posted on 24-Oct-2001 10:58:14 PM
I wrote this one day while I was sad... for some reason, that's when my best ideas come. *bounce*

Summary: future set, from the eyes of a 6 year old.

Rating: PG

Category: Let's go with AU

Spoilers: none.


Hi, my name is Maria Ann Parker, and I have a story for you.

It starts way back before I was born, a lotta yesterdays ago, with my mommy and daddy and brother. They all lived happily together, mommy's last name was still just Evans, and daddy was still here. They had my brother, Alex, and he remembers dad real well. He says he hates him now, for leavin'.

Anyway, daddy had to go somewhere right before I was born, and he still hasn't come back here. Mommy changed her last name to Parker-Evans, 'cause I'm a Parker, and Alex is an Evans, and she doesn't want us to feel bad.

Mommy cries all the time, late at night when she thinks we're sleeping. It makes me cry, too. She's so sad that daddy's gone somewhere. Alex says daddy is very bad, and he's mean anyway.

My best friend's name is Lizzy Deluca-Guerin, and her daddy's gone, too. My mom and her mom are bestest friends. Mommy says they both went away on the same trip.

Lizzy and Alex and me have a really big secret that we can't never tell anyone. You see, we have magic powers. I'm telling the truth! One day, Lizzy's kitty, Snowball, got hit by a car. Alex picked her up, and POOF! Like magic, she was all better. Alex can do stuff like that sometimes. I can, too, but sometimes...actually, most times is doesn't work. Lizzy has a whole 'nother power. She can break stuff by lookin at it. One day we were playin barbies, and she got mad and made mine explode.

But then somethin weird happened just a few yesterdays ago. I was playin up in my room, and I heard a dish break. Then, mommy start screamin. I ran downstairs to see if she was ok. Mommy was jumpin up and down, and hugging and kissing this stranger all over. Finally, she saw me and Alex standin' there watchin. Once Alex got a good look at him, he started jumpin around, too. Turns out, that's my daddy.

He's not mean like Alex says. He reads me stories and gives me hugs all the time. And he gave my a rock he says it's from another planet. I don't believe him. He'd have to be an alien or something to get one!

Oh, did I tell you? Lizzy's dad came back, too. And Mommy, she hasn't cried once since daddy came home.

So, I guess this is the part where we live happily ever after. I hope so!



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posted on 27-Oct-2001 12:36:14 PM
Thanx for all the feedback! I don't think I will be continuing this story, just because I don't know how. I wrote this as a one parter, without future plans for it. I'm in my writing intraphase, between big fics. I'm almost ready to start my next one, Too Much Too Stay Away. (m/l after busted) so, yeah...*angel*