posted on 22-Oct-2001 1:25:20 AM
Title: Cooling
Rating: PG-13/R for language
Couples: M/M, B/M
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
A/N: This is something that just came to me when I was working on an essay... and so I just dicked around and wrote it. I know it sucks, but it's a letter from Maria to Michael and it's based on the spoilers that M/M break up over a boy named Billy. Oh and a lot of it is Tori Amos enduced. Oh and feedback is always good.
Dear Michael,
This is cooling, it’s one of the many emotions that I’ve experienced lately, and well it won’t go away like all the others with a simple kiss. What I’m realizing as we continue this attempt at intergalactic relations, is that it's futile. We are both literally and figuratively from different worlds, and well because of this, it really won’t work out. Yes, you were great to me when Alex died, and you stayed for me, but I can’t shrug off the fact that our first time was a cheep thrill for you, because well you were going to just leave the next day. Michael, I want you to think of exactly why you chose that night to make love, and I’m sure that your impending departure was one of those reasons. This is just one of the many reasons that I’ve come up with as to why you’re a horrible boyfriend. Michael, have you ever once realized that this relationship has destroyed me? That we’ve barely been on any dates? That all we do is hang around and argue about nothing? That was cute at first, but I’ve grown tired of it Michael, it’s been two years, TWO years Michael, and the only real change in our relationship is that it’s now physical, did you take my virginity just because you thought you’d get a one hour orgasm like Max? I can’t really shake that suspicion either. Michael, what about ME, I have needs you know, I’m not just the expendable girlfriend, I’m important, and you always seem to forget that. You’ve only once expressed any interest in my music, and well Billy loves my voice, he understands what you fail to, and he fills a void that has been around since Alex’s death. I think Alex was who I wanted you to be, who I was truly in love with, I’m sorry to tell you like this, but I’m leaving today- with Billy. I just want to pursue my interest in music with someone who understands. Don’t bother to call or write… you probably won’t be able to find me even if you looked, but I know you won’t. Oh these little earthquakes in life Michael, it doesn’t really take much to rip me into pieces, and you’ve done it one too many times, this is it Michael, my last word, my final good-bye, and I’m over it. You know what Michael I know your deepest secret, I’ve known that you always thought that I was second best to Liz, ever since the last time we made love I’ve known, do you know how hard that was Michael? Do you? Billy loves me for me, not because I’m Liz’s best friend, and I’m going for it, sure, he doesn’t have super sperm, but he doesn’t want to fuck my best friend either.
-Teflon Deluca.

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posted on 25-Oct-2001 2:17:33 PM
Yes, M&M are going to break up, but not because of Liz... that's just my polar tendencies showing through.