Name: “One Love, one dance.”
Author: Mrsjbehr
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything to do with Roswell or the movie Dirty Dancing.
Summary: This is a little twist on my favorite movie Dirty Dancing. I am aware that there is someone else currently doing a story like this. I spoke to the individual and I am not trying to steal their idea, I was writing this for some time now.
Author’s note: Please enjoy, this is just my take on how things should go. It’s very close to the movie for now, I may change it as I go along. So far, no alien activity.

Chapter One

August 20th

“Family vacations were a priority in the Parker household. During the year everyone is so busy that we hardly see each other, so vacations were more like reunions. I remember one trip especially. It was the year that everyone decided to call me Baby and I didn’t seem to mind. Dad had just returned from a business trip to England and Maria and I were going off to college in the fall, so Mom insisted that we spend these last few weeks together. She knew exactly where we should go too – L’amors. The name sounds ridiculous I know, but the owner Jim Valenti and my mom had been friends for years and she’d been waiting for the perfect opportunity for us to go as a family.”

On first approach, the entire resort seemed to be hidden in some isolated hole in the middle of nowhere, but as the car came to a stop along the gravel covered driveway, you couldn’t help but be struck by the innate beauty of it all. The main house stood like an expensive yet quaint motel surrounded by an endless expanse of green fields and undulating hilltops. Down below in the small valley there were a plethora of activities going on, ranging from volleyball to makeup classes. Liz was so caught up in everything that she didn’t notice when everyone seemed to pile out of the car leaving her inside. As she finally stepped out, she heard her sister groan.

“Oh man, Mom I told you I should have brought those purple pair of glasses. They were perfect to wear here!” she complained.

“But honey, you brought ten pairs!” Nancy Parker replied sympathetically.

“’Ria dear, this is not a tragedy. There are people in the world living without food, innocent children being killed in drive-by shootings. I’m sure you’ll be able to manage with what you have.” Jeff Parker chimed in.

“What’s this I hear about drive-by shootings? You’ll see none of that here!” a somewhat stern voice remarked before Maria could answer. Everyone turned to see the familiar face that had marked the occasional picture on Nancy Parker’s wall and high school yearbook. “Jim!” Liz heard her mother exclaim, moving to embrace her long time friend in a hug
“Jim, good to see you.” Dr. Parker remarked, shaking the man’s hand.

“ So, I finally got you and the family up here in my valley. Who are these two young beauties?”

“Jim, you remember my two daughters: Maria, Baby…”

“ Nice to see you again girls. Why don’t you all get settled in first, then I’ll give you the grand tour?” He stated, motioning for someone to help them with the bags. Liz watched as a slim young man raced up to the car trunk, where she was trying to take out the first suitcase.

“Hey, you’re very strong. I wouldn’t mind having someone like you working with me.” He quipped, moving for another bag.

Liz smiled and reached out to take his outstretched hand. “I’m Alex.”

“Everyone calls me Baby.”

“Baby huh, you the youngest?” he asked, nodding his head in Maria’s direction.

“Yeah, by about 50 seconds.”


“Twins. Maria’s my twin sister.”

“Really? Cool. So did your mom like dress you both alike when you were kids?”

“Oh yes! And don’t even get me started on how scared for life I am because of it.” Liz joked back.
Alex laughed.


It was sunset by the time they had gotten everything all settled into their rooms and had returned from a grueling Cha cha dance lesson. Liz was quick to grab the opportunity to get away. She softly excused herself and wandered out into the grassy fields that were once filled with activity. Taking in the fresh mountain air, she felt herself completely relax. There was just something about standing under a star-carpeted night sky that just seemed so amazing. The whisper of music filtering through the air, suddenly caught her attention and as if in a trance, she moved out in search of the source.
A wooden gated fence blocked the area beyond the Dining Hall. It was marked by a white sign stating in bold letters STAFF ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT. Looking around to make sure no one was there, Liz moved through the gateway. The area wasn’t as flashy as the front and the little bungalows seemed to pale in comparison to those the guests occupied. Listening carefully, Liz continued to follow the sound of the music. As she reached a short bridge she noticed a familiar form moving awkwardly in front of her as he struggled with what he was carrying. Moving closer she noticed it was Alex.

“Hey Alex!” she stated, startling the young man into dropping one of the packages.

“Baby?” he stated surprised and awkwardly bending down to pick up the box.

“Oh I’m so sorry Alex. Here, let me help.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I was just looking around. I heard the music…”

“You shouldn’t be here.” He whispered looking around nervously. “Valenti would have a fit!”

“But I just wanted to know where the music was coming from.” Liz replied, standing up.
Alex looked up to her as she put on her famous puppy expression. It always worked on her family, why not now. She saw the moment he broke and smiled,

“Oh fine. But you can’t tell anyone!” He warned.

Liz shook her head in agreement and bent down to pick up one of the boxes, which turned out to be carrying bottles of tobasco sause.

“What’s with all the spice?”

“It’s for the party.” Alex replied as they approached the entrance to one of the houses. He bumped into the semi-closed doors, opening them up as the music screamed out at them.

A-a-a-ah, just a little bit longer
Please, please, please, please
Tell me you're going to

Now, how your daddy don't mind
And your mommy don't mind
If we have another dance
Yeah, just one more
One more time

Liz stared at all of the couples, who seemed to be crawling all over each other in front of her.

“What are they doing?” she finally asked.

Alex looked back at her, smiling at her stunned expression. “Dancing.” He replied, half shouting to be heard over the music. He saw her turn back in barely concealed amazement at the crowd, before laughing and pulling her forward. “Come on Baby.”

“I’ve never seen dancing like that.” Liz continued when they’d put down the boxes, “ where’d they learn that?”

“Brooklyn, the Bronx… it’s the latest craze back home.”

“Oh.” Her eyes moved back out to the dance floor as the door opened again as two other couples entered with a welcome cheer from everyone else.

“Who’s that?” Liz almost whispered captivated by the dark haired stranger leading the group through the crowd.

“That’s my cousin, Max. He helped me get this job for the summer. The curly haired blond is Tess, the other girl’s Isabel – Max’s sister, and the guy’s Michael.” Liz only partially listened to Alex’s introductions as she watched Max take the curly haired blond into his arms to dance. He moved so smoothly, so provocative…

Michael took the chance to pull Alex aside, having noticed the stranger in their mists from the time he first stepped through the double doors.

“Michael, she’s cool.” Alex stated before he could utter a word. He knew his cousin’s friend too well.

“Max isn’t going to like this. Who is she?”

“She’s one of the guests who arrived today.”

“You’re asking for trouble man.” He stated matter-of-factly, moving back when he noticed Max stop dancing and walking towards them.

Liz, meanwhile hadn’t heard a word, but she broke out of her stare when she noticed her stalkee walking straight towards them. Her breath seemed to be caught in her throat as he came closer.

“Alex.” She heard him say, the one word seeming to be both a question and a warning.

“Max, Tess, this is Baby. Baby, meet Max, Tess, Michael and Isabel.”

“Hi” Liz practically whispered out. She was even more agitated by the stares they all seemed to be giving her.
“What’s she doing here?” the curly haired blond called Tess questioned.

“I…I carried a box.” Liz finally spoke, regretting the words even before she finished saying them. How stupid was that? An awkward silence followed among the group, before another song came on and they scattered back onto the dance floor. Liz was finally able to release her breath.
Finally feeling too embarrassed to stay, she turned and told Alex she was leaving before heading out through the crowd. Half-way to the exit she felt someone grab her arm. It was him. Max. Without words, he guided her into his arms to dance.
The faults of her steps didn’t seem to hamper him though. He simply moved his arms to her waist to guide her into his rhythm and Liz could feel the tingle under her skin, everywhere his hands passed. Nervous, she looked anywhere but right at him. Her heart was going a hundred miles per hour and she didn’t mind, as long as she could stay like this. As his palms ran up her skin and he leaned her back she risked looking at his face. His smoldering brown eyes were looking directly at her, his face inches from hers. Then, all too quickly she was back up being twisted into a spin as the music came to a stop. But as Liz was about to smile at thank him when she came to a stop, he was gone.