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Title: A Life So Changed
Category: M/L, M/M, I/J, I/A, K/S
[b Rating: Mild R – May be NC17?
Spoilers: Everything up to “Significant Others”.
Summary: Everything they wanted to know is finally answered. The question is…can they handle the answers?
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to Jason Katmins, Melinda Metz, Regency Television, FOX and UPN, etc... No infringement intended.
Sue if you want, but you won't get much I promise. Only the mind of a 15 year old girl going through the tough times of teenage adolescence and hormones.
Note: Hey guys. Just want you to know this is first fic. I don’t want you to be gentle with me…just be honest. Hopefully you’ll like it…if not, well, at least I tried. This will probably be for the long haul…um 20 or so chapters? I don’t know yet. This fic will answer to everything I wanted to know. Anything you want written or want to suggest, post it on the board or email me. Feedback is not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice for you guys to give me shout.

Enough with the babble, I give you A life So Change.*bounce*

Chapter 1a

They were heading down 285 North, towards Roswell. Ever since they learned the Granolith had left Earth and couldn’t pinpoint its location, they spent the last couple of months contemplating their options. Stay where they were and hope everything turns out for the best or go and help them. The decision was made. And now they were heading to the capital of little green men.

She had been so hurt for last couple of years…well Earth years anyway. It amazed him how calm and…strong she seemed. But that couldn’t be far from the truth. In the short time she has lived, not one period of her life had she been rid of guilt. Duty and honour were thrusted into her hands. Into a life she never asked for. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do. To leave him, and still she survived…or so he thought.

Early this morning he caught her sobbing in the bathroom. She said she was crying to a film and went to wipe them off. But the TV was never on. She hardly cried. She didn’t want anyone to see how hurt she was, especially someone of her stature. She wanted to brave for everyone. He was supposed to protect her. He has done his job well over the years, protecting her…physically anyway. But how could he prevent her from such heartache?

The hours had past, and the Sun had long settled. She felt numb, and wanted nothing more than to sleep. To sleep so she could forget. Forget him and the promises they made together. Tomorrow they would have been together for seven years, and three months ago; they would’ve had their first wedding anniversary. She would have been married to the man who possessed her heart. She would never have that day now.

Sleep. The eyes commanded her to sleep, and she wanted to, but not yet. To had to stay focus and think about them, and how to protect them from any harm. She had to think that these would be yet another group of people she would have to leave in the end. People whom she loved, or what’s remaining of their essence anyway. People who never met her before…in this life. She could only pray that day would never could never come, that she wouldn’t have to say goodbye.

“We’re here,” she heard him say as she felt the car come to a halt.
She looked out of the window and into the pouring rain. It was just too wet this time of year. She remembered that it used to be dryer and warmer than this. Then again she hadn’t been back in years, may be the climate changed. What would she know? Further in front of her was a typical All-American home in the perfect little community. She wouldn’t be surprised if there was a white picket fence in the back yard. Home. Funny word. She never been home for a long time, at least no without him. Her home; 6024 Murray Lane, Roswell, New Mexico.

She could only hope she would stay here long enough to see if it had that potential of being called her home.

She could only pray for what’s about to come.

Chapter 1b

Eventually she made her way upstairs and turned into the first room on her right.

“Home, sweet home” she mumbled and flopped her suitcase onto the mattress. She eyed the unfamiliar room and spotted the see-through material. She walked over to the object and placed her palm on it. She took her hand off and looked at the fingerprint she made. The object was a large crescent shaped window leading on a balcony.

She loved rooms like that…ones that gave you the freedom of walking out into the air and right back in your haven. The window at night would give her a perfect view of the night sky no doubt. Perfect for stargazing. There were still a few drops of rain falling outside that clouded her vision of the stars. She didn’t mind the rain. In fact, she thought it made the stars shine brighter. Cleaning all the dust away from the sky. She flipped the lock up and pushed the window. She stepped out onto the balcony, careful not to get wet, and breathed in the fresh air.

“Hey, you okay?” he asked and suddenly sorry that he broke her out of her reverie.

For just a moment he thought he saw he smile. For the first time, in a long time, the look on her face was actually…peaceful.

“Yeah, I’m fine. But if you’re thinking of getting this room, you can think again mister. I called dibs,” she said quietly with a chuckle and continued to stare at the stars.

“No, no. The room’s all yours. Do you help with any of the boxes cuz I can help you with them.”

“Nah, its okay. I’ll get them tomorrow, and the rest of the stuff’s arriving next weekend. Umm,” she turned around to face him “…do you mind if I go for a walk? I wanna clear my head.”

“Uh…yeah. No problem, go ahead,” he said quietly. He bit his tongue, not wanting to tell her that he didn’t want her to go out alone.

“What??” she said irritated, because she knew he was staring at her and wanted to tell her something.

“Nothing. Its just…are you sure it’s safe?” he really couldn’t tell her he was afraid for her.
“I mean we only just got here and I don’t want you getting in any trouble.”

“I won’t. I promise,” she headed for the door but he called out to her…

“Wait!” he commanded and thrusted a coat in her hands. “It might start raining heavy again, so take this.”

She smiled at his kind gesture, “Thanks. I’ll probably be back late, so don’t wait up for me okay?”

“Yeah that’s fine.” And with that she was already out the door.


An hour later, she found herself in the park. She hasn’t been her in so long. Her mind must have lead her here by instinct. She had walked along the pathway and sat on the bench. It was a little damp but she didn’t care, the coat kept her warm. She kneaded her palms into her eyes and began to cry. But she didn’t want to. She had to be brave this time.

Everything she had, everything she ever wanted was taken away from her. It wasn’t fair. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why did –

“Are you okay?” a feminine voiced said. She looked up and saw a tall blonde towering over her with concern.

“Why is everyone asking me that lately?” and wiped her tears away.

“May be because you’re out here in the middle of the night by yourself and crying. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t look like an okay situation to me.”

“I’m fine really,” and really took a good look at her face and give a small gasp.

“What? Do have a zit or something?” and went to reach into her purse to get her compact mirror.

“Uh, no. It’s not a zit. You just look familiar that’s all,” she said and tried to get past the shock. She was expecting to contact them, but not this soon. Wait till Adak hears about his.

“Mind if I sit down?”

“No. Go ahead,” she shifted across the bench to make room for the tall blonde.

“Thanks…Hey, can I asked you a question?”

“Ask away,” she wondered what she wanted to ask.

“Why are you crying?” she wanted to ask her that from the beginning but she look so fragile. She only saw one person who broke down like that.

“Have you ever found out something that you really wanted to know, but in the end, when you found out the truth, you didn’t want to believe it?” She felt the tears brimming her eyes again.

“Yeah, I have actually,” she replied with equal favour.

“Well that’s why I’m crying.” She used the sleeve of her coat to wipe away her eyes this time.

“Oh. Well, have you ever thought don’t believe everything you told?” Her curiosity was piqued. This girl who she never seen before was in a similar situation she was.

“That rule doesn’t apply to me,” she replied with conviction.

“If there is one thing I have learned from living in Roswell, it’s that not everything in this world is black and white you know.” If only she could convince herself of that.

“No its worse.” She really didn’t what to talk about how she was doing or what her problems were.

“There’s nothing I can do to convince you that not everything is as it seems, is there?”


“Do you say ‘no’ to everything?” she said with a small laugh.

“No,” and laughed herself.

“You’re new here aren’t you?” If there was anything she could do, it was at least help her adjust to a new town.

“You can say that. I just moved into the new house on Murray Lane.”

“You’re kidding. That’s where I live. You just moved into 6024 right?”

She simply gave a nod.

“I’m Isabel Evans. It was nice to meet you…” and stuck her hand out to give her a handshake.

“Sam. Samantha Williams,” and stuck her hand out to accept the greeting.

Isabel stared at the black haired Chinese girl and gave a knowing smile. If she thinks I look familiar, the feeling’s mutual. There’s something about her I can’t put my finger on. Well this is going to be an interesting year, she thought.

OK guys, I know it’s a bit on the boring side, but I promise you, it will get better soon.*big*

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Chapter 2

The Sun peered through a gaping in the drawn curtains and descended on his face. It shone brightly on his statqueic face and he stirred on the couch to avoid the light. He finally woke up due to a very disturbing noise coming from the bathroom…

“…Just call me angel of the mornin’ baby…” a voice sang out in the shower.

“Urgh…Can you please shut up?” A muffled groan came through the door.

“Keep it up Maxwell and you won’t have a place to crash anymore!” Michael shouted back at him.

“Can you sing something else…I mean anything else? Why do you have to sing anyway? I thought that was Maria’s department.”

“It is,” he shouted again and barged into the living room with a vest on and a towel around his waist, “but singing in the shower is not unheard of ya know. Besides, it helps me relax.” Michael pleaded his case and made a beeline for the Coco-Puffs and Tabasco sauce before Max had a chance to.

Max raised his eyebrows and eyed him suspiciously, then a revelation dawned on him.

“You’re not getting any are you?!” and proceed to laugh his head off.

Michael made glare at Max, “A gentmun dos iss und ell,” he said with a mouthful of Coco-Puffs and Tabasco-coloured milk.

“What?” Max asked perplexed and snatched the Coco-Puffs from the breakfast table, away from Michael.

“A gentleman,” he swallowed a mouthful of Coco-Puffs before he continued, “doesn’t kiss and tell.” Michael replied with his famous Guerin smirk.

“Since when were you a gentleman Michael, and I know you and Maria have done more than kissing!”

If looks could kill, Max would’ve have been buried six feet under.

"Was it something I said?" and he gave his own smirk.

“Shut up…and give me back my cereal!” Michael growled and looked like he was ready to pounce Max any minute.

“No-way! I’m hungry to. Didn’t Maria ever tell you its nice to share?”

"Maria tells me a lot of things. Do I ever listen?" They both laughed at his joke.

Max went to pour the cereal into the bowl – but it wasn’t enough to fill half of it.

“Great…just great.”

“Hey since there’s not enough for you, I’ll take the rest.” Michael eyed the cereal box like it was his last meal.

“Here take it, whatever,” and Max threw the box on the table.

“Whoa…what’s crawled up your ass and died? It seems like you’re the one that's not getting any,” Michael wanted to know and reached out for the Coco-Puffs.

“Sorry…it’s not you…its Liz…and her dad…” he trailed off. He didn’t want to think about Liz being sent away. Not now. Not ever.

“So want did he say? I mean…you came in last night like you lost you puppy or something.”

“Its nothing…no it is something. He said if I ever see Liz again, he’ll send her to Winnaman academy…in Vermont.”

“Harsh,” he said, feeling his pain, “So whatcha gonna do?”

“Don’t know yet…but I have to make him understand somehow.”

“No offence Max, but taking his daughter across state lines and then to have her arrested for armed robbery is not goin’ to make him ‘understand’.” He bended his index and middle fingers on each hand to emphasised his point.

“I know, I know. I have to try something though. Anything.”

Michael walked over and gave him a pat on the back, “Well, ya know I got you back right?”

Max turned to face him, “Thanks Michael, for that and for letting me stay here.”

“No problem Max. You can pay your dues by fixing the water for the shower. Its way too cold.”

Max gave him a laugh, “Well how ‘bout breakfast for a start? I know a certain Mr. Parker is at a restaurant convention in Albuquerque and there’s a certain waitress I know I want to see.”

“Fine, but only cuz I’m still hungry and you’re paying since I’m letting you crash here and all, and you still have to fix the shower.”

“Okay, Okay. My treat.”

“Cool. Let’s go.” As soon as Michael went for the door, Max interrupted him

“Uh…Michael? You might want to re-think your clothes,” he tried to hide his laugh and then pointed at him, “’cause you’re only wearing a vest and towel. You’ll be the one that gets arrested this time...for indecent exposure.”

Michael look down to see what he was wearing, “Right, right. Um…give me two seconds to get dress,” and ran to his room.

As soon as the door was shut, Max let out a huge laugh. It wasn’t long before he had tears in his eyes.

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