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Title: In the Shadows
Author: E.T.
Summary: *I'm not good with these things Anyway...* It's sometime into the future and it's pretty much based on the kids' lifes. Mostly on how they deal with alien problems and other teenage crap. Couplings are M/L, M/M, I/J, K/??? plus their kids. Sorta a Post- Significant Others
Rating: PG13- strong R at some parts.
Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell

Part 1 *Claudia Evans POV*

Stupid teachers


Damn parents


Goddamn older brother.

I've never asked for much in life. All I really want is the undivided attention of my parents. I don't think they'd even know my name if it wasn't for the fact that Mom named me after her grandmother. That's just about how bad off my life is.

"Claudia. Are you paying attention?"

Dad looks over at me.

Oh yeah, were supposed to be having some kind of father- daughter moment right about now...


Simple yet honest answer. See, I'm all about honesty. I don't see why my parents can't see the good in me. I guess I'm always going to be known as Nobody's shadow.

My parents don't seem to get the fact that I'm here and my brother is NOT.

Dad sends me a look before looking over at the road again as he teaches me to drive. He's probably comparing me again. To him. To a son who doesn't exist. A son he lost 19 fucking years ago. 19 YEARS!

Nobody or Spot as my twin and I often call him as, somehow is always at the center of attention. We do something and it's like, I bet Spot would do this, or Spot would do that better.


I send him an annoyed look before turning my attention over on the road. So I'm a lousy driver. My mother is too.

Have you seen how she drives around town? Talk about speeding.

"IT's not like we're gonna die." I shrugged.

He glares at me while strapping on his seatbelt. I don't think he gets that fact that we're aliens and we could heal.

"What d'you get on the report card?"

The what card? That's the thing that tells you your grades right?

Damn he actually remembered.

"I'm improving. Straight A's, actually, the teacher even said I'd be taken out of remedial classes soon."

I give him the best innocent smile I could muster before flooring the gas pedal- again. So I lied and so I'm on the reckless side, irresponsible, and a little bit of a bad kid. I blame it all on Michael and Kyle, they're the ones who thought me everything.

So the stunts I pull are nothing compared to what Kyle and Michael pulled at my age, but hey life is too short to be a straight arrow kinda kid.

"So what's your teacher's name?"

Oh crap.

Teacher... ugh who really cares? I've only visited the classes metally once. The rest I was cruising into orbit. Hey, what good are alien powers if I don't use 'em to my advantage.

"Mr. Seligman?"

I've heard that name before. Maybe it's the teacher's.

"That was one of my teacher."

Oh. I knew I heard it somewhere.

"Wow so he must be like ancient huh?"

See my problem is my parents don't pay attention to me. I don't have to act like a bitch all the time... just when feel like it. That's almost all the time since my parents can't get their damn thoughts off a boy living light years away.

Dad sends me another one of those looks.

"Hand it over."

I would hand it over, but I don't know where the hell it is right now.

I give him a shrug before turning right towards the Crashdown.

The tires are squealing and you could almost smell the rubber burning against the asphalt. Dad gives me another one of those annoyed looks as I pull up in front of the Crashdown.

"See I told you I could drive," I grumbled before grabbing my backpack and trudging into the restaurant.

Someone save me.

Dad follows me in and we grab a booth near the window. Where the hell are the others when you need them the most?

"What's going on with you?" Dad asks looking right at me.

Does he really want me to list it all?

I roll my eyes at him, " Nothing."

"Nothing? You got suspended from school just a week ago for God knows what Claudia. You're in danger of flunking out of high school..."

"Well then I'll be the first alien to accomplis it."

"Are you on drugs?"

What?! Where the hell is he getting all this crap from?


It's the truth. I'm bad, but I don't take drugs.

"Then what the hell is messing your brain up?"


I send him an evil look before staring at the table top.

"Not EVERYONE could be like YOUR son DAD," I replied sarcastically. I kept my eyes trained on the table knowing that I had just crossed the line.


He's got no comeback.


Does he have to use that voice?

He makes his voice soft. The same voice he uses on my little sister when he's tucking her in.

I'm too old for this.

I send him that knowing look making sure to avoid his eyes before storming out.

His son can go to hell for all I care.

So should I go on??

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Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell

Part 2 * Charlie Evans POV*
The house is unbelievably quiet. Usually Claudia has her stereo blaring and getting screamed at by Mom for it.

Unbelievably there's no screaming going on and I know for a fact Claudia received a D for chemistry this year.


"In the kitchen!"

"You guys decent?" I yell closing my eyes.

I don't need anymore scenes that could permanently blind me. I've seen my parents making out more than once and it's not a pretty sight.

"Your dad's not home."

Oh. Where the hell are they?

Crap. Did they finally send Claudia to a juvie center?

"So where's Claudia and Dad?"

"They went somewhere."

I give Mom this look before sitting on a stool, " You sent them out together- alone? Mom you sure you haven't lost it?"

Claudia and Dad don't have the best relationship. Actually she doesn't have a great relationship with both our parents. Hell I don't either, but I put up with them anyway.

Claudia's got this attitude problem and she speaks her mind which she more than likely inherited from Michael and Maria.

She rolls her eyes at me before turning back to her cooking.

"So you're trying to poison us again huh?"

She throws a piece of whatever she's chopping at me. Mom isn't the best cook. OK the understatement of the year. Mom is like the worst cook in the world.

"What d'you get on your report card?"

And here we go again.

Mom and Dad have this thing with comparing us with Spot who is light years away. Claudia and me are like his shadows. Whatever we do, they imgaine what he could've done.

"I got a B in English. The rest I managed to pull an A."

That's small compared to "everything" MY brother's probably done.

Mom grins at me.

She compares us differently from how Dad compares us to him. With Dad it's mostly on our accomplishments. Did he do better? Is he as smart? Is he as bad? With Mom she uses us for revenge, we're like the pawns in the game. Her children against the other one and we gotta be better.

To them Claudia's a failure. Me? I'm in between. I get my share of trouble, but I'm the quiet guy. The leader of our little gang between our generation.

Megan runs in through the back door followed by Alex Ramirez. Meg's my 8 year old little sister who's almost a carbon copy of Mom except for the fact that her eyes are in between Dad and Mom's shade.

"Hey Mom. Bye Mom."

"Hey Aunt Lizzie," Alex grins his lopsided grin before hurrying after Meg.

Megan is the only kid my parents could consider perfect. She's great in school, obedient. What more could they ask for except for the fact that Claudia's slowly manipulating her into following her evil ways.


It's the front door. Well, Dad and Claudia are home.

Dad walks, well storms is more like, it into the kitchen. Claudia pissed him off good this time.

"Where's Claud?" I look around. Usually my sister would still be at it until Dad just snaps and screams at her.

Dad sighs, " She stormed out of the Crashdown."

Oh crap.

I look over at the window and try not to look at Dad's expression. I don't say what I know everyone's thinking.

Claudia ran away- again.

Part 3 * Byron Valenti POV*
I'm an offspring of two brilliant actors.

I mean it.

My dad and mom should get an Oscar and an Emmy for all that acting they do around here. I know they don't love each other the way Max and Liz like each other. The way Uncle Michael and Aunt Maria do.

They pretend they're happy. For my sake.

I know when Dad looks at Mom he doesn't see her. He sees a petite woman with blonde ringlets and bright blue eyes he could drown in. My mother's really tall, curly blonde hair, and grayish- green eyes and she doesn't answer to the name Tess. Her name's Serena.

Mom likes to pretend that Dad is this tall guy with the lightest shade of brown hair and amazing aqau blue eyes while he's actually not as tall as she likes to think, he's got dark brown hair, and blue, blue eyes like mine.

They don't love each other.

"Byron open up!"


I bolt up from my bed and look up to see Claudia Evans's face. Amazing amber eyes that I could loose myself into. Silky raven hair... Crap, I didn't just think that.

Claudia's like my little sister. She's that girl I've known my whole life. The girl next door type of thing.

"Hey look I wanna go to Hondo tonight. I wanna check something out. And since you've got a car. Guess what? I voted you in to get a chance to drive me"


She had another fight with Max. I could tell from the way her eyes are blazing with anger.

"Yea. Road trip. C'mon!"

She pulls me of the bed. Tonight...tonight's dinner with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Amy... Oh screw that I get to be with Claudia.

I follow her out really quietly. Hopefully Dad and Mom won't hear my lousy pick-up tryck peel out the drive-way at top speed.

"Gimme the keys." Claudia muttered as she hopped into the driver's seat.

Am I looking for an early grave?!

I shook my head and make her scoot over to shot gun before starting the car.

"What happened this time?"

She leans her chair back and closes her eyes.

God I could drive just watching her like that all day long...Where the hell is these thoughts coming from?! Something's gotte be wrong with my hormones today.

"Dad was giving me shit about my report card. I told him not everyone could be like his wonderful fucking son."

Claudia surprisingly can curse when her parents from what I heard were straight arrows. She's not a bad kid to an extreme. She just feels like being one.

"You failed a class again."

"No... yes... I think."

Typical Claudia, she probably hasn't even stared at that report card yet.

"You know you can pass, why the hell don't you?" I pointed out as I got onto the highway.

"Because I control my life."

I rolled my eyes. Claudia's got issues like me with her parents.

"You don't know what it's like. Everytime they look at you. You know it's not you they're thinking about. You don't know what's its like knowing they're always wondering about what he's done, what he looks like, is he just like me, when they stare at me. Me and Charlie are like the goddamn shadows of a nobody."

I look over at her and groan, " I don't?!"

She gives me that sympathetic look, " Fine, but at least your parents don't compare you to a farway kid."

I shrug

It's almost like what I go through, but she's right. I'm not shadowed by another person. My parents already to that to themselves. They pretend that I'm not the other's son. My Mom pretends I've got the brown hair and aqua blue eyes that the love of her life had. My Dad doesn't have to pretend about my looks. I already have curly blonde hair and blue eyes, but he likes to imagine how I would have turned out if Tess had raised me instead.

"Max is gonna kill me you know this right?"

"We could always never come back," she frowns staring at the road. Her eyes are set and her voice sounding like she was pretty determined.

"They'll hunt us down."

"I don't wanna go back."

She doesn't know just how tempting this is for me to leave my past behind. But I 'm not chickening out of a tight mess. Running is for wimps. Besides I can't even do my job at the Crashdown right how the hell would I even manage a job to keep me alive.

"We'll go back later tonight." I replied firmly.

She growls at me.

"Tomorrow morning."


No use arguing with her.


"How d'you put up with them?"

We've had this conversation more times than I could count. This isn't our first time taking off without telling anyone and more times than not this is the conversation we have.

"I don't listen to 'em."

I shrug. I don't pay attention much to my parents anymore. There just there. If they notice that I'm actually the other's son great, if they they don't I could barely care.


"So where'd we go this time?"

She looks at me and begins to smirk.

What the hell did I get into now?


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Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell

Part 4 * Claudia POV*
It's 4 AM in the fucking morning and we were up all night dancing at some club.

We're in front of my house now.

I'm not going back.

"Go!" Byron groans opening the door of the car for me.

"Who's side are you on?" I snap.

He sighs and waits. Byron's nice like that.

He's a perfect gentlemen when he wants to be of course, he's got the looks going for him and he's pretty built. Goddamn the lucky girl he likes.

I slowly get off and give him a kiss on the cheek before walking quietly to the backyard.

It's so easy to sneak in back into the house because the back door is easy to break in, even without the use of my powers.

"Where the hell do you think you've been?"

Oh damn. It's Dad.

"Around the place." I turn around to face him.

"God, we've been worried sick about you!" He yells.

Oh I'm sure he did. He was probably up comparing me to his son again.

"Whatever. I'm back. You can stop the celebration now." I give him an annoyed look before stomping up the stairs.

I know my parents think I'm a failure, but it's better that way.

"Claudia, get down here right now!"

"And what if I don't? What are you gona do?"

Charlie quickly appears at the top of the staircase and eyes me and Dad. He better jump in or I swear he'll be next to go down.

"Claudia, Byron's on the... phone looking for you." Charlie jumps in pulling me away and sending Dad an apologetic look.

Can he lie any worse?!

"What the hell did you think you were trying to do?" Charlie hisses slamming my door behind him, " Have you lost it?!"

"I think you have."

"Oh that's funny Claudia. Mom and Dad were worried about you. They were calling everyone."

"How long did that take 5 minutes?"

I'm a bit of a loner.

"You don't get it do you?!"

"No, see YOU don't get a thing."

I know my voice is getting a little too loud, but it's not like I care.

"You don't get that I'm tired of being in a shadow of someone I don't even know. I'm sick and tired of being compared to a boy who's probably been dead for 19 fucking years. And I'm sick and tired of everyone telling me to be a better person! My life. My choices. Fuck off."

I've never screamed at Charlie. We've been the close kind of siblings. Though he pisses me off at times, I've never actually screamed at him.

He glares at me before exiting the room.

That's great. Fucking great you know. That's just one more person to add on to my list ever growing list of people who hate me.

Grabbing a pillow on my bed I hurl it at the door, not knowing that Mom was actually walking in.

Unfortunately, she managed to catch it in the nick of time.

"Where were you?"

"In space, kicking alien ass."

"That's great Claudia, you know, why don't you just go through life acting like this."

"Great idea. Wait, I already am."

I feel bad acting like a smart-ass to my mom. She doesn't give me as much bullshit as Dad, but it's not my fault I feel like being a bitch right now.

"We don't purposely try to make life a living hell."

"I'm sure you don't" I replied sarcastically.

She gives me that look.

"You're lucky, you know that right? You're lucky you didn't end like your father's son. He never got to know Max."

"Well yay for him. He doesn't know what hell looks like."


"It's summer vacation now, you think I could go to the Crashdown for today or am I grounded for the rest of my life?" I cut her off. My voice borderline begging.

Pause. She looks over at me and inwardly groans. I know she's a sucker for the eyes. She can't say no if I beg her. The eyes are the only thing I'm happy that I got from dad.

"We'll see."

In Mom terms, it means not if you wanna see college.

Part 5 * Claudia POV*
Stupid Dad.

I'm grounded now and he's as pissed as hell with Byron. We're stuck working in the Crashdown for two weeks. Why the hell did I even ask to come here again?

Work, work, work. I'll be lucky if I live.

Partner's in crime, that's what he called us.

"You'd be welcome to shoot me at any given moment," I grumbled turning to Sierra Ramirez my 15 year old cousin. She's turning sixteen soon. She's a year younger than I am.

"I would if you kill me first. My mother's in this crusade of trying to get me to have a normal life. She thinks the alien thing is why I got a C in Math." She muttered walking over to her side of the Crashdown to take an order.

"Will you two hurry up!" Charlie yells from behind the grill.

He's still mad at me.

"Meet me in the back later," Byron mutters under his breath as he brushes past me to start his job.

Sierra looks over at me with a knowing grin.

I don't like Byron.

I don't.

"Don't start." I muttered walking over to the kitchen, " One chilly dog and a burger."

"That it?"

"Ugh was I still talking to you?"

He glares at me before returning back to flipping burgers.

"Where the hell is Ty?" Byron screams from the kitchen.

Tyler Guerin, is another member of our infamous group of 2nd generation aliens. The oldest kid of Michael and Maria and a motor mouth. He's a mix of his parents and when he's with me and By well let's just say the three of us should come with a warning when we're loose.

"Not here." I rolled my eyes walking over to table 7.

"Oh nothing gets past you Claud," I heard Charlie mutter behind me.

I sent him a dirty look before taking the orders. In the middle of the whole thing, Ty enters looking rather pleased with himself. Wonder what the hell he did this time.

"What the hell d'you do?" I demanded envying the fact that I missed out on it.

"I finally blew up Spike." He grinned proudly.

Spike is his little sister's teddy bear. We screwed with it 2 years ago and it ended up having spiky hair. Claire Guerin is so attached to that thing it gets annoying at times.

Ty's parents are gonna kill him.


We exchange high-fives and Sierra rolls her eyes at us as she passes by and throw him an apron, " Get moving, we're running behind and I'm pretty sure Uncle Max and Aunt Liz will not be so fond of hearing excuses after what happened yesterday with our very own deliquents here."

Ty gives me that look, " We're so talking later, girlfriend."

I blame Maria for giving Ty that side to him. You know the big mouthed, motor-mouth, using Maria-isms, Ty Guerin.

I waved him off and turned back to taking orders.

"A Sigourney Weaver and a Blood of an Alien smoothie." the boy said rather quickly. He was probably around 18 years old. Tall, with dark hair, and weird blue eyes that seemed to pierce you.


Sierra give me that be nice don't act like a bitch look and I shrug before trudging over to hand Byron the order.

"One Sigourney weaver, and a blood of an alien smoothie."

"Hey, Claud, stay away from that guy." Byron says avoiding my eyes.


"That kid who gave you this order. He's sending of weird vibes."

"Do we honestly have to get in to the topic of weird vibes again."

I give him this knowing look. Last time we trusted Byron's instincts we wound up in a prison cell, me, Tyler, and Byron. We thought the guy was a skin. Actually, he was just really suspicious of our powers cuz he saw Alex, Meg, and Claire fooling around with theirs.

"I mean it this time." He says. That look in his killer blue eyes looked serious.

I sighed finally bending to his order. He, Sierra, Ty, and Charlie are the only ones I could put up listening to at times. And the only reason I really listen to By is because he's this adorbale pout when he pleads with me.