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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L's children,…...Rating: G - PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to "I Can't, I'm Different!", which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors "Mason Blair" and "Cheryl Appleton", who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show 'Among Us'. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

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***Author's note: Just a reminder: Phillip and Sue are 21. Max, Liz, Mason and Cheryl are 49. Aunt Susan is 53 and Sam Jones is 63 years old. (All are in great shape and ready for some lovin' !) ***

Was It A Dream? Part 30

Sunday turned out to be cold and rainy, so after church services, the Blairs, the Guerins and Susan and Sam all came over to the Evans house to enjoy a huge pot of stew and join in playing some old family games throughout the afternoon.

"Right hand on a purple spot; I might be limber, but I'm not double-jointed!" Amy Guerin complained as she tried to reach over her brother, Marc and around Dee to touch the properly colored spot on the plastic mat, while keeping her left foot on the green circle. "Whose idea was it for us to play Twister?"

"It was Uncle Michael's idea." Dee grunted as she tried to hold her position; a backward arch over Sue. "And I'll get him back for it if it's the last thing I do before I become Permanently PARALIZED!"

"Hey just think of it as great practice for the limbo contest I'm gong to start up after you kids are finished playing." Michael said from his comfortable seat on the couch.

"Arrrgh!" All of the kids groaned as they collapsed in a heap on top of each other.

'Maybe this would be a good time for me to ask Mom and Mrs. Evans about which of their wedding dresses I should wear.' Sue thought to herself, as Phil pulled her up from her sprawled position on the floor.

"Why don't you guys levitate Mr. Guerin and use him as the pole?" Sue suggested to Phil loudly. "I'm going to talk to my mom for a minute.

"Ooh, what a great idea, Sue. I can tell you're going to fit right into our little community after we're married!" Phil said, with an evil grin on his face. "Hey Marcus, come over here and help me for a minute!"

Sue didn't even pause to look back, when she heard Michael give a yelp of fear and her other friends laughing.

"Uh Mom, may I speak to you for a moment?" Sue asked Cheryl, who had been leaning against the kitchen counter, idly talking to Liz.

"Sure honey."

"Um, well, I've been thinking about what my wedding dress should look like and I was wondering if you still had yours…and could I see it?"

"Well, actually, sweetheart, I don't still have my dress, because I never had what you would call a proper wedding dress." Cheryl said.

"What?" Sue asked. "But I've seen your wedding pictures many times and you were wearing a long, white dress."

"It was a long, white dress, yes, but as nice as it was, it was jut a simple cotton dress, which I already had in my closet, because long dresses were in style at the time. Don't misunderstand me, our wedding was one of the happiest days of my life, especially with all your Aunt Susan did to make it special for us, but everything happened at the last minute and I didn't have time to buy a special dress, or have one made."

"Oh, I'm sorry Mom." Sue said sadly.

"No need to be sad, honey; as I said, the day I married your father was one of the happiest days of my life and it didn't have anything to do with what I wore."

"I think Sue is more worried than sad, because she doesn't want you to be upset with her…or me…for offering to show her…my wedding dress." Liz explained, gently.

"Oh Liz, that is so nice of you!" Cheryl told her friend and smiled as she turned to Sue. "I am a little upset that I can't give you my dress to wear, but if Liz is willing to let you wear hers'…and you like it…I think that would be just great."

"Thanks Mom, I didn't want you to be upset that Mrs. Evans had made the offer…" Sue said, relieved.

"Liz do you think we could go see your dress now?" Cheryl asked.

"Sure, I got it out of storage, last week and it's in our room; come on." Liz gestured mother and daughter back into the bedroom wing.

"Here it is." Liz said, as she hung the dress up from the top of the closet door.

"Oh Mrs. Evans, it's beautiful!" Sue exclaimed.

"Would you like to try it on?" Liz asked and Sue nodded her eyes huge. "Let us help you then…"

"Oh sweetheart, what a picture you make!" Cheryl smiled through glistening eyes, at her beautiful daughter, a few minutes later.

"It fits like it was made for me!" Sue exclaimed, as she twirled around.

"You know who should be in here with us, is your Aunt Susan. Would you like for her and Maria to come in here?" Liz asked.

"Yes please." Sue answered and Liz called Maria, sub-vocally. A moment later, Maria and Susan were knocking on the door.

"You wanted to see us, Liz?" Maria asked, as both women came into the room and then saw Sue. "Oh honey, you look gorgeous, just like Liz did!" Maria exclaimed.

Suzie, oh you look lovely!" Susan added her praise as she clapped her hands, excitedly.

Sue turned and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She saw a pretty, young woman and had a hard time realizing that it was her own reflection. The dress had a sweetheart cut to the tight bodice and a tight waist as well, before it flared out over her slim hips and fell to the floor in gentle folds.

"I'm a little worried about it being a sleeveless dress, since we will be married at Christmas." Sue mentioned.

"I was thinking about that." Liz agreed. "What if I added tight, lace sleeves, with a pattern which will work with the border of your robe?"

"Oh that sounds pretty and the lace will help keep my arms warm too." Sue agreed.

"What sort of veil did you wear, Liz?" Cheryl asked.

"I didn't wear one, actually." Liz answered. "I had my hair piled up on top of my head and then we put some ribbons at the back of my head and they streamed down my back."

"Oh that sounds pretty, Sue." Cheryl said, thinking that her daughter might like to do the same thing.

"Yes it certainly does…but if you don't mind, I'd really like to wear a veil of some sort, with my hair down, underneath it."

"No of course we don't mind, Sue." Liz replied, smiling. "What would you think of a lace veil, to match your sleeves? The lace would show up beautifully with your lovely, long hair left down, beneath it. "

"Oh I like that idea very much!" Sue exclaimed.

"Hey in there, may I come in for a minute?" Mason called through the bedroom door and Cheryl went to open it.

"What do you think, Mase, doesn't our daughter look beautiful?" Cheryl asked.

"Oh…my…yes…" Mason sighed as he looked over at his little girl, forgetting the wireless phone he held in his hand until Cheryl heard a voice yelling from the headset.

"Dad, hey Dad; you still there?"

"Honey, is that Matt on the phone?" Cheryl asked her husband.

"Huh, what? Matt? Okay, yeah. Sue, your brother called and now he just wants to say hi to you." He held out the handset and Sue came over to take it from her father.

"Hey, Matt."

Hey, Sue, what happened to Dad just now?" Matt Blair asked his older sister.

"Nothing happened, it's just that he came in and saw me trying on my wedding dress."

"Wedding!...Dress?...What?" Matt exclaimed.

"Matt, I called and told you, two weeks ago that Phillip Evans and I are getting married at Christmas; you can't have forgotten already!"

"Oh yeah, yeah, sorry. It's been really hectic here; between acting classes, college classes, dance classes and rehearsals for the new musical I'm in, I guess I have insufficient memory in my brain!" Matt chuckled.

"The life of a budding, young actor!" Sue giggled at her younger brother, who was attending college in New York, while pursuing a career in stage acting.

"Hey with two actors for parents, what else could I do?" He asked.

"Become a molecular biologist, like your big sister, rather than continuing to be the 'ham' you've always been!" Sue bantered back.

At least I'm a talented ham!" Matt rejoined.

"But ham is still the key word in that sentence." Sue laughed and then changed subjects. "So, how are your Academic courses going?"

"Pretty well, how about your classes…never mind that, I know you're acing them…is this Phillip of yours treating you right?"

"Of course he is, you dunce and so are his parents, his aunts and uncles, his cousins and all of his friends; can't you feel the love oozing through the phone lines?"

"Is that why my hands feel so sticky?" Matt asked, deadpan.

"You will be able to get away from the theatre over Christmas, won't you, so you can be at my wedding; Phil will be calling you soon, he wants you to be one of his groomsmen."

"Of course I'm coming to your wedding; it's all been arranged. I was just teasing you earlier about not remembering. It's so strange, thinking of you all grown up and getting married."

"Just you wait, your time will come." Sue warned him.

"You don't know how right you are; that was just my cue, I've gotta run. See you at Thanksgiving." And Matt hung up and ran to take his place on stage.

"Matt's coming for Thanksgiving?" Sue asked her parents after she put the handset down.

"Yes, I though we had told you." Cheryl said.

"Where are we going to celebrate this year?" Sue asked.

Actually we were thinking of asking Max, Liz and their kids to come join us at our home in California for a change." Cheryl turned to Liz. "I know that would mean your leaving the rest of your extended family and friends, here, but Mason and I thought it would be nice to return a small portion of our hospitality and it would be a chance for our two families to get together in a more intimate atmosphere, as a small group."

"I'm sure that we'd all love to spend Thanksgiving at your house, Cheryl." Liz said. "Let me talk to Max and the kids and I'll give you an answer in the next few days; if not before you have to leave us this evening." Liz turned to Sue.

"But I'm afraid all of you kids will have to be leaving in about half an hour, Sue. Let me help you take your dress off." She said with a significant wink to her future daughter-in-law. "I'll sew the sleeves and your veil and maybe bring the dress with me at Thanksgiving."

"Oh thank you so much for everything!" Sue said as the two women hugged.

"Now then, no reason for tears…unless you miss your flight; Mason, would you excuse us please?"

Mason left, the dress was carefully taken off and a half hour later, the kids were boarding their plane and headed back to Cambridge.

"Well now we adults can have a chance for some peaceful conversation." Liz smiled happily at Susan, after they all returned to the house; after seeing the kids off.

As discussed with Mason and Cheryl beforehand, Liz threaded her arm through Susan's and guided her over to one sofa, while Max lead Sam over to sit on another, on the other side of the room; this was the first chance they had, had to speak privately with Susan and Sam. Each of them acted instinctively, asking the same questions.

"It seems like you and Sam/Sue have become pretty close." Max and Liz asked their respective friend.

"Yes." Susan smiled, blushing a little and looking down at her hands. "It's incredible how much we have in common, I feel as though I've known him for years."

"Yes." Sam said, smiling as he looked over at Sue. "No matter what we do together, I feel so comfortable with her; as if I've known her for years."

"Am I wrong or have I noticed something more than friendship arc between the two of you when your eyes lock?" Max and Liz teased, gently.

"Um yes, I…yes there's more than friendship between us, at least I hope there is." Susan glanced over at Sam.

"Are you playing Dutch uncle, here?" Sam asked, keeping eye contact with Max. "Wouldn't that be Mason's job, if it's anyone's? Susan is a mature, self-sufficient lady; she can take care of herself. But to answer your question, yes I feel more than friendship for Susan, I'll even go as far as to say that I would like to become the man in her life with the right to care and protect her."

"After an answer like that, I have to ask; do you love him/her?"

"Yes, yes I think I do!" Susan answered, but with tears swimming in her eyes.

"Of course id o, isn't that just what I said?" Sam demanded. "I can't believe she's still single; are all other men blind and stupid?"

"Have you…told him/her?" Max and Liz asked cautiously, already knowing the answer.

"Oh no, I couldn't." Susan said. "I mean, I know he cares for me, but we've only known each other for two weeks; I'm afraid I'd look like a desperate old maid if I told him that I'm in love with him now."

"No…I haven't told her how deeply my feelings for her, run. Man, I'm ten years older than she is and retired. Two weeks is too soon; I don't want to look like some dirty old man."

"I don't think two weeks is too soon for you to be honest about your feelings for each other. As you said, you two aren't exactly hormone riddled teenagers, who don't know the difference between love and…lust. You are both mature adults, who know a little something about what you want in a man/woman. Think about the quality of time, rather than the quantity of time you've spent together. I've seen you in many a long conversation, over the last two weeks. I mean, it certainly is your decision, whether to tell him/her how you feel, but I think being honest could only help your relationship."

"Do you…really think so?" Susan and Sam both asked. "Oh but he's/she's busy talking to Max/Liz."

"He's/she's talking to Max/Liz about the same thing we have been. I'm sorry, but we couldn't see the two of you so miserable without trying to help. Why don't you go into the living room and talk to him/her?"

Susan and Sam looked over at the other and got caught in each other's gazes. As one, they arose from their seats and walked towards the living room. Sam extended his hand and Susan took it, as they walked through the dining room, into the living room, shutting the door behind them.


"It's been over an hour and we haven't heard a peep from in there." Cheryl noted.

"You're right, I can't stand it anymore, let's go peek through the keyhole." Liz said and all four of them tip-toed through the front hall, to the door leading into the living room.

"Still don't hear anything." Mason said, after he had put his ear up to the door.

He then slowly and silently turned the door knob and opened the door about half an inch. The ladies crouched down low and the men peered over each other's shoulders. What they saw brought quite sighs of pleasure from Cheryl and Liz and silly grins to Max and Mason's lips.

Sitting on the sofa, with his stocking feet perched on the coffee-table; his knees drawn up a little, was Sam, with Susan laying across his lap; her back supported by his legs, his left arm wrapped around her shoulder. They were both smiling, lovingly at each other and talking softly; while Susan was running her fingers through his hair and Sam was stroking her cheekbones and lips. Mason closed the door as the older couple pulled each other close for a passionate kiss.

They started to cheer and the ladies were jumping up and down; clapping their hands, but Max shushed them and they all tip-toed back into the family room again. The four of them had another half hour to wait until Sam and Susan came out of the living room. Their arms were around each other and were hardly watching where they were going, because they had eyes only for one another. Finally they faced their friends, who were not doing a very good job of hiding their grins.

"We have announcement." Sam said. "Susan has made me a very happy man, by agreeing to become my wife!"

"No, love, you have that backwards; Sam has made me a very happy woman, by agreeing to become my husband!" Susan countered and both of them leaned into the other for an intense kiss, while their friends clapped and cheered. Finally they broke apart and came to sit by their friends.

"We know that this is very sudden, even after your encouragement and we still have some things to figure out; Susan still has her career in California and her home there as well."

"And Sam has his gorgeous home, here." Susan added. "So maybe I'll retire early, but whatever we decide, we don't want to wait forever to get married…"

"We'd like to be married at Thanksgiving and Susan really wants the ceremony to be held at her parish church, near her home."

"That would work out perfectly, you two." Cheryl enthused. "We've told Susan, but haven't had a chance to tell you, Sam; Mason and I were planning on having our two families and you and Susan, of course, to Thanksgiving dinner at our home, in California! Of course you may want to invite others from Airatan or from the military, to your wedding, but at least our family can get together on Thanksgiving!"

"Hey, that sounds great!" Sam agreed.

"We have just one thing…and maybe all of you can help us decide." Susan said. "I think Sam would look so handsome and…scrumptious…wearing his Air Force uniform, with all of his medals…"

"…but I am retired from the military and besides, I know that we both like the idea of wearing Antarian robes…but would that be appropriate, since neither of us is Antarian and we wouldn't be getting married here in Airatan; could two humans even do that alien trick to create our special design?"

"I'm sure we could help you create your special design and we can probably come up with a compromise between a military uniform and an Antarian robe for you Sam, while Susan could still wear her robe over whatever dress she picks out. But in the end, these are things the two of you will have to decide." Max said.

"Yeah, we do still have some important things to think about." Susan said, before she leaned in to kiss Sam again.

"We'll work everything out together." Sam agreed, after they both came up for air.

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