expecting the reaction she got.

The moment her hand came in contact with the bulge on his jeans, she felt his body jerk and his head roll back. “Oh s-hit!”

She thought she’d hurt him for a moment, but then recognised the look on his face. It was oddly familiar. And it definitely wasn’t hurt…

She reached a tentative hand to the fly of his jeans and unbuttoned it easily. She pushed them down with difficulty, since his body was too close to hers and his head was resting on her shoulder. Letting it pool around his knees she slowly turned them around and lowered him on the bed.

What in hell had possessed her? She was stripping the guy as if she had done it a thousand times, while she had never even seen anyone’s boxers before. Okay, she might have seen some pictures, really vivid ones, on the Internet, but that didn’t really count… Most of those pictures had made her stomach queasy instead of arousing her, and she was hoping that to be the pictures’ fault, not hers.

Well, it looked like she was about to find out…

Michael wasn’t protesting as she laid him down. He had no idea what she was doing. The only thing he could focus on was his straining erection. He watched with heavy lidded eyes as she pulled his shoes and socks. Then removing his jeans she crawled back up to him, and ignoring his surprised and questioning gaze, kissed him with all the passion she felt.

She trailed her hand down his torso while kissing him to keep him distracted enough to do what she’d been daring herself to do. Down his chest, his abdomen and finally inside his boxers. He groaned in her mouth but she didn’t let him pull away. She kept kissing him fiercely and let her tongue dance with his in an insistent rhythm.

It wasn’t like anything she had expected, but that wasn’t really surprising since nothing about him had met her expectancies so far. His skin wasn’t cold and hard, but incredibly hot and soft as silk. And she surprisingly wasn’t repulsed, she had actually liked touching him.

Moving her hand up and down experimentally, she finally let go of his mouth and trailed down to her chest.

“Maria… what…are you…doing?” he said breathlessly, but she chose to ignore him. She had no idea where she’d gotten this confidence from.

Placing herself between his legs she kissed her way down to his abdomen, and grinned wickedly at his reaction when she licked his bellybutton. She withdrew her hand from his boxers and felt him flinch under her. Well, he had to learn to be a little bit patient…

Pulling his boxers down with both her hands, she looked up to meet his eyes for the first time since she’d touched him there… Okay, so maybe she wasn’t that confident…

He was panicking. He couldn’t help it. It was too good to be true. She was real fantasy material. But did she really know what she was doing? Having sex with an alien she’d just met? Okay, he had to admit, it felt right, and good… Too good to be wrong. But he was afraid that later on she’d think it was a mistake, that he’d used her or something…

“Maria you don’t have to…” he started but she silenced him.

“I know…” she said with a smile. “…I want to.”

What else could he do but let her do as she wished?

Pushing the boxers further down Maria tried not to gape at the first penis she’d ever seen. She checked to make sure… Nope… She wasn’t queasy. Or repulsed. That was good. So it really was the pictures.

He was beautiful. Much more beautiful than any picture she’d seen. And he was big. Not that she was an expert or anything… Let's say she was having second thoughts about the sex thing…

But they always said it was better for it to be big, right?


It looked harder to touch him this time, but she wasn’t about to back down. Avoiding his eyes she wrapped her hand around the base of his c-ock and started to pump him slowly. She could hear his ragged breathing, but was too afraid to look him in the eye. Noone could really blame her for being a little self-conscious at a situation like that, she reasoned.

Seeing the drips of come on the tip of his c-ock, she dared herself to a higher level. Could she really do it? Why not though, since she wasn’t repulsed as she’d thought she would be. It was bound to feel good for him, right? And she had seen it done before, couldn’t be that hard…

Okay, moment of truth, so she had seen a little more than pictures… Well she had to learn somehow…

Lowering her head, she slowly licked the tip. It didn’t taste bad… Salty… Almost like his skin… She felt him raise his hips to meet her mouth and her name left his lips in a strangled cry. “Maria… Oh god… Maria…” She had to be doing something right.

Michael half opened his eyes to check if it really was happening. Yes, he was naked, lying in front of a half naked Maria and her lips were about to touch his c-ock once again. Her lips… Oh god, her pouty, red, swollen lips.

He couldn’t begin to think how she knew how to make him squirm like that. Now it was easy to see that it wasn’t from experience. She wasn’t really sure of herself. But she was doing so damn good, he wished he could tell her that. It had to be a natural talent…

Her tongue darted out and licked his length from the base to the tip, and satisfied with his reaction she took the head in her mouth. He was trying hard to control his hips and not scare her or even worse hurt her, but it was nearly impossible. Not wanting to force her to anything, he tried to keep his hands away from her head, so instead he bunched the sheets under him in his fists.

Her bobbing blond head on his groin had to be the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. He kept chanting her name as she played with him with her tongue. His body jerked forward when he felt her tongue swirl the tip, gathering the moisture. She was learning way too fast…

Maria was surprisingly enjoying this way too much. Not having his c-ock in her mouth, but feeling her power over him. Bad-ass Michael Guerin was writhing under her, chanting her name. None of his bad boy attitude had survived her seduction, he was now just Michael--the boy with the incredible body and deep, wounded eyes.

Seduction. Oh god, she had seduced him, hadn't she? She almost laughed out loud at the thought. Wait til Liz heard that…

Michael’s fingers were hurting from clenching his fists so hard. He had to stop her before it was too late. If only he could find the strength…

“Maria?” Maria heard the change in his voice as he called her name and raised his head up slowly to meet his eyes, grazing her teeth while she did so, just for the fun of seeing his face.

“Oooh, god…” Michael lost his concentration again with the touch of her teeth. When he gathered himself enough to talk again, he found her looking up at him expectantly with innocent eyes. She was far from innocent, he knew that from experience, but that look touched him anyway.

He couldn’t help the way he felt about her, she was so damn open.

Felt? Oh no, no, no, no!!! This was sooo not a good thing.

He was just about to get up and run out the door, towards some place where he could no longer see or smell her, but her hand on his chest stopped him. Looking at her face, he knew he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Did she have to be so… herself?

“Did I do it right?” she asked, her insecurity written all over her face.

She was such a beautiful girl. How come he’d never noticed it before? Everything about her was beautiful. The way she licked her lips while she was watching him, or the way her fingers grazed his skin when they kissed. Even the sweat that trickled down her forehead made her look beautiful. What was she doing with him? Here, in a nookie motel, half naked?

Oh, right. She’d been kidnapped by him.

Coming back to the real world, he saw her panicking face at his lack of response. Rolling himself on top of her, he watched her widening eyes with amusement. Then he kissed her. Softly, gently… Letting her enjoy it, he let her have the control to deepen it only if she wanted to.

Feeling her smile against his lips, he pulled himself reluctantly away from her. “So you liked it?” she asked, not able to hide her grin. What the hell was wrong with him? Why was he finding her adorable? When had he ever found anything adorable?

“Are you kidding?” he said playfully, and not being able to ignore the call of her taunting naked breasts any longer he pulled her nipple in his mouth. Oh, heaven…

Losing her train of thought, she arched off from the bed and gripped his head in her hands. As he made his way down to her navel, leaving his hands to take care of her over sensitive nipples, all worries about not being good enough, experienced enough, or being stupid enough to let him use her for sex left her mind. Heaven… She was in heaven…

Michael moved down towards the offending material between them. Her jeans. Looking at her for affirmation, he found her eyes closed, lost in her own world. He proceeded to unbutton her jeans, carefully and slowly, giving her time to protest. To his relief, she didn’t. She was way too eager to get them off.

Maria’s mind finally grasped the enormity of the situation when she felt his hot breath against her inner thigh. Her breathing became even more laboured –if that was possible- and her heart took off in light speed. She was on the verge of panicking. There was something so scary about having a naked guy between her legs. And also something so damn erotic…

“What… am… I doing?” Maria asked out loud, forcing herself to hear the question between her moans.

“You’re having sex with me.” Michael said, kissing the soft skin of her inner thigh, just where her panties ended.

“Why?” Maria asked breathlessly while fighting the urge to wrap her legs around his head and trap him there forever.

“I have no idea.” He replied honestly. His fingers found the waist of her panties, and he once more met her eyes for permission. “But do you really want to talk about this right now?”

“Guess not.” Maria said and raised her hips to let him remove her panties.

She shut her eyes tightly while he pulled the scrap of clothing down her long, slim legs. What was she specifically afraid of, she wasn’t sure. It could be his reaction or maybe her self-consciousness caused by being so awfully nude. It didn’t matter, the point was that she wasn’t ready to open her eyes yet. So not ready…

Michael trailed his shaking hands up her inner thighs, softly spreading them. When lack of air became an issue, he realized he had stopped breathing. He breathed a deep breath filled with her scent, and could only pray to not faint.

After a couple minutes of silence Maria half opened one of her eyes, just enough to peek through, and found a dazed Michael, sitting between her thighs, his eyes fixed on her brownish golden curls. Opening her eyes she called his name. Was he just really hypnotised, or was that another freaky alien thing? “Michael?”

“Yeah?” he said finally meeting her eyes.

Okay, he looked good, no freaky alien things…

“Just checking…” she said.

Another minute passed and he was still not moving. She could see emotions passing through his face. She couldn’t really be sure since it wasn’t everyday that Michael Guerin actually let people know he was feeling things, but he looked… frightened?

“Michael, are you okay?” she asked being the not-so-patient person that she was.

“I… I…” He was terrified. What if he hurt her? Really hurt her… Like blew her up or something? And let's assume that he hadn't hurt her, then there was this other little problem. He had no idea how to touch her.

Feeling the frustration all the way to her toes and seeing that he wasn’t about to make his mind up any time soon, she let the haunting doubts go. With a courage she couldn’t believe she had, Maria placed her hand over his larger one resting on her thigh and guided him to where she desperately needed him.

Michael choked on his words --which had been rather insufficient till that moment anyway--, and let her heat carry his mind away. She was silky. So soft… and wet. Her guttural moan at the contact made him look at her face. He forgot his painful erection for a moment and decided to focus on his very own, very loud, very sexy human.

“Yes…” she hissed and rocked her hips softly to take his hand closer.

He wasn’t really doing anything. He was just letting her fingers move his. But it was okay by him as long as she liked it. He felt her tangle her lean fingers with his and push them deeper into herself. Her hips rose higher and her breathing was noticeably quicker now. He froze with the unexpected heat her walls generated around his fingers and tried not to think what that could do to other parts of his body. Her protesting body and insisting hand made him meet her rhythm once again, and he found it easier and with more confidence this time.

He was enjoying the view. She laid there writhing, her body covered with sweat, her hand between her legs accompanying his… So beautiful… And those soft cries she made, with that look of pleasure bordering on pain on her face… Then she bit her bottom lip and he felt his c-ock leap in response. He groaned. He wanted to be the one to bite that lip. If only he could trust his one very awake body part to behave when he moved.

Their lubricated fingers mated inside her, brushing against each other, creating tiny sparks that burned deep holes in both their souls. Michael’s other hand was itching to touch her. It didn’t matter where. She had that soft and smooth skin that made him want to lick and touch all over. While Michael was contemplating over her skin, his eyes caught the movement of her other hand. It moved up and cupped her own breast.

Oh god… Now there was a specific place he wanted to touch…

Carefully but hurriedly stretching his body out right next to hers, he chided himself. What the hell had he been doing being all Max-like and thinking before acting? That was so not a moment to waste by thinking. It could wait till later. Till a night he laid alone in his bed…

Startling her by pushing both her hands away, he took over the situation. He pushed all Max-like things away and let himself be himself. So he wasn’t Mr. Responsible… Who really gave a damn?

Ignoring her protesting moans he straddled one of her thighs. He enjoyed his new position immensely, it was such a great place to be.

He reached his left hand up to cup her face. Pushing her hair back he wished he had the patience to take his time with her. But with one look at her frustrated face he knew she lacked the required patience either. No… They weren't going to go slow. Not this time.

Was there going to be a next time? He let the question drift away. No thinking… Not now…

He bit her breast playfully and pushed two of his fingers deep inside her heat. Her hands gripping his head and her lips screaming his name confirmed his hypothesis. Not thinking was good.

He found the rhythm she liked soon enough. She was so obvious about the things she liked and didn’t like, it certainly didn’t take a genius to get it right. But although he knew he wasn’t doing anything special, he let her make him feel like he was the most precious thing in the world. She was saying his name with such honesty and care, he almost forgot who he really was. It felt good to forget.

He sucked her neck insistently to leave a mark. So she would remember him and everything he’d done to her. He knew he wouldn’t need a reminder himself. The picture of her nude form was carved in his brain.

She pulled his head up and her lips searched his blindly. He kissed her and all he could feel was heat and silky softness of her touch. They consumed each other furiously as his hand between her folds kept moving and causing a fire in her that had never before burned so deeply.

She was almost afraid of what she was feeling. It was something familiar but yet scaringly much more powerful. Her frantic eyes met his while he pulled back from the kiss. He tried a smile for her. It was kind of dusty from lack of use, but it worked nonetheless.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him close. She was going to trust him. Trust his hands. Those big, calloused, talented hands…

He let himself be hugged for the first time in his life without feeling uncomfortable and pulling back. He knew she was on the edge, and she looked terrified. So letting his hand take over her aroused nipple, he whispered in her ear.

“Sssshhh… Just let go… I’m here. Let it go…”

I'm here? What the hell was that supposed to mean? He knew it felt right to say, but he had no idea why she would feel better knowing that he was with her. She was supposed to feel worse and more scared.

It worked though. She did. Let go that is. She crushed him to her body and could only hope that he could still breathe, because she was incapable of letting him go. She arched off the bed and her body began to convulse and spasm in a way she’d never felt or seen before. She was burning inside out.

Michael couldn’t pull his fingers out. He didn’t want to lose the contact. He stroked her softly through her orgasm, feeling every tremor that shook her, enjoying her laboured breath lick his ear.

After what seemed like an eternity but probably was just a couple of minutes, Maria’s body finally rested unmoving on the bed. Her limp arms fell from their places around Michael’s neck. All her leftover strength could manage was a sigh.

Propped up on his elbows he looked down at her peaceful face and searched for a clue that could tell him she was okay. Those bright green eyes that were now surprisingly familiar opened, and at the sight of him a large smile spread across her face. All he could do was smile back with relief.

Pretending to push back the plastered hair from her cheek, he stroked her face. Her smiling face became serious for a moment, and keeping their eyes connected she leaned in to his touch. The tenderness of the moment felt oddly good, but it also caused a wave of panic threatening to rise to the surface in both of them with different reasons.

Their fears blended into one in one point though. Tomorrow. They knew where they stood at that moment but what exactly would they mean to each other tomorrow? Maria knew she needed it cleared out before they took the last step and she got her heart shattered.

“Tomorrow…” she started shyly and clearly scared, and stopped abruptly at the look of horror in Michael’s eyes. His hand stopped stroking her cheek and his body visibly stiffened. Inhaling deeply as if it was her last breath she swallowed her tears. “Let's not tell them.” She said. She was glad that her voice hadn't cracked, because it would have ruined the whole act.

As much as it made her happy that Michael looked relieved with her suggestion, it also pained her deeply. She had known it all along. She’d known who he was. She’d known he wasn’t a guy cut out to be a boyfriend. She’d known it would have never worked anyway. But her heart refused to listen her reasoning. It kept bleeding, and she held onto the closest thing that she could lose her sorrows in. Michael.

Moving her leg to stroke him with her thigh, she felt the fire start to burn in her lower abdomen once more. He too looked lost in the mating of their skins. His mouth travelled with his insatiable hunger on her skin, and his right hand found the place it yearned to be since the moment it had left. She gasped with the sensation created by his fingers inside her, and knew it was time.

Just as he began to uncontrollably knead and bite her breasts, something clicked in her head. “Max.” she said breathlessly. Michael stopped and pulled back to look at her with disbelief. "What?" he spat out half nastily, half hurt.

Seeing the confusion, Maria rushed to explain. “Max will come. I called them, remember? We should lock the door.”

Trying not to show his relief, he nodded. He got up feeling a little self conscious walking around naked, and walked towards the door. Finding the key he locked it, and grabbing a chair he secured the door against all intruders. Maria looked perplexed at his amount of paranoia and he felt the urge to explain himself. “Isabel wouldn’t need a key and would definitely not give a damn about privacy…”

“Oh…” Maria said, trying not to look down at his naked body.

He walked back to the bed, refraining hardly from jumping on her. Sitting down on the side of the bed he started kissing her, it looked like the right place to start. The kiss got out of hand soon enough and Maria pulled him on top of her. She could hear his hisses and groans every time her hand brushed his c-ock.

Michael knew he had not one shred of control left. He was trying to focus on kissing and touching her to refrain from pounding madly into her. Kissing her was good for distraction though, he was enjoying it. It wasn’t getting dull or boring, he could kiss her for days. He sucked her bottom lip in his mouth and tried to decide if it was kissing in general or just kissing her that made his heart melt like that.

Pulling her lips away from him with difficulty, Maria tried not to blush. “Do you… you know… have a condom?” At his amused and surprised look she continued. “…I’m on pill for my cycle, but since you’re different and all, I thought we might need to make sure. I don’t know maybe we should…”

He kissed her softly to shut her up, and put a condom in her hand. “You’re babbling DeLuca.” He said against her lips.

“I know, isn't it great?” she said, happy that finally she could babble again. She looked at the package in her hand, one of her brows rose in curiosity. “I don’t think you’ve been planning this, so I'm guessing it’s a guy thing…” she said, hoping that it wasn’t an everyday thing for him.

Michael blushed slightly. “It’s a guy thing. You know… Just in case…”

“Okay…” she said and ripped the package with shaking hands.

“You need help?” Michael asked, enjoying her flustered look.

“No, I can do it!”

He was smiling at her annoyance and stubbornness, not letting himself think, and feel uncomfortable about finding it cute instead of irritating. She pulled the condom out of its package, and tried to put it on him but her trembling hands were starting to annoy her. She closed her eyes and laid back, angry at herself for not being stronger.

Then she felt his hands on hers. She opened her eyes big in surprise, and saw him guide her hands. He smiled and kissed her briefly. “See? You can do it.” He used her hands to put the condom on and roll it slowly. She couldn’t believe how hot that one simple action got her, and how amazingly sexy and cute he looked.

Pulling him down on top of her, she wrapped her hand around his erection and pulled him closer to herself. Her heart was threatening to burst out, and the rest of her body had joined her hands in trembling. But she didn’t stop. She couldn’t.

He felt the tip of his c-ock touch her entrance. So this was it. He wanted to ask her once more if she was sure about it, but her legs wrapping around him and pulling him closer gave him the reassurance he needed.

Maria felt him push inside slightly, and they both struggled to breathe. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before. It wasn’t hurting. Not yet anyway. Feeling him hesitate, she placed a hand on his ass and pulled him deeper.

Michael looked down at her flushed face. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” He said, still afraid that he would somehow hurt her.

“Don’t.” she whispered in response, her many words leaving her for once.

“It will hurt.” Michael said not sharing her confidence.

“I know. It’s okay.”

She pulled him deeper insistently and Michael finally let it go, not able to think coherently anymore because of the intolerable heat surrounding him. He pushed himself in deeper and felt something inside her tear.

Her hands grabbed his arms and a sharp intake of breath was heard. Michael looked down to see her eyes tightly closed, her face contorted in pain. And one single drop of tear coursed down her cheek. Panicking he tried to pull out, but her legs didn’t let him.

“I'm okay.” he heard her whisper. She wasn’t okay though, he could feel the stiffness of her muscles. He was about to protest, but she stopped him with her hand on his lips. “I’ll be okay. Just give me a minute to adjust.”

Looking in her eyes, he sucked her fingers in his mouth. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take the pain away like Max could have done, but he could do the next best thing… Distract her.

Pulling her fingers out, he licked the lone tear that had coursed down her cheek. Then moving lower, he took her nipple in her mouth and suckled her, thinking he really could enjoy distracting her in the future.

Her breathing had become laboured again and she had started to slightly move beneath him. He reached his hand down between their bodies and found the silkiness his fingers never wanted to leave. He stroked her till she started thrusting upward and begging him to move.

He pulled out slightly and softly pushed himself in again. Watching her face for any signs of discomfort, all he could find was pleasure. So finding a steady rhythm he continued with long, slow strokes.

Maria looked up at the man that had taken her virginity. She had never pictured it like that. She had thought it would be in candle light, in a proper bed with a man that would whisper her sweet nothings… Instead all she had was an alien she’d never truly known, in a nookie motel room. No preparation, no candles, no I love you’s…

But she had also never thought it could ever feel this wonderful. She wasn’t sure if it was just sex or something about Michael, but the experience had left her speechless. It didn’t feel incomplete like any other first time stories she’d heard. Even with the lack of her dream first time’s requirements, she was far from incomplete. Instead she was full, and about to burst out…

Michael could feel his movements get out of control, but he was too far gone to even attempt to control them. He was pushing faster with every thrust. It felt like he would die if he didn’t keep moving.

Maria felt cold. He was too far away from her. She was feeling lonely without his skin touching hers all over. She extended her arms to him. “Michael…”

He thought about lying down on top of her once again, but decided against it. She was too tiny, he was afraid to break her if his elbows failed to support him. So he pulled her up. Wrapping an arm around her slim waist, and never letting their bodies’ break their contact, he sat up.

They both hissed at the new sensation of him being buried deeper into her. Placing his big hands on her ass, he started moving her, guiding her body to a rhythm they both liked.

Her body was plastered against his, her arms wrapped securely around his neck. She didn’t like not seeing his face, but feeling his heat was more important. She kept pushing herself up and down using her knees on the bed and her elbows on his shoulders. Her movements became frantic with the building up of the heat in her lower abdomen. And she felt something she couldn’t possibly put into words, something that made her want to sob from pleasure…

“Michael!” his name left her lips in a scream, and her walls clamped down on him. He followed her soon after, falling down on the bed in his exhaustion, her spent body on top of him still joined with his.

They laid there wrapped around each other, shaking and trembling uncontrollably with the most intense thing they’d ever felt. They couldn’t even move enough to look at each other, because every attemp sent jolts of electricity through their bodies.

After hearing her evened breathing, Michael pulled the comforter to cover them. What they were going to do when they woke up was beyond him. At that moment, all he wanted was to hold that fragile body close to his as he slept, and feel her breath tickle his neck.

His mind was too fuzzy to think, and sleep was taking over his body.

That moment felt too good to ruin with thoughts, tomorrow could be dealt when it came.


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So, this indeed is gonna be a trilogy... So here's the first part of the second story...


By Belit

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, or Roswell, or the episode 285 South.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Second part of my “285 South” Trilogy. After their night in the nookie motel how will they handle their relationship?
Author’s Note: With this new part I’m totally leaving the show’s line. So this is kinda like my Fairytale Universe now. Don’t get yourself all confused with Riverdog and Heatwave. They don’t necessarily exist in this universe.
E-mail: belit464⊕

STORY 2 : Facing Reality


“Oh… Look at you! Look what you did to yourself! I told you a thousand times… He’s not like that. His mind doesn’t work like yours. Even if you leave out the alien part, he’s a man for god’s sake! He doesn’t want commitment. So what? You had the most incredible night… But it was your first. How do you know it’s not always this good? Yes, of course… Now, you will move on. And then you’ll find a nice, healthy guy to see if it’s only him… Cause, you know, it’s probably not. It’d probably be so much better if you did it with a guy you actually liked. Yeah… So stop torturing yourself! It’s not like you want a boyfriend like Michael…”

Maria looked one last time at her reflection in the mirror.

“…And for Christ’s sake stop talking to yourself!”

- - -

“Liz I need a boyfriend.”

Liz looked at her best friend with concern. Maria opened her locker and pulled out some books, not really paying attention to which ones she took.

“Uh… Okay… Why?” Liz asked cautiously.

“I just do, okay?” Maria snapped.

Liz raised her hands as a gesture of peace. “Someone’s edgy…”

“I’m sorry…” Maria said in a whining tone and hugged Liz tightly. “I don’t feel well, my life’s too empty… I just need to date.”

“Well it’s not like you can just go out and find a guy…” Liz’s voice trailed off when she noticed the mischievous look on Maria’s face.

“Oh God…”

- - -

“So what the hell is the emergency?” Maria threw her bag as she entered Max’s room, missing Michael’s head with inches.

“Watch it Blondie!”

Maria didn’t even turn her head to look at him. He wasn’t worth it. Or maybe she was a coward. Instead she turned to address directly Max. Someone she could torture safely. “Why am I standing here instead of shopping like a normal person? Max?”

“Uh, sorry Maria. We just need your car.”

“That’s it? You called me here for this?” No answer came except Max’s apologetic look. “Okay… When?”

“Saturday night? We need two cars to distract…” Maria stopped him with a raised hand.

“No! I don’t wanna know. I’ll try my best and let you know if you can take it.” Max let out a breath he’d been holding since Maria arrived. She was pretty edgy lately.

She continued pointing Michael. “But he can't drive it!”

- - -

Maria was literally begging Liz in her desperation. It was hard enough to even decide to attempt this, but if she was going to do it alone she knew she wouldn’t be able to go through with it. “Liz come on… I’ll need your opinion!”

Liz gave her a torn look. “I'm so sorry. I wish I could… Really… But you know dad… He would torture me if I back out on the annual family picnic. I will get bored to death, but I have to go…”

Seeing Maria’s defeated look she tried to find another solution. The usually animated girl was looking sad and silent lately, it was beginning to worry Liz. “How about you delay this quest?” Maria pouted, knowing she would lose all her enthusiasm if she did. Later might just be too late for her.

“Okay… Then there’s only one choice left…”


“You’ll take Alex with you.”

“You can't be serious! Alex? Come on… You may forget it at times, but Liz, he’s a guy…”

“I know. But who else?”

They both turned to look at the booth where Isabel and Michael sat, eating and waiting for Max. “You think…?” Liz asked cautiously.

“I don’t know… She is good at this stuff… But she’s kinda bitchy…”

Picturing a total bonding day between her best friend and the only sister of her future husband, Liz smiled broadly. “I think it will be perfect. Just ask her. She’s really nice when you get to know her.”

- - -

Maria walked to the booth keeping her eyes away from Michael. He had no problem looking at her, she noticed. And it pissed her off. Why was she the one intimidated? She straightened her posture. He wasn’t affecting her. Nope.

“Isabel? Hi… Can I talk to you for a second?” Maria asked kindly, ignoring the girl’s surprised look. “In private?” She added casting a glance at Michael who seemed to be engrossed in his fries.


Isabel followed her to the break room and sat on the couch, waiting for her to speak.

“Okay… There’s this thing I wanna do… I kinda wanna do a make over. You know, take a day off, go shopping, change my hair and stuff. Liz can't come cause she’s got this whole family thing on Saturday… But I was wondering, if you were free… You know, maybe you could help me…”

Isabel watched the nervous girl with amusement. There was something about her that made Isabel respect her. She couldn’t really figure out what… She hadn't been sure about being friends with her though. She felt vulnerable when she was around her -- someone that knew her deepest secret -- and she hated being vulnerable…

“Okay.” She said simply. Being vulnerable or not, this was shopping.

“Yay!!!” Maria clapped her hands happily.

Isabel stopped her before they could leave the room. “But tell me one thing first, is this about a guy?”

“No.” Maria lied.

Isabel rolled her eyes.

“Okay, it is. But not anyone specific, it’s generally about guys and me and dating... You know…”

They walked out a little less tense around each other, still chatting about guys and clothes.

- - -

“What was that all about?” Michael asked, forcing his voice to sound casual.

“Girl things… We’ll go shopping on Friday.” Isabel continued eating her Saturn Rings, not catching Michael’s relieved look.

“She came to the right person then.” Michael commented, hating the fear and relief Maria kept making him feel lately.

“Yes, definitely. She needs a whole new look. The hair colour, the clothes… And I think I could hook her up with one of my friends. Jake maybe…”

Michael was just about to tune her out when he caught the last part. He choked on his coke. “Wha… What?”

Isabel, still clueless, kept talking. “It’d be good for her. A cute and dumb guy that she could play with for some time. It helps, you know… Jake… Definitely Jake.”

While she took out her phone and dialled Jake, Michael’s eyes were glued on the blond haired waitress, serving ice cream to a group of kids. He watched her in slow motion as she put down the ice cream, laughed at something the kid said and pulled back a stray of hair that fell across her face. Then raising her head she met his eyes. Her smile fell from her face as she tore her eyes away angrily and headed for the counter.

Why the hell did he care? He didn’t! She was nothing but a good lay.

He was hoping to eventually make himself believe that.

- - -

Michael paced his rather small room for the 87th time. Running a hand through his hair and closing his eyes, he wished the anger away. But it wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

His hands were shaking, his head was blurred. This wasn’t normal, he had to be sick. There were much more important things he had to worry about. The FBI, the fourth alien… But no. All he could think about was how her skin had felt against his. He was craving for her. Her kisses, her touches… And mostly her warmth. The way she’d felt in his arms as they slept together.

He didn’t want to call it that, or even think about it, but he was missing her. And it was getting worse with every passing minute.

He grabbed his jacket and stormed out. It was going to be another long, sleepless night of hiking in the desert.

- - -

Maria touched her almost disappeared hickey in the mirror at the break room of The Crashdown. It was stupid she knew it, but she didn’t want it to heal. It was all she had to keep her from thinking that she had somehow dreamt the whole night. They had never talked about it, and had never told anyone. It could easily be a figment of her over-active and perverted imagination. She knew Liz would probably think so if she’d told her.

A wave of cold air hit her bra clad breasts and she shivered. She looked at her watch and smiled thinking about the day ahead of her. She hadn't been able to get the whole day off, but it was only 10 a.m. and she was almost out the door towards her day of freedom.

She let her dress pool around her waist and searched her locker for her top. Her jeans, her brush, her stupid apron… No top… Letting out a growl she searched more furiously, every minute she spent in there was a minute wasted.

Then she froze feeling hands on her bare waist… His hands…

Her eyes shut involuntarily as she felt him plaster his body to hers. Her heart was running wildly, not from fear but excitement. She knew it was him. She knew his hands, his touch, his smell… She leaned her body back to his, and let her head rest on his chest.

His lips took forever to touch the exposed white skin of her neck. His name left her lips in a whisper. She felt the vibrations of his groan, and all she could think was how much she wanted him. At that one perfect moment he was everything. Nothing else mattered. It had to be a chemical reaction or something, cause his smell made her lose control. His hands slowly trailed up and cupped her breasts. She thought she would ask Liz about the smell thing later. But it flew out of her mind as he sucked her neck and renewed her disappearing hickey.

Suddenly what that day was supposed to be came rushing back to her. Forcing herself to pull away, she tried not to shudder at the loss of his heat. “No…”

She turned, and knowing it was a mistake but still not being able to resist the pull, looked in his eyes. He was hurt and surprised, and he couldn’t hide the hunger in him. She could read him easier than she had ever read anyone. She wished she couldn’t though.

Mating their foreheads and inhaling her deeply, he asked. “Why not?”

“I can't…” she was supposed to sound strong as she refused him, but the voice that met her ears was miserable.


Gathering all her courage she told him the things she’d been telling herself. “It was a one time thing. There’s no point of letting it get out of hand.”

“Why not let it happen?” His fingers found her nipple and grazed over it slightly, eliciting a gasp from her.

She pulled herself further away. It wasn’t easy to say no when they were touching and all she really wanted was to crawl into bed with him.

“I have a date tonight, and I don’t know what kind of an impression I made on you but I'm not a slut.”

“Oh, right, Jake!” Michael said sarcastically.

“Yeah Jake! You have a problem with that?” Maria snapped.

“Oh no…” Michael said trying to hide his anger. “Date Jake The Stupid Jock, what do I care!”

“You don’t?” she asked, daring him to say something.

“No. Why would I?”

“Okay then…” she said folding her arms. “…Go away, I'm getting dressed.”

“Why? It’s nothing I haven't seen before…”

“Whatever…” she said in exasperation. She wasn’t going to be intimidated. No. She was refusing to back down.

Ignoring the shaking of her hands, she dropped her dress to the floor and grabbed her jeans. Knowing that he was watching her every move was making her whole body tremble. He was so annoying… And that only made her want him more. What kind of a sick person did that make her?

Michael watched her pull the jeans up her long legs and tried to hold onto his anger. He could deal with feeling anger, but the other things she made him feel were too intense, he feared they would somehow stop his heart.

He took a deep breath as she straightened her bra straps and a bead of sweat trickled down her back. Why had he stayed, he couldn’t really remember… He had been trying to piss her off, but now he was the one feeling cornered. So not fair.

Maria felt the rush of cold air once more and knew he had left. She closed her eyes and sighed. Not even shopping was going to get her out of this one.

- - -

Isabel and Maria sat on a bench, carefully placing all their bags around. It had been four hours since they had started shopping and Maria was still sulking. Isabel figured it had to be important since it was such an uncharacteristic thing for the bubbly girl.

“Okay, spill. What’s with the face?”

Resting her head on the back of the bench Maria sighed. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Come on, who’s the guy? You can tell me, you know I'm good with secrets.”

Even Isabel’s attempt at humour wasn’t enough to pull Maria out of her depression. “I can't tell you.” She murmured.

“Why not?” Isabel pouted, not quite believing that she was being friendly to a girl for the first time in her life.

Maria considered her options and decided to not lie, since she always sucked at it. “Cause I didn’t even tell Liz, and he's from our school, and I would feel embarrassed and guilty.”

Isabel thought about it for a moment. “Okay, no names and no details. Just tell me vaguely what’s bothering you. It will help, really.” She laughed at the irony of the situation. “Come on, you're not the type to keep secrets.”

“There's this guy… He and I have this… I don’t know… This thing, this pure lust thing. I’ve never felt like this before… But I can't be with him. I don’t know if I want to be with him… Like I said, it’s a lust thing.”

Isabel looked thoughtful. “Why can't you be with him?”

“Cause I can't just let him use my body and ignore the rest.”

Isabel’s one brow rose in curiosity. “Then why did we buy all the sexy underwear?”

“Well I have a date…”

“Jake? You bought sexy underwear for Jake?”

“Why not? Who knows what will happen?”

“Right. But you’re ignoring something here. I'm not doubting for a moment that Jake would be all over you if you want him to. And it would be fun. That’s the point of you guys dating. But why are you letting Jake get into your pants with nothing more to offer, when you have another guy just like him with the added bonus of mutual lust?”

Maria covered her face with her hands.

“There isn't even a competition. It’s obvious which one you should choose. Unless…” Isabel let her voice trail off for effect.

“Unless what?” Maria asked, her voice muffled by her hands.

“Unless you're scared that you're falling for him…”

Maria couldn’t stop her face from crumpling. “I deserve better.” She said with determination.

“Oh I know. We all do. We all wait for our own fairytale, right?”

“Yeah…” Maria nodded sadly.

Fairytale and Michael? It wasn’t even funny.

“I don’t even want perfection. Just, you know, flowers, dinner, compliments… Is it too much to ask?”

“No. You deserve it.” She sighed. “But it never happens the way you plan. I know it from experience. Sometimes you get the dinner and the compliments but it doesn’t feel right, and sometimes you feel it all the way to your toes and it has nothing else to offer. I hope you can find both… But I honestly doubt it.”

- - -

“Is it done? Can I open my eyes?” Maria asked sitting on Liz’s bed while Isabel used some combined alien and human talents for her hair and make up.

“Almost… Okay… Now you can open.”

Maria watched herself in the mirror with amazement. Was that really herself? The low cut, knee length, red dress was something she would have never bought if not for Isabel, but the real shock was the face looking back at her. Her hair had some reds and blacks in it now, and her make up made her look… more like a woman instead of a little girl.

She sat there looking at herself, and thought she looked just like she wanted to feel. Like an independent, strong woman.

“I wish that other guy could see you like this.” Isabel said thoughtfully. And Maria shivered with fear, knowing he probably would.

- - -

Maria descended the stairs that led to The Crashdown, feeling like she was in a cheesy romantic movie. She was paying special attention to her steps. It wouldn’t be nice to tumble down from those high heels in front of her date, her friends, and her sort of lover.

Lover? No. He was simply the guy that had f-ucked her, there was nothing about love there.

The first face she saw was Jake. He was a long, blond guy with a killer body and deep blue eyes. He was gorgeous. Just like she wanted. Just like she deserved. Right behind him stood Isabel, smiling at her proudly. Liz wasn’t back from the picnic yet, but Max was there, still sitting in a booth, looking at her with his mouth hanging open.

Her eyes searched for him as she stood in front of Jake with a fake smile on her face. Jake whistled. “God, you’re beautiful.” He kissed her hand softly and Maria giggled. That was how it was supposed to be. A gentleman.

“Shall we?”

Maria took his arm, and smiled at Isabel who winked and mouthed her Good Luck. Together they walked out to the chilly night, and Maria forced her brain to forget who she’d rather be with and instead focus on the magical night that awaited.

- - -

Michael watched from afar as they got in Jake’s car and sped away. He had to force himself to unclench his fists.

He didn’t care. She was a big girl, she could take care of herself. And as Isabel had said the guy was dumb. Maria wasn’t. She’d be okay.

A picture of a naked Maria lying in a bed next to Jake flashed in his mind and he felt an ache in his stomach.

No. She wouldn’t. She wasn’t like that.

Why not?” his mind protested. “She did it with you. You think you're special? You're nothing special. Now Jake? He looks pretty special…

Michael walked towards The Crashdown feeling furious.

It was going to be a long night of distracting FBI agents and searching clues… In Maria’s car… As she sat in another guy’s car, doing…

He let out a growl, and felt a strong urge to hit his head with a frying pan again and again, till it stopped flashing that disturbing picture.

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It was almost midnight when Michael stopped the old Jetta in front of Maria’s house. No lights were on in the house, so he figured Maria was probably not back from her date yet. He knew her mother wasn’t home this weekend, that was why they could take the car without a problem. And Maria… He chose not to think about what she might be doing at that moment. That thought had been causing him stomach aches all night.

He got out of the car and locked the doors. He thought about leaving the key under the doormat, but someone could see him putting it there. And obviously Maria wouldn’t know it was there anyway.

He was just about to walk away when he heard the shattering glass.

He walked to the back of the house where the sound was coming from. It was coming from the kitchen. It didn’t make sense, why would a thief make that much noise in the kitchen?

Focusing on the lock, he wasn’t surprised to see it open easily. He had been practicing since that night in the motel room. He was pretty good with locks now, though he couldn’t dare to try anything more complicated. It wasn’t like him to be superstitious, but he almost believed he could do it now only because she had said so.

He entered the dark kitchen and saw the figure standing in front of the sink. The moonlight was enough for him to recognise the person, but he would have known it even with his eyes closed.


What was she doing?

She reached up to a shelf calmly and took a glass. Then hitting it forcefully to the counter she let it shatter in her hand, and dropped the remaining pieces on the floor.

Seeing the blood that was oozing down her hands, Michael let all the frustration he’d been suppressing throughout the night loose.


Maria jumped at his yelling and turned sharply to face him. “Why are you here?” she asked accusingly. It was the first and the only thing she could think of.

Michael turned the lights on and grimaced at the sight. Blood, and shattered glass, and tear tracks on her face… Grabbing a towel, he rushed to her side. He pulled her hands roughly, not listening her protests, and felt like punching a wall. There were glass pieces buried in her skin, and she was going to be needing stitches for some of them.

“Why the hell did you do this?”

Maria tried to pull her hands away. She couldn’t deal with him now. It wasn’t a good time. She was way too confused.

“It doesn’t hurt.” She said, defending herself.

“What do you mean it doesn’t hurt? You're in shock or something, cause believe me it will hurt. A lot!”

Maria pulled her hands one last time and got them out of his tight grip. “Go away.”

Michael shook his head and clenched his jaw. That stupid, stubborn Blondie! “I'm not going anywhere.”

“Michael, please…” she begged, on the verge of tears and hating it.

Michael’s chest tightened. She looked so sad. “Okay. Just let me take care of your hands, then I’ll go.”

- - -

Maria sat on the couch and thought about running away as she waited for Michael to bring the first aid kit. Where would she run away? This was her house, where else could she go?

Michael kneeled in front of her, and gently pulled her hands. Looking at her palms, he winced again. Carefully and slowly he started to pull out the pieces. Maria didn’t seem to feel anything, but Michael was having a hard time holding himself together.

“Why?” he asked through gritted teeth.

She shrugged. “I was angry. Breaking things helps…”

“Why were you angry?” he asked while cleaning the cuts.

She shrugged and looked away. She hated it when those tears came like that, out of nowhere.

Suddenly a disturbing thought flashed through Michael’s mind and his eyes flared with anger. “What did he do to you?”

Surprised at his tone, Maria turned to look at him. “He didn’t do anything.”

But Michael wasn’t listening. He was holding a bottle of antiseptic in his hand way too tightly and talking to himself. “I’m gonna kill him. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him! Isabel’s friend, what do you expect? I shouldn’t have let you go like that! With that thing… It’s not even a dress. Way too revealing… “


Turning towards her, he stopped talking. “Tell me what he did.” He demanded, and Maria could see he wasn’t joking around.

Thinking about the night’s events, two tears coursed down her cheeks. “He… He took me out to dinner. Bought me flowers. He said I was beautiful. He… he even held the door for me.”

“And?” Michael asked waiting impatiently for the part where the a-sshole had tried to rape her.

Looking down at her hands like she’d never seen them before, Maria continued in a low voice. “He was a perfect gentleman. We danced, and he kissed me.”

Michael tried to not grimace and ignore the twinge of jealousy in his stomach. “That’s it?” he asked, dreading the answer with all his being.

“Yes. I told him to take me home, that I didn’t feel good.”

He sighed with relief. He hadn't touched her. She hadn't let him touch her. “Then why are you angry?”

“You can't understand.” She murmured.

“Can't understand what?” Michael asked in his annoying sarcastic manner.

Maria jumped up from the couch and started to pace furiously. Her hands were flying around. She had turned back into her usual animated self again. “All this effort, all the shopping, clothes, the hair… All for nothing! I'm so stupid. I HATE MYSELF! I can't believe that I'm… this… gullible… thing! I’m so easy.” She stopped abruptly in front of him.

“I hate you. And I want you to go.”

“I'm not going until you tell me what's going on.” Michael folded his arms and stood menacingly in front of her.

They stood there, daring each other to do something. Maria looked in his eyes and just knew that her resolve was crumbling. She was so miserable, all she wanted was to crawl in his arms. But wasn’t that the main reason she was miserable? Sobs caught in her throat. She was stuck. Desperate. Defeated.

Suddenly feeling like she’d been hit by a truck, Maria let her body drop to the couch. Her shoulders were shaking against all her efforts to not cry. She was exhausted, physically and emotionally. How had that happened? How had her life gotten so out of control, so suddenly? All because of one boy… Man… Alien…

Michael didn’t know what to do. She was crying but she was also claiming that it had nothing to do with Jake. Then why? How could he help her? He wasn’t experienced in this. Humans… Girls… Emotions…

He went with his instincts as usual. Grabbing her shaking form from the couch, he made his way to upstairs, her bedroom. She was crying so hard now, even her protests were unintelligible.

He put her down on the bed and pushed her hair out of her face. How did she manage to affect him that much? Even when she was bloody and crying, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Her face was crumpled and her chin was quivering, there were dirty tear tracks down her cheeks where her make up had run down… But she somehow looked sexy.

He must have scared her with his staring, she stopped crying. She looked at him just as intently, like she’d asked him something and was still waiting for the answer. “My hands hurt.” She said in a small voice, unable to take her eyes away from his, and at that moment unable to find the strength to care.

Looking down at her still bleeding hands in his, he muttered. “You did all this for Jake? He’s not worth it.” His heart was hurting almost physically.

“You don’t understand.” She said shaking her head in silent tears.

He looked up and met her eyes. She could see he was hurting, but refused to believe it was because of her. “I don’t understand what? That you changed yourself into something you're not? That you hurt yourself out of anger? Just because of some stupid guy? You're right I can't understand that!”

Maria had an unreadable expression, something between smiling and crying. “I didn’t do anything for Jake.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! I may be clueless at times but even I could see the way you looked at him.”

“And how exactly did I look at him?” Maria was losing her temper again. He was the only person that could make her feel such extreme emotions in so little time.

“Like… like he was important.” Michael said, and hated to have voiced it.

“He was important.” Maria said enjoying the irony of the situation.

Michael knew he had to stop talking to her about this, because with every passing minute he could feel his heart constrict even more in his chest. “So? What went wrong? Why are you home breaking glasses if he was so damn important and such a perfect gentleman? What kept you from jumping his bones?”

Maria begged her tears to stop, it wasn’t helping the strong façade she was trying to keep up. “If you're trying to deliberately hurt me, it’s working.” She said, surprised at her calm voice. “And for your information, all that happened, and ever will happen for that matter, was a simple kiss. It wasn’t right, so I told him to take me home.”

Michael welcomed the relief that washed over him. It was easier to breathe now. “What do you mean not right?”

“It didn’t feel right. He didn’t taste right. Now if you'll excuse me I want to sleep.” Maria turned to her side, not letting him see her face. She was embarrassed. She had never meant to tell him that much.

“Maria will you look at me?” Michael asked with exasperation.

She turned angrily. “What now?”

“Not that I understand all those things you said… But I just wanted to know. Is that why you don’t let me touch you? Cause it doesn’t feel right?”

He had that vulnerable, innocent puppy look that he probably was unaware of and which made him irresistible for her. She grabbed his chin and kissed him furiously. Thrusting her tongue in his mouth, tasting him…

She pulled back quickly before she got lost in feeling him, and looked him in the eye. He was surprised. So clueless and cute. “No Michael, you taste right. That’s why I don’t let you touch me.”

She let her head drop back on the pillow. Her body’s awakened desire was now making her head hurt, combining with the ache of her heart, and the pain of her hands.

“Wha… What?”

“Michael please… I need to sleep.”

“No. No.” he was shaking his head so furiously, it almost scared her. “You can't just…”

“I can't what?” she sat up angrily. “I'm aching all over. I'm not in the mood for chat.”

“You're not making any sense! I don’t understand!”

“I told you, you can’t!”

“There's nothing to understand! First you kiss me out of nowhere, then you sleep with me, and then you don’t let me touch you again, and now you're saying it’s because it feels right. What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you'll have to find another girl to f-uck!” Maria yelled.

Michael looked at her threateningly, fuming with and anger. “Why are you doing this?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Maria chuckled bitterly. “Trust me Michael, just turn around and leave. Please. Don’t let me have a choice. Just leave.”

Her hurt face pushing him over the edge, he grabbed her wrists in one hand and yelled at her. “I SAID WHY?”

“Because I'm falling in love with you!” Maria shouted, angry tears in her eyes.

Michael froze looking at her. World stopped spinning. Her words echoed in his head. Every emotion he’d ever felt and even some he didn’t know or name rushed to the surface, and overwhelmed him.

“Now leave!” Maria yelled, still trying to be strong and failing.

He considered leaving. He was so scared, it was tempting. But something was stopping him. He was having the worst inner struggle of his life. Even worse than his first night in the desert when he'd left Max and Isabel. That had been just pure instinct. But now, instincts and reason were clashing in his head.

“Leave.” She said one last time with the last shred of dignity she had left.

Michael stood up, and at a loss for words nodded his head. Then he left. Without once looking back to the heap on the bed shaking with silent tremors.

- - -

Maria woke up to what she expected to be the worst day of her life. Or maybe the night before was the worst and that was just second worst… She wasn’t sure. All she knew was she was yet to open her eyes and was feeling like s-hit already.

She opened her bloodshot eyes with difficulty. Sudden daylight hurt all the way to her brain. Quickly closing them again she turned away from the window. Facing the wall she tried again. It was easier this time.

Everything was blurry though. She waited patiently till her sight was restored. But when it was, she sighed in anger. Now she was hallucinating. She had finally lost it completely.

Michael was sitting with his back to the wall and staring at her. He was still wearing his clothes from the night before, not really surprising since he didn’t seem to have much of a wardrobe. He was dishevelled, and his eyes were bloodshot too, almost matching hers.

See, it had to be a hallucination, cause it was more than probable that aliens didn’t get bloodshot eyes.

Then the hallucination Michael moved. He stood up, walked towards her and sat on the bed. His hand reached out to touch her face and lingered on her cheek. She knew this touch. His calloused, gentle touch.

Okay, so it wasn’t a hallucination.

“Good morning.” He said hoarsely.

“I thought I told you to leave… As in don’t come back.” Maria said, trying to hold onto her remaining anger. If only she could find it…

“I know. But I couldn't.” he whispered. He was too still. Too unlike himself.

“Couldn't what?”

“Couldn't stay away.”


“Why did you come back?” she asked after a pause.

“For this.” He kissed her. It was unexpected, but she wasn’t about to protest. He kissed her slowly and thoroughly, not leaving any part of her mouth untouched.

He pulled back too soon for her liking though. He leaned his forehead to hers and looked deep in her eyes.

“You taste right.” He said. Closing his eyes he kissed her once more. “And sleepy.”

Maria smiled. She didn’t know what to do. She was either going to punch him or jump around from happiness, but she lacked the energy. She faced the reality instead and tried to save herself from further heart break.

“You're not ready Michael. That’s why I asked you to leave. I understand, really. I mean I'm pissed, but I understand.”

“I'm not ready for what?”

“You know. To be a boyfriend?” she said shyly, looking down at her hands.

Michael grinned. Tilting her head up, he asked her playfully. “I'm gonna be a boyfriend? Your boyfriend?”

“No, I was thinking about Liz.” She said sarcastically.

Michael pretended to think about it. “I don’t think she does it for me.” He said seriously.

“Oh great. Finally there's something I'm better at than Liz. Getting Michael Guerin’s attention.”

“You can't be serious. I know a ton of things you're better at than Liz.”

Maria looked sceptical. “Such as?”

“I don’t think she can kiss like you, not that I can know for sure, but it doesn’t seem possible. She can't say my name like you do, like it’s something important, something more than just a name. And she's not half as pretty as you are. She doesn’t smell as good as you do, like flowers and rain. She is not fun to mess with, she's too… textbook. Boring. She's a good person, but she would never trust me enough to give me a chance like you did. She can't make me think about her 24/7 like you do. And she definitely wouldn’t be able to look that good in this dress.” Michael listed playing with her hair and avoiding her eyes. “And I don’t think she would taste right.”

Maria just sat there and looked at him, unable to utter a word. She was speechless. Was he doing what she thought he was doing?

“Heal my hands.” She said when she found her voice again.

“What?” he looked at her with horror. “No.” he shook his head with determination. No way in hell.

“I know you can do it.”

She’d said it again. You can do it. She somehow believed in him. He had no idea why, but it felt good. Like he really could do anything. Like he really could deserve being loved by someone.

He took her still bloody hands in his shaking ones. He was scared out of his mind. He didn’t know how to start.

“Michael?” he heard her soft voice call him.

“It’s okay, just concentrate on me like Max said he did. Then try to give me this energy, this power thing you have, okay? It’s okay, you can do it.”

Michael looked in the eyes that made green his favourite colour, and thought about the moment when all he could feel had been her. Her warmth, her softness, her smell… He tried to recall the way she’d whispered his name. It wasn’t hard considering that it had been etched in his brain.

Then he felt it. Her essence was there, with him, in him. Or maybe he was in her. It felt like their souls were wrapped around each other. He felt her weaknesses, her lack of energy, the wounds her body was too weak to heal… He gave his energy to repair her, put a piece of himself where she was hollow. He filled her holes with himself, and when it was done he pulled himself out again to see if she was okay.

She was smiling. Her face was shining from happiness, like a ray of sunshine finding its way through a cracked wall. “What did you do?” she asked in awe.

He shrugged. “I honestly don’t know.”

“Come here.” She pulled him down on the bed next to her and plastered her body to his. “I felt you.” She said, her face only a breath away from his. “In me.” She hugged him close, squeezed him to get the feeling back. “Now I feel lonely.” She pouted playfully.

“I… I did it. I connected you.” He said starting to grasp the meaning of what he'd done.

“I know. I told you, you can do it.”

He snuggled closer to her and rested his head on her chest. Maria played with his hair, and felt secure and content as she’d never done since that night. That night when she’d found the real Michael Guerin in a filthy motel room. Kissing the top of his head, she could feel sleep taking over their bodies.

- - -

Michael woke up feeling refreshed. He looked down and found Maria sleeping peacefully in his arms. He was sleeping much better when she was there. He knew it, it was going to become an addiction.

He watched her face as she slept. She was smiling in her sleep, looking innocent like a baby. He checked his watch, it was almost noon. He hadn't eaten anything for almost a day. Reluctantly leaving her bed, he went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

He was setting the table when he felt her arms wrap around his waist. She placed a kiss at the back of his neck and moulded her body into his. “You scared me…” she murmured.

Turning around in her arms he looked at her questioningly. “I woke up and you weren't there…” Her voice trailed off, and he chided himself for being so stupid.

He kissed her lovingly as an apology. “You thought I left you?”

She nodded sadly. “But then I heard you downstairs…”

“I was just… preparing… breakfast.” He was talking between kisses. It was so hard to not kiss her when she was this close. And even just kissing wasn’t enough. Her lips, they were beautiful, sensual and they tasted good, but he had to feel her body, her warmth. A kiss didn’t feel complete without her body plastered to his.

“You should call Liz and Isabel.”

She looked at him, her eyes big with wonder. “You checked the machine?”

He shrugged and kissed her again. “Isn't it the boyfriend thing to do?” he said playfully, not mentioning the message Jake had left which he’d accidentally deleted.

“Oh it is.” She said kissing a trail of fire down his neck. “So you think I can have sex with my boyfriend?” she asked unbuttoning his shirt.

“Right now?” he asked hissing at her touch on his chest.

“Yes” she said pulling back a little. She pulled the towel from her head and let her wet hair plaster down her face. Then slowly she dropped the robe she was wearing, revealing her naked body to him.

His breath caught in his throat and for a moment his brain and body completely lost communication. He’d seen her naked before, but it clearly didn’t change the fact that he was entranced. Thanks to the throbbing of his erection, he got out of his daze soon enough. Letting out an animalistic growl, he thought screw breakfast. He wasn’t really hungry anyway.

Crushing her small body to his, he kissed her fiercely, almost bruising her lips. But she wasn’t protesting. She was moaning in his mouth, her hands busy with his jeans’ buttons. Grabbing her buttocks he pulled her up his body and carried her inside, to the living room.

They collapsed on the couch in a heap. They were both pushing Michael’s jeans and boxers down hurriedly, all the while kissing each other as if they were starving. Reaching down to touch his erection, Maria noticed that they were forgetting something.

“Michael… condom?” she said breathlessly, while cursing silently that they’d now have to get up and go upstairs.

Michael reached down and took out his wallet from his jeans. Pulling out the package he’d stashed there earlier, he placed it in her hand.

“God, I love you!” Maria said giddily without even realising what she’d said. She proceeded to rip the package while Michael just looked at her, amazed. Failing to notice Michael’s bewilderment Maria wrapped her legs around him and guided him inside her.

Michael watched her face and enjoyed her hands on him as the words echoed in his head. She was bewitching, enchanting, enthralling… And she loved him.

His kiss full of desire and need caught Maria by surprise, but she let him take whatever he wanted, he needed. Satisfying him felt good. Making him happy was her priority now. Because she loved a happy Michael. Because his smile was rare and precious.

Placing his hands on her hips, he slowly glided them up. Touching her skin softly, caressing all the way up to her breasts, he prayed to not wake up from this dream. If it was a dream, he preferred to stay there.

He held her arms up over her head. She was surrendering to him so easily. She was trusting him. He pushed himself all the way inside her, and watched her face change with awe. Her ivory face shining with sweat, her sparkling green eyes struggling to stay open to watch his face and her lips forming his name over and over…

As he thrust into her again and again agonisingly slow, all Maria could do was watch his face and marvel at his beauty. She couldn’t touch him since he hadn't let go of her hands, but still this was more than enough.

She caressed his inner thighs with her feet and bit her lip to not scream as his thrusts picked up speed. As he got lost in the throes of passion, he let go of her hands. Her arms immediately wrapped around him without a thought, and she felt more than heard his shuddering breath as she unconsciously raked her nails down his back.

They moved in tandem as they neared their mutual orgasm. Michael was feeling out of control but the fear of hurting her wasn’t there this time. He knew he wasn’t going to hurt her. He had healed her. He had fixed her. He wasn’t just the guy that made things explode, he was the guy who could make Maria DeLuca happy. He could make her writhe from pleasure. He could make her content.

As everything in the room except her blurred, Michael felt like he had died and departed from his body. He was floating. He could hear her cries and moans, she was pretty vocal as usual, and his own ragged breathing met his ears combined with his heart beat, informing him that he indeed was still alive.

Michael couldn’t stop his body from collapsing on top of her as his world exploded into millions of bright colours. Her arms welcomed him, as her heaving chest cushioned his head. They laid on the couch their bodies entwined together, much like their essences had been a couple hours ago, and they enjoyed the soothing touches of the other.

“Is it just me or was this… wow…” Maria asked when her body calmed down a little, lacking the vocabulary to describe what she was feeling.

“Yes it was.” Michael said, playing with her nipple with one hand.

“Is it an alien thing? Cause even when I kiss you, it’s… explosive.”

“I wouldn’t know since you're the only girl I’ve ever kissed.” Michael said with an honesty that even surprised himself.

“Oh that saves me some serious ass kicking.” Maria said happily.

Michael couldn’t stop his hands from exploring her skin, trying to get different reactions. “Am I crushing you?”

Maria tightened her arms around him. She didn’t want him to move, and even the thought of him pulling out was unacceptable. “No. Stay. I don’t wanna move.”

Michael chuckled at her child-like protests. “It’s cold and we’re both naked. We can't stay here forever.”

“We can always try…” she said drowsily.

Looking at her face, almost asleep and content, he wished they could.

“Let’s try…” he said and placing a kiss on her breast, let a peaceful slumber carry him away.


Too sappy, too optimistic... I know, I know... But I'm sick of angst, and sometimes a fairytale's just what you need to feel better *big*

First part of the third story will be here soon... Hopefully...

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by Belit



Maria wiped the sweat from her forehead and checked her watch for the 60th time in less than ten minutes. She was having a hard time with the long shifts she now had to take to help the Parkers. They were at least three waitresses short, and until they could find new ones she had to keep working whenever she had free time.

Her feet were killing her. She prepared what seemed like the 1000th Alien Blast that day, and serving it to a rather rude customer, she headed for the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet seat and her head fell to her hands in exhaustion. She wasn’t going to last long if this continued. She could feel a flue coming to top it all…

She was about to doze off when she felt herself being lifted. She grabbed the arms that was holding her in an instinct to not fall, and relaxed when she heard the familiar soothing voice. “Sssshh… I got you.”

She knew he would never let her fall.

“What are you doing?” she asked sleepily when she noticed him heading for the door.

“I'm taking you home.”

She shook her head. “No, you're not. Liz needs me here. And you know they're out there, so you can't just carry me around. Just give me a couple minutes, I’ll be okay.”

Michael gave her an angry look, but knew he wasn’t winning. She was right.

Walking back he sat on the toilet seat and placed her on his lap. She was so tired she couldn’t even support her head; it was resting on his chest. Michael watched her small frame in his arms, feeling desperate. There had to be something he could do…

It was his fault she was there. He could have been taking her home if he’d told the others about them. But he hadn't. “Not yet…” he'd kept telling her. Not yet. As if there ever was going to be a right time. He knew that, but she didn’t… So he kept stalling.

And that was how he'd gotten himself into this mess. Maria needed him and he wasn’t able to help because he'd been too chicken to tell people that he had a girlfriend. His girlfriend… He was getting used to the sound of that.

He held her close to his body and forced his brain to think… To find a solution… She was too pale, it couldn’t just be tiredness. He didn’t want to think about it, but it could be serious.

“Maria? Wake up baby…”

She stirred and mumbled something about being too sleepy. Michael bent his head down and placed a chaste kiss on her dry lips to tempt her away from sleep. It took her only a moment to respond and her eyes opened slowly, lazily. That worked every time…

“Do I have to go?” she whined. She was feeling all her body, and it was so not in a good way.

“Just go out there and tell them you're going home…”

“I can't… I… I have to help Liz close up.”

“Look, I saw Liz out there, and she definitely didn’t look like she was having a hard time standing. Now be a good girl and tell them you're leaving.” Michael reasoned, his hands caressing her back in a soothing rhythm. “Then come to my place.” He added softly.

“I can't come, you know that. Mom’s home, I have to go.”

He hated the fact that she had to explain everything to people. He wasn’t used to that. He'd never had anyone asking him where he'd been or what he'd been doing. He'd always been alone, on his own, free…

“Tell her you'll stay with Isabel.”

More lies. She was sick of lies. “Okay…”

Finding the last shred of strength she had left in her Maria stood up and walked out. To lie to her friends, her employer and her mother… Just to be with him…

- - -

Michael rushed home to get there and prepare the soup before Maria arrived. He wasn’t really good at cooking, but since she was sick he needed to learn how to make soup. Fast… Like in fifteen minutes.

How hard could it be?

He followed the instructions on the cover and decided to change the sheets while he was waiting. He was looking for her favourite t-shirt to sleep in when the doorbell rang.

He ran to the door to let her in, but stopped to catch his breath before he opened it. He noticed that he was actually panting from all the running around. How pathetic was that?

He calmed his features to appear nonchalant and opened the door. The sight that greeted him wasn’t a nice one. She was paler than she’d been before. All thoughts of keeping his cool left his mind.

He took her petite form that was resting on the wall next to his door in his arms, and carried her to his bedroom. Placing her on the bed, he remembered the soup. He left her there with a small kiss on the cheek and rushed to the kitchen.

She was sleeping where he'd left her when he came back. He thought about leaving her to sleep for a moment, but then remembered his main reason to not let her go home. He needed to take care of her. Help her when she didn’t have enough energy to help herself. For him that was the way a relationship was supposed to work.

Ignoring her protesting groans he stripped her from her clothes and carried her to the bathroom. While filling the tub with water he started taking off his own clothes. Well at least he tried. It was a hard task considering he was trying to support a naked Maria at the same time.

When he was done, he lifted her in his arms once more and placed her slowly in the tub on top of himself. She groaned and her eyes partially opened when her body came in contact with the hot water. “Michael…” she said breathlessly and he tried to ignore the pictures his mind connected to the sound. It so wasn’t a good time for this…

“I'm right here baby. Are you feeling okay?”

She softly nodded and her hair brushed his chin. There was something about the feeling of her body against his… It was addictive. He wasn’t feeling safe enough to sleep when she wasn’t there. When her hair wasn’t tickling him. When her small hands weren’t touching his skin. He had learned what it felt like to be lonely –really lonely- only after he'd met her. His nights without Maria were much more different than the ones he’d had in his room avoiding Hank. He had always been alone, but now, without her, he was feeling incomplete.

She fit him perfectly. Her body, her soul, her character… She was made for him. She belonged to him.

Michael softly massaged her body with soap and water, and enjoyed the moans he elicited from her. He shampooed her hair carefully, not letting water travel down to her face and make her uncomfortable. He tried to wash away her exhaustion, but it was clear now that this was deeper than water could ever remove.

Placing his hands on her chest he closed his eyes and reached with his mind to find the connection he knew that laid dormant there somewhere. It was easy as always. He wrapped his essence, his soul around hers as a protective shield, and left himself open to her, to share.

He could feel that she took instinctively what she needed from him. He was being robbed from his energy but he surprisingly didn’t mind. He wasn’t usually a one to share, being an only child. Not even that… Being an eternal loner was more like it. But as he felt her take his energy, he could feel her grow stronger and it was more than enough to pay him back.

Her feelings were overwhelming him as they always did when they connected. Her love, her awe, her gratitude… It warmed his heart like nothing else had before. He had been living for that sensation since their first time.

Something was different this time though and it worried him. There was something in her that his energy couldn’t reach. Even when he focused on it, it stayed the same. Sadness. That was all he could sense about it.

Coming back to the real world he felt her body arch in his arms. He soothed her with his hands till she rested on him again and her breathing returned to normal. “Thank you.” She said with a contented sigh and he noticed that her hands weren't resting limp around him anymore but were caressing his thighs.

“You're welcome…” he mumbled as he kissed down her neck to her shoulder.

She was fidgeting on top of him and he knew exactly why. For some reason she was feeling frustrated after every time they connected. He wasn’t any better himself… But it wasn’t a good time to give in to his urges. She still needed her rest. He had planned the whole evening and that wasn’t in the plan.

- - -

“I'm not really sure if I did it right… But just try it, I can go out and buy some if it’s too bad.”

Maria smiled at his babbling. How could someone not love him? He was so damn adorable, and he was trying so hard to make things right. She tasted the soup under his expectant gaze. It wasn’t bad. But she knew she would have liked it even if it tasted like boiled mud. He somehow had that effect on her.

“It’s great.” She said smiling at him and he let his muscles relax. He sat across from her and watched her mouth as she ate, trying not to get too sidetracked but of course failing miserably.

After she finished her soup, he scooped her up in his arms. “Stop carrying me around, I can walk!” she protested laughing. Then she looked in his eyes, dead serious. “I know it’s just an excuse to touch my butt buddy!”

He pinched her butt and winked at her. “You know me too well.”

He placed her on his bed and sat her up, leaning her back to his chest. He pulled the towel from her hair and inhaled deeply when the smell of shampoo assaulted his senses. Somehow it didn’t smell this good in the bottle.

He twined his fingers in her hair and pulled them down gently, giving just a little bit of heat to dry them. Maria didn’t believe in drying her hair. But it wasn’t good for her health, so he’d had to find a way to convince her do it. After a lot of bickering and banter they’d settled on him doing it for her. She seemed to not mind when he used his fingers instead of a hair drier.

She sighed happily when his fingers left her now dry hair and trailed down her back. He found the hem of her –well technically his- t-shirt and lifted it up her head. He lowered her body to rest on the bed and carefully climbed on top of her.

His body knew the exact places to touch to drive her wild. She felt his lips beneath her ear. It amazed her every time that he could find that perfect spot and could touch with his lips and tongue just so perfectly to make her feel like she had just died and went straight to heaven.

His hands travelled down her body, touching her skin ever so gently, almost like he was afraid to break her. But she was glad that his hesitation was now gone. His movements were gentle but firm. He was aware that it was only him on this planet who was allowed to touch her that intimately, and it was only him who knew how to do it best. Though it had taken time, she had finally taught him that he was special for her.

She felt his fingers graze her groin and could only moan her need. Words had left her long ago. She wanted desperately to touch him, feel his skin, pull him closer, but she didn’t have enough energy. She was lying motionless and it didn’t feel like that could change any time soon.

“Michael… Maybe we shouldn’t… I'm too tired…”

Michael placed a finger on her lips to silence her and kept kissing down her neck. The soft touches of his tongue set her skin on fire and incited the flame she could feel growing in her abdomen.

Every time. He could do it every time. He could make her squirm and crave for more with just one simple touch of his hand.

She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

All her body trembled with anticipation as his fingers caressed her centre and his mouth worshipped her breasts.

She had never liked her breasts. They were nothing like the girls’ on TV. And they were way too small. She knew she would have had a panic attack that first night as Michael unclasped her bra if her brain had been working properly.

But it hadn’t been working, and she was now glad that she’d been in a Michael induced trance that night. She didn’t regret a moment of it. Now, as Michael touched her, she felt no insecurities. She was plain old Maria, and for him it seemed more than enough. She was naked with him, vulnerable, and ready to risk anything…

Nuzzling her navel, Michael’s head travelled down. When his mouth found her dripping core, a breathless scream erupted from Maria’s throat. At that moment she couldn’t care less about the neighbours.

As her hips rocked involuntarily, her head thrashed on the pillow and her hand grabbed his hair in an attempt to pull him closer. He devoured her, letting her heady scent cloud his mind. He unconsciously followed her silent requests, guessing –or probably just knowing- the things she wanted him to do. It was all about her tonight, that was the only coherent thought he had left in his mind. That was the only thing keeping him from plunging deep inside her.

Her body contracted impossibly and for a moment she couldn’t breath. She didn’t need to. All she needed was to let out that scream that’s been building up in her throat. With one last touch of his tongue she felt herself shudder and let go. His name left her lips in a cry, and it was all she could think about. Michael. Michael. Michael.

His face was a breath away from hers when she opened her eyes. A lazy smile spread across her face at his worried expression, and not having enough energy to handle anything more, she brushed her face against his as a silent thank you.

He laid next to her without removing his arms from around her waist and pulled the comforter to cover her naked body. She was sick, she needed to stay warm. Kissing her neck, he buried his face in her hair and whispered to her softly. “Sleep.”

He watched her snuggle closer to him and mumble something unintelligible as she drifted off to sleep, and tried not to think about the reason of his unusual, uncharacteristic behavior towards her. He knew deep down there was no way he would treat anyone like that without a reason. It wasn’t like him to be caring. He hadn’t even known that he was capable of it. But apparently he was when it came down to it. When he needed to relieve himself from unwanted feelings such as guilt. And maybe love…

He tightened his arms around his lover. He didn’t like the fear that covered his body at the thought. He didn’t want to lie to her. He didn’t want to lie to his friends. He didn’t want to deal with the real world. He just wanted to freeze that moment in time and live in it forever.

- - -

Maria woke up the next morning feeling unusually refreshed and relaxed. She noticed she was alone in the bed right before she noticed the voices that woke her up. Michael. And another male voice. Max?

Maria wrapped the sheet around her naked form and walked to the half open door. She listened carefully before peeking through to make sure she wasn’t getting caught. They were talking about a girl… And Max sounded worried.

“Her mother’s really worried Michael.”

“I’m sure she is, but why should that be my problem Maxwell?” Michael asked sarcastically.

“Well she is our friend! I assumed she’d be here when I spotted the Jetta outside your apartment.”

Max’s tone wasn’t accusing but still Maria felt shivers run down her spine. She knew Michael wouldn’t tell him the truth, but couldn’t help the hope that crept up on her.

“Why would she be here?” Michael shrugged nonchalantly. “She just lent me the car for the night.”

Max’s eyebrow rose in question. “And why exactly did you need a car?”

“None of your damn business…”

Max just stared at his face like he was a puzzle to be solved. Getting up from his chair Michael opened the door for Max.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a lady waiting for me…” he said in a tone that made Maria’s stomach queasy. That wasn’t him. Either that guy out there was some evil twin of her boyfriend or he was a really good actor. And which one was the act she wondered; Michael the boyfriend or Michael the a-sshole alien…

That was a question she didn’t want answered…

“What?” Max asked, his voice rising in surprise. “What lady?”

Michael rolled his eyes and sighed, looking exasperated. “You don’t know her.”

“You’re having sex?!” Max exclaimed trying to keep his voice down.

“So what?” Michael snapped.

“We don’t know what would…” Michael cut him off.

“Now we do!” he said forcefully. “Nothing happens.”

“How can you do this without telling us?”

“Look, Max, no offence but you’re not exactly the person I would want to talk about my sex life… Now please…” He gestured towards the door.

“Who is she?” Max asked, not moving, determined to get some answers.

Michael’s voice rose in irritation. “This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you. She’s just some hooker, and this is a conversation I could live without. Now leave!”

Max looked at him with his eyes opened wide in surprise. When he talked his voice was laced with disgust. “I can’t believe you! You picked up a whore? In Maria’s car?” He shook his head to make the thoughts go away, but it didn’t work. So he stepped outside, not having anything better to do. “I sometimes think I don’t know you at all…”

- - -

Maria forced her legs to stand up from her crouched position next to the door. She calmly walked over to the chair where Michael had placed her clothes the night before, and ignoring the protests of her body and the shaking of her hands, she started to get dressed.

She brushed away the unconscious tears that had spilled down her cheeks, and grabbed everything in sight that belonged to her and put them in her bag. Her chest tightened as her fingers brushed his t-shirt that she always wore at night when she stayed with him. It never stayed on her all night though. He would always find a way to get it off her. He liked her naked, to feel her skin without constrictions. She willed the images of his sleeping face away, that was going to be hard enough as it was, no need to make it any more torturous.

Breathing deeply to calm herself down, she walked out to the living room.

- - -

Michael was preparing breakfast and heard her soft footsteps before he saw her face. “Good morning.” He said smiling, but it froze on his face as he noticed the bag on her shoulder.

“Going somewhere?”

She nodded, scared that her voice would crack if she talked.

“You don’t need to work today. Stay.” He said calmly. Too calmly in Michael standards, Maria noticed. So he knew something was wrong…

“I’m going.” She could see in his eyes that he knew what she meant.

“No.” he said shaking his head, like a stubborn little kid.

“Yes, Michael.” She smiled bitterly. “You’ll have to find another hooker.”

Michael looked like he was hit by a truck. “No. Maria, you know, I didn’t mean any of it. You know I would never…”

Maria silenced him with a gesture. “That’s not the point. It’s not about today. I was going to do this eventually. Not because I want to, but I have to. I… I… can’t lie anymore…” her eyes filled with tears again, and she cursed herself for being so weak, and breaking down in front of him. But she had to finish this now or she would never going to be able to.

“I can’t force you to do anything you’re not ready to do. And you know I l…” she stopped herself before she could say the “l” word. She had stopped saying it, cause she thought it would make him feel uncomfortable, and that moment was definitely not a good time to start again.

“You know I like being with you, but I can’t lie to them anymore. My mom, Liz, Alex… They don’t deserve this. God! It’s been months, Michael. It hurts every time I look at them and see that disbelieving look. It hurts, and I can’t do it anymore.”

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes to prepare herself to walk out without collapsing in his arms. “I can risk anything I have to be with you. But their love and trust… That’s something I don’t have a right to break. I’m sorry…”

Michael, frozen in his spot, watched as Maria walked out of the apartment. Out of his life…

He felt numb, and at that moment all confusion left his mind and everything became clear. The answer to his questions from the night before was right in front of him. He knew which possibility was the worst to happen, which one would hurt more, which one would really matter.

But the answers had come too late, and he had already made the biggest mistake of his life.


posted on 22-Oct-2002 1:19:51 PM

Michael sat in the booth with Max and pretended to listen him. That was what he’d been doing for the last week. For one week, two days and four hours to be exact. He’d been pretending to be alive.

What was Max talking about? Probably Liz. Liz f-ucking perfect Parker. He knew there was no reason to be angry with Liz, but he didn’t care. He was so full of rage, he needed to channel it towards someone, anyone. If he didn’t, he knew it would all come crashing down, and he would start to put the blame where it belonged. Himself. It was all his fault. But this wasn’t a good time to become suicidal.

He craved for a moment of peace. The voices in his head were driving him crazy. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, most of the time he even forgot to breathe. All he could do was stare into a void and think about her. Fantasize about her touch, her smell, her voice…

God! How many times he’d swore he hated her voice? Her constant bickering, her unexpected laugh at the stupidest things… He was suffocating now without her. He was feeling as if he was wrapped tightly in a box to be delivered to hell, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t find a way out of it.

She hadn't talked to him since that day. Well, of course, she was talking to him, but not like she used to. She was talking to him like he was… like… he was just Michael. Not her boyfriend, not her lover… Just Michael. A guy she knew. He was feeling less somehow. Now that he wasn’t her boyfriend he wasn’t sure what he was himself. There were no more secret touches when noone was looking, no meaningful glances across the room, no pointing the clock to meet up after work…

His life was suddenly empty. He didn’t want to go home, he didn’t want to go out… His life had lost its purpose. He was lonely and incomplete. He had tried to remember what he’d been doing before Maria had come into the picture, but his quest for answers seemed even more meaningless. He couldn’t possibly try so hard to find answers when he knew they would probably take him away from her forever.

He looked at the fries in front of him and grimaced. He had forgotten to eat again and now they were cold. Whatever… They tasted like s-hit anyway. He looked ahead and met Max’s worried eyes.

“Michael, did you hear one word of what I’ve been saying?”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Not really.”

Putting down his cherry coke, Max straightened up and prepared himself for a serious talk. Michael groaned inwardly. That was so not good.

“Michael, what’s wrong with you? Don’t deny it, I know something’s up.”

Michael tried hard to contain his laughter. The guy was serious. God. He wondered for a moment what he would say if he’d told him the truth. He would flip! It would be fun to watch though.

It was so ironic, now that he'd lost Maria, he really didn’t care if anybody knew or not. He couldn’t really remember why it had terrified him that much before.

There had to be a universal conspiracy to keep him from being happy. Because his life was like an episode of a really bad soap opera. Looking at the major turning points of his life he couldn’t find anything good. Or anything believable for that matter.

The Crash. Finding out that he was a freak. Finding out he was totally, literally alone on this planet. Having Hank for a parent. Failing everything he tried. Thanks to his stupid brother getting exposed. Meeting and soon after losing Maria.

Maria. God, what was he going to do?

Maybe suicide was the best. Something dramatic to complete the tragic chain of events that happened to be his life.

“Michael?” Max scolded, crossing his arms. He must have tuned him out again.

“What were you saying?”

- - -

“Okay, pull over here.” Isabel pointed a rock formation near the road. Maria stopped the Jetta, and followed Isabel.

“Are you sure you can find it?” she asked worriedly. It was a hot morning and desert wasn’t her choice of place to be.

“I saw it clearly, it should be around here.”

She was looking around to find something familiar as Maria tried to catch up.

“We should have taken the jeep.” Maria whined, almost ready to give up their search so soon.

“Well if my stupid brother had taken me seriously, I wouldn’t have to force you to come with me! Idiot! I'm sure it means something. It has to.”

“Umm… You know you didn’t really force me, I kinda volunteered.”

“Yeah. I noticed. Why were you so eager to get out of there?” Isabel asked curiously, not even slowing down a bit.

“Uuh… It’s complicated.” Maria said trying to catch her breath and follow the apparently way too healthy alien.

Isabel laughed at her familiar words. “When is it ever not complicated? You have to sort out that life of yours.”

“You have no idea how I wish I could.”

- - -

“We should have brought water…” Maria said, trying to keep the whining tone out of her voice. It wasn’t like it was Isabel’s fault that they were in the middle of the desert, walking aimlessly for two hours. Oh wait… It was Isabel’s fault!

She just had to have that dream! How were they supposed to find a cave she had only dreamt from inside, in a f-ucking desert that was full of caves?

She could feel her shirt getting even more drenched with sweat. Why oh why had Spaceboy felt like coming to The Crashdown today? Why? She could have stayed there, holding a cool milkshake in her hand, watching Max and Isabel fight over the meaning of the dream. But no… Of course he had to come, and force her to offer a ride to Isabel, and end up in the f-ucking hell.

Her life sucked big time.

“Iz? Iz?” Even after two hours she still had to run to catch up with the tall-blond-and-bitchy.

“Iz, we’re lost.” She stated calmly.

“Oh no we’re not! It’s gotta be somewhere around here.”

Maria sighed. That poor alien was probably just trying to make herself believe. “Isabel, forget the cave, we lost the car and we’re moving in circles!”

“We’re not moving in circles!” she denied.

“Oh really? How do you explain this then?”

Isabel’s eyes followed the way Maria was pointing and her shoulders sagged at the sight. Just a little ahead of them was a huge M drawn in the sand probably by Maria's shoes. So they were lost…

“We’re lost.”

“I know, that’s what I’ve been telling you!”

Isabel looked around in desperation, feeling Maria's expectant gaze on her.

“So? What do we do now?” Maria asked, half expecting her to wave her hand and make the desert disappear.

Isabel narrowed her eyes in order to see around, that damned sun was too bright. “We… uh…”

“We’re screwed, aren’t we?”

“No!” Isabel said forcefully. She wasn’t a one to accept defeat so easily. “It’s just noon yet. We’ll keep walking, the car can't be far. I'm sure we’ll find it before the sun sets.”

Maria took off after her, mumbling to herself. “Yeah, sure… It’s just noon… The f-ucking sun is frying my brain and my bra is boiling! God dammit!”

- - -

“Where’s Maria?” Max asked to Liz who was sitting uncomfortably next to Michael.

Michael had been wondering that himself. He’d been at The Crashdown all day and she'd been nowhere in sight. He was hoping that she’d gone home to rest. Those bags under her eyes were starting to worry him.

“Oh she left with Isabel.”


Max’s alerted face informed Michael that his first guess of their whereabouts weren't quite right. He'd never seen Max flare with anger just because Iz went to mall. This was something serious.

“Oh god dammit! Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me!” Calming down a little he turned to Liz. “When did they leave?”

“Like 10 – 10:30?” Liz offered.

“It’s 5:45!” Max bellowed and ran to the phone.

Finally finding his voice and calming the ever-present Maria protector in him, Michael blurted out his first meaningful sentence all day. “Where did they go?”

Punching Isabel’s cell phone number, Max answered through gritted teeth. “Desert.”


“Iz dreamed of a cave last night. She said it felt important and we should go check it. I didn’t want to just jump into anything so I said we’d talk about it first. It could be a set up, or just a regular dream… I don’t know. It didn’t feel right.”

Who gave a damn about the cave? “And she took Maria?”

“Apparently.” Max said right before his jacket started to ring.

“S-hit!” he said slamming the phone down. “She doesn’t have the phone!”

Michael grabbed the phone and hurriedly dialled Maria's cell. “Maria has a phone.” He explained at Max’s questioning look, but refrained from explaining why in hell did he know the number.

The phone rang and rang and rang… His heart felt like someone was squeezing it. There was no answer.

- - -

“Iz I think I'm going to die.” Maria said, lying in the shadow of a rock.

“You’re not gonna die! You're just… just… exhausted.” Isabel explained without moving an inch. Even moving her eyes hurt.

“My head is pounding, my throat and my lips hurt, and my breasts are roasted in that bra. I want to die.”

Isabel chuckled softly. “They’ll find us, don’t worry.”

“Yeah I guess.” She muttered, trusting Michael to find her. “Iz?”


“If we don’t make it out of here, I want you to know I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I lied.”


“Just… I’m sorry okay?”


“My hair’s a mess…” Maria said after a moment’s silence.

“I would have helped if I had enough energy to come there.” Isabel said sarcastically. “Why did you change your hair back?” she asked curiously after a slight pause.

He said it wasn’t me.” Maria answered bitterly. The things she did for Michael…

“Who? Jake?”

“No. Mi… My mystery guy.”


“A-sshole…” Maria muttered under her breath.

“What happened with him?”

“I… really don’t wanna talk about this.”

“What else are we gonna do? We’re stuck here.”

Maria sighed. “It’s impossible. It doesn’t work.”

“Just let it go then. You're a pretty girl and there are at least 50 guys in school drooling after you.”

“See, that’s the problem. I can't let it go. I am about to lose my mind. I can't be with him. I can't be with anyone else. Even when I just try to be with myself, he is there in my head haunting me! I hate him!”

“You love him.”

“Yeah…” Maria's voice was small and tired, but there was a hint of hope hidden beneath.

Isabel took a deep breath. Hot air. Disgusting. “When I was a little girl, like 8 or 9 years old, dad used to take me to his office. I don’t remember why. Max wasn’t there. Just him and me. I used to sit there and play with the calculator and pens and stuff. It was boring really, but I remember feeling special for being there among adults…”

Maria tried to not feel the pang of jealousy and pain caused by the memories of being a kid without a dad at that age. What was Isabel talking about she wondered. Did she have a point or had she finally totally lost it?

“…One day when I was sitting there, I heard chimes outside. A picture of a white carriage with golden rims travelling down a road leaving a glittery trail behind flashed through my mind. It was so beautiful. The sound… It was like magical… Like it was from a fairytale. I couldn’t see what was causing the sound, the window was too high for me, but everyday I waited for it, and listened to it, fantasizing about princesses in gowns going to balls…”

“Then like a month later, I finally found the chance I'd been waiting for. Someone had left a chair in front of the window. I climbed and waited for my dream carriage. It came, and crashed all my belief in magic.” She sighed. “It was a truck. A brown, old, rusty truck. There was a chain hanging from behind it, and it was making the sound I'd been hearing.”

“That is so sad.” Maria said on the verge of tears.

“No. No, it’s not. That’s real world. That’s how magic works. That’s how fairytales work. It may not look like magic, but when you close your eyes and listen… Really listen and feel, you can find it. Fairytales are not like the way they are in books in real life. You don’t get happily ever after, you don’t get the perfect fairytale ending… All you can get is the magical feeling it stirs in you and when it’s right, it’s more than enough.”

“What I'm trying to tell you is… Well, if it feels right, don’t give up on it. Don’t wait for the knight in shining armour. Cause Jake is the knight in shining armour. His armour might be shining, but there's nothing for you underneath that…”

“And don’t forget that he doesn’t have a brain.” Maria added chuckling softly.

“Of course… That’s why he spends all his time shining that armour. Trust me on this Maria. Forget about Prince Charming and enjoy your knight in rusty armour.”

“Why are you so sappy lately? Not that it bothers me, but I'm kinda curious.”

“Alex.” Isabel said blushing.


“Alex. You know your computer whiz friend?”

“You really like Alex?” Maria squealed.

“Don’t tell anyone! Or I'll tell them you're not a virgin anymore.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me.”

“That is so not fair!”

- - -

Michael’s knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. The blood oozing from the inside of his cheek tasted somehow comforting. It had been an hour since they’d found the Jetta, but still there was no sign of the girls. He was getting more edgy with every passing minute.

He bit his cheek harder to draw blood when he saw a glint of golden hair. His heart started to beat erratically and he stopped breathing. Then he saw it. Isabel.

He sped towards them, not even hearing the excited voice of Max as he saw his sister. He had to get to her. He had to know she was okay.

As they drove closer, dread covered his body, and he involuntarily started to shake. Isabel was hovering above something –no, someone- and crying. No. No. No.

They got closer and closer, till he could no longer deny seeing it.

It was Maria. And she wasn’t moving.

He stopped the car, and jumped out without bothering with the door. He ran with all he had, the spasms of his heart outweighing the spasms of his legs. He dropped to his knees in front of her without even casting a glance at Isabel who was desperately hugging Max and sobbing.

“I am so sorry. I never thought… If anything happens to her… It’s all my fault.”

Her face was deathly pale, and her lips were dry and cracked. The sweat covering her face was the only thing that confirmed that she was alive. His fingers tentatively reached for her neck, and pressed on the point he yearned to kiss. He let out the breath he'd been holding. He wasn’t too late.

He gently brushed her hair away from her face, and couldn’t help but sigh at the feel of her skin under his palm again. He had dreamt about it non-stop since the last time, but this sure wasn’t what he had in mind. He leaned in to her ear and called her softly.

“Maria? Maria, baby you gotta wake up.”

There was no movement. No answer. No indication that showed him she could hear. He pulled her body to his arms and ignoring the confused looks of the others, carried her to the jeep.

Max opened his mouth to say something, offer help maybe, but Isabel stopped him. “Max, don’t.” she said as if she was tranced by the scene unfolding before her eyes. Forcing her body to hold a little longer, she followed Michael.

Ignoring the screaming of her body she turned in her seat and looked at the boy she had always considered as her brother. He was holding the unconscious girl in his arms with a delicacy she'd never seen in him before and was mumbling something she couldn’t hear in her ear. Then the most unbelievable thing happened, and he kissed her cheek. Softly. Lovingly. His lips lingering on her skin longer than they needed to. Isabel wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her eyes.

“So it was you?” she croaked out, grimacing when her throat protested.

“Who?” Max asked, stupefied by Michael’s actions.

“The a-sshole.” Isabel said calmly.

“What?” Michael’s head shot up, finally remembering the others in the car.

“You are the a-sshole that keeps breaking her heart.”

Michael didn’t say anything. What could he possibly say? How could he explain what he couldn’t name?

Shaking his head with confusion, Max started the car. With all the weird s-hit going on around them, he couldn’t help but think that maybe Michael was abducted by aliens or something. Surely it was more believable than what Isabel had implied.

After trying to wake her up for a while, Michael dared to try what he knew would always work. He could only hope that she wouldn’t slap him when she woke up.

Holding her body like a baby in his arms, he pressed his lips softly on hers. His heart constricted in his chest and his eyes closed. He'd missed her. He'd missed her taste. He softly licked her dry lips and tried to lure her out. He waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity, kissing her softly, trying to control the urge in him that forced him to kiss her deeper. Then just as he was about to give up, he felt her sigh in his mouth. Her lips started to move by themselves, and the tip of her tongue met his in a greeting caress.

He slowly pulled away and opened his eyes, unaware of the moisture gathered in them. Her eyes were still closed, her body was limp, but a whisper escaping her lips told him he hadn't been dreaming. “Michael…”

“Oh my god.” Isabel said, her hand flying to cover her mouth. What was more shocking she wasn’t sure. How they interacted with each other or how she had failed to notice it before…

Maria slowly opened her eyes and found two tear filled chocolate brown eyes looking back at her. “I died, didn’t I?” she whispered, her mind too blurred to think.

Michael shook his head and to Isabel’s surprise smiled. “Nope. You're alive.” Taking her hand in his, he guided her fingers to her neck, making her feel her pulse. “See?”

He took the bottle of water Isabel handed to him and brought it to her lips. She took a small sip and coughed. Isabel watched in awe as Michael stroked her back as she shook in his arms, then carefully made her drink some more water.

She was trying hard to not be too obvious about watching them, but it was impossible to turn back and look away. It was nothing like she'd ever seen before. They were so in tune with each other, so beautiful together, and so oblivious to it.

Maria started wriggling on his lap. “What? What is it?” Michael asked assuming the worst and panicking.

“Ah… It hurts. Get it off…” she said still wriggling and groaning.

“What hurts?”

“That damned bra.”

Michael smiled down at her. “I told you to not wear that thing.”

Michael put one hand under her shirt, on top of her bra.

“Stop squirming.”

He closed his eyes and concentrated. He opened his eyes when he heard her sigh. The bra was gone.

Feeling the soft skin of her breasts meeting with his palm, he willed his heart to steady its rhythm. It wasn’t a good time for a hard on. But it had been so long…

He abruptly pulled his hand away. “Thanks.” Maria whispered as she closed her eyes. She was about to drift off when she felt the familiar tingling. Her body jumped slightly and she pushed Michael’s hand away from her cheek. “What are you doing?”

“You need energy.” He said, surprised at her reaction. He tried to touch her again, but she flinched and pulled away.


“What? Why?”

“Max can…” she started, but seeing the utter hurt in his eyes, she changed her mind. “No. I don’t want any of you in my mind.”

“Why do you have to be so difficult?”

“ME? I am being difficult?” she shrieked, and unsuccessfully tried to get up from his lap.

“Will you stop it!” Michael shouted holding her down.

Isabel rolled her eyes. Now that was the Michael and Maria she knew.

“No, I will not stop it! LET ME GO!”

“You're not going anywhere!”

She stopped and narrowed her eyes, looking at him with fury. “You’re gonna let them see it?” she whispered sarcastically. “You… Helping a poor human girl? What would that do to your reputation?” She regretted it the moment the harsh words left her lips. She knew and understood why he wasn’t telling them. She knew he had never meant to hurt her. But she was hurting, and knowing the truth wasn’t making it any less painful.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm her voice. “Look. I… just don’t want you to connect with me, okay?”

Her soft tone did nothing to calm him, instead it hurt more. “Then tell me what the hell do you want? You want me to tell them? Is that what that’s all about?” he shouted, letting out all the frustration he'd felt all week.

She just looked at him, with hope and confusion. She was missing him. Craving him. She had been on edge since she'd left him, and lately even started to question her choice. She wasn’t sure which one hurt more, being without him or lying to everyone to be with him… But connecting him… She knew that would be pushing it. Once she felt him, she was sure to stop thinking and go with the flow.

“You want me to tell them? I’ll tell them!” he said looking in her eyes with determination.

Then softly pushing her aside he looked to the front seat of the car. He found Isabel looking at him with wide eyes and Max watching them from the mirror. “Isabel. Max. I am in love with Maria.” He said in an emotionless voice, and not even bothering to wait to see their reactions, he pulled her back on his lap and met her surprised gaze.

“There I said it! Are you happy now?”

“I…” Tears burning her eyes, and one of her shaking hands covering her lips, she just stared at him. “You… just…”

The longer he waited the more uncomfortable he felt. He wasn’t sure what he'd been expecting when he blurted it out, but that definitely wasn’t it.

“You said…”

“Yeah I know.”

Tears finally fell down her cheeks. “Thank you.” she whispered. Then seeing that he was expecting her to make the next move, she captured his lips in a tender kiss.

Her hands found his cheeks and cupped his face, while his arms tightened around her waist, moulding their bodies together and letting his body feel the warmth he'd been craving.

Isabel blushed at the intensity of the kiss. She wasn’t seeing Maria's face, but Michael’s said it all. His eyes were closed and his expression was somewhere between being tortured and being on the verge of tears.

Pulling back from the kiss reluctantly, Maria's head dropped softly to his shoulder. She was sobbing but honestly didn’t care. She inhaled his scent deeply, and hugged him as tight as her arms could manage. Her body was exhausted, but her mind wasn’t listening.

“God I've missed you so much…” she cried to his neck softly.

Crushing her body to his chest, he sighed with relief. Now that he had her in his arms, he knew everything would turn out okay. “I know. I've missed you too.”

“Don’t leave me again, okay?” she said with a small voice, in a child like manner.

“You were the one that left, if I remember correctly.”

“Okay, then don’t make me leave you again.”

He chuckled at her reasoning. “Okay, I won’t.”

Isabel tried not to look at them as Michael cradled her body and soothed her back to sleep. She was having a sudden urge to go see Alex.

“Drop us at my apartment.”

Max was going to protest but Michael looked too worn, and he decided to not push it.

When they arrived at Michael's apartment, he picked Maria up and climbed out of the jeep. “Thanks for the ride Maxwell.” He was about to walk away when he remembered Maria's mother. “Uh… Iz, can you call Maria’s mom and tell her she’ll stay with you?”

Isabel saw Max preparing to protest with the corner of her eye, and threw him a don’t-you-dare glare. “Sure.” she said and smiled to Michael reassuringly.

She watched them till they were out of sight, and Max was surprised to see her wiping away tears when she turned back. Sighing loudly, “He’ll make a great father one day.” she stated, shocking Max to death.

“Can you drop me at Alex’s?”

- - -

Maria felt the sun before she even could open her eyes. It felt good to wake up to the warmth. She stretched her arms and body, feeling surprisingly relaxed. Then she opened her eyes to meet the new day with a smile on her face.

The first thing she saw was a ceiling. A ceiling, but not hers.

Her heart skipped a beat. Which part of those blurry images had been a dream? She hoped the answer to be none.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.” she replied softly, turning her head on the pillow to face him.

He had the sweetest expression. Her favourite. Something between a lost kid and a happy alien. His look was the most heart wrenching, completed with his naked chest and tousled hair.

“I was going to make you breakfast… but I… kinda… forgot.”

She chuckled at his guilty tone. “That’s okay.”

“You feelin’ okay?”

“Yeah. I'm good.”

Michael’s hand was aching to reach for her and caress her lips, her face… But being tender in an awkward situation wasn’t really his thing. He wasn’t expecting her to make a move to right things since he was the one that screwed up, but he was frightened.

“You told them.” she said softly, her eyes shyly avoiding his.

She was talking, that was good. But he was getting fidgety with the lack of physical contact. It was easier when they touched. Things seemed so much better.

“Yeah. I should have done it a long time ago.”

“Is it that easy?” she asked with a pained expression. Her heart wanted to claim her happiness, but her mind found it too good to be true.

“Yes it is.” he said calmly, reassuringly, trying hard to not reflect his inner struggle to her. Why the hell wasn’t she touching him?

“You… you know… shouldn’t have done it just because I asked you to. That’s not right. Not fair…” She had that look he knew too well. The look that was etched in his brain. She was about to cry.

She should have touched him, dammit! He knew he would screw this up. He wasn’t capable of tender. He was going to scare her, but it wasn’t a possibility to not touch her anymore. He tilted her chin and captured her lips, fiercely tasting her, having his fix. Breathing hard, he pulled back before he fell in too deep.

Placing his head on her pillow, he waited for her reaction, his face only a breath away from hers, their noses touching. And to his surprise, she smiled.

Letting himself hope that maybe, just maybe, this time he was doing things right, he offered her his reason. “It was right. Whatever you want. Whatever you need.”

The raw honesty in his voice and eyes, reached out and touched her aching heart. Letting herself believe –it was hard not to-, she touched his lips softly with hers. She closed her eyes and tasted him. It was there… Magic.

To Michael’s relief, her hand lingered on his cheek, soothing his fluttering heart. She opened her eyes and Michael felt his heart skip a beat at her look. She was looking at him like that again. Like she once did… Like he was more than just Michael.

She smiled sweetly. “No… You see, if we’re a couple, it’s not about what I need anymore. What you need matters too.”

He touched her face with his fingertips, unconsciously mirroring her moves. “This is all I need.”

“What, a blond and extremely sexy girl in your bed?” She looked down at her body. “Half naked?”

He smirked at the familiar mischief in her eyes. His Maria was back. He pulled her close and moulded their bodies just like he used to do… Like he yearned to do… “Yes, there’s that, of course…” he said in a mocking serious tone, but continued looking in her eyes dead serious. “…but I missed this too. I missed feeling you. I need you.”

Choosing to be the non-verbal one in their relationship for once, Maria hugged him close and buried her face in his neck. She couldn’t stop the burning tears trickling down her cheeks. “I’ll never leave you again. I promise. Whatever happens, I‘ll be here. Whenever you need me.”

She kissed his neck, tasting his sweat and her own tears there. Her mouth moved hungrily when she heard his content sigh. The thought of him alone, hurting was worse than any nightmare she'd ever had. She knew he would never admit it again, probably would even deny it in the future, but he needed her. They needed each other.

Pulling her body on top of his, his hands found the hem of her t-shirt and raised it over her head urgently. He traced the contours of her naked body in awe. His large hands roaming the ivory, smooth skin delicately, slightly shaking with anticipation. She growled impatiently under his heated gaze and found his slightly parted lips, bringing her chest flush against his.

Her taut nipples burned holes in his chest as she fiercely licked his lips and delved into his mouth with her tongue. He tried to consume her. Somewhere deep in his mind he was thinking if he could taste her long enough he could maybe keep a part of her in him. That way he would never be Marialess.

His mouth trailed a path of liquid fire down her neck to her breasts, her ragged breathing pushing him deeper into a world that only consisted of him and her. Her back arched impossibly and she was moaning wildly as he ravished her breasts. He loved the feeling of her soft skin in her mouth, but nothing could compare to the sound of her moans. He could lose himself just by listening to her. She never cared if someone would hear. She was always so free and out of control. Screaming his name when she felt like it, moaning and groaning her need in unintelligible words. So open… So Maria…

He lapped and nipped at her as her hands stroked his hair and pulled him closer. Then he heard her tender voice full of need, and tumbled down to a place in himself he never thought he would. Somewhere too close to his heart.

“Michael… Baby?”

His body shook with silent sobs, and he buried his face in her chest, mating their skin in a desperate need to get closer.

“Ssshh… It’s okay…” Soothing him with her soft touches and words, she gently placed his body back on the bed. Brushing his tears away, she watched his face. His eyes closed in concentration as he tried to control his emotions. His hands tightened around her and he whispered. “I almost lost you.”

She felt completely serene all of a sudden. Completely at ease. Completely… complete.

Kissing his cheek softly, she got up from the bed and under his surprised gaze slowly removed her panties. They were in the way…

Then she walked to the other side of the bed, and opened a drawer. She picked a condom from the box, but just as she was closing it she changed her mind and pulled out two more and threw them on the bed.

Looking him directly in the eye, she pulled his boxers down and put the condom on him, smiling as she remembered the first time she did this. Seemed so far away now…

Straddling his hips, she slowly lowered herself on him, encasing him in her and hissing at the familiar tightness. His hands found the curve of her hips and she rode him slowly, looking deep in his eyes to make him understand. Make him believe.

She was panting hard, and the intensity of the feeling was too much to handle after their time apart. But there were things that needed to be said, and she needed to say them now.

“I love you… I have… loved you… since that night… at the motel…” Her words were being cut off by the occasional groan and moan she couldn’t suppress, but she refused to give up.

Leaning in and cupping his face in her hands, she made sure to spell the words out for him, leave no place for a doubt. “You will never lose me.”

Stopping their movements for a moment, she rested her cheek against his and whispered in his ear. “Ever!”

Too tired to move, but desperately aching for him, she sucked his earlobe in her mouth. “Till death do us apart…” she said not really thinking about the implications of the words, just being honest and instinctive.

Michael growled deep in his throat and flipped them over. Thrusting deep into her over and over urgently, he found himself replaying the words in his head. It was scary how much he needed them to be true…

Feeling the deep fire threatening to erupt in him, he realised he'd never really told her the words. He’d never had the courage.

Looking down at her writhing body under him, he gently reached to brush her hair out of her face. Then when she met his eyes with her sparkling green orbs, they left his lips easily and without hesitation.

“I love you so much it scares me… I can't let you go… I won't… Ever.”

It was his husky voice and his hungry look that pushed her over the edge more than his words. She came with a cry of his name. She arched off the bed and spasmed, imprisoning him in her body, bringing his release with hers.

Michael’s limp body fell on top of hers and they held on to each other for dear life. As his cloudy mind started to drift off to sleep with the scent of his lover, Michael knew one thing for sure. It was going to take a force no less than death to take her away from him. She was his lover, his home, his everything…

She was his happily ever after.


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