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I just wanted to post this up. I hope you all like it. This is the first Roswell fanfic that I had ever wrote and it's pretty long, (in fact it's still unfinished;) ) Anyway, as you can see it's a CC fic and AU. The only reason it is AU is because of a certain season 2 eppy, you all know which one:(

Anyway, here's the first couple of parts. Hope you enjoy and please, let me know if you like/love/loath it*happy* All feedback is good*happy*


When It's Time To Leave Home...

Okay this is one of my first attempts at fan fic so please any pointers praise or criticism is desperately wanted/needed! But gentle..

AUTHOR: Marianne (Sunnycouger)

E-MAIL ME AT: sunnycouger⊕

CATEGORY: All conventional.


DISCLAIMER: You all don't honestly think that I own any of this do you? Roswell and all its characters are property of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims..I just take them out to play sometimes...

DISTRIBUTION: If you want to put this story on to another site (please do!) will you please, please, PLEASE let me know first. Thanx!

AUTHORS NOTES: This is the introduction to a story arc that involves all the characters. Basically parts 1,2,3 and 4 all run concurrent with each other with the intro and the epilogue starting and finishing things nicely. The parts can stand alone but will work better if you at least read the intro first.

SUMMARY: This is a future fic when the aliens get a chance to go “home” and the story follows each of their reactions to the news and their final decision.


Time: 21.00

The jeep was standing deserted alone in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Almost a mile away stood its 4 young occupants staring at each other as though their world was going to end. In truth THEIR world is what awaited them..they had just received word that they could all go home. Suprisingly out of the four of them, Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Tess Harding and Isabel Evans-Whitman, not one of them looked even remotely happy..they all looked and felt drained as they all knew that they were expected to forget their human lives and return home to a planet they knew nothing about and to a species that they only faintly comprehended. The message had been mercifully brief but none the less effective or heartstopping. They had just over 20 hours to get ready and this was their only chance.. take it or leave it. The message had asked the "Royal Four" to come and also hinted that how could they not go when an entire planet was waiting on them. The silent question that resounded between the 4 of them was how could they leave? They were all human..this was their home..their lives.

"Well...what do we do now?" asked a tearful and scared Isabel.

"The only thing we can do...we go talk to them they have a right to decide or at least have a say in it...its their lives too that’s being wrecked... we 'll each make our own minds up and if.. if we don't all decide the same we'll go our separate ways and pray that we can meet again...someday."

Max's words were rational but his voice betrayed the anger and bitterness he felt about being dictated to by a planet that he had grown to despise over the years. He looked around and seen the faces of the others they were all the same empty faces dreading the future. "C'mon we better get home...I don't want to miss a second that I don't need to."

The four figures quickly got back to the jeep and drove as fast as they could to the other 3 cars that they had left outside the town of Roswell while they drove to the desert. As they each left the jeep to get in their own car they had a quick glance at each other and quickly got in and drove of to their respective homes. As they each stopped the car they took a deep breath. One by one their hands found the door as they all wondered what they were going to do...


Part 1


Time: 21.35

Max opened the door quietly and got out of the jeep. He quickly walked towards the door to the house. As he grabbed the handle he took a deep breath and he opened the front door. Max seen her waiting on him and his breath caught in his throat again. Liz Parker-Evans was glowing and radiant. She had always been breathtaking to him but tonight with the wide smile across her face, the twilight highlighting her every curve and with her hands protectively stroking the bump on her stomach she was stunning. He wanted to savour the image for as long as possible before he broke her heart..he saw her looking at him quizzically before smiling and giving him a kiss. As she pulled away she saw his eyes were glazed and pained and she immediately thought the worst. Had anything happened? What was wrong? Max looked at her as she looked nervously on.

"I...we..I mean the ship...the ship is coming for..for us..." he trailed of as he looked at her.

"Oh." was all she could force out..."I take it..I take it you are all going? You all get up and leave and fulfil your destinies at last" she said with a hint of bitterness creeping in.

"Can you tell me when? Or is that top secret...only for the "royal four" to be in on?" her voice growing stronger and coming out harsher than she meant. She was never this emotional but at 7 months pregnant her self-control was hard to enforce.

"Tomorrow.." he looked at her and went over to wrap his arms around her.

"Don't!..don't touch me Max..You touch me and it'll hurt too much because then it won't just be a nightmare it'll be real..and..and I'll be left here and you won't be..and..and I'll have to raise the twins on my own..and I'll never be happy and ..and I..I really hate aliens..and your timing really stinks" with that her defences fell and she began to cry uncontrollably.

Max walks over to her and takes her in his arms and begins to comfort her as tears fall down his face as well. They stand there until the tears stop and neither of them wants to pull away from the others embrace thinking that as long as time can't pass between them they can stay like that indefinitely. As Max reluctantly pulls away from her he looks at her and his heart breaks again..She walks towards the window leaving him alone in the middle of the floor.

"Liz?.. Come with me"

She hears his voice say the words but she doesn't believe that they are really coming from him, instead coming from her imagination. She turns around and looks at him..

"Please Liz come with me...I can't leave you here on your own and I want to see my children. I love you too much and we have..we have suffered too much for this to be the end. I want you to come with me but if you can't then...then I'll stay here. I won't go without you because no matter what happens I need you beside me...I'm nothing without you.."

She looks at him...his eyes begging her. She can't ask him to stay away from the one thing that he’s searched for his entire would kill a part of him. So as much as she wants to she can't let him stay. She tries to imagine what it would be like if she left. What would it be like without seeing her parents again? Without seeing her friends again. Without seeing the place she grew up again. Without seeing her planet again. What would it be like to live on a planet where you were only one of a kind and the others hated and feared you and your children? She’d feel like Max and the others were feeling now. Then she thought..what would it be like to never see Max again.?To never hear his voice or feel his arms hold her and protect her. Suddenly her heart began to ache.. there was never any choice to be made. They couldn't live without each other it would be like cutting off each other’s oxygen.. they'd never survive. As the thought filled her head she felt herself rushing to him just to feel the arms around her and she looked up at him. " Yes..I'll go with you...thank you..."

He kisses her passionately before letting her go and saying "are you sure?" seeing her smile and nod he whispered "thank you.."

"Do you think the others will go too?"

"I.. I don't know. Michael has always needed it more than the rest of us. Iz just never wanted it at all and Tess..well she has grown out of wanting it. We..we um decided to make the choice separately that way there won't be any blame..."

His voice trailed off as he wraps his arms tighter around her and he looks out the window of their home. Home that’s what "here" was- home. Not somewhere a million miles away that he didn't know anything about..he was losing the one place that he would ever consider home. Every connection with being human was going to be severed for a place he didn't even want to be. Everything that associated him with earth would only be a memory. He wouldn't be able to look at the sky again with Liz in his arms, drive the jeep again to the reservoir to meet with his closest friends. He would never be able to visit his parent’s graves again and beg their forgiveness for not trusting them soon enough and scream at himself because he couldn't save them when they needed it. Everything he was..everything he wanted was from earth..yet everything he was programmed for demanded that he left. The tears rolled down his face and he tried in vain to prevent the sob escaping his throat. Liz's arms tightened around his waist and she stood up and kissed him gently while silently telling him that they could handle anything together. They stood like that in silence each comforting the other silently until the phone rang. Liz gave Max's hand a reassuring squeeze as she left his side to pick up the phone. As she talked Max looked around and enquired about the caller.

Liz looked at him and held out the handset. "'s Isabel...she says they've decide..."


If you all like I'll post the next parts up tomorrow*happy*

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I'm sorry it's taken so long to post the next part, for some reason it's been pretty hard getting on the board, anyway, I've decided to post the next two parts today (Alex and Isabel, Kyle and Tess) and I'll post the M&M part tomorrow, maybe with the epilogue*happy*

Thank you so much for the great feedback everyone. I really appreciate it and I'd love it if you all sent more whether you like it or not*happy*

PART 2: {ISABEL & ALEX}: Wishing On A Falling Star

Time: 21.30

As Isabel shuts the car door behind her and mentally prepares herself for what she is going to do she hears his voice. His gentle singing can be heard from the car and she turns around to see him carefully walking the floor and singing to the dozing baby in his arms. His soothing voice grows louder as she walks towards the house and she realises that it’s their song that he is singing. The song that they had their wedding dance to and the song she had fallen in love with him to. She pauses at the door and sits on the step...she realises that it already hurts so much and she can't help but begin to cry.

As she is sat there with her head in her hands she feels the arm come round about her shoulders as he pulls her close to him and begins to soothe her gently. As her tears eventually stop he pulls her to her feet and guides her into the house. When he looks at her he realises.

"The ships coming isn't it?" it's more of a statement than a question because deep down he knows the answer.

As he sees her nod in silent reply, he squeezes his eyes shut as though his heart has been shredded and he runs his hand through his dark hair before he looks at her again.

"So what's happening? Whe..."

"Mommy, mommy! I waited up for you. I wanted to show you what I learned to do and daddy said I could...'cause I was so clever." the little girl with her daddy’s dark hair and her mommy’s beautiful face was smiling and bouncing with energy clearly desperate to show off to her mom.

"Diane honey, mommy and daddy are tal..."Alex began to say when Isabel cut him off.

"No! I want to see what she can do. C'mon babe and show me what you've learned"

As the little girl began to recite her alphabet almost correctly both her parents’ eyes fill with tears. Alex excuses himself and walks outside to the cool night air whereas Isabel stays and lets the tears fall freely. As Diane finished her rendition Isabel runs over and wraps her arms around her little girl.

"That was clever. I am so proud of you. Proud of you, your brother and your daddy. I love you all so much baby promise me you'll never forget that..never forget how much I love you..."

"I love you too mommy...can I get ice cream tomorrow after kindergarten?"

Isabel smiled as she lifted the girl up of the floor. "We'll see what happens...c'mon let’s get you to bed..."

Alex’s head was held was his and Isabel's "thing" to watch the stars. They had started when they were 16 and even then they had both seen the endless possibilities that the sky held. Now...looking up all he seen was a vacuous darkness ready to engulf the best part of him forever. The beauty..the desire he had always seen in the glistening sky would never be seen would only be a constant reminder of what he had lost to it.

He wanted to scream, shout and lash out. He wanted to run and destroy whatever was taking her away he wanted to do so much...instead he punched the wall harder and harder until the pain in his broken hands masked the pain in his broken heart. As the pain shot through his fingers through the broken bones and the blood trickled down his fingers into a puddle by his feet he leaned against the wall and slid down and gave into his feeling and began to cry.

As Isabel walked out of the door and looked for him she saw him on the ground holding his head. She saw his hands covered in blood and immediately went over to heal him as he looked directly in her eyes. Even before she had made the connection she felt the agony he was in trying to decide what to do.

"Are you leaving us?"

"I...I should go...they need us...the four of us.."

"I need you...the kids need their mom..I know I'm being selfish and I’d try and understand if you wanted to go home because I love you Izzy...I always will no matter what galaxy your in...but I need you..."

As he spoke the words Isabel made the connection and began to heal his hands when she was bombarded with flashes.

FLASH- Alex infatuated with her but feeling she was too above him at high school
FLASH- Izzy at his doorstep asking for a kiss
FLASH- Izzy breaking his heart in their junior year
FLASH- Alex crying on Maria's shoulder
FLASH- Alex comforting her after she knew her parents had been killed
FLASH- Alex nervously picking out an engagement ring
FLASH- Isabel walking down the aisle
FLASH- Isabel telling him she was pregnant
FLASH- Alex realising he was a father
FLASH- stargazing in each other’s arms
FLASH- Realising she was leaving him..again

As the flashes subsided she looked deeply into his face. His eyes were closed as willed himself to be strong enough to let her go.

"Alex...I love you so much...I don't want to go..."

His eyes snapped open "Then don't! Isabel...please... I know that you love the kids and me and I know that you feel torn just now between them and us. If deep down in your heart you want to leave I won't stand in your way and I'll make Diane and Phil understand when they're older why you couldn't stay. But...but I have to hear you say that you want it more than you want this here...more than you want me..."

In that second a vision flashed from her own imagination her children feeling abandoned and hating her and Alex, the devoted father and husband left alone his heart so badly damaged that he might never fix it again. She would never be happy again and neither would he, two hearts separated by galaxies yet never stopping yearning for the other until they both stopped beating.

She looked at him again, they were still so young, only 25. She used to be so strong and self-reliant..he had worked so hard to persuade her that she should lean on someone..even if it wasn't him. It had happened almost overnight one day she just couldn't get him out her head and he looked at her and her knees turned to jelly and right then she had no defences against him. She could be an ice queen to anyone but him and she wished that it was anyone else that she was hurting...anyone but Alex...anyone but her soulmate. The thought of missing a single day of waking up in his arms hurt her...the thought of never seeing him again almost killed her. She looked hard into his dark eyes that although glazed over with tears were still strong, earnest and full of unwavering love. She'd made her mind up.

"Alex...I love you and I can't leave you...I never want to leave you or our children. I'm..I’m not Vilandra any more...I’m not a warrior. I just want to be me, Isabel Whitman, mother, wife and friend..I don't want something that takes that away from me...takes me away from you.. I love you too much to go..."

As her tears fell down her face she felt his arms go around her pulling her close as he guided her mouth to his. As she melted into his gentle kiss she felt the tears subside as she realised she was where she was always destined to be.. in the arms of someone she couldn't live without and suddenly the pain vanished as the kiss turned more passionate.

As she lay in his strong arms looking at the stars above him as he looked at her she sighed "I wonder what the others are doing? I wonder if they will give it all up?"

"Maybe we should call them?" Alex suggested before he looked at her earnestly "Isabel are you sure you want to stay here? You won't regret it in a few days?"

"There’s a lot of things I'll regret Alex but never this decision..never choosing you."

She kissed him before gently standing and pulling him to his feet.

"I'll go call Liz and Max and you better call Tess. Michael will probably need a bit more time..."

"Do you think they'll go Iz?"

"Honestly? I think Max and Michael will feel obligated but I don't know about Tess...she's so happy here. I'm going to lose one of them tonight anyway..."

Her voice sounded weary as she walked in the house and picked up the receiver. Alex quickly looked in on the sleeping children and rushed back to Isabel. The voice on the other side of the phone was tired and emotional.

"Hi Liz..are you both ok? Is Max there? It's just I..we have made our decision..." as Liz passes the phone to Max, Isabel gives Alex a weak smile as he walks past her and kisses her cheek towards the kitchen table.

He picks up the cell phone and begins to dial the number. As the phone rings 1,2,3 times the machine picks up. The laughing voices on the tape stab at him. They sound so happy and carefree..he knows that happy can't be used to describe them now. They're probably crying.

"Hey...This is Kyle and Tess. We're sorry we can't come to the phone just now but we've been abducted by aliens. Once we eventually get returned home again we'll definitely call you back if you leave your details nnnnnnow!!!Hahaha..."

It was an "in-joke", Michael and Max nearly collapsed when they heard it and gave them both a lecture on being irresponsible but they never changed it. It hurt Alex to think about all those times they had laughed together and joked and just been happy. He couldn't think about those the now..he had a job to do and he was going to do it for Isabel.

"Hi Kyle..Hi Tess. It's just me..Alex. Its just Isabel has made her decision and she's staying. Give me a call when you get this ok? Whenever just call. Ok..good luck guys" with that he hung up the phone.

Suddenly his heart began to pound..he had just remembered "Oh god Kyle...dammit!" he ran to the other room to see his wife.

"Izzy..Kyle was going to do it tonight..."

Isabel just stood as she realised what Alex meant "Oh god Alex..poor Kyle..and Tess"

Time: 21.25

As Tess stopped the car she sat in it nervously for a few minutes. "C'mon Tess you've been considered a cruel bitch by everyone at one point or another...try and find it now" The thoughts in her head made it almost impossible for her to compose herself before she seen him. He had the unenviable knack of getting under her skin and somehow he managed to get himself lodged there permanently over the past 7 years. She got out and walked to the apartment door, determined, she would just level with him...she would tell him the plan and she would remain composed no matter what. She had prepared for this moment her whole life. She wouldn't let his voice or his smile or the memories of his knee weaking kisses and caresses stop her from doing what she had to do. Leave. She opened the apartment door and she smelt cooking and heard him call from the kitchen as she walked in.

"Hey babe! I thought I'd treat you to an expensive dinner but you were late so I'm afraid you are going to have to settle on home cooking..."

She walked from the door and she seen the table set with a candle burning in the centre. There was a bunch of flowers sitting at her seat and she went over and picked them up. They were her favourites..daisies. He had always found it funny that she liked them rather than roses or lilies like most girls and had always insisted on buying her roses at valentines day because they were "a real flower and not a weed". Her heart began to throb as she picked the card out and she was surprised to see her hands tremble as her eyes began to well up. "To my only girl. I never show it enough but I do love you Tessie more than I can show with a few lousy words, dinner and a bunch of flowers. I'll love you Forever. Kyle" The tears fell and she quickly moved to wipe them away as she heard him come in the room.

"Why don't you sit and pour us some wine..if we're a little drunk the meal might taste better" Kyle Valenti smirked his hazel eyes twinkling.

"You like the flowers?"

seeing her nod silently and the tears fall again he quickly took her hands in his.

"Tessie..don't cry please. I know I don't treat you the way that Evans or Whitman treat Liz or Izzy but...I want today to be a new..."

"The ship...the ship's coming Kyle. It's coming to take us away. I'm..I'm um..I have to go. We have no choice..they expect us all to"

Kyle looks at her trying to get his head around the words she has just said and make them register with his brain.

"You're leaving here? You're leaving me?"

He looks hard at her as she struggles not to cry and he is overcome with a surge of emotions; revulsion, surprise, anger and unbelievable pain. He drops her hands and takes a step back

"You "have" to go huh? I guess it was an easy decision for you all since you didn't all actually have to make one right? I mean if I call Liz just now she'll tell me that Max is also going away to fulfil his destiny in another galaxy because he had no choice..because he "HAD" to go!!"

he screamed his angry words soaked in pain that pierced her heart all the more.
"Kyle. If you just let me..."

"Jeez Tess, I thought we had all got beyond that shit. You know who you were meant to be with then isn't the same as who you were meant to be with now.."

"This has nothing at all to do with destiny Kyle! I swear to you. I wouldn't be in love with Max if he was the only guy on this or any're the only guy I’ve ever really loved as me not as some alien princess."

"You know what’s funny? I was taking tonight as a new start for us at a whole new level..with..with us together..."his voice starts to get quieter


"and it turns out to be the end...guess we weren't "meant to be" after all huh?"

He walks over to the table and sits on the seat before blowing out the candle. She walks over and sits opposite him and using her powers lights the candle again as she takes his hand and gently kisses it.

"Kyle I want you to understand, I am not going because I want to. I am going because I have duty."

"So you disappear into mid-air, leaving everything, leaving work, leaving Dad and leaving me because of "duty"?"

"'s not something I had planned you know! I never thought this would ever come up. I thought that things were over with now that we could all be normal again"

"Like any of you were ever "normal" anyway.."

She looks at him as he stares at his feet and tries to put on the "look on the brightside" voice to try and alleviate their pain.

"You know in a lot of ways we are lucky. We don't have a lot of friends who will ask where I am, I have no family, we don't own a big house, and we don't have kids. The others are all married we're just..."

"Fooling around?" his words were bitter and she immediately regretted the implication she had made.

"You're so right Tess. I'm so glad we didn't have that little bit of paper or else this would have really hurt. So go have fun with your spaceship and remember the fun you had for the past 7 years...or better yet FORGET's not like we were in a real relationship!" he spat "I’ve gotta go and get some air!"

He got up and grabbed the keys to his bike and walked towards the door. He turned as he stood in the doorway to look at her in the face:

"Have a nice night Tessie and be careful. I hope you meet a nice alien guy someday."

She looked at him through her own tears and seen them run freely down his own face before he turned and ran down the hallway slamming the door behind him.

She took a moment to realise what happened and to replay what had been said between them and she got up and ran to the window to see him speed of out of view. She was standing at the window when she realised that something was burning and she ran to the kitchen and turned of the heat to the meal that he had been preparing. Been preparing for them...for her.

As she felt her eyes mist again she quickly wiped them away before grabbing her jacket and her car keys and heading for the door to go and find him. As she was opening the door the phone rang. She was going to ignore it when she heard Maria's voice on the machine. "Dammit!" she lifted the headset to hear her friends worried voice.

"No Maria..he's not here. Don't worry he's probably off thinking about what's going to happen. Listen he'll be back soon he won't want to spend the time apart or arguing with you...what do you mean you haven't seen him all night? He didn't come home? Listen Maria I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything to you. I'm sure Michael will be home soon and he'll explain everything. Listen I've got to go...Kyle...what? No he didn't ask me anything why? What was he going to..oh god...Maria I've got to go..I need to speak to Kyle.. Good luck with Michael"

Not even letting Maria finish she hung up the phone and ran to the car wherein she began to speed away hoping that she could find him. "Please be there Kyle...please!"

Kyle sat at the resevoir..he had been here so often over the past 8 years that in a weird way it felt almost comforting. It was from this place that the 8 of them had fought off would be alien attackers. They had foiled FBI plots, mounted rescue missions, forged friendships that would last forever, fallen in love and had their dreams shattered again and again. It was here that they had trained physically and mentally, it was here that Isabel had collapsed in Alex's arms when she sensed her parent’s death...and it was here that he finally told Tess that he loved her. was here that he could cry and no one would hear him. He reached inside his pocket and took out the box that was nestled there. He fingered the velvety material gently. He was never usually a really romantic guy but he had really tried hard to make it special for her and had planned it to perfection..her perfect night.

There was going to be dinner, they would go outside and dance by the shimmering starlight and then he'd do it- change their lives. He had even got her the flowers that she liked even though he preferred to give her roses. was all too late.

"Too late, too late..dammit Kyle! You left it too late..."

"Left what too late?" he didn't even here the car approaching because he had been so deep in thought but the gentle voice behind him didn't startle him..he knew deep down that she would find him.

"Go home aren't making this any easier..on either of us."

"What did you leave too late Kyle? Please..tell me."

"Showing you how much you mean to me, how much I love you and need you in my life" he stands up and faces her "maybe if I had showed it more it would be harder for you to leave me..too late now."

He turns back round to face the resevoir leaving Tess staring at his back as he takes a hand and quickly wipes the tears that had formed away before she see them.

"Kyle..I know how much you love me because you show me with little things everyday that aren't obvious but they are to me..I love you too." she carefully says each word as she wills her voice not to crack and betray the emotions she's feeling.

"Just not enough to stay. Forget it Tess..just...forget it..."

He takes the box and throws it in the reservoir before turning around to walk to his bike. Her heart begins to ache as she realises that this is goodbye and she will never see him again and she instinctively calls out to him.

"Kyle..don't go..I mean..come with me."

He stops and looks at her.."What did you say? "come with you?"

"Yes come with me when I go. I can't stay here no matter how much I want to. I've always needed to know what I am...who I am."

"Tess..we have family dad.."

"That's all we've got..just your dad and he has Amy so he will miss us but he won't be alone like we will if we're apart. The others will stay together probably either here or..or not. I don't care about anyone else..I want us to be together. I want us to have a family but I can't stay here." her voice was firm but urgent and loving. He took a moment to decide what to do before he started to speak.

"Do you know that all I wanted was a real family. I wanted us to have a real Alex. I never thought of him much before I knew about you guys..he was always Liz's friend who wasn't Maria you know? But now..I don't think there's a person I admire more. He is so happy with Izzy and the kids. You know he gave up an opportunity to go work in LA and make piles of money? A guy had heard him on a tape that one of the other band members had sent in and he contacted Alex about signing him up. Iz didn't even know and..instead of signing he dragged Max and me around jewellers looking for an engagement ring for Isabel and took up his job at the school. She never knew what he gave up so that she could stay here and so they'd still be together. I always wondered if the situations were reversed would she give her dreams for him? I guess I'll find out tonight. That’s always been how I’ve measured love by since then. Willing to sacrifice your dreams...I’m not willing to sacrifice you. So..I guess..I guess if you won't stay then I'll have to go..right?"

"Really? Are you sure? Thank much.."

"I want you to promise me something first before we decide this..'cause its a long trip back if we forget something ok?"

For the first time since she heard the message her heart begins to beat regularly and she begins to smile as she nods her head. He looks at her intently. Her small frame wrapped in darkness with the moonlight bouncing off her golden curls. Her ocean blue eyes glisten as he speaks and she bites her lip in anticipation.

"Ok here’s the deal. I need you to promise me that someday we'll come back and show my dad his grandkids..and that you won't dump me for some regular alien once we're up there a few weeks...I don't think my fragile human pride could handle being dumped for an alien twice."

She smiles broadly as she answers:

"You know Buddha boy that is technically 2 promises? I promise you that we can come home someday. Can I get back to you on the "alien" thing? No? Ok then I promise that as well..we have to protect that "fragile human pride" of yours. So are we going? Please say yes!"

As she looks at him she recognises the slight tugs at the corners of his mouth and the playful glint in his eye..and her heart begins to leap with happiness and she smiles.

"Not so fast. Not that I don't trust you on the whole dumping thing Tess but I'd like to take out a little insurance policy..come here."

As she walks forward he stands in front of her and gently kisses her before dropping to one knee.

"Tess Harding..I love you! Will you marry me?"

She looks at him with tears streaming down her face...she thought that’s what Maria was talking about but she thought he had scrapped the idea after everything that had happened. His eyes were begging and his fingers were trembling and she had never loved him as much as she did when she looked at him then. She held his face up after his gaze fell to the ground and gently kissed his lips.

"I will never be more honoured. Yes Kyle Valenti I will marry you. Thank you..." She felt his lips press gently on her own and lost all conscious thought patterns until he pulled away and shyly looked away.

"I had a ring for you Tess. I was going to ask you tonight anyway..but I threw it in the damn reservoir. I'm sorry.."

"I don't care about a stupid ring..I care about us. I care that we will be together always no matter what planet we're on. I care about you..I love you."

"C'mon...we better go tell my dad that we're leaving and getting married..whats the odds on getting a priest to do it tonight?" He took her hand and took her to the car.

“What about your bike?”

“Yeah…I guess I’ll have to get dad to pick it up and keep it for when we get back.”

He begins to smile and lets out a low chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“You do realise that this is the ultimate “how the other half lives” don’t you? Technically in 24 hours I’m going to be the “alien” in the relationship.”


“Me? Nah…I know that you have a mean right hook…you’ll protect me. Right?”

“Maybe. So “alien” Buddha regrets?”

“No. Ask me in 6 months and I don’t know but just now…it feels right.”

They get in the car and she begins to drive off when she quietly says.

“I hope the others are as happy as I am…I wonder what they are doing?”

“We can call them from my dad’s and see…I’m sure they will all be fine”

“Yeah…I’m sure they are all fine.”

She said before silently adding I hope Michael finally got around to going home. She deserves to know.


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As promised, here's the next couple of parts*happy* The M&M part and the epilougue. Now if you all want I'll post the first part of the next arc of the story tomorrow*happy* I hope you like this so far and please let me know what you think as any and all feedback is really appreciated*happy*

I just want to say thank you to all the feedbackers, you guys are the best*happy*

Anyway, here's the M&M part and the epilougue, enjoy*happy*



He meant to open the car door and get out. He wanted to go in the house and take her in his arms and drive off with her someplace far away from Roswell, New Mexico. He nearly got out the car to go and tell her everything that had happened and was going to happen in the next 24 hours and then take her in his arms and tell her not to worry..that he would fix things. Instead..Michael Guerin did what he always did when things got hard emotionally. He ran. He started the car engine and took a quick look at the door before driving off down the road. He couldn't deal with this just now; he needed to think about things, what he was going to do. He needed to be alone so that he could think. He needed to be far away from anything that made him want to stay here..he needed to be away from the one thing that mattered more than the world to him...he needed to be away from her...

Maria Guerin had thought she had heard the car. He was supposed to pick her up from work at the school and hadn't showed so even though she was really mad at him she was also a little worried. Michael done a lot of stupid things but he would never have left her stranded unless there was something wrong. She opened the front door, ready to let rip at him when she seen the car drive off down the road. He had gone away again? As she stood there watching it disappear she began to wonder what was going on. Why would he just drive away without coming in the house? Then her lips began to smile and she let out a soft laugh.

“Why Michael aren’t trying to butter me up with a surprise take-away meal or cinema tickets are you?”

She smiled fully. This was typical Michael and it wouldn’t be the first time that he would come home and have to face the “wrath of Maria”. When he knew that he was going to get a stroppy wife when he went home he always done something to make it that little bit harder for her to be angry at him. He would turn rocks into little glass figures, do a quick sketch in the car and give it to her when he got in, or he would take home food and a “chick-flick” for them to watch together. It was a sort of penance for him to try and remind him not to screw her about..and the thing that Maria loved most is that he always done it off his own bat. She never gave him any ideas and she always loved them all. She smiled happily as she walked in the door and silently asked herself how easy should she let the apology be? He’ll be back soon she thought and she began to skip to the bedroom to get changed.

He had driven for a while before he stopped the car. It was obvious he would end up here. In the desert, at the reservoir. It was like home to him. He walks up and down the sandy earth throwing rocks at the car that is parked 100 yards away knowing that he won’t hit it…it just helps to have a target. The reservoir…they had all spent so much time here over the years. It was one of the few places where he felt completely relaxed and safe. There was home, the Evans’, the Whitman’s and the Valenti residences and here. “And anywhere that Maria is don’t forget.” He silently added. How could he tell her? How could he hurt her again? He let out a loud scream at the sky as he felt the energy build in him. He directed the pulses through his hands and directed the energy at a group of rocks that instantaneously turned to dust.

“Nice Michael, at least you had a practice shot before you do it to her…break her heart to pieces..turn it to dust.”

He walked over to the mounds of dust and scattered them with a kick as he quietly tormented himself over what he was going to have to do. This wasn’t doing him any good he realised, he had been out here for nearly an hour and he was just putting off the inevitable. He began to walk towards the car, even if he didn’t go home right away he still had to think and he couldn’t do that here. There were too many memories that haunted him. As he got near the car he heard the bike come to a stop and he turned and looked around. The rider got off and stared at him through tear stained eyes. They had always had an volatile friendship and they had many off these stare-outs over the years and Michael had never been the first to turn away, but seeing the pain and the anger reflecting through his brown eyes Michael felt ashamed for what they were doing. He turned away and got in the car. They had caused so much hurt to these people that had given them everything. He had caused so much hurt.

He began to drive away. He had a final look in the rear-view mirror at Kyle, who had now sat down at the reservoir and was holding his head in his hands and his eyes began to water. They didn’t deserve this..they didn’t deserve the pain that they were feeling now. None of them did.

It had been more than an hour since he had drove of. She was getting worried he never spent all day out without at least calling her. She didn’t expect him to report in every 15 minutes but he hadn’t been home all day. She tried to get rid of the uneasy feeling that she had by pretending that she didn’t care. But she did. She walked to the phone and began to dial the Evans’ number. Max would know where he was; she listened in the handset and heard the busy tone so she hung up.

“Fine, Lets see..Izzy” again after she dialled the number she got the busy tone,

“Stupid brother and sister always talking to each other..Oook third time lucky. Please be in Tess”

she said to the phone receiver. She got the answer machine and began to talk into it when Tess picked up the phone.

“Hey Tess, It’s just me. I don’t suppose Michael is there is he? What do you mean “thinking about things” and “time apart”? What’s going on? He hasn’t been home all day and if you know where he is tell me. What do you mean you have to go? You can’t start to tell me something and then disappear. Fine, “Michael will tell me”. Ohhh…anyway I take it you and Kyle had a talk? Did he ask you? Oh, he didn’t, I have no idea he just said he had to talk to you about something. What? Tess, no tell me what’s..”

Tess hangs up the phone leaving Maria talking into the empty handset “..going on with you guys…”

She hung up the phone and stared outside at the road where she swore she saw Tess speed past. Her uneasy feeling began to grow and her anger disappeared. She didn’t care about yelling at him, she just needed him here with her. She needed him to tell her that everything was going to be ok and that she didn’t need to worry. She needed him.

“Please Michael…where are you?”

He had been driving back into town when he saw the other car driving towards him. Speeding towards him to be exact. He knew who it was that was in the car; he could sense her emotions as she drove past him, not even seeing him. He sped up the car, it was late and there was no traffic on the road and when he had to concentrate on the road he didn’t have to think. He didn’t have to imagine her reaction. He hit the breaks and got out the car and began to kick at the tyres. He again began to shout at the tyres of the car as he sat against the car as his strength began to fade. He had to compose himself so that he could be strong for her, so that he could be strong enough to leave her.

She was staring at the TV screen while not seeing anything. She was still going over what Tess had said to her inadvertently. She went over to the phone and picked it up. She’d get a straight answer one way or another from someone. The number began to ring and a weary voice picked it up.

“Liz, is Michael there? No? Ok, listen did Max come home? Can I speak to him? Thanks. Max. Where’s Michael? No, he didn’t come home why the hell do you think I’m phoning around the flippin’ town? What the hell happened? Max, please tell me…I need to know. What’s going on? Oh.”

Her voice became quiet.

”When? How’s Liz? She is..that’s..that’s really great. I’m..I’m really happy for you..thanks for telling me. No, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I gotta go..bye”

the tears that had begun in the middle of her conversation emerged as full strength sobs as she dropped the phone receiver. They were leaving. As she replaced the receiver the phone rang again and she quickly took a couple of deep breaths to compose herself before she answered it.

“Hello? Oh..hi Alex. What’s going on with you?”

The tears began to silently stream down her face as she talked to Alex. Her world was falling apart around her and for once, she had no power to stop it.

It had been a long drive back but he had finally made it. He looked in the window to see if he could see any movement. He looked at his was after midnight. Maybe she was in bed. It wasn’t like her not to be storming about after he was late. It was too quiet in there. He got out the car and opened the door to the house. As he walked in the house he realised how quiet it was, he had a quick look around and noticed that the phone was off the hook and that there was a shattered cup lying beside the wall, with the coffee dripping down the wall where it had impacted. His heartbeat began to get rapid, what had happened?

“Maria, are you here, are you in bed?”

When there was no reply he began to look in the bedrooms. She wasn’t there. He ran down to the kitchen and seen the patio door open. He took a deep breath and released it when he seen her lying on the grass staring at the sky. This wasn’t like her, when she was angry she yelled at him and attempted to lock him out the house. She never did this. He walked towards her cautiously.

“Maria? Are you ok?”

Again she didn’t reply and she continued looking up at the sky, willing herself not to cry. As he walked out the door he saw them, the suitcases.

“Maria, what’s this about?”

He said indicating the suitcases. She sat up and turned to look at him. She hid her pain and smiled.

“I didn’t think you’d have enough time to pack so I figured I may as well make myself useful. Of course I don’t know if you will need them’s always better to be prepared right?”

Her voice let in a trace of sarcasm and pain at the end and he knew that she knew.

“You heard then?”

she nodded before standing up and walking towards him.


“Take your pick, which alien do you think blabbed first? See, it wasn’t a universal decision to run off and hide your head in the sand and pretend that we are 16 where you can toss me aside when you feel like it. It’s supposed to be different now.”

“It is different…”

“Then stay!”

“I can’t stay..I have to go. They need us.”

“Well I hope they don’t need Izzy ‘cause she’s staying..”

“Isabel’s not going?”

“Will you let me come?”

He looked at her, her eyes red and bloodshot from the tears she’d been crying looking both desperate and determined into his own eyes as she spoke. Here it was, the heartbreaker.

”No, you can’t come”

“Max is taking Liz with him…”

She looked at his eyes, they were pained but also determined. He didn’t want her to go with him.

“I’m not Max. I won’t risk your life someplace that I don’t know is safe.”

She turned and walked away so that he wouldn’t see the tears that was falling.

“I guess that this has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t have children, you know Max taking Liz when she’s pregnant, and Izzy staying with the kids.”

She turns to look at him.

"Would it have changed your mind? Because if that’s all it is then I guess I can tell you that I already spoke to Isabel about trying to heal the dam…”

“This has nothing to do with the fact that we can’t have children..and Isabel will not mess with your body. It’s too dangerous..I’m keeping you safe because I love you.”

He takes giant strides over to where she is standing and takes her in is arms as she begins to sob.

“It’s only because I love you. I promise I’ll come back but you have to believe in me. I do love you.”

She looked up at him as his own tears fell down her face.

“Please let me come..I don’t want to be alone again.”

He pulled back from her and summoned all his strength to say the words that was going to kill her.

“No Maria, I don’t want you to go.”

Her heart broke in that moment, he felt it as she looked at him. He forced himself to look at her as she pulled away from him.

“I think you should leave Michael. Please go.”

He reached out for her as she yelled at him

“Just Go!!”

He saw that he was hurting her more by staying and although it killed him to do it he walked towards the door. She turned her back to him as he said one last time.

“I will come back for you Maria, I promise you. I love you too much to leave you forever.”

With that he walked through the door and out through the front door before walking down the street away from her…away from his heart. And the tears fell down his face as he remembered her heart breaking in front of him. Maria stood in the garden listening to the door close, once she was sure that he was out of the house she couldn’t stop the tears coming as her strength disappeared and she collapsed in a heap on the grass. She was alone again, he had left her again because he had loved her.



22.15. The next day.

It was time. Time for relationships that had been built over the years to be broken apart as quickly as it takes to say goodbye, it was time for them to change, time for them to say everything that needed to be said. It was nearly time to leave.

There were 8 people out in the desert waiting for the inevitable: 3 couples, 1 father and 1 lost and lonely soul. It had been a day since everything had happened and although they all had had to say goodbye to their families and come up with haphazard excuses about why they were leaving so suddenly. The Valenti’s didn’t have to worry on than account; the benefits of having a family that knew everything. The Parker’s, on the other hand, knew nothing so Liz Parker-Evans was taking full advantage of the internet age; she was getting Isabel and Alex to send periodic e-mails from “her” to her family letting them know how well she was doing in “South America” with Max. Michael observed the group in front of him, Max was hugging Isabel while Alex was comforting both Liz and Tess in a hug while Kyle stood next to them looking dazed. He looked on at the group in front of them. They had all decided to stay together. He was going to be the only one up there alone. He walked away from them to try and clear his head. He had to think straight. He was going into war and no matter what his heart was telling him and how much it hurt, it wasn’t safe for her up there. He wouldn’t put her in danger no matter how much it killed him. He never heard the footsteps come up behind him and it was only when the voice spoke behind him that he realised anyone had noticed he was missing.

“Well, it’s been some day hasn’t it? You’re going alone?”

Michael couldn’t raise the energy to actually say anything and just nodded his head.

“She didn’t take it well I guess, she’s like her mother that way. Do you think she’ll come?” again no vocal response just a shrug of the shoulders as he walked a few paces away from the man who had come up to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Jim Valenti knew the pain of being left alone and he knew the pain the young man in front of him was feeling because in a strange way they were similar. They had both a strong sense of duty that often over-ruled their emotions. They were both drawn to the fiery personalities of the De Luca women who could break their hearts with a mere look and who, no matter their good intentions they kept hurting despite doing it with the best intentions. He walked up to the younger man and put his hand on his shoulder.

“You could call her you know? Just to tell her everything. It might make you feel better.”

He turned to look at the man in front of him, his eyes betrayed the pain he was feeling and Jim knew that just talking with her would not help. He needed to hold her, but of course then he would never be able to leave her. After a few minutes in silence Michael turned to him.

“When Kyle’s mom left you did you feel? Did you hate her?”

He didn’t know how to answer that, he knew that he wanted to get an indication of the feelings Maria had for him just now, but it was a totally different circumstance. He had hated her at first, but only at first then he understood why she had to leave him. He had just never forgiven her for abandoning their child.

“Michael, I accepted her decision to leave me. I ever made it easy for her to stay, at the time I was chasing shadows and not being a good husband or father. You, on the other hand, have been a good husband. You are trying to protect your wife and although it hurts I know that she will NEVER hate you. NEVER!”

He looks to see the reaction of his words on the man beside him and is shocked when he turns and begins to cry.

“I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive me…and I already need her so badly to be here..”

He has never seen this strong young man as emotional before and he realises that it must be killing him. He doesn’t know what to do to ease his pain so he does the only thing he knows; he takes Michael in his arms and lets him cry openly.

She had seen the scenes in front of her unfold and she wanted to run over to him and comfort him but she couldn’t bring herself to. If she said goodbye just now it would mean that he was going to go. Instead of walking over to the two men she went over to the group.

“Thanks for coming Maria, it’ll mean a lot to him.”

“Well Max, if I didn’t come I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to my favourite people. From and not from this world. You guys all sure you aren’t going to stay? Things aren’t going to be the same without you all. Even my stupid brothers leaving me..."

“Hey look on the bright side Maria, you’ve still got me…and Isabel. We’re staying.”

“I know Alex, it’s’s just..” she begins to cry and Liz and Kyle both take her to the side and begin to comfort her. Alex sees Max looking at Isabel and knows that the two of them need to talk. He takes Tess’s arm

“C’mon lets go and get Michael and Valenti. It’s nearly time." They walk off leaving the siblings together.


“Well. You’re leaving then?”

“Yeah. You’re staying then?”

“Yeah. Max…” they begin to hug each other.

“I know Isabel, I know. I wish I was staying with you..but..”

“You have to go. I can’t go..I’m going to miss you so much Max..”

“Me too Iz, but I’ll be back. I want to see my niece and nephew grow up..”

“You will come back?”

“Try and stop me..”

“I love you Max, so be careful and look after my sister in law. I want to see our kids play together..”

“I will..and you look out for our humans..we’ll need them when we get back.”

“Consider it done. So this isn’t goodbye?”

“Not even close” he begins to smile as he wipes her tears away as he signals Alex over towards them.

Seeing Alex wrap a protective arm around her he knows that she will be fine. He’ll look after her. He looks around the area. The Valenti father and son are saying goodbye while Liz and Tess are talking to each other. He looks at Michael, as he stands awkwardly on his own. Maria is walking over to him as the wind begins to pick up around about them. They don’t have much time, the ship is nearly here.

“Well, it looks like I’ve only got a minute to say this spaceboy so listen up.”

His heart begins to beat faster than it had in 24 hours..she didn’t hate him.

“I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t hurt that you don’t need me with you..”

“I never said I didn’t need you Maria..”

“Whatever..let me finish. You made me a promise and I expect you to keep it ok? Don’t go up there and get yourself killed and leave me here a widow. You promised me you’ll come back and you better do it.”

“I promise you Maria, if I have to move heaven and earth I will be back for you! I love you."

“I love you too Spaceboy. I’m going too miss you so much..”

“Me too..” at that point they wrapped their arms around each other as their tears mingled with each other as the wind got stronger. Hearing Max shout that it was time friends bade goodbye to friends and families said goodbye to each other. Michael kissed Maria passionately as his heart began to ache. The ship appeared and came close to landing. He reluctantly pulled away to see his feelings showing in her face as her tears streamed down. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear that he would be back for her and that he loved her before walking away. As he began to walk away to join the others she ran to him and thrust something in his hand before miming “I love you” to him and blowing him a kiss through her tears. He smiled weakly at her and ran off to the others before he changed his mind. He saw Isabel, Alex and Sheriff Valenti walk over beside her as she watched him leave. Isabel and Valenti were both crying as they lost their families while Alex was supporting the 3 of them. In a flash they were gone and they were leaving.

As they all got their bearings on the ship Michael looked down at the package that had been thrusted into is hand. He tore the paper off and looked down. Maria’s name necklace that she always wore was lying there alongside one of her aromatherapy oils and a photo of the two of them. The note fell to the floor and he picked it up and read it.

“Hey Michael, this is just to help you remember your promise to come home to me and not forget me. I love you more than I thought was possible even tough you left me stranded at work yesterday. You owe me for that one Guerin! Get back here and keep your promise. I’ll be waiting. Love Maria. PS tell the others that I expect to see them back here too ok? And be safe. I love you”

He felt the gentle touch on his arm to see Liz and Kyle standing next to him. She never said a word but gently leaned over to read the note as Kyle put his hand on her shoulder. He looked at Michael and enquired “Maria?” who gave a smile.

She had given him a goal away with him. To make it home soon. To make it up to her for leaving her alone. He would do his sentence here along with Max, Liz, Kyle and Tess and then, they would all head for their real home. Back in Roswell, New Mexico.


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Hi all *waves*

As promised here's the first part of the new arc of the story. Thank you so SO much to you all who feedbacked, you guys don't know how geat it is to know that people are reading this and enjoying it. I'll post the next part soon*happy*

Here's "You Can Never Go Back: The War part 1". I hope you all like it and please let me know what you think*happy*

You Can Never Go Back...The War: Part 1

A sequel to: When It's Time To Leave Home....

It had been 4 years. They had been here for 4 seemed like an eternity. They had been flung into battle almost immediately by the resistance and had gone up totally un- prepared for what they had found. They had been misled by the message they had got- it had asked for them to come back and help rebuild the planet. It hadn't said that the planet was still falling apart due to Civil War. It hadn't said that they would have to give everything to free hadn't indicated that they would be in danger as would their loved ones. It hadn't said that they would be as hated as the monsters they were fighting and that there was no true "right" side. It hadn't said anything that mattered.

The rebels were weakened and it would only be a few days before the treaty was signed and the process of rebuilding could commence. The woman sat in the corner of the room in the palace staring at the ruins that was left of the surrounding cities. She didn't care, she didn't care that the war that had caused so much suffering for decades was going to end thanks to their efforts: the efforts of the hybrids and their mates that had come to liberate the planet. She only cared that she couldn't breath because of the pain in her chest that had left her feeling empty and hollow. Tess Harding didn't care about anything..anything except getting him back to her.

She sat alone, her blonde hair tied up high on her head and the tears gathering at the corner of her eyes as she began to do did the same thing she had done everyday for a month. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate on finding her lover, her fiancé- her soulmate. She had done it everyday since he was captured and desperately tried to alleviate the pain he was feeling. As she found him she involuntarily grimaced at what they had done to him, what they were doing to him as she could only be beside him and not help. She hated them. She swore to him silently that she would kill them all for what they were doing to him- to them. He tried again to make her leave as he had done everytime she had entered his head during the "interrogation" sessions and again he failed. She was stronger than he was and she always stayed even though she felt everything they did to him to try and break his spirit. She felt their torture, she felt his pain but she also always felt his love for her and his loyalty to the others. She needed to be there, to know that he was still alive, to help ease his pain and to make sure he knew that they were coming for him: that she was going to rip them apart once she got near them, treaty or no treaty. She felt the heat of the rods as they pressed them against his skin and she immediately dulled his pain-receptors and filled his head with emotions that she was feeling- her love for him and the thought of the family they would have when he was free and back home. She smiled as he inwardly smiled at the thought before he was suddenly jolted back to the room where his "interrogators" were busy breaking his hand. His defiant scream broke the connection between them and she went crashing to the floor where she began to sob uncontrollably..she couldn't help him, she wasn't strong enough.

It was Liz that found her on the floor a few minutes later, still crying. Liz ran to her friend and wrapped her in a protective hug, fearing that she had discovered the worst.

"Is he..ok?" she pulled back slightly to see her reaction and was relieved to see the gentle nod of the head in reply.

She saw the tears were still falling and she felt a surge of empathy for this woman who she had grown to love like a sister over the years despite a rocky start. Liz Parker-Evans knew what it was like to be powerless to help your soulmate no matter how much you knew they needed you. She knew it was killing her. She moved in close to Tess and quietly whispered to her.

"We're going to get him back tonight Tess, he'll be home tomorrow."

"Re..really?" Tess' voice was as hopeful as it had been since it had happened.

"We're leaving in about an hour, Michael and Max are getting the equipment ready and I've to meet them and the rest of the squad in a minute to get the plan..."

"I'm coming!"

"No! No Tess you're not. Max said you've not to come. I know it's frustrating, believe me I know, but you aren't fit enough, you're still injured and your powers aren't strong yet. You took a beating when we lost him in the first place; you still haven't healed yet. You need to stay here and get strong for him coming back to you."


"But nothing..I've left the kids with their "grandma", it's still weird calling her that, so they'll be fine. Will you be ok?"

"I'd be better if I was going, but I'll be fine once he's back. Do me a favour Liz? Bring the bastards back that have him..I want to see them.."

Liz looked at her, she had hatred in her eyes for them and she understood why she needed them. She nodded her head.

"You got it. He'll be fine. Go to the Queen, she'll need help with those two, and it'll be safer there. I'll see you in few hours." She began to walk away when she heard Tess call out after her.

"Liz. You all be careful ok? We're so close to getting back..I just want it to be all of us that go. Be safe."

"We'll all be fine..we'll get home together..Bye Tess be careful as well."

With that Liz disappeared from view as Tess began to make her way to the Queen and the Evans' children. It wouldn't be long now..he would be here beside her and they could get back home and have their own family. She wanted to tell him they were coming but she was still weak from the last connection but, for the first time in a month, she smiled as she walked the empty corridors of the cold palace.

"We're coming for you Kyle, you'll be safe now. We'll soon be back home..we'll soon be safe.."

As she finished she felt a little "pop" in her head and she smiled, for some reason he must have heard her, felt her. For some reason...he knew.


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Please let me know what you think of this part.

You Can Never Go Back...The War: Part 2

A sequel to: When It's Time To Leave Home...

The room was dark and grey. The smell of burnt flesh made him nauseous as he realised it was coming from his own body. He couldn't see past his swollen eyelids that were caked with blood but he knew that they had left the room and that he would have a few hours before they came back to see "what he knew". He was quite a prize for the rebels. Not only was he a of only two actually living on the planet, he was also the consort of one of the hybrid "saviours" and as such he was a valuable bargaining chip and he also held a vast amount of potentially valuable information. They all knew that wars were won and lost on the quality of information that the armies had and they desperately needed some of it out of his head. Unfortunately, thus far, his resolve had been greater than expected.

Kyle groaned as he tried to sit up, the pain from his broken bones stabbing at him with every breath that he took. He tried to look around to see if there were any other prisoners that might be able to heal him a little before they came for him. He had heard her tell him they were coming to get him and it had refreshed his belief that he could make it..that he would make it. He needed to get ready so that he wasn't jeopardising them anymore than he already was even though he knew that Tess, Max or Michael would fix him up when they arrived. He didn't want them to know everything that they had done to him. He didn't want any of them to know how close he came to telling everything, if only they would leave him alone and let them all go back. He didn't want them to know how scared he was. Looking around again he didn't see anyone that could help him so he closed his eyes and thought of her and how close he was, how close they all were to going back home...together, where they belonged.

The two people stood at the front looking at the rest of the room.

"Hardly an enthusiastic crowd you picked Maxwell. I don't think they are going to be a lot of use to us."

"They'll be fine. They'll do what I tell them..they'll be fine."

"You know, eventually you are going to have to wake up and realise that they are not following you because they respect you. You, Tess, Kyle, Liz, the kids and me..we're hated here and they only tolerate us because of who we were. If they had a chance they would do the exact same thing the humans would do to us; put us on a slab and open us up.”

“Michael..I think you’ve made your point..”

“Just don't think that this blind faith is eternal because of who you used to be. They don't care about you, they just want to survive."

"Michael! If you’re finished with the speech, maybe we can get going sometime in the next hour. I know what you're saying and I know it's true but..we need them for this. We'll be fine."

With that they all began to file out of the room with the 6 soldiers slowly walking behind them towards the ship. As they left the room Max saw his wife walk towards them. She gave him a weak smile as he asked her how Tess was.

“Well, she’s really upset that she’s not going with us. She wants his torturers brought home to her..”

“What did you tell her? She knows that we can’t go in too hard. We need to preserve the treaty and then we can get home..”

“Max, she doesn’t care about the stupid treaty, she just wants him back. I know exactly how she feels with him being hurt and not able to save him, helpless and useless.” Her brown eyes were passionate as she spoke and Max knew what she was referring to: the time when he had been the one trapped and tortured when they were still only dating. That seemed like a lifetime ago now...

“Liz, I know this is hard for both you and Tess but please believe me when I say we’ll be fine with Michael and me. There wouldn’t be much of a difference with the three of us anyway.”

“There would have been if there was 4 of us…” Michael muttered as he walked towards the ship.

“Michael we all made our own decisions. She chose to stay and we chose to go. Deal with it.”

Max had heard this many times before. Michael had never been able to get over his bitterness that Isabel had a normal life whereas the rest of them had gone to hell.

“Whatever Max all I’m saying is that we could have been home two years ago if she had came with us. C’mon you two before it’s light again.”

As they were left alone Max gently kissed Liz and silently asked her to stay. She replied as she always had since they had arrived, with a gentle kiss and a slight shake of the head..she had continually amazed him with her courage. As much as he cared for Kyle, he had thanked God the night that he had been taken because it hadn’t been Liz. He would have killed them all if they had even looked at her. As she looked at him he smiled at her as he took her hand towards the ship.

“You do know that I love you don’t you?”

“I love you too Max. Thank you.”

“C’mon Mrs Evans, lets go complete our contingent and blow this joint.”

“Your wish is my command, dear leader.”

They walked in the ship hand in hand as the doors closed behind them and they left the port to rescue their friend.

Kyle had raised himself to a standing position and began pacing the floor hesitantly. It had been a few hours since he got the message from Tess and he was beginning to worry. They should have been here by now. As much as he wanted out of here he wasn’t prepared for them to be captured as well. He wasn’t willing to let Tess get touched by them just to save him.

“C’mon guys. Where are you? Come and get me.”

He didn’t hear the cell door open and the guard come in behind him. He didn’t know anything until he felt his knees buckle from the kick behind them and felt his face pressed down onto the floor and felt the weight of the guard on his back. His already fractured ribs felt as though they had just shattered into dust as he struggled to find his breath. The guard had grabbed his hair and brought his head down hard against the concrete floor repeatedly leaving him semi-unconscious. Through the daze, as he felt himself slipping away he heard the guard scream at him.

“You led them straight for us! They came straight for’s all over now! You stupid human..did you think for one minute that we wouldn’t kill you once we were found out! We’re all gong to die and it’s all your you die too.”

As the room began to swirl around him he vaguely felt his body being kicked and punched as the last remnants of conscious thought left his body vocally. “Love you..Tessie…”

“Max, over here! The prisoners are over here! C’mon.”

“Go Michael, we’ll take on the guards and be there in a minute. Just make sure he’s ok.”

With that Max fired a blast at his assailant, as the rebels tried in vain to escape before they were captured. They knew that as soon as the humans mate caught them they would be dead. Max glanced at Liz as she blasted the weapon at them, he knew that she wanted to kill them for Tess, but he also knew that she was holding back for all of them. For the sake of the treaty she was letting them live. There was only a handful of them left he noticed and they were busy trying to escape so he yelled at the others to follow him towards the prison where Michael had already headed.

Michael had run down the corridor to the prison where there was only a few rebels left. He quickly disposed of them and went looking for Kyle’s cell. As he found the cell, he saw the guard pummelling Kyle with a barrage of blows to the head and body. Instinctively he let the power erupt from his fingers and the guard went crashing to the floor in a heap. He ran to Kyle and checked his pulse.

“Kyle, c’mon..c’mon, be alive. Think of Tess. MAX!! MAX! GET DOWN HERE! Kyle open your damn eyes come on!”

He seen that there was no response and instinctively tried to heal some of the damage that had been done by a month of torture.

As he formed a connection he felt the memories and feelings coming from Kyle as the damage began to heal. Kyle abruptly opened his eyes as Michael fixed some of the damage and the connection was broken. Max came running in the room to see Kyle struggling for breath and Michael struggling to his feet. He immediately ran over to him and began to heal his broken ribs and the internal bleeding that he was suffering.

“Oh My God Kyle! Are you ok?” Liz came running in the room with concern in her voice.

“I will be thanks to you guys. Thank you Michael, thanks Max..”

Michael just shrugged his shoulders and Max just squeezed his shoulder and helped him to his feet.

“Listen, we have to go. They will get reinforcements in a few minutes. It’s great to see you Kyle but we have to leave. Now!” With that Liz ran out the room and began yelling at the others to begin evacuating. Max smiled proudly while Kyle smiled.

“Well I see..see you’re still whipped Max…something’s never change…”

They smiled as both Michael and Max began to guide him out the room when he told them to stop

”Where’s Tess? Is she ok? They don’t have her do they?” He was beginning to panic.

“Tess is injured. She can’t fight yet and we weren’t gong to risk her to come here. Ok?”

“You better not be lying to me…Evans, I’ll ki..kill you if she’s in danger.”

“Stop being a jack-ass Valenti, Max isn’t lying to you and besides, you would have trouble killing a flipping caterpillar just now so just chill ok?”

They began to drag him along and into the ship as everyone else was getting inside. The ship left and they disappeared from view back to the palace.

“I’m sorry..Max. It’’s just..”

Max looked at the man sitting in front of him. He knew what it was liked to be tortured, but his ordeal only lasted a day and it had scarred him for years. Kyle had been tortured for a month and still didn’t give up anything to put them in jeopardy. He had taken a long time to like Kyle, now he had grown to rely on him more than he ever thought he would do. He knew that he would be able to help him in the future come to terms with things but that just now, all he needed was a friend.

“Shh Kyle, I know EXACTLY what you mean and how you are feeling, more than the others will. We’ll all be fine.”

“Thanks…” Kyle smiled gently as Michael and Liz came towards him. As he talked he tried to call Tess with his mind to let her know that he was coming home. “I’m coming home Tessie, I won’t let them hurt you again. I’m coming for you..”


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You Can Never Go Back...The War: Part 3

A sequel to: When It's Time To Leave Home...

The palace was shrouded in darkness, a testament to both the darkness that the night brought, and to the “Great War” that had ravaged the planet. Looking around the area, there was barren earth with no Civilian architecture, no infrastructure and no indication that there was ever anything other than war in the area. The area had been destroyed because the “Royalty” required the area. They had done that a lot, found an area and cleared it of the “less important” Antarians, so that they could have a better position tactically. The hybrids had no choice on the matter, even Max the apparent leader couldn’t stop the destruction and death in the name of freedom…and it had killed a little part of them all. She looked at the sleeping twins in front of her who were totally oblivious to the world around them and smiled, Max and Liz were lucky. Their children provided an escape, a way of going back in time to when they were back on earth and happy together. Tess stroked her stomach wistfully as she imagined her own family. It wouldn’t be long. She heard the almost whisper in her head and felt like jumping for joy as a weight was lifted from her shoulders.

“I’m coming home Tessie, I won’t let them hurt you again. I’m coming for you..”

She felt the explosion before she heard it. She had no warning and was knocked clean of her feet, as the palace foundations were shook. As the children woke with a start and began to cry hysterically she quickly got to her feet and ran to them and grabbed them in her arms and ran towards the safety of the lower levels. As she ran, ignoring the pain in her arms the building shook again and the children began to scream again. She stopped and tried to get her bearings, guards were running from all directions, the children’s tears and screams were echoing through the corridor and the screaming from the above chambers was making it nearly impossible to concentrate on finding the right direction. She began to run again when she realised, she had to find the Queen, there would be no peace if the Queen died.

In a split second she had a decision to make, find the Queen first or get the children to safety. As she paused she felt the building shake again and they went flying. She heard the crunch of a bone breaking as she landed on one of the kids. The scream that punctured through the air cut through her heart and as she went to heal the damage a force field emerged around the little boy and girl. They had developed powers…just like their daddy. She got through and quickly mended the damage and dis-regarded any thoughts of jeopardising the children. They were too important to risk. She’d come back for the Queen and the others would be back soon. This was the rebel’s last throw of the dice before they had to cave in..they would be finished soon. She’d make sure of it!

As the ship came close to the palace they saw flames erupting from the walls as the ships reigned fireballs down on it. There were only 3 of them but they were doing a lot of damage. The scream from one of the occupants voiced the fears of the rest of the crew.

“Max! The children, Tess and the Queen are in there! Max! Stop the ship and let me off!”

“Get me in there now! Quickly! When we get in Kyle, you stay here..we don’t need you getting captured again. And don’t even think about arguing with me about it ok? I have too much to worry about just now you can whack me later alright? Michael, you go with the squad and try and take out the ships with your powers. Tess will have taken the kids and the Queen underground already so they should be fine, but Liz, you can go and make sure ok? I’ll arrange a ground team when I get out. Does everyone know what they’ve to do? Ok, in a minute we make our move get ready!”

The nods of silent approval and the pained acceptance of Kyle greeted him. He felt bad but it was a case of priorities..his children.

Tess had got the children to the underground shelter and had found the Queen and her guards. They were all safe and were now headed away from her to the shelter. Tess, on the other hand, was headed towards the upper parts of the palace so she could assess the situation. As she got there she saw the roof had been partially destroyed by ships fire. She didn’t have the powerblast of Michael but she knew she had to stop the ships before they destroyed any chance of peace on the planet.

“Ok Tess think…”

She closed her eyes and concentrated on a rebel pilot. Instantly she could see what he was seeing and with a little manipulation she made him change his course away from the palace and right into the path of an incoming fireball.

“1 down, 2 to go Tess.” She silently congratulated herself as she felt the ground shake again underneath from a stray blast. She began to reach out again with her mind towards the other pilots when the ship she was taking control of burst into flames. She took a step back in shock when she heard Max’s voice call behind her.

“Tess! Where’s Alex and Mari?”

“They’re downstairs, with the Queen and the guards..they’re safe!” She saw Liz run off when she heard after exchanging a thankful look with her and Max physically relaxed..things were nearly over. Just one more ship to go and things would be better.

“How do you want to take this Max?”

“You try and get him to crash or something while we get our shots lined up or Michael gets a clear sight..” before he finished his thought the ship began to glow a blinding white before being blown apart by a powerful ray of energy.

“I guess he got his sight…” Max smirked, Michael enjoyed using his power more now than he ever had. And that final display had just ended the war. It was over..they were free. As Liz came up behind him with their children in her arms he couldn’t contain himself as he looked at her and the empty palace. He smiled and began to laugh, and clap and jump. He had done is job and they had all survived.

Liz was smiling broadly as her husband walked over to her and took one of their children of her as he gently kissed her. He hadn’t looked that happy in 4 years and now it had finally was time to go home.

Tess had looked at the couple who were laughing happily in the corner and felt her heart constrict..he wasn’t there. She looked at Max pleadingly and he smiled as he replied.

“He’s in the ship..we had to keep him away from the fight..”

She didn’t wait for him to finish as she rushed towards the shuttle bay and heard the soft pounding on the door. They had locked him in. She quickly opened the door with a quick wave of her hand and he nearly fell into her arms as he went to pound the door. She looked at him, his badly bruised face and body hurt to look at but his eyes were the same and the shy grin he gave her made her heart race and her knees weaken..he was really here. They were really together. He looked on at her, her face dirty from ash and her hands and knees covered in blood. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked at him.

He grinned slowly at her. “You ain’t seen me in a month and all I get is tears Tessie? Surely I deserve a hug for outstanding bravery?”

With that her tears came flowing down as she launched herself at him..she had missed him so much.

“I’m sorry Kyle, I wanted to save you..I didn’t think I’d see you again..everything they did to you. I wish it was me.”

Grimacing in pain but unable and unwilling to break the embrace he quietly comforted her as he tried to disguise his own tears.

“Shhh Tess, that’s not important now. We’ll talk about that later but don’t ever EVER say it should have been you! I would spend a lifetime there before I would let you spend a day or even an hour there. You are too important! Besides, where will I get another fiancĂ©e at such short notice huh?”

He smiled at her as she began to laugh gently. “What I’m trying too say, not to successfully, is that I love kept me going in there. So thank you Tessie”

“I love you too Buddah boy, I’m so glad you’re back here with me. I promise that I’ll protect you..”

“Whoah..stop there! Fragile male/human pride issue here, I’m not having you “protecting” me..It’s damaging to my ego..”

She laughed openly again as she led him away from the ship. “I thought your “fragile human pride” was only damaged if you lost a girl to an alien?”

He smiled as she began to tease him and the pain in his body began to ease. He was nearly home: THEY were nearly home!

Michael stood looking at the embers of the fires that signalled the end of the war. In a day the papers would be signed and the process of rebuilding would commence, both here on Antar and back home on Earth. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small object and began fingering it. Maria. A day and he would be back home. 24 hours and his life could re-start. He looked down at the object and smiled. In 24 hours he could live would have meaning. In 24 hours life would mean Maria.


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