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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 12

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone

Rating: PG-13 (For now!!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

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Lying only a few feet away was Max, curled up on the sofa with the burgundy throw draped over his lower body. Hands resting comfortably behind his head, he tried to recount the events of that evening. Everything had started to perfectly. Dinner had been an excellent success, building upon the grounds of the kiss they’d shared, and taking them up the next rung on the ladder towards so much more.

But, the end of the evening had been so much of a nightmare, not lease for Liz. Just thinking of her having to recount her prior experience tugged at his heart and made him feel so sad for her.

She been through so much pain and heartache, none of which she deserved. Max was sure, as he tried to drift into a deep sleep, that he was going to stay right there for her, leading her towards safe ground. Waiting, gently pushing Liz towards the goal of rebuilding her faith in the world, human race, and men in particular.

His heart made up his mind that night so easily; he would risk whatever it took to make Liz Parker his woman.


The bright sunshine of another welcoming day brought Liz out of her slumbers. Blinking her eyes, for a few moments she tried to remember where she was. Staring around the room, she noted nothing that could jog her memory, and for a moment she panicked. She was used to waking up in her own comforting room and bed, being in this strange environment was somewhat scary.

It was then that she started to recall the events of the night before, and where she was came flooding back.

In the cold light of day too, she put into perspective everything that had happened. The mugging had been awful, a monumental disaster. Not only had it shook her to her very core, but also she had fallen apart.

Thinking back to how she had cried so openly in Max’s arms, she couldn’t help but cringe. Not in a very long time had she shown herself as weak or necessitating male support. However nice and comforting it had felt in her hour of need, now she cursed herself for allowing her hard fought strength to desert her just when she needed it most.

Max was, after all, little more than a business associate hired to help with the takeover. She’d agreed to dinner partly to stop Maria’s hassling and partly to say thank you for the flowers. They had definitely overstepped the boundaries of work colleagues, and that was something she felt guilty about. Never before had she dropped her priorities before, and let her heart rule her business mind, and it scared her how quickly he’d got under her skin.

Throwing back the soft covers, Liz scouted out of the large, inviting, bed and scrambled for her trousers. Looking down she saw the crisp white t-shirt Max had leant her draped over her upper body, the top swamping her tiny frame.

Quickly changing, she felt much better once in her own clothes. By the time she put her hand on the door handle, Liz was feeling much more in control. She knew what she had to do, and nothing was going to stand in her way.

Stepping into the living room, she saw Max sleeping peacefully on the sofa. His arm was draped over his eyes, his hair tousled through sleep. His lower body was covered by the throw, but his upper body was exposed in all its glory. He had shorts on, she assumed, but nothing covered his bare chest.

Her breath caught in her throat for a brief moment as she was unable to avert her eyes from the glorious sight in front of her. He did look simply breathtaking as he slept so soundly, she couldn’t help but think.

His exposed body almost deterred Liz from her path of where she was going. Almost, but not quite.

Grabbing a piece of paper and pen from the coffee table, Liz scribbled Max a quick note, placing it where she thought he’d see it.

Taking one last look at Max in all his glory, she took a deep breath before quietly exiting his apartment and stepping out into the hot morning sun.

Rolling over, Maria gently opened her eyes, and came face to face with the body occupying her bed. It was a little after 10.30am on Saturday morning, and she couldn’t help but feel so relaxed.

The night before had been wonderful, a movie and then dinner at a posh restaurant, then as normal they ended up back at her apartment for desert. They’d made love in her living room, neither wanting to make the short journey up to her bedroom. It had been frantic and frenzied, but also everything they both desired at that moment.

And now, as she thought back to the previous evening, she subconsciously snuggled closer to Michael, wanting and needing to feel his naked body close to her exposed skin.

Gently she ran her fingers along his arm and up to his shoulder blade before dancing them across his muscular chest. Not for the first time that week, Maria wondered what she’d done to deserve such a wonderful man.

It was true, she didn’t know him that well on some counts, but on others, perhaps the more important ones, she knew him inside and out. Although they’d only been seeing each other for a matter of days, it felt like they’d always been together to Maria. In her heart she knew she was falling for her rough gem, and prayed and hoped Michael felt the same about her.

Stirring, he gently opened his eyes and caught Maria looking at him.
“Morning.” She smiled at him.
“Morning.” He replied gruffly, looking at her face for a few moments before linking a hand around the back of Maria’s neck and bringing her lips crashing down on his.

It started as a simple wake up kiss, but quickly spiralled out of control. Scooting across, Maria stretched her leg over Michael’s body, and pulled her body over so that she straddled his stomach and loomed over him.

Teasingly, she knelt on the bed, so that her body was kept away from Michael’s. Leaning down, she ran a trail of kisses along his upper body, and then downwards, stopping as she got just below his belly button. Lifting her head again, she leaned down to kiss Michael passionately once again, keeping her lower body away from his all the while.

The lack of contact with her body was starting to drive Michael wild. Pushing his lower body upwards, he tried to make contact with her silky skin. Instinctively Maria pulled away, teasing and taunting him in the process.

Growling part in frustration and part in anticipation, Michael used his considerable weight advantage, swiftly flipping them so he exchanged places with Maria and loomed over her petite frame. Forcing her legs apart, his body rested between them for a few moments.

Looking up into his rich brown eyes, Maria saw the flames of passion burning brightly, his eyes flickering in the morning sun. His action had been a dominant one, perhaps a little predatory also, and it made the hairs on her body stand up in response. Blood thundered through her ears, her pulse was racing and her skin heating up in anticipation of his next move. Her breathing was coming in short gasps, her need heightened even further.

Staring at her for a small second, he quickly captured her lips in a steamy lock, before roughly taking her body and joining them as one. A small cry was emitted from Maria, part shock, and a little in pain. His action had been reckless and forceful, but once recovering from the initial shock it excited her further.

The urgency fuelling his body pushed Michael further onwards. All thoughts of being gentle flew out the window as his resolve and control deserted him. Over and over he slammed into her body, conscious only of his one goal and aim.

Her teeth bit at his lip, drawing blood from them, as she got closer and closer with each thrust towards her end. Her head was spinning, her body swimming in passion as he seized her soul.

His control rapidly deserted him, sending Michael spiralling out of control. With another grunt he allowed the wonderful feelings to engulf him as he empted his seed with veritable force.

Inside a few seconds, Maria joined him in the mass of oblivion. Wave after wave of amazing joy rushed over her, leaving her breathless as she started to come back down to earth.

Reality hit him like a bucket of ice-cold water as he started to return back to earth. Peeling his body away from hers, Michael flumped down beside Maria.

For a moment the room was silent apart from the heavy breathing they were both sharing.

“I’m sorry.” He finally said sincerely, breaking the silence.
“What for?” She queried, rolling on to her side and resting her head on her palm so she could look at him.
“For loosing control, for being too rough ……… for hurting you.” He replied.
“You didn’t hurt me Michael, well not much. It’s cool to loose control once in a while!” She replied, snuggling up to his body as his arm looped round to hug her tight.

Closing their eyes, the young lovers quick descended into the realm of sleepy dreams, content with everything they had just shared.

Slowing waking up, Max gradually lifted his heavy arm off from across his eyes. It hadn’t been the best night’s sleep, he was the first to admit it, but needs must. Liz had been his guest, there was no way he would have allowed her to spend the night on the sofa. And something told Max there was no way Liz would have allowed him to share the one bed in the house with her.

On thinking about why he’d spent the night on the sofa, his thoughts quickly jumped to Liz. Although she’d been relatively calm by the time they went to bed, he was still concerned about her.

Throwing back the blanket, Max grabbed the white T-shirt laying on the floor by the coffee table. Pulling it over his head, he headed to the kitchen to switch on the kettle before turning in the direction of his bedroom.

For some reason, the potential thought of seeing a sleeping Liz sprawled out on his bed make his heart jump. Although he’d tried for so long to ignore the feelings he had for Liz, now he’d finally admitted them, it was impossible to look at her as just a business associate.

She was so much more to him, a colleague, an excellent business associate, a friend ……… and maybe one day a lover?

Pushing the last thought to the deepest crevice of his mind, Max slowly turned the large brass handle to his bedroom. Quietly pushing open the door, he allowed it to swing open before he stepped across the threshold into the room occupied by the dark haired beauty.

Or at least he had expected the room to be occupied by that dark haired beauty. Yet, as his eyes scanned the room, he noted no sign at all of Liz’s whereabouts. At first he thought perhaps she was in the bathroom, but the door was wide open and there was no sign of her.

The only evidence that she had once occupied his room was the ruffled covers on his bed that had obviously been hastily pulled over. Sinking down on the soft silk linen, Max paused to think where Liz might have got to. It was only as he turned round that he noticed the note strategically placed on the silky cream pillowcase.

Stretching his hand out, he collected the paper and brought it close so he could read it. Without even looking at her name, he knew instinctively it was from Liz.

Max, sorry for last night, thanks for being understanding. I’ve imposed myself on you far too long, work colleagues don’t normally spend the evening together. And that’s all you are Max, just a business associate. I’m sorry if I’ve led you on. Take care Liz

Staring down at the paper in amazement, Max tried to get his brain to compute the words he was reading. She’d left, ran, disappeared without even saying goodbye.

Standing up, he couldn’t help but feel like he’d been kicked hard in the gut. All the air in his lungs quickly disappeared, making Max feel like he was winded. Gasping in a breath, he tried to regain his composure, despite the obvious lack of people in his apartment.

He’d done everything right; at least that’s what he’d thought. He’d been slow, not rushing her, and at the end of the meal she seemed ready to take things a little further than business associates. The attack hadn’t been pretty, and had clearly hit her hard, but he’d helped her there too. He’d comforted her, consoled her and listened when she needed to recount her story.

Hell he’d even given up his bed for her to sleep in, since he hadn’t wanted her to be alone in such a fragile state.

Yet after everything, after all his good deeds, she’d just vanished without a trace. Despite everything though, what hurt most was the last sentence in her note, ‘I’m sorry if I’ve lead you on’.

He knew he’d read the signs right, Max was certain she’d wanted more the previous evening, but now nothing more than business colleagues?

His head was still in a spin as he headed out to the kitchen. Putting two large spoonfuls of coffee into a mug, he poured in the hot water, before taking a large gulp of the strong black liquid.

Expectedly, it scolded his throat as he swallowed, but Max didn’t care, he didn’t even really feel the pain. She’d inflicted much more than any hot liquid ever could.

For the very first time, a woman had crashed into his life and made Max Evans sit up and take notice. She was so different from the others, so much more special. But she had run away from him, and it hurt like hell.

For the first time in his life, Max finally knew what a broken heart felt like, and he didn’t like the feeling one little bit.

As she laid in the bath that night, Liz was certain of one thing, she had to dig herself out of the terrible mess she was now in. Facing Max after her meltdown and then run would be too tough. She didn’t normally dart from confrontation, but this time she was prepared to concede.

Max Evans had gotten under her skin, and been the closest guy since Kyle to succeed in his quest towards her heart. But that had to stop, and now, before things got even more complicated. She was a loner in life, plain and simple, love and relationships just didn’t go with that.

The answer was clear to her, as the hazy mist from the scorching bath circled around the bathroom. She had to go and see James Valenti tomorrow and sort it out once and for all. She had to regain control of a situation that had threatened to spiral rapidly out of control.


TBC ………………..?

Author: Kazza – 22nd September 2001
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