Title: I Never Thought It Would Be You
Author: Ella
Category: AU/UC & CC Ma/Mx, Mi/I A/L K/T
Rating: R
Disclaimers: Nope I don’t own them.
Summary: Okay basically the whole second part of the first season didn’t happen they way it did on TV some things are different. Tess isn’t evil just misguided. That’s it for the summary I can’t give out to much info.

Note: Thanks to Mo my beta and I did use that line you suggested I didn't think it sounded to cheesy.

Challenge #3
-An old false spoiler says that Maria is Max's true destiny
-You decide how everyone figures this out
-Max and Maria have to be together by the end
-No Liz bashing.


Maria Deluca had no idea how much her life was about to change. It already
changed drastically when she found out aliens existed. Her best friend, Liz Parker was
killed a year and a half ago. Then Max Evans, a shy, quite, boy who happened to be an alien, brought her back to life. Evidently Max had been crushing on Liz for a long time and risked his on life to save hers. Once Maria got over the fact that he was an alien she thought it was romantic.

With her alien she had no luck in the romance department. Michael Guiern, her well she guessed ex-boyfriend, because she didn't really know if she had the right to call him that. Maria tended to feel that her feelings for him were not on the same level as his feelings for her. She figured that out when he started dating Isabel Evans. They wanted to try
the destiny thing. Maria had nothing really against Isabel since she's the one who told her what was happening and not Michael. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt seeing them together.

Her two best friends had officially started dating. Alex and Liz were now dating and she had to admit the looked cute together. It seemed while she was leaning on Max they were leaning on each other.

Max became a good friend. He told Tess that he didn't want the destiny thing right off. The alien King just didn't fill that way about her.

He tried all summer to get Liz back, but she wasn't going to budge. When she walked away from him at the cave that was when she decided that they weren’t meant to be. The girl he thought was his soul mate told him she loved him, but he was destined for greatness that didn’t involve her.

Upon his highness’ quest to get Liz back Maria helped him. The blonde pixie tried talking to her best friend, but Liz explained and although part of her understood a part of her that was the hopeless romantic didn't. Maria guessed it was because she thought as long as there was hope for them there was hope for her and Michael.

So when there loved ones started dating other people after the end of the summer they leaned on each other more than ever. Max was either at her house or Maria was at his. She felt that even though it wasn't true that she was becoming a third wheel when she was around Alex and Liz. Max felt the same way about when he was around Michael and Isabel.

So when they aren't hanging put as a group, or with each other, they are with Tess and Kyle. Maria had been trying her best to play match maker for those two. They were so cute together and Tess seemed so relaxed around Kyle. And Max was definitely relaxed when Tess was with Kyle, because that meant that all her attention wasn't put on trying to get him to follow destiny.

Maria loved the closeness that her and Max had. She sometimes felt like she could tell him things she couldn't tell Alex or Liz and she had no idea why. One time when she even touched him she felt like this electrical charge run through her body. The look he gave her spoke volumes, mirroring her own amazement in his clear hazel eyes. But what did it mean? And why was it that ever since then she'd been having dreams of what only she could describe as an alien planet?


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