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Summary: Well it's my version of what happened in Season 2 and up till now it'll be like and eposide every Tuseday.
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Episode 1 New Levels

Previously on Roswell

-Max and Liz escaping Pierce's men
- Max and Liz coming close to making love in the van
-Micheal and Maria kissing in the Crashdown
- Max,Tess,Micheal,Isabel all hearnig their destiny to be with each other
- Liz running away from max at the Cliffs


Max was on his bed with Micheal

Micheal: So Maxwell today's the big day Liz comes home what are you going to do grovel, send her flowers,or what?
Max: (shaking his head ) Acutally I'm not doing nothing
Micheal: What!!!
Max: Yeah well see she if I know liz wants space so I'm going to give it to her.
Micheal: Okay see ya later bye
And with that he left out the window


Liz looked arond the place with joy she was so happy to see it again but she was washed with saddness when she didn't see max with the group. They were having a little get togehter to welcome her her home with her parents smiling britely at her and even Tess was there now the question is were is Max.
Maria:(yelling across the room) Chica
LiZ: Maria hi
The two ran to each other and hugged liked they have never seen each othe and than Alex got brought up in the mix and hugged with them.
Liz: Hey Alex
Alex: Hey girl whatcha been up too
Liz: Nothin
And with everyone started to party expect liz she still wondered were Max was
Isabel: He's home he didn't come
Liz: Why
Isabel: I don't know he whouldn't say
Isabel: Go to him I'll cover for you
Liz walked out the back door to go to max's house but what she didn't know there were a 2 set of dark red and blue eyes looking at her and follwed her

Max's Room

Max sat on his bed with boxers on hoping and pryinh that she came when there was knock on his window he got up and opened it to rvel liz

Max: Come in
Liz:I know I shouldn't be here but I had to see you
Max: What is it?
Before Liz could say anything she was once again struck by his fell defined chest and when she noticed that all hell broke loose she strat to forget what she was going to say
Max: Liz?
Liz: ( still lookin) ohh like I was going to say I would love to be with you but I can't stand in the way of desiny
Max: Liz you are my destiny no one else is. Do you know how many Years that message was in that cave I love you not tess and I will allways love you
Liz(moving closer but shaking her head) Max you have a destiny
Max:(closing the gap) My destiny is with you
And he kissed her filled with passion and lust and she felt like a bliss he kissed her hard but yet soft just the kind of kiss to make your legs get weak which they did and she limped in his arms while he carried her to the bed and took off her shrit

Outside though the 2 set of eyes were scared
Deep Voice: Please dont' let them do this
Soft Voice: Why
Deep Voice: How many times do I have to tell you if Zan and Zahra make love Zan get all his fighting,physical, and mental power back and so does she if they go threw with it I might as well call it quits
Soft Voice: So just stop it
Deep Voice:(loosing his patience) We can't because once their naked skin touch souls from the heaven protect them until there done soo our life depends on this night
And both had worried glances just to see Max kiss her with passion and take off her pants

Fade Out

Next Tuesday On Roswell

Annours: The Pepole in Roswell begin to worry while other people love grows more
- Liz: Max make love to me
- Maria: I wonder were liz is
- Deep Voice: Demon souls get them