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TITLE: Always, Spaceboy
AUTHOR: Tasyfa
E-MAIL: tasyfa⊕
DISCLAIMER: I own no rights, nor did I intend any copyright infringement.
CATEGORY: Michael/Maria
DEDICATION: For Vinity, who wanted to read about my wet Michael thoughts.*big* Also, an honourable mention for black widow, who gave me my first glimpse of what it was like on the “other side.” *wink*
AUTHOR’S NOTES: I’ve always liked M&M and considered myself as a Dreamer with Candy tendencies, but I’ve never written anything featuring them before. I didn’t feel as though I had a good enough handle on them, and I hadn’t been inspired by anything in particular. Then I unexpectedly found myself about a foot away from Brendan Fehr and suddenly my Fehrian friends’ fanaticism made sense. He’s actually bigger in person than he appears onscreen and OMB that boy is sexy!! Suffice it to say that while I will never give up my status as a Behrian, my mind has been expanded. *wink*

This is a single parter. It’s what I like to call a vignette, a frozen moment. Watcher Tara would call it Plotless Nookie though!:lol As I said, it’s my first M&M so I’d love to hear what you think of how I handled their characters. I think it turned out pretty well but the audience is the final judge, of course. *smile*


Maria sighed impatiently and rapped on the door again, to the same echoing silence. If Michael had forgotten that they were supposed to go out tonight and had taken off to do some dumb guy thing, he was going to be in deep trouble.

She thought about yelling again too, but the lady across the way had given her a seriously dirty look the first time. Maria was about to chance another one when she leaned forward to place her ear against the door. She could hear faint music; it hadn’t been playing a minute ago. Obviously Michael was home, just not answering his door. Scowling, she finally tried the doorknob and it turned easily under her hand.

“Michael?” she called, stepping into his apartment. The music was coming from the bedroom, as was his voice as he responded, so that’s where Maria headed. She stopped dead in the doorway as she saw Michael; he was bending down to adjust the volume on the stereo.

“Hey. Just give me a sec to,” Michael paused as he straightened and turned, spying Maria, then finished his sentence, “get dressed.”

Maria’s eyes traveled up Michael’s body, from the downy hair slicked wetly to his muscled thighs, past the small, threadbare towel that had once been white but now had barely enough material left to conceal his skin, to the broad expanse of his chest, glistening with water droplets, and finally to his face. Michael’s hair was combed back, a few damp strands straggling forward to frame his freshly shaven face.

Michael suddenly found breathing to be an impossibility, confronted with the blatant hunger in Maria’s gaze. In what now seemed like an absurdly small towel, his immediate physical reaction was unmistakable.

“Maria,” he halted when she shook a finger at him.

“No, no, no, Michael! Don’t spoil the moment with words,” Maria admonished. She moved closer, her eyes ranging over his exposed skin.

“You do realize that you could have gotten me into bed a lot sooner if I’d known you looked this good naked,” she informed him with a smile.

“I am not naked. I’m not!” Michael repeated when she quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Close enough,” Maria shrugged. “Besides…that’s an easy problem to fix.” She reached out and ran her hand along the inside edge of the towel, dragging her fingers against his taut abdomen and enjoying the way his muscles tensed at her touch. She encountered the tucked end of the thin terrycloth and slowly pulled it out, only to have Michael remove her hand and tuck it back in.

“What’s going on, Maria? I thought you didn’t want to for a while. You said it was painful,” he reminded her curtly. Maria felt the immediate sting of tears but she looked at Michael anyway. His eyes were never completely closed off anymore, not since he had allowed her to see inside of him. She swallowed the tears, her throat tightening further at what she could see shining from Michael’s dark eyes: fear. Not of what might happen between them, but of hurting her again. Maria sighed inwardly; she was going to have to sidetrack enough to nip this one in the bud, or Michael would never get on her track.

“It did hurt,” she nodded, smiling. Michael’s brows knit together as if he couldn’t understand why that would make her smile.

“Michael, it was my first time. It was supposed to hurt,” Maria emphasized. He still wasn’t getting it. She plopped down on the bed, trying not to roll her eyes.

“Liz and I had this conversation after she and Max almost, you know,” Maria bobbed her head meaningfully. Michael nodded; he knew about the event in question—after all, he had vacated his apartment for it—but he was completely baffled as to why she was talking about it at this moment in time.

“Well, since it looked like they would, and Max can heal, I asked Liz if she thought he would, you know, do something to make the first time less painful. And we had this whole big long discussion about it, which ended with us agreeing that no, we didn’t want anything like that to happen. So even if you could have, Michael, I wouldn’t have let you heal me or whatever,” Maria declared with certainty.

Well, now he knew why she had brought up the conversation with Liz. Now what he couldn’t understand was why either of them would willingly endure pain if they didn’t have to.

“Uh, why?” Michael asked.

“Because it’s a big deal, Michael. A rite of passage for a woman. There’s a lot of meaning and power in the spilling of blood, almost—almost like it were a sacred ritual,” she said earnestly.

Michael had winced when she had mentioned the blood but as Maria finished speaking his eyes sought hers. He thought back on what they had experienced together and smiled a little as he looked at her.

“Yeah. Sacred, that’s—a good word,” he echoed. A moment later he was dazzled by her brilliant smile. He watched Maria stretch out on the bed, still smiling, and she patted the mattress in front of her.

“So, you going to join me, Spaceboy?” she invited, eyes sparkling. Michael glanced down at himself, noting the water that clung yet to his skin and hair. He moved towards the bed anyway.

“I’m going to get you all wet,” he warned. Maria’s smile deepened and her eyes smoldered.

“Hmm, you’ve already done that,” she purred and Michael’s knees went weak as he stopped directly in front of her. He had enough time to register what the flicker of emotion on her face meant before Maria’s hand shot out and whipped off the towel.

She touched curious fingers to his erection, smiling when he inhaled abruptly.

“Watch the nails, please,” Michael said huskily as desire uncurled in his stomach.

“Oh, I am,” Maria teased and she ran the tip of one long fingernail along his length. A low moan escaped Michael’s throat as she continued to trace delicate lines with her fingernails. He couldn’t remember why he’d thought it was a bad idea. Through the cascading pleasure he became aware of how intently Maria was looking at his groin and he shifted, a little uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to be art or what, Maria, but I definitely feel like I’m on display,” he not quite complained. Maria glanced up at his face, her cheeks flushing.

“I didn’t mean to make you squirm, Michael. It’s just so—interesting, you know? And it’s—bigger than I remember it being, maybe because I’m so close,” she shrugged with a grin.

“Uh, you were closer last time,” Michael reminded her.

“Well yeah, but—Michael, haven’t you ever closed your eyes while you were drinking a milkshake?” she asked playfully. He nodded, not comprehending her meaning until she giggled and sucked air in through her pursed lips.

Oh, man, she’d just killed his love of bendy straws.

“So, uh, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I seem bigger?” Michael smirked, making Maria laugh.

“It was just an observation, Michael,” she teased, then relented. “I would say, you are undeniably beyond the small category, but you’re not quite in the “Oh my God how will that fit into my body?” category.”

Michael couldn’t help it; he threw back his head and howled with laughter. Maria laughed with him, but she also quietly slipped off the bed, kneeling in front of Michael. She sat back on her heels, waiting for him to look down. She wasn’t disappointed by his reaction when he finally did.

“Maria,” Michael groaned upon seeing her on her knees, her face tipped up to meet his gaze. There was a wicked sparkle in her eyes.

“I’m uh, I’m kinda in the mood for a milkshake,” she announced.

“I don’t think that’s such a great analogy,” Michael laughed, sounding breathless.

“Oh, I don’t know, I think it works pretty well. Thick, rich, and you have to suck really hard before you can swallow,” Maria dared to say, her voice sultry as she stared up at Michael. She exulted in the way his eyes darkened with desire and his throat worked soundlessly. The total honesty of Michael’s responses empowered Maria, giving her a courage she had never known she possessed.

Michael watched, fascinated, as her full lips parted and moved towards him as if in slow motion. There was no way he was thinking about mud, though. He wanted to focus on everything Maria was doing and… Wait a minute, did she say swallow? She didn’t mean—. His objection dissolved in the crash of sensation as Maria’s lips touched the base of his erection and she pulled back, sucking as hard as she had promised.

Oh God. Michael reached down and thrust his hands into Maria’s hair, locking them in her long curls. He was careful to hold only her hair and not to push her—not that she needed any help. He could see her mouth sliding rapidly along his erection and he had to close his eyes as his legs began to tremble in reaction to the storm her beautiful lips were creating in his body. It hadn’t been like this the first time, but then again, it hadn’t been for very long and Maria hadn’t been on a mission. More than that, though, it had been different because—Michael admitted to himself—because of their overpowering emotional need for complete unity. Everything else had fallen by the wayside, consumed by their drive to belong to each other, utterly and forever.

Maria was discovering that her mission was both a little more difficult and a lot more fun than she remembered. She could feel the tremors racing through Michael and hear the faint moans that he was unable to suppress. It was a heady combination, one that gave her an incredible thrill. To know that she could do this to him, that while she was the one on her knees she was also the one with the power.

“Maria,” Michael choked out, “you have to stop, or I—I’m going to…” he trailed off as her hand squeezed his, still wrapped in her hair, then returned to its firm grip on his hip. He understood that she did, in fact, mean to take it all the way and the very idea that she would do that, that she was open to it, was enough to trigger his orgasm.

Maria swallowed hurriedly as Michael came in her mouth. When she couldn’t feel any more liquid she slipped free of his erection and stood up, smiling when she caught sight of Michael’s face. His expression was somewhat dazed and it took a moment for his eyes to focus on her. When they did, he returned her smile.

“Wow. I—wow. Words don’t begin to describe how awesome that was,” he said sincerely, and her smile broadened.

“You look like you should sit down, Spaceboy,” Maria murmured affectionately. That returned Michael to his full senses and he flashed her a killer smile.

“Not while you’ve still got your clothes on,” he teased, reaching for the ties holding her top closed. Slowly he undid them and folded back the fabric, exposing her satin-covered breasts. Michael slid the open top off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor as his hands moved to remove the next barrier. He unbuckled the wide leather belt and unbuttoned her jeans, lowering himself to one knee as he pulled them down to her ankles and off, Maria stepping out of each leg as he picked up each of her feet in turn. Still kneeling, he slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her panties. Michael smiled reassuringly as he noticed that she looked a little nervous and kissed her navel as he eased her panties off, deliberately not looking at the skin he had just exposed.

With Michael’s mouth pressed to her belly and the rest of her bare, Maria reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, tossing it to the floor to join the rest of her clothing. She suddenly appreciated how vulnerable she must have made Michael feel earlier, all but staring at his groin, and she had been dressed still! Maria felt a little shy, but at least they were both naked. Her shyness was starting to burn away in a rush of desire though, as Michael kissed his way up the center of her chest to her mouth. He settled his lips against hers, licking at the seam and she parted her lips to allow him access. His tongue stole into her mouth and twined with hers as he pulled her flush against him. Maria moaned at the full body contact, slipping her arms around him and holding him tightly. She just barely registered the soft fabric pressed to her backside as the sheets on Michael’s bed as he lowered them down.

“Maria,” he groaned as he scattered wet kisses along her throat and collarbone. The damp ends of his hair brushed against her skin as he moved, making her shiver with the alternating hot and cold sensations. Michael moved his hands down her body, molding her curves, coming back up to gently knead her breasts. Maria arched into his hands, murmuring his name in a choked voice. It was unbelievable how she responded to him; that she was so utterly open. It made him feel…well, he didn’t want to examine that too closely, but it felt damn good.

Maria’s head was swimming with pleasure. It wasn’t as if Michael had never felt her up before, but not while they were both buck naked in his bed. Not when they both knew it was a prelude to so much more. There had been such emotional urgency their first time; shot through it all had been the driving need to get as close as possible before their impending separation. But this, this was pleasure for pleasure’s sake, and it was amazing.

“Michael!” she gasped. “I need—need more.” His eyes flickered to her face and he smiled before he bent and took one firm nipple into his mouth. Maria let out a long, low moan and threaded her fingers through the dampness of his hair, urging him on.

Michael tugged gently with his lips and teeth then moved to suck her other nipple. He alternated, wetly stimulating first one breast then the other, until Maria was writhing beneath him. Abruptly he realized that again, she needed more and he began to kiss his way down her torso.

“Did I ever tell you that you have a sexy navel?” Michael asked, inserting his tongue. Maria’s gasp was half laugh, half moan.

“No, but thank you,” she murmured in reply. “Michael…”

He looked up at her, seeing nervous anticipation and desire in her eyes. “Maria. I don’t want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, but, I’d like to, uh—.”

She reached down and placed her hand against his lips, stopping the flow of words as she smiled. “Michael, the only thing that would make me feel uncomfortable is if you stopped and left me like this.”

A rare grin crossed Michael’s face. “In that case, maybe I should stop, you know, and exact revenge for the many nights I went home with a serious case of blue balls.”

Maria arched one eyebrow. “The same nights you left me aching? I don’t think so, Guerin. You’re not getting out of this that easily,” she laughed.

Michael gazed at the beautiful face of the woman for whom he would have forsaken everything, and he knew it was time.

“I don’t want out of anything, Maria. Ever,” he emphasized, one corner of his mouth lifting as he saw the tears gather. Rendered momentarily speechless, Maria could only look at Michael with her heart in her eyes. The other corner of his mouth lifted in a full-blown smile and then he winked outrageously. Maria giggled, laughing when he bent his head and rubbed his nose in her soft curls.

Giggles notwithstanding, Maria felt incredibly nervous as Michael shifted, nudging her legs farther apart. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this nervous. Not that her brain was functioning properly right now anyway. It, too, was waiting in excruciating expectation for Michael to—oh. Oh. Oh, my!

She moaned, the sound high-pitched and wild. Michael felt the blood rush to his groin at her uninhibited response and he licked harder, his tongue burrowing into her wet center then dragging across her clitoris. He stayed put, working the highly sensitive skin with the tip of his tongue, smugly listening to her moans get louder.

Maria felt as though she might fly apart from the tension. As it spiraled towards an unbearable height she found her voice. “Michael! Oh my God, Michael, I’m gonna scream. In a good way, I swear! Mi—chael,” she trailed off in a moan.

Michael fought the urge to laugh as she continued, “Michael, if you stop now you are a dead man, do you hear me? A dead man, Guerin. As in deceased. As in—oh my God, there go my toes!”

Her toes? Michael had only a moment to wonder what Maria meant before he felt the tremors in her legs as they closed around his shoulders. He moved to keep with her as she arched her back, wincing when her hands pulled sharply at his hair.

“MICHAEL!” Maria screamed out as the world fractured unto a million dazzling patterns. She was conscious of nothing but the havoc Michael’s warm mouth was creating in her trembling body as intense pleasure crashed over her again and again. At last the storm began to abate and she stopped shaking like a leaf, calming down. Maria’s legs twitched as Michael gave her one final lick.

“Air, babe. I need air,” he reminded her gently, and Maria unlocked her legs with a dreamy smile. Michael couldn’t help but smile back as he sat up and saw the expression on her face.

“Well, I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now,” he joked. Her eyes focused on his face.

“You should be. That was—words fail me. But I am feeling way better than good!” Maria laughed. Then her tone changed like lightning and she said huskily, her eyes smoldering, “Michael, now.”

“What? Now—oh,” his eyes widened in understanding and he started to rise from the bed. Maria stretched out a hand to stop him, shaking her head.

“I’m on the pill, Michael.”

“For long enough?”

“Since Christmas, actually,” she confessed, a faint blush coloring her cheeks.

“Then why—never mind, I get it,” Michael answered himself. They had used a condom as well for their first time because her heart had needed the extra protection.

“Come here,” Maria invited, holding her arms out. Michael moved to cover her, kneeling between her spread thighs. He was about to ask if she was sure when he felt her hand close around his erection, guiding him in. As the tip embraced her wet heat his reservations melted away and he thrust into her.

“Oh! Michael, do that again,” Maria commanded, and they both laughed.

“Gladly,” Michael breathed as he withdrew and plunged back in. The tight feeling of Maria surrounding him was worth every price he had paid to come to this moment.

“Michael,” she sighed as he established a rhythm, pumping in and out of her smoothly. Maria wound her legs around his thighs and her arms around his waist, cupping his buttocks and encouraging him to move faster. He stared down at her, the green of her eyes shining like emeralds with her need, and Michael surrendered control to the pleasure coursing through them both.

“Maria. Oh, Maria,” he groaned as his lips found hers in a searing kiss, their tongues sliding together in a wild dance that echoed the pounding rhythm of their bodies.

“Michael. Oh God, Michael, faster,” Maria begged as they broke for air. Michael’s only answer was to speed up even more, his weight pressing her into the mattress with every powerful thrust. Maria clawed at him, trying to get him even deeper and he murmured her name against her throat in between open-mouthed kisses.

“Oh, Michael, I—I can feel it,” she said raggedly. Michael lifted his head to gaze at her, fascinated by the way her pupils dilated as her eyes widened. He knew the exact second her orgasm hit her; it was written all over her face, her body. She was so open to him, so trusting even after all his shit. And so as he felt her inner muscles clamp down on him, prompting his own release, he dropped rapid kisses all over her face, whispering, “I love you, Maria. God help me, I love you so much.”

Tears leaked from the corners of Maria’s eyes as she fervently returned his kisses. Their lips finally met in an endless kiss as their rhythm slowed to a halt and it seemed as though time had frozen, just to preserve this one moment forever.

At length time moved forward again and Michael and Maria broke their kiss in order to breathe. Michael brushed away her tears but they continued to fall. He made a distressed sound in the back of his throat and Maria hastened to reassure him.

“I’m not upset, Michael. Or hurt. That did not hurt! I mean, it was a little, uh, stretchy at first but it, uh, it got really good right away. And,” she fell silent as he grinned at her, realizing that she had been babbling. Ruefully she smiled back, but finished her sentence nonetheless, “And the tears are because I love you too, Michael.”

His smile didn’t falter as he withdrew from her body and rolled to one side, pulling her with him. He yanked the blanket up over them from the foot of the bed, then Maria snuggled into his shoulder. Michael twisted his head to look at her, his fingers idly stroking her arm.

“Stay with me, Maria,” he urged, a new vulnerability in his eyes. She didn’t understand what he was asking.

“Of course I’ll stay. Well, until about one o’clock in the morning then I’ll have to go home or my mother will be out for blood,” she snorted.

Michael tightened his arm around her, searching for the words that he needed.

“I don’t mean tonight. Or, not just tonight. And I don’t mean like move in or whatever. I mean, stay with me, Maria. Be with me. No matter what happens, say you’ll be here with me, that you won’t stop—stop loving me,” he managed to whisper, his throat tight as he spoke words he never thought he’d say. He watched comprehension and a transcendent joy dawn in her gaze then closed his eyes as Maria kissed him with infinite tenderness.

“Always, Spaceboy. Always.”

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