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Author: violet
Title: Orange Soda On the Rocks
Email: Violet2911⊕
Rating: about PG-13, whatever I'm in the mood for later on…
Disclaimer: In my alternate reality I own Roswell (especially Jason…he's my personal Krispy Kreme delivery boy…a quite naughty one too. But alas, it this reality I do not…however, isn't reality based entirely on perception? lol
Description: AU, but references to things that have happened in the last two seasons, it might be confusing at first, but it will sort out.

I have parts 1-14 posted on the repost board.
I also have all 14 parts on 1 long thread on the ezboard.

I would REALLY suggest reading the first 13 parts before reading this.
It won't make any sense at all w/o it.

Part 14

Max had noticed how Liz had reacted when he and Isabel had given her the cover story of them being mutants. She had been shocked. Very shocked. But after the initial shock had worn away, Liz had seemed intrigued. Fascinated. After an awkward starring contest in the café on cherry cokes, Liz Parker had actually seemed to be accepting him despite his...differences. Too bad he hadn't been completely honest about his differences. As Max sat at the kitchen table of his home, and Liz was heating up the macaroni and cheese a few feet away, Max began to have second thoughts about the cover story. How would Liz react if he told her the truth? Would she accept him, just like she accepted his crazy "mutant" story, or would she think of him as some scary creature? In the past, he had never minded being 'not of this earth'. It was just something he accepted. And he easily accepted not telling his parents or anyone else.
But all of the sudden, this dark haired chocolate eyed goddess walked into his life, and his world fell from beneath him.
For the first time in his life, Max Evans realized how much he really wished he was human.
But the hard thing was, inside he knew no matter how hard he would ever try, he never could be.
And that no matter how much he wanted to show Liz the real him, and no matter how much he wanted to risk it right now, that he would have to wait.

After a somewhat awkward dinner of small talk and staring contests, Max and Liz decided that watching some TV before 6:30 rolled around and she was off to Maria's was the right plan. Sitting down on the sofa next to each other, Max calculated that he was sitting about 6 inches away from her based on the distance from upper leg to upper leg. Definitely a safe distance, the rational part Max' brain thought. Nor the irrational part of Max' brain…err…well, let's just not go there. But I'm sure any one with an active imagination (or even an inactive imagination for that matter) could come up with something similar to what Max' irrational part of his brain was telling him to do. Max gulped and changed the channel again. Throwing a quick glance at Liz, she smiled at him. One of those small, awkward smiles, when you can't decide whether to attack the person, or just pretend to be watching television. Liz obviously chose the latter. Max gave her a small smile, a real genuine one just for her, and then as he changed from channel to channel, muttering under his breath. 'Crap.' click. 'Crap.' click. 'Crap.' click.

Looking up at the hill to the right, he saw her. Standing there with her alien costume, and her cute hair slicked around her adorable face. His beautiful angel. Walking up the hill, he stopped a few feet from her when she saw he was there. Smiling, he took another step toward her.
"Hey." The smile she gave him made his heart skip a beat.
"Hey." She replied, with that voice..that voice.
Walking right up to her, he pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear, gently, meticulously unraveling it. Just taking in the texture of her hair.
"Oh. " He gave her a weak smile
"You had a, uh.... "
"Hair thing, right. Thanks. "
"Sure. Liz, it's not safe. I mean, for you and , and me's not safe. " She frowned slightly, as if trying to read his mind, to see if what he was saying was how he realy felt.
"I don't care." Her answer only made him love her even more.
"Liz I really, really wish that this could be something, you know, more. But it can't. We're just... " She gave him this look, this undescribable look, and he paused for a second.
"Different. " She finished softly.
"Yea." He answered slowly, searching deeply into her eyes.
"I'll see ya at school. " Turning, he started to walk down the hill.
"Max??" She called after him with a certain desperation in her voice..
"I never got to thank you," she paused for a moment, starring into his eyes. "for saving my life."
Max smiled at her and replied with the first thought that came to mind.
"Thank you. "

Liz slowly turned, snuggling closer into her warm pillow. Taking a deep breath, she smiled, her eyes still closed. Becoming more conscious, she realized that it didn't feel like her pillow, it felt like…the fabric of a shirt. Inhaling deeply and then slowly letting out a sigh, she groggily thought how it smelled kind of like…well, Max. Max! Liz' eyes snapped open, and she found herself lying on the Evan' sofa with her head on Max' chest. His two strong arms were pulled around her in a tight, protective manner. Their legs entwined, stretching across the length of the sofa. And his face. Oh, his face. It had this indescribable smile on it. Like he was having the most beautiful dream.
Liz inhaled sharply, suddenly remembering the dream that she had. The most beautiful dream of her and Max at some festival on a hill. She remembered as if it was yesterday how bittersweet the memory was, and she was flooded with waves of nostaglia. Liz inwardly chastised herself. It was only a dream. Unlike the other dreams she had been having the last few weeks, this was the first one she actually remembered when she woke up. It was only a dream. She repeated in her thoughts. Yet, why did it feel like a memory?

Liz moved slightly, so her check was now lying on Max' chest. Max in his sleep pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her more tightly. She just lay there for a few minutes, listening to his heartbeat, and trying to place this precious memory in a special part of her heart. Knowing how he would be waking up soon, and when he did, they would probably go back to their awkward situation, where she felt like he was still hiding something from her.
Those flashes she had seen when they had kissed seemed so real to her. Like the dream. There just had to be something Max wasn't telling her…

Suddenly Liz looked up to see the clock on the wall by the TV was going ringing. Liz gasped as she looked at the time. It was 7:00. They were supposed to pick up Isabel from the Crashdown at 6:30 and drop herself off at Maria's house!
Liz groaned, and tried to pull herself out of Max' arms, but he only pulled her closer, sighing, and then quietly murmuring her name in his sleep.
"Liz." The way her name rolled off his lips with such love sent a shiver through her body. A good one, the indescribable kind.
Pulling her head up from his chest, Liz carefully tapped Max' shoulder with her right hand, trying to wake him.

But instead of waking up, Max murmured something under his breath, and then, before Liz could realize what happened, Max had pressed his lips against hers, drawing her into a intense kiss. Liz shuddered as she kissed him back, and suddenly she was overwhelmed with images. Images of children immerging from pods, and a strange machine. Of Max leaning over her with concerned eyes...healing her with a touch.

She gasped and pulled away, noticing how Max' eyes flew open the same second hers did. Immediately jumping off the sofa and looking at her with shock, Max surveyed the situation. He had been asleep. Dreaming of the yearly crash festival. He and Liz...standing on a hill.
The dream had ended and he started to have another dream in which he was kissing Liz and it was the most beautiful….Max stopped. It hadn't been a dream. It had been real, he had been kissing Liz, and they had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV.
He looked at Liz, searching her chocolate eyes for what she was thinking. She was obviously thinking hard, her eyes mentally pulling together information. Suddenly her eyes narrowed and the words the fell from her lips left him speechless.

"Max Evans, you lied to me! What are you not telling me?"

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Parts 1-14 as of now are on the Repost board of this forum. The old forum on EZ board also has parts 1-16 listed :
I will post 15 and 16 on this thread, as well as the thread on the repost board.

Sorry I couldn't post more earlier, but I live in NY, and my DSL line was down due to what happened on tuesday.

Part 15

Isabel sighed, and wiped the counter down for the third time. Not that she needed to wipe down the counter, she could have just used her powers. But Max and Liz were half and hour late. She was going to kill them! Considering the bathroom incident this morning…
Isabel frowned and quickly used her powers to clean of the remaining counters. Maria had left at 6:15 mumbling something about her and Liz, leaving Isabel to close up.

Here she was in the worst tourist trap America wiping down tables. Yes, it brought in some cash, but Isabel Evans was under no circumstances service-oriented person. Sometimes she wondered what kind of person she was.
When she and Max had been found on the side of the road, Isabel Evans had just wanted a home and a family to love her. She had gotten that, definitely, but despite that, her life was so…empty. Max had spent his entire life searching, trying to find something, or possibly someone…
And how could she have amazing relationship with her parents, who she loved dearly, if everything about their relationship was a lie?
As for Max, he had been so cut off, so indescribably upset. And while Isabel had at first tried to make friends when she started school in the 3rd grade, Max was so upset and lonely that she found herself spending all of her time with him. And then eventually the two other aliens of their group: Michael and Tess. Michael of course was a close friend of theirs. Max' best friend in the world. And Tess…. How can you stand someone like Tess who spends all her time drooling your brother, when it's brutally obvious he could care less about her? Isabel thought as she sat at the counter and placed her hands across her face. Tess was just…Tess. Whatever…why even bother elaborating?
Suddenly the door of the Crashdown slammed open and in ran Max and Liz. Out of breath. Looking awkwardly disheveled. The tension in the room was obvious, but Isabel didn't even care. She was pissed.
"Ok…Max, I think its important for a person to be….on time. Punctual. Prompt. On the dot. I don't care what you want to call it. I have waiting here for half an hour!" Isabel waved her hands in the air, fuming.

Max and Liz exchanged a look, one that for once went unnoticed by Isabel, still livid.

"Max!" Isabel demanded, "I am not done yet! Next time if you are not on time by---"

"--I told her, Iz." Max interrupted with desperation. Isabel halted her words, and freezed. She stared at Max, trying to read him. To see if he had just made it up. But Max was so very easy to read. He was goddamn serious. Isabel stared incredulously, mouth agape.

"You didn't."
She protested quietly, shaking her head back and forth in a manner, which appeared to disapproval.
Liz gently grabbed Max' hand with her own, and gave it a reassuring squeeze before she turned her gaze to Isabel's shocked face.

"He did."

20 minutes earlier

"Max Evans, you lied to me! What are you not telling me?"
Max swallowed hard, a lump forming in his throat. She was starring at him with those beautiful, expressive eyes and all he wanted to do was to tell her. To tell her the truth…and see if she would accept him. She would, he told himself. She would. Liz was different. He had known her for less then a week, yet it felt like he had known her all his life. What if she didn't accept him? Max threw that thought out of his mind second it entered it. That was ridiculous, he thought.
Liz is different, he repeated, as if trying to assure himself it was true.
Max searched her eyes, as if they held the answers to his questions.
Suddenly she cleared her throat. She was waiting an answer. An explanation. Something. Anything.

Max took a deep breath, and glancing down at his hands, which he had clasped together.

Then as he looked up and stared once more into those chocolate eyes, he had made his decision. Exhaling slowly, Max began.

"Liz…." Her eyes softened. Just the way he said her name with such emotion, such love, made her heart melt. She gave him a half smile, encouraging him to continue.

"I'm an…" She nodded for him to continue, but suddenly his face was overwhelmed with a look of anxiety, as if he wasn't sure how to word it.

"I'm an alien." The words were blurted out so quickly and so awkwardly, Liz thought that maybe she heard him wrong. She had to have heard him wrong.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"I am…an alien." He repeated, more slowly this time, his eyes focused on her. Looking for her reaction.

And at this, Liz Parker burst out laughing.


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Part 16

She was laughing. Laughing…at him?
Max stood in front of Liz as she continued to laugh, and finally gaining self-control, she halted her laughter, looking up at Max. Nevertheless, there was still a twinkle of amusement, and disbelief in her eyes.
"Ok then." She giggled slightly. "It was really hard to even try to believe the whole mutant thing. But now, you're saying…you’re an aaaa- liiiiiii--eeeeeen?" she stated, stretching out the word into long syllables. At this, she began giggling again.
"Liz, you have to believe me. Its true." Reaching for her arm, she pulled away quickly, mixed emotions flickering through her face. Was it fear? Disbelief? Confusion? Max couldn't exactly tell. But she was pulling away from him.

"Ok. " she continued, but her voice had a tone of seriousness in it now, the humor had dissolved.
"First you tell me you are some strange mutant, and now you are telling me you are an alien?? There is no such thing as aliens. This is Roswell, the home of tourist traps. You have got to be kidding me."
"Liz. I was in the 47' crash. I really was. Just let me connect with me. So you can see…"
"See?" she spat. "You are insane This is crazy. It's not possible. It's just not possible. The whole rational world would completely go insane in front of my eyes if it was true. But it's not true. The world is rational and aliens are not real. You are crazy." Her scientific mind was calculating, computing, trying hard to find some reasonable, rational explanation. It wasn't true, he had made the whole thing up some how.
"Liz." His voice was so full of love and desperation. All she wanted to do was melt and say that she believed him. But she couldn't. She had to stay reasonable. Realistic. Logical. And this was none of the three things she based her existence on.
"Max…I can't believe this…" She continued, more softly now.
"You saw what I saw when we were asleep. You’ve connected with me, like no human has ever before. Seen the flashes. I have these abilities, Liz. I can prove it to you."
Liz faltered. She avoided his eye contact, trying hard to think of a counter explanation. But she couldn't she just couldn't.
Suddenly she looked up. Max had reached for the drinking glass sitting on the end table by the sofa. Holding it with one hand, he used his other hand to mold it into a round solid piece of glass. Handing it to Liz, she held onto it with amazement, trying to come up with some explanation to how could heat and mold glass with their hands. Like a magic trick. But she had seen it…it was true. Max wasn't human. At this point, it was undeniable.
Max sighed as she carefully studied the solid glass oval. Her mind was on overload, immersed in thought. Suddenly she looked at him, her chocolate eyes softening.

"It's true, Max." she whispered softly. "Its true."
Now it was Max' turn for his mind to go on overload. Would she pull away from him? Would she accept him? What was she thinking? At this point, all he wanted in the world was to see into her mind, to see what she was feeling...thinking.

But her next action shocked him beyond belief.

Taking several steps toward him, Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him in for a hug. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he tightly hugged her back, never wanting to let her go.

The Wrath of Isabel at the Crashdown: Ten minutes later

"You didn't."
She protested quietly, shaking her head back and forth in a manner, which appeared to disapproval.
Liz gently grabbed Max' hand with her own, and gave it a reassuring squeeze before she turned her gaze to Isabel's shocked face.

"He did."

Isabel looked back and forth between Max and Liz.

"You told her, Max? You really told her…about us being---"

"---aliens." Max finished, looking at Liz with confidence.

"And you didn't?"

"Flip out?" Liz said completing Isabel's inquiry. "Yeah, I did. " she admitted awkwardly.

"But I realized," she thought for a moment, "I reached a point where I realized it was undeniable, and that when Max and I had connected this morning---" she stopped for a second, blushing.
"Well," she continued, "he was a really good person. He was just so scared of my reaction if I found out the truth. Despite being different, he seems more human than anyone I have ever met."
She smiled, locking her eyes with Max'. He smiled back, gripping her hand more tightly.

Then Isabel let out a loud sigh. She was slightly relieved, but at the same time a feeling of fear was permanently situated in her body. Questions were running through her mind about Michael and Tess' reactions. About the safety of all of them. Was Liz trustworthy? Would she not tell anyone? Would---

Max cut off her thoughts.
"Isabel." He said. "She's not going to tell anyone. It's going to be okay." He said softly.

Liz suddenly scanned her watch. It was 7:15. She groaned loudly.
"Max, I was supposed to be at Maria 45 minutes ago. She's probably flipping out." She groaned again.
Isabel grinned. "Yeah, that’s Maria." Liz smiled back. When she had first meet Isabel Evans, Isabel had seemed so cold hearted and mean. And now that Liz knew their secret. No wonder Isabel closed herself off, Liz thought. But watching as Isabel smiled at her, Liz realized…Maybe they could actually try to be friends.
Max noticed the look between Liz and Isabel and hoped they would finally get to know each other, but immediately paused that thought remembering Maria.
"Ok, lets drop Isabel off at home and then drop you off at Maria's."
Heading out of the Crashdown after locking up, they hurried into the jeep drove away.

"Liz." Max looked at her closely, trying to read her expression. They had just dropped Isabel off at home, and they were sitting next to each other in the jeep, in front of Maria's house.
She gave him a small smile.
"Don't say anything to Maria, okay?" he asked, tenderly placing a loose strand of hair behind her ear, pausing for a moment with as he ran his finders through that beautiful rich coffee hair. It smelled of strawberries, and all he wanted to do was run his hands through it forever. He resisted the urge.
"I won't Max." she reassured him softly.
"Just be safe, okay?" he asked. She smiled at his caring words.
"I'm okay Max. I won't tell anyone. I'm not going anywhere." He returned the smile.
"Thank you." He replied genuinely, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

With one last glance, she jumped out of the jeep, walking towards Maria's house. Just as he was about to drive away, she turned around sharply.

"Thank you, Max Evans." She shouted, smiling. He smiled back, and gave her a little wave. As she turned to walk up to Maria's door, he drove away, a grin permanently placed on his face. Life is Good. Alternatively, he pondered, its probably 'Life with Liz in it is Good.'

Explicit Portio Sedecim

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Thanks to everyone the amazing feedback!!!! Sorry if this part isn't that great, but I was in a real hurry! You may notice a lot of laughter and good times right now. I don't think the characters are happy enough on the show, and considering there are some tough times ahead, I think they a good time. On with the Liz and Maria ice cream fest!

Part 17

Liz took another deep breath, and headed for the door. She reached her hand out to push the doorbell. But suddenly a frantic Maria ran out of the house onto the front porch. Out of breath, and her curly blonde hair whizzing wildly around her head, she held up her hands in exasperation.

“Liz! Ok...Liz. A little change of plans. You see, my mom is like, insane. She’s like…dating, and there’s this guy that she really likes. They have this thing…they like, can’t keep there hands off each other, you should have been there last week when I found them making out in the pantry. Yuck…well, anyway, that is just too gross to elaborate on, so I think I’ll just--”

“Maria!” Liz placed her hands on Maria’s shoulders. “Breathe! You’re babbling!”
Maria paused and took a few shallow breaths.
“Good. In and out. In and out.” Liz continued, her hands still on Maria’s shoulders. “Hyperventilation is not the key here.”

“Good call.” Maria responded, now calm. Well…calmer.

“So what’s up?” Liz asked, slowly, removing her hands from Maria’s shoulders, and placing them in her pockets.

“My mom invited the sheriff and his son over for dinner, and didn’t tell me.”
Liz sighed in relief. At least Maria was distracted and hadn’t even remembered to ask her why she was so late.

“That’s okay, Maria.” Maria looked at her quizzically.

“It’s fine!” Liz continued. “It would be nice to meet some new people.”
Maria raised her eyebrows.
“The sheriff and his son…yeah, uh-huh…no.” Liz grinned at her. Maria was soooo…Maria.

“Ok chica…let’s face the insanity of divorced people dating.” Maria linked elbows with Liz, and pulled her into the house, closing the front door behind her with her other hand.

Laughter echoed through out the dining room.
Amy, Jim, and Kyle looked up to see the two girls shyly entering, elbows linked. Amy halted her laughter and smiled at Liz.

“Hi Liz! Maria said that you were coming over tonight! Welcome to Roswell!”

“Hi.” Liz said shyly, smiling back.

“Oh…. sorry. I’m Amy. That’s Jim and his son Kyle.”
Liz’ eyes moved around the table, and stopped at Kyle, who was popping a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his mouth. Pulling the spoon out of his mouth, he paused.
They looked at each other in awkward silence for a moment, and Maria cleared her thought loudly.
“Liz…yeah. We’ve met.” Kyle stated slowly.
“Yeah. We did.” Liz smirked.

Amy raised her eyebrows. Maria tried desperately hard to hold back a giggle.

“Yeah.” Maria giggled, having failed terribly. “I think Kyle and Liz were both at Alex’ party last Friday.”
Amy and Jim exchanged looks, while Kyle continued to shovel mashed potatoes into his mouth. Thank God Maria or Liz didn’t mention how drunk he had been. He was surprised he even remembered.
Amy, broke the silence. “Well Liz, Maria. Have a seat! We’ve got a steak this evening, with some vegetarian spring rolls, and mashed potatoes.”
After taking their seats at the table, Liz gave Maria a questioning look, but Maria just shrugged and smiled. Meat and potatoes didn’t usually go with vegetarian spring rolls, but maybe that was just a…quirky Deluca family thing.

“So, Liz.” The sheriff stated, “You are staying with Isabel and Max this summer?”

“Yes.” Liz replied, suddenly remembering everything that had transpired with in the last few hours. Aliens. Who would have thought. Liz pushed the thought to the back of her mind. It wasn’t the time.
The sheriff scratched the side of his head thoughtfully.

“Parker right? I remember your parents. 3rd generation Roswellians or something? Jeff’s dad had the bar, and then it became the Crashdown in 1947. Right?”
Liz nodded. Her parents had never really fully explained why the year she was born they randomly decided to move to New York. They would just say they had always dreamed of opening a café in New York. And that was it…It would never be mentioned again.
So now some other family in town owned the Crashdown. The Troy’s? She couldn’t remember the name.

“So, Liz?” Amy asked. “Have you liked it in Roswell so far?”
“Yes, definitely,” Liz replied, “It’s a great little town. Very…. Family-ish.”
Maria next to her snorted.
“Yeah, uh-huh. Next you will be saying that it’s…very exciting. Tourist traps and all.”
Liz gave Maria a small half smile, and Kyle snickered softly, devouring another piece of steak.

After dinner, Amy hurried into the kitchen to bring out one of her famous pies.
From the dining room, everyone could hear the back door slowly creak open. There was some low arguing coming from the kitchen. A few moments later, out of the kitchen came Amy with her pie. Trailing behind her was a guy with a short buzz cut and cargo pants.
“Everyone…this is Sean.” Amy said in a way too happy tone. Obviously annoyed.
“He’s Maria’s cousin, Liz.” Liz nodded silently.

The awkwardness in the room was palpable. Amy proceeded to ignore Sean. Maria gave him a fake smile, but as soon as Amy looked away, she went on to make faces at him.

Sean strolled over to Kyle and slapped his hand.
“Hey man.”
“Right back.”
He took the seat next to Kyle, and sitting across from Liz, smirked at her. Liz just avoided his gaze, giving Maria a desperate glance.

“Mom?” Maria said, interrupting Amy who was in a conversation with Jim.
“Liz and I are really not hungry for dessert, so may we please be excused?”

“Sure kids.” Amy replied not really paying much attention.

As Maria and Liz got up to leave, Amy suddenly looked up from her pie.

“Maria? If you guys get hungry later, there is pie, and some Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer.”

“Thanks mom.” Said Maria as she hurried into the kitchen after Liz.

Pulling the Ben and Jerry’s out of freezer, and two spoons, the two girls hurried up to Maria’s room on the second floor.

“Ok, Liz. We have Chunky Monkey, Rocky Road, and Caramel. What is thy heart’s desire?” Maria giggled while attempting a really fake English Accent.

Sitting down on her bed, Maria plopped down the three containers and handed a spoon to Liz.

“Caramel?” Liz offered and Maria smiled. “I figured you were the caramel kind.” She teased, and Liz just laughed.
“Actually, I’m really a vanilla.” Maria grinned even wider, and opened her mouth wide in mock horror.
Liz took a big scoop of caramel out of the container with her spoon, and then proceeded to swallow it in one swift motion.
“So Maria…what about you?”
“I’d have to say I like to combine. Chunky Monkey, Rocky Road, and Cookie Dough all together in one bowl. Or should I say grazing between the three containers.”
Liz giggled. Taking a huge scoop of caramel from the container, she pulled it back like a sling. Catapulting it forward, the large glob of ice cream plopped onto Maria’s nose.

“You bitch!” Maria giggled mockingly. Grabbing a huge glob of the ice cream in her hand, she proceeded to drop it on Liz’ head, rubbing it in.

Maria’s face was now covered in ice cream and Liz’ hair was smothered white and orange from the vanilla and caramel. Laughing, Liz lost her balance, and toppling off the bed, she pulled Maria down with her.

Grabbing the Chunky Monkey from the bed, Liz opened the container and as they struggled jokingly, she plopped the entire container full of ice cream on Maria’ head.
Maria opened her mouth wide, her crazy curly hair saturated in chocolate and bananas.
Before Liz could react, Maria snatched the container of Rocky Road, pulled the top off, and flung the ice cream at Liz’ head.
Liz let out a small shriek and wiped the ice cream off her covered face, licking it from her hand.

Grabbing Maria by the side, Liz pulled both collapsed on the floor. Lying stretched out on Maria’s now sodden carpet, they looked each other and again burst out laughing.

Liz, pulling a piece of marshmallow chocolate out of her hair, popped it in her mouth.

“Now that was quality ice cream.”

Maria just laughed.

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Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback!!! The AOL Plus DSL is finally up after everything that happened, so finally I don't get thrown off every two seconds!

All the roswell spoilers, specs, etc... as usual got me pretty depressed and I'm dreaming of season 1 max and liz...
I want to thank my friend stephanie for her "always in the gutter" mind and supplying me w/ the idea for the maria/liz joke in this part.

btw..this might be REALLY CONFUSING...I understand. I do it on purpose, because I truly believe that all good things start with confusion. It will eventually work out. One of the things I couldn't stand about season 2, is that there were SO MANY loose ends from season 1 that the writers didn't even address, which drove me crazy! I won't do that!

Here's part 18...enjoy!

Part 18

"Please do not take this as an offense, but my lord, I have heard your plan several times, and completely understands its pretenses as well as the meticulous measures needed to be taken."
The small man stuttered, rambling on in fear as he spoke into the darkness of the room.
He stood at the desk, his face shadowed by a black hat. Across from him at the desk was an enormous swivel chair, its high back facing the wall, hiding the person sitting in it from view. Suddenly the chair spun around in a swift motion, revealing a grim man at least 9 feet tall, his eyes black and piercing. Looking no older than 35, his eyes' weariness revealed a man much older than that. Yet he held his gaze, strong and authoritative.
"Fine. But I have spent much time developing this scheme. The Parkers being the fools that they are. Thinking they can betray me and that I would not notice. I do believe my princess' toy will get the Royal four's attention as soon as we get him in our custody. As well as the royal whore. The Parkers will certainly notice…and of course, the stupid king will fall to his knees. What a treat." The rough, deep voice startled the small man standing at the desk, quivering as he tried hard to stand on his two small feet. But the leader continued regardless.
"If you fail me, there will be no tomorrow. Well, at least you won't be seeing it." The leader chuckled softly, staring into the terrified face of his slave, who also happened to be his nephew, not that he would care. This slave of his simply gulped.

It was dark…so dark. Opening her eyes, all she could see was darkness. It had to be a dream. Slowly closing her eyes, she swallow hard. And then, as she slowly opened them again, there was no change. No light. Just darkness enveloped in utter darkness. Suddenly she grabbed her head, enduring a crushing pain in her forehead that was rapidly overwhelming her. Holding her head tight with her two hands, thoughts raced through her mind, and she struggled to focus on her surroundings. Immediately froze. She heard something, she knew it. Someone. Anything. That was when she heard it again. Breathing. It was someone breathing in the frigid coldness of the room. Or maybe it wasn't a room. Wherever she was. Wherever they were. Crawling on all fours, she felt the cold floor beneath her. Probably cement she thought, as she shivered. Following the sound of the faint breathing, she crawled for several more feet until she felt something. A shoe. Grabbing on to the foot, she moved sideways until she reached out and felt an arm. Whoever it was, he or she was still drugged and in a deep sleep. Running her fingers up the person's arm, she finally reached what felt like shoulders and a head.
"Hello?" she whispered, gently poking at the person's shoulder.
"Hello?" she repeated softly, this time taking her hands and shaking the shoulders delicately.
Suddenly the person shivered slightly and she jerked her hand away in alarm. Wide-eyed and completely motionless she stared into the darkness, hoping to find some indication of who it was and where she was. She had fallen asleep in her bed in the Evan's house like any other night. And here she was. If only she knew where here was. Her thoughts ran back to aliens…aliens? Did this have something to do with aliens?
Suddenly the person began to move, stirring softly, and letting out a soft groan.

"Hello?" she echoed again softly, moving a nudge closer to the person.

Suddenly the person spoke. A familiar voice, but one she could not exactly place.

"My head…aching head…" she heard him suck in a deep breath. "Ok….Who are you? Where am I?" He demanded, panic evident in his voice.
She gasped loudly, pulling a hand over her mouth in apparent shock.


24 Hours Earlier

Maria sat on the side of the bed giggling as Liz began to exuberantly tell the story.
"So, I wake up to Michael standing over me. Now realize that it is like….2 in the morning. And Michael is standing over me cursing. 'Shit. Holy Shit. What the hell?' "
Maria held up her hand to stop Liz.
"My virgin ears!" she giggles.
"I hope your ears are virgin." Liz laughs and Maria hits her with a pillow, pulling them into another round of uncontrollable laughter. Must have been the vegetarian spring rolls.

Max glanced down at his watch. 11:30. Running his right hand through his hair he wondered what Liz and Maria were doing right now. What they were talking about. And very importantly, whether Liz knew how to keep a secret. Not to mention Michael was going to kill him just because he told Liz. And then Tess…well, let's just not go there.
Sitting across from him at the kitchen table was Isabel, sorting through magazine and catalogs. Making lists. Max sighed. His sister was notoriously known to be the "Bitch of Roswell High."
The other title, which many failed to neglect, was "Fashion Victim."
Continuing to write on the pad, Isabel flipped quickly through the pages of the magazine.
"Let's see. Let's go with this Michael Stars, these Earl Jeans…no…the Helmut Lang…wait, no…definitely the Earl."
"Isabel." Max sighed her name slowly, starring her down.
Looking up from her meticulously written list, Isabel starred back.
"Max. I'm just accessorizing."
Max sighed again.
"You're not accessorizing. You are going internally insane. It will be okay."
Isabel just glared at him.
"It will be okay." He repeated softly, as if trying to reassure himself.
Isabel proceeded to ignore him, jotting down notes for her upcoming fashion venture.

Grabbing the phone as soon as it rang, Max snatched it up like his life depended on it.
"Liz?" he gasped.
"Yeah, Max."
"Does Maria--"
"No, she doesn't know any---" Liz was abruptly cut off.
"Okay, I'll be right there." Max said quickly, hanging up the phone, and grabbing his jacket as he ran to the door.

Isabel looked up just as he was running out the door.

"Is everything okay?" she asked impatiently. But he was already gone.

The door opened to Maria's house, and out stepped Liz and Maria. As Max paced up the front walk, he walked the stairs to the porch to meet them. His shoulders tense, he let out a sigh realizing that Maria really didn't know anything and that everything was…okay. Relatively.
"Hey Max." Maria giggled as he stood there, a look of confusion crossing his face.
Maria turned to Liz and whispered something in Liz' ear. Immediately Liz' face turned bright red, pausing for a moment, avoided both Maria and Max' looks for several seconds. Controling herself,she proceeded to walk over directly in front of Max.

"Okay Max." she said seriously. "Let's go home then, shall we?" she stated with a straight face, grabbing Max' arm. This prompted Maria to burst into another series of giggles.
As Max and Liz walked towards the car, Liz turned around and grinned at Maria.
"Maria's got the giggles." She mocked.
Maria just sighed and pulled a wild strand of blonde hair out of her face.
"Okay chica…call me!" she called.
"Thanks again Maria!" Liz replied, throwing her another grin.

As Maria headed back into the house, Max helped Liz into the jeep, and then after reaching the other side, climbed into the driver's seat.

Before starting the jeep, he turned to look at Liz. Noticing a whitish orange substance in several parts of her hair, he leaned over and ran his fingers through her silky hair.

"You had a…" he said slowly.

"Caramel and vanilla hair thingy." Liz smiled shyly.

"Yeah." He replied, suddenly confused.

"Don't ask." She grinned, and he couldn’t help but smile back.

As the car headed towards home, one could have noticed the euphoric face of Maria peering out of her bedroom window, having watched the exchange between Max and Liz in entirety.

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Thanx to everyone for the feedback! Sorry Part 19 is not that long, but I wanted to keep story ideas grouped, so next chapter will be back to the Max/Maria/Isabel/Michael storyline. Michael has been pretty none existant so far, but he'll be there.
You can probably guess who the 9 foot tall man is, but I won't give any hints other than that, lol.
I've spent the last 20 minutes reading Ashton's Kiss the Flame, which I absolutely love and cannot stop reading!
so here's the short part: 19

Happy friday and have a great weekend!

Part 19

It had been hours. An hour since she had found herself in a pitch-black room and had discovered Alex was also there. They had been drugged. Kidnapped from their beds. And now, a few hours later, a man in an all black body suit had taken her from the darkened room leaving Alex all alone. Dragging her down a long perpetual hallway, she continued to whine and beg, asking for Alex, water, anything to try to get the man's attention. But he seemed not to notice. Not to care. Like a robot. Machine.

"Owww…quit it!" she whined as the man tugged at her, opening a door and pushing her inside in one solid motion. Not that she could tell that it was a man, it could have been a woman or an….alie---She immediately halted her thoughts as the door slammed shut behind her, leaving her in a brightly lit white room. All alone.
Grabbing her head, she moaned as she suddenly a memory flooded over her consciousness. It was from that connection between Max and her. A room---a white room similar, but not exactly the same as this one. When she had connected with Max that time in the bathroom, she had only seen that memory of his for a few seconds. But the emotions coming off Max concerning it were a different story. Fear. Pain. Anger.
Squinting her eyes hard, her legs gave from beneath her, and she plopped to the ground, her eyes welling up with tears.

Max. she cried, but only in her mind. Max….Max….

The door suddenly slammed open, revealing to her horror, an image she would never forget.

He was at least nine feet tall. Dark brown hair. And eyes that looked like black suns.
She held her breath as she noted his amused, yet sadistic looking expression. The way that he had not even bothered looking at her, but instead continued to shuffle through a collection of odds and ends. She gasped. Her purse. He was looking through her purse, which he held in his hands, a sardonic smile pursing his lips.

"Well, Well, Well." His voice was rough, aggravated. Yet Amused. She jumped slightly at the sound of his voice, but his smile only widened when he saw it.
"Have you ever had that experience, when you took a test and you were positive you aced it. And then the next day you get it back, and it turned out you failed?" He looked up at her, maintaining a steady eye contact which she desperately avoided. There was a silence. The kind that makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs. But she just sat there, staring into space, resisting the urge to burst into tears.
"Don't worry Miss Parker." He stated. "My mistake, why would I even think a valedictorian could relate to me?" He continued to stare at her, as if trying to read her mind. He finally gave up, continuing his speech.
"I must say, there are many things in this wallet of yours that I couldn't find out with spies and typical research methods of our people. It's very fascinating indeed. Harrison Public Library Card. Huskies Student ID Card. A subscription to Scientific America…well, I knew that one. Ahh…yes. New York Organ Donor Network Donor Card. 1-800-GIFT-4-NY. How touching! Oh yes. And here…My favorite!" he exclaimed as he continued his bantering, flipping through all the items in her purse. He pulled out a sheet of loose-leaf paper that was meticulously folded, and carefully unfolded it, one crease at a time. Liz looked up at him slowly, and realizing what exactly he was opening, she jumped up from the floor and scampered towards him, a determined look streaked across her face. But considering his height, she looked like a tiny mouse standing next to him, starring up at him, as he grinned at the paper he held. He chuckled as he began to read the words written messily across the page.
"Mrs. Elizabeth Evans. Liz Evans. Liz Parker Evans. Mrs. Max Evans. Mrs. Elizabeth Parker Evans. M.E. + L.P. Max and Liz forever." He grinned again, chuckling as he watched her face turn increasingly read as she looked up at him. Embarrassment written on her face. Anger evident in her gripped fists. And fear in her eyes.


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