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Title: Elevation

Author: leaving_normal

Rating: U-R but mainly PG-13 I think

Disclaimer: I've got nothing to do with Roswell...

Synopsis: It's the sequel to my Fic 'You Can't Control Your Destiny'. The main plot is that everyone's trying to move forward (elevation), but theres somethign drawing them all back... Alex. It's a gang fic, with a lot of M/M and M/L, and eventually even some A/I??? You'll have to find out.

Note: I'm gna include stills in this to help you visualise things. Most of my stills will come from - its a great site, check it out!

You Can't Control Your Destiny can be found here:
You Can’t Control Your Destiny


Prologue – Diary Entry – Liz

October 15th 2001,

Where do I start? Well, where it all began I suppose. It’s October 15th, and I’m Liz Parker.

It’s been 6 months since Alex… Well, since Tess killed him.

When Alex died, a part of me died with him. He was my best friend, someone who I loved and trusted, and cared for so deeply that I would have done anything for him. I can’t remember ever feeling so alone. When I tried to get some answers from his death, I found out a lot about myself too. Tess killed Alex, and for that I hate her. I never knew that I could possibly hate someone that much. That’s a different side to me, and now? After messing about with those blue crystals, my genetic make up is well, weird. I’ve inherited the capability to access some of the pod squads powers. But that’s a long story. My news is so much more exciting.

Tess, well Ava, that is the Ava that lived on Antar before I was even born, had a daughter whilst married to Zan. But it wasn’t Zan’s baby, it was Rath’s (Michael’s) brothers baby. And her name was Antress. Anyway, to cut a long story short Antress tried to kill us all because she wanted the full attention of her mother (Tess) who was too busy with Kivar and Max’s new born son to even remember she had another daughter. Plus the fact that she should have been a Princess probably accounted in there somewhere, but the most amazing piece of news that came out of this was the fact that Tess really did have Max’s baby. And now his son is up there on Antar, in the hands of Kivar. To say the least, Max is not happy. Not that we talk much anyway…

So we’ve been working on a way to get his son back. We’ve had a few bonding sessions, that is, all of us. Remembering things about the past; when we were all very different people. Given that finding Max’s son is driving us all crazy, and further and further apart, we actually made a break through with Michael’s help.

But strangely diary, it’s not just Max’s baby we can bring back.


What if we can bring back Alex?

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Chapter 1 – Sparks that fly…

Michael stared at the entrance to the Grenelith chamber. Or, to be more precise, what was left of it. A pile of dust and rocks guarded the entrance, as the blistering sun beamed down on Max and Michael’s backs.

Michael swept away beads of sweat forming on his forehead and with a sigh approached Max. He looked at their tall, dark haired leader, then looked at the pile of rocks. He looked at Max again, and then at the pile of rocks. Max’s brown eyes were set in concentration. Michael furrowed his eyebrows,

“ Max, they aint going to move by you staring at them. You’re good, but you ain’t that good.” Michael said half-heartedly. The slight autumn breeze flew effortlessly through in his tawny dark hair. As ever, Michael was not bothered about his appearance; as he turned his attention to the focus of today’s events, Max Evans. Max turned to Michael.

“ I am doing the right thing.”

He stated, although, as Michael realised it was more of a question than a statement. Michael patted him on the back.

“ If you think your son needs rescuing, then we’re all in it together.” Michael said, complete sincerity surrounding his promise. Max shook his head,

“ Michael, I know he’s on Antar. Antress told us that. And when I think of the torture he’s being put through, oh god I can’t handle it.” Max said as he hung his head in shame.

The recent events still toyed with him. Antress had nearly killed every single one of them, if it wasn’t for Liz and her new found ‘powers’ there was a strong possibility they wouldn’t be alive now. Max glanced at Michael. Family was so important to him now. To all of them. When Antress had nearly killed them all, it made Max realise that they needed each other so much. Max felt a familiar murmur in his chest.

Liz. He ached when he thought of her. He hadn’t seen her in days, he thought it was best that he kept his distance, especially when she was still recovering from the whole Antress situation. Grimacing at the memory, Max remembered how Liz had nearly sacrificed herself for every single one of them. Then at her words.

“We can’t be together.”

He again held his head in shame, as Michael began clearing away the rocks using his powers. Max looked up to the sky. He felt angry jolts of reality rise up inside him, “ Why can’t anything go right for us?” He posed the single question he needed to know the answer to into the sky, hoping that one day he would find an answer. Max felt a tiny pebble land on his shoe and looked over to Michael, who had cleared away the majority of the rocks blocking the entrance to what may be his only way of reaching his son.

“ Hey pretty boy? A little help may be nice.” Michael said as he whistled in Max’s direction. Max smiled faintly, as he began to clear away the rocks that might lead to a new life for him…

* * *

Kyle awoke to find a soft breeze flowing through his window and the famous New Mexico sun shining down on him. He stretched himself out and lay on his side, reaching for the remote to the TV. It felt good to have his room back. It had been weird, clearing away all of Tess’s and Antress’s stuff. And his knees and elbows still ached from being kidnapped. He sighed, thinking to himself, “Kyle, you need a vacation.” He pressed an enormous amount of buttons until he found a Jerry Springer re-run, at which point he settled, quite comfortably, back into bed. He stifled a yawn. The handsome athlete hadn’t slept much lately, as the dark circles loomed underneath his usually optimistic blue eyes. He decided to get up briefly, just to grab some chips and get back into bed. ‘No point in wasting a nice morning’, he joked to himself, as another faint smirk painted his tanned skin with signs of emotion.

He walked into their newly decorated Spanish kitchen, and laughed again at his silent joked. In true guy style, Kyle, standing only in his blue boxers, opened the fridge and gazed adoringly inside. He took out a carton of milk and drank straight from it, leaving a trail of milk on his lips.

As he spun around to open the cupboard, he thought he heard someone else in the house. Now, Kyle wasn’t an idiot. He closed the cupboard door quietly, so that it softly clicked shut. He looked directly at the glass that lined the cupboard door, and gulped at the image standing behind him. His eyes grew wide with fear. His hands started to shake. Forcing himself to turn around, Kyle looked at the figure eye to eye. The goosebumps invading his body had nothing to do with the temperature, as he slowly shook his head,

“ No,” He whispered softly. “ Not you.

* * *

Isabel’s golden hair was sprawled out across her lilac pillow, as she tossed and turned again. It had been yet another of her sleepless nights, where she had cried for hours over Alex. She opened her pale brown eyes and allowed the world to witness her pain. She sighed again, too exhausted to cry. Her tear-stained cheeks were sore, as she effortlessly lifted herself out of the warm sanctuary and started to walk into the bathroom.

After Antress had fooled them all into thinking that Michael was dead, Isabel had to watch the reunion he had with Maria. She was so happy to have him back. But their embrace gripped at her heart. Maria had the man she loved back in her arms, why couldn’t Isabel have Alex back? She turned on the taps to the shower, and started to go about her everyday routine. She sighed as she read the note Max had left her. She screwed it up into a ball and slam-dunked it into her waste paper basket. Although, that very athletic move jolted Isabel into remembering today’s events.

“ Oh no,” She groaned as she leaped for the phone…

* * *

Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

Kyle diverted his attention to the phone that was ringing beside him. His eyes jolted towards the phone. Still standing frozen in the kitchen, he instantly turned back to where the figure was. But he had vanished. Kyle placed one shaky hand on the phone and clicked on the answer button,

“ Hello?” He said quickly into the receiver. The person on the other end of the line was obviously shocked at his response,

“ Kyle, It’s Iz, are you okay?” She said, her sexy voice filled with concern. She twiddled the phone cord round her fingers, as she paced up and down until settling on her unmade bed. Kyle took a moment to regain his bearings, until answering quietly,

“ Yeah, yeah I‘m okay. Going insane, but I’m okay.”

He answered, unsure what else to say. He scratched the back of his head as he wondered back into his messy room.

“ Sure, whatever. Anyway, I’m running late. Do you still want to meet?” Kyle took one look at himself in the mirror and tried to straighten out his hair,

“ Erm, nah I’m ok. I’ve uh, gotta help my dad out. You know, male bonding.” He rambled. The truth was he looked way too bad to even think about stepping outside of the door. He tried to find a clean pair of socks, by picking up various ones strewn across his floor and smelling them,

“ Say no more! I was thinking, how about we go to that club tonight. We both need to get out.” Isabel said, inviting her friend to spend the evening with her.

As everyone had noticed, Isabel and Kyle had become a lot closer since Alex had died. Everyone else had seemed too wrapped up in what was going on around them to notice how they had felt. But Isabel found comfort in Kyle’s simple world. And Kyle, too confused about Alex, Tess and Antress to think straight, had found re-assurance in Isabel’s ability to make him smile. It was a two-way friendship that they both really needed. Kyle again scratched his head, trying to think. He glanced at his flashing alarm clock; it was just coming up to midday. Plenty of time, he thought to himself.

“ Yeah sure. Club Alien? Ok, swing by and pick me up. Bout 7ish? Sure. Later.” Kyle said as he hung up the phone.

He threw it down on his bed, and began carrying out the same process of sniffing his shirts to see if they were clean. Still clad only in his tartan blue boxers, Kyle wondered into the kitchen, trying to find something at least halfway clean to wear. Going through the laundry, he noticed two figures asleep on his sofa. He diverted his eyes away from the sight of his father and Amy DeLuca cuddled up in each other’s arms. He again shook his head as he took out his blue jeans from the laundry basket and wandered off to watch the rest of Jerry Springer.


“ Hey!” Maria moaned at Liz. Liz had succeeded in spilling the contents of yet another ‘Will Smith’ burger over her friend, the fourth today in fact. Maria looked at her friend incredulously; the busy noise of the Crashdown created a normal daily atmosphere for the two. But Liz was acting far from normal today. Maria took her friend by the hand and dragged her into the storeroom.


“ Liz, either you tell me what’s bugging you or we’re going to have to give you shots to calm you down.”

Maria said, as she tried to peel the lettuce off her tacky uniform. Liz concentrated and in a flash she had removed the stains. She looked again at her hands,

“ You know, Isabel must save a fortune on clothes.” Liz said, tactfully trying to change the subject. Maria was not going to have it; she stared at her friend,

“ Liz…” She warned, grabbing a packet of flour off the shelf. Liz smiled,

“ Okay, Okay!” She held up her hands in defeat, and Maria lowered the flour bag slightly.
“ It’s Max okay,” Liz started, her brown eyes lighting up at the sound of his name rolling off her tongue, Maria rolled her eyes,

“ Should have known…” She moaned. Liz held up her hands,

“ These are now classified as lethal weapons, you know. I could kill you…” Liz said playfully, as Maria couldn’t resist a smirk. She could imagine Liz an alien. Although, given her new found powers and ability to cover up her feelings, Maria really did feel alien to Liz at the moment.

“ Liz, you’re getting as bad as Michael.” She lovingly informed her best friend, Liz pouted,

“ I think I’m insulted!” she said as she smiled mockingly. She wasn’t really offended; it was nice to have some normality in her hectic life.

“ Liz, you really need to get out. That’s why I have gone to the liberty of inviting you out with me and Michael tonight, Club Alien. How fitting?” Maria said. Liz smile dropped from her face, as she quickly drew away her gaze from Maria,

“ Well don’t jump up and down with excitement or anything!” She said, dejectedly. Liz sprung to her own defence,

“ No, Maria, it’s not that, it’s just I’m going to feel like a tagalong, you know…in a third party kind of way.” She said as she shifted uneasily from foot to foot. Maria placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder.
“ The amount of guys that are going to be there are unbelievable. You’ll get rid of me in the first second.” She insisted, not willing to give up so easily,

“ But Max…”

“ Max, smax.” Maria dismissed with the wave of her unoccupied hand.

“ If he wants to pass up an amazing girl like you then let him, there’s plenty of guys like him.”

Then Maria bit her lip, thinking about what she had just said. A small smile formed on Maria’s lips. Of course, there wasn’t another boy like Max Evans. With a muscular body, matched equally by his intense gaze and amazing good looks, he was what every girl dreamed of. Maria saw her opportunity, and quickly attempted to cover up her mistake. Quickly maybe, but as Maria took out a hand full of flour and threw it in her friends face, she realised she was being far from tactful. The flour gracefully glided over Liz’s dark features, as the cloud of dust forming in the store cupboard made them both cough. Grabbing a ketchup bottle off the side, Liz squirted her friend in retaliation. Liz smiled, the events of the past months leaving her young face, as she gladly rejoiced in some wholesome teenage fun. Not that they realised, but Liz’s dad soon stood in the doorway. From the sight of his bulging eyes, and tightened lips, it was clear that he was not amused.

“ Elizabeth, what in the hell is going on here?!” He furiously demanded. Liz gulped and raised her eyebrows; Maria just looked guiltily at the flour-covered floor,

“ I uh, erm, huh, well,” Liz stuttered, worsening her fathers already deteriorating mood. He shook his head, obviously disappointed in his daughter,

“ Elizabeth, your mother and I have a lot riding on you. We need you to pay full attention to your studies. None of this messing around or you’ll end up like…” He stopped in mid-sentence, biting his bottom lip. Liz’s brown eyes immediately clouded over once again. She stared at her dad. She knew exactly who he was referring to. Maria glanced from father to daughter, not having a clue what they were on about. Liz’s father finally backed down and walked away from them, vaguely muttering something about cleaning up. Maria turned to her shaken friend,

“ What was that all about?” She asked quizzically, searching for a dust pan and hand broom. After locating the shiny red broom, she started to sweep up the flour. Liz’s body still stood in shock,

“ Search me.” She said quietly and unconvincingly. Maria stared at her friend. She was sure something wasn’t right. But hey, it was nothing a night out in Club Alien wouldn’t fix. That reminded her,

“ So, what time am I picking you up?” She said, a smile playing on her lips. Liz couldn’t help but smile too at Maria’s persistency. And so, as Liz knelt down beside Maria, the two friends became re-united again, in a floury embrace as they shared a friendly hug.

“Well, tonight starts my new life. Watch out world. Here comes Liz Parker!”

* * *

“ Dude, there’s like, a whole other section to this book.”

The two had cleared away the rubble guarding the entrance to the Grenelith, and now sat gingerly inside. Max hated it here, this is where his life had started, seem by seem to fall apart. The once eerie glow of the Grenelith now lay dormant, and the only spooky thing about the cave was the echo that was formed by their deep voices. Max tenderly ran his hand along the purple symbols on the walls, as Michael sat cross-legged on the floor, the space book in his hands. The both of them were dirty; it had been a huge effort just to make it into the chamber. Max seemed unfazed by Michael’s comment. Michael looked up.

“ Max, I think its powers drained or something.” He said, referring to the gigantic lifeless tube which had once stored the power to get them home.

Max touched the glass like material, trying desperately to revive it. Michael watched in disbelief. Max must have been really desperate if he thought his powers could regenerate the Grenelith’s enormous storage of power.

“ Max aren’t you listening, I said…”

“ I heard what you said Michael, but I don’t want to hear it.” Max snapped back. Michael sprung to his own defence,

“ Don’t get hot headed with me dude, I ain’t the one who’s got the problem here.” Michael reasoned, a skill that Maria had helped him obtain. Michael took a threatening stance, warning Max that he was prepared to fight him.

Max backed down and dismissed Michael’s comment,

“ What if there’s like, energy cells or something,”

“ Oh yeah, like huge Alien batteries. I wonder what our Duracell Bunny looks like.” Michael said sarcastically.

He held the book in his hands, still shifting from page to page. It hadn’t taken him long to pick up the language. Like the alphabets on Earth, the Alien code had an alphabet. To Michael, it was like learning Spanish, or German. It helped a lot that Alex had decoded a lot of it; and the fact that Michael quickly picked up any sort of factual information or theories with incredible pace and speed meant that he was able to grasp the alphabet very quickly. Something caught his eye. On the hard-edged pages, a picture of the Grenelith stood out. It was unmistakable. Of course it was the Grenelith. Michael’s heart skipped a beat. Was this it? Was this the answer? He wasn’t sure, but he knew he had just stumbled upon something. Not wanting to raise Max’s hopes, he placed the book quickly into his worn rucksack and began to pace outside. Max turned to him,

“ Did you find something?” He eyed him suspiciously. Michael grunted,

“ Max, you said it yourself. The Grenelith was only capable of one trip. It’s gone man.” He said as he headed out of the chamber.

Max looked around the empty hardened walls. He sighed unhappily. This wasn’t going to be easy. Not at all. He followed Michael outisde, shielding his eyes from the brightening sunshine. He turned to Michael,

“ Now what?” He asked, as Michael started pacing towards their new motor-friend, lovingly renamed ‘Bob, Mark II’.

“ I dunno about you, but Maria and me are going out tonight so I’ve gotta have a shower and stuff…” Michael said as he threw his backpack into the back seats. The Destiny Book made a faint thud as it hit the new leather interior of the red jeep. Max’s face dropped again. Another lonely night at home for Max Evans, he thought as he cringed,

“ You know, why don’t you come with us. Just a bit of fun, you know.” Michael said, starting up the engine. Max reached for his seatbelt, knowing all too well what Michael’s driving habits were like,

“ Are you sure Maria won’t mind?” Max said, his black fringe falling over his clear brown eyes. Michael laughed,

“ Who cares. She’s dragging me out anyway, might as well bring a guy along.” He said as he put his foot on the accelerator. Max was pushed back into his seat, as his hands gripped the side of the dash board,

“ Sure then. Where are we going?” He enquired, actually looking forward to his night out. “ It’ll give me a chance to have some fun” he told himself, cringing again at the thought of his role as ‘spoilsport’ lately. Max vaguely wondered if he even knew what the word fun meant anymore,

“ Club Alien.” Michael said as he made a sharp right turn. Max hit his shoulder on the car. Tonight will be fun, if I live that long. Max said as he stared at his warrior friend. He smirked and looked at the clear stretch of road ahead. Max smiled to himself,

“Well, tonight starts my new life. Watch out world. Here comes Max Evans!”


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Hey all...

For my small in numbers, but amazing readers non the less, part 2a for you. I'll let you into a secret, I've already written chapters 1, 2 and 3.

Diary Entry

October 10th, 2001

I used to think that things would be okay, not matter how hard they got. But diary, all I can say is that when I looked into the eyes of Max Evans last night, I wanted to be with him forever. Although, things never seem to go right for me, or for any of us really.

I’ve lost him Diary.

This time its real. Max Evans and Liz Parker are officially history.

Chapter 2: Club Alien

Isabel smoothed down her golden hair, and with a deep breath opened her eyes. Taking another deep breath, she confronted her reflection in her full-length pine mirror. There was no doubt that she looked stunning, and would knock any boy over, just by looking his way. Although, Isabel still looked uncomfortably at herself. It wasn’t her appearance that was making her uneasy. The small mini-dress that hung off her, in a complimenting shade of pink, not only made her look gorgeous; but the simplicity of her make-up also showed the new found sensitive side to Isabel. Isabel caught sight of Alex in one of many photos scattered around her room. She picked her favourite one up, one of very few she had of them two together. She sat down on the edge of her bed, and spoke her thoughts out loud,

“ Alex, I’ve got to move on. I love you, I always will. But you’re not here anymore, I’ve got to accept that.” She said as she choked back the tears. As she felt the lump rise up in her throat, she willed herself not to cry. Hastily, she left the picture on her bed, and grabbed the keys to the jeep. She shouted through the wall to Max,

“ I’m taking the Jeep!” She said, grabbing a matching pink handbag and tripping slightly on her white platform shoes.

Striding more confidently with every step, she bolted towards the front door before Max could protest. She heard Max start to thump towards the front door, but he was too late. By the time he reached the front door, a towel draped around his shoulders, Isabel was already speeding off towards Kyle’s house. Max slowly shut the front door and picked up the phone,

“ Uh yeah Michael, can you pick me up?”

* * *

“ Liz! Maria’s here!”

Mrs Parker shouted up to her daughter. Liz had heard her calling for the past half-hour. Tenderly, Liz fingered the Alien Pendant she was wearing around her neck. Dressed for clubbing, she looked fantastic. The violet figure hugging dress she had brought out of hibernation now fitted her perfectly, and the pretty petite brunette looked breathtaking.

Liz stared at herself. She had realised tonight, whilst getting ready, how much had changed. But it wasn’t just Alex dying, and her and Max growing even further apart. Liz had realised tonight that there were changes happening to her, she had grown up. Where, two years ago, a timid, quiet, sixteen year old once stood, Liz now found herself staring at a nearly eighteen year old person she didn’t really even know. She sighed. The dress was quite short, stopping about four inches above her knees.

She wrestled with the skirt, until an impatient Maria stormed through her bedroom door, obviously fuming. Liz stopped.

“ Fight with Michael?” She asked knowingly.

Maria paced up and down,
“ I knew this was too good to be true. He said he was going to pick me up like, an hour ago, and he calls me and says,” Maria ranted on, adopting a dramatic voice, imitating Michael exactly,

“ I can’t, I’ll meet you there later.”

Liz tried to suppress a smile. It wasn’t any big deal, she knew Maria was just being over dramatic. Maria finally stopped ranting and raving, and looked at her friend,

“ Liz,” she started, searching for words. Liz eyed her cautiously,

“ You think I should change.”

She stated, darting towards some of the clothes spread out across her unmade bed. Liz’s usually neat and tidy room had magazines scattered across her blue carpet floor, and a colourful arrange of clothes, some piled up against her wardrobe, but the majority just scattered across her bed, her floor, and about every place imaginable. She’d spent hours today sifting through magazines, trying to find a model hairstyle that she could copy. She’d realised that this wasn’t like her, but this was a big deal. Not just a big deal. A huge deal. This was the chance to start something new. Something fresh. Something…different. It wasn’t like Liz to be so unorganised, but this was important to her.

Maria caught her hand and dragged her back,

“ Liz, you look gorgeous.” She said adoringly. Maria looked equally amazing, in a green mini-dress much like Liz’s, it brought out the colour of her eyes. Liz slipped into Maria’s arms and found reassurance in her friends’ words. Her mother now stood in the doorway,

“ Liz, I want you home by mid-night.” She said with distinct authority. Liz rolled her eyes,

“ Come on mum, it’s nearly eight now.” She counteracted methodically. She mentally added up the hours in her head. Eight to twelve, that was only four hours, not including travelling time.

“ Liz, I want you home by mid-night. You’ve got school on Monday.”

“ It’s Saturday night!” Liz reacted with reason; her mother gave her ‘that’ look. Liz immediately backed down. She knew what her mum was thinking. It was the same as her father.

“ Yeah okay. Mid-night. Come on Maria.” She said dejectedly, as she brushed past her mother, closely followed by Maria, who shot daggers at Mrs Parker once she had got out of view.

“ What was that all about?” Maria asked, strapping herself into her car,

“ You know what, let’s just go out, and have a damn good night.” Liz said, stripping herself of her usual worries, and concerns for safety.

There was nothing for Maria to argue against there!

She put her foot down and sped off towards Club Alien.

* * *

The heavy beats of the loud club anthems literally rocked the walls of the adequately named ‘Club Alien’. Roswell’s major teen hangout was a converted warehouse, decorated in alien motifs and glow in the dark symbols painted across each and every wall. The atmosphere was one that featured in every teenage television sitcom. The strobe lights wondered around the room, not stopping for even an instant to pick out single bodies. Clouds of mist and smoke invaded the area, adding to the intense alien feel of the place. The crowded hangout housed teenagers and early twenty-something’s, who usually found themselves a bit worse for where after a visit. Florescent and glow in the dark neck bands were a favourite, and Isabel smirked as she saw a bunch of what she’d referred to as ‘teenie boppers’ walked past.

Kyle, looking as stunning as ever in a black shirt and semi-casual jeans, had once attended Club Alien on a regular basis, but since meeting the Pod Squad it seemed he had little time to do anything anymore. As the two climbed out of the new jeep, Kyle extended his hand to Isabel and smiled. She looked lovely tonight, and he was proud to be with her. Isabel smiled as her and Kyle entered hand in hand through the doorway. Someone had turned on the smoke machine way too high, as a cloud of pink smoke loomed around Isabel’s ankles. A sense of excitement and curiosity filled her, as she again picked up confidence. She threw her blonde hair over her shoulders, and produced her award-winning smile. Kyle squeezed Isabel’s hand nervously,

“ Iz are you sure about this?” He shouted over to her, and Isabel just smiled at him.

“ Don’t worry Kyle! I’ll hold your hand! Come on!” She said excitedly as she dragged a nervous Kyle out onto the dance floor.

Isabel could feel the eyes on her; every boy in the place was looking at her; wondering who the blonde was. And Kyle knew it too; although he didn’t thrive on this attention. However, he began to loosen up and dance, but when a flock of guys came Isabel’s way, he made a quick beeline to the bar. He chuckled to himself; it wasn’t like Isabel couldn’t handle a bit of attention.

* * *

“ Oh my God this place is packed!” Maria squealed excitedly.

The security guard gave her an odd smile, as he carefully checked her pass. Liz smirked as the security guard rolled his eyes at Maria’s enthusiasm. Liz smiled again as she showed the security guard her pass. Immediately the two were drawn into the atmosphere of the club, and the excitement and curiosity that was created.

Liz felt herself begin to move to the music, as Maria scanned the place for any sign of Michael. Smoothing back her hair, she stood on tiptoes and looked around the room. Usually it was hard to miss Michael, his broad shoulders and striking good looks made him stand out from the crowd. Maria’s heart sank a little as she announced,

“ I don’t think he’s here yet.” Liz shrugged her shoulders, as she began to check out a couple of random guys by the bar. They both wondered further in; Squeezing through many groups of people, some dressed as aliens, others in anything tacky, Liz spotted a familiar face,

“ Hey Maria! Isn’t that Isabel?” She said, pointing over to the corner of the room. Maria stopped in her tracks.
It was Isabel all right.

And Maria’s eyes became furious, as she began to storm over to Isabel;

“ I can’t believe she’s doing this to Alex!”

“ Maria!!!” Liz shouted, and tried to follow, but a boy grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her to dance. Knowing that Isabel was well within her rights to try and get over Alex made her concerned that Maria was going to do something really stupid. But overwhelmed by the atmosphere, Liz responded by dancing with the dark stranger; as his piercing green eyes burned into hers. Liz threw her hands in the air and began to move to the beat, shaking her hair and beginning to let herself groove to the music!

‘So this is what I’ve been missing!’ She thought happily to herself.

 * *

“ Excuse me!” Maria said as she threw a young blonde girl to the side. She landed on the floor with a thud as Maria elegantly hopped over her. She had almost got to Isabel, when two hands placed themselves tightly around her waist. Preparing to batter whoever it was, she spun round and slapped the man in rage, on realising who is was, her hand slapped over her mouth,

“ Michael! What are you doing here?!” She demanded, rubbing his cheek. He stared at her,

“ I thought we had a date!” He said, rotating his jaw,

“ I knew you were mad but jeez, give me some kind of warning.” He said. Maria bent down and kissed him tenderly on the lips,

“ Sorry Space Boy.” She said, as she spun around to look once again for Isabel.

She had disappeared again, as Maria became more and more furious. Michael got over his initial shock and began to try and enjoy his night out,

“ He’s in the bathroom!” Michael said as he began to sway to the music whilst holding Maria from behind. His hands began to wander down Maria’s body. But Maria stopped and turned around,

“ Who’s in the bathroom?” She shouted again over the loud music, as she made a mental note to find Liz later.

“ Max!” Michael shouted again, but was forced away from Maria when the small blonde girl who Maria had barged past earlier tried to cut in. Grabbing her ponytail, Maria again hoisted her out of the way,

“ Michael, tell me you did not bring Max!” She said, half jokingly. Maria’s eyes were wide open, not really believing Michael. He just looked at her,

“ Sure I did. What’s wrong with that? I’m not allowed to have friends now?” Michael said ignorantly, unintentionally annoying Maria further,

“ Ergh Michael!?” Maria shouted again, staring daggers at Michael, who was completely unaware what he had done wrong this time.

Maria stormed off in anger as she went to find Liz. Michael stood on the spot, wondering what had just happened. He asked himself.

He shook his head and sighed as he began to follow Maria’s trail of destruction. ‘All I wanted was a night out!’

* * *

With a flock of adoring males around her, Liz was finally in her element. She had been surrounded for the past hour. Usually she would have been shy and nervous, but she didn’t know any of these guys, and didn’t intend to see them again. That was the nice thing about being in a club, she thought to herself, no emotional attachment. She could do whatever she pleased and leave them the next day. She swayed her hips and danced seductively with one guy after the other.

She pulled the nicest one, Todd, closer to her and told him she was going to the bar to get a drink. Still bopping to the beat, Liz sat down on a barstool and ordered a coke. The middle aged barman grunted, and handed her a bottle and a glass. Liz laughed and felt vaguely sorry for the old man, who probably envied all the youngsters in here. Taking a sip of her coke, Liz turned to look at the person sitting next to her,
“ Kyle?” She said in disbelief. Kyle span around,

“ Oh hey Liz! He said, his eyes lighting up. He had spent most of the evening alone at the bar, sampling a new range of drinks. He was beginning to get a bit lonely, and kept a watchful eye over Isabel, who seemed to be enjoying her night. Liz leant over and gave him a kiss n the cheek,

“ What are you doing here? I didn’t think this was your kind of scene!” She said innocently, as Kyle handed her some punch,

“I could have said the same thing about you!” He said as he grinned. Liz laughed as she remembered the incident at the soap factory, which must have been over a year ago now. At the time she hadn’t found it funny. After getting arrested with Alex, and going through that whole ‘they’re aliens’ speech, it had been hard to explain to her parents what had gone on that night.

“ Who are you here with?” She shouted again, as the music volume was raised again.

“ I’m with uh, Isabel!” Kyle grinned. Both sets of eyes wondered over to the dance floor, where Isabel stood the centre of attention. Liz nodded; knowing what it was like to be abandoned. She took another look for Maria, and found her through the misty lights arguing with Michael. She leant forward,

“ You know Kyle, after the whole deal with Antress…” Liz started, Kyle shook his head,

“ That’s all in the past Liz. We’ve all got to move on!” The barman chose that moment to place two drinks in front of them,

“ He ordered them for you.” He grunted again, signalling to Todd. It may have been co-incidence, but as Liz looked at the drinks, then thought about what Kyle had just said, she felt herself begin to grow up. Kyle smiled,

“ Looks like someone has an admirer!” Kyle teased, as Liz turned a vibrant shade of scarlet. Kyle laughed out loud as he took one of the drinks.

“ Mmm, Liz try this, it’s really good!” Liz took the glass in her hand, and gulped down the drink. The sweet mixture cooled her face and quenched her thirst, and left her taste buds tingling. Liz’s eyes flew open,

“ Barman, get me two more of these!” She said as her and Kyle smiled at each other again. Kyle began to shake his head to the music and Liz let out an excited,

“ Wahoo!!”

* * *

As he came out of the men’s room and edged his way past several couples making out, Max stood at the back of the club and looked at the atmosphere developing rapidly around him. He was nervous, really nervous. Whatever feelings of ‘making a new life for himself’ he had felt in the earlier sunshine had faded, and this whole club thing was getting way too much for him. He watched as a dozen different girls passed him, but there was only one he wanted to see.

His intense brown eyes caught sight of a familiar figure laughing at the bar. He surveyed Liz, God she was stunning. He felt his heart flutter as he considered walking over to her. Before he had time to make a decision, Michael bashed into him; nearly knocking both of them off their feet.

“ Dude, here try this!” He said, handing Max a pint glass. Max looked wearily at Michael, but still took the pint glass,

“ Where’s Maria?” He enquired; Michael shrugged his shoulders as another girl wrapped her arms around him. Max shook his head and took a sip of the liquid inside the glass. Immediately his taste buds hungered for more. Finishing the glass, he prised Michael out of the arms of the other girl and asked him where he’d got it,

“ Dude, everyone’s got it!! Come on, groove man!” Michael exclaimed, jumping up and down to the beat. Max too began to jump up and down, both head banging to the song.

“ What’s wrong with you?” Michael asked as Max fell over to one side. Michael laughed and caught him before he hit the floor. Max drew Michael in close,

“ I’m Max Evans, and I’m here to have fun!” He screamed, Michael gave him a weary glance before resigning to the fact that Max really needed to relax. Maybe it’d be good for him.
‘This is it Max!’ He told himself as he threw off his new leather jacket and thrusted it into the crowd.

He pulled up a tall blonde girl by the waist and began to dance close with her, rubbing himself up and down her. Michael looked wearily at his friend, but then laughed it off. He was quite content in jumping up and down with a bunch of equally foul smelling guys!

* * *

“ And my last boyfriend was an, are you ready for this, an…” Liz said in a fit of giggles, nearly falling off her stool. She grabbed the bar for support as she was instantly caught in Kyle’s strong arms, they both lost their balance and ended up on the floor. Holding onto Kyle, and laughing with him on the floor, he swept back her brown hair. She smiled thankfully and gracefully getting to her feet, the DJ played another song, as Liz announced,

“ Oh I love this song!”

She placed one hand on the bar as she stood up, and at once a flock of guys gathered round her to dance. Kyle still sat at the mahogany bar, where he and Liz had been drinking for the past hour or so. Kyle got up and shook his head, trying to find a nice looking girl. Instead he found Isabel sitting alone in a corner.

In a rather crooked line, he found his way over to her and collapsed next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder. He ran the other free hand through his hair, and slurred,
“ Come on baby? Wanna dance?” He said, unable to keep from swaying at each word. Isabel grimaced,

“ Kyle you stink! What have you been drinking?” She said disgusted, she wrinkled her nose.

“ Lighten up babe!” He said as he dragged her onto the dance floor, Isabel smiled at her friend, not really annoyed. It was nice to see him getting out into the real world again, and not being cooped up in front of the television. She was sure all that Jerry Springer wasn’t good for his health. Kyle leant closer to Isabel, forcing his waist to collide with hers. He quietly slurred into her ear,

“ Isabel, you are really, really beautiful.” He said, holding her tight. A happy tear slid down Isabel’s cheek. It wasn’t because she was sad. It was, in a funny way, nice to know that someone so close to her felt that. Laughing at her drunken friend, Isabel began to let herself rip as she danced the night away in Kyle’s arms. Kyle forehead brushed against Isabel’s, as he pulled her close to him. He could smell her hair, and feel her soft skin next to his; and as he spun her around, could see the happy smile on her face.

* * *

Maria located Liz in the centre of a crowd of boys, and instantly her mood lightened. She had accomplished what she had wanted to tonight, Liz looked happy. She decided to let the whole Isabel thing slide until tomorrow, and turned her attention back to Michael. She glided over to the other end of the club, where she found him sitting on a barstool and talking to the barman.

“ So how much do you get to work here then?” He asked, the barman laughed,

“ You’re a little young for this kid!” He chucked, as he placed another glass in front of Michael. Maria smiled, as she came up behind Michael and began to kiss him down the side of his neck. Michael closed his eyes and spun around. Maria seized her opportunity and kissed him passionately, Michael opened his eyes in shock,

“ I thought you were mad at me!?” He shouted over the ever loud music, Maria shook her head, forcing her blonde hair to cover her face.

“ I thought I’d let you off this time.” She said as she laughed. She took his arms and dragged him onto the dance floor. She then took both his hands and placed them firmly around her waist, as she pulled his body as close to hers as she could get. They placed their foreheads together, as they swayed exotically to the music, as Maria shouted,
“ You know Michael Guerin, I’m falling in love with you.” She said as she smiled, their noses rubbing against each other, Michael’s heart fluttered in his chest, but he didn’t let Maria see how those words had affected him. All his life he had yearned for someone to love him. Sure he had Isabel and Max, but it wasn’t the same as holding Maria in his arms. Looking into her green eyes, he felt himself melt a little,

“ Uh yeah, me too.” He covered, as Maria’s eyes began to glow. She laughed silently to herself, she knew he loved her too. She drew Michael in for another long passionate kiss. His lips were warm and welcoming, as she opened her mouth wider and deepened the kiss. He took her into his arms and lifted her up, and as they broke the kiss Maria smiled happily. Knowing that she was loved.


Max stared into the eyes of Kim, the girl he’d been dancing with all night. He sighed again. Her blue eyes were no match for those brown ones he longed to look into. She was drunk. So was he. But he sighed again. He had realised that Kim was boring, a long time a go. But now slightly less drunk, he realised what a fool he was making of himself. She shifted to sitting on his lap, as he winced. She kissed him down his neck as he tried pushing her away. His eyes gazed to Michael and Maria. His heart ached. He wanted that. He wanted that security, that commitment. He winced again. He wanted to feel that…that feeling that he loved someone and was loved too. Kim whispered in his ear,

“ So, like, do you believe in destiny?” She asked. Max instantly stiffed. He got up, forcing Kim to the floor. Her long legs stretched out, as she shouted up to him,

“ Max?! You pushed me onto the floor.” Max looked at her; He didn’t want just some girl. He wanted that special girl. His girl. No one else. Ignoring his ‘fling’ on the floor, he walked away, leaving her to pout in a cloud of smoke.

With an overriding sense of urgency, his eyes searched the dance floor for Liz. She wasn’t there. He began to shift his way towards the other end of the massive venue. Many couples protested, but Max didn’t care. He’d decided. He had to see her. He had to hold her. He had to, to love her. Suddenly, he caught sight of her being dragged downstairs. His heart raised in alarm, as he began to wade desperately through the crowds…

* * *

“ Where are we?” Liz giggled, as her and Todd went down another flight of stairs.

Todd stopped her and kissed her passionately. Her heart skipped a beat. Wobbly she made her way down the stairs, Liz again giggled to herself. She knew it was past her curfew, way past her curfew; and she also knew that she had drunk way too much that night. She still looked amazing, as she took of her strappy sandals. Todd gazed up at her, as he grabbed her by the waist. Liz let out an excited giggle, as she knew that the normal ‘Liz Parker’ wouldn’t ever dream of doing something like this.

Wrapping her legs around him, she started to kiss him more urgently, as he let her fall gently onto a nearby sofa. She looked around confused, as she realised just how dark it was in the room. The sofa was cool against her skin, and the velvet texture was smooth and soft. Liz ran her hands through Todd’s sandy coloured hair, and even in the dark Liz could see his intense green eyes.

He smiled as he began to kiss Liz down her neck, and closer to her chest. Liz began to feel uncomfortable, as he placed his hands on her breasts and began to feel them seductively. Underneath Todd, she was pretty helpless. His weight pinned her down, so that we couldn’t move. He moved his hand towards her straps, as he tried to force it down her shoulder. Liz tried to protest,

“ Todd, Todd what are you doing?” She said, trying to keep the mood light. But inside her heart was beating rapidly, and she knew that she could be in danger,

“ Come on baby, I thought this is what you wanted,” He said as he took it further and exposed her black laced strapless bra. Liz tried to push him away,

“ Todd no, I want to go back upstairs.” Liz said forcefuly, becoming more and more scared. She began to breathe quickly, as she became more and more afraid. Todd just laughed, as he pinned her arms above her head,

“Come on baby, I’ll be gentle.” He said, his once innocent green eye gaze now turning into that of a monster. Liz tried to shake herself free, as he began to unbuckle his belt.

‘Oh my God,’ Liz thought. More concerned, Liz tried to talk him out of his grip. But Todd held onto her tight and just laughed at her attempt to get away.

“ Let go of me!” Liz screamed frantically, tears coming to her eyes. Todd came down to her level, and whispered into her ear,

“ I’m not done with you yet,”

He placed both her tiny wrists into one of his hands and pushed her skirt up to her waist. Liz screamed as she frantically began to kick at him, until a strong pair of arms lifted him off Liz. The shadow threw him to the floor, where a scuffle occurred. Liz pulled her dress back up, and saw Todd escape back up the staircase. Liz, gazed at the man who had saved her, as he came and knelt down in front of her, his lip bleeding,

“ Are you okay?” He said breathlessly. Liz looked away, not wanting to face her rescuer…

* * *


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I've been away for ages, writing my fic, Crash and Burn.

The thing is, I'm not too sure about the interest levels in this fic, but I've written this much, so I'm just going to post it.

Bits follow *happy*
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“ I was doing fine Max.” She said without hesitation.

The effects of the alcohol they had both consumed was still affecting her, and despite knowing the danger she had just put herself in, she didn’t want Max to have the whole ‘I saved your life’ thing over her again. Max got up from the floor. He had seen from the top of the stairs what was happening, and with an intense feel of hatred he’d scared Todd away. Now, more concerned that Liz was all right, he started to feel angry that she’d been this stupid.

“ Liz that guy could have raped you!” Max said, trying to wipe away the blood from around his mouth. His brown eyes were full of concern, and his breath still smelt of alcohol. His hair was messed up, and it was obvious that he had received a couple of punches before scaring Todd off.

“ Yeah well, I’d rather do it with someone like him than someone like you!” She shouted back angrily, sitting up and wrestling with her shoes. She pushed back her brown hair and tried to breathe normally.

This had scared her. When she’d discovered her new powers, she felt…well…in control. She felt like she could cope with any situation. But this had left her shaken, as she willed herself not to cry. Her hands were shaking as she tried to put on her strappy sandals.

Max began to get angry too, as the tension and regret between the two lovers surfaced,

“ What’s someone like him got that I don’t have Liz?!” He shouted back, now face to face with her.

Liz paused and looked deep into his eyes. Her lips trembled, and a lump raised in her throat again. There was something about mood she was in tonight that wanted to take every bit of anger, and every bit of regret that Max had caused her out on him. She wanted him to know how she felt. She opened her mouth and said spitefully,

“ I can leave him the next morning and not give a damn because he means nothing to me! But you Max, you slept with Tess! How can you even begin to judge me after sleeping with that…that…that bitch! After what I did for you…all I’ve done for you!” Liz said calmly but spitefully, as the words struck reality in Max.

She held his gaze until he turned away. She looked at him with her big brown eyes; He turned and sat next to her on the sofa,
“ You can’t keep holding that against me.” He said forcefully, still trying to keep his voice down. He tore the top button off his shirt. Inside he was torn apart. There was a part of him that knew he’d always love Liz, but there was history that they couldn’t change between them. Liz stopped struggling at her shoes. Liz felt herself heat up in anger.

“ Why not Max? Why not when it makes me feel the way I do? It may not have been a big deal to you…” She said, as she again wrestled with her shoe, trying to get it on and walk away from yet another one of these confrontations. The couch was slowly sinking, as they sat in the dim light. The basement was cold, but the heat of Liz’s anger surrounded her in a light red mist.

“ Not a big deal to me? Of course it was!” Max said, trying to explain himself. Liz screamed in total frustration as she threw her shoe at him. Max looked at her, taken back.

“ I don’t care! I don’t care about anything anymore Max! You hear me! I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care!!!” Liz screamed, jumping up and down. Max stared at her, disbelief on his face. Liz had never reacted like that. He stood up too.

“ You don’t care? Is that why you slept with Kyle?” He said staring at her beautiful face. She ground her teeth,

“ You know I didn’t sleep with Kyle!” She screamed at him. Everything was quiet. Liz gulped. Well, there, she’d said it. Max stared at her. He lowered his voice,

“ Tell me why you did it.” He said quietly, taking her hand. She felt sick, she couldn’t, she knew she couldn’t.

“ I can’t tell you why. It doesn’t matter anyway! You want to do this whole stupid thing again? Where you rip out my heart time and time again? I’m not going through that again Max! I want someone who’ll be there with me! Not someone like you! I hate being able to do this,” She said, as she waved her hand. She took the blood away from Max’s lip. He looked at her.

“ I want to be normal!” She screamed. When she had finished she gulped and realised what she had just said. Was that how she really felt? She still held Max’s intense glare.

“ Liz I can’t do anything about the past. You know that! But you want to know how I feel?” Max said, as he held up his hand. He drew a small blue heart in the air in front of him, as Liz stared at it in awe,

“ This Liz, is how I feel without you!” Max said as he closed his fist.

The small blue heart erupted into a bright spark of yellow and orange flames, as the glow reflected off Liz’s face. The mascara had run down her cheeks, but to Max, she still looked as beautiful as ever. Calmer now, but still slightly drunk, Liz turned to Max,

“ A bunch of fireworks isn’t going to change anything.” She stated, as she once again drew her gaze away from Max. Liz focussed her hand in front of her, and made the heart disappear. She stared triumphantly at Max. She knew that after everything that had happened, with Tess, with everything wouldn’t be sorted out by a few alien tricks,

“ You said you want to be normal. Liz, you haven’t been normal since that day I healed you. You can’t be normal anymore. This,” he said as he took her hand, he could feel the energy pulsating through her fingertips.

“ Makes you so special.”

“ Don’t give me that Max, you know that isn’t true.” She said, pulling her hands away from him. She sat back down and tried once more to put on her shoes. Max sat down beside her dejectedly.

“ Liz, I want you to listen to me now.” Liz turned to him now, and threw her shoe at him. She sighed,

“ What Max? Is it time for another one of your speeches? Cos you aren’t my leader…” Liz said, beginning to get worked up again. Max stopped her,

“ Will you just let me talk?” He demanded, as Liz closed her mouth. She stared at the floor,

“ Look, I don’t want to even think about you and Kyle, and me and Tess, I wish none of it ever happened. There have been nights where I wanted to tell you, to just, show you…” Max said as he looked at her. Liz shook her head,

“ No Max, I don’t want to see those things…” Max placed his strong hand behind her head, and at that instant she knew she had no choice.

“ Just kiss me Liz, and I’ll show you,” Max said as he placed one hand on the side of her cheek and turned her face towards him. She pulled away from him,

“ No Max, every time we argue you’re not going to just going to kiss me! It doesn’t work like that!”

She eyed Max up and down, as he closed his eyes and leant forward, his lips parted. She tried to back away, but there was something inside her that wanted to kiss him. Even if it was only curiosity, she needed to know. She needed to know that there wasn’t anything left between them…

She kissed him reluctantly at first, but became drawn in by the warmth and explanation found within the soft, welcoming lips of Max Evans. She saw flashes, much like the ones she had got that very first time in the crashdown. Getting lost within his kisses, she felt herself melt into him once more. She placed her hands tenderly on his face, as she saw herself in Max’s arms. She saw him lying alone in bed, tossing and turning. She could feel the pain, the hurt, everything Max had felt since that night he had seen Kyle and Liz together. She watched as he sat on the bench in the park, near tears. She realised then, that he had known all along. He trusted her, he loved her. Max felt the warmth radiating from Liz. He could feel the confusion she felt, as he searched for the answers he longed to know…


“ Kyle, are you sure that you should be drinking all of that?” Isabel said as she raised her eyebrows at the amount of glasses that were now on their small table.

Kyle sat with his head on the table, looking at the glasses. The atmosphere had begun to quiet down, as the ‘Hour of Love’ had begun. All over the spiral black and white dance floor, couples danced in each others arms, and Isabel became overwhelmed with the feeling of nostalgia, and the need to be with someone. She looked sadly down at Kyle, who looked so peaceful he could just as easily have been asleep.

“ Kyle come on I think we should go.” Isabel said, trying to prise Kyle off the table.

“ No!” Kyle said, reluctant to move, Isabel grabbed at his hands. Kyle sat as still as stone, his suspicious eyes darting from one side of the room to the other.

“ Alex might be out there!” He said, as his eyes flew wide open and looked around to see if he was being watched. Isabel’s heart raced, as she looked at Kyle, confused.

“ Alex is dead.” She stated firmly, gulping to try and remove the lump that was beginning to form in her throat. She looked again at Kyle, who was looking frantically around the room,

“ Then why do I still see him? Why is he haunting me Isabel?!” He shouted, looking around the room like a maniac. Isabel began to feel scared and out of control, as tears ran down the side of her face,

“ Stop it Kyle, Alex is dead. We went to his funeral!” Isabel said, blinking furiously to try and hide her tears,

“ But I see him! I know he’s dead, but I still see him!” Kyle said, getting more and more angry with each word. He got up and stumbled over the table, knocking glasses everywhere and attracting more attention than Isabel wanted,

“ Kyle come with me,” Isabel said, trying to grab his arm. Though Kyle would not have any of it, he was right and wouldn’t let Isabel go until she told him she believed him,

“ I’m not going insane! Tell me you believe me!” Kyle said as he shook Isabel. He strong arms held Isabel tightly, as tears now streamed from her eyes. Kyle shook her more violently,

“ TELL ME!” He pleaded with her,


Maria lifted her head from Michael’s shoulder. The two were entranced in each other’s company tonight, as they gracefully danced along to Dido’s ‘Here with Me’. But Maria became concerned when she heard what she thought was Kyle voice over the already loud music. When she caught sight of Kyle shaking Isabel, she patted Michael on the back and spun him round,

“ I think it’s time to leave.” He said firmly, as Maria nodded. She was furious again, as she built up a slow anger with every step she took towards the arguing pair, “Why can’t I ever get a nice night to myself!?” She thought angrily. Michael walked off in the opposite direction to pick up Max and Liz, in hope that they wouldn’t draw any more attention to themselves…


Liz placed her hands firmly on Max’s chest and started to unbutton his black shirt. In a passionate embrace, Max held Liz close, never wanting to let her go. Her wild brown hair was spread out all across the sofa, as Max hovered above her. Kissing her passionately down the side of her neck, Max stopped for a moment and looked into Liz’s eyes. When he looked into her eyes, he saw love, and sincerity. This was the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

He breathed heavily, as he took her in his arms and lifted her off the sofa, so that her back rested on the arm of the sofa and he sat on top of her. He ran his hands all over her body, caressing every part of her skin. The sweet smell of her perfume drove him crazy, as he parted his lips and kissed her tenderly, romantically and with all the passion that was built up inside him. Liz ached for more, as she tore off his shirt. It landed effortlessly on the ground, on top of Liz’s forgotten shoes. The feel of his soft skin in turn drove her crazy, as she kissed him tenderly all down his chest. Wrapped up in the passionate embrace, Liz drew him closer and whispered in his ear,

“ Max, this is right. I’m sorry for everything.” Liz said breathlessly, Max placed his forehead next to hers. He looked into her enveloping brown eyes,

“ Liz, when I look into your eyes, I can see my future. I can see me and you.” He whispered, as he rubbed her nose against his. She smiled,

“ Max, we belong together. Let’s do this, now.” She said, beginning to kiss him again. Max struggled away from her, and looked at her. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her once more,

“ Liz I can’t. Not tonight,”

Liz instantly felt rejected and humiliated; not to mention completely used. She stared at him in disbelief. His brown hair fell over his eyes as he put his shirt back on,

“ Oh I get it!” Liz said through a blur of hot stinging tears,

“ I’m not Tess. Is that it? You loved her enough to sleep with her but you can’t love me that much? Is that it Max?” She said, not wanting to know the answer.

“ No Liz I…”

Liz got up and let the tears spill over her eyelashes, inflicting let more pain in her heart.

“ I’m stupid Max, stupid for ever thinking that you’d ever really love me.” She said, the pain in her heart reflecting the heartfelt words. She pushed past Max and headed up the stairs, pushing Michael out of the way as she went past.

Max looked up at Michael,

“ How much of that did you see?” Max asked quietly. Michael looked at his friend in disbelief. He shook his head,

“ Enough. I don’t know what is wrong with you Maxwell. I really don’t.” Michael said as he wondered up the stairs, closely followed by a very embarrassed and ashamed supposed leader.

* * *

Liz threw herself into Maria’s arms, and collapsed in a burst of tears. Maria stroked her hair and rocked her back and forth,

“ Honey what is it? Shhh, don’t cry.” She said, she saw Michael approaching with Max trailing behind him.

Kyle and Isabel sat in the jeep, waiting to take Max home. Kyle sat silently, as Isabel sat staring at the front, too shocked to speak. Her tearstained cheeks once again reflected the pain she still felt about Alex. Kyle rested his head against the side of the jeep, and cursed himself for loosing control.

Michael stopped Max, and told him quietly,
“ I just want you to sit in that car and not say anything. I don’t know what happened tonight, but I know that if this goes any further Maxwell, things are going to be messed up bad. For good this time.” Max gulped. It wasn’t often that Michael confronted Max, and when he did it was usually because Max pissed him off.

This time, as Michael realised, he wanted them all to stay together. Michael too gulped as the realisation that he needed every single one of them dawned on him. Max handed Michael the keys, as they packed into the jeep. Michael turned the key in the ignition and slowly left the parking lot, leaving the teenage ambience behind him. All along he’d tried to convince himself that he wasn’t part of this earth, and when he’d finally come around to thinking that he was… one disaster seemed to flow after the other.

* * *

Under the starry sky of Roswell, New Mexico, Liz poured her heart out to Maria,
“ Chica, what happened?” Maria said, slipping into the car. Liz rested her elbow to the window sill, and pushed her hair back,
“ Maria, I will never, ever let myself fall in love with Max Evans, ever, ever again.” She said with conviction, causing more tears to roll down her face. Maria just held her friend close, rocking backwards and forwards. She shot a questioning look at Michael, who shrugged as he got into the jeep with Kyle, Isabel and Max. Maria persuaded Liz to get into her car and quickly drove off, leaving the other’s behind in the car park.
“ What was all that about?” Maria asked, but Liz didn’t reply, but kept gazing out the window. Outside the dark starlit sky seemed to paint all of Liz’s emotions across it in one. She turned to her friend,
“ Maria, I mean it. Don’t ever let me fall in love with Max Evans.”

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Chapter 3: The Aftermath

Liz hurried down the stairs early on another typical Monday morning. The sun had shone through her bedroom window; she’d got out of bed and gone for a shower. She’d looked in the mirror as she contemplated about her life, and finally pulling her hair into a ponytail as she ran, she made as little noise as possible as she softly descended the stairs. Pausing momentarily to grab her bag at the bottom then she tried to escape before her parents collared her.

As her hand touched the knob of the sanctuary of the front door, she heard her mum’s usually calm voice coming from the kitchen.

“ Liz, your father and I want to talk to you…”

Liz winced. Oh great. After the stupid club disaster, her parents were going to pound her with questions. Luckily Maria’s mum had covered for them.

Actually, Maria’s mum hadn’t been in when Maria and Liz staggered back to the DeLuca house. Maria had nearly thrown a fit when her mum came home at 4am, with none other than Jim Valenti. Liz sighed. It was going to be a long day…

* * *

Liz paced into the kitchen and took a seat in between her parents. Gingerly, she looked either side of her. It was obvious her parents weren’t happy with her. Her stomach turned as she began to get more and more nervous. Her father peeked at her over his newspaper, whilst her mother stirred her coffee.

“ How was Saturday night Elizabeth?” Liz winced again as she began to butter some toast.

The butterflies in her stomach were making her sick, although that may have been the remains of her hangover. She stuttered,

“ Fine. You know, everyone was there.” Liz chattered on nervously. Her parents exchanged a worried glance. It was one of those parent/child moments where every kid knows that a lecture is inevitable. Liz closed her eyes,

“ Elizabeth, this is your senior year honey, and so I’m going to get straight to the point. We don’t mean to nag but we think…” Her mother started lightly, Liz bit hard into her toast.

She chewed slowly. Her father gave her one of those ‘stern’ looks,

“ Elizabeth, it’s important that you focus this year. That there are… no distractions. I don’t want you to end up like…” Liz gulped. Why did everything come back to this? She thought helplessly. She gulped down the rest of her toast before adding,

“ Okay, can I go now?” She stood up. Her mother looked at her,

“ Liz, your father and I have talked it over and we want you in after school every day. I want you to start helping at the Crashdown more.” Liz stared at her parents. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A curfew? She was nearly 18! She stuttered, too amazed at what she had heard,

“ That’s not fair. I’m getting good grades, I hardly go out as it is!” Liz protested, but her mother remained firm. Liz’s eyes grew wider. Liz turned and pleaded with her father,

“ Please Dad, this isn’t fair.” Her father looked at her. Liz looked straight back. His old, tired brown eyes stared at his daughter. There was obvious disappointment. Liz’s heart leapt again, this time because she realised that she was letting her parents down. As her eyes glazed over she once again ran away from another in a mounting pile of problems in her life.

* * *

Kyle hung his head inside his locker. His brown hair was now all pushed back, but his skin was pale and broken. His eyes were dull and he felt like he could drop at any second.

Yesterday he’d tried to call Isabel and apologise, but all he’d got was her answer phone. He’d finally given up and gone down to the gym, where he’d tried to work off the incredible amount of guilt he felt. But as it goes, even that amount of sweat doesn’t wash the feelings of guilt away.

Although, Kyle must have pushed himself too far, as every muscle in his body now ached. He sighed again. He felt someone lean against the locker next to him. He let a groan escape him,

“ Evans, if you’re here to yell at me don’t bother.” He moaned, as he lifted his heavy head out of his locker and slammed it shut. Max’s own tired eyes met Kyle’s.

“ I’m not here to yell at you, I think Isabel can handle that. I was just wondering if you’d spoken to Liz?” He enquired nervously. Much as Kyle felt guilty for hurting Isabel, and bringing up the whole Alex thing again, Max felt just as guilty for what had happened between him and Liz. He felt his face heat up again, as he remembered his own embarrassment. He vaguely wondered why him and Liz never had more than a month together, when they were actually happy. If it wasn’t his destiny, his ego, or Tess getting in the way… oh, why did he even bother?

Kyle looked at him,

“ Why would I have? I saw her at the club, I haven’t spoken to her since.”

He said as he eyed Max suspiciously. Max looked at him, knowing that Kyle thought something was going on between him and Liz again. Max shook his head,

“ Kyle, its not what you think.” Max said, as Kyle held up his hand,

“ Max, you know, we’ve fought over Liz for how long now? She’s an amazing girl,” Kyle stopped as he momentarily remembered occasions which himself and Liz had shared, until he continued,

“ But we got to admit that she’s just way out of our league. Well, more yours than mine I suppose.” Kyle said as he smiled at Max. He wasn’t making a dig at him; he was trying to lighten the situation. Max managed a small smile, a smile that instantly faded as she came floating through the hallway. He sighed,

“ Max?” He asked, as both pairs of eyes followed Liz down the hall. Max, standing in his leather jacket and blue jeans, and Kyle, wearing a brown shirt and black trousers, possibly two of the most desired boys in school watched as Liz brushed past them. Kyle looked at Max knowingly,

“ You don’t ever get over a girl like that.” He said, as he turned on his heel and strode away from Max, and as the last classroom door shut, Max left half-heartedly to trigonometry.

* * *

“ Yeah, okay I’m late what are you going to do about it?” Michael said as he strutted through the doorway.

He stopped in front of the biology teacher, who must have been about 5ft 4inches in height, and about as skinny as a broom. Towering above Mr Pete, Michael looked expectantly. The rest of the biology class sat still. In the patent made laboratory; Michael had once again strolled in at his leisure, rudely interrupting the class. To Max and Isabel, this was normal. But to his biology teacher, this was unacceptable.

“ Michael Guerin. This is your very last chance! You are in great danger of not passing this class.” The teacher crackled on. Michael still stood on the spot, his hands in his pockets. He shrugged,

“ And? It wouldn’t be the first.” He answered. The teacher’s eyes widened, as a round of sniggers circulated around the room. His teacher’s eyes bulged out of his head,

“ Mr Guerin, need I remind you that you are in danger of not graduating this year?” Michael shrugged, it was no big deal to him.

So what? It wasn’t like he cared.

With that in mind he turned on his heel again, and sped out of the classroom. Slamming the door behind him, he headed towards the entrance, thinking vaguely about how to spend the rest of his day. As he looked up, he caught sight of Liz briskly walking through the big double doors. Michael lifted his gaze, just in time for Liz to walk straight into him; sending a shower of books to plummet to the floor. Michael reluctantly bent down to help pick them up.

“ You’re running late aren’t you?” He said, a slight sarcasm hinting its way through. Liz looked up at him, as the two crouched in the large doorway. Liz placed her stony glare onto his, he furrowed his eyebrows. Her gaze was harsh and hurtful, unlike Michael had ever seen it before. His brown eyes flickered momentarily in concern,

“ Michael, just don’t start on me today okay? I’ve got this really huge test, and I’ve got about a dozen other things I should be doing and I,” Liz said as she paused for breath.

She looked up at Michael again. She took a deep breath and tried to hold back the tears. Michael handed her the books, lifted himself up and looked at her. She stared right back.

“ You want to get out of here or something?” He said, signalling to the open doors. Liz looked over her shoulders. It was appealing. It was a bright day outside. True the wind was sweeping through the trees already, but Liz swept herself away from the thoughts of running away and turned back to Michael.

“ No really, I can’t I…” Michael looked at her again, raising that rebel eyebrow. Liz took another deep breath.

“ Yeah sure, let’s get out of here.”

* * *

In between classes, Isabel took confident strides towards her locker. Her long grey trousers and black polo neck reflected her sullen mood, as since Saturday night she hadn’t slept at all, but kept herself busy by dream walking. And even that was boring. Last night, she had been flipping through her yearbook, and had come across Alex’s picture. Fighting back the tears again, she’d closed the book and pushed it under the bed. She didn’t want anything to do with her past anymore.

Many of her teachers had commented how disappointed they were in her, and as Isabel glanced in her mirror, she realised how disappointed she was in herself. Instead of taking that extra class, and working really hard, she’d skipped school and spent days at the mall, not really concentrating on anything. So, here she was, a senior. She sighed as she took out her psychology book and slammed her locker shut.

She turned again, and she gasped as she came face to face with Kyle. Surveying his pale face, she flickered momentarily in concern for him. But hiding her concern under a blank stare, she turned on her heel and backed away; not giving him the time of day. Kyle shifted from left to right, before calling after her,

“ Isabel, Isabel please wait!” He said as he followed her up the hall, his bones still aching.

Isabel flew around, her blonde hair surrounding her face. Kyle gulped, as Isabel looked at him expectantly.

“ Well Kyle? What are you going to do? Give me that whole ‘I see dead people’ routine?” Isabel said hauntingly.

Kyle gulped and eyed her warily, as Isabel huffed and stormed off. Kyle echoed quietly to himself,

“ But I see him.”

Isabel stopped dead. Even in the busy hall she could hear him. The last bell ran. But Isabel found that she couldn’t move. A shiver ran up and down her spine. Why could she feel that? The colour draining from her face, and her eyes glazing over, she turned around slowly. All the doors in the hallway shut, leaving Isabel and Kyle alone the hallway.

Her eyes met Kyle’s,

“ You see him don’t you.”

She said quietly, moving towards Kyle. Kyle nodded. Isabel bit her lip. She didn’t know why she believed him, but there was something there. Kyle nodded,

“ I wouldn’t lie to you Isabel. I see him, I can feel him.”

Kyle said, feeling the hallway grow colder. Kyle watched as Isabel acknowledged what he was saying,

“ Kyle… does that mean he’s…” Kyle looked at her. Isabel finished,

“ Still out there?”

* * *

“ A curfew?” Michael said, biting into his strawberry cone.

Him and Liz took a seat in the empty ice-cream parlour. It was only midday; everyone was still in school. The white ceramic tiles made Michael feel slightly uneasy, as the intense feel of some alien autopsy loomed on him. By 4pm the place would be inhabited by another alien kind – 7th graders. The cheerful pictures of aliens eating ice-cream across the walls had to be smirked at, and the marble counter reminded Michael vaguely of a rather hot incident with Maria in the Crashdown. Liz licked at her vanilla cone, carrying on the conversation.

“ Yeah, and then there’s this whole thing with Max,” She said as she bit her lip. She hadn’t meant to give this much away. Michael looked at her; his browny green eyes were questioning.

“ What about you and Max? Watching you two is like watching one of those soap operas Kyle watches,”

Michael said absently, Liz laughed and flicked her hair over her shoulders. Someone hit the jukebox, and a random 80’s song played softly in the background, giving a light teenage ambience to the conversation.

“ Kyle watches soap operas?” she asked, her eyes dancing with amusement.

Michael nodded. He restlessly threw the rest of his cone into his mouth,

“ Yeah, I went round there one day and he sitting there. I’m telling you, he was totally mesmerised.” He said, a smile playing on his lips. He ran his fingers down through his long hair, it’d grown a lot over the summer, and it was beginning to irritate him. Liz giggled,

“ Oh my god, I didn’t realise his life was that bad.”

Michael shrugged. Liz immediately realised what she had said, and reacted in a typical Parker fashion,

“ Oh hey Michael I didn’t mean that Kyle’s life is anywhere near as hard as you had it with Hank or anything I just…” Michael cut her short.

“ I know you didn’t Parker. You’re getting as bad as Maria.” He said as he playfully changed the sugar on the table into salt, becoming rather amused at the prospect that someone would come along and put it in their coffee. Liz watched him, maybe for the first time actually looking at Michael. Her brown eyes wondered curiously across his face. There was no denying he was good looking. Liz’s eyes flickered momentarily, as she became embarrassed at the thought of considering Michael to be anything more than well, Michael. He looked at her,

“ What are you starring at?” He asked rudely, an annoyed expression on his face. Liz was taken back.

“ There’s no need to be jumpy okay? And besides I wasn’t even thinking about you.” Liz answered, more sharply than usual. Michael noted the change,

“ Looks like Max is having more of an effect on you than he has ever done.” He said methodically, doing it just to tease her. Liz sighed,

“ No way, I’m so over him. I mean, really this time.” She sat up straighter, reinforcing her point. Her eyes were firm and her heart made up. It was obvious she was lying. Michael raised his eyebrows.

“ Okay, so maybe I’m not. But I’m working on it. Michael, can we actually, well, you know, talk?” Liz asked. Michael pulled his confused face, where his eyes scrunched up in what Maria would affectionately call ‘Michael’s I’m-trying-really-hard-to-think-pose’,
“ Yeah we can talk. You’re Maria’s best friend.” He said as he tapped his fingers subconsciously on the table. Liz stopped his hands,

“ No, I mean, can we talk, as friends. You and me? Cos like, were friends, right?” Michael looked at her, instantly recognising what Max saw in her. Deep down, she was vulnerable, and she wanted someone to talk to. Michael ticked it over. He thought that maybe there had been one time where they had talked properly, not that he could remember the conversation at all. Taken that Michael wasn’t usually a good listener, he decided to give it a go anyway.

“ Yeah, just shut up about all the mushy crap about being friends okay? I get enough of it from Maria.” He said affectionately rolling his eyes and leaning back in the booth. Liz sighed,

“ Michael, I’m going crazy. This thing with Max is like, way out of control.” Liz said, waving her hands around to illustrate the state of their relationship. Michael gave one of those annoying ‘Hmmm’ noises, as Liz continued,
“ I mean, first I can’t be with him because of this whole Tess and his destiny thing. Then Tess is this traitor, and I think you know, me and Max are going to be together.”

Liz said, as she paused to check if he was still awake, which, luckily for him he was,

“ And then well Antress or Ava or whoever it was comes along. Then I inherit the capabilities to do this,” she demonstrated her new found abilities by morphing the chocolate sauce into vanilla, before continuing,

“ And then we find out Antress is a bitch. And to top it all off Max rejects me! And besides I don’t think I could get over the whole Tess and Max thing. But I was the one who got them together!” She said with a final sigh. Then on realising what she had just said turned a bright shade of red. Michael laughed at her.

“ You need to calm down.” He said as the waiter placed down two more ice creams in front of them. Liz’s mouth dropped open.

“ How can you say that Michael? I’ve not only got a normal life, but a chezoslovakian life too!” Liz said, using hers and Maria’s slang word for alien.

“ I feel like Sabrina the Teenage witch or something. But she had it easy. This is like, our last year in high school. I can’t be calm.” Liz said as she sought relief in the coolness of her sundae. Michael grunted,

“ Nope, Sabrina’s blonde. And make that your last year, there’s no way I’m going to graduate.” He said, covering the ice cream in tobasco sauce. Liz looked at him,

“ Really? Why? Are you failing a class?” She asked inquisitively. The music on the jukebox stopped, but they were too wrapped up in their conversation to notice. Michael grunted again, and coupled it with one of those ‘hello’ looks that seem as if they are bread out in Beverly Hills.

“ Try four or five.” Liz’s eyes widened as Michael nodded. Liz smiled as an idea dawned on her.

“ Right Michael, this is what we’re going to do. I’ll help you pass those subjects and you can help keep my mind off Max.” She said brightly, a new wave of confidence flowing through her. Sure, she still had her parents to cope with, but this was a start. Michael shook his head.

“ No way, I ain’t going to play matchmaker.” He protested, starting to slide out of the booth.

Liz laughed,

“ I told you. I’m so over Max. I don’t want you to get us back together. I just want to know what he thinks…” Michael winked,

“ Sure you do.” Liz laughed as she spattered ice cream onto his shirt, and Michael looked at her. She opened her yes wide, wit that innocent look. She smiled inwardly, though there was still something pulling at her. She sighed; here she was sitting with Michael, when in the old days, it would have been Alex sitting across the way.

* * *

“ Okay Kyle. I think I’ve finally lost my mind.” Isabel said as she sat down on his bed again. She had been pacing up and down since she’d got there a half-hour ago.

Sitting in his bedroom felt weirdly strange now. All of Tess’s stuff had been packed away, well, most of it had. There were still bottles of nail varnish here and there, and had a disgusting shade of pink on one wall; although Kyle’s dominance had seemed to have returned quite rapidly with the appearance of football posters, and a range of what Isabel hoped was clean underwear across the floor. She smiled inwardly, briefly wondering if he had porn under his bed too. She smiled again as he casually kicked his ‘clean’ underwear under the bed to join Isabel’s imaginary porn.

Isabel breathed deeply, inhaling that musky smell of boy’s deodorant. Kyle leant against the mirror, again casually trying to discard anything which shouldn’t have been there in the first place. He looked around the room in one final sweep. Wow, if he cleaned up every once in a while the place might look half-decent. He looked at Isabel,

“ You haven’t lost your mind Isabel. Well, if you’ve lost yours then I lost mine a very long time ago.” Kyle said sadly as he traced his fingers along the dressing table.

Isabel fidgeted uncomfortably. This was something she hadn’t counted on. She didn’t know why Kyle had said those things about Alex to her, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know why he had either. Kyle turned to her,

“ So, what’s the plan?” His blue eyes gazed into hers. She looked at the floor. She hesitated a moment, before speaking,

“ What exactly do you mean, when you say that you see Alex?” Isabel said. The very mention of his name made her blood freeze, and the thought of actually seeing Alex scared her even more. Even though she missed him, she was getting used to the idea that he was gone. Kyle looked straight in front of him,

“ Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror, and he’ll be there, standing behind me.” Isabel felt a shiver run up and down her spine. That was like something you saw in a horror film. Kyle looked at her,

“ Isabel, I know you think I’m crazy, but it’s not just that I can see him, I can feel him too.” His hands were cold as he shifted uneasily beside her. Isabel ran her fingers quickly through her hair. Kyle’s eyes lit up; excitedly, he continued,

“ Isabel, what if you could dreamwalk him? Contact him someway….” Kyle said, his blue eyes optimistic. Isabel’s eyebrows furrowed. She looked at him uncertainly,

“ Kyle, I don’t think that’s possible. Alex isn’t alive anymore…” Kyle looked at her stubbornly,

“ Isabel, I know you. You wouldn’t rule out any possibility. Are you scared? Is that what it is?” Kyle said, touching her hand slightly. Isabel’s eyes glazed over, as her lips trembled,

“ And what if he actually is out there? Then what?” She shivered. Kyle bit his lip. He took a deep breath, before kneeling down in front of Isabel, grasping both her hands tightly and saying,

“ Then we find a way to bring him back.”

* * *

“ You’re telling me you don’t know what a synapse is?” Liz asked incredulously as she picked up another science textbook from the many on her shelf. Michael swung around on the chair again.

“ Nope.” He said absently as he crashed face down on Liz’s neatly made bed. Liz sat calmly next to him.

“ Michael, you’re here to study.” She said as she opened the textbook on her lap. He held out his hand to Liz’s stereo system, and turned it on in his usual alien fashion. Metallica blasted through the system. Liz sighed and held out her own hand, turning it off. She stared at Michael, he stared right back.

“ You’re getting too good at that.” He said sarcastically. Liz smiled back. He got up and sat on the edge of the bed with her. He looked at the book,

“ Liz, it’s a bunch of dots.” He said abruptly. Liz cried out in exasperation.

“ Michael! Are you even going to try to learn something?” Michael cocked one eyebrow. Liz took that as a no. She fell back on her bed and covered her face with a pillow. Michael took the textbook, and began to scan the passage on synapses. His brows furrowed in concentration. Liz voice rose over the bed,

“ Michael? What are you doing? You’re too quiet.” She said as she lifted herself up again. Michael paced up and down excitedly,

“ So you’re telling me that there’s this chemical way of transmitting messages through a human body?” Michael asked quickly, not taking his eyes off the book but enveloping every page he read with a new sense of desire. Liz looked at him in astonishment,

“ Yeah, that’s what a synapse does… What’s up Michael?” She asked him suspiciously. She bounced up and down on the bed childishly, until Michael knelt down in front of her.

“ Liz, what’s an EM pulse?” He asked her seriously. Liz looked at him, failing to see what any of this had to do with synapses,

“ Michael, you’re a little ambitious if you think you’re going to understand…” Her voice trailed off as Michael reached into his bag and pulled out a scruffy note pad and the Destiny book. Liz looked at him,

“ Okay Michael, you really need to tell me what’s going on,” she said, glancing over Michael’s scruffy hand-written notes. Michael looked directly at her,

“ Is an EM pulse like the chemical stuff that diffuses across a synapse? It sends information from one place to another?” he asked quickly. Liz was overwhelmed with Michael’s new found intelligence,

“ Well yes, technically, but I couldn’t tell you…” Liz voice trailed off as Michael silently pushed the notebook in her direction.

She paused for a moment. Michael was decoding more of the destiny book. Underneath a series of symbols he had written their English equivalents, of which Liz now read aloud,

Your enemies will surely be among you. The grenelith is powerful; you must not surrender it. Keep it safe at any cost, as it is you only way home. Your only link to your past.

“ Michael, what has this got to do with EM pulses?” She asked, Michael tapped at the book, as she continued to read aloud,

Transporting matter: Hidden away from civilisation, your grenelithian crystals grow. Your only source of generation power is within these crystals; insert them into the grenelith to generate its power.

Liz’s eyes widened. She looked at Michael.
“Grenelithian Crystals? Michael, does that mean…” Liz voice trailed off, as Michael took the book off her and began to read the latest paragraph he had decoded,

This power will allow you to transport matter from Earth to your home planet. Space and time exist in separate dimensions; configuration of matter is difficult.

He looked up, his hair falling over his eyes. Liz stood up,

“ Michael, this is another way home for you. This is a way for you all to go home, or for someone to enter Earth, or for, or for…” Liz stumbled over her words.

Liz stared at the book in her hands in disbelief. Michael knew what she was thinking. He sat her down on the bed. Liz sat down too, that bewildered look in her eyes. Michael turned to her, and quietly said,

“ The way to bring Max’s son home.”

* * *

“ Kyle? Have you got a yearbook?” Isabel asked, her heart beginning to pick up speed. Kyle nodded. They still sat in his bedroom, trying to convince themselves, and each other, that Alex was somewhere out there. Kyle’s ears perked up,

“ Sure, Isabel…are you going to…??” He stuttered, reaching for his yearbook.

Isabel nodded slowly.

Kyle handed her the yearbook and sat down quietly beside her. She took a deep breath and opened the yearbook on Alex’s dedication page. This page in her own yearbook was stained with tears, and as her eyes glazed over again she was terrified that her emotions would break through again. Kyle turned and lifted her chin up,

“ Isabel, don’t cry.” He said gently, wiping away her tears. She sniffed and looked at the pictures before her. Full of uncertainty and afraid of what would happen if she did try to dreamwalk Alex, she reached for Kyle’s hand. Their eyes met.

“ Kyle, I can’t do this alone. I’m scared.” She admitted. He gripped her hand tight, and came face to face with her. He whispered softly,

“ Wherever you go Isabel, I’m going there with you.” With confirmation that she would have Kyle by her side, they both cleared their minds and Kyle prepared to follow Isabel into her dreams. The last time they had done this it had been Isabel taking Kyle into one of his many fantasies, now, things were a little more tense.

The connection started.

Isabel focussed on Alex. She searched through the darkness for him, feeling Kyle by her side. Usually a candlelit flame would appear in front of her, and she’d step through it into the person’s dream. This was different. There weren’t any bright lights. It was like being surrounded in a big thick black fog. Suddenly the two appeared in a dark space, still holding hands. Kyle opened his eyes and looked at Isabel. He clenched her hand tighter,

“ Isabel. Can you see anything?” He called to her. Isabel concentrated harder. A shiver ran through her body, which Kyle could feel too. Isabel called out with her mind to Alex with no reply. When she was about to end the connection, she felt the atmosphere changed. In a sudden the fog had cleared. Isabel and Kyle stood side by side in a white room. Isabel whispered,

“ Alex?”

Kyle gulped. This was getting way too weird for him. Isabel shuddered. Kyle looked at her,

“ I can feel him. I can feel him Kyle!” She said, beginning to scream. Isabel suddenly started to laugh maniacally. Shivers and the sense that he was in some horror film started to spread through Kyle. He abruptly let go of Isabel’s hand and in an instant returned to his bedroom. He looked at Isabel, who was sprawled out across the floor. He knelt down beside her,

“ Isabel.” He called softly, alarmed that she was not moving. He began to shake her, until in a snap her eyes flew open and she sat bolt upright. Kyle gasped. She turned to Kyle,

“ He’s out there.” She said quietly as tears began to stream down the sides of her cheeks. Kyle’s eyes widened in response, until he leant forward and gently cradled Isabel in his arms. Isabel cried uncontrollably, as Kyle rocked her back and forth, telling her that everything would be okay.

But would it?

Now they knew Alex was out there, what would they do now?

* * *

There had been a constant tapping at Maria’s window for the past five minutes, but Maria refused to move. She was lovely and warm, and had been enjoying a good nights sleep – up until five minutes ago. The tapping continued. ‘He’s not going to give it up,’ she reminded herself. She groaned a little.

“ Michael, it is both too early and too late to come through my window.” Maria grumbled as she threw herself out of bed. She wandered through the darkness of her surprisingly tidy room. Michael tapped on her window impatiently, enveloped by the darkness that surrounded three am. Sliding her window open, Michael stepped through. She scratched her head.

“ Space boy, anyone would think you’re getting romantic. I mean, climbing through my window…” Maria said flirtatiously, turning to kiss him.

“ Hey Maria.” Liz said as she too stepped through the window. Maria raised her eyebrows.

“ Liz?” She looked at Michael. She looked at Liz again. She looked at them for an explanation,

“ So, my best friend and my boyfriend are running around in the middle of the night together? There better be some alien-crisis going on” She asked sarcastically, walking over and turning the lights on. She sat back down on her bed. Michael looked at Liz,

“ You think… me and her?!” Michael said, laughing. Liz looked at Maria,

“ Not in a million years Maria.” She said, a smile playing on her lips. She directed her hand down to Michael, who was still laughing at the prospect of Maria thinking there was something between him and Liz, and shot a couple of sparks towards his feet. Maria giggled, as Michael rubbed his foot. Liz sat beside her,

“ Aren’t we being a bit loud? Where’s your mum?” Liz asked cautiously. Maria waved a dismissive hand,

“ Probably out with Valenti again. There’s something major going on between them too. However, I don’t need to remind you that she is my mother and he is Kyle’s dad and the whole prospect of anything happening between them completely grosses me out. So let’s change the subject. Why are you here, in my room, at,” She paused as she checked her alarm clock, “ 3.15am?”

Liz strolled up and down the bedroom, getting more excited by every step,

“ Well, me and Michael were in my room earlier,” Maria raised an eyebrow,

“ Studying.” Liz emphasised; Maria gave the okay to continue,

“ And I was talking to him about synapses, and as with everything Michael gets out the destiny book and we...” Liz said, not pausing for breath. Michael looked at her.

“ Basically we found another way home.” Michael said, swinging round on Maria’s chair. Maria looked open mouthed at the two of them.

“ Home?” She said pointing upwards. She looked from face to face, confused.

“ And it just happened, whilst you were studying?” Maria said sarcastically. Inside, the reality that Michael could leave again was beginning to formulate inside her.

When Tess had left to go home, with what they thought was their only means of returning to Antar, Maria had been almost relieved to know that Michael couldn’t leave. Not even if he wanted to. Now there was another way for him to leave earth. To leave home. To leave her. Liz looked at her knowingly.

“ Maria, it’s not just sending them home. There’s a way to transmit matter through the galaxy by breaking up its particles and reconfiguring them at another destination.” Liz said, waving her hands around. Maria looked at her again,

“ In English?” Maria said. Michael took her porcelain statue off her dressing table, and smashed it on the floor.

“ Michael! My Grandmother gave me that!” Maria said, moving to kneel besides the shattered pieces. With the wave of a hand, Michael had fixed the statue, so that it was as good as new.

“ That’s what she means. Putting things back together, but in another place.”

“ Or in their case, another planet.” Maria shook her head,

“ So what does all this mean? You guys are going home?” Maria looked worried. Michael placed an arm around Maria.

“ I’m not leaving you. But it means a lot, this is something big. We’ve got enough energy to, to…” Maria’s mind clicked over.

“ Oh my god, its Max’s son isn’t it? You want to bring him from Antar to here.” Liz looked at Michael. Maria looked at them both.

“ Come on, you think I’m stupid or something? That’s been the concentration of this entire summer. After Tess left, after Antress tried to kill us. All Max can think about is his son.” Maria bit her lip, and looked in Liz’s direction. Liz hung her head,

“ I’m sorry Liz.” Liz shook her head, trying not to show that she was scared.

Inside, Liz wasn’t sure what was going on anymore. What if Max did bring his son home? Where did that leave their relationship? If they could even ever have a relationship again.

Liz began to pace again. There was tension in the room. Michael tapped his fingers. Liz starred off into space, and Maria sat quietly on the bed. Suddenly, the phone rang. Picking it up quickly, Maria answered with a sleepy,

“ Hello?”

“ Something’s wrong. Is Liz there?” Maria held the phone out to her. Liz raised her eyebrows.

“ Who is it?” She mouthed. Maria gave her that look. Did she have to ask? Who else would call at this time in the morning. Liz took the phone.

“ What’s wrong?” The voice from the other end of the phone said. Liz sighed.

“ Yes Max, we’re all being held captive in Maria’s bedroom.” She said sarcastically. She heard Max sigh from the other end of the phone. Maria raised her eyebrows at her friend. She knew Liz was annoyed at Max, but she never thought she’d gone past caring. Michael took the phone.

“ Max? Yeah, everyone’s fine. Come over to Maria’s, bring Isabel.” He hung up the phone. Maria looked at him,

“ Just invite people round at three in the morning why don’t you.” Liz rolled her eyes,

“ I’m going to put the coffee on.” She announced as she walked down the stairs, closing the door behind her. Maria turned to Michael,

“ What’s with her lately? Seeing as you’re spending so much time ‘studying’ with her, maybe you’ll know.” Maria said, pulling on a pair of jeans. Michael looked at her,

“ She’s hung up on Max that’s all. And will you quit it with all these ‘studying’ comments?” Michael said, approaching the door. A fully clothed Maria followed,

“ Well maybe if you’d have told me that you two were ‘studying’!”

“ Look there you go again, wanting complete control over me.” Michael said, beginning to get frustrated.

“ I am not a control freak!” Maria said indignantly.

Michael spun round quickly and took Maria in his arms. Gently brushing his lips against hers, his strong arms held her tightly. When he drew back, Maria looked at him.

“ I had to shut you up.” Was Michael’s un-romantic reply. Maria shook her head as they both made their way down the stairs.

* * *

Max tapped his fingers impatiently on Maria’s pine kitchen table. Anything to stop him staring at Liz. His tired eyes reflected the amount of thought he had put into their so-called ‘friendship’ lately, and as she came to sit next to him, his heart rose to his throat. He tapped his feet nervously, as he watched Liz drop marshmallows into her hot chocolate.

Michael and Maria stood opposite them, arguing that it was too early for breakfast, whereas Michael thought it was never too early for breakfast. Max, not taking his eyes off the table, found his voice and said,

“ So erm, how’s everything going?” Liz nodded; not taking her eyes off the table either,

“ Yeah good. Good.” She lied. They sat in silence again, until they both turned to each other,

“ Look Max,”

“ Liz I…”

They both grinned at themselves. Liz blushed as Max watched her; his eyes grew brighter as she lifted her head up again.

“ Liz, are we a lost case? I mean, can’t we just be,” Liz raised her eyebrows as he stopped,

“ Friends?” She finished. His baby brown eyes melted into hers, but with a sudden flare of embarrassment Liz willed herself to stay strong. He rejected you, she reminded herself. Max nodded,

“ Yeah, we were friends long before anything, any of this happened. And I don’t want you to think that the other night…” Liz held her hand up, swallowing her pride,

“ Max, I really think that this time we should just put the past in the past.” She said, genuinely meaning it. She couldn’t go on living in the shadow of Tess, or of the night at Club Alien. Max nodded,

“ I couldn’t agree more.” He said, smiling. Isabel and Kyle came strolling through the entrance; both looking upset and bewildered. Max knotted his eyebrows, and stood up,

“ Michael, what is this all about?” He said. Michael looked at him smugly. Liz glanced across at him.

“ Max, remember you said that the blue crystal thing you put into the grenelith that night we were all going to go home, remember you said that once that was used we’d never use the grenelith again?” Max nodded. Michael smiled,

“ Maxwell, you’re wrong. It says so in the book. There’s more of them Max, a whole damn field of them maybe.” Michael said triumphantly, handing Max the book. Isabel’s eyes flew open wide, gasping for air she looked around,

“ We’re leaving?” Isabel said, tears forming in her eyes. Kyle reached for her hand, showing his support. Max shook his head,

“ No, no Michael, you saw it. Tess left in a spaceship, there was only one of them, we can’t go home.” He said firmly. He stole a quick glance at Liz. He couldn’t go home. Not now. Liz stood up.

“ Actually, it’s not just a way home.” She said calmly. Isabel’s eyes settled on Liz,

“ Then what is it?” She spat. Liz looked at her,

“ Well, in the book,” She started, but Isabel grew impatient,

“ I don’t care about the damn book. What does all this mean?” She demanded, rising to her feet as well. Michael raised his eyebrows at Max. Max placed a hand on her shoulder, supportively. Liz gulped and continued,

“ It means that by using these crystals, you’ll be able to transport things, people. Like they do on Star Trek.” Liz gestured. Max sat down. Isabel’s mouth was wide open again. Kyle’s eyes widened.

“ The object travels as an EM pulse. Its molecules…” Liz started, holding up two marshmallows to demonstrate. Kyle shook his head,

“ If Tess could transport them using this Star Trek kind of stuff, why didn’t they use that first of all? I mean, why the whole blast off space ship thing?” He asked, looking at Liz. She shrugged her shoulders,

“ I guess breaking up four people and re-materialising them is hard and it’d take a lot of energy. Otherwise I don’t know why she didn’t use it.” She guessed. Max raised his head,

“ Liz, if you’re saying we can transport things home…”

His voice trailed off.

Liz’s eyes grew wide, as everyone in the room began to realise what it meant. Max took a deep breath. All eyes were on him now. He looked around the room. His bottom lip trembled, as Liz gazed at him, and he confirmed what they were all thinking.

With his brown fringe falling over his forehead, and his gentle eyes gazing off into the future, he murmured,

“ We can bring back my son.”

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Hey Everyone,

This is actually one of my old old fics, and I've written a lot more than I've posted, so I'm just gna post what I've written, and if people actually want me to continue with it and finish with it I will, as soon as my exams are over *happy*

I'll post a new bit each day (seeing as I've already written them) when I get feedback...

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Chapter 4: Revival

Liz carried her duffel bag carefully down the stairs, careful not to wake anyone else up. Kyle stood in her slim hallway, waiting to give her a lift to the Evans’ where they were all meeting to go on their ‘astronomy’ trip. Liz clicked the door shut behind her and walked round to his car. Sliding into the passenger seat, Liz put her seat belt on and sat in silence in the car with Kyle. Starting the engine up and turning out of the driveway, Kyle started a conversation,
“ So uh, how is it they know where to get these crystal things from?” He asked, as if it were a casual conversation. Liz smiled, still buzzing from the whole ‘sneaking out’ thing. Sure, her parents thought she was on another camping trip to look at the stars, but still.
“Oh um, remember the blue crystals we killed? The underground rivers between Frazier Woods and Poleman Ranch are where they’ve been stored or grown or whatever. Michael said they were in the book.” She said, repeating what Maria had told her over the phone. Since the meeting at Maria’s days earlier, Liz’s world had been a tornado. She’d spent a lot of time talking to Maria on the phone, who seemed to be obsessed with getting Liz and Max back together. Knowing that she couldn’t be with Max anymore, just for the pure exhaustion factor of being with him, she had tried to resist the temptation to fall into this dream world. Although, as it turns out, Liz couldn’t stay out of the dream world for long and had spent hours of her time fantasising about Max Evans. Kyle coughed, breaking Liz out of her thoughts; he shuffled uneasily as he pulled up at the traffic lights. Liz looked at him,
“ Is something wrong Kyle?” She asked him, searching his face for answers.
“ Uh yeah. Yeah there is.” He started. Liz looked at him,
“ Are you okay?”
“ Well, I, um. There’s no easy way to say this but Isabel and me? We kinda dreamwalked Alex because he’s haunting me and then Isabel said that there’s no way she could dreamwalk him unless he’s still alive.” Kyle said in one breath. He turned to Liz, whose eyes had widened further than she thought possible. She swallowed hard and turned to Kyle,
“ Are you, you, saying that he’s he’s he’s…” Liz stumbled, Kyle nodded. Liz sharply turned to face the open road. Not even having enough free thinking space to tell herself to blink, Liz stared straight ahead and said,
“ Kyle, whatever you do, don’t tell Max.” Kyle nodded in agreement. They sat quiet for a moment. Passing three sets of traffic lights, the car was silent and cold. Liz’s hands were shaking, and she felt sick to her stomach. Breathe Liz, Breathe. Slowly, Kyle turned to her,
“ Liz, I want Alex back.” Kyle gulped, trying to fight back tears. Liz looked at him, her brown hair curled around her face as she placed it behind her ears. Her brown eyes wide with new information locked onto Kyle’s in a mutual embrace, as she whispered.
“ So do I Kyle.”


“ All I’m saying is I don’t see why they gotta come. This ain’t got nothing to do with them.” Michael said as he paced up and down outside the Evans’. Max sat in the driver’s seat, with Isabel next to him. Michael came to a halt and placed his hands on the side of the car,
“ Max, its dangerous, this should be only us. Not humans. I mean, what if its harmful…” He said defiantly, glaring at Max. Max’s eyes were hard,
“ They’re coming Michael. What Kyle said, about the division, we can’t afford that right now. We need all the friends we’ve got.” He said, placing a supportive hand on top of his sisters. Isabel managed a weak smile. She faced Michael,
“ And besides, Liz isn’t exactly human anymore, she can look after herself…” Isabel said, but Michael tore her off,
“ Yeah, but Maria is human. In case any one bothers to think about her she could be in real danger. What if there’s more enemies Max, then what?” Isabel turned her head away, unable to witness Michael being so caring. Michael had never cared about anyone but himself, it was Michael’s way of saying ‘I’m here, deal with me’. All he’d cared about was finding home, and getting there. But that had changed he moment he had stepped out of the Grenelith chamber, the moment he chose Maria over home. That was the moment Michael started to care. And started to love.
“ Then we deal with it. Michael, we can’t give up this opportunity. Now get in the car.” Max said with authority as he saw Kyle’s car swerve around the corner. Michael shook his head.
“ No Maxwell, I’m gonna ride with someone who cares about me.” He said as he shook his head and ran from Kyle’s car, opened the door and slid into the back seat with Maria. Liz jumped out of the car and ran over to the jeep,
“ We’re ready to go Max. So, um, do you want me to ride with you?” She said, her eyes expectant but uneasy. Isabel opened her door.
“ Yeah Liz, you ride with Max. I think I need to talk to Kyle.” She said as she swung her long legs out of the car and strode to the passenger seat and sped off in Kyle’s car. Liz pulled the door shut.
“ If this is too awkward for you,” she started shaking her head. Max shook his head,
“ No. I want you to ride with me,” he said, as he started the engine.


“ So, uh, did you tell Liz?” Isabel whispered quietly, as Michael and Maria lay asleep in the backseat. Kyle nodded. Isabel sat back in her seat. Feeling the way she did was exhausting. Alex was out there – and now they were on their way to where the may even find a way to bring him back. That was exciting. She’d have Alex back. They’d all have Alex back. But at the same time, that was scary. Would he be any different? Was it even possible to bring him back? Small tears began once again to trickle down the side of her cheek. Kyle looked at her.
“ Isabel, everything’s going to be okay. We’re going to do this together.” He said as he took one hand off the wheel and rested it on top of hers. In the back of the car Michael stirred.
“ You told Liz what?” He asked, his eyes jumping curiously from Isabel to Kyle. Isabel looked at Kyle,
“ What? Isabel if this has something to do with us then I want to know about it.” Isabel turned round in her seat.
“ Michael just drop it okay. This isn’t anything to do with any of us.” She lied. Michael began to get frustrated,
“ No Isabel, I mean it. Tell me what it is. If you weren’t hidin anything you’d tell me.” He said forcefully, leaning forward to jump into the front seats with Kyle and Maria.
“ Hey man, just leave her alone!” Kyle said, taking his eyes off the road. Maria began to stir, as her eyes fluttered open.
“ What’s going on?” She asked. Michael glared into the rear view mirror.
“ Nothing. Go back to sleep.” He said quietly to Maria, as his eyes burned into Kyle’s.

* * *

The car carrying Michael, Maria, Isabel and Kyle pulled up in the breaking daylight. Closely followed by Max and Liz, both cars faced nothing but open grassland. Liz’s eyes searched the landscape. She’d visited the Pod Chamber many times; and she knew the Grenelith chamber could be entered through it. But as she surveyed the landscape, she wondered where on earth they were; for this had to be miles away from any of the alien related places she’d ever been too. Stepping out of their respective cars, Max approached Michael. They stood eye to eye.
“ Where are we Michael?” Max asked, although even with his questions he maintained his authority. Michael looked out across what could have been merely a normal field. He turned back to Max,
“ I figured out that this is where were meant to find these Grenelithian crystal things. I dunno where…” Michael voice trailed off, as Isabel began to wander out into the field. She turned back to them, her blonde hair being blown behind her in the wind. The sun rising behind her, Isabel looked powerful and strong. The sunlight caught the red tints in some parts of her hair, but also reflected her present feelings. Everyone stared at Isabel. She waved her hands around in the air in front of her.
“ Can’t you feel that? Max, Michael? Oh my god, its like knowing this place without actually being here.” Isabel said, Liz felt goosebumps prickle up and down her exposed arms. Isabel spun around like a little girl. Max turned to Michael,
“ I can’t feel anything. Michael? What about you?” Michael shrugged,
“ My stomachs tellin me I need to eat, but other than that,” Michael shook his head. Max watched as his sister’s eyes lit up. Isabel hurriedly ran up to Max and grabbed his hands, jumping up and down excitedly,
“ Max, this is what it felt like when we were little,” she tried to explain to them. Inside Isabel felt like she was glowing. Inside, this was amazing. This place, this place had such a presence to it; the only way she could describe how she was feeling was that it was like walking into a memory, and being surrounded by every thought, every feeling you experienced at the time. Max shook his head,
“ Isabel, we never went here when we were little,” he said, confused. Kyle sat on the bonnet of his car, bamboozled by Isabel’s sudden connection to a bit of grass. Isabel shook her head,
“ Max, I’m not talking about this lifetime. This is what it felt like on Antar. I can feel the atmosphere Max, oh my god this is amazing!” Isabel cried happily. Max stared at his sister. Maybe this was it; maybe she really had lost it. Maria approached Michael,
“ Michael, what is she talking about?” She asked quietly, as they watched Isabel swing her arms about. Michael raised his eyebrows at the sudden change in character of Isabel. He began to get annoyed. Something rose up inside him. It wasn’t anger, it was jealousy. Why could Isabel feel this? Why couldn’t he? Liz began to rub her hands together, feeling the wind blow right through her. She tugged on Max’s black jacket, and he leant down to her,
“ Max, you remember when we were out in the dessert and we found the communicator, the orb thing?” Max nodded, how could he forget?
“ That’s how I felt. Well, at least I think so. I knew it was out there. When we pulled up in the dessert, I could feel something strange, but it wasn’t scary kind of strange. It was like; you know when you’ve been away from home for ages? And when you walk through the door and you smell those smells you get the feeling that you never left? It’s that feeling.” Liz finished. He stared at her. She’d never told him that at the time. Isabel stopped and walked over to Liz,
“ That’s exactly how it feels. Max, there’s something about this place…” She said, looking out over the horizon.
“ They’ve lost it, they’re all loosing it!” Maria hummed under her breath to Kyle. Isabel turned sharply round to Liz,
“ You feel it too, don’t you Liz?” Everyone stopped and looked directly at Liz. Liz gulped as she slowly nodded. Michael grunted in opposition.
“ There’s no way she could feel anything. She’s human.” He said ignorantly. The truth was that Michael was jealous. The thought of Liz being able to connect to his homeland when even he couldn’t both frustrated and annoyed him. He tightened his fists. Isabel approached Liz,
“ What does it feel like Liz?” She asked. Isabel had never really liked Liz; in fact, she’d got to the point where she was completely passive towards her. She was Max’s ‘love-interest’ as Isabel defined it. She was sure Liz meant well, although never took the time to really get to know her. But now, she felt like Liz knew her. Liz gulped. She knew exactly how it felt. She could just tell them the truth; she could tell them that she felt like she was treading on cotton wool, that when she ran her hands through the air, it felt thicker, somehow like she could reach out and hold the air in front of her. She could tell them that she had a feeling of déjà vu, that she knew that there was some connection between her and this place.

“ I don’t really know Isabel. It’s just me I suppose. You know, freaked out by all this alien stuff.”

Then again, she didn’t have to tell them just yet.

Maria took a sharp glance at her, whilst Michael sighed, somewhat relieved.
“ So where are these crystals?” Maria said, kicking at the earth. Isabel scowled at Liz, she knew there was something she wasn’t telling them. Isabel turned to Michael,
“ We’re standing on top of them Michael. They’re underneath us.” She walked over to a nearby rock face, that stood about 5 inches taller than Isabel herself. She swiped her hand over the entrance, and a faint silver handprint appeared. Max looked at her, as the door slid open.
“ Well, I suppose we’ve found a way in. What are we going to do with the cars?” Maria asked, staring nervously at her jetta. Michael held out his hand,
“ There’s like a small cave over there. Should fit the Jeep and the Jetta in and Max, block it with some rocks. Give me your keys. Hurry up, my future could be waiting down there.” He said impatiently as Maria handed over the keys.
“ Michael, I’m telling you, one scratch and its…” Maria drew her fingers across her throat. Michael just shook his head and hastily started the engine. Max jumped into his jeep and drove it into the cave. Maria approached Liz,
“ I swear, bullet holes, broken windows. My Jettas seen it all.” She mumbled. Liz looked at her, Maria stopped rambling,
“ What is it?” She whispered, Liz shook her head,
“ I do feel something Maria. This is totally weird. Just don’t say anything okay?” She said. Maria gave out a low whistle.
“ No surprises okay Liz? If you come over all alien, tell me, I’ll kick your butt all the way back to your human side.” Liz pulled her lips into a tight smile, as she whispered,
“ Thanks a lot Maria.” She watched as Max, Michael and Isabel started to descend into the deepening blackness of the storage chamber, which held the Grenelithian crystals.


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Sorry you guys...totally forgot!

Next Part

“ Oh my god.” Liz breathed as she looked around her. Maria stood next to her awe struck. The six of them stood near the entrance. They had had to climb down a long way to reach the chamber, but it was something which was worth the wait. In front of her, Liz saw images that would have created another world. The ceiling was low, maybe a foot above her head, and a bright shade of blue. What she assumed to be the Grenelithian Crystals grew out of the side of the wall, sending out an eerie green glow. But the most amazing part was the sheer size of the place. She couldn’t see how wide, nor how deep the cave seemed to stretch, but in the background she could hear the sound of flowing water. Maria fiddled with her bag and brought out a candle. When she held up the light, the best was revealed. About 30 feet away from them was what seemed a never-ending pool of what could only be described as crimson water. Liz gasped again. Here, in this underground chamber, it felt like they had truly steeped right into the heart of Antar. Michael let out a low whistle.
“ Jackpot.” He whispered. Isabel began to move to the right, as Max leant over to catch her arm,
“ Isabel, where are you going? We don’t know if any of this is dangerous.” Isabel turned to look at him,
“ Max, take a look around. This isn’t dangerous, this was our life.” Max gulped uncertainly. She was right. No matter how little they knew about their former home, there was no denying that down here was as close as they’d got to walking on their own soil. Isabel called to her brother,
“ Max! There’s a kind of bedroom back here.”
Kyle was the first to walk over to the right, followed by Maria who still held the candle and the rest of the group. Liz walked past what appeared to be concrete walls. They followed Isabel into the small room. Holding the candle up, the room was made out of stone. Liz passed through a narrow stone doorway, and a chill ran through her. The room looked untouched. Over to the left stood what appeared to be a four poster double bed, which stood in brand new condition. Michael ran his hands over the walls.
“ This should do it Max.” He said, as he sent a surge of energy through the wall. Almost immediately, the stagnant lights flickered to life. The group shaded their eyes, until they re-adjusted to the dim light. Max waved his hands over a number of things removing the layers of dust that had settled whilst the chamber had lay dormant.
“ This is amazing Max. I didn’t know we’d find this down here.” Isabel said in a somewhat giddy tone. Michael ran around the room, taking in everything. Liz’s eyes immediately were draw to the bed. She had been right. It was a four poster bed. Carved out of a wood-like material, and inscribed with the words King Zan and Queen Ava. She gulped as she tore her eyes away from the bed, trying not to think of Max and Tess. Evidently Max’s eyes had also caught sight of the bed, as he stuck a glance at Liz and felt his face begin to heat up with embarrassment. He tried to focus his mind on why he was here, to retrieve his son. He coughed loudly. Liz eyes flickered,
“ Um, I think there’s going to be a room for Isabel and Michael too.” Liz said quietly. She was amazed, thoroughly amazed. It seemed everyone was, as they all picked up objects, taking in the vast amount of information that was stored in this room.
“ Why d’you say that?” Michael asked conspicuously. Liz walked over to the bed and traced the word Zan inscribed in the wooden bed frame.
“ This is Max and Ava’s room,” she said carefully, avoiding the word Tess wherever she could,
“ Don’t you think there should be another one for Michael and Isabel?” She said sensibly. Max glanced across at her, but before he could say anything, Michael was darting out of the door and into the next room. He came back quickly,
“ Max, there’s three rooms. One for me and one for Isabel. Max, there’s books down there. Books Max, this might tell us what went on!” He said excitedly. Maria sat on the bed next to Liz and Kyle. They looked around,
“ Kinda feel outa place don’t you?” Kyle said, setting himself between the girls. Liz just sat very still. Inside, it felt like something inside her was waking up.
“ Yeah, just a little. Do you know this is a water bed?” Maria said as she jumped up and down, sending ripples through the bed. Liz shook her head,
“ It can’t be water, it would have evaporated.” She said, Maria stopped jumping. Max looked at her. She lifted her head up.
“ Did you bring your microscope Liz? And your testing kit?” She nodded. Would she really have come without it? He turned to face the rest of the group.
“ I think we need to see if there’s anything down here that we can use. Anything. Liz, come with me and we’ll start doing samples. You guys, grab books, anything which might have any information about how to use the grenelith to bring back my son.” He said with authority, as Liz slipped off the bed and followed behind Max.


Time passed quickly, and the next time Isabel looked at her watch, it was 10pm. The day had flown by, and although there was a lot of information down here, it was hard to make use of any of it. Symbols that didn’t match any of the originally decoded book, and piles upon piles of pictures. Pictures showing the landscape of Antar helped her imagine what her life was like. Isabel jumped slightly as Kyle placed a hand on her shoulder. Isabel placed the book next to her on the bed, and shifted over so that Kyle could sit next to her. He eyed her up wearily,
“ How’s everything holding up?” he asked her. She smiled at him faintly,
“ I’m sorry Kyle, this must be totally how you don’t want to spend your Saturday,” she said, tracing the inscriptions on the worn cover of the book. He shook his head and ran his hands through his brown hair,
“ No, well, I hadn’t got anything better to do,” he remarked with a cheeky grin, which was soon replaced by a serious frown, “ But I guess this might have something to do with me anyway. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about being healed. What if its that that’s caused Liz’s powers?” he asked in a whisper. Isabel reached over and took his hands,
“ Are you scared?” she asked him honestly. Their brown eyes met in a mutual stare, as Kyle quietly confessed,
“ Yeah I am. Aren’t you? This is like, your bedroom. Don’t you wonder why it’s here? Why you’ve got some where you could have been stored?” Kyle said, bombarding Isabel with questions. Isabel’s eyes sparkled,
“ I’ve learnt a lot Kyle. I betrayed my family on Antar, I got us all killed. Being here, I don’t feel like a murderer. I think this is the only time when I’ve felt part of Antar. Here I am, sitting in a room that was built for me.” Isabel sat still for a moment, taking in the atmosphere of the room. At some point during the day, the lights had blown, and Michael had made matters worse by blowing up the fuse box or whatever it was that operated the lights. He’d done it because he’d claimed it didn’t work. Now they sat surrounded by candles. Isabel had done her best to clean ‘her’ room. There wasn’t much to it; a double bed, a chest of drawers and a wall full of books. Kyle raised his eyebrows,
“ I’m glad you feel at home Isabel. So uh, why is it that you and Michael have separate rooms? Weren’t you like, betrothed?” Kyle said, trying to remember what he knew of their alien relationships. Isabel laughed out loud,
“ I was looking at one of the books over there,” she motioned towards a book on the top of her chest of drawers, “ and I think it was telling me that religion on Antar is the same as on Earth. No sex before marriage,” she wrinkled her nose. Kyle chuckled to himself.
“ So you and Michael hadn’t…,” he said teasingly, Isabel shook her head,
“ God I hope not. He’s like my brother!” she said, laughing. Kyle smiled too,
“ I suppose that’d be like sleeping with me,” he remarked. Isabel raised her eyebrows at him,
“ Not really Kyle. I mean, I don’t look at you and think, ‘there’s my brother’,” she started uncertainly, her gentle brown gaze softening his heart,
“ Then what do you see when you look at me?” he whispered, as he swept her hair off her face, Isabel smiled,
“ Someone who I can trust, and someone who cares about me,” she whispered back. She closed her eyes as she felt Kyle’s fingers run down her cheek. Carefully and slowly, she leant forward, until her nose grazed softly against his cheek. Kyle’s heart raced as Isabel’s soft skin grazed his, and as he lightly enveloped her lips into his. Kissing her gently, his hands softly held her head. They both drew away slowly. Isabel’s eyes searched Kyle’s. It was so surreal; he’d just kissed her. Well, technically she’d just kissed him too. Kyle raised his eyebrows,
“ Isabel, I didn’t mean for us to, well, because we’re friends and I…” Kyle whispered carefully. A lonely tear escaped over Isabel’s eyelashes, as she drew a finger to his lips,
“ And that was a kiss between friends Kyle. Because if I could have anyone around me, especially now, it’d be you,” she said with all her heart. Kyle sighed, the butterflies in his stomach beginning to calm down,
“ And I’ll be here for you Isabel,” he whispered. Isabel yawned tiredly, as she rested her head on Kyle’s shoulder. Her lips still tingled, but inside she knew she had no attraction to Kyle. But she was glad she’d kissed him none the less, because as she had said it was a kiss between friends. And in her own little way, she did love Kyle. But there was someone she loved even more… Someone she knew she would get back into her life.


“ Hey, where’s Liz?” Maria asked as she approached Max. He sat with his head in his hands on the steps leading down to the water. She sat down beside him, he looked at her.
“ She’s asleep in, well I guess it’s my room,” he sighed unhappily. Maria looked at the water,
“ So, uh, you two aren’t getting back together then?” Maria said. Max turned to her; Maria raised her eyebrows,
“ What? Come on this is me, what? You expect me to be subtle?” She said, her mocking blue eyes making him grin. He turned back to the water,
“ I don’t know what’s going on to tell the truth. Did she tell you about, well, uh, what happened at…” Maria held up her hand, sensing Max’s embarrassment,
“ At Club Alien. Max, I know you regret what happened with you and Tess… You do regret it right?” She asked him seriously, Max nodded his head furiously,
“ If I could take back anything, it’d be that. I didn’t think about what was happening, all I could see was everyone turning away from me, I was scared and I…” Maria held up her hand again,
“ I don’t need to know details Max, but if you want an inside view on how Liz is feeling,” she paused as she noted Max’s interest in the conversation,
“ Try stupid, shallow, unwanted, rejected. Any of those words would sum her up at the moment,” Maria paused as she pulled out a flask. Feeling around it, she realised it had gone cold, she pushed it in Max’s direction,
“ Help me out?” She asked him. He waved his hand over the container, and was greeted by the aroma of hot tomato soup. He turned to her,
“ I never rejected her Maria. And what she doesn’t seem to understand is that she pushed Tess and me together. How can she hold that against me so much?” He asked, his eyes looking for pity. Maria took a swig of the tomato soup and handed the canister to Max,
“ Max, remember this girl has been in love with you for nearly three years. Just because someone came to her and told her that she couldn’t love you anymore doesn’t mean she can just put those feelings aside. Her dreams of a wedding, of getting up to whatever she wanted to get up to with you, they never disappeared.” Max nodded his head in realisation. He was quiet for a moment, until he turned to Maria again,
“ But that night at Club Alien when Liz wanted to…” Max struggled for a phrase which wouldn’t embarrass him, Maria nearly choked on her soup,
“ Ew, I don’t need to know,” Maria said, a mental of image of Max and Liz flashing through her mind. She wrinkled her nose,
“ But I didn’t reject her Maria. When she wanted to…” Max said quietly,
“ Will you stop it with the mental pictures? She’s my best friend, I don’t need to think about you and her…ergh, that’s it, I’m scared for life,” Maria decided. Max chuckled,
“ Maria, she wanted to sleep with me that night but I just couldn’t do it!” he said, Maria looked at him, raising her eyebrows,
“ You just couldn’t do it? What, human sex isn’t as good as the alien kind?” Maria asked, not sure she wanted to know the answer. Max blushed furiously,
“ I’d had a lot to drink, and we have the same problems humans do I guess. It just doesn’t operate…” He said, as Maria closed her eyes and laughed spontaneously,
“ Oh – my – God.” She said between her laughter. Max glared at her,
“ Maria, it’s a little embarrassing…” Max said quietly. Maria tried to regain her composure, but the minute she looked into Max’s eyes she snorted again. Max finally saw the humour in it, and broke out into a grin himself. Maria breathed deeply,
“ Max, you have to tell Liz, she thinks you’re like, completely turned-off by her or something,” Maria said, not looking into his eyes for fear she’d laugh at him again,
“ It’s not her, every time I look at her I want to…” With that Maria placed her hand firmly over Max’s mouth.
“ Max, please don’t discuss your urges with me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to attend to my warrior of a boyfriend,” she said, as she lifted herself up and started to walk back to her room, where Michael was currently making it look like his apartment,
“ Maria?” he called after her. She turned around, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and his brown eyes were so clear that it was obvious his words were surrounded by complete sincerity,
“ I’m glad that even if I wasn’t there for Liz when she needed me, well, I’m glad that you were.” Maria smiled faintly,
“ That means a lot to me Max.” Maria said, as she began, once again to walk back to Michael’s room.

* * *

Max settled himself down on the bed beside Liz. He looked at her. Her arm was stretched out, and her head lay lightly on top of it. She breathed slow and even breaths, echoing that she was fast asleep. He smiled as he lay down beside her. He thought vaguely of the irony in their situation. Here they were, alone in what was probably his chamber, of sorts. The most beautiful girl he’d ever seen was lying in his bed, and he couldn’t even touch her. He sighed sadly, thinking of all the pain he’d inflicted. He couldn’t resist the temptation to run a hand down the side of her cheek. It was so smooth, so soft. Just like it had been all the times he’d touched her before. He closed his own eyes, leaving his arm to rest lightly on her waist. As he drifted off to sleep, he knew that he would have to get things out in the open, once and for all.

* * *

Kyle tossed and turned. It was keeping him awake. It was just a shame he didn’t know what ‘it’ was. He sighed. Isabel lay on the other side of the bed, which was surprisingly comfortable. He was still a bit weirded out by their kiss earlier, but as he looked at her lovingly, he realised it had to have happened sooner or later. He sighed again. Suddenly a chill ran through the room. Kyle looked around him. ‘That’s odd’, he thought to himself, ‘there isn’t a window around here’. Kyle got off the bed, careful not to wake Isabel. He looked around the room, goose bumps running up and down his spine. He made his way cautiously around the room. Was he loosing it?
“ Hello?” he called out in a whisper. No one answered. Another chill swept through the air. This was definitely getting creepy. Kyle rested back down on the bed. His eyes searched the room until they rested on the doorway. He shuddered violently, as the colour drained from his face,
“ Alex?”

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Hey Everyone,

I can't seem to find 'You Can't Control Your Destiny' either, but its on a friends website, here's the link:

When I tried it it worked, but sometimes the site is down. If anyone really really wants to read it, send me a bmail and I'll email it to you in an MS word document.

As for the next part, I'll post soon. I'm also going to use my idea of the underground chamber in my other fic - Crash and Burn later on *happy*


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Authors note: Well, I've posted a lot of what I already had written, I'm going to have to start writing more now! Okay bear with me cos it's been a long time since I wrote for this fic, but I know what I've got planned and for the small number of readers I have out there I will finish it for you!

Next Part...

Liz’s eyes flickered unnaturally. She awoke from a troubled sleep. At first, she couldn’t remember where she was. The eerie glow of candle light loomed in the area, and the smell was thick and musty. She panicked as she felt a strangers arm around her waist, but quickly looking up to the owner she realised there was nothing to fear. She looked at Max. In the glow of the candlelight he looked younger than eighteen, and definitely as human as the next person. His brown hair covered his forehead, as his eyes lay peacefully shut. She sighed unhappily; wishing there could be more to her life than this. Suddenly Max’s eyes opened too, and there she was, staring into the eyes of the man she had, and still, loved. Max looked at her tenderly. He brought his hand up to her face and stroked the side of her cheek. For moments they stared at each other. She looked at him,
“ Max,” she started, but not knowing what she wanted to say, nor the words to say it, she rose quickly and darted out of the room. Making her way quickly towards the water, and sitting down on the steps she buried her head in her hands and cried. A touch came on the side of her shoulder. She dried her tears. Max sat down beside her. They sat in silence for a while, until Liz found the words she was looking for,
“ I never realised how much I missed you,” she said quietly, “ Until just then, when I woke up in your arms.” Resisting the urge to just take her in his arms and comfort her, and tell her that everything would be okay, that nothing would ever change, he just fought against the lump in his throat.
“ You never realised how much I missed you either,” Max said, still looking out towards the water. The water rippled in places, and seemed confined to this small lake. Max wondered how something with so much peace to it could possibly be a part of his homeland, which, on all accounts was being wrecked by this war. Liz turned to him, her eyes still red from her tears,
“ I had to watch her be with you Max. I wanted to be with you so much. I could see you and her getting closer and closer, and all the while I kept thinking, I wish that was me.” Liz took her shoes off and dipped her feet into the cool water. Max watched her curiously. She wasn’t afraid of him, of anything alien anymore. Her brown hair concealed her face, but now, finally he could see what had hurt her so much.

“ I kept wishing it was you too, for a long time Liz.”

Liz’s heart and eyes instantly fell to the ground, and Max bit his lip, it hadn’t meant to sound like that.
“ But then you didn’t want me anymore. Were you happy with her Max?” she asked, her voice wavering a little. Max gulped. Had he ever been happy with anyone else? He took his shoes off, and placed his feet in the water too. Their feet were engulfed in a reddish, water type liquid. Max cocked his head to the side,
“ I don’t think I was. The way I saw it, everyone else hated me. Michael was off with you and Maria, Alex had died, Isabel wasn’t even speaking to me… it felt like Tess was the only one I had left,” he said thoughtfully, careful at the way he presented his feelings. Liz nodded,
“ So you did love her,” Liz said sadly, her voice trailing off. Max shook his head,
“ I didn’t love her Liz. I know what love is, I feel it every time I look at you, or every time I think about you. What I had with Tess was something, well, passive,” Max said, sounding confused himself. Still staring at the water, Liz started to get annoyed. How could he describe something that made him lose his virginity as passive?
“ Whatever you had with Tess, you obviously felt something towards her; to just go off and sleep with someone isn’t exactly passive-” Max cut her off,
“ Liz, I don’t want to bring this up again,” Liz glared furiously at him,
“ Well I do. That’s the only thing that stops be being with you Max, the fact that you slept with Tess,” Liz said forcefully, removing her feet from the water. She stood up, followed by Max,
“ Liz, you were the one who pushed us together. How can you be annoyed at me, it wasn’t just my fault! It was you, and Tess, an-” Max said, starting to work up a slow anger.
“ Oh my god Max, I hardly pushed you into bed with her and said ‘Go on, make alien babies!’” Liz said, beginning to get really angry. She pushed her long brown hair back.
“ That is not how it happened!” Liz crossed her arms,
“ Yeah Max, then how did it happen?” Max turned his back on her. Liz sighed,
“ I don’t want to know about you and Tess anymore. I don’t know what to do Max, I miss you so much. You changed on us for a while back there. I didn’t know who you were. And that scared me.” Max turned back to face her,
“ I didn’t know who I was either. Liz, from now on I can promise you that you will always know who I am. I want you to know who I am,” he reached down and cupped her chin, drawing her in to the warmth of his lips. She kissed him back, tenderly. When they broke apart, Liz felt herself shuddering. Max looked at her, whilst Liz’s brown eyes once again searched his face for warmth or explanation.
“ There’s a lot about us Liz, that doesn’t make sense. But I know that if I can kiss you like that, and feel exactly the same as I did when I kissed you for the very first time, I know that anything that happens between us can’t be wrong. The first time I kissed you I told you that whatever we go through, it’d be worth it for me; because we’d be together. Liz, the only thing wrong with us is that we’re apart,” Max said, as he ran his hands softly through her hair. She felt that familiar lump in her throat, as her voice quavered,
“ But how can you say that when you rejected me? How can you say that your feelings never changed?” Liz tore away from his stare, and turned to face the water again. She held her arms tight, whilst Max frowned. He took a deep breath,
“ Liz, that night at Club Alien, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, and it’s not because I don’t love you,” Liz turned around, her eyes blazing furiously,
“ Then what was it Max?!” she asked him heatedly. He blushed furiously,
“ I’d drunk a lot, and you know how we react to alcohol, and well it just wasn’t physically possible to,” Max looked at Liz, who had also turned a bright shade of red. Liz bit her bottom lip, as her anger faded into mild amusement.
“ Oh so um…” Liz said, until breaking into a small smile. Max gave her a sheepish grin,
“ Yeah. Well, this is embarrassing,” he said, kicking at the ground. Liz let out a giggle,
“ I thought you, oh my god!” she said, Max laughed too.
“ I’m just glad you know. I thought you hated me,” Max said, turning serious once again. Liz reached for his hand,
“ I couldn’t ever hate you Max,” she said, as they walked hand in hand back to the chamber, “ but that doesn’t stop the fact that you’ve got a son out there, and Tess’ son no less.” Max led her back onto the bed, where they lay hand in hand still,
“ Liz, I can understand that you don’t want to be a part of my sons life…” Liz held her free hand up to his lips.
“ Max, we don’t need to have this discussion now. Tonight it’s just you and me, just hold me,” She said as she slipped into his arms. He lay quietly for a long time, listening to her regular soft breaths. He could smell her hair, feel the softness of her hand in his. This is the way he wanted it to be. But where did his son fit into the equation? He drifted off to sleep with the thoughts of a young King drifting into his sub-conscience.

* * *

Kyle shook Isabel violently.
“ Isabel, wake up!” he whispered, his voice quivering and his hands shaking maniacally. Isabel woke up abruptly, sitting bolt upright. Kyle’s pale face and erratic breathing made her eyes fill with tears, as her hands began to shake too. She held Kyle steady,
“ He’s here. Isabel, Alex is here. And he’s ready to be brought back,” Kyle said, his face turning paler. Isabel felt like collapsing. She tore away from him. She took a deep breath. With glassy eyes, she turned to Kyle,
“ Go and wake Liz up,” Kyle looked at her, uncertainly. He bit his lips,
“ You mean we’re, you’re…” Isabel nodded,
“ We’re going to bring back Alex. Tonight.”


Michael stirred in his sleep. There was something going on, and he knew it. His eyes were open as he lay awake on his bed. Maria sat snuggled up in a blanket in a chair across the way. Michael sighed, as he heard someone move. The cold, stone walls echoed every movement, and the glow of the candles didn’t shed much light on the matter. But he could sense it. Something was going on, something that Isabel wasn’t telling him about. He heard low talking in the consecutive room, as he slid out of bed and made his way to the door. He saw Liz, Kyle and Isabel emerge from Max’s room. He touched the walls lightly, as he looked on and saw them removing some of the Grenelithian Crystals from the cave. He felt his temper rise, but no; he wouldn’t uncover himself just yet. They all seemed nervous. As they moved towards the entrance, Michael made up his mind to follow them…

* * *

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Authors Note

Hello everyone... long time no post I know! Elevation is a fic I started so long a go, but I'm going to try and get through it, just to give it a good ending. Heres the rest of what I have at the moment, and I'll try and update again soon, because between this fic, my other fic and RL, it's impossible to do anything at the moment!

Well enjoy this part, even if it is short!


Kyle stood outside the Grenelith chamber with Liz and Isabel. The sun would be rising in a couple of hours, and Kyle was getting nervous. It had been a long and quiet ride in Kyle’s car. None of them were sure of what they were going to do, nor what was going to happen. Liz rubbed her hands together nervously. She thought of Max, still lying alone in his bed. After everything they’d said to each other tonight, she wanted them to be honest with each other. But one look at Isabel was all it had taken to convince Liz that they had to do this, and they had to do this now. Liz coughed,

“ Isabel, you need to let us in,” Liz prompted, as Isabel stared at the rocks. She turned to Liz. In the darkness, Isabel looked scary, shadowing above her quite considerably. Isabel cleared her throat,

“ No Liz, I want you to try,” she said vaguely, but with a definite purpose. Kyle looked between the two girls.

“ Isabel I can’t let us in…” Liz’s voice trailed off. Isabel gave her a sidewards glance as she swiped her hand across the chamber.

A side opened slid open, as the three crawled inside. Liz wondered what Isabel had meant by wanting Liz to try and open the Grenelith doors. Once inside, the Grenelith stood in the middle of the circular room, a vague glow of green shadowing the walls. Liz gulped, as she set down the crystals and the destiny book. They all were quiet, as they stood around the chamber.

“ How do we do this?” Isabel asked, not taking her eyes off the Grenelith. Liz gulped,

“ By what I understand of it, we have to insert these crystals into the Grenelith and over there,” Liz said, pointing in the direction of the left wall, “ should be a control panel,” she finished.

Isabel walked over to the wall, and slid her hand across it. A control panel appeared. Kyle shifted uneasily from foot to foot. Isabel walked back over to Liz,

“ Give me the crystals,” she ordered, her eyes wrecked of any emotion. Liz stuttered,

“ Isabel we really don’t know anything about this, shouldn’t we wait for Max or, or…” Liz’s voice trailed off as she saw someone approaching them. Kyle turned around,

“ What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Michael shouted from the other end of the room. Liz gulped and held the book close to her chest, but Isabel soon rose to their defence,

“ We’re bringing back Alex, now either you’re going to help us or you get out,” Isabel said plainly. Michael clenched his fists and gulped a little.

“ What?! Alex is dead. How do you think you’re going to bring him back?!” Michael asked, a heated expression on his face. Everyone was quiet. Kyle’s face was still chalky white. His hands were sweaty, as his eyes fixated on a spot behind Michael. Kyle gulped again,

“ Alex is standing right behind you Michael,” he said quietly, raising his shaking hand. Michael turned around, but saw nothing. Michael felt a chill run through him.

“ What, you’re seeing dead people? What are you, all crazy? I don’t believe in ghosts!” Michael stated firmly, as he started to grab Isabel by the arm.

“ We’re leaving. Now.” Kyle rushed to her side,

“ Liz! Put the crystals in the Grenelith!” Isabel ordered, whilst battling with Michael. Seeing no other option, Liz held up the crystals to the cylindrical object. Slowly they began to disintegrate in her hands, as the Grenelith began to regenerate. Michael let go of Isabel.

“ Michael, we need your help,” Liz said quietly approaching him. She threw the book into his hands, Michael grasped it tightly. Michael looked at the book in his hands. He wasn’t just holding his destiny anymore, he was holding the difference between life and death. He gulped. This wasn’t a decision he wanted to make. He looked at Liz, staring into her frightened brown eyes.

“ Do you think this is going to work?” he whispered, turning to the back page. Isabel went back to staring at the Grenelith. Slowly she added,

“ Michael, we have to try this,” she walked up to him, “ if I don’t do this, I’m going to wonder if I would ever have seen Alex again. If we can bring him back, I don’t care what kind of a cover story we have to come up with. I want Alex back.” Her eyes were brimming with tears, and with a sigh Michael slowly nodded his head.

“Okay, we’re going to do this,” he announced, walking quickly over towards the control panel. He scanned the book,

“ What does it say Michael?”

“ We have to give it something to find. It’s like a massive search engine. I need some DNA, this isn’t going to be easy,” he warned them. Isabel was already taking off her necklace. She opened it to reveal a lock of hair inside it. She handed it to Michael,

“ Will this do?” Michael took the lock of hair and pushed it into a slot in the control panel. She closed the locket lovingly, thanking god that her and Alex had decided to do the romantic thing. Almost instantaneously hundreds of buttons began to flicker to life. Liz watched in awe. Michael scanned the next passage, whilst the Grenelith changed colour into a light purple. Liz’s heart began to beat faster,

“ It says we have to give some co-ordination. Something about time planes of existence,” Michael said, looking confused. The cogs inside Liz’s head began to turn, as her eyes lit up,

“ Oh my god, that’s what happened. Alex has been moved from this time plane!” Isabel stared at her, as did Kyle,

“ What the hell does that mean?” Isabel said, her nerves beginning to get the better of her. Liz went on,

“ Remember when the skins made all the humans in Roswell disappear? Courtney told us that time could exist in different dimensions. This is what she meant. Guys, Alex never died. He’s been living on a different plane,” Kyle began to nod his head furiously,

“ You’re right Liz, Alex is nodding his head,” he said, indicating towards the centre of the Grenelith, Michael stared at them,

“ What the hell does that mean?” Michael said, the tension beginning to get to him, Liz shook her head.

“ There isn’t time Michael. Kyle, tell me when Alex is nodding,” Liz ordered, as she came up to the control panel.

“ One,” she said out loud, Kyle shook his head,

“ Two,” she tried, but Kyle shook his head again. Isabel crossed her fingers. Michael shook his head.

“ When did all this happen? What were you going to tell us, that you just happened to meet him crossing the road, we’re meant to be in this together Isabel,” he said, keeping his voice low. Isabel turned to him, her voice cold and her stare icy,

“ Michael, if Maria died and there was any possible way to bring her back, wouldn’t you do it?” Michael stood still. She was right, and he hated it. Kyle nodded furiously again,

“ Yes, Liz, he’s nodding, you’ve got it Liz!” he ran to her side, as she began to punch in numbers.

Michael and Isabel watched as the room began to fill with gold symbols. All around them, symbols flew through the air, reflecting their faces. Liz stretched out her hand; the symbols ran straight threw her. The Grenelith hummed as it searched the time planes. Isabel stood close to Liz,

“ What’s it doing Liz?” she whispered quietly. Liz’s eyes were large, taking everything in about this that she could. Her mind whirled, though at the back of her mind she knew Max should have been involved in this too. Michael once again looked at the book in his hands,

“ It’s searching. I guess time’s a pretty huge space,” he ventured.

Liz approached the cylindrical shape before her. Why did all this seem familiar to her? Why did everything in this room seem like déjà vu? She closed her eyes, and held her hand up to the Grenelith. A silver, metallic light seemed to stream from her palm. Michael looked at Isabel. Isabel’s mouth was opened wide.

“ What the hell is going on Isabel, first she has powers, now…?” Isabel shook her head,

“ I don’t know Michael, something isn’t right. Don’t you feel different around her? There’s something going on here that isn’t right,” Isabel said softly, as she watched Liz ‘feed’ the Grenelith. Michael suddenly felt compelled to join her, followed closely by Isabel. Kyle watched as the three encompassed the Grenelith, a different colour of energy streaming from each of their palms. He leant his back against the wall. His heart was beating so fast he didn’t know how long he’d hold out. Kyle stared at the Grenelith itself. Inside, the colours of the energy were beginning to swirl. The silver from Liz, green from Michael and Isabel’s pink swirled in the whirlwind galaxy formation, as something began to materialise inside the chamber. Kyle began to shake again,

“ Guys!” he shouted, moving towards them. Liz’s eyes flew open. Inside the glowing cylinder, balls of energy began to encompass a shadow. Isabel felt the tears spill over her eyelashes, and roll down her cheeks as she watched something begin to materialise…

* * *

Inside the Grenelith chamber, the four stood in awe. The bright, colourful balls of energy encompassed a shadow. Liz’s hands shook, as she backed away from the Grenelith with Isabel and Michael. With their backs pressed against the wall of the Grenelith, they watched impatiently. Michael’s mouth hung wide open, as Isabel just reminded herself to breathe. The gold symbols stopped suddenly, as the Grenelith seemed to gain even more power. A brilliant blue light streamed through the room, hurting their eyes. The light got brighter, and brighter and brighter…. Until all that could be heard was Isabel’s whisper of,
“ Alex?”

* * *